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December 22, 2021 36 mins

On this episode, Curly and Maya celebrate the holidays with a very special guest: Maya’s mom! Sit back and listen to a very special story told by a very special raconteur.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey, what are you doing here? It's snowing. It's Christmas
time with their snow chockolate god major I roll. I
was like, actually, though, I do like you some hot chocolate. Hey,
you're a buzz kill. Well you know I also like
Christmas lights here anyway, anyway, anyway, get in here. My

name is Grily, and I'm Maya and Welcome to the
Super Secret Club Podcast, a super secret club where we
talk about super secret things secret more time. In each episode,
we'll talk about love, friendships, heartbreaks, men, and of course
our favorite secrets. Welcome to the Christmas Special of the

Super Secret Bestie Club Podcast. We are so excited. It's
Christmas time everyone. I love all things Christmas like. It's
so excited. I have my pink, hot pink Christmas tree
up and it looks beautiful. I actually get super anxious
around the holidays because I feel like so much like

depends on like I'm horrible at giving, gives horrible. It's
like people are like, well, don't you remember throughout the
year when people tell you that they like, I'm like, no,
you really do, I'm only ever playing happy. Side note,
Curly has been he's forgotten to give me the same
present for months. Finally got here. Yeah, and it's hanging

out my wall and I love it a present, but
I forgot for months. But like when someone's like, wow,
I really like the color red. Wow, I really like
the color. It does not stick in my hand. So
like for me, it is like memory foam. My brain
is like memory foam. I will remember that. I will
remember because I know that's how you feel loved, and

I want to make you feel loved. My go to,
like honest, see is now I'm like, I just basically
draw people like I draw people things and and then
I write them a love letter like and then depending
on who are slipping a little cash. But like I
do draw and I do like paint. You never slip
me cash. You've ever drawn me anything? Well, have you

ever gotten me a present before? Oh? Yeah, just this one. Anyway,
speaking of presents, there is major gift giving anxiety. It
is real, especially if you have a Latina mom or
parents in general. Today, I actually have my Latina mom,
who also is a gift to humanity. She is. We

have my mom as our very first special guest on
the podcast. Mom, come on in. This is so exciting.
We're so excited that you're hanging with us. Yes, those
of you who don't know Crafty Chica, you definitely need
to do your research and check her out. Is the
influencer of influencers, has been in the game since before.

She's the o G influencer. She's an artist, She's an entrepreneur,
She's a designer, she is an author, she is a
professional storyteller, crafter, all of these things. This is my mother.
She's she's a speak like, a motivational speaker, all that stuff,
and she's my mom. Yes, she tried killing me once

in Mexico by feeding me a fish eyeball that gave
me major diarrhea, but she wasn't successful. Remember when you
tried to kill my best friend accident. I'm sorry that happy.
So my mom is here today to tell us a
Christmas story. This episode is very special because we want

you guys to get cozy, have your hot chocolate, sit
by the fire y, got a seat like your little
gill say. We want you to be soft and like
do something for yourself right now, you know, put the
mask on, take the mask off, to make you laugh,

cry and say wow, just my mom's tagline. No, my
mom is a freaking badass with all this stuff. So Mom,
we're going to have you tell your holiday story. I
think a lot of people can relate to this story
number one, and uh, I hope you guys enjoy it,
so thank you. I'm totally going to close my eyes

as I talked to take me back to that moment.
And I mean first seeing anyone out there who is
a parent and also an entrepreneur will probably relate because
when you're an entrepreneur and a parent, you really have
to juggle business money and still make sure your kids
are raised somewhat normally, and that could be a challenge

to your family members and what they think of you,
especially if they all have nine to five jobs and
you don't. So this was back in two thousand four
and early days of crafty chica. There was no influencer marketing.
I worked at the newspaper part time. I think we
probably had like, I don't know, not even thirty thousand

dollars annual income. Like it was struggle times back then,
but we still kept doing our art writing for the newspaper. Um,
you know, Patrick, my husband playing his gigs, And the
only time it was really a challenge was around the
holidays when it came time to give gifts. Now, it's

already hard enough to buy for your parents because they
have everything. But this situation was always awkward for me
because I had like a really stressful relationship with my mom.
I just always wanted to impress her, and it was
hard because I was a totally different daughter than she expected,
because I was very non traditional. I was the artist

in the family. So like one year, I gave her
a book of coupons, like I will come over and
paint your nails. And then later it was like, don't
give the coupons anymore. But those coupons were like one
free hug or like, oh, they were not those kind
of coupons. You have to describe what kind of coupons.

So they're like love coupons. And this was before love
coupons were even a thing. Like I was trying to
be creative, like I don't have a lot of money.
What can I give to my mom that is very special?
So I made these love coupons like good redeemed for
one hug, redeem for of a lunch together. I'll come

to your house and make lunch. But in that era
and within our family. It was like you had to
spend money on a gift for it to be a
legit gift. And I was always the one in the
family where people were like, don't give a handmade gift,
Like please go buy something, And that was hard because

I'm like, I have fifty dollars to buy everybody presents.
This is two thousand four before crafty Cheecken took off,
So how do you stretch that? Right? I got her
a gravy ladle one time, like really weird gifts every year,
weird gift for my mom and a gravy ladle. What's
a gravy ladle? It was like a gravy boat, like

a thing that you pour gravy and you stoop it
out and put it on your food. But my mom
didn't even eat a lot of food with gravy on it.
I don't know what. I'm like a gray ladle on clearance.
And it was all I could afford at the time
because I wanted to spend the bulk of our money
on the kids presence, on my children's presence, So you

have like first tier, second tier tier when it comes
to your money spending for gifts. I love it I
love it so much. I just early doesn't want art,
you know, they want store bought things. So I'm like,
what's classy a classy dinner? What do you eat a
a classy dinner? There's probably gravy Okay, I'll get a

gravy boat with late. I think that was my thinking.
Even more stressful is at that time, we went to
my nana how tick Ease every Christmas to open our presence,

not only my family, but also my parents, my sister,
my uncles, their wives, all of my cousins. So there
would be like over thirty of us piled up in
my Nana's little, tiny living room and everyone would go
through and open their gifts so everyone could see who
what for whom. And when it came time for my

mom to open my gift, people broke out the popcorn
and they're like, oh, let's see it's gonna be this year.
So none year I thought this was the year. I'm like,
I'm not going to get her a weird present. I
want to hit it out of the park. I want
her to be so happy and impressed with my gift skills.
So I talked to my sister and I'm like, help

me out here because my sister is very close with
my mom. And she goes, Okay, you cannot go wrong
with this. She's making a little garden in the backyard
and she wants little statues that will bring, you know,
Catholic religion. So she says, you know, so and so
got her this statue. So and so got her that statue.

I'm like, I'm gonna get her a Virgin of Waterloope
statue for her garden. And my sisters like, bingo, good job.
You can't go wrong with it. I'm like, it's going
to be the best president. She's gonna be so surprised.
So I went to the local um Mexican vendor, Mexican
pottery vendor, and they said the guy was so nice

to me. I told him the story I really need
to impress my mom. I don't have a lot of money,
and he's like, Kathy, I got you. I'll special order
it right now. It's gonna be you know, can you
afford fifty dollars for it? It's worth like three times that.
And I'm like, yes, yes, yes, thank you. Oh, I'm
so grateful for you. And he said, come pick it
up the week of Christmas. So I was so excited.

I'm like, I can have the best gift for my mom.
She's not gonna be mad anymore. She's gonna love this gift.
So the week of Christmas comes and we had our
four runner truck and I drive to this pottery place
and then I pull up and I get down and
I have like a toe bag, like I'm gonna put
it in my topebag, and they go, oh, we got you,

but we need you to drive around the back so
I can. Let me get a couple of guys to
help load it in your truck. Um, okay. And I
was with my mom at the time, and I was
not surprised by any of this. My mom's Sagittarius by
the way. I'm like, okay, so it won't fit in
the tote. So I drive around to the back. I

opened the truck and I see like three men putting
gloves on and they're walking, and like one is throwing
his thumb like wagon and said like, yeah, go get
the statue. And then four men come out holding this giant,
three hundred pound statue of the Merchant of Lupe. It's
in stone, it's not even painted. So I just want

to reiterate three hundred pound beat him sounds pounds. He
delivered with all his heart, like that is a thing
where I did not know how to control my manifesting powers,
and I like over shot it. So I was so grateful,

like thank you. And they had we had to put
a seat down and they had to load it in
the forerunner diagon diagonally so that it and I'm like,
what is the most respectful way? Face up? For sure?
Well if he put her face up, she can like
look at the kids well because they both would have

to share a seat on the left hand side of
the car, so that way it would still maybe get
a little religious spirit in there. So I come home
and my husband is like, what is that in the car?
Like my mom's gift. Don't judge, it's a long story.
You know, it's only a week. She'll be in the
car with this for a week. And I'm like, we

love you, Virgin Mary, like no shade on you at all.
It's funny because I like would look back like I
was sitting in the back seat, and then I would
look back in the Vinta is just like staring at me,
like laying down, and I'm like I'm like, I'm like,
hey girl. That same week, I had to take my

nana for her Christmas shopping. And my nana at that time,
she must have been like in her seventies, and she
got in the car and she said, I mean, he oh,
I get bath, Like what is what she's asking me?
You know? This is so beautiful? What's going on? And
I go, Nana, this is my mom's present, but it's
we can't unload it because it's three pounds. I'm just

going to figure out how to get it to her.
And of course she had to like kiss her and
bless her. And then I took her shopping and I
opened up the back and I read my blog post
on this to refresh my memory. I had to like
open the back. And then people at the store, like
at food City, who were also buying stuff for to
make them, they're like they crowded around the back of

the car to see her. They kissed her feet, not
my nana, the statue, but they were so excited, like
how random. They thought it was a blessing, a sign
from God that liked Mary in the parking lot by surprise.
And I'm like, okay, kiss her feet, say your prayer,
do a blessing. I gotta go finish this Christmas shopping.

So the night comes of Christmas and we're there at
my nanas and I'm like, Mom, I got you a
beautiful present. It's the only thing. It's too big to
bring in the house. And I'm sure my mom is
thinking what in the world she can't affordable are or

anything good that doesn't fit in the house, Like what
in the world did she get me? And she's like, okay,
this is in front of everybody, all my cousins, everyone.
We all go outside and I opened the trunk of
the Forerunner and they're like, oh wow, okay, and where

am I? Like all these people staring and kissing her
feet constantly, they like their heads up to the window
like peeking in, and they're like, what what is the
context of this? You know, like nobody knew the randomness
of it? And I said, Teresa said that you wanted
statues for your new garden, and she goes, well, now

I have so many it looks like a church. It's
gonna look like a church. And I said, well, I
didn't know that. So we're like, okay, let's all go
back in the house now. And eat manu though like
that never happened, and driving home, we had to meet
at my mom's and my sister and you know, it
took my sister, um, my cousin's husband, my husband, my dad,

we all, even the kids were there. We opened up
the trunk and we had to like all work together
to lift her out of the car, and she ended
up on the front porch of my mom's house. She's
my home girl now, like we went through. We spent
a whole week together. But you know, I felt, you know,
I wanted to hit it out of the park and
make a statement, and that came true. I did not

define my manifestation goal very well. I was not specific,
so it came true and I asked for But afterwards
I was talking with my dad about it, and I'm like,
I'm so sorry. I you know, I thought I was
doing something good. I should have asked for measurements. And
my dad said, you know, Kathy, you don't need It's

not about the gift. It's not about the size or
the price of the gift. She just wants you to
spend time with her, Like just go over there and
spend time with her. And I was just too chicken
at the time because I was, you know, we were
struggling artists, and I thought I had I thought they
had a perception of us of you know, like, oh,

they're always the weird family, when really they just loved
us and it I had to get out of my
own way to realize that. So when it comes to
your holiday gifting, it really comes down to just quality time.
If you invest the quality time in your relationships, it
won't matter what you buy for each other, you know,

because you have the foundation of being there for each other.
And that's just something, you know, Like that year, I
learned so much like, Okay, I'm gonna let go of
this pressure of trying to find the best present to
impress my mom, and maybe I need to do what
my dad said and just spend more time with her.
And you know, it's always a work in progress over

the years, but that that virgin of what I look
like she was, Yeah, I love that. You're like, we
sent a whole week together. We did. I talked to her,
I prayed to her, I cried, I laughed with her,
and even at one point I'm like, I can't wait

for Christmas because people in the cars next to me.
You're like, this is before cell phones, right, They're like,
who is that lady crying to or talking to? Because
I look over my shoulder and she was tilted just
perfectly angled to where I look over my shoulders. I
was driving and she was looking at me. You know,
it was he was tilted the right way. Wait, so

I want to see how big she is, like how
she was tall, and she was she was made of
stone stone. And when she's laying in the car, she's
laying on her back looking up, she's like kind of
tilted on her shoulder, like tilted diagonal because it wouldn't
fitch in our car. Yeah, we had to get her

in there. And yeah, where is she at. She's at
my mom's. You know, my mom passed away in September,
so setting her lot. So I'm sure now she laughs
about it. So we're going through all of the things
in my mom and dad's house to clean out to
get ready to sell the house. But side note, you

know what, we found three boxes of love letters that
my mom wrote to my dad when they were freshly married.
My dad was in the service, and it's just you know,
everyone has a story, everyone had and I wish I
had found those love letters before all of this, because

it just gave so much depth to our moms. All
of our moms, you know, they just the best for us,
and sometimes we just do what we think is best
as moms, and not everyone gets it right. It's a
work in progress, but I think that it's just yeah,
building that foundation of spending time together. And hey, if

you end up with a three hundred pound version of wadeloope,
it's for a reason. So yeah, I'm like, that happened
for a reason. So there it is. We love that.
I actually love that. Like, if ever you're like, do
you want a three hundred pounds where are you going

to put it in your house? You're gonna put it.
My original plan was to paint it and then give
it to her, but there's no way I could paint it.
Remember when Miley Cyrus wanted like a glittered one. Yes,
Miley Cyrus was taxing the shrine I made at this
shop in Sherman Oaks and the owner messaged me, called

me one day and said how Miley was in there
and loved it and asked if I could make one
for her new house for her sanctuary room. And it
was such a weird time. I had so many things
going on. My mind just was not there and I
never replied back to Miley. And it was she was

in Australia and she texted me pictures and ideas and
inspiration and can I tell them Maya it was like
during her first love heartbreak. They know about the first levee.
I was just so um ppped up and you know,
taking care of Maya, watching over her, like just being
they're worried everything that. I'm like, I have no time

for Miley Cyrus these days. And then like a couple
of years later, I texted her and I said, I
am so sorry I dropped the ball on this. And
I never heard anything back, but I still have the
sketch that I made for her. I'm I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm okay. If you're listen now, you know what that

house ended up burning down in the fires? Oh yeah, yeah,
I paid attention to the whole thing of the house,
and you know I followed along with it, and yeah
it ended up burning in the fires. Well, Miley, if
you're listening to us now, definitely hit up crafty cheap.
My mom doesn't have time for you. Anymore. Girl, really,

I you know, when you're a mom and your youngest
daughter first love, like there is nothing else more important,
A lot going on. Well, we know you have to go.
My mom has to go see a movie right now
with her Gurney's. Thank you so much, mommy for being awesome,

Thank you for having me. Thank you, and I hope
all of you come across your own three hundred pound
virgin of Wada lupe. Mom. How can we find you
on social media? Oh? You can find me at crafty
Chica on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I do a lot
of storytelling on TikTok, so hopefully I'll see you guys there. Yes,

my mom's on TikTok. You better go follow her please.
Thank you, thank you so much for joining us crafty Chica.
We love you. I love you. I love you guys too.
I love my mom. So what did you think about
that story? Love it? I actually was like, oh my god,

where is the statue? Would would I drive to Arizona
to go get it? Like? She's like, that is the
ideal gift. So the difference between and I guess the
relationship actually between my mom and my grandmother. It was
a little bit strange just because of generational differences. My
mom was a very like free spirit and artsy and holistic,

and my grandma was more traditional. So, um, you know,
when it came to gifts or just like just life
in general, my grandma just had a different perspective. And
you know, with sometimes put those expectations on my mom,
my mom would be very resistant, and um, so it's
just very It's it's nice to hear these stories because

I can see how my mom is and I can
see how my grandma is and both see the human
and in each of them, right, and and like you know,
I read this thing that, um, when my grandma, when
you're when the maternal parents, like is pregnant, like my
gramma was pregnant with my mom. My mom, who you know,

has baby eggs in her uterus, that's where I was,
So I was in my grandma's womb. Also true. And
so whatever my grandma went through, it passes down just
like generational drama, you know. So it was a very
you know, there's a lot of these stories of my

mom trying to like impress my grandma, my grandma kind
of like they just they were saying the same things,
but in a different love language. You know. Yeah, I
feel like what I took from that story is that
like holidays and a lot of these things can be
really emotionally activating for a lot of people, Like they
can bring up memories, they can force you to have

to confront family, um, their ideas of you, trauma, all
these things. But if you stay in a place of
love and you mean well and you go and you
kind of like take up the same space as a
three hundred pound like you will always win in the end.
Like that is such a magical story that will continue

to be passed down. And it's magical every time you
hear it. Every time that, um you think of that,
you know, even like the car like that where people
were coming to get blessed by the car, Like that's
such a great detail, Like yeah, she like opened up
the back to put the groceries in and all these
like cuteitas just we're like, oh, oh my goodness, like yes, yes,

And me I was like like I don't know how
old was I in two thousand four. I can't do
that math. Oh it was ten years wow, not ten
years ago. Wolf anyway loosely cut that part, Um, you know,
it was a very interesting time and like to look
back on all these stories, like, yeah, I think the

main thing is just like holidays just get people in
this weird zone and we just have to be grounded
and remember the main reason for all this stuff is
just like togetherness and family like blood or not, you know.
Far She also reminded me because you know, I was
cracking up because of like I remember being so broke

and my like and when I was younger that like,
I the reason why I started drawing back in the day,
um was because I couldn't afford anything. Like That's where
that tradition started. It wasn't because I was like, oh
I'm being lazy, but now it's because I'm being lazy.
But back then it because I couldn't afford anything. I
remember one year, my sister saved up a lot of
her money to buy my mom a diamond, and I

was like what, like how do I even compete with
a diamond? You know, So I just like baked her
like cookies, um, like not good cookies because says, you know,
I stuck at cooking and I stuck making But my
mom cried. She was so happy. She was like, I
love my cookies and I was like, oh, that's so funny.
My sister's probably and what about my diamond and what

about my diamond? Dang. Yeah, I don't know what it
is about this season, but we hope that you all
have a very merry whatever mary whatever to happy holidays
and a little so excited. There's just a lot of
things have It's just there's something in the air, you guys.

There's just something. And we hope that wherever you are
in the world, you know that you're not alone. We
hope that you know that you are loved and we're here, like,
send us a message, say what's up, draft a comment, um,
and we will be with you in spirit. Welcome to

the astrology portion of the podcast. I wanted to start
off by saying, I am an aries. I thought you
were going to keep going away. I wanted to surprise you.
That's what it's like being my friend. I'm quirky and random.

It so, according to that story that my mom told,
my mom is a Sagittarius, her rising is Aquarius, and
her moon is Pisces. And if anyone knows anything about
like the top three or any anything of those placements,

that is a squishy top three or big three, like
Aquarius is a air sign and they're very much like
free flowing Sagittarius are very free flowing. Their fire sign
moon sign is Pisces, like squishy, watery, so like. And
then my grandma was a Capricorn. I don't remember. I

don't have her full chart, but just a Capricorn. And
like with my mom's placements, I'm not surprised by any
of these stories. Right, Although I've met a lot of
Capricorns that are soft and squishy, I'm not saying that
they're all like Capricorn. I mean, like you've got to

have some things in your chart to like balance it out,
and like not saying that Capricorns that are harsh and
all that stuff, but I am saying that a people
and I've never met, but you know, it's traditionally, Um,
Capricorns can be very traditional sometimes and uh, they have

a very they have a talent of removing emotion sometimes too,
in order to achieve what they want to achieve. And
that's not saying that they're cold, it's just kind of like, well,
she was a little bit cold. I will say she
was very traditional. She was like very conservative and in
like her being modest and how girls should look and

pretty bows and all that stuff, which is you know,
it's a result of the generation she grew up in.
So I'm not going to fault her in that becau
is That's just what it is. Also, I was gonna
say I definitely was not your grandmother because I was like, calm,
doat igot that we were talking about your grandmother. I
was like thinking about all the other capricorns in my
life and be like, Okay, can you need to tone

it down on the capricorn slage because what are they
gonna do? Slice me? Probably? Yeah, you'll lead lead to
death anyway. Yeah, so curly. Also, I would if you're
listening right now, we're not talking about she doesn't like
to be combat m Grandma, Hi grandma. We weren't talking

about you. She doesn't want to talk to you know,
she's bad at you. She don't like you. She don't
like you. But it's it's very interesting, like mothers and
children and astrology because my mom is a fire sign,
my brother is a fire sign, and I'm a fire sign.
My mom's said Charius, my brother's Leo. I'm an Ari.

So we kind of complete that. They and my dad's
Leo also, so we complete that um little trilogy thing triangle.
So what do you know your mom's sign? My everybody
in my family's Earth except for my dad, who's Air.
Poor poor guy. That is so interesting. Everyone is Earth,

everyone is Earth. With my mom's tourists, my sister's tourists.
I'm virgo. My dad is Air. But then we go
into like the women that raised us, Like my weddas
were both Leo's. That's why I think that, like you know,
I'm popping. A lot of my dias are Leo. Uh yeah,
also Leo's and aries, and so I feel like I

got a lot of fire. Wow. I just love looking
at astrology and like families stuff. So if you're listening
to this, look up like ask your ask your family,
like what's your sign and like what's your data of
birth and all that stuff to get their full chart

to see like, oh, that's why you are the way
you are. Also, I'm sorry, I wasn't talking about your grandma,
I know, and I'm totally joking. Sorry, No, she she
was a little bit cold sometimes, but she would she
could be warm when we would warm her up. But
you know, What the thing is about her is that

as much as she could be a little bit cold
and traditional and m conservative, my grandpa was the complete opposite.
He was a cancer and he would make her laugh
so much and loosen her up. And I think when
it's going to get a little sad, but when he passed,
she kind of like hardened up for good, you know

which I mean. I want to do a whole other
episode on reading the love letters to if everyone is
down for that. But anyway, thank you guys so much
for listening to the astrology portion of the podcast. What
did you learn this episode? I learned a lot. I
mean not a lot, a lot, because I already heard

this story and had experienced then, but I think I
learned something different. You know, death is very weird because
it makes you put things into a very different perspective.
And so hearing that story again now that my grandmother
has passed, I'm like, I just have more grace for
her and understanding that, like, you know, if you come

from this certain generation and your daughter is up here
bringing you three pound and sit like you know, you're
gonna be like wow, what. And from my mom's perspective,
you know, growing up with the parents like that, and
same thing with my mom when she is just like
a free spirit. Like I can see how they both

we're saying the same things, but not you know, they
almost couldn't see each other for some reason, but I
could see them clearly, you know. So I felt like
I was always like a mediator between them and like
a translator. Um. So, I think that's what I learned
a little bit. I learned a lot about myself, not
to bring it back to myself. What about you, I

don't know. I learned like that, you know, above all else,
like love and intention, you know, when it comes to
gift giving during the holidays doesn't matter. And I think
that for me and it comes to family. I actually
I think the reason why I'm really bad at gifts
is because I actually don't expect gifts, like I actually
just want people to spend time with me, just like
your mom was saying, like I want people to call me, um,

think of me and send me compliments. Just text me
and tell me that you think I'm hot and I'm good.
I'm happy anyway. Thank you guys so much for listening
to this special Charismas episode jingle Bells, Yes and my
Where can they find you on social media? You can
find me at Mine the Moment. I'm a y a
in the moment on all social media platforms. What about you?

You can find me on Instagram and TikTok at The
Curly b Show. Be as a victor and make sure
to hit us up on our social media platforms to
let us know what you want to hear on another
episode of The Super Secret bestI Club Podcast. We would
love to hear from you. We're glad you guys are
enjoying the podcast. I've senior tweets. I love you so much,

Curly love them, I love you too, except for the
just kidding, I love you. We love all the capricorns.
This is a cat recorn love zone. We love you, guys.
We Love you by Angle Mills. Make sure to hit

that subscribe button to hear more episodes every single week.
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