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May 6, 2021 3 mins

If you make a lifelong vow, what does it mean to break it? Can you truly give yourself to God or will your humanity get to you first?

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
I always knew it was an extreme religious order because
it was a place where you could really give yourself completely.
That was part of the attraction and part of the coldishness.
I suppose from Rococoa Punch and I Heeart media, this
is the turning the sisters who left. I was a

senior in high school and I saw a cover of
Time magazine and there was this face of this wrinkled
nun with a white veil with blue stripes, and she's
had these eyes. And I read about this not in Calcutta,
who was doing these fantastic things with taking in dyeing

people and caring for them. I heard about Mother Teresa
growing up. I knew about her work with the poor,
her Nobel Peace Prize, her sainthood, but I didn't know
who she was, her personality, her toughness, her resilience, her
inner suffering. After talking to the women who worked alongside her,

I feel like I'm starting to When I saw her,
something struck me. There was something about her. There was
a force, a power, a presence. She would look right
into your soul, into the depths of your soul. I'm

also learning what it was actually like to be in
her fiercely private religious order. One that's he's suffering is
the path to Jesus. For some of the women who left,
this life was not what they'd imagined. The order was
wired that you had very little time to think. You're
only getting input from one soulce you oscillated from everyone else.

That's what I mean by Brian washing. May be on
the voice of God for you. That's all they keep saying.
Under your value of obedience, right, no matter what it is,
and they use God as the weapon. I wanted to
go home, and I'm a little bit surprised looking back
that I didn't just go, and I regret that now.

But I must have been controlled from the inside a bit.
You could not have a friend. This was specifically prohibited
if you got too close to somebody. It was really
you were playing with fire. If you make a lifelong vow,
what does it mean to break it? By this time,
she was quite old, and she came and she found me,

and she brought me to her room and she says,
what is this, mother, here's about you. And at a
certain point she says, mother could believe this about anyone,
but she cannot believe it about you. M H. I'm
Arica Lance and this is the Turning The Sisters who

left a new podcast from Rococo Punch and i Heeart Media.
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