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January 15, 2021 1 min

In the wake of the January 6th insurrection in D.C., Robert Evans and co-host Propaganda take a look at fascist insurrections throughout history. They also unpack the evolution, successes, and failures of antifascists in Italy, Germany, and Spain.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey, everybody, I'm Robert Evans, and if you have been
watching anything happening in America lately, probably pretty worried, what
with the far right insurrection to install an authoritarian fascist
state that just happened, and the promised additional far right
insurrections to try and get things right where they got
things wrong before, and all of the other terrifying things

that are happening. The violet fascists in the street with
guns threatening to hang and execute political leaders. It's a
messed up time, isn't it. Prop Pretty terrible, man, And
it actually happened, like not in our imagination. This is
not a simulation. It really happened. It really did happen.
And I got you here with me and Sophie because

I figured maybe since it really happened here, we should
talk about some other places in times where it it
being a fascist insurrection has happened, and how people tried
to fight it, how they were successful, how they were unsuccessful.
So maybe we can learn from the mistakes of people
in Italy and Germany and Spain. Yeah, maybe we can
learn from their mistakes so we don't make the same

for once. Yeah, that would rule I like not making
the same mistakes that led to dictatorships in other countries.
That'd be yeah. So if you don't want to make
the same mistakes, listen to Behind the Insurrections on the
I Heart Radio app, Apple podcasts, or wherever you get
your podcasts.
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