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March 17, 2020 1 min

These are...not optimistic times for most Americans. Across the world, the dangers of climate change and the terror of creeping authoritarianism present an increasing danger to all of us. After covering this degeneration for four years, Robert Evans went looking for hope. He found it in the unlikeliest of places: Northeast Syria, in a region known as Rojava that’s become host to a feminist, anti-authoritarian revolution. 

When you’ve heard about these folks in the mainstream media, they’re usually just described as the “Syrian Kurds”, and credited with beating ISIS. They did, in fact, beat ISIS. But their military successes were just part of the story. In The Women’s War, Robert will introduce listeners to dozens of men and women fighting a war for the future of the human soul. 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Hey, you know, the world's kind of in a real
scary place right now, with a creeping authoritarianism and liked
HEAs and all of the horrible stories we hear about
every week. I'm Robert Evans. I'm a journalist and I
cover the international fascist movement, And in two thousand, nineteen
July of that year, I decided to do something a

little bit different. Instead of covering horror, I wanted to
go look for hope, and I found it in a
place you might find kind of unlikely, northeastern Syria. The
region I visited is known as Rojava, and when the
Western media covers it, they mostly just refer to these
people as the Kurds. Since two thousand and thirteen, a
loose alliance of revolutionaries over there have been fighting to

not just drive back Isis, but to establish something of
a utopia, an egalitarian, feminist, eco conscious community in a
place that previously had known mostly war and terror. In
the Women's War. I'll take you to this place, and
I'll introduce you to the revolutionaries ating to build it,
brave women who battle for equality with an a K

forty seven, with a spade and with a pen. Follow
me as I travel to a land of war and hope,
a place trapped on the edge of utopia and oblivion.
I'm Robert Evans. Listen to the Women's War on the
I Heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or ever you Todore podcasts.
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