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March 6, 2024 37 mins

 New name, new year, new energy, but same Mysonne and Tamika. With their first episode of the new year they had a very special guest who is a media mogul, a multimedia expert, with a podcast network publishing company and the producer of a multitude of different shows, Charlamagne Tha God. 

During the interview, Charlamagne discussed his success and experience when it comes to dominating the media scene and so much more


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Speaker 1 (00:05):
That's what's good. Family hits Your girl Tamika D. Mallory
and it.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
Is your boy might sell in the general and we.

Speaker 3 (00:12):
Are your host of up not Street Politicians, but T
and my new name, New Year, New Energy.

Speaker 1 (00:21):
Same us, same us.

Speaker 3 (00:23):
But we have decided to rebrand after six years of
Street Politicians, which is a name.

Speaker 1 (00:32):
That I love that we created. You might have been
the one to come up.

Speaker 2 (00:35):
I mean pretty much, you know I do.

Speaker 3 (00:36):
That's always come up with the best titles for the moment.
And at the time, Street Politicians was so so important
to us because really during that time six years ago,
seven years ago, when we first started talking about it,
so many people were like, I don't be thinking about politics.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
I ain't into that.

Speaker 3 (00:57):
Like everywhere we traveled around the country, it was like
politic was like, Oh, that's somebody else's thing, that's someone
else's business. And we did a lot of work over
these six years, not just with the podcast, but with
our work through Until Freedom and just on the ground
or in communities in general to really get people to

start thinking more about politics.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
And now it's oversaturated. Even though some people still don't
feel politics.

Speaker 3 (01:24):
Is their thing or their business, but I do think
that more people are engaged and more people are knowledgeable
about what's happening in the political space right.

Speaker 4 (01:35):
And I think also, you know, even though people are
definitely more knowledgeable about politics, we just didn't want to
just seem like that's what was our main focus. And
we understood that our communities need more information than politicians
and politics. You know, I feel like everything is politics, right,
but a lot of people failed to inform, you know,

So we wanted to make our show by informing our
community about you being able to bring people, artists, everything
that we actually respect that can give you a perspective
that can help you grow and evolve to different places.

Speaker 2 (02:08):
So that's what we're not just you, but need.

Speaker 1 (02:10):
Too well help us all we intend to.

Speaker 3 (02:12):
And I think our show, our podcast has always been
about us learning as we try to teach, as you.

Speaker 1 (02:22):
Know, we're being and we're all being informed together. Uh
And so tm.

Speaker 4 (02:27):
I that is good. That gives us a good segue
to explain what the name is. It's not what it
sounds like. It's not too much.

Speaker 1 (02:36):
Information, although sometimes sometimes we.

Speaker 4 (02:39):
Talk about tm I given too much information, but it's
actually just our names Tamika and Mice on information.

Speaker 2 (02:46):
We give you information. We'll bring people here to give
you information.

Speaker 4 (02:50):
So we want you to be prepared and ready to
be informed.

Speaker 1 (02:55):
Right, So t M I is beginning. We're we're just
back now.

Speaker 3 (03:00):
We've been sort of on working on all the rebranded.
I know, folks are like what happened? Like where are they?
But we're still with the Black Effect Podcast Network. The
whole family and all of our siblings in the podcast
network is so many podcasts. First of all, the Black

Effect Podcast Network is doing amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing. They
actually sent us some jackets Jacket and then you know,
so the network is doing well, growing every day.

Speaker 1 (03:39):
I see so many new shows have been added.

Speaker 3 (03:42):
I think Sarah Jakes is going to be one of
the new podcasts coming into the family. And so you know,
just that is already great. And then our long standing
relationship with the first people who believed in us, which
is Catscape Productions, our dear sister Kathleen Trag and also

oh janis over here who's.

Speaker 1 (04:07):
Always posing it down, our producer, and so you know, we.

Speaker 3 (04:12):
Our family hasn't changed and we have grown in so
many ways together when we first started, like going back
to those old beginning shows.

Speaker 1 (04:23):
But you and I used to.

Speaker 2 (04:24):
Argue, we still we still don't always agree.

Speaker 1 (04:27):
No, we still that changed now, but.

Speaker 4 (04:30):
We're gonna give you our perspectives and our point of
views even when we disagree, so that you can make
your own judgment about who's right and who's wrong, because
I'm usually writing, she's usual right whatever.

Speaker 3 (04:43):
But you know, but and I think now in this society,
with all the stuff that's happening, we've begun to agree
more than we used to. I mean, I think there's
always still a perspective and something we want to It's
so many shows, podcast blogs, talk whatever they are, youtubes

that have really been designed to try to divide men
and women, and particularly black men and black women.

Speaker 2 (05:11):
And I don't know.

Speaker 1 (05:12):
If it's if it's intentional or they just have found
that over time it becomes lucrative.

Speaker 3 (05:18):
Like you, the more conflict you have, the better you
know ratings.

Speaker 2 (05:24):
And conflict is content. It is it is, And I realized.

Speaker 4 (05:27):
It's a it's a definite marketing strategy for most people.
A lot of people that that's their main focus about
how can we conflicts, like how can we create the division?
How can we gossip? We create something, even if it's
not true. So I don't think that that's not what
we want to know, that's not you. You do not
have to worry about us. We don't want to do that.

We do not here to tear down anybody. Everybody that
we're going to bring here, We're going to bring the
people that we actually respect, people that we actually feel like.

Speaker 1 (05:57):
Are going to everybody agree with.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
No, but I'm saying respect.

Speaker 4 (06:01):
You don't have to agree with somebody like I don't
agree with you a lot of times, right, but I
respect you and I respect what you do. So we
might have a different perspective on certain things. So you
can respect people that you actually disagree with on certain topics.
So if I don't respect you, then I don't even
care what you think about something.

Speaker 2 (06:18):

Speaker 3 (06:20):
So, as you heard from us the last time we
were in the studio, Tami is a thing.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
This is our new venture.

Speaker 3 (06:28):
I've been podcasting for six years, but we're doing it
with some new energy and the person responsible for keeping
our voices at the forefront of the podcast industry is
coming up right now.

Speaker 1 (06:42):
I'm really excited about this interview.

Speaker 2 (06:44):
Yes, I am too. My brother Charlemagne the Gut.

Speaker 3 (06:49):
So you know, I've had the opportunity to hear many, many,
many introductions of our brother, yes right, and and you know,
old time those intros have developed to so many different things.
And now you know, my favorite introduction from us is
this is our friend, you know. And it's so good

to have our friend with us and to have our
friend as one of our biggest supporters in terms of
making sure that our voices are present and powerful and
impactful in the world. But you know, some of the
developments of his initial his old days of being introduced
are that this brother is a media mobile, a multi

media expert. It has a podcast network, a publishing company,
is the producer of a multitude of different things. I mean,
it's so much that Charlemagne to God, Leonard McKelvey is
doing in this world. And we are so excited that
for the first time we get to have you as

a guest on Team Mine, which normally as three politicians exactly,
we get to put.

Speaker 2 (08:05):
You in the hot seat.

Speaker 3 (08:08):
So it's the first time, fast time, first time in
three years that we've been on on your network. This
is the first time we have you with us, But
it certainly isn't the first time that we've been engaged
in conversation.

Speaker 1 (08:22):
We've obviously been on the Breakfast.

Speaker 3 (08:23):
Club many many, many times, and between us and you, well,
between you and me and Teslin, we argue every day
for at least about five hours a day, so I'm
always knowing you know what's on your mind and how
you're thinking about issues.

Speaker 5 (08:39):
Me and you know how to tap out though they're
gonna how to tap out going.

Speaker 4 (08:43):
You know, testing test bring y'all argument to me, after
y'all kiss y'all, think she come to me and then
she can't bring it to me, so you know how
to keep it going.

Speaker 3 (08:55):
I mean, listen, if you haven't need somebody to help you,
think Tesling is the one, whether you agree with me not,
she gonna help you be up on your game because
you're not gonna just tell her bullshit and think you're
gonna move on.

Speaker 1 (09:06):
So let me just.

Speaker 3 (09:07):
Start off by saying that I remember when I first
told you we're gonna change the name of our podcast
from Street Politicians to T and I, which is Tamika
and Maison's Information.

Speaker 1 (09:18):
When you heard it, you were like, it's dope.

Speaker 3 (09:20):
I love it, But you know they're gonna say y'all
being messy because we know what T and I really is.
Another thing that's well that that statement is well known for,
which is of course too much information.

Speaker 1 (09:34):
And you know, we have had the.

Speaker 3 (09:37):
Opportunity working with Dolly and just working with the team
to reimagine our initial vision. It's been six years that
we've been doing our podcast and we said, okay, we
want to do something fresh, something new, new imagery, and
you all have been so supportive of it.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
So first of all, thank you. But what we do
want to really find.

Speaker 3 (09:58):
Out is with the Black Effect Cast Network, what was
your initial vision?

Speaker 2 (10:03):
Like, why did you start this?

Speaker 1 (10:04):
What made you want to manage all of us people
crazy people?

Speaker 6 (10:09):
Because Malcolm X said that person who controls the media
controls the minds of the masses. And for the first time,
and at least in my lifetime, you know, we're in
a place where so many people are controlling their own narratives.
You know, so many people have their own platforms and
they're able to have conversations that you're not hearing on

traditional traditional mediums like television or even radio. And even
when you look at radio right, like talk radio is
dominated by the conservative voice, like and it's a huge,
a huge, huge medium, Like these are hundreds of millions
of people who are tuning in to listen to these
you know, conservative you know, radio show hosts.

Speaker 5 (10:48):
And that's even translated over to podcasting.

Speaker 6 (10:51):
If you go to like the if you go to
Apple right now and you look at like top ten,
fifteen to twenty podcast in the news the news category,
they're they're mostly conservative voices, you know. So for me,
it's like where the independent voices, Where the you know,
the voices from the other side, Like where the people
that's really speaking, you know, for the community and what's

going on in the street, Like where are all of
those different voices? And I felt like, you know, the
best way to amplify that was was through the podcast
space because there was already a bunch of people doing it,
like yourself. So it's like, you know, if I get
the opportunity to be able to partner with somebody like
an Ieheartened to be able to amplify those voices, why
wouldn't I.

Speaker 2 (11:33):
That's that's dope.

Speaker 4 (11:34):
And and one thing is a common theme, you know,
because I'm so big on authenticity, and that's one of
the things about the Black Effect Network is it is
full of the podcasts who are authentic, raw and real,
you know, And I know that's that's something about you
that I'm known for years, you know, since we since
I first met you, like when you was Duskin, you know,

when you used to be Dusking. You know what I'm saying.
I know you since did I just want to know,
like just all the things you've accomplished. You know, I
always celebrate and I always tell people how proud I
am of everything you accomplished. But back in those days,
did you imagine yourself actually being where you are right now?

Speaker 6 (12:15):
Yeah, because you know, to a certain extent, Like you know,
I knew that I told myself back in ninety eight.

Speaker 5 (12:21):
I wanted to be like, you know, a super jock
is what we call them.

Speaker 6 (12:25):
You know, I didn't want to be just somebody in
a in a local market during the time and Tempica
you're introducing, you know, the New Drake Record, Like I
always knew I wanted to be Tom Joyner or Andrew Martinez,
a Wendy Williams, the Doug Bank you know. P. D.
Green was a big inspiration of mind, Howard Stern, all
of those people.

Speaker 5 (12:44):
So luckily a lot of them.

Speaker 6 (12:46):
You know, they had the opportunity to to build, to build,
you know, I guess empires, many empires is what you
want to call them. They were doing the books, and
they were doing the television, and they were producing you know,
TV show and stuff like that. So I had a blueprint,
you know, there was a blueprint before me. So yeah,
I was able to see what was possible.

Speaker 3 (13:07):
Well, I mean, I love that you're saying, yeah, I
saw it, because so often the answer to that question
is like, no, I had no idea. I can't believe
where I am today. But you're saying that you had
a vision for yourself, you saw it, and you actually
follow some of the models with your own.

Speaker 1 (13:24):
Flair, you know.

Speaker 3 (13:25):
And oftentimes I think people they don't really know where
to look for what it is that they want to be.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
What do you think it is about you that's like?

Speaker 3 (13:36):
Is it that you read a lie? Is it that
the exposure of your family, your parents, your community? What
do you think put you in a place to be
able to see all of these different models and create
what you have now become?

Speaker 6 (13:51):
It's all of those things. Because you know, my mother
growing up, she was an English teacher, and she would
always tell me to read things that don't necessarily pertain.
So I would be in the library reading everything from
you know, Judy Bloom, the books about UFOs. And then
my dad, you know, he was the Jehovah Witness, then
he got the Spellowship, and then he got into the Nation.

Speaker 5 (14:10):
But then he was also in the street. You know,
my dad he battled substance abuse, but then he also
sold substances.

Speaker 6 (14:17):
And you know, he also was an entrepreneur. Like growing up,
my dad had a fish market in the middle of
a Monkst.

Speaker 2 (14:22):

Speaker 6 (14:22):
Like he had a it's called it's called Max Thiefood.
So him and my uncles, you know, had had a
fish market right in the middle of a Monkst.

Speaker 2 (14:28):

Speaker 6 (14:28):
And then right behind the fish market was a barbershop.
The barbershop was owned by a bunch of brothers. So
it's just like I always saw that level of entrepreneurship,
you know, even in my community and then growing up
in hip hop. You know, I'm born in nineteen hundred
and seventy eight, so I saw bad Boy Rockefeller, no limit,

you know, rap a lot, all of those brothers opening
up these entities where they were empowering other people. So
for me, it was kind of like it was a
con combination of all of those things, like, you know,
not limiting myself to one space, but also knowing that
you can create these entities to empower other people. And

then you know, Clarence Avon was from North Carolina, so
I was always you know, a big, big, big, big
student of of everything Clarence Avon was doing, and so
he was he was a big he was a big
blueprint of mind. So yeah, it's just like as a
combination of all those things you said, just paying attention
and observing you know, black people in different spaces doing

great things.

Speaker 4 (15:35):
Speaking of influences, you know, like I've watched you, You've
had some of the most controversial interviews ever and they've
been either entertaining or informational, Like you've You've done so
many different things on these in this platform that has
revolutionized I think a lot of people followed the groupprint

that you have. Who is some of the people who've
given you some advice And what was that advice that
you think that you've taken as giving you, you know,
the opportunity and ability to be where you are.

Speaker 2 (16:07):
Right now, oh, man.

Speaker 6 (16:11):
I mean, yeah, I've gotten advice, some of the best ever.
Like I've gotten advice from all the great man she
bought Tina. I was working with Wendy for three years,
Tom Joyner, Like, you know, I've had the pleasure of
like knowing these people and having him tell me, you know,
different things.

Speaker 5 (16:26):
One thing Wendy said to.

Speaker 6 (16:27):
Me that stuck out was, you know, you're either gonna
be You're gonna either be of the industry or of
the people, And that always stuck out me, you know.
But it's it's almost impossible to not eventually be of
the industry because either you're gonna build your own industry
or you gonna start developing real relationship with people, because

either y'all gonna come up together, are you gonna meet
people in this business that you, you know, connect with.
She was just the rebel period, you know what I mean,
Like she wasn't trying to deal with with nobody in
any way, shape or form.

Speaker 2 (17:03):
You know.

Speaker 6 (17:03):
I don't know if that was good or bad, But yeah,
I've gotten I've gotten great advice from a lot of
a lot of a lot of great individuals, man, But
I learned more so from watching other people like there
was people who idolized back in the day, and I
realized that, man, they never allowed themselves to grow up.
And being that they never allowed themselves to grow up,

they never allowed themselves to evolve. They're plane landed in
the wheels, didn't come out. Like there's a lot of
people that came before us who we watched crash and burn,
you know, especially in radio, especially you know, if they
had the shock jock label, but they didn't allow themselves
to grow And so for me, I learned that and
just realized, like, man, I don't want to be the

forty five year old dude what it's had on the
back you know, yes, yes, yes, y'all and screaming over
records Like I never wanted to be that, Like I
wanted to do exactly what you just said. Might have
conversations you know that people can actually learn from or
just sit back and watch and and genuinely being attained.
Like right now you look at the game, man, it's

just all mess like every everything is, everything is conflict,
trip everything is. It's like, yo, who can we beat
up to date? Like me, I don't want to be
a part of that circuit. Like I've been disconnected at
a long, long, long, long time ago. Because how sustainable
is that? I don't think it's sustainable at all.

Speaker 1 (18:27):
So what would you tell a young person?

Speaker 3 (18:29):
Because we're privileged, Leonard, Like, we have access to these
people you got to work with, as you said, Wendy
and Angie Martinez, you sit with, and we are in
all these circles, we around all these people.

Speaker 1 (18:40):
So what would you tell them?

Speaker 3 (18:42):
You said, watch examples, right, But what's another tip that
you would give them about how they can start to
formulate what it looks like to develop and sort of
go to the next level. What's your hustle and your
grind that you would share to a young person that's
trying to figure it out?

Speaker 6 (19:02):
Number one right now, It's always been the number one,
but it's even more imperative now. You have to be
authentic to you, Like I feel like there's not a
lot of people being authentic to them. I really feel
like people see what they think is working for other people,
so everybody's just mimicking mimicking that. That's why you know,
it feels like everybody doing the same thing, because like

nobody's really truly being themselves. But if you notice it's
the people who really are being themselves who are cutting
through in a really unique way. Like you know, you
look at somebody like Earn your Leisure and what they've built,
Like they built the whole platform talking about financial literacy.
So you look at somebody like a nineteen Key, Like
nineteen Keys is just out here, you know, empowering people

on some og nation of Islam energy like you know
what I mean, do for self, And it's like all
like that stuff is cutting through. You look at what
the eighty five South Show does in comedy. You know,
three brothers who individually is stand up comic, aren't credit,
but they come together collectively just to kick it as homeboys.
You know, they built an amazing, amazing production company with

eighty five South, and like they don't get involved in
none of the mess.

Speaker 5 (20:10):
So it's like all of those those people who are.

Speaker 6 (20:13):
In their own unique lanes truly being themselves, you know,
have have have gone to a lot of success.

Speaker 5 (20:20):
Then you got like a whole group of people who
are all.

Speaker 6 (20:24):
Literally just doing the same thing, spewing the same type
of mess. And it's like they got their one niche
audience and a lot of people love that, right, a
lot of people feel like that's what they want to
be a part of until they get involved, they look
around and realize how small the room actually is. It's
not a big room at all. You want to put

yourself in places where the rooms are big, where where
eventually you're not even in a room, you're just outside
and you could just look around and realize, like, man,
it's all all of this, all of this.

Speaker 5 (20:54):
You know I could tap into if I wanted to,
But them.

Speaker 6 (20:58):
Those rooms that with all that mess, they got walls,
big brick walls and glass ceilings, and you looking up
thinking you could go father, but you really can't, and
eventually you find yourself trapped.

Speaker 3 (21:10):
So with all the different podcasts that you have, it's
we have so many different voices. We talk about sex,
people talking about politics, people talking about.

Speaker 1 (21:20):
Community issue, street all everything you could think of.

Speaker 3 (21:24):
What how do you deal with the sponsors and the
people in the background. That's like you got some folks
on Gaza, you got people on so many different issues,
like what type of how do you walk into a
room where there are folks who are constantly trying to
shift the narrative or control people's voices.

Speaker 1 (21:45):
What gives you, like, what do you say in those rooms?

Speaker 6 (21:50):
I let them speak their piece and I speak mind. Like,
I don't know why everybody's so afraid just to have dialogue.
Like if somebody says something that you don't agree with,
then you give a counter to it, and whatever that
kind of is, y'all can either go back and forth,
or if it's in public, people are going to side
with whatever they want to side with if you say

something that they like, you know what, I see where
Mika's coming from? Or I might say something like, oh,
I see what Mice is coming from. Like, I don't
understand why people are so afraid the dialogue and why
we just want to like eliminate and destroy people we
don't agree with, because everybody, everybody thinks they're right in
some way, shape or form, and they have reasons why

they believe they're right. If I hear you out and
you're explaining to me why you feel the way you feel,
whether I agree or disagree, if that's truly how you feel,
you have the right to that opinion. You have the
right to feel that way, just like I have to
right my opinion, Like I have the right to feel
the way I want to feel But I mean, we
all know at the end of the day, truth is

truth and facts are fact that I have to even
in this world of artificial intelligence and everybody you know,
nobody cared about the truth and the lives more and anything,
and even in this world, I have to understand or
believe that the truth is gonna prevail a bitually. And
the only thing that that that showed that ultimately tell
the truth is time. But sometimes you just gotta say

what you need to say and step back and let
let time felt it del Yeah.

Speaker 4 (23:21):
I say that all the time. You know, I've watched
now since since you know, the birth of the internet.
It's so many people with the same exact blueprint to
success say something negative about somebody else a bunch of
times until people pay attention to you and cause conflict.

Speaker 2 (23:38):
And I really think that's just a cheap way.

Speaker 4 (23:40):
But once again, I want to celebrate you and say
we appreciate everything that you've done for us. I've appreciate
the way that you've just conducted yourself in this business.
Since I've known you, it's always been authentic, you know,
like even when there's been controversy, it's always been authentic.

Speaker 2 (23:56):

Speaker 4 (23:57):
It's always been you didn't agree with something somebody said,
and you challenged it and you stood on what you
stood on, and I always respected that.

Speaker 2 (24:04):
I tell people all the time, I don't care if
you like what y'all and.

Speaker 4 (24:06):
May think or not, he gonna stand on what he's
staying on because that's what he believes and that's what
I That's one of the main things about you that
I appreciate.

Speaker 2 (24:14):
But I just want to say that apologize, yeah, because
if you can, if that's a man though, because we
make mistakes, that's also being authentic to stand on what
you staying.

Speaker 4 (24:23):
If I say something and you and I can acknowledge,
you know what, I made a mistake and I apologize,
that's also.

Speaker 2 (24:28):
You know, attributes to a man. But that goes brings
me to the last question. I want to know.

Speaker 4 (24:33):
You know, you've been in this industry for years and
you had different dialogues, different controvert whatever is are there
is there one thing that if you could you could do,
you would do it over or change just one of
the things that stand out to you that you've been
through a lot of different things. Sometimes some people go
through the industry like you know, everything that I went
through got me to where I'm at, So I really

wouldn't change anything. Do you feel like that is one
particular thing that you might say yourself? You know what
this situation in the try that I got into, I
probably would change.

Speaker 5 (25:03):
If I could do it, though I would have answered
that differently a couple of weeks ago. But I had
an experience.

Speaker 6 (25:08):
I had an experienced a couple of weeks ago that
I haven't I haven't spoken about yet, but I will.
I will one day because I'm still processing it. But
I went away on like a spiritual retreat, and let's
just say that I was literally shown that every single
thing that has ever happened in my life period was

absolutely positively meant to happen.

Speaker 4 (25:33):
It sounds like you had ayahuasca. It's like you had
one like you would on that retreatment. That sounds like
everybody who going there. That's what I hear, like that
real thing. So you know, you ain't gotta tell us now.
I guess you're gonna tell when you feel like that.
But it damn sure saund like that. I was just
telling me and to me was having this conversation last week,

I'm like, yo, I really think I wanted to do
that because it seems like everybody has this this clarity
and seeing God movment in it.

Speaker 6 (26:02):
So but I will tell I will tell you this.
If it's calling, you do it. If it's calling, you
do it. Only only do it if it calls. Okay,
But but but yes, I was.

Speaker 1 (26:16):
I was.

Speaker 6 (26:16):
Literally it was like somebody wrote it down and literally
showed me why every single thing happened the way it
was supposed to happen, and and and it and it
really it really it really does make you say, man,
God really does love you in spite of.

Speaker 5 (26:36):
That, and that and that, like sometimes you just need
to know that, like God loves you in spite of
so it's like, no, I couldn't. I wouldn't.

Speaker 6 (26:42):
I feel like if I took away anything, it was
like it'd be like a game of Tetris or jingle,
Like you take one away, the whole thing might tumble down.

Speaker 5 (26:51):
I know, I gotta own it all.

Speaker 2 (26:54):
I got to own it all.

Speaker 1 (26:55):
Once you say, thank God for it all, thank God
for it all.

Speaker 3 (26:59):
Thank you so much for come in and sharing with
us and being a guest on our podcast on your
podcast network.

Speaker 2 (27:08):
That's you.

Speaker 4 (27:11):
I just want to ask you one more thing, one
more thing, if you could give me one word to
describe you, just one word, one word to describe me.
You described yourself for one word alive. I love that,
we appreciate you.

Speaker 6 (27:29):
But thank y'all man, thank you to me, thank you
my son man. For everything that y'all do. I don't
think y'all get enough credit ever, but you know that's
just the way that it is. People are not going
to celebrate y'all full until it's all said and done
because that.

Speaker 2 (27:42):
I love about y'all.

Speaker 5 (27:44):
The thing I love about y'all.

Speaker 6 (27:45):
And listen, I didn't grow up with with with activists,
but you know you hear the things that are said
about activists. The thing I love about y'all, y'all are
always doing the work. Whether the cameras are rolling or not.
People can never say to me, can mice on it?
And Jason, because y'all be out here on the front line.
The things that I don't even be knowing what be
going on, well, they.

Speaker 1 (28:07):
Don't say it. They can They can say anything they want,
just like they say all the things about you.

Speaker 2 (28:13):

Speaker 3 (28:13):
It's a lot of hate out here, but it's much
more love, and I think, as you said, it's God's
love and our love for one another that keeps us
all going if it wasn't for you giving us opportunities,
you know, publishing my first and now my second book,
you know, being there, always giving my soign a platform.
Anytime you call, I want to come up to breakfast club.

You are always doing that. We have to love each
other more than they hate us, and I think that's
the answer. So that's what it's all about.

Speaker 1 (28:41):
We love you, and you just keep doing what you're doing. Brother,
Thank you.

Speaker 2 (28:47):
Telling me to God. We thank you, Yes, sir, excellent interview.

Speaker 1 (28:52):
Man, that was a good interview.

Speaker 3 (28:54):
You know, I see him talking about politics, and I
see him talking about celebrity news and you know, all issues,
things that's happened in the community and all of that.
But it's good to hear him talk about his aspirations
and what he is building as a media moment.

Speaker 4 (29:10):
Yeah, and I asked him some questions I always wanted
to ask, you know, well how because like I said,
I knew him when he was Dalkskin for a long time.

Speaker 2 (29:19):
That means.

Speaker 4 (29:22):
So anyway, I just know him a long time and
just watching his growth and constant growth and elevation mentally,
you know, in his business agreement and everything.

Speaker 2 (29:31):
Just seeing the growth and just knowing that he actually
said that, he he this is what he wanted. You
know what I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (29:37):
So I always say it. I always tell people all
the time, you have to speak of it to existence.
You have to believe in yourself more than anybody else
doesn't believe you. And he's a testament to that.

Speaker 1 (29:47):
That's right, what I say, you have to we have
to love us more than they hate us. And that
is yes, I mean we have to actually write and
put it somewhere.

Speaker 2 (29:55):
We got to love us more than they hate us.

Speaker 1 (29:59):
Mana, they love to hate us. They love to hate Charles.
You know, he's strangling. So every now and then he
does says things and it's like what Leonard.

Speaker 2 (30:10):
But you know how you feel?

Speaker 1 (30:13):
Like I said, we know he's a good he's a
good dude.

Speaker 4 (30:16):
Really all the time we meet him, debate, we're gonna
get We're gonna have our debates mos time.

Speaker 2 (30:23):
But it's always in love and respect. That's what I like.

Speaker 3 (30:26):
I appreciate well, well, well, well, speaking of new things
and developing in our skills and and and really just
kind of looking at how we engage more people. Folks
have now heard at the beginning of the show about
what t m I is and we love feedback.

Speaker 1 (30:50):
Let's just make sure we tell everybody.

Speaker 3 (30:54):
T and My Underscore Show that's at t m I
Underscore show like Instagram.

Speaker 2 (31:00):
It's gonna be the number one show, just like.

Speaker 1 (31:05):
It was in our heads and our heart.

Speaker 3 (31:07):
But it will definitely be that with the end, with
the with the like, the the feedback and the encouragement
and information.

Speaker 1 (31:15):
From all of you who are out there.

Speaker 3 (31:16):
So we are asking you to please go to a
tam My Underscore show on Instagram and get in the
d ms and let us know what you want to
hear about what some of the topics you want us
to cover. Speaking of topics, let's talk about what folks
can look forward to for the new t m I season.

Speaker 4 (31:37):
That's right, we have new segments that will be in
the season which will be you still be the game
will still be there.

Speaker 2 (31:46):
We'll be adding the t m I sec the Messy
segment a little but just about things that we want
to get your opinion on things that might be t
just I mean, yeah, a lot too.

Speaker 4 (32:02):
Much information somebody might give us too much information. We
might ask you, do you think it's too much information?
You know, it's gonna be a dope segment. It's gonna
be one of our One of my new favorite segments.

Speaker 2 (32:13):
Also one of my new favorite segments. In my new segment.

Speaker 4 (32:17):
Is where I spotlight good music is called the Real
Music Spot.

Speaker 2 (32:25):
It's gonna be good music.

Speaker 4 (32:26):
Because it's real music because I believe, like I said
all the time, I do not believe that music with
substance gets enough highlight, you know, and it's and it
comes from whether we have mainstream artists or up and
coming artists. They don't highlight the songs that actually have
the substance. Like you hear the radio songs and then

you and you don't like the I do this all
the time. I hear a song on the radio from
an artist and be like, I don't want to hear
the album, and then actually started listening to the album
and be like, yo, why they't put these songs though?

Speaker 2 (32:58):
Like why do I these play these? So I do
that to artists all the time.

Speaker 7 (33:01):
So I'm going to make sure that I highlight some
of the songs that I think are substance that are
dope songs for some artists that are unknown, up and coming,
And yeah, I want music with a message because I
think we moved away from that, you know, in this
culture right now, everybody.

Speaker 2 (33:19):
Just wants the doper mean one. They want to move around.

Speaker 4 (33:22):
They want to either drill too much or everything else
over sexual it's just.

Speaker 2 (33:27):
So much too much. So I want substance. So that's what.

Speaker 3 (33:30):
But there could also be an artist that is well known. Yeah,
because like Cardi b. You know, she one time I
was watching her on live and she was like, people
keep complaining about certain songs that I put out, and
she was like, if you go to my album and
she names a few songs, she's like, these songs are
everything y'all claim y'all want, But it ain't bumping like that.
It's not bumping all over. People are not, you know,

invested in these particular songs. And she's like, if you
want artists to put out more music that it's just better.
Are I guess more culturally competend.

Speaker 1 (34:04):
Than relevant? Then you know you have you have to
support those artists and make sure.

Speaker 2 (34:12):
Yeah, like that's that's what I say. And and this
is a good segue to this, you know. Shout out
to our brother Jamal Bowman from the Bronx.

Speaker 4 (34:20):
He is unveiled the new Congressional hip Hop Power and
Justice Task Force. The goal of the newly formed group
will use hip hop's messaging of building a more equitable
society to help spearhead initiatives to address economic inequality, affordable housing,
and racial justice imperatives.

Speaker 2 (34:40):
So that's going to be something we look forward to.
Shout out to Real Boom, may we get did we
have has been? Well? He was on what was formerly know,
so we get on us.

Speaker 1 (34:51):
Yeah, it's a lot to talk to him about.

Speaker 4 (34:53):
It's a lot of he's on for election re election,
so we definitely need to have him up here. And also,
you know, I'll still be doing my I don't get
it because.

Speaker 2 (35:02):
It's so much sh it. I just don't get the
world period, So.

Speaker 4 (35:05):
I'll definitely never get rid of my mind. I don't
get a segment, and that pretty much it beat the
sum up how we do our new team. So it's
gonna be a lot of building. You're gonna see different things.
We're gonna get your opinion, what you like, what you
don't like, and we want you to be honest with
us because we do not want to do what we
do not want to have a show. Give me honest,

I take it.

Speaker 1 (35:26):
You make you read the messages.

Speaker 2 (35:28):
Oh yeah, I can't wait. I can't wait now. So, yeah,
that's the email. But that's why you don't send me,
email me a message.

Speaker 4 (35:37):
You know what I'm saying. You send me a message,
I get an emails. It's not it's not so accessible
to me.

Speaker 2 (35:43):
So I guess I mean, you know.

Speaker 1 (35:46):
What, I'm really excited, fantastic.

Speaker 2 (35:50):
I'm not excited all of the team of everybody.

Speaker 3 (35:54):
That work together and shout out to to a toy
Bond and Sister t Sha. Who are they behind the
scenes working.

Speaker 1 (36:03):
It out, making it happen. For it's a bunch of folks.
Anastasia bridgets in the back. I forget what's your name?

Speaker 3 (36:12):
Well, and of course the head the Mothership is being
managed by genis.

Speaker 2 (36:19):
Jennie niece over here running the ship. She's keeping me,
keeping me.

Speaker 1 (36:28):
We love y'all and we look forward to a great.

Speaker 2 (36:31):
T m izs it's going to be number one. We
love y'all.

Speaker 4 (36:37):
Please continue to love us and pray for us, please
because we need all the prayers listen.

Speaker 2 (36:42):
I'm not gonna always be right to me, it's not
gonna always be wrong, but she will always be bugged out.
You will both always and I mean always, be that base.
Check out the video version of.

Speaker 1 (36:55):
T m I every single Wednesday on Iwoman Dot Tv.

Speaker 5 (37:00):
Are we owning
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