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September 18, 2023 15 mins

Teddi, Tamra and Cynthia are discussing the shocking breaking news regarding Shannon Beador.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Two teas in a pod, which Teddy Mellencamp and Cambridge Edge.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
Breaking news, Breaking news, Shannon was just arrested for DUI.
It just came out. Real Housewives the Orange County star
Shannon Badour arrested for a DUI hit and run struck
a house in Newport Beach. Shannon, this is on TMZ.

I haven't spoken to Tamra. I have no backstory on
any of this, but Shannon Badore's tough year just got
a lot rougher. The reality star got busted for driving
drunk this weekend in SoCal. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ
the Real Housewives Orange County star drove her car onto
a residential property in Newport Beach Saturday night and actually

clipped the house. We're told that Badoor then turned back
onto the road and kept going before parking the vehicle
in the middle of the street and getting out with
her dog. Our sources say she tried to act like
she was taking a walk When police arrived after receiving
at the nine to one one call. We're told she

wasn't fooling anyone, as she appeared wasted and was taken
into custody. Cops also sees Badoura's car as part of
the investigation into the damage of their home. A rep
for Newport Beach VD says Badoor was booked for two misdemeanors,
a hit and run and DUI and alcohol. She was
cited and released without bond. It's been a bumpy ride

for Badoor lately. In January, she publicly discussed her painful
split from her boyfriend at three and a half years,
John Jansen. Ba Door told people she was blindsided by
Jansen breaking up with her in November. I mean, we
don't even need to read anymore. One. My heart breaks
for Shannon because clearly she's going through some tough shit

because as an adult, you don't drive drunk unless shit.
I mean, there's no there's no reason for it. But
like yeah, I mean I'm scared to drive anyway sober.
But like this, there's just so much Like already, this
whole season has been so much about Gina's DUI and

all those discussions, so for this to happen, and I
know that Shannon is also an overthinker herself, so I
can only imagine what she's personally going through. She has kids,
all this stuff.

Speaker 3 (02:30):
Yeah, this is bad. This is bad. My heart goes
after her. I'm just glad, well, number one, no one
was hurt, No one was hurt. I'm glad that she
was not hurt and didn't hurt anyone honestly, because you know,
all of those things have the potential to happen. Wow,
I'm I'm I'm so processing sorry. I'm gonna shock about

this whole thing. But I I hope and pray that
I don't even know what to say.

Speaker 2 (03:01):
I mean, I guess the only thing I can think is, like,
if you're in a place and I think that you
know what Gina talked about when she said she was
going through that rough time and she got the DUI
and all of those things, and now she's not drinking.
But I do think this is definitely a big time

for reflection.

Speaker 3 (03:22):
Well, this is a wake up call.

Speaker 2 (03:24):
This is a major wake up call. Being drunk on
a television show and causing shit is very, very different
from getting into your car and driving and hitting a
house and then getting out. And like I think a
lot of the women alleging that you know, Shannon always
calls drunk Listen, I don't think mental health and wellness

is something to joke about, but I do know that
when you're struggling, and there are massive repercussions to this.
And this is also just a PSA to everyone listening
this podcast. There is absolutely no reason in this day
and age to ever drink and drive. I will not

even have one drink and get into the car because
you don't know how an alcoholic beverage is going to
hit you in your current mindset, or if you're on antidepressants,
or if you're going through treatment on something, you have
no idea. Ubers to go ten minutes cost six dollars.

It's not worth it, and I'm really so sorry for Shannon,
but also it's just.

Speaker 3 (04:37):
Yeah, no, I agree. I agree one hundred percent. Like
you know, we all have like various social lives and
like for me, there's times where I'll go out, like
I have like a one drink rule if I drive.

Speaker 2 (04:48):
But you're also how tall are you? I'm five ten
five ten, I'm five to three, so one drink can
hit me.

Speaker 3 (04:55):
But I know what, I know my limit and I
know and you know there's food involved, then there's like
time involved. I'm not gonna drink right before I walk
out the door, but what I'm saying, is I know
because I've been in that position where it's like, oh,
I don't think I can drive because sometimes you could
just be having a couple of glasses of money.

Speaker 2 (05:11):
Like whoa wait a minute.

Speaker 3 (05:13):
You know it's not like you got to be like
pounding pounding shots. Yeah, so it could be like really really,
you know, it could just scrape up on you. And
sometimes you know, things just kick in and again if
you haven't eaten, you know, like that like changes everything.
So you have to be very very careful and very mindful.
And it's something that I'm constantly reminding myself of, Like

this have been times when like when I've driven somewhere
and I'm like, I think I may have to uber
back because I don't know if I'm if I should
be driving. And I tell my twenty three year old
all the time anytime the wall goes out to dinner
or whatever, because she can drink if she wants to.
She's a you know, illegal drinking. I'm like, if you
think you're having to drink, even if it's one drink,
cause she's like five three, she's tainting, you know, I'm like, no, well,

just uber, please, just uber if you even think you're
going to have a cocktail.

Speaker 2 (05:59):
And I think that's something else we don't really take
into a fuct And if you're having a bad day,
if you're already feeling down and you have a drink,
alcohol is a depressant. Yeah, like we think we feel
better in the moment. And listen, I'm not pretending that
I don't drink or I don't get overserved, but you

just never know where it's going to take you each time.
And I don't know. I'm praying for you, Shannon. I hope,
I hope that you find peace and whatever is going
on with you, that you have a support group and
you know of friendships and relationships and that you're going
to be okay. And you know, somebody's got to be

in a bad place when they try, you know, when
they make a mistake and then they try to get
out of it, is it just a double frickin whammy.
So who knows the I can't even imagine how she's
feeling today.

Speaker 3 (06:58):
To you, Shannon, and that all this thing, all this
works out and and you're able to you know, just
deal with whatever you have going on.

Speaker 2 (07:07):
Stay strong, Stay strong. Tamra is heading out today on
her vacation, and uh, I just kind of want to
get her on on the pod quickly and just make
sure that Shannon's okay. And so let's let's see if
we can get her on real quick. Tamra, Oh my gosh,

and I am literally like shaking.

Speaker 4 (07:44):
I every cast member is sending me text messages. I
don't even know if it's true. I talked to Shannon yesterday.
She didn't say a word to me. Nothing. We were
on a conference call for Chase, and because she was
extremely quiet, I talked to her after it. There was
no word of it. And all I'm seeing is you
know what's on the on the in the press. I'm shook.

I just I'm literally shaking right now, shaking.

Speaker 1 (08:11):
I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

Speaker 4 (08:15):
I at first I didn't think it was true.

Speaker 2 (08:18):
But if TMZ's reporting it allegedly she was arrested, was
there a mud shot? I haven't seen it yet, because
I was I've honestly been on the pod with Cynthia.
And then I was like, now I'm supposed to be
talking to Tamra having like a fun send off, but
like this is now a situation. Well I have to
ask you, like, what were her spirit you were just

with her in New York? What were her spirits? Like?
How was she?

Speaker 1 (08:43):
She was fine in New York. I had a conference
call with her the other day. If this happened on Saturday.
I had a conference call with her on Sunday. She
was very quiet. She said, it's been a rough couple
of days. And that's all she told me.

Speaker 2 (08:57):
And I mean the part that does it did it
say a time on there? Because it said her dog
was in the car, So like if she was out
at like a dinner or out somewhere. It was Saturday night,
But why would Archie be with her? I don't know.
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
I have no idea what she was taking him somewhere?

Speaker 2 (09:17):
Did you talk to her yesterday?

Speaker 1 (09:18):
I talked to her the day after this supposedly happened.

Speaker 2 (09:22):
And you talked her on Sunday, yes, And she didn't
mention it.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
No, That's why I instantly thought it was a lie.
This is life changing, this is going to change her life.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
This it's it's actually truly heartbreaking. And and Cynthia and
I were talking about it, just like how we both
feel about drinking and driving, but like how when we
are struggling how alcohol can hit you differently.

Speaker 1 (09:50):
For sure, for sure, but you know what, you make
a choice to get in a car, and that's not
a good choice. It's not a smart choice. So I mean,
I feel bad for her, and I just I'm just
happy nobody got hurt.

Speaker 2 (10:04):
Yeah, and you're in real time right now, are you
guys all in a group chat?

Speaker 1 (10:09):
Everyone's texting individually because some of some of the girls
have reached out to her and she hasn't responded.

Speaker 2 (10:18):
I hate that no one's talked to her. I hate
even more than you.

Speaker 1 (10:21):
I talked to you the other day, I know, and
said nothing. Nothing.

Speaker 4 (10:25):
I'm just I'm telling you, I am shaking.

Speaker 1 (10:28):
I just found out.

Speaker 2 (10:31):
I mean, oh god, Oh it's not just to you.
I hit and run is even worse. But I mean,
thankfully the hit and run no one was her. But
like that's and then it says that she got out
of her car and then allegedly pretended to the cops
that she was walking the dog and the car was

ware well, allegedly she parked it on the side of
the street, but didn't she hit a house allegedly. I
don't know. I think that I think that whatever situation
she's going through is clearly been shown throughout this entire
season that there's a lot of things that she doesn't

want talked about. And I understand, and I want to
respect her privacy. And I know that she has kids,
and I know that she has, you know, allegedly a
toxic past relationship that we watch play out on television.
I mean, Shannon, we're praying for you. If you need it,
I know, let us know.

Speaker 1 (11:33):
Oh my god, I just I'm just like lost for
words right now because I literally just found out. I
literally just found out. Well, her life is going to
change forever.

Speaker 2 (11:47):
Yeah, and that's something for everybody to think about. You
guys getting into.

Speaker 1 (11:50):
The yes, do not drink and drive. Do not. I
don't care if it's a few drinks, Like I mean,
this could have gone really bad. Some could have been
I don't know how bad the accident was. She could
have been hurt, somebody in the house could have been hurt,
somebody could have died, like this is this is horrible.

Speaker 2 (12:10):
I'm just even more in a way that you talked
to her yesterday and you haven't.

Speaker 1 (12:16):
I did notice there was she was very quiet. It
was very very and it was a conference.

Speaker 2 (12:23):
Well you guys, was it like a work conference call?

Speaker 1 (12:25):
Yes, it was a work It was for trace a megas.
It was four people on the phone. And she did
not say one word. And I called her back. I said,
you're really quiet. She's like, yeah, it just been a
little tough. But she never said one word about it.

Speaker 2 (12:38):
Oh, Shannon, Well, I guess there's there's nothing else for
us to say on this topic, you know, there there isn't.
I mean, well, I'm sure there will be more to
come out. I hope that at some point Shannon's able
to open up and be vulnerable and share, because whatever

it is that she is going through, if she is
able to open up and be vulnerable and share, people
will have empathy and understanding the depths of whatever she's
struggling with.

Speaker 1 (13:11):
Yeah. I know, since her and John broke up, like,
it's been a rollercoaster on again, off again, and she's
been really sad lately. And I'm not making excuses for
anybody to have a drink and get in a car,
but I know her her mental state wasn't great lately.

Speaker 2 (13:30):
It really wasn't so which that only at her.

Speaker 1 (13:34):
Kid Her kids just left for college. She's home alone, she.

Speaker 2 (13:37):
Had to move. They're not filming like they're an idle
mind and not having things too. When you're sad and
you're alone and there's not that next thing. And especially
and this is going to sound crazy, but especially when
you're in the world of television and you're always on

and then all of a sudden it all stops seasoned, end,
the reunion ended. She wasn't with all of you guys
at the reunion. Then you guys went to Trace amigas
uh at Watch What Happens Live. To me, the energy
felt off even there. I could see that Shannon was
turned away from.

Speaker 1 (14:16):
Oh really, I didn't notice that.

Speaker 2 (14:18):
Yeah, she was face the facing like the bars under
the entire time and like like it just something's going on.
But we do love you. Shannon's best for you.

Speaker 1 (14:30):
I'm going to try to call her now and see
if I can talk to her.

Speaker 2 (14:35):
Okay, I wish she would.

Speaker 1 (14:37):
I would have told me yesterday.

Speaker 2 (14:38):
I know, because then you could have probably helped her,
because it always this stuff always ends up coming out.

Speaker 1 (14:44):
Okay, Yeah, I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be talking
with her, so.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
All right, Wow, I'm gonna miss you, tamp.

Speaker 1 (14:53):
I'm gonna miss you too. This really puts it down
for on everything, though I know it really does.

Speaker 2 (14:59):
Well you, Tam, and please tell Shannon that I'm here
If she needs anything, I will thank you.
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