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May 24, 2021 64 mins

Kyle Richards is here answering your questions and calls. Nothing is off limits.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
This is Teddy Teapot with Teddy Mill and Keb. Hi, guys,
welcome to this week's Teddy Teapot with who do we
have here? Yep, Kyle Richards. You know one of my
best tea you know, we share Ben together. It's really

been all the things, but I'm so excited to bring
her on. Um. We are on a group chat. Yes
it's called the Crumbs, Delicious Delicious Crumbs. Yes, yes, it's
a Teddy our friend, Jennifer enemy. And it's just us
spreading on a little a little teeth spilling, the spilling
the tea, and it's constant and if one of us

is slacking, then we really have to get on the
others and be like, get on the horn. I can't
be doing this job alone. Like for example, we were
really invested in the j Lo Ben affleck a rod
of it all, Barry, and it was you know, I
would wake up in the morning and look and see
what does the crumbs have for me? And I would
look at the phone and would be nothing like I
expect you guys while I was sleeping to be on

the job, because Jen and Teddy wake up at like
four in the morning. But I have to ask you
a question, who would you put. You know, I always
have to ask who would you pick? Are you a
Rod or Ben? Oh? Well, no way would be a
Rod now. But but by the way, Ben was a
cheater too, so neither. But when that whole thing was

going on with Jen and a Rod, I was like,
are you kidding me? I was so invested in that
because they would so you know, their pictures together, this
blended family, and he would be holding her kids and
she would be holding his daughter's and I was like,
oh my god, this is the cutest, most perfect situation.
And he blew it by you know, DM mean some

probably lots of girls. I don't think you just do
that one time, like if you're going to be sliding
into chicks d M. So I don't think you're like, oh,
the to one time thing. Like I think he's got it,
and I think he cheated on everybody in the past.
But when I look at that, I think you have
a perfect situation. I mean, we don't know what goes
on behind closed doors. But she's beautiful, you have this
beautiful family together. Why why why are you so dumb?

She deserved to have him, He deserved from her to
go to Montana with Ben. You know what, he got it,
He got it, you know what. So I am a
team benefit. I'm all for it. I don't mind if
she even throws on that pink ring again like you
know what. Yeah, and if another like you know, photop
with the rolls without the top. You know, I'm just
Jenny from the block. Let's go. I mean, but but

then we've also been slacking a little bit on other
crumbs because Housewives premier this week, and you yourself have
been in the press. That's a touch in regards to, uh,
what happened at the restaurant, give us the deeds. So
now I want to give you guys the fault scoop
about what happened with l v P and me at
the restaurant. So I bumped into Lisa now and then

and every single time, I mean not one time have
I not gone up to her and said hello and
been nice. Not once. Hold on, I can't forget to
tell what we did on her birthday. Yes, so so
and every time she's not nice back. But my husband
always says, be the bigger person, be the bigger person, um,
and I always go U when I say hello and

on her birthday, Teddy and I bumped into her at
the Beverly Hills Hotel and we sent a bottle of
champagne um because it was her birthday, and she ended
up moving her table because she didn't have to look
look at us, right, So whatever. So the last time
I bumped into her, I was actually with Dorrite and
some others and Adrian Mulouf was also at the restaurant,

the same restaurant that I saw her at last week shoe,
and she was very rude, so I just thought, you
know whatever, so I bumped into her. A week later,
she walked in last week saw me left the restaurant.
So the night this actually happened was a week after
she had walked in, looked at it, walked out. I
was with a producer from the Real Housewives at Beverly

Hills and he said a load her I did not
for the first time, and she laughed. At about ten
minutes after she had left, a bill was brought to
our table, and they said, the lady in the corner, Lisa,
said for you to pay this. Anyway, long story short,
the bill was not paid because it was not a

hot hot joke. It was a few, you know what
it was. It was clear. You know, she likes to
pretend everything is a joke. This is not a joke.
So anyway, of course, I don't doubt that after they
told her the bill wasn't paid, that she called up
and paid for it. That's not the point. But after
she left the restaurant and she walked out, she um,
there's a man outside always waits for, you know, people

to sign photos, and he always has like Halloween posters
and photos for me to sign and housewife stuff. So
he had a picture of the cast and asked Lisa
to sign it because he had already had Lisa Wruna's
signature on it. And she put access through our faces
and mustache on Lisa running me, which I know some
people say, oh, that's so funny, but she ruined the

photo for this guy. Yeah, he could have gotten everybody's
photo and excited about it, but she had to go
through and you know, and he said every time she says,
you know, what are you waiting for? And when I
say you, she makes a rude comment. So I couldn't
even show the picture. Oh yeah, you should show the picture.
And I mean, let's also point out that I mean,

not that, not that I know every little detail, but
I saw her call out Kelly Dodd and her restaurant
for not paying a bill, Like who actually leaves a
restaurant without I mean, even if they can call you
and get it paid or whatever, even if it's a joke,
even if you left a cash tip or whatever. He
couldn't pay me an amount of money to do that.

It's just rude to the to even put a you know,
the restaurant in a position to have to ask that
and be turned. She was so embarrassed. She's like, I'm
so sorry, you know. And then Tim's asked me when
I was coming out after having dinner, um, and I said,
you know, of course, I said. They asked me. The
qussure was did you pay? And I said no. She
dined and dashed, Then she proved receipts and she gave

an interview to tm Z and Daily Mail. Whatever she
w in the receipt of course she paid. I would
never think that she's not going to not pay. What
was she paid after the fact that she was already
gone ten minutes when they asked us to pay. But
let me show you guys the picture. But I got
three xes. I'm the only one that got three excess
ran and I got mustaches. But we're not already having
her signature there anyway. So that's the story that And

now you know she gave her interviews and her receipts good, great,
you know, and next time I see her, I don't
even know. The thing that's bizarre to me is like,
if she's going to go about this like she's so unbothered,
she doesn't want to do this, why is she going
out of her way to consistently try to do things
to shape I mean, she's gone on multiple podcasts to

talk badly about me. She's goes out of her way
to do things, you know, to paparazzi or TMZ to
make everybody else bad, like if you really are moving on,
move on. Well there's that one. Also, you know, she
signed up to do the Housewives and she's gotten a
lot out of it, you know, her restaurants shows, whatever.

So and honestly, in the big scheme of things, like
our big falling out, was saying, you know, you know,
people think you gave this story, that's why you leave.
I mean, are you kidding me? If this would happened
in New York. Do you think somebody would never come
back again? Like who cares? Who cares if by the way,
you just give an interview the day but your receipts

so stock. Yeah, Like it's not that big of a deal.
It wasn't that big of a deal and it didn't
have to come to that, and she should have just said, okay,
believe what you want and moved on. But she's bitter.
But it worked out the way that bitter spice bitter spice.
So those are those crumbs. So those are those crumbs.
The other crumbly got to get into is I saw

that what we watched last night together, which I thought
was going to be a little harder for me than
it was, but I actually was like, this is kind
of a drum. I don't have to like receive any feedback.
I'm just here. I didn't even tweet. It was the
first time I haven't trended during how so I was
some jacked up things I've done, so you know, that

was refreshing. But I did see that people were asking
you about the surgery. You gotta set it straight like
those So the surgery, I have my nose done. In
two thousand and six my first nose job. Um, and
I was fine, great, you know whatever. I always wished
it was a little smaller and better whatever. That was
always my biggest insecurity, and I broke it. Filming in

Halloween Kills it was as well. I can't say because
the movie comes out in October, but anyway, something hit
me in the face and I broke it. And I
so I was like, okay, so now it doesn't look
as cute, and so I'm like, okay, I'm going to
fix the bone and make it cuter. But I saw
a lot of comments of people thinking I had done
something else, which I always get that people always think

you've done on a facelift. I have not had a facelift.
By the way, they filmed the entire surgery, So it's
all like, why would you hide Why would you be
honest about that and then hide something else. It doesn't
make any sense. I see, I know people who do
do that. I tell me, I just do this and
then they won't know I actually did this. That's not
with the case. First of all, I would need like
six weeks of downtime, um, if I was going to

do that, and I don't have six weeks, but I don't.
I just don't think I need to get other things
that could be better. Yes, but now I only do amazing,
and your nose looks amazing. I'm very happy with menose.
But my face is very swollen. In the beginning of
the season, I don't know why I look very different.
But now it's like settled. And I did like how
you tried to play off that the nose job is
why you've been online shopping. Don't act like that. No,

it's well, the medicine was making I was bonding. I
got the medicine. I can't, I really really did. It
was on sale. That is her favorite. Everything I ought
to do. I was in bed and buying stuff, and
then the medicine made me think. You know, there were
presents there, presents by night we were here and I'm
not kidding. The buzzer Wren and it was Amazon, and

you would have thought it was like it was like
a pair of aces that weren't even cue by the way,
but she spread think to get the opening them did
the full trash. It's like, look at these beauties. I'm like,
do you not do that? You don't feel like when
the package comes up as a present even though you
pay for it. No, I go because you're cheap. Okay,

you know, let's say frugal. Okay, okay, all right now
we gotta get to listener questions. Um let me mean,
I mean, there there was something, but some we delivers
kidding ask me anything. Okay. Do you ever regret being
on the show overall? No? No, I mean there's been

moments I regret in times that you know made me
very anxious and sad. My anxiety has been through the
roof and all that, which you know we know, but no,
I do not regret it from it. Okay, Hetty, what
is one thing you miss and don't miss about the show? Um?
I would say what I missed the most is the
camaraderie we had. I know, you see, like the fighting,
but like we had a lot of fun, like and

we behind the behind the scenes are the things that
you don't actually see because they can't use it all
Like we are laughing, we're like it's a blast. And
and the trips that are like the hardest part of
the show because there's always a problem in fighting and
people are always crying and um, but the flip side
of it is it is also a lot of fun,

Like going there is always the most fun. The plane
right there the best part. We're always laughing, I know.
And so I missed that I missed, And I also
missed the crew, like they really feel like your family.
And even though this is gonna sound a little cuckoo,
but like even though you know the producers like have
a job to do, you still they become like your
best friends and you're like, you know, so I that's

a loss that I feel. Um, I don't miss about
the show, like the anxiety that I would have the
day after an argument or the day after like the
show and air and like after the Provence episode We're
all right too much, Teddy was crying all day the
next day, scared about her dad, like literally bawling, sobbing

that she thought she was gonna get in trouble by
her dad because she drank. And meanwhile, that was like
my favorite episode, figures that's the most liked, but like
I honestly was crying. I didn't know what to do well.
And then the problem was everybody was drunk, but nobody
really wants to admit how drunk they were, so nobody
could give me any answers. So I was like, how
bad was it? How much do I need to apologize

to Erica? What do I have to do? Nobody remembered.
Nobody remembered. So it really just makes you feel worse
because everyone's like, we can't talk about it. And then
I went to production and they're like, we can't tell you,
Like what do you mean? And I'm like, so I
had to wait like six brutal months to see if
my life was ruined? And actually that was my that
was my top rated episode. See problem with the House

of Wars. They want to see those hot mess moments
and I I'm not sure how to answer this this question, Um, Teddy,
did you make any guest appearances this season? Yeah? No,
what did I Well, I don't know. Yes, well obviously,
I mean I had to drag you, but you didn't

mean you'll have to You'll have to see Yes, yes,
and that took some convincing, but whatever, Yeah, lots of convincing,
but I was there. I don't know if I'm really
allowed to say that. Sorry, Sorry, Kyle, do you miss
having me on the show? By the way, these are
listener questions, not my own. I'm not this isn't This

isn't a couples therapy again, Yes, I know that was
also I saw on your Instagram to Um, obviously I
miss having you on the show, but you know, we're
also together all the time. But it's also a lot
of fun to have her on the show. But I
get her off camera, so that's great. Um, who cut?
This is actually directed at you, which is great. Kyle,

who is the fakest currently on this season? You know
what you answer that, Kyle? This is this was directed
at you. Look Kaiya, So go ahead, you know the
crumbs you can answer that. I have to deal with
them later. Give me a letter. One letter. They can
be in any part of their name. Yeah, Kyle, are

you Andy Cohen? Now I can't pretty much handled on
let me call me big Daddy. Okay, I'm gonna be honest.
There are a lot of fake moments I see with
a lot of people across the board, and I kind
of go, oh my god. So, I mean I just
can't spread it out right, are you? You know what yours?

But this is you know, I'm gonna I've got a
job to do, journ this around, and I'm going to
ask the audience to tell me who they think is
the fake. Oh yeah, you can leave that one. We
post the podcast, you guys, let us know. You can't
deal with that. That's just way too even comes up
on the show, So stay tuned to stay tuned. Um, Kyle,

besides Teddy, which housewife would you want back on the show?
My sister Kim? Yeah, because Kim. I mean I was
talking about this with my sister Kathie the other day
and Kathy we were watching like some old clips of
cam and she when she's when we're not fighting and

ripping each other's hair out of our heads, she's so funny.
Did you ever see the interview where she fell off
her chair? Yes, literally, she was doing an interview and
she's like ah and she fell out of her chair
doing the interview and fell to the ground and the
whole thing like broke, and she's just like, she really
makes me off. And then we're not fighting when you're

not fighting. Um, you also said you had a lot
of fun with Eileen. Eileen, but we never saw that, right, Yeah,
but I don't know what it was like they you
know sometimes show or like Guileen with Rena and me,
would you know who you know? We were at the
time like at least at dulp whatever so um. But
Eileen and I always got along really well and laughed

so much I have done. She's a lot of fun. Um. Well,
I'm loving Kathy. Even the dentist comment last night. She's
just like the dead pan in the face and she's like, yeah, sure,
I'd invite that. Can you do her voice? Can do
Cathy voice? Well, well, it's so funny. It's like, I
don't know that our family has this voice that we're
talking will be like sor anywhe I cannot believe this.
I don't know why we're talking like that. But that

story she only told pieces of it, and I think
that was her first interview, and she wasn't like being
super clear. But she wasn't just like well, if you know,
if you want to come over, you have to do this.
Note wasn't like that is like sit down in the
dentist chair. You don't want to come here again. You're
gonna let me finish like dental work. And Kim and
I were just like, you know, She'd be like, well
the pick and I would passed the kid, and the
KI would passes to Kathy. And Kathy's like sit still.

The kids were so terrified that they were like quaking
in their boots. And then Kathy would say it and
now I'm gonna cut your hair too, Yeah, let me trip. No.
I think she even put a bowl on somebody once.
That was like the time you tried to do my
eyelashes when we're from you know what. That was a disaster. Oh,
I feel like we have to take a quick little
break and then we'll come back. We'll answer more questions,

We'll have people call in. It's really exciting because Tea
Pot is now starting to have a hotline so we
can answer it into Yeah, so pretty exciting. Let's take
a quick break. All right, welcome back to Teddy Tea Pot,

and we have the phones going off the hook and
we're bringing in our first caller. Could I be any cheesier?
Laugh this whole? Hi? Bring let's bring in the first
Callar Easton, Hi, Michael him, Michael. Hey. Um My question

was how does this feel now that the public knows
you guys are actually real friends, which I never doubted,
but people always said that Teddy was trying to get
more air time and trying to ride your cotails. Well, oops,
guess you guys are still friends checked the Instagram like
it's ridiculous. You know, Teddy when she came on the show, Um,
you know, well I had friends on the show, and

you know, but to be honest, I never had somebody
that I won pent and trusted because you still have
to be cautious, you know. And Teddy from the moment
I met her, we became such good friends. I honestly
feel like she's a sister to me. I would tell
her anything, sure, anything with her, and vice versa. And
I've never had something like that on the Housewives. And

I think it's pretty obvious. You know. I spent a
time with her family has to spend some of my family.
We traveled together, and I think, you know, people always
say to me, I love your relationship with Teddy, and like,
you know, I think they can see it's really genuine.
So yeah, I mean I I was so grateful for it.
I mean, you know, when people say those types of things,
I had to just let it roll off my back,
as you could kind of see on my last season,

because I was so grateful for an authentic, real friendship
because it is a stressful situation being in that so
the fact that I knew that. Every night on the
way home in our cars we could call and laugh
or cry or whatever the heck we had to do.
Was like it was refreshing because you don't know how
hard it is until you're in it. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

And Teddy would always joke. Teddy would always joke because
people should say, if I put a damn picture of you,
they're going to say, oh, Teddy, he's like I want
to put you. I'm like, I have to get that
one more time, or like, gosh, let it go. What
do the couple's therapy that this? I'm like, this is

actually what good friends do. Any friend that I have
like that I truly care about, and you know, would
I would do anything for them, TV show or not.
So you know, yeah, oh, cheese out with my girl Kyle.
That being said, we're hot mess expresses when we're together.
I think it's great that people get to see it
because no one believed you guys, and it's like, no,

we're just friends and we work through problems like real
human beings. Thank you, Thank you Michael for calling. Keep
falling off. Thanks Michael, Hey, Laura, how are you guys
on Teddy? I'm calling from South Forest Be children head Island. Hi.
I love South Forest Be. I live right outside the

ocean gate and they have lived here thirty years. And
we started watching because of course you got to keep
up with your islanders and we I just wanted to
say I love you too. You guys are so real. Um,
Teddy love seeing Deve every morning on the gram. That
is just are like part of our breakfast routine with
the kids. But my question is sort of piggies back

to Michael and like, Kyle, seriously, you're such a great gal,
and I'm just wondering, how do you deal with the
personalities week after week after you've maybe had it like
a scandal the week before, you have to go in
with a big smile the next week. Keeping how do
I handle with it? What was the word that like,
like when there's drawing the personality the girl. Um, Mike,

I have to tell you, you know, Um, that's the
hardest part, and it's gotten easier over these eleven years.
But I am someone who suffers from anxiety. And I
mean we've sort of kind of bloss over on the show.
But when I say I suffer from anxiety, I genuinely
suffer from anxiety, and um, that was a very difficult
thing for me to work through. In the beginning. I

would lose so much sleep over, you know, an argument
with one of the girls, um, and I mean crying.
And now I just you know, I've learned like, Okay,
we'll get through this. I can do this. It's made
me a lot stronger of a person. But you know,
it's not always fun to have these arguments and turn
around have to show up and be like, let's go
on a trip together. I don't want to go on

a trip with that person, but this is what we do.
This is why it's awkward, and it's part of the deal.
And I just kind of worked through it. But you
guys are doing a great job. And Teddy, when you
come back to me, I would love to take a
spin class with you. I would love that. My sister
just had a baby, so hopefully I will be able
to come back and visit soon. Well good, but we

are wide open down here on Hilton Head, so come
on down forward it to Madison, Hi, guys, Hisa, Hello,
Oh my gosh, I'm such a huge fan. I was
actually watching the season premiere as I saw Teddy story,
and I was like, I need a positive TV and
I need to get on the phone. What if you

think it um right now? I was at the part
where Lisa and Garcell we were eating dinner together, so
I'm more at the beginning half. But I'm so excited
for this season. Teddy, I wish you were on the season,
but you guys have always been my favorite and I
loved you guys friendship and it's actually nice to see
like a real friendship that doesn't have drama every episode.

Thank you. My question is, so, I know the show
always has kind of lots of drama everything, but are
all the fights or all the disagreements are they all
real or some of its scripted? Or is or is
it all truly happening. None of it's scripted, never has been,
never will be. Um, It's all real, And I think

people get confused. They're like, why is there's always an issue?
You know? But it's because you know, our our job
is to be honest on the show, and you know,
if there's something going on behind the scenes, you know
in real life, you be like, I'm not going to
talk about that. I want to have an issue, but
we have to address the things that are going on
in our life. So whether you want to be honest

without it or not, you have to speak your mind
and you know, have an opinion. So um, that's that's
why there always seems to be something well. I mean,
and I can say that you have people dedicated to
your emotions or your feelings, like they will key into something.
So if I walked in a room and I like

made a face, we have somebody that's gonna go, why
did you make the face? And you know, then you
have the choice, am I going to talk to the
person directly? Or am I gonna talk behind their back?
And like I always went the route. Maybe it was
the wrong one to talk to them directly, but I've
noticed it. It's actually helped me in real life say

how I'm feeling, as opposed to like pushing stuff down
and pretending that everything's okay all of the time. So
it's really just like getting things out there instead of
like what kind of will happen in real life where
you just you know, whisper amongst your couple of friends
behind somebody's back, And then I mean, it's true, but
I think this is an important question. And I'll tell

you what this makes me think about because I think
it's confusing to some people. For example, so, oh, look
at my dog, So I went on to storm. So
for example, if someone tells you something like I'm gonna
go back to the Brandy story with Denise. So when
we were told that information on camera, what's going through

my mind is, oh, no, great, Now we can't. We
can't just have that told us on camera and drop it.
Now the audience has heard, they're definitely going to use that.
Now we have no choice but where we have to
go and tell the others what's going on, because otherwise
it would have been ended there in the audience would
have been like, well, what's happening with that? So that's

the kind of thing like, now we have to address this,
you know. But that's been and it happens every year
with something else. You know, there's always something that once
it's been put out there, it's impossible to avoid it.
And then the more it's talked about, the bigger the
story becomes. And you know, it even gets away from me.
You don't even realize how big the story is until

you're watching it back and you're like, oh wow, every person,
you know, it could be as simple as like an
invite to something that just goes the all the way
or not being invited, But it was so nice talking
to you YouTube one less thing is so funny. I'm
a teen, so I'm kind of probably one of the
younger viewers watching. And if I ever need to confront someone,

I'm always like, oh, I do I want to confront
the book that I'm like, you know what, I need
to put my Beverly Housewives side on and confront them.
So I've learned how to confront people watching the show,
which is so funny. But I'm so glad. It definitely
has made me be more, you know, comfortable with speaking
my mind over these eleven years. And like Teddy said
the same, sometimes we're like, off you know camera, I'll

find myself doing that and I'm like, why do I
fel the need to tell him my express myself every
steels about somebody? Just shut up? Now, I know. I
checked the car on the other day. I'm like, I
just got all wrapped up about this whole situation. And
I'm not even getting paid to get wrapped up anymore.
What is happening? Well, thank you guys so much for

taking my car. I wish you all the best, Teddy,
I hope to see you on the show. And Kyle,
you already queen. I love watching you. You are my
favorite on the show. Thank you so much, Thank you
yas queen. We would always crack up on the show
and everybody was like call each other queens or icon.
I know, I know. I Well. Then I made a

joke with my opening, my tagline when it again, can
you do it? Voice? It's um, oh my god, the voice.
It's so funny. In this town, in this town, this now,
this town, it's a game of chess. But nobody's taken
this queen down. But so that was my little joke
to first of all, this game, this town is a
game of chess. I do not really want to say

in this town, but now it's become like a thing
and broba wially you know, they come to me with
a list of things to say and I'm like no, no, no,
maybe no, and then I come up with something. But
they really wanted this town in Beverly Hills, and I
knew I was going to get heat for it. I
oh so embarrassing, but whatever, I'm stuck with it now.
So oh well, what about mine? The year? And it

all went down. My my, my worst when I'll never
do your dirty work and then three mining doing dirty work. No,
they can bite you. Now ask those type you know
what I think? Come up with a fixed up piece
of your hair. Please? Can you stop getting craft right
because it's like taking off along? Okay hi rack I,

Oh my god, this is crazy. Just have to say.
I can tell you guys like I love your friendship.
It's like that you who gets in trouble in shirts.
That's what I tell my friends because it's like my
best friends. But um, I like two questions kind of
um ill, what can you say about the trip you
went on? Like did you wish you had a Beverly

Hills with you? Did you get along with anyone in particular?
That's a great question. Um I wanted to talk about that.
She's talking all stars right now. So yes, um I
was very you know, first, like what is this? I
don't you know? And you know, the fans have always requested,
you know, wouldn't be funny if we got all the
housewives together blah blah blah. So when I found out

that it was too from Atlanta to from New York
and to form New Jersey and only me. I was like,
this has read wives written all but it's just so
interesting because you know, we deal with this all the time,
people thinking we're somebody that we're not, and um, you know,
I'm no different. I'm a fan of these shows. I

watched these shows and spending time with these women. I
was very surprised, you know, by getting to know them
and thinking, oh my god, there's they're nothing like what
I thought they were going to be. And it was.
It was so interesting because I was there is not
only a housewife, but I was there as a fan,

and it was a very interesting mix. I really think
the fans are going to love this. It's a very
different style than we normally do because, as you know,
we're talking openly about the fact that we're on the
show and stuff like, I mean, what are we gonna
be like, Oh hi, I just about these Yeah, I
mean we're all under one roof. And it was it

was really interesting and I was very surprised by the women,
and I grilled her when she got home. I was like,
all right, I need you now. I got home. You
were texting me saying give me the crime. I know,
but you were so I knew you were having fun
because you were not as fluid on the tax Okay,
but let me let me tell you something this. It
was so crazy doing this because I would be asleep

at seven in the morning, which was for me four
a m l a time, because I had not adjusted yet.
I'm talking about the first day, and they all of
a sudden a light would go on above my head
and it would make a sound. It would wake me
and I'd got God, and I'm completely blind, like I
need my glasses, I don't my contact and then I
hear kockn'clock, he coup. We put a mic on you
and I was like, you wrest the right teeth. They're

watching my face? What is this? One night bears this?
But it was very interesting and your look her looks
were on point. I mean, I want to have to
ask you the same question that I asked you in
the car though, who would who would be our bestie
of the group? Um? Okay, well it's it's it's very

hard to say because Okay, Melissa is the most like us, um,
but like Ramona, I know, she's all over the place,
she offends everybody all the time, but I personally found
her to be so entertaining. I was like, I could
have just grabbed my popcorn because she's so entertaining to me.
She doesn't even know what I mean. She's Ramona to me.

At Andy shower, she like came up to me and
she's like, Hi, are you camera? And I'm like that
right Ramona impression, that's nothing like, no, I don't know,
I gotta bebody, I don't okay, fine, fine, fine, oh
so your camera? No, I'm teddy. Oh I can't remember
your name? Fine? What? And then like honestly named like

six other housewives. I'm like, no, she's really she's fun.
And then Teresa. I was expecting her to be very,
very different. So I mean, I have something to say
about everybody, and I would you know, some of these people,
I would have thought I would never want to spend
time with them, but now that I did, I actually
would not everybody though, Oh you guys are gonna have
to tune in to see who that not everyone is.

But I think it's going to be really fun to watch.
I was like, I want to be the bartender, Like
can I just be like how wells is on the Bachelor,
like Bachelor Nation? Just come and you guys tell me
all the dirt. I will tell you this. I learned
a lot about not only the other franchises, but also
Beverly Hills, because I mean, they're really hardcore, and you know,

people are like, oh you guys are you know, stab
each other on the back and this and that. I
really found myself like missing my Beverly Hills girls because
we really do have a strong camaraderie. And yes we
don't agree in all that, and we have our fights
and stuff, but we all really do. The current cast,
Let's be clear, the current cast. We all really do

genuinely support each other, check in with each other and
care about each other. And I learn on these other
shows they really there's there's some there's some real daggons. Well,
thank you so much for calling in um and listening,
but we've got to take a quick break before we

come back, and we'll share more with y'all. All right,
welcome back. How fun were those callers? Set? We'll do
more at the end. Question, I know it's it's it

was a little bit different than what what happens live.
I know this is this is agog from a Google
bill calling And what did you say about one time? Oh,
they're whatever somebody you know, Andy's like so and so
from whatever it wants. So it's like a questions like
you from the bood Villa, and I was like, please
with this freaking question. They love to torture us. All Right,

we're back to the listener questions from Instagram. All right,
did I ever watch Kyle and Anything when she was
a child actress? Of course, Little House in the Prairie
and then Halloween. But I didn't realize when I came
on the show that was you. A lot of people don't.
And then I was like, oh, I gotta like. You know,

I'm always surprised by that because it's you know, talked about,
you know, over these years, but so often, even now
with the new Halloween coming out, people will say, I
never realized you were Lindsay still like and people also say,
I never realized all these years of your Paris Hilton's aunt.
I'm like, what I mean, it's just so funny, like
you know, it's tying it all together. But of course,

and I'm so excited. When does Halloween actually come out?
It comes I'm not it's October this year. For sure.
We got pushed back because of COVID, which I'm actually
happy because of how we can have an actual premiere
and and be in the theaters. I know you bought
to see the scary movies in the the of course
it's it's I've heard the best one ever. That's the
reports I'm getting. I love it. Um, all right, what

would be our dream vacation together? We're about to go.
We are about to go because guys, I am turning
forty in July, so we're gonna not actually celebrating my birthday.
We're going to do out a week later. We're going
to Mexico. We're still it's ten couples. I mean already
the group. I'm hungover just from the group chat. Literally,

I can't even think about the amount of tequila that's
going to be consumed on that trip. But it's gonna
be so much fun and it's going to be the
big forty bash. I can't leave. You're an forty Oh
my god, so crazy, but you look like you're twelve.
But that's a whole lot of stop. What have you done?
You've had what I've done? What have you drawn to
your base? Well, a lot of botox um, But yeah,

that's gonna be a great party. And that's how I
celebrated my big birthday too. It was like all the
couples and it's it's going to be a lot of fun.
So we're we're gonna we're gonna do some raging maybe,
which brings us to the next question. I want to
say one thing about that, Um are we going? You know,
when I have my big birthday in Mexico, Teddy and
I like we're dancing, and we put on Instagram and

we were singing to her dad's song. And Teddy when
she has a few drinks, instead of the air gatarge,
she likes to do the air flute. I cannot with
the air flute. The air flue. It's because it's like
you really get air guitars. Embarrassing enough, we need to
do an air flute now. But but even the most

embarrassing part of that entire videos, when you look at
the whole thing, not the cropt went on to Instagram,
is that the husbands are behind us. They are not
even looking up like there and we are going at
this like it is I mean, like we are getting
paid to lip sync and air flute. Well, don't think
we're not going to be re enacted. I mean the
amount you were sure your dad that video? Yeah, well,

because what did he say? Because like York post posted,
like everyone posted, yes, And so his publicist called him
and I was like, I think your daughter was pay
your daughter was tipsy? And uh yeah, I m read
such a fan of Teddy's dad. It's not even funny,
it's embarrassing. But the fact that your dad saw us
drunk and you're doing the air flute to his song

really embarrasses me. Well, he calls Kyle the little one,
the little brown one, the brown Yeah, he's like the
little one. You're you're like your little bestie. Um, all right,
which is now bringing us to the next question is
who's the better dancer, karaoke singer and who's most likely
to win a lip sync battle? Um, I would say

Kyle is a better the answer, Um, I yeah, I
think you're Can you sing? Well, that's what should we saying?
Hold on what sing? She can't sing? Hold on your
what's your song? The sister song that you always sing?
She's she's she's kind of a one trick pony of songs.
I can find the Bonnie rate. All right, we'll go. Well,

I'm not gonna do it now, No, but just the
one because I may have to pay for the rights
I do that are singing. If I've had her drink,
I do, I do, I can actually sing, I can't.
You know she has a good singer. And but and
I've heard your single when we drove to Aspen. I
love that you called a single. It was a demo
for when I was eighteen. You're single. It was platinum,

was Grammy Award winning eighteen sound. Maybe there's a duet
coming soon. Remember when we wrote that we were supposed
to sing the Twelve Days of Housewives, but then we
never did it. Maybe a little now that time is
that ship has sailed. So moving on from that, um
lip sinking, I think I'm pretty excellently really bad. I

don't know. We actually had a scene in the car
where we were singing to Wilson Phillips and they never
used it. Maybe we could get the right we were
lip sinking in Berlin. I put it on the gram
that was our thing. Um, all right, now we got
to get into sex and marriage question. These are good ones.

Let me make sure I just saw my husband of
the drive. I know I was like and mine is
not here so great. Um do you ever argue with
your husbands? How do you resolve it? Of course we do? Um,
how do well? Something I'm very proud about with our
marriage is that we've always said that we won't I
know this is such a cliche and we've heard this before,
but that we won't go to bed angry without saying

I love you and giving a kiss. So of course
I still go to bed angry. But making yourself say
I love you, get the person to kiss no matter what,
even if you really hate them in the moment, really
breaks the ice and it helps when you wake up
to you know, start fresh. Because if I were to
go to sleep and not do that, I mean I
literally sometimes I'll have my you know, facing the other

way and good, well, one of us has been I
have to do this, and then you know, one of
us will be like, I love you, gonna get a kiss,
and it shifts something. It really really does. So I
highly recommend in a marriage. But yes, of course we fight,
but we're really good about making up. My husband's very
easy going. I have to say thank god, um, because

that helps because I'm not as much, which is really
where our arguments stem from. Not not ours, but with
Edwin and I always say this wrong. Well with me
and Edwin, no, you never said your name first. It
would be like Edwin and I went to the market
or they were talking to Edwin and me. That's how

you know it whether use I or me, don't make
me so anyways. With Edwin, howays make that mistakes? Well,
I'm glad I part for the course. But with Edwin
he is like, so chill with timing and this and
we'll figure it out last minute. And I just can't.
I have to have everything I have O C D.

So I have to have everything, like perfectly working on that.
We're working. We're I'm in therapy finally we're working on that. Yeah,
but I'm trying to be a little bit. Do you
think I'm a little bit, But I feel like I'm
slightly chilling out. I haven't. I haven't seen word. When
you're like, I'll be there by ten am. It's like

the game. I don't see any improvement yet, but I
know you're working on it. Um do our spouses. Oh,
but how we work through it is in the mornings.
I kind of have to have a converence. We have
to start our mornings talking. I'm not a nighttime talker, Like,
don't come in when I'm watching my show, Like, don't
I don't want to be going down, Like I don't

even want to hear anything. Yeah, Like don't go down
your checklist. If things you feel like you should ask
me at nine o'clock at night. No, let's talk in
the morning. Let's come up with a game plan and
then we feel connected throughout the day versus like that, like, oh, shoot,
I didn't talk to my wife today, so I'm gonna
really try to amp it up as she's like trying
to watch Cruel Summer. No. Um. So morning talks is

really key for us too. With coffee together in the morning.
Do your spouses hang out together, Yeah, there hand together.
We all hang out together, families, barbecues. I mean, I
am the world's worst toast. Kyle gets really amped up
about the fact that like when I come, I never
have like the right wine. This woman, you don't, you

do not want to go to Teddy's for I don't
know drinks whatever. That We're like literally point out things
in the cabinet, like Teddy put some things out please.
I mean, she was serving left of her salad this
big to six men, and I was like, what are
you doing? It is not you entertain Her husband's calling
me to ask where to buy trash cans for the house,

nice trash cans, and what candle holder and hand to
and with hand? What with candles shitties? I'm like, I
don't know, Edwin. You've got to reach out to Kyle.
But by the way, they do hang it together and
he doesn't know yet. But we're all going away from
the real day weekend to get a crazy Yeah we are.
We're going away from Memorial Day. He's gonna Edwin always

thinks he doesn't want to do things on the weekends
until we pressure him, and then he always has fun.
I know that makes me miss when we could like
went to Coachell. I remember when everyone called us old
before when so that would be rude. And yet when
it's back, I'll be there, but I don't act like
we're not going back, and then we'll only make it
till eight thirty pm, but then be offended when people

call us old. I kind of haves to you something
before we talk about that. This is another thing like
since the pandemic, I used to make fun of you
for wanting to have your early dinners teddy like Steve
dinner five thirty And I used to be like, who
does that, Like they're going to dinner when it's like
you need sunglasses on? Um, But now I'm like, I'm
not five thirty, but would five thirty? Six is my
ideal time, totally different life which we have dinner tonight

with some of the other housewives, and I have to
say I was a little upset that you guys chose
six thirty instead of sick. Now that you Reade's picking
us up, I'm like, I almost wrote on the group chat,
like if you're late and she will base I don't
want p s A. Don't be late. Maybe to tell

her six we should she needs to pick us up
at five fifty, especially if we're picking up ran up. Okay, okay, um.
How do you juggle work, marriage? Kids? Everything? Is that
me as so? Women are amazing multitaskers, and multitasking is

my specialty. I really am very good at that, and
the more I have going on, the better I am
in the more on top of it I am. I
used to like joke and say like I could like
breasteed my baby cooked dinner, do homework, even, I mean everything.
I like to have a lot of stuff going on.
And I have four kids, six dogs. I have just
always stuff happening. Um and when things are slow is

when I slack off. So I don't know, I enjoy that,
you know, Yeah, I enjoy that lifestyle. Yeah. For me,
I am my worst self when I'm complacent, Like I've
always got to be working for the next goal and
the next thing that I'm excited about and have having
dreams and putting it out there and writing it down.
For me, that's that's key. And a lot of you know,

being a mom, especially in l A and now that
things are starting to open up, is like being organized.
What y'all know, I because turned onto her organization just
you know gets them all hot and bothered. But I
do manage our busy schedules, and you know, I really
love it and I love like being on a mission,

like this is my new goal, this is what I want,
this is what I want to achieve, and it's where
I feel my best. So that's really really bad. Like
I I'm really about emails. It's would be in charge
of paining the bills in my family, we would have
no power, no war. Well, you know I would have
the worst credit. Right now, I'm looking on her computer
screen and it says no backup for one thousand, four

d and seventy nine literally like me even seeing that,
or how many emails she has in her inbox, like
I'm about to rint my cuticles off. I was so
that person. I don't know what it is like, I
know I can't. I'm really bad about that. You've got
to send me a text. I will not look at
an email for days, miss them. Not organized like that?

All right? How do we handle hurt full messages from
the media or social media? Um? Well, now I just
laugh about it. I genuinely do. I mean, people will
tell me everything from you're ugly, you look fat, um,
you've had everything done, you're so plastic looking, And I mean,

I'll say to my husband, just please look at this
comment because he knows. You know, I have not done
any classics are except my nose I didn't know. I
did my love handles back in season three, and I've
had two nose jobs. Other than that, I do botox.
I don't even do fellers. I do lasers. Lasers as
lasers that helps with tightening all that. But um now,
when I just get me in comments, I really do

laugh it off all rite, you know, yeah, um yeah,
I just don't let it affect me anymore. Well, I
I can't say that I would say some things will
bother me. If somebody says something about my kids that
really pisces me off. I already got enough of like
I used my hands too much or my voice or

that doesn't buck who cares about that? We don't don't
even get us. But look, we've really we've really upped
our game with nails, which we go fees of people start. Yeah,
we can't. We can't be bullied about our hands anymore. Um.
But I find great joy in blocking people. Sometimes I
do another times I'm like, whatever, I don't care, I'll

clap back. But if somebody talks on my kids, then
then they're immediately blocked. And now they have a new
Instagram feature where you go to block somebody, it says
because a lot of the time, what I've realized is
the most hate comes from people that have zero followers,
a cat as a profile picture and no other pictures.
So I think they like create just to you know,

talk crap, or their bots or who knows what they are.
But now when you set click block, it says, this
will also block any future accounts that this person creates,
and that's a way to stop the online bullying and
whatnot and those press stuff. Things always get taken out
of context and you have to kind of just take
it with a grain of salt. That's just it is
what it is. Um, what was our favorite celebrity scandal

of this year? Oh, Army? I think Army I feel
bad is a favorite. But I'm not gonna lie. Didn't
like reading about that stuff. I need to hear more
information about this. What the hell is a right that?
I think we spent the most time on Army because
things kept coming out and we just work. It was
so shocking, you know, and I'm I mean, I'm someone

who likes like books got so for me, this was
so creepy and scary and shocking that I just couldn't
believe this good looking actor from this family, Like, how
could these stories be real? I know? Well, now he's
apparently in a new relationship, living his best life in

the Cayman Islands, So now I'm behind the crumb said,
did you know that maybe if you would you know,
get on the horn and get a little bit more involved.
Sometimes I sleep on the job. You know, it's I'm
going to have to reach out to more people in
a movie from the group. I was also invested Do
Not Dare. I was also very invested with the Jennifer
and a wild Thing Jennifer and a rod Well. We
were invested also in Madison, who he didn't even know

who she was until that happened. But then now, I mean,
this is what this is, like how bad it gets.
Sometimes when I can't sleep at night, I just I
don't even follow her, but I just check her Graham,
Who's Who's you don't understand? The other day I looked
at her phone on her search. I was like, who
are you searching? She's like, I don't even know this person,

but I heard some things. I'm trying to figure out
the situation. Yeah, like I the things I google? So
someone getting married? Oh did Chris Pine get married? Because
I saw that Adrina Partridge dated him? Like these are
Teddy Carroll? Why but don't act like you wouldn't care.
Don't ask I don't you say you said that you

didn't care about the Madison thing, and because you didn't
know who it was, and then you were more hooked
than any of us once I got you following, not
skinny but not fat, seeing those crumbs. Yeah, that's true.
It just takes I have to this is the problem.
She gets really involved. But I have to do the
leg work sometimes. But you know what I will do
so people say, you're so busy. You know you're doing

the show, you got your clothing line, you know, the
filmy and movies. I got my my husband, my kids,
my dogs, my house to run. But if someone like
will comment on my Instagram and then I'll go to
their profile photo and I will look at their their
profile and then I'll be like, oh, look at this
that they posted and then lead me to something else
or something else. The next thing, you know, like, well

what am I doing? I've just spent thirty minutes of
my life on someone. You know. This is I don't
understand how we can get so deep into the rabbit hole.
Like I mean, it'll even be like from like Catherine's
Sada Jones is like new mass Care or what just
but the level that I will need to research it.

It's not we don't like to leave a krumbling, but
like sometimes I can't even enjoy a television show because
there might be crumbs coming in. And then you guys
will send me something and then I'm I'm just done
for when when we fly and then we land, we
say because we're scared we miss something with bad wife.
I did we miss any crumbs when I was on
the plane. It's wrong with that. One day I sent

a picture that nobody wanted. We needed to get off
the crumbs, but we were too scared that if we
deleted the picture, that would accidentally delete our text and
then we wouldn't have years and years of research of
our details because it was pure Well, because somebody sent
me their dinner, it was just gusting. Well, what would
you rather call? I had that? Whatever dinger? Would you

like to call on my phone? After he sent that,
I didn't how to delete it. Well, I didn't want
to have to suffer alone. What if my husband saw that, Well,
you'd say that he send you pictures of diggers, Because one,
it was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen
in my entire life. But also p s A. Don't
send dingers like they're not cute. They don't need to
be photographed like there's no dinger that needs to be

sent into any d m s. They're just not do
you think there is like have you ever been like, oh,
that's a good looking dinger. I'm not commenting on this.
Oh my god. All right, we gotta take a little
break and then we'll come back to our final questions.

All right. Next, we're gonna finish up with two last
callers before we have to wrap. At the time went
by so fast. Hello, Hey guys, Hi, how are you who?
I'm good. This is David. I'm from New York City.
Hi David. So, you guys obviously know, like there's millions

of fans of the show. Everyone loves it, but there
are I don't know, like what you guys see from
the you know, from your perspective, there are you know,
different kinds of fans. There are people who are just
like obsessed with the drama and dat da da. But
then there's people who are actually more invested and understand
the behind the scenes, the sociology and the whole thing.

It's a real obsession that I that I happened to have.
What I wanted to ask is, you know, there's so
many times where we're watching and we can kind of understand, well,
I'm speaking for the obsessed fans, we can kind of
understand like read between the lines and say, okay, like

they're pissed that this person said this, but they're really
pissed because they started on camera, or you know, they're
saying they want to go to this, but it's obviously
just because of filming and so many things where we
can read between the lines and understand the production and
all the behind the scenes stuff. So what I was
wondering is if you think something would be successful if

they kind of tried to fully break it down and
just be like, yeah, I'm going here because we're filming
and just kind of be more upfront about the whole thing,
or if someone says them and be like you know what,
like why would you say that on camera and my
family is watching, or something where it's more transparent, because
I feel like the show has evolved so much over

the years and at this point it's getting like, you know,
it's do you guys know what I mean? I was
just wondering if that would kind of be something with
that would be interesting for you or successful in your eyes.
I think it would be. I don't think it actually would.
I think in our fantasies we think it would be
you know, interesting, but I think it wouldn't be because, um,

it's part of the That's where my tagline is this
this town is a chess game, because it ends up
becoming like that because you know, you have people coming
and thinking, oh, I'm gonna, you know, pull this move,
and you know, I'm sorry. I've been here eleven years.
I know exactly what you're doing. Um, I see through
all that crap. In the beginning, you know, it wasn't
like that, and people were you know, shady and sneaky,

and now we're are savvy and you're right, especially like
a lot of these like big fans and bloggers, they
see through all that stuff. But that's also sort of
the fun of like dissecting it almost And I think
it's only fun to like break the fourth wall once
in a while because it's exciting and we're not used
to seeing it. But it was all the time. I
don't think it would be. And you know, it's that's

why I really appreciate when someone's very genuine, because I mean,
I just see through everything. Plus it creates more drama
because I like it backfired for me. But even last
year with the retreat, the reason in my messaging was like,
you know, if you're not into coming, like don't come.
That was my way of not breaking the fourth wall,

but saying like, don't come and be a pain in
the ass while I'm working. Like that's really how I
felt because I had my all in the treat happening.
But then what ended up happening is that phrasing instead
of people taking it the way I was kind of
trying to portray it was now I'm being offensive, like
I don't care if they're they're all of these different things,

when really it was just like, you know, this is
my work priority. This is like goes above and beyond,
and you know, but it leads to more drama by
not breaking the fourth wall like that, what's all? I
really like this question, by the way, because what's interesting
to me about this question is, you know, there's certain
things like I just talked about this in the beginning

of the podcast, like when Brandy brought that information about Denise,
she said it on camera, and then in my mind,
I'm going, oh, this means we have to address this now,
because obviously, you the savvy fans. No, great, they brought
it up, so it has to be addressed. Now. We
can't just say oh my god and then never talked

about it again because the audience would be like, wait,
what happened with that story? What's going on? But so
then our job as we do. But it's very interesting
when you see, Okay, now, how is this person going
to handle it? Like, you know, really getting heat for
discussing the situation, you know, and she can't say, well, hello,
obviously it was brought up. We have to talk about
this stuff. And then I kind of stithin go I

wonder how she's gonna handle that question? You know. It's
so it's just like it's there's a lot of like
interesting psychology behind all of Yeah, you have to make
justifications that make it feel right for you, and it's
you know, I think it just adds to the dynamic
of the show and if we and it's actually really
frustrating when you film with somebody and they are constantly
like blaming a TV well, we're on a TV show,

Like it immediately kills the conversation because it's it's kind
of an excuse. Oh yeah, we've had one cast member,
would that would be an asshole and the go sorry,
but you know I had to something like that. Yeah,
but that's not how you feel. Don't say it like yeah,
you have to be genuine or yeah. Like if you
feel that way, great, talk about it. But if you don't, like, oh,

so obnoxious, Um, what is your other question? So the
other question is I guess it's more towards Kyle, just
because your kids are older. So I just graduated college
in the city. I'm twenty two, and you've had three
daughters who have done that whole process. Um, so you know,

I'm getting a lot from my parents, my grandparents. People
are just constantly being like, well, what's next, what are
you gonna do? Like what about a job? And this
and that? And it's very It doesn't overwhelm me because
I have a good mentality about it. But I'm the
type of person who, you know, I'm not a rusher.
I don't want to just find something to find something.

I want to breathe a little, enjoy life. Like I'm young,
I'm still in New York City. I don't want to,
like you know, start my life in the workforce and
then be miserable like I want to you know, enjoy
my actual life and not just be defined by whatever
job I'm doing. So I guess, you know, how did
your you as a parent, like handle that with your

kids getting jobs after college? Was it's something like that
you wanted them to rush into or what is like
your I guess outlook on all of that. Well, it's
changed with each of my kids. So with my first daughter,
you know, I had para when I was nineteen years
old and I didn't go to college, so I was
always overcompensating. And you know, she had to go to
the best school and the most difficult school and the

most challenging and um, you know, I was so worried
that you know, she wouldn't go to college. And then
you know she's super smart and she graduated Magnets and
Loudy from she went to n y U, n USC,
and um, you know, she was a brilliant writer, unbelievable writer.
And she first thought she want to be a writer.
And she came to me and so I don't think

I'm gonna make a lot of me as a writer,
and I want to make a lot of money. And
she was very driven. And you know, remember, you know
when my husband and I you know, when she was little,
we didn't have the money and I had it when
I was growing up, and then you know, everyone around
has had it. So she was very driven and we
were very driven to have those things that we wanted.
And then you know, she said I'm gonna I'm gonna
change courses. So um we kind of were like, okay, well,

you know, you gotta get to work though, and she
went straight into real estate because that's what you know,
we were doing. And then with Alexia we were more chill.
Well you know, I was like, okay, well, you know,
let's see what this is for you. And now it's
Sophia were like, if you want to, you know, go
to five years instead of four because she got kind
of ripped off, you know, because of Colvid. She didn't
have a proper so it's kind of changed. But like

my stance now is, you know, it's different if you're
not in a financial position because something, you got to
pay the bills, you know, so you gotta get and
get a job and all that. But you know, um,
I love that I can say, you know, if you
want to stay an extra year thinking about what you
want to do, of course we'd love you to be
in the family business. But if that's not what you're
going to be passionate about it, you're not going to
be successful. So you know, unless you're passionate, you know,

you're just not gonna do well. So it was kind
of a long Answer'm sorry about have a lot of
kids and both such good questions. Thank you so much
for calling. UM, We've got time for one last caller
before we wrap. Thank you so much. Hi. Hi Molly,
Hey y'all, Hi Molly, how are y'all? We're good? How

are you good? UM? My question it is is for Kyle
and I was wondering how your relationship with Pathy Taynes
in this new season of Real Housewives. UM, what was
very funny, you know, filming in with um this sister.
Now you know, as we know, I had one sister
on the show for many years. UM, it was actually

great for our relationship because we were always very close
and then we didn't speak for a long time and
had so many problems in our relation ship that played
out over the show and in the public eye and media,
which made it more challenging and just give us more
step back. So having her on the show and UM
spending time with her like that was fun and a

very good bonding experience for us. And it was also
very funny because she had never even been on a
girl's trip in her life. She's been with her husband
since I'm five years old. They got married when I
was ten years old. She's never ever ever done a
girl's trip until this show. The scenes for next week
so funny with you having to plug in her fan.

She makes me do everything for her everything. I'm forever
the little sister has to do everything for her or
It's so cute though, and they have such a funny
little dynamic, and you do the best in person. Well,
Kyle does the best impersonations regardless, but you do a
pretty great one of Kathy. I would have to say
something funny though. Kathy always thinks that, you know, I

think when you're a little sister, you're always thought up
as the little sister. So I said the F word
one day, film mean, I say to effort. So my
sister gets mad at me for staying to effort and
says to me on camera, why are you swearing and
trying to show off in front of your friends? She said,
just try to show off in front of your friend's
like I'm a twelve fild kid, like they're not showing

off because I just swore I don't care. I said
the effort where I don't care. I'm an adult. You
can't tell me I'm in trouble for that. Oh I
love it. Well, you guys are in for a fun
ride this year. I'm so happy that you called in
and uh, Kyle, thanks for joining me this week. This
is fun. I know, well you'll have to come back,
so I guess it's time for us to wrap. It

went by so fast, dude, this was fun. Did you
do this more often? Do you have any post anxiety yet? All? Right,
right after interviews, it's a media like you get the sweats, like, look,
my neck is all red because when I do a podcast,
I feel like it's just us and I like and
I say things I'm me and honest, and then I
start stressing. Oh god, when someone you're just gonna get
upset or whatever. But that's just my people. Please are

personality same same. Well, thank you guys for tuning in
this week and looking forward to more fun ahead. Make
sure to send in any questions or topics you want
me to go into. Two. Uh Teddy Tea Pod. Thanks
bye bye, thanks for listening. Subscribe to Teddy Tea Pod
on I Heart Radio or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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