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February 13, 2024 58 mins

Monica Garcia is finally telling her side of the story. The good, the bad and the ugly. You don’t want to miss this.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Two Teas in a Pod with Teddy Mellencamp and camera Judge.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
Hi, guys, welcome to another episode of Two Teas and
a Pod with myself, Teddy Mellencamp and Tamra Judge.

Speaker 3 (00:21):
Today we have Oh my god, I don't even know.
I don't even know how to give her intro.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
I mean, if I had a bird book, I'd pull
it up right now, right the only.

Speaker 4 (00:33):
Housewife they got let go and people who first season
housewife that was let go that people are pissed off about.

Speaker 2 (00:45):
We are going to ask her all of those questions
that you feel went missing in past episodes and the reunion.
I think that there is a lot that we need
to dig in further because there were some things that
she said and she said we're quite adamantly.

Speaker 5 (01:07):
Then maybe then we shaw screenshots she didn't appear to
be the truth.

Speaker 3 (01:11):
Yes, we need to get the truth, okay.

Speaker 5 (01:14):
And we're always gotta eye on the truth.

Speaker 3 (01:17):
Yes, yes, yes, yes. How are you doing? How are
you doing? Let's start off with that.

Speaker 6 (01:23):
I'm okay, I'm okay. You know, I'm not good. I'm
not terrible. I'm okay. I'm better at reunion day, yeah
than other days. But I'm just I'm just okay right now? Now?

Speaker 3 (01:40):
Is this okay because of the news that broke of
you not returning, like you're trying to wrap your head
around it or it makes you a little sad or
is there other stuff?

Speaker 6 (01:50):
I am not surprised at all about me not being
asked back.

Speaker 3 (01:56):
That was.

Speaker 6 (02:00):
It. Yeah, I wasn't shocked by that at all. It
still hurts, like it's still like, oh damn, that stings.

Speaker 3 (02:05):
Trust me, we both know, right, it still hurts.

Speaker 6 (02:10):
It stings, and I feel like.

Speaker 3 (02:15):
Well, let me tell you something. There's one thing that
Andy said about you that he did not say publicly
about me and Teddy or me. He said it's a pause.
I mean he told me that privately, but he never
really said it publicly. But he basically said that you
know chance there you're going to be back.

Speaker 5 (02:34):
Well, girl, No, I don't this cast.

Speaker 3 (02:37):
I don't know. I don't know. I think I think
I might need to coach you a little bit.

Speaker 2 (02:41):
I mean, even though we just saw Lisa Barlow's recent
quote on people that said, I feel like this year
might be our best year yet, just based on what
I've seen and heard and how things are going so far.
I actually think it's going to be the most iconic
season ever, adding I don't want to think about the FEDS,
Homeland Secure, NPD showing up anymore. It's not interesting anymore.

We've been there, did that. I'm pretty sure it's done that.
What do you have to say about that? I think
that they just started filming, so for them to already
know it's the most iconic season ever. That's my two cents?

Speaker 5 (03:15):
But what are yours?

Speaker 6 (03:17):
I mean, Lisa stays delusional. That's I mean, she's so
I think they have been filming for literally just a
few days. But also for her to say, you know,
Homeland Security, whatever, was it interesting? Like what else was
going on?

Speaker 3 (03:35):
Then Lisa like, well, it was the best ratings ever
last night.

Speaker 6 (03:39):
That's what people were tuning in to. So that's weird
for her to say it's not interesting because that's what
everyone was watching.

Speaker 2 (03:46):
Well, let's go back in time, So let's we'll start
from the beginning when Salt Lake City originally premiered. Did
you immediately want to find a way to get on
the show or what was like the history.

Speaker 6 (03:58):
Of this, the history of me getting on the show?

Speaker 5 (04:02):
Yeah, but like, did you watch from the beginning.

Speaker 2 (04:04):
Then did you seek after like what they've given us
the illusion of thinking, is that the second that it
started airing, you wanted to get on the show, and
then you got close to Jen because of that reason?

Speaker 5 (04:15):
Is that fact or false? Or and if it is,
there's no judgment.

Speaker 6 (04:19):
Yeah. No, I was friends with Jen before season one aired,
so I actually didn't even know she was on the
show when I met her. They were still not announced
at all. And in fact, I remember the first time
I found out where I was when I found out
she was on the show. We went to dinner in
Park City and she had one of the producers show

up and she was like, Oh, this is so and
so he's a producer on the show I'm on. And
I was like what. And that's how I found out
she was even on the show.

Speaker 2 (04:52):
So yes, when they started Salt Lake, I feel like
we heard rumors about this online, but maybe it wasn't
going to be real High Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Speaker 5 (05:01):
It was going to be another show. Is that true?
Or was it always salt Like? I don't know.

Speaker 6 (05:06):
From what I've heard, everyone said it was a women
in business show.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
I've never heard that.

Speaker 6 (05:12):
Yeah, And that's how it was, Like, I mean, that's
how I was told for multiple people. It was pitched
to people about this is a show about women in business,
and then it ended up being it was actually Real Housewives. Yeah,
I don't know they did that on purpose to Like.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
So you said you met John before the show even
was in production. How long after working with her did
you think that?

Speaker 6 (05:34):
Oh, No, the show was in production. It was kind
of aired or been announced yet.

Speaker 5 (05:38):
Oh how did you meet her in the first place?

Speaker 6 (05:40):
We met on Instagram because I donate swaddle blankets to
like all the hospitals here and I donated to the
you all the time, and Sharif works at the UK
and we just linked up through that connection.

Speaker 2 (05:56):
And then how long, like had you been watching Bravo
shows prior or was this just news once Jen came
on you wanted to watch her and go from there?

Speaker 6 (06:07):
I mean I always watched Bravo. I mean I always
watched Bravo shows. But yeah, I mean Jen wasn't the
reason I started watching Bravo shows. I definitely watched before Jen.

Speaker 2 (06:20):
And then how long was she on the show before
you started working for her? Because knowing her and working
those are two different things.

Speaker 1 (06:27):
I know.

Speaker 6 (06:28):
That's like, so she had an assistant, well, she had
several assistants, but her main assistant he was fired. And
then I started working for her, and like I want
to say, like September okay, and then I was done
working for her in but.

Speaker 3 (06:44):
She didn't pay you. You said she didn't pay you, Okay,
this is okay. I keep playing that because that's confusing.

Speaker 6 (06:50):
This is there's so many rumors about this shit. Like
there's rumors like Jen paid to keep her car from
getting repossessed. That's not the truth. Why I say she
never paid me is because for how much money I
actually put out, I never got that back. So when
she would give me like, oh, here's five hundred dollars,

I'm like, is this to like pay me back for
what I've already paid for? Like I paid for movers,
I paid for furniture movers for her.

Speaker 2 (07:22):
Yes, another one, she paid you a weekly salary, but
she didn't reimburse you.

Speaker 6 (07:26):
No, no, no, no no. I definitely did not get
a weekly salary. There wasn't never like a consistent form
of payment from her. It would be like here's five
hundred dollars, here's another five hundred dollars In total, she
gave me like two thousand dollars.

Speaker 3 (07:43):
So after that was going on, do you start thinking, like,
what's going on with this woman? I need to get
to the bottom of this.

Speaker 6 (07:50):
So after I started actually working for her was when
I was like, Okay, that's when I started to see
things from a different perspective, because as her friend, I
was like, she's good for it. You know, she has
this big house, she works, Scharif work, they have all
these nice things.

Speaker 3 (08:08):
Was her house rented?

Speaker 6 (08:10):
Yeah? I didn't know that at the time that like,
but did you I didn't.

Speaker 2 (08:15):
Sorry, I have to go back because I don't want
us to miss anything. Did you start working for her
during season one or season two?

Speaker 6 (08:22):
They had already I guess filmed season one?

Speaker 5 (08:25):

Speaker 6 (08:26):
I was gone in between that period, so season one
was done. I was gone before season two even started filming.

Speaker 2 (08:34):
Did you ever film any scenes during that first season?
And did you meet Stuart?

Speaker 6 (08:40):
Yes? I met Stuart several times.

Speaker 3 (08:43):
As where is Stuart now?

Speaker 6 (08:45):
Stuart is actually the one that made sure I got
any kind of money was because of Stuart.

Speaker 2 (09:04):
Okay, So while we're still on the topic of working
for gen Sorry, I need to know about the security camera.
Oh god, no, you have to break it down for
me because I, okay, my husband owns a security company,
so I understand how this situation works. But you set
it up for her, correct, So you had the log

and information, but then she never pad.

Speaker 5 (09:28):
Did we all did?

Speaker 6 (09:30):
The past code was one one one one Okay, Okay.
Everybody that was in that house that was assisting, everyone
that was in that house that was around working for
GEN around that time, had access to the cameras, knew
the passcode was one one one one, and yeah.

Speaker 2 (09:47):
But then how did it start that you started watching
her cameras? Because that's what when we were watching the reunion,
that's the part that I was like, Okay, nine times
out of ten, I'm like, listen, I sided with Monica.
I gets at this, But that is one that I
was like, I don't understand it. I need more information
from her.

Speaker 6 (10:06):
Okay, So what do you want to know?

Speaker 2 (10:08):
I want to know when you were logging on to
watch her on the cameras.

Speaker 5 (10:15):
Did she ever know you were doing that or was
that completely on your own?

Speaker 3 (10:19):
She knew and how to.

Speaker 6 (10:20):
Act actually cameras at all times, like she would have me,
like we watch it for deliveries, for packages. We would
watch it for like if the people were in there working,
we would talk to them like no, don't paint this wall, Yes,
paint that wall.

Speaker 3 (10:33):
So there was cameras inside the house and outside of
the house.

Speaker 5 (10:39):
Not in the bedroom though, correct.

Speaker 6 (10:41):
No, it was just like the main or back doors
like the main.

Speaker 2 (10:48):
And after you were not working with her anymore, was
there ever a point in time where you were like,
maybe I should stop watching this ship.

Speaker 6 (10:55):
Yeah, it was.

Speaker 3 (10:57):
Like you're okay, and so you were like bored and
you just would sit and watch or how did that okay?

Speaker 6 (11:03):
So how it originally started was because some of the
big things that happened with her, like assaulting her staff,
were there and we wanted to go back and get
the footage off of the security camera. Oh, that's originally
how it started. Was like, oh my god, I can't
believe this happened. No one's gonna believe this. She just

lost her ship. She threw this ship out of us
Da da da da da. And then we're like, holy
fuck the cameras, let's get it off the footage from
the cameras. That's originally how it started.

Speaker 5 (11:32):
And then how did it end?

Speaker 3 (11:35):
Not well, bitch.

Speaker 5 (11:38):
Look, I'm not going.

Speaker 6 (11:39):
To stay here and justify the situation. That's not.

Speaker 5 (11:42):
No, I don't want justificately not.

Speaker 6 (11:45):
But I will say, like, I hate this narrative that's
being pushed that I'm like this crazy Stalker's why I want.

Speaker 3 (11:55):
We want people to understand that you weren't sitting around
stalking her.

Speaker 6 (12:00):
No, we were all in a situation that we had
never been in before, and we did not know how
to handle and we didn't handle it right at all times.
We were not being paid, we were working like crazy hours.
I'm not saying that's not our fault either. We were
fucking dumb. We should have walked the fuck away right.
Looking back on it, it's like, Okay, you can see
things with a clearer head when you're in it, you're

kind of blinded by all lot of things. Like yeah,
and one of the things we were blinded by was anger, frustration, rage,
like we were acting out of an unhealthy place. Like
that's bottom line. We weren't in a good headspace. We
were being completely mistreated, and we did things we shouldn't

have done.

Speaker 2 (12:42):
Like I'm so similar to like win a boyfriend or
to like cheat on you or something, and we may listen,
I've gone and looked at my husband's phone before.

Speaker 5 (12:52):
Am I proud of it?

Speaker 2 (12:53):
No, But I've gone in and been like, I'm just
gonna peruse the last eight hundred text messages. Yes, it
is an invasion of his privacy hundred percent, but I
did do it.

Speaker 3 (13:03):
For the record, I've never done that. You've never done that,
not with my husband.

Speaker 6 (13:08):

Speaker 3 (13:08):
I mean, you know, when I was younger, I would
drive by ex boyfriend's houses things like.

Speaker 6 (13:13):
That, and that's what we did. We did drive bys,
and you know, we're stalkers. I will say, there's actually
a very serious like discussion here that's not happening. There's
actually real life stalker situations and this was not that right,
and I think it's taking away from the seriousness of

actually what it's like to have a true stalker and
how a lot of those situations.

Speaker 3 (13:38):
Well, at the end of the day, this woman is
now serving time in prison, yeah, because of things that
she did.

Speaker 6 (13:47):
Right, Like I said, I have no problem apologizing or
admitting when I did something.

Speaker 5 (13:51):
It wasn't like.

Speaker 3 (13:52):
You were spying on a woman that is, you know,
having Bible study in her living room, legal stuff.

Speaker 6 (14:00):
Trying to get her acting out, being crazy and saying
god awful things. And that's why we were watching the cameras,
because we were you wanted.

Speaker 2 (14:10):
To expose her for the person that she was to
you guys.

Speaker 6 (14:14):
Yeah, A big chunk of the recordings that are on
Reality Bantie were not even taken from security. They were
taken from audios that like we recorded.

Speaker 5 (14:22):
In her presence.

Speaker 6 (14:24):
In her presence, yeah, because I know, you know, like
Lisa's like, you got this from that and this from
the home Scirity. No, not everything that would we put
out was from home security. It was like she's losing
her shit record.

Speaker 5 (14:38):
You know, why don't you get a snoop dogg on
the jet? Jen told us all that story.

Speaker 6 (14:43):
We were all there, we heard that story from Jen.

Speaker 3 (14:47):
And but but Lisa was the one that said, you
got it off the security cameras, right, is that what
she said?

Speaker 6 (14:53):
She does a lot of shit. So, and they've done
a great job. Let me just tell you, they've done
an incredible job at completely disparaging my name and making
it so no one believes shit I say or that
comes out of my mouth, which was their plan. So
that when I do tell the truth, no one believes
it well, and they've done a great job at that.

Speaker 3 (15:13):
Now, speaking of Lisa, you mentioned that Lisa was running
errands for Jen, which I'm like, what why would Lisa
be running errands for Jen? What specifically did was she
doing for her?

Speaker 6 (15:22):
So she Jen like forgot some stuff for reunion or whatever,
and so Jen was like making Lisa meet up with us,
me to give her all this shit. So she would
come and meet me at the airport. I would meet her.
She's like I almost flight by day and like just
like little thing. When I say errands, it's like that

doesn't necessarily mean we're like working, Like it's something you
would have your friend.

Speaker 3 (15:48):
Do right, like you were just it's more off clothes
or doing this or so basically it's just proving that
they were close and they were tight.

Speaker 6 (15:56):
I mean every single one of those women did errands
or favors or ship for Gen. Fuck. I mean Angie
paid for an entire birthday party for Jen, Like are
we kidding? Like we all why people.

Speaker 3 (16:07):
Were so afraid intimidated about Jen? What was what was
it that she did or how what kind of power
does she have over people?

Speaker 6 (16:16):
I think she just knows a lot of their secrets
that they don't want out. And she's also they've done
stuff together that they don't want out. So I think again,
I think it just boils down to information that they
don't want out.

Speaker 3 (16:34):
Well, you know, you now see who her bestie is
in prison.

Speaker 2 (16:38):
Elizabeth holmesdal Yeah, another wonderful human being.

Speaker 6 (16:45):
No, we all knew when we saw where she requested
to go. We knew why, you know, because yeah, we knew,
you know, Elizabeth had already it was already out that
she was going there, and then miraculously Jen asked to
go there.

Speaker 3 (17:02):
Like We're like, okay, you know, do you see her
husband around town or her kids? Are they still in
Salt Lake City?

Speaker 6 (17:09):
No, I haven't seen or anything from I think.

Speaker 3 (17:13):
If I was in mine, get the hell out of there, moving.

Speaker 6 (17:18):
I honestly thought. But I think he still works for
the U, and.

Speaker 2 (17:21):
I don't know. Oh, that's nice for him, Good for him.
Let's get into the reality, Vontie of it all, because
because I've already seen some things that Brittany alleged, the
alleged new Salt Lake City housewife, has some fan burner accounts.

Speaker 6 (17:43):
You know, I have been look Tamra. I actually am
calling out Tamar because she gave me this advice and
told me to play nice and like, don't do anything.
So I have been very quiet. I haven't done or
said anything. But let me tell you, the amount of
people that have said me voice notes from this brittany
girl of her blaming all these burner accounts on me

is astounding.

Speaker 5 (18:08):
Wait, does she know you?

Speaker 6 (18:10):
No, I've never met her.

Speaker 5 (18:11):
I never met her, never ever seen her around Salt Lake.

Speaker 6 (18:15):
No, I have no idea who she is. I don't
know anything about her. I've never heard of her. But
I literally am listening to both voice notes of her
saying like these, I'm thinking these are all Monica, And
I'm like, what the hell?

Speaker 3 (18:29):
It sounds like projecting because she has been busted opening
up a fake finst Does that what.

Speaker 5 (18:35):
It's called for her boyfriend.

Speaker 3 (18:37):
Boyfriend to make him look like a heart throb or something?
I don't I don't know.

Speaker 6 (18:42):
I from what people are sending me. It's like several accounts,
like of fan accounts I don't know, like fanning her,
fanning the guy. I don't know. All I know is
she's blaming it on me. And I'm like, wow, You're like.

Speaker 2 (18:56):
Okay, but it's funny you guys, when you originally came
up with reality Vantice, it's allegedly around five of you guys,
right or a my wrong? And then once you started it,
were you all in agreement this is to solely focus
on gen.

Speaker 5 (19:15):
Yeah, okay. And then.

Speaker 2 (19:19):
When the cease and desist happened to Vontice, do you
think that Jen told the other women?

Speaker 6 (19:25):
Then I don't remember the timelines of that.

Speaker 3 (19:32):
I don't timelines, yeah, I will say.

Speaker 6 (19:38):
I mean, it's this is hard for me because I
know some of the women knew about the page and
who was behind it for a very long time. So
I don't know if they knew before the season desist,
after the cease and desist, I just know that they know.

Speaker 5 (19:56):
You just know that they knew before Bahamas.

Speaker 3 (19:59):
Oh for sure?

Speaker 6 (19:59):
You Yeah?

Speaker 3 (20:00):
Okay, Monica, there's rumors out there that you auditioned for
season three but didn't get it because of Jen. That's
what's going around online. Is that true?

Speaker 6 (20:08):
Real? Yes? I said that, I said.

Speaker 3 (20:10):
Okay, I mean, there's nothing wrong with it.

Speaker 5 (20:13):
I just didn't know, so I.

Speaker 6 (20:17):
This is what is frustrating is Lisa's like she was
going to dinner with Jen before. Yes, I did, because
production had us meet together and talk and production was there,
don't make it seem anything that it's not. And after
that dinner happened, they had been trying to get me
on season three. That's when we were given like the

green light, Like Jen was like, Okay, let's do this,
you know whatever, And then the reason that it all halted.
So the whole time they were trying to get me on,
Jen was like, I refuse a film with her. I
won't do it. Then when they finally got her to agree,
after we went to dinner with production, Jen and I,
the federal government slapped them with some documents saying, you know,

pretty much stay away from our witness you know. Oh
So then I legally couldn't film with Jen because then
it was like I was testifying against her in this.

Speaker 2 (21:14):
Ye Did she know you were testifying against her when
you had this dinner with production.

Speaker 6 (21:21):
I don't know if she was given a list yet
at that point or not. Once they have like a
list of people that they have to be witnesses, they
have to provide that to like Jenshaw and her team.
So I don't know. I mean they pretty much told
her like, if your client wants to still film with her,
that's on your client. But just know she is a witness.

D D D d D.

Speaker 2 (21:44):
So going to Vauntee, if you were to if you
were to be a guessing person, who do you think
was acting at the Bermuda finale and already knew about this?

Speaker 5 (21:56):
I have my own my.

Speaker 3 (21:58):
Own we have her own suspicion. Well, we've already said it.

Speaker 2 (22:01):
I think, yeah, who if you were to think, like,
who was blindsided by this information?

Speaker 5 (22:06):
Who already knew.

Speaker 6 (22:09):
Blindsided? I think everyone was acting to a certain degree.
But I absolutely think that Heather for sure. I know
for a fact Heather knew before and.

Speaker 5 (22:21):
That phone call was BS. I mean, why why does Heather, in.

Speaker 3 (22:27):
Your opinion, ride hard for Tanisha when Tanisha was a
part of all this?

Speaker 6 (22:34):
I don't know. I mean, I've literally had so many
conspiracy theories on this because I've just been so I
literally don't know why these women hate me so much.
I'll be honest, because if you really look at their
history as a whole, what I've done is like nothing,

like really, Okay, the only person that actually deserves to
be mad at me right now, Angie, it's freaking Gensh. No,
Angie can fuck off too. Genshaw is the only person
that deserves to be mad at me. The only person
that I actually wronged and really caused trouble for was
freaking Genshaw or used to get where I'm at or whatever,

like they're saying, like you used this spitch. You did
nothing for me. If anything, you tried to keep me
from sitting here this entire time. Genshaw. I would have
to say, girl, I'm sorry. I was going to testify
against you. Girl, I'm sorry I started a burner page
about you. Girl, I'm sorry I use you as a
stepping stone. Genshaw is the only one that deserves anything
from me. These other women like I all apologize some

of them for some stuff, but what I did as
a burner page does not warrant them hating me so much.
It makes no sense, especially when they could not stand
gen either.

Speaker 5 (23:49):
Especially when I.

Speaker 2 (23:50):
Saw Lisa Barlow filming season three of Beverly Hills, so
clearly she wanted to be on reality television show too.

Speaker 6 (23:57):
She's been all over Bravo shows in the background.

Speaker 3 (24:00):
Oh my god, I didn't know that.

Speaker 2 (24:01):
Ah, So why at the reunion because okay, these are
my two thoughts. I'm both separate, But at the reunion,
I wish at the beginning you would have just like

come in and take a little bit more accountability and
then just like thrown it all at us and given
us all the information because we love you and we
wanted to like people to move past it. But I
felt like there were certain things that you just wouldn't
give on, And I'm wondering, did you at some point,
like why when you came into the show that were
you so open about the affair and those type of
things but hid the reality vontife of it all.

Speaker 6 (24:46):
Because it wasn't just me. I feel like if it
was just me, I would have gone in and been like, you, guys,
I did this, did da da da da? But I'm
not going to sit there and take responsibility for that
entire page because I was responsible for the entire page,
and I don't feel like that's fair. So when we
started this page, we were like to the grave, you guys,

like nobody rapped anybody out, blah blahlah blah blah blah.

Speaker 3 (25:12):
Well, obviously, Tanisha didn't stick to that, right, Tanisha's the one.

Speaker 6 (25:15):
She went above and beyond. Yeah, she went above and
beyond and she's still going above it and beyond. And
it's actually really sad. It's really sad because I'm like,
do you have nothing else? Like?

Speaker 3 (25:24):
I don't know who now, because the reality Vontize is
still out there right, who's running it now?

Speaker 6 (25:30):
I don't think anyone's been doing anything on that page, so.

Speaker 3 (25:33):
It's just did you remove yourself from it?

Speaker 7 (25:36):

Speaker 6 (25:36):
I actually I tried to hack in a few months ago.
I'm serious it because I didn't have the passwords.

Speaker 3 (25:43):
Oh you don't have the password, Okay, I don't.

Speaker 6 (25:44):
Have the password, and I was like trying all these things.
I couldn't even get in. I don't think anyone's posted
on that page in like years.

Speaker 2 (25:51):
Do you think that Heather played along to con everybody
all season for this storyline so we'd stop talking about
the black Eye?

Speaker 6 (26:01):
I don't know how much it has to do with
the black Eye or not. I think she just didn't
want me there. But if you go back and you
watch the season clock, every time that woman looks at me,
every time she is looking at me, it is like
like she you can see it on her face, like
she just if you it's astounding, it's astounding, and like

she did not want me there from the jump.

Speaker 5 (26:26):
And can you tell us about the casting process, because
during the reunion you said.

Speaker 2 (26:33):
That you sent an email to casting that you wrote,
your show sucks and your ratings are shit and it's
going to get canceled. But then we saw the email
during the reunion and it wasn't like that.

Speaker 5 (26:44):
So what was it? Like, let's get it and it's
okay if you a little fib okay.

Speaker 6 (26:49):
I hate this honestly, you guys. This is the hardest
part of this shit is now no one believes anything
I say and so frustrating. So when they showed those
three little lines that one hundred percent was me. That
was my first ever email, and all I was doing
was asking for more information. There are hundreds of emails

and production and casting and whatever. I actually had to
submit an entire bio. Why do you think you're going
to be good for the show? What would you bring
that's different to this show? Da da da da da da.
That's where I said a lot of the shit I said,
I did not say it in my first ever email like, Hi,
wondering what I need to do to move forward? Like no,
I put it in a bunch this email where I

had to write an entire bio and they didn't show that,
And that's fine.

Speaker 3 (27:37):
You also said that you mentioned the Burner account and
Andy said, no way.

Speaker 6 (27:43):
Okay, So this also needs to be cleared up.

Speaker 5 (27:46):
I love what you say.

Speaker 6 (27:48):
Hold on, No, so casting was not the people I told.
I feel like this needs to be made clear because
I feel like it kind of got shuffled in there reunion.
I told production when they came to my house when
I was auditioning for season three that was not in

And if you hear me, I say when they came
to my house. When production came to my house, that's
when I told them. They asked me about it. They said,
do you know who you know? Vantie's this, who runs that?
Blah blahlah blah blah, And we had a discussion about it.
Fast forward to now I'm on season four. It's not
even the same people. So for production now.

Speaker 2 (28:34):
The production is no Just so to clear up what
you're saying, the production is no longer the same people, Well, they.

Speaker 3 (28:39):
Change the production. They change people all the time. Because
I know this last season some of our production career
went over to Salt Lake City, and even now, you
guys have Sean Laser who's been working on our show
for eighteen years, and we're like, you reach out to
me and goes, sorry, I took a job over, you know,
Like I'm like, what Trader.

Speaker 6 (28:59):
Yeah, I had like four people in my home. Those
four people weren't even on the show at all season four.
So production now that they're like, she never told us,
that's true. I didn't ever tell them. I told the
other people from season three, and it wasn't casting. It
was when they came to my home and we had

like an in home interview.

Speaker 5 (29:22):

Speaker 3 (29:22):
But even so, like casting, it's a third party company.
It's not anything to do with production or with Bravo
or with the network. It is an outside company that
goes out and tries to find talent for the show.
So even if you did say that to them, chances
are they probably would not go back and repeat it,
or they would I mean.

Speaker 6 (29:40):
I never told them, so yeah, she's yeah.

Speaker 2 (29:43):
I think clearing it up that it was, you know,
people in the production but not in casting.

Speaker 5 (29:48):
I think that's well.

Speaker 6 (29:49):
And people that are no longer even in the production anymore,
you know what I mean. By the time I filmed,
they were gone.

Speaker 2 (29:56):
Do you think that when Heather said REI Crow timeline screenshots,
do you think it was written on her hand and
prepared or do you think that was an authentic iconic line.

Speaker 6 (30:10):
I don't think anything about Heather's authentic, But I think
that that entire monologue was months in the making. That's
that's what I think.

Speaker 2 (30:20):
And if you were to pick a woman from the
cat it can't be married because Mary wasn't on the trip.
But if there was one woman in Bermuda that you
would trust the most at this point, like forget what
happened at the reunion, but just in general your time
spent together, who would it be? And then who would
be the person that you said this is? This is
a hard note for me.

Speaker 6 (30:40):
Yeah, I actually I really do care about Whitney and Meredith.
I know that they've you know, said how they feel
and that's fine and whatever, But I have nothing bad
to say about them at all. I think they were
very kind to me. They were very they were very
good to me during filming. I think, Yeah, I think

we all know I'm I'm going with Heather on this.
I think how she teamed up with my best friend
to completely obliterate my life is absolutely disgusting.

Speaker 3 (31:13):
And your best friend being my ex best friend. Yeah,
I didn't know you guys were best friends. I didn't
know that girl.

Speaker 2 (31:23):
Yeah. Hold on, is it true there's a restraining order?
Or is that just Tanisiha making stuff up?

Speaker 6 (31:28):
There is not a restraining order. That is insane. Where
did you hear that? Because I haven't even heard that.

Speaker 5 (31:34):
I have a worldwide web. Oh god, Oh.

Speaker 6 (31:36):
My gosh, there's a lot of things.

Speaker 2 (31:40):
Tanisha filed a police report accusing you of stalking.

Speaker 6 (31:45):
Okay, well that's fine. A restraining order and I'm definitely
not stalking her, and police reports, I mean whatever. I
could call the police right now and make a report
right well.

Speaker 3 (31:59):
There's a lot of things going on in the world
Wide Web, and one of them is a rumor saying
that you Monica have been cast for doing the show
House of Villains.

Speaker 6 (32:12):
I haven't heard that rumor.

Speaker 5 (32:13):
Oh my god, so that's not true.

Speaker 3 (32:16):
I haven't wait.

Speaker 5 (32:16):
I'm happy to see that. Where did you want that?

Speaker 2 (32:20):
We got all excited from the Worldwide Web on the
www I have.

Speaker 6 (32:25):
I have seen everyone promoting me for it, like how
Civilains you have to get Monica Traders, you have to
get Monica, Like I have seen all of that, but
I have not seen that you have to send that
to me.

Speaker 5 (32:35):
Yeah, we would love for that to happen.

Speaker 2 (32:38):
Getting back getting back to Meredith, Yes, I feel like
there was a point at the reunion where you kind
of look at Meredith to back you up.

Speaker 5 (32:49):
When she says things like you.

Speaker 2 (32:50):
Should sue Andree for falling down the stairs, and she's
just kind of like yeah at that point, Like I
wish she would have been like, hey, you know, I
was talking shit, you know, like like people always say
things like I such a tamer all the time, like
we are so lucky nobody's released our text messages to

one another, like right, like to.

Speaker 6 (33:14):
Release my shit of me venting on a random Tuesday
is so fucking unnecessary.

Speaker 3 (33:19):
It is. It is, And I think any you could
do that to anybody in the world. Didn't you had you.

Speaker 6 (33:24):
Guys need to I'm going to answer this, but at
that point in time in my life, I had no
one else. Tanisha was my best friend. We were together
all the time, holidays, every Sunday family dinner. Her kid
always spent the night at my house. My kids were
always at her house, like we were best friends. She

was like my spouse.

Speaker 5 (33:46):
What happened to stop?

Speaker 3 (33:48):
What is her problem?

Speaker 5 (33:49):
That's just gonna say.

Speaker 3 (33:49):
Does she want to be on the show? Does she
want to be famous? Did she tell us that you
were on the show? What went wrong?

Speaker 6 (33:56):
I have no idea, honestly, And she hasn't really answered that.
She's been asked it a lot. The only thing that
I have heard is that she said I was trying
to get her fired, or that I was coming for
her check. I was never trying to get.

Speaker 5 (34:10):
Check from who? Who? Heather?

Speaker 6 (34:13):
Check from Bravo? Yeah, because she did you know? She
worked on set. That's the only thing I've heard. And
she never missed a check. She was never fired, She
never nothing ever happened. So I don't even know why.
I have no idea.

Speaker 2 (34:28):
But did you know things were going south in your
friendship before all of this started happening? So what that's
my question? What was happening inside of your friendship that
like made her lose it? Were you flirting with her
guy or something I saw? Yeah, let's just give it
to us so we don't have to speculate.

Speaker 6 (34:46):
It's so fucking stupid, all right, So wow, during filming,
she okay, we went to the hospital to do like
this feed the family service thing where we got together
with a bunch of people and we fed all the
families that were there with their sick children at primary Children's.

Speaker 5 (35:04):

Speaker 6 (35:05):
While we were there, we met these two guys and
she really hit it off with one of them, and
she kind of wanted to pursue that they had set
up a time to get together and she wanted me
to go with her. I told her, I will go
with you, girl. I will be your wing girl. And
it was one night after filming. I was exhausted. It

was like nine o'clock at night, and I was like,
I cannot go.

Speaker 5 (35:30):
She's like, you promise me, you have to come. Da
da da da da.

Speaker 6 (35:33):
You told me you'd be there. I'm like, oh, fine,
I will rally and I will go. I literally went
in pajamas and flip flops and like my hair and
a clip. Right, I did not care. We went ax, throwing,
bowling whatever. The guy ended up asking me out that
night or like got your phone number? No, yeah, and

he messaged me. We all had each other's number after
the little hospital event thing. Okay, so he messaged me asking,
you know, to pursue whatever. I literally messaged him back
and said, my friend is interested in you. I respect
her and her feelings. I'm not going to do that. Sorry.

Speaker 5 (36:14):
That was it.

Speaker 3 (36:16):
Did Tanisha ever go out with this guy? Or she
just had hot just that.

Speaker 6 (36:21):
One time, just that one time, but she felt I
didn't tell her this. I did not tell her that
he had messaged me asking me out, you.

Speaker 5 (36:29):
Need an yell at her, your dumb, stupid bitch. Yeah, no,
let's talk about your need.

Speaker 6 (36:36):
The text messages with this guy where he even said,
you know, like, I respect that Tenish is just not
my type. I don't see anything with her, but I
see that with you. And I was like, I'm sorry,
it's not gonna happen.

Speaker 3 (36:45):
You don't need to release any more text messages. I
do not do that now.

Speaker 5 (36:50):
Sometime, I know, but sometimes you go a little too low.

Speaker 3 (36:54):
For our tea.

Speaker 5 (36:54):
And Tam knows something about that.

Speaker 3 (36:56):
I know a little something about that too, because I've
done it too.

Speaker 6 (37:00):
We're all we're all guilty of ship. Yes, I feel
like i'm definitely being you know, massacred here for ship.
We've all done.

Speaker 3 (37:09):
Listen, I'm not judging. I'm not judging you. I've been
throwing napkins. I've been calling names for years now.

Speaker 5 (37:16):
But you do go a little bit too low. Talk
about agent age, talking about when name name name them girl?

Speaker 3 (37:24):
When when well, maybe were the looks maybe, Lisa, I
think you said she took like a leather handbag.

Speaker 6 (37:31):
I think.

Speaker 5 (37:34):
Did I just make that up?

Speaker 3 (37:39):
Old leather bitch or something like that? Okay, can we
regret any of those? Would you like to take any
of those back? No, Jesus Monica.

Speaker 5 (37:49):
You don't.

Speaker 2 (37:50):
We're handing it to you on a platter to go.
Maybe I shouldn't go for people's looks.

Speaker 6 (37:54):
I'll apologize for I apologize for the security cameras. I
apologize for age shaming. I mean, am I is she
gonna apologize to me for calling me a Pillsbury dough girl?

Speaker 2 (38:05):

Speaker 6 (38:06):

Speaker 3 (38:07):
Like I got called the michelin man once?

Speaker 2 (38:10):

Speaker 5 (38:10):
Like, no, do you think she's gonna go?

Speaker 3 (38:12):
It doesn't mean you don't. You can't.

Speaker 6 (38:14):
Two wrongs.

Speaker 3 (38:14):
Don't make a ride, they say, ready to hang up
on both of mine?

Speaker 5 (38:20):
All right, you don't have to apologize for it. But look, I.

Speaker 6 (38:24):
When I apologize, I mean it. And that's why on
that reunion stage, I did not apologize. I was not
in a place to apologize to them after getting completely
beat up for thirteen hours, and all they wanted was
an apology. That's bullshit, because there were a few times
where I did start to apologize and they completely shut
me down. And like Andy Cohen said, on that stage,

is there anything Monica could have set And they were
like no, no, and.

Speaker 3 (38:49):
He would like, they've had their mindset on you.

Speaker 6 (38:52):
The on walked onto that stage on my knees kissing
their ass, and it would have had the same results.
It would not have mattered. So you know that. I mean,
there was no need to apologize because I wasn't being
heard anyway.

Speaker 2 (39:08):
I feel like halfway through their season, they're gonna realize, shit,
they need you, you know what, I need this, They
need you. But I have to and then I'm gonna
stop grilling you, and then I'm gonna allow it be
a little bit more fun.

Speaker 5 (39:20):
But I need to clear up some of these questions.

Speaker 2 (39:23):
Okay, why did you say you never went into Meredith store?

Speaker 5 (39:25):
And then they showed a picture of you, and I pulled.

Speaker 6 (39:28):
Up to this scene. Production came up to me and said, okay,
you know you're going to walk in. They're and be like,
oh my god, I've never been here before. This is
so beautiful. I'm like, wow, I have been here before.
I've been here with Jen, And they're like, well, that's
not how we're running it. We're running it like it's
your first time here. I fucking went with that and said,
oh my god, So you.

Speaker 3 (39:46):
Meant first time on camera? Yeah, it was the first
time on camera too.

Speaker 6 (39:51):
I mean no, the first time was on.

Speaker 5 (39:53):
A security camp.

Speaker 6 (39:54):
But is security check that Those are two separate things
that to do with somebody else. I just happened to
be there. And also, nobody stole a damn clutch.

Speaker 5 (40:04):
Oh, I wasn't even going to bring up the stealing
of a clutch. I was gonna let that.

Speaker 6 (40:09):
Because I know that people are tagging it together. No
one stole a clutch, nobody stole shit. But yes, I
was on the security footage or whatever because I was
with Gen and the other.

Speaker 3 (40:19):
Okay, so you're just basically saying this is my first time,
like you're on camera the first time restaurant.

Speaker 2 (40:25):
And they'll say, like, say, how beautiful it is when
you walk in? Yeah, like that's what she did. Yeah, okay.

Speaker 6 (40:32):
I should have just been like, no, I'm not doing that.
I have been here before. I'm going to run it.
How I would you know, I'm just going to be
like I was here before with Jen. I should have
just said that instead of being like, oh my, like
that's my dad, that's my bad.

Speaker 3 (40:44):
Yeah, and that's not even a bad bad. The Burn Book,
where is it?

Speaker 6 (40:49):
It's in my house?

Speaker 5 (40:50):
You send it to us?

Speaker 3 (40:51):
No, I think it needs to be anything needs to
be in the clubhouse.

Speaker 6 (40:55):
I am so mad about that Burn Book. You guys.
It did not get the tension that it deserved, and
it looked like everyone's like that shit flopped. I'm like,
it's so good if we.

Speaker 2 (41:06):
Didn't have been good, but it needed to stay consistent
with one theme you I did not get.

Speaker 6 (41:11):
Do you guys know that every single time I would
start talking, it was like like we were all if
you guys were there, it was so it was a mess.
It felt very chaotic. It was like we didn't even
do you guys notice we didn't even talk about half
the shit that actually happened on the show. We didn't

talk about vagina Gate. We didn't talk about how they're
pushing Whitney in a freakin' bar. We didn't talk about
like so much shit that happened that wasn't even.

Speaker 5 (41:41):
What are you saying?

Speaker 3 (41:42):
Because the entire reunion was about you, Monica say.

Speaker 2 (41:47):
That, Well, this is your moment to validate the burn books,
So tell us what we missed.

Speaker 6 (41:52):
You missed so much stuff because in it was so
many receipts and proof and showing that people had full
knowledge of who was behind this page from the very beginning,
how much they were fans of this page. And so
to spin it like you're disgusting, you're a stalker, you

talked shit on our friend is it's actually really sad,
Like it's really fucking sad because they hated her just
as much as we did. And it's crazy to villainize
me for having feelings that you also have, like you
just a gen gone just as much as we did.

So stop messages in there from people saying I'm going
to throw a celebration party when she's in jail, but
you're do you care to.

Speaker 5 (42:45):
Clarify which person you're talking about?

Speaker 6 (42:47):
No, it was more than one person.

Speaker 3 (42:50):
Can I give you Can I give you props about something?

Speaker 6 (42:54):

Speaker 3 (42:55):
No, this is we were hearing about at the reunion.
Heather lied about the black Eye. I still think it
is a lie. There was an internal investigation that could
be detrimental to someone in production. They could have gotten fired.
You sat there and you didn't say a word. This
was your time to say something, and you just you.

I'm just saying I give you props for that because
I'd like you to say something now.

Speaker 6 (43:25):
Well, thank you, Tamra.

Speaker 3 (43:27):
No, honestly, I mean it showed your character right there.
You're like, yeah, you know, yeah, thank you.

Speaker 6 (43:32):
I am not going to take away any kind of
trauma or how someone responds when they have to deal
with Jen. I know that to be very real and
very true, and unless you experience it, I really don't
even think you understand. And I am not going to

take that away from Heather. I'm also not going to
take away any kind of physical abuse from anybody, because
I have experienced it myself and I would never ever
do that. I I feel like you, like, there's probably
a lot of things in relation to the black Eye
story that don't make sense. But I Am not going

to sit there and take that away from her.

Speaker 3 (44:17):
Do you think Jen gave her the black eye? Is
it a possibility, It's a possibility.

Speaker 6 (44:26):
Sure, it's a possibility. I I will tell you there
wasn't a doubt in my mind that she did it
when this all first surfaced. But after dealing with h
Ever personally and seeing what she's done to me and

the lies that have been told about me, I'm like,
is she lying on gen Jen?

Speaker 3 (44:55):
Well, you know I called it before the black eye
even was an ex boast. I noticed filming dinners when
you guys were on vacation or when she was on
vacation last year, there was a starting of a black eye.
There was red marks, there was a like an early
bruise on her eye. She put sunglasses on, put them on,
take them off, put them on during dinner. I thought

it was really strange.

Speaker 6 (45:17):
I never think that. I never until people started I did.

Speaker 3 (45:24):
And I know also know like when you get hit
in the eye like that, it doesn't turn black that quick.
It just doesn't turn black in a couple of hours.

Speaker 6 (45:32):
I figured, oh, Jen could have done that because Jen
wears these huge, gaudy rings and I'm like, she got
not with one of those rings, Like, but I.

Speaker 3 (45:43):
Think that for it to be that black, it would
have busted open the skin. I would think.

Speaker 6 (45:50):
I didn't even think about that either, to be honest,
I just I feel like you said, she you know,
there was there was a full investigation, there were lawyers involved.
I mean, this was like a big deal.

Speaker 3 (46:05):
This was a big deal.

Speaker 6 (46:06):
She was lying to officers, lawyers, investigators, the network, Andy Cohen, production,
the castmates, you know. And I was just like, girl,
I get it if that's what happened, because do you
think that I dated that. If it is.

Speaker 3 (46:20):
As bad or worse than you having a burner account.

Speaker 6 (46:26):
I personally feel like that is worse fine.

Speaker 2 (46:30):
The fact to blame production, to say that it could
have been production, or it could have been this, or
to even string everybody along and make it a game.

Speaker 6 (46:39):
Well, and then she sit there and laughed like she
was like that was a joke. And I'm like, but
also if I were to say that, like, oh that
was a joke, you know, they would have been like
you're sick, You're sick. You know. So I mean, I
don't I don't get it. I really don't.

Speaker 3 (46:56):
I know this is tough. I'm just trying to wrap
my brain around everything. I mean, she got like good
terms with Heather, but I have a feeling she's gonna
unfollow us really quickly. I don't think she followed me again,
very sensitive. It's not that I'm trying to blame anything
on her. I'm just trying to understand this.

Speaker 6 (47:13):
No, and I'm not either. I mean, even considering everything
I've been through with her, I can still sit here
and say, Okay, you did whatever because I did ship
that I shouldn't have done, wouldn't have done if not
put in a crazy situation, you know.

Speaker 3 (47:29):
So I don't know, let's move on from Heather and
let's move on to your mom. Have you guys talked
at all or you know, it just seems like it's
always forever going to be kind of a struggle between
the two of you. But are you in better terms
or is it somebody You're just it's time to cut ties?

Speaker 6 (47:49):
You know, I'm gonna try. This is actually hard for
me because, yeah, having everyone say that that was fake
has been one of the hardest things because that shit

is so real for me and so much worse in
real life. And you know, I know people are like
they both deserve an Emmy for you know act, It's like,
are you insane? Like this is my life and my
kid's life. Yeah, And that was all so awful, and
to me it felt so normal for so long that

it took me seeing it on fucking television to be like,
I cannot do this anymore. The last time I talked
to my mom, she looked at me and said, you
no longer have a mother and I no longer have
a daughter.

Speaker 3 (48:46):
She was very brutal with her words, like I was shocked.

Speaker 2 (48:51):
Why do you think she's still posting on Twitter acts
or whatever is that for?

Speaker 5 (48:58):
I don't for more attention or to write her name.
I like, do your kids?

Speaker 6 (49:03):
I'll be honest, Even after everything that went down and filming,
I am so like programmed to just forgive her and
move on that I still would have, But after seeing
how she's acted on Twitter too, I'm like, we are done.

Speaker 5 (49:20):
We are Does she try to reach out to you now?

Speaker 6 (49:23):
There is zero communication right now?

Speaker 3 (49:24):
What about your kids? Does she reach out to your kids?

Speaker 6 (49:29):

Speaker 5 (49:29):
Not that I know of.

Speaker 6 (49:30):
I mean I would never ask, you know, I haven't
any And so it's up to her at this point.
But like my other three.

Speaker 3 (49:38):
No, it's sad. I hate to see families like that.
I mean, I've had my own issues as well, but
it's it's tough, it's difficult.

Speaker 2 (49:47):
I don't think at any point that seemed on your
part like you were acting or No.

Speaker 6 (49:54):
I was absolutely devastated at that Easter dinner. I I felt
so alone and my mom was teaming up with the
other women and I just I mean, I exploded, that
was just.

Speaker 3 (50:07):
Getting our camera time.

Speaker 6 (50:09):
Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Speaker 2 (50:12):
Before you guys started filming, had you guys tried to
reconcile your relationship at all?

Speaker 6 (50:18):
You were in a good place, to be honest, And
this is the thing with my relationship with my mom
is it's up down, up, down, up down. When we
started filming, we were in an up and I told production,
because I know the pattern of our relationship, you guys
are probably going to see some stuff like we're probably
going to fight. I had no idea it was it

was going to be what it ended up being, which
ultimately was the complete demise of our relationship or any
future that there is with us. When it's done, I'm done,
Like I'm done.

Speaker 5 (50:52):
Do you think.

Speaker 2 (50:54):
Like when you're looking back at the past season, is
there a part of you that's like, Okay, yeah this
was shitty, this was shit, but like this this was
a positive of doing the show, of this happening, or
I'm glad I did it because of this, like or
do you just kind of like have sad like I mean,
I even know when I got booted, I was like, God,
am I not enough?

Speaker 5 (51:14):
Am I not this?

Speaker 2 (51:15):
You know, like I really beat myself up, like I
wasn't good enough? But I also have like, oh wow,
I made some amazing friends. I had so much fun,
you know, like a wunch places I would never would
have gone, like do you have that?

Speaker 5 (51:27):
On both sides, I had.

Speaker 6 (51:29):
A wonderful experience. Fill me, Okay, this is the thing.
Raba was amazing. Production was great. You guys haven't been incredible. Camera.
You were the first ever housewife to reach out to
me to message mellow me.

Speaker 2 (51:44):

Speaker 6 (51:44):
It makes me emotional because I was alone, you guys.
I was completely alone in this whole journey. But I
had an incredible time up until the very end, and
when it got bad, it was so bad. So yes,
I had wonderful time, wonderful experiences. It was just literally
finale and at that have been absolutely insane.

Speaker 5 (52:08):
Do you still talk to Andy who?

Speaker 6 (52:12):
Andy Cohen?

Speaker 5 (52:13):

Speaker 6 (52:13):
Well I had, I had. I'm like Waity my makeup artist. Yeah,
I talked to him all the time. No, I don't
talk to Andy Cohen, but he was always so great.
He was always so nice.

Speaker 3 (52:28):
How did you actually find out that you were not returning?
Who made that phone call?

Speaker 6 (52:32):
Well? Aside from knowing, yeah, well we talked.

Speaker 3 (52:36):
We talked and you said, I don't think it's looking
good girls, I told you.

Speaker 5 (52:39):
I was like, I.

Speaker 1 (52:41):
Know you.

Speaker 6 (52:43):
I knew because I had been told by multiple people
that the plan was to get me off the show,
and you know, it happened. I knew it was coming.

Speaker 2 (52:51):
So so that being said, I know we're running out
of time, But if you were asked to come back,
would you say yes?

Speaker 6 (53:00):
I think it's ridiculous to sit here and be like, no,
I would not go back, because obviously I would. I
kind of feel like anyone that's like, no, I'm not
going back is lying Yeah. I think. I mean, I
don't think I could go back in this, like I
would have to be friends with someone like I don't

think I could go back in this situation. I mean
I would, We all know I would.

Speaker 3 (53:28):
But would you go on the show and film a
lunch with Mary? Do you think like that could be
your stepping stone back into the show.

Speaker 6 (53:34):
I love Mary, and I know there's so many different
opinions and whatever. I'm Mary, but I can only go
based off how someone treats me. And she has been
so kind to me, And yeah, I would film with Mary.
But I just I know that the women and they
tried to do this at Bravo Kan too.

Speaker 7 (53:53):
I know that they are, you know, united, and I
remember there was some shit to be had because as
Whitney talked with you, I think I was there at
the moment that happened.

Speaker 3 (54:06):
We were in the we were in the like lunch room. Yeah, Whitney,
I don't know if she came over and talked to
you or what was said. I can't remember, but went
Heather was like the boss.

Speaker 6 (54:18):
I saw that and then yep, yeah, and there was
other ship. There was so much shit that happened at
Bravo Cot.

Speaker 3 (54:26):
We cried when she found out. I remember it all.

Speaker 6 (54:29):
I mean, it's a mess, it's a mess, but yeah,
they actually, you know, they mean, this is I don't
know what to do because I didn't even think that
this was possible. I didn't think that you could just
all come together and ice someone out. But I didn't.

Speaker 3 (54:45):
I didn't either, And it's never I don't know that
it's happened on my cast. Like there's a lot of
people I wanted off. I've been accused by so many
people of getting somebody fired or this person. It doesn't
they don't call me and say.

Speaker 5 (54:56):
Hey, Tara, what do you want who would you like fied?

Speaker 3 (55:01):
In fact, if I say I want them fired, the
raise for them to be there, they get a raise. Yeah.
So I just keep my mouth shut on that for
the most part. I mean yeah, But.

Speaker 2 (55:13):
On a positive note, I mean, I think you can
tell by doing we can tell by doing this interview,
like you're being raw, you're sharing your emotions. It's a good,
the bad, and the ugly, just like all of us.
We all have those things like that we regret or
that we're not ashamed of or that we're proud of.
Where do you if you could if you could say,
like this is what I would like next, Like where

does where does that take you? Like if you could
manifest it right now? What do you want for your life?
What do you want for yourself?

Speaker 6 (55:40):
Oh my gosh, that's such a loaded question. I want
love and I want my daughters to see an actual
loving relationship an example of that, because they haven't. I
would love to, obviously go on Traders same I'm manifesting.

Speaker 3 (56:07):
Yeah, manifest together.

Speaker 6 (56:11):
Oh that would be so amazing. Oh my gosh. But yeah,
I mean, I just want to be in place. This
is why I did the show in the first place.
I just want to be able to provide for my
children comfortably where I do not have to rely on
anyone else. And if I want to, you know, take
them somewhere, I can take them somewhere, if you know.

I just I don't want to stress about having to
provide for my girls.

Speaker 3 (56:37):
And do you get I don't know if there's ever
touchdown on but do you get help from their father?
Does he see them? Does he help support them? Are
you just doing it all on your own?

Speaker 6 (56:46):
Okay? I will say Mike is an amazing dad, Like
I have a lot to say about that man, But
when it comes to being a father, he makes sure
they are taken care of and I will never take
that away from him. He he is. I know I
needed something, I could call him and he would be
there for them. That's you know, my oldest that wasn't

the case, and so I'm very grateful for him. He
is a very very stable father.

Speaker 3 (57:15):
Yeah, oh good, that's awesome. That makes me happy.

Speaker 2 (57:18):
Well, we want to manifest good things for you. We
love chatting with you every single time. We appreciate you
being honest and like being in the hot seat and
just taking it and like, yeah we are twats, so
we just keep it going.

Speaker 3 (57:32):
No, I'm great, one's than the other.

Speaker 5 (57:36):
Oh please, I'm just fatting on the podcast. Your twa
all twater all all other.

Speaker 6 (57:44):
Water you sure I'll buy that.

Speaker 3 (57:48):
Thank you for sitting in the twat seat today.

Speaker 5 (57:50):
Thank you, thank you for joining and being in the
twat seat.

Speaker 2 (57:55):
Oh my gosh.

Speaker 5 (57:56):
So we're gonna.

Speaker 3 (57:56):
Manifest a nice guy and a snowflake for you.

Speaker 2 (58:00):
Yeah, and a nice guy, a snowflake and a little
bit of traders. We're a little bit of take it happened.

Speaker 5 (58:07):
Yeah, thanks Monica.

Speaker 3 (58:09):
Thank you Monica so much. Bye bye.
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