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March 27, 2024 34 mins

Nneka joins the Two Ts and is spilling all the tea!

She gives her side of the story with Wendy, what her family thought of her joining the cast of RHOP and how she feels about the shrine drama unfold on TV.

Plus, Nneka opens up about her IUI and IVF journey.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Two Teas in a Pod with Teddy Mellencamp and Camra Judge.

Speaker 2 (00:15):
Hi, guys, welcome to another episode of Two Teas and
a Pod with myself, Teddy Mellencamp and Tambra Judge.

Speaker 3 (00:21):
Today we have a special guest, one of my favorites
now Potomac Potomac Mecca Ehan.

Speaker 4 (00:30):
Welcome, Welcome.

Speaker 2 (00:33):
Before we even get started, you guys, if you are
looking to start dating, you have to go to Hello Africa.
Tell us a little bit about this.

Speaker 4 (00:43):
Well, Hello Africa is focused on community, and you know,
growing up in the Midwest, you know it's hard to
find other Africans and diasspa for like dating, for food,
for events. So I created a platform where other Africans
and diaspora can connect with each other. And also people
who like African culture, music events can also connect people
as well. So it's available in the Apple Store and
also in Google Play.

Speaker 5 (01:04):
And you also have a sparkling wine.

Speaker 4 (01:07):
Yes, it's coming out soon, so everyone should stand by.
It's called bedeaux and in my native language of Ebo,
that means to start or begin, and I named it
that because you know, people can change professions, they can
change ventures at any point in time, and I don't
think it's too late to start a new beginning.

Speaker 3 (01:22):
New beginning. Speaking of new beginnings, is your first season
on Potomac.

Speaker 4 (01:27):

Speaker 3 (01:27):
Overall, how do you feel it went?

Speaker 4 (01:31):
It was madness. You know, I can be real with
you guys, because you guys know it was just absolute madness.
I had no clue what I was getting myself into
with all the fractures in the group and issues that
just predated me and just being thrown in there. It
was chaos. But I still have a really great relationship
with the ladies, and I was able to kind of
build these relationships in spite of the chaos.

Speaker 3 (01:52):
Did you ever think that you and Wendy would not bond?

Speaker 4 (01:56):
Not at all, not at all that way.

Speaker 2 (01:58):
When you give us backstory, we need to take us
way back because to us, it seems like Ashley kind
of started it by saying things that you didn't actually say.
But give us back to like off camera stuff and
what led us to today.

Speaker 4 (02:12):
Yeah. So, when I was still in the casting process,
Wendy's older sister Ivy contacted Lebe who's my cousin in law,
and had some issues about me joining the cast and
allegedly using her name, And there were two phone calls
that took place on April second and April fourth, and
I wasn't.

Speaker 5 (02:29):
Receipts, timeline and all that matters.

Speaker 4 (02:33):
When you're bringing up these things, you need facts. So
I had the receipts and timelines, and I wasn't made
aware of this, you know, in law hoped that they
were just angry and that like it would blow over.
And then on April seventh, which is good Friday, she
received a phone call from their mother and it was
not a pleasant phone call and she freaked out. So
that's when she notified me of what was going on.

And by the seventh I had already finished all the
cast dying and test shoots all that stuff, and on
was on my way past it.

Speaker 3 (03:02):
So Wendy did not want you on the show.

Speaker 4 (03:05):
She was her and her family were really upset that
I was reading the cast. Yes, they did not want me, but.

Speaker 5 (03:09):
Why, Like, what is the reasoning behind this?

Speaker 4 (03:12):
I am still trying to figure it out, so I
just stopped. I stopped. Yeah, it doesn't make sense.

Speaker 5 (03:18):
Like that, That's what I'm trying to understand.

Speaker 2 (03:20):
Like, had you guys ever had any kind of issues
before or is this solely because she wanted to hold
this one spot in Potomac.

Speaker 3 (03:29):
It's not like, I mean, it's not like you like
slept with her man or something like. This is ridiculous.
I couldn't even imagine as many years I've been on
the show that I'd be like trying to stop somebody
from getting cast. But also that you don't know that
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (03:42):
Yeah, and I met her a few times. I met
her at an event. It was a concert, but it's
like the VIP section of concerts, maybe ten to twenty
people max and I didn't just meet her. I was
introduced to her, so it was vetted. It was a
vetted communication, and I thought she was very nice and
she was friendly, and I walked off that conversation thinking
she was a nice person. And then I saw her
again at a birthday party. I was going to the restroom.

She and her husband were walking down the hallway and
I just didn't get good vibes, so I just kind
of went about my business and went to the restroom.
Next time I see her is Ashley's housewarming.

Speaker 5 (04:15):
Okay, so that makes that makes sense.

Speaker 2 (04:16):
And then also sometimes you know in the casting process,
I know for myself, Tama, Tama was so long ago.

Speaker 4 (04:26):
Like I've.

Speaker 3 (04:28):
Pulled me out from under the rock.

Speaker 4 (04:29):
Yeah, I'd be like, we'll take her.

Speaker 5 (04:31):
But for me, they did say like, do you know
what of the women have you met? Who do you know?

Speaker 2 (04:37):
Is that what she meant by using her name? Like
did you say I've met Wendy or what? What did
you say that your relationship was with her?

Speaker 4 (04:45):
Yeah? So I've always been really transparent and everything I've
said on camera. So when asked about the ladies in
the group, I said, I don't know her. I've met
her before and she's nice, but she's really good friends
with my in law. She's a family friend with my
in law. But I don't know her. But I personally
don't know her. And that's the truth. So that's all
I said. No one left the conversation thinking that I

knew her.

Speaker 3 (05:06):

Speaker 5 (05:07):
And now I'm trying to remember when you came on,
who are we? Who are we led to believe?

Speaker 4 (05:14):
Or who are you.

Speaker 5 (05:14):
Brought in the room?

Speaker 3 (05:16):
Is it Ashley Darby?

Speaker 4 (05:18):

Speaker 2 (05:19):
All right, So was production wanting Wendy to be the
one to bring you into the group?

Speaker 4 (05:26):
Do you think you know that would make sense and
some things. You know, the reunion will shed some light
on some things. But again, you guys know, at this point,
when I'm just passing and having conversations, I don't know
what's going on internally, so I don't know what conversations
took place surrounding that. But I think more light will
be shed at the reunion regarding that.

Speaker 3 (05:48):
Since you did know Ashley prior, do you wish she
would have stood up for you a little bit more
of this season.

Speaker 4 (05:56):
A little bit? And I feel like she did didn't
want to get in the middle of it, and that's
why I never told her to begin with, because I
didn't want to put her an uncomfortable situation. And when
I met Robin at Ashley's housewarming, Robin has a very
genuine and honest spirit, Like I knew.

Speaker 3 (06:12):
See, y'all, I love her, Yes, She's very down.

Speaker 4 (06:16):
To earth, yes, And so I instantly felt connected to Robin.
And then also when I first met them, she's over
here talking about all types of stuff going around with
wand and all this stuff. So she was very transparent,
so I knew I could talk to her and she
would give me feedback in terms of how to move
forward with what was going on, because at the housewarming,
I wasn't even sure if I was going to come
out with it. I was planning on just like moving

on and somehow ignoring it. But the level of uncomfortableness
that I felt there, and like the fake niceness, I
was like, Okay, I know I'm gonna have to say something.

Speaker 5 (06:46):
Well, do you think Wendy, because this is what I get.

Speaker 2 (06:49):
And Wendy's one of the only women that I haven't
actually met at Bravo Khan, Like maybe I've met her,
but I've never hung out with her, so I don't
have any basis other than what I'm watching on the show.
It almost seems she gives the air that she's better
than everybody else.

Speaker 6 (07:04):
One thousand percent, And that's my issue, like we're all assholes,
we're all here for a reason, like we're all doing
what we got to do, but like, no, if you're
willing to do a.

Speaker 5 (07:15):
Reality television show, you ain't better than anybody else.

Speaker 3 (07:17):
Well that's why I was getting so angry. When you
would sit down with her and talk, I just felt
like she was looking down at you and she acted
like she was so much better than you.

Speaker 4 (07:27):
You know, what I really went to that sit down
with a genuine heart and open heart to just have
an understanding and move forward, because I'm actually really over
all of it, and I really don't like how the
delivery came across that pickaball. And I've said that on
camera and I said that a million times. I do
wish that I would have been able to support to
the side as I intended. But that goes back to

Ashley right actually made up that thing about the article.

Speaker 3 (07:51):
Well, Ashley was delivering some wrong information, some lying. Yeah,
I should be lying. I don't know how any anyone
at this point. I know how anybody can stay mad
at you, Meca, because your voice is so soothing. I
love hearing it. I always say that it's just so soothing.

I just want to hear her talk.

Speaker 4 (08:15):
I was at the post office last week and so
I came up to me. He's like, I heard your voice.
Are you.

Speaker 3 (08:21):
Totally I've had that happen to me in Target before,
and I'm like, I don't have that.

Speaker 5 (08:25):
But mine is not a complimentary tone.

Speaker 2 (08:27):
It's like, oh, so I know you don't have any
you can't give us any actual facts on this.

Speaker 3 (08:47):
But she's still gonna ask you.

Speaker 2 (08:49):
No, I'm just gonna say, what would your thoughts be
if if this was the truth that we heard a
rumor that Robin won't be returning. And Robin normally always
texts me back and let me check, but I'm pretty
sure I still haven't gotten a response.

Speaker 4 (09:03):
Oh goodness. You know, I genuinely and sincerely love Robin.
She is a phenomenal person and she's a great friend.
You know, when I started this process, she called me
and was like, girl, let me give you the four
to one one on all this stuff. So she really
like educated me on how things work, and she was
just really a good person to me. And when we
started airing, she would text me every weekend are you okay?

Are you prepared? You know, she really just wanted to
make sure I had a smooth transition. I think she's
great TV. I think she's hilarious and she had a
really good season in my opinion, And also I think
she did exceptionally well at the reunion. So I don't
know what's sure or false, but I think she would
be wise to keep her She's great TV.

Speaker 5 (09:40):
What do you think about Laan?

Speaker 4 (09:41):
I like one a lot, and you know, I think
he's a gentleman, and I think he's also super friendly
because our first event as a couple, my husband and
I went to pickleball one obviously, so we're friendly when you.

Speaker 5 (09:51):
Say one and your female is a little tricky.

Speaker 4 (09:53):
Oh now I'm trying to tie in where it doesn't
relate to me. Okay. He saw my husband and I
come to pick a ball, our first couples event, and
he got out the car, went up to my husband,
welcomed him, gave him a hug and a handshake, and
really just welcomed him into the group. And that's a
really big of him.

Speaker 2 (10:10):
Why we are talking about pick a ball? What really
happened with your husband and Eddie? Because that was confusing
to me too.

Speaker 4 (10:19):
Yeah, that's all right, Okay, So this all goes back
to the phone calls that my cousin in law received
right April second, April fourth, and then from the mother
on April seventh.

Speaker 2 (10:30):
So the dates honestly never loved anything more like I
could get off on this.

Speaker 4 (10:35):
So between that time period, the day after the mother
called on the seventh, Eddie unfollowed my husband from Facebook
and they're familiar with each other because they went to
the University of Maryland College Park together. And not only
were they just in a big school together, they were
in like a private African students.

Speaker 5 (10:54):
But how did he How long were then follow him?

Speaker 3 (10:56):
And how long were they How long was he following him?

Speaker 4 (10:59):
For years?

Speaker 3 (10:59):
Like years?

Speaker 4 (11:00):

Speaker 3 (11:00):
Facebook, It wasn't like, hey, I'm on the show, I'm
going to follow you. Then it's like, hey, I'm on
the show. I don't like you.

Speaker 4 (11:06):
No, no, no mean following. I think it's really tricky, and
it's it's hilarious that we even know. It's because while
we were doing this whole casting and you know, production stuff,
my husband was like, oh, you know, we're gonna be
on the same show with Wendy and Eddie. You know
Eddie and I go back to back in the day
to College Park. And he made a joke about it. It
was like back when Facebook was Facebook, back when you

actually have a college like email address to get on.
And I was like, laughed about it, and he sent
me a screenshot and we were laughing. That's how I
knew at the.

Speaker 5 (11:35):
End of that he originally followed him.

Speaker 2 (11:37):
Yes, But also what kind of like power move is
to unfollow somebody from Facebook? I got to be honest,
I haven't logged onto my own Facebook.

Speaker 5 (11:46):
It's one thing on Instagram.

Speaker 2 (11:47):
To unfollow and follow, but like Facebook, like are you
one hundred and eighty two years old?

Speaker 3 (11:51):
I wouldn't even know if somebody else Facebook like, hold on,
let me pull up my MySpace account and see who
my top four are.

Speaker 5 (11:58):
This is insane and.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
Me, you know, I thought it was pretty odd, but
I think it's just an effort to deny association and
all that stuff. But you know, it doesn't matter to
us really because we weren't coming there to use them
for anything, to leverage anything. It was literally just we
wanted you the show to show our lives and meet
new people because I just recently moved to this Potomac

area and I'm a social person. So it wasn't we
were taken back by it.

Speaker 2 (12:26):
We were, Yeah, we saw that Candace is leaving the show.
She publicly announced it, so you're allowed to comment on it.
Were you surprised by this decision? Do you think it
was things that happened from the reunion or do you
think that this is why she was one foot out
one foot in the entire season.

Speaker 4 (12:44):
You know, I was shocked to see her announcement. And
you know, Candice and I are on good terms. We've
maintained a pretty good relationship throughout the season, and we've
talked a little bit more since we wrapped, and we've
become I think a little bit closer. I got a
different version of Candace once the cameras went down, a
good version, right, So we're definitely growing. I think she
has a lot of opportunities coming her way, so I

think she'll be okay. But I was surprised to see
that she decided to go on.

Speaker 3 (13:09):
Yeah, well, she's so talented and she's talked about it
off season, you know, since you guys stopped filming that
she wants to pursue her music career. And I would
imagine pursuing a music career and filming Housewives is pretty difficult.

Speaker 4 (13:23):
It is, it is. And also like her wanting to
become a mother, like that's a whole journey myself.

Speaker 3 (13:28):
Well, who do you think is going to become a mother? First?

Speaker 2 (13:31):
Probably can you jow us a favor and stand up
real quick.

Speaker 4 (13:36):
I'm not pregnant. So I moved on to IVF and
I will say those treatments have been a nightmare. I
never realized how many injections you have to do, how
many hormones you're pumping into your body, how it impacts
you mentally and physically. I've gained so much weight from
all this stuff, and it's just a journey I never
thought I'd ever have to do.

Speaker 3 (13:54):
Is this the same thing Candace is doing IVF?

Speaker 4 (13:56):
Well, Candace already did it. Candace has six embryos just
waiting for her to Incertainly, you got so.

Speaker 2 (14:02):
I had multiple rounds of IVF and Loll's pregnancies and
did all the steroids, did all the medication. So like,
I completely know how difficult it can be, and especially
my guest by knowing your dates, time, all the things
that you know. Is for somebody like us who like
to control things and make sure that everything is a

certain way, and not being able to control this is
so hard. So I want to like give you love
and support. And nothing pissed me off more than people
are like, just relax and when you're ready, it'll happen.
Like it gave me freaking rage, I have another miscarriage
or this would happen.

Speaker 5 (14:42):
But like, truly, now you're scaring her. No, I just
want to tell.

Speaker 4 (14:47):
Her I feel I can understand what she's saying, and
it really hits hard. And people saying it'll happen naturally
is just don't say it because.

Speaker 3 (14:54):
It pisses you all because a lot of times it
doesn't happen naturally.

Speaker 5 (14:58):
But also like it's a okay and it takes it.
It's gonna take time.

Speaker 2 (15:03):
But like I remember my doctor even saying to me,
all right, Teddy, this is the last time we're going
to do this, Like you're gonna take a break after
this and this fear.

Speaker 5 (15:12):
And then finally I just went.

Speaker 2 (15:15):
And like I didn't do with that five thousand tests
and I was, you know, and it was the time
that I got pregnant. So there is something tied to it,
tied to like that nervous energy that I carried.

Speaker 3 (15:25):
But was this with your last one though, Dove is Dove.

Speaker 2 (15:29):
I got pregnant naturally, but Cruise and Slate were IVF
and I Cruise I had probably five miscarriages before I
had him.

Speaker 4 (15:38):
Oh goodness.

Speaker 2 (15:39):
But the next thing that we need to get to
is one of my Instagram posts, which was about being
in the room while you were in woh.

Speaker 5 (15:48):
Husband was whacking off They never gave me that often.
Thank God.

Speaker 3 (15:53):
Maybe Edwin didn't want you in the room.

Speaker 4 (15:55):
No, I would have been better if I wasn't in
the room. But we waitatu, you know what, because he
wanted actually violate the rules. The woman's like no saliva,
no lotion, no this, and I'm glad I was in
a patrol and I'm like, no, no, no, no.

Speaker 3 (16:09):
Did I not hear you say hurry up?

Speaker 5 (16:13):
Did you tell you say hurry up?

Speaker 4 (16:14):

Speaker 5 (16:15):
Yeah, that's me on a daily basis, hurry up?

Speaker 3 (16:17):
Are you done yet?

Speaker 4 (16:20):
I did say, because you know, I feel like people
were waiting for us and the pressure is just like
on tip did we.

Speaker 3 (16:26):
Not see the camera? Guys too chuckling and laughing?

Speaker 2 (16:30):
How many minutes are we in? That's what I needed
to know, because like I needed a time lap because.

Speaker 3 (16:35):
We know it was edited down right.

Speaker 4 (16:37):
I think we were in there for like at least
ten minutes.

Speaker 5 (16:41):
So what did you do? Give a handy?

Speaker 3 (16:43):
Oh god, Teddy, I watched.

Speaker 4 (16:48):
Yes, No, I think it was both us trying to
figure out how to make it work considering we had
no resources.

Speaker 2 (16:52):
Yeah, you can't have look, you can't have loub, you
can't have your Teddies.

Speaker 4 (16:58):
The teenies came out, he came.

Speaker 3 (17:02):
And the pressure of knowing the cameras on the other
side of the door.

Speaker 4 (17:06):
But I wasn't intelligent enough to remember. My mic was on, uh,
you know what, here's the thing. There's gonna be highs
and lows. But I do think that opened an interesting
topic that so many of us have gone through.

Speaker 2 (17:17):
Because I was like, shit, nobody offered to me to
go in there with Edwin. I was like, go get
your shit done and I'll be over here, like and
then I was like, oh, should I have offered?

Speaker 5 (17:27):
Was that a thing?

Speaker 3 (17:28):
Well, you know, Tuddy, the gift that keeps on giving.

Speaker 4 (17:32):
Well it worked out either way. You have your wonderful,
beautiful kids.

Speaker 5 (17:35):
So well, we're here if you need anything at all.

Speaker 3 (17:40):
Oh my god, can we talk about the shrine a
little bit? We heard about it all season long. Can
you just tell us your side of the story. And
have you spoken to Wendy's mom about it?

Speaker 4 (17:53):
You know, I've never had a relationship with her mother,
so I don't know that there would be any dialogue.
You know, I do feel bad that you had to
deal with that, because you know, I did see the
feedback that people are upset that they have to watch
this thing on TV. And it's just.

Speaker 3 (18:07):
You know, at least it wasn't about esophagus like in
Beverly Hills, So we're good.

Speaker 5 (18:11):
Hold on, who said who did crack? Remember that happened?

Speaker 4 (18:15):
I was told that I do crack, which I do not.
I can stay proudly.

Speaker 3 (18:19):
Yeah, that's a very serious statement.

Speaker 5 (18:22):
Of all the things. How did you even respond to that?
Like you were just like, well.

Speaker 4 (18:27):
It's just I don't I don't get give a reaction
to lies. And to me, that was just such a
blatant lie in a reach that I just that's all
you can come up with. And like, I actually am
a license attorney. I have a licensed in three jurisdictions.
So to make that type of allegation, it's more than
an allegation, it's the defamatory statement so severe that the
court calls the defamation per se, meaning that if you

made that statement, I don't have to even prove damage.
Oh I know what that means, you know, right, So
to maliciously just say that was just a lot, and
I didn't I didn't have a response. It was just
very incorrect.

Speaker 5 (19:04):
Yeah, yeah, that makes sense.

Speaker 2 (19:07):
Wow, when it comes to Levy given the chance to
show any receipts she may have had on camera, was

able to Yeah, was she able to? Where do we
stand with this? What's the update?

Speaker 4 (19:33):
What type of receipts? So, I mean, there are some
receipts that can't be utilized for various reasons. But I
mean she has the phone records. The mother did state
that she made a phone call to her right then
she said that she wanted to communicate that it's easier
to make an enemy than a friend. Yeah, So I

mean we have an admission there. But in terms of
like the topic of the shrine and like, I never
intended to be a thing. It was more so just
like me letting everyone know what happened and just kind
of went haywire. And I understand why people found it
to be a sensitive topic. And I found it to
be very sensitive and scary as well, you know, So
I sympathize with viewers who are upset that that topic

was shown and I was upset to live through it.
So I mean I get it.

Speaker 2 (20:22):
And I know that you have your sash and crown
still from your Miss Potomac, But what are your thoughts
now in regards to Karen's I know this is post reunion,
so you can talk about it, But this DUI situation
with Karen, like I really it's a non negotiable for me, Like,
I just can't understand it. Where do you stand with

Karen now that she's gotten this DUI?

Speaker 4 (20:47):
Yeah, you know, at first when the news came out,
it just was that she was in this horrible accident, right,
So I did reach out to her and you know,
let her know them thinking about her and hope she's okay.
And you know, she acknowledged my communication. And I like Karen.
She and I have had a really good relationship. We
go back and forth, and even the sash and kron
was all fun and games. You know, she didn't take
it seriously. Neither did I. I think the aspect of

the dui is unfortunate. And I know Karen. You know,
even though I've only known her for a short period
of time, she loves her mother, and I know that
has been incredibly hard for her to get over. And
just to hear that her mother and Mother's Day coming
up had that much emotional power over her. I just
I feel bad for her. I'm praying for her, and

I hope that she resolves that and gets whatever assistance
and help that she needs, and I'm here to support her.

Speaker 5 (21:37):
I have a question for you, Mekka.

Speaker 2 (21:39):
If you're going through something and you knew you were
going to go hang out with friends or emotional things
were going to happen, would you have driven your car there?

Speaker 4 (21:50):
Probably not. I just have a driver or an uber,
you know. But she already was in an odd mental state,
So I'm just going to give her the benefit of
the doubt that she just wasn't thinking right, because sometimes
we do have a lapse in judgment. But you know,
I would have a driver or a car, or I
would just have someone come pick me up if I
couldn't drive figured out.

Speaker 2 (22:09):
But the problem I have is that she took no
accountability after it happened, Like, yeah, terrible things happen, we
make mistakes, but then after they happen, you have to say, listen,
I was emotional, I was stressed, I was sad, I
did the wrong thing.

Speaker 5 (22:24):
I'm so sorry, But she didn't do that.

Speaker 2 (22:27):
You know, as a viewer, it's very hard for me
to empathize with the person that can't take any accountability.

Speaker 4 (22:32):
Yeah, and she's the queen of making everyone take accountability.
So I do look forward to hear what she has
to say. I definitely don't think the statement she released
is it. She is going to have to let us
know what happened and what she's doing to remedy that,
and I believe she will. Otherwise she's just a hypocrite,
and I don't believe her to be that.

Speaker 3 (22:52):
I have a hard time when people say it's unfortunate
that this happened to you, Well, no, you got drunk
and got in a car and smashed into a tree
or whatever. She's mashed into or house or whatever. Yes,
she did the same thing and.

Speaker 5 (23:08):
Didn't take accountability for it. This is the problem.

Speaker 2 (23:11):
I had to sign a contract when I was seventeen
years old and I moved to California. Granted, the contract
was you're a lawyer, so you know it meant nothing.
But I signed it to your dad and my mom
and myself, and it was, if you ever get a DUI,
you will have to live in Indiana for the rest
of your life.

Speaker 4 (23:28):
I'm a girl, so Indian is not that bad.

Speaker 5 (23:31):
Indiana for me was that sport.

Speaker 3 (23:38):
Hell out of the nine.

Speaker 5 (23:39):
And then I swear to you on my life. I
have not driven and drank.

Speaker 3 (23:45):
You don't drive the period.

Speaker 2 (23:47):
I don't drive a ton, but like, I especially like,
but I will never not even one drink.

Speaker 5 (23:52):
Like, there's no for me, there's nothing.

Speaker 4 (23:55):
I am looking forward to Karen's next couple of statements
in her her because she is going to have to
take responsibility or explain so we can at least understand
a bit more as to.

Speaker 3 (24:06):
How that as an attorney, how does this affect her
getting too?

Speaker 4 (24:11):
Do you? Guys? You know I don't work in that
air of law. I'm an I.

Speaker 5 (24:17):
So I was like, lucky.

Speaker 4 (24:19):
I know people think that lawyers. If you're a lawyer,
you know everything everything.

Speaker 5 (24:23):
Yeah, I know.

Speaker 4 (24:24):
It's kind of like being a doctor, right, if you're
a nose doctor, you're probably not going to figure out
somebody's esophagus, right, or whatever the case may be.

Speaker 5 (24:31):
Oh, we love it, we love it. Brought up esophagus,
I know.

Speaker 4 (24:35):
Unfortunately that's the first thing I thought of.

Speaker 5 (24:37):
So, oh my gosh, Well I have a question.

Speaker 2 (24:42):
So if Robin's not going to be back, Candice isn't
going to be back, We're just guessing who do you
find your closest relationships with?

Speaker 5 (24:52):
And Ashley's rumored as well.

Speaker 4 (24:54):
So oh wow. Well, I'm very close with Ashley. You know,
she did screw me over with what she did, and
definitely I think had she not done that, Wendy wouldn't
have made the comments she made it pick a ball,
which triggered me to react how I reacted. But I
am close with Ashley. Nonetheless, I'm close with Giselle. I'm
very close with Mia as well, and Karen and I

are cool. I'm like, I'm pretty much cool with everybody.
Have you met it.

Speaker 3 (25:20):
Gets your opinion on.

Speaker 5 (25:24):
I need to have she met inc first.

Speaker 4 (25:26):
No, I haven't met a. I was supposed to. We're
all at dinner and Ink came and picked her up,
and he was going to come in and say hello
to us, but she wouldn't let him come in. So
I think we're gonna have to meet him later on.

Speaker 3 (25:36):
Now, was it known on the cast that she had
an open relationship with Gordon?

Speaker 4 (25:41):
No, it wasn't Loneman. I suspected it, I believe. Was
Karen right, Yeah, she was saying that she had a rapper.
I do know that she. Mia did discuss with us
that Gordon had once proposed that they would have an
arrangement if he was unable to satisfy her or something
of that nature, but not that they had one in place.

Speaker 2 (26:00):
Yes, But do you think that Gordon was stepping out
too and that's what he was doing at the strip
clubs and stuff, or do you think this was a
sole mission by me?

Speaker 5 (26:08):
I don't know. I just I've always gotten the egg
by Gordon. I can't help it.

Speaker 4 (26:13):
He's a very smart I like Gordon.

Speaker 3 (26:15):
I actually felt really bad for him.

Speaker 4 (26:17):
Yeah, he's a great episode. I just felt very smart,
business savvy, and he loves me.

Speaker 3 (26:23):
Do you think he loved I think he really loves her.

Speaker 4 (26:26):
I'm sure he loves her to this day.

Speaker 3 (26:28):
Yeah, I feel really nice.

Speaker 2 (26:30):
I don't know why I'm still holding onto that one
episode that was like two seasons ago where he like
got hammered and was like out of control.

Speaker 5 (26:38):
Has has doing house It's been hard on your marriage
at all?

Speaker 4 (26:42):
Not really. I think, you know, being a young marriage,
we already have a lot of things that we're trying
to work out and learn about each other. I think
that it just helped me see some things that I
need to be more mindful of. Yeah, so I think
it's probably even helped us.

Speaker 3 (26:56):
Okay, so were you surprised that you were exclude from
the magazine the Monarch magaz.

Speaker 5 (27:02):
Oh yeah, good.

Speaker 3 (27:03):
And do you think that this was a Mia situation
or the owner of the magazine excluding you?

Speaker 4 (27:10):
Well, Mia did explain to me. She sat down the
same day that she told me that I wasn't going
to be a part of it, and she explained that,
you know, the magazine only was more familiar with them
because they were already on the show, and that they
didn't know enough about me to really assign me an icon.
So I'm gonna just take her word for it. You know,
Mia was really hurt by it, and she you know,
expressed her dissatisfaction with them as well, that she thought

that it should be inclusive of everyone.

Speaker 5 (27:35):
But I agree, I I believe me in this point.

Speaker 3 (27:37):
Well, well, let's just say you were on the magazine.
Who would your icon be?

Speaker 4 (27:42):
I thank Whitney Houston.

Speaker 3 (27:44):
Oh yeah, yeah, I love it.

Speaker 5 (27:45):
Can you give us a couple a couple of bars?

Speaker 4 (27:48):
I can't sing, I just all of our screens if
I do that.

Speaker 3 (27:54):
Okay, Petty thinks she can sing, Well, I absolutely don't.

Speaker 5 (27:58):
I only hit her.

Speaker 3 (28:05):
You just singing a Whitney Houston song earlier.

Speaker 2 (28:10):
Final question, because we know we gotta go you. You
moved to La and then you started watching Real Housewives
of Beverly Hills. We need to know as you close out,
who is your favorite from Beverly Hills? If you could
bring one person back? You cannot say me. I know
it's really on your heart.

Speaker 4 (28:26):
Who is To be honest, I actually really did like you.
I don't know what happened. You were hilarious, you were
very authentic. I'm really into genuine people, which is why
I mentioned Robin earlier and whatnot. I thought you really
brought your true self and I also liked your relationship
with Kyle.

Speaker 5 (28:45):
Thank you.

Speaker 2 (28:46):
But now we have to get back to the other
part of the answer, which is who's our favorite?

Speaker 4 (28:50):
Okay, my favorite? I don't know if I have a favorite.
I liked Renna a little bit. I thought, you know,
she stirred up and I love Rena. Yeah, she's up
a lot of drama, so she was good. Eileen was fun.

Speaker 5 (29:05):
Eileen is when we're to be coming back.

Speaker 4 (29:07):
Well, let's get some more Eileen in our lives. Yeah?

Speaker 3 (29:09):
Did do you watch all of the franchises?

Speaker 4 (29:12):
No? Not really I started off and this is so embarrassing.
I was in college, and you know, I was in
University of Michigan, so it's winter.

Speaker 5 (29:19):
How old are you?

Speaker 4 (29:20):
I'm thirty six, young and young and right young. And
that's where I'm just like going to get these babies out.
My eggs are just aging as I'm sitting here.

Speaker 5 (29:30):
You're not even a jerry I get pregnancy. At this point, You're.

Speaker 3 (29:34):
Yes, I'll dare them, dare them.

Speaker 4 (29:39):
No. But I was going to say that I actually
started watching the show by watching Orange County because that
was the only one out at that time, so Orange County,
and then I saw a little bit of Atlanta, and
then when I went to LA my friends are like, oh,
you got to see Beverly Hills out, and then I
just would see things like that. But Orange County was
really my love of housewives.

Speaker 5 (29:58):
Oh wow, good, he'll bring you on recap camera.

Speaker 3 (30:01):
Yes, when the show airs did was there ever any
part of you that wanted to be on Beverly Hills
when you lived in LA.

Speaker 4 (30:07):
I don't know that I ever wanted to be on
any of the housewives. I just watched it, like when
I was in college, and I just moved off my life.
I never thought I would be on, never expected to
be on. But then you know, when I got married
and moved and the opportunity came, I was like, well
why not. I have a dope ass life and I
have great people around me, So why not.

Speaker 3 (30:23):
I have a dope ass life, and I drink champagne
with my cheerios.

Speaker 5 (30:27):
I drink champagne with my premade of vitamins.

Speaker 3 (30:31):
I have something to talk about.

Speaker 5 (30:34):
In the end.

Speaker 2 (30:35):
Closing, if you were to say who you are closest
with on Potomac like that you would want to hang
out with or go on a trip with off camera,
who would it be?

Speaker 4 (30:47):
That's really really hard because like I said, I'm actually
really close with all the ones that you regularly see
me with, So I would probably say either. I was
actually supposed to go on vacation with Ashley, just for
the weekends of the winery to the vineyard, and I
couldn't go because I had now. So I do do
a lot of stuff with Ashley. I spend a lot
of time with Sharis. I do see Robin and Gazelle
and call them often, and me I could be giving

of them honestly, probably Sharise.

Speaker 5 (31:09):
Do you think Jacqueline's going to be back? Because I
did like Jacqueline.

Speaker 4 (31:12):
I like Jacqueline too. I do like Jaqueline. Is she
gonna be back? I don't know.

Speaker 3 (31:17):
Do you think do you think Debra is going to
be back?

Speaker 4 (31:22):

Speaker 5 (31:24):
Oh never.

Speaker 3 (31:26):
She will never be on that show ever again.

Speaker 4 (31:28):
I was really sad to see and it really hurt
my heart to watch that on our platform yesterday. And
I'm glad that everyone's okay. And I think violence is
never the answer, and I think people that'd be very
cautious when throwing hands, throwing drinks, throwing things that you
just never know how bottles.

Speaker 5 (31:44):
Yeah, how did Kierna handle it in the moment?

Speaker 4 (31:51):
I think she It was all a blur for me.
I was literally in the midst of the fight, but
instantly it was just like drink toss, push to the face,
drink glass thrown to Kiarena space and then she just fight.
It was just they just scrubbled onto the couch, then
to the floor and then there was blood and then
she was whisked the way to the restroom and then into.

Speaker 5 (32:12):
What color dress did you have on? Because I watched
the Tamzy video.

Speaker 4 (32:15):
Yeah, I had a green dress, so I was to
the right. Not meant no.

Speaker 3 (32:19):
Meant she wasn't throwing down.

Speaker 4 (32:22):
No, I'm trying to I don't fight. Yeah, it was
a dark green dress. I was to the right of
Deborah and right between Deborah and Okay here now yeah.

Speaker 3 (32:34):
Yeah, Who do you think gave the iPhone footage to Tamsey?

Speaker 4 (32:39):
Oh? I don't know, because there was a lot of
people there, to be honest, there was a lot of
people there. We had already wrapped, production was done, and
that's why Robin and Gazelle were gone because you know,
Jesseelle had a family emergency that she'd get back home.
Robin was wrapped and you know, going home herself. We
were on our way out. So I don't know. But
there was a lot of people there. I could have
been anyone.

Speaker 3 (32:59):
Why do you think she started the fight off camera?

Speaker 4 (33:04):
You know, I didn't even hear the comments that Candice
allegedly made to her, so I didn't know anything was
actually going on until I saw the conference.

Speaker 5 (33:11):
Canada started it.

Speaker 3 (33:12):
Do you think Canada started? Yeah, I didn't hear anything
from can be a little sharp with her tongue at times.

Speaker 4 (33:18):
She can, but it's a difficult slippery slope because she
does have the right to speak and say what she
wants to say. But some people obviously don't handle that
very well.

Speaker 3 (33:28):
Not today, Sesame Street, Not today today.

Speaker 2 (33:32):
I'd appreciate that they use that as their ad on Bravo,
so thank you so much.

Speaker 3 (33:38):
I thought it was pretty funny.

Speaker 4 (33:40):
I think it's crazy that that name was actually taken flight, you.

Speaker 3 (33:43):
Know, and they showed a commercial. They showed a commercial
Sesame Street Bravo after the episode, or died after the episode.

Speaker 5 (33:52):
Oh goodness, wow, Well, we have loved having you on.

Speaker 2 (33:57):
Anything you need from the twats, please let us know. Yes,
feel free to invite us to Potomac whenever. We'll just
wait and we'll wait for our bedo.

Speaker 4 (34:06):
Yes, yes, I will invite you guys and have bottles
waiting for you all. And thanks for having me, and
thanks for your support this season. You know, you guys'
ability to see the truth has been quite remarkable.

Speaker 5 (34:16):
Well, we'll try not to put a hex out on
you before.

Speaker 3 (34:21):
Thank you Meacha, Thank you so much, have a good week.

Speaker 4 (34:25):
Thanks you too. Bye bye.
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