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April 17, 2024 15 mins

We’re recapping the end of the RHOP reunion.

Mia and Gordon put the “real” in Real Housewives with their honest and raw conversations.  

Plus, is Ashley lying about her divorce just to stay on the show?

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Two Teas and a Pod with Teddy Mellencamp and Camrad Judge.

Speaker 2 (00:15):
Hi, guys, welcome to another episode of Two Teas and
a Pod with myself, Teddy Mellencamp and Tamra Judge. We
have Real Housewives Potomac Reunion Part three recap coming in.

Speaker 3 (00:29):
What did you feel about the overall reunion about being
in three parts? I actually was gone out of town
for part two, so I have not seen it. Do
you think it was necessary to have three parts?

Speaker 4 (00:43):
Well, at the beginning, I was captivated.

Speaker 3 (00:46):
I yeah, the beginning really brought me in because Gordon
with his bloodshot, crying eyes and telling us about his
bipolar diagnosis, it was sad.

Speaker 4 (00:59):
It was really Yeah.

Speaker 2 (01:01):
I mean I think Gordon and Mia are putting the
real and real housewives in this reunion. It was brave
and commendable for Gordon to open up. And I also
thought you could really see the respect Andy has for MEA.

Speaker 3 (01:15):
Yeah, Well, it's not often that you see a couple
get divorced, especially in housewife universe, and just be so
good with each other.

Speaker 5 (01:23):
Yeah, especially when one has already moved on.

Speaker 2 (01:26):
Yeah, but I think they probably, you know, by what
we've seen, she probably has been moved on for quite
some time. Yeah, and really just has empathy for him.
But you had to also remember that Candace said Bravo
told her to pull it back and not be so
vitriolic this reunion. And then at the end of this

reunion you see her look off stage and she says, oh,
you want me to be friends with this about Giselle.

Speaker 4 (01:59):
I think that was very ten.

Speaker 5 (02:02):
Yeah, I mean, hey, I'm not gonna say I've never
gotten the Hey, you need to pull it back.

Speaker 2 (02:08):
Yeah, true, true, But yeah, the beginning I thought was
super interesting and also good for people to see and hear,
because not only if you're struggling with bipolar yourself or
if your significant other is, you have been made aware.

But the part that was so shocking to me was
he was diagnosed two and a half years.

Speaker 5 (02:33):
Ago and I never talked about it, and he just.

Speaker 4 (02:36):
Said it's gotten worse over the years.

Speaker 2 (02:39):
And then I also didn't realize he's still a part
owner of the business.

Speaker 4 (02:45):
He just can't run it any Yeah.

Speaker 5 (02:46):
I me too.

Speaker 3 (02:47):
Do you think that that's why his family to control
the business because he's not fit mentally?

Speaker 5 (02:53):
I think some decisions.

Speaker 2 (02:55):
I think that's what he was implying, because he the
way he spoke about the business was very different than
he's spoken about it before before. It seemed like he
was wronged and he was upset and he was going
to come for his family. And remember, we couldn't really
understand why Mia was like telling him, no, do not
come for the family, like, which didn't really make sense.

Speaker 4 (03:15):
Now it does, it does?

Speaker 5 (03:17):
It does?

Speaker 4 (03:17):

Speaker 3 (03:18):
He did say that he's in a better place with
his family, which was good.

Speaker 5 (03:23):
Yeah, that's good.

Speaker 2 (03:24):
And Mia said she would continue to be taking care
of him and do everything that she could, like that
they were always going to be you know, is.

Speaker 3 (03:34):
This something that he said he's always had but he
was never diagnosed.

Speaker 2 (03:38):
Yeah, I mean I think I think there's still more
to this story we probably need to hear. I mean,
he said yes, but also he didn't really answer the
medication question, and he and you saw when he didn't
answer that mea kind of looked down. And you know,
I can't speculate on anybody's mental health, but is somebody

who struggles with like severe anxiety and OCD and medication
of it all, I think that is a piece of
the puzzle. And also same with therapy and it takes work.
But some people need to be stabilized with medication, and
you know, some don't. But I think it's I think

it's a really good conversation that needs to be had
because a lot of people struggle with bipolar.

Speaker 4 (04:25):

Speaker 5 (04:25):
I wonder if he will be on next season.

Speaker 4 (04:28):
I think so. I feel like the fact that he's
moving in across the street.

Speaker 5 (04:32):
He's going to be the new Frank. Yeah, the new Frank,
the new Frank and Dolores.

Speaker 2 (04:37):
But then his pod but then as mister Yeah, and
then is mister Ink going to be on as well?

Speaker 3 (04:44):
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say yeah,
I think he's gonna film.

Speaker 2 (04:51):
Then Andy brings up the shrine. He explains that production
was not aware of the alleged shrine prior to filming.
Casting wanted Neka to come on the show through Wendy
because they thought they had mutual friends. Andy asks Wendy
what she needs from not going to move on. Wendy
agrees to coexist, which is not really agreeing.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
That's not yeah, that's not agree and that's just saying
we'll be cordial.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
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Speaker 3 (06:13):
I mean, I really thought that Meca had a good
first season based on what she had to work with. Yeah,
I don't think she needs to go. I don't want
to see her go. And obviously Bravo has wanted Neka
for a while because she mentioned Married to Medicine wanting her.
I think and I hope that she does pivot to
that show because I think maybe that might be a
better fit for her.

Speaker 4 (06:34):

Speaker 2 (06:34):
Also, I think Andy made a really good point when
he said sometimes like Andy almost kind of broke the
fourth wall. He's like, sometimes in casting, yeah, as long
as you know or you've met someone, or you're a
friend of a friend, yeah, that's the But like, well
that's how Jen got brought on. I hadn't talked her
in a while, but she was She was a friend
of mine back then that filmed.

Speaker 3 (06:56):
And had tried it out before. So they're like, oh,
she's Tamma's friend. Yeah, so talk to her in a while.

Speaker 2 (07:02):
But Wendy kind of just had that like dismissive look
of Mekka, like that she didn't even remember her. At
this event where they met, there was only ten people.
Then we get to Ashley and the divorce conversation. Andy
brings up the speculation that Ashley's divorce is not real
and made up for the show, and she will stay
married to Michael.

Speaker 5 (07:26):
She's not being completely honest.

Speaker 3 (07:28):
I don't feel about her relationship with Michael.

Speaker 5 (07:32):
Do you think they should have kept Robin, said Ashley.

Speaker 2 (07:36):
I mean, I I don't actually have a problem with
either of them.

Speaker 4 (07:42):
Do I think that this was Ashley's best season? No?

Speaker 2 (07:47):
No, I think Ashley at least admitting at the reunion
that she and Michael are back to a toxic place,
that she has filed a complaint to really initiate the
divorce is really telling. Maybe that's why she was kind
of taking a back seat this season. She was trying
to keep things okay with Michael. Andy asked if there's
anything she puts on the shared credit card, and she

says no to t yeah. Wendy asked if she put
her boobs on the AMX, and Ashley says yes. Ashley
admits to massaging Michael's feet every night, which the entire cast,
including anyone watching I assumed, fell out of their seats.
Then she clarifies that she said massage with a d

past tense.

Speaker 5 (08:34):
I don't want to massage anybody's feet.

Speaker 2 (08:37):
Do you do you think that she filed a complaint
and is dating someone and was trying to secure another season,
or do you think she really is going to divorce him.

Speaker 3 (08:49):
I don't know, because you know it's all talk, no action,
and she talks about him different all the time.

Speaker 5 (08:57):
Yes, we're good. Oh, I see him every day. No,
he's moved on.

Speaker 3 (09:02):
I don't see her really moving on. I would like
to see her dating and doing other things and other
than tiktoks, other than tiktoks and divorce him. But also,
do you think it's a money thing, like she's he's
keeping her and she doesn't want to lose that money.

Speaker 2 (09:20):
I think yeah, I think she's like, as long as
it's not in a toxic place, she's happy to stay
married because it makes life easier all around. But the
question I have is, like Ashley made of butter, Like
she is able to slide out of any real accountability
or culpability of any mess she is in.

Speaker 4 (09:38):
How does she because she's.

Speaker 5 (09:38):
So damn cute and she just smiles and laughs, and
she's really smart. She really is. She's intelligent, and she
knows when not to speak.

Speaker 4 (09:46):

Speaker 2 (09:47):
When she made the mess of the everything that happened
between Wendy Cane Neka, oh yes, yeah, between Wendy and
Necka are even that she she just pulls back and
she's like, no, I can't. I didn't realize the magnitude.
I made a mistake, like she she at that point,
she knows when to pull back.

Speaker 5 (10:10):
But even when she's giving shaite, she does it with
a smile.

Speaker 2 (10:13):
Do we think that Keiana is going to be back
this season? Because I was a little bit shocked she
was at the reunion.

Speaker 5 (10:20):
Uh, yeah, I think probably.

Speaker 4 (10:23):
I like her, Yeah, I do like her.

Speaker 3 (10:27):
I think that she might play a bigger role next season.
Possibly they wouldn't have had her at the reunion if
they were done.

Speaker 4 (10:34):
With her, That's what I thought. Well, but maybe they
had to because maybe not.

Speaker 5 (10:38):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (10:39):

Speaker 2 (10:39):
Well, Andy asks Kiana what things at the GNAA event
led to her injury, and Kierana says she was in
her personal space and hit with glass. She said she
was assaulted and that's why she ultimately fought back. Giselle
says that after looking at that footage, she thinks everyone
is responsible unless Deborah, Candace, Wendy and Kianna. Do you

agree that the words play a factor in this altercation
or do you think there should be no excuses made
for physical altercation.

Speaker 3 (11:14):
I think that you have to get to a point
in your life and you put big girl panties on,
and when there is an altercation, walk away. Yeah, walk away,
because nobody on that cast is worth going to jail for. Yeah, well,
idle battle or to hurt somebody. I mean there's times
where you know, I've gotten very like my blood was

boiling and I'm like, just walk away, just walk away. Yeah,
I don't ever want to get to that point filming
housewife show.

Speaker 4 (11:43):

Speaker 2 (11:43):
I mean, well, at this point, I would have given
Kiana flute myself for the way she handled Ashley had
three Indian I was like, this is do.

Speaker 5 (11:52):
You think do you think she should return for another season?

Speaker 2 (11:55):

Speaker 4 (11:55):
I mean I'm not. I don't know that she needs
to be a housewife.

Speaker 2 (11:59):
I would probably be okay with her being a friend
to see how she comes in, just because we saw
such a difference between how she was on that trip
versus how she was like after the altercation. So I
don't know, but I think that she has an interesting story.
But then Andy gives the floor to anyone who wants

to apologize or own anything. Before they wrap up, Robin
and Candace say they have no hate or resentment towards
each other.

Speaker 4 (12:29):
And that it will take time to mend their friendship.

Speaker 2 (12:33):
Andy brings up that there will be no movement between
Mecca and Wendy, and then Andy says he's not even
going to try with Giselle and Candace, and they start
arguing again.

Speaker 3 (12:41):
And then Mecca and candas are the ones are no
longer there, so he's like, why you know there's no movement,
one of them's got to go.

Speaker 5 (12:48):
And if there's no and.

Speaker 2 (12:50):
Robin's gone to essentially he's pulling out everybody that there's
no movement on.

Speaker 4 (12:55):
So that's my question.

Speaker 2 (12:56):
Is Meca pulled because there's no movement with maybe, but
has tried to fix things with Wendy and.

Speaker 5 (13:06):
I feel that the same way. I don't know.

Speaker 3 (13:08):
Maybe because Wendy has more seniority that they are keeping her.

Speaker 5 (13:12):
I don't know. But other than Jersey, have you ever
seen a group this divided?

Speaker 4 (13:17):
I don't think so. I don't think so.

Speaker 5 (13:20):
And I don't think that we saw any resolution at
the reunion.

Speaker 2 (13:23):
I don't think we saw any resolution. I think me,
thank goodness for me at this reunion, or else I
probably would have very much struggled. I appreciate her so
much for all the things she shared, her ability to
forgive and move on, but also her ability to be
a mess herself, like, all of it, all of it.

Thank you, Mia for making Potomac possible, possible.

Speaker 3 (13:50):
Yes, watchable, And then you know the episode ends with
Andy Bean crowned King of Potomac or something like that,
and I've never seen him so happy in his life
with that crown on.

Speaker 5 (14:04):
I gotta believe he's probably still wearing it.

Speaker 4 (14:08):
King Andy, show us your crown.

Speaker 3 (14:10):

Speaker 2 (14:12):
But yeah, I have hope. I do think that Potomac
can turn it around. I do love those ladies.

Speaker 3 (14:18):
And you can take the same cast and put them
on next season. Who knows, could be the great best
season ever.

Speaker 5 (14:24):
It's just you never know. Just certain seasons just don't
hit right.

Speaker 4 (14:27):

Speaker 2 (14:28):
But thank you guys for tuning in. Make sure that
you guys also tune in for our TWATS flashback episodes
because we are starting Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season.

Speaker 4 (14:41):
Two, episode one and two.

Speaker 2 (14:44):
In our first flashback, and who I mean one and
two weren't super juicy, but episode three looks like it's
gonna be coming. That's gonna be the Suitcas episode.

Speaker 5 (14:57):
It gets there, It gets there, Oh my god.

Speaker 4 (15:00):
Alright, Well, love you, Tam, I'll talk to you later.

Speaker 5 (15:02):

Speaker 3 (15:06):
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