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October 3, 2022 64 mins

Namaste Bitches!!Teresa Giudice is all TWOT and bothered and she’s bringing her BFF Melissa with her.

Will Teresa and Tamra resolve the beef they have with each other?

Find out how Ramona really screwed up Teresa’s wedding, which RHONJ OGs she’d want to come back, and if she really had sex 5 times a day on her Honeymoon…

This is one you just can’t miss.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Two Teas in a Pod which Teddy Meloncamp and camera Jedge. Hi, guys,
welcome to Monday's Two Teas in a Pod and with myself,
Teddy Meloncamp and Judge and we have on two very

special guests cameras had beef with before, so jeez, you know,
and by the time Teddy will too. Do you know what?
It would be impossible for me to not. But let's
see if she loves me or hates me by the
end of this but um, Teresa and her new podcast
co host Melissa Feister are going to be joining us,

and uh, I can't wait to talk to them. Now, Teddy,
have you ever done Melissa's podcast prior to her joining
the Teresa joining I haven't. I think she. I recently
saw her thought at a Monster Jam truck event. But
all right, well let's bring the girls and Tam no
stopping me because the first thing I'm gonna ask is
you know you go girl, you just go with it.

I'm just gonna sit back. Well, we are so happy
for you guys to join us, and I mean I
have to ask the first thing just right off the bat, Teresa,
do you did you ever follow Tam again? I know
what I didn't. I didn't even know. I have followed her,
and I have that at me, the whole beef. But honestly,

I did get mad at her. I did because I
don't like anybody talking crap about my No. No, no,
I really really wasn't. It really wasn't. It was the
Asian thing. Yeah, it was just because we had some
of our cast it loved affirmations, and so I'm like,
oh my god, that reminds me of Vicky with her
old boyfriend, because he would always give her affirmations. But
the proce he also he I know, but I didn't

mean it in that sense. That to me teddy um
um words. Yeah, don't to worry. I was sitting there
like a little like, you know whatever, draw on the wall. Listen,
I met I met Louis and he walked up to me. Alright, look,
looks follow back. Okay, they even all the back today.

It is my lucky day today for shoots. Even the
Saint bitches are united. Yeah, wack in the game. Hopefully
we don't kiss you off. Wait we have we have
three teeth on this podcast, Yes we do three. All right,
I'll give you my god. Alright, I think that you

probably have the best cheese of us. All well, I
have none, So all right, let's show let's show them.
Nor can you know one person on that. That's the
funk up part is all of us would actually do
it right now? Well, I've seen more of two Amra's tits.
Then I was like, shouldn't listen at the TV Awards,

I was like, I need to get you a safety
pan because those babies are out. An't know she they
were that. I watched her too and didn't that Jackie
didn't move, So you really good? I did, and then
I had a safety pan, and then I busted my
safety pin open and then it was all downhill far
Then it was we were we were calling over Lamborghini's

thinking they were ubers. It was a hot mess of
the night, Teddy will. We shall never talk about that night.
It was one of those very drunk nights. Camera are
your original? I know we're still not talking about this.
Are those are like original originals? Boobs? Yeah? Well I
hadn't been like five times, so I don't. I had

my implants taken out and about a year ago, and
so I had a lift, so I have no implant
at all. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, so they're not. They're
I I call him my yoga boobs. There's just nice,
perky little boobs. Yoga yoga boobs, youre not. I I
like little boobies that you know, I did too. I
like I like booties with little boobies like the Brazilians.

I don't have a booty guys, I really try. I
didn't do. And I'm like, SpongeBob SquarePants is my body.
You got to get that heavyweight, the squats and thrusts.
But I know a lot of thrusting. Theresa. I read
how many times you were having sex on your honeymoon.
I almost I was like, if my husband gets a
whiff of this after like we're on a good week.

When it's three times a week, I was like, I'm screwed.
I mean weeks down the same day. Why like like
I don't know, Like I don't know, I'm so like
come into him. So yeah, I wanted to you know
how many I think that's the norm now, I mean
we're on vacation, It's like how many honeymoon like like yeah,

of course, especially vacation sex is better than any sex. Ever.
You don't know about kids and all that stuff exactly. Yeah.
I mean even at my heart when Edwin and I
were to get like, I was like he was fun
Edwin and we were doing all the things reminding each
other's why why we loved each other, and we were
still two times a day and was not we weren't
doing That's really all I got. Are we saying this
like this is a bad thing two times a day

compared honey moon sex? I mean, we don't ever try
to compare your sex to what Teresa is doing. Period
the end. You're never going to win that. Okay. So
now I was just watching an episode I think of
Potomac or something, trying to catch up for the next season,
and they were all talking about what your best sexual

position is, so with you and your husband's what is
your number one? Oh, dear lord, go Tom. I mean
there's so many. I'm gonna go from behind, but not
in the butt hole? Very important key, Yes, well, what

about you a finger in the but wow, o god,
it's exit only, exit only. I might have done that,
I might have done the finger before. It's accident only
unless you've had over a certain amount of drinks. That's
what Eddie says. You know, that accid only I will
I have a butt like dar like, if you're anywhere
near it, it doesn't matter how drunk I am, it's

not happening, not enter ever. Okay, Melissa, you have to
answer though, But Melissa, she just did, she just she
you're from behind. I just don't know, like it from behind,
but I like no butt anything, and I would. I
don't know, you know, it's it might be born. I
just like to be on top, like I'm kind of inforted.

Oh that's too much work the bob, I know, but
I like it, you know, and then damn, so what
are you? Um? I guess I have to say when
louis on top. Yeah, see they're like romantic and I'm
some I like that or I like side. It's not

what I like side too, it's something because then you
have the double. Oh it's like the ender and the outer.
I like, Oh my god, Josh, don't ever listen to anything.
I don't ever. Okay, Well, how did you guys? Was
it by do did you do Melissa's podcast? Or how
did you guys meet? Now? Actually camera, I think it

was close to app when you came on side keys, yeah,
I think shortly after I had Teresa's attorney on and
then we remained cool. And then I met Cynthia through
Mike Hill Cynthia Bailey because Mike Hill came on, and
then the four Josh my husband, and Cynthia and Mike

and I we all went to dinner and then we
all became good friends. And then I went to Ultimate
Girls Trip premiere here in l A at Cynthia's date.
You're You're close to Cynthia, yes, So she was like, Yo,
Mike can't go. Can you be my date? And so
then I went up there with her and then that's
when I initially met Teresa. And then months and months

and months of conversation between her attorney, you know, Teresa
and I started getting together and talking and we just
had such great conversations and like, I love her to death,
and I was like, why don't we do this like
a just the talk. This ship is fun um and
and teddy by the way, you know how it is
doing it like solo by yourself. Yeah, that's hard. Yeah,

just to be able to have someone like go back
and forth. And as you guys know, housewives, ex housewife whatever,
there's so much more to Teresa than anybody ever even
sees knows anything just because they watched Jersey Housewives. So
Teresa have to ask you, do you think that namastate
Teresa is more or less the actual Teresa. It's more

of the actual Teresa it is. Yeah, Well she's un
edited versions. You can say what she wants and it
doesn't get twisted, right. Yeah, when they get to know,
like you'll say, I'm I wake up happy. I'm so
easy go and I go with the flow. I love
hanging out with crazy bitches. I'm like, I'm not crazy,
I'm like very I'm chill and I just so I

like to hang out like my girlfriends that are crazy
because I like, I like look laughing at them and
then I just chill and I like they make me
laugh and I love that. I will. I will say
Tresa that we have a show runner right now that
used to work on your show, and we were talking
about some house ses that were difficult to work with,
you know, you know, the bitch and complain And what

did they say about me? They said you were the easiest.
Oh dear, so are you one that like shows up
on time? I'm the easiest done? Well, I mean the
only I don't know about the on time. That's the
only thing. But Theresa, you have never been late to
one single thing? And how how many we've done literally

time with this. I've been on time with Dancy, with
two Stars Housewives. It's because you know, there's a lot
going on. It's because they always run late. Why should
we get there and say wait? You know, and the
thing is like some many other girls don't run on time.
So it's like we know the pattern, we know who's
gonna be late. And I mean the only time, I'm
wait if it has to do with my kids, and

I'm sorry, I mean we all have kids, so like
of course they come from you know you guys, she
pops listen and all of us it doesn't even matter, Teresa,
all of us sitting here can pop off, right, especially
if it's family or anything like that related. But I'm
telling you this chick, Teresa is so like this is it?
Like I go to house, She's like, just chill, listen

to you. Do you live in Jersey, No, I'm here
in l A. Oh you live in l A. Yeah.
But she's been She came to my house when we
get a photo shoot, and it was she was at
your wedding act without my wedding, without my bridal shower. Yeah.
Speaking of wedding, can we talk about Ramona um relacing

your invite and then why she wasn't at the wedding? Nice?
Tell me, like, tell me your opinion on that. So
my opinion is that it was on purpose. I don't.
I don't think. I mean, you have to know better,
Like I am so cognizant when I'm gonna walk with
my kids or doing anything on Instagram to make sure
there is never an address shown. So if you're in

a public platform, I personally think that you are aware
of that. I mean, I know that Ramona's whole stick
is like to not just be you know, kind of
goofy in that way loosey goosey, but like you have
to know when you show the front of an envelope.
I don't know. I just I disagree because this is

the same woman that showed her bank account statement just
in passing like she I feel like she doesn't but
that Yeah, and she's like, let's face it, she's in
her sixties, she's not really good on social media, and
she also called me Gina repeated times. Yeah, and I
feel like she's just such, she's absent minded, like that's
just Ramona, but a damn I agree with you. I

think she's so like and then when she's like, oh
my god, did that offend? You? Did that whatever? I know?
And then she had oblivious to it, like what what
was that a bad thing? Ramona? It was when I
called her, she was like, well, what did I do?
I'm like, Ramona, I'm like like, I'm like, why did
you put my invitation on your store? What I tell me?

Tell me, tell me when you want me to do,
when you want me to do. I'm like, down. I
feel like she just doesn't have any self awareness whatsoever,
and maybe like not a lot of consideration for other people,
because it's just it's just character that you don't post
an invitation to anything. Brandon. I posted Jim Edmonds invitation
to his wedding. No I didn't. I talked about it

on the ply Gast and showed because I said it
was embarrassing. But I didn't put his the address to
where the way. When it's your sixth wedding, you can
be anywhere, Okay, it's fair game to go anywhere in
the universe that it needs to go. Okay, especially eleventh
and the eighth one and that person it was the
sixth wedding and I think it was actually is fourth,

but you don't hear about this, Theresa. He like went
after me, told like, I was like, he wants to
get like his own fruit to hold, because he sent
me a text like wishing that. He's like, you know, pathetic,
blah blah blah, you did this. I'm like, all I was, wait,
that guy hen Men from the show. Yes, all I

said was um, kind of embarrassing. His name's Jim and
he's having a James Bond theme engagement party. A fan
sent me this and I showed just like a little
bit like this, and then he got my phone number
and honestly let me have it, threatening me, and I
was just like, and I'm not going to have a
man talk to me this way. And then I posted

all of his texts. Oh you show him? Why wouldn't
you do that? But my question is then when Ramona
didn't come, I think, you know, maybe shouldn't mean to
post the address, but she definitely meant to show that
she got the invite for cloud Yes, dragging, she's dragging,
But then what did she have to do that. It
was so important that she couldn't come to the wedding.

I don't know, but you know, yeah, I don't know.
I don't She just said, like you know. She responded, well,
after all that bragging and she got invitation, then she
didn't show up. I mean, would you want ship? Yes, well,
I would have sent Teresa and Louis something to apologize
that I did that, And you know, I was so
stupid to do that. I would would have felt horrible.

I would have yes, I would have went. I don't know,
because it did cost me more money on security. It
really gave ye I could imagine, yeah, because now we're
like you know what you know like now and not
to mention more security. So didn't you film it? So
it wasn't supposed to be more of a surprise, and
she's given out all the surprises and you guys, it

was so I know, it was a ship show to
begin with, because like the release, the invitation release, it
was spectacular, like and then guy and then this. I
had to send out new invitation. I sent that new invitations.
You know why, Oh my god, because I had changed
the password. Oh yeah, everybody's going on online. So wait

so Ramona did cost me you know, a little a
little bit of money, yeah, because then I sat out
new invites. But then I was thinking to myself, Um
that I sent that a rose box like you know,
So then that was then then I was sticking to
myself since I'm sending this out instead of everyone giving
them their favorite at the wedding so they could keep this.
So that was their favor, right, Well, it was a

beautiful and then she didn't show up. Oh my god,
that bothers me. So then I had to pay extra
money for all the postage, you know, and it was
expect heavy. So I mean, plus that plus the security,
you know, that's I spent a pretty funny But what
was your favorite moment from the wedding? Um? I have
all of it. It was pretty a magical guys, and

you know, I wish you guys could have been there.
We're gonna see it, right, yeah, I can mean for
you guys to see when is it? Is it on
your is it a special or is it on? Okay?
So would you know when it comes out? No, right
after Jersey Housewives, probably House after Housewives, okay, like your Tamera? Yeah,
are they gonname it? Are they gonna name it Teresa's

Jersey wedding like they did meet Tamad. I asked them.
I asked them. They didn't tell me at what they
were they were going to name it, you know, but yeah,
it was like it was. It was the most perfect day,
like it was we thought it was gonna rain, and
then when we're getting married, you understand, like the sky

opened up. That gives me chills. And my psychic that
you know, spiritual reader that I speak to, her name
is Gina Murray. She was on my show. She was
she was there and she sent me a picture of
the sky and she circled it. She's like your parents
or we're looking out. Yeah, guys, I sweated. I opened up.

That was to raise like to like, you know, like
the sun was coming through two clouds. Did you have
two chairs sitting out for your parents at the wedding? Yeah,
that would probably make me more sad. I've seen that
where they've had like pictures like chairs. I didn't want
to do that. I didn't do no picture too emotional.
Probably I have. I don't know if you guys know

my veil, said Sampiti and Zammi, that is um It's
not my parents maslam and it's my tattoo right here,
who show us? And it's some three three three because
my mom gave me signs of threes. So that's why
I put three three three because there's lots of good.
There's a you know, my my mom passed away, um

March third. My dad passed away April three. My parents
were engaged in three months, they got married. My dad
was with me three years after my mom passed. I
met Louis three months after my dad passed. Like, there's
lots of three. Three is three years your significant number
in your life. And then I was trying to get
married out of three, but I got my August six,

So my three plus three six. That's try to figure
it out because I was trying to find it three. Hey,
it's Megan King from Intimate Knowledge. If you want to
know what was really happening between me and Mike Johnson
from Bachelor Nation of Vegas, listen right now to Intimate
Knowledge and get all of the not safe for work details.

Listen to Intimate Knowledge on the I Heart Radio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Let's
talk about your wedding hair I heard it took three hours?
Was it ten thousand dollars three and a half hours?
If that, I would say probably more? Yes, yeah, well
because it was you know, the hair, the hair. You

guys know, hair's freaking expensive. Is it heavy? And how
long did it take to get out when you wouldn't
have sex that night? Well, Priscilla, I was hanging out
after it took her forty five minutes to take out
my hair. Yes, I can't even imagine how you did it. Um,

and then before we switched into Dancing with the Stars
in Jersey and all of that. Um, Melissa, are you
excited to be moderating a panel at Bravo con um Hanks?
And what panel is it? It's actually, Trusa, I haven't
told you this, it's one of yours. I love that.
I wasn't gonna tell you guys to give me surprises. Okay,

I hate surprises, Tama, don't ever give me any showed
up something I always want to. You could give me surprised.
Just make sure I'm here and make up ready? Right exactly? Um, exactly?
What panel is it? And now that now that you
know Teresa, are you gonna tell her things? She's allowed
to ask and not ask. Oh, I was so asked

Teresa anything and that it's really good. Then I'll say, actually,
don't answer this and save it for not mistake. Yeah. Wait,
So whose idea was it originally to start the podcast together? Mind?
Which is it was yours? My Teresa was Remember Teresa
was going to do another podcast like what a year ago? Yeah?
I was like, yeah, I was supposed to do another

podcast like maybe two years ago, because it took a
year to like through the contract and not long a
should take and wait and then after we're done like
with the contract, we're about to like to do it,
and then like Jim, yeah, he was like it's just
not I don't think you should do it. And I

was like, okay, you know, but you know what, everything
happens for a reason. I so believe that. I'm like
a big believer of that. And it was better, like
I'm so happy doing it with Yeah. Yeah, I was
also the same, like so many times to do podcasts.
I didn't know anything about it, and I kept putting
it off and putting because it just didn't feel right
in my gut. And then I got a call from

Teddy and I heart I'm like, sure, let's do it.
Do you love or we're talking about that? Yeah, I remember,
You're like, I think I'm going to be doing a podcast. Yeah,
I got asked to do so many, but I didn't know.
I didn't. I always heard you don't get paid, you
don't make any money on podcast and said, I'm too
busy to not make money, so it's not a thing
for me. And then there's a lot of smaller podcasts

that you know, I don't know who at the time,
who's the big one, who's the right one? And then
we came in and we're just like, yeah, make it right. Yeah,
but I'm glad I stuck it out and it worked out.
But you guys get there's a lot that goes into it. Yeah,
there is, especially because we watch every single Housewife franchise now,

every single one, like you could honestly quiz me. And
the fact and before I ever did houses I didn't,
and so the fact I know everything, every detail of
crumb of every single franchise. It's honestly, I I sleep
and dream about it now. It's insane. It's that's a
full time job, picking up with Bravo and shows and
drama and madness that well, I'm filming right now and

trying to do the podcast. It's it's over the top,
like a lot. Our film schedule is insane right now,
and then trying and this is what our second or
third one this week? Are you? Are you excited to
be back? Yeah? I was a little. I was a
little nervous to go back, you know, because the first
year off was like I was in a deep depression honestly,
and then COVID hit and then I'm like, what the

hell did I do? What did I get fired? I
never understood. And then after that, you know, life goes on.
And then I got adjusted to my new life and
it was so nice not having to be gland and
all that and eat a little bit more than normal,
you know what, all those things and spending a lot
of time at home. And then when at least expect it,
they reach out and say, okay, you want to come back,

and I'm like yeah. First I was like, yeah, I
want to come back, and then I had like a meltdown.
I'm like I don't know if I can do this.
My Your life goes by so fast, you know, thirteen
years just went by so quickly. How many years have
you been on Teresa Why? I just wrapped their season thirteen?
Haven't you guys done reunion yet? But I know, but

I remember one year we filmed two two um shows
in one year. That the year that you went to. Sorry,
I don't know if it's jail or prison? Which which one? Do? I? Camp?
Day camp? Yeah? No, I think the correct word is
like I think prison, right, I don't know, yamp. I mean,

I used the camp, but I'm fine with it now,
like I'm you know, it's fine. Are you still friends
with anybody from camp slash jail slast prision? Yes, yes,
yes I might my um my Bunky, that's how you
could say it. My roommate she she was a politician
in west Chester. What't in trouble for? Just a mortgage fraud?

And yeah, like someone outed her out meanwhile, like to
get themselves less time. Yeah, So do you think Jen
Shaw is gonna end up in jail camp? Prison? I
really don't know her story, Like I don't know her story,
Like I don't, like you know, I don't. I didn't
follow you. I don't follow it, you know. Yeah, Yeah,

they're saying, yes, I don't. Is this about me? Like
I know the only way I went to prison because
I'll be straight up with you guys, and and I'll say,
you know, clear as day, I did nothing. I really did.
I signed you know, papers that my husband told me
to sign. You know, he was flipping homes and I
got you know, they used me as an example. And

like even Joe was like, you know me while I
was him and he even s, I think my wife
had nothing to do with it. And he's like, baby,
say they want you more than they want me. He's like,
do you think because you're on reality television? And yeah,
because I was on TV and I swear guys, I
thought it was such a joke. I'm like, like in
my heart, I was like, okay, like this is such
a joke because I'm like, I didn't do anything. I

swear to guy that just going through the motions, I'm like,
I never in a like swear to guy if you
would accept I'm gonna shoot you right now? Are you
gonna go to jail? Like now shoot me? Because it right,
like how many of us do that? Right? Like I
kind of stuff like I never in a million if
I was gonna happen. When we were in the court, room,
and when the judge said whatever she said, I looked

at my attorney and I was like, what did she
just say? Because I didn't even I said, I said,
did she just say? I'm going to jail? Was like,
and he's like he's like yeah, And I was like what.
I was like, you're she's so tough, like externally it's
tough Like for me, I'm kind of that way too.
But if I would have heard those words and the court,

I probably would have went to the fetal position, like
I couldn't even imagine I'm and plus I'm so claustrophobic.
I could not imagine being in a jail cell. I
would It wasn't a jail cell. It was like pretty
much like in the basement, and like everybody had cubby
holes and and that was it was like kindergarten. It

was it was like naptime in kindergarten. Yeah, it's just
like yeah, it's like it's like everybody, it's like you.
I felt like like a college door. That's what I
felt like, Yeah, you is there anybody though that you
were like scared of in there? Like this person could
hurt me. No, I don't think it was that type
of the there was scary people, like like there was

this one girl like I always try to eye me
up and down at the jin. I was like, please, like,
I'm not scared anybody, Like I really, I'm not, you know, yeah,
like there was fights in there, but yeah, there was
definitely fights. Really, jeff Shock could hold her own. I
don't know. I I think that she is. Gin Shaw's
very tough on Twitter and fighting and all of these things.

But I just want her to focus a little bit
more on what's going on in her life a little
less on the show. Like when you when that was happening,
when you were in court, were you still focused on
the television show? Um? Yeah, I mean you're right, like
you should like just focus on that, Like that's what
I would like. We knew nothing about that, Like I

wish you would. We would have spoke to more people
because I was like, so, you know, it's like I
didn't want to talk about it with anyone, but sometimes
it's better to talk about it with other people. Other
people can help you and say, you know what, you
should maybe speak to this person or speak to that person.
You know, because we knew nothing about the legal system, really,

like nothing about it and I hired just like top
attorney that I thought it was gonna he was gonna
be phenomenal. Meanwhile he was not, like I'm just he was.
I spent so much money and he was like nothing.
And then this is what I figured out, Like after words,
like lawyers, they'll say, I'll give you this one, the

next one, I'll give you all, Like you know what
I mean, I'll give you Teresa the next case. Let
me win that case, TERSA. That's another reason why when
we were talking and we're talking to your attorney, it's
like there's so much this is just a smission right
of what she's been through. Like you guys know too,
we see a lot of YouTube Tamaron Teddy. People don't

really know behind the scenes, right, it's just what they
see on a freaking crazy drama the House Live show.
So I think that's why too, Like it was, you know,
the attorney and Teresa were like, you know, that's not
really who I am, Like that's a piece of me
and none of a big piece. Yeah, like they judge.
I feel like they got judged from the show and

instead of they like they really should have got to
know me of who I really was. I'm not a
big fan of attorneys. Yeah, either mine, But it's all
I did what I had to do with I guess
there was a reason why I had to do it.
And you look at the bright side now and you
know what I did. I would look at you like,
now you're divorced and your love and life is good,

and that probably would have never happened. I did yoga
every day. I really That's how I discovered yoga from
being in there, and then when I came out, I
got certified. I mean I got in the sickest shape
with my body. I was at the every day and
I watched TV. I that never watched. Sounds like a vacation.
You could watch TV in there, Yes, people watch. Were

you allowed to have cell phone? Uh? No cell phones?
So you know there was course sex going on. You know,
it wasn't my thing. I'm then into women, but yeah,
like you can have relationships in there, you hang out
with girlfriends, you'd like Yeah, it was like it was
like party. Wow. Well so it could have been worse.
Um Yeah, speaking where I was, it was that bad
at all. You know, it was like a camp. Well

speaking of hard things. Um for Tam and I this
would be the hardest thing, hardest dancing with the stars.
WHOA that was like, yeah, I'm like, I'm down to
the skinniest have been in a long time, which I
like you I know, that's that's the only reason why
I'd like to go on it. But I can't dance.
It is my biggest nightmare to everybody asked, because obviously

I wouldn't say no and I would embarrass the hell
out of myself. But getting into ship, guys, I had
no dance experience whatsoever. Like you know, I was like
me either, but you learn it's how long did you
train before the first dance? Um? Ten days? And I
was supposed to start before, but I was like on vacation,

how all right? Right, my honeymoon. Then then we went
to San Francisco, Louis had to go there for business.
Then then we went to l A to do the
photo shoot for Dancing Went the Stars. Then after that
I went to Florida because Louie's best friend got engaged,
and then we started because started three weeks before and
I only started UM ten days before. When did they

actually ask you? How long ago? When I was on
my honeymoon? Oh? The first time. Yeah, when I came
home from prison. They asked, Oh, just as you've been asking. Yeah,
I've gotten asked several times, but my first time was
as soon as I came home from prison day Why
why did you say no? Because I had a film
house and her kids and housewives and and then I

was really torn. But like I had a film housewives.
But then I was also torn, like I was like,
how am I going to do this? Like I've been
away from my kids for eleven and a half months.
I can't leave them now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm not kidding, Like,
like I just I didn't see Louis, Like I did
not see my family for three weeks because I started
ten weeks before. Then I did the like, since I started,

I didn't see I didn't see my family. And how
long are the days of practicing each day? Well, we've
practiced four hours a day, four hours a day. That's
a long time to work out. Well no, but then
it was more I mean you started the second week.
There was times that you would practice in the morning,
we do something, and then you would go back because
it was because the second week you don't have as

much time. You you don't forget, you perform on Monday
and then um you then you start, you start practiced
on Tuesday. Then you have to pall and that Monday,
so it's less time. So that's what happened. It gets
to be less and less and less. Who do you
think is gonna win? Um, I'll say four people between Charlie, Damilo, Wayne,

Wayne Brady, Um, the Bachelorette, Gabby and um Shan Angela.
Oh yeah, and then I saw from your current cast
Jennifer or Jen Iden came and then the new Girl
right yes, So would you say the Lords Dolors was

gonna I told the Lords to come to the finale
because I have to go back to the for the
to the finale, so I have left Dolora and again
and then so do you think that those are who
like after this past season? Or is that who you're closest? Went? Um?
Oh yes, yes, Jen and I love I love Dollars,

I love her, love love love her. Yeah, Dolores, we
go back since our in our twenties. Yeah, and they
were in your wedding Dolores and Jennifer yes, and um yeah,
and Danielle's you know, I like Danielle Yes and I
know we can't really talk about it, but in a
a version there is switches to what the what do

you guys hold? You hold? We don't hold anything, but
there are switches to fake holding air then than what
we originally thought. Do you? But you don't they even
put their hands out, do you? We don't put the
hands are on the head the hip. Okay, so the
hip holding changes this year? Correct what we thought the
hip holding was going to be as different than what

we originally thought. Oh really, what did you think? Well?
I just heard that there was somebody that held hips
that is no longer held holding hips. Will you just
spit it out? Damn? I can't. You can't do because
I don't even know what you're talking about. Text me.
I want to know. Isn't there a housewife that was
originally a housewife that is no longer housewife and she

got demode it? Yeah? Oh yeah, I think that everybody
knows that, right, I don't know. It has not been confirmed.
Oh my god, but I don't think it's been confirmed
as any platform. Well I was talking about this. I
don't think it's been confirmed. But my question is is
there somebody now that has replaced the hands on the hips. Um, well,
we we're we're doing our photo shoot next Friday. Yes,

I don't know. And what do you have a color?
Is it like jewel tones or I don't. I can't
give it away. I'm gonna get in trouble. She can't.
So you guys already filmed your season, right, and so
when do you air? Do you know? Well, I'm thinking
by the same time, mad me, February. I think it's February.

I don't know for sure, or but that's what I'm thinking.
You know, I don't know for sure. And what spot
do you think you'll have on the couch? Well? I
think range. Can you play air around the same time? Then?
Oh yeah, you guys usually go back, right. I get
to recap both of you, so both of you can
be mad at me. Teresa, Let's let's go back to

the beginning. Do you know what doom wa? No, Teresa?
For me say okay, go me in okay. So Doma
is considered like what is it the dinner webs, which
is they report anything that they get information on, but
it does not have to be confirmed by a source,

so they don't like It's not like the New York
Times where it's like it's got like a blogger on instagent.
It's like a step up from step up, I mean
even and he talks about them, yeah, like dooma and
nobody knows who runs it, right, Yeah, you know is
that because it's on your side. It's like, oh, it's
all over everywhere. I've never heard of that. Okay, So

go on your Instagram right now and type in d
e u x m oh i. I'm impressed you how
to spell it? You u x okay m oh i,
I'm blocked that And oh they say follow back. Of
course I follow you. But on there they report everything

like I would say, maybe they have one takes million
followers and and they're verified. Let's fake news, but some
of it's fake, some of it's not so, like for example,
they said I hooked up with Chris Evans, I wish
not true. However, they put other stuff on there that
sometimes sends up being you know what, remind me of

the blind Items. Yes, yes, it's like it's the blind Items.
But it's not just celebrity. I mean, it's not just
like reality people. It's everybody. Yeah, so every actor, everybody
in the public eye, every designer, every Okay, okay, I
never heard that. These are all things that Dumois has

reported that then we end up reporting and so on,
and like you've been on Duma, let's just put it
that way. They're just not they're blind items. Someone's cheating.
This is that we saw this person having lunch. We
do that. But their ship goes viral. If they posted
on there, it goes viral because they have a lot
of followers. And well, guys, I didn't even hear about

so I guess they're not that popular. Just there you go.
Now they're going to write something about you. Right, that's right, right,
it's a good thing. Right. Um, speaking of rumors, what's
going on with Dina? Are you not really speaking? What's
the situation? No, every we're good. We're all good. Yeah.

Do you know she lives around the corner for me? Um?
She did. I'd been to her house. Yeah, she lives, yeah,
right around the front. I love it there. It's so
is it that she didn't want to film? Is that
why she wasn't there? Yeah? I mean, listen, it sucks too.
You're talking about you guys know, when you're close friends
with somebody, everyone's been through it years I'm totally fine

with it. Like I get it. You know. It's like
when you're when you're not on like once you're on
TV and then you're not on TV anymore, you don't
want to be in front of the camera. I totally
get it, you know, because like it's like you're working,
and you don't want to work, you know, unless you're
getting paid, right, especially if they they're not paying you. Yeah,
And the thing is that that she wanted even to

get paid. But I get in her and her husband
doesn't want to be on camera. So yeah, that's why
I figured, you know, I respect that. You know, would
you ever do a show with just your family? I've
got I've gotten asked. Um, I don't like I'm not.
I said, now that's hard. That's a hard thing to do. Yeah,
I mean I don't know, like maybe like I've gotten asked,

like with Joe and like at the time, I'm you know,
you see, Gabriella, my second daughter, she does not like
the cameras. I mean this year I have to say
wait to you guys. See she was on this year
and because there's there's reasons why she came on. And
you'll see I was shocked. But Gabrielle usually doesn't film,

but she wanted to. I didn't realize that. Yeah, my
kids are all over the place. Yeahrilla, she's very private.
She's thet Spencer is. She's my smartest kid. She makes
it like a four point four. She's just so smart. Yeah,
she's amazing, and it's just not her thing, like you know,
but but I feel like Gia could have her own show,

gim Melania. They like the cameras and I think like Anna,
she's like she's on the fence like every she's like
half like Gabriella and half like she just herd thirty,
she's my da. Well that's the age, is the age
where they're like this, no, yes, my dancer. So she's
like so she's like, she's got the cutest little body.

She's got. Like that's to say, when you're a dancer,
you have the body ever, and she'll keep it up
with muscle memory if she just keeps it up the
rest of her life. See that's muscle memory. That's what
they kept telling me, you know, in dancing. And it's true.
See it's it is too muscle memory. You just gotta
keep practicing over and over and over sweaty guy. Guys,

I've been I've been dreaming about my dances. Like this
morning I woke up. I'm like, are we dancing? And
Louise like, what, babe, We're not? We are Goad just
Louis film more this season, like is he in it
with the other guys Jersey? Out of all of the housewives,

the men are involved way more than anything else. Yeah,
and I I don't like it, you know, I love
it as a viewer, I love it. Yeah, Yeah, of
course everyone loves it as a viewer, Like, yeah, I
just like, you know, I feel like they're not they're
not housewives. You know who's your favorite husband that she does?
He does? He does this season he does them and

you guys will see Yeah, uh was my favorite house husband. Yeah.
You can't sell your own besides my husband. Um let's see,
um what this past season? Yeah? Um? I like Bill.
Oh he's like the voice of reason, Like he's always

the way he speaks like he's just like he's very intelligent,
ever goes after anybody. He's just so eloquently Like I
just love you know, I love the way he speaks.
I love Frank. We have Frank on the product friend.
I really I met her a few times, but she

seemed really sweet, but I haven't really hung out with her.
Is she on the show? She um like like background
but not like the shade ground. She's really cute. Oh no,
I'm not trying to throw her shade. Meanwhile, she didn't
like they didn't ask her to get involved with her.
She yeah, she miked or not Mike. Not Mike. Okay,

So I mean, I mean that's what I think, because
I think you get every wet. I never had a
conversation with her, so like you know, so I don't
know if she was Mike. She's friends with um, I
don't know if I said, well, she's friends with someone
on the show. Oh, I have a question. Is the girl?
Cam helped me remember her name? She's Chicky Barber's wife,

girl wife. That's her name, Tiki Barber's wife, Tracy. So
Tracy isn't wasn't on the reunion last year, but now
she's back filming again this year. Oh she's not. See
how rumors get started, and this is how rumors get started.

Rumors out there. Who agrees to not even be on
like I think she was at one event. Maybe if
I can't. I can't even remember me. I think she
was at maybe one event, like one of like Melissa's parties.
Maybe I long ago to that team already. Yeah, you
guys felt, I mean, it just seems like the wedding
seems like so long ago. I know, I want to say,

it's gonna be two months next week. Right. You know
what you guys tell us about your podcast, Like what
topics do you touchdown on? Um of often do you
release episodes? Well, we're gonna do. We just launched September
twenty one. We're gonna do once week, once a week,
every Wednesday. And it's listen, it's it's all the behind
the scenes, right, I mean, you guys know how it is.

There's more of the Housewives in her life. But you
guys talk like we just talk about housewives. Do you
guys talk about a lot of things? Right? Yeah, we listen,
we're what we're recording episode three. We're three in I mean,
so we're just starting. But yeah, I mean, listen, it's
it's like asking a basketball player, not talking about the NBA.
Of course we're gonna talk housewives and it's not gonna

be the focal point, right, And that was the thing
starting this. It was let's talk about some of that stuff,
but let's also talk about what else makes you guys up?
You know what else makes Teresa up? Talk about the
kids and mary life. Does anybody know I'm a certified
nutritionist that I have a business helping people like Teddy
like saying thing like Tamara, what you guys do? There's
so many things that people don't know about me, a

core stuff, and then about Teresa. So that was like
the thing just anything. I mean, there's not we're feeling,
We're trying to feel it out. You know, would you
want to be a housewife? I would what what uh franchise? Well, Tamara,
I would go out to Jersey. Would would you come

to Orange County? I'd go to I'd go with you
come on over. I think I think that he would
be so spicy, like you need to get her on.
We need some spice, Yes, Tamra, you need to Oh
my god, come moved to do so you're at you
live in l A right now? Right? I'm in l A.
Okay too much hill. They wouldn't like my forever one stuff,

that's all right. I will love your I call it
forever camera. That's why you and I talked about. That's
why I was like that a girl Like I mean
we start teddy, remember when we meet. Yeah, we're literally
going to Monster Jamp and I know you got to
go afterwards. I'm in like like this little sports baul
broad Top and like my she's honestly like workout gear

but like like like full Madrid like everything, just like
there's no dy as glam like the hat, the booths,
it's Monster Jam. And I'm like, I'm like the homeless
bomb coming off and she is like full fucking glam.
She's always glam so perfect. Oh yeah, guys, I'm so glam. Wow,
you're pretty glamed. I well, because I don't like to

go out, so when I do, I schedule all the
things I have to do in one day. Like I'll
be like, this is the day, I'm doing my ads,
I'm going to Monster Jam, I'm going to the concert
on the date. Like I need get all out. I
drag it all out because if I could have my choice,
like I'm gonna put my kids to bed and watch
a crime documentary on television, like that is my dream.
That's why I think it'd be funny because we'd be like,

we don't give a fuck and then be like, what
about this? How far mosta? How far do you live
from camera? You're probably where in l are you? Like Marina?
Like an hour and a half? Yeah, you're a little
far camera. I think you should invite her to one
of your parties. Yes, I will. I love Theresa. And

I think you know Teddy. Teddy's got a second house
in Orange County, down in Dana Point, So I think
maybe you should just rent that and you can move down.
Oh yeah, you should come rent my house and you
can get right in on the drama. How do you
go to doc? I'm good. She doesn't like see I'm like,
I'm good on that one. Well, listen, Tamera, I had

Gina on, I had Vicky on, I had the other Gina.
I mean I've had freaking probably you've had everybody. Everybody. Yeah,
we haven't had one o C girl on the show.
We we'll have to wait till the show starts airing
and Tamra's not on, and then we can talk about it,
and then I can talk about stuff. Um, we have
to get through a couple of fan questions, which we

do on our Instagram. What you guys. See, Um, so
don't hold us accountable for these because they're actually from
the Graham. The first one is for Teresa. How would
you feel about Caroline coming back? If you had to
bring one wife back? Who would it be? Who talked

about this? It's funny, we just talked about this. Yeah,
it just it doesn't even make sense, guys, It doesn't doesn't.
I don't think so either. So who would you bring back?
If you could bring one back? Um? You know who?
I thought? I made amazing TV. And I keep saying it,
even though I don't know why she threw me under

the bus me while she's like because I'm the one
that gave her kind of like brought her back. Danielle Stubb,
she makes amazing TV. She does. She absolutely amazing TV.
But she she steps in her Yeah, it's a little
bit scared now. She's so not scary, guys. She's so cool.
She really is. She's like so much fun to hang

out with, Like I had so much fun hanging out
with her, like, and that's another thing, Like when she
was beefing with them Margaret, she never even talked about Margaret.
She she like beats at her own drums. She's like fun,
like she I like hanging out with fun people like that,
and she would make me laugh like she she actually

frond with her like that. People never like they so
like on house size, but they didn't really didn't get
to know the real Danielle stab And I'm telling you
she was a lot of even Priscilla Tama asked Priscilla
about her. I mean, to ask Pristilla about daniel stuff.
She'll say she was so much fun because Pristilla used
to do her makeup all the time, and she would

she say she'll ever come back. Every be asked back no,
because you know, everybody like like killed the poor girl,
you know, and like me, her looks so bad and
it's like um, but like she's great TV. And I'm like,
I think you guys need anybody else. I think your
cast is solid. I mean no, I mean I'm only
going by the question that Teddy. But my thing is

like I'm a producer myself, you know, because after you
do this for a while, like like you become a
producer and a producers mine for sure, exactly exactly. I
mean after this, after Housewives, that's what I want to do.
I said that too, and This is such an asshole question.
So I apologize, but I don't know this thing because
this is I think pre me. But can you define

what an analogy is? Oh? My god, it's not me. Fine,
I don't even care, but whatever the next we all
know what analogy is. I mean, I didn't know what
gaslighting really was. So and now that's all I hear
on gas lighting. Um, yeah, it's so crazy how I

found out about grass lating. Yeah, I'm there, but I
just I recently learned that word, yes, because you know,
but like I feel like everyone uses gaslighting and hypocrisy
wrong at this point. By the time, that's it, it's
like those are and and like those two words of like,
I don't want to hear it on Housewives anymore. It's consistent.

It's all, um. And then what else we got, tam
when you spelled out the is it posh? Is that it?
You say? We don't even know when you spelled out
what posh stood for? Was that preplanned or did it
right in the moment? Oh pieces crack? No, that I
thought about that. Yeah, that you always have to think

about that. But what did you ship crack horror? What
was the on the home wrecking. Yeah, piece of home
wrecking whore or something like that. Yeah, something, Well we're
missing to see piece of ship, see home wrecking e?

What was the e? Was there really an e on there?
I don't know? And maybe I every day? Oh every day, yes,
every day. I just yes, that was it? Every day? Yes,
that was it every day. I mean I mean that
was that was what igo? Yeah, but that was it
every day. Yeah, that was a good one. Oh. Hi, friends,

it's Hillary Joy and Sophia and we are your Drama Queens.
We are going on tour and we are so excited
to announce that we will be live streaming our New
York stop of the tour on October at five p
We have guests Barbara Allen Woods, Daphne Zuniga, Tyler Hilton,
and Matt Barr. That's right. If you live stream the show,
you will get to see the guests from both New

York City shows right in your own home. Amazing. It's amazing.
So get your tickets now at Drama Queens o th
H dot com and we will see you on October.
Tamer told me the other day on the pod that
my hair looked like a crack horn. I needed to
get highlights, so she has like rich or like this

ground and it's turning dear man over here on two
cheese and a pod. So that's what you know, You
guys really love each other, and you'll want a crack
horror If I take these extensions out, I look like
a damn crack hor Like you know, my hair is
all skinny, And why do you why do you go
from having extensions to not well, I can't. I don't

have any extensions right years of extensions. You're absolutely screwed.
You can never. I'm like, so screwed. What will ever happen? Yeah,
I'm especially with blonde blonde us just like skinny old thin, hairy,
nasty thin, nasty, naty hair. Guys, I get goat hairs
now like things coming out of my chin. I got

one right here and then I but then I won't
notice him by the time I notice it so long,
I'm like, why the f has no one in my
family told me like this? It's long enough that or
he doesn't, because that's the first person that needs to
be like, oh yo, you need to pluck now like
trimp like nover, because if he seated, he doesn't say anything.

Like you want to walk around with the hair sticking
out anybody if you know. But I'll see it in
the car and then I'm like trying to get it
out like with my own finger. I can let me,
let me tell you a trick because I keep tweezers
in the car. Keep it, keep tweezes in the car
because everything, you know, you can see everything in the
car mirror. Yes, yeah, And then game like like you

know like my eyebrows. Oh do we go toward a
podcast and we end it with crack cor every day?
I know, Well, I was gonna throw on their nipple hair,
but I don't think I want to go there. I
actually don't. Ever since I got my Bookstone Guys I,
which was seven years ago, I don't get nipple hair anymore.
Did they like cut out the at me too? Because

I had my nipples made smaller? So yeah, because my
nipples were so I mean they were long. Most an
embarrassing time in my life is just just barely dating
Edny for a while a few months and he pulled
out a nipple hair. I he that's love, That's what
I was mortified. I didn't even know I had a
nipple hair. He's like, oh, what's this clip? That's true

love man ship like a camera. I don't know. I
just like to be like him on top and me,
you know, because we're plugging each other back there. Get
I have I have something to tell you when you met.
When you met Eddie, I was like, oh my god,
I thought you guys made the like the most beautiful,

beautiful couple. Yeah. I was like really happy for you.
Thank you. He's a sweetheart. He's a sweetheart. He's Latino, right,
he's what Yeah, yes, he's Latina. Yeah. Because they're good,
they're good lovers. Yeah, mine is true. So you guys, yeah,
I can say teddy your guys too, right, Yeah, they're
like jeans and you're Latino lover. Yeah. They're felt passionate,

oh my god, passionate, loving loyal. Like they're passionate, loving loyal,
a little bit crazy. You know. Eddie is very even tempered,
very he's even tempered. But he also has his like
boundaries yeah, oh yes, oh my god, boundaries. They're so
big with Louie, and Louie doesn't curse, like so it's

like when I can't, like, I can't, I feel bad
to even say fuck because he does. He doesn't. Eddie
doesn't very often either, and he doesn't really I like
that he doesn't curse because my ex used to curse
all the time. But the difference is tamer, Like you know, well,
I think he's got a bigger vocabulary than your ex husband.
Well yeah, and they don't care night and day, night

and day, like when Louise speaks. I just I like
love to listen to him. What were you saying? You
got like you like Eddie doesn't care, like you're gonna
sit and look at our mouse, right, but he's not
gonna be kissed and you and judge you and know.
He lets me be me and do what I want.
As long as there's boundaries and I'm not crossing those boundaries,

he doesn't care. He doesn't care. And as long as
you kind of set the tone for what they're walking
into than they know, Yeah, listen, just behindside it. Yeah wait, wait,
what's what's your husband? Um? Me, my husband. He's Colombian
and like he came over here, Yeah, he's full Colombian.
Came over here when he was younger, and then his

parents actually ended up at camp. Yeah yeah, and then
he like was in you know, the foster care system,
and then you know his mom got out, and you know,
he's been self made since he was like thirteen years old,
taking care of his entire family. And like so when
I met him, obviously like I had a completely different upbringing,

but like I just fell in love with his drive
and his work ethic and the way that he takes
care of his family. And I was just so you know,
I you know, I grew up in Indiana. Like that's
you know, it's not really the same that made him
who he is. Yeah, and that's and you could have
went on you guys, me drunk out of club? Wait,

how old are you and how so I was recently
just divorced from my I got married when I was young,
Like just you know, no drama. They're just like, well,
you know, I was like two young and he had
a baby and we were out there. Who goes out
the night after Christmas? Apparently we do when you're like
going through traumatic situations, like life changes. And we met

and the next morning we woke up and I'm like,
I gotta get to work at six o'clock. Edmund, He's like,
my name's Edwyn. Had a baby. He had a baby.
He had a baby. Yeah, and she's my amazing stepdaughter,
Like I never thought I wanted kids until I met her,
fell in love like with her and all these things.

So it's like I didn't like break up a marriage
or anything like that like that. They were sporting, not together.
But how well it was the baby she when I
first met her, she was like ten weeks old baby baby,
and you know, I didn't know anything about babies or anything.
But like Bella has like beyond changed my life. And

I fell in love with him as a father too,
you know. And and but that from that day, you guys,
A yeah, I mean the first couple of the first
year was a little messy. We were both mess you know,
we neither of us were ready at first, but we
just had so much fun together. I think if you
can laugh with each other, not taking everything so seriously

m hmm, and and also be willing to work at
your marriage, you're gonna get through whatever. But serious question,
do you ever call him Edmund? But I get so
grossed out when he says his name's Eddie, not because
of Eddie Judge, but because that was like the name

he gave me that night, like he was like, my
name's Eddie, and he did go by Eddie, and I'm like,
you don't want to be why did you say Eddie?
Like Edwin, Like, don't try to like make it better
than it is. I I liked call him ed I
call him I like And Cameron, what's your what Spanish?

Is your husband? He's from Guadalajara, so he was. I
never heard of that. Yeah, so he um, that's that's
like what it is in Mexico. Yeah, so he was Mexican.
He's Mexican, so he was. He was born in Guadalajara.
He can't he kind of had a his parents din't
go to jail, but he doesn't have a relationship with
his mom or his dad. Grandma brought him over from

Mexico and he was like two. They literally lived in
a garage for years, like because they had no money.
And he you know, he could have won either way,
Like he moved to Annaheim, right by Disneyland, and he
went the total opposite way, like he was. She just
didn't want to be like his his parents. His mom
was on drugs and his dad was a professional ball player.

Look at the Look at this with you too, Look
at your husband's Louise Mexican, Dominican and Puerto Rican. Oh wow,
Where was he born and raised? So his father is
a Mexican and Puerto Rican and his mother is Domerican.
Is English a second language? Um? He no, he was.

He was um born and raised I think in Bronx,
in the Bronx. Yeah, but his um his mom was
born in Dominican, but his father was born here. Yeah.
But his father's half half Mexican half Puerto Rican. Yeah.
Oh I love that and I love his family. They're
like such a beautiful, beautiful When did he move to Jersey? Um,

he moved, Well, he lived, He's from Rockland County, Rockland,
New York, and then he moved to Jersey after that.
I think, um seven years now we've been together. Like
when I met him, he was living in Jersey. I
think seven years. Have you guys been together? Two years?
You know right away? Um, I would say so yes, yeah,

like like and not that I even thought of anything, um,
but yeah, I mean like we didn't getting gauge to
what a year after like a year and two months left, yeah,
because we got it turned a year in July and
then we got engaged in that October it feels like
you guys have been together so much longer than that.
And is he the first guy post Joe that you

ever felt this way, like had any sort of romantic
feeling towards I dated one other guy, um, you know,
after Joe. So but like it was like not that
I knew it was not going to be anything. You know,
you're just differing your chosen yes, which I'm glad that
I didn't have to. Like, I'm glad it was an
indeed a lot of guys because that's really not my thing,

you know, But it was quick, you know, And that's
I never thought I would get married again. And um,
he really is. He's really my solf mate. He is
you guys? Are you guys are so cute together? Yeah?
Well we know we're out of time, you guys, but
thank you so much. We go for h y are

you Latino man gonna be with you? Now? We're leaving
them at home? I I know, I felt bad the
other day. I go an, are you sure you don't
want to go? Because you know, so we still have
Sophia at home and she doesn't she doesn't a driver's license,
jet so it's so hard to wait don't you think
anyone to go to Bravo con crazy ladies? Probably not,
but just to go to New York and hang out. Yeah,

but I don't think we're working so much. He's like,
don't kill me. Um damn. Who's Sophia my youngest daughter? Wait?
How old did she? She's seventeen. Okay, I thought I
thought you had all your kids were out around. She's
a senior in high school. So okay, she still doesn't
have her driver's license. I'm like, okay, listen, next week,

we're going. Next week, she fail at once and she
won't go back. Oh that's okay, because I'm like, why
didn't she have it? That's why? Okay, she's here now. Yeah,
because I drive her everywhere. That's why. You know why
they would go back and fail mine? So I never
had to drive again. I would. No, she's okay. I
have three dogs, three dogs, four dogs, guys, but this

is the Golden Rosie. But took her multi politic school,
so we we all missed her. Yeah, oh my gosh. Well,
we can't wait for the upcoming season and to see
you guys in New York. Thanks for joining us, and
you guys tune into namastay bitches, what does it drop
Wednesday afternoons, every Wednesday morning, every Wednesday morning morning. Yeah,

wherever you listen to your podcast, thank you, it was fun.
Thank you guys. Thank you guys. See you next month. Bye,
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