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April 16, 2024 14 mins

Marysol shows support and reacts to Alexia’s divorce news. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I put forward with Alexi Napola and Marisaw Patton and
iHeartRadio podcast Good Evening, I put forward listeners. It's just
me today, maysol imn Solo. As you may or may
not know, the news just broke that Alexia's husband, Todd

has filed for divorce. We're all a little shocked and
and so you know, it's not a good day for
her to be here and participate. What can I say,
I'm completely taken by surprise. I mean, I didn't see
this coming. It's it rips my heart apart because I

just I can only put myself in her shoes and
know how hard this must be for her. You know,
that dream of we all have that dream of being
in love and then we you know, find a partner
and we have the fantasy of the perfect life, and
then reality hit. Sometimes it's not what we thought it
was going to be. And and today's today, we all
got a big cold dose of reality. You know, things

don't always turn out the way we planned. And I'm
very sad for her anyway. Alexi has just put out
a statement in regards to the articles that have come out.
I guess somebody somehow found the filing in the court system.
I mean these people. I just don't know how people

find I mean, who, who who goes out there digging
and looking for these things. I can't even believe it.
What what would what would inspire to go dig it
around to see who's getting divorced or who's in trouble
or you know, who just got arrested. But I guess
there's professionals that do that, and that's I guess how
they keep their their you know, their news outlets alive.
So this is a statement in response to the articles

that are now out all over the internet Instagram about
Todd filing for divorce. Alexia has said, I'm shocked and
heartbroken that Todd has chosen to dissolve our marriage. I
will take comfort in the fact that my friends and
family will be by my side, supporting me during this
difficult time. I'm praying for better times ahead. Well, if

anyone knows that Alexia will see better times ahead, it's me.
I've been through the ringer. I've been through the ringer
with her, She's been through the ringer with me. We've
been through depths, divorces, marriages, TV shows, canceled TV shows,
rebooted TV shows. Now we get to talk about it

on our podcasts. If there's anything I know about Alexia,
she's strong, and she's a fighter and resilient. She's been
through a lot and she always comes out on the
other end shining. And I know that, you know, myself
and the whole team at iHeartRadio and I are going
to give her her space and when she's ready to

talk about it, she will, because Alex is a sharer,
and that's why she's on a reality show, because she
knows how to share and be open and be raw
and be real. You know, as much as I hurt
for her and feel my god, oh god, I know

how this feels. I've been left and I've been the
one to leave, and I know how hard it is
when you if you leave or you're the one that's left,
it's hard either way because you know you're hurting someone.
And I don't know. I mean, I'm an EmPATH. I
don't like to hurt people, and I certainly don't like
to be hurt. And you know, I will always be

here for her and give her support. You know, our
phones have been blowing up today. Mine's blowing up, you know,
I've told people, don't text her, give her some time.
You know, she needs to just be alone and figure
it out because it's all just so new and so
fresh and so shocking. And you know, I'm going to

be there for her. I'm always there for her. I
was there. You know. We used to work together. She
had a magazine at a PR firm. We always worked together.
Then we ended up doing a TV show together. Then
we were off the air for a few years, and
you know, I was in a relationship of marriage and
she was in a marriage. Her husband died and I
got divorced. Then we dated and did our girl time

and fun time together, and then I met somebody, and
she met Todd, and she stayed with Todd, and that
guy dumped me, and and then she was there for
me when I had to lick my wounds. And now
you know, I was there when herman died. And now
you know, I'm remarried, and now she's broken up with Todd.
Like our life is just always together in this same circle.

We always love each other, we always support each other,
and you know, I'm going to be here for her
no matter what. And I'm sure every buddy wants to
support Alexia right now, because you know you've probably been
there too. I'm sure all of us have been heartbroken
at one point or another.

Speaker 2 (05:19):
Hey guys, I'm Jonathan, one of the producers on iPort Forward,
and I just had a quick question from Arisol. You
had mentioned that you've had different kinds of divorces. You've
either walked away or someone's walked away from you. Can
you tell me more about you know, those experiences and
what each one has done for you and how that
set you up for something better?

Speaker 1 (05:40):
Well, you know me. Listen, I have this conversation with
Alexia all the time. We love to be in love
and we don't know how to be alone. I think
we're in love with love. We are. We talk about it,
we giggle. She's always like, I amya, You're like me,
we just can't be alone, and I'm like nope. And
you know when you when you just can't be alone

and you're in love love, you just jump into stuff.
I'm not saying that that's what she did, but me
for sure, I can tell you I love to jump
into things quite quickly. So when I was about twenty seven,
I married my first husband after knowing him. I don't know,
after two weeks he's like, I want to marry you.
It was this Turkish guy from miss Stambul and he

was super cute. He looked like Antonio Benderaz. All my
friends said he could call him Antonio. And he was
really fun, partied a little too much, way more than me,
smoked a lot of cigarettes. I'm not a fan of cigarettes,
but you know, I was like. My mother was like, oh,
you're twenty seven. You should just get married already. God,
people are going to think something's wrong with you. She's

the one that actually pushed me into the marriage. Like
I don't really know him. I don't know if I
really like him. His legs are super skinny, and she's like,
just do it. So I did it and Lauren Behol
On my wedding day, she comes into the bedroom like
I was on my way to the courthouse. We were
just going to go to the courthouse, and I had
like some ripped jeans and some TACKI platforms. It's like

nineteen ninety one, one or two. I don't even remember
what year it was. And it was actually right around
I was April tenth. It was last Wednesday, and my
dad calls me and he goes, oh, no, no, don't go
to the courthouse. Come to our house. I'm gonna call
a justice of the peace. I tell him that I
don't have anything to wear. I hadn't planned on doing
any of this. And my mother comes down with this

huge diamond and pearl necklace. Because she loved to buy
and collect beautiful jewelry. She's like, oh, I've been saving
this for your wedding day. I'm like, what are you
talking about. You just brought that home a few months
ago from the jewelry store. She's like, you better wear it.
Are your wedding's going to be cursed? And I said,
I'm not wearing it. He's wearing a linen yaeta and

I can't wear that crazy necklace. It's going to look stupid. Besides,
we're in our living room at home. She's like, I
cursed your wedding, and I curse you, and she locked
herself in the bedroom after she told me to marry him.
I didn't even see her on my wedding day. She
locked herself up. Anyway, I should have known it was
doomed because even the cake. His friend at the time

went to Publix and bought a cake the cake fell
over and split in half on the table, even before
the nuptials started, so Mom wasn't there. The cake fell apart.
I don't know why. I was crying like crazy. I
was very scared. I was scared. I was nervous. It
was the unknown for me. Then he started crying. We
were like two stupid kids, two bumbling idiots getting married. Anyway,

that lasted not long, maybe about fourteen months. I went
to Istanbul. I lived there a bit, and then I
started getting nervous because he was very lazy. His family
had a lot of money. He was very lazy, and
I thought he's not gonna be able to take care
of me, and I can't have children with him. Like how,
I'm a Capricorn. I'm very practical. So I was like,

maybe I should go home and finish my schooling and
then come back. So I said, listen, I want to
finish my degree. I was studying to be a school teacher,
and then I'll come back. Well, honey, I came back
and he moved on, and then I would call him
because I was hearing from him. And then one time
a woman picked up the phone and was laughing on
the other end of the phone and then hung up

on me. I couldn't believe it. I ran out of
the bathroom and I was puking. I was so sick
to my stomach. I couldn't believe this was happening. So
that was the end of that one. I never even
was able to reach him again. We had to do
a divorce where you you know, you just you put
an announcement in the newspaper because he lived in a
Muslim country. So we did it like that, and then
it was like, you know, it's like when they say,

you say, I divorce you a divorce here two times
and then you're divorced. It was like one of those things.
So that's how I got divorced the first time. Second time,
I get married on the show with this really cute
guy that you know had a catering company and he
did a lot of the catering for the events at
my company. He was always flirting with me, but I

ignored him because I was always dating somebody and having
a good time and just in attention because I was like, oh,
that's the catering dude. And then he opened a restaurant
here and he's like, i'd really like to invite you,
and so I decided to go, and sure enough that
was the end of that. We stayed together. We ended
up getting married, like I don't know, four months later.

That lasted not long, a couple of years. We were
just totally mismatched, not you know, I was just totally
like in this trajectory of work, work, work, work, work
filmed my show, work, work, work filmed my show, and
I had no time to be a wife or be
good one it that and you know, communication breakdown. I

wasn't being very nice to him. One day I came
home and he was gone, and there was a letter
on the bed and he had packed his stuff. He said,
I'm going to France for a while, and you know,
I was shocked. I was like, wow, I can't really
just got up and left like that. But I guess
I pushed him to it. I was sad, you know.

I waited a couple of months, begged him to come back.
He came back. It just it wasn't going to work.
He liked to go out till three four o'clock in
the morning and I would stay home and he wasn't home.
And no one can live like that. You can't have
a partner out partying, partying, and you're at home alone
wondering were there and they're not even picking up the phone,
so that you know that went awry, just like the

other one. And then I had a client, a client
that I hadn't seen in many years, but whenever I
would see him, he would fly in from London. I
opened his restaurant. We would talk for hours and hours
at a time. He was married at the time, I
was married at the time, but we had a very
good chemistry, like a mental chemistry. We connected very very well.

And he's like starts. He would write send me an email. No,
not an email, he would send me a text every
New Year at midnight for five years straight. How are you.
I'm thinking of you. I thought, that's really odd. So
at the end of those five years, he's like, I'm
coming to town. He sends me an email. I said, okay,

good for you. I was dating somebody and he's like,
I really want to see him, like I'm busy, and
then every day he just chased me, every day, I
want to see I want see I want to see him. Finally,
I was a little bit on the rocks with the
person I was dating, and I decided to go out
with him, and sure enough, you know, that was like
a thirteen hour date. And then I said, you know,
I don't want to see anymore. You don't even live here,

and this is no good and I don't want any
more heartbreak in my life. But he hunted me, chased
me down, and eventually moved to Miami and we moved
in together and lived together for three and a half years,
and it was tough. It got really toxic after. Like
he was on good behavior the first two years, and
that last year and a half just was He would

pick fights constantly and there was too much drinking going on,
and I was constantly trying to fix things and make
it better, and you know, he always made me feel
like everything was my fault. So I was always you know,
over pleasing, overcompensating. And you know, one day he's like,

I think I need to move out. My daughter's unwell
and I need to be with her. And I said, okay, well,
you know, move close by. He goes, well, well, you know,
we're we're going to still be together, but I'm just
going to live here for a little while in an apartment.
And I helped him find an apartment. I helped him
pick the furniture. I sent my handyman over and set
everything up, and sure enough, he just communication just became

less and less and less. And then one day I
came home and the rest of his clothes were gone.
I'm like, oh my god, everything's gone. Now. It was
supposed to be just like a little here and then
a little over and at my house, a little clothing
and little clothing at his house, and we'll just keep
it going from there and you know, get the daughter
situated and then he'd be back home. Oh that that

really hit me hard. It hit me hard because it
happened right around the same time my dad died, and
I was just a broken, broken human being. So I
know what these pains are like. And yeah, it's you know,
I feel for Alexi. I know how hard all of
this is when you're not you know, expecting things. And well,

now you know, I spend a lot of time healing
myself and praying, and I manifested a really great man.
I'm very happy, and you know, on my wedding anniversary
is on Monday, three years and it's the greatest thing
that ever happened to me. Like I know, that I'm
not just in love with love. I know that this
is a love for life this time around. That's all

I got to say, Guys,
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