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February 15, 2024 43 mins

Guillermo was once accused of killing Joe Morton (Eli Pope), which he definitely didn’t do. And Katie shares a story of a stalker who kept calling her after Scandal ended. From talks of waterboarding practice runs on set to a debate about Olivia Pope’s amazing gloves, this episode has it all. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Unpacking the Toolbox is a production of Shondaland Audio in
partnership with higheartradioshas Katie.

Speaker 2 (00:32):

Speaker 3 (00:33):
You know what's so cool about you being a stoner?
I have to say you have such an amazing.

Speaker 2 (00:39):
Work ethic around it.

Speaker 3 (00:40):
First of all, let it be known here and first
and foremost. I worked with Germo every single day almost
for seven years straight. You have never come to Workstone,
You would never. That's your worst night can't like it's
your worst nightmare. It scares the shit at you.

Speaker 1 (00:52):
Oh yeah, I would never. But part of me wishes
I could function at work and be behigh. But there's
no way, there's no way.

Speaker 3 (00:59):
I'm too as I've never crossed that line. But are
someone that like when you.

Speaker 1 (01:03):
Come home from the work day, Hell yeah.

Speaker 2 (01:06):
It's like I'm gonna smoke to like take the edge
off and like whatever.

Speaker 3 (01:10):
But I feel like most people would get pretty muddy there,
and it's like just.

Speaker 1 (01:16):
Yeah, And I know that there's some big actors like
I know Eddie Murphy, I've heard does it Eject Nicholson
Like they're constantly stoned on set like you.

Speaker 2 (01:24):
Yeah, butson Ford.

Speaker 1 (01:26):
Paris and Ford too, But their work is Stellar. You
know what I mean, it doesn't affect their work, and
that's a that's a special breed. I can't do that shit.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
Well, let it be a set.

Speaker 3 (01:36):
But like I've never been fucked up. It's I've never
been Scandal. No no, no, no, no no no. I just
my memory went back to on Scandal. Because I was
the youngest of the series regulars, they used to give
me the last shot of the night on a Friday,
and I would get called into work at ten pm

to shoot like at midnight and be wrapped by two am.
And one time I was not drunk by any means,
but I had a beer on my deck and then
had to like drive to work.

Speaker 2 (02:07):
But I had a beer, and I was.

Speaker 3 (02:08):
Like completely fucking goodie two shoe like horrified that I
have done that. I was just like, oh my god,
how could I have had a fucking beer.

Speaker 2 (02:18):
First of all, it's a fucking beer, Like if you
shoot in Europe or you shoot in England, so many
people have beer or wine with lunch in the middle
of a shoe day.

Speaker 3 (02:26):
Like since then, now that I've grown up and I'm
not little baby bitch. When we shot Inventing Anna and
we shot in Morocco, and we were with a foreign
crew in Morocco. I mean every day the hour lunch,
everyone's having a glass or two of wine, like, oh yeah,
it was wonderful. Like I was like, why does this
seem so fun? So I was never drunk on scandal.

But I have to say when we did the Broadway
and Adam and I did Waitress.

Speaker 2 (02:54):
For some reason, when.

Speaker 3 (02:54):
You do a musical, a lot of people take like
a shot of whiskey or something like before the show
or an intermission to sort of like warm up their chords,
because whiskey makes your chords feel like really lubricated and
super warm, and and everyone's got whiskey in their room
and you just like take a shot.

Speaker 2 (03:12):
And I'm not gonna lie.

Speaker 3 (03:14):
My character I played had so much heavy lifting in
the first act. I've never done it for the first act.
But the second act, Dawn is really not around that much.
And so I remember there were a couple of the
hundred million shows we did where the second act.

Speaker 1 (03:30):
I was like a little bit.

Speaker 3 (03:33):
It's no way shape form, yeah yeah, like a light
buzz yeah. And it was a blast, and I thought
I was the greatest actor ever.

Speaker 1 (03:41):
Of course I did a movie with Mario con Chito
Alonzo and she while we were downtime, while they were
setting up, she would go around with tequila shots and
make us do tequila shots. So I did do that,
had a couple of times, but I just did like
one or two. But I was like, Okay, did.

Speaker 2 (03:56):
You feel like you were the best actor ever?

Speaker 1 (03:58):
Yeah, totally.

Speaker 2 (04:01):
That's sort of the weird thing about it.

Speaker 1 (04:02):
You lose your inhibitions. But I also didn't do that
much where I was like super like buzz, but she
was no joke. She would literally go around and give
us all tequila shots. I was like, what's happening? What
is my air goo and sheet Alonzo, I had to
do it. I couldn't say.

Speaker 2 (04:15):
No, non, no, like are you joking? Of course you
have to do that. But Scandal, God, everyone was such
goodie two shoes, like you would never ever ever, but.

Speaker 3 (04:29):
You never and you're such a stoner. I always loved
that you were so like, you're just very disciplined. You're
really good at your own boundaries. Because I would be like,
oh yeah, this fucking episode right, I just rewatched and
had to I close my eyes for a lot of
it because I cannot handle what they're doing to you.

Speaker 2 (04:50):
I cannot. It's horrific. It's not okay, Like I can't
believe this episode.

Speaker 1 (04:56):
You believe that shit.

Speaker 2 (04:58):
I don't even care about what happens to rest of
this episode.

Speaker 3 (05:00):
I mean I do, but I just want to hear
about your experience in shooting this because it is a
fucking nightmare.

Speaker 2 (05:06):
Like I can't watch it. I don't know if it's
because I love you so much as a friend or I.

Speaker 3 (05:11):
Love hockbody character, but it's really hard to watch. And
we're talking about episode two ten one for the Dog,
which aired on January tenth, twenty thirteen.

Speaker 1 (05:20):
It was written by Heather Mitchell and it was directed
by Steve Robin.

Speaker 3 (05:25):
It was guest starring Susie poor Far as Becky Flynn,
Brian Lesher as Tom, Wendy Davis is Kimberly Mitchell, Stony
Westmoreland is hal Rimbaut, Kavita Patil as President's doctor while
she was Great, and who else g.

Speaker 1 (05:37):
And Sam McMurray is the US attorney Pat Wexler, Joe
Holt as the Secretary of Defense Virginia, Louise Smith as
Secretary of State, Troy Vincent as NSA type, Sonya Rockwell
as Trixie, j Jackson as a male reporter, and James
McDonald as interrogator.

Speaker 3 (05:54):
Okay, let's do this synopsis very very quickly, because I
like this is the most violent I can't Okay. After
Vernon Thornton expresses her concerns about Hollis Doyle, Olivia and
the team get to work trying to uncover Hollis's involvement
the assassination attempt. But when the word miraculously comes that
Fits is awake and ready to reclaim the presidency, Olivia
learns that they're in much deeper trouble than they scramble
to cover up Mellie's fraud.

Speaker 1 (06:15):
Meanwhile, David Rosen sees the dark side of the government
as they torture Huck under the Patriot Act. When Huck talks,
he warns David that Becky isn't done yet, not until
the president is dead.

Speaker 2 (06:26):
Things come to a head when Olivia convinces Sally to
let Huck out if they can promise to turn in
the real assassin.

Speaker 1 (06:32):
Yo, I'm crazy.

Speaker 2 (06:34):
I cannot watch this fucking episode.

Speaker 3 (06:36):
I cannot Have you ever been tortured before in any
show you've done.

Speaker 1 (06:42):
I don't think so, but I remember we had to
rehearse the waterboarding. I didn't know about waterboarding. I didn't
really know what it was. I didn't understand it. And
then we did a couple of rehearsals with Tom Verica,
which is weird. Oh Tom was there because he was
the producing director, right and our director of course, Steve Robin.
And they just laid me on a plank and pulled
me back and just were like, this is what it's

going to be like. And they poured the water slowly
over my face, like with a rag, over my mouth
and nose.

Speaker 3 (07:09):
When you rehearsed it, would they say like, okay, now
hold your breath or like what or you're screaming?

Speaker 1 (07:14):
Yeah? I mean I think instinctually, you you know, I
just held my breath. But you know, they did it very,
very sort of lightly, and they sort of you know,
got me used to it and they just kind of
wanted me to feel what was going to feel like
when we shot it. But it was intense. Man. You know.
The the craziest thing about shooting that stuff was that

I had to be naked. But they can, you know,
as actors when you're naked in a scene, they usually
give you a little cover of ban Yeah, the NAD.

Speaker 2 (07:45):
Disease. I can't. I cannot. Here's why why if someone's
tortured on the Patriot Act, why do they have to
be naked? Is that even like a thing?

Speaker 1 (07:57):
Right? Don't they fuck? You know, to humiliate them? It's
also you know, it's it's mental torture too. But an
interesting fact. The guy that's that's sort of the head
the he's the interrogator in that scene, he's wearing a
black tea shirt.

Speaker 2 (08:13):
I wanted to fucking kill him.

Speaker 1 (08:16):
Yes. Now, Katie is a Sex and the City fan.
He was in a in a Sex in the City episode,
which one it was when they go to La and
Samantha goes to like a sex shop like show or whatever,
and this guy has like a a dildo that he's selling.
It's a cast of his penis, yes, and Samantha, and
Samantha sleeps with him and then he's like, I'm a
poet too, and he wants to keep reciting poetry to her,

and she's like, I just want you to fuck me.
But but he he has like a penis in a
box that he you know, they sell at the sex.

Speaker 2 (08:45):
Shop completely remember that. And that's the guy.

Speaker 1 (08:49):
That's the guy. His name is James McDonald. Yeah, he's
pretty hot. He is hot. He is hot, but.

Speaker 2 (08:55):
He's always pretty hot.

Speaker 1 (08:57):
Yeah. But also another fun fact that I found that
he is related to the twenty third US president, President
Benjamin Harrison.

Speaker 2 (09:05):
Got the fuck out of here.

Speaker 1 (09:06):
Isn't that crazy?

Speaker 2 (09:07):
There are two.

Speaker 3 (09:08):
Things that are crazy about this That he's related to
Benjamin Harrison. And the second thing is that I don't
think I ever knew that we had a president named
Benjamin Harrison.

Speaker 1 (09:15):
I didn't either. He served one term from eighteen eighty
nine to eighteen ninety three. He was a Republican and
Grover Cleveland preceded him and succeeded him as well.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
He grows, So no one gave a fuck about this, dude.

Speaker 1 (09:29):
Really, Yeah, he did one term and he was out.
But how interesting that Grover Cleveland preceded him. So he
was the president before and then and then he was
the president after. He was the only president in US history.

Speaker 3 (09:40):
Who's ever done that, a two term president, but not
consecutive exactly.

Speaker 1 (09:44):
Yeah, Oh my crazy shit.

Speaker 2 (09:45):
Good and related to old guy.

Speaker 1 (09:49):
To Dick Mold guy, James Jurer.

Speaker 3 (09:52):
James McDonald take me to the night before the water
boarding scene. Are you up all night you can't sleep,
You're terrified, or you excited because you love horror movies
and this is your shit, or you just like feeling
like I can't wait to fucking do this, or you
just like I don't want.

Speaker 2 (10:07):
To do this.

Speaker 1 (10:08):
Yeah, you know what it seems like this, Katie, I
feel more not nervous and more not anxious at all,
because in the scene I have to be so traumatized
and anxious and scared and you know, all those emotions
that I don't stress about it. I get more anxious
and nervous about scenes where I have to you know,

say a bunch of words and be very you know,
proper and at opa or whatever. That stuff makes me
more nervous than a scene like this, because I'm just
you know what I mean, Because I know when I
get there, if I feel anxious, I'm like, oh, just
you're to ship in a scene.

Speaker 3 (10:42):
Yeah, yeah, you're gonna scream and you're gonna flip out, And.

Speaker 1 (10:46):
Yeah, I was more excited about doing it than anything.

Speaker 3 (10:49):
You were so outstanding in this episode, and I really
I couldn't watch it, like I just was. So it's
so violent to watch someone be torture. First of all,
it's absolutely fucking horrifying because the person can't fight back.

Speaker 1 (11:04):
And and the fact, like I was thinking, the fact
that they actually do this, like our government does this shit.
I mean other governments as well, of course do we
that and even shadier ship, but the fact that shit
like this happens goes down. And because it's you're in
the Pentagon, it's you know, all there are no rules,
like they can whatever.

Speaker 3 (11:24):
Is character like this is us soil, and the guys like,
no fucking a, this is the bowels of the fucking Pentagon.
There are no citizens here, there are no human rights,
like we don't give a shit, like we're figuring out
who shot the president.

Speaker 1 (11:37):
Yo. And around this time, Katie, I don't know if
you remember, there's a photo of me getting waterboarded, like
when they sit me up and I'm saying i'll talk,
I'll talk for me. Oh. Photo was released on the
Internet by TMZ of me saying that I went crazy
on set and murdered Joe Morton. Do you remember this? No, yes, talking,

it was it was all over. It was on Twitter.
They released a katie for like four minute came out.
It was during the time. I don't know if it
was before like right after, but they used that photo
of me getting interrogated and TMZ, who is a you know,
a huge reputable like.

Speaker 2 (12:19):
Yes, huge celebrity.

Speaker 1 (12:21):
They're sort of tabloidy, but they're they're legit. If you will,
of course, how crazy is that?

Speaker 2 (12:27):
Are you fucking out of your mind? You could still
kind of google it tell somebody.

Speaker 1 (12:33):
Like no, because I saw somebody told me about it
and it popped up on Twitter and I saw it
and then next thing I knew it was gone. I
think TMZ realized, oh shit, we fucked up. At first.
I think they thought is this real and they just
released it and they didn't do their due diligence and
make sure that it was real. It was the weirdest shit.

Speaker 2 (12:50):
Fuck you TMZ at the time.

Speaker 3 (12:52):
Let it be known to you listeners that we are
are professional researchers, producers and geniuses behind the scan of
Rewatch podcast. I've done a deep dive and the photo
and the evidence no longer even exists that has the
picture of you being waterboard and saying that you killed
Joe Morton.

Speaker 1 (13:07):
Thanks, that's pretty good, good, pretty good.

Speaker 3 (13:09):
Well, maybe you know what TMZ probably has something to
like sweep right, yeah, like fuck up, which, by the way,
I had to sweep the Internet of all my personal stuff.
Oh really yeah, because somebody was calling my voicemail and
jerking off into it.

Speaker 2 (13:26):
Gear No.

Speaker 1 (13:31):
Was he talking? Yes? Yes, and Quinn.

Speaker 2 (13:36):
Nope, Katie, it's been It was recent.

Speaker 3 (13:39):
It was like right after and How We Roll episode aired,
and an unknown number started ringing, and I quickly picked
up because I was like, it's definitely my mother, although
my mother never has an unown number. It's just like
whenever I'm in something, the minute it's done airing East Coast,
I'm the first and only.

Speaker 2 (13:53):
Person to call is my mother?

Speaker 1 (13:54):
Is your mom?

Speaker 3 (13:55):
So I pick up and it's like your fucking ass
like this and the other thing talking about my butt,
talking about my body, talking about me, and like getting
heavier and heavier and heever, and I got scared and
I quickly hung up. And then they called again and
I picked up and it was the guy again, and
then I hung up and I didn't know what to do.
And then they called again and I hand the phone
to Adam, and Adam picks up and he's like.

Speaker 2 (14:17):
Who the fuck is this?

Speaker 3 (14:19):
You know, da da da da da leave my wife alone,
blah blah blah blah. And then I get a million
missed calls from that number and then a million voice
Oh my mail left with the person finishing and all
of that, and Adam is being like so old school
traditional it was actually kind of cute. He's like, you're
not listening to this. This is absolute, this is disgusting listening.

Speaker 1 (14:38):
He's like, I gotta listen to it one more time,
just to make sure.

Speaker 3 (14:43):
But I hired like professional companies like go over the
Internet and erase, like my phone number was google able.

Speaker 1 (14:51):
Oh shit.

Speaker 2 (14:53):
Then it started this whole barrage of like very weird
phone calls.

Speaker 3 (14:56):
Anyway, I have a new number people, if you're trying
to find me.

Speaker 2 (14:59):
Good law. It was great. We will be back with
more after the break.

Speaker 3 (15:07):
This episode, besides you being held in the kris agone
under the Patriot Act, we also have that Fits is
still unconscious in the hospital and Melly has gone ahead
and forged his signature, which she claims she's been forging
and do perfectly since he was governor and everyone thinks

that he's awake and fully functioning, and Olivia and Cyrus
and Melly are doing all that they can to sort
of keep up the facade that he's awake and fine,
and they're yes, and the President becomes our client. While
you're getting the shit kicked down. Yes, Olivia comes in
and says, we have a new client. And the client

that we're working on is trying to throw the press
off that like he is alive, He's fine.

Speaker 1 (15:53):
Yeah. I love when Olivia gets word that Fits is alive.
That scene where she goes to the hospital and she's
wearing those fucking white gloves that literally go up to
her biceps, and she's fucking she's.

Speaker 3 (16:11):
Like sort of smiley, and she wait to see him
and she's in a she's in a really beautiful cashmere
sweater and these long gloves and then she goes in
and she's.

Speaker 1 (16:23):
Like and she's like, this motherfucker is not awake. What
did you do?

Speaker 2 (16:29):
What did you do?

Speaker 1 (16:31):
Dude? But those gloves are Dorothy Gospar gloves. That's the designer.
I fucking talk about a deep dive. I went looking
for that ship and I found it.

Speaker 2 (16:44):
You're a dream boat.

Speaker 1 (16:46):
And and it also had this whole write up thing
where Lynn Paolo was interviewed about those gloves and that scene,
and she said that Carry and her first were sort
of hesitant, like, you know, this is such an intense scene.
She's going to see it's in the hospital. She thinks
he's awake for the first time. Would she be wearing
these long, you know, fashionable, luxurious gloves and they were like, yep,

it's Olivia Pope. She always has like that fashion sense.
She always looks good no matter what.

Speaker 2 (17:15):
Yeah, that stuck out to me.

Speaker 3 (17:16):
In this episode two when Edison is like, you haven't
been home in two days, I'm like, she looks this
great and hers are so put together when she hasn't
been home or brushed her teeth or taking a shower, Like,
what would be haggard?

Speaker 1 (17:27):
I'm haggard right now.

Speaker 2 (17:29):
Yeah, so fucking haggard.

Speaker 3 (17:33):
Sally knows that they're lying. It's so fun to see
Kate Burton in the Oval office acting as the president,
you know, like she's moved around photographs, she's put in
her own personal ship.

Speaker 1 (17:48):
Yeah, she fits a dusty old ship, as she calls it.

Speaker 2 (17:52):
Yeah, that's right. And Mellie's all like that was a
president from Bush Senior.

Speaker 1 (17:57):
But okay, whatever, it's okay, we'll be back soon enough.
Ye uh huh.

Speaker 3 (18:01):
I just think this episode it's so fucking chock full.
We have James who has quit being a reporter because
he's sitting patiently waiting for a baby, yes, which Cyrus
is sort of hanging over his head, you know, like
they have a back and forth like a carrot rabbit
scenes where you know, James is like, I'm going to

publish that the president isn't really awake and Jeff is like.

Speaker 2 (18:25):
Well, then you're not getting your fucking baby.

Speaker 1 (18:27):
Yeah, your fucking baby, your fat baby?

Speaker 2 (18:29):
Yes? What other things stuck out to you in this
app Oh?

Speaker 1 (18:34):
Then the David Rosen when he goes and tells Olivia
about Huck, She's like, they're torturing the fuck out of him.
But he did speak and he did say something. He said,
the person that shot fits is not done if the
president is still alive.

Speaker 2 (18:49):
Oh wait, did you shoot all that torturing thing in
one day?

Speaker 1 (18:52):
Yeah? We shot all that stuff in one day. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (18:55):
But the so the waterboarding getting your because it kind
of accelerates. They go from like they start the episode
where they're waterboarding you, and then it moves into like
they're punching the.

Speaker 2 (19:04):
Sheet in at you.

Speaker 3 (19:05):
Yes, yeah, and then they even like turn you on
your side and they're like scalpeling you.

Speaker 1 (19:10):
Yeah. She's like kicking him, right, They're like kicking the
shit out of them.

Speaker 2 (19:15):
Oh my god? How did was there someone there blocking that?

Speaker 1 (19:18):

Speaker 2 (19:18):
Was that all fight ship?

Speaker 1 (19:19):
Yeah? I mean our our our stunt coordinator was there.

Speaker 3 (19:22):
What I learned from Scandal is that I don't like action. Yeah,
Like I like playing a bad ass. Don't get me wrong.
These interviews of like I just listen to Emily Blunt
on SmartLess or something, and she's like, you know how
much she loved like training and doing some big thing
with Tom Cruise and all that all my No, I

want to do sense and sensibility.

Speaker 2 (19:46):
I want to walk and talk. I want a West Wing,
big ass fucking.

Speaker 3 (19:50):
Monologue where I'm walking and I'm talking very fast, or
I'm sitting and I'm drinking a tea or I'm falling
to my knees and I'm crying or something like that.
Like that's all fine. I don't want to be doing this. Okay, Wait,
what else is happening in this episode. David Rosen is
very much on your side, and I feel like this

whole episode he's like, God, Josh Melyda, what a dick.

Speaker 2 (20:14):
He's really good.

Speaker 1 (20:16):
He is really good.

Speaker 3 (20:18):
He's really good, and he's the only person that's like,
this is not okay, yeah, what we're doing to this person.
And so he sort of really makes it his mission
in this episode to go to Olivia and figure out
how to get Huck out of there. And my god, Gamo,
so you shot the torturing all in one day, and
then when they finally let you out and they just

threw you out on the side of a street and
Olivia goes to sort of maybe put her arm around you,
and you just shy away like a dog that's been
like kick the shit out of one too many times
and can't receive any touch from another human.

Speaker 2 (20:56):

Speaker 1 (20:57):
Got that PTSD from that shit? Yeah? I love that scene.
I love that scene. But also I was like, how
the fuck, Like, I'm so like, I'm a little guy.
I'm like skinny in this episode, I'm little. I'm like
I would have talked from the first slap across my face,
I would have been like I did. I don't know
who did it? Like what the fuck? Like a Huck

is a little guy, you know what I mean? Like,
I'm like, this motherfucker, do.

Speaker 2 (21:22):
That shit your body? It's about your mental capacity?

Speaker 1 (21:25):
Yes, yes, yes, what you can take? Yeah.

Speaker 3 (21:28):
And when Sally Langston finally decides to let Huck out
because all the motherfuckers who are being the shit out
of you get called in with Olivia Pope thanks to
Josh Molina's thanks to David Rosen into the Oval office
and they're like, this guy's not talking. Here's an entire
pamphlet on why this dude is the way this dude is.

Speaker 2 (21:47):
And she gets to like two pages where.

Speaker 1 (21:49):
Yeah, they're like, read page four and five.

Speaker 3 (21:51):
Yeah, and she yes, Kate Burton's entire face changes. What
do you think she read on them about Huck?

Speaker 1 (21:57):
That was such a great moment for her as an
actor because her face completely changes and it makes you think,
what the fuck did she just read? Right?

Speaker 3 (22:06):
Well, all I can think of was like, oh my god,
you murdered the most wanted or the most high profile
political terrorists whatever.

Speaker 2 (22:18):
I don't know what do you think was on those pages?

Speaker 1 (22:20):
Same? I got super morbid. I was like she did.
She read like that he skinned somebody, like somebody like
a really bad sort of you.

Speaker 2 (22:29):
Know, like like the worst yeah, like the work in something.

Speaker 1 (22:34):
Yeah, or caused them to have like a heart attack
just by like talking to them or doing some crazy
shit to them. I don't know. I just went to
a real, real, well complete you know, to the dark side.

Speaker 2 (22:46):
Yeah, like Saw five or whatever.

Speaker 1 (22:49):
Yes, yes, I never watch.

Speaker 3 (22:51):
So she says, to let you out, and then we
have that moment where Olivia picks you up on the
side of the street, but you're you're on a mission.

Speaker 2 (22:57):
You're like, we don't have time.

Speaker 3 (22:58):
We don't have time because I'm the only person that
knows that if the President is not dead yet, that
Becky's not done.

Speaker 1 (23:04):
Yeah, and heh he knows. At this point, Huck knows
that Becky is one of him. They're the same, you know,
they've come from the same world. He knows what she's
capable of, and she's not gonna stop you.

Speaker 3 (23:13):
Right, And so they do this whole ploy of their
like we're going to move the body to Camp David
and Olivia's yeah, they're going to move to the body
to Camp David and Sally and everyone's like they're fucking
moving the body to Camp David because this is all
still bullshit.

Speaker 2 (23:27):
He's not awake.

Speaker 3 (23:28):
How long can they keep this rue going or whatever
the hell? At the meantime, Oh my god, I love
this scene. We haven't talked about it.

Speaker 2 (23:37):
And then we'll get back to the Camp David in
the ending.

Speaker 3 (23:39):
But when Edison shows up at the hospital, oh yeah,
gets in Olivia's face and is like, you're fucking lying
to me.

Speaker 2 (23:47):
This is treason. You will be held in court.

Speaker 1 (23:51):
Yeah you know, blah blah blah, and she's like fuck no.
She gets so angry.

Speaker 3 (23:56):
Yet Olivia is like, goodbye Lidson, and you see that
she's like literally choosing a dead VI who will even
speak over senator putting.

Speaker 1 (24:09):
She's choosing vegetable fits over a senator putting pop. YEP,
that's exactly right.

Speaker 2 (24:16):
I feel so bad for norm Lewis's run in this show.
I just do. I mean, look, anyone who got cast
to oppose the Olitz relationship.

Speaker 1 (24:27):
Yeah is done for. Ed is done for. Yeah. But
you could also you could feel Olivia's energy around him,
and she's just not into him. You can feel it.
The audience feels it. She's feeling it, like nobody wants
them to be together. No, you know what I mean.
I love that scene earlier in the episode where he's like,
you have at least say hello to me. When she's like,

what did you find out about you know, about hook
or whatever, He's like your day. Yeah, And then towards
the end of that scene, she's like, okay, fine, let's
make let's have sex. And they started out was like, oh,
they're going to fuck row. She's like, all right, I'm
gonna give you a mercy fuck real quick, so you
could shut up. But she's so not into him. She
does so does not want them.

Speaker 3 (25:09):
This is sort of their ending. I mean, I feel
like through like that's their breakup. He's like, if you
don't come clean to me, and she's like goodbye Edison,
and he knows she's lying, and she knows that she's
not going to give up the information, and it's just over.

Speaker 1 (25:25):
I wonder how many more episodes he did after this.

Speaker 3 (25:27):
I mean, I guess, well, we'll find out, we'll find
out watch podcasts, and we'll see what happens.

Speaker 1 (25:33):
As we unpacked this toolbox. That's where I find out.

Speaker 3 (25:37):
So you're on so we set this whole fake thing
up that the body is going to move to Camp David.
And also Abby and them have found a burner phone
in Hollis's desk with only one number that's been called repeatedly,
and it's Becky's.

Speaker 1 (25:50):
It's Becky's number.

Speaker 3 (25:52):
And so Becky goes to the roof, which has perfect
access to be able to sniper shoot the body and
finish the deal is being carted and moved to Camp David.

Speaker 2 (26:02):
But what happens James and.

Speaker 1 (26:04):
Huck scopes it out. He's you know, you see a
shot of him looking around. He's like, all right, that's
the spot where she's gonna go and and shoot and finish.
Fits off. And then there's that scene with Huck and
Olivia where they're standing side by side and she gives
him that number, that Becky number, yep, And so you know,
a couple of moments happened. And then he's up on

the roof. We see Becky up on the roof getting
her rifle ready, and he calls her on that Berna
phone and she picks up yeah, and he's like, hi, Becky,
and she turns around. Oh, it's such a cool moment
and he's got and he's got the gun pointed at her,
and she's like, if I take up my gun, you're

gonna put four bullets in me, aren't you? And he
said five. One for the dog, which is the title
of this episode because in the previous episode Becky right.

Speaker 3 (26:56):
Yeahs, fucking idiot, one for the dog. But you're talking
about out the whole family and the dog that you shot.

Speaker 1 (27:03):
The previous that you watch.

Speaker 4 (27:04):
Yea Bey kills smart, I know, I know, but one
for the dog, and everybody can relate to that, you know,
because you like people have such you know, they're like
your family, your fucking pets.

Speaker 1 (27:16):
Yes, anyway, So he fucking tells the one for the dog,
and then the fucking the swat team swarms them and
takes them both down, And I thought, why are they
taking Huck down? Didn't they know he was there to
like save the day and and find the person that
actually shot fits, Like, what the fuck is happening?

Speaker 3 (27:32):
Well, I guess they threw them down, I know, but
it's like, you're not out of custody untilled. The deal
was that Olivia, and you had to deliver that's right,
the assassin. So I guess until they knew for sure
that Becky was Becky and all of that, they weren't
going to take any chances. But so you get flung
on the ground, handcuffed, arms behind your back, so does Becky,

and it's a really cool shot where you're like head
to head but your bodies are on the opposite side.
And she's like, Kate, that's my real name, and then
you're and she's like, what's yours?

Speaker 1 (28:07):
And he's like does it matter, which is in the
previous episode, Huck asked her her name after they have sex,
and she says does it matter? And he sort of,
you know, he clocks out as a bit of a
red flag where he's like, oh, she's not really care
about something.

Speaker 2 (28:22):
Yeah, yeah, like she's not really investing in this.

Speaker 1 (28:25):
So he gives it back to her name. Yeah, And so.

Speaker 3 (28:28):
You sort of get yours, and you get even in
this moment and they have Becky and Sally Langston is
able to make her big you know thing out on
you know out she she does a huge speech from
the Oval office to the American people saying that the
assassin has been caught, and then at the same time
they release you to Olivia Pope's custody and you get

brought back into o Pa where we're all fucking eating
Chinese food, which, by the way, what the fuck is
Quinn doing?

Speaker 2 (28:58):
Like I can't did you see me the beginning of
the scene, I'm just saying, scarfing Chinese?

Speaker 1 (29:02):
You are, We're probably so hungry and excited to.

Speaker 2 (29:07):
Eat it, yet you haven't been dropped off yet. We're
watching this the address that Sally Langsy is giving to
the American people, and.

Speaker 3 (29:17):
Everyone's rips the screen and what are you doing eating?

Speaker 2 (29:21):
I'm just fucking face planted into the Chinese takeout container
and I'm just fucking eating.

Speaker 3 (29:27):
And I'm like, wow, Quinn really like eats her problems.
And then I'm like, why.

Speaker 2 (29:33):
Did they use a take?

Speaker 3 (29:33):
Because you knew there were other takes in there where
I was also looking at the.

Speaker 1 (29:37):
I think about that ship all the time. But you
know what, the camera move was like super slick and
it was perfect, and that's why they.

Speaker 2 (29:44):
Where it looks like Quinn is just a fucking.

Speaker 1 (29:46):
Idiots face planted in the food. But also, Katie, remember
we'd have moments where we have scenes like that. We
were all together where we couldn't stop laughing. So I
wonder if you had your face down because you just
make my contact to people exactly, and you were just like,
I'm gonna keep my ship down, yeah, because I don't
want to lose it.

Speaker 2 (30:03):
That's so funny.

Speaker 3 (30:05):
We used to have to do so many scenes where
we would literally have to look down and avoid eye
contact with each other because the gables were so bad
and the crew is going to kill us.

Speaker 1 (30:14):
Oh, it was the worst.

Speaker 2 (30:15):
So we're look cheese food.

Speaker 3 (30:16):
I feel like I was eating a fucking lo maine,
which is just delicious. Who doesn't Who doesn't love a
fucking low Maine? And you get dropped off and and
and it's you're so battered, your face is so fucked up,
and it's the first time that.

Speaker 2 (30:30):
The whole o PA has seen you.

Speaker 3 (30:31):
And you come and you take off your jacket and
it seems like so painful because so fucked up. And
you sit down.

Speaker 1 (30:39):
And Quinn is like, welcome home. Oh. I love that
he gives her a look like it's just such a
such a dead pan look, not even a thank you
or whatever. He's just like, yeah, bitch, I'm hu.

Speaker 2 (30:52):
It's just like welcome home. Like what is you supposed
to say in this like right, completely insane, and it's
so low and again, I feel like it's just just
such a good job of like satisfying that thing of
like the OPA people like, as weird and as fucked
up as their jobs are or their individual lives, like
when they come together at that conference table, they're just

such a family.

Speaker 3 (31:14):
Yeah, you know that conference table I've told you. I
don't know if I've told you on this podcast, but
that conference tables in Shondaland office.

Speaker 1 (31:19):
Yeah, yeah, thank god, We'll be right back, guys.

Speaker 2 (31:29):
And the episode ends Olivia's sitting on the couch in
her office and Quinn comes in. I hate my outfit.

Speaker 1 (31:37):
You had that tight ass, fucking my cat pencil skirt.

Speaker 3 (31:42):
Why did she tailor them above my knee? And I
always wish they were over my knee. I feel like
that would have looked more flattering. But Whin pallows the
professional and she and.

Speaker 2 (31:52):
Then I'm wearing this pink button down that's like and
tucked into the pencil skirt.

Speaker 3 (31:58):
My god, if I had to slam my body into
something like that these days, I would just say no.
I would just say oh God. But Quinn walks in
and she's like, what the fuck, Like we know Hollis
is the person who blew Upsidetron.

Speaker 2 (32:18):
He killed my ex boyfriend.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
Yeah, ruined life.

Speaker 2 (32:22):
He ruined my life. And now we know that he
hired Becky to kill the president and you're still doing
nothing about it. I want what is going on? Give
me answers? And she's like, you want to talk? Okay, come,
let's talk. And I sit down. I'm like, holy shit,
she's gonna talk.

Speaker 1 (32:37):
She's gonna talk.

Speaker 2 (32:37):
And then it's like.

Speaker 3 (32:42):
And she picks up the phone and Fit says I.

Speaker 2 (32:49):
She says hi, and she can't believe it because he's
fucking away.

Speaker 1 (32:53):
Yeah, he's awake.

Speaker 2 (32:57):
Times was she shot in the head?

Speaker 1 (33:00):
God? I don't remember. Was it two or three?

Speaker 2 (33:02):
There's no maybe survives that?

Speaker 3 (33:05):
Although, oh no, is it fucking possible to be shot
in the head ahead and survive.

Speaker 1 (33:11):
But you gotta be real lucky to be shot in
the head and still be able to live and have
all your shit working correctly, Like you got to be
a lucky.

Speaker 3 (33:20):
And then like have sex with Olivia Pope and a
million other people in this series for the next seven seasons.

Speaker 1 (33:25):
But how easy was this episode for Tony? Huh? Like
that's a that was a dream, like he just had
to lay in the hospital done that. I think I
had to do it. Remember Huck was in the in
the hospital bed. I think I did a whole episode
like that too. I think you did.

Speaker 3 (33:40):
I had to get I had multiple times where I've
had to act with you in a hospital bed coming
to my memory right now, or where I've had to
like get in the hospital bed and like hold you
or you were holding me like.

Speaker 1 (33:51):
I don't remember if that was a whole episode that
I was in the hospital or or for it was
the ending of that episode where I'm Unhuck is like underwater,
you know, goes underwater with his car and then he
has to get out and all that shit.

Speaker 2 (34:03):
I've never done that.

Speaker 1 (34:05):
No, I'd be afraid that i'd like fart in my sleep.

Speaker 2 (34:09):
Well, now that we've talked a lot about that, you're
a sleep.

Speaker 1 (34:11):
Farterer, damn it right.

Speaker 2 (34:13):
You would be. Everybody would be in trouble.

Speaker 3 (34:17):
Did you ever fall asleep in the hospital scenes that
you shot in Scandal when you were in the hot No, I.

Speaker 1 (34:22):
Don't think so. I don't think I did. I don't
remember falling asleep. Uh, I'm a professional.

Speaker 3 (34:27):
Fits got paid the big bucks for this episode because
not only was he asleep, but in the whole episode,
he only has.

Speaker 2 (34:32):
One line and it just happens to be one fucking
word yes, and it's yeah.

Speaker 1 (34:41):
I just want to shout out some of our reporter
guest stars. There's a bunch of them, and there's one
that has done did I think he did a bunch
of our Scandal episodes. His name is Jay Jackson. He's
the male reporter.

Speaker 2 (34:54):
Oh he's so good.

Speaker 1 (34:56):
Remember he was at our final table. Remember he there.
I guess he had some lines in that episode and
they brought him on. But I looked him up and
it said he's played a news anchor or a reporter
twenty eight times in his career.

Speaker 2 (35:10):
I was like, oh my god, Wow, that guy must
get a breakdown for a reporter from his agents and
be like, everyone just go home.

Speaker 1 (35:19):
Talk about type right, I'm a bucket of shit. Meanwhile,
I played twenty eight thugs and drug dealers, and even
more than that. When I got podcasts in a whole different.

Speaker 2 (35:29):
Way, I played twenty eight Girl next Doors, Girl next
I mean I think, oh no, no, I've played some
you know, the only things I've shown. My son has
not seen like anything I've done.

Speaker 1 (35:41):
Yeah, he's still a little too young, right, he's too little. Yeah,
So like you can't engage or want to watch right right?

Speaker 3 (35:47):
And he's like yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm like they pretend
for a living. It's fucking weird.

Speaker 2 (35:50):
I don't know, but we were laughing.

Speaker 3 (35:53):
Adam and I like a year ago and I and
he saw a few minutes of my ghost whisper, so yeah,
and he was scarred.

Speaker 2 (36:04):
He was a bad guy. Why are you Because I
was saying, I only play girl next door. That's not true.

Speaker 3 (36:11):
I love playing any fucking psychopath. Like I played a
ghost that was like a murderer.

Speaker 2 (36:16):
That was like I'm coming for you, like yeah, and
he saw it. He was terrified.

Speaker 1 (36:22):
Aren't you in that episode? Two? Aren't you wet the
whole episode?

Speaker 3 (36:26):
Because a ghost whisper for all your ghosts whisper fans
out there. If you die in the episode, that's how
your ghost exists the whole rest of the episode. So
my character drowned. So I was soaking wet for nine days.
They would hose me down before every scene and I
would open my mouth and they rigged like a hose.

That water would just come pouring out of my mouth
before I was able to start speaking.

Speaker 2 (36:52):
Oh my god, Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 (36:54):
What the though, Oh yeah, it's fine. I had to
get hose down like that too for that one episode
where I'm f and wet every morning, they'd hoes me down.

Speaker 2 (37:02):
Oh, oh my god. Remember I had the episode We're
Oh my.

Speaker 1 (37:06):
God, that's the worst, but also so j Jackson. Katie
was also a news anchor on Inventing Anna.

Speaker 2 (37:13):
Oh my god.

Speaker 1 (37:15):
This guy, this motherfucker is doing it.

Speaker 2 (37:18):
Not auditioned against this guy if it's a news reporter,
because you're not getting it.

Speaker 1 (37:23):
All right, y'all, let's get into our favorite.

Speaker 2 (37:27):
Tweet to tweet to tweet tweets tweets at a time
tweets tweeted.

Speaker 3 (37:32):
Tweets one trill being on January fourteenth of twenty thirteen,
Columbus Short is so sexy. He was really sexy in
this episode.

Speaker 2 (37:43):
Oh my god, I miss him.

Speaker 3 (37:44):
And in this episode when he's like, they have to
get the into Hollis Oyle's office to see if there's
a burner phone that Verna thinks she saw, and you know,
Harrison has to do this sort of like smooth talking
to Hollis dumb ass Texan blonde assistant, and he's so
smooth as per usual. Also, oh my god, from this tweet,

one of my favorite scenes of this episode is when Columbus,
you know, we're sitting me, Darby and Harrison are sitting
in the in the conference room and we're all like,
He's like, we can't mess with this. This is these
are the things that go bump to the night, and
this is crazier than anything we've ever dealt with. Like,
we don't know where Huck is, we don't know about Hollis,

we can't call this number, Like this is the real
underground DC that none of us know. We can't mess
with dark shit. And the way that he delivers that
little mini monologue as per usual is just such.

Speaker 1 (38:42):
He really is. He's so good. He's so good and
flipping that phone and then flipping that phone at the end.

Speaker 2 (38:47):
Oh, it's so cool.

Speaker 1 (38:49):
Another tweet from scorpo At caught you staring. Oh that's
a good one. That's a good handle. He says, love
can be your greatest weakness, Huck, let love cloud his judgment. Hell, yeah,
you could say that again. We all know that was it?

Speaker 2 (39:03):
Love or was it his donk?

Speaker 1 (39:08):
I think it was his donk first, and then he
probably started to catch the feels, you know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (39:14):
Did have feelings for Becky and think that it could
be a thing.

Speaker 1 (39:17):
Yeah, yeah, that's how I played it and how I
felt it as a.

Speaker 3 (39:21):
Despine Okay, then we have this is it? At Noanz
tweeted it's official. I can't predict Shonda Rhime's next move
in Scandal. Yeah no, nobody could. I've done it, I've
shot it, and I've watched it multiple times, and I
still can't predict when things are happening.

Speaker 1 (39:43):
Beverly Gooden says still funny at Scandal, Edison need to chill.
Clearly he hasn't had a relevant woman before Insecure. Oh shit,
they're getting shady on his ass.

Speaker 2 (39:56):
Fans were not with Edison. They not.

Speaker 3 (40:00):
The fans were not with Edison. That girl Philippa at
Philippa ninety HEV says, ooh, Shandaraim, stop selling me that
good to be true kind of romance. Love me some scandal.

Speaker 1 (40:12):
Yeah, and another one says Columbus Short is sexy. I
just wanted to say that again.

Speaker 2 (40:17):
He's columb Columbus Short is sexy Columbus short is so
fucking sexy.

Speaker 3 (40:22):
What is this huge ass photo of you that Aaron
p WV wrote.

Speaker 2 (40:27):
Bob Maluga Luga Luga, luga luga, hashtag big huck on
campus at Heather rn Brooks, He's back hashtag scandal with
a big picture of Hagrid Hock. So we don't know
what the hell this means. But it's literally a picture
of Hagrid Hawk and it just says, Bob Maluga Luga luga.

Speaker 1 (40:43):
I do look kind of cute in that picture.

Speaker 2 (40:45):
Though, I think you look as durable. Oh my god,
I think again.

Speaker 1 (40:51):
Being homeless, HOWK was the worst because I couldn't eat.
That was the hardest part of being fucking homeless, HOWK,
because I had to have that beard on glued on
my face all day and that wig.

Speaker 3 (41:00):
And how did you feel about being neody for the
torture scenes. Had you been on like some big ass
cleanse for that.

Speaker 1 (41:06):
No, I think I had already. I had already. Remember,
I stopped sort of eating bread for a while, so
I had gotten like super thin. So I was like whatever,
I was feeling good. I wasn't even thinking about that shit.

Speaker 3 (41:19):
Next week's episode is called a criminal, a whore, an idiot,
and a liar.

Speaker 2 (41:22):
Do you remember what the hell's that about?

Speaker 1 (41:25):
You know what? That's a line that Olivia says, because
she says it to Edison. I think that's where she
officially breaks up with him, where she says, you have
called me a criminal, a whore, and a liar. It's over.

Speaker 2 (41:37):
I think let's see next week.

Speaker 1 (41:40):
If next week, y'all got to tune in.

Speaker 3 (41:42):
Guys got to tune in to make sure if Germo
guessed right that that's who got that line in the app.

Speaker 2 (41:48):
Please listen to the scale.

Speaker 1 (41:50):
If you feel depressed, down in the dumps, not feeling.

Speaker 2 (41:55):
Like a psychopath, like a crazy person.

Speaker 1 (41:57):
Yeah, you gotta come to Yeah, get your facts right.
Mm hm, get your life right.

Speaker 2 (42:03):
The Scandal Rewatch podcast. We love you Gladiators. Tune in
next week for the criminal, horror, liar and the tramp.

Speaker 1 (42:13):
Or whatever it is.

Speaker 3 (42:14):
Yeah, yeah, and we'll we'll figure out who said.

Speaker 2 (42:17):
That and why.

Speaker 1 (42:19):
Yeah and again you guys.

Speaker 2 (42:21):
Come listen. We love you guys.

Speaker 1 (42:23):
Yes he's out. Thank you guys for joining us on
Unpacking the Toolbox. If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe,
Share with your friends, rate or leave us a review.

Speaker 3 (42:37):
Scandal is executive produced by Sandy Bailey, Alex Alcea, Lauren Homan,
Tyler Klang, and Gabrielle Collins. Our producer and editor is
Vince de Johnny, with music by Chad Fisher.

Speaker 1 (42:48):
Scandal is a production of ABC Signature, and you can
follow along by rewatching Scandal on Hulu.

Speaker 3 (42:53):
Unpacking the Toolbox is a production of Shondaland Audio in
partnership with iHeartRadio. For more podcasts from Shondaland Audio, visit
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