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April 18, 2024 54 mins

Katie and Guillermo are no strangers to working on the weekend from their time on Scandal, and they’d record any time day or night, or over a cliff, for the one-and-only Kerry Washington. Kerry shares never-before-told stories from her newly-published book, and deep dives into the development of Olivia’s character. Plus, the OPA team answers your burning fan questions.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Unpacking the Toolbox is a production of Shondaland Audio in
partnership with Iheartradiots, Yeah Yeahs and Katie.

Speaker 2 (00:29):
This is a very exciting episode. But before we get
into the episode, it is man, G just had at
the time this recording an amazing birthday. I don't even
want to know. What are you someone that's not into
birthday numbers or you are?

Speaker 3 (00:41):
I don't really care. I really don't care.

Speaker 1 (00:43):
I get it's it's so funny when I tell my
age and then people are like what I'm like, do
you do you not see like.

Speaker 3 (00:49):
That's a little bit like insulting.

Speaker 2 (00:52):
Yeah, yeah, but well you do look they're probably you
do look amazing, though. I feel like you're someone who's
looked young. You're his true true looked young your whole life.

Speaker 1 (01:02):
I feel like, right, I think, so, yeah, I have
a I feel like I have a babyface.

Speaker 4 (01:06):

Speaker 1 (01:06):
But then there's people like, you know, there's people like
b Arthur who looked probably like she was sixty five
when she was nineteen.

Speaker 3 (01:13):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 5 (01:14):
Yeah, don't I look so good and so young?

Speaker 1 (01:16):
You look so I feel like you you're getting younger
and younger looking. Do you ever look back at the episodes, Like,
even watching this episode, some of them close ups on Huk,
I was like, oh damn, I feel like I damn
what no? Like, I felt like I looked almost older
back then in certain shots.

Speaker 3 (01:35):
I don't know why.

Speaker 2 (01:36):
Reilly, Oh my god, I thought we looked like babies,
like if we look young for our age. Now I
look at us on Scandal, I feel like we look
like full blown teenagers.

Speaker 5 (01:46):
I feel like we look like so young it's insane.

Speaker 1 (01:50):
Sometimes do you ever think like, how did I get cast?
I look like a kid?

Speaker 4 (01:54):

Speaker 3 (01:54):
How did I get cast in this role?

Speaker 5 (01:56):

Speaker 2 (01:56):
How did anyone believe that I could be someone that
like has a job? Yeah, or like a backstory? Yes,
this episode is amazing. We have in store for our
gladiators today, probably their most favorite guest if I would
have put money on it.

Speaker 1 (02:11):
Listen, this is this is what an important like special guest.
This is We're taping on a freaking Saturday. Oh my god,
we a Saturday.

Speaker 3 (02:20):
How many saturdays did we work on Scandal?

Speaker 4 (02:22):
We worked?

Speaker 3 (02:23):
Oh my god, we worked a bunch of saturdays on Scandal.

Speaker 2 (02:25):
So the weekends were not forty eight hours, they were
like thirty six at best.

Speaker 5 (02:30):
Yes, and we loved it. We we did it again.

Speaker 1 (02:36):

Speaker 2 (02:37):
Look, she's busy, she's busy. She's got a very busy life,
a very busy personal life.

Speaker 5 (02:42):
It's a very full life.

Speaker 2 (02:43):
And we're very grateful to have her because Gladiators, like
I've said before, it is your most favorite, number one
guest of guests of all time. She has been on
the pod once before.

Speaker 3 (02:56):
Yeah, and she's gracing us with her presence yet again.

Speaker 6 (02:59):
Who I love you so much.

Speaker 2 (03:09):
We love you so much, Thank you for coming on
this again. You are obviously we've been teasing you. We're like,
she's everyone's number one guest as everybody would only want
her to have her on the Gladiators.

Speaker 5 (03:23):
There's no way to even tease.

Speaker 2 (03:25):
Okay, first, Gladiators, thank you for answering the call of
all of our posts on the social medis for amazing
questions that we're going to get to you in two minutes.
But before that, we just have to say between the
last time we had Carrie Washington, the one and only
Kerry Washington who played the Olivia Pope on Rewatch.

Speaker 5 (03:44):
Podcast, you wrote a book that came out which.

Speaker 2 (03:50):
Is insane, and we need to just talk about in
the book of how it relates to this podcast. You
mentioned in the book that your real life sometime paralleled Olivia,
and if you were comfortable in just saying that, because
I think we I mean, it's a big deal to
write a book and have a book come out, and

if there's anything that relates to Olivia on this podcast,
we would love to have you speak about you.

Speaker 6 (04:15):
Oh my god, I caught you, guys. I love I
think I have a hard time remembering like what I
cut out of the book, but I know I wrote
at some point, so I hope I made it into
the book about telling you both. I remember so vividly
sitting in Opa and telling you guys that I was
going to go to Oprah's house for like a birthday brunch.

So I totally remember that that couch and I was like,
what am I gonna wear? You guys were like, what
are you gonna wear? Then Oprah's house?

Speaker 5 (04:45):
It was so crazy, what are you gonna wear an
Oprah's house?

Speaker 6 (04:48):
So it's just like those special memories of being on
a rocket ship together and being like can you believe
our lives? Like what are we doing?

Speaker 3 (04:57):

Speaker 1 (04:57):
Then Oprah showed up on set, like I'm grow keen
to set. That was another moment. I was like, what
is happening.

Speaker 6 (05:04):
Off the elevators at OPA and like, yeah, it's insane,
so cool, Yeah cool.

Speaker 5 (05:10):
I love the part in the book where you talk
about me.

Speaker 6 (05:13):
That story is as well shocking that that's your favorite.
That story is very special to me. It's very very
special to me, and I need to know you so much.
And yes, I was talking a little about how like
a lot of times we would be doing these scenes
where we would be talking about the given circumstances of

our characters, but really we were talking about ourselves in
so many ways like that these characters kind of gave
us a way to work through our own shit characters.

Speaker 2 (05:42):
I think it's really TV is really different than I
think movies. I mean, I don't have a lot of
experience with the movies, but I know you two do.
But I think when you're working eighty hours a week
for seventy eight years on something, you're spending so much
time as your character as you are in your life,
and so it and the writers are writing to.

Speaker 5 (06:01):
You, so it gets confusing.

Speaker 2 (06:03):
And in the book, Carrie talks about this moment where
I was considering starting a family and Carrie had chosen
ready to start a family, and we were doing these
lines where you were like passing the torch to me.
I don't remember how they were.

Speaker 6 (06:15):
But you were really talking about you stepping into like
O pa being yours being like.

Speaker 5 (06:21):
You know, qpoh, that's right.

Speaker 6 (06:24):
And and you know, like every time we weren't acting,
we were talking about like were you ready to be
a mom? Did you want to be a mom? Did
you cause you have did you have the capacity to
be a mom? And then we got these scenes that
were like you can do it. This is your office,
like you can take it on, like rise to the occasion.
You have it in you, And I was like getting
knocked up office.

Speaker 1 (06:46):
Remember we we used to talk. We used to mention
how we felt that there were cameras in trailers or
on seid because the writers, yeah, because we're writers, would
write about stuff that we were going through, we were
about to go through, or we were we could really
late to.

Speaker 3 (07:00):
It was so trippy and we'd be like, hell, did
they know this?

Speaker 6 (07:03):

Speaker 2 (07:04):
And Carrie used to do this thing for actors listening,
which I thought was really cool.

Speaker 5 (07:07):
And I'm curious who taught you that?

Speaker 2 (07:10):
Like, sometimes again, when you're working eight hours week, like
and you're doing the scene which we're down a scandal
a billion times and a billion takes, sometimes at the
end of a scene that would be really involved to
kind of like wake us up or get us here,
you would use our real like sometimes you'd be.

Speaker 5 (07:25):
Like Katie, you like or you would say like drop
an f bomber like you would take it.

Speaker 2 (07:30):
Because we were also had to be word perfect on
the show, and so sometimes if the coverage would move,
like let's say, into my close up, you would change
the words because who taught you to do that?

Speaker 6 (07:42):
I don't know. I don't remember. I'm so you don't remember.
I don't Yeah, I don't know. I don't remember who
taught me to Let me think, I feel like everything
that I do as an actor that school somehow goes
back to Jamie Fox. That's like, actually, I'm not sure

where I got something. It all goes back to Jmie
because he's been so like pivotal for me at so
many different times in my career. And I talk about
this in the book too. There was this one scene
we were doing for Ray It's like this really important
moment where I played his wife and he was Ray
Charles and I find his heroin works in the bathroom,
and I remember like the rehearsal that morning, you know,

you know when you rehearse the scene and it's like electric.
You're like, oh, there's so much danger and excitement in
the scene, and it was so great. And then by
the time we got around to my coverage like seven
hours later, I was like, I just wanted to recapture
that magic from the morning, and I kept like repeating myself,
trying to like, you know, scratch the same itch, looking

for the same thing that we had had, you know,
seven eight hours before. And Jamie was like, stop trying
to repeat magic, like you you can't. That's not what
we do. You have to keep digging for something new,
like keeping wow, for what's new. And I was like, oh,
he was like, it has to be new every single time.
And so that I think, like that idea of like

specifically saying somebody's real name or talking about what's really
going on, I don't I don't know if that specifically
came from him, but that commitment to like keep digging
and make it new all the time, I know that
that's something he really that Also.

Speaker 1 (09:25):
Yeah, it also takes the pressure off of ourselves, right,
because I do that too, you try to. I remember
even shooting the A seven fifty two episode, and I
remember when Carrie and I had our moment on the
floor when I finally wake up.

Speaker 3 (09:36):
I kept I kept in my head. I was like,
stay in that space, stay in that.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
Instead of just sort of letting go and then letting
whatever new magic like you were saying, happens in the moment,
I put so much pressure on myself and then something
gets lost in doing that, you know what I mean.

Speaker 6 (09:53):
Because I think instead of have faith in those moments,
like we have yet that the that the magic is
list like we believe like there's only this finit amount
of talent or this finite amount of creativity available to me.
So I have to hold on so tight as opposed
to like, no I can this is so woo woo,
but I can plug into this infinite creative source. And

so like, even if it's different, it's still going to
be magical. And I feel like that's it is. It's
so important because I get really stale when I'm just
trying to repeat the same.

Speaker 5 (10:28):
You used to you gave me the most.

Speaker 2 (10:30):
I've always tried to hold onto it, and maybe it's
going to happen here today, folks. But one of my
favorite directors we ever got to work with on Scandal
was Carrie Washington some sort of direction where you said
something like, oh my god, I'm gonna you said something
about every time you're saying the scene is someone, you're
trying to change them, right. It was something like that,
It's like you're trying to like like affect change in them,

like like you're trying to see like that way you
do do it a little bit differently every time, right.

Speaker 6 (10:58):
Because I think we it's so caught up in actors
it's like what do I look like? What do I
sound like? Am I getting it right? But in life,
when you're talking to somebody, you're actually talking to somebody
for a reason, Like that's the whole thing we learn
about like objective intention. Right, It's like you're communicating something
and it only works if that person hears you, So
like really focusing on trying to transform the actor across

from you with your words and not like am I
saying this right? But like no are they? Am I
getting the idea? Across that I need to be getting across.

Speaker 2 (11:32):
You're in season three, if you can kind of remember
this is season three, and I want to say, I
think you're pregnant.

Speaker 5 (11:41):
Oh yeah, is that what's going on in your life?

Speaker 6 (11:43):

Speaker 2 (11:43):

Speaker 6 (11:43):
I think so? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (11:44):
Yeah, you could see it on your face. You could,
you have, but not because it was large. No, no,
not at all. It's there's there's a certain like a
glow and a confidence.

Speaker 6 (12:00):
Plumpness it is. I don't mind it. I remember I
used to say to Shonda, like, can Olivia be like
instead of swimming this season, can she'd be eating a
lot of chocolate? Because how blame.

Speaker 3 (12:15):
Is a little bit larger.

Speaker 5 (12:17):
She's three oh two. I mean this is today. We're
talking about episode three or two.

Speaker 2 (12:20):
So you must have been you might have been in
your life in this season. I think you might have
been prego, but you maybe hadn't announced it yet. Just
to give context what's going on, but also in professional
land context, this is around the time like, look, you
are obviously a very very very successful actress before scandal,
you had done a million moves and like that. But
we're talking season three. This is now at the time

where you are like.

Speaker 6 (12:45):
Yeah, it's crazy your life deals like this is a
cover of Vanity for now crazy.

Speaker 2 (12:52):
Yeah, this is Oh my god, is that Carrie fucking
Washington everywhere you go?

Speaker 1 (12:59):
Can you speak to Mariah Carey tweeting at us?

Speaker 5 (13:01):

Speaker 3 (13:02):
Yeah, it's crazy times.

Speaker 2 (13:05):
This is like this is season three, so middle of
season two, Juggernauts starts to take off and now exactly
we're an SNL that any fair can you talk to
it all about how your life changed?

Speaker 6 (13:16):
It was just such a complete loss of anonymity, right,
like a complete we all you felt it. We all
felt it. It went from being like, oh, I can
run into the supermarket and there might be one or
two people who's like I really like that show, to
like we would arrive places and there were screaming crowds
of thousands of people. We were like, what is happening?

It just was different. Everything was different. It was like
being followed by the paparazzi for the first time. It
was Yeah, it was wild. It was really wild.

Speaker 5 (13:47):
You know what was cool? We talked a lot as
a group.

Speaker 2 (13:49):
I can remember having a lot of conversations with like
Columbus and Carriage, and we were in it together and
really being like with Darby and just like all of
us sort of like trying to figure out how to
like support one another when this had never happened before.
But to carry you more than anybody else, that was
absolutely insane.

Speaker 3 (14:07):
I was just gonna say really quickly.

Speaker 1 (14:09):
I don't know if you remember carry there was We
might have talked about this the last time you were on,
but there was a day that we bumped into each
other at Whole Foods and I barely freaking recognize you.
So I feel like you do a really good job
when you want to be incognito, you know what I mean,
because you had like these big old.

Speaker 6 (14:26):
I know, I put on my big glasses and I
like I have hoods and hats and yes, yes, people.

Speaker 5 (14:35):
Are so young. No, we were talking about the beginning
of this podcast.

Speaker 2 (14:39):
You're someone that would walk into the makeup trailer or
wherever when you're like not made up and your hair
is not done and you're in your jeen jacket, and
I'm like, oh my god, she looks like like just
you're so young looking like people would probably be like
is that Carrie Washington?

Speaker 1 (14:53):
Like, but yeah, that day I was like, like I said,
I barely recognized you.

Speaker 3 (14:57):
I was like doing a good job, and I.

Speaker 6 (14:59):
Would, you know, still not make eye contact. That began
a period of like looking at the floor everywhere I went,
because you didn't want to make eye contact with people,
so you'd be like looking down. And but also do
I feel like we had I never felt isolated because
we had such a family in each other and because
we were on this ride together, and I felt always

so grateful for that that we really really had each
other to be experiencing this with and and processing it with,
you know. And and also that I was pregnant, that
I you know, I was a newlywed and I was
starting my family. So I also felt like I had
really like real world important priorities to be focused on.

So I wasn't like totally swept up in it, like
I had this new husband and you know that I
was mad that I'm still madly in love with, and
you know, I was pregnant, so I had this thing
I was protecting my new family. That so I had
our family and my real family, and so even though
there was lots of chaos, I did feel like clear

about the things that mattered.

Speaker 2 (16:07):
You know, do you guys remember Seana had this like that,
we had like this big I remember, God, it was
always so scary, But once in a blue moon they
would be like.

Speaker 5 (16:17):
Everybody stay after the table read and you're like, what
what is We're all getting fired?

Speaker 4 (16:22):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (16:22):
It would always be like pick out the cast and
Crewe gift for Christmas, or it would be like yes.

Speaker 5 (16:30):
It would be like you're in trouble. But one time
the talk was.

Speaker 2 (16:35):
You know, she had been through this before with Grey's
Anatomy and probably learned a lot from that experience. But
the talk was sort of like anything happens, you call me, do.

Speaker 4 (16:44):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (16:44):
Like I remember being like, you get in a car accident,
you call me, like you fuck up?

Speaker 5 (16:49):
You call me?

Speaker 2 (16:51):
You know, I don't want to open up to something,
you know, in two days, knowing that I could have helped,
besides the fact that I mean, and look, we were.

Speaker 5 (16:58):
All such goodie too shoe like typing.

Speaker 6 (17:02):
Other casts and what they were, and I.

Speaker 3 (17:04):
Was like, we were so good.

Speaker 6 (17:06):
Oh good A lot more drugs apparently, when.

Speaker 2 (17:13):
Any we didn't do any drugs and we only hung
out with each other.

Speaker 5 (17:17):
We were so lame.

Speaker 2 (17:18):
Like every time we would get to like these gatherings
where they'd be like all the hot shows of twenty fourteen,
we're all together. It's like we didn't even fucking bother
talking to any other cast ever. We just hung out
with each other and.

Speaker 6 (17:29):
Within and within our family. We also weren't like screwing
each other. Like literally, I tell people all the time,
like the only time anybody was making out was between
action and cut, Like, yes, true on camera, but off cameras,
it's so true to our spouses or our spouses were
hanging out with us.

Speaker 2 (17:48):
Like yes, it was very very peat. It was very
R rated on camera and very PG off camera.

Speaker 7 (17:55):
I just was like, g it was very like, Okay,
we'll be right back, guys.

Speaker 2 (18:06):
Olivia Fan Burning questions for you Gladiators who missed it,
I'm sorry, but we put out the Pope signal to
the Gladiators who delivered very good burning questions for you
about season three.

Speaker 1 (18:17):
So we have both. We have some that we're going
to read off, some questions we're gonna read, and then
some of them we're going to hear the person's voice voicemails.

Speaker 3 (18:28):
Oh my god, Okay, so Mari asks.

Speaker 1 (18:32):
In season three, we're introduced to Live's complicated relationship with
her dad and her dead but not actually but actually
not dead mom. That got me thinking about what kind
of angsty teen music Live might have been into when
she was younger, probably mainly just to piss off Papa Pope.
It's giving me whole with Courtney Love the group whole.
What do you think, Carrie, what do you think young

Olivia Pope was listening to in her angsty times?

Speaker 6 (18:56):
I mean, I feel like Jagged Little Pill right, like
a lot. I think a lot of Alanis and I
think a lot of Radiohead. I feel like she would
have been very like I love it like moody because
it's because I feel like she's a bit of a
like a resistant romantic, so that Radiohead like melancholy.

Speaker 2 (19:17):
Yeah, like oh I feel so deeply and I feel
like I know things.

Speaker 5 (19:21):
Yes, I love it.

Speaker 1 (19:23):
And then computer, I was just gonna say, I think
you were saying the same thing. An interesting little fun
fact is that young Olivia Pope was played by Yaha
Shahiti and four Blackish Yes.

Speaker 6 (19:35):
Oh yeah, yeah yeah Blackish Yeah.

Speaker 3 (19:37):
And she's been quoted about saying how incredible you were
to her on set and that you showed up to
set when she was shooting some of her stuff, right,
and you like spoke to her and wanted to make
her feel comfortable and.

Speaker 2 (19:49):
Just like Carrie fucking Washington again for people listening, actors
don't do that.

Speaker 5 (19:54):
They don't come wait.

Speaker 3 (19:56):
Now because of Carrie.

Speaker 2 (19:58):
Like that Washington school of acting, but most people don't
do that.

Speaker 6 (20:04):
I feel like I have to now even when I
don't want to, because people think is what I do?
Everybody go to ex sept to do somebody they heard
I did it on Scandal like ship.

Speaker 2 (20:19):
What did you talk to Yara about? Like what were
were you just like establishing a mother like a younger
older relationship, Like what were you doing?

Speaker 6 (20:27):
Yeah, I just wanted to make sure that we had
a sense of each other. That she I mean, first
of all, I was like, she's so pretty. They think
that's what I look like. But I would just remember
like wanting to make sure that we agreed on the choices,
like what cereals she was eating, or like just and
just to make her feel welcome.

Speaker 5 (20:46):
And you know, I am this.

Speaker 2 (20:48):
I can't like no one does this, like truly, nobody
does this. Okay, we've got a voicemail from Skyler in Florida,
and what is Skyla.

Speaker 5 (21:00):
Yeah, let's say what Stylet Florida is saying.

Speaker 6 (21:02):
We don't want to assume you talk like that.

Speaker 5 (21:03):
You don't.

Speaker 2 (21:04):
I just say Florida because that's where my in laws live.
That's why they talk like that.

Speaker 5 (21:08):
But you do not, Skylar. Okay, let's hear it.

Speaker 4 (21:10):
Hi, Kerrie, Katy and Giama. My name is Skyler and
I'm from Florida. I'm a new Scandal fan. I've actually
watched it three and a half time since November. Right
now it's March, So I think that's enough about my obsession. Carrie,
you mentioned in your book how your pregnancy here in
season three required you to adapt the ways you gave
yourself to Olivia Pope. Besides your physicality, what changed about
how you played Olivia and what these change is difficult

to adapt to. Ken, thank you so much and I
love you all. Blessay.

Speaker 6 (21:37):
Oh my god, we love Skyler.

Speaker 5 (21:41):
Yeah, we love Skylar Skyler.

Speaker 6 (21:44):
Oh god. So it really was just that I had.
I had. I think so much of how I enter
a character usually is through physicality, through understanding, like how
they walk, how they stand, like where they live. In
my body and so it felt very strange when I
got pregnant because my body as Carrie was totally transforming,

but Olivia wasn't supposed to be transforming. So I just
all of a sudden, I felt like a fraud. I
felt like I felt like I was betraying her a
little bit, Like I was changing and she wasn't changing,
and so I was like not as devoted to her.
It was really weird. I felt like I was like
I was betraying her by doing this thing in my
personal life that was really important to me that I

wanted to do well. I started seeing a new acting
coach to figure out, like, Okay, what are other ways
into her? How can I really fully commit to her
when my body doesn't belong to her in the same way,
but I want all the rest of me to belong
to her, like my heart and my mind and my
every other cell, and even like, how could I let

the pregnancy be a part of the essence of her
even though it wasn't part of her physicality? So it
was cool because that season, Olivia was hiding a lot
of things emotionally, and so I started using like hiding
my pregnancy, my feelings are on hiding my pregnancy. I
started to lend them into Olivia's feelings about hiding her truth,

like she was hiding different truths than a pregnancy. But
I so, I just started looking for ways to to
kind of pour myself into her, my truths into her,
even though my body was so different.

Speaker 3 (23:23):
That's so great, car.

Speaker 6 (23:26):
Right, Like you tried, did you?

Speaker 1 (23:28):

Speaker 5 (23:29):
Could you were?

Speaker 2 (23:30):
I couldn't even imagine like being playing Olivia Pope and
being pregnant and like wearing those shoes.

Speaker 1 (23:37):
I would have died which swollen ass feet?

Speaker 2 (23:41):
Yeah, at my seat, my feet in both my pregnancies,
I don't remember.

Speaker 6 (23:46):
I don't about your feet all the time, Kate on
the pilot complaining about the shoes.

Speaker 5 (23:53):
But I so.

Speaker 6 (23:54):
My mother told me that when she was pregnant with me,
her shoe size went up two sue sizes. And I
love shoes, you know. I love a heel, I love
you love his shoe.

Speaker 5 (24:05):
I love you're so good in that.

Speaker 6 (24:06):
Would I love a Lubaitton? I love a shoe. Yeah,
And I was like, I'm not throwing all these shoes away.
So I actually loved keeping the shoes on because I
was it was like my version of Japanese foot by name.
I was not going to let my feet grow. I
was not going to let my gorgeous shoe collection go
to waste. To this day, I think my shoes were
up like my feet maybe would up like a half

a size. But I squeeze, like like the Cinderella ste sisters,
like I squeeze into the shoes I love anyway, So yeah,
I but I yeah, I love the shoes. I never
complained about the shoes.

Speaker 5 (24:38):
I'm so impressed by that.

Speaker 2 (24:39):
The other member I have of you being pregnant, which
speaks to Skyler's question, is I think you were there
two g Also, something happens I think at the end
of this season where somebody don't pop a Pope shoots
somebody in Huck's office and it's really scary, and Olivia
Pope is like screaming like no, no stop.

Speaker 5 (24:56):
It's like really bad.

Speaker 6 (24:58):
I thought my dad would and then I thought my
dad was dead, like covered and on the floor, and.

Speaker 2 (25:04):
Then they would call cut and we would like go
down to your belly and we'd be like, but it's
not fake, it's not me, it's fake.

Speaker 5 (25:10):
We're just like this is a real trauma.

Speaker 6 (25:15):
We're just playing.

Speaker 5 (25:19):
This is I was there.

Speaker 1 (25:21):
I was down at that belly one time and I
heard a voice talk back and say, back up, motherfucker,
back up, stop touching my almost belly. You know.

Speaker 6 (25:33):
Really she was like back up, back up, backup. Funny, Yes,
I remember. I also remember Super Awkward, which Janeau was
our director. So what episode was that I was so
pregnant put a staw on it, you know, and told
things And I had to do this sex scene, this

love scene with Scott Foley, and I was like twelve
and a half months pregnant, and I remember this, you know,
being like, can you guys roll over in bed? And
it was like stop, like can you roll over this
mountain of a baby?

Speaker 5 (26:15):
What did you do?

Speaker 6 (26:17):
So we were laughing so hard. We're like in bed
making out so bad, so bad. I just like also
would go to my belly and be like, not your dad.
We're like He's like, we're like pretending to sexy, roll
over to our side.

Speaker 8 (26:33):
But Scott's like like like himself himself to like leap
over my belly to get to the other side of
the god.

Speaker 1 (26:47):
But this is just also but you you being pregnant
also reminded me of all the wonderful food trends that
you introduced to me. I'm sure a lot of other people.
I've spoken about it many a time. The first one
was our Yes and then the raw organic sour crawt
with mounds of.

Speaker 5 (27:07):
Mut sweet potatoes.

Speaker 1 (27:10):
She had a peace period, a moment where she was
obsessed with peas.

Speaker 6 (27:16):

Speaker 5 (27:20):
We went through a thing of eating a hundred almonds
that were cooked in the microwaves like.

Speaker 1 (27:29):
Hot sunset, and Katie had the pickles with hummus you had.

Speaker 2 (27:36):
I was I would eat that now, though I would
eat that now. Okay Brook from Melbourne, good luck on that.

Speaker 1 (27:43):
Do the accent, Katie to the accent for the whole thing.

Speaker 5 (27:45):
Shrimp on the Bobby, You're so bad.

Speaker 2 (27:52):
Okay Brook from Melbourne, Australia asks, one of my favorite
episodes of all time is Vermont's for Lovers Too. What
was it like to see the Vermont House for the
first time and what about Vermont do you think provides
a sense.

Speaker 5 (28:06):
Of solace for Olitz as well as the audience?

Speaker 2 (28:08):
Those scenes were so magnificant, magnificant.

Speaker 6 (28:17):
So okay, first of all, shout out to the extraordinary
Ava Duverney because sheed that episode, and it was after
her feature had been at Sundance and she hadn't yet
become like the like Crazy Oscar nominated Banana's successful Mogul

Empire running Ava DuVernay that she is today. But the
talent was all there, the generosity was all there, the
fierceness was all there, and she's the exact right person
to have like found that Vermont house, which I then
later directed in A bunch of us directed in, but
she like discovered that house, established that house, put a
helicopter on the show, like just and that was so

funny because Okay, years later, maybe I told her the story.
But years later she directed me in that Apple commercial
with Taraji and Mary Jim and she called me and
she was like, you have like a good side and
a bad side, right, And I was like what And
she was like, don't you like prefer to only be

shot from one angle? And I was like, Ava, you
have the wrong like that that is not me, Like
I don't care who sheould be from the bottom from
the top side. Decided like just tell the story, but
like she was like, no, there was something. There was
something And I was like, I don't know who she's
confusing me with and then she called me back and
she was like, I know what it was. You were pregnant.
And she was like, so I couldn't show from the
waist down, like we had to do this again, this

love scene of like you and Tony kissing. But I
just remember being like, I can't go past her waist
because she's got this belly. So I was like, yeah,
you don't have to worry about that now babies are out,
and shoot me however you want. But she was so
amazing and that episode was so amazing. And I think
I don't know what it is that Shanda loves about
Vermont that she wrote it, but it is perfect because

does feel like the perfect hideaway, romantic estate, perfect for Olitz.
And I think of them often like being happy. I
think they're happy in Vermont, you guys. I think they're
making jam. I think they do like I do. I
think they do like occasional political consulting. I think they
like fly in and consult you know, kind of like
Judy Smith, Like you never know where Judy is. She

just shows uff at a crisis to fix stuff.

Speaker 4 (30:29):
So do that.

Speaker 6 (30:30):
I think that, Like he's a former president who like
Obama like sweeps in to do important things in the
world and maybe produces documentaries like the Obamas, and she's
like out there being a fixer. But their home base
is in Vermont. I think that they're that they're still
in love.

Speaker 5 (30:46):
I can't.

Speaker 2 (30:46):
My parents live there and I go there all the time,
and I can't ever think about First of all, it
is it's the best, Like it's amazing, it's so beautiful,
and it's so like progressive and cool and feels like
this sort of like utopia.

Speaker 6 (31:00):
It's so wonderful, like that's where they should be.

Speaker 5 (31:08):
More food. It's a culinary podcast. We've tricked you all.

Speaker 3 (31:13):
Should we ask we ask another question? Should we ask
one more question?

Speaker 4 (31:16):
All right?

Speaker 1 (31:17):
So Hillary asks, can you please ask Carrie to rank
her love interest on Scandal from Olivia's perspective and then
from your own perspective in terms of compatibility. Oh wow,
So this is a this is like a freaking Jepardy question.

Speaker 4 (31:29):
This is good.

Speaker 6 (31:31):
Oh my gosh, Okay, I don't I'm not going to
rank them as Carrie that just feels yeah. Yeah, So
I always felt like any guy who showed up to
be one of Olivia's love interests was like doing a
service to the show, and so I'm so appreciative that
they came in and took their clothes off. And I

mean I but and also such nice guys, right like
Brian wall Hernandez normally such nice, lovely, lovely human beings.
Scott Foley not so much.

Speaker 1 (32:06):
That's public knowledge, yes, yeah.

Speaker 6 (32:09):
And then of course Tony Goldban is like my favorite,
one of my favorite human beings on the planet in
the galaxy. He's just the best. And I love Scott.
I love Scott of course, well this girl.

Speaker 5 (32:20):
Loves Scott too.

Speaker 2 (32:20):
Who wrote in Mariah Aka at Jake Ballard's bay, hey
on TikTok asks everyone me wants confirmation that Olivia did
indeed love Jake to some extent. The Olitz stands keeps
coming for me. But I always make videos saying Jake
was the better guy. He always made sure she was

eating and dancing and other stuff to keep this. But
she did love Jake like that was her person, her bestie.
She just wasn't in love with him like she was
with Fit. Maybe I'm just Delulu, Oh Delulu, I love it.
But if I am, I'm not the only Delulu Gladiator
for o Lake.

Speaker 5 (32:57):
Thanks besties, thank you.

Speaker 6 (33:00):
And that was a beautiful draaddic reading. I agree with her.
I agree with her. I think that Olivia and Jake
really did love each other. I think she does love him,
And I actually love that about Shonda's writing, that that
you actually can have more than one person in your life, right,
that you can love more than one person, but your

one final person that you end up with is the
one final person you end up with, right, Like I
think that Olitz is Olitz, and I do in my
mind and heart believe that they're happy together now. But
I think that Olake was a real thing, and I
do think that Jake. I think she's right, like, Jake
loved Olivia in ways that were really important, and he
taught her a lot. They taught each other a lot.

They really they had a different kind of intimacy that
I think was really really special, and I love their relationship.
I think the show would not have been the show
without Olake. They think in many ways, like you appreciate
you appreciate Olitz because you know that it was even more.
It was a different kind of love that when beyond Olake,
but Olake helps you understand what Olitz is right, So yeah,

I agree, And I think also, you know, when I
was talking about these other guys who would come onto
the show, I also think like the role that Scott
fully played in in like really leaning into the uniqueness
of their love and and understanding what Olitz was but
still holding space for Olake. I don't think there's a

lot of actors that could have help that space the
way Scott fully did. Like he's such a he's such
an incredible human being and such an incredible actor, and
and you know had had the fan base around OLiS
that he did, and but Scott. It takes somebody with
Scott's level of like talent and like he's so attractive

and so likable and so accessible, like you you love him,
like you can't not love him, and that we needed and.

Speaker 2 (35:00):
Ask Scott so pro level at it, Like he's made
a whole I feel like so much of his career
has been love Tryangle. Yes, Yeah, that's the whole show
is like him their Speedmen and Felicity. Like he's done
that for four between those two shows, that's literally fourteen
years of living in a love trying.

Speaker 6 (35:19):
I think that's a superpower. I think somebody who like
is very very very very loved and very very very
very hated, and to hold that space of like I'm
not threatened, I'm I can hold all of that energy
and just show up every day and be that and
let fans like spin out of control because they love

me so much or hate me so much. Like it
takes a special human being to do that. And I think,
I just think Scott is He's He's he's the best.
He's the best, right, He's just.

Speaker 1 (35:51):
Like and a great director, and he directed us a
bunch of times.

Speaker 3 (35:54):
On the show.

Speaker 6 (35:55):
And sure I learned so much from Scott as a director.
And I would say I learned just as much from
Scott when he wasn't directing about nothing, because we would
have a director on set and I would look over
it at Scott and he would be like, why are
we doing that? And I'm like, what are you talking about?
And He's like, we could be home an hour earlier
if we put a camera here, in a camera here,
and a camera here, and I'd be.

Speaker 5 (36:14):
Like, oh, wow, we rehearsing a scene.

Speaker 6 (36:18):
We'd be rehearsing a scene and I'd be like, well,
I'd be like, my character would stand over here, and
he'd be like, if your character stands over there, Carrie,
we are going to be here for another two hours.

Speaker 8 (36:26):
And I'd be like, he's got it, so he.

Speaker 6 (36:30):
But he's But also he wasn't like phoning it in.
He wasn't like, don't stand over there because then we
can't go home. He was like, how can we make
the scene work.

Speaker 5 (36:38):
And how we be efficient and honor of the scene. Yeah,
we will be back with more after the break.

Speaker 2 (36:51):
Okay, wait, before we move, We're going to hit the
episode really quickly.

Speaker 5 (36:54):
But I'm going to do g let's do it. I
know it's going to be that's only gonna be last
five minutes because that's how we do this.

Speaker 2 (37:00):
But wait, thank you, We're gonna do a speed round
of the last like few questions that fans have asked,
because I want them to get them in.

Speaker 5 (37:06):
Okay, let's hear from Frankie and Ruby Ontario.

Speaker 4 (37:09):
If Olivia could season three, So one piece of advice,
what do you think it would be and how do
you imagine it would have altered the course of season three?

Speaker 6 (37:17):
That's all I have to say. By one piece of advice,
I think about like Vermont is for the lovers. So
I'm thinking about that episode, So I would say, like,
just trust that it's going to be okay, Like it
feels like the romance trauma feels so overwhelming, but it's
gonna be okay.

Speaker 5 (37:32):
Love it.

Speaker 3 (37:33):
Oh, that's good. That's always do it. That's always good advice.

Speaker 1 (37:35):
Yeah, well go and cheat that homegirl, gun cheat that
ask there's one thing Carrie could change about Olivia?

Speaker 3 (37:41):
What would it be?

Speaker 6 (37:43):
Oh, I wouldn't change a thing about Eliza. Yeah, because yeah,
I love her. I love her messy, awesome journey. Yeah,
I just love her. I guess maybe you know. And
I think about like Carrie pregnant walking down the hall,
like I was trying to do the Olivia Pope walk.
It was more like an Olivia Pope waddle. I remember,

like I remember, I had like tension. I remember I
had to go to like a physical therapist because my
inner thighs were so tense because I was trying to
keep my walk like on Olivia Pope walk.

Speaker 5 (38:15):
Pope's signature walk is not fucking around.

Speaker 6 (38:18):
It's it was a thing. But so I guess I would.
I wouldn't change a thing about her. I really wouldn't.
I wouldn't I love that. I love that.

Speaker 1 (38:27):
There's one question here, it's such a good no no.

Speaker 2 (38:30):
Yeah, ash a ka, it's it's Tony Braxton on Twitter
asks me, first, why is there no receptionist that Olivia
Pope and associates and firing one.

Speaker 6 (38:41):
We never trusted anybody enough to.

Speaker 1 (38:43):
Be exactly, yes, agreed all the rest right, We were
all the rest exactly.

Speaker 6 (38:50):
There was no hierarchy. It was very much like all
for one, one for all, So having a receptionist would
be like somebody working for us. But we were all
working for each other all the time.

Speaker 2 (38:58):
Uh huh, Yeah, I couldn't trust We couldn't trust a receptionist,
although no one was kind of a receptionist Season one
and her sister I.

Speaker 5 (39:05):
Got people coffee. Okay.

Speaker 2 (39:06):
Second, what do you think Olivia Pope would be up
to these days, which we've already addressed. She's in Vermont,
she's Judy smith ing, She's kind of going around consulting.

Speaker 5 (39:14):
Is she maybe also encouraging everyone to vote.

Speaker 6 (39:17):
A hundred person after stealing an election?

Speaker 8 (39:21):

Speaker 6 (39:24):
I do? I think she would. I think part of
what Olivia like, part of the framework of who Olivia
Pope is she really wants people to know that they matter,
Like she really has so much compassion for people, and
she's so non judgmental. She really she understands that you
are not who you are on your worst day, that
everybody deserves a second chance, that we all matter, that
we all are important, we're all like equal children of God.

So in that vein like, yes, voting is really important
to her, like she wants people to know that they
matter and that this democracy only works when we all
show up. And now, more than ever, like this, we
are at a time in this country where I know
that you might feel like you don't matter. I know
that you might feel like these systems don't work for you.
I know that you might feel like no matter what

you do, things stay the same, and the powerful people
have stuff and the rest of us don't. I get that.
I get those feelings. But the only way it changes
is if we show up in faith and say, like,
I think I can help make it better. That's what
we need. We need everybody to feel like maybe if
you show up, you can help make it better, because
it's only going to get better if we all show up,
and it's not going to happen overnight. It's not going

to be one president. It's not going to be one
person who fixes it. Like I keep saying to people,
each and every one of us, we are the Olivia
Popes of our lives, of our communities, Like we have
the power to transform this world. But we have to
show up and we have to believe that, and we
can't leave it to one president or it's like all
the little elections, the mayors and the sheriffs and the judges,

and it's about just showing up and trying. We have
to try. I feel like that's so opa, right, like
over a cliff. Yeah, yeah, we have to be there
for each other.

Speaker 5 (41:03):
Over a cliff, for this place.

Speaker 2 (41:06):
Okay, this is what we're talking about today, which we've
got a QW things that you can easily answer.

Speaker 5 (41:11):
It's episode three oh.

Speaker 2 (41:12):
Two guests Who's Coming to Dinner which aired on October
tenth in twenty thirteen, and.

Speaker 1 (41:17):
It was written by Heather Mitchell and directed by Alison
Lady Brown You.

Speaker 5 (41:20):
Love Alison Brown, Alison.

Speaker 2 (41:24):
It was guest starring Norm Lewis's Senator Edison Davis, Dan
w Bailey, Is Noah Elliott.

Speaker 1 (41:29):
Kate McGregor Stewart is married and Kristen Carrey as Brooke Foster.

Speaker 5 (41:34):
Gee, you want to do a synopsis for me?

Speaker 6 (41:35):
Baby, Let's do it.

Speaker 3 (41:37):
Let's you do it? You do it?

Speaker 5 (41:38):
Should we do it in heart and sync?

Speaker 6 (41:39):

Speaker 1 (41:40):
Oh yeah, let's try that.

Speaker 6 (41:41):
Oh my god, I love it. I love it.

Speaker 2 (41:43):
Okay, ready because Carrie's here are number one person? Ready, one, two, three,
go Whie houses plans. We're giving flashbacks to her.

Speaker 6 (41:57):
Father's dinners and relationship with howk grew. In the end,
some shocking secrets are revealed, like.

Speaker 1 (42:09):
Learned to love a big, big glass of wine and
what happened to Jake Ballard.

Speaker 2 (42:17):
This is where here's the biggest things that we need
to just talk about very quickly before you go. Your
looks shift a bunch in this episode. It's crazy, like
there's all these flashbacks to you having dinners with your
father Pope and g being Haggrid huck in the thing,
and you get your bag stolen and and you start

to put together to your dad like there was this
guy and he helped me, and your dad is like dadada,
and you were like the guy brought up B six
thirteen and your dad is like what, And then you
take your dad's pen, and you figure out where hawk
is from. And you're standing on the corner of Wonderland
Avenue in front of acne paper and you look at
the pen that your dad gave you and it says
the same fucking pen. And you put it all together

and you learn this episode your dad is command and
that Huck was part of the whole thing.

Speaker 5 (43:04):
It's crazy and you it's so amazing. Do you remember
picking these?

Speaker 2 (43:18):
So this was when you wore your hair in like
a bang with like a curlly.

Speaker 5 (43:25):
Can you talk to us this episode? It was so big?

Speaker 2 (43:27):
How you and Linda via Lobos, who I love so much,
shout out to the greatest hair.

Speaker 5 (43:32):
This is not a hair, got it? Do you remember
picking these? This hair? And like, how and why?

Speaker 6 (43:43):

Speaker 5 (43:44):
Unbelievable, it's my favorite Olivia hair.

Speaker 6 (43:46):
I don't I just remember. I mean that we had
so many wigs, remember who was like people would laugh
at how many wigs we would have on our show.
It was just like end.

Speaker 3 (43:56):
And it was like there were several people wearing wigs.

Speaker 6 (43:59):
Yes, yeah, yes, gosh no, but it's so fun. It's
so fun to see these pictures.

Speaker 5 (44:08):
Yeah, don't you love your coats?

Speaker 2 (44:09):
Let me see these, It's we always do Olivia Pope's
fashion moment.

Speaker 5 (44:13):
These coats are unbelievable.

Speaker 6 (44:15):
In this episode, Paolo, Linda was amazing because Linda came
So I met Linda many many years ago. We had
done a bunch of movies together. But her, like sure,
like what I always think is her coolest credit on
her resume is that she did in Living Color with
the Waynes Brothers in the like back in the day

when Jlo.

Speaker 7 (44:36):
Was a weekend Yeah, all those crazy wigs right, like
that sketch comedy world where it was like a different
way every five minutes.

Speaker 6 (44:47):
And like big bald, awesome character changes through costume and
makeup and wigs. So she's just a master at her craft.
And she did this job, an incredible job of tracking
Olivia through hair. It was like the big one of
the biggest ways that we told story about where Olivia
was in time and emotionally was with her hair.

Speaker 1 (45:08):
You know.

Speaker 6 (45:09):
I mean I remember being in the shower and like
having that wet Olivia curler, being out on the island
with Jake when we escaped curly hair. People were like, what,
like she really you know she was?

Speaker 1 (45:24):
She was so awesome and in that run episode. Remember
the episode when you're running with like a camera in
front of you and your hair is all like supernatural
and beautiful.

Speaker 6 (45:32):
Yeah yeah, it was so messy.

Speaker 3 (45:34):
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah.

Speaker 5 (45:36):
Fait, We always do you.

Speaker 2 (45:38):
We do Kerry Washington school of acting on this podcast
where we talked about who who won? We do Olivia
Pope fashion moments. Okay, this episode really didn't have any
like big things. We always do Kerry Washington School of
Acting moments where it's like who won the scenes of this.

Speaker 5 (45:53):
Episode, and you and Papa Pope have the most amazing
scenes in this episode. It's so great.

Speaker 2 (45:59):
But then my favorite end of the episode, actually, if
you remember shooting this, Huck slams Olivia Pope up against
a car and has her jaw like this because he
finds out that your dad is command and is the
person that took his whole life away and threw him
in a hole in all of this, right, like, when
do you remember shooting that?

Speaker 6 (46:22):

Speaker 5 (46:23):
Is remember shooting that?

Speaker 1 (46:25):
I remember shooting you know what?

Speaker 3 (46:27):
I remember.

Speaker 1 (46:28):
I remember being really disturbed and upsets that I had
to do that, that Huck had to do that to
live because I felt it was it was it wasn't right,
like if.

Speaker 3 (46:40):
It didn't feel it didn't feel.

Speaker 1 (46:42):
Correct for Huck to react that way and put his
hands on her. I remember having a problem with that,
but you know, I mean, you can't but remember.

Speaker 5 (46:51):
The last best part of this episode.

Speaker 2 (46:53):
Really is that we learn in these back flashes you're
having dinner with Papa Pope his house and he's like,
would you know he's making this like ridiculously amazing steak
or something, and he's like, would you like wine? You're like,
I don't drink wine, and of course the whole audience
is like, Olivia popes like wine and he's like, it's

because you've never had good wine. And then he pours
you something that's delicious and we see, which I thought
was so brilliant, but we see for the first time
it's like you're acting in this moment, is like it's
like the Nectar of the Gods has like touched your
mouth and you on her obsession with red wine and

we get to see it and that she only likes
good wine and that that was something that was introduced
to her by her father, and that that was something
that didn't used to happen in her life. She didn't
used to chug goblets of red wine. I mean, it
was like so fucking hilarious.

Speaker 6 (47:54):
Shout out to our scandal writers. I just love that
they meant stuff like that, that we got to that
we got to build. I love that our show was
always moving forward but always moving backward. That we as
we were like you know, progressing plot, we were also
filling in the past all the time. Yes, sort of

the DNA of the show. And I just I love it.
I love that we just were always kind of growing
our roots and our leaves right like constantly with these cameras.
So yeah, so fun.

Speaker 3 (48:27):
True, that's true.

Speaker 6 (48:28):
I am so appalled at how little I remember, But
it was it was the whirlwind of you know, these
sixteen hour days of I've just it was such a
high volume of material that I was having to metabolize
all the time that it was like in and out,
in and out, Like it was really I really I
think about it. I'm like, I feel like when people

talk about how they don't remember stuff when they channel,
like you know, like like people who channel ancestors or
they're like.

Speaker 2 (48:55):
Hypnotized, They're like hypnotized, they're like on a different plane
it has been working through me constantly, and just I
was like, the special the most lines probably in the
history of television, ninetyay pages.

Speaker 6 (49:10):
It's funny because now anytime that I'm on a set
and somebody's like, ooh, today's a heavy day for you,
I laugh. I'm like you and you're.

Speaker 3 (49:18):
Like, this is heavy, kidding me, Yeah.

Speaker 6 (49:20):
It's like kidding me. Or like the other day on
the show, I'm I'm on a half hour comedy.

Speaker 2 (49:24):
And I do President's Amazing.

Speaker 6 (49:28):
And my character does these really fun like little monologues
on Instagram. And the other day we had an actor
who had we had an emergency on set and so
they were like, we had to pivot, we had to
shoot something else, and they were like, do you think
you could memorize the monologues? And I turned to Sherry,
who's my makeup bars on and it was also my
makeup bars on piano, and I was like, Sherry, do

you think I can memorize the monologues? And She's like,
yeahtect me like it's.

Speaker 1 (49:53):
So it's say yeah, but you also you have to
let that stuff go. It has to go in and
out or else you don't have the bandwidth for something new, right, Like,
I think Katie is the only actor I know that
can recite a soliloquy from a freaking placed like ten
years ago.

Speaker 2 (50:13):
Working early on I've still got but I can't tell
you like and everything else is put into.

Speaker 5 (50:19):
The short term bad it goes.

Speaker 6 (50:22):
I think part of that too is also being a
mom and a wife, right, is that like I wasn't
at a certain point, I didn't have the luxury like
in college where you would remember stuff and you'd you'd
live with it and you'd sleep with it, and you'd
go home and think, I remember when I did Last
King of Scotland, Like I was that character all the time.
I was like in my hotel like I was heard
like all the.

Speaker 1 (50:43):
Time, what a nightmare.

Speaker 6 (50:46):
But I couldn't Like I couldn't do that on Scandal.
I didn't like a toddler. I wasn't gonna go home
and be like, it's my name on that door, like
you got to let that go and like you know,
like can you imagine namdu space my name on that.

Speaker 5 (51:01):
Door handles there's people, let's go.

Speaker 6 (51:05):
Let's go. Solid food starts this week.

Speaker 2 (51:10):
No, No, I don't think we forgot anything. G did
we forget anything before.

Speaker 1 (51:16):
I think we got and then you guys next listeners.

Speaker 5 (51:21):
Episode three oh three, Missus.

Speaker 2 (51:22):
Smith goes to Washington. I don't remember what the hell
that is or we're talking about.

Speaker 1 (51:27):
Oh, she's the one that puts makes a bomb and
straps it on her body.

Speaker 3 (51:32):
Carry Do you remember that?

Speaker 6 (51:34):
Yeah, I remember all the lasers and the right.

Speaker 3 (51:38):
Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah.

Speaker 6 (51:42):
Really intense episode.

Speaker 4 (51:45):

Speaker 5 (51:45):
Me and Carrie thank you so much for so much.

Speaker 2 (51:49):
Person to come and have do audience participation.

Speaker 5 (51:52):
It was the best having you. Gladiator sending question is
the greatest.

Speaker 2 (51:57):
And someday when you rewatch, when you're really think you're
gonna do it, when you're like eighty.

Speaker 1 (52:01):
We should do it all together. We should have like
a hang and watch like a bunch of episodes together.

Speaker 5 (52:07):
Fun Carrie, because you didn't really remember.

Speaker 2 (52:09):
Any like I don't remember any of it either, and
I had nothing con bear to you. But Quinn comes
in there, I'm like, what ye.

Speaker 1 (52:16):
What am I doing?

Speaker 2 (52:18):
Like we just got to the scene where Honk and
Quinn like hook up for the first time, and I
didn't know that was coming.

Speaker 5 (52:22):
Did you hear?

Speaker 3 (52:23):
No at all?

Speaker 5 (52:24):
No idea? What's happening and it's so fun.

Speaker 6 (52:28):
Can we also, I like, I know we keep saying it,
but it's so overdue, Like I miss you guys. We
need to get to get there.

Speaker 2 (52:37):
Yes, I'm like, yo, we need and it doesn't need
you know, we should have to have a dinner.

Speaker 1 (52:41):

Speaker 6 (52:42):
I think we need to have like an east coast
and a west coast because I know that's where I
not everybody's here and not everybody's there, So maybe we
just need to do like we're going to do an
eaper coast and a west coast and west there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I love that.

Speaker 2 (52:56):
Everybody get Carrie's book. Everybody watching? Yeah, so everybody rewatch
Scandal on Hulu. What else am I missing? Any of
the plugs?

Speaker 6 (53:05):
Noo oh, that's it.

Speaker 3 (53:08):
We had Carrie Washington on. Thank you, carry love you.

Speaker 5 (53:11):
Thank you, love you so much. You're the greatest orlest
my may.

Speaker 1 (53:19):
Thank you guys for joining us on Unpacking the Toolbox.
If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe, share with your friends, rate,
or leave us a review.

Speaker 2 (53:28):
Scandal is executive produced by Sandy Bailey, Alex Alcea, Lauren Homan,
Tyler Klang, and Gabrielle Collins. Our producer and editor is
Vince de Johnny, with music by Chad Fisher.

Speaker 1 (53:39):
Scandal is a production of ABC Signature, and you can
follow along by rewatching Scandal on Hulu.

Speaker 2 (53:44):
Unpacking the Toolbox is a production of Shondaland Audio in
partnership with iHeartRadio. For more podcasts from Shondaland Audio, visit
the iHeartRadio app or anywhere you subscribe to your favorite

Speaker 5 (53:54):
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