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February 23, 2024 12 mins

In this episode of Conversation With A Legend, LaVar Arrington sits down with NFL Hall of Famer Andre Reed. They discuss their time as teammates and the greatness of playing with legends. They also talk about the changes in the NFL and how the game has evolved. Reed reflects on his career and the impact he made on the game. They discuss the golden era of football and the importance of mentoring young players. They end the conversation by discussing Buffalo's future and the disappointment of the season.

• Teammates can take credit for being a part of greatness when playing with legends.

• The NFL has changed over the years, and the game is now more open and less physical.

• Players from the golden era of football, like Andre Reed, had a significant impact on the game.

• Mentoring young players and making connections outside of your circle is important.

• Buffalo's future is uncertain after a disappointing season.

• Patience is key in life, and sometimes things take time to come to fruition.

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
This is up on Game Presents Conversations with a Legend,
with LeVar arringten and LeVar is sitting down with some
of the legends you have watched on and off the field.
This is up on Game Presents Conversations with a legend.

And now here's LeVar Errington.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
What's up, everybody, LeVar Arrington? Here it is conversations with
a legend. And I have a Hall of Famer with me.
But more importantly than him being a Hall of famer,
he was my teammate. YA might not notice introducing Andre
my teammate. Read now, now people know the legendary Andre Reid. Yes,

I know, my homie Andre Reid.

Speaker 3 (00:59):

Speaker 2 (01:01):
The coolest thing about when you play with legends, you
get to take credit for yourself being a part of greatness. Right, so,
got to be with you your you're you're one of
the all time great receivers of the game. Got to
play with prime Bruce one of all times.

Speaker 4 (01:18):
We broke the record. Me and Bruce.

Speaker 3 (01:21):
Yes, oh yo, me and Bruce.

Speaker 4 (01:23):
We broke we broke the sack record together. You know
what I mean?

Speaker 3 (01:26):
Did he get did you get to half a sack?

Speaker 2 (01:28):
I was there, I got half a sack. I mean,
he got a whole lot of sacks before I was
there for him to.

Speaker 4 (01:34):
Break that record.

Speaker 2 (01:35):
But but I was there when he broke the record
on the field. In fact, I hit Walter Jones to
clear him to get to the sack. You know, listen,
regardless of all that stuff, people look at Andre Reid
and they say, man, that's all Andre Reid.

Speaker 4 (01:48):
He played for the Bills and.

Speaker 2 (01:50):
You know, went to all them Super Bowls and he's
super successful. Now he's a Hall of Famer. He's my teammate, man,
And this this one thing that comes to mind. When
I've be seeing you, I'd be like, oh, you was
the first one that put me up on Rick Ross.

Speaker 3 (02:09):
Oh my good.

Speaker 1 (02:10):

Speaker 4 (02:12):
It's great having my teammate on it.

Speaker 5 (02:13):
So it's so good to be here, so good to
see you, especially, you know twenty some years ago when
I retired and then playing in Super Bowls.

Speaker 3 (02:21):
It's the NFL didn't change up a lot, bro.

Speaker 4 (02:24):
I tell you, it's you were playing in today's NFL.

Speaker 3 (02:27):
I ain't have one hundred catches every year morning.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
These receivers ain't built like y'all. There's some really cool
receivers out there. There's some good, yes, but.

Speaker 4 (02:38):
That ain't like y'all.

Speaker 3 (02:39):
No, No, that ain't like y'all. No. I mean I've
been you.

Speaker 5 (02:42):
Know, Steve Atwerd got in the hall two years ago,
a year ago, and Steve, when he'd hit you, it
was it was like LeVar Arrington hitting you, like coming
downhill from as a safety, as a safety ain thirteen
fourteen yards deep coming down and and no holds barred.
And like you know, Ronnie Watts and David Fulcher's and

those guys were ahead of their time when it came
to like not only playing the position, but how they
played the position right, these guys played the position. Now
to not do do that because it can cost the game,
It can cost the game bottom line.

Speaker 2 (03:21):
The fact that you were as brilliant a receiver as
you were, and just speaking on what you're talking about,
you can't really hit guys no like that anymore. I
can't imagine what like you were fearless to catch the
ball and get hit by the Steve b.

Speaker 3 (03:38):
Atwater It was part of the deal, yep.

Speaker 2 (03:41):
But now they can't really hit you like that. So
in my mind is like what does a what does
an Andre Reid or Jerry Rights because if people don't
recall your name, it's like Jerry Rice Andre read like

you're not You're not skipping a beat when you say
the name, Like you mentioned the goat of the game,
and people people talk about Jerry Rice, But Dre, you
was out there assassinating catch.

Speaker 3 (04:14):
In the crazy weather too, in that crazy weather.

Speaker 4 (04:19):
But you know you know about it though, Yeah, you
know about from p A I was.

Speaker 5 (04:23):
I was fortunate enough to play, and maybe it was
meant to beat. I was supposed to play in Buffalo,
who knows. You know, if I would have played in
Tampa or somewhere else, maybe I wouldn't be but I
wouldn't Maybe I wouldn't be sitting here with this on Dre.

Speaker 3 (04:38):
I'm just being realistic, you know.

Speaker 4 (04:40):
Just that's being humble, and I like you being humble.
Let me be the.

Speaker 2 (04:44):
One that's not humble. For you, you would have been
a Hall of Fame or wherever you went.

Speaker 3 (04:48):
I appreciate that. I appreciate that.

Speaker 5 (04:49):
I think you know, guys changed the game. There say
transcend the game in some kind of way. And the
way the game is now more guys can transcend the
game because it's more open, it's wide open.

Speaker 4 (05:03):
Now does that bother you a little bit?

Speaker 5 (05:06):
I mean, I think it bothers me, but I can't
you know, I can't do anything about it.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
But I think my era, and every era precedes another era. Obviously.

Speaker 5 (05:15):
I think I was in an era when the game
was right in the middle of all that.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
The game was what it was supposed to be when
you were playing. If you ask me, if I'm gonna
say there was a golden era era of time, it
would have been y'all's era, like the nineties, the nineties,
late eighties, early nineties, mid ninety.

Speaker 5 (05:37):
Nineties, and then it all changed since ninety eight ninety
nine came along. And when I came to the Redskin
now Commander now Commanders, that's when it really it was
evident of the game change. It was changing, and you
know it made it. It made it different for not
only the players, fans watching the game. And then fantasy

football started really back then to a certain point, that's
a big part of the game. But I was fortunate
enough to play in that era, and we all you
don't make our impacts as much as we can in
the air as we played, uh, and we are afforded
to do that and I think the game has done
a lot for me and the guys that I see
now they come up to me and say, man, I

used to play you in Techmobil.

Speaker 3 (06:22):
I would like, I'd be like.

Speaker 4 (06:23):
Man, was the dude did you brown? Tech?

Speaker 5 (06:28):
Bo Bowl was out of control? But dude, and it
was us in bo Jackson.

Speaker 4 (06:34):
Silly, silly ass game.

Speaker 2 (06:36):
That game so so so remedial compared to games. Now.
We was up on that joint using Andre Reid. That
was crazy, and then you ended up being my teammate.

Speaker 4 (06:47):

Speaker 2 (06:47):
It still blows me away that that that we were
like you with Mahmie, like Andre Reid, like we.

Speaker 3 (06:53):
Was like Leavar. I gotta hang out with LaVar a
little bit.

Speaker 4 (06:56):
That's crazy. And we had a good time.

Speaker 5 (06:58):
And the thing is I I I was telling some
of my people that I'm here with at what would
the what would me right now say to the fifteen
year old me if he.

Speaker 4 (07:06):
Was out there right what would you say?

Speaker 3 (07:09):
I would say?

Speaker 5 (07:11):
The fifteen year old me would be tripping because I
would say all this stuff, Hey, this is what's going
to happen to you in thirty five, forty years, fifty years.

Speaker 3 (07:19):
And I think the fifteen year old me will get
up and.

Speaker 4 (07:21):
Just leave Dan because it be overwhelming.

Speaker 3 (07:25):

Speaker 5 (07:26):
Yeah, yeah, I'm sure man, And I try to relay
that the kids now, Yeah, say that you know, in
thirty years, what do you think the older you would
be saying.

Speaker 3 (07:37):
To the younger you.

Speaker 2 (07:38):
And that's something you do. You mentor guys. You you
ment with a lot of young guys. Even with Mikey
right like exactly you thank goodness things worked out for
him and he's moving on. But I mean, you have
been an intricate part of p even my development. And
I'm I'm an old g now like, but the the

time that you've invested in making sure people understood.

Speaker 5 (08:03):
You can't get it back number one, right, and you
gotta take advantage of it because these kids now, I say, dude,
your circle is your circle, but you gotta go outside
the box because they might not be here all the time.
Those people you meet one time, they're gonna loop back around.

Speaker 3 (08:21):
I guarantee you. You got to make that connection.

Speaker 4 (08:23):
What are you here promoting?

Speaker 5 (08:25):
I'm here promoting be Goat why Whiskey, And we're trying
to as an ambassador with with Owen Morgan, who's the
goat of cricket.

Speaker 3 (08:36):
He's like the Tom Brady of cricket.

Speaker 5 (08:37):
Wow, and you thought, no, you have played cricket, never
played create.

Speaker 3 (08:43):
I couldn't. I can't understand it.

Speaker 5 (08:45):
But I have a man right here, my man, she hands,
he's gonna he's gonna teach me about the game.

Speaker 4 (08:50):
You about the game. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (08:51):
But the one thing about what the what we're trying
to do is we're trying to bring these two together,
cricket and NFL because it's the number one sport on the.

Speaker 6 (09:01):
Planet being watched. Okay, wow, NFL is number three. You know,
I got a background. I know all about cricket. I
banged with cricket, you know, I like it. Then all that.

Speaker 3 (09:14):
Different way I hit this. Yeah, there you go, there.

Speaker 4 (09:18):
You goeh, I get your sticking, you know what I mean.

Speaker 5 (09:21):
And it's an Olympic sport. It's gonna be Olympics in
twenty twenty eight in l A.

Speaker 4 (09:25):
I believe you got to run and touch the other
you touch the other side and yeah, yeah, yeah, I
know the.

Speaker 5 (09:30):
First time I watched it, they hit it and went
backwards and the dude started running. I was like, that's
out of bounds.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
Right, It's pretty it's a pretty interesting and cool. It's
a pretty cool once you get into it and you
start really watching it.

Speaker 3 (09:42):
A brillion people bro watch it.

Speaker 4 (09:44):
That's crazy.

Speaker 3 (09:44):
That's a quarter of the world's population watch crazy.

Speaker 4 (09:47):
A lot of people play it around the world.

Speaker 3 (09:48):
Yeah, so that's why whiskey.

Speaker 2 (09:50):
Yeah, and we are marrying the marrying the football, marryon
cricket mayor so.

Speaker 4 (09:56):
In the end, is the whiskey good?

Speaker 5 (10:00):
I haven't tasted the whiskey, but it's it's it's being
distilled in Denver and one of the best distilleries and
in Denver, so I believe it's You.

Speaker 4 (10:08):
Feel good about it?

Speaker 3 (10:09):
Oh yeah? Oh yeah.

Speaker 2 (10:11):
Before I let you go, I gotta ask you where
where do you think? Uh buffalo goes from here?

Speaker 4 (10:19):
That's kind of a disappointing.

Speaker 3 (10:20):
Yeah, that's a tough one, man, that's a tough one.

Speaker 4 (10:23):
Was this their best opportunity to get there?

Speaker 3 (10:26):
It could have been.

Speaker 5 (10:27):
Shame't like it because at the beginning of this year
the window was at a little cracked.

Speaker 4 (10:32):
It's even even closer.

Speaker 3 (10:35):
It's face that some of these teams aren't gonna have
the same players.

Speaker 2 (10:37):
They have, right, get tough to.

Speaker 5 (10:40):
Salary cap all that stuff. You know, casualties whatever. Guys
are not gonna want to take a pay cut. And
it's and it's Buffalo had I mean they had Kansas
City this year where they wanted them.

Speaker 2 (10:52):
That's Andre Reid, y'all, this conversations with a legend. It's
up on game it's Fox Sports Radio. Yeah, I heard
the man. Make sure you go get the whiskey.

Speaker 4 (11:03):
What is it? Goat it be goat be goat whiskey.

Speaker 2 (11:08):
You see that man's jacket that joint says Hall of
Fame can't take.

Speaker 4 (11:13):
That away from him.

Speaker 3 (11:14):

Speaker 4 (11:14):
Man, I remember you was waiting to get into boy,
you was waiting to get that.

Speaker 3 (11:20):
Sometimes sometimes life takes you know, it takes a little time.

Speaker 4 (11:23):
It shouldn't.

Speaker 3 (11:23):
And that's our problem is Americans and people. We're impatient.

Speaker 4 (11:26):
We're impatient. What you finally got it?

Speaker 5 (11:29):
You wake up, you wake up looking for stuff and
you know it ain't there because you impatient. Damn, You're
just impatient for no reason at all. But then it
comes back around and goes, why did I do all that?

Speaker 4 (11:41):
And I'm here, yeah, and it happened.

Speaker 3 (11:44):
And that's just the way. That's the way it is. Man.
But that's it.

Speaker 4 (11:47):

Speaker 3 (11:47):
But Yeah, thanks for having me on. Brother.

Speaker 5 (11:49):
You are you are one of the best. I think
they ever played the game. Especially No, come on, man.

Speaker 4 (11:54):
You one of the best teammates.

Speaker 5 (11:55):
Dude, when I was in when I was in Washington
that year, we bonded.

Speaker 4 (12:01):
Oh he was my guy. He was my guy, my
mad fifty grand Man fifty. That's it, Dre Reed, y'all.
Man a boy game. This is conversations with a Leeged.

Speaker 3 (12:12):
We'll catch up in a minute.
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