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March 30, 2024 33 mins

Greg recaps Friday’s college basketball results, talks to Mike Randle of FTN Bets about the Elite Eight matchups, if any team has what it takes to defeat UConn, & the coaching hires from the past few days & Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Saturday college basketball game!

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Podcast Highlights

3:24-Friday’s college basketball results

15:00-Interview with Mike Randle

37:02-Picks & analysis for Illinois vs Connecticut

40:41-DK Network Pick Clemson vs Alabama

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Hey, more work from the Welcome to Lovely Las Vegas
because because he's with myself Creig Speeders and now for
be some family podcast, we've gotten excellent podcast for you
as we're gonna be joining in segment number two by
Mike Randall, he does such terrific work taking a look
at this great game that we all know and love
over at FTI Network. We're gonna get his thoughts on

NC State and the run that they've had going into
the e Lait eight. Can anyone be thrown you kon
and send in their way of a national title? And
we're gonna be taking a look at what we're gonna
be getting in the Elite eight today. Also, we've been
seeing quite a bit of coaching news as well. Haven't
dove too much into that. I'll be diving into that
much more when we've got those dead days waiting for
the final four. But we're gonna ask him a little

bit about these coaching moves if there's been a few
that have been really popping out to him. And then
in the final segment, gonna get you guys picks and
analysis on both Elit eight games today, which very strange
to say. We've got a two game board for a Saturday.
A few weeks ago we were going on undred fifty
college basketball games for Saturday. But we do have a
pair of great games. We're gonna dive into both as

we have some bank shots. If you do have a
question comment segment idea what have you for this podcast?
You do have one of two a'sbo far those in.
First one is my Twitter slash x timeline at you
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Do not get in any Twitter slash x questions today.
But we had a tremendous day of college basketball on Friday.
Let's take a look back at it, try to find
the trends and try to get to know these teams
a little bit better.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
Games for yesterday is Greg buzzing about?

Speaker 1 (01:42):
Here is the rowdy recap. Well, we took the points
with Gonzego with the dkn nowork right up. We've been
having a much more difficult time on the NCAA tournament
games than these smaller tournament games, which, for those that
know handicapping college basketball very easy. As to why d
n it the CBI much easier to handicap than the
tournament in Purdue put a hurting' on Gonzaga eighty to

sixty eighth the final. This game really went into the
abyss in the middle of the second half, as you
had yourself a nice close two point game. Gonzaga was
down fifty one to fifty three. That was with about
twelve twelve and a half minutes remaining, and then Purdue
puts together sixteen to two run. Zach Edy, Giant of
the Earth, was able to control things down low. Now
myself and others were just here, like man, not a

lot of fellas called on Zach Edy two fels. But
even if they would have flagged him for like one
or two more, which I mean that's been a very
controversial topic. I think that he's gotten a little bit
of leeway. And at the same time, should he have
been called for like five but fouls in this game,
probably not. I think that maybe like three or four,
I think is a very reasonable number. Whether you're a
fan of Gonzaga, Purdue, what have you. We're just trying

to get it right here. We're not here to give
any sort of favoritism, what have you. Purdue is graded
the same way to me as everyone else. Zach Edy
should be treated the same as every other player in
college basketball. But he was tremendous twenty seven points, fourteen rebounds.
And how about Braden Smith, someone who's been dealing with injury.
He had just two turnovers, fifteen assists, eight rebounds, fourteen

points in this one. As Purdue nine of twenty for
three points. You're actually your number one team in all
of college bassball turns of three point shooting percentage. For Gonzaga,
they go in this game six of nineteen from three
point range. Ben greg Well, he had three fellas and
two points. That was a little bit less than terrific.
Graymy Ka was able to do a solid job in
his own right. He was able to fly the team
with eighteen points sen rebounds. But for Purdue, they were

able to continue their success against the spread. They are
now overall for the season nineteen fifteen and two, so
they've been able to thank you some nice money. And
this was a rare under for Purdue. Purdue has actually
been one of your most overwhelming teams in all of
college basketball. Twenty three overs and thirteen unders for them.
You saw ncc just continue their tremendous run here in
the NCAA Tournament. They take down Marquette sixty seven to

fifty eight. Now if you look at the chuck while
he scorer, they grade this SA double figure win for Marquette,
and I think even the bullish of NCCATE fans would admit,
you have a little bit fortunate with the lack of
shot making year for Markett, who went four of thirty
one from three gam Jones won three of twelve for Business,
which that's not great for his standards. But players not

named Cam Jones want to combined one of nineteen from distance,
and Tyler Kollik tried his best ten rebounds seventeen points.
And for Marquette, part of the issue with them is
that they're not great on the glass. They lose this
battle forty two to thirty five. But for NCCATE they
win this game. With DJ Burns having four points and
four turnovers, he did supply seven assists, but Mama Dre

was able to give you fifteen rebounds. DJ turned up
Horn nineteen points, NCC COEs nine to twenty three from three,
and Marquette was colder than Antarctica. Now for Houston, they
were the team that I had winning the title on
my bracket. Just a tough way to go out, and
you have to give credit to Houston for the way
that they fought in this one, fifty four to fifty one.

They lose the duke. Jamal shed plays thirteen minutes in
this game, goes with an injury, and from there you
had to go with a poop poo platter of Rondell Walker,
ma'leak Wilson off the bench. He had Damien Dunn try
to get her done a little bit as well, and
it was very tough to try to replace Jamal Shudd.
And yet Houston they were able to hang in there
because they did a nice job of being able to
win the turnover battle on duke, winning that battle by

kind of fourteen to ten. They do lose a rebound
battle by a kind of thirty four to thirty, but
a lot of that was because of their own brick shots.
And for Houston, nine of seventeen at the free throw line.
That was very, very costly to them. Juwan Roberts big
Man obviously three of eight at the free throw line,
thirteen points, eight rebounds. He needed him to come up
a little bit bigger in that spot. And for Duke
Kyle Polpowski sixteen points, nine rebounds. Duke is onto the

elite eight. And so it was Old Tennessee. Tennessee they
take down Crane by account of eighty two to seventy five.
And for Great they shot it well from three eleven
to twenty three from distance. He can't ask for too
much more against Tennessee. But Tennessee match at they went
eleven of twenty four from the outside. And we talk
about don't connecting. He was connecting on this one. Twenty
four points, six boards, five assists. But how about Josiah

Jordan James. He gets overlooked then in college basketball for
about a billion years. Seventeen points, four boards for him
for Tennessee. They also did a tremendous job, winning the
turnover battle by a kind of nine to four, and
that's been an issue for Creighton all season long. They
have not been generating turnovers to save their lives. But
for Creighton, they were able to do a relatively solid
job on the glass, they played relatively even up losing

that battle thirty six to thirty four. But Tennessee they
find a way to be able to get the job done,
and they have been a pretty profitable team for you
all season long. Tennessee against the spread, they are now
up to seventeen sixteen and one with this win, so
pretty much a break even team whether you've been betting
on them or against them.

Speaker 2 (06:43):
And if you're.

Speaker 1 (06:44):
Taking a look at college basketball and what we're all
getting right now, by the way, if you take a
look at what we all got on the Friday card,
that was two favorites that were able to get the
job done, two underdogs that were able to get the
job done. And he saw three unders and one over.
But if you look at the last seven days in
general in college basketball, it has been a case where
we have been certain to see the favorites wear down

a little bit, but it's still been very much a
favorites sort of leg out there in college basketball. This
is across all tournaments twenty nine and twenty four against
the spread for favorites with the unders certain to come
through twenty eight unders, twenty five overs. I believe we've
had a push in there as well, but I might
be mistaken on that in terms of totals. But overall
for the season, the over stilitting at darn near fifty

one two and eight and seventy five overs, twousand and
seven and seventy three unders, with favorites overall for the
season hitting at fifty point seven percent. So that's what
we all got in the Sweet sixteen and that's what
we're seeing trend wise in college basketball.

Speaker 2 (07:40):

Speaker 1 (07:40):
Coming next, let's take a look forward to the Elite
eight and if any team can derail Yukon, we're going
to do so with Mike Randall and also talk a
little bit about some of these coaching moves as well.
That's up next right here ancles kissing's with myself. I
gave Steeners and now a Parks. We're mag you love

you Las Vegas for gums because us with myself, Greig
Games Peterson now part of the Decent Family podcasts and
it is great to be joined by this man, Mike Randall.
He does an absolutely tremendous job over at FDN Network
at FDM Bets take a look at so many different things.
Obviously this game that we all know love of college basketball,
but for those that like the NBA, he does a
great job on the DFS side. I know that he's

getting set for the NFL Draft. And hey, over there
at FTN Network, they do a little bit of everything.
I know that they've got a great team of experts,
do an amazing work taking a look at baseball as
back in our lives and so much more. And you're
able to find Mike on Twitter slash ecks over at
Randall Rant altogether and Mike always great to have you board.
Thank you, sir.

Speaker 2 (08:42):
It always great to be with you. Elite eight. Now
coming down to it, this was the fun time last year.
We have some great games. A couple two seeds are gone,
but the one seeds, of course, are hanging around. So
I think we're set up for some incredible games. It
is what the public wants. They want upsets are early
in blue bloods late and we are headed in that direction.

Speaker 1 (08:58):
Oh we know, nowt are I'm sure that there are
a few people that would have rather had North Carolina
in the fold. But I do think that it is
so interesting that on Saturday we are going to begin
the rematch of Alabama versus Clemson. Clemson took the first matchup,
but they are the underdog here and I want to
keep your thoughts there because in terms of the games
that we saw the first time around that was played

in late November, it was a case where Clemson was
hot from three, Alabama was a little bit cold from distance.
But how do you take a look at this matchup
because I do take a look at Clemson, and I
think they're very live to be able to win this
game again, even though, as we know in college basketball,
it is very difficult to knock off a team of
Alabama's caliber.

Speaker 2 (09:35):
Twice that's been my team greg this entire tournament. I
felt the winner of New Mexico, Clemson was going to
the Final four. I put Clemson through and I think
they're in great shape. As I was watching the North
Carolina Alabama game, I did not want North Carolina getting
through for my Clemson pick because it's just very difficult
to picture R. J. Davis having that bad a game

back to back. Plus there's a familiarity aspect, and listen,
there is familiarity here with Alabama and Clemson. But I
feel the whole world is going to be on Alabama
after that performance against North Carolina. We've seen greg This
tournament has been more three point reliant than any I
can remember in recent history. Right now, we're watching NC
State scorching the next doing well. Purdue absolutely on fire

against Gonzaga, and I'm curiously if both those teams get
through in that first matchup, they were scalding hot eleven
of twenty six they hit against North Carolina, you had
the amazing game from Grant Nelson. If you don't get
that performance, I don't think they get through. So I'm
curious to see the rematch here. I've liked Clemson all year.
They did beat them at home. They still did make
eleven threes in that first matchup against Clemson. The key

was that Clemson was able to hit the boards, was
able to make some threes. They were eleven of twenty
one from three point range themselves. And again, if PJ.
Hall stays out of foul trouble and can give another
big performance. He was great the other night against Arizona.
He had twenty one points in the first matchup. But
I do think the depth of Clemson, the way they're
playing and their style will come out with the win

and they will get to the Final Four. Remember Jack
Clark did not really play that much. He only played
twelve minutes in that first game against Alabama, and Chase Hunter,
of course, is a different player. So I want a
little variance from Alabama. And I do think Clemson is
going to get through and fulfill my prophecy that the
winner of that game with New Mexico was going to
make the Final Four. I think they have a really

good chance.

Speaker 1 (11:24):
I do think so as well. And I just take
a look at this Clemson team and I still do
think that even though we see this day and age
college basketball be so three point reliant, even though we
do see all these explosive offenses, that defense still does
mean a lot in college basketball. And with regards to
this Alabama bunch, I still look at them, even though

they were able to play a little bit better against
grang Canyon, and I just still have a tough time
being able to take them in this game against Clemson
because I saw so many questions marks when it comes
that defense.

Speaker 2 (11:54):
The defense is really questionable. And this was an Alabama
team that not only was poor defensively, so it also
would turn the ball over and they take a lot
of crazy shots, a lot of off balanced rush shots.
And I also think something I'm curious about is we
did see in that game against North Carolina there was
an injury concern. As we got to the end of

the game. You saw Nick Pringle inside was sort of
hobbling around had some injury problems as well. So there's
a lot of public sentiment on Alabama because there's going
to be recency bias, but because they struggle on defense,
because they shot so poorly in the first matchup against Clemson,
they can take some really crazy shots. I think Clemson
has the advantage here over the Crimson time.

Speaker 1 (12:36):
Yep, I think so as well. And I do think
that we've got ourselves a tremendous game that's going to
be coming up for a Saturday there. And then how
about if we take a look at that other matchup.
As Mike Randall does great workover at After Network, if
you want to be right here on Cosco, SEEP says,
right now, you don't find this very often the Elite eight.
This is a line up between eight and a half
to nine with Illinois the underdog against Yukon. I think

this was a similar line to when Saint Peter's flight
against North Carolina as a fifteen seed two years ago. Now,
I'm not even joking when I say that, and that's
just because Yukon has been that dominant. But my question
to you is, do you think that now these lines
have become a little bit overinflated on Yukon or do
you think that they could just continue all these blowouts
that we've been seeing as in the NCAA Tournament last

two years nine to zero against the spread.

Speaker 2 (13:20):
I don't think it's Kiana. I think Yukon is that good.
I really do, Greg, and I haven't said this in
a long long time. You and I usually because we're handicapping,
tend to be contrarian and try to look at all possibilities.
I don't see it. I thought the only team in
this bracket that could give Yukon a run was Auburn
because they had Jenni brumanside and because they could guard
the perimeter. That is the team that I targeted. I said,

if Auburn doesn't beat them, they're going to the final four.
ILLINOI has been great. We read the article. You saw
it out there with Brad under what he met with
Jay Wright and talked about how he's going to change
his offense to be successful in the tournament because he's
had some criticism. I get all of that. Yukon is
going to provide strong defense, and they're going to have
a post presence. I think what Iowa State really missed

the other night was they did not have an interior
presence that Illinois had to guard. That's why you saw
Terren Shannon get so many steals on the perimeter because
they were able to jump out because they didn't have
to worry about an interior scoring presence. For Iowa State,
that obviously is not the case with Connecticut. Klington's going
to draw attention. He could have a monster game. Shannon's
gonna get his points. No one can stop him. He's incredible.

But Domask was held down. That is the type of
team that I think Connecticut will be able to handle.
I think their defense will be able to limit them.
I don't see it. I just cannot see Illinois unless
Shannon had fifty in this game. So I'm with you.
I always look for another angle of this. I can't.
I think Connecticut is that good right now.

Speaker 1 (14:41):
It has been incredible what we've been seeing out of
the Yukon team. And is there any team, even on
the flip side of the bracket that could be able
to provide a little bit of a speed bump to
Ukon at this point because as we are doing this,
we're doing this prior to the Houston versus Duke game.
I think that that game is going to be very fascinating.
But I am really the only team and I could
see it, and by the time this podcast uploads, they

might not even be in the field. Might be Houston
just because they're so rough and double defensively. But I
just look at this tournament right now and I think
it's Yukon in the field.

Speaker 2 (15:11):
I think Tennessee could do it. And the reason I
think Tennessee could do it is because they guard the perimeter,
they do have a go to scorer who could attack
and light up Connecticut within reason, and they also have depth.
That is the one team that I think could derail Yukon.
I don't think they're losing. I didn't think the rules
in North Carolina. I don't think they're losing to Clemson

or Alabama. So it's going to come down to the finals,
and I love Houston if they had Tuggler, if they
had Arsenal, I'd be a little bit more on board
with that. But you need to be able to score
with Yukon because you're not going to hold them down completely.
I think a do inside could maybe do some things
against Klingon. I think Connect would need to have a
big game, and I do think Ziggler and the perimeter players,

you know, Vescovie does a lot of crafty things, they
could possibly do it. I cannot see even Purdue or
Houston beating this Yukon team. You'd have to have a
team like Tennessee and they'd have to have a great,
great night.

Speaker 1 (16:10):
Yeah, they would need to have an amazing night. And
this Yukon team they have been oh so dominant. As
Mike Randall does such great work over at FTA Network,
he has joined me right here oncazzeeps and as I
was alluding to, we are doing this as a lot
of the games for Friday are going on. But it
is looking like it is going to be indeed NC
State that is going to be able to get the
job done. Get it done against Marquette. They're going to

be playing against that winner of Duke versus Houston, and
just how do you take a look at an NC
State team that if they didn't win the ACC tournament
they wouldn't be in the NCAA tournament all together. And
now here they are one win away from the final four,
and it just feels like the flip. It feels like
they switch has been flipped for them.

Speaker 2 (16:51):
Greg if Tony Bennett fouls because he had all those
fouls to give, I don't think ninst the States even here.
It's really amazing. If you told me before we started
this podcast, and we talked yesterday, and you told me
DJ Burn's gonna have four points, I thought for sure
Marquette's gonna win. But like I said, the three point
variants has been king in this tournament. Marquette. Right now
we're as we're recording this, they're downtown with the minute left.

They are three of twenty six from three point range.
And I don't think i's s State's playing that great
Bermander defense. They're just missing shots. But you have a
big game from Horn, a big game from Morsel. I
think at some point NC State is gonna regress because
I lost during the season on them so many times
at home when they couldn't make a shot, and they
ended the season losing four consecutive regular season games. It's

been a remarkable run. It's been great, the chemistry, Kevin Keats,
everything is working for them. But some night, either the
next game in the Elite or the Foal four, they're
going to have a Marquette like game where they're four
of twenty seven and I don't think they can recover.
Very few teams can. But you did see Tennessee recover
the other night when they couldn't make it against Texas
and Dylan Mitchell. I just think it's coming and it's

gonna end. But I'll tell you right now, it looks
like they're gonna be in the in the Elite eight,
and it's been an incredible run for them.

Speaker 1 (18:02):
Players not named Cam Jones for Marquette with a minute
remaining in the second half, shot one of sixteen from
three point range, like five Martians can go one of
sixteen from three point range. Absolutely ridiculous what we've been
seeing there, And I do think to your point, we're
gonna see a little bit of regression in You want
to give a shout out to Kevin Keats. He's done

an amazing job coaching this team. There's no question about it.
And and there's very few teams that could do what
ncctate is being able to do. But when you've got
a team shooting four to forty sevens from three point range,
you're getting a little bit charmed in general. So I
do think that that is going to be very much
of fascination taking a look at moving forward. And I mean,
I'm talking about Kevin Keaths right now, man that has
went from the hot seat to probably getting a contract

accession during the offseason. And Mike, I know you much
like myself. While we're looking at these Sweet sixteen Elite
eight games, and that's our main focus. Just in the
back of our minds, we are taking a look at
some of these coaching moves. We're taking a look at
some of these guys getting hired. And I'm not sure
if you looked at just last few days in college basketball,
but I feel like there have been a lot of
home run hires made. Everything from Darren Devreeze going to

West Virginia the two hires made for the current fact
twelve teams. I believe that we're gonna have at least
one of them if not two of them. Adding elsewhere
in Stanford they hire on Kyle Smith Washington State. They
are going to be currently out there in the market
as well as you've got Danny Sprinkle heading out over
to the other Washington school in the Huskies. But how
do you take you a look at last few days

of coaching hires, because I've been very impressed by all
these schools that have went out.

Speaker 2 (19:30):
I made these hires I have. I'm a little torn
on some of the hires. I was shocked greg that
carm Massarello was let go from Sienna. I know this
year was horrific, but a lot of that had nothing
to do with him. And see injuries. The injuries were
brutal and they always compete well. So Jerry McNamara in there,
good luck because Karen did an amazing job with the

exception of this year. On the other side, Pac Kelsey
has been killing it on social media with the press
conferences with Louisville. I think that's the exact type of
coach you want full disclosure out there. Obviously a great
X and O coach. Pat Kelsey of course had the
issue with UMass where he was going to go there
and he backed out at the last second, so it's
almost like he was waiting for this one big, big

hire for them as well under the radar Hire Preston
Spradlin going to James Madison for Mark Byington. So he's
a good coach, has done a great job with Morehead,
so I think he's going to be very strong and listen,
West Virginia going to be back now with Darian de Freeze. Obviously,
I think his son is following him there as well,
some really good stuff and even Brian Earl going over
to William and Mary. So a lot of really interesting hires.

And the question is we've been critical, you and I
both of Chris Holtman. Can he revitalize De Paul? That's
the question.

Speaker 1 (20:39):
Yeah, And he is going to be getting CJ. Gunn
in from Indiana. Hopefully they get the high school version
of C. J. Gunn and not the guy that was
at Indiana as Indiana absolutely no guard play onthoever, and
that is just a daunting, daunting task because there have
been many that have come before him, but in the
last twenty years De Paul, they just have not been
eave a bus sell name. I do want to close
it up with this as well, because we're obviously looking

at the NCAA tournament these big games. How much have
you been taking a look at these smaller tournaments and
are you going to be glued into the final few
games of the NIT because I just personally have found
that it's been much easier to handicap the CBI CIIT NIT,
whereas with the NCAA tournament, it does feel like there's
a lot more varias where the elements seem to be
coming through a little bit more in these smaller tournaments.

Speaker 2 (21:23):
Yeah, one hundred percent agree with everything you just said.
I've done very well in some of the smaller tournaments.
You look at the NIT Utah Indiana State that's now
in Indianapolis, so that's going to be very interesting Indiana
State obviously in the area, but that is not at
home in Indiana State where they really needed every second
of that to get their last win. George of our
Seaton Hall, Seaton Hall, you know you have a great coach.

When you have a great coach, the question is they
buying in because you've seen Kentucky go into one of
the NIT tournaments and lost in the first round years ago.
But Seaton Hall under Holloway, he's a great coach. They've
played well, so they've been very excited and have done
a really nice job and very impressed with as well.
So yeah, I am locked in. I'm very interested here
to see how the n goes because it's done very well.

Is we've been able to analyze who's hot, who's not.
Seaton holding home against you and all the day obviously
too much of an ask you Todd home huge home
court advantage over a good VCU team. So yeah, I'm
interested because there's money to be made, Greg, Greg, money
is money. If we can make and find some value,
I'm always gonna grab it.

Speaker 1 (22:21):
Oh absolutely, And for a lot of these schools as well,
they're able to take it. I sent at run from
the previous year and really translate that forward into the
next year as well. So well, Indiana State is probably
going to be looking quite a bit different next season.
I do think that there is something to be played
for there, and there is a little bit of an
opportunity to get a little bit of a taste for
these teams moving forward as well. And I know you're

a man that you do a great job all twelve
months out of the year taking a look at this
tremendous game of basketball and all different fronts. Mike, let
the get people to them know it's all on tap
for you and how people can fall on on social
media to other platforms.

Speaker 2 (22:54):
Yeah, FTN we're coming out with a brand new website,
bring everything together. Really excited about it, so please make
sure you follow us over there FT and Fantasy and
all social media counts. Myself at randall Rant. College basketball
winding down, but we have NFL Draft well of NBA
Draft coming up, a lot of fun stuff. I remember Greg,
one of my biggest bets, Grady Dick was not going
as early as everyone thought he was going to the
NBA Draft. He ended up being fine, but he was

being mocked at like eight or seven. So there is
advantages of knowing college basketball and applying it to things
like the NBA Draft, for sure.

Speaker 1 (23:24):
Absolutely. I always do think that there is so much
opportunity with the arts the NBA draft as well, because
when you're just reading all of the reports, when you're
glued into what people are saying in terms of the
workouts that are coming out, things like that, you have
to make a lot of money off of it, and
those are these sorts of things like the NFL Draft,
the NBA Draft where just utilizing the old Twitter slash ecks.

That is very much your friend, just like getting great
guests on this show is very much our friend and
Mike he's one of the best. Big thanks to them
for joining me on kazeeps South, part of the Beas
Family Podcasts and coming next it is that time of
the podcast they give you picks and analysis an Ember game.
I'm betting board for this elead eight Saturday as we
had some bank shots come We're back here, love me

Las Vegas for gus gusting with myself Greg Speederson now
part of the Vcent Family podcast. It is always great
to be joined by Mike Brandile. He does such a
good job taking a look at this great game that
we all know and love. He also does a tremendous
job with his own podcasts is Screen the Screener podcast,
which you're able to get wherever you find your podcast.
Always a pleasure to have them aboard. He makes us
just a little bit smarter every single time he's on,

so big thanksam for johnning me in the last segment.
Nowadays that time the podcast they give me picks and
analysis on both games on the betting board for this
college basketball Saturday, as we had some bank shots. Most
financial establishments calls it a certain time, but not here.
It is time for a sign in total on every
game on today's betting board bank shots. Do you know

if that has for usual any changes are made to
these plays. We'll be listened up on my Twitter slash
x feed at genet underscore eighty one. And we're gonna
start out with the early game of Illinois versus Yukon,
and then our DCN hour gret up is gonna be
on Clemson versus Alabama. That'll be the late game. So
how about if we get things started with six fifty one,
six to fifty two on the card. It is Yukon
who plays against Illinois out there in Boston, Massachusetts. This

is a line that is settled in at eight and
a half seeing one or two straight nines with Yukon
being the favorite as well, and your total on this
game is anywhere between one fifty five and one fifty
five and a half. And it's a circumstance where I'm
willing to take eight and a half and nothing less.
With this Illinois bunch, we were able to get up
to north of nine, and personally I took this one
and it was at nine. But that said, even at

an eight and a half, I still think we've got
a little bit of runwigh, and I fully know the
Hornets as I'm going into because this Yukon team has
been dominated their last one NCAA Tournament games, they have
won every one of them by thirteen plus points. But
it is an Illinois team that in terms of points
scored on a purpossession basis and games played away from home,
they are number one. Now if you combine home and

games away from home, Yukon is actually your number one
team terms of points scored on a per possession basis.
And both of these teams really do have all the goods.
You've got Cam Spencer, Trists and Newton. They're combining for
about thirty points per contest, and Newton on any give
a night, can give you a triple double, seven boards,
six assists, a steal, shoots only about thirty three percent
from three. Cam Spencer is more of your designed three

point shooter at forty four percent from the outside. And
the big key for Illinois is just stepping up a
little bit on defense. They've been a bit better here
in the NCAA tournament, But it's very fair to question
a team that's clocking in right around about two hundred
and fortieth to two undred and fiftieth in the country
terms of points a lot on a purposession basis in
a game played in a road slash shoot card setting. Well,
you've got a team on the flip side in Yukon

that is a top fifteen team in all of College
mass one in terms of points a lot on a
purposesson basis, and got Giant of the Earth Downovan Klingen,
who does an amazing job being able to give you
about two and a half blocks per contest as a
nice shot, give you some boards per game. And you've
also got Alex Caravan, who really goes under the radar
guives side shoot thirty and a half percent from three
thirteen a half points five boards. Haven't even mentioned the
fact that the foncast was probably the best guy for

the team a few days ago. But how about with
Illinois having the best overall peer scorer in this game.
He's not the best player in my opinion, but he's
the best peer scorer. That'd be Terren Shannon twenty three
and a half points per contestioning about thirty six a
half percent for three, and this is something that is
good to cause for you kind of have some issues.
Coleman Awkins Quincy Garier. Both of these guys between about

six and seven to six foot nine. They're combining for
twenty two points on thirty seven point eight percent three
point shooting. They both give you six plus rebounds per game.
Hawkins is able to give you a block per contest.
If you've got Dan Danga who is able to give
you a little bit of something down low. You've been
able to get about five and a half rebounds per
game out of ty Rodgers. And for Illinois, this is
one of the best rebounding teams in all of college basketball.

They're one of the few teams that can match a
firepower of what you get out of Yukon on the glasses.
Illinois in terms of their overall rebound rate, they're a
top fifteen team in all of college basketball, and I
think that that's gonna help them be able to remain
lively in this game. The question is can they just
do a little bit of a better job and be
able to guard the three point arc as Yukon, they're
going to have an advantage air. This is a Yukon
bunch that does have the crowd behind them as well.

I think that that needs to be mentioned with this
game being out there in Boston, Massachusetts. Yukon is thirtieth
in the country and upon a three point twoty percentage,
but that does go up to about thirty three point
two percent when they're away from stores. Meanwhile, you've got
an Illinois team that in terms of their three point
shooting defense, they all upon us to shoot more around
thirty six percent from the outside. But very interestingly, you've
got an Illinois team that shoots better from three partings

away from home rather than at home. So I do
think that Illinois does just enough to be able to
hold in there. Wouldn't be willing to take anything less
than the eight and a half that we're seeing right now,
but one think the eight and a half, and I
did sell my total out of one to fifty eight.
Illinois has been all gas s NOO breaks recently and
with Yukon in terms of both games played at home
and away from home. Number one team in terms of
points scored on a purposession basis. So I like the over,

and I do like Illinois catching eight and a half
or more, and were I have things up with six
fifty three six fifty four? Am I right up? Clemson
is going to be playing up against Alabama. Alabama in
two and a half, two eight three point favorite out
there in Los Angeles, California. The Donald's game is one
sixty four and a half. I mean by total one
sixty eight. I'm looking at the over. Alabama's played darn
year seventy percent of their games to the over. End
for Alabama, this team is just still having their issues guarding.

And that's why my ride up is on Clemson. We
saw these two teams match up earlier in the season,
and you don't want what we saw earlier in the
season to be an NLB all. That's a game in November.
You can't completely take away being like, oh, Clemson won
the first time, now they're gonna win the second time. No,
absolutely not. But you can pick up on a little
bit of something that could be an X factor in

this game at Clemson. They won that first time in
Tuscaloosa eighty five to seventy seven on November twenty eighth.
They held to Alabama to shooting thirty one point four
percent from three point range, and that's relatively what they've
held opponents to shooting in a road slide shotch court
setting all season long, allowing opponents to shoot just thirty
one point nine percent from three part range at ranks
fifty eighth in the country and road three point shooting

percentage of defense. Alabama is nineteenth in the country in
terms of percentage of shots that come from three point
range at forty six point three percent. So if they
can do that once again, they've got a good shot
of being able to get the job done. It's a
Tigers team that has been a relatively solid offense as well.
They're not quite Alabama, as Alabama currently a number three
in the country a terms points scored on a per
possession basis, but it sounds like you've got a bunch

of slugs out there in clumps. Then they're thirty first
in the country. They've got a guy in PJ. Hall
is able to give you sixteen plus points. It's able
to spy you with about six boards per contest. You've
got a nice three point shooter and Joe Girardo shooting
north of forty percent for three uncharacteristically missed some free
throws in the Sweet sixteen game. He's been able to
shoot north of ninety percent overall for the campaign. But
he also do have an Alabama team that has, in

my opinion, the best overall scorer in this game. That'd
be Mark Siars. He's able to give you about twenty
one a half points per contest rows in their four
boards for us IS, she's forty three percent from three
point inch airn Axer and Estrada five and a half boards,
thirteen a half points, four point seven assists per game.
But with Alabama, they are a team that surprisingly does
a relatively good job of be able to rebound by committee.
This Alabama team is actually a tough fifty team in

all of Codge Fast one terms of their rebound but Clemson,
they do not allow you to get second chances, thirty
ninth in the country with regards to their defensive rebound rate,
allowing opponents to grab just twenty three point four percent
of their misshots. In Alabama, they're pretty good on the
offensive side of things. On the glass, they do allow
uponents to grib about twenty eight point seven percent of
their misshots as an offensive rebound that is turning fifty
six in all of college basketball. I was mentioning the

free throw shooting of Joe Girard. Clemson has a leg
up there as well. They are shooting ninth in the
country in terms of free throw shooting percentage had seventy
eight point seven percent. Alabama still very solid seventy seven
point four percent. But this is an Alabama team that
they fell, and they fell a lot. Alabama in terms
of a percentage of possessions that in a free throw
for opponents, they are in the bottom forty in all

of college basketball at that regard. Crimson tied three and
forty second in the country terms points a lot on
a per possession basis. So I do think that there's
gonna be big time issues there. You've got Latrell right
Sell for Alabama was able to give you nine points
per contest. But just something that I picked up on
an Eli Hirshkovitch who's joined this podcast. He has noticed
the same thing. This Clemson defense has just been a
little bit better ever since Jack Clark has been able

to get more minutes. He's done a nice job be
able to provide the team with about six to seven
points per contest. He gives you some good rebounding and
then you got Chase Hunter, not an amazing three point
shooter by any stretch, but gives you three assists thirteen points.
He keeps his team from turning the ball for just
ten point two turnovers per game. I think that Clemson,
with just the better defense in this game, they find
a way to be able to get the job done.

It's a Clemson team has been very consistent with their
offensivety two plus points in four out of the last
five games, while the defense has been able to step
up in a big way. And for Alabama, they gave
up the sixty one against Grant Canyon, but past that
they have been giving up eighty five plus on the
regular I do think that you get a high scoring
expose semi total one sixty eight. I like the over,
and with regards to my DK hour right up, I'm

gonna be taking Clemson. I just gave out the plus
three if we were able to get really lucky plus
three and a half. But that said, I also do
like Clemson on the money line as well, so pick
your own adventure there. But my right up is going
to be taking Clemson on the spread slash money line
along with taking a look at this little over. I
also like that as well. Now wrap things up for
the Saturday edition of Coast Go Steeps, now part of
the VSENT family podcasts. If you like hearing from the

SIME podcast costco Seeps, you're able to subscribe over your
podcast Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, sitter and tune it.
If you have a question comment segment idea, what I
have you for this podcast? You have one of two ways.
We have far those in first one is my Twitter
slash ex simeline at you and at underscore ey one.
Keep in mind letters them they mean us. I'm advertised
per usual. Please do send these into the timeline and
the other ways. Find an Apple podcast review if you
rate this podcast five service, it is very much appreciating

them from their arable fire and whatever you'd like to
here on this podcast via the f five star review.
Big thanks to our good friend Mike Randall for joining me.
Last segments coming at you guys every single day throughout
the college basketball season, X and you on bank would
do once you get them out. Thank you so much
for betting in
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