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April 10, 2024 42 mins

Greg explains why he works during the offseason the same way he would to working on a long term college research project, talks to Nick Lorensen of Mid Major Madness about gives his thoughts on John Calipari going to Arkansas, UConn’s recent dominance, teams who have made good moves already this offseason, & the characteristics of teams that have recently been thriving in college basketball, & Greg recaps Tuesday’s college basketball coaching and player movement

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Podcast Highlights

4:27-Why to treat the CBB offseason like a long term research project

17:41-Interview with Nick Lorensen

39:05-Recap of Tuesday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
I remember I'm gonna love you, Las Vegas, but first
kissing with myself Craigie Speederson now for our Vicent Family podcasts,
and we've got next Love podcast where he has joining
me in segment number two, and you're gonna have Nick
Lauren Cinoporeg. He's joining me as he's just a parting
Arizona who was in town for the NCAA Tournament's final
four A national title game. As a matter of fact,

we chatted with him just after that title game. So
we'll tell you a little bit of a bow around
what we did see out there in Arizona, some of
the characteristics of these teams that have been able to
rise up and just how you count his bailed rise
to the top. But we're also gonna take a little
bit of a look forward to take a look at
some of these teams that very early on I've been
able to have some success in the transfer portal of
made a nice hire to get his thoughts no doubt

on John cal Perry hading on over to Arkansas where
Kentucky goes from here. And then in the final segment,
I'm gonna get you guys just what we saw in
college Basketball on Tuesday as well. We are now in
full fledge off season mode. Now it's just all about
taking a look at these coaching taking a look at
these guys moving around in the transfer portal, and trying
to give you guys my thoughts there as we work

on previewing every single conference at every single team here
on the podcast. We will be doing that the next
two hundred or so days going into the upcoming college
basketball season. So there is absolutely no shortage whatsoever of
things to be able to dive in on. And it
is going to be very very much a long off season.
But as I always say bet Center one during the season,

they are one through great preparation and they are one
through just putting in the work here in the off season.
And I'm gonna touch upon that a little bit here
in segment number one, just how I'm gonna be going
about things here in the off season. Like I said
on the podcast yesterday, You're gonna have a podcast every
single day here on coachcot Soups. Now, I'm not gonna
be taking any days off. We're gonna have a lot

of conversations, We're gonna have a lot of conference previews.
So we've got y'all covered there, and if you do
have a question, comment segment idea what I be for
this podcast? You do have one or two as vo
forur Thissen. First one is my Twitter slash xID mind
at you an under forty one. Keep in mind the
NECM the he does that matter, so, as per usual,
please to send these into the timeline. Other ways, ye
an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast five starts,

it is very much appreciated them. From there, you're able
to fire in whatever you'd like to here on this podcast.
By that five star review really didn't get in too
many Twitter sluss questions. Many of you guys are still
buzzing about what we all saw in the National title
game and the dominance of yukon this season. So rankfully
so there, so I feel free to fire another question
at any time, whether that be today, whether that be tomorrow. Hey,

if something comes up a month and a half from now,
more than happy to just dissect it and general it
can be on the general offseason. The one thing that
I really won't do is be like, oh tex got
in like guy that was happening three points per game
your thoughts, because those will be in the final segment
as well, because I just recap all the moves that
we see in the transfer portal, all these coaching moves

as well, so I need it all all be there,
so those questions they will be answered at the final
segment pretty much daily. But i'd said when just preparing
for the upcoming basketball season, I think the best way
to go about this, and I've used this analogy in
off seasons in the past and I'm gonna use it again.
Treat this like a long term research project that you
would in college. I am about ten years removed from

going to uw Osh Gosh the greatest university of all time.
I say that very very very biasedly, and I'm probably
one of the few people I'd say that, but Hail
Titans for uw ash Gosh. But that said, when I
was in college, when I put things off until the
last minute, things didn't necessarily go well. There might be
a few people list saying that agree, there might be
some that disagree, some that are of indifference. If you

didn't go to college, high school, if you didn't go
to high school, middle school, if you didn't go to
middle school, well, I really don't know what to tell
you there. But that said, I do think that treating
it like a long term paper is the best way
to go about it. And by a long term paper,
you don't want to be putting it off until the
last minute. But at the same time, you don't try
to complete it within fifteen minutes as well. You're going

to miss something if you try to do it that
way as well. Like I take a look at us
having nearly twenty days here in the offseason, it's just
little by little, putting in just a little bit of
work every single day for me works in a You
don't need to dive into all three hundred and sixty
two D one teams yourself because I'll have you cover
with a conference review every single day. And if you're
just out there listening, don't feel like you need to

take a look at the college basketball transfer portal for
five hours a day, every single day. That'll be a
DEFEATI effort. You're going to get paralysis by analysis as well.
I do think that that is very important to do.
Have a little bit of sanity. Many of you do
handicap other sports, whether that be the NBA leading into
the playoffs. I personally am a baseball guy, because when

college basketball ends, baseball begins. When baseball ends, college basketball begins,
it is perfect for me. But if you're handicapping a
different sport, you handicap that different sport day in and
day on, and then at the end of the day
you spend a few minutes looking to see, all right,
Matthew Nicholson and Ty Berry they're going to be returning
to Northwestern on the good for Northwestern and that's a

big part of it as well. We're gonna be buzzing
about these guys that they entered into the transfer portal
and certainly give these schools a lot of love when
the time comes to do conference previews as well. Take
a look at the teams that aren't losing anything. I
think that that is so important. Like Yukon really didn't
lose much ya the transfer portal. They did lose Andre
three thousand Jackson along with Mohammed Sanogo, who made things

a go go from last college basketball season because they
just turned pro. But there weren't a lot of guys
that were transferring out like with Northwestern being able to
maintain Matthew Nicholson along Ty Berry, a pair of guys
that were pretty solid for them. Ty Berry, before getting
injured and missing the back half of the season eleven
and a half points per game, was a forty plus
percent three point shooter. Matthew Nicholson, one of their better rebounders,

wasn't like a super duper impact guy, but at seven
feet tall, came out nearly two assists, five and a
half points, four and a half boards. I mean, that's
a pretty big deal for Northwestern. Them being able to
maintain those guys tells you that they've got a good
thing going there. There are guys that do want to
play for Chris Collins. That's something that you do like
to see. And I was alluding to this when we
were talking to Kobe Dant on the podcast yesterday. It

does feel like the best schools they sort of have
a little bit of a mix. You want to have
a school that maybe is bringing in that like number three,
number four score in the transfer portal to accent what
they're really doing. Like for a Purdue they were able
to make the national title game this season. They added
in one nice piece of Lance Jones for Yukon, the
one piece that they really added from the transfer portal
for this year because Tristan Newtoney had come over a

few seasons prior to this season. Number two from a
they had at Camp Spencer You turned out to be
a nice number. I would call it one a score
him and Tristan Newton, but he was exactly what they needed.
Shot it very well from three, solid, dependent defender. He
was able to do a little bit of everything out
there in the backcourt. But it's not like they made
wholesale changes. I think that that is something that you

want to be doing as well, and just sticking in
that little bit of research every single day like a
research paper. I think that that is very big as well,
because when you just keep your mind fresh, when you
keep your head in the game, I think that that's
so big. You don't want to be showing up three
days before the start of the college basketball season being like, yeah,
I did absolutely nothing. Let's try to see what we've

all got with this year's steven A. Polisen team or
something like that. That's not the way to go about it.
At the same time, you don't need to be just
tirelessly looking at college basketball all day long as well.
It is a very very long offseason. Keep yourself a
little bit fresh air, leave a lot of the work
to me and do a little bit on your own
time as well, and just stick with what works as well.

Like if you don't do a lot of college basketball
handicapping to start with, there's no need to dive in
on all three hundred and sixty two D one teams.
If you've had a lot of success, for example, you're
living out there in the Midwest, you're able to follow
a lot of people that cover the MAC, the MAC
with one A not the one with two a's, and
you decide, hey, I had a lot of success betting

on like the Toledo Rockets being able to fade insert
your bad MAC team here, maybe you do try to
have a little bit more focused on a few specific conferences.
I'm someone that I do all three iron sixty two
D one team just because that's the way that I've
just always operated. I before doing actual sports betting, was
more of a bracketology guy myself, where I would get

the same amount of points on my final bracket as
to picking the correct fifteen seed as I would be
correct one seed. So the self one I had to
spend as much time researching as the AC seed. That's
just the way that I operated personally, and that's a
big reason why I do have sort of the style
of taking a look at every single game every single
day the way that I do. But everyone's a little

bit different. Find what works for you, and that is
the biggest thing that I can tell you that goes
for betting with regards to any sport, whether that be football, basketball, baseball, hockey.
Do not let some meaning just some troll on Twitter
slash ix tell you, oh, you have to do this,
you have to do that. You're a moron for not
doing this, for not doing that. If it works for
you and you are a profitable with it, don't let

anyone else tell you a darn thing otherwise. And that
if you take nothing else away from this podcast, ever,
take that away, because if you are making money and
you are feeling good about the results, you are doing
a good job. That's the best advice that I can
give you. Like there's nothing else I can tell you
on this podcast. It's better than the advice that I

just gave you right there. I'm gonna give you guys,
picks and analysis when the season comes back. I'm gonna
do everything only possible to take a look at the
transfer portal if you take away absolutely nothing else. So
just do your best. If you feel good about your adults,
you're doing a good job. And hey, if a lot
of people think that you're doing a good job and
you feel like you can do a little bit better,
push yourself to do a little bit better as well.

I mean, I feel like Matt fully met motivational speaker
right now. But hey, it really is true. Because it's
a long off season. It's going to be a lot
of research. It's a lot of just trying to unearth information,
and I'm gonna do my level best to be able
to give you guys everything umly possible to make the
twenty twenty four to twenty five season the most profitful ever.
But we're gonna be just sticking with it all throughout

the offseason. So hopefully that was a nice little bit
of a motivational pep top Again, like I said, I'm
here whenever you need me, whether you're listening like once
a week, whether you're just tuning in for the conference previews. Hey,
there are some of you that are sticking with me
every single day, and I appreciate the heck out of
it because it is a long offseason, but it's a
fun offseason, and we're gonna have a lot of great chats.
We're gonna have a lot of great insights along the way.

So when you're gonna be starting that up next with
Nick Laurenson, he's joining me from out there in the
great state of Arizona. We're gonna tie a little bit
of a bow around the twenty twenty three twenty four
season and start turning it forward to teams that we
should be watching for in the twenty twenty four to
twenty five season, looking at Arkansas, hiring on John Caliperry,
and so much want that's up next the You're on
because with myself, got your Teeters and now Parks the

Music Family Hotca, which I sup taking Teeters and now
for the Visas Family podcast. And it is always great
to be drawn by this van Nick Lawrenson, he does
a tremendous jo taking a look at this great game
that we all know in love of college basketball over
at mid major Mandness. He follows it all twelve months

of the year. So even though we saw the nets
get cut down on Monday night, he's going to be
doing an amazing job all off season long the next
seven months, getting you all prepared for what we are
going to be seeing here in the twenty and twenty
four to twenty five season. Almost weird to be saying that,
but that's where we are at right now. To be
able to follow Nick on Twitter slidechecks as at and

the first letter of his first same last name Laurenston
spelt r E n s E and sports all together
and Nick. Great to have you board, thank you always.

Speaker 2 (11:36):
Great to off on here, Greg Court side of the
final floor, Confetti all over the floor. I remember hopping
on here in July August talking about CAAA, talking about
prospects for Delaware and Talison heading into the season. Neither
of them made the postseason, but we had the two
best teams face off here Monday night at State Farm
Stadium between Yukon and Purdue, and Yukon, who's dominated all season,

got to cut down the nuts much deserved. First team
since two thousand and six has seven went back to
back national titles since Florida.

Speaker 3 (12:06):
So it was awesome night, another awesome season.

Speaker 2 (12:09):
Super excited to look forward to this next twenty twenty
four to twenty five season where hey, hopefully we can
get another mid major in the final Flourid didn't get
one year, but we got to last year.

Speaker 3 (12:17):
So let's hope we get back to that soon.

Speaker 1 (12:19):
Absolutely, and will certainly be touched upon the ben majors
in a few minutes, but we have to start with
a team that just won the national title for a
second straight year and has won every single one of
their NCAA Tournament games last two years by at least
thirteen points. Like I mean, we could talk about the
mid majors, we could talk about every other team in
college basketball all that we'd like, but right now, Yukon
is the king of this part. There's no offense or

us about it. And the question becomes can they maintain
this for a third straight year because we know that
they're going to be losing some guys like Cam Spencer
and company. I have to figure that don Vin Klingen
is probably going to be heading to the NBA things
like that. But we recall Yukon losing a lot like
Mohammed Sunogo in company last offseason, and they didn't just
be able to maintain this season. I would argue they

were better in the run that we saw in the
twenty twenty three twenty four season. Then when they won
it as a four seed.

Speaker 2 (13:09):
Yeah. Pete Damill mentioned postgame Yukon was up on the
stage that no team has had a greater margin of
victory in all their games in then Cuba torn within
this U call it team.

Speaker 3 (13:19):
It was one hundred and forty points. They dominated everyone.

Speaker 2 (13:22):
They won this game by fifteen points and it didn't
even seem like it was that close. But you know,
last offseason they lost a couple pieces. They went to
the transfer portal, they got some freshman. Cam Spencer came
over from Rutgers, had eleven points in the national title.
Teflon Castle fifteen points freshman. He had a super impressive
weekend here in Arizona. But they're gonna be taking like
everyone else these next couple of days, heading into the

transfer portal open to get some new pieces.

Speaker 3 (13:47):
You know.

Speaker 2 (13:47):
Coach Haurley mentioned as well postgame he thinks this is
the most impressive run, maybe ever two year run, maybe
ever by a team. And then cuaa tornabase. When you
look at it, you had Florida in two thousand and
six oh seven, they were a lot duke. In the
nineties they returned a lot. They both pretty much returned everyone.
And this Yukon team they had to replace some really

really good players from last year's national championship team, and
they made it look even easier this year and just
ran the table, dominated everyone in route to their second
straight national title, their sixth and program history.

Speaker 3 (14:20):
He's staying in stores.

Speaker 2 (14:22):
It sounds like, and it sounds like, or at least
feels like, Yukon will have a long, long future up
at the top of this sport, just like back in
the nineties Ray Allen and such long overdue for this
fan base.

Speaker 3 (14:35):
They've done it with.

Speaker 2 (14:35):
New pieces this year. I expect them to do it
the same next year. They're going to become be hunted
for a very very long time in the sport in
my opinion.

Speaker 1 (14:43):
Yep, I absolutely do think so as well. And it's
been so impressive what this team has done. I remember,
like five to six years ago they were a five
hundred team out there in the American Conference. Now here
they are having one back to back titles. So the
rise of they and the Big East has been very awesome.
To see a zick lar So who does great work
over at mid major. Mandis is showing me on cost
to cos hoops, and certainly we're gonna be buzzing about

Yukon what they do in the offseason, as they have
picked up a few guys in the transfer portal, and
I do want to touch upon that as well, because
I just look at the teams that have had success
in this great sport the last few seasons, and I
really feel like it's the teams that they do a
nice job of mixing the two, being able to retain
some of their own and being able at to transfer portal.
These teams that are completely oblivious to the transfer portal,

I feel like are flying behind. Meanwhile, the Eric Musselman
style that really only he's had success with of just
like trying to bring in like eight nine guys have
hockey style line changes in terms of from one year
to the next, bringing and transfers, I feel like that
hasn't worked out as well. I'm not sure you take
a look at things, but I feel like the most
effective coaches bring in like that one or two ancillary pieces,

like this year with Yukon bringing in Cam Spencer that
was great, but also returning a lot of the guys
from the previous year as well.

Speaker 2 (15:56):
Yeah, I mean you have to have the correct mix
of new faces, not just in the transfer portal with
freshmen coming in. The best teams are ones with experience,
those who've had players play together. And they had a
solid core of these guys play together in the past,
and the couple pieces they added over the offseason just
really added in. While you have a team like Purdue
as well that they faced the national title. Purdue pretty

much returned everyone from last year. They brought in Lance
Jones from Southern Illinois. It was one of the most
important pieces for that team. It really comes down to
the experience. But when you add these players. This is
why Arkansas struggled this year because it was a completely
new team. None of the guys have played together. They
don't have any sort of brotherhood or coalition. I guess
you could say heading into the season and you have

these Yukons and these Purdues where you have the core
and you have a leader returning and dudes that have
played together.

Speaker 3 (16:46):
You have these new guys come in.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
They don't exactly become the number one leader, but they
could become a really important piece to those teams.

Speaker 3 (16:52):
So I just don't think it's possible to.

Speaker 2 (16:55):
Win a national title with a team fool of transfer pieces.
What you did is the perfect model. You bring back
a lot, you get one or two pieces in the
transfer portal, bring in some very very good freshmen, and
you'll be set for the future.

Speaker 1 (17:09):
Oh no doubt about it. You are going to be
And we have to take a look at this as well,
because it's going to be very interesting to see what
this team does as well. We're gonna be buzzing about
it all off season long. Arkansas on the fact that
they hire on John cal Perry. As we are doing
this podcast, we are unsure of what Kentucky is going
to be doing moving forward. There's no question about it.
There's going to be an extensive search, and Kentucky is

going to get a good coach. There's no offens or
uts about it. They are a demanding fan base, but
a passion fan base with very very deep pockets. They're
going to get in a very nice coach. But how
do you just take a look at the John Calperry
to Arkansas situation, because I do think that this is
going to be causing for a lot of shakeups and
what happens at that power conference level. If you don't

see some like Abilly Donovan or something like that go
to from the NBA back to college. I do think
that it could cause a massive verporal effect the coaching gear,
so that could transfer, that could translate all the way
down to the low and a major level just because
of this one size of move.

Speaker 2 (18:07):
Yeah, I mentioned Billy Donovan. I think that would be
the perfect higher for that. It would be perfect. Yeah,
he's one at the highest level college basketball. He's won
at the NBA and now he has all that NBA experience.
But I don't blame Kalipar one bit for leaving Kentucky.
The fan base has got really fed up over the
last couple of years. There's no one in the country
like him, that recruits like him. He's done an amazing

job bringing in all these five stars to one and buns.
He's won a national title with it. He's had successful
season after a successful season. It's not easy to get
twenty wins in college basketball, but this Kentucky fan base
is just so spoiled.

Speaker 3 (18:41):
I think Arkansas could be really good.

Speaker 2 (18:43):
When you look at jobs in the SEC, Kentucky's probably
number one of the Arkansas probably number two to them
have very very strong fan bases get good nil they're
basketball first schools, So I think it's an awesome move
for both cal and obviously for our Arkansas and Kentucky.

Speaker 3 (19:03):
It's gonna be interesting to see what.

Speaker 2 (19:04):
Kentucky the like you mentioned, Greg, I don't think they
make the wrong hire just because everyone really wants that job.
Billy Donovan would be an absolutely perfect hire, but outside
of that, it's like, who knows.

Speaker 3 (19:15):
They could pretty much have whoever they want. For the
most part.

Speaker 2 (19:18):
You know, Danny Hurley wants to stay at Yukon, but
you look at top ten teams of the country, there's
a good chance, maybe sixty seventy percent of those head
coaches out of the top ten would want that job
and would move to Kentucky in a heartbeat. Whatever happens,
it's gonna be awesome. We're getting this every year. Now,
we had Polly last year. You're gonna have these guys
in the league, these coaches in league. You know, moved

a new spot, and when Arkansas comes to Rapperena, it'll
be interesting.

Speaker 3 (19:43):
It'll be interesting. I don't know if they'll be a
positive feedback or if they'll be boon him. I'm thinking
it'd be more positive.

Speaker 2 (19:48):
But it's gonna be really really fun to watch when
those two teams face off in Lexington this year.

Speaker 1 (19:53):
There will be no love loss between those schools as well.
So I do think that that is going to be
tremendous to take a look at it. I think Lawrence
Ander does great work over at mid major, Mandis is
showing to be on Costcas Soup said. Nick is going
to be a very long offseason where a lot of
these schools they're going to be looking to get to
where Yukon is at. And there's gonna be a lot
of movement in the transfer portal. We've already got north

of fifteen hundred guys out there in the portal. But
just from what you've seen this offseason, have there been
a few teams that have already been able to catch
your attention with what they've been able to do and
you like the way that they're trending, whether that be
mid majors, whether that be high majors. Are there any
teams right now in the very early part of the
off season that have already put in some work that
you're liking.

Speaker 2 (20:34):
Yeah, I mean, it's sorry at this point we're still
pretty early on not many teams have hopped in there,
but I'd say Louisville. You know, obviously we mentioned it
last week that Pat Kelsey's coming in. I think Pat
Kelsey is the winner. He has Raine Smith coming of,
James Scott come in, he got Fat Edwards from Wis
Madison coming in and he's gonna get more and more pieces.

Speaker 3 (20:52):
I think that they could be competing at the top
of the ACC right away. That'll be really interesting.

Speaker 2 (20:57):
It's Charlotte coach Fernstone really really good job in his
first transfer portal cycle picking up some big man. Jiane
Carlo Rossotto, who is the six men more for that
FAU team the last two years, will be heading over
there and that's going to be a really really strong
presence in a an American that's been a really good
league over the last couple of years. Maryland impressed with

Chakobey Gilespie's going to be interesting to see what they
do with.

Speaker 3 (21:20):
Maybe hopefully a Malik mac Or.

Speaker 2 (21:22):
I know they're going after a big man in the
transfer portal, so that'll be really fun. But it's still
so super early. It'll be tough to figure out who's
won so far in the transfer portal. It's going to
be going on for the next couple of months. It's
gonna be NonStop with this transfer portal. We've we learned
it last season, especially with West Virginia and all the
turmoil that happened there. But every day He'll be a
fun story in college basketball because of it. That's what

makes the sport the best. You know, over the last
couple A couple of years ago, we wouldn't have had
anything like this. There would have just been a long
off season. But now with the off season and the
transfer portal happening, it's every day something could happen. You
got to stay on your toes and follow what's happening
in the world of college basketball.

Speaker 1 (21:59):
Yeap, a few off seas seasons ago, I wouldn't have
been able to do this Coast Coast Hoops podcast daily,
and now I'm able to do so because when you
got three aron sixty two D one teams, when you've
gotten north of fifteen hundred guys in the transfer portal,
you're able to do this every single day and no shortage.
Guys are currently in the portal, like Aaron Bradshaw is
a guy that might be heading into the portal, you

might be considering his options for the NBA Draft as well,
But all those Kentucky guys are certainly worth noting. We've
got a lot of guys from Georgia that entered in
the transfer portal over the last few days. A guy
in Jasper Fluyu I loved out there in the metrod
Lank He's the guy that's entered in as well. So
we've got a lot of movement that's happening right now.
As Sick Lawrence said, who does great work over at
mid major Madness, he has showned me on Coasta cost oops.

And when it comes to some of those mid majors
that early on you're looking at and you're feeling good about,
we've got a lot to site, We've got a lot
to decipher, and this is certainly going to be something
that we're going to talk about a lot. I'm sure
that you're going to be joining me for a lot
of my conference previous here in the offseason. But are
there a few mid major pro knowing very well that

we could see some guys enter into transfer portal that
you take a look at for next year, and you
do think that they might be set up for a
little bit of success just very early on.

Speaker 3 (23:10):
Yeah, one that's super interesting to me is Boise State.

Speaker 2 (23:12):
You know, Boise has a win a game out in
CAA tournament the last couple of years, but they've made
it every year. They're set to turn their top three guys.
They should be the favorite in the Mountain West. There's
a chance they could be preseason top twenty five. Watch
out for this Boise State team. That'll be a really,
really fun bunch heading in the next season. Du Kaine
could be really interesting too. You know, they're going to
lose a lot of pieces, but if Ronnie James ends

up going to Dukane, who knows what they can bring
into that program. They're going to have a boatload of
nio because he's there. Drew Joyce already has a Lebron connection.
I think Ducaine for a long time, it's been a
sleeping giant. We saw it in the fifties and sixties,
the great program. But if Bronnie James goes there, the
sky's a limit.

Speaker 3 (23:52):
Outside of that. You know, at this point, I really
haven't looked too deep into it. They used to just
pop in my mind, you know, du Kane because it's.

Speaker 2 (23:59):
My team even Brownie James is the hot name right
now in the college basketball world in New Keynes. The
hot place for him to land in Boise State because
they return all that down. So if they're able to
win a game of that tournament next year, guys a
limit for that program because they returned this top three players.

Speaker 1 (24:13):
You never know, absolutely, and things are going to be
coming much more into picture in the coming weeks, in
the coming months. A lot of these guys they entered
in the transfer portal more towards final four week. There
are a lot of meetings that were had. There have
been a lot of coaching hires that have been made
over the last few days. And when a coaching James happens,
typically the team that loses the coaches, they also lose
a lot of players to the transfer portal as well.

And with the sort of second go around with the
coach at carousel, because it felt like a lot of
these coaching moves had already been done, and then Arkansas
rudely entered into the chat with hiring on John cal Perry.
There's gonna be tons and tons of booming here in
the next few weeks, and Nick, I know you're going
to be doing a great job covering it all over
there at mid major Madness. They're coming at me as
you're just leaving Arizona after covering the national title game

in the final four. He did great work all season.
But I know your work is not done. They always
say that we sleep in May. I know you're not
going to be sleeping in May. I know you're going
to be taking a look at the CAAA, You're going
to be taking a look at the A ten and
so much more. So let to get people to know
it's all on ten for you and now people are
able to fall on and so should we need other platforms?

Speaker 2 (25:15):
Yeah, Like Greg said, I'll just be touching on random
stuff over the next couple With lots of transfer portal every.

Speaker 3 (25:21):
Day, you never know what can happen.

Speaker 2 (25:22):
But you can follow me over at end Lords of
Sports on Twitter and at mid under Dash Madness. But
I'm excited transfer portal. I love the regular season, I
love all that, but the transfer port is just another
awesome thing. People always have a bad stigma against it
with mid majors, but a lot of the success we've
seen is because with these mid major programs, it's because
of the transfer portal.

Speaker 3 (25:40):
So I'm excited for the next couple of weeks.

Speaker 1 (25:42):
Oh, there's no reason not to be in. I do
like the off season as well, just because I can
give a lot of takes and for many many months
I will not be proven wrong. It doesn't be that
necessarily the correct take, but you know what, we won't
be proven wrong for quite some time as well. And
it's always fun to be able to do those conference
previews what have you. And it's always great to be
able to get a Nick the board, someone who truly

loves this great game of college basketball. So big thanks
him for joining me right here on because because he's
out part of the Visa Family podcast. Coming next typically
would be bank Shots, but unfortunately we do not have
any games on the board for the next seven months.
But I've got a lot of transfers coming onto the board.
Entering into the portal, we will recap all that we
saw in college basketball in terms of coaching and player

movement from Tuesday. Remember right, I love you Las Vegas.
But that's because he's with myself. Greg Eats Peterson now
part of the Vison Family podcast. Always great to be
join men, Nick Lawrenson. He does tremendous workover at mid

major Mandas. He is going to be joining me all
throughout the offseason lending his insights, and every single time
he joins the show, I feel like we all get
a little bit smarter about this great game of college basketball.
So big thanks him for joining me. And last segment,
now is that time the podcast I give you a
little bit of a recap as to all the news
and notes that we saw in college basketball on Tuesday.

I know that John Ross scene was tweeting out quite
a few of these guys that are going to be
able to utilize their COVID youear of eligibility and are
going to be returning to school. I told you guys
in the last segment about the guys coming back to
Northwestern ty Berry along with Matthew Nicholson, So we will
not rehash those, but you've got a team in Houston
that's got quite a few guys that are going to
be returning. Jamal shed it's a little bit TBD on him,

so that'll be absolutely massive if he does. But Milake
Wilson decided that he is going to wasn't necessarily a
super impactful guy, only average about four and a half
points per contest. But that's someone that we do want
to be watching out for as well, so we'll be
taking a look there. L J. Cryer apparently he is
going to be returning to Houston as well. When the
better short shooters are you're gonna find in all of

college basketball. He was able to do a nice job
for Houston being their top scorer from a season ago.
So as a team that is certainly going to be
in the news the next few weeks, and if they
can get Jamal's shud back, that would be absolutely tremendous.
You did see Saint Mary's get a relatively nice, shall
we say, return as well. Luke Barrett average about five
and a half points per contest a season. Goo is

relatively slid on the glass for a Saint Mary's team
that was one of the best defensive teams in all
of college basketball. They are going to be getting him
back in the fold, so that's nice. Zeb Jackson Joe Bejmeely.
These two guys were impactful in the back court for VCU.
They combined for twenty four and a half points per game.
They are both going to be returning as well now. Also,
Ogadaro he is going to be entering into the NBA draft.

I'm not sure if he's going to be maintaining his
eligibility or not. But that was the top rebounder for Marquette,
and Marquette's undoing last year was the fact that they
didn't have a lot down low. Oga Aro was the
only guy that gave you north of five and a
half rebounds per game. So we shall see what he
is going to be doing, because if he decides to
come back to Marquette would be big. Like I said,
I don't know if he maintained his eligibility or not.
Sometimes they say, well, we'll be maintaining my eligibility. Sometimes

they really don't. Oftentimes when they don't, they are probably
gone for good. And Ogadero has been emmar kept for
the last few seasons. Was a nice double figure score.
It was really the lone guy in the roster that
did not pop threes, but someone that we're going to
be looking out for as well. And then we did
see quite a few guys that decide they are going
to be entering into the transfer portal. You've got Colin
Holloway who is entering after he was playing at Tulane

a season goo and he's a relatively solid shooter when
everything is going right from for mister Holloway season ago,
twelve and a half points, four and a half barts
per contest for a Tulane team that really had no
depth whatsoever. For Halloway, he shot only about thirty four
percent for three points last season. Previous two years was
shooting more around thirty six percent from the outside. Began
his career over at Georgetown, so we shall see what

he is going to be doing there. Jasper Floyd, he
was over at Fairfield a season ago, and Jasper Floyd
was very good at Fairfield. Wasn't necessarily a guy that
put up some mono numbers or anything like that. But
these are the guys in the transfer portal that I
think should be treated like gold. For Floyd as a
freshman last season for ciss six rebounds, nine and a
half points per contest, Such an impactful guy for Fairfield.

While he was his first year at Fairfield, he was
not a freshman. He actually began at the junior college level.
He is now in the transfer portal line along the
way as well. By the way, I am going to
be taking a look at a lot of these junior
college guys as well. There's a lot that has yet
to be settled on the junior college front. And I'll
probably at some point this offseason reach out to Brandon Goebel.
He does really good work when it comes to taking

a look at the junior college level. He is a
tireless worker on that front. A very good follow if
you're looking at some of these junior college guys, says,
I mean, some of these guys have had massive impacts,
like Nikwan Tomlin. A lot of people may forget he
was a junior college guy a season ago. As a
matter of fact, you take a look at the top
junior college transfers from the classes of twenty twenty three,
and yeah, some of these guys flamed out, like Trey

Ford who went over to Mississippi State. He just sell
with injury in general. Kurt Lewis over at Missouri, he
did not really pop. But Alejandro Vasquez was a double
figure score at UAB. He was the number four ranked
junior college transfer for the class of twenty twenty three.
This according to juco recruiting dot Com. The xcel Enborg
for UAB was a very impactful player Casehan Pryor was
a top rebounder for South Florida. He was ranked number

ten on this list. You had Melvin Council, who led
Wagner to the NCAA tournament, be number fourteen. Marcus Hill
turned out to be the top scorer for Bowling Green
at number seventeen. Greg Gecko Gordon he was number sixteen.
He was over there at Iona. Jason Edwards turned into
the top scorer for North Texas. He was number fifteen.
So there's a lot of talent that comes out at
junior college level. So even though these guys weren't necessarily

playing at the Division one level, do not let that
fool you. There is a lot of talent and there's
a lot of guys that have impact that are going
to be coming out there. So I will be giving
you guys the men of impact that are entering from
the junior college front as well. And then this is
one that at the D one level it is going
to be quite an impact as well as Dan Tony Gordon.
He was last season over at Little Rock. Roxallid player
eleven half points, four and a half rebounds per contest.

Has never really been like that takeover guy or anything
like that, though at Little Rock two seasons ago to
have about thirteen and a half points per contest his career,
about twenty nine percent three point shooter at six point seven.
He is out there in the transfer portal an all
OVC player from the twenty twenty two to twenty three campaigns.
So I have to figure that there's gonna be a
lot of guys and a lot of teams are in
on them, and we just haven't seen a lot of

guys decide where they're going to be transferring to quite yet.
That should be coming in the coming days and the
coming weeks, but right now we've got a lot unsettled
in terms of the transfer portal. As a matter of fact,
you take a look at the transfer portal right now,
one thousand and five hundred and forty three players are
in the transfer portal. Fewer than two hundred and twenty
five guys that made up their mind. And of the

two hundred and twenty five guys, you've got quite a
few of them that actually just decided to go back
to where they came. So I had something to take
a look at it. I'm not gonna unleash like every
single one of these transfers as well, like Anthony del Rosso.
That's something that does need to be mentioned. Anthony del
Rosso was the top scorer over at Campbell. If he's
able to stay at Campbell, if he decides to come
back to where he came, that would be very big

for them. And if he don't decide to go elsewhere,
there's gonna be a team that gets a really nice
score nineteen and a half points, six and a half boards,
two assists per contest, and All Coastal Conference performer. That's
something that is gonna be noted on this podcast. And
that's a guy that I'm very much tracking. Koyet Thurman.
Hopefully I said that correctly. It was overright fort Wayne
the old Massidons he decided that he is going to

be entering into transfer portal. This is someone that averaged
two and a half points per game in eleven games.
Right now is not the time that I'm gonna be
mentioning him. If we have a really slow day, that's
when we start to mention some of those lesser guys.
But as of right now, we're gonna be looking at
more of the big guys. Because when you've got north
of fifteen hundred guys in the transfer portal. You do
have to pick and choose your battles, like heck, even

this one is a little bit on the border line,
but I do think that's worth mentioning Dominga Stevens. He
began his career over at Seaton Hall. Last season he
was over at Florida A and m just was unable
to get out there on the floor. Was completely robbed
by injury. Two seasons ago, was everything about eight and
a half points per contest off forty two and a
half percent from three parts. He's in the transfer portal,
has some high level talent, but just has been robbed

by injury. So we shall see what happens there. Shamari
Abdul Raheem. He was able to figure score over at Georgia,
and we've seen quite a few guys from Georgia decide
that they're going to be entering in the transfer portal.
He's in there. He was having right around about twelve
and a half to thirteen points per contest over at Georgia,
and a season ago it was he and Noah Thomason
that we're really running that back court. And you've also
got Matthew Alexander Montcreef from Georgia entering into the transfer

portal as well. So it looks like we're going to
be seeing a lot of movement out there in the
SEC with Matthew Alexander Moncreef. He was one of the
better rebounders for the scene when he was able to
get out there on the court. But he was another
one of those guys that he just wasn't able to
see a lot of minutes, only played sixteen games of
his combination of injury and just falling out of favor
in general with the coaching staff. When he was over
at Oklahoma State, that's when he was able to make

his impact. He's been in college so long. He was
playing alongside Kate Cunningham during the twenty twenty twenty one
campaign and in that year he had nine points five
and a half rebounds. Spreen since then has never averaged
more than five and a half points or five point
one rebounds per game. So he's one of those guys
that was really regressing. Sometimes these guys, they do get
a second lease on life. Some of these guys when

they find the right fit boom they're able to develop
and then the other guys that they just never come
to the forefront. Bradley hears a right roll. Hopefully I
said that correctly. He was over at Saint Louis last season.
Josh Shurtz has now taken that coaching job over there,
so it's gonna be probably a lot of movement. He
decided that he is going to be entering into the
transfer portal as well, and when he was eligible because

he missed the first few games because he was a
two time transfer. Began his career over at LSU and Georgetown,
but in twenty two games twelve points, six boards, was
a relatively solid player. He's out there in the transfer portal.
So that's the guy that I'm gonna be certainly watching
out for a long aid In Holloway Aiden Halloway had
a really nice start to the season over at Auburn.
He sort of fizzled out towards the back half of

the season. Chad Baker, Mazara he was able to take
over that offense a little bit more, and it just
felt like Holloway he was ahead of every one's expectations
begin this season and then I don't know what it was.
I don't know if it was like a freshman wall
or anything like that, but he couldn't really bust through.
But this was a top twenty five guy according to
a lot of the recruiting rankings. You know, look at

what he was able to do in his first few
games of the season. It was looking like he was
poised for a very big campaign, and it was looking
like he was probably gonna be one of those guys
that was gonna be drafted, perhaps in the first round.
First eight games that he started ten games in total,
he was aving about twelve points, three and a halfsis,
shot forty percent from three point range. And then ever
since that USC game where he put up fifteen points,

it just was a shock in generalized to the way
that his production diminished. In the final twenty five games
of the season, he has scored ten points or fewer
in all but two of them. He averaged five and
a half points per contest, shot twenty four and a
half percent from three part range. After a great start,
he just wasn't able to give you anything whatsoever. These
are some of the guys I think are some of

the most intriguing out there in the transfer portal, because
if Hallways able to find the right fit and if
he decides not to go to the NBA, which I
think that his stock plummeted like Enron towards the second
half of the season. These are the guys that can
really be able to make an impact. Like when Arizona
about low on cable blove that was absolutely massive for
that offense. This is the guy that I think is
going to be of impact as well. Tobya Waka, he

was over at Tennessee last season, was a little bit
of a forgotten man. Well, everyone not named Dalton connect
was forgotten about with Tennessee, But I a rock solid
defender five points, four and a half rebounds per game.
If you're looking to try to form your offense around
Tobyo Waka, you're probably going to be a little bit disappointed.
But he's a guy that's able to pull on rebounds.
He's if you're able to get him on a power
conference team, he's able to be a relatively solid glue guy.

He's on one of those guys I think can go
down to the mid major level and be like one
of those guys that puts up like flamethrower numbers or
anything like that. But I do think that He's one
of those guys that if you put him on a
nice team that was like in the top fifty already,
he could be a nice compliment to them. We saw
quite a few of the guys from me in the
Enna State decide entering into the transfer portal as well.

And this just happens when you seed coaching moves. Because
Josh Shurtz was the coach at Indiana State decided to
move on to Saint Louis and I have to wonder
how many of these guys are going to be following him.
Isaiah Isaiah Swope is in the transfer portal. He was
able to average sixteen points per contest. One of the
better knockdown shooters on the seam as he was able
to shoot about thirty six percent from three parts. Ryan
Conwell he was tremendous, shot forty percent from three sixteen

and a half points, six ports too and halfsis per contest.
And then Robbie Avolve, which everyone is buzzing about this one.
I don't know if there's a single school that's out, like, please,
mister Kareem Abdul Jabbar, please come to us sifteen and
a half points, six a half boards for assists, shot
thirty nine and a half percent from three part age.
He's out there in the transfer portal as well, and
we're just going to be noticing that more and more.

Any coaching change that gets made, you're gonna have a
lot of guys jumping chip going into the transfer portal.
And this one surprised me a little bit as well.
Mark Mitchell. He's got his name currently in the transfer portal.
Mark Mitchell was a rock solid player over at two
K season ago. Not a guy that was again you're
gonna be like building your offense around. But Mark Mitchell
was a very highly touted guy coming out of high school.

A former top thirty recruit according to all the major
sites said he had a nice year twelve and a
half points, six boards, a little bit less than a
block contest. He's able to pop threes, but when I
shot out about a twenty seven and a half percent clip.
A season to go, but it's gonna be interesting to
see what happens there because Duke has been one of
those teams that they really haven't dove into the transfer
portal too much. He brought a guy and like Ryan

Young this last season who was able to make a
little bit of impact, but that was a coach k thing.
We shall see if John Shire is going to be
taking on the same approach or if he decides, hey,
you know what, it's a little bit of a newd on,
it's a little bit of a new day. I need
to adapt, I need to bring in a few guys
by the transfer portal. So then it's certainly something that
I'm going to be keeping my eye on as well.
And then we also did see Isa Muhammad decide that

he was going to be entering in the transfer portal
as well. This is another one that I think is
very much of impact. He was over at UT Martin
a season ago and he was relatively saw while he
was over at UT Martin was able to pull in
their north of eight rebounds per game. He's going to
be another one those guys that's transferring once again, which
I don't think that there should be any transfer restrictions
because we recalled towards the beginning part of the twenty

twenty three twenty four season, these guys that had transferred
multiple times. They were all barred from playing for the
beginning part of the season until there was a quarridor
I do think that that court order is going to
be lingering and is going to be here to say
moving forward. Now, I do not say this with any
sort of confidence whatsoever. It is something that I'm going
to be checking in on throughout the offseason. But I'm
operating right now as if all these guys like Anisa

Mohammadu began is twenty twenty two, twenty three season out
New Mexico State was at UT Martins. So next school
that he goes to if he does decide to leave
you T. Martin would be school number three. I'm assuming
he's going to be eligible. But again, when you assume
you make a you know what out of both me
and you, It's something I'm going to check in on.
But as of right now, I'm operating this way. Like

I said, We've got seven months in remaining, so not
much loss. If there is indeed a guy that transfers
and he has to sit out or something like that,
that's what the off season is for. You gather information.
If you don't know, you ask, can't you check in
to see? All right, is this actually going to be
the case? You cross your t's, your diet, your eyes.
But with mom about eleven points nine and a half

boards to assist per contest. When I was able to
pop threes as a bit of a big man at
six foot nine, really didn't pop them very well, but
it's capable of being able to give you a little
bit of an outside force as well. So those are
a lot of the moves that we saw in college
basketball on Tuesday. Like I said, a lot of Indiana
City guys entering into the transfer portal and quite a
few guys using up their COVID years as well. I'll

be letting you guys know on those guys as well,
because I do think that it's important while we take
a look at the transfer portal, we look at the
guys that are actually going to be returning to school
as well. And I will try to do that for you.
And if you do like hearing from this fine podcast
goes good suits. You're able to subscribe wherever your podcasts,
Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, sit you're in tune and
if you have a question comment segment idea what I
have you for this podcast? You do have one of

two ways we have for those. In first one is
my Twitter slash teck timeline at you at unders forty one.
Keep in mind liter c them they mean does I'm
atter sized per usual? Please to send these into the
timeline and other ways find an Apple podcast review. If
you're ate this BAC Scary SARTs, it is very much appreciated.
From there, you're able to fire whatever you'd like to
hear on this podcast by the five Star V and
big thanks once again to Nick Lawrenson May major mandus
for joining me in the last segment. Coming at you

guys every single day throughout the college basketball season and
just a year in general, all three and sixty six
days this year, I'll be back with you want to
get up? Thank you so much with him again
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