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April 11, 2024 43 mins

Greg explains why teams with players following a coach & multiple players transferring to the same school lends good value on a team, talks to Blake Lovell of Southeastern 14 about Kentucky’s coaching search, what Arkansas might look like under John Calipari going, & how teams in the SEC might attack the transfer portal this offseason, & Greg recaps Wednesday’s college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:10-The Value In Compound transfer & player/coach packages

6:00-Interview with Blake Lovell

20:48-Recap of Wednesday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
He ran pretty low. We gonna love you Las Vegas
for Costagussis with myself Craives Peterson now part of the
Decent Family podcast. We've got a great podcast for you
as joining me in segment number two. We are going
to be having a more Blake level. He does tremendous
workover at Southeast and fourteen. No shortage of things to
talk about in the SEC right now. John Caliperry was
officially introduced as Arkansas's coach on Wednesday, Kentucky. They are

currently conducting a coaching search and apparently Scott Drew is
getting people wanting him to make a decision while he's
eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant to Big Blue Nations.
So we've got a lot of that going on. So
we're gonna be talking with Blake about that, and I'm
also going to be discussing with him how the SEC
might be approaching this offseason. We recall last offseason, after

they had had a lot of bad jump shooting teams
towards the twenty twenty two twenty three season, decide, you
know what, we are going to put the defense a
little bit more to the back burner. But we are
going to be looking at bringing in a lot of guys.
I could pop it from three part range, I could
generate offense. Certainly did up out the conference this past season.
Are they going to take a different approach? Are they
going to be sticking with that as well? We will

be asking our good friend Blake level on that front.
And then in the final segment, gonna give you guys
the news and notes that we did see in college
basketball on Wednesday with guys entering into the transfer portal,
and we saw a few guys aside where they're gonna
be going for the portal. But I said, you just
take a look at the amount of guys that have
currently entered into the transfer portal as I refresh verbal
comets who does an amazing job tracking all these Right now,

we're at one thou five hundred and seventy five players
in the transfer portal, and less than two hundred of
them have decided on where they're gonna be going. And
that includes guys that just decay, you know what, I'm
gonna pull my name out of the portal and I'm
just gonna go back to where I came. So certainly
there is a lot to be decided on that front.
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much appreciated them. From there, you're able to fire in
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look at a lot of off season notes, So do
fire in those questions because if you don't, I don't
know necessarily what you guys want to be having me
hit upon with regards to some of these specifics of
getting set for the upcoming college basketball season. And sometimes

they pick some good topics. Sometimes we're a little bit
off the mark. But I did want to touch upon
today because many of you guys caught the John Caliperry
introductory press conference where he said, I met with the team,
and there is no team, and he's very astute there.
I believe that all three hundred and sixty two Division
One teams, in some way, shape or form, they are
going to be affected by the combination of NBA drive

decisions and the transfer portal. I don't know we're going
to see a single team be able to bring back
the full roster that they have now. A lot of
the pieces for some of these like lower slash mid
major teams, yeah, they might be in place, but they
might lose that guy that was like their number three score,
their number four scorer. And that's what I'm talking about
as well. But with regards to just the college basketball
landscape right now, something that you do want to be

taking a look at what guys are going to be
going as press a little bit of a package group,
what guys are going to be following their coach from
maybe a different stop, what guys are going to decide,
you know what, my teammate went to this school, I'm
going to go to the school as well, because I
do think that there's a lot of value in taking
a look at that because you notice that South Florida
team from a season to go, many of those guys

followed their coach in Emir Abdua Raheem over from Kanessas
State to South Florida. One of the most profitable teams
in all of college basketball. You were able to cover
Dard near two thirds of your games with South Florida
last season. They were just absolutely incredible on that front.
If you're looking for an example from two year years ago,
I remember that other Miss team that was all so

profitable for you. Then they bringing Andre Carbella this offseason
and that didn't necessarily go the world's greatst Sorry to
be that guy, but man at same team that was very,
very off base to say the least. But I remember
during that twenty twenty two to twenty three season, I
was able to get to the window on a lot
of bets for Southern Myths. They were one of the

biggest surprises in all of college basketball that season, and
they had had a pair of guys and felipe Jas
along with the Talleyovarez. They were both at Mercer at
the time, decide both to transfer and over to Southern Miss.
That worked out very well, and I do think that
we're going to see quite a few examples of players
that are going to be following their coaches. Like I'm
looking at the current Saint Louis situation, Josh Shurtz takes

a job over there. You saw a bunch of players
from Indiana State over the last forty eight hours decided
to put their name into the transfer portal. I don't
think that would be far FETCHOULD think that some of
those guys like Isaac Swoll, perhaps you are able to
get Robbie Alvola decide, you know what, I Am going
to be following my coach on over to Saint Louis,
and that'd be very, very beneficial for them. I think
that this is something that goes a little bit under

the radar, and I do think that chemistry is just
such a big reason why we do see some of
the teams really be able to rise up and some
of the teams fail like they do. Like we're gonna
be talking with Blake Levell of Southeastern fourteen in a
few minutes, and we saw a lot of those teams
that they just went full fledge in the transfer portal
this last offseason from the SEC have very lackluster years.

Like Missouri brought in a whole bunch of transfers, and
I love Dennis Gates, but they went nine and twenty
three against US spread with that approach. Arkansas, as we
know with Eric Musselman, they went into the transfer portal
big time, twelve and twenty one against the spread this
last season. That was absolutely brutal. Meanwhile, you did have

teams that they shifted around a few pieces, but you
know what, they kept a lot of the chemistry, like Auburn,
for example, Auburn out there in that same conference in
the SEC. Sure they brought in a few guys via
the transfer portal, but g and I brew Bo Jalen Williams,
guys like this, they were back from last season and
they went twenty one and fourteen against the spread. I
was very impressed by what Alabama was able to do

with regards to the transfer portal, bringing in a few
ancillary pieces, but a lot of those guys were honestly
there from a season ago as well. Like Mark Sears,
he had gotten a year to be able to grow
and develop in the system. I think that that is
something that you do want to be taking a look
at because a lot of these teams that they're trying
to build on the fly just doesn't necessarily pan out
for them. Like you take a look at, for example, Michigan.

Michigan was just absolutely brutal this last season, and I
did think that with Dusty May he's gonna be taking
a little bit of a different approach here. They went
eight to twenty four against the spread, one of the
biggest apployments in all of college basketball, and it's not
even like the expectations were over the moon for them. Meanwhile,
you take a look at some of the more profable
teams in college basketball. You had a team like Pittsburgh,

for example, who did a nice job to be able
to keep a lot of pieces together. They did a
nice job bringing in a freshman in Carlton Carrington. So
they brought in a few pieces to accent the likes
of Blake that we're back from a season ago twenty
one to nine and three against the spread, yukon twenty
and twelve against the spread. They did a nice job
being able to replace the pieces that they lost, but
it's not like they went full fledged into the transfer portal.

They bring in Cam Spencer, which was tremendous and Tristan
Newton had come over two seasons ago, but he had
a season in the system already. They were a very
profitful team for you as well. Now you are going
to have some rebuilt jobs in which you're gonna be
able to get a very profitable result of them, like
kel State Northridge twenty two to ten against the spread.
But again with kel State Northridge, they hired on a
new coach in the offseason and Andy Newman. And what

did Andy Newman do? Brought over a few guys from
his own Division two program, but really went to the
Division two ranks with guys that he knew, guys that
he had already seen. They come up to the Division
one level boom, one of the most profful teams in
all of college basketball. The market really couldn't gauge how
put together and how strong that team was, as season

wasn't like amazing on offense or anything like that. You
didn't have a bunch of flamethrower three point shooters, But
the way that season disabled cover games. They played good,
hard nose defense, They hit the glass, They knew what
the heck they were doing. They were all on the
same page those are the teams that could be very
profitable for you. So I do want to be discussing
topics like that. Hopefully enjoyed this one. Like I said,

if you've got a topic that you want me to
dive into, question comment segment idea, what have you at
gun at underscore y one. As I mentioned on the
show yesterday, if you're asking about like a specific team,
if you're asking about like a specific guy in the
transfer portal, I just recap all the news and notes
of college basketball in the final segment. So I'm not
gonna like parse out ten minutes to be like, oh,

we saw a guy average five points per game over
at Florida International as season. I'm not going to be
going to that sort of extent or anything like that.
That'll just be in the notes at the end of
the show. But any sort of topic like this, anything
that you want me to dive in on, anything that
you're noticing, more than happy to parse it out here
in segment number one. But coming next we do have

to parse out what's all happening in the sec as
very very bizarre, to say the least. To see John
Calipery and Red We're going to be talking about that
next with Blake level of Southeastern fourteen and so much
more right here on coast cause with myself, Kage Speters said.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
Now Mark Denny hockey.

Speaker 1 (09:17):
Comer Maaguar Love be Las Vegas for Chris Becusey with myself,
Creigie and Speederson now part of the VSA Family podcasts.
Always great to be joined by this man as Blake level.
It does absolutely amazing work over at Southeastern fourteen taking
a look at this great game that we all know
and love of college basketball. Typically this time of year,
Blake is able to get at the very least like
forty eight seventy two hours of rest. But when you

have a coach like John Calipari transfer with in the
conference going on over from Kentucky over to Arkansas, well
technically he's not transferring, but in I guess, for a
lack of better term, he is sort of transferring. But
that said, it is going to be a wild offseason
out there at the SEC. Blake does an amazing job
takeing a look at this great game, and you're able
to follow on Twitter at Blake level. Last bespelled l

v e LLL and Blake. It's always pleasure my friend,
Thank you that.

Speaker 2 (10:05):
Was enjoying, Greg, thanks for having me on.

Speaker 1 (10:07):
Thank you, Blake, and my goodness, there is no sleep
for you this offseason. As right when the nets were
cut down in Arizona, you had to go right back
to work because John Calliperry officially on Wednesday, was announced
as the Arkansas coach. We knew that this was coming
for the last few days. But first six, First, where
does Kentucky go from here? Because there's all the rumors about, Oh,

will Billy Donvan be going there? Will Scott Drew be
going there? Will Blake love will be going there? Like
it feels like every person on the face of planet
Earth could be a candidate for this job. And Kentucky,
they've got deep pockets, They've got a demanding but passionate
fan base, and I do think that this is going
to be one of the more interesting coaching searches that
we've seen perhaps the century.

Speaker 3 (10:48):
Yeah, it's wild, isn't that They're starting with a lot
of big names, and I think that's what you expect
the Kentucky We knew if this ever happened, it would
be a list filled with guys that have certainly accomplished
some things. Think you look around just kind of that group.
Of course, Billy Donovan has kind of come out and
said he's focused on the bulls.

Speaker 2 (11:03):
You know.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
I think when you look at the rest of the situation,
obviously names being thrown out there, it seems like Scott
Drew could be someone who is their top target.

Speaker 2 (11:11):
As we're talking now.

Speaker 3 (11:12):
Of course, that could change completely, Greg, we know how
this works by the time this actually comes out early.
Of course is mentioned and there were reports out there
that they're going to offer just an absurd amount of money.
But you know, he was also someone who said that
he was fine where he was after winning back to
back national championships. Really, it's just a matter of seeing
which of those dominoes just are completely out of the mix.
I guess the only one for one hundred percent certain

right now that we've seen is like a Natoates who
basically came.

Speaker 2 (11:37):
Out and said, hey, I'm staying in Alabama.

Speaker 3 (11:39):
He knew he would be someone as pretty much every
job we talk about each year, Greg, if it's a
high profile job, Natoas has always mentioned that's going to
be the case moving forward. After getting Alabama to the
final four, I'm curious to see what happens here, because
to me, it sounds like, right now this is really
just a matter of seeing what happens with Scott Drew.
If this is a situation where he says no, then
I think this is to be interesting to see where

we go from here.

Speaker 1 (12:02):
Absolutely, and that is where things are landing. Apparently Scott
Drew is being heckled when he's at Mexican restaurants trying
to eat lunch as well, so that's something to watch
out for. I'm hoping that that story was a hoax,
because if I'm Scott Drew, I don't know if I
would necessarily be wanting a job where I can't eat
my tacos in peace. But I said, we shall see
what happens on that front. And while we're all buzzing

about Kentucky where they might be going, and that's certainly
speculation that is going to be going on until that
vacancy is filled, we now know that Arkansas they are
going to be rolling with John Caliperry as their coach.
And I think the biggest question I have at this point,
how many guys from Kentucky do you expect to be
following John Caliperry, Whether that be incoming freshmen or guys
that might have been a part of the Wildcats this

past season.

Speaker 2 (12:46):
Yeah, that's the big question right now. We knew that
Kentucky's roster was going to look a little.

Speaker 3 (12:49):
Bit different next season with Cal there because of the guys.

Speaker 2 (12:52):
Going off to the NBA and such, But you.

Speaker 3 (12:54):
Know, there were still a couple of those guys that
it seemed like still unsure if they're going to go
the NBA route. Of course, are Bradshaw had already talked
about how he I think was going to be in
the transfer portal. Justin Edwards declared for the draft, same
with Rob Dillingham. You know, DJ Wagner was another guy
we mentioned. You know, obviously I think we know what
to expect from Reed Shepherd and such. So yeah, like
it's going to be fascinating. I mean, you know, Jaden

Quainton's the big top freshman, five star guy, like he
requested his.

Speaker 2 (13:19):
Release, you know, here on Wednesday, and so.

Speaker 3 (13:21):
I mean my expectation would be, given the timing, maybe
he winds up, you know, in a situation that surely
it would be something Rareka would probably want this guy
at Arkansas. But he remains to be seen. And of course,
something we've talked about over the past couple of days,
it's Arkansas doesn't have much of a roster left. I mean,
they don't have a lot of guys that are there,
and so that becomes, okay, what happens to a you know,

a Caleb Battle at Tremont Mart guys like that, because
as we've said, Greg, if Cali Perry was going to
fix it at Kentucky, he needs to try to fix
it the same way in Arkansas in terms of how
he builds his teams. And that is to me, going
on and getting more than just two older guys like
they had this year with Antonio Reeves and Trade Mitchell.

Speaker 2 (13:58):
They got to have five at least to those kinds
of and of course you can combine them with a talented.

Speaker 3 (14:02):
Freshman, but you've got to have more experience, and you've
got to have more guys that defensively are going to
give you that level of defense that his teams have
always had that have made it to like the Elite
eight and beyond, and that's just kind of been the
missing piece for them. It seemed like they turn a
corner offensively in terms of how he coaches offense this year,
he let his guys be a little bit more pre flowing.
They weren't just completely just standing around and watching everyone

like it's seemingly been the case over the past several years.
So I think you saw him adapt on offense. He
needs to adapt and get back to what worked defensively.
But the whole part of this thing has to be
a team that's built around experience and not just relying
on young guys to get it done.

Speaker 1 (14:39):
You have no doubt about it. We're right now seeing
all the reports of guys utilizing their COVID year as well,
and I will follow up with this on that front
as well as Blake Lovl who's joining me from Southeast
and fourteen is right, you're on goes. Do you think
that coach caliperr Sole could be a little bit more
successful once the COVID years do run out, because those
are going to be running out in the next year.

We're seeing a lot of guys they're going to be
utilizing theirs for the upcoming twenty twenty four to twenty
five season. But we've got one, maybe two years of
runway left on those COVID years, and then from there
it goes back to the traditional four years, and then
you've obviously got some guys that are going to be
graduate transferred from there. But do you think that a
part of the just issues that John cal Perry's having

in general is the current landscape of college basketball and
guys being a year older than normal due to that
COVID year.

Speaker 2 (15:26):
Yeah, I think, like you said, it's easy to forget that.

Speaker 3 (15:28):
Sometimes I can just you know, just say, all right,
every team's got to be built with old guys. But
it's like there are so many of those guys out
there right now that it is something where you say,
at least right now, you feel like teams need to
be built just on experience because there are just so
many guys who still have that extra year and all that.

Speaker 2 (15:45):
But sure, I think.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
Once you kind of see it go back to normal
if there's a word in college basketball anymore where anything's normal.
But I do think you'll start to see that come
back a little bit. And you know, like we said too,
that's opened up just the way this thing is played
out of the past several years, it's opened up a
lot more these tournaments that have gotten to this point
where you see some of these teams make these just
ridiculous type runs that you don't expect. We need to
kind of them on multiple hands now, like you don't

just have to do it all one anymore, because there
have been a lot of teams that have done this
over the past several years. And so, yeah, it is
gonna kind of come back, I think down a little bit.
But you know, I think that the biggest thing is
still for cal it's just adapting to what you have
to do to navigate, you know, a postseason and get
through a tournament, Whereas it is just a little bit
different when you are in that regular season scenario where

you know you have five days between games and all
this other stuff, where you know you don't have that
luxury when you get to these tournament type settings. And
I think that's where having a complete team that can
do everything on both sides of the floor that's still
the most important important part, whether they're freshmen, whether they're
seniors or whatever. So it's gonna be interesting to see
how he continues to approach it even after we get
through this this sort of cycle here.

Speaker 1 (16:51):
Yeah, Ben, everyone is enveloped on how John cal Perry
is gonna be building his roster. How things are going
to be looking for Arkansas general. But how do you
think the entire SEC is going to be going about
this offseason? Because we did see in the SEC just
a heightened importance on being able to score, because you
just noticed it with so many these teams like Florida.
Alabama was able to make the Final four. Kentucky was

certainly at the forefront of this. These teams weren't really
playing a lot of defense, but they were absolutely incredible
on offense. It was good enough for Alabama to be
able to make a Final four, but as we know
with Kentucky they lost to Jack Golki and Oakland. Who
who knows, maybe Jack Cokie changey entire landscape of the SEC.
Who would have thought a D two transfer from Hillsdale
would be doing that? But how do you think these

SEC teams will be approaching the offseason. Do you think
it's gonna be much more of what we saw this
last offseason, bringing guys like don't connect, bringing in a
lot of shooters that don't necessarily play the world's greatest defense,
or do you think that there might be a little
bit more importance on.

Speaker 2 (17:48):
The defensive side of things.

Speaker 1 (17:49):
Because I feel like perhaps this past offseason we saw
a little bit of an over correction after the SEC
two years ago just could hit shots to save their
lives all across the conference.

Speaker 2 (17:58):
Yeah, that was interesting. I think the Ken palm after
the season or whatever.

Speaker 3 (18:02):
And you know, I don't think it's no surprise the
top seven SEC teams they all finished in the top seven.
Like that was kind of how it unfolded, and so
you look at it that way and you're thinking, man,
they did really good. Of course, the top two teams
in terms of like you know, Tennessee and Auburn, they
were the two best defensive teams too, and they were
just fining there. And then you kind of have the
outlier Mississippi State, who finished a little bit further down.
But I think it is pretty clear that you're seeing

some of these teams, like you said, look at what
Todd Golden's done with Florida offensively, they're going to kind
of be that sort of team moving forward. And like
I mentioned, I mean, you're seeing what Alabama always is
when they're on offensively, this is what they can be. Auburn,
you know, kind of took a big step I thought,
offensively of course Kentucky, we talked about them, and so
I think it's one where it's still a matter of
how do you build the complete team, because like you said,

there were just a lot of teams this year that
relied on offense. Some teams just said, hey, we're going
to take our chance defensively, see what happens, and managed
to get Alabama to the Final four. But that's not
been the norm. That is just historically not been something
that a team like that gets there based on having
that big of.

Speaker 2 (19:01):
A discrepancy between offensive defense.

Speaker 3 (19:03):
And so still I think, you know, you're gonna be
looking at teams that with the coaches that are in place,
they're going to still be teams I think that rely
heavily on getting up and down the floor, playing their
offensive style the way we see. You know, you can't
obviously play just like Alabama, but just the tempo that
you see Auburn play with, and of course Tennessee and Kentucky,
which now will be Arkansas, Like, I think you're going

to see that same style because these are what these
coaches were hired for. Right when you think about it,
why did Alabama get in Natoats because they saw the
style it was all, you know, hey, let's put up
a lot of points. We're gonna be very entertaining to watch,
and we'll find a way to make it work.

Speaker 2 (19:37):

Speaker 3 (19:38):
We saw it last year, right, I mean, they were
so good defensively last year, and we thought that would
be the team that would make, you know, the final
four didn't end up happening. But now I think we
just look at this whole situation and I'm curious to
see how these other teams kind of evolved, because right
you're talking about the teams like LSU, Chris Beard and
Old miss what kind of team did he put together offensively?

Speaker 2 (19:55):
Because they struggled a little bit.

Speaker 3 (19:57):
They were better than I thought they'd be this year,
but they still want to to get to that same
level that all these other teams are. So yeah, roster
building in this era, you know, it's a different thing
every single year. And not even to mention, right, Greg,
like Missouri's got a top five recruiting class coming in.
Vanderbilt's got Mark Byington, who we know is going to
play a very appealing style of offense in the way
they play, so I think you're seeing that's just kind

of the way things have become and that's where you know,
you start to look at teams like Mississippi State, Texas, A,
and m who just sort of had played a little
bit of a different way. Is that going to be
able to continue to be keep them in this kind
of mix in the SEC, especially as we said, now
you got Texas and Oklahoma coming into Yeah.

Speaker 1 (20:33):
Absolutely, and it is going to be interesting with Texas
and Oklahoma coming as blake level of Southeastern fourteen, which
I wouldn't doubt if it's Southeastern sixteen by the time
we're doing our SEC preview in several months from nowasod
to be right here on cost cost soups. And I
do think that that's such an interesting dynamic, and I
do want to discuss that with you as well, because
you mentioned Mark Byington, the fact that he's going to

be going over to van Erbout. You mentioned the fact
that Missouri just could not get right all season long.
They won as many games. The SEC is the two
of us. They've got a really good class coming in.
But we recall the team that was said last year
in the twenty twenty two to twenty three season, South
Carolina fell short in the NCAA Tournament. But they had
a tremendous year out there in the SEC. They were
able to go from being one of the most sorry

Power Conference teams out there to being in the NCAA Tournament.
Just with the nature of the SEC. How easy is
it to be able to go from a bunch as
towards the bottom of the pack in the conference to
be able to rise up Because we saw a lot
of volatility in the conference this year. Look Case and
pointing at the team that just made the coaching Iron Arkansas.

Speaker 3 (21:33):
Yeah, it's getting a lot harder, isn't it. Because we
always say it's like someone has to finish one through fourteen. Well,
now someone has to finish one through sixteen. And like
you mentioned, I mean Missouri just while we.

Speaker 2 (21:42):
Would have never expected them to go in.

Speaker 3 (21:44):
Eighteen in the conference, but they did, and now they're
going to have to rely on certainly, you know, getting
a good transfer group in to go around this class
that the Dennis Case is brought in, and you would
think that's certainly going to equal more wins, but it's
just a matter of how many more because it is
so challenging now, and like you said, it's like Arkansas,
who is the team that finished near the bottom surprisingly
now goes out and gets John Caliperry. I don't think

Arkansas is going to be sixteen and seventeen next year
and six and twelve in the conference.

Speaker 2 (22:09):
I just see that highly unlikely. I don't think.

Speaker 3 (22:11):
Kentucky's gonna be there. No matter who they hire, They're
still going to be just fine. And then it's the
same thing. It's how are you going to be able
to set yourself apart and find an advantage against Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Florida.

Speaker 2 (22:24):

Speaker 3 (22:25):
I don't think Florida's going anywhere, you know, buzz, even
if they have some ups and downs, they're always going
to be right there. What Jans is doing at Misissippi State,
you know, Chris Beard's going to get things rocking at
o Wes.

Speaker 2 (22:35):
I mean he did it to start the year. They
just couldn't finish.

Speaker 3 (22:38):
So yeah, it's like where do you put all these teams?
And that does make it very challenging now for Mark Byington,
like at Vanderbilt, because let's call it what it is,
like it's a matter of how much are you given
the opportunity to succeed even if you're hiring a coach
at an SEC school, you know the kind of money
that's being thrown around at a bunch of other schools.
And it's like, you know, John Califerry, he goes from
Kentucky where he had anything he wants. Well, guess what

now he's gona got Arkansas where he's gonna have anything
he wants. And so it's going to be the same
kind of scenario is how do you compete? And unfortunately,
like it is becoming a situation where yes, you have
a South Carolina that sort of comes out of nowhere
this year, but that has been more of the outlier
than the norm. And so for teams like Vanderbilt, teams
like Missouri Georgia, right a team like that, they're trying
to sort of fight their way up. LSU kind of

did it a little bit this year, you know, made
some strides, but they still weren't in Silbay Tournament team.
How do they get to that point to where they're
able to get up there and move beyond what Rick
Barnes and Bruce Pearl and NATO's and everybody else in
front of them has done consistently now for many years
and it's just it's not an easy task.

Speaker 1 (23:38):
No, it certainly is not, and a lot of it
is going to be coming down to what you're going
to be able to get in the offseason in the
transfer portal. Land Blake, I think they you'd agree with me,
way too early to speculate on winners and losers of
the transfer portal this far, because we got are the
fifteen hundred players in there. Less than twenty percent of
guys have made up their minds, So we're going to
be seeing that a lot more in the coming days,

coming weeks. Few decisions have been made other than guys
that have decided, you know what, I'm going to enter
into the transfer portal. But with that said, we've talked
about the Mark Byington news, We've talked about John cal
Perry the fact that he is going over to Arkansas.
But has there been a few other coaching hires that
have really been catching your eye this offseason, whether that
be to the positive or the negative, because we've had

a very active coaching cycle and when that might be
getting all the more active based on what Kentucky does
durin the next few days. But we've seen a lot
of movement and I take a look at the landscape
and there's been very few coaching hires. I take a
look at it, and I think, man, this has been
a bad higher. I think a lot of programs have
really gotten to write this offseason.

Speaker 3 (24:37):
Yeah, I mean, I think, like you said, I think
everyone knows that the stakes these days, especially when you
think about not just needing to make a move, but
needing to make it pretty quickly and get it right
like by doing that.

Speaker 2 (24:48):
And I think that's where you know, you start.

Speaker 3 (24:50):
To see some of these teams, and of course it
really is just a matter of what opportunity are you
giving these coaches once they get there. And I think
there's a lot of interesting ones out there in terms
of just seeing how they're going to I mean, I
think the one that may wind up being one of
the more underrated ones of the entire cycle, which I
don't know if some people would consider it underrated, but
I think Josh Shurtz at Saint Louis is a tremendous higher.

I think he is someone that certainly like again, if
you're talking about a Vanderbilt or plays like that, I
think they would have loved to have someone like that
just again, the mind that that guy has and the
way he plays. Of course, we talked about them multiple
times this season, and you know, they played Alabama early
in the year and then of course they made the
run of the n IT and such. But I think
he was someone that you just sort of look at,
now what he's going to be able to try to

do there at Saint Louis and continue to kind of
make his way up. It seems like there's a lot
of people in this profession that think he's going to
have an opportunity to do a great job there.

Speaker 2 (25:39):
I think Kyle Smith at Stanford's interesting. That was kind
of a program.

Speaker 3 (25:42):
It feels like it needed a resurgence, and we know
what he was able to accomplish at Washington State. Now,
you know, you go to Stanford's certainly a different era
with the fact twelve going the wrong way, but I'm
curious to see what he does there. I mean, it's
the same with Muscleman, right. I mean, I think this
is a great fit from US at USC, and to me,
I think think it's probably gonna wind up leading the
USC being a pretty prominent program moving forward, just based

on how good he's been. And so, yeah, I think
there's a lot of ones like that Danny Sprinkle at
Washington and you know, even like a Jared Calhoun, I
think is kind of an underrated high at Utah State.

Speaker 2 (26:14):
He's always someone talked.

Speaker 3 (26:16):
About at Youngstown State and felt like talking to him
when I was doing the Rise in the League for
Blue Ribbon and such. He was always someone that was
able to get talent in there and have a chance
to really have success. And so I'm curious to see
what he does at Utah State. But I'm with you, Greg.
That gives us a situation where you've seen a lot
of moves, and you know, it seems like we're in
that phase now where you're seeing guys like that get

that opportunity to take the step up. We talked about
Buyington and these other guys now getting a chance to
prove themselves at that next tier.

Speaker 2 (26:43):
We'll see what happens.

Speaker 1 (26:44):
Absolutely, and we've been noticing a lot of these guys
that recently came up from the B two level because
Josh Shurtz, he was over at Lincoln Memorial just a
few short seasons ago. We know what Danny Sprinkle has
been able to do. He was able to work his
way up going for Montannasee to Washington over the course
of two years. I mean, there have been a lot
of fast risers in this industry, and Mike Here's certainly

one of them as well. You do amazing work over
there at Southeastern fourteen. I know you guys are going
to do an amazing job this offseason.

Speaker 2 (27:12):
Now you add.

Speaker 1 (27:13):
Texas and Oklahoma to the agenda as well, now that
the nets have been cut down, next time we see
games out there in the SEC, those two teams are
going to be in the conference as well. So let
the good people at home know it's all on tough
for you and how people are a ball fall on
on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (27:27):
You always appreciate it.

Speaker 3 (27:28):
Greg, Like I said, you can find us out on
YouTube Southeast fourteen and yes, we will be Southeast of
sixteen here very soon, so we can also choose for
that as well, So you'll find us one way or
the other. So check us out on YouTube. Yeah, still
covering lots of basketball stuff in the offseason. Of course
it never stops and all that, so yeah, everything else.
So I can find me on Twitter, I'd be Blake Bubble.

Speaker 1 (27:45):
And ay soon enough, it might be Southeastern twenty with
the way that college basketball sports in general are going,
like the Big Ten certainly does not have ten teams anymore.
But I said Blake, he does absolutely amazing work taking
a look at this game of college basketball. Every single
time he joins us always lends great insights. So big
thanks to Blake for joining me right here. Gooops South

part of Visa Family Podcast and coming next saw a
lot of guys entered into the transfer portal on Wednesday,
we'll recap all the new sinners we saw college basketball
over the last twenty four hours. Next, Hembreg can love
Me Las Vegas for Cosco seeps with myself, Greg Oops

Peterson now part of the Visa Family Podcast. Was great
to be able to get Blake Lobo board. He does
tremendous workover at Southeastern fourteen, which I'm sure that is
going to be updated as something else like Southeastern sixteen
here in the coming months. But he does an amazing
job taking a look at this conference as currently dealing
with some craziness. Will it p Scott Drew that takes
over at Kentucky? Will they be going after Billy Donovan?

Will they be going after Greg Peterson. Only time will
be able to tell that, and it certainly is going
to be a big name out there, So I would
be very very surprised if it is going to be
one Greg Peterson. But a man that is a big
name and a man that does amazing work taking a
look at this sport is Blake level. So big thanks
sim for joining me in the last segment. Now it
is that time the podcast they give you the news

and notes that we saw in college basketball over the
last twenty four hours. Did see some top flight scores
decide that they were going to be entering into the
transfer portal. It is another transfer portal trip for Carryo Quindo.
He began his career over at Georgia. First two years
was a double figure score for them, a little bit
more in the background. Last season over at Oregon was
only able to average seven points per game, but was

a little bit more efficient than his first two years
at Georgia. While Georgia shot about twenty seven percent for three,
last year more around thirty three percent from distance. He
gave way a little bit more to guys like youer
Main Queeze Art and company. But certainly someone that I
felt like was able to come into his own a
little bit more last season, coming off the bench, it
was a relatively solid role for him. I think that
he's more set up for a bigger role this time around,

rather than when he's on a Georgia team that didn't
have a lot around him. So that is going to
be a very interesting name out there in the transfer portal.
And part of the reason why Purdue had so much
success this past season was the fact that they really
did not lose anyone via the transfer portal. Well, you
got Mason Gillis now in the transfer portal, not won
their top scorers, but someone who's been consistent for them

each of the last four or so years.

Speaker 2 (30:17):
He began his career during.

Speaker 1 (30:18):
The twenty twenty twenty one season after red shirting years,
so I believe this is his COVID year that he's
going to be utilizing. But average about five point two
points per contest in his first year and then has
been between six point four and six point eight points
per game each of the last four seasons. Shot forty
six point eight percent from three partinges last year four
rebounds per game on a different team. You have to

think that as a six to six a little bit
of a do it all player. He would be someone
that would be a top light option for them. I
don't know if you would necessarily succeed in that role,
but I know that there are many mid major programs.
There might be some programs at the Power conference level
that would love to have him be a double figure
scorer for them. So that is something to watch out
for Mongoli and Mike Mike share Shamits. Hopefully I said

that correctly. He was over at San Francisco this last year.
He has entered in the transfer portal line. This is
gonna be one that's so fascinating because he's not necessarily
a flamethrower score or anything like that. He was putting
up over at San Francisco this last year about eight
points per game, but at six foot eighty, just says
a little bit of everything. Gave out about two point
seven two point eight assist per contest, shot thirty six

percent from three part range, relatively good plus defender with
nearly a STEO per contest. Was a starter for them.
He season ago and certainly is helping grow the game.
He's like the first player from Mongolia to really make
it out in the college basketball level, so you have
to think that there's going to be a lot of
teams that are going to be in on him. And
this is one of the best scorers, just peer scorers

out there in the transfer portal as well. Georgia Southern's
Tyran Moore has decided that he's going to be entering
into the transfer portal. Now, Georgia Southern was not good
this last season. They just couldn't get wins up on
the board, but for more he was able to give
you more. He logged for the team about seventeen points
per contest. Began his career at the junior college level.
We've been seeing a lot of guys from the junior
college level come down and have success. Chipped in their

three assists seal per contests shot forty percent from three
part range, which given the absolute inefficiency of Georgia Southern
I was massive for them. Now stands just five foot eleven,
So if he does go up to the Power Conference level,
you do have to figure that that might be a
little bit of an issue for him, But that is
a big time name out there in the transfer port line.
This one I think could be interesting as well. Not

necessarily the most well runned player. But if you're looking
for a bit of a microwave scorer, someone that's able
to give you points that has been a part of
a Power conference program, Brandon Houson is one to take
a look at. A former top seventy five recruit from
the class of twenty twenty two. According to most of
those recruiting organizations, Housing last season was over at Villanova,
shot thirty nine and a half percent from three part range.

Into two years at Nova, gave you up six points
per contest this last year again, really doesn't do a
whole lot other than shoot threes at about six foot four,
but shoot them relatively well. There's going to be a
lot of Parker are going to be in on him,
and I do think that there's a lot of programs
that they should be taking a look there. I know
that the game of basketball is turned into just doing
a little bit of everything, celebrating the triple double and

everything like that, but having someone like Helvison who's able
to come in off the bench, he's able to pop
those threes, I think that that would be good for
them as well. This was a gentleman that was a
part of the NC State Final four team, but just
could not get out there on the floor in general
cam Woods. He is currently in the transfer portal for Woods.
He was having a tough time being able to play

because he was one of those two time transfers. Began
his career at Troy was at North Carolina A T.
Only played thirteen games for NC State, average one point
three points per contest, really didn't see much action at
all during the strike toront of the season. I said,
if you look back at what he did during his
season at North Carolina A and T two seasons ago,
was their top score seventeen points, four boards, three in
emphasis one aff seals per contest. Granted it was an

A and T team that did a relatively nothing, but
being able to get a guy like that in the
transfer portal, especially if you're a lower mid major, I
think that that would be very beneficial. So that is
one to take a look at. And then we did
see another bench piece from Purdue, much like Mason Gillis,
enter into the transfer portal, and that would be Ethan Morton.
And it's very rare which you see someone like an
Ethan Morton just take a little bit of a step

down with regards to their production. But that certainly was
the case, and for Ethan Morton, he just could not
get out there on the floor this last season. Someone
who was a starter during the twenty twenty two twenty
three seasons. Granted, it's not like you. It's putting out
massive numbers during that twenty twenty two to twenty three
season average just under four points three boards to an
amphasis per contest, but he logged ten minutes per game

average less than a point per contest. Has shown that
at the college level he can be a stabilizing force
out there in the back court. Not going to be
someone that I would envision being a double figure score
though we have seen guys like this be able to
go down to the more mid major level be able
to have quite a bit of success. But that is
something that I'm taking a look at with him. He
is out there in the transfer portal line. We have

been noticing on like a offseason go quite a few
of these guys from Perdudeyev decided that they're going to
be entering into the transfer portal. You've got center Coward
who is currently in the transfer portal as well. With Coward,
he was the top score over at Easter n washing
it in a bunch. It just fell short of being
able to make the NCAA tournament, but he was able
to come in and gave the same great production with

about fifteen a half points. He actually began his career
at the non D one level over at Willamic College.
As out there in the Pacific Northwest, we've been noticing
a lot of these West Coast schools bringing in these
guys at these top flight D two, D three programs
out there in the Pacific Northwest have a lot of success.
Shot thirty eight and a half percent for three point
eighty nine and a half percent and at the free

flying at six foot six. Now, granted he was out
there in the big sky, and in the big sky,
you're not playing against the world's greatest defenses. We're just
gonna call it what it is. But he's got a
nice skill set. There's gonna be a lot of teams
that are going to be in on him, and you
have to wonder what is going to be happening with
Ontario Morris. He is officially now in the transfer portal,
had a lot of things happen with them off the court,

so it's going to be a role the ice for
whoever brings them in, but was a former top forty
recruit had some level of production two seasons ago over
at Texas. Wasn't necessarily amazing with regards to the amount
of production that he had, but certainly that is a
name that I think that there might be some schools
that they roll the dice on him, whether you agree
slash disagree with how the situation off the court is

being handled with his situation, but that is certainly one
to take a look at. And then I take a
look at something like this Owen Dz he was playing
over at Texas A and M Corpus Chrissy this last season.
At six foot eight, was a part of one of
the more underrated defenses in all of college basketball. Not
someone that's going to light it up from three points
or anything like that, shot about twenty nine percent from
the outside, but was rockshid defender some points three and

a half rebounds, was a starter for a Corpus Chrissie
team that, in my opinion, was one of the more
underrated majors out there in all of college basketball. Is
a good nose for the ball as good versatility that
is someone that is going to be out there in
the transfer portal as well, So I'm watching out to
see where he's going to be going in. Right now,
we've got a whole bunch of entrance into the transfer portal.
Not a lot of guys they're coming out of the

transfer portal. Caleb Blowner, someone who was over at Baylor
this last season. When he was over at BYU a
few seasons ago, was a rock solid player, just could
never really find his footing at Baylor. Now they're waiting
to see what Scott Drew is going to be doing
on the front of Baylor as well. But for mister
loner this last season, only two and a half points
and a half rebounds per game when he was transferring
over to Baylor. I was wondering how that if it

was going to be because he was putting up like
seven points in the neighbor about six seven rebounds per
game while he was over at BYU, which those are
solid numbers, but typically you don't see a guy like
that go on over to a program like Baylor and
just be able to put up these bondo numbers and
be able to elevate. That was the case for him
as well. So you have to wonder what his outlook

is going to be. Modesta's Cocadus. He is going to
be in the transfer portal once again. Began his career
at Creighton and just was all sorts of banged up
while he was over at Creighton and was able to
find a nice home what he was over at cal
State Bakersfield meet me for the road Runners as the
Bakersfield road Runners and a little bit of a rough
go of it this past season, and he was pretty
much the only guy that could pull in a rebound

for the team. He averaged six and a half points,
six point one rebounds per game. Nobody else on the
roster averaged north of four rebounds per game. Came in
as a former top to hundred recruit coming over from overseas.
I believe Lithuania memory serves me correct. So it's going
to be interesting to see where he goes by the
transfer portal. And then a double figure score over at
Utah Valley Drake Allen, he is going to be in

the transfer portal as well. Part of a Utah Valley
team that was just absolutely miserable from three part range,
but Allen he was still able to do a solid job,
be able to muster up double figures. You do have
to figure that he's going to look for a little
bit of a bounce back with the outside shooting. When
he was over at Southern Utah two seasons ago shot
thirty five and a half percent for three that was
down to twenty three point two percent this last season.

Did a nice job, would be able to throw out
the ball, but certainly that took a little bit of
a fall off as well. But this one is interesting
thing as well. Kashawn Pryor, he began his career over
at Boise State, went down to the non D one
level at Northwest Florida State, resurfaced with Self Florida this
last season and he put up nice numbers thir team points,

eight boards. He was the only guy for South Florida
that legitimately could be able to give you a rebound.
So he is going to be very much a covenant
guy in the transfer. Port. Really didn't see a whole
lot of commits on Wednesday. We're waiting to see where
a lot of these guys are going. So next few
days I think that it's going to be a lot
of guys where it's like, Ah, they've entered into the
transfer portal, so we shall see which teams are actually

going to be going on the attack. As you know
that Arkansas is going to be after the John call
Perry quote from last night saying that he met with
the team and there was no team. So we're going
to be getting a lot of that that is going
on right now. And then in terms of a few
other guys that they did enter into transfer portal, which
I will say at some point I do think that
might be easier to mention which guys aren't in the

transfer portal rather than which guys are actually in the
transfer portal. We also did see the entry of Monar Hima.
Hopefully I said that correctly. The six foot eleven center
from Syracuse really didn't get a lot of burn for
this team. But that said at six foot eleven tour
and thirty pounds began his career over at du Kane,
give you a little bit of an impact guy. And

we are starting to see some NBA draft decisions start
to trickle in Tyler Kollik. No surprise here. He has
decided that he was going to enter for the NBA Draft,
but he is not going to be maintaining his eligibility.
He is as good as gone. Was one of the
best point guards in all of college basketball this last
season fifteen points, five boards, seven and a half assists
per contest. He was the twenty twenty two twenty twenty

three Player of the Year out there in the Big East.
You could tell when he was on the court versus
when he was off the court. Just a mess of
impact in general for this Marquette team. So that's certainly
something that is going to be missing with OsO Oguadero
currently in the NBA draft as well. Do you have
to think that Marquette might need to enter into the
transfer portal a little bit more of this offseason. I
know that Shakasmart has been someone that has not really

entered it too much. As a matter of fact, I
think the only guy they really entered into the transfer
portal to crab is Tiler Coolix. He's betting really well
in terms of being able to spot talent in the
transfer portal. But to think that this year we're going
to be seeing many more guys coming in from other
places to Marquette, And then we did see one gentleman
decide on where he is going to be going in

terms of the transfer portal. Christ at Asanko, he was
over at Saint Jose this last season. He has decided
that he is going to be adding on over to Providence.
This is a relatively sawid get in my opinion for Providence.
He was at seven feet tall for Saint Joe's last
year pretty good. He was able to give the team
and then neighbored about seven and a half eight or
so points per contest, did a nice job being able

to be one of the main rebounders for the seam
with about six sports per contest. He's able to give
you a block. He's able to pop threes as well
at about a thirty seven percent clip, so that is
going to be something that's going to be beneficial for
a Providence team. Then was able to have a relatively
nice year this past year. I was very humbly surprised
on they were able to turn the corner with Kim.
English aren't quite able to make the NCAA tournament, but

I do think that there is quite a bit of
upside there. And then you did see Max McKinnon decide
that he is going to be transferring on over to Portland.
Has been a rough last two seasons for Portland. After
season number one under the tutelage of Shanty Legens, they
were able to get going very very quickly, but last
year for McKinnon drop thirty six percent from three point
range overright elon twelve points four boards and around about

two and a half asis per contest. I believe that
he's actually from the country of Canada, so not really
from the East coast, not really from the west coast.
So we shall see what is going to be happening
on that front, and we should get many many more
guys that decide where they're going in the transfer portal
in the coming days and coming weeks, and we're going
to be keeping guys informed on all those decisions right
here on Coast. Good Soups now part of the Visa

family of podcasts. A big thanks to Blake level does
great workover at Southeast or fourteen for joining me in
the last segment. If you do like fearing from the
sign podcast, Goods a Good Soups here, able to subscribe
wherever your podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Google, Blake, Spotify, sit your
engine and if you have a question comment SEGM an
idea what I have you for this podcast? You do
have one of two ways we have far those in.
First one is my Twitter slash x timeline at you

and n under forty one. Keep in mind letter ZM,
they mean does on matters, so as for usual, please
send us into the timeline. Other the way he's finding
an Apple podcast review. If you ate this podcast five starts,
it is very much appreciating them. From there, you're about
fire in whatever you'd like here on this podcast via
five SRVI coming at you guys every single day on
this podcast. That is maybe there's season and off season.
So if you guys think you want to get them off,

we can come on for Doin again
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