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April 12, 2024 39 mins

Greg reacts to Kentucky hiring Mark Pope as their coach, talks to Greg Waddell of The Field of 68 about how teams in the Big Ten might attack the transfer portal this offseason, & expectations for Michigan with Dusty May & Greg recaps Thursday’s college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:19-Reaction to Kentucky Hiring Mark Pope

15:40-Interview with Greg Waddell

40:42-Recap of Thursday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
I welcome to Love Me Las Vegas, butts with myself
Gege S. Peterson now part of the Family Podcasts. We've
got an excellent podcast for us. Joining me in segment
number two, it is going to be Greg Wodell. He
does absolutely amazing workover at Sleepers Media Help Lift sixty
eight and a man that while he does those tests
very very well, sounds like he might be in the

transfer portal himself. So we're going to be diving in
with him about what he's all seen in the Big
Ten thus farthest offseason. He is a Michigan man, so
going to talk about the hiring that we've seen here
in the offseason with having mister Dusty may come over
take that job, what to expect to Michigan this offseason,
what to expect really across the Big Ten in the
offseason as well. And then in the final segment, we're

going to recap all the news ins that we saw
in college basketball on Thursday. If you do have a
question comment segment Eddia what have you for this podcast?
He do have one of two bays va fur those
in first one is my Twitter slash x Simeline at
G and N Unders forty one keep in mind learns
them they mean does on managers as per usual, Please
send these into the timeline and the other way. He's
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tight Starts, it has very much appreciated. From there, You're
able to fire in whatever you'd like to here on this
podcast via the five star view. And we did not
get in any Twitter slash x questions today. Always happy
to dive in on anything, whether you have one for
tomorrow's podcast, whether you have one for next months, what
have you said. I don't necessarily do it for individual
teams themselves. That's why I've got the conference previews that

I will be doing later on in the offseason. We
guess it's hard for me to be like, oh, I'm
gonna give you this hot take on a team that
is currently two guys on the roster, which is where
we're at with most of these teams right now. We're
gonna call it what it is. But have got to
lead off the show by talking about the big news
that we saw in college basketball on Thursday. That would
be the fact that Mark Pope he is going to
be going from BYU and he is going to be

heading on over to Kentucky. This is a big time
deal for Kentucky. And you could tell that he wasn't
the number one option for Kentucky. There's no offens or
bus about it. He was in a lot of the
list that we were seeing coming out, the number three,
number four options, somewhere in that neighborhood, no doubt about it.
They were trying to get Dan Hurley. I have to
think that they had a lot of conversations with Billy Donovan.

We know that Scott Drew turned them down. But for
Mark Pope, I think that this is going to be
a good hire for Kentucky. Now, if you're expecting the
same amount of pros to be coming out of Kentucky,
if you expect this to be a program that is
just recruiting a whole bunch of guys are in the
top fifteen or something like that, I think that that
might be a little bit of a departure from it.
This might not be a program that is talked about

as much just in terms of like mainstream hot take
radio or anything like that. But what you want if
you're a Kentucky fan, if you're a fan of college basketball,
is wins like it does absolutely no good whatsoever for
a college basketball program to be like, oh, we sent
this guy, this guy, this guy to the pros and
we won nine games this season, which I say that

somewhat jokingly, but if you take a look at LSU
and Ben Simmons was there, Markel foltswo and Washington was there,
those were some rough teams to say the least, and
be able to look at this Mark Pope player on
two sides of the coin. The BYU team that he
assembled this season one of the more balanced once in
all of college basketball, and that does very much embrace
the modern day of college basketball. They didn't play at

warp speed or anything like that, but they were relatively
uptempo team. They took darn near fifty percent of their
shots from three parts in terms of percentage of their
field goal attempts that came from three one of the
highest teams in all of college basketball. So it's going
to be not too far from the style that John
Caliberry played, al though I will argue I think that
he's able to in put a little bit of a
better defense than John Caliberry did last season. Honestly, if

you had hired me out there, I think that the
defense wouldn't have taken any sort of a fall from
last season. But also he will take a look at
this as well. For Mark Pope, he has nine seasons
as a head coach under his belt. He has finished
fifth place or worse in a conference five times. He
said a second place finished four times, So I mean
said he's got zero NCAA tournament wins, zero conference tournament titles,

anything like that. As we know, prior to his time
at BYU, he was ever at Utah Valley, So another
one of these high risers. And we have seen a
lot of these guys rise very very fast in the
college basketball ranks. Like Danny Sprinkle was over at Washington
two years ago, he was coaching things up over at
Ontana State. Josh Shurtz, who just recently that took that
job at Saint Louis, he was not too long ago

a D two Lincoln Memorial. But we've seen this workout
for many programs. Now, I don't think that we've seen
a program like Kentucky be able to hire on this
much of a fast riser this quickly. I think that
perhaps you can rival it to maybe Billy Gillespie a
little bit, But it felt like Billy Gillespie was at
the Power Conference level a little bit more prior to
this past season BYU, they were out there in the

WCC battling it out with Gonzagas, Saint Mary's and then
a whole bunch of teams that just really didn't belong
in the court with those other schools. But that said,
I do think that for Mark Pope, he is going
to be able to do a nice job but be
able to push Kentucky in the right direction. It is
going to be more about winning games. It's not going
to be about as much of the flash off the court,
which I think is going to be a good thing
for Kentucky. Now, there might be some people that might

dislike it a little bit, but you want to win
games at the end of the day. And if you're
able to win games, guess what you put up a
banner that nil it should be coming in that attention
and is going to be coming in. You get attention
when you win. You have to create your own attention
when you're mediocre, and that's what Kentucky has been in
the last few years. Whether you want to hear it
or not, I mean, it's been a case where Kentucky

was never truly awful Saints at twenty twenty season where
things just went completely down the toile pool for Kentucky,
but it fell short in the NCAA Tournament a few times.
I do think that what Mark Prope is going to
do is that he's gonna have his scenes executing in
those games against let's call it what it is, lesser competition.
What ultimately doomed in John Caliperry, in my opinion, was
losing to the old Saint Peter's Peacocks two seasons ago,

and then this past season he lose as a three
seed to the fourteen seed in Oakland. That's just simply unacceptable.
You can't lose as a top three seed in the
NCAA tournament two out of three years. That is not
going to cut it. And Mark Pope, he I think,
is going to be someone that does a better job
of be able to prepare for these lesser teams and
still is going to be able to punch above his
weight a little bit. So I do think that the

overall stuff that he runs it is solid. Now you
do have to wonder if there is going to be
a glass ceiling, because I did allude to it. No
conference titles on his resume as of right now, hasn't
necessarily had the world's most coaching experience, But I do
think that he's going to do a solid job. I
think that he's got a clear system that he was
able to run a BYU was able to run it
with success. So I do think that Kentucky overalls in

a solid place. And maybe I'm off base here, You
can correct me if I'm wrong, but this almost feels
a little bit like the mc cronin higher that we
saw a UCLA a few seasons ago. Mc cronin was
not the number one option for UCLA. Mc cronin is
more of a nonsense guy. He's not a guy that's
looking for a bunch of flash off the court or
anything like that. He just wants to win games. I
think that this is a little bit similar for Kentucky.

And while Kentucky fans might have want a Billy Donovan,
they might have wanted some of these other coaches out there.
And I'm not saying that this is the absolute number
one I hear that they're gonna get. I think, though,
that this is a very solid hire, and I do
think that Kentucky going to have some success with Mark Pope.
So those are my thoughts on what we all saw
from the Kentucky coaching search and all the other college
basketball news and notes. Where are going to be tying

to bow around those in the final segment, But coming
up next, I have to talk with our good friend
Greg Woodell of Sleepers Media along the field of sixty
eight and currently in the Transfer portal, Greg Wodell, he
is going to be joining me to talk about what
you expect from the Big Ten this offseason and if
Michigan can returned up prominence. That's up back credit's goad.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
Season with myself Creigan Speters at taime.

Speaker 1 (07:41):
Every rest here we'll be Las Vegas for cost szeps
with myself Greg Peterson, now part of the Vsent Family podcasts.
And it is always great to be drawn by this
man as Greig Woodell does such great work over at
Sleepers Media. I know that he is currently inning the
transfer portal, but that said, he does such amazing work
taking a look at this great game that we all
know in love of college bass foot ball. He much

liked myself. Hey, Greg from the Midwest. We absolutely love
those guys. I know that he's doing a great job
taking a look at all that we're getting into the
Big ten right now, and you're able to follo him
on Twitter side checks at ge Wizzy the number twelve
all together and does some good college football work and great,
great to have you Bart, thank you.

Speaker 3 (08:16):
Yeah, thanks for having me. Greg hopes the offseasons. Treating
you out through the first couple of days here.

Speaker 1 (08:20):
Absolutely, and hopefully it's free to heal a little bit
better as well, because as a Michigan fan, I feel
rough for what happened to you guys last season. That
was not great, to say the least. Things just completely
fall apart at the seams. And now that Dusty May
is in the fold, what are some of your expectations
for what Michigan is going to do this offseason? Because
I thought that that was a tremendous hire. But much

like John Caliperry was looking around and he was seeing
no Russ or Dusty May in a relatively similar spot
right now with Michigan.

Speaker 3 (08:47):
Yeah, it absolutely is a similar spot. The covered was
pretty bare. I mean there's a few players coming back.
George Washington the third announces back four star kid who
didn't play really at all last season. There's potential that
maybe Jace Howard could even return for his final season,
which would be one of the more confusing dynamics in
the locker room in recent college basketball history. But we're

getting an early sign as to how Dusty May wants
to operate, and the early returns are pretty good in
my opinion. He's hired a really nice staff, plucked an
assistant coach from Georgia and assistant coach from Saint Mary's.
He's kind of spread out across the country for those hires.
And then Mike Boynton has also joined the staff. So
he could have done the easy thing and just sort
of taken his entire Florida Atlantic staff with him. I

don't think anyone would have faulted him for that, but
for whatever reason, instead he went out and I in
my opinion, got upgrades. And now he's in a similar
spot with his roster where been rumored as a destination
for almost all of the Florida Atlantic players. Certainly, you
would take a John L. Davis, you had taken Elijah Martin,
you would take a Vlad Golden. I think Vlad Golden

is the most likely. There's been some crystal ball action
towards Michigan. There John L. Davis a name they certainly want,
and they are hot after Elijah Martin seems as if
he's bound to go elsewhere. But it hasn't been the
just like plug and play take everyone from FAU approach
that some thought it might be.

Speaker 2 (10:11):
And I don't know if that's good or bad.

Speaker 3 (10:12):
I mean, FAU won a lot of games and this
is a program in Michigan that needs bodies right now.
So the pressure is on for how he's going to
go and fill these other eight spots. And you know,
he's after a lot of really talented guards from all
over the country, from.

Speaker 2 (10:27):
The low major level, from the high major level.

Speaker 3 (10:29):
And one thing I believe in from his system that
I've seen is he's always going to have good guards.
He's always going to play, you know, three guards at
a time. And if he was able to surround Flag
Golden with three different guards from the transfer portal in
year one, depending on who they are, I think there's
reason for optimism that Michigan can get back to the
NCAA tournament in year one. Yeah, with Michigan, they have
the resources to be able to rebuild it right away,

that's a relatively good school in terms of nil. They
hire on a really nice coach, and I think that
that is going to be massive for them. But I
do take a look at just what you were talking
about priaps trying to bring in some of these guys
for my FAU, and I think that that would be
the best way to go about it. I've just noticed
in recent offseasons that when coaches take on a job
like I thought that South Florida was a perfect example,

bringing in all those guys from Kannessas State, it leads
to instant success. I'm not sure if you grease, I
just agree, but I think the best way for your
number one to go well for Michigan and Dusty May
is just to bring in those guys because, for lack
of a better term, in a day and age where
you've got so much movement, where you've got so many transfers,
just having that consistency with the system, I think it

would be massive for Michigan. Yeah, if that's the starting point,
you certainly feel good about it, you know.

Speaker 2 (11:38):
I think he's got to be careful though.

Speaker 3 (11:40):
I think it would have been really easy to just say, hey,
everyone come with me. Nobody would have faulted him for it.
A lot of these players are good players. With that said,
this is a team that didn't win an NCAA tournament
game this season. To not win the American Conference regular
season or tournament championship.

Speaker 2 (11:55):
The final four was great. Don't get me wrong.

Speaker 3 (11:57):
Final fours are always great, But I think you can
point around the country to a lot of hires that
may have been made due to an NCAA tournament run
that point to that not necessarily being the best indicator
of a coach's success long term. It's more about the
caliber of your teams. And I believe Dusty in general
was a great hire. I believe honestly, of the names

that have been floated that were attainable, I think he's
probably been the best hire on the board this offseason
other than John cal Perry finding his way to Arkansas.

Speaker 2 (12:25):
Louisville wanted him.

Speaker 3 (12:26):
He chose Michigan over Louisville, and I think there's a
chance whoever Kentucky ends up with, if it's Mark Pope,
we can have a conversation if Dusty made was a better.

Speaker 2 (12:34):
Candidate than him.

Speaker 3 (12:35):
So Michigan should be feeling very fortunate that they have
at least a few years with Dusty. You know, I
will say he seems to be approaching the right guys
because Gean, Carlo Rosato and Nick Boyd good players, certainly,
good locker room guys, good culture guys. Michigan needs better
players than that, and those guys are not headed to
Michigan by all accounts.

Speaker 2 (12:55):
So he's been.

Speaker 3 (12:56):
After a few more high profile types like Roddy Gale
Junior from Ohio State, Dante Maddox from Toledo, You've got
Danny Wolf from Yale. That's a rumored impending Michigan commit
So I like all the targets. I like the way
he's been spending his time, and at this point it
really comes down to can he close the way that
a lot of Michigan fans seem to think that he can.

Speaker 1 (13:15):
Absolutely, that would be massive if you would be able
to get someone to your point like a Roddy Gale
is showing me on the show. We do have Greig
what Ella does great workover at Sleepers Media, joining me
Radio antsco soups. And I do think that this leads
you into a little bit of a bigger question with
regards to the big Ten as well. How do you
think the conference as a whole is going to be
approaching the transfer portal, because we did notice that in

the Big Ten this past season there were a few
teams that went a little bit more up tempo, and
while it felt like the offense across the board was
a little bit better in the Big Ten, it did
feel like the defense just fell off a cliff. It
was a case where a lot of these Big Ten
teams still weren't necessarily playing overly fest but it felt
like the defensive efficiency for some of these teams not
named Perdue was really really bad. And I do think

that as a conference, the Big Ten has quite a
bit of retooling to do this offseason.

Speaker 2 (14:03):
I think that's fair.

Speaker 3 (14:04):
I think it's gonna be taken on a case by
case basis by team, and there's a.

Speaker 2 (14:08):
Lot of unique portal approaches or non approaches in this conference,
as we've discussed before.

Speaker 3 (14:14):
I mean, Brad Underwood seems like he's gonna throw a
bunch of crap at the wall until something sticks. And
it worked last year because you ended up with a
really mature team with Marcus Damask and Quincy Garrier and
they still didn't defend a lick, but they were one
of the best teams in the country because they had
the number one offense in the country for much of
this year. From his early targets from the two commits,

he already has it's gonna be a completely different roster build,
and I think it's gonna be a thing where year
by year Illinois looks completely different and there may not
be a lot of rhyme or reason to it. And
Brad Underwood and his assistance will adjust the way their
team plays based on the personnel that they have.

Speaker 2 (14:48):
Elsewhere you have guys who have more of a system.

Speaker 3 (14:51):
I mean, Matt Paanter and Tom Izzell certainly do things
their way and recruit personnel to the strengths and weaknesses
that they want to play with, and that has worked
at times. It works for Izzoh a decade ago, it's
working for Painter right now. Both of them are in
a spot where they need to reload a little bit
or maybe even restart here in a new era now
that Zach Edy's gone and you're losing Tyson Walker at

Michigan State, so you know, is always doing the press
tour right now telling people that he is willing to
adapt and use the transfer portal. He hasn't landed anybody yet,
and he hasn't targeted any centers yet. That's the big
thing Michigan State fans keep waiting for. And then Purdue.
It is an interesting one because I think they're still
going to be the best team next year. They've got
Braden Smith coming back and I think he's going to

be the big ten player of the year on paper
in the future. But outside of that, I mean, they
have multiple spots to replace. It's not just Zach Edy
who you're going to slide TKR down for. You also
need to replace Lance Jones, who is a huge impact
guy for them this year on both sides of the
ball that they got from the portal. They've got an
incoming class of six freshmen. They're still over signed by
one right now, so some things need to change to

even give them the opportunity to bring someone in from
the portal. It'll be kind of an interesting test and
how much has this taste of the National Championship changed
Painter towards wanting to compete now versus what he's done traditionally,
which is, you know, believe in his young guys, and
give them opportunities and kind of waited out until later

in their careers. So if it for me, I would
go straight to the portal. I think there's a lot
of impact players that would love to play for Purdue
right now. But like I said, there's work that needs
to be done to see if Matt Painter's going to
go that route.

Speaker 1 (16:25):
Absolutely, and I do think that there's a very clear
blooper And as to the teams that I've gotten it
right and the teams that have not, even Purdue, they
didn't go into the transfer portal too much, but bringing
in Lance Jones I thought was very impactful for them,
and I have been noticing over the last few years.
Like you look at Yukon for example, they didn't bring
in one hundred million billion guys via the transfer portal,
but Cam Spencer was that one guy that they really needed. Now,

in a case where you've got a new head coach,
like for example Michigan with Dusty May, you're going to
need to overhaul the RUSS or Arkansas they're going to
need to overhaul the ross just because there's nobody there.
You need to find a way to be able to
fill out. But with teams that have a returning coach.
For teams that have just a little bit of a
returning sort of shall we say, camaraderie, I think the
best approach is trying to find those one or two

impact guys rather than just spray and pray like some
of these schools do. I'm not sure how you feel
about that sort of approach, but I do think that
the schools that were able to make the Final four
this last season have been utilizing the transfer portal to
perfection and that they retain a lot of their own
but at the same time, they look to see what
their needs are and do a nice job of filling
those one or two needs. Yeah, I think it all

depends on what your roster is and what you're returning.
But one of the archetypes that has worked for a
lot of teams in the portal is guys that have
multiple years of eligibility. I mean, you don't have to
go out and get grad transfers. As much as age
has won lately in college basketball. If you can find
a guy that has two three years of eligibility left
that can grow and develop in your program, I think

that's a lot more valuable than a guy who's in
and out in six months. And you know some examples
of that in the Big Ten. Tyson Walker was stellar
over his final two seas at Michigan State after a
pretty iffy first year, to be completely frank about it,
And you know, I think there's a lot of guys
out there that, especially at the lower levels, they have
a great freshman season, they want to go elsewhere. They

want to reach the high major level, and you know,
the portal has given them an opportunity to do so.
It just depends up them finding the right fit. And
you know a lot of this is money driven.

Speaker 3 (18:21):
But maybe that doesn't always lead to the healthiest of situations.
So I look at a guy like Tristan Newton, even
outside of the Big Ten with Yukon like man, getting
a second year of.

Speaker 2 (18:30):
Him this season was so critical.

Speaker 3 (18:31):
They returned an All American level point guard immediately that
went from like a fourth fifth option in their first
national title run too, really the face of the team
from the perimeter. You know, everyone's gonna try and duplicate that.
It's easier said than done, but to me that helps
because you're not looking to do the Brad Underwood and
get six new players every offseason you can really lock
in on one to two impact guys and hopefully stack

them to the pieces you already added from previous offseasons.

Speaker 1 (18:56):
Absolutely, and even this pass offseason, I felt like Illinois
did it a little bit better than a pass offseasons
as well, having Terren Shannon return for season number two,
still having Coleman Hawkins in the fold of his offlo
at the beginning part of the season then really developed.

Speaker 2 (19:09):
That was good for them as well.

Speaker 1 (19:10):
Look no further than Alabama with someone like a Mark
Seiars as well to build upon that point that you
just made. As Craig Widella does great work over at
the Field of sixty eight and Sleepers Media joined me
right here on Costco Soups and we've talked about a
few teams and they're intrigue this offseason. No doubt we're
going to be seeing what Michigan does this offseason. I
feel like we could take off the list Michigan State

because they just seem allergic to the transfer portal, like
wake me up when they actually make a few moves.
They made the move for Ty Walker a few offseasons ago,
but pass that they really haven't done a lot But
when it comes to this offseason, is there a team
or two in general that you're just intrigued by as
so what they're going to be doing in the offseason,
whether that be into Big Ten or whether that be elsewhere.
Because there's a lot of teams I think are going

to be taking a lot of different approaches, and I
do think that this is going to be an off
season in general where we could see a lot of
teams just shift the way that they look at things
to try to be able to make that final four
slash elead eight run.

Speaker 3 (20:03):
I have three that come to mind, two in the
Big Ten and one outside of it that is just
super unique to me right now. But starting in the
Big Ten, I actually do think Michigan State just wanted
to keep an eye on Becausezo really is trying to
get a wing as a starting point. I mean, he's
said that he needs to adapt. He has also said
he doesn't want to adapt, but he's not happy with
his results and he'll die frying to get them back

to a final four. Well, if you really mean that,
back it up with some action. And thus far early
in the offseason he has he's after a couple of
different guys. Frankie Fiddler is a wing that Michigan State's
going to get a visit from Javon Hadley. It sounds
like he's down to Iowa State and Michigan State and
may have backed out from a quick commitment to Iowa State,
so there's new life there. Trey Townsend from Oakland is

kind of at hybrid.

Speaker 2 (20:46):
You know. Is he a big is he not?

Speaker 3 (20:48):
He's only six foot six, but certainly a guy who
has done a lot of great things on the biggest
stage and an in state kid that I think Greg
Campy would have delivered to East Lansing if tom Izol
wants him, so keep.

Speaker 2 (20:59):
It an eye on that. They need a big man.

Speaker 3 (21:01):
They need a wing in order to round out this rotation,
and they're after a lot of wings right now. They're
not after any true centers right now. And the news
that Madi Sosco's departing, we will see if tom Izo
really is going to back up his willingness to change
that he's talked about so many times this offseason. The
other big ten one that's intriguing to me is Indiana.
This last season I thought was a horrendous roster build

from Mike Woodson. I don't think the team actually performed
horribly to what he built. I think he did not
go get any backcourt players. He offered a bazillion bigs.
Peyton Sparks was coming off the bench after they already
had khalil Ware and Malik Renew. They had to push
McKenzie Mbaco to the three. Well, everybody thought there was
gonna be a mass exodus. Instead, Malik Renew's back, Mackenzie

Andbaco's back, Fray Alloway's back, and Mike Woodson's back. So
you have this core that you really can work with.
And I think if he learns from his lessons from
last year, that's a team that can win a lot
of games. But already they're rumored with Umar Ballo. And
if you get Humar Ballo, yeah he's a great player,
but they can You have an even worse logjam in
the front court than you had last year because khalil
Ware could step outside and shoot it and Lumarbala, Malik

Renew and Mackenzie Andbaco is not exactly a spacious front court,
and you're still lacking guards. So I'm very curious if
Mike Woodson has learned from his mistakes. Doesn't really seem
like it thus far, but there's obviously a lot of
time to go. And the last one I would shout
out is just Arkansas. I mean, what is John cal
Perry gonna do? He made the joke that he had
a team meeting, there is no team. Well, you got

thirteen spots to work with. I would assume he brings
a lot of his Kentucky recruiting class with him.

Speaker 2 (22:34):
I would assume he brings maybe a few.

Speaker 3 (22:35):
Players from last year's Kentucky team with him, but there's
still gonna be spots available. This is a man who
has built so much of his career off of high
school recruiting.

Speaker 2 (22:44):
He really lost.

Speaker 3 (22:45):
His job because he didn't do enough from team building
perspective at adding veterans and older guys. This is kind
of crazy to say about a guy who did have
Oscar Shebwe, a National Player of the Year, who was
a guy he got from the portal. But he needs
to build that are more balanced. Arkansas is going to
give him a chance to do so. There's been so
much talk about the amount of nil that's at his disposal.

We're really going to find out if cal is willing
to do things a little bit differently than what ultimately
did him in at Kentucky, and I can't wait to
find out what happens.

Speaker 1 (23:15):
Absolutely, I don't think that there's any question he's gonna
need it the transfer portal, considering when he met with
his team a few days ago, there was no team,
so he's gonna need to find somebody there. And when
it comes to this podcast, we do our best to
be able to find the best guests, and Greg, you
are certainly towards the top of the list. You do
amazing work over at Sleepers Media. You're a part of

the field of sixty eight and you're a fellow Greg
from the Midwest. We like those feep on this show,
so love the good people at home know what's all
on TEP for you and how people can fall on
on social media to other platforms. Yeah, it's actually a
great opportunity for me to announce that I actually am
hitting the transfer portal. Myself had a great time at
Sleepers Media these last few years, but Carter Elliott has
just warned me down immensely.

Speaker 3 (23:57):
He's a talented kid, but good lord, he loves this
is his mind too often for my liking, so you know,
I'm gonna figure out what's next.

Speaker 2 (24:04):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (24:04):
I'm waiting for the highest Nile offer I can get.
You know, if the good folks over at Deson are
hiring Greg Peterson, you let me know. I'll be your sidekick.
I will follow you around seven days a week and
help you win some bets this summer, my friend. That's
about it at Guisny twelve guess if you want so,
you can go follow at Sleepers Media to help Carter Elliott.

Speaker 1 (24:23):
Absolutely, I think that we might need to get Greg
Woodell on the team to help out with my weak
point of college football and pay him in Texas Roads.
That seems like a very fair offer to be. But
our good friend Greg, he does absolutely basic work taking
a look at this great game that we all know
love of college basketball, and every single time he joins
the show he does great work. So big thanks to
Greg for trying to be radio oncast because heep'st part

of the VS of Family Podcasts and got up Next.
It is that time of the podcast we take a
look at all the dudes and that's that we got
in college basketball on Thursday. NOI Abreg'll love you Las
Vegas for Costuss with myself Gregspeterson, now part of the

Beson family and podcasts. It is always great to get
Greg Wood all aboard. He's done amazing work over the
last few seasons over at Sleepers Media and the Field
of sixty eight. Obviously he's looking at different ventures and
I can tell you right now he's done some tremendous
work when it comes to the college football front as well.
For I started looking for some info out there on
the grid iron. He does an incredible job taking a

look at this great game that we all know and love.
So big thanks to him for joining me right here
on coscass now at this that time the podcast that
I gave you a little bit of a recap as
to the news, and that's what we saw in college
basketball on Thursday. We already recap the biggest piece of news,
the fact that Mark Pope he is now going to
be the head coach of Kentucky. We spent about six
or so minutes hashing that out, so we're not going

to go back there. But here's some of the guys
that decided that they were going to be entering into
the transfer portal on Thursday, Emmanuel shaw Aminga. He was
over at UC Irvine szots off for the end Eaters
along you see San Diego to begin his career true
seven footer. That last year for San Diego he was
solid down low four and a half points five boards,
but he regrets a little bit from the previous year

he was dealing with some injuries. When he was a
little bit more at full force two seasons ago, he
was able to supply U see San Diego with about
some points six boards. A relatively okay shot blocker as well.
So I think that he's going to be a guy
that is going to be coveted in the transfer portal.
This is a name that I can never get correct,
but Rokaia's Joe Kois hopefully I said that correct. He

is going to be entering in the transfer portal as well.
He was out of La Salle and he was one
of the alone guys for LaSalle. I can pull on
a rebound for you at six foot ten. He was
part of a Lasale team that they were one of
the worst teams on the glass in all of college basketball.
But he did a relatively solid job and I think
that there's a little bit of upside with him. Somebody
comes in from Lithuania eight and a half points, five

and a half boards at six foot ten, he's not
going to be one of those guys that's going to
be uber versatile. But in the few amount of threes
he took, shot thirty eight and a half percent from three. Now,
also shot forty eight point one pers on the free
throw line. But a guy who's six foot ten and
a relatively small sample size shot it relatively well from
three point range. So there's going to be some upside there.
We shall see who's going to be eyeing him up.

We shall see what Bruce Carpenter decides to do. As
he was over at Houston Christian, he was a guy
that they didn't see a lot of playing time. He
decided that he's going to be entering in the transfer portal.
And we've got a lot of guys they're just like that.
Like Sean you who's over at Saint Francis of Pennsylvania.
I believe he's entered in the transfer portal. He's a
trew some footer, but just could not get out there
on the floor. Medie Trey Ora, he was over at

Maryland this last season six foot eleven, did not see
any playing time whatsoever. He is now in the transfer
portal as well. We didn't notice a lot of these
guys decide to be going portally on Thursday, but this
one I do think is a little bit interesting. Frederick
King over at Creighton, I still remember when Ryan Kochbrenner
was dealing with his illness during the twenty twenty two

to twenty three season. He came in and he honestly
looked relatively solid, and I don't understand why Creighton didn't
give him more minutes. He averaged about two and a
half points two rebounds per contests, only got about six
a half minutes per contest, And when he was actually
out there and when he was given an opportunity, I
felt like he was a solid player. Was he on
the same level as Ryan Kuchbrunner. Heck no. But how

about if we do go back to the three starts
that he did get a season ago, and when he
got those three starts, he filled in quite admirably three
point seven blocks, twelve points per contest. And this was
against BYU Arizona State and Marquette on a neutral court,
and the game against Marquette was actually a true road game.
So I mean, this guy is actually able to play,
and I think that he's going to be one of

those unexpected and sneaky transfer portal pieces, and I think
that that is going to be something to watch out for.
Michael Parrish. He has entered in the transfer portal and
he's going to go through the NBA draft process. Now.
I don't think Micat Parrish is going to be staying
in the NBA draft, and if he does, he's going
to be playing overseas. Let's just call it what it is,
because with Michael Parrish, he was relatively sad when he
was over at Oakland during the twenty twenty one twenties

two season. Twelve points per game, shot about thirty five
and a half percent from three. And it's not like
he's been bad with San Diego State nine points, four boards,
shooting thirty percent from three point range. But you have
to anticipate that he's probably gonna be just checking all options.
I'd be very very surprised if he actually does stay
in the NBA Draft or anything like that. Is I
think that he's just eyeing up his overall just options

in general. Jordan Sears he was eyeing up his options
and he's going to be going to LSU. Again. We
have not seen a lot of these guys in the
transfer portal make up their minds quite yet, but I mean,
this is a good gift for an LCU team that
they looked a little bit better towards the back half
of last season, and Jordan Sears, I do think is
going to be able to fit this program relatively well.
When he was over at Ut Martin the old Skyhawks

this past season, twenty one a half points, four and
a half boards, four and a half of this shot
forty three point two percent from three parting jobs. He's
going to be a little bit undersized for the SEC's
just five foot eleven, but in a world where we
have not seen a lot of players make up their
mind it was very nice to see Jordan Sears be
able to do that. This is a very good gift
for LSU, and you can anticipate them being very active

in the transfer portal process. We've seen that out of
coach mcbahn the last two seasons and I fully expect
that once again. This was big for Marquette and Markette
has been a team that's really not dove into the
transfer portal too much. As a matter of fact, I
think Tyler Kollik is really the lone true guy that
they have brought him via the transfer portal. But they're
going to be getting Cam Jones back of the fold.

He decided that he is going to be retaining his eligibility.
He is going to be going back to Marquette, is
not going to be going through the NBA draft process,
and a lot of these guys that are going through
the NBA draft process, they are just going to come
back to where they came. But being able to get
this assurance very good news for Marquette. Last year shot
forty percent from three seventeen points right around about two
and a half assists per game. And I will say

this as well, Cam Jones had to fill in at
the point guard spot a little bit when Tyler Kulloch
was out of the fold. And Tyler Kullich he is
going pro. He is not going to be maintaining his eligibility.
He has already decided that he is going to be
ring into and staying in the draft. But he had
a nice little stretch there where it was from like
March ninth to March sixteenth. He made four starts pretty

much at the point guard spot. He was aving twenty
one points, five and a half assists, six rebounds per game.
He is fully capable of being able to run this
Parquette offense even without Tyler Kollock. Now, I don't think
that he's going to be quite what Tyler Kullick was
in terms of facilitator or anything like that. But that said,
this is a nice, nice, just piece of news. In
general for Marketta, I anticipated him coming back, but being

able to just get that assurance that is big for
them and this is big as well. Jabal said he
had the option to be able to use his COVID
fifth year for Houston, is decided that he is not
going to be doing so. Jamal shed won the more
impactful players in all of college basketball. Was able to
log thirteen plus points per contest. We saw him get
injured in that sweet sixteen game. Very unfortunate. Who knows
where Houston goes. If they made a run, they would

not have been able to knock off UCN, that's for sure,
and that was my pick to be able to win
the national title. But that said, he averaged more than
two steals per count really had his fingerprints over everything
that Houston did, and Houston has a lot of the
guys that have a fifth year option coming back. But
this is big. You have to suspect that Houston probably
gonna be in the transfer portal looking to be able
to bring in someone and this is a program that

is probably going to be bringing in some guys. But
they did get some good news as well. Nelly junior
Joseph he is going to be back into Mexico this
next season. Nine points, eight plus boards, more than a
block per contest. Not a guy that's going to be
out there popping threes or anything like that, but that
is a piece of good news for them, and this
is big as well. Quinnipiac is getting back savi On Lewis.
Lewis was one of the best facilitators in all of

college basketball. He season guys. He was able to give
out north of seven assists per contests. He did a
nice job of just being able to help facilitate a
Quinnipiac team that got to north of twenty wins last season.
He was able to dip in there about eight points
per contest. He has been on campus for nearly forever
and a half. He is able to have an extra
year though, because in both his freshman and junior year

was limited to justice eight games as dealt with injuries
all throughout his career, which is why he'd never bust
it out until this season. Now. He did turn them
ball over three times for contest, but shot forty one
percent for three while I have during seven point three
assists per contests. That is absolutely massive for them, So
that is a good pick up there. Didn't see a
lot of guys decide upon where they're going to be
heading into the transfer Portland. We are currently awaiting more

of those guys to say, hey, you know what, we're
actually going to be going somewhere. But that said, we
did see a few other guys make up their minds.
As Bashir Jahad, he was over at Ball State this
past season eighteen and a half points eight boards, six
foot nine, very versatile piece. He has decided that he
is going to be heading on over to Arizona State.
Arizona State in very, very desperate need of offense. Defense

has honestly not been too bad that the past few
seasons for them, but they have just been a kneemick
on the offensive side.

Speaker 2 (33:48):
Of things.

Speaker 1 (33:48):
I do think that this is going to be something
that is going to be helping them out moving forward.
And this was another decision that we did see on
Thursday as well. Logan Dunkamu just has not been able
to get playing time at all. A consensus top one
fifty guy when he came out of high school a
few seasons ago, he decided that he is going to
be heading on over to Winthrop. He was at Xavier

this last season and for Duncombe just couldn't get out
there on the floor in general. Spent his first two
seasons at Indiana, he got injured and his season was
over before it started. When he was able to get
out there on the floor for Indiana, averaged about three
points per contest. But he's someone with a relatively good frame,
not going to be one of those guys that goes
out there pops a bunch of threes at about six
foot nine two thirty five. But for Winthrop they have

been suffering ever since. Ironically enough DJ turn it up Burns.
He decided that he was going to be leaving the
program for ncctate a few seasons ago, so we shall
see what happens on that front. But I do like
that pickup as well. And then we saw a few
other pickups from Jersey for the transfer portal as well.
Deontay Allen, who he's had a very long and winding
road in college. He decided that he is going to

be entering in the transfer portal and he's another one
of those guys in which was a top one fifty
recruit and just never really panned out from he was
over at Kentucky to begin his career last season over
at Western Kentucky. Solid player, not great, not terrible eight points,
shot forty percent from three part range, shipped in there
about three rebounds per contest, six and six, A little

bit of a do it all sort of player that
I mean, it's just been a case where it's been
okay for him. I believe that he red shirted his
first year at Kentucky is a case where he hasn't
necessarily developed in general. But it should be very interesting
to see where he goes because he can clearly be
a nice depth piece for someone can't necessarily be that
main guy. And that's something that Brian Setbung you found

out when he was over at Arizona State this past
season when he was at Tulsa two years ago, averaged
about eight plus rebounds spreaing this year at Arizona State
more around four boards per contest. Really didn't deliver a
lot in terms of his offense. He is out in
the transfer portal. As say meekses as well, he really
just could not get out there on the floor and
couldn't do anything this past season while he was over
at Arizona State, which is unfortunate because when he was

playing out in the Mountain West, while he was with Nevada,
he was a rock solid player. You go back to
what he did with Nevada and San Francisco for that
matter as well. During the twenty twenty two twenty three season,
that was probably the highlight of what he was able
to do. That was with the Dons eleven points, five boards.
He shot about thirty two and a half percent from
three point range that season. His career highs about thirty

six a half percent for three at six foot nine.
He's got some good versatility, He's able to pop some threes,
just could not get out there on the floor at
all for Arizona State. And then this one I think
is interesting as well. Jared Coleman Jones good versatility with
him six foot ten. He was at Middle Tennessee this
last year and Middle Tennessee was terrible, but he was
good on one point seven a half boards. I believe

that he led the team with two point three assists
per contest, shot forty four percent for three. He wasn't
necessarily on volume, but shot it relatively well from three
point range. He has decided that he is going to
be entering into the transfer portal as well, and we're
going to be keeping our eye on some of these
D two guys as well, because some of these guys
are able to hoop it up. And we have been
noticing that some of these guys that come from the

non divisional level, they are some of the guys that
make some of the Vegas impact. And Owen A. Keno,
he was over at East Florida State this past season.
He has decided that he is going to be committing
to Old Liberty. Liberty and this guy was able to
put up some relatively solid numbers. Sound low, he was
able to pull in there about some boards per contest.
He's a guy with size that is able to give
you a little bit of outside juning as well, was

able to give you about three assists per contest as well.
I know that he was one of the more highly
touted junior college transfers out there. So from East Florida State,
he is heading out over to Liberty. As we know,
a Liberty program that loves versatility. They love guys that
are able to do a little bit of everything. So
I do think that that is going to be nice
for them moving forward. And what we're doing moving forward
on this Podcastcus Soops is take a look at all

that we've got this offseason and trying to be able
to give you some great intel as well. This is
one from a little bit over twenty four hours ago
as well. I can't get out without mentioning this one.
Alberto Cardinas, he was over at San Jase State this
past season. He has decided that he is going to
be heading out over to Boise State. Massive for Boise State.
They were without Marcus Shafer junior this past season. You
tell that with them not being able to place them

with anything, they didn't have a single guy that gave
them north of three assists per contest. There's a little
bit of a glass ceiling there. Now they've got the
facilitator that they were desperately missing this last season for
a San Jose SA team that played no defense whatsoever.

Speaker 2 (38:15):
He's going to need to.

Speaker 1 (38:15):
Improve that thirteen points a steal, five and half assis
shot thirty eight and a half percent from three point ine.
That's big, Just like what we're doing here at Coast
to Coast, Soops says, I'm giving you a podcast every
single day throughout the off season. Here in the off season,
we're looking at the coaching decisions, We're looking at the
player movement. What I have you to try to make
the two thousand and twenty four to twenty five season
as successful and profitable as seemingly possible. And if you

do like Fearing from the Sign podcast, Coast Got Soups,
you're up to subscribe whatever your podcast ample podcasts, Google Play, Spotify,
cit Trent tune in if you have a question, comment,
segment idea, what I have you for this podcast? You
do have one of Duay's vol for those in first
one is my Twitter slash ex simeline an unders forty one.
And keep in mind learner ZM they mean does ONIGN matters,
So as per usual, please send these into the timeline
and the other way that is signed and Apple podcast review.

If you rate this podcast I starts, it's very much
appreciate them. From there, you're able to fire in whatever
you'd like to here on this podcast by the five
star review. Big thanks to Greg Whittell over at Sleepers
Media for joining me in last segment. Coming at you
guys every single day on this podcast here in the offseason,
it's all about the news and notes in college basketball
once we get back having games, picks and analysis on
every single one.

Speaker 2 (39:16):
Of those games every single day.

Speaker 1 (39:18):
So appreciate you getting in to day. I'll be back
with you want get them up. Thank you,
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