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April 1, 2024 35 mins

Greg recaps Sunday’s college basketball results, talks to Sean Paul of the Field of 68 about how he’s evaluating both the NCAA Tournament & NIT Final Four’s, & the coaching hires from the past few days & Greg gives his initial picks & analysis for the Final Four!

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Podcast Highlights

3:33-Sunday’s college basketball results

14:43-Interview with Sean Paul

41:39-Picks & analysis for Alabama vs Connecticut

45:13-Picks & analysis for NC State vs Purdue

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
And where we're flo I'll give a love in Las
Vegas for coach Causings with myself, Greg and Speeders and
now part of the Visa Family podcasts. He's got an
excellent podcast for us. Joining me in segment number two
is Sean Paul. He does such great workover at the
Field of sixty eight. He does an amazing job taking
a look at so many things in college bastball along
with his just Betting content over at Action Network. He's

gonna be joining me and we're gonna be taking a
look at the final four. We're also, on top of that,
gonna take a little bit of a look at the
NIT Final four, and we're gonna get some of his
thoughts on these coaching moves that we have been seeing
in the offseason as well. In the final segment, don't
have any games for Monday, so I'm just gonna give
you my initial thoughts on the final four. It's what
I be picking and analyzing in terms of the current

numbers on the final four, subject to a little bit
of change. But that said, give you guys my initial
thoughts there, and then once we get to the weekend,
I will certainly be breaking those games down once again.
If there's any changes that do occur, we shall see
if the line moves a tad bit as well. But
I'm gonna give you guys my initial thoughts on the
final four in terms of picks and analysis in the
final segment. If you do have a question, comment segment

idea What I have you for this podcast? You don't
have one or two ways? We have far those in
first one is my Twitter sashak simline at gena Arencorty one.
Keep in mind letters m naming, does I'm at hers
as per usual? Please send these into the timeline. Other
ways nine and Apple podcast review. If you rate this
podcast five starts, it is very much appreciated them From
there here able fire on whatever you'd like here on
this podcast Via that five star review. All the questions

center around why wasn't there fifty seven fowls? Called on
Zach Key? What have you? As? That became a social
media firestorm on Sunday. So how about if we do
take a look back at what we all saw in
the two Elite eight games on Sunday, try to find
some trends and try to get to know these teams
a little bit better games for yesterday is Greg buzzing about.

Here is the rowdy recap. By the way, Loki, this
has been a trend in terms of the Purdue games.
They've actually been a really good team to be over
thus far this season. They have played well north of
sixty three percent of their games to the over thus
far this season. This was a rare under for them.
They take down Tennessee by account of seventy two to
sixty six, and as a matter of fact, for Purdue

this far this season, twenty three overs the fourteen unders.
I'll just give you guys my thirty seconds here. This
is a sports betting show, so I'm not gonna go
too far into this, but for Zach Edy, should he
have been awarded more than one fellow in this game?
I even think that the biggest of big Purdue fans
would agree with you. But if you're trying to say

that like this guy sucks after he put up forty
points sixteen rebounds, I just don't know what you're talking
about here. Seventy two to sixty six, Purdue gets the
job done. Zach Edy was very dominant in this game.
Once again, make of it what you will. With the refereeing,
I don't think that there's any collusion happening. If anything,
I do think the referees have no idea how to
officiate Zach Edy games. And just in general, if you

look at the NCAA, there's so much in competence. If
you look at the women's NCAA tournament, they had two
different lights for the three point line out at the
Modus Center and that's the biggest tournament of the year
for the women's side of things. So that goes they
show you what sort of geniuses work for the nc DOUBLEA,
which I feel like we can all agree whether you
like Purdue, you hate Purdue, you're indifferent at Purdue. The

NCAA has no idea what they're doing. Sorry NCUBA, but
you have no idea what you're doing. But that said,
just a really good display here in general from Zach Edy.
You had Fletcher Lawyer chip in their fourteen points. And
for Purdue, they win this game shooting just three of
fifteen from three. And it's not like Tennessee was bad
from three. They shot eleven of twenty six from three.
And I mean, we all talk about Zach Edy and

what he did in this game. Granted it came on
thirty one shots. But how about Dalton connect in the
way that he was able to connect. He went thirty
seven points. And for Tennessee they win the tournament battle
by come ten to seven. They just got plowed on
the glass though, forty seven to twenty six. As for Tennessee,
this has been one of the better rebounding teams in
all of college basketball this year, but they just got
absolutely destroyed there. And other than Dalton connect, nobody else

for Tennessee it will put in their double figures. Edie
was really able to take over this game late, as
I believe that he had a run of fourteen straight
points all by himself. But how about this team capturing
the imagination as well? NC State needed a banked in
three in the ACC Tournament against Virginia just to be
able to have a chance to compete for the at

large bid that is handed out by the ACC for
the ACC Tournament, and without that they probably be in
the NIT And now here they are going to the
final four seventy six to sixty four. It's Survive and
Advance Part two with DJ turn it up Burns thirteen
of nineteen from the floor, Big Old Zach Randolph Junior

was able to put in their twenty nine points. You
have Michael O'Connell only give you six points, but he
was probably the second most impactful player in this game,
no disrespect to DJ Horner had twenty points, but for
O'Connell six assists eleven rebounds did a lot of the
dirty work for an NCC team that they held up
on the glass. They lou lose a battle by a
count of forty one to thirty nine, but they followed
out Kyle Philipowski. Philipowski had eleven points, nine rebounds, went

five to five at the charity stripe and for Duke
and James McCann also go eleven of eleven from the
free throw line. He chipped in there thirty two big points,
but they had two points off the bench for NC State,
they actually won the bench points battle by kind of
ten to two, and that was a big differential in
this game. And this very nearly went over. There was
a lot of late game following, so I could have
very easily been overwhelming. Get to see those that took

the under were able to get the under. But for
NC State, just say absolutely herculean run for the team.
They have covered all but one of their games really
in this run, they had that game against Oakland that
depending upon your number, you either pushed or you were
not able to get a cover. If you took a
very very early opener, you might have been able to
get there. But as that I mean, it has been

absolute dominance from this NCCTATE team that if you look
at them against the spread overall for the season, even
with this just big giant bondsi charge of a run
against the spread, they're still just sitting there at twenty
nineteen and one against the spread, which I do find
that to be a little bit hilarious. But if you're
looking trend wise at what we're getting in college basketball
thus far this season, it has been very much a

year of favorites. We saw one favorite, one underdog being
able to get the job done in the Elite eight,
but overall for this college basketball season, it has been
favorites hitting at about fifty point seven percent against the spread.
We've seen two thousand and eight earn seventy six overs
two thousand and seven and seventy six hundreds with two
unders hitting on Sunday, so the under is hitting at
just forty nine point one percent overall, but if you

look at all tournaments across the last seven days, we
have seen things be very underwhelming, seventeen hunderds to just
eight overs, with the favorites going thirteen and twelve against
the spread in the last seven days. So that's where
we're seeing in college basketball right now, and that's what
we all got on Sunday. Hopefully, regardless of who you
were rooting for on Sunday Day, you did have a
good Easter Sunday. And it's always good to be joined

by this man. John Paul does great workover at the
Field of sixty eight in Action Network. He's joining to
be next to break down the nit NCAA Final Four
and take a look at some of these coaching moves
that we've seen this offseason right here on Easys like
I think you, Peter said that I'm not going a
family podcast Bagsters with myself. Craigie's Peterson now part of

the Beason Family podcast, And it is always a pleasure
to get this man aboard Sean Paul. He does such
good work taking a look at this great game of
college basketball, doing the mid major show over at the
Field of sixty eight. On top of that, I know
that he's been doing amazing work over at Action Network
all season long up with us make some money on
these college basketball games. He has been held in what

we've been seeing all season and taking a look forward
to next year with all the coaching irons that we're seeing.
You're able to follom on Twitter slash cks over at
Sean Paul CBB. That is se An on Sean and
Sean always pleasure, my friend, Thank you. I'm glad to
be here, glad to have you aboard Sean and Sean.
It has been a very interesting last few weeks in
college basketball that has landed us with a Final four

in which two teams were very much to be expected,
with Purdue and Yukon being able to make the final four.
Alabama a little bit of a surprise at nc State,
a team that had lost ten out of their last
fourteen regular season games, a compleat at our shock. Just
how do you take a look at this final four
and how do you take a look at these two matchups?

Speaker 2 (08:16):
I think you could see a different level with Yukon
and Purdue that you didn't quite see with Houston on
the offensive end. To make you believe that those were
the two best teams in college basketball all season. Obviously,
we came in with Duke and Kansas being the one
and two for most people, but Yukon and Purdue, they've
just done an outstanding job. You get a lot of
returning talent with those two. Yukon lost some pieces, but

obviously Donovan Klingen and Tristan Newton, those guys are coming
back this year after winning a national title. And then
Purdue coming off a tough loss in the NCAA Tournament
to Fairly Dickinson. They're trying to pull a Virginia. Purdue
will draw NC State, who came out of nowhere to
make this run, and then you have Yukon against Alabama.
Alabama obviously that's an interesting one because coming into the

tournament they were one of the coldest teams in the country.
I don't think anybody really saw them getting to this point.
They've gotten a lot more buying on the defense they've
been starting in the second half of that North Carolina game,
they changed things around. I think nay Oates really out
coached Hubert Davis in that one. Him sagging off of
Seth Trimble and Elliot Kudo really changed what he did,
and that led to putting Jalen Withers in the lineup,

and obviously he took a terrible shot late in that game.
But when you have some guys that can run the
floor and score the way Alabama cann with Mark Sears,
Aaron Estrada, Rylan Griffin and what Jared and Stevenson provided,
and the win over Clemson was huge to come back
in that one. If there's any team that can beat Yukon,
though it looked like an absolute juggernaut so far, it's
a team who plays like Alabama, a team was a

lot more fast paced than Yukon runs a three hundred
and fifteenth fastest tempo in college basketball, while Alabama is
top ten in tempo. We saw with Creighton earlier in
the season how they were able to beat Yukon. They
shot a ton of threes in that one. Like usual,
they made a lot of them. It was an eighty
five to sixty six win for the Blue Jays. Fourteen
to twenty eight from three, You're gonna need an eight

plus performance to beat Yukon. Yukon went three of sixteen
shooting from three in that game. You need a performance
like that. If you're gonna beat a team like this
that's this good, You're gonna have to shoot the cover
off the ball, and if anybody can do it, it's Alabama.
So I think the fact that they're matched up with them,
it's going to be a really interesting game. I think
they have a better chance of beating Yukon though, than
I would believe Purdue has, just because I think Purdue

plays a slower tempo as well. They have Zachie, who's
obviously one of the best players in college basketball, drop
forty points against Tennessee. They can shoot the ball, but
I feel like they're too similar to Yukon in a
lot of ways. They're really overmatching the size department in
this matchup. If that is what happens, you have Spencer
at six to four, you have Newton at six to five.
Both those guys are bigger than Lawyer Jones and Braden Smith,

so you have a lot of a high advantage besides
Edi for Yukon. So I think that'd be a really
beneficial matchup for Yukon. They just have to be praying
the Alabama against buy him and then we'll see what
happens there. But the two best teams all year have
be in Yukon and Perdue.

Speaker 1 (10:56):
Yeah, I do agree with you there, and I just
take a look at this Yukon team, and you were
laying it out with regards to what might be some
of the weaknesses for them. But that said, we're finding
them as a double figure favorite against Alabama. And do
you think that this sort of a lofty double figure
line is warranted because at first I was trying to
buy and thinking, yeah, maybe we've gone a little bit

too far. But just some more I watch this Yukon team,
the less I feel like they could be denied and
this has been just complete dominance in my opinion.

Speaker 2 (11:24):
I tweeted this, and obviously I'm not as old to
see some of the teams in the seventies and eighties,
but I think this is going to wind up being
one of the best teams that didn't go undefeated in
college basketball history. The dominance at which they're winning with
in the NCAA Tournament average margin of victory of twenty
seven points is virtually unheard of. They are dominating teams

and you look at their three losses this season, all
were on the road. Winning road game in college basketball
is hard winning in the fog Allen Field House is hard.
They lost their That lost against Seaton Hall is the
most confusing one on the resume, but it was right
before Christmas that week, right before Chris. This is always
one of the tougher things to win games in in
college basketball. We hear about it every year, so it's

not surprising they dropped that one. And then at Creighton
they just had an awesome shooting night. Yukon had a
bad shooting night. But for me, it comes down to
Yukon had an awful shooting night against Illinois and their
defense stepped up and they still managed to win by
twenty five points. Tristan Newton didn't hit a field goal
in that game, Stefan Castle had two points. Two of
their starters combined for seven points, and they were still

up by thirty for most of the second half, going
on a thirty zero run or whatever it was. That
is unheard of in the NCAA tournament. The fact that
they had that kind of dominance in the second half
of that game just shows how good this team is
and how fast it can flip switch from having a
mediocre game to having a dominant game.

Speaker 1 (12:42):
Yeah, I'm right, there with you, and it's just been
incredible what we've been seeing out of Yukon all season long.
As Sean Paulo does a tremendous shot, take a look
at this great game with college basketball for at the
field of sixty eight showing me right here on cost
soups and certainly with Yukon, they have been the best
team in all of college basketball. We shall see if
NC State or Alabama is able to thrown them. But

I hote if we take a little bit of a
look at the NIT where those brides are much s
tighter seat and all is about a four point favorite
against Georgia, Indiana State two and a half point favorite
against Utah. And I know that a lot of people
look at this as a secondary tournament, and certainly these
teams are disappointed to not be in the NCAA tournament,
But just how do you take a look at the NIT,
because I do think that for these four teams are

going to be in the NIT final four. It's a
really good just building block for next year. And now
that they're down to the final four, I feel like
the sting of not making the NCAA tournament it's gone,
and these teams. They're gonna be at their best and
they're gonna want to be able to take down the title.

Speaker 2 (13:39):
Al he's the toughest in the NIT. Seaton Hall got
off really slow. They played the really solid Saint Joe's team.
They went to overtime, their trailing for a lot of
that game. But it is really tough back and forth
late in the contest, and Alamir Dawes stepped up. He
was kind of able to get them to that win.
They dominate North Texas, they dominate you and LV and
now they're facing Georgia on a neutral court. For me,
I think Seaton Hall given the four points at a

seat in haul there, I think they're playing at a
really high level right now. And as I said, this
is a team that beat Yukon earlier in the season.
Georgia has been really good in the NIT, which is
kind of surprising because they lost like eleven of their
final thirteen games a season. But they've had a couple
of really close wins. They almost gave that one up
against Ohio State. They were up thirteen to the second half.
Same deal against Wake Forest they were up nineteen in

the second half. The league got to three and same
deal against Xavier. They were up by twenty three in
the second half and I believe it got tied or
two point game late in that game.

Speaker 3 (14:30):
They end up winning by two. So they've had.

Speaker 2 (14:32):
Huge leads in every single NIT game in the second half,
but they have blown the lead in all of them.

Speaker 3 (14:37):
That'll be interesting.

Speaker 2 (14:37):
I don't think they can get off to a huge
lead against Seaton Hall, especially with their elite defense forty
fourth nationally and defensive efficiency. You know that that team
with Shaheen Holloway is going to play really tough on
that end. Teams shoot a lot of threes on them,
and Georgia is not a great three point shooting team,
but they take a lot of them. They'll need big
performances from Justin Hill and Noah Thomas in the two
super seniors on the roster, and then some help from

Stylos Demery and Blue Cane, the two freshmen. Who's going
to defend k Darry Richmond in this matchup. He's always
been a problem to defend their teams with the way
he plays from the post. He's a point guard, but
he's just so different than most point guards you see
in college basketball with the way he wants to play.
He's like a Villanova guard, just a lot bigger than
most Villanova guards, So I think he'll be a really
tough matchup for them. None of their guards can defend him.

I think we'll see a premier performance from him. I
think Seton Hall will move on to the NIT title
game and then the other one. I love how Indiana
State is playing, especially with all the rumors swirling about
Josh Shirts potentially going to Saint Louis to take that
head coaching job again. You can see it like last
year Providence in the NCAA Tournament. They knew ed Cooley
was probably leaving and they completely collapsed. Josh Shirts, he's

just such a good coach and if he leaves, some
of these guys will probably go with him. And we've
seen what we've seen from this Indiana State team all
season long. It should have been in the NCAA Tournament
and they've done nothing short of dominate Indian It On
the offensive end, they scored one point three to six
points per possession against SMU one point one points per possession.
It's Minnesota, which is pready like for them, and then
they scored one point two zero points per possession against Cincinnati,

a really good defensive team from the Big twelve. They
can shoot the three really well. Robbie Avila is awesome.
He got going against Cincinnati. They have too many weapons
for Utah to handle. But I think Davon Smith is
going to have a huge game as a triple double machine,
one of the best triple double getters in college basketball.
With the drop coverage that Indiana State plays, I think
Smith will be able to get a lot of shots
inside and the way he likes to penetrate inside and

kick out the shooters, I don't think that we'll be
able to happen as much against Indiana State, but he
can live in the mid.

Speaker 3 (16:31):
Range all day long. So you'll probably have a huge game.

Speaker 2 (16:34):
But Indiana State will win this one in my opinion.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
Yeah, with Indiana State, they're playing out there in their
home state, out there at Hinkle Field though, so that's
gonna be big for them, and I think it's just
big in general for the program. And I'm not sure
you take a look at just things like these n
IT CBI c IT runs, but I do think that's
a good indicator as to what we might be getting
out of these teams. Next year because for Indiana State,

they haven't at a one enter in the transfer port
o granted for something, these guys this is going to
be their last ride. But I do think that it
actually does build a little bit of momentum going into
next year. And I do think that's very beneficial when
these teams make these postseason tournaments that aren't in the
NCAA Tournament.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
From the standpoint of a Cincinnati who lost Indiana State
and from a Georgia who has three freshman starters Dylan James,
blu Kane and Silas Demery, I think that could be huge.
From a Utah standpoint, Davon Smith has just been awesome.
They have some pieces that will return, but you're going
to lose Brandon Carlson, but it's also good for him.
He's a hometown guy and he gets to leave the
program with an NT run, hopefully an NT championship run

for him. And then obviously Seaton Hall. We'll see what
happens with them this year, but hey, just winning and
getting guys to commit in the portal that's always something.
But they have a lot of seniors. Dray Davis could
come back, Dylan and de Lusu could come back, Daria
Richmond could come back. So if all the seniors besides
Alamir Dawes and Gaden Bettioaka who are out of eligibility
to side or run it back, and that'll be really

beneficial for them. But I think a lot of the teams,
more so like Since and Georgia can build a lot
off of it.

Speaker 3 (18:02):
Indiana State will see it.

Speaker 2 (18:03):
I mean, they're a top twenty five team next year
if Josh Shirts is back and if all the players
come back. But if Josh Shirts is gone, I can't
see most of these guys returning just kind of the
landscape or ending college basketball. You look at Drake obviously,
Tucker de Brees went with him, Kevin Overton transferred honor
and right transfer pretty much the entire teams leaving. Sam Guale,
Charleston Andtay Brizzovich left, Ben Burnham left, James Scott and

Rain Smith have already followed Pat Kelsey to Louisville, So
it'll probably lead to a mass exodus in Tara Hoe
if if Shirts is leaving there for Saint Louis, But
if he's not, then it'll be a really stat team
next year.

Speaker 1 (18:38):
I do think that these teams. They're really building up
some momentum. Man, I love to see it, especially for
a program like Indiana State that what a bunch. Preferred
to see them over Virginia, that's for sure, as when
I was preferred to see this man John Paul. He
does great work over at the field of sixty eighties,
John More. And I'm so glad that you brought up
some of the names that you did, like Drake who

they do lose their coach and Darren de Freese. Tucker
is going to be going along with them. Man. I
take a look at this current coaching sie goal which
I mean that has been very much enforced last few weeks. Well,
many people, including myself, have been very involved in the
NCAA tournament. There's been a lot of schools that have
been knocked out that they've been making some offseason moves.
What have you made out of the coaching Karrosel thus far?

And are there any moves that you really really like? Slash?
Is there one or two that make you scratch you
out a little bit?

Speaker 3 (19:24):
Interesting so far?

Speaker 2 (19:25):
Especially seeing how the Louisville search went, you had to
go find some names there. Obviously you couldn't go get
Scott Drew, who was the guy that they wanted all along.
It felt like some of the other names declined. But
you're able to get Pat Kelsey from Charleston. I think
he's going to do a really good job. The way
he's been able to identify talent at the D two
NAIAD three levels and come play D one ball at

Winthrop and at the College of Charleston, brought both those
teams NCAA tournaments. I think he's the kind of guy
that can bring the energy back to a once proud
program who's had a terrible past two seasons. So I
kind of like that higher, even though I feel like
it's been scrutinized quite a bit. One of the ones
that I'm kind of interested to see how it plays
at is Andy Enfield at SMU. He never quite got

it going to the level that I think people thought
he could at USC. After the Dunk City run at
Florida Gulf Coast. He made one of lead eight at USC,
but that was kind of it. He had a lot
of talent there, just couldn't quite get it going. And
it's another parachute job situation like we saw with Shaka
Smart going from Texas to Marquette, was still a couple
of years on his contract, but if he had one
more bad year, you're probably getting fired. And that was

the case for Indy Enfield, so he was able to
see the riding on the wall US he was losing
most of their team anyways, he figured I might as
well get out now and start a new thing fresh
where I can have a four or five year contract
or whatever it is, and not have the worry of
being fired next year and not coaching. But I think
that was a really smart hire by them. At the
same time, I don't think that robal Neir did anything
worthy to be fired. If you're going to get a

guy at SMU that was an Eric Musselman caliber guy
and you you could get that, then I would have
been okay with it. But I don't think Andy Enfield
is good enough to warrant firing Robliner when twenty plus
games and taking SMU to the NIT. I get wanting
to start things fresh going to the ACC, going to
a high major league, but I feel like they did
Lanier a little bit dirty there. But I think Rice

got a really good coach out of it it. Scott
Para had some up and down seasons, had a couple
winning seasons, but just got really bad, really fast. I
think that Roblin he is going to stabilize that program,
bring some talent in to a very high academic institution there,
and they're going to be able to win games when
he's able to get guys through the transfer portal. I
think he's done a really good job throughout his coaching
career at both Georgia State and SMU, So I think

he could be a fantastic hire over there for Rice
who needs.

Speaker 3 (21:36):
A winning coach. So that's one of the ones I
like the most of the cycle.

Speaker 1 (21:38):
Yeah, if I'm right there with you with Roblin here,
I thought that he got a raw deal. Now, Andy
Enfield has had success over at USC, was able to
make that Elite eight that you pointed out, and I
do think that there was a little bit of fair
criticism in some of the step up games for SMU,
but he inherited a rough SMU program that you could
take a look at the wins from the previous season,
but that cupboard was very, very bare in terms of

the players that were actually returning. I think they have
lost like five out of his top six players when
he had taken over, so that was a little bit
of an issue. And I do think that in general,
we're going to be getting a lot of interest in
coaching moves and is there maybe one or two coaches
that you're looking at right now that has yet to
be hired in this cycle that they could be a
little bit of a game changing coach and they could
be heading elsewhere.

Speaker 2 (22:21):
Going to be Josh Shurtz, who still is coaching the
inn I, like we talked about earlier, if he is
going to Saint Louis, like the rumors have been swirling
about for quite a while, I think that would be
a fantastic higher just because we've seen what he did
at Lincoln Memorial at the D two level. He got
Indiana State back on track really fast. It should have
been the tournament this year. They won over thirty games.

And the style that he plays can win anywhere five
out offense, skilled guys all over the floor. You have
to hope that if he's able to go to Saint Louis,
he'll bring Robbia Biela and Ryan Conwell and Isaiah Swope
over with him. If those guys come, and Jason Jason Kin,
if he brings this entire starting lineup, all as eligibility
he left to Saint Louis, you could put them in

as a number one team in the A ten next year.

Speaker 3 (23:04):
I really think that's the case.

Speaker 2 (23:05):
You're gonna lose some pieces with Dayton if Doron Holmes
is gone and VCU will lose Sean Bearstow, so VC
is going to lose some pieces.

Speaker 3 (23:12):
Saint Joe's gonna lose some pieces.

Speaker 2 (23:14):
Du Cane's losing some pieces with Dayta Grant, So all
the teams that were in the higher echelon of the
A ten, they're gonna be losing some pieces. Saint Louis,
who has some really good resources for the A ten.
If Josh Shirtz comes in brings his entire starting lineup,
which I'm not going to say will happen, but I
don't think it's impossible. And I think Saint Louis could
easily win the A ten in their first season under
Josh shirts And that would be awesome for a program

that has such a bad season and a program that's
been used to having so much success under Travis Ford previously.
So if Shirts is able to come in bring his guys,
I think they'll be top twenty five caliber next season.

Speaker 1 (23:47):
Yeap, I think that that would be a game changing
higher for a Saint Louis team that he had just
expected more out of them in the last few years.
See last few years under Travis Ford. It was just
a disaster. I think that is very fair to use
that word wasn't great to say the least. And you're
bringing a guy like Shirts and just these two D
two guys in general, what Andy Newman was able to

do in season in his first season. You're mentioning Josh Sure,
it's a guy that was over at Lincoln Memorial a
few seasons ago. These guys at the D two level,
they can coach. We've been seeing a lot of guys
being able to triple trickle upward and be able to
have an incident impact. So it's gonna be very interesting
to see if more of these guys can get an
opportunity moving forward. And we always make sure to give

as many opportunities as possible on this podcast, as Sean,
because Sean Paul does such amazing work taking a look
at this great game of college basketball. Can you give
you the four year love? The good people at home
know it's all on to for you, and now people
are able to follow on on social media and other
platforms winter.

Speaker 3 (24:43):
At Sean Paul CBB.

Speaker 2 (24:44):
I'm dipping into the MLB stuff a little bit this
year for action, so you'll see some of that stuff
from me. And there we go, Yankees four an own
great start from my team over there in New York,
but how to call it the basketball stuff, still a
lot of portal stuff. You'll be seeing all kinds of
content from me, so make sure you follow at Sean
Paul cb BE. You'll get a very regular rant on
people who hate on Zach Edy, because I think that's

the dumbest thing that I've ever seen. Ford plays are
required to get at least ten tweets for me about
how dumb people are that they think Zach Edy is
just set and four and doesn't know how to play basketball.
So you'll find that there.

Speaker 1 (25:15):
Yeah, and that just goes to show that people in
this world, they cannot have a rational thought. Certainly probably
should have been gou for more than one fellow in
that game against Tennessee. I don't think that there's anything
off base there, but anyone looking at a guy scoring
forty points and sixteen rebounds in a game and calling
him a bull. I don't know what to tell you,
so there is that, and I do agree with you, Sean.

It is dominance that we saw out of Zach Edy,
and it's always dominance. Whenever Sean joins his podcast, he
does such a tremendous job taking a look at this
great game that we all know him love so big
thanks to him for joining me on. Because kassieps now
part of the VS and Family podcasts and coming next.
Final four isn't until Saturday, but we've got the opening
lines up right now. I'll give you guys my initial
thoughts on these final four lines as you do at

some banks shops. We're back here, Love you Las Vegas
for Desica seasons with myself Craigie Spears and now part
of the Beason Family and podcasts. Was great to be
joined by Sean Paul. He does amazing workover at the
Field of sixty eight, does an incredible job taking a

look at all three hundred and sixty two D one teams, big, small,
medium size. He's got you guys all covered there and
always lends good insights on this show. Big thanks Sam
for joining me in last segment now let's give you
guys an early look at what we're getting in terms
of the final four. I'll give you guys my initial
picks and analysis for the final four, as we had
some bank shots. Most financial establishments closed at a certain time,

but not here.

Speaker 2 (26:42):
It is time for a sign in total on every
game on today's betting board bank shots.

Speaker 1 (26:48):
Do you know that, as per usual, any changes are
made to these plays will be listed up on my
Twitter slash xs feed at gen ndunder forty one. We're
gonna go Alabama versus U Conference NCSA versus Purdue. I
don't anticipate massive changes coming here, but I do anticipate
a little bit of line movement here. So we shall
see what happens there. And we'll start out with Alabama
versus Yukon. I don't have a DK no work right

a pick quite yet. I might do one for both.
You can bank on at least one. I'm also doing
baseball as well, and those right up picks are actually
four and one against the spread to be in the season,
So I we like what we're seeing there. But that said,
with Alabama, there between an eleven a half to a
twelve point underdog thence game is one sixty one and
a half, I'm going to be taking a look at
the overt just because with Alabama, they are going to

give up their points. Alabama in terms of points allowed
on a per possession basis in a road or neutral
court setting, going into the elit eight three hundred and
forty first out of three hundred and sixty two D
one teams. They just have not been able to guard
a soul all season long. And it is an Alabama
team that they very much rely upon jumpers and being

out there in a football stadium, being out there in
Arizona where the Arizona Cardinals play, I do think that
that's gonna hurt them quite a bit against a Yukon
team that in their last NCAA Tournament games last two years,
they have won every one of them by at least
thirteen points. And that's a big reason why some mighty
spread at twelve and a half. That was a little
bit of an intentional move that I made in terms

of that spread, because if Yukon was laying twelve and
a half points in alten of their NCAA Tournament games
last two seasons, they would be ten to zero against
the spread. Donovan Klington was so good defensively in that
game against Illinois. Now Natos is an intelligent coach. He
is not going to be as big of a numbskull
as we saw for Illinois and just continue to attack

Donovan Klington. If he's affecting every single stink and shot,
he's going to actually adjust to that. But the adjustment
might need to be taking more threes. And like I mentioned,
when you get out in a football stadium and you
try to play basketball and then first thing to go
is a jump shooting And for Yukon, it's not even
like they shot it well in that game against Illinois,
they still completely dominated it. You've got Cam Spencer, you've

got Tristan Newton, a pair of guys everything combined twenty
nine point four points per contest. Spencer is able to
give you about three and alphasis four and a half
boards seal and after contests, while Newton he can go
off for a triple double on any given night, six assists,
six half boards. Newton only shoots about thirty two percent
from three, but Spencer is able to shoot forty four
percent for distance. But Yukon one of the most efficient
teams in all of college basketball and offense, they don't

turn the ball over too much, and they're number one
in the country in terms of points scored on a
per possession basis overall and in games played away from home,
they're being one point six points more per one hour
possessions and the next closest team in all of college basketball.
And we've got guys like Asan Diario being able to
step up for the seam for Alabama, they're gonna need
to have a big night out of Mark Series twenty
one a half points per contest leading the way there,

though you do have some guys with some relatively good
balanced Aaron action Estrada is able to give you thirteen
half points five and a half boards foign emphasis per
contest for Alabama. Despite the fact that Groanton Nelson is
the only guy on the roster that gives you an
north of five and a half rebounds per game, they're
actually a top fifty team with regards to rebound rate.
They don't quite compare to you count especially with Alex
Caraban forgotten guy who's able to give you six plus boards.
He's able to shoot it well from three points, but

with Nelson and Aaron Estrada, Nick Pringle. They all give
you north a five rebounds per game and Nelson really
good versatility, doesn't shoot it from three amazing, but at
the same time, he's able to pop threes. And for Alabama,
it's not something I think is going to be a
big factor in the game. But each other top five
scores do shoot at least eighty percent of the free line.
In terms of and over, I do think that that
could come into play a little bit. And I am

looking at the over. I do think that even though
I think that Alabama is going to come up short
on some of these shots, it is a team that
they're going to be looking to run in and gun it.
And if they do get down big in this game,
like I expect them to, they're gonna try everything humanly
possible to get back into it. And Alabama fells eight tons,
So I did somebody total one sixty four and a half.
I like the over now if you count, I'm going
to lay up to twelve with them. And then the

other final four game is NCCA versus Purdue. This is
six seventy three, six seventy four Purdue as low as
an eight and a half point favorite in subspots, as
high as a nine and a half point favorite in
other spots. Total on this game open up more around
one forty seven one seven a half. Now we're seeing
mostly one forty six across the board. I would still
be looking to take the under despite the move that

we've seen to the under. I sent my tol one
forty three and a half for Purdue. If you look
at their last thirteen games compared to their first twenty
four of the season, they're playing at a rate of
about four point two possessions per game, fewer than they
did to start out the year, so they're really slowing
things down. It's a Purdue unit that entered into the
day on Sunday number one in all of college basketball
in terms of three point shooting percent. Again, with this

being out there in the great State of Arizona at
State Farm Stadium, I do think that the shooter's eye
is going to be affected a little bit, but that'll
affect NC State as well, and they're going to need
Michael O'Connell to continue to be a offensive force for
the team in this run that they've had between the
ACC Tournament and the NCAA tournament. He's really up to scoring,
averaging about ten or so points per contest in this run.

As he was very much a pass first guy to
begin the season. He still is. He's still a really
good facilitator overall for the season, averaging about six point
three assists per contest. Certainly had a big impact in
that game against Duke, where he had eleven boards. He
threw out their six assists as well in frenzis State
the one thing that they do well. They don't hurt themselves.
They're a tough fifteen team in all of college basketball.
There's a few certain oversound a per possession basis. DJ

turned it up horn. He's able to give you seventeen
points in He's really their main three point shooter other
than Jaden Taylor is able to shoot thirty six percent
from three parts among players averaging six plus points per contest.
Somebody else shoots a weelve thirty three point three percent
from the outside. But here's the issue that NC State fases.
You've got Mohammed dr who gives you about seven point
nine rebounds per game. Nobody else on the roster gives
you north of four point three boards. You've had DJ

Burns Ben Middlebrooks combining for about eight and a half
rebounds per game. And there's a lot of talk about
Zach Edy and the amount of falls that he's not
called for, and they're so denying it. He doesn't get
called for a lot of falls. Part of it is
because he's a widely player. Part of it is because
the refs have no idea what they're doing. Welcome to life.
But you have to if you're a sports better take
that into account. You can't be crying about the fact

that Zach Edy doesn't get calls. You have to bet
based on what you're seeing out there, and was Zach
Edy not getting called for a lot of fols? That
means that NC State is going to have a miserable
time down low in my opinion against him. NC State
whileutside the town on fifty in terms of their rebound rate,
Purdue a top five team in all of college basketball
in terms of the rebound rate. Giant of the Earth,
mister eighty twenty four and a half points, twelve plus

rebounds per game. He's able to do an amazing job there.
But don't forget about Brydon Smith was a little bit
silent in that ELI eight game, but he looks to
be back in full force after he had that injury
that suffered in the Big Ten tournament. He's registering seven
half assists, twelve and a half points, shooting about forty
four percent from three point inche and entering into that
Elite eight game as well. For Purdue, out of their

top eight scores, he had all but one them shooting
at least thirty five point seven percent from three point inch,
all but two of them shooting at least forty two
and a half percent for a distance as well. Once again,
I do think that that is going to be bogged
down a little bit in this game, with this being
played in a facility where football is typically held. So
I did something I told the one forty three and
a half when at the under. But I do think
the Purdue is able to get the job done. I

set them as a nine and a half point favorite,
So seeing as good as an eight and a half
slash of nine at current numbers, I'd be willing to
lay with Purdue. Personally, I will just be truth be
told tell you that I've yet to bet this because
I do want to see a little bit of movement,
because I would rather take ten with nccate rather than
late nine. But if all I get is Purdue right
around eight and after nine like I'm seeing right now,

I'll be willing to lay it and take a look
at the under and that will wrap things up. For
the Monday edition of Seeps now part of the VS
and Family and Podcasts. A big thanks to Sean Paul
does great workover That's the Field of sixty eight. He
joined me in the last segment. If you do like
hearing from this time podcast Coastcut Soops. You're able to
subscribe wherever your podcasts Apple Podcasts, Google by, Spotify, Citter
and tune it. If you have a question comment segment
idea what I have you for this podcast? Go phot

in two ways to be able for those in first one
is my Twitter slash ximeline at Jena and are forty one.
Keep in mind lardsm maybe it does on adversized per usual,
Please just send us into the timeline. Oh the ways
find an Apple podcast review. If you're rate this podcast
five starts, it is very much appreciated. From there, you're
able to fire in whatever you'd like. You're on this
podcast Night and the Fact start if you coming at
you guys every single day drop of the college basketball season
nineteen sim answer, let's get them out. Thank you so much,

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