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April 13, 2024 42 mins

Greg talks about the value in looking for players that have been out of sight & out of mind at the DI level, talks to Rob Donaldson of the Rob’s Best Bets Show about what he’s made of the recent offseason coaching hires & how he approaches the offseason & Greg recaps Friday’s college basketball coaching and player movement

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2:55-The value of out of sight, out of mind players

14:28-Interview with Rob Donaldson

38:59-Recap of Friday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
They warmer fer the Low. Welcome to love be Las
Vegas because with myself Craig Games Peterson now part of
the Vaston Family Podcasts. He've got an excellent podcast for
you as joining me in SEGMA number two, we are
gonna have on Rob Donaldson. He does great workover at
YouTube dot com size Rob Donaldson taking a look at
this great game that we all know in love of
college basketball all twelve months out of the year. We're
gonna be chatting with him about how he does approach

the off season, some of the moves that have been
of impact from how to gauge these teams in general
that are going through these coaching changes, and we're gonna
be just deciphering what teams you do want to be
noting in terms of perhaps putting a little bit of
a star around them. Because I've been talking a lot
about these coaches that they come in, they bring a
lot of players with them. I think that that is
something very important to take a look at. And Rob

is going to be sharing some of those things that
he's going to be taking a look at for the
offseason at segment number two. In the final segment, it
saw a lot of movement in the transfer portal. I'm
gonna give you guys those news and notes on the
flip side, and then we're gonna be touching upon in
segment number one a few coaching moves that we did
see as well. And if you do have a question
comment segment idea what I'd be for this podcast. You
do have one of two baysbo for those in first
one is my Twitter slash ex simline at you and

under scorenty one and keep in mind learns them maybe
it does not matter, so as per usual, please who
send these into the timeline and the other ways find
an Apple podcast review. If you're with this podcast I starts,
it is very much appreciated. From there, you're able to
fire on whatever you'd like to hear on this podcast
via that five star review. And before I go any further,
and we take a look at some of the coaches
moves that we did see from Friday in college basketball,

always be trying to note some of the things are
out of sight, out of mind. I think that this
is so important, and by this, I mean we did
see a player that did not play at all this
college basketball season decide he is going to be returning
to school for another year, and I think that these
can be some of the guys that let the most
upside in all of college basketball, and that'd be Zach Fremantle.
He was supposed to be a stud for Xavier prior

to him getting hurt in the offseason, miss the entirety
of the two thousand and twenty three twenty four campaign.
As we saw during the twenty twenty two to twenty
three season, was injured and was out for the remainder
of February and March that season, but he was averaging
fifteen points, eight boards, three assists. Just could not get
out there on the court this past season, and that
was part of the issue for Xavier. This last season.

Xavier was just all out of sorts because their season
was essentially over before it began. I wish I could
put it any other way, but Xavier lost darn near
their entire front court while they were doing a solid
job of being able to get some of these guys
in as good a position as humanly possible. I did
like what they were able to do in the transfer
portal bringing in abdu Usman and company. It was not
the roster that we were expecting. From Sean Miller being

able to get Zach Fremantle back in the fold, it's
very big. I know that there's a few other guys
they're going to be having decisions as to whether or
not they're going to be returned to Xavier as well,
after they missed pretty much the entirety of the season
as well. So I do look at a team like
Xavier and I do think that they're a team that
is going to be providing a lot of upside moving forward.
As you could tell, the loss of someone like a
Jerome Hunter was also very much weighing on that team

as well, as he was a guy that was supposed
to be pretty much an era comparing to Zach Fremantle,
the number two forward and both of those guys getting
hurt before the season. That was rough. But also speaking
of rough, how about what Chicago State is going to
be going through. They are finally able to get into
a conference. Gerald Gillion, he did a tremendous job with
this program, and I think that when we take a

look at best and worst coaches in all of college basketball,
we need to keep a slide in comparison, because I mean,
you can call me crazy if you want, but I
feel like Jerald Gillion did a top twenty job in
all of college basketball in his three seasons over at
Chicago State. He inherited a mess prior to him getting there.
They were coming off of a twenty twenty twenty one

campaign where they had to shut it down after something
like ten or so games. They had went in that
season a whopping h to nine. Under the tutelage of
land Servant, they did not play a single game, I believe,
to the tune of single digits. They were getting outscored
by an average up thirty three points per game. You're
number one. He's able to get them to seven wins,
which it doesn't sound like olef lot, but when you

add zero wins the season before, yeah, that is a
little bit of something. And he actually brought talent to
Chicago State. It's very unfortunate that the two twins that
he tried to bring in in the I believe it
is the Bewley Brothers, weren't able to get out there
on the floor. But as an independent school Chicago State,
they were able to go to a postseason tournament in
the CBI. They won a game against UC San Diego.

They won on the road they won at Northwestern I mean,
this is a big loss for Chicago State. The fact
that Gillian is he is going to be essentially the
associate head coach now at Long Island, and very interesting
to see what Long Island is doing. They now have
the top paid coach in hot Rod Strick Lanhu just
as not gonna be able to get it online here
in his first two years over there, but now they

made Gerald Gillion the number two top paid coach within
that conference as well. So very interesting what Long Island
has done. They've got the highest paid coach and the
second highest paid coach, both on the same staff. And
then we did see Dan Monson get picked up very
very quickly. Dan Monson, he is going to be becoming
the next coach over at Eastern Water. We all recall

the story from last season when he led Long Beach
Shade to the NCAA tournament as pretty much a dead
man walking, and you figured that Dan Monson was going
to be picked up by someone. And it's going to
be intriguing to see what Eastern Washington is able to
get out of him, because he obviously has a lot
of familiarity on the West Coast. He was the man
that got Gonzaga too. That Elite eight in two thousand.

Goes on over to Long Beach a for many many years,
and he was able to make a few NCAA tournaments
when I was over at Long Beach Shade, and he
did a nice job, but be able to bring in
some big men. Trey Ory Squared was relatively solid. It
was a case where with Long Beach Shade it certainly
was a little bit of hit or miss for them
throughout the years. It was a case where Long Beach
Shade I would never say truly bottomed out. They never

really lived up to expectations past seed. I would say
twenty twelve twenty thirteen season. They made a NCAA tournament
appearance in twenty twelve and then had a hiatus for
about a decade or so. But you sort of know
what you're getting there in Eastern Washington has built themselves
up as a power out there in the Big Sky.
And for Eastern Washington, they have really burned through coachings.
Is like crazy, because this is a program that has

done a really nice job. I'll be able to pluck
these guys out of for lack of better term sort
of mediocrity. In terms of David Riley, he did a
really good job with the program and he took over
after Shan day Legan's decided that he was going to
be taking that job over at Portland. He saw prior
to that Jim Hayford have won the best scores in
all of college basketball during like the twenty fifteen sixteen
season before he decided to take that gig over at

Seattle as he did a nice job training Tyler Harvey
and getting him to become an NBA draft prospect and
racer Washington, they're just a team that in general has
been able to do a nice job, will be able
to replaced coaches. And you just do find that with
some of these programs like VCU, every single time they
made a coaching iyre, they just know what they are
doing and sometimes when it comes down to it, it's
all about the admissions, it's all about the guys that

are evaluating the talent. And Eastern Washington to this point,
they've known what heck they are doing with regards to
these coaching iyres. Perhaps they've struggled with another one and
day in months and this time they're going for a
little bit more of a proven come out, but gonna
be very interesting to see what happens there and with
what happened at Long Beachhate towards the back half of
the season. Would not doubt if there's quite a few
guys from Long Bea Chate that might want to be

following him as well. So we did see that go
down on Friday, and we're gonna be highlighting a lot
more of the player movement that we saw on Friday
in the next segment. But coming next, how about if
we do talk with our good friend Rob Donaldson. It
has been a crazy last week or so of college
basketball as we have seen a lot of coaches change places.
Kentucky has landed on there. Man, We're gonna be talking

about some of the coaching changes that we've seen and
some of the things that Rob Donaldson is taking a
look at this offseason in terms of teams that he's
probably gonna be bullish and barishon for this upcoming season.
That's some nights right here on Coastcasups with myself, Craig
Gupis Peterson, No Apartment Vson Family Podcast. I'll go back

to you Love You, Las Vegas Let baseball betting and
show with myself Greg Peterson now part of the Beson
Family podcast, and it's always great to be joined by
this fan, Rob Donaldson. He does great work with the
show Slash podcast Rob's Best Bet Show over on YouTube
dot com. Slash Rob Donaldson does an amazing job taking
a look at this great game that we all know
and love of baseball. I know that he's doing absolutely
excellent work taking a look on so many different fronts

with regards to this football season as well. You much
like myself, absolutely loves the college basketball landscape as well.
And my goodness, gracious, we have seen ourselves a heck
of a college basketball off season thus far. And to
be able to follow Rob on Twitter, slash Chicks as
at rob dfb alltogether and Rob, I know, and now
we're into baseball betting now that the college basketball season

has come to an end, But how about this offseason
that we've had this far? Great to be able to
talk about it with you, thank you so much.

Speaker 2 (08:41):
Yeah. Absolutely, And something that's definitely changed the news cycle
around college basketball has been the transfer portal. I mean,
not only are more athletic departments starting to get heavily
involved in their programs, but obviously players are bouncing in
and out of teams and even coaches. Now it's kind
of like a free for all, is what it kind
of feels like most off seasons, and so that gives
us some fodder to talk about. And it's great having

college basketball year round.

Speaker 1 (09:04):
Oh, it certainly is. And my goodness, gracious, what have
you made out of the last few days of coaching changes,
because right now we've got Chicago's State that's right now
entered into the coaching carousel of all teams as well,
but obviously at the Prower Conference level, we've seen a
lot happen in the SEC now Bhyu is on the
probably looking for a coach as well, and it is
just wild all of the movement that we've seen over

the last few weeks.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
It's been high level and high brand name coaches. You
had guys like Pat Kelsey, who were you know, just
one of those mid major coaches that's been the hot
commodity for a long time. And you have guys like
John Calipari and Eric Musselman getting involved in the cycle
as well, and so it's just been a bunch of
big names. Obviously players getting involved in the portal that

are some pretty big names and even guys coming back
like Tyrese Prockter to Duke. It's just been a really fun,
fascinating cycle and I'm all for it. It's growing the
game and it's building interest absolutely.

Speaker 1 (09:58):
And out of all the coaching hires that you've seen
this offseason, are there a few in general that do
catch your eye, whether that be through the positive or
the negative, Because I do take a look at this
coaching cycle and I really can't say that there's been
a ton of really poor coaching moves. Now, I do
feel like Kentucky probably should have gotten a little bit
of a bigger name than Mark Pope. They obviously got
turned down by a lot of different folks to say

the least like it or not. That is a case
on that front. But I take a look all in all,
and there hasn't really been a lot of coaching moves
where I said, man, I don't know if that guy's
going to be able to do anything at insert university here.

Speaker 2 (10:30):
Yeah, And it's definitely interesting when you kind of look
at the hires that were across the board, because like
you said, I don't think there was bad hires and
even the coaches that you know resigned or kind of
left under, you know after a poor season, I think
are going to upgrade the programs that they're going to.
For example, like Andy Enfield USC this past year, you know,
fell short of expectations by a mile. But at the

same time, Andy Nfield can coach and at SMU with
a program that is going to be involved heavily in
the NIL portal and even just kind of growing up
money at their horse programs in general, especially basketball. I
think Andy Enfield landed in a great spot. And you know,
similarly to cal Pari going to Arkansas, maybe Kentucky can
get a little bit of a spark with some new
blood in there with Mark Pope. Maybe not, But I

also think that the upside is going to be there
with Arkansas and John cal Pari with their NIL portal
as well. So there's just a lot of great moves
that are going to benefit both sides, and that's great
for the game.

Speaker 1 (11:23):
Yep, it is absolutely amazing for the game. And I
do think that the SEC is going to be a
conference of intrigue in the season, just because we have
noticed with all these coaching moves, it's been very offense oriented.
You lose a guy in John Calperry who had Kentucky
just playing a warp speed style that was very much
based around being able to hit and make threes. But

the defense it was relatively black fluster and well BYU
was a relatively solid defense. Last year, as we know,
they were a bunch that they chucked up with their
a bunch of threes as well. You've got an interesting
case out there, and just how do you take a
look at how the SEC might be approaching this offseason
because I thought that out of all the conferences this
past season they turned the biggest one to eighty from
what they were a few seasons ago where it was

all about defense in the SEC, even though they were
playing fast, there wasn't a lot of jump shooting. And
this year you could tell that that was very much
improved with the guys that they brought it in the
transfer portal Lake Tennessee, bringing in Adulton connect Yeah.

Speaker 2 (12:19):
Absolutely. And you look at the coaching names within the
SEC and it's just NonStop killers. And even you look
at Vanderbilt, they've upgraded to Mark Byington, I thought did
an absolutely amazing job at James Madison and from a
talent accumulation standpoint, We'll see how much he's able to
bring into Vanderbilt, just kind of factoring in academics and
also just other SEC schools having a little bit of

a better NIL package. But at the same time, I
think he's gonna be able to do a little bit
more with less as opposed to Jerry Stackhouse. So even
the bottom of the SEC is getting better, and South
Carolina this past season took a major leap up. I
think SEC is just the finally the money is showing,
and the money talks right now with the NIO world.
So I think that the SEC is here to stay,

and I think they're going to be a permanent fixture
in college basketball.

Speaker 1 (13:03):
Yep. I still remember a few seasons ago when they
had just I believe it was three teams make the
NCAA Tournament. Won those teams at Vanderbilt, they were in
the first four growing up against Wichita State. How much
they have been able to improve from there? As we
do have joined in the show, Rob Donaldson, who does
great work around YouTube dot com slash Rob Donaldson joining
me right here on cos Seepson, I do think that

there have been quite a few good hires out there
at the mid major level, like Saint Louis bringing you
Josh shirts is something that I do like. And I
think the big question mark for me in terms of
some of these hires is whether or not these guys
are going to be bringing in some of their own
because in a situation like Dusty May going on over
to Michigan, I think that he'd be best served bringing
in a lot of guys foam forlor Atlantic just going
with guys that know the system. In general, I'm not

sure if that's something that you seek out with a
lot of these teams, but I feel like South Florida
with bringing in all those Kannessas State guys, they really
got it right. And if you're looking for a betting
standpoint with regards to some of these coaching changes, the
coaches that bring in a lot of their own are
the teams like the bank On very much during the season.

Speaker 2 (14:02):
Absolutely, you nailed it with South Florida and just kind
of bringing a young blood and all the guys from
Kannessauth State under a Mira abdu Raheem. And even if
you look at Austin p you know who brought over
pretty much all of Northwestern State squad. You know, they
made the a Sun Championship game in their first year
in the conference. I do think that continuity is one

so very rare in college basketball that if you can
have it, whether it's you know, under the same university
name or not, you're going to find a lot of success.
And that just kind of speaks to one finding chemistry
with the guys on the floor, Guys knowing their role,
Guys not trying to play hero ball or trying to
iso ball every possession, because that's what gets teams bounced
when it matters in those winter die scenarios. When you

can kind of find that gel in that transfer portal
and find some guys that maybe didn't come from the
same schools but at least know their roles and kind
of mesh, well, those are the teams that are going
to find the most success.

Speaker 1 (14:54):
Absolutely, as John to be on the show, we do
have Rob Donaldson, who does a tremendous job take a
look at this great game of college basketball, and I
do take a look at those teams. I do think
that there's quite a bit of value there and it
is very much a defeatus effort to try to take
a look at everyone in the transfer port right now.
We've got fifteen hundred plus players that are in there.
There's going to be more than enter winsin the next

few weeks, and very few of these guys have made
up their minds. But how much do you take a
look at what is not getting talked about these teams
that they don't have a lot of guys in the
transfer portal. Like I love that you brought up Tyrese
Proctor with Dukes, I think that there's a lot of
value in taking a look at the teams that are
getting no buzz whatsoever. Because if a team's not getting buzz,
if team's not getting talked about in terms of the
transfer portal, that means that they're probably retaining about their

own guys.

Speaker 2 (15:38):
Absolutely, and continuity is so darn important, and that's kind
of why we saw a team like Yale, for example
this past season just have you know, one of those
runs and one of those special runs and even pulled
off an upset in the NCAA tournament. It's just a
rarity when you have a lot of upperclassmen in your
lineup and a lot of upperclassmen that are used to
playing on the same floor with each other for over

two three year spans. And so if you can have
that and not have the transfer portal distractions on top
of everything, that connuity is going to give you such
a great advantage. And you know, even ten years ago
that was the same case where if you're a turning upperclassmen,
you're gonna have great teams. Well, now it's even more
of an emphasis because there's so many different parts moving

in the transfer portal and it's basically free agency and
there's no real program develop talent anymore. And if you
have it, you're different.

Speaker 1 (16:27):
Yep, I agree with you with Marquette. They really did
a nice job with that the last few seasons. I
think that Tyler Kolok is the only guy that they
brought in the transfer portal ever since Chakas Mart really
was able to get his fingerprints on that program. So
that is something that I do take a look at.
But as we know, with regards to the transfer portal
in this day and age, I don't think that teams
can absolutely avoid it. It's going to be interesting to

see what Michigan State does this offseason because other than
ty Walker, they really haven't utilized that at all and
I feel like that's been to their disadvantage. How do
you take a look at a lot of these teams
and their portal usage, because I do think that the
one that, as I was alluding to, they completely avoid it.
They're falling behind. But I just have noticed with the
teams I've been able to thrive. A team like a
Yukon bringing in Cam Spencer one nice piece, but not

completely building in the transfer portal. We got a team
like Alabama. They brought it in a few guys in
the portal, but many of those guys, even if they
were brought in via the portal, like a Mark Sears,
they was already there for a year prior to this
Final four run. I do think that it is very
big for these teams to be able to address the
needs but at the same time not go completely overboard
and like the for lack of a better term, sorry

to throw us thraight here, the Eric Musselman style bringing
in like ten guys via the portal.

Speaker 2 (17:35):
Absolutely and there's really no difference between that style of
just kind of collecting a bunch of portal talent in
comparison to let's just start five freshmen and see how
they do. Because at certain points in the season you
just have to have again those complimentary pieces that know
their roles, because these guys who are entering the portal
or entering the portal because they're very good talents. When

you're very talented like that, more often than not, you
want the ball in your hand. So what happens when
they're not getting the ball in their hands and they
hit a three game losing streak in the middle of
the season at a high major program, Well, there's gonna
be some frustration, I imagine. Or if you have some
guys who are kind of cool headed and our veterans
and just kind of know how to gel a team,
well then you might not have those kinds of woes.

And so I do think it all kind of comes
down to striking a nice balance between young guys who
are in the program who know the culture, and also
bringing in complimentary pieces through the portal. And you brought
up Cam Spencer and now even look at you know,
Purdue in the championship game with like a Lance Jones.
I think those are guys who you know, knew their
roles when they were coming into the team, executed the roles,
didn't do too much and really kind of bought in

and they were rewarded for it.

Speaker 1 (18:40):
Yeah, they certainly were rewarded for it. And that was
a massive season for them, to say the least. And
I just want to get your general thoughts here, because
we are going to be in for a long offseason.
We're going to be in for seven plus months. We're
going to be seeing a lot of player movement, the
NBA draft decisions. Those are going to be a little
bit more hot and heavy in about a month or
so when we do get the the NBA Draft combine

going on and things like that. But just how do
you approach the college basketball off season, because I don't
think that this is a case where we need to
have people over the next few weeks, like spending forty
five hours a week looking at the transfer portal, trying
together as I refresh verbal commits the sixteen hundred and
twenty eight players in the transfer portal. I think that
that would be a little bit overwhelming and just a

defeatist effort in general. But I do know that there's
quite a few people that try to cram like forty
eight hours probably to the start of the college basketball season,
and with three n sixty two D one teams that
it's not going to turn out well for them, absolutely.

Speaker 2 (19:33):
And the way that I kind of choose to narrow
it down because like you said, there's thousands of dudes
in the portal, there's coaching changes all over the place,
there's three hundred plus programs that we have to kind
of monitor. It's impossible to kind of keep a scope
on everything that's going on. And so what I kind
of do, and this has been my personal philosophy over
the years, is we all know teams like Kansas, Duke, North, Carolina, Baylor,

whatever else, you know, you name the top teams in
college basketball, we already know that the march rogens for
them and their improvement aren't going to be as drastic
as some of these mid majors. And so when I'm
kind of looking at, you know, the teams that from
a betting perspective are going to be the most rewarding
from you know, just producing profit game by game, I'm
looking at the teams that have the margins from lower
level in their conference or maybe just kind of in

the middle, and who could rise to that top echelon,
whether it's you know, in a big sky or the
Mountain West or whatever else. And if you're kind of
narrowing in on those teams, I think you're going to
extract a lot more value with kind of being keen
on them rather than being enamored with what Kansas is
doing in the portal as if they never had that
talent in past years.

Speaker 1 (20:36):
Absolutely, and I do think that there's much more value
in trying to prepare for a lot of these good
betting opportunities in November, December and beyond rather than trying
to extrapolay value in the futures market, just because with
all the transfer movement, if you get the wrong NBA
draft decision, you could have a future ticket that is
completely toasted. Meanwhile, trying to bet on future is this offseason. Granted,

you might be able to find a team that's like
one hundred to one, they bring in a nice houle,
you're able to get something better there, but these teams
are short shots. It sounds like you're going to be
getting a whole lot more value there, And I feel
like with regards to the futures market right now, there's
a lot more to lose rather than gain if you're
taking a look at any team that I would say
is below about forty to one or so.

Speaker 2 (21:17):
Absolutely, and you kind of compare it to the odds
of where are they going to be in November, And
I don't think a lot of these odds are going
to be drastically different. And do you really want to
sit on just that money that left your cow and
it's just sitting there for all the way eleven months,
eleven months and even more if you're kind of factoring in,
you know, going all the way until next the actual

NCAA tournaments ahead your bets on the futures market. So
it's just kind of crazy that people kind of dive
in this early because although maybe you can't extract the
value or some identify some teams who can potentially make
some runs, there's just so many moving parts and there's
not really a benefit of having your money just tied
up all summer long.

Speaker 1 (21:57):
Absolutely. As Rob Donaldson, who does great work with the
Best Bets Show joining me on COUP said, I do
want to open up a little bit here. It could
be a team that perhaps around the custom with something.
Maybe it's moves that they've already done. But in terms
of teams that you are looking at, and either you
like what they've done thus far, or you think that
they might be doing something. We're a few teams that
you do have your eye on right now, because right

now we are very early on in the process. So
I don't want to be having like I'll be all
winner slash losers and a way too early top twenty five. Yeah,
it is way too early for it because right now,
a lot of rosters well there are no rosters right now.
But that said, is there any teams this offseason that
you currently have your ion slash? You look at what
they've done thus far and you're relatively impressed, and.

Speaker 2 (22:38):
It starts with Saint Louis And for me, just because
if they can turn that into you know, the Saint
Louis Sycamores, I would definitely be intrigued for them all
season long because kind of going back to what we
talked about, where you know, one Indian State was one
of the most talented teams in all college basketball last season.
They're hungry. I mean, they got you know, snub from
the NCAA Tournament. In their minds. Now they have a

higher an il package, they have a higher stage and
I think they're going to take advantage of it. If
those guys all come across, and you know, if you're
kind of even looking further past that I kind of
mentioned at the beginning, But I really love what SMU
did bring in Andy Enfield, and I think they're bought
into one, putting together some really strong NIL packages and
just being active in the portal. And so I think
SMU is a team to monitor because I think that

their strides, even more so from this past year, are
going to be very very noticeable.

Speaker 1 (23:26):
SMU. They've got a lot of money to be able
to spend. I don't know if that's going to translate
year number one into great success, but those pockets are
very deep over there in SMU, and fortunately for us,
we were able to have our pockets be deep enough
to be able to get you a board, Rob, and
we are all the more thankful for it because you
do an amazing job taking a look at this great
game that we all know love of college basketball. I

know that while you're gauging everything into college basketball off season,
you're doing a great job on the baseball front as well.
So love to get people at home know what's all
on tap for you and how people can fall on
on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (23:58):
Well, Greg, I appreciate you sending out that six figure
check because I've been needing it, And as always, I
appreciate you having me on and I'm looking forward to
kind of continuing monitoring, you know, the transfer portal coaching
changes because now we got to spot open at buyu.
So what does that set in a chain of motion?
Who knows. I think it's gonna be a fun next
couple weeks here, even with what the movies you already have.

And for those who are want to follow me, you
can do so at rob DFB on Twitter or x
and on YouTube just my name Rob Donlinson And as always,
Greg really appreciate me on absolutely.

Speaker 1 (24:28):
Rob does a tremendous shop taking a look at this
great game that we all know in love of college basketball,
and every single time he joins me that's great insight.
So a big thanks for Rob for joining me right
here on Goeep's part of the Decent Family podcast. Tem
Me I'm next, another rambunctious day of college basketball. I
recapt the news and until we saw from college basketball
on Friday, comb a rag yom me Las Vegas for

cousin seeps with myself, Greg EEPs. Peterson now part of
the He's some family and podcasts. Always great to be
able to get Rob Donaldson a board. He does amazing
work taking a look at this great game of college
basketball all twelve months of the year. I know that
he much liked myself, is very much looking forward to
what is going to be an amazing twenty twenty four
to twenty five season. But he is putting in the
work to be able to make it a successful season

every single time he joins his show, one's great Insight.
So big thanks to him for joining me right here
on Coco Steeps. Now does that time the podcast, we
give you a little bit of a round up as
all the news and notes that we saw in college
basketball over last twenty four hours. We did see a
pair of Duchies decide that they are going to be
entering into the NBA Draft, and I am pretty sure
that they are not going to be maintaining their eligibility.

Jere McCain along with Kyle Philipowski. This was very much
to be expected for Philipowski when he was not heal
with court storming. He was very good out there on
the floorida He's going to be someone that gets picked
up by an NBA team. Now, the tape that you
put out there on NC State, I don't care if
you love, hate, or feel indifferently about him. That was
not great, to say the least. But so sixteen and
a half points State and app boards that seven feet tall,

that's able to pop the three at about a thirty
five percent clip while being able to block shots when
he's not going up against DJ Burns. Was relatively solid
on the defensive side of things as well. So I
think that he's gonna need to have a nice combine
and just nice workouts in general to be able to
rebuild some of that stuck. But figured that he was
gonna be going to the NBA, and I do think
that he's gonna be solid in the NBA. And then
for McCain, he was tremendous this last season from three

parting shot forty one a half percent for three eighty
eight and a half percent at the free, flying a
pier score that still is able to do a nice shot.
I'll be able to log about five boards for you.
I think that this is a little bit more of
an upside guy that a lot of people are sleeping
upon in terms of just this draft in general, it's
not very strong, to say the least don Vin Klingen
he declared for the NBA draft, and I mean, Donovan
Clinging was tremendous over at Yukon. But and how many

years will we be talking about Donovan Clingan being perhaps
the top five pick. I'm not sure if it would
be overly many. I don't think that it certainly would
have been this past NBA draft. And I do take
a look at this circumstance and I do think that
for McCain, he's gonna be able to go relatively high
in this draft. And by the way, speaking of kling
and Johnny, the year two and a half blocks per
contest was so instrumental in Yukon being able to win

those two titles. Him entering into the NBA Draft very
much to be expected. But that is something that did
come down on Friday as well. And then we saw
Gibson Jimmerson decide that he is going to be returning
to Saint Louis. He has pulled his name out of
the transfer portals, so already a win for Josh Shurtz.
We were talking about this with our good friend Rob
Donaldson with Gibson. Jefferson just a really good spot up shooter.

You need to see him be able to work on
the defense a little bit. But he's going to be
using up a COVID year because he only played ten
games as a freshman. I think that he was able
to get another year of eligibility that way, as well
as he's already spent five years on the campus of
Saint Louis. So this guy's going to be going for
like a doctorate when it's all said and done. But
a career thirty nine and a half percent three point
shooter average fifteen point eight points per game. This past

season was a little bit less efficient, but aine was
you know, with the Saint Louis program that under Travis Ford,
it got worse and worse every single year. So I
think that this is going to be a big impact
guy and him and that Josh Shurtz system, I think
is going to be absolutely tremendous for him. We touched
upon the fact that Gerald Gillian is going to be
heading on over to lu Long Island in the first segment.

That's very very much rough for them, So we shall
see what sort of mass exodus here is going to
be in the transfer portal. We have already noticed a
few guys that have entered into the portal. AJ Neil
was one of those guys. And AJ Neil was a
relatively rock solid player while he was over at Chicago
State last season. And I would expect a lot of
people to be entering into the transfer portal from Chicago State.
They are now entering into a new conference as well.

They are no longer going to be our lone D
one affiliate. But that said, with Neil last season, he
was able to be a nice player. And there are
a lot of guys that if they decide that they
are going to leave Chicago State, and I do think
that they're going to find nice landing spots. Neil was
a former top three in OR recruit, was able to
sply the team with about five points per contest. Has
never been the world's greatest three point shooter at about
thirty percent three point shooting, but was able to make

some nice contributions on the defensive side things and felt
like he was getting better and better as the season
went along. TJ. Kadson, he is going to be reopened
his commitment as it was looking like he was going
to be heading on over from Kenisius over to Mount
Saint Mary's. But now it looks like it is going
to be very much an open ended situation. And this
is someone that was able to be a relatively solid

player when he was able to get out there on
the floor. Last season, he put up about nine and
a half points four and a half boards per contest.
Would have been a nice git for the Mount a
Mount team that was overall relatively well rounded last season.
Against did miss a little bit of time last season.
You'd like to see him shoot a little bit better
than twenty eight and a half percent from three parts.
But someone was able to do a pretty solid job
as a plus defender six to seven wings. So we

shall see where he is going to be going for
Utah when they're lesser players. Decided that he was going
to be entering into the transfer portal as he just
didn't get a lot in general, with about a half
a point to a point per contests and a lot
of garbage minutes for one of our good friends, and
Luca Tarlaky is going to be entering into the transfer portal,
and there's just a lot of these guys who are
entering right now We've got north of sixteen one hundred

players currently in the transfer portal, and that doesn't even
include some of these junior college guys. In Arizona State,
they decided to claim one of the better guys out
there in the junior college market. You've got Jeremiah Nacaro.
He is going to be taking a look at things.
It looked like he was going to be going to
Arizona State average fourteen points, five and a half rebounds
per game while he was over at Western Texas College.

That's one of the better junior college schools out there.
He is now back out there in the market, so
we're going to be seeing where he lands. And these
junior college guys they've come in and they made bigger
and bigger impacts. There are certain schools that have been
trying to specialize in this. I know that Arizona State
has brought in a few junior college guys. We saw
Kansas State be able to strike gold when they brought
in Nikwon Tomlin a few seasons ago as well. Keevan

Kansas decided to do that with Dian Graham. Foster did
not work out for him while he was over at Kansas,
but certainly worked out for Grand Canyon when he got
a second lease on life for a little bit of
a lack of better term. So I do think that
it's going to be interesting to gauge some of these
junior college guys, and that's something that I'm going to
be keeping guys upbreasted about as well. And then you've
got Jaylen Jones. He was rock solid over at Tennessee
State this last season. He's going to be heading on

over to Oakland. Oakland, it's going to be looking a
little bit different with Jack Goldkie not in the fold,
and I don't think he's going to be quite their
replacement for Goldkie. It was mostly a six man for
Tennessee State last season. Came off the bench nine points
two and half assist four boards, shot thirty six percent
from three part range, a master of doing everything relatively solid.
He was a freshman last season, so he's got a

lot of room to be able to develop. And those
are the guys that you'd like to see because when
you do bring in these guys in year one, year two,
you're if you're able to keep them in the program
for multiple years, that is just absolutely massive for them.
And I mean these are these sorts of transfers. They're
also massive as well as Maryland that Jonathan Lamathi, hopefully
I said that correctly. In their program, they just didn't

have any minutes for him whatsoever. He decided that he
is going to be going to North Carolina and ten.
I mean, that's a good gift for North Carolina and
Tea as someone who was touted coming out of high school.
I'm not going to say he was like a five
star guy or anything like that. I would need to
look up the exec recruiting rankings. But that said, someone
who's six foot four was able to spend some time
at the Power Conference level. Being able to bring in

someone like that, that is really good for our North
Carolina A and T team that just slide up. They're
going to need guys to be able to develop into
their system, and I do think that that's a good
place for them to be able to start. I mean
for Radford, this is a model that has worked out
relatively well for them as well as they just looked
all across the boulevard to be able to bring in guys.
And Jarvis Moss he has decided that he is going

to be coming in last season spent at Davidson and
just was unable to get out there on the court
in general, and it was a bad year to say
the least as well when it came to the Davidson
Wildcats and for that Matt Radford. Redford always known for
their defense, and this past season it was relatively rough
for them. But for Jarvis Moss, he actually began his
career over at Stanford, was unable to get out there
on the floor. But I believe that he was sort

of like a top three in recruit for some reason.
It just didn't work out from at Davidson. But he's
still out there in the northeast part of the country.
He's still out there in the great state of North
Carolina slash just in that area in general in Radford.
So I do think that this is going to be
something that works out from and hopefully he's just able
to get a few more minutes in general, because first
two stops from weren't necessarily great, And unlike last season

when you did have those guys that were two time
transfers not being able to get out there on the floor,
I believe that we should not be seeing these two
and three time transfers have any sort of an issue
getting out there on the floor, but that's something that
does remain to be seen. And this one, I think
is a little bit surprising. We've got a guy who
was honestly solid at the D one level. He is
heading on over to Division two Missouri Western now. And

it's not like some sort of a massive name or
anything like that, but Devin Butler was a part of
the VMI team a season ago. He was able to
play in thirty two games. He averaged six and a
half points. I mean, he was a contributor for VMI. Granted,
won the worst defenses in all of college basketball, but
last two season shot right around about thirty four percent
from three partrange. Him handing on down to the Division

two level, heading on over to Missouri Western, that really
speaks to where VMI is at right now. I wish
I could put it any other way, but we have
been seeing this a little bit more and more, but
that it's a big time issue for them. You are
also noticing them. Belik Rrington, who was over at Ido State,
he has decided that he is going to be heading
on over to Seattle. We saw a few guys make
their decisions on Fridays. It's not just guys entering into

the transfer portal anymore, as there's one hundred million billion
of those. But this is a nice gift for Seattle.
They are going to be undergoing a little bit of
a facelift. They lose a lot of that core from
a season ago, including cam Tyson. It was in college
for our five hundred million billion years. But Harrington was
a nice distributor. He did turn the ball for about
two and a half times per contest when it was
over at Ido State, but he was able to contribute
about eleven point eight points per contest, shipped in their

three and a half rebounds, was able to generate two
point three seals per contests as well. Played in a
very slow and controlled style over at Ido State as well.
Seattle not a team that's going to be absolutely running
it and gunning it themselves. So I do think that
this is going to be a move that works out
relatively well for all parties. And you do like to
see that seven footer bent Lutkenn he was over at
you see your vines outs out for the and eaters.

He has decided that he is going to be entering
in the transfer portal line. This is a guy that
I think can have his game really translate. He's a
seven footer that's able to pop threees. Last season or
a UC, Irvine was a pretty rock solid defender while
being able to be a solid three point shooter throughout
his career. He did shoot just twenty two percent this
last season, shot thirty six percent from three point in
chief seasons ago. I don't think he's as good as
at thirty six percent. I don't think he's say as

bad as at twenty two percent from this past season,
but he's able to affect shots with about a block
per contest. He's able to go outside, He's able to
shoot from the perimeter as well. So I do think
that this is going to be someone that a lot
of teams could come it. And even if he goes
up to the Power Conference level, I don't think they'd
be seeing mono minutes at the Power Conference level, But
I do think that he could be a little bit
of a spark plug guy off the bench. And then

we did see for BYU if you guys entered in
the transfer portal, including Ali Khalifo, he was one of
the more underrated guys. In my opinion for BYU last season,
he did a nice job with his overall versatility. Wasn't
a dominant score or anything like that coming over from Charlotte,
but at six point ten he gave out four assists,
four boards, five and a half points per contest. One
of those guys that doesn't do one thing great, but

he does everything relatively solid. For his career has been
about a thirty five and a half percent three point shooter.
I'd imagine a lot of schools would love to be
able to bring him in. If he goes down to
the lower slash mid major level, I think that he
could be a little bit more of a dominant score.
But if he is up at the power conference level
like he was this last season over at BYU, I
think that'll be a relatively solid role player. This was

a do it all sort of player that has entered
in the transfer portal and he is one of the
top scores that we're finding in the portal as well.
Landing glassper he last season was playing over at North
Carolina A and T, and he essentially was the offense
for him. He and Caveden Shell, and they were really
the lone guys that were giving you how much offense
at all he chipped in their twenty one points per
contest three and a half boards. Wasn't necessarily a great

shooter at thirty percent for three, but yeah, the green
light because a bad shot for him was better than
a good shot for other guys. Gonna be interesting to
see how teams Gaugem in the transfer portal because it
was very much a high usage guy. And I mean
the numbers there were a little bit are official because
there was just nobody else on the team to be
able to take those shots, but certainly someone that I
think a lot of team are going to be chasing
in the transfer portal. And then speaking of BYU, their

main facilitator from season ago, Dallen Hull. He is in
the transfer portal five assists, nine points per contest over
at BYU shot thirty six percent from three points. He
was a diggit sixty three percent of the free th line.
I feel like I do need to point that out.
But going to be very interesting to see what happens
with he Ali Khalifa, all these other guys that I
figure from BYU are going to be entering into the

transfer portal in the coming hours and the coming days,
because these guys they can perhaps go on over to Kentucky.
We shall see what happens there. And I do think
that it would be wise if you do see Mark
Pope decide to bring over some of the guys from
BYU over to Kentucky. Now might be a little bit
of a culture shot for them, figuratively and literally, but
I do think that that would be very, very good,

and I do think that a lot of the coaches
that do take that approach, they've got the right idea
in mind. And then we did see Michael Hogy, who
is a big part of that Saint Peter's Peacock scene
a season ago, decide that he is going to be
entering in the transfer portal as well. Rock solid player
with about eight and a half points five and a
half boards contests this past season began his career over
at the junior college level, and I do think that

he's someone that a lot of teams should be taking
a look at. Wasn't necessarily able to do the World's
Greatest Shop with a pop threes, but was a part
of one of the more rock solid defenses in all
of college basketball. So I do think that he's going
to be a solid ad for someone, as is R. J. Gottfried.
He was part of that Clemson team from season ago.
Wasn't one of their main guys. Wasn't going out there
giving you double figures or anything like that, but he

was able to do a nice job but be a
contribute to the cause. About six points, three and a
half rebounds per game shot when he took threes, forty
three percent for distance, but that was a very very
small amount of threes to say the least. But I
do think that there should be a little bit of
interest there and I do think that he could be
able to make a nice little bit of an impact
moving forward as well. And then in terms of other
guys that decide where they're going to be going, we

didn't see overly many of them, but that said Cruz Davis,
he was over at Saint John's this last season, just
had a tough time finding minutes. In general, he has
decided that he is going to be heading on over
to Hofstra, and we've seen Hopster do this with a
lot of guys that they just don't get a lot
of playing time. In general, had a little bit of
a bigger school they come in and they're able to
make an incidant impact for Cruz Davis at Iona during

the twenty twenty two twenty three season, was able to
average six hat points per contest. He came over with
Rick Patino over from Iona. You figured that he was
going to be more of a culture and glue guy,
and that certainly turned out to be the case, as
he just was unable to get out there on the
floor in this past season. I think that he played
in four total games, so we shall see what sort
of impact he is going to be making. But he
has decided that he is going to be going to Hofstra,

And again, I do think that there's a lot of
upside with these guys, and there are just certain programs
that you give the benefit of the doubt too. They
just have a nice way of being able to take
a look at things and they have a nice way
to be able to pluck out talent Hofstro with the
way that they brought in transfer guards, it's certainly been
one of them. Elijah Hutchins ever, it he just was
unable to get out there on the floor this last
season while he was playing over at Seaton Hall. After

two seasons ago, he was playing for the old Austin
p Governorabors. He has decided that he is going to
be entering into the transfer portal. Was the rookie of
the Year in the Ohio Valley during the twenty twenty
one twenty two campaign previous year at Austin P eleven
a half points five and a half boards is able
to pop three, so he's right around about six foot
nine or so, shout about thirty two and a half
percent for distance. And while he was a nice blue

guy defender for seeing allons also meaningful minutes about thirteen
minutes per game didn't make too much of an impact
out there on the floor three and a half points,
two and a half rebounds per game. Have to figure
that he's looking for a little bit of a bigger
role and to feature himself just a tad bit more so,
he has decided that he is going to be entering
into the transfer portalised and then in terms of actual commitments,
this is probably one of the biggest ones that we
did see from Friday JP peaks. He has decided that

he is going to be heading on over to Aubert.
He was tremendous while I was over at Firman the
last few seasons eighteen and a half points four point
three boards four point eight as sis per contest shot
about thirty six percent from three part range. While I
was at Furman. He was able to develop in every
single year. He's got a really nice skill set in general,
and he just feels like a guy that is going
to fit that Auburn system would like to see him

be a little bit better on the defensive side of
things since this guy got like absolutely no seals whatsoever
in Furman. Well he did play the Ola style of defense,
but still they're getting a really nice score. This Uburn
system has been able to taking guys that have been
a little bit more suspect on the defensive side of things,
had them be able to develop. So I do think
that this is going to be a tremendous ad for them,
And I mean we have seen it time and time

again from Bruce Pearl when he's entered into the transfer portal.
He's had a lot of success bringing these guys in
and then this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.
But Cher Kawan Moulton, he has decided that he is
going to be entering in the transfer portal. To talk
about a guy that has lived in the transfer portal,
that would be Jakwan Moulton, As this guy has been
all over the place. Began his career over at Georgia,

spent a few years there, went down to the junior
college level for a year, spent a year at Wichita State.
This past year at Memphis, he averaged about eight and
a half points per contest. Didn't quite too plicate what
he was able to do at Wichita s eate two
seasons ago when he was logging about fourteen points five boards,
shot about forty percent from three part Angchis got a
nice frame at about six foot seven two hundred pounds,

a former top one on recruit according to ESPN, So
it should be very interesting to see what happens there.
But we've got a lot that is happening in terms
of coaching moves, in terms of the transfer poor line.
We're going to do our best to keep you guys
the best of all of this to make this the
most successful twenty and twenty four to twenty five season
that it could be. If you do like hearing from
the sign podcasts, good suits able to subscribe wherever your

podcast Apple Podcasts, Google by Spotify, sitter and tune and
if you have a question comment segment idea. What have
you for this podcast? You do have one of two
ways beil for those in first one is my Twitter
It's slad checks timeline at you and at under forty one.
Keep in mind letter ZM the mean does that matter, so,
as per usual, please send these into the timeline. Other
ways find an Apple podcast review. If you rate this
podcast by starts, it is very much appreciate it from there,
arable fire and whatever you'd like here on this podcast

via that five STARVU and a big thanks once again
to one of our good friends in Rob Donaldson for
John demin ly segment coming at you guys every single
day throughout the year and that means I'm back with
you want to get them off. Thank you so much
for sitting again.
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