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April 14, 2024 39 mins

Greg talks to Mike Randle of FTN Network about what he’s made of the recent offseason coaching hires the types of teams that he feels present upside, & what he’s looking for in the transfer portal, & Greg recaps Saturday’s college basketball coaching and player movement

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11:08-Interview with Mike Randle

34:41-Recap of Saturday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
The former Welcome him on the Voss Dagans for US
Seats with myself, Greggie Expeters and now part of the
Decent Family Podcasts.

Speaker 2 (00:09):
We've got an excellent podcast for You're going.

Speaker 1 (00:11):
To be keeping it relatively short here in segment number
one is we're gonna be joining in segment number two
by one of our good friends. Mike Randley does tremendous
workover at FtM Network taking a look at so many
different things. He is helping you out for those that
love the NBA front, I know that he's very involved
with taking a look at the NFL and NBA draft
as of right now. He does a great podcast of

his own. They screen the Screener podcast That's Okay to
the NBA College, you name it.

Speaker 2 (00:37):
He does.

Speaker 1 (00:37):
And we're going to be talking with him about so
many characteristics that we want to take a look at
in terms of some of these coaching eyres, the way
that some of these teems assemble their roster, being able
to find advantage and slash dis advantages there. He's got
a lot of indifference when it comes to the hire
of Mark Pope over at Kentucky, and I think that
that is very much a hop on topic and he's
got stots with regards to Arkansas picking up John Caliperry

and just how team are going to operate this offseason,
some of the positives, some of the negatives when it
comes to assembling the rosters as well that we do
want to be taking a look at. So we're gonna
be joined by Mike and segment number two. In the
final segment, gonna get you guys a round up of
all the news and knows that we saw in college
basketball over the last twenty four hours. And if you
do have a question comment segment idea. What I have

you for this podcast? You do have one of two
ways we out fur those in. First one is my
Twitter slash x timeline at you ad underscore eighty one.
Keep in mind Lars em Nyman does not matter, so
as we usual, please send these into the timeline. Other ways,
find an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast
vive stars, it is very much appreciated. From there hereble
fire and whatever you'd like to hear on this podcast
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those Twitter slash ks questions because these first segments they
are relatively bare on most days and a lot of
times it's just gonna be setting up the show and
then going into our chat. But something that I did
touch upon from yesterday that I'll reiterate and we're gonna
be talking about with our good front Buddy and Mike
at segment number two, looking at some of these guys
that are out of sight, out of mind. I was
mentioning Xavier yesterday in terms of being able to get

backsack Fremantle, and he's going to bring up another good
one for Gonzaga and steal Ventors. Gonzaga without question, going
to be looking a little bit different this upcoming season.
I do think that they're gonna have a very talented roster,
but they were supposed to have steal Ventors come in
from Eastern Washington, be very good for them. He gets
ruled out for the season. These are the sorts of
things that you do want to be taking a look

at that might be a little bit under the radar,
because when it comes to the start of the twenty
twenty four to twenty five season, a lot of people
are going to be reacting to what they saw last
and well, what they saw last out of Seal Ventures
was him not playing last season. So I do think
that there's going to be a lot of value in
taking a look at that moving forward. That is something
else that we're going to be talking about with Mike.
And like I said, these are going to be some

very short segments when it comes to the top of
the folds here moving forward, and there's gonna be a
lot of two segment shows as well when we get
into the bear months out there in the summer months,
when I'm going to be starting up those conference previews,
and I have got my questions as too when those
will be getting started. No doubt about it, I'm not
going to be able to do any of these right now,
because well, when you've got sixteen hundred players in the

transfer portal and more than fourteen hundred have yet to
make up their mind. Yeah, there's a lot of moving parts.
Last year, I was able to start them up in
very late May early June. I hope to be able
to do the same. It might need to come a
little bit later. It does feel like this is gonna
be a little bit more of a drawn out process
with regards to the transfer portal. It does feel like
there's gonna be more Tsby crossed more ibeed dotted, so

the conference previews, they might be starting a little bit
more towards mid June. My goal is to start them
up once again when it comes to like super duper
early June, super duper late May, right around Memorial Day.
But we shall see how the transfer portal progresses, because
it does feel like it's a little bit more drawn
out this season. But something that is always tremendous is
getting on Mike Randall. We're gonna be joined by him

next right here on because because he's with myself taking expeeded.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
Said now I'm recently.

Speaker 1 (04:01):
Come back your love you Las Vegas forcusus Seas with
myself Gregives Peterson now part of the VCENT Family podcast.
It is great to be joined by this man as
Mike Randall. He does an absolutely tremendous job of taking
a look at this great game that we all know
and love of basketball. I know that the college basketball
season is done, but that said, I know that he
is still very much taking a look at what we're

going to be getting this offseason because he recognized as
much like myself, best hour one during the season, they
are won through great preparation and taking a look at
what we're all going to be getting this offseason. I
know that Elsa does a great job following the pro
game over with his podcast, The Screen the Screener Podcast,
and when it comes to his workover d FTN Network,
he covers all the bases you're able to fall him

on Twitter, slideh tacks at Randall Rant altogether, and Mike,
it is great to have you more.

Speaker 3 (04:46):
Thank you, pleasure sir, great being with you. Can't wait.

Speaker 4 (04:49):
A little sad that we no longer have basketball, but
now the transfer portal and the coaching has given us
constant content throughout the year.

Speaker 3 (04:56):
Very excited.

Speaker 1 (04:57):
A few years ago, I would have never been able
to do this this college basketball podcast daily. But when
you've got three hundred and sixty two teams, when you've
got well north of fifteen hundred players in the transfer
portal and so much more, makes it a little bit
easier to be able to keep the flow of content going.
And just on that front, we have been noticing a
lot of coaching moves that have been made in this
off season. At Chicago State is going through a coaching

move right now as their coach leaves for the associate
ed coaching job over at Long Island. But what if
you just made out of this coaching carousel this offseason,
Because it feels like we've seen more movement than really
ever before this offseason.

Speaker 4 (05:33):
You know, it's interesting, it's it's made for really good content,
and it increases the variable. So if the variables increase
on what's coming back for a team, more unknown, more
reason to be skeptical or supportive, and more debate for us.
Right off the bat, I am neutral on the big one,
Mark Pope to Kentucky. I recognize Greg that he has

done a brilliant job and is great on coaching offense,
and brings a lot of energy and is a very
smart X and O coach. I don't think it's necessarily
good or bad. I don't think we can project because
he did well at BYU that he's going to do
well at Kentucky. I think that's extrapolation. But at the
same time, I don't think that we can say he's
definitely not going to succeed. Hires like that have been

neutral for me. There's a couple of small schools that
we'll probably get into that I feel a lot stronger about,
either positive or negative.

Speaker 3 (06:22):
But the big one right off the bat. I don't know.
I wait and see.

Speaker 4 (06:26):
And as a math guy and you appreciate this, it's
great to me. I want to have a strong opinion.
I just don't know if you can say, because we're
basketball junkies and we love the x's and o's, that
he's going to be great. And at the same time,
I don't think if you're a loyal Kentucky person and
happen not to like him even though he's in alum
and they won a title, I don't think that's fair either.
So the big one for me is a wait and
see right.

Speaker 1 (06:46):
Now, Yeah, Ben, I do think that it is so
interesting to take a look at the hire of Mark
Pope because he is an alum of the university. He
was able to run some very nice sets over there
at BYU that was one of the top offenses in
all of college basketball. But as you probably not going
to be bringing in the same amount of five stars
and future pros as John cal Perry was going to

as well. And just what do you make out of
the Arkansas situation because we're all talking about Kentucky and
where it leaves them now. But I think it's more
interesting is whether or not John cal Perry is going
to be taking a little bit of a different approach
over at Arkansas because a lot of people knocking for
you not utilizing the transfer portal, and this past season
he really did not, But he has used it in

the past, and I had to think that with everything
that happened this past season, he is going to get
it through his skull that hey, until the COVID year,
until the COVID year ends, he is most likely going
to need to hit the transfer portal because that's the
way the teams have been winning in this st agent
college basketball.

Speaker 4 (07:43):
Yeah, I think it's a home run for both cal
and Arkansas. And you know, we've talked about this, has
been very critical of cal Perry because you know, I
love the X and O coach and Cali Parry is
not that he believes in assembling talent. He's great at
getting buy in and all of that matters. We saw
that with Bobby Bowden Florida State for years. I think
that it was time for him to move on, Like

it almost is for every professional venture that people go
through three losses at home, including Gonzaga, it was over
I put out on X Greg that he's done because
I just could not see a way that he's going
to return. Yes, he took a million dollars less per year,
and yes it's not as high profile, but who cares
about that? Like, the smartest guy in the world to

me is Mark Few. I mean, he's been successful, he
stays at Gonzaga, he wins every year.

Speaker 3 (08:29):
I mean, case closed. But I think Cal's going to
rejuvenate them.

Speaker 4 (08:32):
I think he shows that he's the best recruiter that
we've seen, and I think they're going to be successful.
So I have no doubt they're going to be successful.
And people can't make fun of Cal for not winning
more than one title of Kentucky. Patino won one, Tubby
won one. He won one, and I get that he
had a long run, But I'm not so sure that
they're not going to miss him. At some point regardless,

I think it was just time to move on.

Speaker 3 (08:54):
Then Cal has.

Speaker 4 (08:55):
Proven wherever he goes, he ends up rejuvenating and winning,
and I'm sure he's going to do that in Arkansas's
no doubt my.

Speaker 2 (09:01):
Mind, yep.

Speaker 1 (09:01):
And I do think that this is going to be
very fascinating when it comes to when of those teams
hook up during the twenty twenty four to twenty five
season as well. There's going to be no shortage of
juice when it comes to those games. As Mike Randalla does,
absolutely tremendous work over at FTN Network is shown to
me right here on costco soups and when you take
a look at the coaching hirons that are either great

or are not so great, what are some of the
things that you try to take a look at. Because
I do think that in terms of the short term
what we're going to get in the twenty twenty four
to twenty five season, and that's the biggest focus on
this show, because you want to be able to make money,
being able to back game to game, you want to
be able to make money. In terms of futures, I'm
not as interested in what we're going to be seeing
four to five years from now. I'm interested as to

what we're going to be seeing right now. And I
think the biggest value in terms of looking at the
coaching cycles for this offseason are some of the guys
that might be able to bring players with them, like
I will get Josh Shurtz going over to Saint Louis.
There's a good possibility in my opinion that a lot
of the Indiana State guys are going to be following
in a As a matter of fact, Gibson Jimmer, who
was left over from Saint Louis, he's already decided that

he is going to stay with the Saint Louis program,
which I think is big for them, and that's something
that I take a look at. I'm not sure if
you feel the same way, but I think that some
of these coaches that are able to come along as
a package deal with a lot of the other players,
like South Florida with the Kennesau Seak guys. I thought
it was a tremendous example of this last season. I
think that they could provide the most value when it
comes to the actual college basketball season, a betting game

to game.

Speaker 3 (10:25):
I totally agree.

Speaker 4 (10:26):
I want the continuity, I want the older players, I
want the experience. He was definitely something that I used
in my handicapping this year early on going down the line.
Just a couple that come to the top of my head.
I think Chris Mack will do very well at Charleston.
That's a successful fan base. Pat Kelsey really set them
up for success. Mack kind of got a road deal

at Louisville. That was an odd situation, but I believe
he's a good coach, and so I think when you
have a good coach who succeeded at Xavier, who succeeded
some of these bigger schools that go to a smaller school.

Speaker 3 (10:57):
Usually they do quite well.

Speaker 4 (10:59):
I both don't like Chris Holtman and it's the Paul
So it's going to take several years, but I don't.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
Know if he's the right one to rejuvenate that program either.

Speaker 4 (11:07):
One that I'm looking to fade early here greg is
Vance Wahlberg at Fresno State. Now I know Fresno State
doesn't do a lot, but Vance Wahlberg has never impressed me.
He's sort of been the architect of the dribbled drive
and he was with Cala Powry, but has not impressed
me as a head coach or when he's the lead guy.
Had a chance to hear him speak and watch him.

He strikes me as a good number two, not a
number one. So I'm curious to see how he does
at Fresno. That's one that's on top of my list
as a fade. Pat Kelsey's embraced Louisville and brought a
lot of energy and is absolutely the right personality for
a guy who wasn't the top choice. And we saw
that out with Mick Crone and UCLA. Just because you're
the top choice doesn't he can't win. And the last
one I'll mention that I think is really good is

Preston Spradland going to James Madison. Mark Byington is a
great recruiter. Mark Byington was able to give his players
at James Madison a lot of freedom and they certainly succeeded.
But Preston Spradland is a different level game. Coach X
and O really did a great job at Morehead State.
They were only losing by one to Illinois in the
first round this year. You know, Terren Shannon went ballistic.

Nothing to do about that, but he did make two
NC tournaments with more Head State in the last four years.

Speaker 3 (12:16):
Did a very nice job.

Speaker 4 (12:17):
So that's one that I kind of like, You've now
built the foundation at James Madison. They're playing well, the
fan base is into it, they got national recognition. Now
you bring in, like I don't know, the Grant McCaslin
if you will, to that program and you can really
take off.

Speaker 2 (12:31):
Yeah, I'm right there with you.

Speaker 1 (12:33):
I love the job that Presidents Bradline was able to
have morehead state and just being able to get that
program to fire and outsill. And there's a way that
they did in at down OVC the last few seasons.
That is something that really did impress me as well.
So I'm in agreement on that front. I also did
love the hire of Chris Mack as well, and I
do think that it's going to be interesting to take
a look at some of these teams that right now

are out there and they're sort of stuck in limbo
in terms of their coaching search because as of right now,
Chicago State, they lose their coach and Gerald Gillion, he
decides that he's actually gonna become the associate coach over
at Long Island.

Speaker 2 (13:06):
I thought that that was very intriguing, and I.

Speaker 1 (13:08):
Think that these are the teams that we do want
to be putting a little bit of a star around
as perhaps a little bit of a fade moving forward,
because it feels like the coaching carousel just due to
the transfer portal in this day and age, it has
moved up further and further and if you haven't hired
on your coach by saved April, you've really fallen behind.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
In my opinion.

Speaker 4 (13:26):
Yeah, sometimes I find that my predictions are a year
two early. And I kind of was on the train
of fading BYU this year in the Big Twelve. So now, Greg,
we're gonna have BYU who needs a new coach, who
just lost Mark Pope, the architect really of their success.

And oh, by the way, they have to compete in
the Big Twelve of the best conference pound for pound
in the nation.

Speaker 3 (13:53):
So I'm probably also going to.

Speaker 4 (13:55):
Be fading BYU. I think you're gonna lose some players there.
Some may try to go Pope. I saw that, And
now you're gonna wake up here in the Big twelve
little bit of a rough spot, especially when you look
down at West Virginia and you know that they're gonna
be rejuvenated with Darren de Freeze coming over from Drake.
So that's another one I agree with. You can't blame
the Chicago State guy. There's some rumors on social media

that being a big time lucrative position monetarily, which is
shocking to me as an assistant. But yes, I think
that if you don't have a coach now, or you
lose one, you're gonna be behind the eight ball. West
Virginia I expect to get better BYU could be into
some trouble for next year. They were really outkicked their
coverage this year and they're losing a lot besides the

head coach.

Speaker 2 (14:39):
Yep, they certainly are going to be losing a ton.

Speaker 1 (14:41):
When Mark Pope decided to go to Kentucky, saw immediately
forty eight hours after that, a whole bunch of guys
rating the transfer portal.

Speaker 2 (14:49):
And that's just the same in age of college basketball.

Speaker 1 (14:51):
If you lose your coach, if he gets gobbled up
by someone else, immediately your entire team goes into the
transfer portal. It appears so and it's not necessarily too
tremendous for them, And I do think they engaging the
transfer portal this offseason is going to be so interesting
because it's hard to really have winner slash losers of
the transfer portal right now because right now, as I
refresh verbal commits, who does a great job of listening

to all these guys, We've got sixteen hundred and thirty
two guys in the portal. Unless a two hundred and
fifty that made up their mind. So you got fourteen
hundred plus players in the transfer portal. There's no way
to really have takeaways as of right now, but just
what are you looking at in terms of this portal
process and how these rosters come together. Because I feel
like we talked about this a few weeks ago with

the characteristics of teams that made the final four, teams
that made deep runs. But I do take a look
at it, and I think that some of the biggest
teams to really note are some of the teams that
might not be having a whole bunch of guys coming in,
but they just pick up those one or two guys
that they need and maintain some camaraderie from the season before.

Speaker 4 (15:51):
Yeah, the big one that sort of stuck out to
me is Chris Youngblood has recently announced that I believe
he's going to alab Yeah, that's quite a get because again,
you're coming from a program in South Florida where mir
Abdul Raheem is a brilliant coach and did a fantastic job.
He came into this year veteran team, top fifty in experience,

brought in a lot of transfers and that's a great
acquisition because it's a player who can make shots for
a team that may be losing some shot makers. And
he's also a good defender, which Alabama had struggled with,
but it didn't really matter. They ended up playing brilliantly
the whole year. What I look for in transfers is
I want a team that is not just bringing talent together,
but if they need a rebounder, they bring in a

big time rebounder.

Speaker 3 (16:39):
If they need shooting, they bring in some solid shooters.

Speaker 4 (16:42):
And of course I want to look at teams like
a Gonzaga who has a player like Steve Venner's coming
back who was out because of injury, and often they
get forgotten we talk about the transfers, we look at
the incoming class. Vendors was supposed to be a huge contributor,
if not the leading score for that team and he
was out and they still performed really well. So what

I look for in the transfer portal is, yes, obviously
big names who can score, but I'm also looking for
the right fit, the right pieces, And if a team
like Alabama gets a couple defenders, players who could two
way players, that really impresses me because they're solidifying their
weaknesses and it's easiest to do, of course, with rebounding
and a shot blocker inside, if you struggle with defense

at the rim. So it's not just about the transfers,
as we saw with cal or acclimating thirty six stars
worth of freshman talent. It's the right players who buy in.
The perfect example that is Danny Hurley, who you saw
in that viral clip talk about he recruits the parents
and he got the right players. Cam Spencer was the
right player. How good would Kansas have been if they
ended up getting Cam Spencer instead of Nick Timberlake.

Speaker 3 (17:48):
That's the type of transfer.

Speaker 1 (17:50):
You want, absolutely, And how much do you look at
these teams that they enter into the transfer portal and
they pick up some guys, but they have them around
for multiple years. Because we look at Alabama being able
to have Mark Sears for multiple years. You mentioned Yukon
Chris and Newton. You could tell that there were flashes
of brilliance in the NCAA tournament last year and then
this year he became one of the most important players

to that team. And I think that it is so
important that when teams are entering into transfer portal, perhaps
they try to add these guys stick around for multiple
years and not just have it as a one year rental,
because I do think that that season number two can
really be the takeoff year.

Speaker 3 (18:23):
Yeah, I've been that's a great point.

Speaker 4 (18:25):
I've been fading like a team like Indiana because I
think Mike Woodson just had the wrong idea this year.

Speaker 2 (18:30):
They had fifty forwards in like no guards.

Speaker 4 (18:32):
Right, like going big in twenty twenty four just didn't
make a lot of sense to me.

Speaker 3 (18:36):
Sometimes that easy.

Speaker 4 (18:37):
But now they get Miles Rice over, who's a player
that I believe can be there for two years. Obviously
had the huge battle of cancer, which is a wonderful
story he beat it. Not a great shooter, but definitely
someone who can control the backcourt. So sure, And I
think the king of this is Chris Beard down in
Old miss They ended up getting a transfer from Michigan
State D. D.

Speaker 3 (18:57):

Speaker 4 (18:58):
So those are the type of players and coaches that
I want. They can get a player in, like you said,
for more than one year, and some of the big
schools do that. So a Miles Rice is not going
pro like next year. So if you can get two years,
I think that's even more critical, especially like you said,
there you go. I didn't like Mike Woodson had too
many bigs. Now he's getting guards. Okay, well, now I'm

maybe looking in because you know, Purdue's going to take
a step back more than likely.

Speaker 2 (19:22):

Speaker 1 (19:22):
Absolutely, And Purdue, unlike this past season where they've lost
pretty much no one to their transfer portal, they've had
a few guys entering. Now it's all like they're having
their big impactful guys entering the transfer portal. But I
figured that Zach Edy is as good as gone to
play in the NBA, you know, out about it, and
have a guy like a Mason gillis going to the
transfer portal. I think that that is going to be

affecting them a little bit as well. And we've got
a lot that we're going to be able to decipher
this offseason. And Mike, I know you're gonna be doing
a tremendous job on this front. I also know that
you're doing a great job in terms of gaging the
NBA draft. You guys over there at screen, the screener
every single year do a nice job on that front
as well. So you're covering all forms of basketball, including
a little bit more of the DFS side and the

NBA playoffs. So love to get people at home know
it's all on tap for you and let the good
people at home now they're how they're able to follow
you on Sociwedia, other platform.

Speaker 4 (20:11):
Yeah, follow me on exit Randall Ran And we have
a ton of great things coming out for FTN. New website,
Greg coming out this week, which is a labor of love.
Really excited. We got the NFL Draft coming up. NBA
Draft was great last year and guys like Greg Peterson,
who you should listen to. I mean, there was no
chance that Grady Dick was going where his over under
I think started gray at eight and a half, maybe
even seven and a half. That's insane sitting there riveted

to whether Johnny Davis is going to go under ten
and a half of the NBA draft couple of years ago.

Speaker 3 (20:38):
Greg, what's better than that when he goes tenth? There
really is?

Speaker 4 (20:40):
So yeah, we have a great, great stuff at FTN,
ready to roll a course, NFL, NBA Draft, MLB's off
to a great start as well, looking forward NFL season.

Speaker 1 (20:48):
Yeah, if only Johnny Davis were after the start that
you guys are after on that front as well, because man,
I can tell you someone from the great Saint Wisconsin.
I have a sister that's an alum up though Wiscon's
a badger's mad about a disappointment.

Speaker 2 (21:01):
To say the least, you're not gonna get that.

Speaker 1 (21:02):
An FDM bets they're not going to disappoint the way
that Johnny Davis has in the NBA.

Speaker 2 (21:07):
But every single time Mike joins.

Speaker 1 (21:09):
The show, he does a great job of blending insights
that I know that he, much like myself, gonna be
gauging all that we're getting this college basketball season. So
big thanks Mike for Joe to be a good Seeps
sow part of the Vison Family podcast.

Speaker 2 (21:20):
And gona be back. So let's take a look at
the newskis that we saw in college basketball on Saturday.

Speaker 1 (21:33):
Never Baculumm you Las Vegas for Cassino Seeps with myself
Gregips Peterson now part of the Vison Family Podcast. It
is always great to be joined by Mike Randall. He
does such a great job taking a look at this
game that we all know and love of basketball. Every
single time he joins the show, he lends such good
insights as he did today, and it's gonna be a
long seven months of taking a look at college basketball

this offseason.

Speaker 2 (21:55):
He's one of the most.

Speaker 1 (21:56):
Committed men to it that you are gonna find so big.
Thanks for Jen mean last segment. Now it is that
time the podcast they give you a round up of
all the news and notes we saw in college basketball
on Saturday. We didn't see a ton of guys enter
into the transfer portal, but we did see a man
that is known better by his nickname of Big z
enter in as Kentucky's big man. Zamir is sieve it

hopefully has said that correct. I don't think that I did,
but we gave it our best shot. He is out
in the transfer portal and it's going to be interesting
to see what the market is from He was unable
to get out there until about mid season for Kentucky,
and he was a nice shot blocker for them. He
averaged five and a half points, three and a half boards,
a little bit of our block per contest, and at
some foot two, he's able to shoot thirty seven a
half percent from three. If you want to take a

look at a guy that with the proper coaching, could
really become an animal at the college basketball level. I
think that this is the ultimate upside play. Like, if
you're a school with a roster spot open, and if
you believe that you're able to coach him up, I
would say you should be chasing after a guy like that. Sure,
it could turn out to be a case where he's
just a little bit a clunky big man that just

really can't find his footing, but if you can develop him,
if you can have the proper coaching, this could be
an absolute home run. That's one of the biggest upside
guys I think are right now in the transfer portal.
This is a little bit more of a proven commodity
in Alabama has done a nice job once again in
the portal. Chris young Blood spent the beginning part of
his career at Kinnasas State. We give our o Deblaion
Kiffin go Owls spent this last year at South Florida.

He's heading on over to Alabama. He had shot at
least forty percent for three part into each out of
the past three seasons. This past year didn't give you
as much rebounding as he did at Kandasa State, but
fifteen and a half points per contest by all Couns
was a relative we solid defender over at South Florida
as well, and that's something that this team is going
to need a little bit more of. Weill Alabama was
able to meet the final four. I don't think that
I'm speaking out of turn when I say that that

defense was not great. To say the Lisa Chrissy young
Blood was a very good defender out there in the
American I mean, this guy was able to do an
absolutely amazing job of Bible put the ball in the basket.
Very nice players, So that is going to be a
good gift for them. And how about Georgetown being able
to get a good get as well. They're going to
need to really rebuild this program as in year number
two under Ed Cooley. They after we get started already

with bringing in Mike ah Peeve. He was over at
TCU this past season and just as a statue suffer,
he doesn't do one thing great. He shoots in the
slash mid thirties from three point range. But this last
year at TCU nearly five boards, eleven points two an halfphesis,
one point three seals per contest. He's got okay size
as a like ideal wing player that once again is
a jack of all trades, doesn't do one thing amazing,

but you need him to play a little defense. He's
going to play some defense, and George Stown was awful
on defense. I do think that I'll know this is
going to be something that works out quite well. We're
probably going to need to get on our good friend
Ethan Bach, who does a great job covering both West
Virginia along with just transfers in general, over at the
Portal Report within the next few days and get his
thoughts on this one. As Seth Wilson, he has decided

that he is going to be going from West Virginia
and he's going to be transferring on over to Akron,
and I think that this is going to be a
tremendous gift for Akron. Seth Wilson actually was one of
the top players in turn assist a turnover ratio two
seasons ago in college basketball. During the twenty twenty two
to twenty three season, he did a nice job being
able to give the team about four points per contest,
shot about thirty five and a half percent for three.

This past year, he saw seventeen minutes per game, but
it was just a big giant mess in general for
West Virginia. But I think that this is a very
nice upside piece. We've seen John Gross do a nice
job plucking these guys out, being able to find a
way to be able to get all these pieces to
be able to work out. We've seen them in past
seasons be able to bring in someone like an Ali
Li this past year, although he was at Akron once before,

but be able to get all those pieces to be
able to work out quite well. I do think that
he's going to be able to do so once again
here and Enrique Freeman, with someone that was just so
tremendous for the seam this past season, They're going to
need to turn the page a little bit and it
does feel like they're going to go a little bit
more guard heavy this season, which I don't think it
is for the negative. Ashton Smith, he was playing over
at or Roberts along Texas A and M. Began his

career at Texas A and M. It just didn't pan
out from there, and then this past year at Oral Roberts,
he just didn't fit the system. In general, Or Roberts
is an up and down team that takes a lot
of threes. This is a clunky big man at six nine,
about two hundred and fifty pounds. He is going to
a program that I think is going to suit him
quite a bit better. He's heading out over to South
Dakota and South Dakota they were able to he had
a little bit of success download this last season. They

weren't a terrible rebound rate team. They are going to
need some perimeter defense, as a lot of teams out
there in the sum of the league are. But that said,
they're most likely going to be Lucy Leatione, who has
given you fourteen points nine and a half rebounds per game.
He doesn't have quite the same height as Fione, but
he's got a really nice, solid frame. I think that
he's going to be able to do a good job
down low for his bunch. So that was a relatively

solid pickup on that front. We also did see James A.
Kunkwole decide that he's going to be going to Akron
as well. It was a very busy day for Akron
as f O Kunkquo just really couldn't get out there
on the floor of this past season for North Carolina.
He's a former top one recruit that did begin his
career at West Virginia. Again, while he was over at
West Virginia just really couldn't find his footing. But with
an all likelihood in Rinque Freeman being out of the

fold for they do need to find a way to
be able to replace that production. And I don't think
the kun Quo is going to be averaging a double
double or anything like that. But I said, you're picking
up a guy with a relatively good skill set. He's
not going to be super versatile on pop a lot
of threes or anything like that, unless if he takes
a little bit of a leap forward in terms of
his progression. But six foot eight, two thirty, he's got
a nice frame out there in the back. I do

think that he's going to be able to have quite
a bit of success. I do think that this man
is going to have some success out there in the
Coastal Conference. Trevor Smith, he was just glued to the
benches past season when it was over at Richmond, a
Richmond team that did a really good job with reguards,
and he decided that he is going to be heading
on over to the Pirates. So this is a transfer
that is rated or he was only able to average
about half a point rebound per contest. Was a little

bit of an upside freshman that Richmond brought in, and
Richmond was really running a tight ship in terms of
the rotations with this team, so he was unable to
get out there on the floor. But that said, this
is going to be something that I think is going
to work out for a Hampton team that just in
general they need bodies.

Speaker 2 (27:57):
They didn't have a lot of.

Speaker 1 (27:58):
Depth this past season, so as a pickup that I
do like, and this is also a pickup that I
think is going to be relatively sawid as well. Terrence Hrkam,
he last season was over at Applatchen State. He is
heading on over to Murray State. Murray State was a
team that played at a relatively slow tempoint. We did
see Applelache and State play a little bit faster this season,
but there are some similarities to Applachen State and Murray State.

Rkham very nice score this past season, twelve points, shot
about thirty five and a half percent from three point range.
Not necessarily a great facilitator, but someone that was very
locked down on defense. Murray State was all over the
place with their defense, it was brutally bad towards the
beginning part of the season. Was able to round into
form a little bit more towards the middle slash back
half of the season. But that said, I do think
that this is going to be one that works out

quite well on Winthrop. This is something that has worked
out so well for them over the past few seasons.
They've done a great job of bringing guys that are
at the non D one level having them come up
to the D one level, and they're going to be
looking for the latest as Paul Jones, he was over
at Combine Academy, has decided that he is going to
be heading on over to win Up. Was a little

bit more at the high school level, but he was
able to tear it up in the great state of
North Carolina. I think that this is going to be
a tremendous git for a Winthrow team that they just
find ways to be able to get so much talent
in general. So that's something that I think is going
to be very big, as is Jeff Noah Cowell. Hopefully
I said that correctly. He was over at the junior
college level, and while he was at the junior college
level at Cowley College, it was just a little bit

of a smaller juco. He was able to average eighteen
and a half points, seven and a half boards to
assist relatively well rounded player. He's coming on over to Cal.
With Cal, it was a case where the defense just
was not there for them this past season. We shall
see if it's going to be a little bit more
prevalent this year. But I thought that that was a
solid gid as is being able to pick up Miles
Rice for Indiana. I was alluding to it in the

last segment with our good friend Mike Randall, who does
tremendous works over at FTN Network. But Indiana had absolutely
no guard play whatsoever this past season, and being able
to pick up someone like a Miles Rice, who was
an impact guy for an NCAA tournament team, this is
going to be absolutely massive for them, as Rice was
able to give the team fourteen and a half points

per contest. He was a very good plus defender as well.
He just seems like he's gonna be able to fit
this Indiana system. He's got a great story as well.
He was the Pack twelve rookie of the Year. I
know that he was dealing with some health issues off
the court during the twenty twenty one, twenty two, twenty
two to twenty three seasons. Tolled out three and a
half SIS one point six deals per contest. So now
they don't need a bank on the health of Xavier

Johnston anymore for their entire backcourt. But I think that
that is good and for ole Miss. They were lacking
a little bit in the backcourt a season to go
as well, and really they didn't do a great job
in terms of being with the glass. I think that
Mikel brown Jones is very much gonna fit this Chris
Beard system. He's coming on over from a VCU along
the UNC Greensboro. Over at Greensboro this last season, he

just absolutely tore it up.

Speaker 2 (30:47):

Speaker 1 (30:47):
Shot forty three point one percent from three point range,
nineteen points, seven and a half boards, nearly a block
per game. He's a six foot eight player that just
completely stuffs the scatty. He does a bit of everything.
Chris Beard always has success when he's able to get
these well rounded like six foot seven, six foot eight
sort of guys. Mcl brown Jones, he very much fits
his system. Good get for them and I do think

that this is going to be a solid gift for
TCU as well. Frankie Collins, he was over at Arizona
State this last season. He has decided that he's going
to be transferring on over to TCU. Frankie Collins is
not someone that's going to light it up from three
point range. But with TCU they sort of rival the
old school Arkansas teams of playing the forty minutes of
ag double hockey six style. And Frankie Collins, he's a

former top winner recruit at a season to go at
Arizona State, and he put up nice numbers nearly fourteen points,
four and a half boards, three assists, was one of
the top players and being able to generate turnovers in
all of college basketball. Problem for him was at Arizona
State just had no offense whatsoever. Like he's a good facilitator.
He himself shot thirty one per seven for three, which
sadly was one of the best marks on the team.
But I think he's going to fit the CCU team

very well. I don't anticipate TCU being the same three
point shitting team that they were a season go, but
still this is very much a nice pickup for a
TCU team that they're going to be missing some of
their pieces like Jamior Nelson Jr. From a season Goo,
and this is a great way to be able to
retool Florida. They pick up yet another big man that's
gonna be able to glass. Ever since Todd Golden has
taken over at Florida, they've been one of the best

teams at being able at the boards. In Sambal Alexis,
he's gonna be a help out with this. Chattanooga had
themselves a very nice season with Sam Alexis being able
to man things down the eleven points nine boards, two
point one blocks per contest, and he's a capable three
point shooter as well. I would say, don't expect him
to be lighting the world on fire from three, but
he does come over from a Chattanooga team that very
much rivals Florida and that they do a nice job

and be able to generate offense. Chattanooga not quite as
up tempo as Florida, but that said, he's able to
do a nice job and be able run the floor.
He's able to pop three, he says, a big man
for his career, about a thirty and a half percent
three point shooter was down a little bit this past season.
That said, he also comes from a Chattanooga team that
wasn't necessarily the world's greatest on defense as well. So
it's right now looking like Florida is going to be
saying the same as they were as season to go.

But College of Charleston and what Chris Mack is looking
to do there, I feel like it took a nice
step forward on Saturday as well as they're going to
be picking up Darren Boyd. Darren Boyd was over at
Lipscomb this last season, and by the way, it was
very refreshing to finally see some guys come off the
board in the transfer portal on Saturday. But for mister Boyd,
he was over at Lipscomb this last year. He did
get injured towards the back half of the season, but

still registered seventeen and a half points per contest. Was
a nice lethal three point shooter at forty four percent.
I think that Chris Mack, someone who always has his
teams being very complete teams, I think is the best
way of putting it. I think that this is going
to be an absolutely tremendous gift for them so being
a pickup Darren Boyd, I think that that is going
to be big for them moving forward. And then I
do like the fact that Iona decided to go into

the D two ranks. Saint Thomas of Aquinas is actually
where a few seasons go their coach, Tobin Anderson was coaching,
and now they bring in James Patterson. James Patterson was
absolutely able to tear it up at Saint Thomas of Aquinas,
and I do think that just the familiarity with what
Tobain Anderson does, I think that that is going to
be massive This past season for James pat he was

able to light it up with about fourteen and a
half points per contest at six WITHT seven gave you
seven boards shot in that pocket about thirty three percent
from three point range. I think that he's going to
be able to come in make a nice impact for Iona,
and I do anticipate Iona looking at some of these
junior college guys looking at more of these D two guys,
and we've noticed a lot of these programs that have
sort of D two ties with some of their coaches.

Tobin Anderson has won them, Josh Shirtz was certainly won them.
Now he's over at Saint Louis, but was doing that
while he was over with the Indiana State Sycamores. It's
worked out for these guys, and with Iona this past offseason,
I felt like they didn't bring in enough of these
D two guys, and I do think that this is
going to be a big time for them moving forward.
And this is a big time transfer is njt's Makai Gray.

He's going to be staying within the conference and he's
going to get Lowell as he's transferring out over to UMAs.
Little just has been a train wreck for NJIT last
few seasons, but with Makai Gray, he was a solid
player for French this past season. Ten points, four and
a half boards, a little bit of a do it
all player. He was able to give out two and
halfsids per contest. Not again that's going to light it
up from three a career, about twenty seven percent three

point shooter, but a well rounded player for a UMass
Little team that was one of the most relentless teams
on defense in all of college basketball. Left a little
bit of something to be desired with regards to the
three point shooting and their overall offense. And that is
going to be the game of Gary as well. But
I said, I do think that this is going to
be a relatively solid pickup for them as well. And
then we did see the College of Charleston get a

few under the radar guys and guys that are a
little bit more guys that didn't necessarily see a lot
of minutes at their previous top as you've got for
this Charleston team. Doordae Kusi hopefully has said that correctly.
He's going to be transferring in after he was at
Saint Louis this past season only average about three points
per contest, but he shot forty three percent from three
point in a guy that comes in from Serbia, so

a little bit of an international man of mystery. And
the same goes for Laser Djokovic. He was over at
Xavier this last season. He really did not see any
minutes whatsoever for Xavior. I don't know if he got
out there on the floor whatsoever. But I go back
to what I saw from him in the FEBA Under
nineteen event when he was playing for Serbia. So you've
got two Serbian players that are going to be coming

into the College of Charleston, so they are very much
going to the international route. He was averaging about fifteen
points seven a half rebounds per game at six foot ten.
He's not necessarily going to be popping a ton of
threes or anything like that, but he's capable of being
able pop threes. I think that this is going to
be very, very good for them. And then you've got
Jacksonville trying to be able to pluck someone from a
little bit of a higher level and just turn them

into one of their next big time big men. Down lowez,
you've got Zimmy Wokeji. Hopefully I said that correctly. It
was over at dating this last season. He has decided
that he is going to be hitting the floor for Jacksonville.
And when you're having to sit behind a pair of
guys in Night Santos a lot Dayron Holmes, you're not
going to be seeing a bunch of minutes. But at
six point seven he was able to put up about
two and a half points per contest. He's capable of

being a pop threes round. His screer has only shot
about twenty seven percent from the outside, but has a
little bit of versatility there. Just could never really get
out there on the floor. And he's actually a native
of the great state of Florida, so all encompassing move there.
And this one does surprised me quite a bit. How
about Patrick McCaffrey of Iowa decided that he's gonna leave
his father's program and he is heading.

Speaker 2 (37:07):
On over to Butler.

Speaker 1 (37:09):
This one I just find to be so fascinating in general,
as Patrick McCaffrey, I believe that he is the McCaffrey
that stepped away from the game for a little bit
of time to just get things figured out. In general,
he was able to have a solid season Friowa this
past season, nine points per contest. He stands right around
six foot nine, is able to shoot about thirty one
thirty two percent from three points. Is he going to
be like a program changer for Butler. No, But at

the same time, for Butler to be able to pluck
away a gentleman who's coach, who's dad is the coach
over at Iowa, I think that that's big time. And
then Dylan Grant, he was over at Utah State. He's
going to be saying in the state of Utah's he's
going to be heading on over to Utah Tech. Things
were just a complete calamity for Utah Tech this last season.
They were one of the most unlucky teams in all
of college basketball in terms of dealing with injuries, They

could not protect the ball. They were supposed to be
a really good three point shitting team that did not
come to the forefront end. For Grant, he was someone
that was a little bit unlo lucky this past season,
had to Redchert or right Utah State. But some of
that six foot eight was relatively highly touted out there
in the Utah area, someone that I think is going
to be able to make a little bit of an
impact as he is able to have efforts to tell
the disabled pop threes. And if you take a look

at two four to seven Sports, the way that they
rated him coming out of high school, he was the
number four prospect in the state of Utah for I
believe the class of twenty twenty three. So that's what
we all saw in college basketball news wise on Saturday,
and we're going to be keeping guysbressas to everything that's
happening this college basketball off season, and we're hopefully going
to build towards the most profitable season ever in college

basketball and if you do like Jeering from the sign
podcast Ghost Go Teams, you're able to subscribe wherever your podcasts,
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I have you for this podcast? You do have one
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this podcast five stars, it is very much appreciated. From there,
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big thing. So Mike Randalla does tremendous work over at
FDN Network. He joined me in the last segment coming
at you guys every single day this year regular season,
and I'll season with the podcasts and you guys at
the end the day, I'll be back with you.

Speaker 2 (39:13):
Let's get him out.

Speaker 1 (39:14):
Thank you,
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