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April 15, 2024 35 mins

Greg talks about the disadvantages of players that commit to a school late in the offseason go through, talks to Tristan Freeman of Busting Brackets about what he’s made of the recent coaching cycle, the pressure new coaches face early on, & what he’s looking for in the transfer portal, & Greg recaps Sunday’s college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:00-Disadvantages of players that commit to a school late in the offseason

10:38-Interview with Tristan Freeman

26:44-Recap of Sunday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Him wonder for the low Welcome to love you Las Vegas.
These with myself, Gregate Speeders and now part of the Decent
family and podcast maybe on excellent podcast for us. We're
gonna be joining in SEGMA number two by Tristan Freeman,
who does excellent work over at Buss and Brackets. We're
gonna be chatting with them about some of the moves
that we did see on Sunday with Kylon ballaswell heading
on over to Illinois from Arizona, Texas, picks up a

pair of guards and just what he's made on these
coaching iyres, the sort of second going of the coaching carousel,
because it felt like things were winding down to begin with,
and then coach cal Perry adds on over to Arkansas
and that led to really a second wave. So what
to make out of that front what he's currently taking
a look at in terms of some of these coaches

that might be bringing their own over like Josh Shurt
trying to be able to land some of the Indiana
State Sycamore players that he was coaching last year over
at Saint Louis and so much more. And then in
the final segment, we're gonna get you guys a roundup
of everything that we saw in college basketball on Sunday.
If you do have a question, comment segment idea what
I have before this podcast, you do have one of
two way's vol far those in. First one is my

Twitter slash x simeline at une and unders forty one.
Keep in mind letter ZM they mean does that matter?
So as per usual, please send these into the timeline.
Other ways, find an Apple podcast review. If you rate
this podcast, I starves it is very much appreciated. From there,
you're able to fire in whatever you'd like to here
on this podcast. By the five star review, really didn't
get in any Twitter slash teks questions, and I do
want you to send in a few because I use

them really for the first segment here. But I do
feel like we've got a nice topic to be able
to dive in on here to begin the show. And
that's what to gauge out of teams that hit the
transfer portal early slash late. And I do think that
it is meaningful and it's not like it's an nlbl off.
A team dies into the transfer portal a little bit
later on, they get a lot of their ads in
like June. It doesn't mean it's an NLB all. I

would say that once the NBA draft decisions are made
about three weeks afterwards. If you're three weeks late to
picking up anyone in the transfer portal, that's what it
really gets to be an issue. I've just noticed that
throughout the years in college of basketball, anytime between now
and I would say late June teams are gonna be fine.
They're gonna have enough time to be able to build chemistry,

to be able to get to know one another. But
I do think that one of the biggest concerns I
have for a team going into the season as if
they were formed sort of on the fly slash late.
Like we saw this very prevalently with West Virginia this
past season because they lost a lot of guys, they
had to try to bring in some like Quince Laziski
at the last minute, and you knew that it was
going to be a wreck to start with. But I

think part of the reason why it was such a
wreck is that they did have to bring in a
lot of these guys later on in the process. You
did see a team in Kansas State get a few
late ads two seasons ago. That's back when they had
really a dynamic duel out there in the front court
and the back court. It was just absolutely incredible what
Jerome Tank was able to do in season number one,
being able to land Keyante Johnson late in the process.

You had Marquis Nowell still be in the fold. He
did a really nice job of be able to build
through the transfer portal late in the off season. But
typically it's something that doesn't work out well for these coaches.
So I do take a look at a team like Texas,
who is going to be having a pair of guys
in treymond Mark couple with also Julian Larry from Indianas
coming in, and I think that that's big time. Larry

was a tremendous three point shooter, giving you about eleven
points per contest shot from three point range about forty
six or so percent. And then treymond Mark. While he's
not going to be like a super versatile pass or
anything like that at six foot five, this guy was
a part of a winning program over at Houston last
few seasons, put up big numbers At Arkansas. He gave
you sixteen points per contest shot thirty six percent for three.

Problem was they were very hollow because there was absolutely
no facilitation over there at Arkansas. But I look at
what they did, I think that it's eight thumbs up
for that Texas program. In Texas, they built themselves quite
a bit through the transfer portal of the last few
seasons in Cantell, things just did not go the way
that Rodney Terry had wanted. I still think that it's
fair to have a few question marks on that front

with him, but I do think that this is really
going to be that rubber beats the road year for him,
and I think that that's something to ask about with
Tristan Freeman as well. These year two year three coaches.
I think that's so important and something else I think
that is worth asking about, as if some of these
coaches are going to be feeling pressure to be able
to win in year number one to sort of get
the monkey off their back. We notice a lot of

coaches go into a little bit more of a year
two funk. Because Jerome Dang had that great first year
over at kandas Is State. Dennis Gates he had a
tremendous first year at Missouri. Both of those guys said
their programs really fall for Cliff this last season much
more Missouri than Kansas State, and Kansas City was so
competitive they so may be nit in Missouri in the
SEC won as many games as Greg Peterson and I

do not compete in the SEC. But we're certainly going
to be asking about that and so much more as
there's so much going on in college basketball right now
with the north of sixteen undred guys in the transfer
port and we're going to be breaking down much of
it next with their good friend Tristan Freeman au Bust
the Brackets here on Good Seas with myself taking speed
and said now apartment I buy Las Vegas because Cassys

with myself Greg eg Speeders and now part of the
Decent Family podcast. Always great to beat you on by
this man. Tristan Freeman is just a hard working man
that does an amazing job taking a look at college
basketball here but catch him on the field of sixty
eight Sleepers Media. His main thing fan site is college
basketball coverage. Over at Bust and Brackets, he is breaking
down the transfer portal. He's looking at all these coaching hires.

He has his finger on the pulse of everything that's
happening out there in the great state of Pennsylvania as well,
and you're able to follo him on Twitter slash ex
at oops out three to five to one and Tristan
always pleasure my friend. Thank you.

Speaker 2 (05:36):
Yeah, Greg appreciate it.

Speaker 1 (05:38):
I appreciate you, Tristan, And no question about it. It
has been a very very rambunctionous offseason and that's we're
cut down less than seven days ago. Just what if
you made out of all the coaching hoopla that has
come about, because it felt like prior to the coach
Cala Perry news, prior to everything that happened with Kentucky,
it felt like we were simmering down a little bit.

But it says it's the Kentucky hiring of Mark Pope
and John Caliperry heading out over to Arkansas almost caused
for a second goal of it with regards to coaching. Garsel.

Speaker 2 (06:09):
Yeah, I mean when Kentucky lost to Oakland and you know,
the Big Blue Nation pretty much was like we were
done with the Calipari era, it felt like something was
going to happen, but then you know nothing. But I
think ultimately cal wanted to leave and the question was
going to be which job was going to.

Speaker 1 (06:27):
Be the one for him?

Speaker 2 (06:29):
And then Arkansas just opened up thanks to the carousel
moves that SMU and uscmate. It was just a perfect storm.
If you were Kentucky, who could you get to say
yes at this point in the juncture after some of
the big names said no, and they they got a
former player, Mark Pope. So ultimately it was although it
shocking one, you also could have saw somebody's news coming.

I think it felt like it was going to be
the end of Calipari Kentucky Mark Pope, especially coming off
of this big year by you could one day be
the coach. I just didn't know it would be dis soon.
But it's very fascinating and assuming that BYU hires within,
they'll pretty much close the coach and careself for the

high majors with a lot of surprising results.

Speaker 1 (07:16):
Quite frankly, absolutely, and I do think that it's going
to be interesting to see what we get moving forward
as most vacancies have been filled, but we know that
Chicago State had one open up a little bit surprisingly
with mister Gerald gilly And actually deciding to become an
associate head coach or at Long Island after we're doing.
I'm gonna call it what it is, an amazing job
with that Chicago State program as well, So there's a

lot to be able to decide for there. And in
terms of coaching moves that we've seen over the last
we'll call it about tour or so weeks, because we've
had a lot that has gone down in college basketball
since we last spoke. Are there a few in general
that you take a look at and either you really
like them, or for lack of a better term, you're
intrigued by them. Maybe you like them, maybe you don't
like them, but you just think that it's a little
bit of an interesting fit.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
I'm curious how must it's gonna work at USC because
now during the Big Ten, and this is gonna be
a question that I think is gonna be really fascinating
with all these teams switching conferences, which ones are going
to work out? You know, USC does have nil, but
not necessarily at the same level as Arkansas, and I
don't know if he can just simply grab transfers in

and out. Now, USC is obviously one premier destination spot,
but you know, you're not necessarily going to get everyone
in a Big Ten that's even when down it's still
very competitive. We'll see how that works. I've been coming
off this last year at Arkansas where things just really
went all the way left. I'm curious if he's going
to continue his ways to be in portal heavy or

if he's gonna switch it up.

Speaker 1 (08:43):
Yeap. It is gonna be fascinating to see what he does,
because we've actually seen John Caliperry enter into the portal before.
It's not like he's been completely against it, but you
could tell you went very much too heavy with regards
to one and done this season, and just how much
can you take a look at the approach that Coke
are going to need to take this year into next
year with the COVID year versus one that runs out,

because I do think that it's a little bit of
a different landscape here in the next twenty four months
versus when we do get those COVID years that run out.
Not that going completely one and done is ever going
to be necessarily the thing once again, but I feel
like it would probably work a little bit better, like
two or three years from now, what cal Perry tried
this year, rather than right now where it feels like
every team is as old as it ever has been.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
You mentioned the term one and done, and I think
there's going to be a lot of that in the future,
but not necessarily one and done from freshman standpoint, because
there's a whole bunch of transfers that's just leaving after
one year at their other spots. A good example a
player I'm looking at JV McCollum went from Siena and
spent a year at Oklahoma, is now going to Jordia Tech.

He's technically a one and done guy too. That will
affect because you'd rather have one and done quote unquote,
you know transfers that you know proved production and freshman,
but at the same time, you know somebody's freshman you
can hold on to, you know that you won't have
to worry about that spot in.

Speaker 1 (10:02):
The following off season.

Speaker 2 (10:04):
So in this new world where just where no one
is safe at their own spots, you're just gonna have
to find a way to make it work. And as mentioned,
we're gonna lose a lot of fourth and fifth year
seniors at the end of next year, which will force
us to get younger, but also can mean that could
just force teams to find even more mid major guys
to bring up, which will then you know, have a

whole lot of error margin because as we know, some
of them can be stars and some can be just be.

Speaker 1 (10:30):
Busted absolutely, And that's the way it sometimes goes in
college basketball. You find that with freshman recruiting, and I
now many times seven we've seen a guy in the
transfer portal be like, oh, yes, this guy is gonna
be a home run, and then he goes from averaging
like fifteen points per game at one place averaging like two.
It happens every single year. As trying to be on
the show, we do have Tristan Freeman, who does amazing

workover at Bust and Brackets, trying to be right here
on Costco. Soup said, what else I think is going
to be interesting about this offseason cycle was watching to
see whether or not guys at their old stuffs decide
that they're gonna be able to bring a lot of
guys with them. Like right now, a lot of buzz
is whether or not we're gonna see Josh Suertz, who
moved on over to Saint Louis bring over some of
the Indiana State guys. Now Julian Larry he is off

the board. He is not going to be going to
Indiana State. But guys like Robbie Avalon company, they're still
out there fur the taking. What have you made out
of this sort of a trend, because I do think
that's voted very well for a lot of these coaches
that are looking to be able to get off to
a good starting year number one and for lack of
a better term, trying to make sure that the fan
base is off their back after you're number one and
get off to a good search. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (11:35):
Well, I mean, let's look at the best example. It
is Dennis Gates who was able to a Keith Kobe
Brown for another year but also bring in some familiar
faces from the Cleveland State and Horizon League and that
worked out perfectly, went to the tournament. Then the year
later you bring in some transfers that don't fit and
then it goes all the way horrible where you don't

win a single game in the SEC. I'm sort of,
you know, not looking at coaches from their first year alone,
although you know them winning year one is great, so
you can keep the optimism, but can they sustain it.
We'll see what happens with Gabe because he had the
ultimate high and ultimate low. We also saw this with
Lamont Paris, where in his second year he gets the

right guys and they're a five seat and no one
expected that. So there's just gonna be a lot of variants,
I think. Ultimately, especially if you're not a high major
coach with a ton of resources, you just want to
get off to a good start. It's where you can
keep the momentum and become more viable on the recruitment trail.
We saw this with Drew Valentine and Lewis Chicago, where
their first year in the A ten went so bad

and in the second year they just get the right
pieces and go first place. So ultimately, it just might
not matter how you start, but you definitely got to
get it going quickly because it's gonna be rare for
coaches to get three four years to turn the ship around.

Speaker 1 (12:52):
Yep. Absolutely, it used to be that you would get
those three to four years, and that's not quite the
case anymore now. Typically we are not going to find
a lot of one and done coaches and the programs
are giving you only one year. They've really got it wrong,
in my opinion. But I said, we saw a lot
of guys canned after two years now. I never thought
that the Louisville situation was great to start with, but

we saw like the pain train and Kenny Payne itt
can right away as well, So certainly something to watch
out for us. Tristan Freeman, who does such great workover
at Bustin Bracketts, is showing to be right here oncause
soups In. Certainly something I'm going to be watching out for.
With regards to the transfer portal are those guys that
are going to be following their former coaches. But just
how do you take a look at the portal and

will be've all gotten thus far? Because there's so many
guys that have decisions to make. As we know it
is going to be very impactful what we see in
terms of these NBA Draft decisions, as a lot of
the hottest players out there in the transfer portal, they
are also entered into the NBA Draft and c some
guys have actually already made their intentions known of entering
into the NBA Draft and have already decided on a

different school, like we saw that with utsa's Jordan Ivy Curry.
But just with regards to transfer portal, we're a few
guys that you're looking at that might be of a
big giant impact because we've seen quite a few guys
enter in the last few days, and I do think
that there's some potential game changers that are out there
on the market right now.

Speaker 2 (14:12):
Honestly, with over like a thousand dudes in the portal,
trying to think of, you know, just a couple is hard.
I will say a guy like Keishawn Hall, formerly a
George Mason, who has a final four. He's a very
interesting player because he's a guy who went for twenty
and eight there, but also might not be the greatest

roster fit for some of these teams. He's down to
a final four, including Michigan State. Spartans have been looking
for for but they haven't been able to land on
any once. I'm very curious all all in all, where
he'll end up, because I think talent wise, he could
be a very good player who can absolutely fit the
high majors.

Speaker 1 (14:50):
Yeah, absolutely, And there are just so many guys out
there in the transfer portal. There's no way fans or
butts about it. But we did see a couple of
big decisions be made in Texas were big winners on
Sunday as well. They land both treymont Mark, who we
recall you was an double figure scorer while he was
over at Arkansas along with Houston the last few seasons,
and they brought in Julian Larry, who shot about forty

six percent from three last season over at Indiana State.
And I do think that this SEXUS seam is going
to be so interesting because we were talking about some
of these coaches. HONESTI having the world's longest runway. I
do feel like there's gonna be a lot of pressure
on Rodney Terry this upcoming season.

Speaker 2 (15:25):
I think his first full year with Max sasimas Leet
and the way it went fine, but they're now going
to the SEC, and the bottom of the SEC, I
would argue is even tougher than the bottom of the
Big twelve, and there's gonna be a lot of pressure.

Speaker 1 (15:41):

Speaker 2 (15:42):
We'll see what happens with guys like Dylan Mitchell and
Tyres Hunter, Vacant Stay. They'll have plenty of depth about
this team. This past year just didn't really have much depth.
And look, we'll see what happens with these Indiana State
players because they're going from one system to another, and
it's different. You know, Honestly, it's hard to tell what
Roy Terry's system was with all the different pieces. I'm

curious for them for sure. And Oklahoma a team that
currently doesn't really have anyone because they all hit the portal,
and I'm very interested to see what their coach is
gonna do because again, the SEC is going to be
extremely tough, and the Big Trump's gonna be tough too
when you have the Arizona schools, Colorado and Utah come
in as well.

Speaker 1 (16:21):
Yeah, no doubt about it. That is going to be
an absolutely brutal conference. And that's one that I'm taking
a look at and I'm very intrigued by. And then
out of all the transfers that we did see on Sunday,
I felt like this one was the biggest impact. And
this was one that I thought was very needed for
Illinois because as we know, they're going to be having
a replace Teren Shannon and all the production that he
provided a season goo, but Kyle Boswall deciding that he's

gonna go to Illinois I thought was of a big
time gift for them. Someone who reclassified. So while most
players will be in technically his sophomore year because he
were classified, he's already got two years under his belt.
Was able to log about nine and a half points,
three and an emphasis per contest for an Arizona That
was very explosive this season. What were your thoughts when
you saw this? Because I do feel like this is

a fit between he and Illinois that is very much
gonna work out.

Speaker 2 (17:08):
Anytime you can get a player to come home, that's
always going to be a positive. And look, one problem
that I always had with Illinois that is that they
just didn't have a true point guard. I don't think
Ty Rodgers is truly a point guard. And look that
probably didn't matter one way or another against Yukon. But
having somebody that you can trust to get the ball
in her hands now that Tarren Shannon is gone, that's

gonna be.

Speaker 1 (17:31):
A good thing.

Speaker 2 (17:31):
And they've added some pieces. You got Trey White, you
bring in the Jake Davis at guard from Mercer. It'll
be interested to see what else they can do. They
they've been tied to a couple of guys, including most
notably aj Store from Wisconsin. But I am curious on
what's going to happen if Boswell is one of the
lead guards instead of playing a supportive role which he

did this past season. About nexticat Love.

Speaker 1 (17:54):
Yeah, but I do think that that is going to
be a really interesting fit in general as well. And
I do think that that's going to be a big
one moving forward as from Freeman, who does a tremendous
job over at Bust and Bractets is jowing me on hoops.
And I'm not sure if you've picked up on this
last few seasons, but it does feel like different conferences
have different ways and tenors of the way that they
do approach a transfer portal. We notice a lot of

them trying to right the wrongs from like past years.
We notice this pass offseason the SEC after they didn't
have a lot of jump shooting in the conference. In general,
you notice a lot of teams like Tennessee pick up
guys like Dalton connect Alabama has always been explosive on offense,
but they got even more explosive on offense. And I
feel like we did notice with the Big Ten they
decided to enter into the portal a little bit more.

Is there maybe perhaps a conference that you take a
look at and maybe they were lacking in an area
that they might take this a little bit of approach,
much like the SEC did this pass offseason in terms
of bringing in more jump shooting.

Speaker 2 (18:48):
I kind of wanted you to take a ring check
on that because it's so early. I just think everyone
is going into the portal guys who out of shooters
or not. The teams are just going to have to
be forced to add bodies. And I've seen teams take
players who are shooting around twenty eight twenty nine percent
from deep. That's actually something that you know, if you
look at some of the Crystal Bahols for Arizona's players,

that's like, okay, they're adding you know, double digit scores,
but they're not shooters. And you know, and that includes
Miles Rice, who they added this weekend. I just think
a lot of these teams of coaches are just getting
guys that they know they can commit and they can
just act because no one wants to be stuck scrambling
at the end of May when the portal ends in
terms of guys who's enter, and so I think you're

just seeing a lot of teams and players just get
guys and hope that it fits later. And that worked
for a couple of teams. It did not work for
some teams that included Arkansas who added a lot of
guys and it just backfired on them. But I don't
even think there's a strategy as much as get the
guys that you can get and then just hope that
it works out later.

Speaker 1 (19:52):
Yep, and Texas they certainly took that approach on Sunday.
Being able to get a pair of guys have average
double figures throughout their careers very impactful. And what is
impactful for this podcast is getting great guests at board
like you, Tristan. You do an amazing job over at
Busting Brackets. I know that all twelve months of the
year you're taking a look at college basketball. You are
hard at work taking a look at the transfer portal,

all these coaching highers and so much more. So love
to get people at home. Know it's all on tap
for you. I know people are able to follow on
on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (20:21):
Yeah, you can check me out at hoops nut three
five to one on Twitter sized x. You could also
follow at Busting Brackets and check out a site. And
this week it's just gonna be pooral heavy looking at
needs for teams and Monday morning, I'll have the top
fifty early transfer commits just for people to get an
idea of who's already signed and which teams are doing
well so far.

Speaker 1 (20:42):
Tristan is doing an amazing job breaking down all that
we're getting in the off season and he's gonna have
a set for what is going to be a tremendous
twenty twenty four to twenty five season, and it's away's
great to get him a board. Big thanks to Tristan
for joining Meoncaca Soupstyle part the Vson Family podcasts and
coming next it's not quite a bit of player movement.
On Sunday, I will give you a capital Rember back

here love me Las Vegas for Kusus Hoops with myself,
Greig Gibs Peters said, now part of the Vson Family podcast.
It is always great to get Tristan Freeman aboard. He
does such good workover at Busson Brackets taking a look
at this great game that we all know and love.
One of the hardest working men when it comes to
the off season as well, I know that he's doing
a great job deciphering what we're all getting in the
transfer portal. Taking a look at all these coaching moves

and so much more. So big thanks aam for joining
me in the last segment. Nowadays that time the podcast
that I give you a little round up as Sudie
News and onunce that we saw in college basketball on Sunday,
we really don't get as much news when it comes
to the weekends. You'll notice that the Monday through Friday
shows are going to be a little bit more pack
than these once here on Saturday and Sunday, and once

we get a little bit more clarity with regards to
these rosters, I probably will be using these Saturday and
Sunday podcast a little bit more for conference previews as well,
so to be mindful of that. But we are taking
a look at not just the D one transfers, but
the non D one transfer is like Jamal Mootlib hopefully
I said that correctly. It was over at non D
one Kilgore College a season ago. He's heading on over

to Aplatchen State. At Platchen State, he's lost quite a
bit here in the offseason from what was a tremendous team.
But this guy, he's gonna fit in relatively well in
my opinion, gives the team a bit of shooting that
they're gonna need as well with Mootlip. He over at
Kilgore College as a six A Sixcambo player, shot nearly
thirty nine percent for three nineteen points, five boards, seventy
percent of the Charity stripe. Really like his overall game.

He was one of the standouts ever at the junior
college level. So as a big one for app Latche
and State that's gonna be able to help them out
a little bit moving forward. We saw a few guys
that decide that were at the D one level that
they were going to be making a little bit of
a bigger move, like Tyler Perkins. The Penn Quakers were
able to get a lot out of him this past season.

Now he's going to be within the state. He is
going to be going over to Villanova for Perkins dealt
with a little bit of an injury towards the middle
part of the year last year at Penn that limited
him to twenty nine games in total, but he was
rock solid thirteen a half points per contest, shot thirty
five percent from three points true freshman, So I think
that this could be one of those cases where maybe
he doesn't see a bunch of playing time as a sophomore.

But I do like these sorts of moves. Being able
to lock in a guy for multiple years like this,
I think that that is going to be very beneficial
for them, and I think that's going to be big
moving forward. We also have guys that go from the
D one level to the non D one level, and
these are very easy for you. All you need to
do is note insert your favorite D one player here.
He's no longer at the D one level. You're able

to just cross him off your list of guys that
you need to evaluate and break down for the upcoming
season and move on. That is the case for this
gentleman in Jaden Thompson. Thompson last season was at Charleston Southern.
The average two and a half points per contest really
wasn't making too much of a ripple for them. He
decided that he is going to be going down to
Winston State Salem University. You wish him absolutely nothing but

the best, across him off your list of guys that
you need to evaluate, and then you're able to move
on from there. This man is going to be I
guess following in the foots of Jerry McNamara. As McNamara
was obviously a standout at Syracuse. He's now the head
coach over at Sienna Peter Carey. Last season he was
over at Syracuse, no appointing time whatsoever. At six foot eleven,
was able to give the team about a rebound per

contest when he was able to take the floor. He
decided that he is going to be heading on over
to Sienna as well. We've seen a lot of load
to mid majors have success with a guy like at
Carry that sees absolutely no playing time at insert your
power conference here, He's able to go down to a
lower level and boom, he's able to really develop from there.
Murray State has been quite active here in the transfer

portal year. In the offseason, they're going to be bringing
in Kaylan Milton. He was over at Arkansas Pine both
this last season and for Miltney. He did begin his
career over at Western Kentucky. He spent a really nice
score the last few seasons in college basketball at six
before last season at Pine Bluffs seventeen points, six a
half boards, three assists, shot it from three point about
a thirty five percent clip. He's gotten better and better

as his career as went along from distance and going
to be very interesting to watch Murray State moving forward.
Is it's not necessarily been the second coming for Steve
Prome that he was necessarily expecting because he had a
lot of success first time around there. Right now it's
been a little bit of a rebuild for them, but
they've also got Joe Charles coming in from Louisiana relatively

solid rebounders. So do you like some of the moves
they're being made and that's only going to be able
to help them out. I feel like this was probably
the biggest piece of player news that we did see
on Sunday. Covin Boswell, he was a big part of
Arizona this past season, was one of their main facilitators.
Wasn't necessarily go to score at about nine and a
half points per contest, but John a relatively well into
two years at Arizona. He was started this year, shot

thirty eight and a half percent from three point shit
his two seasons on campus, throwing their three and a
half assists one point four seals per contest. Him heading
on over to Illinois is massive because they're going to
be losing Terren Shannon. They need someone to be a
go to guy, and Boss all the times has shown
to be a go to score. I don't know if
he's going to be averaging twenty plus points per contest
or anything like that, but I do think that this

is going to be a nice gift for them. Now.
I don't know if Gabe Madson and Mason Madson are related,
but Gabe Madson has been playing at Utah over the
last few seasons. Mason Madson has been playing over at
Boston College, and for Mason, he has decided that he
is going to be adding on over to Utah for
his final season, which I think is his final season
because these guys just seem to have alimited eligibility at

this point. For for Madson, he was a part time
start of this last year at Boston College. Shot ninety
seven percent the free flyne eight points three and a
half boards, shot thirty eight percent for three point range
as a six foot four, six foot five, A little
bit of a just designated score in general, not going
to give you a ton on the defensive side or
anything like that. But this is a guy that certainly
knows how to be able to put the biscuit in
the basket, and we shall see if this man is

able to put the piscuit in the basket. And this
has been a nice little pipeline for South Dakota State.
Feels like South Kota State every single year brings in
some sort of Wisconsin cast off. This year is Isaac
Lindsay who is going to be heading on over. Lindsay
was a former like top two hundred, top two fifty
or so recruit, wasn't necessarily a highly touted guy, but
just was never able to find it with Wisconsin, especially

was during the twenty twenty two to twenty three season.
He's heading on over to South Dakota State. And for
South Dakota State, the big question is what are you
going to be able to get out of him, because
we have noticed that for the jack Rabbits a lot
of their talent has been more of the homegrown talent.
Now they lose he Mayo this offseason. That is going
to be a big loss because he was misterdo it
all for them. But they tried this a few seasons

ago when they brought in Matthew Moore's who only put
up about three and a half points per contest. He
was a top five guy from the state of Wisconsin,
began his career with the Badgers, has never really developed,
shot under thirty percent from three point range, so certainly
you were hoping for a little bit more there. We're
already touched upon what Texas was able to do in
the portal on Sunday. We did that in the first segment,
so we won't go back through that. But you did

see Connor Enright decide that he is going to be
going from Drake, and he is good to be heading
on over to de Paul was a nice ancillary guard
last season for Drake. He put up seven points, three
and a half rebounds, three and a half assist. Shot
from three point range about forty three and a half percent,
so in a relatively small role, he was able to
do a fine job. I have to wonder how his
game is going to be translating on over to the

Big East. So I still have some serious question marks
in terms of the leap up in competition, So there
is that aspect of things. Cody head he's heading on
over to Arkansas State. Last season he was over at
lipscumb not necessarily a guy that made a super duper
big impact or anything like that. But I do think
that he's going to be able to make a little
bit of an end eight points see from three part range,

was able to shoot about thirty five and a half
percent as a first year guy, So I do think
that that's going to be a relatively solid head for
an Arkansas State team that was very much all gas
but no breaks last season. This one is a guy
that as well was all gas, no breaks and Memphis
stay got a nice up close and personal look at him.
Kobe Rodgers, he was playing at Wichita State this last season,

was their top score sixteen and a half points per contest,
shot about forty one percent for three point until he
generally was the only player for Wichita State. I was
able to shoot three his last season. He's heading on
over to Memphis. Going to be interesting to see what
Memphis is going to be doing at the point guard
spot this upcoming season. But for Memphis it becomes a
case of if he can't beat him, join him. We'd
like to see a little bit more well roundedness from

Kobe Rodgers. He was able to get you closer to
two assists per contest this past season and doesn't make
bad decisions with the ball or anything like that. So
I do think that he's going to be a very
solid ad for them, but he still do have a
few question marks as to what he's going to be
doing moving forward, as he began his career at Cienna,
and this is another man who began his career over
at CNN and he's going to be transferring. JV McComb

last season was a rock solid player over at Oklahoma
thirteen and a half points, three and halfphasis per contest.
Not a prevalent three point shooter. He as a freshman
at Sienna shot about forty two and a half percent
for three this past year just thirty one a half
percent for distance, but has always been at eighty four
plus percent free throw shooter. He has decided that he
is going to be ending on a to Georgia Tech
and a big win for Damon Sattlemyre. For Georgia Tech,

they were really lacking a little bit of outside presence.
They were able to do an okay job down low,
but you can tell that they just needed a little
bit more oop in the backcourt and that it's going
to be nice for them. We've got a lot of
guys that are now in the transfer portal and the
NBA Draft, like Jordan IV Curry, for example, He's going
to be declaring for the NBA Draft while maintaining his
college eligibility. He was at UTSA this last season, averaged

fifteen plus points per contest. He has already decided that
he is going to be transferring over to Virginia Tech.
So you've got a lot of that going on. And
typically when guys enter into the NBA Draft to have
already picked where they're going to be transferring to. Typically
they don't stay in the NBA Draft. I'm just gonna
call it what it is, but certainly something to monitor.
And this player also declared for the NBA Draft. That

would be Hunter Salas. He was very good over at
Wake Forest this last season. He was your top scorer,
being able to fly eighteen points four boards to an
Amphasis was a former top twenty five recruit of Gonzaga,
just couldn't really find his footing while he was over
with the Bulldogs last few seasons. Goes on over to
Wake Force, becomes their top scorer and just a really nice,
well rounded player that was able to shoot forty plus

percent from three points, so a solid get there. He
saw Josh Beatle, and we've got some Beatle juice with
Boston College as they had a lot of moves happened
in the last forty eight or so hours. But for Beatle,
he has decided that he is going to be going
from Clemson to Boston College, so saying in the ACC
wasn't necessarily a massive impact guy for Clemson, but I

mean he's awesome. Minutes he was putting up about eleven
minutes per contest. He threw up their three points. Has
never been an amazing three point shoot or anything like that,
but he was able to give this team a little
bit of a nice, senacious defense. So that is going
to be a nice git in my opinion for Boston College,
especially in the wake of them losing Mason Madson Bobby Pettiford.
He has decided that he is going to be going

down the level he began his career at Kansas last season.
A solid season over at Eastern Carolina. Wasn't necessarily their
top score or anything like that, just eight points per content,
but solid facilitator three and a half assists at one
point one turnovers per game. A nice lockdown defender. He
has decided that he is going to be going to
high Point. High Point was very much one of the
better offenses in all of college basketball. This is a

tremendous gift for them now now have someone to be
able to really stir the drink. He's not necessarily going
to be a guy that's going to be looking for
a shot or anything like that. So I do think
that this is going to be a great fit if
they can retain some of the guys that they've had
in the past few seasons. As for their roster, it's
a little bit murky. At this point, they're going to
be in good shape. Alk Goglesby is no stranger to
the transfer portal. This is going to be team number

four in the last five years for him. As he
was at Stets In this last season, I put up
good numbers ten and a half points, shot forty percent
from three points as a six foot six combo player.
He's heading on over to Middle Tennessee. Middle Tennessee desperately
needed some shooting because man, it was rough for them
to say the least this past season. But being able
to get a guy with versatility that I was able

to shoot forty percent from three. He's able to give
you a little bit of rebounding with about four and
a half warts per contest. Isn't the world worse on
defense as well. This is a solid gift for a
Middle Tennessee team that they're looking to rebuild after last season.
It was very, very rough for them, to say the least.
Benny Williams has a lot of sheer athleticism just could
never really find its way at Siaki as it felt

like he got into some off the quirkerfuffles and everything
like that. It wasn't nice starter. Doing the twenty twenty
two twenty three season, you could tell that this two
coaching regime just didn't necessary stuit him very well. During
the twenty twenty two twenty three campaign, he was able
to put up seven half points, four boards, shot forty
percent from three part range. Once again, really good athlete.
He has decided that he is going to be transferring

on over to Central Florida. Central Florida getting themselves a
really nice git. I think that he could be very
rock solid on the defensive side of things. So I
do like this move for them, and I do think
they're moving forward. You do have to like their potential
upside there. And then we also saw heading on over
from Indiana State to Texas, Jason Kent. Kent was a
very nice, well rounded player for Indiana State this past

year thirteen a half points eight boards per contest. I
was alluding to the two yards that they picked up
and Julian Larry a couple with Tray moon Mark a
little bit before. But three big time gets for Texas
over the last forty eight hours. That is very big
for them, and it is very big to be saying
on top of all these moves in college bass one,
I'm doing my best to be able to help you
out on that front. If you do like Fearing from

the Time podcast, because because seems you're able to subscribe
wherever your podcast Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, seat you're
in tune in. If you do have a question, comment
sick a good idea what I have you for this podcast?
You have one of two ways vo fur listen. First
one is my Twitter slash tack s timeline at you
and underscorty one. Keep in mind lettersum they mean it
does not matter, so as per usual, please to send
these into the timeline and the other ways find an
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it is very much appreciated. From there, you are able
to fire in whatever you'd like to hear on this podcast.
Five that five star review and a big thanks to you,
Tristan Freeman. But does amazing workover our bout some brackets.
You joined me in the last segment. Coming at you
guys every single day in this year, regular season and
off season. We're building up to what is going to
be hopefully a tremendous twenty twenty four to twenty five campaign.
So appreciate yourning in today and I'll be back with you.

Let's get them out. Thank you,
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