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April 2, 2024 30 mins

Greg explains why to not force action that you normally wouldn’t with the college basketball season coming to an end,, talks to Mid Major Matt Josephs of FTN Bets about how he’s evaluating both the NCAA Tournament & NIT Final Four’s, & the coaching hires from the past few days & Greg picks & analyzes Tuesday NIT games!

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3:28-Why to not force action

14:43-Interview with Mid Major Matt Josephs

38:41-DK Network Pick Utah vs Indiana St

41:39-Picks & analysis for Georgia vs Seton Hall

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
If more Meanerie, welcome to love me Las Vegas for
Gus because with myself Greig Eames Peters and now part
the Decent Family Podcasts, and he's got a great podcast
for you as joining me in Segma number two, we're
gonna have one of our good friends aboard as Matt
Joseph's better known as mid Major Matt. He does an
excellent job taking a look at this great game that
we all know and love of college basketball. He is

gonna be joining me in segment number two. We're gonna
be taking a look at the NIT final four with him.
Couple with that, we're gonna be taking a look at
the NCAA Tournament Final four, and we're gonna get his
saus on some of the coaching moves that we have
been seeing. We're gonna start to dive in a little
bit more in terms of offseason notes. Like I said,
not gonna really approach a transfer portal quite yet. Because

we've got a billion names in the portal, it might
be easier for me to give you a list of
guys that aren't in the transfer portal rather than are
in the transfer portal. So it's really hard to give
you too much on that as of right now. We
will be deciphering much more of that once the nets
are cut down in Arizona about a week or so,
so we're certainly eyeing that up. But we're gonna be

looking much more at the coaching moves the next week
or so in college basketball before we dive fully in
through the transfer portal and what is all happening there.
So we're gonna be chatting about that with Matt and
segment number two in the final segment, gonna get you
guys picking analysis on both of these NIT final four games,
as we had some bank shots. If you do have
a question, comment, segment, idea, whatever you for this podcast,

you do have one of two ways we have fur
those in. First one is my Twitter slash tax timeline
at you at under scoredy one. Keep in mind lyrism
they mean does on matter size per usual. Please to
send these into the timeline. Other ways, find an Apple
podcast review. If you rate this podcast five starts, it
is very much appreciated them. From there you are able
to fire in whatever you'd like here on this podcast
via the five star review. Really didn't get in any
Twitter slash xs questions today and man, we've got nothing

to recap because we had a new college basketball on Monday,
and we're just down to six games in total, the
NIT final four in the nat title and then the
actual final four in the actual title game. So a
little bit rough. But as we are getting down to
the end of the college basketball season, did want to
take just like five, maybe a few more slash less
minutes to parse out just why you shouldn't be forcing

a whole bunch of action on things that you're unfamiliar with,
just because college basketball is coming to an end. For one,
when we do get in season, you get one hundred
million billion games. College basketball as the most opportunities for
action humanly possible, and it is going to be a
long wait from early April until November. But trust me,
it is all going to be worth it when we
do get to November. But on top of that, it

is a case where if you're unfamiliar with some of
these other sports, don't force yourself to try to become
an expert in that. Like I know that I had
quite a few people asking me if I had any
sort of a take with regards to the women's NCAA Tournament.
The women's Final Four. I just would not want to
be putting out their bets on something that, frankly, I
haven't watched all season long. It's not because I don't
like the women's game. I mean, matter respect to Caitlin

Clark getting her team to the final four. It was
fun to watch Juju Watkins all season. Her team felt
just a little bit short against Yukon, but I mean
that was a great game to be able to watch
a slee It's a really become a much better product
in the last few years. I don't think anyone is
going to deny that. But it's just because I'm swallowed
up in so much taking a look at the men's
side of things. In terms of college basketball, you got

three and sixty two teams to part through and then
doesn't know me know that. I also do a baseball
podcast called The Baseball Betting Show, which I take these
same apart as I do in college basketball, looking at
every single game every single day, trying to unearth value there,
and that just takes up pretty much the entirety of
my time. Like I'm an expert in baseball, I'm an
expert in college basketball. I do a little bit in football.

I'm not gonna call it myself the Mona Lisa Vito
in football, and let's call what it is in this sphere.
I feel like everyone does football because it's very easy,
especially NFL. College football is a labor of love. The NFL,
it gets sixteen games a week. A lot of the
work is done for you. It's not like you have
to go looking at Twitter accounts of like two hundred
people and trying to be like Instagram detective to try

to determine if a guy for USC Upstate is going
to be in slash out of the fold. You don't
have any of those frills. A lot of the information
is very much available. It's just how you utilize the
information to be able to find those winning bets. But
I do think that it is very important that if
you're like someone that your other sport is hockey, absolutely
go out there fire in those bets and you are
going to be noticing a expanded menu here for the

final four. I am out here in lovely Las Vegas.
So unfortunately for those of you that are out there
on the East Coast that you get to regularly put
down money on college basketball player props, you're able to
take a look at more of those antsler your markets. Honestly,
they're not here. I think a lot of people would
be surprised to know that out here in Las Vegas.
The big reason why I don't do any sort of
player props, a reason why I don't give them out

really on the show, is because I have no way
of betting them, Like that's just the honest truth. Because
I know I've been asked about them quite a bit.
There's no way for me to be able to extract
value on something that I can't bet. I just have
never been able to take too much of a look
at them as a result, And this week you're going
to be able to get many more options. And if
you see some value on an option, and if something

is really striking your fancy, absolutely do in on it.
If you see an edge, always bet it. If you
feel good about it. You want to be popping down
your money and putting your money where your mouth is.
If you don't have too much assurance in it and
you're just like, well I need action, that's not an
approach that you want to take. Don't force up action
on like player props that you typically would. Don't force

yourself to dive into a market or even a different
sport that you wouldn't just because you have a little
bit less action. I think that that's the biggest thing
that you can do as a sports better.

Speaker 2 (05:27):
Just learn to bet.

Speaker 1 (05:29):
What you know and what you don't know you don't know,
and that's perfectly okay, because I think that so many
people in this day and age, they try to be
the master of everything. And I'm sure that you all
have these people in your life where they know nothing
about stocks and they pretend to be a spot dock
market wizard because they put like money down and in
one day it went up by like five percent and
all of a sudden, they're the Mona Lisa Veto of it,

and those are the people are just so annoying.

Speaker 2 (05:51):
I think that you can all agree.

Speaker 1 (05:53):
Hopefully this is giving you a little bit of a
fence session with regards to this podcast, but I do
think that it is very important to just know what
you know, don't know what you don't know, and recognize
who you are as a sports better and not force
up action this time of year. Like I said, if
there is something that you typically don't find on the
betting market and you're like, Hey, I think that this
number is way off, absolutely about it. If you don't

see that, then don't. So that's the best advice I
can give you. And if I do see any sort
of an anslayer market that I'm gonna be firing on,
I will give it out on this podcast.

Speaker 2 (06:23):
If I don't, I will not.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
So that is my vow to you, and I vowed
to keep this podcast going every single day as well,
much like we've done in the last few off seasons.
When the nets are cut down in Arizona next week,
I'll keep this rolling, looking at the transfer portal, looking
at these coaching moves, doing a preview for every single
conference during the off season. So you guys are gonna
get the coast coast seats all three hundred and sixty

six days this year due to the leap year. And
you're gonna have great chats all throughout the off season
as well. And we're gonna have a great chat next
with mid major Matt better known as Matt Joseph's. He
does great workover at FtM best, does a great job
on the show Border to Border for ESPN Richmond as well.
Gonna be talking about the n IT Final four regular
Final Four, these coaching moves and so much more with
him next right here on Coascus Seems with myself Gregipe

Speeds and now art Reseataly.

Speaker 3 (07:09):
Utchins, I'm a rag.

Speaker 1 (07:18):
I love you bas Vegas for coach Scuss Seems with
myself Gregie Speers and now part of thecent Family podcasts.
Always great to be joined by this man as Matt
Joseph c you and know him better as mid Major Matt.
He does such a great job taking a look at
this great game that we all know love of college basketball.

Speaker 2 (07:34):
For those that know me, you know that.

Speaker 1 (07:36):
I also love baseball and Matt he does a tremendous
job on that front as well. As I know that
he's got a lot of player props going and he's
going to be certainly on my baseball betting podcast sooner
rather than later as well. You're able to catch him
on Twitter slash ecks at mid Major Matt. All together
and Matt, always great to have you a board.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
Thank you always he a great time and so sad
we are down to just a couple of games left
in the college basketball season.

Speaker 1 (07:59):
Yeah, we are down to only six games in total,
the two NIT Final Four games and then that title game,
then the two regular final four games, and that title.
I'm sure that you'll be talking about that out there
in ESPN, Richmond border Borer, you do great workover at
FtM bets, all that good stuff. So I know you've
got a lot to be able to dissect with regards
to those games, a lot with baseball. But how do

you take a look at the final four that we've
got in the NCAA Tournament As two teams I felt
like we're very expected Purdue, Yukon. These are teams that
any of us expected to be here in Alabama a
little bit of surprise. And then with NC State, if
you had them in your final four, icelui you because
I certainly did not.

Speaker 3 (08:38):
Yeah, And if you had NC State, chances are you
went there. But even half of even most of the
NC State fans didn't necessarily believe that their team was
going to be there. It's an interesting final four in
terms of they're probably gonna be bad games. Unfortunately, you
look at the spreads with it being a you know,
eleven and a half for the Yukon game and nine
and eight and a half of the Purdue game, and
you probably don't expect them to be close. They'll be

close early on, but I just think that Alabama doesn't
play enough defense to keep up with Yukon, and I
think unfortunately DJ Burns will get somewhat neutralized by Zach Edie.
But I think we have some good storylines and you know,
it's still a chance to enjoy the game we love
with college basketball.

Speaker 1 (09:13):
Yeah, absolutely, and it has been just so much fun
to be able to take a look at these games,
take a look at the run in general for NC State,
and just how do you handicap this nc safe team
because they have played so much different these last ten
games than they add for the entirety of the season.
And that is one of the most difficult things for
me when it comes to handicapping not just college basketball,

but any sport, taking a look at recent form versus
the overall season numbers. Because if you look at the
overall season numbers, Purdue as we're recording this as a
nine to nine and a half point favorite, I think
that they're the very obvious play. But if you look
at recent form, this has been an NCCATE team that
has been completely different. Granted they had some bounces go
their way, No offans are brought us about it, but
I do think that it's very hard to decide, all right,

are we going to go with the NC State that
we've seen the last few weeks or what we seen
in Jermsey, the entire body of work.

Speaker 3 (10:01):
It's interesting because this is the same NC State team
that was losing at halftime to Louisville in the first
round of the a SEC Tournament, and everybody's like, oh, well,
we did the bank three just to acoff Virginia exactly. Yeah,
and Kevin Keats wasn't gonna have his job much longer,
and then all of a sudden, look where they are now.

Speaker 4 (10:15):
He's got a contract extension.

Speaker 3 (10:17):
And I think it's rather interesting when you talk about,
you know, this Purdue team, and I think you kind
of have to discuss how they officiate Zach Edy. Respect
for what Zach Edy does, he is a tremendous college
basketball player, and he deserves an advantage for being a
taller player and a wider player than a lot of
the players he plays against. But I think he is
also a problem in terms of officiating because they don't
like to allow contact on him. But a lot of

times he gets rebounds and he leads with his elbow,
and so that makes things rather difficult for Zach. And
when you've got an NC State team that you know
they rely heavily on DJ Burns, I'm guessing darro will
start out on Zach Edy, but he might get in
some foul trouble. Ben Middlebrooks is going to not be
able to do very much against Zach. So I think
it'll be interesting to see how the officiating goes in
this game and how quickly dar gets his first foul

his second foul. Do they go to Middlebrooks, do they
go to DJ Burns. DJ Burns can't afford to get
that second foul in the first half, like NC State
has to preserve him as much as possible, even if
they have to move him off of Zach Edie and
have him be at a matchup disadvantage elsewhere.

Speaker 1 (11:12):
Absolutely, and I do think that that is going to
be a very very difficult matchup for this NCCA team.
And I think that the three point shooting variants that
has been so favorable for them, I do think that
moving forward, it's gonna be a little bit more difficult
for them to be able to bank on team shooting
like twenty percent from three part range. As Matt Justin
is better known as mid Major Matt is joining me

right here on because Peep said, in terms of the
other matchup that we've got in the Final four, I
don't forget about Alabama. Can any of these four teams
even touch you, Yukon at this point? Because I looked
at this team and I've thought, you know what, maybe
there's a little bit of a weak point with regards
like their three point shooting defense or something like that.
But at this point day I've been a big giant

bulldozer that has just rammed through everyone the last few weeks.

Speaker 3 (11:56):
Well, the only thing I canna think I can say
about this game is that I'm guessing Alabama's gonna more
than fifty two points, which is what they've held you too.

Speaker 4 (12:03):
I would like to think so.

Speaker 3 (12:04):
Yeah, of course, we thought that Illinois would score more
than fifty two points, and they unfortunately didn't. The one
difference I think it's gonna happen in this game. And
this is why the other teams have lost to Alabama.
This is why North Carolina loss was everybody tried to
run with Alabama. You can't do that, And I don't
think Danny Hurley's team is gonna run unless they have
tremendous opportunities for layups or things like that. It's not
to say that Yukon couldn't run, but I just don't

think they want to get into a games very back
and forth. If you look at the possession numbers that
Alabama has had so far in this tournament, there's you know,
seventy one, seventy two, seventy one, eighty three. Yukon hasn't
played a game like that since they beat Xavier ninety
nine to fifty six, beat at home when they had
seventy two possessions on January twenty eighth. So Yukon is
just not gonna let Alabama run. And I think that's

gonna be the issue for the Crimson Tide because they're
so much better when they're out in the open.

Speaker 1 (12:49):
And how much do you think that it's a disadvantage
to Alabama that they're playing this game in a converted
football stadium, Because when you've got a three happy team
like Alabama, I think that they're the team teams that
they suffer the most when we do get in these
big giant like football like stadiums, just anything in general
where you've got a non natural basketball court out there,

because the first thing that typically goes, in my opinion,
is a jump shooting, and Alabama is one of the
teams in college basketball attempts to most threes on a
per field goal attempt basis in the country.

Speaker 3 (13:20):
Yeah, that's why I lean to the under. It's not
an easy under to take it. Taking it under in
an Alabama game is very bad for your health. But
I mean, I feel like Alabama's going to struggle. You've
seen teams come out and surprise us from time to
time in these football stadiums and shoot pretty well. So
it's not like that there's a definite chance that Alabama's
going to be terrible. They could shoot well, but I
think combining that with Yukon's defense, and I think Alabama's

going to struggle. The problem is with a one sixty
one and a half in Alabama is that if for
some reason their offense works a little bit, this thing
will go over. Because I do expect Yukon to probably
get close to approach ninety, maybe an eighty two and
eighty five, and then if you see an eighty five,
then you're basically asking for a seventy six or so
from Alabama. I think they're gonna get this seventy six,

So I would lean to the under in this game
for one of the reasons that you just talked about
the site lines, but also Yukon's defense.

Speaker 1 (14:07):
You have absolutely this Yukon defense has just been a
complete under mensa top ten team in the country in
terms of points a lot on a pur possession basis.

Speaker 2 (14:15):
And when you're Illinois going up against Donovan.

Speaker 1 (14:18):
Klingen, probably why I take a few shots that aren't
being contested by Donovan Klingon as Amrael the oh of
nineteen when he contested those shots in the Elite eight
as joining me on the show, we've got Matt Josephs,
better known as Ben Major Matt joining me on Coast
COUPSI we're recording this out of Tuesday's n Final four
as well. And I know you've been a man that

has been all boarded the Indiana State Sycamores. The profile
picture right now on Twitter slash EXAs that of one
of our good friends, Robbie Avalon. Just how do you
take a look at Indiana State as we record this
being a two and n half point favorite against Utah
playing in their home state of Indiana.

Speaker 3 (14:53):
I think that's going to be a huge help, is
that there's gonna be a lot of fans for Indiana
State because Holman has been a tremendous place for them
to p so far. It's pretty funny, and I expect that,
what like twenty four hours after they win or lose
this thing, they're gonna probably end up losing.

Speaker 4 (15:06):
Josh Hertz.

Speaker 3 (15:07):
Although if I'm coach Shirts, I look at this roster
and I'm like, Okay, avlo is a sophomore, Maybe he
comes back. Conwell's a sophomore, Swope's a junior, Julian Larry's
a junior, did Jason Kenton junior. You know, maybe there's
a chance that this roster stays together and they try
and pull a Florida Atlantic type of situation where they
all come back and they try and you know, improve
in their situation next year. When you look at Utah,
Utah is just not the same team away from home.

They've only won two games. Now, granted they were two
pretty good games. One was back in November they won
at Saint Mary's and then in February they won at UCLA.
But other than that, they're just a completely different team
on the road. And so you have this situation where
their defense does not force any turnovers. They're three d
and twenty six in turnover percentage on defense, and they're
a bad free throw shooting team, which makes me want
to go away from them, especially in this situation.

Speaker 4 (15:51):
The home crowd will be in.

Speaker 3 (15:52):
Indiana States favor, and Indiana State is very motivated to
get to this championship game, so I already have a
piece of Indiana State's money line here.

Speaker 4 (15:59):
I think they win this game. I'm surprised the number
is as short as it is.

Speaker 3 (16:03):
I expected to go up as we get closer to
tip off here, But I think the Sycamores get the
victory here.

Speaker 2 (16:07):
Yep, I'm right there with you.

Speaker 1 (16:09):
And I do think the fact that they were a
team that got snubbed from the NCAA Tournament, I think
that they want to stick it to the committee, being like, yeah,
you took Virginia and said of us, look at what
we were able to do. And I feel like that's
been sort of the same motivation for Seton All who
was a four point favorite. And I take a look
at the Seaton Hall a bunch, and I do think
that they match up very well with this Georgia team. Certainly,

it's a seton all team that sometimes leaves a little
bit of something to be desired.

Speaker 2 (16:32):
In terms of perimeter shooting.

Speaker 1 (16:34):
But I look at Seatonoll versus Georgia, and once again
on a relatively tight line, I do than to the
favorite here.

Speaker 4 (16:39):
Yeah, I do too. I agree.

Speaker 3 (16:40):
The one thing that's interesting is George's path has been
very tough. You know, you play a Xavier team at
home and then you travel to weak Forest. We know
how potent Wake Forest is. Clearly they were not as
focused for this game. Then they went to Ohio State,
a team that had every reason to be motivated because
Jake Diebler became the head time of the full time
coach here, and so, you know, I'm very impressed with
what Georgia had to do to get here, as Seaton
Hall was home the whole time, and they got Saint

Joe and they got North Texas and they got UNLV
traveling across country. So I feel like things have been
a little bit easier. But you also look at a
Seaton Hall team that's very senior Layden, there's a ton
of guys who are basically and obviously the COVID years
coming to play and things like that. But there's a
lot of guys who are playing their last game as
members of Seaton Hall. And I think that's an ultimate
sort of situation where you get the ultimate motivation and

Shaheen Halloway another guy who may or may not get
a job twenty four hours after this thing is over.
So I do like Seaton Hall. I think our championship
game is going to be Indiana State and Seaton Hall.
I do think that Indiana State's going to win this thing.
And I'm not just saying that because I have a
future on them, but I do think this kind of
lines up well for Seaton Hall in Indiana State.

Speaker 2 (17:39):
YEP, I agree with you.

Speaker 1 (17:40):
If this were played out there at the Garden, I
might lean a little bit more to Seaton Hall. But
out there in the great state of Indiana, I do
think that Indiana State they do have themselves a nice
edge there. And I'm so glad that you mentioned that
was Shahim Halloway him perhaps being in the running for
a few of these jobs. And the coaching search is
very hot and heavy right now in college basketball, having
literally six games remaining in the rest of the college

basketball season. Now we are starting to take a look
at the offseason, and best of luck to anyone trying
to keep up with the transfer portal right now, because
I think it might be easier to make a list
of guys that are not in the transfer portal rather
than guys that are. But that said, in terms of
the coaching moves that we've already seen, because we have
seen quite a few, are there any that really stand
out to you, whether it be a move that you
really like or a move that maybe cause you to

scratch your head a little bit.

Speaker 3 (18:26):
Well, I mean, I'll stay in my neck of the
woods in Virginia. I like the hiring of Preston Spradland
as the new head coach of James Madison's the final
move that Jeff Bourne the ad there is doing because
Jeff Bourne was supposed to retire and they decided that
he was going to be there to go and get
another head coach there. And I really like what Preston
Spradland did at Morehead State. Now, the problem is he's
got essentially no roster because there were a ton of

seniors and Xavier Brown and Jalen Carrey and Raykwan Horton
and pretty much everybody else who had eligibility and played
in the NCAA Tournament has gone into the portal. Now
maybe they'll be able to come back. I would love
to see Xavier Brown comeback or a Jalen carry come back,
because as of we doing this, I don't think any
of them have found any other jobs. So I think
it's a really good hire for Prest's Bradlin. I'm a

huge fan of Mark Byington. I mean, he's got a
lot of work to do to bring Vanderbilt back, but
we saw what he did at James Madison, we saw
what he did at Georgia Southern Grant. It's a huge
step up, and Vanderbilt doesn't have the facilities everybody else
does in the SEC. But if you saw what he
did at James Madison a couple of years he was there,
I think eventually Mark Byington will do some good things
at Vanderbilt.

Speaker 2 (19:28):
And I think that's very fair to say as well.

Speaker 1 (19:30):
The reason why a lot of those Vanderbilt coaches flamed
out as well, it just felt like every single year,
regardless of who the coach was, Vanderbilt seemed to get
one hundred million million injuries. So hopefully Mark Byington gets
a little bit of a better faith there, because just
year and in, year out, it has been ridiculous what
we've seen on that front end. We have seen a
few interesting hires out west as well. I look at

the now former Pack twelve schools in Sanford hiring on
Kyle Smith. Washington, They're able to bring in Danny Sprinkle,
and it was about daying time that they made moves.
I was very much wondering why they were waiting so long.
But even though it should have probably been done a
year or two early, I felt like both of those
schools did a really good job in terms of getting
coaches that I think are gonna be able to have
success at their new stopping grounds.

Speaker 4 (20:13):
Yeah, and I think it'll be interesting as we kind
of do this.

Speaker 3 (20:15):
And it looks like Andy Enfield is going from a
USC to SMU, and SMU basically saying, all right, you know,
Rob Lanier was nice for the AAC, but now that
we're heading to the ACC, we need to have a
more legit coach, and so I think Andy Enfield it
seemed like at towards the end at USC it wasn't
working out as well.

Speaker 4 (20:32):
So we'll see what he does in SMU.

Speaker 3 (20:33):
But we know the kind of money he can have
at SMU with with all the nil it's out there
and the Texas money that is kind of out there
for SMU people. But I thought that was kind of interesting.
And yeah, the ones you mentioned, certainly, Kyle Smith is
a guy who's had some success where he's been and
I think he's gonna continue that. He's a guy who
seems to enjoy being on the West Coast school, So
why not just stay out there and kind of be familiar.

It's nice to stay in your footprint and if you
have coaching relationships like that, by staying out west, you
kind of, you know, stay in that footprint. You know,
we've seen guys go from the West to the East
and it hasn't worked out as well. I'll throw a
college football example at you. When bronco Enden Hall went
from BYU to Virginia. It took him some time to
get some relationships with the Virginia coaches. It took him
some time to get some relationships with the East Coast coaches.

So if you like the West Coast, staying out west
is certainly something you could consider.

Speaker 1 (21:21):
Yep. I think that that's so important to do, and
we have seen some guys be able to go from
east to west and be able to have some success.
We take a look at Ryan Odom, he went from
UNBC to Utah safe back over to VCU. He's had
success at all three starts thus far. So you give
some credit where credit is due. But to your point,
when you do travel from one time zone to another,

that does cause things to be a little bit more difficult,
And no doubt about it, we're going to be seeing
a lot of fireworks this offseason after what has been
a tremendous season in general here in college basketball, Matt,
you do a great job of covering that. But of that,
I was alluding to it a little bit before as well.
You do an amazing job on the baseball front. I
know you're tirelessly taking a look at college football as

well as that's another transfer portal that it's very very
hard to decipher too, so love to get people at them.
Know it's all on top for you and how people
are able to fall on on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 4 (22:13):
Yeah, a lot of spring college football going on.

Speaker 3 (22:15):
It's never too early, as you do with college basketball,
to kind of just jot down some notes, see who's
leading in certain quarterback races and things like that, and then,
of course, as you said, baseball season will dominate our
lives for the next two hundred plus days. It feels
like with all the sorts of you know, pitching props.
For me, the K props are certainly important. I like
to take a look at that in the first fives
and the first threes and things like that. My days

of handicapping nine inning games for the most part, have
been kind of gone. And certainly you get a lot
of questions from people with regards to props and stuff
like that, and I know you don't do it, so
they could certainly come to me. At mid major met
you can find my work on FtM bets and we
all have the same goal. We all want to beat
the books, and that's how we're going to do it.

Speaker 1 (22:51):
Absolutely, and Matt does an incredible job taking a look
at this great game that we all known love of
college basketball. Every single time he joins his show guns
such good insights and did so once again today. So
big things of Matt for joining me on because Hoop's
now part of the Vson Family podcasts, and coming next.

Speaker 2 (23:08):
We've got the NIT Final Four in our lives.

Speaker 1 (23:10):
I'll give you guys pix and analysis on both of
those games as we had some make shots and all
RANKLM let me Las Vegas because because SEPs with myself
Greg GPS Peterson now part of the Vson Family podcasts.
It is always a pleasure to be joined by our
friend Matt Joseph's a game in Major Matt doing a

tremendous shot, taking a look at this great game that
we all know love of college basketball. Every single time
he joins the show, I feel like we get just
a little bit smarter. So big thanks Heavan for joining
me in last segment. Now it is that time the
podcast they give you picks in analysis on every game
on the betting board for this college basketball Tuesday, this
NIIT Final Four Tuesday. As we have some make shots.

Speaker 3 (23:52):
Most financial establishments calls at a certain time, but not here.
It is time for a sign in total on every
game on today's betting board bank shots.

Speaker 2 (24:02):
Do you know that is per usual?

Speaker 1 (24:03):
Any changes are made to these plays will be listed
up on my Twitter slash XS, feed at you, and
MS forty one very easy in terms of time order,
Utah Indiana State is up first, that's the early game,
and then Georgia versus Seatonal.

Speaker 2 (24:14):
That's up second.

Speaker 1 (24:15):
Both of these games going to be taking place out
there in the lovely state of Indiana from Henklefield House.
So let's I have it on six to sixty one
sixt sixty two. And this is also my right up
pick as we've got Indiana State playing against Utah. With
Indiana State the three to three and a half point favorite,
most of the threes are starting to go by the
waist side as I do this. Tons game is one
sixty three and a half and whether you've got a

three to a three and a half, my right up here,
it is good to be on Indiana State. I'd be
willing to lay up to four with the Sycamores. You've
got a Indiana State team that is just so good offensively,
number seven in all of college basketball terms of points
scored on a per possession basis, and when they're in
a road slide shoot court setting, it really doesn't fall
off too much. There's still number eight in the country
in that regard. And they go up against a Utah

team that they just are not the the same team
when they're away from home rather than when they are
at home. They're over all about ninetieth in the country
in terms of points a lot on a per possession basis,
but they're giving up seventeen and a half points more
per one hour possessions went away from home rather than
at home, and their offense suffers by about eleven points
fewer scored per one our possessions when they're away from
home rather than at home, and have to go up

against an INDIANAC team as a trio of guys Ryan Conwell,
Isaac Swill, probably Avila will all giving at least fifteen
to a half points per contest. Aavalla along with Ryan Conwell,
we're comparing for about twelve rebounds per game, and Indiana
State actually has a rebounding advantage in this game fifty
first in terms of overall rebound rate. Utah is more
round eightieth and Utah is just getting cooked from the
three point line, allowing point Is to shoot thirty six

percent from three point inhit road size, shote court setting. Meanwhile,
Indiana State away from home, they are fourth in the
country in terms of their three point shooting percent offense
at thirty eight point eight percent in the Utah three
point shoting defense away from home, by the way, that
is clocking in to our ninety third and all of
college basketball in Utah just in general, has had a
rough time away from home games played in a road

slide switch court setting. They're five and twelve straight up. Now,
Brandon Carlson is actually going to do a solid job
in my opinion on Avalla, He's able to give you
seventeen points per contest. He's a seven footer that gives
you six at boards, shoot thirty seven a half percent
from three part enge. And this is a good outside
shooting team for Utah. Out of their top five scores,
all but one of them shooting at least thirty five
and a half percent for three part inch. That includes
Davion Smith, who's been able to give you triple doubles

throughout the nit twelve and a half points, six at boards,
seven and half as sis.

Speaker 2 (26:26):
He has been great.

Speaker 1 (26:27):
But I said, this is also a Utah team that
if they're in a nip A duck game, they are
outside the top three thirty in terms of free throw
shooting percentage shooting sixty four point nine percent. Indiana State.
They're number two in the country in terms of free
throw shooting percentage, which makes a tideline like this very
difficult to take with Utah. If you got to keep Akita,
it's been able to give you about five and a
half for cell rebounds per game. But for Indiana State,

they're the better defensive team in this spot. Indiana State
also only has to travel about eighty miles away from
campus to be able to get to this game. Utah
has to travel multiple time zones. There's just a lot
working against Utah on this spot. So my right up
here is going to be on Indiana State. Well in
the lay up to four and did somebody total one
to fifty eight and a half, I do think that
the Utah State defense will struggle a little bit, but
with unfamiliar surroundings and Utah's offense also being not as

great when they're away from home, I do think that
we are going to be able to get an under
in the spot and in the NASA to be able
to get the job done. Indiana State spread is my
right up pick, and we wrap things up with six
sixty three six to sixty four. It is Georgia facing
off against an all see all a four to four
and a half point favorite. Total on the scheme between
one forty four and a half and one forty five
and a half did some of total any one forty five? Personally,
I would rather have the one forty five and a

half under rather than the one forty four and a
half over. It's got to see in all team that
has been relatively mid tempo this year, and for Georgia,
they are a team that they look to crank up
the tempo top one twenty five terms of total possessions
per game, they have been outside the top one fifty
turns of points a lot on a per possession basis.
But the Georgia team they have been rounding into form
a little bit more in terms of their defense. And
for Georgia, it's not like you necessarily have a bunch

of bona fide scorers on the seam. Debrie Abdullah, Raheem Low,
Noah thomasin you see, guys have been able to combine
for twenty five points. They've been able to get quite
a bit out of Blue Cane as well. He's someone
that comes in off the bench seven and a half
points from three part range. He's been one of their
better shooters at about thirty five percent For a Georgia
team that as all, they shoot about thirty three and
a half percent from the outside. They do a relatively
solid job not turn the ball over a ton of

about eleven a half turnovers per contest. But the big
thing for the Steorge team is that they are going
to get absolutely flocked down the glass. Russell Chewa true
some footer, He's able to give you about seven or
so rebounds per game, but seeing all one of the
best rebounding teams in all of college basketball, seeing all
thirtieth in the country in terms of their overall rebound rate.
Jam Badiaco has coming and has done a very solid
job but be able to go glass for the seam

seven or rebounds per game. But the game of Kadari
Richmond is one that I just don't think that anyone
on this Georgia team is going to be able to
stay in front of. Kadari Richmond does it all for
the team. He's be able to supply the team with
about fifteen and a half points serves in their five
six plus rebounds per game, and then you've got Tray
Davis Elmirdas, two very good ancillary scorers. We're giving you
about fourteen a half points per contest apiece. Elmir Das

is shooting about thirty eight percent for three and set all,
they're only shooting about thirty two and a half percent
thirty three percent from three points over off for the
season end. They're twelve point eight turnovers per game. It's
a little bit costly, but they do go up against
the Georgia team that just in general has not been
able force a lot of turnovers this season, and I
do think that for seed and all, they're gonna be
able to do an okay job with regards their defense.
They are a team that has been struggling when playing

away from home. They're scoring about thirteen points less per
one hour possessions and games played away from home rather
than at home, and they're giving up nearly thirteen points
more per one armed possessions and games played away from
home rather than at home. But that leaky defense of
Georgia just overall one hundred and sixty fifth in the country.
That's a little bit of an issue. And this is
a Georgia team that they just do overall struggle with
their shot. They are shooting about thirty five and a

half percent from three points in games played away from home.
But a team that they've just been having a little
bit of toppy offense in general.

Speaker 3 (29:44):
R J.

Speaker 1 (29:44):
Melendez, I just don't know what he does really well.
He gives you about nine and a half points, fourboards,
a little bit of an awkward guy out there on
the court. So I do think that seed and all
they've got a lot to play for. This bunch is
trying to stick it to the committee that they should
have been in the NCAA tournament. And I do think
that they're going to send a message here to lay
up to four and a half of seat and all
and did something I told one forty five. So yere
at the one forty five and a half going under
to go long seating all and now wrap things up

for the Tuesday edition of Coast Go Seeps Out, part
of the Vsent Family podcasts. Big thanks of mid Major
Matt aka Matt Joseph's for joining me in the last segment.
If you do like preparing from the SIME podcast Ghost
Codes Seeps, you able toude subscribe wherever, Year Podcasts, Apple Podcasts,
Google Blay, Spotify, sit you're and tune in. If you
have a question, comment segment idea what I view for
this podcast? You do have one of two ways we
have for those in first one is my Twitter slash
x timeline at you and R forty one. Keep in

mind LARCM they me does that matter, so as per usual,
please send these into the timeline and the other ways
finding an Apple podcast review. If you're ate this podcast,
side stars, it is very much appreciate them from their
arable firearm and whatever you'd like you on this podcast
via the five Stars. You've coming at you guys every
single day on this podcast, regular season and off season.

Speaker 2 (30:43):
The sweez I'm

Speaker 1 (30:43):
Coming at you once again, Tomrow, thank you so much
for doining again
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