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April 30, 2024 46 mins

Greg talks about intuition in knowing a good transfer fit when you see one, talks to Ethan Bock of The Portal Report  about the early winners of the transfer portal season & how realignment will impact the Big XII this season & Greg recaps Sunday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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Podcast Highlights

3:14-Using intuition in knowing a good transfer fit when you see one

9:57-Interview with Ethan Bock

28:59-Recap of Monday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
The Burman from the lou Welcome to Love in Las Vegas.
For those go see with myself, Creigis Peters said. Now
for the recent family and podcasts, You've got a tremendous
podcasts for you as joining me in segment number two,
we're gonna be chatting with Ethan Bach, who does amazing
work over at the Portal Report. We're to be chatting
with him about some of the latest transfers that we've seen. Now,
we did do this prior to Aida Mahaney deciding that

he is going to be going to Yukon, and I'll
touch upon that a little bit here in segment number one,
but we're gonna be chatting about the fact that we
haven't seen a lot of these guys follow their former
coach to a news toomping ground. And we did see
a little bit reversal of that as well, because I
was talking about man Dulcy may has O brought over
any of his FAU guys over to Michigan and then
of course flotes off Golden he decides that he's going

to be going over there to wreck a little bit
of my question, but that's what we're gonna be diving
in on that topic, we're gonna be diving in on
the topic of he may first cut off for all
transfers to be able to enter into the portal line.
Ethan seems to think that there's gonna be people that
challenge she NCAA and they might be able to win
out there, and we're gonna be talking about just teams
in general. They have done a great job in the
portal thus far. And then in the final segment, gonna

get you guys around up as so all the news
and notes that we saw in college basketball on Monday.
If you do have a question, comment, segment, idea, whatever
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and then from there you're able fire in whatever you'd
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and didn't get in any Twitter slash xx question, so
please help me out here and help us out a
little bit because I do base segment number one oftentimes
around these questions. But that's said, do want to just
talk about sometimes you need to just take a look
at a guy going to a school and just have

to recognize, yes, this is a perfect fit and you
need to use your intuition. Because I talk about this
with Adam Mahaney going out over to Yukon, Like immediately
when I saw that, light bulb goes off of my
head and I think, this is a perfect fit. You've
got a Yukon team that they brought in Cam Spencer
last year. You knew that you were gonna only have
them for one year. How do you replace them? Aidam Mahaney.

I just feel like is as perfect of a fit
as it gets a top scorer. While he was over
at Saint Mary's, a very defense oriented team that didn't
necessarily play super duper up tempo something I say, able
to pop it from three, but it's silly able to
give you good facilitation. I'm not gonna came like some
sort of a wizard Ray gion Rondo two point zero
or anything like that, but a good facilitator realizing some

of that and taking a little bit of step back.
I think it's so big because we take a look
at the numbers. End I mean the numbers for Adam Haney,
they're tremendous. He shot in his two years at Saint
Mary's thirty seven and a half percent for three have
a lot nearly fourteen points per contest. Those are very
good numbers. But you can't just have the numbers being
end all be all. You have to think in the
back of your mind, all right, how is this guy

gonna fit in the system? I think that Adam Mahaney
for Yukon, that is such a good gift for them.
I think that he is going to be perfect in
that system, and it is perfect for This podcast is
getting on Ethan Bocas. He's a tremendous guest for this system.
He does an amazing job. Take you to look at
this great game of college basketball. Coming next, we're going
to be chatting up with him as to what we've
all seen here in the last few days. He's evaluating

some of these players to decide not to follow their
coach to their new stomping grounds and so much more
right here on fcocycause myself, Baking Sweeter said out my Mark,
the Pass Hilly vodcast, Comer back here, Love Me Las
Vegas for Coscusy with myself, Craig Eat Speeds and now

part of the Beatson Family podcast. It is always great
to be joined by this man is Ethan Boch. It
does an absolutely tremendous job. Take a look at this
great game that we all know in love of college basketball.
He's doing excellent work over at the Poor Report. A
couple with that, doing a great job on the West
Virginia beat over at West Virginia Sports now, as there's
been no shorte of things happening this offseason for West Virginia,

and not that I know that he was having his
hands full a little bit with the NFL Draft as well.
Here will follow Ethan on Twitter slash x at his
first and last name, Ethan back and then an underscore
after that and Ethan always great to have you board.

Speaker 2 (04:08):
Thank you, Thank you, Greg. I appreciate it.

Speaker 1 (04:10):
I appreciate you, Ethan. And what I do appreciate as
well is that we have been seeing a lot of
action in the transfer portal over the last few days.
And I mean there have been a lot of winners
when it comes to college basketball recently. But I don't
know about you, but right now, the team I feel
like has had the best offseason is Kansas because I
feel like they just had everything working for them. They

learned from last offseason where they stuck all of their
eggs in the basket of Hunter Dickinson and really not
much else, and now they've got a lot more depth
as well.

Speaker 3 (04:40):
I'm not sure you.

Speaker 1 (04:41):
Feel about this Kansas team and just will you Some
of the top teams have been this offseason, but I
think that's very hard to not have Kansas towards the
top of that list.

Speaker 2 (04:49):
I think Kansas should probably be the preseason number one
going to the next year. It's almost like deja vous
for me for this offseason because this time last year,
I think I was in a similar position of thinking
this Kansas team this past season would be top five
all year and getting a number one seed. Mixing the
retention with Hunter Dickinson, I thought Nick Timberlake would have

played better in his role as well, and at the
time Artio Morris from Texas was still on the team,
Marcus Adams was still with the team. So in Kansas
last offseason had a lot of moving pieces. About eight
or nine transferre departures, if I remember right, I think
this is a much better offseason. I'm still going to
be cautious just because of I think we talked about
it last time. I think there were some teams that

are almost just falling into the hole of what John
cal Perry kind of fell in at Kentucky, of trying
to mix talented freshmen with experienced transfer portal players and
it's not always going to work out. I think, like
we talked about, you have to play it like the
Yukon route, plug and play. I really like what Bill
self has done his offseason. I mean, the fact that
they're ten deep, they're going to be thirteen deep by November.

The fact that you have potentially kJ Adams off the
benches just incredible to think about.

Speaker 3 (06:01):
Yep, it certainly is incredible.

Speaker 1 (06:03):
And my goodness, gracious, you take a look at this
team and certainly there's going to be injuries that happen,
and sometimes you have funky things that happen off the.

Speaker 3 (06:11):
Court as well.

Speaker 1 (06:12):
But all in all, I love the way that they've
been able to build themselves up and much like we
saw last year in the Big Twelve as well, it's
going to be a bit of a new conference. No
longer do we have to worry about Oklahoma and Texas,
but some of those back twelve teams are going to
be coming in as well. And just how do you
look at the outlook of the Big Twelve going into
this year? Because the teams are going to be coming

into the Big Twelve, I would say that there have
been some quality moves. I would like to see a
little bit more from Colorado, but on all the newcomers,
I like what I've seen out of them. And when
it comes to the Big Twelve, they've been regarded as
the best conference in all of college basketball, though I
know that the Big East is certainly out for that
crowd as of right now. But that said, how do
you just take a look at this conference as opposed
to going into last offseason.

Speaker 2 (06:53):
I think this year the Big Twelve us to prove
a lot. Just I think the Big East and the
SEC are starting to creep in on overtaking the Big
Twelve as the best conference. But then again, the Big
Twelve ads in Arizona. Notably, they also add an Ashu, Colorado,
Utah while losing Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC. So
the SEC and hoops. It could get better, especially if
Porter Moser reloads his roster. Rodney Terry's retooled so far

at Texas. So over on the Big twelve side, it's
a year where they need to actually advance far into
the tournament. I think since Kansas title in twenty twenty two,
it's been for what the Big twelve has been hyped
up to be. They haven't had really a true national
title contender. Houston definitely was this past season, but actually
those teams getting back to the Final four and getting

to the national championship game. Right at the top of
the conference, you have Kansas, Houston, Baylor, Arizona, Iowa State.
Big twelve could potentially have five teams in the preseason
top ten. So it's again going to be a really
talented league top to bottom. And even like teams last
year like Cincinnati, they bring back their whole core of
guards that they had and they Thomas Gisel, James Koshas,

Stance Scillings as well. So even when you go down
to the bottom half of the conference from last season,
you still have teams that could make that jump compete
at the top.

Speaker 3 (08:12):

Speaker 1 (08:12):
Absolutely, And I just saygo look at the conference reior alignment,
and I'm gonna need to be taking a look online
like whenever I reference all these conferences for the next
few months, because man, it is not what we're used
to doing college basketball, to say the least, but it
certainly should lead to a lot of fun. Has showed
me on the show We've Got Ethan Bakuo does tremendous
work over at the portal report joined me right here

on Costco Supsan. I do think that it's going to
be very interesting to see what we're going to be
getting on that front. But couple with that, I do
think that has been of such fascination as is something
that you were alluding to with Cincinnati them having so
many returning pieces and we still have a few days
for these guys to be able to enter into the
transfer portalised we record this. But out of all the
teams that you've seen, who do you feel like has

done perhaps the best job of retaining talent? Because I'm
right there with you with Sini, I think that it's
been impressive that gone Zaga hasn't really lost a lot
of people. But I want to get your thoughts here
because we're all buzzing about these guys entering into the
transfer portal, who these teams are landing. But I also
think that is very important to tak them what it
is coming back and who's not transferring.

Speaker 2 (09:15):
Ironically, Zag along with Cincinnati, was the second team I
was thinking about. I think, especially in the Big Twelve,
if we're just diving into the Big Twelve for now,
Kansas to a point has retained way way much better
than they did last offseason. I do think they needed
to lose players last off season as well, but obviously
just bringing back at Dawan Harrison kJ Adams alone, that

recipe I think we're talking about with retaining contributing players
and then plugging and playing through the portal. I'm really
curious this week who teams can retain. I'm curious to
see what the grad transfer rule being pushed up to
now the transfer portal entry date at May first. Is
it a whole wave of grad transfers to the grad

transfers just end up staying at their school. I feel
like it's another lawsuit within the NCAA waiting to happen,
just again with the transfer rule last offseason with undergrads.
All it does is violate how much nil they can
make in the player's eyes at least, and the players
now have that leverage. So I'm curious to see what
the grad transfers do going into the final days here.

I can't believe we're already there, but it's gonna be
interesting to see. I want to wait till May first
to truly see who everybody can bring back, because I
feel like you just never know.

Speaker 1 (10:27):
And I'll ask you about this as well, and if
you don't have a great answer, don't worry, because the
NC DOUBLEA never has a great answer as well. Do
you think that the May first rule will actually be
staying or do you think that there are gonna be
guys that challenge it and get their way, because it
feels like the NC double A has just been pretty
much plowed. I want to get your thoughts here. Do
you think that the NCUBA is actually gonna be able

to enact this May first rule or do you think
that this is gonna be one where they lose once again.

Speaker 2 (10:53):
I think for grad transfers especially, it just it just
seems like it's something else they're gonna lose. I think
the last couple off seasons, now we've been comfortable with
just a wave of grad transfers through June in August.
It's not many portal entries. It's not as much as
it would be during the transfer entry window. I would
say one hundred and fifty at most extra kids entering,

and that's probably overshooting it too. It's not many guys
entering that have graduated. It's it's a very small wave
throughout the summer months. I really don't understand changing the
grad transfer entry deadline. I guess it does give those
players an advantage to really figure out what they want
to do, and it gives them an advantage over the undergraduates.
I didn't see too much of a problem with it.

I just think now it's just another thing the NCAA
is going to have to juggle when one or two
players down the line here in the summer months decide
they want to transfer they graduate after summer credits. I mean,
supposedly the nca is not going to allow them to
enter the portal during that period. But I just I
can't see them winning that battle, just with how it
went last last last fall with ray kwon battle as

these Bandego and even Jared Hensley from Southern Illinois in
the player's eyes, they're preventing how in the court's eyes,
they're preventing how much money a player can make. So
it violates anti trust. I see down the line here
in the summer months, there will be a transfer that
graduates and he'll want to play the new school, and
I feel like it will just cause maybe possibly in
our court case.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
Yeah, I could see that as well.

Speaker 1 (12:19):
In the NCAA's track record in these court cases not
good recently, to say the least, as Ethan Bach, who
does great workover at the Porter Report, has joined me
right here on Coast cost Soups, and certainly that is
gonna be of intrigue. But in terms of guys that
have come off the board of the last few days,
because certainly Rylan Griffin going over to Kansas that was
a big one from the last few days, Bob's Isaacs,

I mean, man, him going on over at crighton, that
was big for them. Especially with Trey Alexander entering into
the NBA Draft that's big as well.

Speaker 3 (12:47):
But what have you seen over the.

Speaker 1 (12:49):
Last We're gonna call it week and a half or
so that you take a look at a move or
two that was made and you really like it, and
you think it's going to be making one of the
bigger impacts of the offseason.

Speaker 2 (12:59):
I really like what Pat Kelsey's done at Louisville so
far the last seven eight years of Louisville basketball, and
they needed an energy from Pat Kelsey or a guy
like Pat Kelsey, just that personality, just even though he
wasn't their first, second, or maybe even third option, but
Pat Kelsey is somebody that Louisville basketball needs right now.
So just with what he's been able to get in

the transfer portal so far, and he tops it off
this past week with Chucky Hepburn from Wisconsin. I don't
know what Louisville's expectations are going to be going in
the next year. I don't know if it's realistic just
say make the tournament. I don't know if it's realistic
to just say show potential and at least compete in
the ACC next year. I don't know what their expectations
realistically should be. It reminds me of Saint John's last year,

first year with Rick Patino. I think everybody was all
over the place of where they could actually be, and
so I look at Louisville, I just know how their
fan base is. They're going to expect to win games
in the tournament.

Speaker 3 (13:54):

Speaker 2 (13:54):
I feel like with Pat Kelsey, I do I think
they're ready yet for that. They're close, but probably not.
I could see their year being similar to a Saint John's.
It's a team in the ACC just the bottom of
the conference stepping up and having a turnaround year. I
could see that.

Speaker 3 (14:09):
Yeap, I could see that as well.

Speaker 1 (14:10):
And perhaps it all started with the NCAA Tournament this
past year with all those teams being able to ascend
and all those teams being able to really succeed. And
I do want to get your thoughts on this as well.
We have seen a few guys follow their former coaches,
like Indiana States guys. You saw a few guys go
over to Josh Shirtz, Robbiavola, a lot of Isaac Swope.
Those are absolutely massive and Pat Kelsey good example of this.

He brought over a few guys from College of Charleston.
But it does feel like there's been bar fewer players
following their coach from one school to the next, unlike
what we saw with like Self Florida and a mere
Abdullah Raheem from a season.

Speaker 2 (14:44):
Ago unpredictable in certain aspects, like Jake Diebler staying in
Ohio State, Dustin Mago in the Michigan I really can't
tell this offseason why kids aren't following their coaches. And
Mark Pope's had some success there, and Darren de Reeves
brought his son Tucker, but he hasn't been able to
bring other Drake guys along with him. And then Dusty
May hasn't been able to bring his FAU guys up

to Michigan. Mark Byenson even at Vandy with a couple
of the jam You guys he could have he could
have brought with him. It's a weird part of this
transfer portal cycle. That's been a difference between the last
couple off seasons, just in the coaching carousel in the
portal just kind of mix. Being on the WVU beat,
I felt like Darren Duriz could have brought in a
Kevin Overton he was a freshman at Drake average eleven points.

That would have been huge for having like a long
term build with Kevin Overton and even bringing contributing guys
like an ad and Wright or even a Connor and
Wright if you wanted to use them. Off the bench
as a role player. There could have been guys from
Drake that Darren Deurz could have brought with him with
the Sun Tucker like Michigan's offseason so far, but just
I feel like these guys transitioning up to the Power

five level bring bringing in a Vlad Golden, Janelle Davis,
Nick Boyd, Elijah Martin. You need that culture. You need
to you need to bring that culture with you to
your new school, even if it's a couple of guys
and you're not going to bring an entire team with you,
but just having the guys you've been around with for
three four years. At this point, it's a weird part

of this offseason that I really cannot figure out why
kids aren't following their coaches, especially the leading scores of
their teams that enter a portal.

Speaker 1 (16:19):
Yeap, I do think that it is very strange what
we've been seeing, and it's going to be interesting to
see if that turns around the next few weeks, because
there's still plenty if FA you guys are out there
in the transfer portal, but as we know with Michigan,
they're running out of Brosler space as well. We shall
see if some of these coaches are able to bring
in some of their own but it's getting late early,
but for this man, it is always a situation where

he's doing a great job.

Speaker 3 (16:43):
Take a look at this great game that we all
know and love.

Speaker 1 (16:46):
Ethan, I know you're hard at work, whether that be late,
whether that be early, whether that be midday. You're very
much taking a look at all the news that we're
getting in college basketball, no shortage of it. When it's
all said and done, we're probably gonna be up to
about two thousand transfers. So people at home, you know,
it's all on top for you. And how people can
follow on on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (17:04):
Yep, So you can follow me at Ethan Boch Underscore
for any West Virginia coverage and then at the Portal
Report on Twitter as well or x as we call
it now, just for the rest of the transfer portal cycle.
Entry dates in a couple of days here May first,
So it's going to be interesting to see this offseason,
just that transition from entry date to kids committing.

Speaker 3 (17:23):

Speaker 1 (17:23):
It is gonna be a lot of fun to see.
And Ethan, I know that you're going to be following
this offseason every step of the way, all the way
up until the.

Speaker 3 (17:30):
Start of the season.

Speaker 1 (17:31):
Then from there it's all about caging the Big twelve
West Virginia and so much more. And it's always great
to be able to get Ethan a board. Big thanks
Sam for joining me on because Good Seat's now part
of the VATS and Family podcasts and coming in baxt
it is that time podcast to give you a little
bit of recap. That's all the new sentence we saw
retell age Basketball's last win for hours everybank you let

me Las Vegas for Good Seats with myself Greig Ebs
Peterson now part of the Family podcasts. Always great to
be joined by Ethan Bach, who does tremendous workover at
the Portal Report. It has been a no shortage of
news for him in the offseason as we've got so
many guys entering into the transfer portal. The deadline it
is May first, so those guys are very very much

at it. They are doing a great job of staying
on top of all these transfers. You'll notice that they
do a great job with even the guys going from
like the D two level up to the D one
level as well. I mean, they're just doing absolutely tremendous
work over there, so always great to be able to
get them a board. Big thanks to Ethan for joining
me in the last segment. Nowadays that time the podcast,
they give you all the news and notes that we
saw in college basketball for last twenty four hours. I

feel like this, without a question, is the biggest one.
Aida Mahaney, he last season was the top scorer over
at Saint Mary's. He's going to be going on over
to you Kon and we recorded this interview prior to
Mahaney going over there, so I will highlight this a
little bit more on the podcast tomorrow with a guest says,
we're going to be joined by Ryan mctry the Sports
Gampling podcast Network. But you just want to talk about

a fit that makes all the sense.

Speaker 3 (19:02):
In the world.

Speaker 1 (19:02):
You're going to be losing a guy in Cam Spencer
from the back court. You need a plug and play
sort of score that is a part of a system
that played very good defense. How about Adam Mahaney going
on over to yukon fourteen points per contest last season
a career, about thirty seven percent three point shooter. Not
an amazing distributor, but a solid distributor. I just look

at his game and he just spells out Yukon guy
all together. Like I just think that this is an
absolutely perfect fit. Just well done in general by Yukon
on this front. So this is absolutely master for them.
And I was wondering, why aren't we seeing these coaches
decide to bring over something on their own. Well for
Michigan and Dusty May he listened. He is going to

be bringing over Vladeslav Golden, the seven footer from Flora
Atlantic could last season supplied the team with sixteen points,
seven boards a block and after contest. Now you've got
a little bit of a fire and icing going on
as they've also got Danny Wolfluo's going to be coming
on over from the IVY League. It was rock solid
over at Yale. He's a true seven foot or that.
Both of these guys have a little bit of a
different game. With Golden, he's more of a back to

the basket, low post guy. With Wolf, he's able to
stretch of Flora, He's able to pop a few more threes.
So it's going to be very interesting to see what
Michigan does in terms of their style, whether they want
to play both guys at the same time, whether they
want to interchange them. Maybe they're going to be looking
to sort of have hockey syle line shifts as well.
I don't think that Dusty May would be willing to

go quite that far, but that said, it gives us
team some options. It allows the chemistry in general to
just be a little bit higher on this team as well.
And that's one of the biggest things I was thinking
that Dusty.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
May needed to do.

Speaker 1 (20:38):
He needed to bring over one or two of those
guys from Florida Atlantic to just be able to instill
the system in general. And now they're going to be
able to do that. So I do think that is
pretty massive on that front. He saw Jehari Williamson. He
was last season playing over at Valparaiso. He has decided
that he is going to be heading on over to
Niagara for Valparaiso. By the way, things have just been
rough for them. But Williamson, here's a solid player. Last year,

shot about thirty five and a half percent from three
part range, logged about eight points per game. As a
little bit more of a reserved player coming off the
bench for val Paris on for Niagara, they were an
incredible three point shooting team a season ago, not necessarily
a team that did the world's greatest job on defense.
And for vel Pariso, they certainly left a lot to
be desired as well. But I think that he's going
to be able to go into that system. Williamson is

actually a gentleman from Ontario, and I think that he's
going to be a textbook perfect fit Rice and Goudey.
He is back at the Power Conference level. He began
his career over at Syracuse, has dealt with injuries all
throughout his career, but was really able to ascend with
Fairfield last year. He was the Metro Atlantic sixth Man
of the Year a season ago, coming in off the
bench shooting forty six percent from three part range fourteen

points per contest. He goes over to Oklahoma, and that's
big for Oklahoma because their three point shooting last year
just really fell off the rails in the second half
of the season. You lose someone like an Ortega Away
was able to be very good out there in the
back court, and Porter Moser really needed to retool. Now
with Gudai, you do have to have a few question
marks in terms of the defense that he's going to

be willing to play. At Fairfield, they were a solid defense.
They weren't necessary an amazing defense, but that's that Bringing
Gude and I think it's going to be a relatively
good fit. And we've seen Oklahoma be able to thrive
with these min major guys. They brought someone like at
jv On McComb a season ago. So I do like
this pickup. And for Oklahoma, I have to figure that
they've got a little bit more work to be done
on the transfer portal front. But bringing Kobe Elvis along

Jayson Jones to go along with the good is they're
doing a solid job. I'll be able to retool that backcourt.
The leak Presley he has decided that he is going
to be heading on over to Texas. He was playing
this last season over at Vanderbilt, and for those in
Hobile Vanderbilts, it was not a great year for them
last season. As mister Presley, he wasn't necessarily able to
give the team a whole lot of anything whatsoever, as

he blogged about two and a half points one half
rebounds per game. Former top two to fifty recruit didn't
quite crack the top winner jump in from the Great
State of Texas. If Texas is utilizing him for a
bunch of minutes, they're probably in trouble. I'm going to
be honest with you. But for Texas just be able
to have that depth in general, I do think that
that is pretty big for them. So we shall see
what he's going to be able to deliver. But I

do think that this is big for Wichita State. It's
been a down last few seasons for them. Being able
to bring in Justin Ill who last season while he
was over at Georgia logged about nine and a half
points per contest, was an okay distributor, has never been
necessarily an amazing distributor. Began his career over in the
Big South when he was playing for the Old Lancers
of Longwood. He's going to be coming in and it's
always been an okay three points here, not amazing, not

bad shoots about thirty three percent from three points. This
past year, was able to dill out about three assists
per contest. But in the American I do think that
he's going to be able to come in right away
be able to make a pretty massive impact. Then for
Wichita State. Going to be very interesting to see what
you get number two year number two of this just
coaching regime in general, as Paul Mills comes over from
Oral Robertson, they haven't made a ton of moves, but

he also brought in Aj McGinnis, who is a very
nice shooter over at Lipscomb this last season. So I'm
very curious to see if they're going to be bringing
in a little bit more size. Is that's something that
is currently lacking a little bit for the seam but
on off for Wich of Chase, They've done a nice
job being able to retool this backcourt and I do
think that it's going to be all the more lethal
this upcoming season. Reee Moss, he was playing over at

Toledo this last year, average fifteen and a half points,
five and a half boards, three assists. He has decided
that he is going to be going on over to
Oregon and going to be interesting to see how he
fits this Oregon style. As we know, Dana Oltman was
one of the real pioneers of utilizing the transfer portal
to be able to bring in a lot of talent.
Though it's been a pretty silent off season for them,
they brought in Brandon Angel, a six to six combol
player they say able to pop three is from Stanford.

They're bringing in Raheem Moss. That's about it as of
right now, though I do know that Oregon they're going
to be able to retain quite a few of their
guys from a season ago. It's looking like they should
be able to get back in the fold quite a
bit of that backcourt. And for Moss, he's got nice
six foot four size, has never necessarily been an amazing
three point shooter. This last year set the neighbor at
about thirty one thirty two percent from three points, but

he's able to give you three assists per contest, and
he's probably going to be filling that Jermaine Queizar role
along Jackson Sall said. Shell said was a top twenty
five recruit that was really able to ascend towards the
back half of last season. So I did think that
they're going to be able to form a Night's two
out there. And I do think that Alex Sobel, who
has decided that he's going to be entering into the
transfer portal, is someone that is going to be very
sought after. He's one of those graduate transfers that had

his hand force a little bit, but for sobral last
season while he was over at Sacred very solid player
at twelve and a half points seven a half boards.
Originally was playing at the non D one level over
at Middlebury College, and he stepped right into the D
one level became one of the best shot blockers in
all of college basketball, with right around about two point
eight blocks per contests at six foot eight. Have to
figure that there's going to be a lot of guys

and a lot of teams are going to be in
for his services, and he saw that with another big
man who averaged right around that same amount of blocks
per contest, in Justice Ajabar. He was playing this last
season over at Harvard. He has decided that he's going
to be going to Saint Joe's where he's not going
to be looking to be an average show for Ajabar
missed a little bit of time last year due to injury,
and he's very much back to the basket guy. This
is not a guy that's going to be going out

there stretching the floor popping in from three but a
half points six half boards two point nino blocks per
contest I was over at Harvard a season ago, rock
solid pick up for a Saint Jose team that they
just went down the toilet bowl with their defense towards
the back half the season. Last year, offense was very solid.
They've been able to sure this up. They also bring
in Derek Simpson, the point guard from Rutgers. So really
do like what they're doing on this front, and it's

gonna be interesting to see what's gonna be happening on
this front with Virginia Tech, as they lost quite a
few pieces in the offseason as well. They are no
longer going to have Sean Padua in the backcourt, and
they were banking on Jordan Ivy Curry, who was averaging
seventeen points, five boards, three assists per contest the season
go over at UTSA being in there, he has decided
that he's going to be opening up his recruitment once again.

He's already in the NBA Draft, and I can tell
you right now he's probably not gonna be staying in
the NBA draft, but God said he's back out there
on the open market, so there's gonna be a lot
of teams they're going to be interested in him.

Speaker 3 (26:48):
Igor Milicic.

Speaker 1 (26:49):
He has decided that he is going to be transferring
to Tennessee, and I think that this is a tremendous
transfer for Tennessee. Now, I don't think that he's going
to be having the impact they told him connect or
anything like that add but for Milicic elast season was
able to log about thirteen points eight and a half boards,
shot thirty seven a half percent from three part range.
I absolutely love this move for Tennessee. He is able

to add, along Felix Opara, Dalstone Dunbar, what they're going
to be able to provide. And I feel like Tennessee
is doing a tremendous job in the transfer port. They're
not bringing in like bulk transfers or anything like that.
They're bringing in the right guys. They're bringing guys that
could be sold on the defensive end. And for Milicic
at six foot ten and being able to pop threes,
that's just absolutely massive for them. So I do love

this pickup, and it's going to be interesting to see
what you're going to be able to get out of
Toby Alwaka as well as Awaka. Elist season was a
part of that Tennessee system and he was a solid rebounder,
not a guy that was going to be able to
stretch a floor or anything like that, but every about
five points four and a half rebounds per game. He
has decided that he is going to be going to Arizona.
With Umar Poulo now being on the fold, they had
to fill that void. And for Tennessee they played a

little bit more up Temple, So it's still going to
be a tempo shift for Owaka, but unlike past years
where a Tennessee guy would have to really be cranking
up the two, it's not as bad this season. From
I think that he's going to be able to go
to Arizona, and I don't think that he's going to
be the next two Marbola or anything like that, but
I think that he's going to be able to come
in right away and be able to have a nice
splash impact there. Dominic Capriotti, he was playing over at

Houston Christian this last season. He has decided that he
is going to be going on over to Big Empton,
and for bing Empton, they needed a little bit more
three point shooting pop, and for Dominic Capriotti, he was
one of the few guys that was over at Houston
Christian that could make a shot like he was a
Christian last year was absolutely terrible from three part inach,
but Gapriotti had about six foot three, shot thirty and

a half percent for three, eighty nine percent free flying
seven a half points per contest. Was a little bit
of a specialist, but as a true freshman was in
the Celtlan doing a relative We sawid job for a
team that just had absolutely nothing around him. So I
do think that he's going to be able to help
out this being empty team, whether that be as like
more of a sixth slash seventh man, or perhaps as
a server as well. Douckor Anderson. He was very rock

solid over at Central Arkansas this last year, six foot
nine as a true freshman. Well, he's faced out the
four shot thirty eight percent from thirty fourteen and a
half points, three and a half poorts per contest. Gonna
be interesting to see what else the Utah State does.
But they land a guy in Tucker Anderson, then I
think is going to be a nice fit for that
says so many. He's a very interchangeable piece as well.
You're able to utilize them a little bit more downlow
if you need him to, He's able to space out

the floor pop a few threes. And for Utah State,
they brought in a lot of guys. I can't say
that to say the world's greatest amount of guys, but
one of the biggest ads I thought was on an
ad at all Ian Martinez is going to be saying
with the program, who was rock solid, began his career
over at Maryland along with Utah hoping at Staar say.
He comes in as more of a true rebounder from
Stetson Drake Allen, who couldn't hit the broad side of

a barn from three pints last season. But he along
with Dayton Albery, they're coming over and they're going to
be able to help out this backcourt as well. So
Utah State, though they've lost quite a few pieces, they've
been able to do an okay job.

Speaker 3 (29:48):
Will be able to recruit.

Speaker 1 (29:49):
Some of their own as well, and being able to
add someone like a Tucker Anderson that you're able to
use in a wide variety ways. I always love guys
that give you options. He's a guy that gives you options,
So that is going to be very impactful for them.
You saw KIMMANI, Oh yeah, Sue, hopefully I said that correctly.
This is a little bit of a hair brain name.
But that said, the gentleman that was a guard over

at Washington State last season, he has decided that he
is going to be going over to Loyal Chicago and
with Kumani, he was last season able to give a
little bit of an impact to Washington State. Shot about
thirty one half percent for three for nine points three
and at boards to assist for contests at six at
six and he's just a textbook Loyal Chicago guy. Loyol
Chicago has a very set system that is in place.

They's do a great job of being able to hit
the defensive glass. They don't get any sort of offensive
rebounds whatsoever. But we got a lot of guys that
are very interchangeable. They're able to guard multiple positions, they
play positionless basketball. Who he in, Sue, I think is
going to be able to fit that quite well. And
I do think that you should be seeing quite a
few minutes for a Loyal Chicago team that I'm curious
to see what you're going to be able to get

out of them. This year, they had a terrible year.
Number one out there in the a tent. They were
able to pick it up big time in this past season.
But for Loyal Chicago, Dave brought in a few nice guys.
Jayden DeLoach is someone that comes in from Georgia, began
his career over at VCU. He's a good rebounder. Francis
Newark k He's another one those six foot seven stretchable pieces.
Justin Moore is able to give you a little bit

of facilitation. So like what they've done in the transfer
portal thus far, Kendall Davis, he's decided that he is
going to be entering in the transfer portal. Last year,
while he was over at Eastern Illinois, was one of
the better defenders that you were able to find on
that team. He was a part of a defense I
was rock solid offense that didn't give you too much,
but was able to log about ten and a half
points stealing after contests four and a half boards per contest.

He was also at Long Island LU a few seasons ago.
He's in the transfer portal and so is Braiden Smith.
Braiden Smith was the Patriot League Player of the Year
twelve and a half points, five and a half boards
five and half. Assis As shot well north of thirty
five percent for three pointing shore out his career. Not
the Bradon Smith from Perdue, by the way, just to
make that clear, this is a completely different Braidon Smith.
But that said, he's in the transfer portal. So is

Ryan Mtumbo, though I do think expectations should be tempered
for him. But Tumble just never could get out there
on the flour for Georgetown. He has a seven foot
two frame, he's got a great last name. It's about
all that he's done thus far. So we shall see
where he's going to be landing at. Maddy Sousoko, Oh,
one of my favorite guys for everyone that's listening to

this podcast, he's decided that he's going to be going
to Cal. Now with Cal, I'm going to be very
curious to see how they utilize him because he was
just not a guy that gave you anything on offense
field than five points per contest. Sam will give you
about five to six rebounds per game. We'll throw in
there a block or two as well. I just felt
like there are better options for Michigan State, but going
on over to Cal, I think that he's going to
be able to elevate the team. Now, Moan, I talk

about the hall for callous of right now, this bunch
I think is now brought in eight guys by the
transfer Portal. Favorite of them Andre Stoijakovic, a former top
seventy five recruit that's able to popping from threes. They're
bringing in right is portray us at that triple double
while he was playing overright air Force against UNLV. Christian
Tucker is able to do out the ball he comes
in from UTSA. He's probably going to be in competition.

Sosoko is with lead or for a bunch of minutes
down low, and that gives you a little bit of
injury as well. So I think that that is going
to be a nice impact.

Speaker 3 (33:02):
Get it.

Speaker 1 (33:03):
I like this move as well. Ethan Morton, he last
season was playing over on Purdue just flat out fall
out of favor with regards to what we were seeing
out of Fletcher Lawyer, Braden Smith, what have you. He's
decided that he's going to be transferring on over to
Calrado Safe Cayra State is going to be losing Isaiah
Stevens and Morton is never going to be the score
that Isiah Stevens is. But he's always been very smart

with the ball. He's always been a relatively solid facilitator.
Now the guys that he's going to be facilitating to
right now, that's a big role the ice, that's a
big question mark. And you have to wonder if Morton
is going to be a little bit just out of
sink in general, after he averaged less than a point
per contest for Purdue last season. He honestly saw a
few halfway decent minutes and two seasons ago as a starter.
But he's just a little bit out of sorts in general.

But has always been a guy that's able to do
at the ball quite well. Has always been a nice
plus defender, which is alluded to Colorado Safe a little
bit as well. So overall, I do like this move
for them. Camp Wagner eve last season was playing over
at Rice. We give our Odelay and Kiffin goels. He
has decided he is going to be transferring on over
to Indianasate. And it's very clear that this INDIANASA team
going to be taking a little bit of a news

side from what they had a seas ago. For Wagner,
he only saw about a point and a half per
contest last season while he was over at Rice. So
you have to wonder what sort of an impact he's
going to be making. And for any nastate, I do
think that their writing is on the wall. That is
going to be a little bit of a long and
rough season for them. That said, you wish him absolutely
nothing but the best. Chris Conway. He last season was
playing over at Oakland. He has decided that he is

going to be hitting the transfer portal for Conway. He
was a solid player for Oakland last season. He was
able to deliver for the team ten points four boards.
Has never been a great three point shure at six
foot ten, but he's capable of be able to pop
those threes. Was able to do a relatively saw a
job on the glass. So going to be very curious
to see where he ends up. He has decided that
he is going to be entering in the transfer portal.
In this man is getting out of the transfer portal

as Marcus Watson. He has decided that he is going
to be transferring on over from Towson and he is
going to be going to Coasta Carolina. Watson has had
a little bit of a long and winding road himself.
He was unable to get out on the floor last season,
but when he last played for North Carolina and Teetering
the twenty twenty two twenty three campaign, he was legitimately
their top score. Never has been able to shoot threes
at a very high cliff, but he's capable of popping threes.

As a little bit of a six and six combo player,
he was a little bit more of a guy that
would do a nice job of being a bruiser on
the glass. He's able to log about four and a
half boards to go along with his fourteen points per game.
Has a little bit of handle in his game as well.
Not amazing but solid. So I'm going to be very
interested to see how he's going to be able to
operate moving forward. And for Coast to Carolina, it's a
good ad for them as they are losing their coach

after he was there for one hundred million billion years.
And for Coast to Carolina in general, it was just
a bunch at last year. They played absolutely no defense whatsoever.
Now you turn the page from the Cliff Ellis era,
you're going to be bringing in just a whole bunch
of new guys in general trying to put in a
new system. So we shall see how the shall we say,
passing in the torch is going to be going there.

Legend Geeter, He's going to look to Geeter. Done in
the transfer portal, he decided that he is going to
be transferring away from Eastern Mitchie. He was won their
top rebounders last season, but that's really not saying much.
Eastern Michigan has been absolutely terrible in the glass. Five
and a half points, three and a half rebounds per
game out of him, he did two forty three percent
for three as a six point eight little bit of
a combo player, So you do have a little bit
of upside there. That said, I don't think that the

market is necessarily going to be overly fluid on him.
But that said, I do think that there's going to
be some sort of a market from you should be
able to land somewhere. You saw Mayor Wall. He last
season was playing over at College of Charleston. He is
decided that he is going to be transferring to Eastern Kentucky,
and so Alli get for Eastern Kentucky. Eastern Kentucky did
go away a little bit more from there, just generate

a whole bunch of turnovers system eighty season ago. Part
of it is because they were one of the more
dominant low post teams in all of college basketball year ago,
and Wall should be able to up out with that
six foot eight guy that really just didn't see a
lot of minutes. For College of Charleston, he's able to
pop threes and Nestley do so at an overly high clip.
But for Eastern Kentucky, the reason why the scene was
able to have success in the LA Ten last season

is that that Isaiah Cozart be won the best double double.
Guys just be amazing on the glass. In general, I
believe that he's going to be out of the fold
now he's out of eligibility, bringing over some like a
Wall to be able to help fill the void. He's
not gonna be quite the same shoplocker that we saw
out of Cozart, but that said, should be able to
help the seam mount downlow unless the seam operate and
be able to pop up quite a few Three said.

He's used to playing up tempo style Xavier Amos. He's
playing over at Northern Illinois this past season. He has
decided that he's going to be transferring over to Wisconsin. Now,
I will say this, I know that a bunch of
Wisconsin fans are very very excited over their transfer. All
of Cameron and Drew did not play during the twenty
twenty three twenty four season, but to the top score
over at Central Arkansas two seasons ago. Want savior Amos.

I think that Wisconsin has a lot of work to do.
And if you think that Wisconsin is going to be
able to make a big run, I don't agree. I
don't agree at all. As Xavier Amos, he did put
up fourteen points five and a half boards per contest
last season over at Northern Illinois, he had six point eight,
was able to shoot about thirty and a half percent
from three. But what does the systems of Northern Illinois
and Central arcis? I have a comment, They've got one

common allergy defense not good to say the least. So Wisconsin,
in my opinion, has a lot of work to do.
Is for Amos, Yeah, I think that he's gonna be
able to give this team a little bit of something,
but he's also taking a big leap up from the
back which was down last season over to Wisconsin. I
need to see more of them before I could be
a little bit more bullish. And then for Northern Illinois,

they also lost Kishawn Williams. He has decided that he's
going to be going to Colorado State as well, so
they get Ethan Morton and now they also get Keishawn
Williams on the same day. With Williams, he's the guy
that I take a look at that I have in
a little bit more esteem. Just pretty much miss all
of last season due to injury, but when Kishan Williams
was out there on the floor during the twenty twenty
two twenty three campaign and injuries, that has been very

much a story from him. He's only played sixteen games
last two seasons, but I said during the twenty twenty
two twenty three campaign he's shooting about thirty five and
a half percent for three eighteen points two an halphasis
per contest is able to just stuff the statgeet very well.
Had some okay size he was at the beginning's career
over at Tulsa. He's about six foot three six foot four,
So I do think that there's some upside there. And dude,

like with kylrav State was able to bring in over
the last twenty four to forty eight hours. Cam Bryant,
he was playing over four Georgia Southern last season and
he's going to be playing for Mercer. For Brian, he's
always been a little bit of an enigma to me.
He's someone that's able to give you a little bit
of production. For Brian. He was able to log about
six points four boards per contest at six foot seven,

and he's able to stretch a flour out a little
bit and pop at three He's at about a thirty
two and a half percent clip. He's not a difference Baker,
but if you try to utilize him as more of
a just like a little bit of a lower down
the line starter, If you utilize him as a sixth man,
I think that he could be relatively effective. So as
long as Mercer is not putting all their chips in
the basket of Brian and then are utilizing him as

an antilary piece, I think that that could work out
quite well. Dartmouths Transferreduce on to Skovic Hes decided that
he's going to be going to Richmond. I just absolutely
love this pickup for Richmond. At Skovich is right around
about six foot seven shot in the high thirties from
three point Inche thirty six percent from distance, sixteen points,
about four and a half rebounds per game, and Richmond
you could use a little bit more rebounding. And Niskovic,

I don't think he's gonna be able to help out
with that too much. But his versatility, his ability to
be able to pop threes. We saw that this last
year with Kyle Quinny seven footer that came over from
the Patriot League, him being able to do out the ball,
Niskovic being a guy that's able to do a little
bit of everything. This is just a textbook perfect fit
for a Richmond team. I've been very impressed with the
way that they've utilized the transferport over the last few seasons.

So absolutely love this move. Lits come lost much of
their backcourt from Seasgo, so they're gonna poach someone from
within the Atletics Sun. They're gonna be going to Jacksonville
with Josiah Boom Boom Powell. Last season, he was a
solid player. He's able to do a lot about two
assists per contest, nine points per game for a Jacksonville
team that I still remember a few years ago. They
were like one of the top defenses in all of
college basketball. It's been herky jerky, to say the least

for them or last few seasons. But with mister boom
Boom Powell, I do think that he's going to be
able to come in as a relatively okay guard for
the seam. Not quite the same level of three point
shooter that we've seen in the past, so he did
two seasons ago on a little bit of a lower
volume of about three threes for contest, shoot about forty
one percent from the outside. Should be able to make
a nice impact for a lipscumb team that is in
horrible need for guards because they've lost quite a few

here in the transfer process, and they're going to be
able to help fill that up. You've got Ji Howard
who last season just really wasn't able to get out
there on the floor too much for Tennessee c He
has decided that he is going to be entering in
the transfer portal, and you're gonna have a lot of
these guys they're going to be entering as we're right
now north of nineteen hundred guys in the transfer portal.
Wonn't be surprised if it's all said and done, we're
up to two thousand. But Howard, he was just unable

to get out there on the floor the last few seasons.
Actually played at Chattanooga State Community College. Was a highly
touted JUCO guy at six feet tel, a little bit
more of a true point guard that's going to be
out there for the taking. And then we saw Cameron Fletcher.
He last season was playing with Florida State and began
his career at Kentucky. A former top seventy five recruit.
Just couldn't really see a lot of minutes because he
was injured in the last two years. He's only played

a combined seventeen games in his last two seas since
has been able to give you about eight and a
half points per contest, has been a career about thirty
four percent three points shoter. If you're able to get
him healthy, you're looking at something. He just hasn't been healthy.
He's a little bit of a combo guard slash, more
of a just swing forward at about six foot six.
He's in the transfer portal. I think that there's going
to be a lot of teams. They're going to be

interested in them. And if you're able to get him healthy.
I think that you're looking at something there and you're
going to be probably looking at something with a little
bit more of a raw guy, but a guy that
I think can be able to provide a little bit
of upside. Racus Josias, he was last season playing over
at Lasale. He's decided that he's going to be entering
in the transfer portal. Lasal didn't have a lot of
rebounding at all, but at six foot ten, he was

able to face off the floor eight and a half points,
five and a half boards, shot thirty eight and a
half percent from three points. So I absolutely do love
what he's able to bring to the table, and I
do think that someone's going to be getting a good
one with him. And I do think that Orlando Lovejoy
is going to be able to bring a little bit
of upside as well. Love that last name of love Joy,
as he last season over at Eastern Michigan was able
to sply about nine points three assists per contest. Has

never been a three point shooter at about six foot two.

Speaker 3 (43:01):
You want to have him in.

Speaker 1 (43:02):
A main facilitator role because he's just not able to
give you a whole lot with regards to outside shooting
or anything like that. But now he's available in the
transfer portal, as is Matthew Alexander Montcreef. And for Matthew
Alexander Montcreef, the long and winding road continues. Says, I
really liked his game when he was over there at
Oklahoma State a few seasons ago. He always had quite

a bit of upside. And in that year number one,
where you had out there on the floor Kate Cunningham
and company, he was great. He had like nine points
five and a half boards. Has never been a great
three point shooter, but he has literally seen a decline
in production in darn near every single year and he's
been in college. He averaged one point one points per
game this past year. It's gonna be interesting if he decides,

all right, let's go down to the like mid major level,
let's just try to get minutes in general, because if so,
I do think that he's going to be able to
provide quite a bit of a boost. And speaking of
Oklahoma State, how about them losing just pride and he
has decided that he is going to be transferring on
over to Nevada. We've seen Nevada do a nice job
in the portal last few years as well for McBride,

a former top two to fifty recruit that just didn't
see a lot of minutes this pass here for Oklahoma
State two and a half points, one and a half
rebounds per game. But I think that he could be
a really nice fit guy that's a little bit more
defense first. So I do think that that is exactly
what they are looking for. And Chase Parr, he's going
to be an interesting transfer as well. He has decided
that he is going to be transferring out of Towson.
He was a part of a Tigers team that last

season they were one of your better Mian Major defenses
in all of college basketball. For mister Chase Barr. He's
also got a brother that actually plays in Cole Parr
as well, so you got par square. It wouldn't be
surprised if they're going to be a little bit of
package deal. But he only averaged about three and a
half points two boards per contests. He actually had his
past year when serving five and a half points five
boards for George Washington way back in the twenty nineteen

twenty season, So he's going to be looking for a
little bit of a new home, and this is your
home for a little bit of everything that's happening in
college basketball right now. We're keeping up with it all,
and we're keeping up the fact that you've gotten now
a former top winner recruit heading on over to Chicago State.
You were supposed to have those guys that were like
the top ten recruits, the brothers I'm forgetting their last
name go over there as well. But for Chicago State

landing Quincy Allen, especially after they bought their coaching Jerald Gillion,
this is very big for them. Allen wasn't able to
make a profound impact on James Madison has been dealing
with a few injuries, but him being able to go
over there.

Speaker 3 (45:22):
That is huge.

Speaker 1 (45:22):
And what is huge is coming at you guys every
single day on this podcast.

Speaker 3 (45:26):
Goest Gut soups.

Speaker 1 (45:26):
If you do like you'aring, you're able to subscribe whatever
your podcast, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, sitter in, tune
in if you have a question, comments, thak of an idea,
what what have you for this podcast? You have one
of two ways we go fur listen. First one is
my Twitter slash x timeline at you and at under
Scorty one. Keep in mind LITERCM they mean us on matter,
so as per usual, please send these into the timeline.
The other ways to find an Apple podcast review. If
you're rate this podcast I starts, it is very much appreciated.

From there you're able to fire on whatever you'd like
to hear on this podcast via that five star review.

Speaker 3 (45:52):
And big thanks once again.

Speaker 1 (45:53):
To our good friend in Ethan Baco port Over Park
for joining me in last segment. Coming at you guys
every single day if you're out the year in general,
regular season and olf season, and I'll be back with
you once get them mout.

Speaker 3 (46:03):
Thank you
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