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April 3, 2024 34 mins

Greg recaps Tuesday’s NIT results, talks to Blake Lovell of Southeastern 14  about how he’s looking at the NCAA Tournament Final Four, if anyone can stop UConn from a title, & the coaching hires from the past few days & Greg recaps the coaching hires we’ve seen the past few weeks

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4:05-Recap of Tuesday’s NIT Results

14:04-Interview with Blake Lovell

39:45-Recap of Coaching Carousel Moves

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Welcome to Love you Las Vegas. But first because he's
with myself, Craig Expeederson now part of the Beacon Family
podcast and he's gotten excellent podcast for you as joining
me in segment number two, we're gonna have level of board.
He does great workover at Southeastern fourteen. We're gonna be
diving in with him on the final four and what
we're all gonna be getting in those two games and
just what he's made on this run that Alabama has had.

We're gonna ask him a little bit about ncctate as well,
and then we're also gonna be taking a look at
some of these coaching highers and in the final segment,
I'm just gonna give you guys a few minutes on
what we've seen in the coaching carousel. This is not
gonna be some sort of super duper deep dive or
anything like that, but we're gonna take a look at
some of the moves that have been made. Like we
did see Chris mac officially posts up on the old

Twitter slash x that he is heading going over to Charleston,
which I think is a good move. We're just gonna
be diving in on some of the places that are
currently available. I'll only do about ten to fifteen minutes
on that. It's not gonna be super expansive because you're
gonna get a podcast every single day here in the
off season. So I have no fear these coaching moves.
They are all going to be broken down. We don't

need to try to fit it in the next few
days because we'll have seven months to be able to
break those downs, and trust me, I will be breaking
down every single on them. There's gonna be a conference
review for every single conference here on this podcast during
the off season, so we will very much have you
covered there. We're just going to be scratching the surface
today and diving in a little bit more in the
coming weeks and coming months as we prepare for what

is going to be a tremendous twenty and twenty four
to twenty five season. But we still have a couple
of stones left to be unturned here for the twenty
and twenty three twenty four season, so we're going to
recap what we all saw in the NIT here in
the first segment as well as we've got one more
NIT game that's now up there on the board with
Indianas versus seating all doing battles. So we'll take a

look to see how we got there and if you
ever do have a question comment segment idea what I'd
be for this podcast? You do have one of two
ways we have for those in first one is my
Twitter slash ex sideline at you and underscorty one keep
in mind larns them they meet us on attercise usual.
Please send these into the timeline and the other ways
find an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast,
I starts it is very much appreciated them from there
here able fire and whatever we'd liked. He on this

podcast via the five star review. Didn't get in any
Twitter sashaks questions today, but it was fun to be
able to take a look at the NIT yesterday. Let's
dive in, try to find some trends in try to
get to know these teams a little bit better.

Speaker 2 (02:19):
Games for yesterday is Greg buzzing about. Here is the
rowdy recap.

Speaker 1 (02:23):
And these smaller tournament DK Network right A picks. I've
been training us very well. The NCAA tournament righte ups
thus have been a little bit of a different story.
But here in the NIT, the CBI the CIIT. It
has been a lot of fun. We had Indiana State
laying the points in this one and they get the
job done one hundred and ninety Indiana State now twenty
two to fourteen and one against the spread end. They

win this game despite the fact that Utah was an
absolute incinerator from three point range. They went seventeen of
twenty nine from three and five of ten at the
freethaw line. They literally shot better from three point range
than they did at the charity stripe. Indiana State they
shoot twelve of thirty four from three, actually a little
bit below their average, but the way that they were
able to get the job done in this one. They
win the rebound battle thirty five to twenty nine. They

also win the turn of battle nine to seven and
Robbiavolo twenty six points ten rebounds. He was tremendous for
this punch. And then Julian Larry, he sometimes gets lost
in the shuffle a little bit, fifteen points eight assists,
he did a nice job as well. And then for
Utah he did have davey On Smith once again to
have a nice performance twenty eight points seven board, six assists.
He has been incredible here and he went six of

six from three point range, so he was able to
keep the team afloat for as long as seemingly possible.
But Indiana State out there in the state of Indiana,
they win, they cover, they get an overend. We saw
the overheit in Seatonaholl versus Georgia as well, eighty four
to sixty seven the final, which I think that the
committee right now has a lot of egg on their face.
You could have had one of these two teams, or

you could have had Virginia went like fifteen minutes of
real time without scoring a point against Calrao States, So
great work committee, But for Seenal, they did a nice
job'll be able to guard the arc. Five to twenty
six is what Georgia was able to shoot from three
part inch. Georgia did have sixteen big points in this
one from Silas Summary Junior, but Setnall completely dominated this

game from start to finish. They were up double figures
pretty much throughout. Gidari Richmond another nice well we're onto
performance fifteen points nine boards, six assists, Hey dray Davis
nineteen points nine boards, four assists of his own for
Setenl they go eight of twenty from three part inche
they were able to do a nice job winning that
battle on the last forty five to thirty two. So
that does set up an n final where right now

we're finding Indiana State on these openers as a two
and a half point favorite and a total of one
to fifty eight and a half. I'm doing this about
thirty thirty five minutes after the game between Seaton Al
and Georgia wrapped up, so we'll see where this line moves.
But I personally did said Seaton All is a one
point favorite and more of a total right around about
a one to fifty seven. So I would be looking
at that money line of Seaton Al and the under.

But I'll dive into that a little bit more tomorrow.
Sent a lot of books. They just have yet to
post an opener on this game, but do note that
as a right now would be looking at seen Alan,
we'll be looking at the under. But that is what
we saw in college basketball on Tuesday. And if you're
looking at the trends that we're seeing associated with college
basketball overall last seven days, this is all tournaments and
it CBI, what have you We've been seeing things be

underwhelming last seven days, twelve unders, six overs. We did
see a pair of overs in the NIT semi final.
But Favorites, they're really doing some good work right now.
Eleven and seven against the spread over the last seven days.
Both favorites we're able to win on Tuesday as well,
as SEO says about a five and a half point
favorite night. Overall for the season, overs hitting at fifty
point nine percent, seventy eight overs two thousand and seven

and seventy six hundreds, with favorites hitting at fifty point
seven percent against the spread. So that's what we're seeing
college basketball right now, and that's what we all got
on Tuesday. Now, let's chat with our good friend Blake
Bobbo about the Final four, how Alabama has been able
to get here, and we'll post to him the question
as well, can anyone take down you con That's up
next right here Oncaus Gusson's With Myself guide, Peter said,

now a perfect usaid family Hodge, I'm a back.

Speaker 3 (06:06):
Cor love to Las Vegas fortessys with myself, Nugget Speederson
now part of the family podcasts and it is always
great to be drawn by this man is Blake level,
does tremendous workover at Southeastern fourteen.

Speaker 1 (06:17):
Take a look at this great game of college basketball
that we all know and love. He's been doing an
amazing job all season long taking a look at all
these teams. And now that we're down to the final
four and we've got an SEC team in there, perfect
time to be able to get them on. You're able
to follow Blake on Twitter slash x at the Blake level.
Last name it's spelled l v e LLL altogether, I'm Blake.

It's pleasure, my friend.

Speaker 2 (06:39):
Thank you, Oh thanks. It's always for having me, Greg.

Speaker 1 (06:41):
Always great to have you board, Blake. And we've got
Alabama in the final four. And just in terms of
Alabama being the team that made it from the SEC
to the final four, was there any surprise from you
and just what have you seen from Alabama in this
tournament run? Because I mean it certainly has been one
that has been intriguing because many people, including myself, were

maybe a little bit down on Alabama and they've been
able to play really their most efficient all season long here.

Speaker 2 (07:06):
In the tournament. Yeah, they have certainly, like you said,
I'd quite a run to get here. You know that
was the thing we always talked about during the season
with Alabama. Sometimes they can just be good enough offensively
to outscore people. And I mean, that's kind of what
we talk about when you get in an NCAA tournament
scenario where all you have to do is just outscore
somebody for you know, six games, and you win a
national championship. And you know, now they've done it through

four And I think, though, what's interesting, and I know
some of the scoress will be a little the season,
especially that first game against Charleston they give up ninety
six points, but let's be honest, that game was over
pretty much, you know, early into the second half, where
Alabama's up thirty or whatever with eight nine minutes left
in the second half. You know, I kind of to
throw that out a little bit. But I think their defense,
like maybe it's more of like key situation defense, has

been much better than we saw it, like during the
regular season, especially towards the end of the regular season
where they're giving up you know, one seventeen to Kentucky,
one oh five to Florida, one o two to Florid
again in the SEC tournament, they've just been much better
at that and I think that is something that's really
stood out in some of these games. They're able to
make a few more plays defensively where they don't have
to score one hundred points every single game, but we
know they're capable of it. I mean, they score one

or nine against Charleston, eighty nine against Carolina, eighty nine
against the Clemson team that you know had been tremendous defensively.
I think that's it is. You're just kind of seeing
an Alabama team that's putting a little bit more into
it now defensively, even if they're still giving up points.
They don't have to be perfect defensively. That's the thing.
When you're as good as you are offensively as they are,
they don't have to be a great defensive team. They
just have to be good enough. And that's been, you know,

what's been able to kind of get them by to
this point. And obviously, you know, it feels like they've
had different people step up in every single game, whether
it's you know, having the Grant Nelson game, the Jared
Stevenson game, Ryland Grifflin, you know, Estrada keep going down
the line. Nick Pringle had a huge game against Clemson
and we've not even talked about Mark Sears, one of
the best players in the country. So that's been the
story for Alabama. And yeah, they've certainly earned their spot

and getting here.

Speaker 1 (08:53):
Yep. With Alabama, the offense has been so efficient. But
now as we know, they have to go up against
that Jugger or not in you and I don't know,
if I mean, forget the remaining three teams here in
the NCAA tournament, if any other team in the country
at this point is able to take down Yukon with
the way that they're playing, and just how do you
evaluate this matchup between Alabama and Yukon. A Yukon team

that in their last sen NCAA Tournament games has won
every one of them by thirteen plus points.

Speaker 2 (09:19):
Yeah, it's tough, no other way to put it. And
I guess you know, for me, if I'm trying to
craft sort of the ultimate upset of a Yukon, I
feel like Alabama is one of those teams that you
can at least put in there because of one reason,
and we know what that is. It's because they're going
to put up so many three point attempts that what
happens if they just are having a great night and
they're just making threes like that is why I think

I've talked about Alabama so much this year is they're
just so hard to put away because you know they're
going to keep chucking up three after three after three.
And I think that is something where if you're just
looking at this and saying, how does Alabama have a
chance here? Defensively, I couldn't tell you how Alabama's going
to stop Yukon, And let again, you just kind of
have to hope that the Yukon has a bad night.

That's kind of what it comes down to. But offensively,
can Alabama keep up with Yukon and where they're not
another one of those teams that just gets completely blown
out because of how well Yukon's playing, Sure, because they
do shoot it so well, and if they can just
maybe it's one to be more about the volume of
shots more than anything into Yukon because you feel like
that gives you the best chance. So that would be
the only thing I would say is let's say we're

talking about this wild, wild upset and Alabama pulls it off,
they get the victory, it's gonna be because they just
happen to go you know, fifteen to forty from three
or something, which again Alabama is more than capable of doing.
We know that. I just think that's something where if
you're trying to find the formula, to me, it's more
of a team like that. Then let's say a team
that plays a much slower tempo and is trying to

just beat Yukon in the half court. I just don't
think Alabama would have a chance to do that. They're
gonna have to keep it their kind of style up
and down. If they can do it, and they can
play a little defense, then may there's always a shot.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
Yep, there is always an opportunity. I do think that
we've got ourselves a very interesting final four that is
going to be going down as play Bubble, who does
amazing workover right southeast and fourteen is joining me right
here on Coscasoups. And then in the other matchup, I
want to get your thoughts here with NC State, a
team that needed a banked in three at the buzzer
to force overtime against Virginia in the ACC tournament, and

we all know how Virginia looked at the NCAA tournament,
has now made the Final four and his facing off
against Purdue. I'm not sure how you take a look
at this matchup, but I mean this is the ultimate.
Do you trust in what we've seen all season long
from NC State, a team that has lost fourteen wopping games,
or do you trust in the current form where they
have literally been the textbook definition of survive and events

just like they did so many years ago under Jimmy
v Yeah.

Speaker 2 (11:47):
I saw the number whatever it was like minus one
percent chance of them doing this, pulling this off and
winning nine games in a row against the opponents that
they've done it against, and that is just a remarkable
stat Look. I mean we always say it's about getting
hot at the right time, and there is no team
that further kind of personifies that than this NC State team.
I Mean, they got hot at the right time and
they're kind of in a situation here where, like you said,

they're still the one that has no pressure on them.
And think about how many games in rowdown they played
where they've had no pressure. I mean it's all been
on the other team and really trying to figure out, Okay,
how do we stop this team that is just as
red hot as you can be? And that's what Purdue's
going to deal against this team. Now, of course we
all know the matchups. Everybody's looking at and really excited
to see kind of how this plays out when you
have Edie in there. What can Burns do all these things?

And I think what I like about NC State, we
always talk about teams like this, Greg, It's just they
really do a good job of taking care of the ball.
I think the way they value the ball that's been
really important. And some of these games and the experience factor. Right,
we talk about teams that have gone far made these
kind of runs in the NCAA Tournament recent years, they've
all been kind of experienced teams. And you think about,
you know, the lineup that they sport with all the

older guys. And of course it's also interesting, you know,
our favorite guy who of course had a rough season
this year Missouri to say the least, you know, Mody
comes over from Missouri and has played you know, quite
a role as well for this NC State team. And
I think that's also interesting to see just again what
the front court has been able to do with these guys.
But I think Purdue is a really tough draw here.
But again, how many draws haven't been tough for INC

States at this point, but I do feel like with
the Zachi the effect could be a problem with the
NC State team in that game.

Speaker 1 (13:20):
Yeah, Zach e Ed can be a problem for a
lot of people. And I know that he is caught
in some strays on social media trying to be like, oh,
he's only doing this because he's tall. The referees have
no idea what they're calling, and I don't necessarily think
that they're wrong and that the referees have no idea
what they're calling, but that's for everyone. Like they had
two different three point lines out there in the women's
NCAA tournament, So trusting the NCAA to get anything correct, yeah,

you're putting a lot of blind faith in something that
you should not to say Le's but I mean, the
guy has been absolutely amazing, and I do think that
it would be interesting to see one of those two
teams NC State or Purdue go up against you in
a national title game, because at this point I was
mentioning it, I don't know if any team would be
able to take down Yukon in any sort of matchup.

I do feel like Purdue is one of those teams
that I wouldn't pick perdue to win by any search
of the imagination, but I could imagine them being one
of the best speed pumps for lack of a better term,
against yu God.

Speaker 2 (14:14):
Yeah, I agree, because that would be a game that
is played in the half court. And I think, again,
we see right what Purdue has been able to do
to teams just in the half court with the Edy effect,
and I'm with you, I think that would be a
team that probably has one of the best chances in
that kind of setting to do it, just because they're
talking about two teams that are going to play kind
of that methodical sort of style because they get exactly

what they want. And that's one of the things that
really impresses me most about those two teams is it
just seems like every time you watch them play, they
get exactly what they want. You don't necessarily look back
and say, man, those two teams took a lot of
terrible shots, because we know what Purdue wants to do,
we know what Yukon wants to do, and I think
just you know their ability to kind of run and
execute what they want to do and make sure they're

guys that need to touch the ball, touch the ball
on every single possession pretty much, that's what is most impressive.
So yeah, I think that would be a really you know,
interesting matchup, and I know that's kind of the you know,
the vetting odds favor that matchup at this point. But
we wouldn't be too shocked about these two being two
that are the final one standing just based on you know,
you look at what they've done this season, what they've accomplished,

and be quite quite a championship game if that's the case.

Speaker 1 (15:17):
No doubt about it. And there is just so much
intrigue when it comes to these final four games that
we're going to be seeing, and there's a lot of
intrigue as well in terms of building up for next
year as well as Blake Leblo does amazing work. Rubber
at Southeastern fourteen joining me right here on Coast Coast
Soup says, we know the Southeastern Conference is not going
to be having fourteen teams anymore in the next few days,

as next time we see them take the court, they
live at least sixteen teams. Who knows what's going to
be happening this summer. But that said, we have seen
one big coaching change already out there in the SEC.
Jerry Sakhos he got canned, and you're out there in
the Great State of Tennessee. We did see Mark Byington
go over from James Madison. Just what were your thoughts
on this higher because I feel like Vanderbilt hasn't necessarily

whifted on some of these hires with bringing in someone
like Pryce through bringing in Jerry Sakas, But I look
at those previous two hires, they were just really bit
by the injury bug, and you just hope that Byington
doesn't fall victim of the same thing, because it feels
like Vanderbilt, regardless of woo the coach has been, has
been price one of the most unlucky programs in the
country of the past decade or so.

Speaker 2 (16:19):
And to me, like you said, I thought it was
certainly a good hire, because I mean, you're talking about
somebody who when you look at the overall numbers like
Byington has had and this is the one thing that
bothered Vanderbilt fantilm with They're like, well, this guy's been
in the tournament, you know, one time in twelve years
or whatever it is, and this is a lucky year
for him. But I think what you're seeing is kind
of a trajectory with him where he's had his best
years in the nil slash Portal era. And I think

that's always important. People like to look at the full
body of work, but think about how much the game
has changed in five seasons even and you're talking about
going back twelve years for a guy where thinks we're
so different back then, and you know, Georgia, Southern James
Madison tough places to win, and so I think that's
where you look at it. But again, Greg, you know
from being in Nashville previously, Like for vander no matter
who the coach is, it's always going to come down

to is Vanderbilt going to put the resources into it?
Are they going to give that coach and opportunities to succeed?
And you know, some of the struggles with Jerry Stackhouse,
I get it they struggle to kind of recruit those
top top guys, you know, certainly not to the level
that a Bryce Drew did and all that, but there
were probably still some limitations that they're probably frustrated Jerry
stack House just like they did Bryce Drew, just like

they you know, did other coaches previously, But is Mark
Biden's going to get that same kind of effect, because
what I've seen is it looks like Vanderbilt is willing
to put the money in to get the NIL going
the way it needs to go to state up with
all the other guys. I mean, think about who you're
chasing in the SEC and the amount of money that's
going in NIL wise for some of these other schools.
To me, that's what it's going to come down to.

Because he's a great coach, the offensive mind that he is,
I think that's something that will really appeal to fans
to try to get them back into building. You know
from watching that James Madison team, they run a very
fun style. They're going to get after you on defense,
and he's going to try to do the same thing
with his Vanderbilt team. So I'm most curious about that.
If he gets the opportunity to go get the players
he needs to be successful, I think he will be

successful because I think he's a good coach and I
think what he did at James Madison was really just
kind of the beginning of something where you could be
looking at a guy has a really special career, but
it's all going to come down to Vanderbilt maybe getting
out of their own way sometimes.

Speaker 1 (18:19):
Yeah, with Vanderbilt, it certainly has been difficult for them really,
and so many sports other than baseball where they have
been just so gosha and dominant for decades upon decades.
But I do think that that's going to be a
big key. And just what if you made out of
this coaching hiring cycle in general in college basketball? I
would ask you about the transfer portal, but I think
it would be easier to make a list of guys

that are not in the transferport rather than the guys
that are. And just a big giant crashoot at this point.
I just don't have any takeaways right now until we
see some of the Domino's fall. But as said, we
do know quite a bit of what we're getting in
terms of some of these coaches. And I really have
been impressed by a lot of these teams that have
gone out and I heard of coaches I just take
a look around in I can't really think of one

true bad higher that he disliked.

Speaker 2 (19:01):
Yeah, I'm with you. I mean, I think you look
at a lot of these and you know, obviously we
know how this Spurks fans are always going to pull
out the biggest name there is and assume you're just
going to go get the guy that has the biggest name,
and it never works that way. And sometimes that's for
the better, because you know, it's more than just winning
the press conferences, trying to go out and find the
guy who's going to put you in a position to
be successful short term and long term. And I think

some of these who're looking at teams, who are really
looking at guys trying to take that next step. Right,
whether we're talking about a Dusty May at Michigan, Yes,
got to the final four. I think he's a very
still kind of underrated coach. You know, people are trying
to say, maybe that's just the outlier. How's he gonna
fairre at Michigan. I think he's going to be fine.
Whether it's a Pat Kelsey going to Louisville, Like, these
are guys who we've been talking about for years getting

the opportunities at the bigger type schools and now they're
getting that chance to do it. Even to Jake Deepa
right like taking over at Ohio State, looking kind of
what they did to finish and now him getting a
chance there. I think that's kind of been the theme, right,
is just seeing guys like this take over in some
of these big spots. Again, I Vanderbilt's another example. You've
just got a guy who's taking that next step into
a Howard Conference type program to rise certainly, I mean

at West Virginia. There's just a lot of examples of that,
and I'm so I'm curious to see how those guys
kind of fair because we know it is different, and
I mentioned I'm mean to go why it's different. There's
a lot more nil stuff in play, a lot of
other stuff like that you have to juggle and balance
at those kind of schools. So I'm excited to see
how some of these guys fear and some of these
spots and kind of see what happens, you know. A
couple of those other moves I thought were very interesting.

Preston's Bradlin come from Warhead State. Now he takes over
for Byington at James Madison. I think he's always been
someone that's looked at. It's kind of one of those
really top rizing coaches out there, so I'm very curious
to see kind of how he does there. And also
I'll say this, Greg like a Roblin here, you know,
at Rice. I mean he gets fired at SMU after
kind of taking the program in a good direction that seemed.
And now we know Andy Enfield's taken over at SMU.

But I think Roblin Mere is someone who most people
think kind of got the raw end of the deal there,
And so can he do something at a place that's
kind of trying to get back some success they used
to have. And so yeah, there's been a lot of
interesting coaching changes.

Speaker 1 (20:59):
Yep, there's certainly has been nice to see a few
D two guys getting these shot as well. Because I
take a look at a lot of these D two
guys that have come up to the D one level,
so many of them have been able to put it together.
I've been able to have so much success. I mean
I can take a look at Bucky McMillan. I mean
that's a guy that wasn't even at the D two level.
He was at high school. Coach got Samford all the

way to the NCAA Tournament. We're seeing a lot of
fast risers out here in college basketball, which we love
to see. In a man that has been a very
fast riser that you you, Blake, you rise every single
day with your incredible insights on this great game that
we all know and love. You doing a great job.
Take a look at this game over at Southeast or
fourteen and so much more and let me get people

at home. No, it's all in that for you and
how people can fall on on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (21:44):
Yeah, I appreciate it, Greg, Like you said, over SEC
stuff you can find over to Southeastern fourteen on YouTube. Yeah,
we'll be preview in that Alabama Yukon matchup this week
and some other things as well, so you can check
it out there and all the other college basketball stuff.
I'm me on Twitter slash x at d Blake CLUBB.

Speaker 1 (21:58):
Absolutely Blake doesn't credible job taking a look at this
great game that we all know in love and every
single time he joins the show runs tremendous insight. So
big thanks to him for joining me on Soups Now
part of the Vson Family podcasts and coming up next well,
unfortunately we don't have any college basketball games for Wednesday,
so we'll give you a little bit of around up
as to what we've been seeing in the coaching carousel.
Thus far. That's up next, right on, go Seeps with Myself,

Gay You Peterson. Now apart from the Decent Family podcast,
Tamer back here, Love Me Las Vegas for Cousin Seeps
with Myself tay Gep Speederson now part of the Vson
Family Podcast. Was a pleasure to be joined by our
good friend Blake Lovell. He does such great workover at

Southeastern fourteen. Every single time he joins the show, he
learns such good insights, so it was great to be
able to have him aboard. A big thanks of Blake
for joining me in last segment. Now let's give you
guys just a little bit of a round up as
so what we're seeing in the coaching carousel right now,
we don't have any games for Wednesday. Quite frankly, we
are down to just four games in college basketball. We

have to treat every single one of these like gold
because at this point we just don't have too many
of them remaining. But that said, we've seen a lot
of coaching moves already made. Now there are some vacancys
that are out there. The USC vacancy is certainly one
that is of top of mind. As Andy Enfield, he
decided that he was going to leave USC, and it
said he is going to be heading on over to SMU,

which is a big time move for SMU. They are
heading on over to the ACC and they did need
to make a little bit of an upgrade. They let
go of Rob Lanier, who I thought did a solid
job and now he's at RICE. This was a good
get for Rice. Scott Parra just was not really cutting
it over there while he was with the Rice Evils.
They had a rough year this year. So that is
one that I think honestly is gonna work out well

for all parties. But I do take a look at
USC as being one of the big time job openings
that we should be watching out for. Certainly the Saint
Louis coaching vacancy as one that is out there right now,
and many are speculating as to whether or not they're
going to be waiting for the NIT to conclude, because
you've got Shosh Shirtz who's done amazing workover at the
Nsad's apparently a top candidate there. But we shall see

what happens. But in terms of the coaching moves that
we've been seeing over the last few days, Austin Flanch
who served as a really good head coach over at Nichols.
He was an assistant for Alabama this past season. He
got hired on by the Meat Meat utsa Roadrunners. I
think that that's going to be good. They were already
playing in up tempo style. Klaunch was always able to
get his seams to do a solid job of bo

generally turnovers, So that is one that I liked. We
talked about Mark Byington with our good friend Blake Level.
I think that just as long as Vanderbilt can stay
away from some of those injury issues, that's going to
be very big for them. And if you're looking at
the current vacancies that we've got open, I alluded to
two of them, Saint Louis usc ut Rio, Grand Valley.
As you had to hire on a new man, Matt
Figure who came over from Austin. P just was not

cutting it. In general. Pepperdine let go of Lorenzo romaru
Man when he was Isaiah Thomas. That went completely downhill
from Long Beach State. After they famously let go of
Dan Monson, they have yet to hire on a coach
as of now. This is being recorded Tuesday night, so
this could be different at the time that you're listening
to this podcast. But President Spradlin he is now out

of the fold as well. He took that James Manson
job and he did really good work at Moreheat State,
very well rounded team. I like that Higher Souff. Right now,
we're waiting to see what happens over at Morehead State.
Justin Hudson was let go of by President State. They're
currently looking for a coach. You've got Detroit Mercy, who
let go Mike Davis, which I mean shock shocks, a
prize surprise. He was relying upon his own son to

be able to save his job for many many years,
and now he's been let go of Cornell. They have
to try to replace Brian Arrol, and I think that
that's going to be a very tricky one. Brian Earle,
he decided that he was going to be taking the
head coaching job of William and Mary, so he gets
a coach up, not just William, not just Mary, but
both of them. But at dissinc style of playing super
duperp tempo. Over the last few seasons, they were playing

very low and slow. I think that that's going to
be a little bit of a shock to the system
for William and Mary. But now having out the Pat
Kelsey who decided to take that Louisville job, I do
think that that's gonna be throwing teams a little bit
off guard. And Brian Earle just knows basketball in general.
I like that hire. And I just take a look
at the board and I'm trying to think of a
coaching hire that I look at it and I say, oh,

that was a bad hire. Maybe Rob Hasan he's gonna
be going over to u C. I wasn't as a
bullish on the work that he did while he was
over at uab Luke Yokolch has been let go, and
I always liked Luke Yoklich. He just didn't get results
at u S. I can't blame them for moving on
from him. And I'm Yaklich was able to do a
solid job with the UIC defense, but no consistency with

that team whatsoever. And just take a look up and
down the board, and it's just really hard to be like, yep,
this is a really bad move. Like Jake Thiebler, I
think that Ohio S was a little bit of prisoner
of the moment when they decided to give him the
full time job. But I mean that guy backed at
the heck up for Ohio State to the back half
of the season. He earned that job in my opinion.
And even the Ohio State they could have went out there,

they could have gotten a bigger name, much like Michigan
was able to get to. I think if that's a
tremendous hire for them, Like does he make got Florida
Atlantic to the final four? You could say what you
want about that final four run. He got Florida Lank
to the Final four. Like the dude can coach, There's
no question about it. He's going to be solid over there.
And Michigan and you can tell that that Juwan Howard
Era well, that was just running its course, to say

the least. I'm very curious to see what Marshall does
now that they can Dan and Tony and now Cornelius
Jackson is going to be taking over for him. For
Cornelius Jackson, he's been on the staff for quite a while,
so it's essentially just a passing down of the torch
there and then I was alluding to it a little
bit and I'm going to talk a little bit more
about this tomorrow. We're seeing some D two guys getting

a shot at the D one level, as Ben McCollum,
he has been hired by Drake and I really like
this move. And I do like the fact that more
of these schools are deciding, you know what, we are
going to be looking at the division two level because
we have noticed a lot of these guys have taken
on these jobs from the D two level. Josh Shurtz,
he was a prime example of that. For Ben mccollumy
he takes over after he was very good in the

D two level. I believe over at Northwest Missouri, I
might have gotten that mistaken, but he was able to
lead them to quite a few NCAA tournaments. I think
that that was a very good hire from them. If
you're looking at another guy that went from the D
two level up to the D one level, what we
saw over at Sea Sun this past season, I thought
that that was absolutely tremendous Mark Newman. He was able
to do a tremendous job on that front as well.

You've got a few of these coaching jobs that it
was just filled by the interim. I was alluding to
it with Ohio say fill Martelli junior. He's now the
full time guy over at Bryant. Yay, verily there. But
I do take a look at this one. John Shulman,
he is going to be taking over after he was
at Alabama Huntsville, which has been a machine. As I
mean for Alabama Huntsville. They went from having Monny Acuff

who is currently the coach over at Lipscomb to John Shulman,
who led them to one dred and twelve and thirty
nine with their record over the last five seasons, so
that has been a nice stepping stone for them. You've
got Chris Mack who's going to be going to Charleston.
That was one that happened I believe within the last
forty eight or or so hours. Maybe I was a
little bit asleep at the wheel, but that in my opinion,
if you're rating these top coaching moves, I really like

that one. Like with Chris Mack, it's very clear as
to why things fell apart with the job over at
Louis and I don't think that it was necessarily all
it was fault. Now, did he do the world's greatest
job there? No, but he was a winner while he
was over at Xavier. He won big time while he
was over at Xavier. This is a good time gift
for a Charleston team that they were able to experience

quite a bit of prosperity under Pat Kelsey. I think
that this is a very good coach out there in
the Coastal Conference, and I do think that there's going
to be quite a bit of success out there. I'm
very curious to see what Houston Christian does as well,
with Craig Doty coming into the fold, as they were
under the tutelage of Rockett Fell since nineteen ninety. Doty
was over at Emporia State, which is an underrated D

two school that's out there in the Midwest. I think
that he's going to be able to do a relatively
solid job. And we are noticing more and more of
these smaller schools they are going to the D two level.
Paul Carrasso, he is going to be taking over at
Ia after Matt Crenshaw. Well, he was putting the PU
and I p u Y in for Corrosso. He was
coaching at the University of Indianapolis as a D two
school out there in the Great Lakes Conference, and that's

one of the better conferences out there at the D
two level, and we noticed a lot of his players
going from the D two level up to the D
one level and having quite a bit of success. He
was able to lead them to back to back D
two NCAA tournaments. He was able to be a monster
out there in the Great Lakes Valley Conference, which is
one of the better D two conferences out there. So
that's big and for long beach hade I misspoke. I
was seeing that dam Monson had not had his job

filled yet. Chris Ecker, he is going to be the
gentleman that takes over for him. Acker was on the
San Diego State staff the last few seasons, so that's
a move that has been made. Were he was noticing
a few retreads with Conzo Martin back at Missouri State,
which it went so well for him when he was
at Missouri State nearly two decades ago. We shall see
what happens here Pepperdine. They also have filled their coaching

position ed Shilling. He is going to be getting the job.
He is going to be moving on up after he
was a grand assistance. So that is gonna be one
that is going to be interesting to take a look at.
And then Sienna. The Hi You're on Jerry McNamara, I
actually really like this move. Jerry McNamara knows a little
bit too well about the mid majors out there in
the northeast part of the country. I believe that his

Syracuse and played Sienna once or twice. I don't think
that was in the NCAA tournament. But he takes over
a program that just for the most part, has been
relatively sawid. Sienna just have Murphy's a lot hit them,
all sorts of injuries. Carl Macielo, he was always a
relatively solid coach. So I do think that they're going
to be able to have quite a bit of success
moving forward as well. So we've got a lot that's
going on than the Jered Calhoun hire that was made

by Utah State. Calhoun was over at Youngstown State was
really able to improve that program year after year. I
think that that is going to be a big one
as well. I've alluded to the Pac twelve hir rings.
With Kyle Smith now being over at Stanford Washington State,
it looks like they are going to be going with
David Riley. I don't know if this is confirmed or not,
but it looks like David Riley he is going to

be able to get that job. And if that is
the case, I do think that that's every brolatip. We
saw a gift for them Rightley a very much fast riser.
So we shall see what happens on that front. But
I just look at a lot of these hires, not
a lot of gripes for me quite yet that could
be very much subject to change. Like even Ethan Faulkner,
he is going to be someone that's going to be
taking over at Young sun State, it does appear, so

I do think that he is going to be able
to do a nice job moving forward. And I believe
that he was over at Toledos. So We've got a
lot of good hires that are going to be made,
and I'm going to be paying attention to all these
throughout the offseason. Like I said that Saint Louis vacancy,
I think that we could be seeing them going with
the gentleman that is going to be out there on
the floor in the Nit and Josh shirts over the
next few days. And we're certainly going to be keeping

busy on this front. We have seen already north of
forty coaching changes that have been made this offseason. There's
a lot to be able to pass through, and I'm
going to do my best all off season long to
be able to keep these straight for you guys. And
if you do like hearing from this fine podcast, because
go seep's here, able to subscribe whatever your podcast, Apple Podcasts, Google, Blay, Spotify,
citter in tune, and if you have a question comments
segment idea what I be for this podcast of a

two ways before those en first one is my Twitter
sladhack sideline at you under forty one. Keep in mind
lettersm maybe does on matters size per usual, please to
send these endo the timeline. And the other way that
is finding an Apple podcast review. If you rate this
podcast five starts, that is very much appreciated. From there,
you're able fire and whatever you'd like here on this
podcast via the five star review. We'll throw in this
as well. I forgot to mention this before. I am
not going to be one that's going to be like

tweeting out or anything like that, like, oh, I speculate
this person is gonna get job ex just because this
is still a sports betting show. I primarily focus there
and there's just no value whatsoever. And speculating who's going
to be a coach. There's no team that is going
to be looking for a coach that is probably going
to be a future worth taking in terms of winning

the NCAA Tournament title. Even at school like USC, They're
just not worth that sort of value. So we've got
seven months to be able to cite for this. You
want to be seeing who all comes into the transfer
portal because a guy can look like an absolute home
run higher, but if they do absolutely nothing to bring
in talent in the transfer portal, in the recruiting front,
what have you, It's going to be all for nothing.

So do you want to throw that in there as well?
And do you want to throw in there are big
things of Blake Bubble of Southeast from fourteen for joining
me in the last weight when coming at you guys
every single day throughout the college basketball season, and that
means I'm coming at you wants to get tomorrow and
we'll be with you guys every single day throughout the
offseason as well. We're with you three hundred and sixty
six days of the year this year or so I'll
beat if you wants to get up so much.

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