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April 4, 2024 28 mins

Greg about the difficulty in trying to keep up with #CBB transfer portal movement, preview the #FinalFour & look at offseason coaching moves with Tristan Freeman of Busting Brackets & Greg picks & analyzes the NIT Final

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3:23-The Difficulty in tracking the transfer portal

8:11-Interview with Tristan Freeman

29:32-DK Network Pick Seton Hall vs Indiana State

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
If we're remember the Loo Welcome to love you Las
Vegas for because he's with myself s Creigis Peterson. Now
for the family podcasts, We've got an excellent podcast for
you as joining me in SEGMA number two, we are
going to be having Tristan Freeman aboard. He does absolutely
amazing work over at Bust and Bracket's taking a look
at this great game of college basketball that we all
know in love. We'll ask him a little bit about

some of these coaching hires, these coaching searches that we
have been seeing. On top of that, we've got to
get his take on the Final four and just how
in that NC State has gotten here. He's based out
there in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, does a great job following the
ACC so we do have to get his thoughts on
what we've been seeing in terms of this absolutely massive
run from them. So we're going to be joined by

Tristan and Segma number two. In the final segment, we're
going to get you guys picks in analysis on the
NIT final as we hit some bank shots. If you
have a question comment segment idea what I be for
this podcast? You do have one of two ways we
have far listen. First one is my Twitter slash check
timeline at an under forty one keep in mind letter,
see them maybe us on matters, so it's pretty usual.
Please send these into the timeline and other ways. Find

an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast five starts,
it is very much appreciated. From there, you are able
to fire in whatever you'd like here on this podcast
via that five star review. Did not get in any
Twitter slash x questions today, and we'll be joined by
Tristan in a few minutes. We're gonna keep this a
two part podcast just because there's just so little to
really be able to take away from yesterday, because well,

we had no games yesterday, and I'm gonna be going
in the full off season mode once the nets are
cut down out there in Arizona. We've got a little
bit of dead time in the meantime. But I will
just give you guys a little bit of a feel
as to what we're right now getting in terms of
the transfer portal. But I've said this on the podcast
a few times and I'll say it again. Trying to
decipher the transfer portal right now is stuff I just

refreshed verbal comments, who really is the best site out
there in terms of taking a look at all these
transfer moves. We are up to one thousand, three hundred
and eighty eight players in the transfer portal, So I
keep making the joke of, oh, it might be easier
to make a list of guys on the transfer portal. Yeah,
that joke might actually not be a joke when it's
all sended down. It like it's just absolutely rile. Like

we saw christ at a sunko, he was someone that
was a big man at Saint Joe's he entered in
the transfer portal, And like I like the move of
Zeke Mayo heading on over to Kansas. He was rock
solid while he was over at South Dakota State, led
the team in points, rebounds, assist, was a solid three
point shooter. But it's just really hard to know what
to make out the transfer portal right now. And for

those that our futures players, yes, you can certainly grab
some nice numbers right now. There are some books that
have posted up their odds to be able to win
the twenty and twenty five in CAA tournament, but I
feel like it would be very difficult to get any
sort of a lay of the land right now because
a lot of the big time transfers they're going to
be making their announcements within the next few weeks. This
is the time of year where a lot of these players,

they're going to be meeting up with coaches if they're
out there in the transfer portal, what have you when.
This is a very very critical week. We're going to
talk about it a little bit more with Eli Becker
of each XCVB on the podcast tomorrow. But the reason
why it is so critical of a week is that
all these coaches actually flock to the final four, they
have a bunch of discussions. There are hirings and firings

that are made with regards to coaches as well, and
how much do you want to be rolling the dice?
Sound like a first year coach, you have no idea
what the heck they're going to be getting in the
transfer portal. Like it didn't take someone to put on
their Colombo Rain coach and know that Tucker de Reese
was going to be following his father over to West Virginia.
That was one that was a given. But again, are
we going to be gambling on West Virginia winning the

NCAA Tournament title. Probably not. So. I think that this
is really the time of year where, for lack of
a better term, it's hunting and gathering if you're taking
a look forward, Ana, We've got four more games to
be able to take a look at in terms of
college basketball. But I think that a lot of people
are in agreement with me, unless if you were completely
due to college basketball. I've not seen like a game

all season long. Heyes in the bar and the numbers
are the numbers just all about all right? How much
do I wait the recent form of NC State versus
what I've been seeing throughout the season, while they regress
into being a pumpkin, while they're good shooting variants that
they've been getting against them be continuing. Is Yukon really
as dominant as we've been seeing or could we see

a little bit of a hiccup like we saw against Creighton.
Like that's a big questions right now. The numbers are there,
the data points are there, We know the guys, we
know how they've been able to get to this road.
Now just about deciphering the information and personally making decisions,
Like there's really no new handicapping that I'm going to
be doing all season long other than taking a look
and seeing, all right, here's how Purdue has performed in

the lasting games versus overall for the season. Here's how
Alabama has been performing in the NCAA tournament as opposed
to pre NCAA tournament. Like, all the numbers are there,
all these teams, they have been figured out. There's not
going to be any guy where it's like, oh, yes,
I've played all season long, and now he's going to
be able to make an impact in the final four,
which you do see every single year. A guy that

might be being like three or four points per game
be able to come out there, be able to give
you double figures or something like that. But it's not
like they're complete another unknowns. It's not like Waukie mcwak
on junior. It's seen five minutes all season long, all
of a sudden, it's gonna be able to make an
impact on one of these games. So that is what
is ahead for us. Like I said, we are really
going to be getting into the offseason within the next

few days. After Monday, then we are full fledged steam ahead.
But this is a very big week for a lot
of these players. A lot of these players are going
to be meeting with coaches and there's just no value
in speculating as to where a guy is gonna go.
Like if you want to go to the crystal ball
protections on on three Sports, two, four to seven sports,
they do amazing work, by the way, absolutely go for it.

But I just don't understand where the betting edge is
trying to look at a team right now in April
for an NCAA tournament that is going to be playing
eleven a half months from now, where there's one tournament
title winner. So that's where we stand Ruth regards to
this podcast, and where we stand with this podcast is
trying to get on as many great guests assumingly possible.
You've heard this man all throughout the season, and it's

always a pleasure you get them aboard. It's Tristan Freeman.
He does absolutely excellent work. Take a look at this
great game of college basketball over at Buss and Brackets.
That's fans side, it's college basketball coverage. I know he's
doing some great workover at Sleepers Media. That's with our
good friends Greg Withell along Carter Elliott, the Field of
sixty eight and so much more all twelve months out
of the year. This man does an excellent job taking

a look at this fine game and you're able to
fall on Twitter slash x at OOPSAH three five to one,
and Tristan always pleasured my friend. Thank you.

Speaker 2 (06:31):
Yeah, thank that, Greg appreciate it.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
I appreciate you, Tristan and Tristan, we've got ourselves the
final four that involves I think you very fair to
say two teams said, if you told me they would
be in the Final four, nobody would be surprized. You
count along with Purdue Alabama a little bit more on
the fringe with them being in that four to five
matchup in the round of thirty two. And then the
eleven seed NC State has been a complete and undershock.

And I do want to highlight that eleven seed because
you're man that you're out there in the Pittsburgh area.
You do amazing work taking a look at the acc
Just what have you made out of this big run
that ncctate has made, as this is one of the
most improbable things I think anyone's ever seen.

Speaker 2 (07:09):
Yeah, and look every year and we see this all
the time, and an eleven seed makes a run usually
it's the one that comes out of playing games. But
NC State was the auto bid, had to use that
just to get in so in a way that they
had their own Cinderella run. I think that they had
the talent because I think a lot of us had
them fourth and fifth in the AC seed to begin with,

and they had what a five to one start in
league play. They just had a really down part that
just took them out of it. But we're seeing the
talent they have playing the talent DJ Horne, a great
score that came from Arizona State, DJ Burns, who can
go for twenty and just really impact the games. So
this isn't a shock when you look at the talent
they had to begin with, but we all left them

for dead and they just became that one team that
was able to just play it all together after the
right time and get to this point.

Speaker 1 (08:00):
Incredible what we have been seeing out of this nccate
team And just is there anything that has really flipped
for this NCCA team that has allowed them to make
this run, Because I take a look back at it,
and they do have a few pieces that you look
for for a team that makes a run all year long.
It didn't matter whether they were struggling or playing well.
They've always done a solid job of not turning the
ball over, and it does feel like they do a

lot of the little things. Well. It's just a case
where I feel like the defense, more than anything else,
has really been stepping up in this most recent run.

Speaker 2 (08:29):
The last time where they were in danger, you know,
the four game lose a streak where they gave up
eighty plus points a game, and then everyone keeps talking
about the Louisville game where they were in a shootout
with the worst team in the ACC and the defense
was awful. But after they survived that, the defense played
incredibly well, including the two wins over Duke to get
to this point like they obviously, DJ Burns can be

a good interior defender and teams haven't been able to
exploit him on screens or stretching him out on the floor,
and that's how been a gorge just played well, Horn Taylor, McConnell.
They had moments where they really were not good perimeter
defenders and they've soreed that up and once that happened,
it's been a huge success for them. Now people talk about,
you know, three points shooting of the opponents thatat some

of the agency teams benefited from. Hey, but the reality
of the MC State's being able to consistently make their
the opponent's happened and wolf Packet take advantage.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
Absolutely. It has been now just an insane run that
we've been seeing. Hopefully they can update that thirty for
thirty what it's all said and done, because this has
been survive in advanced part too. Its Christin Freeman. It
does amazinging workover at Bussin Brackets has showing me right
here on coast. Go Seep said, I do want to
get into that game that they're going to be playing
against Purdue on Saturday, because this is gonna be the
toughest matchup that NC State of States yet. And I'm

sure that you've picked up on this much like myself,
even though we love DJ Burns, even though we love
the NCCA team, if you do take a look over
all for the season, this has not been some sort
of amazing team on the glass, and now they have
to face off against giant of the years, Zach Eedy.
Just how do you take a look the low post
battle in this one? Because I do think that because
of all the love and all of the narratives in

general that is running the NCCA team. I do think
that they're perhaps giving DJ Burns a little bit more
of an opportunity then he might have against ach Edie,
because I do think that this is a battle that
NCCA is not going to be able to hold up in.

Speaker 2 (10:17):
And we saw when centers have success, they're able to
use screens and able to just get the bigs away
from Eadie where they can exploit them. Like a lot
of Grandy Kay's offenses came on picking rolls where Edie
wasn't able to recover fast enough, but he rarely had
post up success against him. That's all Burns is going
to be able to do. MC State's not going to

be able to take him away from Edie. He does
have a decent mid rating shot, but if you're Purdue,
you'll let Burns try to take those all the time.
I think the key though, is just letting Burns get
post up opportunities and seeing if Edie can foul. Edie
does not foul a lot, but Burns is the kind
of big man who willingly gets down into posts and
if he can just try to get at least one

foul on him, make them think about it. That could
be big, because ultimately, anytime Edie's gone on the floor,
teams have a chance against Purdue.

Speaker 1 (11:06):
And I'm sure that your mentions are gonna have a
lot of people being like, oh, Edie should be called
for like five hundred fellas and everything like that. That
has become a hot button of topic with the reds
of college basketball, because I mean, if you watch a
game against Tennessee, I feel like I saw more than
one fall against Zach Edy. I don't think that that's
a completely off base take. And at the same time,
these people are saying that Edie fells on every single play,

I think have gone to the extreme as well. I'm
not sure if you've identified this and how you've evaluated this,
but I do think that there's a lot of people
that just take away from Edie the credit that he deserves.
And at the same time, I do think that it
is somewhat fair to say that perhaps there is a
little bit of a case to be made that there's
a lot of referees that simply don't know how to
call Zach Edie's games, and sometimes they don't necessarily get it.

One hundred percent correct.

Speaker 2 (11:52):
Yeah, I mean I think Edie does get a superstar
whistle and that happens regards all the time, so why
not Thigs and we's with Shack in the NBA. It's
just hard to go. I'm just personally not a fan
of fouls being called because I like to see the
guys on the court. So as long as it's both ways.
Where is that game where you Watson and Grandka both

accumulated a lot of fouls in the second half and
some were questionable, whereas Edie didn't get his. It'll be
interesting to see how they refit because if either Burns
or Eatie gets two early FOULSD and we don't see
much the matchup, that's going to get talked a lot
on social media, and hopefully it doesn't because this does
have a chance to be a good.

Speaker 1 (12:32):
Yeah, I'm right there with you, and I do think
that that is going to be something that regardless of
what happens, if there's a lot of fellows called on Edie,
there's gonna be a lot of people saying, oh, the
Reugh's cave because of the social media mob. And if
there isn't a lot of fellows being called there's going
to be a lot of people being like, oh, they
just continue to protect them. So I do think that
it's just one of those controversial takes. And I do

think that we can be racial human beings that'd be
somewhere in the middle on it, which is probably things
ultimately do. Lias Tristan Freeman, who does amazing work over
at Buss and Bracketts, he is joining me right here
on suits. And then in the other semi final game,
I just thank Alloyer this one. And if Alabama can't
dethrow on Yukon, I think Perdue maybe has a little
bit of an opportunity if they slip by NC State.

But man, I just take a look at what Yukon
is doing right now. It's very very special. It's very
rare that we see a double digit line out here
in Lovey, Las Vegas for a Final four game, but
we've got that with Yukon being about an eleven a
half to a twelve point favorite, And I don't necessarily
think that it's off base. I'm not sure how you
evaluate this game, but give all the credit in the
world to the Alabama offense. But unless if they are

canning a bunch of threes. I think that this could
be their ultimate doomsday.

Speaker 2 (13:41):
I don't think people talk enough about how good Yukon's
defense has been this year, and even without Klingon just
absolutely dominating the inside. Stefancastle has been an outstanding perimeter defender,
Trisan Newton's been great, outs Caravan's been great. Yukon, even
if they struggle to shoot, are good to have the
whole teams in the sixty's And if you're looking for

a team outside of Purdue that can beat Yukon't, it's
gonna be a team like Alabama who can score ninety
in any human game. Will that works, We'll see. But
they have a guy in Seeers that can take over
Estrada Griffin or big guards that can hold their own,
and Grant Nelson can have the game he had against
North Carolina where he just took over and was a
mismatch inside and outside.

Speaker 1 (14:23):
It'll get him with shot.

Speaker 2 (14:24):
I don't know if you know there's going to be
much that prevents the Yukon't Produde's title game matchup, but
I think Alabama was one of the few teams on
paper equipped to give them the best challenge outside the
other one seats, they're gonna have their shot. We bigger
upsets have occurred, so I won't completely rule them out,
but they're definitely an underd off.

Speaker 1 (14:42):
Yep, they certainly aren't. How much do you take a
look at this matchup with Alabama and just think that
perhaps it just provides volatility for lack of a better term,
because I think that if Alabama loses this game, I
just don't see it being some sort of like a
five six point loss or anything like that. I think
it's because they go cold from three and they lose
this game by fi team. Plus. Meanwhile, if Alabama is
sitting their threes, then I think that you could see

things be very, very tough. I'm not sure how you
see this, but I think with just Alabama style, it
just causes for more volatility than anything else.

Speaker 2 (15:12):
Yeah, it look whenever you're the underdog, you want to
ideally limit possessions. You don't want to have more of them.
You don't want to give Yukarn more chances to just
be better. And that's going to be the concern. But
that's just how Alabama plays and they're just going to
have to make this into a shootout. I think if
Trisan Newton. It's not hidden shots. Since Spencer's ran off
a three point line, then there is a chance to

sort of struggle a bit, although now that Clinging is
sort of finding his own offensively, that could negate it.
Because I am interested on how Alabama's going to defend Clinging,
because Grant Nelson is not going to be the ideal
matchup you can try. Nick Kringle. I think he's had
success in the tournament. But yeah, I think, as you said,
that this could be a blowout or this could be
an upset potential, and that's what happens when you got

an offensive juggernaut like Alabama.

Speaker 1 (15:56):
Yeah, there's no doubt about it. This is going to
be just a fun final foreign In general, there's no
shortage of story lines. But we do have that very
clear favorite in Yukon, so we shall see what happens.
Sarah's joining me on the show. We do have Fristin Freeman,
who does amazing workover at Buss and Brackets is jowing
to me right here on Coco soups In. Certainly, when
it comes to college basketball, starting to focus our attention

a little bit more on the off season as we
record this we've got four games left to be played,
the Final four national title game, and then we've got
the NIT final that got said on Tuesday as well.
So it does mean that a lot of programs are
looking forward. And we've been seeing a lot of coaching
hires happening over the last few days. And this is
something that I've been picking up on and I'm not
sure if you feel the same way or not, but

we have been seeing a lot of these guys coming
up from the non Division one level, even in the
case of Bucky McMillan, the high school level, and they've
been able to have quite a bit of success at
the D one level. And I do want to get
your thoughts on what we've been seeing over the last
few days with there being a few guys coming up
from the D two level coming up to the D
one level, and I do think that it's becoming a
little bit more of a trend. It's one I like

with the latest being mister Ben McCollum coming over from
the D two level and getting hired by Drake a
few days ago.

Speaker 2 (17:06):
Yeah, I mean, look at the Final four head coaching situation.
I mean Natos was a former high.

Speaker 1 (17:12):
School coach, you'll be Whitewater.

Speaker 2 (17:14):
I mean, so they've risen up the ranks, and I
think a lot of these teams are trying to look
outside the box and find which candidates taken fine, because
I think you know, retreads or somewhat falling out of style,
and you just got to find different coaches, different ways
to find coaches to succeed. We've seen playing had success
as as you mentioned with Sandford, you know, suddenly becoming

a contender in so Calm. You just got to find
coaches out from the JUCO D two high school to
find them. If they have success, then they're likely to
have success elsewhere.

Speaker 1 (17:44):
Absolutely, and it's been something that I think has been
honestly very good for college basketball. These guys have been
very fast risers, like Danny Sprinko going in two years
from Montana State all the way up to the Power
Conference level. He is going to be coaching up Washington.
So I think that it's very solid and I do
take a look at this one as well. With Oklahoma State.
They out to Mike Pointing at the end of the year.

As I liked Mike Pointing as a coach, but clearly
just was not getting the job done. I hire on
someone like Steve Watson. I thought that that was a
good move as well. I'm not sure you great a
lot of these coaching moves right now, but I've yet
to see a move where I was just sitting there thinking, man,
I have no idea what they're doing, and I think
that's the will wats higher. It's going a little bit
on the radar, but I think that's exactly what Oklahoma

State needed and it's gonna be very beneficial for them
moving forward.

Speaker 2 (18:30):
I'm far from coaching expert, and I think because of
the roster volatility with some coaches bringing in a lioner
guys that can help them win early. I think we
saw with Denis Gates, who looked like an awesome coach
and higher with the guys he was able to bring
in and keeping Kobe Brown, and then this past season
they go winless in the SEC. We'll see. I think
ultimately it's just hard to great coaches until you see

it after a couple of years. And look, every year
there's gonna be some now or more success, some that
are solid and a few that are just outdes that
ultimately get back on hot seat. So it remains to
be seen, but ultimately all coaching hires are good.

Speaker 1 (19:09):
YEP, it is certainly the case, because I take a
look at all these hires and I'm like, hey, I
like this hire. Like I thought, Jared Calhoun getting hired
on by Utah State, very good move. We shall see
what happens there. Tim Krafft heading on over to Western Carolina.
I like what I'm seeing there, But is there maybe
one or two coaching hires that might be a little
bit more under the radar. I laid out their seed

bluss with Oklahoma State that maybe he isn't getting talked
about too much, but it took a look at it,
and he said, initially, obviously this is going to be
much subject to change based on what these guys get
in the transfer portal, how they operate year number one,
what have you. But is there a coaching hire too
that you said, Man, this isn't getting talked about too much.
But I like the move.

Speaker 2 (19:48):
You mentioned Calhoun, who has success to one of the
worst jobs in the country, Youngstown State. Him going over there.
I think we'll see if you talk State can keep
its streak of good coach and hires there. But I
also I think Stanford escaping my name Kyle Smith from State.
Considering that he's you know, had really good success in
Washington State, taking him to the tournament is a big thing.

And now Stanford's going to the ACC, which I would
argue is a better conference than the Pac twelve. It's
going to be a needed move, especially considering that he's
more of a developer than someone who could just naturally
recruit five stars and see if that works Kim, Especially
considering that Stanford, you know, is a school that's not
going to get a ton of elite talent because obviously

academic restrictions, it could be the ideal place for him,
And obviously if people saw the press conference of what
the university means for him and his children. Movement when
it comes to their staff, Ross, I think it's a
good fit. We'll just see how it works in the
ACC when they have to travel across the country all
the time for all the road games.

Speaker 1 (20:51):
Yeah, certainly that just movement in general, all the games
that are going to be played in multiple time zones apart,
I think that might be a little bit of an issue.
But I did like that move, and with how crazy
the off season was, I didn't realize until like a
few hours ago that Chris Mackett actually taken the job
over at Charleston. That's one that I actually really like
as well. And what I like as well is getting

you on the board, getting you on the podcast just
and you do amazing work taking a look at this
great game of college basketball. I know you're going to
be very very much take a look at everything that
we're getting this offseason and the transfer, portal coaching moves
and so much more. So let me get people at home,
you know it's all in to for you and how
people can fall on on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (21:30):
Yeah, you can follow me at Hoops met three to
five to one and also follow that busting brackets for
all the latest college basketball news and a whole bunch
of transfers coming in and out. And I'll be ranking
the first Batchel Thors very soon.

Speaker 1 (21:42):
Absolutely, And it is wild. It is crazy. We just
saw Zeke Mayo decide that he is going to be
going to Kansas and as one of the first big
dominoes of about one hundred million million that we're going
to be seeing this offseason. And somehow, some way, Tristan
is going to do a great job of be able
to decide for them all. So big thanks for your
and for joining part the Piece and Family podcast and

coming up next, you got one game on the board,
the Nike Final.

Speaker 3 (22:07):
I'll give you guys picking analysis for that next has
you need some day job and we're bag you love
me Boss Vegas for goods seeps with myself, Greg pep
Speeders and now part of the Decent Family and podcasts.

Speaker 1 (22:25):
Was great to be able to get Tristan Freeman aboard.
He does amazing work taking a look at this game
of basketball over there at Bust and Brackets. Every single
time he joins the show he learns such good insights
and it was a pleasure to be able to get
him a board today. So big thanks to Tristan for
joining me in the last segment. Now it is that
time the podcast. I give you picks an analysis for
our loan game on the betting board for this college

basketball Thursday, as we had some bang shots.

Speaker 2 (22:49):
Games for yesterday.

Speaker 1 (22:50):
Is Greg buzzing about? Here is the rowdy recap. Do
you know if that, as per usual, any changes are
made to these plays. We'll be listened up on my
Twitter slash x feed at Ginat underscored one. Well, it's
very easy to go in rotation order when there's one
game on the board. It's the n game and are
d can now write a pick. I'm sure that you
can imagine what game is going to be six eighty one,

six eighty two on the card, Seaton All is going
to be playing against Indiana State and the Sycamores. There
between a two and a half two a three point
favorite totals game. It is one fifty nine. I'm seeing
a couple one to fifty nine and a half pop
up as well, And I did something I told a
one to fifty seven. I'm gonna be looking at the under.
Really no change from my initial handicap on this game yesterday,
but right appears officially going to be on seat and all.

And the biggest reason why I'm going to be one
to back Seaton All is that I think that they're
going to be able to do a solid job on
the glass and just quite frankly, are going to be
able to get clean looks. With Indiana State, this offense
has been absolutely remarkable. They're a top six team in
all of college basketball in terms of point scored on
a purposession basis and games played away from home, they're
shooting just bowl thirty nine percent from three parrange, as
the top six mark in all of college basketball, and

Seating All by comparison, they shoot okay from three pint range.
I'm not gonna say that Seaton All is like some
terrible shooting team or anything like that, but they are
outside the top sixty five in terms of points scored
on a per possession basis. Your main scoring Kadari Richmond
is not a guy that goes out there and lights
the world on fire from three part range. But the
seat and Al overall unit has been able to form

some good offense thanks to being able to generate second chances.
Seaton All Overall is twenty ninth in the country in
terms of rebound rate Indiana State, hovering more in than
neighborhood of fiftieth. But the big thing for seton All
is that they are eighteenth in the country in terms
of the percentage of their mishots that they grab as
an offensive rebound, that is thirty four point two percent. Meanwhile,
Indiana State and games played away from home, and this
is even though they're playing in their home state still

technically a road slash neutral court game. This is officially
a neutral court game. They're grabbing nineteen point nine percent
of their misshots as an offensive rebound that rings serreere
and thirty fourth in all of college basketball in terms
of offensive rebound rate in games played away from home.
Indiana State is going to have the crowded venge in
this game, playing about eighty miles away from their home campus,
but New Jersey to Indiana it's not like it's super

duper short travel, but not as herculean as what Utah
was facing when they were going against Indiana State a
few nights ago. So I do think that's going to
be a little bit more of a part of the crowd.
Certainly it's still going to be backing Indiana State in
this spot. But both of these teams also very good
at the free throw line. Indiana State they are a
top three team in all of college basketball. They're free
throw shooting percentage at eighty percent. But the Pirates shoots

seventy seven point nine percent at the charity stripe as well.
And for Seatnal, it has been a unit that has
been right around about eighty fifth ninetieth in the country.
Turns points a lot on a per possession base as well,
Indiana State there are one hundred and fourth in both
of these teams, they give up more than ten points
more per runner possessions and games played away from home
rather than at home. But those clean looks I think
is just so big. Indiana State and games played away

from home, they allow upon us to shoot thirty six
point two percent from three point range to turn seventy
third in all of college basketball and road three point
shooting percentage defense, and this is a big kicker as well.
Setn all very good at blocking shots. Eight point one
percent of the shots that they face on defense they block.
That is a top thirty mark in all of college basketball. Meanwhile,
Indiana State that is two point four percent out of

three hundred and sixty two D one teams. That is
where in fifty six. So that means that SETNAL with
Jayden Bettiaco download giving you about eight to nine points
seven rebounds per game, he's gonna get a lot of
clean looks now, Robbie Alvalo, he's gonna get it. If
before Indiana State sixteen points seven boards, he's able to
pop three's at about six foot ten, six foot eleven
he has been absolutely insane. But that said, Kadari Richmond,

He's just a guy that I feel like Indiana State
is gonna have a tough time with. He's able to
post up down low, he's able to facilitate. Gives us
team fifteen and a half points, five assists, six rebounds
per game. Drey Davis Elmeerdas. Both of these guys have
played very well here in the NIT as well. Both
of these guys give you about fourteen and a half
to fifteen points per contest. With DAWs, you should thirty
eight and a half percent from three Barns himself. And

on the side of Indiana State, this is not a
team that necessarily generates a lot of turnovers, which is
where Setenol typically gets into a little bit of a
sticky spot. Seen all, it's a bunch that they turn
the ball for about thirteen times for contest, Indiana State
closer to about twelve times per game, and no doubt
about it. Better three point shooting team Ryan Conwell. She's
nearly forty two percent for three with about seventeen points
per contest. Jason Ken She's about thirty six percent from

the outside while providing eight boards thirteen a half points
per game. You've got a lot of facilitation with Julian
Larry Savior Bloodson being able to combine for just under
seven and a half to eight assists per contests. So
I do like these guys, but I do think that
Seat and All their overall defense, the way that they're
able to hit the glass, that's going to allow them
to be able to pull this one out. Personally, I
do like Seating All on the money line in terms

of right up. Typically we keep it to the spread,
so they're right up is going to be spread. I'm
gonna personally take a little bit of shot on right
around plus one thirty plus one thirty five on the
money line myself and did some on my total one
fifty seven. I do think that Seaton All, more of
a mid DEEPO team, is going to be able to
slow this game down, and Seating All has been able
to do a relatively rock solid job with their defense.
I do think that they're going to get a few

shot blocks and cause this game to slow down just
a little bit. So right up here is going to
be on the seat and all spread. Like I said,
I personally like the money line and gonna be looked
at the under as well. Now wrapp things up for
the Thursday edition of Because Case now part of the
VS and Family and Podcasts A Big Things that Tristan
Freeman a bust some broadcasts for joining me in the
last segment. If you do like to hear them from
this fine podcast, go soups. You're able to subscribe wherever

your podcast Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, sit you're in
tune in if you have a question, comment, segment, idea,
what have you for this podcast? You have one of
the tways be up fur those in first one is
my Twitter slash x Simelin and as you and under
scory one keep in mind learns them. I mean, it
does not matter SI's per usual. Please you send these
into the timeline. The other way that is finding an
Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast five starting
today is very much appreciate them from there, Arable firearm

whatever you'd like here on this podcast. That five starview
coming at you guys every single day throughout the year.

Speaker 3 (28:34):
In general, all three are sixty six days igular season
and off season, so I'll be back when you want
to get them out.

Speaker 1 (28:40):
Thank you,
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