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April 5, 2024 33 mins

Greg recaps the NIT Title game, talks to Eli Boettger of Heat Check CBB about the Final Four itself & how big of a week this is for teams not currently playing for laying the foundation for next season & Greg looks at the latest coaching and transfer portal moves

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5:01-NIT Title Game Recap

11:22-Interview with Eli Boettger

33:35-Latest coaching and transfer portal moves

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Hey Warmer, Bunny Loo, I'm going to love me Las
Vegas for costco seats with myself, Greig Games Peterson, Now
by the Decent Family Podcast. We've got an excellent podcast
for he as. We're gonna be joined in segment number
two by Eli Pecker. He does amazing works over at
heap chechs CBB. He is the founder of that wonderful network.
End we're gonna be chatting with him just how big

this week is for the offseason. Because I think that
many people have follow college basketball know this, some that don't.
I'm just gonna let you in behind the curtain. This
is a massive week for these teams that did not
make the Final four. There's a lot of networking that
is gonna be going down in Arizona. There's a lot
of players that are gonna be meeting with coaches, a
lot of coaches that are gonna be finding out their faith.

There's gonna be a lot of games that might be
scheduled for the non conference portion next year, as lineups,
as coaches, as just everything gets fortified in general. And
this is a massive week for all those teams. So
we're gonna be talking to Eli about that. Obviously we're
gonna be diving into the final four those two tremendous
matchups with him as well. And then in the final segment,

just gonna give you guys the news that we saw
from college basketball on Thursday. That includes my thoughts on
the USC situation with Eric Musselman going over there, where
we might be seeing these other teams going with regards
to coaching karatsel and just what we've been seeing in
general on that run, along with any sort of massive
news that we've been seeing in the transfer portal. Like

it's really hard to take a look at the transfer portal.
I went through this on the podcast yesterday, but at
the time of the podcast yesterday we had one three
hundred and eighty eight guys in the transfer portal. We're
up to fourteen hundred and seventeen guys in the transfer portal.
One of the most notable names Terrence Williams, the second
of Michigan. He decided that he is going to be
entering in there, k leave battle over at Arkansas entered

in there shortly after the news of Eric Musselman leaving
as well. So maybe got a whole bunch of guys
all right now, in the transfer portal, and manno, man,
it is very very hard to decipher. It only about
like I would say, one hundred and thirty one hundred
and fourty you guys have actually landed on a team
that they're actually going to be going to. So there's
a lot that is in limbo right now. So we're

going to be talking mostly about coaching news the next
few days, before the mets are cut down out there
in Arizona and before we're able to fully decipher al Right,
here are some of the guys that are going to
be in the transfer portal. Here are the jobs that
are already taking off the board, as typically we'll have
like two or three job openings that they do linger
for quite a while. But do want to see us

get a little bit more clarity on the front of
just what we're getting in terms of coaches before really
diving headfirst into the transfer portal, because trying to track
fourteen hundred plus guys and that number is just going
to continue to go up. I would not doubt it
if by the end of next week it's north of
seventeen hundred. Like I keep joking that it would probably
be easier to make a list of guys not in

the transfer portal and in the transfer portal. But I
don't know how much joking it is anymore. So you've
got a lot that's going on there. And if you
do have a question, comments like good idea, whatever, be
for this podcast. You do have one of two eight
be for those in first one is my Twitter slashack
simeline at g and n unders forty one. Keep in
mind learnsym theyb dees on Anders, so as per usual,
please send these into the timeline and other ways. Find

an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast five starts,
it is very much appreciating them. From there, you're able
to fire in whatever you'd like here on this podcast
via the five star review. We got one very solid
game in college basketball on Thursday. Let's recap it, and
let's find out a little bit more about Seaton All
in Indiana. Cy games for yesterday is Greg buzzing about.
Here is the rowdy recap. We might be on this

podcast tomorrow. We're talking about Josh Sure, it's taking a
different job, but on this night his team fell short
against Seaton Hall seventy nine to seventy seven. Are DK
network great? A pick was on Seaton Hall, so feel
very very good about that, and for seating all you
weren't feeling so good about the fact that they were
down in this game by seven points with mere minutes remaining,

but they go on a nine to zero Bondzie charge
to be able to end this game. As just looking
at the game itself, backclock management by Indiana c in
the end of game, I wish I could call it
anything else, but I don't think I'm off Basin saying
that Julian Larry he had eighteen points in this one.
Ryan Conwell did not do a line in the scoring
department with just three points, but supplied the team with
twelve rebounds. But you had Indiana State lose a turner

battle fifteen to eight, and that was very costly. Set
in all whose fourteen is supposed to be on the glass.
I actually lose a rebound battle thirty seven to thirty one.
But Gadari Richmond came up with a little bit of
everything twenty one points, five assists, thirteen rebounds. You had
Elomera Doaz played through a little bit of all trouble
four seals twenty four points, says he went three to
five from three and for Seed and All, they're able

to go six of seventeen from three point in twelve
Indiana State they had their twelve to thirty two from distance,
but the turnovers proved to be very big, and so
did Seed in all going seventeen of nineteen at the
free thaw line. So took the under you got there,
took the underdog you got there as well. And overall
for the season, we have been noticing that the favorites
have been quite solid, So this was a little bit
contrary to that. Twenty eight hundred and fifty one, twenty

seven and seventy and one in against the spread record
for our favorites as far as the season, that's fifty
point seven percent. Meanwhile, the over so letting out about
fifty point nine and seventy eight overs to two thousand,
seven hundred and seventy seven hundreds. So that's what we
saw on a nice, clean and easy college basketball Thursday. Now,
let's take a look at the final four. Let's take
a look at these coaching moves, and let's take a

look at how big of a week this is where
the team's not competing in the final four. With Eli Becker,
we'll do that next right here, not because because with
myself Baby competings and not Mahart and we're back Cools
Vegas because becaus he with myself gets Peterson now part

of the Decent Family podcast. We've got a great guess
aboard is Eli Becker. He does amazing work over at
heat chech CBB, the founder of that wonderful network. He
is doing to me and you've got a lot to
talk about with him because not only do we have
the final four going down, but a couple with that.
I know that he and everyone else over there at
e chech CBB they're all right. Work on the twenty

twenty four to twenty five season. We've seen a lot
of coaching moves made the transfer portal. It's not hot
and heavy. We saw guys like Zeke Mayo already's swap teams.
So even though the nets have not been cut down
yet in Arizona, there is a lot of groundwork being
laid for next season. And will follow Eli on Twitter,
slidh checks at Becker his last name, BOE t tg

E R Underscore and then Eli altogether and Sally it's
great to have your board, Eli, thank you so much.

Speaker 2 (06:26):
Absolutely Greg it was a pleasure to hop on, especially
this week, so much going on, a few games coming
up obviously and looking forward to you so it should
be really fun week.

Speaker 1 (06:34):
Absolutely, and this show keeps him more towards just the
betting aspect. And right now we still have a few
games left for the college basketball season, not many, but
a few. But I mean, how important is this week
for the teams that didn't make the Final Four in
order to try to get back here? Because they always
say that the Final four is a big time melting pod.

It's just a place in general where a lot of
these coaches they get to sit down, meet with other coaches,
is they get to meet with players, what have you?
And just how big is a week like this for
a team that might have missed out on the Final
Four in terms of trying to lay the groundwork for
next season and other seasons to come.

Speaker 2 (07:11):
Yeah, I think there was a fascinating quote that Kevin
Keats shared from NC State about how it's been such
a challenge for him to just maintain focus on the
games ahead during this tournament run as opposed to really
devoting any attention to the transfer portal or recruiting, because

nowadays with the transfer portal opening up the Monday after
a selection Sunday. It really is all feet hitting the
ground from there and players who are hitting the transfer portal,
and everything starts to spend very very quickly. Obviously, coaching
moves happened rapidly as well, So I think you nailed
it in terms of this being such an important few

weeks for not only the teams that are still playing
basketball games, but even more so for the teams that aren't,
because they're obviously all vying to be in this position
next season, and one of the primary ways to go
about that nowadays is to invade the transfer portal and
try to pick up talent that will lend its way
to winning games the following season. So we've already seen it.

A number of teams have already made some significant splashes
so far, and we're here sitting just early April now
we're already starting to see rosters take shape. But you're
absolutely right in the final four week is definitely a
melting pot of so many people who are connecting and networking,
and players who are trying to find new homes if

they're in the portal, coaches who are looking for new
places where they can join staff. So it's so much
movement going on fluidity. I know there's things that are
happening in the very moment that we're speaking right now,
So you very well wake up the next morning and
players will be in different spots, the coaches will be
in different spots as well. So it's a very fluid
time of year and exciting to follow the news wire

and everything that's coming down the pike.

Speaker 1 (08:58):
Absolutely, we'll touch upon that a little bit later with
some of the moves that we have been seeing. But
first things first, we do have to take a look
at the games that we're actually getting, because this is
the goal of all these teams that are right now
meeting up out there in Arizona, all these players that
are in the transfer portal, they want to get to
where these final four teams are at right now. And

just I'm gonna pose the question to you. You don't
have to try to come up with anything ragul or
anything like that, but can any team stop Yukon right
now who find themselves as I'm eleven and a half
to a twelve point favorite in a Final four game
against Alabama, which I still find to be wild.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
Right there? It is pretty substantial for a final four game.
I don't have the historical numbers ahead of meeting. That's
probas it is a little bit more up your alley.
But I will say that for Yukon, they've looked phenomenal
during this tournament run. The way that they thoroughly handle
not only their first weekend games but Blue San Diego
State out of the water, and then had just the
historic thirty y Oho run against Illinois to put that

game away. They more than deserve to be in this setting,
playing for the Final Four and playing for a national
title again because this team just has so few flaws.
I mean, there really isn't anything that Yukon doesn't do
very well, if not exceptionally to just to take a
look in previewing the Alabama game, I think that what
the Tide will want to do is just stick with

their playing style that is fairly unique and is as
modern as we see in the college game nowadays. With
Nate Oates leading the way of a team that loves
to push the pace as much as any team in
college basketball. They will shoot as many threes as any
team in college basketball, and we'll try to be as
disruptive as possible, and I note that was saying that

as we sit right now, Alabama is a sub one
hundred defensive efficiency team. So certainly that comes with the
major caveat being that they need to step up defensively
and they need to have answers for guys like Tristan Newton,
which will probably find some solace and knowing that probably
Mark Sears, although he's giving up some size, or maybe
Aaron Estrada will be defending against him. But the other

key being that Donovan Klingon effectively took over the entire
game against Illinois and looked like he was playing against children.
For lack of a better phrase, it's now Grant Nelson's
task to try to stop clinging and prevent his impact
on both ends, because on one end of the floor
he was swatting anyone on Illinois, whether there's Terrence Channon, Coleman, Hawkins,

you name him. And then on the other floor, the
other side of the floor was just dunking at home
and proving his presence on the opposite side. So it's
such a major factor that we get the Grant Nelson
that we saw against Clemson and against North Carolina, who's
been really impactful and effective of late, showing why he
was noted one of the most sought after transfers this

time last year. So I can't say that Alabama has
no shot to win this basketball game. I don't think
that's fair at all. And they've proven to be a
very difficult team when they're playing to their highest potential.
But they're going to have to play darn near perfect basketball,
especially on the defensive side, if they're going to not
only beat Yukon but even keep pace with this team

with the way that they've just been absolutely tearing through
the field so far.

Speaker 1 (12:13):
Yeah, it's been insane, and over the last two seasons,
Yukon has won everyone they're NCAA tournament games by at
least thirteen points. So taskad is going to be a
tough one. It's joined me on the show. We do
have Eli Beker does amazing work over at HXCBB, the
founder of that great network. Joined me right here on
Cosco Soups. And then in the other game, we've y
got Purdue and we've got NC State. The NC State

story that just will continue to live on and on
and on. This needs thirty for thirty. I mean, when
you've got a team that was down against Louisville in
the first round of the ACC Tournament, a coach that
could potentially it can you needed the front end of
a one and one to go begging and then the
bank in a three, just the force overtime in the

ACC Tournament and now be in the final four. Its magical.
But now they have to get face off against giant
of the Earth. Zach Edie. I'm not trying you take
a look at this NC State team, but if you
look at the season long numbers, this should be a
double digit ball out. But the way that Ncctate has
been rolling recently, this has been one of the most
remarkable runs in the history of basketball.

Speaker 2 (13:16):
It really has been. I think there has to be
quite a bit of credit to Kevin Keats and the
way that he's been able to have his team play
entirely different basketball than what they've shown throughout the entire
regular season. For me, it begs the question where was
this version of NC State the first four months of

the year, Because they look legit, they looked like a
very good basketball team, and ever since that second half
of the Louisville matchup in the first round of the
ACC tournament up until their most recent win against Duke
on Sunday. There is a sound basketball team. So I'm
just somewhat befuddled of what NC State did throughout the
regular season and the reason that they entered even season

play with such a poor record and having lost I
believe I think they lost seven of their last nine
games of the ACC play, So it's shocking what has transpired.
But for NC State, I think the emergence of DJ
Horn as one of the better, if not best shot
makers in the tournament this year has been so impactful

the way that even when NC State's plays break down,
they have an outlet to Horn who is able to
either create from the perimeter or is able to drive
to the basket. And if there's overhelp on Horn, they
can obviously post a DJ Burns. He's proven to be
just a remarkable talent and so gifted and skilled with

his extremely soft touch given its frame which is obviously
super imposing, and those two, the two DJs on this team,
really make this offense hum along. But even beyond that,
I feel like their role players have stepped up in
a big way. You mentioned Michael O'Connell's shot against Virginia,
which effectively saved their season banking in that three pointer

to extend the year. Casey Morsel has had some moments
as well. And Jayden taylorst Oakland. Yeah, this team, I
feel like, what would make Purdue nervous even though it's
the one seed taken on an eleven seed, It's an
NC State team that wouldn't have even made the tournament
had they not won the ACC Tournament. What would make
me nervous from Purdue side is NC State is not

afraid whatsoever. And they've taken out Duke twice during this run.
They've taken out Marquette, North Carolina, Texas Tech. They'd beat
some really good teams to get to this point, and
now this team has the most confidence in the world.
We see during media breaks where DJ Burns is just
laughing and carrying on and having fun. I love the

way that DJ Horn plays with swagger and it just
seems to be relishing these moments. And another guy, Mohammed Diiara,
who has been extremely impactful on both ends and has
really emerged as kind of their tertiary type scoring wing
who's also been able to impact NC State defensively. So gosh,

It's hard to pick NC State to be Purdue knowing
what the boiler Makers present, and obviously DJ Burn's going
up against Zach Edy and trying to stop the Purdue
front excuse me, the Purdue backcourt. But there can't be
a team left in this field that is playing with
as much confidence and as loose with house money as
NC State is right now. And I think that's the
biggest threat, and why they're still standing right now is

because they've just been able to find a way to
win and have gained so much confidence from that, and
I feel like that's why we're looking here. They've won
nine consecutive elimination games, which is simply andheard of, not
only in college of basketball, but in any sort of sport.

Speaker 1 (16:46):
Yep, if they're a cat, they have used all nine
of their lives because they've won nine elimination games. So
we shall see what happens there. But my goodness, this
is gonna be an absolutely tremendous Final four. And I
don't know if you're calling for upset on either of
these two games, but I certainly do think that's gonna
be Yukon versus Purdue in the title game. And if

that is what we would get. What sort of a
chance would you give Purdue, because I think that that's
the one team in the field other than perhaps auburnudes
they got lame based by Yale, so I think that
that's the answer. I don't think that they would have
matched up as well as Baby I was anticipating against Yukon,
but I feel like they're the one team in the
field that truly does match up with Yukon. And I
was mentioning at thirteen plus points is the differential that

Yukon has won all these NCAA Tournament games by last
two seasons. I do think they produced that team that
could be able to put us off to it.

Speaker 2 (17:36):
Yeah, I think you're exactly right on that. I would
have to imagine that that would be a fairly closely
contested matchup because a lot of Yukon's strengths are in
opposition of what produced stinks are and vice versa. And
who better than Donovan Klingon to defend Zachy, Who better
than Tristan Newton to defend Branden Smith. The matchups here

are very similar, and that's why I feel like that
would be a matchup that not only would be super
fascinating from a viewer's perspective, but it's interesting from an
individual player perspective because these strengths and the very very
few weaknesses somewhat line up between these two teams. And
of course there are differences between both Yukon and Purdue

and how they've gotten to this point, but both teams
pass the ball really, really well, they find open shots,
they have capable shot makers on their team. I think
the only major difference here is I trust Yukon to
have more shot making from their wing position than I
do on Purdue side, because for me personally, I feel
like produe is a little susceptible when they have offshooting

nights from Fletcher Lawyer and in some cases from Lance
Stones as well. And we even saw Purdue against Tennessee.
I believe they opened two of thirteen from three point range,
and they are the best three point shooting team in
the country. So I kind of brought back a little
bit of a flashback to recent Purdue teams that we're
obviously dominant inside because they have Zach Edy, but when

the shots aren't falling from the perimeter, I feel like
they get a little bit one dimensional. I can't imagine
the game plan against Yukon. Of course, if this matchup
were to happen, I just don't think Purdue would have
as much success just pounding the rock into Zach Edy
possession after possession like they did against Tennessee, because Donovan
Klingen and so much length as well, would probably disrupt

a lot of these entry passes and just wouldn't allow
Edie to get his position like he did against Tennessee
and like he does seemingly every night. So that's the
main thing for me, and it really was the main
key for for doing my opinion heading into this tournament
is they had to get contributions from Fletcher Lawyer and
from Lance Jones, and I mean, once you know it,
I feel like those two players were probably the biggest

ones besides EDI's down the stretch with Lance Jones as
a significant three pointer, and Fletcher Lawyer hit a number
of key shots as well against Tennessee, so that.

Speaker 1 (19:57):
Would be the biggest key.

Speaker 2 (19:58):
But between the two, gosh, a phenomenal national title game,
and I think it would be a fitting way for
this season to end because these really looked like the
two best teams throughout the season, and similar to maybe
Baylor Gunzagen in twenty twenty one. I feel like it
would be a rare chance for college basketball to really
wrap up a season with the two teams that were
pretty thoroughly dominant throughout the entirety of the season. Yep,

I think that those will be the two best teams
in college basketball. And that's what you always want, what
it's all said and done, you want the best two
teams in college basketball.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
I feel like we would be getting that if that
is the case. Is joining to me on the show
we do have Eli Becker does amazing work over right
Eachecha be joining to me right here on Cocas Soups
and Eli, we as about it to start out with, obviously,
this is a big week for a lot of teams
that aren't in the Final four, And just how do
you take a look at the transfer portal right now?
Because I've been making this joke and I might not

be too far off base when I say it, I
feel like it would be easier to make a list
of guys that aren't in the NBA Draft or the
transfer portal rather than guys that are. Because it feels
like just about everyone is announcing it and just what
are you making out of this period right now, and
just trying to keep everything straight because I'm doing my
best to be able to do and i feel like
I'm falling behind.

Speaker 2 (21:12):
It's even by recording a podcast if we're falling behind,
aren't we It's wild, Like you said, it's whether you
want to take a look at the list of players
who have or have not entered the transfer portal, because
throughout the duration of this transfer window, we see countless
names enter who are probably just flirting with the idea

of what may be out there and could ultimately return
to their school. Or we may also see an instance
where a player is absolutely gone, they've already packed their
bags and they're finding where their next home will be.
So it really is a span of a lot of
different things, and of course players prioritize very different things
as well. There may be instances where a player out
of a particular region who left school thousands of miles

away wants to transfer home, or there maybe a player
who is seeking more playing time or wants to play
in a larger conference. There's so many different factors to it.
I feel like it's not really a black and white
situation where everybody just wants anil money, or everybody just
wants playing time. There are so many elements to it.
It's so hard to analyze the transfer portal nowadays and

even develop rankings for players, because you could take two
different players and one may be a great fit for
one team and the other may be a great fit
for another team. But if you were to reverse the two,
it may not work as well. It can just go
in so many different directions, and that's why I feel
like this time of year is the time to sit

back and kind of analyze what's going on, where the
transfer movement is happening, and in particular which coaches seem
to be having a difficult time retaining players and particular
underclassmen who at least appeared to be maybe players who
could develop over time or gain significant playing time in

due time, because that you usually indicates that maybe there
is something that's undesirable about a particular team, or maybe
it's a part of a reflection of maybe the player's
assessment of the coach. The list can really go on
and on, but I do think that player retention is
especially impactful nowadays, and it's really no surprise as we
look up who the final four teams are right now. Well,

I think one of the commonalities here is a lot
of these coaches have had success retaining a lot of
their most noteworthy players. So that's definitely something to monitor.
And I know the transfer portal will continue to spin
and we'll continue to analyze these players their new homes,
and of course the players who are returning back to
their previous teams as well.

Speaker 1 (23:38):
Yeah, no doubt about it. We find more and more
guys just to saying, you know what, I'm actually not
going to transfer. I was just looking to get a
little bit more NIL money. And that's something that is
happening in the same age. Like or not. These guys
they want to get paid, and I cannot necessarily say
that I blame them. If you're able to play for free,
if you're able to play for a lot more of
than free, I would take the lot more than three

personally myself. And Eli, you do absolutely amazing work taking
a look at this great game of college basketball. Right now,
one thousand and three eighty eight players are in the
transfer portal. That's a number that is increasing by the hour.
You guys are doing a great job breaking it all
down we've got coaching moves going down and oh, by
the way, we've got a few games left in the
college basketball season as well, so a lot of good

people on them know what's all on top for you
and how people are able to fall along on social
media to other platforms.

Speaker 2 (24:27):
Absolutely, well, it's a big week ahead for us at
heat checks CBB. We'll have three three of our writers
that will be in Phoenix covering all the games, all
the happenings, interviews, articles, the whole nine yards. So we're
really looking forward to the week ahead. Should be some
great basketball games and we'll quickly transition into off season
topics as well as we always do so one in

I'm putting together the way too early top twenty five poll,
which just becomes more meaningless by the year, especially nowadays,
but we're always looking forward to it and always looking
forward to the next noteworthy topic in college basketball. Should
be really fun weekend, so definitely looking forward to it.

Speaker 1 (25:02):
Yeah, it is a great week in college basketball. Champion
is going to be crowned in mere days and every
single time he joins the show, Eli Becker, he covers
this saying all twelve months out of the year, much
like myself, Evan's amazing insights, so big thanks to Eli
for joining me on seeps now part of the Vison
Family podcasts and coming next Well, we don't have any
games that are going to be going down for Friday,

so let's take a look at the latest coaching moves
and let's try to be able to site for a
little bit of what we've gotten into transfer world. That'll
come up back to with myself Peterson now part of
the Pison Family podcast iver Vacuum on the Las Vegas
We're seas with myself g PEPs Peterson now part of

the Vison Family podcast. Was great to be able to
get Eli Becker a board. He does absolutely amazing workover
at echex CBB, and I felt like that chat was
really good in terms of just shutting a little bit
of light as to how important this week is in
terms of being able take a look at the offseason,
because I think that with regards to just taking a
look forward to twenty twenty four to twenty five, you

really can't do it until all these coaches they meet up,
and til all these coaches actually are able to sit
down and chat with one another. I think that that
is just so big because the groundwork is being laid
right now, and we did see a lot of fun
in terms of like the three point shooting competition yesterday
with Casey Schomanaga. I don't know if any books offered

any sort of betting lines there. It's something I wouldn't
bet on to start with, but you know what, it
was nice to be able to see that. And this
is just such a big week in general in terms
of college basketball, laying the groundwork for it all. And
right now the big question is where's Arkansas going to go.
I know that there's been rumors out there of Chris
Beard will Wade taking the job, and I'm personally not

one to speculate, but that said, they are now looking
for a new coach after Eric Musselman decided that he's
going to go away from Arkansas and he's going to
be going to USC. That's really the biggest piece of
news that we did see from Thursday, and I don't
think that it's quite frankly even close at this point.
But I mean, for Eric Musselman, he done a very
solid job over at Arkansas. Last year, things went straight
down the toilet bowl. That said, other than last year,

he's been able to do a nice job. I'll be
able to transfer portal Land. With USC now heading on
over to the Big Ten, you've got to think that
they're gonna have even better resources. At USC has always
done a good job of caring about basketball, and the
big question becomes, what does Brownnie James decide to do.
I would be very surprised if he turns pro like
even with the name Bronnie James. I know that lebron
wants to play with his son and everything like that.

That was just a rough year in general, and I
do think that the health situation with him collapsing when
he was doing offseason workouts, that did probably change the
tenor of things just a little bit as well. So
there's a lot that he's going to have to decipher.
And I don't have question as to whether or not
Eric mussel is going to be able to have success.
Like yes, c was able to make the Elite eight
a few seasons go in. The one thing that in

the enfield was able to do at USC, he was
able to do a relatively solid job of recruiting. And
Eric Musselman when he was over at Arkansas, he was
a trem recruiter. He's tremendous at being able to get
guys in the transfer portal as well. I have no
question that he's going to be able to do so
at USC. But whoever takes this job at Arkansas, they're
going to be picking up on the best fan bases
out there in all of college basketball. Like you can love, hate,

or feel indifferent about the Arkifansas fans on social media,
but gosh dart it, they care and that's something that
is big as well. Like as much as I hate
the mean people that are always like, oh, why are
you fading your team, my team and everything like that,
why don't you give respect to insert team that I'm
fading here? At the very least they care. You know
that you're going to have really good effort there in Arkansas.

I will say shout out to you guys over there
in Arkansas. Social media seems to be one the nicer
fan bases as well, So we do appreciate you here
on this podcast, but there's gonna be a lot of
support there. They've got good facilities in general, they've got
good nil. The SEC has really put a lot more
effort as well into just making basketball mor VI priority

I still remember when I was working Outlle Tennessee during
the twenty sixteen NCAA Tournament. This year that Vanderbilt went
to the first four and they were barely able to
get three teams in the NCAA Tournament. It's a night
and day difference in the same age in the SEC.
And hey, we do have an SEC team in Alabama
in the final four. So that has been very, very impactful,
to say the lease. And then in terms of the

transfer portal line just some of the guys that we've
seen come off the board. Eddie Lampkin going over to Syracuse,
I felt like was big, a seven rebound per game
guy for a Syracuse team. At last season, they just
didn't really have anything on the glass. That's something that
I think is going to be big UCLA. I think
that they are learning from these sins of a season ago.
They've got Sky Clark and Kobe Johnson coming over in

the transfer portal. Clark was a double figure scorer while
he was over at Louisville. The a little bit of
a black hole sort of guy in which you pass
him the ball and the ball might not be coming
back in Kobe Johnson, what's a solid about nine to
ten point per game guy or right uc is a
will give you a few rebounds. Not a guy that
is going to be necessarily dominating in one aspect of things,

but as a guy that is able to contribute in
a lot of different ways. I feel like Kobe Johnson
is a much better fit in this system for McK
cronin rather than sky Clark, but we shall see there.
We've seen a few guys go over to Virginia Tech,
Jordan Ivy Curry double figure score over with the UTSA
meet me bro Runners and Ben Burnham who was one
of the top scorers over at College at Charleston. Thus far,

they've been able to do a very solid job in
the transfer portal, so we'll give them a little bit
of credit where credit is due. And we have noticed
a few guys already entering the transfer portal and just
go back to where they came, which that always makes
things very interesting as well. Has not been the case
for some of these guys over at like James Asen
College of Charleston. These teams that had coaches leave like

Terrence Edwards Junior, along with the two College of Charleston
transfers James Scott, Rayne Smith. They're going to be heading
on over to Louisville, so some relatively solid pickups there.
We did see von Cameron Davis. It looks like enter
into the transfer portal and then go back. Can't say
now I'm utilizing verbal commits to be able to track
all this. They do by far the best job of
any site out there. But that's something to be noting

as well. Just because a guy enters into the transfer portal,
it doesn't mean that they are going to be saying
in the transfer portal, and it doesn't mean that they
can't go back to where they came. Like we saw
Zeke Mayo, he certainly did both. Top score for South
Dakota State a season ago seventy plus points, six plus fowards,
four plus assists. He's heading out over to Kansas a
lot Riley Kugle, which for Kansas, I don't know how
great of a fit that's going to be. Riley Coogle

has a lot of upside, but we saw at Florida
is a little bit of a low floor as well.
So it's gonna be interesting to see how Kansas operates
this offseason. I know that Bill self was talking about
the lack of death really getting them, and that was
a big concern that you had even before the season.
I thought that that was going to be a concern
for them. So that's gonna be able to help them out,
and I was saved. I've been impressed by what they've
done in the transfer portal thus far. They bring into

Sean Jackson, someone's six foot ten, is able to do
a nice job on the glass, something where I was stayed.
It was one of the few weaknesses that they did have,
but they're able to address that. And Nate Heisei, he
was very solid over at Northern Eye with this past year.
Once again, not a guy that necessarily does one thing amazing,
but he's gonna give you double figures. He's a relatively
solid score, he's got active hands, he was one of

the best defenders for this Northern Iowa team. He does
just a little bit of everything well. He's gonna be
willing to give you a few rebounds. He's a very good,
well rounded player. So I absolutely love that pickup as well.
And Mish'll see if Haampton is able to get to
prominence as well. They bring in Georgetown transfer Wayne Bristol,
junior who did average double figures and an HBCU I
believe over at Howard a few seasons ago, so as

one that I'm keeping my eye on as well. They said,
we've got a lot of guys are in the transfer portal,
and less than fifteen percent of guys that entered in
the transfer portal have decided where they're going. So we're
gonna have a lot to talk about in the coming
weeks that I'll be keeping guys. Rest of all that
and so much more, This is just a little bit
of a taste of it. And if you do like
Fearing from this fine podcast, because becazzops, you're able to
subscribe wherever your podcast alple podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, sit

Tranton and if you have a question comment segment idea
what I before this podcast? You do have one of
two ways bo for those in the first one is
my Twitter slash x timeline at you and at unders
forty one. Keep in mind the letter ZM. Maybe it does.
I'm aander sized prett usual please to send these into
the timeline. Other way is vide an Apple podcast review.
If you rate this podcast five stars, it is very
much appreciated them From there you're able to fire in
whatever you'd like. You're on this podcast via that five

star review Big Things that Eli Baker does amazing work already.
To at CDD for joining me in the last segment.
Coming at you guys. Every single lay drums nonvac costs
you time. You lets get on. Thank you so much
for fitting in.
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