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April 7, 2024 26 mins

Greg recaps the Final four talks to Rob Donaldson of the Rob’s Best Bets Show about the national title game & what he’s looking at this offseason to prepare for the 2024-25 season & Greg picks & analyzes the national title game!

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Podcast Highlights

3:11-Final Four Recap

12:07-Interview with Rob Donaldson

35:49-Picks & analysis for Purdue vs Connecticut

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Hey Warmer, really well, welcome alove me Las Vegas. Because
because he was with myself Gregie S. Peterson now part
the recent Family podcast, We've gotten excellent podcast. Whereas joining
me in segment number two, we are going to have
Rob Donaldson a board. He does great workover on his
YouTube feed YouTube dot com slash Rob Donaldson taking a
look at this great game of college basketball. Couple that

with the fact that he does great work on the
football front, the baseball front, and so much more. He's
been joining me all year long, and we need to
get his reaction to the fact that it is indeed
going to be you con versus p douing the title game.

Speaker 2 (00:36):
What are he's taking a look at on that front?

Speaker 1 (00:38):
And then in the final segment, I'm doing this as
numbers really aren't out with regards to the National Title Game,
but I'll give you guys my initial handicap for it.
What I'm all looking for there, and I'll certainly be
running through it tomorrow once things get a little bit
more ironed out with reguards outline. So we're gonna go
through the National Title Game of my initial reaction and
my initial thoughts on the game in the final segment.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
As we do.

Speaker 1 (00:59):
It's a big and if you do have a question comments,
take good idea. What have you for this podcast? You
have one of two ways we have fur those in.
First one is my Twitter slash x timeline at you
to under forty one. Keep in mind larcium thaby does
not matter, so as per usual, please to send these
into the timeline. Other ways, find an Apple podcast review.
If you rate this podcast five stars, it is very
much appreciated them from there here able fire in whatever
you'd like to hear on this podcast via that five

star review. All the questions I got were with the
guards of refereeing in these two games, and well, I
don't have anything there. I am not an official, so
not going to be helping you out on that front,
but I'm able to help you out on the front
of taking a look back at these two games, trying
to find some trends in trying to get to know
these scenes a little bit better.

Speaker 3 (01:39):
Games for Yesterday is Greg buzzing about.

Speaker 4 (01:41):
Here is the rowdy recap.

Speaker 1 (01:43):
Send a row run for the NC State wolf Back
unfortunately comes to an end. It is Purdue who gets
to win. They get the cover by account of sixty
three to fifty as these two teams went about as
coold as an igloo in the second half. And Purdue
has been one of your better over teams college basketball
this season, but we have been noticing a little bit
of an under trend for them recently. Now for Purdue,

twenty three overs of fifteen hunders thus far the season
as a shot relatively saw from three part range to
under twenty five from the outside. Lance Jones had a
big bucket towards the back half the first half. Letcher
Lawyer did as well, and these two guys combined for
twenty five points. Giant of the air, Zach Eaty just
continues to do what he does twenty points, twelve boards,
four assists, and Frenzi stj Burns landed and fell trouble

in the first half and just did not have the
impact on this game that you were expecting. Eight points
of one rebound as Frenzy state they lose that battle
on the last forty one to twenty eight. Purdue does
have sixteen turnovers and Braiden Smith had zero points and
four turnovers in the first half, ends with just three
points of five turnovers, but did have eight rebounds. Did
have six assists, so still had his fingerprints on the game.

But Frensis State just not a great second half for
them from an offensive standpoint, only being able to put
up twenty one points in the second half. And then
for you, Yukon, they just continue to dominate in the
NCAA tournament. They have now won eleven NCUBLEA Tournament games
the past two seasons, and every single one of them
has been by double figures. All right up on this

one of Yukon laying the number, it is able to
come through just barely at the end, as Alabama shot
eight of eleven from three point range in the first half,
but they were still trailing and Yukon was able to
pull away late eighty six to seventy two.

Speaker 2 (03:27):
The final.

Speaker 1 (03:27):
Alabama does cool down, they still shoot overall for the
game eleven of twenty three from three point inch. Meanwhile,
Yukon has been a little bit rough going throughout the
NCAA tournament. There three point shooting, they go ten of
twenty five from three point range. Chefan Castle, by the way,
he was able to spy the team with twenty one
points and then Alex Caraban fourteen points, eight boards, pair
of blocks, in this one, while Donovan Klinging Giant of

the Earth four blocks eighteen points of his own as Alabama,
they lose a battle on the last thirty seven to
twenty nine and for Yukon just four turnovers in this game,
a great efficiency, and we did see a pair of
unders that went down on Saturday. Overall for the season,
under still are continued hit at a fifty eight point
nine percent clip, and it has been very much a

favorite season, as we did see the favorites go two
to zero on Saturday, and overall for the college basketball season,
this has been about as high as a favorites rate
overall that I can remember seeing overall for the season,
covering fifty point seven percent of games. So that's what
we saw in the final four, and that's what we're
getting trend wise coming up next. Let's try to be
able to decipher what we're gonna get in the national

title game Monday, and we're gonna do so next with
our good friend Rob Donaldson. Before I give you guys
my initial picks in the final segment that's on the
flip side right here, Uncles Guss, myself, Greip Peterson.

Speaker 2 (04:41):
Now amos his favorite time.

Speaker 1 (04:51):
Cover raculm Me Las Vegas for conscuts, oops with myself,
Kaig Keeps Peterson now part of the Vson Family podcasts,
and it's always great to be joined by this man,
Rob Donald's and he does great work with the show
Slash podcast, Rob's Best BET's show. We'll catch out on
YouTube dot com Slash Rob Donaldson and it does absolutely
amazing work taking a look at this great game that
we all know. Love of college basketball has been joining

me all year long, so might as well get him
on for the biggest game of the year and break
down what we just saw in the final four. As
you're able to follow on Twitter, sidhacks at rob DFB
altogether and Rob always pleasure my friend.

Speaker 5 (05:25):
Thank you, yeah, always thank you for having me on,
Greg and yeah, we are in store for definitely a
unique battle in the championship game. I think this is
kind of what people will call the chalkiest of matchups
if you're looking at the field of play coming into
the tournament. But if these are the two best teams,
these are the two best teams, and I think that's
what we're getting on Monday.

Speaker 1 (05:44):
Yeah, I mean, there might have been a little bit
of debate coming into the tournament if you throw Houston
in at number two. But it's very clear with the
NCAA tournament having gone down, we've got the top two
teams here. It is Purdue versus Yukon in right now,
Yukon as we are recording this. In a lot of
places about a point favorite. I've seen a few six
ass pop up, but mostly seeing six total between one

forty seven one forty eight is the opener here.

Speaker 2 (06:09):
Just how do you take a look at this game?

Speaker 1 (06:11):
Because if I'm looking at anything right now in Jersey's openers,
I do like the under and I wouldn't doubt it
if by the time this podcast up, well, this goes
down a little bit further. As a matter of fact,
I think this team is coming in on the under
as we record this.

Speaker 5 (06:24):
Yeah, and it's gonna be definitely interesting because this is
gonna be the first time in all tournament long that
Yukon's is gonna be really tested to get to the rim,
because that's kind of where they've been just kind of
living is in transition, getting those kickout threes and then
just attacking the rim at will. Alabama was able to
hang in that game for a good portion of it
pretty much if you're kind of looking at the totality
of it. For twenty eight minutes, Alabama was in position

to potentially win the game outright, but at a lot
of that kind of factors into their fifty percent three
point shooting that was kind of keeping them in a
game throughout the entire thing. So, Yeah, it's gonna be
definitely a different stylistic matchup, and I definitely lean towards
that under as well.

Speaker 1 (07:01):
I do think that things are just gonna be slowed
down a little bit more in general, and I do
think that the three point shooting that both of these
teams experienced. I think that both of them actually shot
an identical ten of twenty five for three. I just
think that they're gonna be a little bit cooler in
this game. I've been pleasantly surprised by how good the
three point shooting has been given that this isn't a
football stadium State Farm Stadium. But that said, I just

take a look at the environment. I take a look
at as just being the biggest game of the year
in general, and typically we do see shooting go downward
a little bit, we see the tempo slow down a
little bit, and I don't expect anything different in this game.

Speaker 5 (07:35):
Yeah, and especially when you're kind of looking at how
these teams kind of live. Yes, Yukon just put up
eighty six. They could have easily scored more if they
weren't trying to just kind of dribble out the clock
at the end of the game. But they were kind
of playing that style because they were living down low,
they were able to get second chance points and then
those kickout threes that were just kind of burying Alabama early. Honestly,
that's kind of what wore on them down the stretch.

I think there's gonna be less obviously of that when
you have Zaki, who's seven to seven download collecting a
lot of those boards as well. So a lot of
what Yukon has been able to do at will all
tournament long is going to be negated here. And I
do think that in a similar sense, Perdue is going
to have a little bit of a different challenge here
with Yukon.

Speaker 2 (08:14):

Speaker 1 (08:14):
I do think that it is certainly going to be
a challenge as Rob Donaldson, who does a great job
with the show Slash Podcast Rob's Best that show is
showing to me right here oncas soups and in terms
of side because we just parts out to total a
little bit, which way are you leaning with most places
having this at a six? Because while Yukon has won
every single NCAA Tournament game last two tournaments by thirteen

plus points, I think that there's no denying that Purdue
is the greatest competition that they face in either of
these last two NCAA tournament runs.

Speaker 5 (08:43):
Yeah, and this is kind of a line that I
would have been all over Yukon if it was three
and a half four, and so a six and a
half six out there, it makes you think a little
bit in terms of man, that's an extra bucket. These
are teams that do operate in that two point range,
and it just kind of makes the whole handicap a
little bit more difficult when it is this a little
bit higher or more inflated than I kind of would

have expected one verse one.

Speaker 3 (09:06):
Type matchup to be.

Speaker 5 (09:07):
That said, I would still kind of lean towards Yukon
just because I think it is going to come down
guard play with Edie and Klingon just kind of doing
their own thing and just kind of negating each other
down low. I really do think it's gonna come down
to the guard play, and I think the guard play
definitely lies with Yukon here.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
Yep, I do think that the guard play is certainly
in their advantage as well. And how much did you
just take a look at that game that Purdue played
on Saturday with Braden Smith having a lesson star first
half and does that give you a little bit of
pause with them as well? Because I've been impressed by
Smith all season long, but that was legitimately the worst
game that I've seen him play all season.

Speaker 3 (09:41):
Yeah, and I don't think it was just by chance
that he had a bad game.

Speaker 5 (09:44):
I mean NC State has a lot of talented athletic
guards that are gonna get up in your face and
make you make shots and make you actually be able
to you know, dribble and dribble and drive. That definitely
got to burden Smith in the first half and throughout
the entire game for the most part.

Speaker 3 (09:58):
That is too.

Speaker 5 (09:58):
I mean, you had five he went one through nine,
went for five from three. And when your offense is
just kind of more tough or just kind of tougher
in terms of just trying to get your buckets, it's
gonna affect all aspects of your game. So that's definitely
something to honor. And again that's why I like kind
of siding with the guards of Yukon right.

Speaker 2 (10:16):
Here, yep, with those guards of u Kon.

Speaker 1 (10:18):
Tristan Newton, he just as a sat he suffer, and
then Cam Spencer, it just feels like he makes winning
plays and it is one of the better shooters out
there in all of college basketball as well, you Knowil
Fletcher Lawyer and Lance Jones. I'll give them a little
bit of cart where it is due. They had some
nice buckets hurts back half the first half against NC
State that's set up that second half. But I certainly
would give that advantage to Yukon myself, as we do

have Rob Donaldson of the Rob's Best Bets Show joined
me right here on Cosco Seeps, And I do think
that it is going to be interesting to take a
look at the guard play, but how do we look
at things down low? Because I do think that that's
where a lot of the conversation is going to be
Giana of the iar zach Edy going against Giana the
earth Donomic Flingen, And I think that this is for
those that want something that's figurative and literal going to
be Titanic matchup.

Speaker 5 (11:01):
I think it's gonna be very very entertaining for those
who kind of like that style of banging down low.
And what's gonna be very very interesting is throughout this
entire tournament, Klinging and Edie really haven't faced foul trouble
and because of that, we're kind of seeing these crazy
numbers of Zach Edy has played nearly every single minute
of the NCAA tournament outside of you know, the garbage

time blowouts section.

Speaker 3 (11:25):
Of the games that they've been in that can potentially change.

Speaker 5 (11:28):
I think there's definitely a good possibility that one of
these two dudes is gonna be in foul trouble early on,
maybe around the ten minute mark of the first half,
that could alter the entire game. And so this is
definitely gonna be something to monitor if you're kind of
looking for a live bet spot or even a second
half bet, because that's just something that hasn't really been
a factor. And when you're talking about Biggs, typically that's

kind of what you stare down is how often are
these guys in foul trouble? And usually you don't have
the scenario of oh, yeah, they'll be fine, They're never
gonna be in foul trouble and there's kind of live
down there and bang down low all game.

Speaker 2 (12:00):

Speaker 1 (12:00):
Absolutely, And is there a big man that you might
give a little bit of an edge too, because I
look at both of these guys.

Speaker 2 (12:06):
And they've got a little bit of a different game.

Speaker 1 (12:08):
Like I do think that Zach Edy's offense is a
little bit more polished in Donovan Clingen, but the way
that Donovan Klingon has been affecting shots has been unlike
any other big man really in this tournament, and I
think that that creates such an interesting dynamic and that
does actually lead me a little bit more to the
under as well.

Speaker 3 (12:24):
I definitely kind of give the edge to Zach Edy one.

Speaker 5 (12:27):
There's obviously a little bit more height there in terms
of the actual stature, which is kind of crazy to
say about two seven footers. But at the same time,
I also do think that Edie's a little bit more
polished with his game. And even today on the offensive side,
Klingon got really tested by Grant Nelson on certain possessions.
And Grant Nelson is six ' ten six ' eleven,
maybe on a good day, or if he's standing up

straight and jumping by three inches, and I think that's
going to be very, very tested against a seven to
seven guy. And Zach Edy, who has been living around
the rim and playing great defense, has really mastered his
footwork down there that I think kind of gets over
look just because he is that big guy. I would
give it to Zach Edy, and I think there's a
huge margin of on edge there that is really going

to be altering this game. Maybe not, but I definitely
think that Zach Edy is gonna get his in this
game for sure.

Speaker 2 (13:13):
Absolutely. And then I do want to throw this out
here as well.

Speaker 1 (13:16):
We are recording this like literally minutes after the national
title game got set, so Oddsbourne in terms of like
player props, what have you, that's going to be coming
much more on Sunday in the am. But is there
anything that you might be looking at in terms of
just away from the side slash showtal a prop or
anything like that, or when it comes to these bigger games,
you just like to keep it the way that we've

kept it much throughout the season, just mainly looking at
sides totals and not trying to do anything too fancy
with this game.

Speaker 5 (13:43):
I do think that sometimes when I'm even guilty of
this myself, is just kind of overbetting these, you know,
super Bowl type games or championship games where it is
the last game of the entire season. We have a
love for this sport and affinity for the sport, and
it's going away after Monday, So there is that kind
of that sure to maybe just kind of find alternate angles.
And on the player prop side, something I do like

is Cam Spencer just having a good day. I mean,
he's obviously played in the Big Ten against a Purdue
over past years and he's been very efficient in terms
of shooting against that team. Very similar guard matchup this year.
I don't think Dalance Jones is gonna find his way
on to Cam Spencer with how many athletes Yukon has,
so it's gonna be him versus Braden Smith more than likely.
And I do think Cam Spencer's gonna get his So

if his point total opens around you know, that thirteen
and a half fourteen range, I definitely see him kind
of getting in the sixteen to seventeen point range there.

Speaker 1 (14:34):
I do agree with you there, and I do want
to just ask you about this as well, because well,
we've only got one game to take a look at
for the rest of the year, and then it goes
to the offseason as well. How do you approach the
off season because for lack of a better term, for
us the Hayes in the barn, you might want to
make like a half a point adjustment here there with
reguards to Purdue versus Yukon. But all the numbers are there.

We're not looking for like some unknown player that we
haven't been seeing all the turn long or anything like that.
Our season, in terms of taking a look at this
year is done. But as you know, with gauging three
hundred and sixty two D one teams might be one more,
might be one less next year, depending upon who moves
up who comes down from the Division one level.

Speaker 2 (15:14):
Just how do you go about things?

Speaker 1 (15:15):
Because I do think that with regards to college basketball,
it's so unique and that if you take a few
weeks off in terms of the NFL, you're not missing
too much because everything's out there.

Speaker 2 (15:24):
It's mainstream. There's thirty two teams.

Speaker 1 (15:26):
Like during the baseball off season, it's all like I
need to be refreshing these teams every single day. You're
able to sort of take a little bit of a break.
You're able to relax, handicap college basketball, and then come
back to baseball when baseball is there. College basketball, I
feel like, is just a completely different animal.

Speaker 2 (15:41):

Speaker 5 (15:41):
Absolutely there's no real perfect answer to this question, I
think because with the transfer portal, things are just insane
where guys are going to be going to different teams,
and even on the mid major level, there's gonna be
mid major transfers to other mid majors that are going
to shake up your perspective of these schools.

Speaker 3 (15:57):
Obviously you have.

Speaker 5 (15:58):
Coaching changes and just kind of philosophy or rebuilds, and
so there are some programs that I just kind of
know how they're gonna look from a stylistic perspective, and
those programs are gonna be the programs that have a
solidified guy at head coach, because listen, no matter who
you kind of bring in from a talent perspective, from
the portal or from a recruiting class, they are gonna

take on the same style. They just might have that
style be a little bit more heightened if they acquire
a little bit more talent in the off season. And
so the schools that I'm kind of more keen on
and more interested to kind of focus on are gonna
be the schools that are making those kind of regime
changes or maybe year two or year three or year
four of a head coaching tenure, because I think those
are gonna be the teams that potentially make the highest leaps.

And so, yeah, that's just kind of how I've approached it,
and just monitoring the transfer portal, monitoring the recruiting classes
coming in, monitoring even guys coming from overseas or even
transferring down to those mid major ranks, and just kind
of looking at it from that lens rather than focusing
on who Kansas is bringing in, or who's Purdue bringing in,
or these teams that we already know who they're going
to be before the season even starts.

Speaker 1 (17:03):
Yeah, but I do think that people get a little
bit too wrapped up in it as well, because when
it comes to betting on odds be able to win
the National Title Game, and there are some people that
do a really good job of just being able to
get some good tickets hedging out and it does generate
a profit. Only one team wins the National Title game,
other than that, and perhaps a few markets might be
opening up odds to make the final four very early on.

There's not a lot of futures to take a look
at in college basketball. So while it is nice to
be able to take a look at Kansas what have you,
I think that being able to prepare on those mid
major teams, trying to look at things that are a
little better in the radar is so beneficial just because
of what I just mentioned. You've got three undred sixty
two D one teams and one champion.

Speaker 5 (17:44):
Yeah, and even when you kind of look at the
framework of how this tournament played out, a lot of
people are going to be wrapped up in the mindset of, Okay,
one of these top four teams that are in the
futures market are going to be the champion, because I mean,
you can and Purdue or playing against each other in
this championship game. But may when you even just go
back one year, it's not like Yukon was the team
that was lighting up the preseason or the future market

in twenty twenty three. They were a four seed and
they won the championship last year in on indominant fashion.
So there's going to be array of teams, whether it's
from the top ten or top twenty. You might be
able to find that one team and get lucky just
because of how the season plays out, through the luck
of injuries, luck of scheduling, and just the draw they
actually get in the NCAA tournament. But I really don't

kind of think that the value in that market is
worth it, even if you're able to identify a great team.

Speaker 1 (18:32):
Now, one of the worst times bet on it is
like days after the national title game, because we always
talk about the futures market most when it comes to
the end of the season and just after the season
wraps up, and with a lot of these rosters being
very much in limbo because the transfer portal now it
has more than fourteen hundred guys in there and less
than fifteen percent of guys that made up where they

are going to be going. And some of those guys
are actually just going to be heading back to the
school that they were at before. There's a lot to
be parsed out. So I'm right there with you on
that front. And Rob, you've been joining me all season long.
You do an amazing job taking a look at the
great game of basketball. You much like myself are on
the baseball as well, so let me get people at
home know it's all on tap for you and now
people are both fall on on social media of other

platforms well.

Speaker 5 (19:16):
As I always say, Greg, I really do appreciate having
me on. And it was a great college basketball season.

Speaker 3 (19:20):

Speaker 5 (19:21):
You provide so much insight to the community and to
your followers and your listeners, and I'm just happy to
be a part of it.

Speaker 3 (19:27):
So I really appreciate that.

Speaker 5 (19:29):
And for those who are one to follow my bets
on daily basis and just kind of interact with me
on a daily basis, you can do so on my
YouTube just my name Rob Donaldson or on Twitter x
at Rob DFB. And as always, Greg really appreciate having
me on.

Speaker 2 (19:42):
Always appreciate Rob.

Speaker 1 (19:43):
He has joined me all season long on this podcast,
and I'm sure he'll be joining me a little bit
in the off season as well, getting us set as
we're gonna have seven long months with all college basketball.
So after Churish just last game, well we've got it.
Always great to be able to get Rob aboard bag.
Thanks him, and coming next, I'll give you guys my
initial look at the national title game for Monday, as we.

Speaker 2 (20:04):
Had some bank shots.

Speaker 1 (20:12):
Ever regular love you Las Vegas for us gets up
with myself Greig yex Peterson now part of the v
Some Family podcasts. It is always a pleasure to get
our good friend Rob Donaldson a board. He does great
work with the show Slash Podcasts Rob's Best Bets show.
Every single time he joins me, he lends great insights,
much like he did today as we were able to
do this immediately after things got set in terms of

the title game, he works so hard taking a look
at this great game that we all know and love.
So a big thanks to Rob for joining me in
the last segment. Now it is that time of the
podcast they give you my initial look at this national
title game. As we had some bank shots.

Speaker 4 (20:48):
Most financial establishments closed it a certain time, but not here.
It is time for a sign in total on every
game on today's betting board bank shots you know that.

Speaker 2 (20:59):
Has where you usual.

Speaker 1 (21:00):
Any changes there made to these plays will be listed
up on my Twitter slash x feed at gen Nurns
forty one. I'll go back through this tomorrow if anything
else changes, and I will try to see if there's
any props I like. I tried to do so for
the Final four. There was just really nothing that really
stood out to me. So I'm going to be taking
a look on that front. We'll go back through this
tomorrow in case if anything else changes, but this is

just initial first glance view, literally minutes after this game
got set. So let's go with Perdue versus Yukon for
the National title game. And it's very easy to go
into rotation order when you've got one game up on
the rotation. But it is Yukon who right now. It
is TBD as to what the official line.

Speaker 2 (21:41):
Is going to be.

Speaker 1 (21:41):
But on the lookads, I was seeing a lot of books.
We're posting Yukon as about a five to a five
and a half point favorite six seventy five, six seventy
six on the rotation if you need it. But we
were seeing that a lot of places they weren't giving
out too much of a total. But my handicap is
anything north of five. I'm going to be looking at
Purdue and I did some of my total at a
one forty one, so one forty and a half or less.

I like the over one forty one and a half
or higher the under end with Yukon one after four
and a half with them five and a half or more.

Speaker 2 (22:09):
That is my bypoint on Purdue.

Speaker 1 (22:11):
Yukon entered into the Final four having won every one
of their last ten NCAA Tournament games by thirteen plus points.
But I feel like they just haven't played a team
that's as well rounded as perdue as well. Keep in
mind when they made their run to the National title
game a season a go, they were in a Final
four where there were the top seed as a four seed,
so that does need to be taken into mind a

little bit there. It's a Yukon bunch that is very
well rounded. Donovan Klingen gay in the year. He just
continues to do amazing workdown loough for this Yukon team.
And Yukon was leading Alabama at the half despite the
fact that Alabama made eight of their first eleven threes
and they were still able to overcome that. Yukon hasn't
even shot it too well from three point range here

in the NCAA Tournament. They entered into the Final four
having shot a little bit over thirty percent from three
point range and have a guy cam spencer that throughout
the season has been shooting about forty four forty five
percent from three part range. You got a nice performance
yesterday from safan cast, so it has been pretty consistent,
he say, while Ronn freshman was everything going into the
Final Four, about ten and a half points, four and

a half boards, three assists per contest. But I do
think that having a match up with Zach e Edie,
that is going to be the issue that you've got
for this Yukon team and for Purdue. They entered into
the Final Four number two in all of college basketball
in terms of their three point shooting percentage. Being out
there in a football stadium, it didn't affect the Alabama
any in the game yesterday, But that said, I do

think that that is going to take a little bit
out of them. They shot ten of twenty five from
three part range. I think that Yukon is going to
be able to do a better job of being able
to guard the three. And legitimately, both of these teams
and games played away from home, they've got relatively similar
defenses in terms of opponents three point shooting percentage Perdue
entered into that game against NC State, allowing opponents to
shoot in that pocket about thirty one a half percent

from three part range away from home. That actually went
a little bit even better because NC State they went
to just a nineteen from three par range. Meanwhile, Yukon
they were lying upon it sahoot in that pocket about
thirty two to thirty two and a half percent from
three part range. With the sizzler that Alabama was able
to put up yesterday, that went a little bit northward
as well. And you do have to take a little
bit of caution to the fact that Yukon hasn't quite

been the same defense away from home rather than at home.
They are giving up about thirteen point two points more
per one hour possessions and games played away from home
rather than at home. And I was going into that
game against Alabama, and this is a Purdue unit that
they're not quite the same on defense as they have
been in past years. But they're only giving up about
six points more per one hour possessions when they leave
home rather than when they are at home.

Speaker 2 (24:35):
And these are really your.

Speaker 1 (24:36):
Top two offenses in all of college basketball. As a
matter of fact, going into the Final Four, per Due
number two in the country terms of point scored on
a per possession basis, Yukon number one in the country
terms of points scored on a per possession basis. But
we have noticed that this Purdue team, ever since the
beginning of the month of February, last fourteen games, they
have slowed themselves down. They're playing at a rate of
about four point two to four point three possessions per game,

fewer than they did in their first twenty four to
games of the season. And this is a Yukon team
that plays very low and slow. Three hundred and third
in all of college basketball in terms of total possessions
per game, and look at games in a road slash
neutral court environment, they're about a forty five team in
terms of total possessions p grame that was going into
the Alabama game. So it is a circumstance where I
do think that for Purdue they're going to be able

to get enough out of Fletcher Lawyer to be able
to allow them to remain lively. They need Brayden Smith
to be a little bit better with the ball than
he was in the first half of the final four
game against since he say cleaned it up in the
second half, but that was a little bit concerning as well.

Speaker 2 (25:31):
He's gonna have to go against Tristan.

Speaker 1 (25:32):
Newton news been able to give you fifteen points, round
about six boards, six assists, just a really nice at
sheet suffer in general. This is one of the best
backwards in terms of just being able to put pressure
on you in general. So I do think that that's
going to take a little bit out of them, and
I do think that this is going to be certainly
a lower scoring game than what we saw in Alabama
versus Yukon. So it is a circumstance where at a

four and a half or less we'll be willing to
lay with Yukon, five and a half or more, taking
the points with Purdue, and then one and a half
or less.

Speaker 2 (25:59):
I like the over one forty one and a half
or I are the under.

Speaker 1 (26:02):
And now wrap things up for the Sunday edition of
cost Go soeops now part of the VS and Family Podcasts.
Big thanks to Rob Donaldson does great work with the
show Slash podcast Robs of Aspetts. He joined me in
the last segment. If you do like fearing from this
fine podcast, costcozoeps, You're able to subscribe wherever your podcast
Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, sit your and tundent. If
you have a question combat segment idea, what I have
you for this podcast? You do off one or two
ways vol fur those in. First one is my Twitter

slash x timeline at you under forty one. Keep in
mind letter Zum maybe us on matters as per usual.
Please just send these into the timeline O the way
he's finding an Apple podcast review. If you rate this
podcast five starts, it is very much appreciated. From there,
bear able fire in whatever you'd like here on this
podcast via that five star review. Coming at you guys
every single day throughout the college basketball season. That means
I'm coming at you once again tomorrow. Thank you so
much for doing again
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