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April 8, 2024 28 mins

Greg gives his thoughts on John Calipari going to Arkansas, talks to Chris Cichon of USA Today about how he’s handicapping the national title game & Greg picks & analyzes the national title game!

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2:45-Reaction to John Calipari going to Arkansas

15:37-Interview with Chris Cichon

36:05-DK Network Pick Purdue vs Connecticut

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
It warm from me.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
Oh, welcome to love me Las Vegas for cut Seats
with myself, Greig Games Peeterson now part of the Decent
Family Podcasts.

Speaker 3 (00:09):
We've got an excellent podcast for you is.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
I was thinking that this was going to be pretty
much a little bit of a shorter podcast doing nothing
but talking about the National Title Game, but rudely, on
Sunday night, the Arkansas Razorbacks decided to hi Ron John
Caliparia as their coach. I had already done the interview
with Christian who does great workover at USA Today and
wtop Sports before that happens, so I will talk about

it here in segment number one. In the second segment,
we're gonna be talking with Chris. We had this conversation
just after the final four games wrapped up, so numbers
did move a little bit after the conversation. We were
looking at a total more around one forty at the time,
down to about one forty five and a half one
forty six now. But we're gonna be breaking down the
National Title Game from so many angles. And then in

the final segment, it's gonna be very easy. I'm gonna
give you guys my picks and analysis for the SANCIAL
title game, as we had some bank shots. If you
do have a question comment segment idea, what I have
you for this podcast? You do have one of two
ways we have for those in first one is my
Twitter slashack sideline at you under forty one. Keep in
mind LERDCM they mean dosamanders as per usual, please to
send these into the timeline. And the other way's finding
an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast had starts,

it is very much prestian them from there, you're able
fire and whatever you'd like to here on this podcast.
My that five star review and my goodness, gracious, we
have to take a look at what we all saw
from Sunday with John cal Perry deciding that he is
going to be going to Arkansas. Now, I would say
maybe temper expectations just a little bit to begin the season,
just because with coach cal he is going to be

probably overhauling this Arkansas roster, and you do have to
figure that there is going to be a lot of
moving pieces aboard this ship. And I mean we saw
that when you saw Rick Betino go over to Saint
John's last season, and I do think that for John Caliperry.
He's certainly going to be trying to get in as
many young guys as possible, But I do think that
you're number one from at Arkansas and he's done it before.

In the transfer portal, a lot of people wanted to
knock John cal Perry for the fact that he didn't
have a lot of transfers this year at Kentucky. In
past years he had a few more. I feel like
he could have used more of this season. It's a
fair criticism. But what I think it's gonna come down
to for John cal Perry, how does he actually coach himself,
Because I mean, there's no question he's able to get talent.
Like if you look at the raw talent that John

cal Perry had, you're in a year out of Kentucky.
I don't know if he ever had a roster that
in terms of, once again the talent itself and absolutely
nothing else the talent, He ever had a roster that
was outside the top five. Now, the execution of that
talent and what he was able to get out of
that talent not so great, to say the least. And

that's something that I feel like maybe he got a
little bit complacent at Kentucky. I don't think that a
lot of people want to say it, but perhaps he did.
Perhaps he was going through the motions a little bit.
Now that is had Arkansas, perhaps he's gonna put a
pep in a step. And we've seen John cal Perry
be a really good ex as a O coach, really
get the most out of his teams. Now, A lot
that goes back to his ays at like Memphis, A

lot of that goes back to his days at UMass
And perhaps because he was getting all these five star guys,
perhaps because he was getting all the talent itself, maybe
he got a little bit, for lack of a better term,
Wes Reynalds at Vesson uses this quite a bit fat
and happy. But certainly this is a big time I
here for Arkansas. Now, once again, this is not a
team that I will want to be firing in on
the futures market with or anything like that. As a

lot of books, they currently do have odds to be
able to win the twenty twenty five National Championship. And
as we know with Arkansas, they were one of these
chic picks a season ago and we saw that turned out.
And you want to take a look at all this
roster is going to be looking. As I record this
right now, Arkansas is thirty to one over at DraftKings. Honestly,
I would not be surprised if that is a number
that actually goes very much northward. But once again, with Arkansas, oh,

they're gonna look at the beginning.

Speaker 3 (03:53):
Part of the season.

Speaker 2 (03:53):
That's a big giant question mark because this number, it's
probably not gonna be at thirty to one to begin
the season. As a matter of fact, if you think
that Arkansas is gonna go out there guns blazing, They're
gonna get a whole bunch of guys in and they're
gonna absolutely dominate from the start of the season to
the end of the season, you want to grab this
number right now. I do not think that that is
going to be the case. I think that Arkansas is

probably gonna drop a few games, at which point you
probably would be able to get a little bit of
a better number. And as we know with betting, OSBI
will win the NCAA tournament winner there's only one winner. Now,
I know that some of you guys do a very
good job of hedging these options, just trying to be
able to find some by little options, but more of
you guys that do that are looking at more of
these teams down the board, Like, for example, if you

think Oklahoma is gonna have a good year at one
or twenty to one, that's something that you look at
a little bit more than more of these short shots
any team has like below thirty to one, Like right now,
we've got Arkansas at thirty to one. Again, I think
that this is a number that is going to move.
I think that books have just been a little bit
asleep at the wheel because this is a move that

was made of like midnight, and I think that there's
gonna be a lot of people at hammer Arkansas. Like
I said, if you think that they're going to completely dominate,
if you think that they're gonna get just a whole
bunch of talent in general, probably take this number right now.
But I do think that it does cause quite a
bit of shift out there in college basketball, and it
begs the question, we'res Kentucky gonna go next because a
lot of people are rumoring Nate Oates. But if you

take a look at his buyout, that's right around about
eighteen or some million dollars in I mean that would
be a great rise up, and I would love to
see it for Natos. He's someone that was a coach
over at UW Whitewater. I remember when he had first
taken that Buffalo job. I was out there on my
campus radio station in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I got a nice
interview with him. He's a nice guy. Yeah, I believe

he actually follows me on the old Twitter slash ax.
So this show is very much pro Natos. For as
much as I talked about how rough the Alabama defense is,
I am pro Natos. He's a good guy that has
worked very hard in this industry and has really been
able to build up a heck of a ability to
bring in talent in a way to be able to
get the most out of his teams. Like even with

that defense, I've called black Lusser all season long able
to make it to the final four, So I mean,
I think that that speaks to how good of a
coach he is. But I'm right now the rumors are
Billy Donovan for the NBA, which I mean, if that's
a case, that doesn't cause too much of a ripple effect.
But like so Scott Drew, Bruce Pearl, I know that
these were guys thrown out by the field of sixty eight,
those would be big time movers and shakers, No doubt

about it. We're gonna need to get on Blake Lobo
Southeastern fourteen because this is a very very interesting scenario
and it's hard to speculate. I am personally not someone
that's going to be like posting up a whole bunch
of updates, being like, oh, Kentucky was rumored to be
having lunch with insert coach here, because this is a
sports betting show, and I mean it's a show where

if you're taking a look at the NCAA title for
twenty twenty five, we've got a lot of work to do.
There's gonna be north of two thousand guys that enter
in the transfer portal. There's a lot that needs to
be decided. There's gonna be just so many moving parts
in general, and this restarts what was already a very
active coaching carousel. But no doubt about this is very
very seismic, and like I said, I do think that

for John cal Perry, I think his ex as and
os might actually be a little bit better this year,
just because it did feel like he got a little
bit complacent over there at Kentucky.

Speaker 3 (07:08):
I do think that he's gonna get back to.

Speaker 2 (07:09):
His roots and not just recruit a whole bunch of
five star guys and say, oh, they were gonna whip
it together. And certainly with Arkansas, it sounds like Nys
and Chicken. They are gonna be throwing out there quite
a bit of nil money. And fortunately for myself, I
didn't have to throw out there any nil money to
be able to get our next guests aboard. He was
just willing to come on and was having a great
chat with me as coming next. It is one of

our good friends in Christian. He does great work over
at wt op Sports, does a nice job over at
USA today. We're gonna preview the national title game with
him next right here on let's go seeps with myself
Begape Peters said, no part and we're backulum love you,

Las Vegas because go seeps with myself Greig Eepspeters and
now part of the Piece of Family podcast. It is
great to be joined by this man, Christian. He does
great workover at wtop Sports. A couple of that he's
doing amazing work over at USA today. Take a look
at so many different things. I know that he is
getting set for the NHL playoffs, but couple that with
the fact that he's done incredible work with regards to

the college basketball season, getting ramped up for baseball as well.
So he covers it all oh so well, and you're
abo fall on Twitter side checks at the Big G Show.
That is c chee on G before a show. And
it's always great to have you board, Chris, thank you
so much.

Speaker 1 (08:29):
Greg, thank you for having me, and thank you for
your great call on the under with the Purdue game.

Speaker 3 (08:35):
I followed you there.

Speaker 1 (08:36):
I'm typically a little bit hesitant to go unders with
perdue just given how well they shoot the three pointer
this year compared to last year. Especially what was it
like had a stat on the screen two eighty eight
last year now second and all of college basketball this year.
So yeah, the Purdue under though, does come through. And
it was a nice Saturday evening and very much excited

to be preview with annational Championship game with you here.

Speaker 2 (09:01):
Bro absolutely and Chris. Let's dive in on this actional
title game as right now we are doing this as
where seeing some openers come out by the time this
podcast is up. It might be sharpened up a little bit,
but most places have Purdue as between about a five
and a half to a six point underdog. I've seen
some initial openers of about a one forty eight to
one forty nine in terms of total, and I have

a feeling that's coming down because I'm looking anything on
that initial opener. I really do like the under But
how do you take a look at this Yukon versus
Purdue Purdue game? Because Perdue, if they're able to hang
within thirteen points, they will be the first team in
two years in the NCAA Tournament TNG within thirteen points
of Yukon.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
I believe I'm going to be taking the points with
Purdue because I don't see Brayden Smith having as kind
of mediocre of a game as he did in the
Final four matchup against NC State. I mean, in the
first five minutes he had two backcourt violations and he
saw his first three pointer come with three minutes and

change to go. That made an eighteen point game. I mean,
other contributors to Purdue certainly were big time factors, and
Edie surpassing David Robinson twenty points ten rebounds, so that was,
you know, in terms of the streak there. Now he
has six games in a row doing that, and yeah,
Lance Jones can bury the three Fletcher Lawyer had himself

a nice little game there. He had contributed to a
nine to one run that made it a fifteen point
Perdue lead.

Speaker 3 (10:31):
So like they can get out and score as well too, and.

Speaker 1 (10:35):
They possess that big man down low, which Alabama really
did not have in their.

Speaker 3 (10:42):
Matchup against Yukon.

Speaker 1 (10:43):
They had some moments there for sure, they were able
to take it to clinging a little bit. But yeah,
now they have a true test with Edie dam Low
and Trey Kaufman. Ren can play kind of tough, and
so yeah, I think I'm gonna be taking the points
there with Purdue. But it's tough to do. What eleven
games in a row, thirteen plus points, It's tough to do,

But I think I'm gonna take the points.

Speaker 3 (11:06):

Speaker 2 (11:06):
I'm right there with you as well, because I do
take a look at this run that Yukon has had
in the NCAA Tournament the last two seasons, and I
did lay out the set as we've got Christian who
does great workover at USA today and WTP Sports joining
me right here on Costco Soups, and I mean it's undeniable.
This Yukon team has been dominant the last two seasons.
But keep in mind that when you got made the
Final four last year, they were actually the top seed

in the Final four as.

Speaker 3 (11:29):
A four seed.

Speaker 2 (11:30):
And I just look at this run that Yukon has
had the last two years of the NCAA Tournament. I
just feel like they haven't seen a team quite like Purdue.

Speaker 1 (11:38):
They're not gonna get eight blocks, I'm thinking this time
around against this Purdue team. And when Pringle for Alabama
was going at Klingon, he got fouled, got shaken up.

Speaker 3 (11:52):
So you can do it there.

Speaker 1 (11:54):
And we saw Grant Nelson doing so as well too,
being able to get a couple of all defensive boards.
And we know Alabama did so in the first half,
being able to just yeah grass scrappy rebounds and be
able to kick it out and not necessarily have a
hot three point shooting second half.

Speaker 3 (12:15):
The first half they were rolling.

Speaker 1 (12:17):
But yeah, Yukon's impressive, no doubt about it. Cam Spencer
to me, somebody that is a strong player for this team,
no doubt about it. But he wasn't playing all that great,
I thought in the first half. So if you can
limit him being able to shoot from like the free
throw line as well as being able to facilitate, that's
what he appears to do best with this team. Tristan

Newton as well too, being able to set up some
of his alley oops. You gotta limit that stuff there.
I think Purdue defensively will be able to do that.
Really stick on these guys here. Basketball can be simple
sometimes hit that jump hook, you know, work the pick
and roll off some of these guards here, and they
should be able to hang in there. But if Edie's
hitting his shots and playing consistently he has been, I

think he should be able to hang with with Klingon,
you know.

Speaker 3 (13:03):
But the Yukon's deep.

Speaker 1 (13:04):
They got Johnson who can come off the and get
some jams here, and I've mentioned Newton can come off
the bench and score three pointers. So it's scary it reiterated.
I like how Purdue does match up, but I mean
Caravan can shoot threes.

Speaker 2 (13:18):
Yukons is so deep, and I do want to get
your thoughts on this as well. Having just watched the
final four games, how surprise were you at the good
three point shooting that we saw from really both of
these seams, because Yuka went ten to twenty five for three,
and their counterpart in Alabama they were as hot as
lava to start the game from three part range. Purdue
they were able to shoot forty percent from three part

range as well, because typically when we see these games
played in a football stadium like we've got here, typically
the three point shooting percentages go down. But both of
these teams come into this game having shot really well
from three part range in the previous matchup.

Speaker 1 (13:51):
Yeah, that was a great point out by you, Greg
when we talked about that earlier in the week, just
the different depth perception than shoot booting, and it then
did lend to these unders coming through and the makeup
of the Alabama team, so many of these transfers, and look,
it got them to the point where they were competing
with the defending national champion. But Strata turning it over

late down six eight thirty nine to play. I wrote
that one down because I thought that was just such
a crucial possession there for them if they wanted to
hang in there and potentially make that a game. And
you know, Pringle, I talked about him. He's a Wafford
transfer to Granton Elson come from like North Dakota State
or something like that. So yeah, they got guys coming
from all over the place on that team, unlike Yukon,

who like, well, I guess Yukon did retool from last
season's national championship team. But you know, a guy like
Klingon was but able to learn from an A Damasnogo,
and so yeah, it was really just impressive to see
Yukon really be able to like win this style of
play this year. Tristan Newton, we hear the stories about

him being heavily recruited when he was coming out of ECU,
and you kind of had five double digit scorers, but
like you know, there was nobody that was on the
floor at any given time where it was like, oh goodness.
It's not like Jordan Hawkins, you know, when he was
shooting the three pointers, it was like, oh man, he's
their three point guy. It's anybody on this Yukon team
that can really contribute and score. So that's where they

really can scare you there too. And yeah, camp Spencer,
this is a guy coming from Loyola Davidsonville, Maryland, and
Rutgers now yukon great career trajectory in college. And yeah, again,
if you can limit him and his ability to facilitate,
I think stick guys like Fletcher Lawyer and Brad Smith
on them. And Mason gillis good, good player there as
well too for Purdue. You know, that's how they hang

in there.

Speaker 2 (15:41):
Yep. I think that that is going to be so
big for them being able to do a solid job
on the glass. You're going to have two giants of
the earth, Donovan Klingen couple with Zach Edy going at it.
I think that this is going to be a tremendous matchup.
And I do want to talk to you about this
a little bit as well in terms of the total,
because I did mention it just in passing when I
was revealing that this line is right around about six

in a lot of places. But when I take a
look at this line as of right now we're recording
this totals right around about one forty seven half s.
So what really does stand out to me is the
under Because we've been alluding to these two teams how
great they play on defense. I just don't understand why
we've got such a high total in this one, and
I do think that those shooting numbers that were so
good for both of these teams come down a little bit.

And if I'm looking at anything right now, I'm going
to be looking at the under.

Speaker 1 (16:27):

Speaker 3 (16:27):
Greg, I'm certainly going to be leaning that way as
well too.

Speaker 1 (16:30):
And I think about a guy like Castle, the freshman
player of the year, you know, I remember him more
playing in this matchup against Alabama, going to the rim
and cutting and getting the flush at the rim getting
fouled as opposed to you know, trying to chuck up
the three right.

Speaker 3 (16:47):
And I think that's going to be even.

Speaker 1 (16:50):
With Edie down low there too, still trying to get
to the basket, get fouled play. I've mentioned this before
in conversation with you too, Alex Caravan, being to back down,
but like, it's not going to be a three point
shooting contest to me here, I don't think. I mean again,
I remember one point watching the game in the Alabama
Yukon game, and right souls like hitting threes left and right,

and they went seven to ten from deep at one point,
and that game still didn't go over. I know, the
numbers down from the one to sixty and a half
that we saw in the final four matchup here, but like, yeah,
I just expect to see a lot more working it
to the basket a lot of I mentioned Castle somebody
who is going to be a big time.

Speaker 3 (17:28):
Contributor down low here.

Speaker 1 (17:30):
Johnson to a big time player for this Yukon team,
and it was pointed out on the broadcast too by
Raftery Grant Hill. They were not necessarily the best three
point shooting team in this tournament, but still blowing teams
out so they can beat you a number of different ways.

Speaker 3 (17:45):
I would lean towards the under here as.

Speaker 1 (17:47):
Well too, especially since produced game plan is they want
to get it down to Dy for twos, right, I mean,
they can shoot threes. But I am fascinated to see
that Clinging versus Edie matchup. Who is going to get
the best of that one there? I know Edie's a
little bit tall of a clingion. I mean he's long,
and I think the comparison I heard on the broadcast
was Bill Russell, and I think that was solid how
long he is. So yeah, it's gonna be fascinating to

watch for sure, But I'm in agreeance with you on
the total I'm thinking.

Speaker 2 (18:11):
Yeah, Ben, it is going to be a tremendous aential
title game. And Chris, I know you're doing great workover
at USA Today, Wtop Sports and so much more so
well to get people to home, know what's all on
tap for you and how people are you able to
follow on on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 1 (18:26):
Well, you can follow me along at the Big Chi
Show on Twitter, Instagram, continuing work with hockey and promoting
contests over at WTP dot com where we have picks
of the day every single day. So yeah, you can
hear me at What a three point five in DC
and checking out work at USA Today. Right. Thankful as

always for having me on this esteemed show listen throughout
the course of the season and no one does it
better than you, and when it comes to talking college basketball,
so what a privilege.

Speaker 3 (18:56):
Thank you so much. Bro.

Speaker 2 (18:57):
Always appreciate Chris. He does such a great job on
so many different fronts. He joins me a lot on
my baseball podcast. He's doing a great job with regards
to hockey, and every single time he joins me always.

Speaker 3 (19:09):
Lends great insights.

Speaker 2 (19:10):
So big thanks Chris for joining me right here on
Go Seepson coming next. It is a granddaddy, It's a
national title game. It's going down on Monday. I give
you guys my picks and analysis for the final college
basketball game of the year, as we hit some bank shots.

Now we're right here mob be Las Vegas for Cousin
Seeps with myself Greg Speederson, now part of the Vson
family of podcasts. It was great to be able to
get Chris aboard. He does such a good job taking
a look at so many things over there at wtop Sports.
Every single time he joins me, I feel like I
get just a little bit smarter. Always lends great insights,
whether that be on the baseball front, the college basketball front,
you name it, he does it so big. Thanks Chris

for joining me in the last segment. Now is that
time the podcast I give you picks in analysis for
the national title game, as we had some bank shots.
Most financial establishments close at a certain time, but not here.

Speaker 1 (20:04):
It is time for a side in total on every
game on today's betting board bank shots.

Speaker 2 (20:10):
Do you know that, as per usual, any changes are
made to these plays will be listened up on my
Twitter slash chxs feed at you and n are forty
one very easy to go in rotation order when there's
only one game on the rotation. I broke this down
a little bit yesterday and really not a lot has changed.
I tried to find you guys some props, and I've
got a lean on one. Personally, I've not bet any
props myself. I might fire in on the lean that

I'm gonna give you guys, but I am a firm
believer in just sticking with what you've done all season long.
I've never really been a prop guy myself, so I
will just throw that out there right now. But let's
take a look at six seventy five, six seventy six
on the card. It is Yukon and Purdue. And before
I go any further, not the time to go in
with your bankroll. This is the last game of the season.
This is on B to b's the last day of

the year for your bankroll. There's NBA basketball to bet on.
There's gonna be WNBA basketball on baseball. Football is back
in our lives. If you're a fan of the UFL,
So don't make some sort of a stupid bet that
you wouldn't make in a normal circumstance. If you don't
see much of an edge. You don't need to fire
in thirty seven units just because you've got thirty seven

units in your Bankrell, So do want to make that
known right here. But six seventy five, six seventy six
on the card Yukon is going to be playing against Purdue.
Purdue is a six a half to a seven point underdog.
Fifty to fifty divide between the six halfs and the
seven a halfs, totals game is one forty five and
a half in Despite the fact that this has dropped
quite a bit from when I was initially looking at
these numbers right when the Final four wrapped up Saturday night,

as you were able to get as good as a
one forty eight on the under at DraftKings. Now you're
down to about one forty five and a half one
forty six. So made the right up the under. You've
got a Yukon team that in games played away from
home three and thirtieth in the country. It turns the
total possessions per game, and for Purdue overall, they're about
one or and eighty ninth in the country in terms
of total possessions per game. But that said, if you

look at what they've done since the beginning of the
month of February. They're playing at a clip of about
four point four possessions per game, fewer than they did
in their first twenty four games of the season. Meanwhile,
you've got Husky team that is eleventh in the country
in terms of points allowed on a per possession basis. Saying,
though I do think that Yukon is going to be
able to get the job done, They're going to be
able to win this game, I do think that this
summer has gotten a little bit too lofty as well.

I was willing to make this number five, so I'm
going to be taking the six half to seven year
with Purdue, and I do think that Purdue is the
best team that Yukon has played in their run in
the last two NCAA tournaments. Like for Yukon when they
made the Final four last year, they were the top
seed in the Final four despite being a force feed
because you just saw a mass exodus cast in that

NCAA tournament. And I do think that Perdue one of
the few teams that is going to be able to
match up with Giant of the Earth Designing in Klingon,
who has been just one of the best defensive players
in all of college basketball this season. When it comes
to that big man battle, I do think that you've
got Clingon, who might be a little bit better on
the defensive side of things. Ede is a little bit
better on the offensive side of things, So I do
think that that's going to be quite a class. You've

got Clinton who is able to give you two a
half blocks contests, and that does bear out in the
numbers as well. This Yukon team number two in all
of college basketball in terms of opponents two point shooting percent.
It's a Yukon team that does a solid job on
the glass. And really both of these teams do in
terms of percentage of midshots that result in an offensive
rebound produce in the top twenty five nationally. In terms
of mishots in a road, slashoot recorded environment that opponents

hold as an offensive rebound, Yukon is thirty third with
this regard, with opponents getting only twenty three percent of
their midshots as an offensive rebound. And not only is
it Donovan Flingen that does say, if you got a
forgotten guy in Alex Caraban that's giving you thirteen and
a half points five boards and the one lean that
you do have on a prop Elex Caraban right now
I'm seeing is over on rebounds at a four and
a half at a minus one or five at DraftKings.

Not a bad option in my opinion, if you're looking
for a little bit of a player prop, that's something
that I would certainly be willing to get behind. As Caravan,
he really is a forgotten guy for the team. Because
we talk about Tristan Newton, we talk about Cam Spencer.
These two guys goodbine for a little bit over twenty
nine points per contest. Noton can give you a triple
double on any given night, six assists, six half rebounds
per contest. Spencer is a good three point shooter at

forty four point three percent. But Caraban is a guy
that has SiZ. She's started eight and a half percent
for three north of eighty eight percent at the free
tow line. I needs Ben rock solid for the team,
and then you had sefan cast will actually be one
of the tough scores here in the NCAA tournament for you,
Kany needs more of a number four, number five option
for the seam mean well for Purdue. When I think
is going to be so key for them hanging in
this game. You just need better execution from Braiden Smith

than you got in that Final four game against NC State,
and as many points as myself and four turnovers in
the first half, was still able to give you some
nice facilitation with still label pulling there some rebounds, and
overall for the season, he's only been averaging about two
point seven turnovers per game, but you need him to
be able to clean it up. Now, both of these teams,
they really don't generate a lot of turnovers, both of
these teams generating fewer than twelve turnovers per game. So

I do think that he is going to be able
to work to clean that up a little bit. And
this is a Purdue unit that is number two in
the country in terms of their three point shooting percentage.
But if you look at both of these teams in
terms of are three point shooting defense, they're both in
the top fifty five nationally. I do think that they're
going to be able to do a solid job there.
And for Purdue, this is a bunch at the they
don't have quite the same defense as Yukon does. Turns

points a lot on a purpose session basis, they are
clocking in fiftieth in all of college basketball. But I
do think that they're going to be able to do
a solid job in this or deal. And I do
think that human nature takes hold with reguards asunder as well.
When you get into an adverse environment like this, first
thing to go on you is a jump shooting. And
we saw some really good three point shooting in the
final four game from both of these teams. Both of
these teams shot forty percent I believe ten of twenty

five approximately for both of these teams. I do think
that that's going to be downwarded a little bit, just
because I do think that the nerves of playing in
the biggest game of your life, even for a Yukon
team that did win the title last season, I do
think that that's going to take hold a little bit.
And while Purdue is number two in the country with
regards to are three point shooting percent, out of their
top eight scores, all but two of them shooting north
of forty percent from three, and I believe all but

one shooting at least thirty five percent from three point range.
They do shoot more like thirty six point nine percent
from three point engen a road side shote core venue
compared to forty five percent when they are at home.
You've certainly been able to get Fletcher Lawyer going, giving
you about ten minuts points per contest, a little bit
of a guy that doesn't pop out with regards to
the box score, but he tell that he makes winning plays.
And then just the depth of this team. Guys like

a Trey Kaufman, Wren, Mason Gillis, Cameron Heidi was able
to pull in there some rebounds in that game against
NCC that's been big. And guys like a Sandiari on
the flip side for Yukon are guys I think are
going to be able to make a little bit of
a difference as well. I do think that Purdue and
Yukon going to be playing a little bit of a
slower slog of a game. Like I said, if you're
looking for a player prop, I would say Alex Caraban
of himselves a relatively nice game. Lance Jones is a

guy that I think could be okay as well, but
he seems a little bit of her Miss has been
aftering about twelve points per contest but shooting about thirty
six percent from three points. It feels like he doesn't
make a lot of plays, but he just makes big
plays in general. And I do think that while Yukon
is able to win their second stary title, I don't
think that this is going to be the same level
of domination where they won every single one of their
last eleven NCAA tournament games by thirteen plus points. I

do think that this is their toughest sets into NCAA tournaments,
some online at five. So I'm going to be taking
the points with Purdue. Am I right up? That is
on this little under and that we'll wrap things up
for the Monday edition of cos Code Seeps Out, part
of the Bson Family Podcasts. If you do like hearing
from this FIME podcast, cudscodes SEPs, You're able to subscribe
whatever your podcast Apple Podcasts, Google by Spotify, citter in
tune and if you have a question comment sigm an
idea what I'd be for this podcast? You do have

one of two ays who are for those in first
one is my Twitter slash xcimeline I tuned on Underscorty
one keep in mind learns them they mean does that matter?
So as for usual, please you send these into the timeline,
and the other way is find an Apple podcast review.
If you're rate this podcast ight stars, it is very
much appreciating them. From there, you're able to fire in
whatever you'd like to here on this podcast via that
five star review. Big thanks to Christian of USA Today
and Wtop Sports for joining me in the last segment.

This podcast is going to be on all three and
sixty six days this year. I'll be with you every
single day throughout the off season. We'll recap what we
saw in the title game and start looking forward to
twenty twenty four to twenty five on the podcast tomorrow.
So appreciate tuning in all throughout the regular season, and
don't be a stranger, because I'll be with you guys
every single day with a fresh podcast which.

Speaker 3 (27:56):
Dams a bank within as going tomorrow. Thank you,
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