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April 9, 2024 25 mins

Greg recaps the national title game, talks about how the Coast To Coast Hoops podcast will operate this offseason, & talks to Colby Dant of the Sports Gambling Podcast Network gives his thoughts on John Calipari going to Arkansas & the characteristics of teams that have recently been thriving in college basketball

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Podcast Highlights

3:38-How the Coast To Coast Hoops podcast will operate this offseason

5:56-Title Game Recap & Reaction

14:25-Interview with Colby Dant

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
The warm Bloo.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
Welcome to love be Las Vegas for coach Because you
with myself Greg its Peterson now part of the Decent
Family Podcasts. We've gotten an excellent podcast for you as
we're going to be joined in segment number two by
one of our good friends as Kobe Dan. He does
tremendous workover at the Sportscaling Podcast. Ever, for those that
tune into my VCENT show, the Greg Peterson Experience, you

see him darn near weekly there. He's going to be
discussing what we can all expect this offseason, some of
the characteristics of how Purdue and Yukon we're able to
get to the national title game. Now, truth be told,
I had to do this a little bit in advance
because the national title game was played a little bit
later on and most of our good friends are out

there in the great state of Arizona watching that game
and they were taking that in and just very very
hard to be able to get out of the stadium
and have an interview recorded by the time that this
podcast uploads at midnight Pacific time. I did have to
do this in a little bit of advance. But we're
gonna be talking with Kobe about that. We are going
to be diving in on the John cal Perry situation

with him heading on over to Arkansas as well his
thoughts there, and we're just gonna give you guys a
nice primer for the offseason as we're going to recap
and segment number one what we did see from the
national title game, and this podcast from here on out
and now becomes a look forward to twenty twenty four
to twenty five podcasts as there's no money left to
be made in terms of twenty twenty three twenty four season,

But that doesn't mean that we can't take a few
minutes to just rejoice in what we did get this
college basketball season, as it was an amazing one. Our
dk nowork right up in the final game was able
to hit, so that resulted in eighty five sixty one
and one being the record on those this year. That
is the best I've ever done with those right up,
So very happy about that. And if you do have

a question comment segment idea, what I have you for
this podcast? You do have one of two ways bo
fur those in. First one is my Twitter slash xideline
at Jada unders forty one. Keep in mind lurcam. Maybe
it does. I'm atter sized per usual. Please to send
these into the timeline, and the other way is find
an Apple podcast review. If you're at this podcast side starts,
it is very much appreciated. From there, you're able fire
in whatever you'd like to here on this podcast via

that five star review. And I've had a lot of
people asking is this going to be a daily podcast,
if I am going to be keeping things rolling and
everything like that, And the answer is absolutely yes. With
three hundred and sixty two D one teams out there,
it takes every single day humanly possible to be taking
a look at everything and what you're going to be
getting moving forward. We're not going to do too much
of it today just because not as many guys entered

in the transfer portal. You did have Aaron Bradshaw really
taking a look at all of his prospects. He's going
to be entering into the transfer portal. Were not out
if he declares for the NBA Draft. But we're going
to be taking a look at situations like that. I'm
gonna be just daily taking a look at these guys
leaving the portal signing with new schools. Some guys coming
back to where he came. The NBA draft ordeal as well.

I really don't do a lot with regards to NBA
draft betting, but it is very important to know who
is in the NBA draft who is going to be
considering their options on that front as well, We're going
to be can look at a lot of the coaching
hires as well, as we did see Kenesius actually on Monday,
have a nice little bit of a coaching hire as
well as they decide that Jim Christian, who used to
be the coach over at Boston College, he is now

their head coach as well. So we're going to be
taking a look at all that when we get things
a little bit more settled. This will be more in
super duper late May early June. That's when I'm going
to start to do a lot of conference previous as well.
I'm going to do one for all three two conferences.
We don't have any independence anymore. Things to Chicago State
now being able to find a home as well. But
that's what you're going to be able to expect this offseason.

I am going to be continuing to do this podcast
every single day because my philosophy is bets that are
won during the season, they're one through great preparation. They
are won by just being able to take a look
at everything in general. And when it comes to three
hundred and sixty two D one teams, you need as
much time assumingly possible to be able to prepare. So
I'm going to make sure to keep this podcast rolling.

And for those that have been with this podcast for many,
many years, this is the same philosophy that I've taken
in past years. Time I went a full day without
doing a college basketball podcast, you have to go all
the way back to November of twenty nineteen. So I'll
be with you throughout and right now. What's with us
is making money off of Yukon as they were absolutely
tremendous on Monday. Let's take a look back at it,

tried to find some trends and try to get to
know what Yukon has done a little.

Speaker 1 (04:20):
Bit better games for Yesterday is Greg buzzing about? Here
is the rowdy recap.

Speaker 2 (04:25):
Seventy five is sixty Yukon. They win the title against Purdue.
They won every single one of their twelve NCAA Tournament
games the last two seasons by thirteen plus points. That
is dominance that we have not seen, in my opinion,
like any sport now where they as dominant as perhaps
like those UCLA teams back when they had Kareem Abdul

Jabbar Bill Walton, maybe not, but I mean this was
just an absolute wrecking end for Purdue. They went one
of seven from three and they only attempted two threes
in the first half, went oh of five in the
second half. Would have liked to see in a little
bit more of an effort there now. Zach Edy got
is thirty seven points, ten rebounds, two blocks. He did

everything humanly possible on Brandon Smith. He didn't have the
world's worst game. He had twelve points it assists. Outside
of Smith and Edie, nobody else for Purdue had more
than five points. They got two points off of their bench. Well,
Yukon they were able to get thirteen points off their
bench with Hasan Diiarra being able to supply nine point
See one prop that I give did give out on

this podcast Alex Caravan over four and a half rebounds.
That was able to hit on them as well. Unfortunately
we were unable to get the produce right. But our
DK Nowork right to pick up the under. It was
a very good call. This one was able to come
through as Chris and Newton. He had himself a rock
solid game twenty points, seven assists, five rebounds. And here's
an important set that not a lot of people are
going to talk about zero turnovers in. Despite Zach Edy

doing all that he did for Purdue, Yukon won the
rebound battle thirty five to twenty eight. And I threw
this out on social media, and I do think that
it's so true in this ordeal Yukon is it's just
like a guy that was in a just prize fight,
that was in a boxing match. Sure, they'll let you
be able to get a couple of blows in early,
but as you're wearing down, they're just getting stronger and stronger.

We saw that from Yukon throughout the NCAA tournament because
for much of that game against Alabama, they weren't necessarily
blowing them out, pulled away late that game against Illinois,
first eighteen or so minutes, Illinois did not look bad
and then they got dump truck. Heck, go back to
that game against San Diego State and that game against
San Diego State. Sure they were up nine at the half.
That's not a bad effort, but it's not like they

were completely dominating them. And then they completely dominated them
in the second half as well. So I just take
a look at this Yukon team. Oh so impressive and
if you're doing your way too early top twenty five,
so what I have you? And Yukon is going to
lose some pieces. Cam Spencer they brought in by the
transfer portal. He is going to now be out the fold.
I have to think that Donovan Klingen is going to

be going to the NBA as well, But they're going
to be returning so many different guys. If they're able
to bring back someone a Elex who I was very
bullish on, I think that that's gonna be big for
them as well. And dannerally has proven that he has
one of the better college basketball coaches that we've got
in the game today. Absolutely impressive what we saw from
this Yukon team, and I aim for Purdue in my opinion.

You could say what you will about Matt Painter and
not being able to get the job done in this ordeal. Yes,
Produce should have attempted more threes, but he went from
having his team lose to a sixteen seed all the
way to the title game. He did a fine job
this season. They just ran into a complete bulldozer known
as Yukon, and right now they are the kings of
our sports. So a congratulations to the Yukon, a congratulations

to all of you that might have had Yukon in
your futures, and a congratulations all of us. I bet
the under in the game, so that was a good
way to be able to go about it. And like
I said, starting tomorrow on the podcast, we're really gonna
be going hot and heavy with regards to these transfer
portal moves, these coaching iyers, what have you. But here
in the next segment, we're gonna be talking with our
good friend Kobe Dan of the Sports Gambling podcast Network,
and we're gonna be talking about some of the characteristics

that you might want to be looking at for tea
during the offseason that might be able to have some success.
I've noticed a couple of commonalities with these teams that
have been able to make these very good runs. Kobe
as as well. We're gonna be talking about the fact
that John cal Perry is going to be heading on
over to Arkansas and we're gonna be taking a look
at this great game and just where we stand with
the next with them right here Antoscas suits with myself,

Gaigie Peterson out my part the family Boas and we're back.
He'll love you Las Vegas for causeus with myself, Gregispeterson
now part of the VCON family and podcasts. It is
great to have this man aboard as Kobe Dan. He
does tremendous workover at the Sports Family podcast Network. There

are few that love college basketball much like myself. Kobe
Dant is certainly one of those people. He does a
great job looking at everything from the biggest of the
big games to the smallest of the small It doesn't
matter if it's a national title game or if it's
awesome p taking on North Florida on a Thursday night
out there in the middle of Nowheresville. He is going

to be handicapping it. Does a great job over on
the old Twitter slash cks at the Kobe d altogether,
and his main show over at the Sports Gampling podcast
network is the college Experience at Kobe. It's always a
great experience to get you a board.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
Thank you, thanks for having me.

Speaker 3 (09:15):
Greg and I know you grindo just as hard, if
not harder, on college hoops.

Speaker 1 (09:20):
So I'm honored to be here because there's not many.
Even before I didn't know.

Speaker 3 (09:23):
You, people always said, Hey, Kobe, you gotta check out
Greg Peterson.

Speaker 1 (09:28):
You gotta check out Greg Peterson. So I'm grateful to
be here.

Speaker 2 (09:30):
Man, I'm glad to have you a board to Kobe
and Kobe with this season that we just saw very
much a favorite heavy season. We saw favorites all throughout
the season, whether it was the NCAA Tournament, whether it
was the regular season. In general, we saw a lot
of favorites being able to come through. And were there
any takeaways from this year that you're going to be

having for next year? Because typically when it comes to
college basketball, we expect a little bit more parody. We
expect some of these underdogs being able to rise up,
and no doubt NC State was certainly one of them.
But it did feel like the top of the top teams.
They very much lived up to that billing this year.

Speaker 1 (10:06):
Yeah, and I'm okay with that.

Speaker 2 (10:07):

Speaker 3 (10:08):
I like a Cinderella as much as anybody, you know.
I was rooting for Butler's in San Diego States and Gonzagas.
But I also think that there's something cool to have
in the two top teams. I know Houston might be
in that mix too, had Jamal sh had not gotten injured.

Speaker 1 (10:21):
But I'll also like this.

Speaker 3 (10:22):
So there's something cool about this in a way of
like you got the two schools with you know, great
big men. It reminds me of like a throwback to
the you know, early nineties or late eighties where it's like,
you know, Brad Dougherty taken on Ralph Sampson or something.

Speaker 1 (10:35):
Something that you know, it's just old school in a way.

Speaker 3 (10:37):
But I like a good cinderella. We had NC State
in the final four. That counts kind of as a cinderella.
I know it's not a mid major, and traditionally I
think if I had, if I had my perfect bracket,
you would see a mid major.

Speaker 1 (10:48):
Go to the final four.

Speaker 3 (10:49):
You know, it is what it is, and I think
this ball is ball and it's great to watch, you know,
the contrast and styles and college basketball. I think, you know,
a lot of people complain about the portal, and you know,
I get it. When we do portal episo, it is
a problem. But I think college basketball is in a
great spot right now. I think the sport is strong.
I think it's stronger than people realize. So I think
it's been a great season.

Speaker 2 (11:07):
Yeah, I'm right there with you. And I think what
really shows how strong college basketball is is we all
recall like the G League in Night, they were thinking
that that was going to be overtaking college basketball for
the top guys. That folded a few weeks ago because
with Nil coming aboard, well, now you can just go
to college be able to make that money that you'd
make in the G League. And quite frankly, nobody really

cared about that G League ignite and people really care
about college basketball. So I think that that shows that
college basketball is in a good status. Kobe dan Or
always in a good state when he's a board. He
is joining me right here on Coco Soups. And I
do think that it is interesting to dive into the
portal this offseason. As we're doing this, You've got fifteen
hundred plus players out there, and most of these guys

have not made up their minds. We're going to be
getting that in the coming weeks, in the coming months,
But how much are you looking at the guys that
don't go into the transfer portal because everyone always loves
the buzz, like when Hunter Dickinson last off season went
to Kansas, that cause for a big eruption and everything
like that. But what you don't see in the headlines
is SO and so not entering the transfer portal and

things like that. And I think that those are some
of the teams that we want to be looking at
and wind it back early on.

Speaker 1 (12:16):
During the season and for long term for the year.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
I would say, you want to have a lot of
veterans returning, but yet at the same time, you don't
want to be Dabo Sweeney oblivious to the to the
portal because as you see in this game here, whether
you know, you had the National Championship and you know
Lance Jones and you see him and you see you know,
Tristan Newton and Cam Spencer. So there is a fine

line of having the veterans and having you know, the culture,
but at the same time, if you have a weakness
going out and addressing it.

Speaker 1 (12:46):
I just saw Muscleman leave Arkansas. His whole roster was transferred.

Speaker 3 (12:49):
And I feel like, you know, I know he got
to to two at lead dates there, but it's hard
to do. I feel like you saw them struggle in
the locker room. I feel like this year too as
well as missed on some personnel. I do believe bringing
back players still matters, and I know everyone's in the portal,
but if you can have that balance of bringing back
veterans and mixing that with your areas of weakness and
attacking that, I think that's the key for college basketball

teams moving forward.

Speaker 2 (13:13):
And you've just explained what I've been looking at the
last few years. Ever since the transfer portal has really
become a big thing. As we know, the originators of
it were the likes of Data Oatman, who you mentioned,
Eric Musselman. But I feel like if you're trying to
make like hockey side of line changes, if you're bringing
in ten guys via the transfer portal, you've went too far.
But these teams have been able to make the national title,

like you mentioned with Yu Khon bringing in Cam Spencer
this year, Trisan Newton the year before, on the side
of Purdue bringing in Lance Jones, I always feel like
the teams that they bring in one or two guys
are like those number three, number four scores. Those are
the teams that get it right in the transfer portal,
not having necessarily that tough like guy in the transfer portal,
but building a lot of guys that return for like

a year number two, year number three, but then adding
that or two missing pieces like the North Carolina made
the run in twenty twenty two bringing in Brady Mannick
with what they had are turning from the previous year.
I think that that's the perfect cooprint for these teams.

Speaker 3 (14:10):
One hundred percent. And I realized that there's also the
other side of that. Coiner school might not have the
enough NIL money to keep everyone. I feel like Duke
and Carolina and even Arkansas, which I know Muscleman had
complained about nil and stuff, I still feel like that's
a big enough brand where the money will be there
to go out and get a lot of players from
a smaller level, whereas you have some schools that might

not have those resources. I was just out there in
Las Vegas, met up with a bunch of Arizona State
people that were saying, it's not Bobby Hurley's fault all
the way, they just don't have the money.

Speaker 1 (14:38):
That's got a factor into something.

Speaker 3 (14:39):
I can't blame all of Bobby Hurley now knowing that
behind the scenes, I guess he doesn't have any money
to go out and get players, So you got to
pay attention to that too. I mean, obviously it's hard
to know what schools and il collectives look like. But
for the most part, though, I do think that's a factor,
is that you might not be able to keep your
players there.

Speaker 1 (14:56):
We just saw DJ Horn at NC State.

Speaker 3 (14:58):
Maybe there was an element to that Arizona State wanted
to keep them but didn't have the money.

Speaker 1 (15:02):
I don't know, but something to keep in mind as well.

Speaker 2 (15:04):
Yep, that is certainly something to keep in mind. And
it has been a game changer for so many of
these teams. As Kobe Dantrew does tremendous workover at the
Sports Gamiley podcast network is joining me right here on
Costco Zooms, And certainly we do see it with a
lot of guys. They're bolting, guys come and go. But
I do feel like with regards to more of these
mid major conferences, it's a little bit more of a
level playing field. You will have some teams that they

certainly do put a lot of resources into it, like
for example, Liberty out there in Conference USA. They've done
an amazing job of be able to being able to
build up that program. But when it comes to some
of these mid major teams that maybe fell on tough times,
what are you taking a look at for teams that
might be able to have a bounce back? Because I
just know it's from the betting side of things. When
it comes to college basketball, you're in a year out.

Typically the best against the spread teams are ones that
might have just like stunk on ice and insert your
bad conference here, and then all of a sudden they
get a coaching change and they go from like sorry
to relatively average, you above average within that conference.

Speaker 3 (16:01):
It's something they'll always pay attention to. I mean, you
can look at plenty of examples this year of coaches
that came in. I think the one that stood out
the most was Danny Sprinkle at Utah State.

Speaker 1 (16:10):
Come in year one.

Speaker 3 (16:11):
I thought it was a good higher, but I'd be
lying if I told you I thought they would win
the Mountain West regular season. There's certain things to pay
attention to. The one for some reason, when you were
saying that, obviously there's three hundred and sixty two teams
and you're sitting there while you were talking about that.
The first one that popped in my head was maybe
a rebound year would be Memphis. But I don't know
if we can trust they keep Penny Hardaway. You would

love to think if another coach jumped in there with
the amount of talent that Memphis has on their roster.
And I get it, Penny Hardaway's in a lum And
maybe you want to be patient because two years. You know,
this year was tough, but last year they probably should
have beat Florida Atlantic in the opening round, and the
year before that they gave Gonzaga a a tough match
in the round of thirty two. That's one that jumps

to my head always is like they're super talented, can
they ever put it together? But I also SMU SMU
jumping to the ACC. I guess we misvalue the ACC
in the regular season. I know that's been a topic
for all college basketball analysts, is like we thought it
was really bad, and here they had a magical postseason
yet again, and now next year they get Stanford Cal

and SMU. I was surprised that SMU was able to
get Enfield. I mean, I know they have a lot
of resources, but so does USC. So that was shocking
to me, and that's one that I will circle as
an interesting team moving forward, especially because I still don't
know how deep the acc was, so they might be
able to get wins. They are willing to spend. You
mentioned Liberty, Well, SMU to me is similar to Liberty.

They have a lot of money in football and basketball
that they will throw in. That's one. Obviously. I think
Saint Louis hiring Josh Shirtz. You saw the run in
Indiana State. It'll be interesting to see what they do
in the portal. But yeah, I'm constantly pay attention to
all that stuff. I don't know if there's other ones
off the top of my head. I mean Patino year
two at Saint John's I think would be one that
I would circle as I just feel like I would

almost guarantee that they make the tournament next year because
I just feel like year two he's going to go
out in the portal, bringing some players, recruit some players,
and I think they're gonna be very strong next year.

Speaker 2 (18:03):
Yeah, absolutely, and eck, I would have loved to have
seen them in instead of Virginia this year as well,
so they're gonna be out for blood on that front
as well. I'm so glad that you brought up the
ACC and they're big run because there weren't any bigger
winners in the NCAA Tournament than the ACC as a whole,
much moreligned conference. That there were people out there that
we was thinking that that might be a two to

three big league, and then there they were with their
ten seed and their conference tournament, making it all the
way to the final four. But how much can we
utilize that to our advantage because I do take a
look at a lot of these overreactions that we see
in the offseason. Typically it's with teams that make these
Cinderello runs during the NCAA Tournament, like a Florida Atlantic
for example from last year. And I always love to

be able to bet against some of those conferences, some
of those teams that get hot in March, because typically
it's not a representative, it's not representative of what we
saw from them throughout the entirety of the season.

Speaker 3 (18:57):
Yeah, I mean, I guess you could throw the Miami
Hurricanes into that mix sense. Yeah, we kind of thought
that they turned a corner and here they are, they
missed out in the NCAA tournament really had a terrible year.
But I mean, at the same time, I do think
there's something to it. My brother is a diehard Duke
fan and he constantly reminds me, and sometimes the stats
do impress me that they've had more teams in the
Final four and over the past ten years than the

SEC has in football with the four team playoffs. There's
something that they do incredibly well. I don't know how
I want to do like a deep dive on it,
because other than Carolina and Duke and I guess Virginia,
where Tony Bennett is such a great coach, even though
I know we just thooth shaded, I mean, they were
a bad team this year. In my opinion, they were
a bad good team, if that makes sense. But the
runs by Miami and NC State have been shocking to me.

And we saw Florida State go to the Elite eight
too with Leonard Hamilton not that long ago.

Speaker 1 (19:44):
It's weird.

Speaker 3 (19:45):
You watch the regular season and these teams don't look
that good and then they make the tournament and they're
capable of making these magical runs because they do have
talented rosters. I guess I'll say that anti State, it's
never like I watched them and said they didn't have
any talent. It's just I didn't think they were capable
of beating good teams consistently, and they did. And I
guess Miami with Jimmy Lair Andega, I guess I trusted
Miami a little bit more. But there's something to it.

But I do look to fade NC State next year.

Speaker 1 (20:09):
I really do.

Speaker 3 (20:09):
I am very curious. I mean, I think it's stupid
that SMU and Cal and Stanford are in the ACC.
In general, I think most people do. It just doesn't
make sense. But I am curious how those three schools
will do. Stanford went out and got Kyle Smith, and
I do think Mark Madison is building Cal the right way,
and then for SMU to hit the home run they did.
In my opinion, it's gonna be interesting to see the
ACC in this gigantic form of a conference next year. Also,

Micah Shrewsbury year two, and if Caple can continue to
have Pitt, you know, playing competitively. Earl Grant has gotten
lost in college I think to a better level than
they previously were.

Speaker 1 (20:43):
It's going to be interested for next year. But yeah,
I do look to fade NC State.

Speaker 3 (20:46):
I'd be curious, though, what team would you trust most
coming into next year Between Cayle, Stanford, and SMU.

Speaker 2 (20:51):
Then that is a tough one. I'd probably personally go
with Stanford just because I do think that with Stanford
they are going to be able to lay in quite
a few guys. I wouldn't doubt if there are a
few guys that stay with Kyle Smith. So I'd be
looking at Stanford probably number one. I think Cal just
still needs another year, although I think that they've got
the most upside of those three teams, and that's with
SMU having a big NIO bag and they're gonna throw

a lot of money at a lot of guys. I
think he's gonna once again take them just a little
bit of time as well, though. Fertile grounds out there
in the Great State of Texas, and there's fertility when
it comes to this. Kobe as Kobe DANDHW does great
workover at the Sports Gamily podcast networkers joining me on
cost because you gotta get you out with asking for
your thoughts on John Caliperry joining the Arkansas Razorbacks as

their new side coach. Had the seismic shift. This is
gonna cost a college basketball.

Speaker 3 (21:39):
I think it's fantastic personally because it makes especially with
him going to an SEC school, it makes that game
must watch next year in the year's coming forward, not
even next year moving forward. Jerome Tang had turned him down.
All of a sudden, Arkansas was looking kind of bleak couple.
I think multiple coaches turned him down for them to
go out there and get Calipari, who was once the
hottest name. And I heard he had connections because remember

Memphis when he was at Memphis. If you've been to
Memphis Tennessee, it's like a two minute drive into Arkansas,
not Fayetteville, but into into the state of Arkansas. So
I heard he has connections potentially with you know, Tyson
Chicken and stuff there for some nil money, you have
Calipari money.

Speaker 1 (22:14):
You never know.

Speaker 3 (22:14):
Now, I do believe he's gonna have to change his philosophy.
You got to add more transfers. Coaching matters more than
ever before. You could just out recruit teams, and I
don't know how much in game coaching mattered as much.
I mean it did, but Calipari, to me is one
that gets out coached a lot in recent college basketball
that'll be fascinating to watch. But I think if you're
an Arkansas fan, you're thinking heck yeah. If you're a

Kentucky fan, I think you're thinking heck yeah.

Speaker 1 (22:36):
But the question is.

Speaker 3 (22:37):
Where do they turn? It's that Bruce Pearl, is it
Nate Oates? Do they lay ad Billy Donovan?

Speaker 1 (22:41):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (22:42):
Fascinating for the sport and I can't wait to see
what's next. And I can't wait to watch Kentucky and
Arkansas play next year.

Speaker 2 (22:47):
And for Kentucky it could be a question of you
don't know what you have until it's gone as well.
But we're always glad to have you Borg, Kobe, let
the good people at home. No, it's all on tough
for you and how people are able. If all on on,
so shouldia other platforms.

Speaker 1 (22:59):
Yeah, thank you, Greg.

Speaker 3 (23:00):
Always a pleasure man, and any time I'd love to
come back. I'm at the Kolby d on Twitter. I
host the College Basketball Experience and the College Football Experience
as well as a bunch of other shows at the
Sports Gambling Podcast and the Sports Gamling Podcast Network.

Speaker 1 (23:11):
So check us out. And yeah, always a pleasure, Greg,
and thank you so much for having me.

Speaker 2 (23:15):
Always great to be able to get Kobe aboard such
a wealth of knowledge on this great game of college basketball.
So big thanks to Kobe of the sports Gambling podcast
I work for joining to be right here on co
Soops now part of the bes of Family podcasts. And
if you do like during Friends Time podcast because guz Soops,
you're able to subscribe wherever Gear podcasts, Apple podcasts, Google Play, Spotify,
sit you're in tune and if you have a question, comment, sign, idea,
whatever you for this podcast, you do off one of

two ways bo furtheros in. First one is my Twitter
slash x timeline and June and unders forty one. Keep
in mind larcium, it mean does on matter, so as
pre usual, please you send these into the tamline. And
the other way is buying an Apple podcast review. If
you rate this podcast five stars, it is very much
appreciating them. From there you are able to fire on
whatever you'd like here on this podcast via that five
star review. We are going to be in off season

modes starting on the podcast tomorrow, looking at the transfer portal,
looking at these coaching hires. This is a podcast and
even though the nets have now been cut down in
Arizona is going to be going on every single day,
so we've got you guys all covered there. We're gonna
be having guests on all throughout the off season, starting
up in I would say about June is typically when

I start these up, I'll give you guys a conference
preview podcast for all thirty two conferences, So do not
be a stranger. I'm gonna be with you guys every
single day throughout the off season because when it comes
to taking a look at three hundred and sixty two
Division One teams might be one or two more more
or less next season as we've got teams that go
up slash down to the D two level. We've got

you guys all covered there, and we need to spend
as much time assumingly possible to be able to prepare
for the next season to try to make the twenty
twenty four to twenty five season our most profitable season ever.
So appreciate all of you guys that have been along
for this wild ride of a twenty twenty three to
twenty four season. Has been a pleasure. Coming at you
guys every single day throughout the regular season. I'll be

back with you guys once again tomorrow and every single
day throughout the off season. This podcast will always be
here for you. So if you decide to listen in
every day, I appreciate it. If you're in once in
a while, hey appreciate that as well. And if you're
gonna be on hiatus until November, we'll be here with
you with open arms. So appreciate tuning in every single
time you do, and I'll be with you guys every

single day, So thank you.
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