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May 10, 2024 39 mins

Greg explains why to keep in mind how deep a coach goes into their bench when looking at teams bringing in a lot of transfers, talks to Nick Lorensen of Mid Major Madness about the Atlantic 10’s offseason as a conference & the teams with the best offseason thus far & Greg recaps Thursday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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2:59-Paying attention to how far a coach goes into their bench in relation to the amount of incoming transfers

10:11-Interview with Nick Lorensen

32:04-Recap of Thursday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Welcome to Love Bobs Magus for Justussey with myself Gugeete S.
Peterson now part the Decent family of podcasts. We've got
an excellent podcast where you as jin to mean. Segment
number two, we're gonna be joined by Nick Laurenson. He
does absolutely amazing work over at Mid Major Mandas. They're
gonna look at this tremendous game that we all know
and love. We're gonna be recapping some of the portal
moves that we've been seeing over the last few weeks.

We're gonna be taking a look at some of the
teams that have very much impressed him throughout the portal
period as well. We're gonna be talking about just why
he does take a look much like myself, at sort
of the quality of transfers rather than the quantity of transfers,
some of the things that does and does not work
for a lot of these teams year and a year
out as well. So we're gonna have a lot of
fun chatting with Nick and segment number two. In the

final segment, gonna get you guys a recap of all
the news and notes that we saw in college basketball
on Thursday, And if you do have a question comment
segment of the year. What I have be for this podcast?
You have one of two ways we have for those
in first one is my Twitter slashack simeline at you
and Darners forty one keep in mind learns them they
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is very much appreciated them. From there, you're able to
fire in whatever you'd like here on this podcast by
that five star review. One of the big things that
we are going to be talking about with Think Lawrenson
as well, is the fact that we've got a very
interesting situation with Saint John's, the fact that they are
bringing in two pretty ball dominant guys in Konari Richmond
and Davon Smith, and just the way that we think
that things are going to be able to work out

really well with Saint John's and something that I think
is very interesting to dive in on as of right now,
and I allude to this with everything that we're seeing
at Xavier. They picked up another transfer on Thursday, and
Roddy Anderson and many people have begged the question of
this that are around the college basketball community, and I'm
right there with them. How is everything going to be
working on in terms of the minutes allotment in terms

of playing time for Xavier? Because ever since Sean Miller
did take over the role of head coach for the
second time over at Xavier, he has been running relatively
like a six sometimes they said, a man rotation. And
they've got a really nice transfer hall that's coming in.
Don't get me wrong. When you're able to bring in
Roddy Anderson along John Hugley, I consider this to be
an addition. Because Zach Fremantle is out in the full

the entirety of last season. They're going to be bringing
back a few other ancillary pieces from that team from
a season ago as well. How do you disperse some
minutes and do you decide to expand the rotation a
little bit more or stick with it as is. This
is something that I do think that you need to
ask yourself, because we do notice that a lot of
the teams where things do go right, typically it's the

teams that don't have as much depth and you've got
a lot of guys that are just sort of glued
to the bench, Like you've got Camera Fletcher Ryan Conwell,
who are going to be in the fold for Xavier
as well. Now, part of it might be that Fletcher
has been a little bit banged up in general, so
that's something that you do want to be taking a
look at. But you've got a lot of bodies in general,
they're coming in for Xavier. A lot of these schools
where we do notice that things do go off the rails.

It is teams where you've got these guys that they
were expecting to be able to get some really good
playing time, they weren't necessarily to get that playing time.
And I do think that that makes just taking a
look at these teams that they are willing to play
their guys, Like for Florida State, it's been abysmal for
them the last few seasons. But the one thing that
you could say about Leonard Hamilton is that he is
very willing to play a deep bench. He's willing to

go nine or ten deep. Typically you don't see things
go off the rails unless if it's for injury, and
that very much has been the case for Florida State
over the last few seasons. So that's one of the
cases where you want to take a look at a
team's depth, and if they don't bring in enough guys,
that's actually a really bad thing for a school like Florida, say,
because they do rely upon a nine or so man rotation.
But looking at the way that teams really just flow

their rotations, the way that teams really do slash do
not dive into their bench, I think that that's very
important in relation to the amount of transfer that they're
bringing in. So something to be mindful of. And I
in this first segment want to talk about whatever you
want to hear. I just come up with topics when
I don't get Twitter questions. So please, please, please please,
I will continue to beg you guys every single day

on this podcast for it. Please do fire in those
Twitter saks questions at you and scoredy one on Twitter
slash ks again letters DM they mean does I'm at
or my dms are a big giant pool of waste,
so you don't want to be firing them in there.
But what we do want to be firing at you,
guys is a great guest and Nick Laurence and he
joined me next right on because guess he's with myself.
They did Sweeterson out about the big every raglan will

be Las Vegas, but us a good suits with myself,
got keeps Peterson now part of the Visa Family podcasts
and it is always great to be joined by This
man is Nick Lawrenson. He does a tremendous job over
at mid major bandits taking a look at this great
game that we all know love. I know that he's
out there on these ghast holding it down, doing an
amazing job with reguards to office work in the Lang Sunnus.

I know that he's a part of the Queensland c
basketball program. I know that he is very locked in
on all that we're seeing in the transfer port line.
Is the man that you're able to follow on Twitter.
Slashs at the letter end. His last name Laurence since
spelled r E N s N word sports on the
back half of that all together and Nick, always pleasure
my friend.

Speaker 2 (05:10):
Thank you, always appreciate you having me on Greg, Thank you. Yeah,
I'm missing college basketball. We've been about a month without
it now, so I'm missing I'm missing being out on
the court watching some college hoops. Now all we got
is NBA, MLB, NHL, so got to ride out these
next couple of months and then we can start getting real,
real excited here soon for the hoops to ramp back up.

Speaker 1 (05:30):
Absolutely. Fortunately for us, the off season in college basketball
never adult moment with it, as we've seen a lot
of movement over the last few days. But I mean
the biggest movement that we've seen is in terms of
the Saint John's backcourt, in my opinion, the fact that
they bring in Davon Smith and they also bring in
Knari Richmond to pair with it. How do you foresee
this backcourt playing out? Because these two guys were very

ball dominant guys at their respective stops last season. But
I do feel like, because you do have a guy
in Richmond that's will play a little bit more down low,
Smith is able to play a little bit more along
their perimeter, that this actually will work out perfectly. And
there's a coach I'm banking on to be able to
figure it out. It's someone like a Rick Patino. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (06:11):
I know a lot of people really have their questions
with it, since they're both so ball dominant and they
both take a ton of shots.

Speaker 3 (06:17):
But like you mentioned, I really like Cadari Richmond.

Speaker 2 (06:19):
I think that's the real big ad there that can
play down low, So I think that'll be great. Davin
Smith's comes over from Utah. He shoots the ball really well.
But you know, last year was a struggle. You know,
they were right off the bubble, but it was kind
of a struggle for Rick Patino. He had his struggles
all year with all these transfer pieces and piecing everyone together,

and he thought that the team maybe wasn't as united
as it usually is for one of his teams. So
now that maybe he's returning a couple of those pieces
and he can insert these guys into the program, maybe
it'll be a little bit more smooth sailing. And you know,
it'll be really interesting to see how those two pieces
really play together, since they were both so ball dominant

at their old stops. But that's what this offseason is for.
They'll probably be on campus in the coming weeks and
they'll be playing with each other for the next four
or five months. They'll get to adapt to the system,
and there'll be some guys returning that no Repatino system.
So I feel like they're in a better spot than
they were last season. Even though everyone thought they were
gonna be really good last year, including myself, I think,

you know, just having those returning pieces in that program
coming back to pair with some good guys in the transporportal,
which is really gonna be helpful.

Speaker 1 (07:29):
And you bring up something so interesting with that, with
them being able to play off of one another, be
able to gain the chemistry over the next four to
five months. How critical do you think that it is
when these backward pieces, when these guards do commit to
schools early, Because what I've noticed over the last few years,
and certainly there are some exceptions, look no further than
Kim Spencer over at Yukon, but typically when a guard

commits late to a school, typically that's a little bit
of a red flag for me because that chemistry that
getting down the timing that you were alluding to, typically
it's not going to be there when these guys do
commit late.

Speaker 3 (08:03):
Yeah, I agree one hundred percent.

Speaker 2 (08:05):
You know, if you commit just a few weeks from now,
you're gonna have to wait, You're gonna have to get
all your papers in. There's a chance you don't get
to campus until July or August. Well, there's other teams
that you know, they got everything out of the way
early and they're gonna be practicing all summer together, and
they're gonna be able to get to know each other
and do all the off court stuff. So I mean,

you know, it's always crucial that you make the right
decision for your future, but if you commit early, that
could really help out your team's future for that season.
I'm not saying, if you're a player in the transfer
portal right now, go commit to whatever's out there right now.
If you want to wait and there's gonna be better options,
go wait, wait for the better options. But the earlier

you commit, I feel like the more time you really
are able to have that chemistry and the better you'll
play when all of a sudden and done come conference time.

Speaker 1 (08:55):
Yeah, but I think that that is a big part
of it as well, And we are noticing more and
more guys committing to these schools sooner and sooner. As
joining me on the show, we do have mclaurenson does
great work over maybe a dremendous and he is jowing
to be rad here on because you said, I do
think that this offseason has been a very fun one
to take a look at in terms of just all
the movement that we've been seeing. But I want to

get your thoughts on a big time team in Baylor
that they haven't made a bunch of moose, But in
my opinion, they made the right moose. No, Chad Omire,
he's going to be coming into the program. Jeremy Roach
is going over as well. How do you take a
look at a school like Baylor that, no, they're not
getting one hundred million billion guys and they are going
to be losing a few pieces like Jacoby Walter from
a season to go. But even though they're not bringing

in a whole bunch of shall we say a quantity
of transfers, they're bringing in high quality transfers. I think
that that's what many teams should be prioritizing, and I
think that they've done it perfectly.

Speaker 2 (09:49):
Yeah, I agree on a hundred percent. You got a
guy in Northchad who's been absolutely dominant no matter what
his team's results are about Arkansas State and Miami. He
had an absolutely amazing Cup years at Arkansas State. What's
in Miami led them the Final four his first season season.
Even in a pretty poor year this year for the Hurricanes,
he's still had really really good stats. So you got

a guy down there that can really fight at those rebounds,
get those second efforts. He's a top ten transfer in
the country. Same with Jeremy Roach. Jeremy Roach was great
for Duke, great guard, and he's gonna come over. He's
one of the top ten transfers in the country. So
you're not adding, you know, guys that maybe are risks
from the mid major level. And I'm a mid major advocate.

I'm gonna say, go out and get these mid major guys.
But you're adding two players that were possibly top thirty
players in the country last season. You can't get much
better than that. And I mean, you're a program that's
been consistently winning the last couple of years or coming
off the national title a couple of years ago. You're
turning a couple pieces. I think Baylor is really hit
it out of the park. You really can't get two

better transfer pieces than that, and they're not really gonna
be big risks because you know that they can produce
at the high major level.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
Yeah, I think that that is big. Having that track
record of success, I think is so key. And then
I know that you're a man that you absolutely love
the mid majors, and I know that you're out there
in the eastern part of the country. You love yourself,
so ad Lington and I want to get your thoughts
on this school. It's the Dayton Flyers. With Dayton, they're
bringing in Pasha Alexander, which a guy like Pash Alexander

just doesn't typically go from the high major level. Was
a consistent started for Saint John's, was able to do
a solid job last year for Butler goes down to Dayton,
no question about it. He's probably not gonna be able
to prolong Dayton's forty plus percent three point shooting from
a season to go, and they're gonna have to move
a few things around from a season ago. But I
absolutely love the move for a Dayton team that is

also going to be bringing in zed Key this offseason.

Speaker 3 (11:43):
Yeah, I mean I love both those.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
Pasha Alexander for years has really shown that he can
play at the Big East level, and I was coming
over to a program in Dayton that is consistent French
top twenty five team out to Atlantic ten and maybe
they can get another and another at large bid. They
gotten at large bid this past season.

Speaker 3 (11:58):
So he comes over.

Speaker 2 (12:00):
Zed Key comes across the state to Dayton from Ohio
State and he's great. You got Nate Santos who announced
that he's returning to Dayton. You know, I think this
Flyers team once again could be a top twenty five team.
And that's really not a crazy prediction. They are when
you look at the grand scheme of things and say,

you know, San Diego State wants to be one of
those teams, and I can argue that that's that could
be correct. San Diego State is a mid major or
is a high major program. They operate like a high
major program pretty close to one. Dayton's another one just
like that, and they really have that fan base, and
you know that really intrigues these guys to come. You
have Jacob Connor who grew up in Dayton. He went

to Marshall, played there a couple of years, but he
grew up in Dayton. He saw this fan base and
now he's coming to play for it. So it's really intriguing.
Even at like the high major level. You know, Ohio
State has great crowds. Saint John's, the Seine Hall, they
have great crowds. But it's not like you're going to
say Loyola Chicotte. Well, no, not like a dukine a Ducaine,

who hasn't really had amazing crowds for years. You know,
it's hit or missed at Ducane Dayton. You're gonna be
there every day. You're gonna know that Humungus Arena is
gonna be sold out in one of the best basketball
cities in the country. It's super intriguing for these guys
and that's why they're getting these high major players. They've
shown over the years that they can produce NBA talent,

that they can get out large bids to the NCAA tournament.
And that's what you want as a player. You want
opportunities to play at the highest level, to play in
front of pac crowds, and Dayton just offers everything. I mean,
they're the hunted in that league and we.

Speaker 1 (13:38):
Do have Nick Lawrenson. It does great workover at made
major mandage. Hearing MIANKSCASOUPSI you did mention Dukane and I
do want to touch upon them because you were talking
about sometimes it can be a little bit intermissed with
those crowds. I think it'll be a little bit more
of a hit this season, as as we know, they're
under a new tutelage. Keith Dan Brod. He decides to

retire at season zen and even though they do lose
some pieces in the offseason, have absolutely loved their pickups.
They bring in Alex Williams, a double figure scorer over
at Furman, Maximus Edwards, someone who knows the Atlantic ten.
He goes over from George Washington, which, by the way,
George Washington is gonna have to play this season George
Washington when they play against Richmond, which I find that

to be hilarious, But that's a Jayshon Corbett tray dinkins.
I look at what Dukine has done, and certainly I
wouldn't be putting them in like the top five in
all of college basketball in terms of their transfer hall
or anything like that. But I think that the atline
ten has done, as a whole a really good job
in the portal. I think that Ducane, given the circumstances,
has done an excellent job, will be able to replenish

that roster.

Speaker 2 (14:41):
Yeah, I fully agree, And they return a couple of starters,
Jake to Michael being one of them. But you know,
you have a guy like Treydnkins coming in from Canisius
fifteen points per game. He's going to be a great
league goer for that. Maximus Edwards has put up points
at GW the last couple of seasons. He knows the
eight ten, so that's gonna be a great addition to
the team. You have Alex Williams at Furman. He helped

them win NCAA tournament game a couple of years ago.
He was one of the most impactful players in the Soakon.
This year. You got to Sean Corbett, who was one
of the best players to really play against Dukine this season,
put over twenty points. It's one of those you scout
your opponents, you remember him, Let's try to get him
in the offseason. Eli Wilbourne just committed another day a

day or two ago as well from Saint Francis, PA,
not too far away from Ducane.

Speaker 3 (15:29):
I think Drew Joyce is doing an awesome job this offseason.

Speaker 2 (15:32):
It's gonna be really a question, you know, first year
and he's proved a lot of people wrong his whole career.

Speaker 3 (15:38):
He proved a lot of people wrong in high school.

Speaker 2 (15:40):
Is he gonna be able to continue that success that
Keith dan brought laid down or is everyone going to
be able to really put it all together. And it's
interesting because last season, when Keith Dambrot was asked at
media availabilities, there was a lot of times that Drew
Joyce would be there with him and he would say, yeah,
I've kind of let Drew the voice this year. You know,

I'll be in the background. He was doing all this
stuff with his wife, who I hope is getting better.
But he's like, he let Drew be the voice this year.
So hopefully that really helped him mold these guys into
believing in him. And I mean it's definitely molded these
kids in the transfer portal will believe in him because
this is one of Ducaine's most well rounded transfer portal

groups ever.

Speaker 1 (16:25):
Yeah, I think that they've done an absolutely incredible job,
and hey, we've seen VCU be able to do a
relatively solid job as well. I think that VCU is
another school that saw him to come up. The fact
that they get Philip Russell over the last twenty four
to forty eight hours, he was a very good scorer
over at ut Arlington. I think that that's big for them,
and I just look at the nine ten as a whole.

I don't know if they're ever going to get back
to being like a four plus bid league for the
NCAA Tournament or anything like that. But the fact that
they bring in George Washington is the third not the
entire George Washington did roster, but instead of bringing him in,
I think that that's been I just look at the
Laington as a whole, and I feel like they've had
won the better off seasons of any conference in the nation.

Speaker 2 (17:05):
Yeah, I fully agree. I think that the league could
get back to being a three bid league if everything's right.
You know, Dayton is going to enter the season with
a target on their back and they're gonna be a
potential top twenty five team.

Speaker 3 (17:17):
You have VCU.

Speaker 2 (17:18):
Ryan Odum showed it at Utah State. They you have
a solid first season. He had a solid first season
at Utah State as well, and then he just took
off his second year at Utah State.

Speaker 3 (17:28):
He could do that at VCU.

Speaker 2 (17:30):
I'm really liking the pickups that they have. Philip Russell,
Jack Clark two of them, and then you have Duquane
who's kind of there lingering, who knows what. I think
LaSalle and Saint Jose could be good this year. George
Mason's been taking steps They've had a really nice transfer
portal haul. There's always a lot of optimism with a
ten and it's fan base heading into the season. But

I think there's a real reason if everything goes right
in non conference, and that's been a big question for years,
everything going right non conference, these teams actually challenging themselves
non conference Commissioner Bernadette laying something down and making them
challenge themselves in a non conference. If all that happens,
this could be the year that the eight ten starts
to tread back upwards. I mean, there's so much chalent

in the league. I've been really impressed as well.

Speaker 1 (18:14):
Greg yep, I love to see it, and I always
love to see Our good friend Nick Lawrenson on this
podcast Radio on Coach Scoup said, Nick, We've seeing a
lot of moves here over the last few weeks. It
has been a lot of fun to be able to
keep up with the say the least, but among teams
that maybe we have yet to discuss, are there a
few teams in general that you take a look at
them and you've just been highly impressed by what they've

been Ablebil tore over the last few weeks.

Speaker 2 (18:38):
Yeah, I keep mentioning high point. You know, I think
there's a chance they could be a top twenty five
team this year. They've returned a lot. They returned Justin Bodaboda,
who I think is going to be a star a
couple of years down the line. But they've added some
really really nice pieces in that transfer portal. I think
they'll be really good. Another one's McNeese State. You know,
they're adding these high major players that are producing near

double digit points to their roster. It was already pretty solid.
You know, they went undefeated last year in the Southland. Well,
Wade's really making this the Southland a interesting league because
you have other coaches say at a incarnate word. Incarnate
Word's adding all these ball state players that are aving
double digit points really impressive.

Speaker 3 (19:19):
They're the hunted.

Speaker 2 (19:20):
There's coaches now in the league that are dishing up
that money wanting to get these high major players to
really push it to a level that we haven't seen
the Southland in a couple of years. I mean, the
Southland was borderline unwatchable two three years ago, and now
we have high major players littered all over the league,
which is just really really interesting over there.

Speaker 3 (19:40):
I think Utah State's done a great job. They're adding
a whole bunch of a sum players. You know.

Speaker 2 (19:45):
I think high Point in McNee State, those two teams
from the lower major level have a legitimate chance to
be top twenty five, have thirty wins this season and
just turn a lot of heads.

Speaker 1 (19:57):
You know.

Speaker 3 (19:57):
Both of them have that money. I mean, and Scholl
Wades there.

Speaker 2 (20:01):
The McNeese State people down to Lake Charles are going
to give that money because you have the winner and
he shows that he can coach and really form these guys.

Speaker 3 (20:09):
But high Points just has that money.

Speaker 2 (20:10):
In general, the money's really making an impact here and
we could be having some low major programs run the
table and now competitive leagues and make some noise in
the regular season, which we haven't seen in the last
couple of years. Has been more mid major teams. But
I keep an eye out for a high Point in
McNeese State this year.

Speaker 1 (20:29):
Yep. I do think that high Point is indeed going
to live up to their name. I do think that
they are going to be a high Point. And man,
it is so much fun to look at some of
these schools. I keep saying it. With regards to McNee State,
it feels like they're sort of like a triple A
form of the SEC at this point with the way
that they bringing in talent. But this man, he is
up at the major league level because he does a

major job of taking a look at college basketball all
twelve months out of the year. My friend, Nick, you
do such a great job take a look at this
great game. So let the gout them. You know, it's
all on tap for you, and I hope people can
followong on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (21:04):
I appreciate Greg at n Lords and Sports on Twitter
and at mid Underdash Madness.

Speaker 3 (21:09):
I'll just be following the.

Speaker 2 (21:10):
Transferportal over these last couple of weeks before we get
into summer workouts here, so really interesting time, lots of
moving pieces all over the country in college basketball, so
it will be fun to follow. As always, it's a
NonStop sport. As we say every time, it's much different
than it was a couple of years ago.

Speaker 1 (21:26):
Oh, it certainly is all twelve months out the year.
We are never the breadth of college basketball in sights,
We're never breath of news that's going on, because when
you've got over two thousand players in the transfer portal,
certainly that caused some intriguing and some NBA draft decisions
as well. Nick is doing a great job of taking
a look at it all. So big thanks to Nick
for joining me right here on because Heep's South part

of the Beason Family podcasts, and I mean next, it
is that time in the podcast they give you a
recap of beat news and until we saw a college
basketball the last playballers. I'm a ranular, love me Las
Vegas because gets seats with myself Craig Games Peterson now
part of the Vson Family podcast. It's always great to

be able to get Nick Laurence in a board. He
does a tremendous job over at mid Major Mandness, they're
going to look at this great game of basketball that
we all know and love. He is locked in as
so what we're all getting here in the offseason, and
every single time he joins the show he learns such
good insights. So big thanks to m for joining me
right here on Coast to Goo soops. Now it is
that time the podcast and give you a little bit
of a recap as all the news and us that

we saw in college basketball for the last twenty four hours.
And this is not a transfer but rather a return.
And I do think that's worth noting these returns as well,
because sometimes best kits are the ones that you have
already got. I know that our good friend Truie Donovan
is a man that coins that line. And for Justin Porter,
he has decided that he is going to be going
back to the Middle Tennessee. Was really their top score

from a season goo fourteen points, shot about thirty four
percent from three point range. Needs a little bit more
around him and would like to see him facilitate just
to touch more. But this is a good get essentially
for Middle Tennessee, if I can even use that terminology
for them being able to get back on their own.
But for Middle Tennessee, they've done a nice shop here
in the off season, being able to bulk up that roster.

Kamari Lance, who was over at Arizona State season ago.

Speaker 3 (23:16):
He comes in.

Speaker 1 (23:16):
Isam Mustafa, he's at TCU, didn't get a lot of minutes,
but he's a nice big man that should be able
to help out the rebounding for the team. He comes in.
You bring in Alcoals goes be a six fith sixcambo
player that sable pop it from three at about forty percent.
This is absolutely massive for them, and dude like the
direction that they're moving in for this upcoming season. And
then this is a nice kid as well, Jaden Smith.

He was a four star recruit. Some have him in
like a top one fifty roll, others do not. But
he has decided that he is going to be going
to Fordham. And for Fordham, they haven't done a ton
here in the transfer portal. And no, this is not
Will Smith's son. Will Smith's son is like twenty five
years old, which I'm sure that if you the petition
in the NCAA, he'd probably be able to get some eligibility.

But that's they're bringing in someone that should really be
able to do a nice job bolstering and elevating this backcourt.
And for this Fourham team. They bring in Jackie Johnson,
who I remember two seasons ago when he was over
at Ducane was a relatively nice score. You're also going
to be bringing in mad Zona just really couldn't find
his footing over at Notre Dame, but he's a six
to nine guy that's able to let it fly from

three parts. Bringing in something like a Jaydon Smith I
think is going to be very good for this team.
And for Jaden Smith, he's a little bit more of
a big man. He's some of that Saints right around
about six foot eleven, so he's going to be more
of a front core piece for a bunch at when
they were really effective two seasons ago, they did a
nice job just jamming things up down low. Not a
guy that's going to be going out there and popping
threes or anything like that, but bringing in jad and

Smith that is a very very nice pickup for them.
And you got some significant news according to John Ross
scene out there in the America. He says, we are
going to have a Mario Marshall withdrawing from the NBA
draft and he's going to be over at Albany once
again this upcoming season. Albany has taken a few bosses
here in the offseason, with Sebastian Thomas decided that he

is going to be going back to Rhode Island after
he played their two seasons. Goal last year was able
to tear it up with albody, but getting back a
guy Marshall who was able to log nearly some ten
points per contest, that's big for an Albedy unit that
has not been silent here in the front of the
transfer portal. Bringing in Tomorrow Langford from Central Florida, that's
been nice. And Casper Klanzich, he was last season over

at Saint Joe's. I remember two seasons ago he was
seeing quite a few starts. I think that he's going
to be able to do a pretty rock solid job
as well. But getting back a guy in Marshall. He
last season shot about thirty seven and a half percent
from three points. Two season ago at Hofstra shot forty
percent from the outside. That is going to be very
big for them. And I do like the way that
some of these mid majors have been able to operate
the last few days. That's certainly is going to be

a big one for them. Marcus Adams Junior, he was
over at PYU this last season. He has decided that
he is going to be going to season and I
love what season has done. Andy Newman, ever since he
came over from the D two level he was at
Cal Sate Bernardino. He's just found a lot of guys
that have been able to fit this system. In general,
seasun not a team that's going to light it up
from three part range or anything like that, but they

do a tremendous job down low. And Marcus Adams, according
to ESPN's recruitment rankings from twenty twenty three, was a
top winner guy six foot eight from the great state
of California. Probably not a guy that's going to be
letting it five from three part range from everything that
I've gathered, But that said, someone that should be able
to do a relatively solid job down low hitting the glass.
That is season's mentality. If they can cut down on

the turnovers a little bit, going to be very bullish here.
So I absolutely love that pickup for a seasun school
that I mean just two years ago they would have
never been able to land when these former top one
er recruits, some good on them for that. Molik Layman,
he last season was playing overright Grambling. He has decided
that he is going to be going to Southern Utah.
For Southern Utah, it's just been a rough state of
affairs for them in general. Layman, he didn't even give

you a full point for contest at Grambling last season.
His best year came during the twenty twenty one to
twenty two campaign. Was able to log about three and
a half points three point two rebounds per game. And
Rob Jeter was able to do some OK things when
he was at You to Be Milwaukee many many years ago.
But take a look at things for Southern Utah right
now out there in the whack, it's looking like it's
going to be a relatively rough season for them. Now
fully recognize that this is going to be a little

bit more of a depth piece. They're not having this
gentleman come in and thinking, oh, they are going to
be building our program around Molik Leyman, who was aftering
about a half a point per contest over at Grambling
this last season. But for Southern Utah, while so many
teams out there in the whack are really elevating other
than DeVante Jones, they've really brought in a big, giant
nothing burger thus far the offseason, so they're falling behind

a little bit. You saw Brennan Latin. Hopefully he said
that correctly. Laurent I think is the proper pronouncing. He
was over at Florida Atlantic this past season. He has
decided that he is going to be going to North Texas,
and I do think that this is going to be
a relatively solid fit. He's already got some familiarity within
the conference, so that's going to be able to help
him out quite a bit. But for Orient he comes

in as someone that you'ld be able to just jam
things up a little bit more. Download in general, he
logged about two and a half points per contest six
to nine gentlemen. That's able to let it fly a
little bit from three part range, but not really too
much of a threat to be letting it fly too
much from three part range. So I take a look
at this pickup and I do think that this is
going to be a good one. And I don't give
a lot of love to the D two level, but

have to do it for Zion Richardson. He was someone
that was over at D two Quincy this last season
was afening about eighteen points, seven and a half rebounds
per game, and if I'm not mistaken, he began his
career over at Wofford. He has decided that he is
going to be going to Kelsey Fullerton. Big get for
Kelsey Fullerton, and they've had a lot of success bringing
in these former D two guys as well. Again, he's
got a little bit of familiarity with the D one level.

That said, he comes in and I think that he's
going to be able to elevate a back court that
last season they just didn't have a lot going on
in general, And when it comes to those D two
success stories, you just go back to what they were
able to have with Max Jones being able to give
them double figures. He was a guy from D two
Tampa Bay. So I do think that this is going
to be one that works out quite well for them.
And congratulations amidster Zion for getting back up to the

Division one level. Roddy Anderson, he has decided that he
is going to be going to Xavier and for Xavier,
talk about a recruiting haul for them. Now the question
is going to become what is their rotation going to
look like, because ever since Sean Miller took over that
Xavier role for the second time, has not been really
playing too deep of a rotation. And you just take

a look at the guys that they've got coming back
to the biggest of which is Zach Freemant to miss
all of last season. He's decided that he is going
to recommit to the program. But Dante Maddix has been
a double figure scorer while he's over at Toledo. Throughout
his career, John Hugly is someone that was a top
scorer over at Pittsburgh a few seasons ago. Foraraddi Anderson,
he was a solid player while he was over at Poise.
He State, and I know that Johnathan Gavoni was gushing

over his feet about under twenty European numbers. I think
that he was with like his Bekistan and I'm not
even joking when I say that it's a country that
I can't even pronounce. But Faraddi Anderson, he was a
little bit lost in the shuffle last season over at Poise.
He stated a solid player that was able to look
about six a half points two and emphasis per contest
as a starter, but he was really like often number
four for boys to say, at UC San Diego, he's

everything more like thirteen points per contest. So I'm very
interested to see how they're going to be able to
utilize him. But that's certainly another piece of Xavier is
going to be able to utilize to their advantage. And
this is a nice piece for Indiana State. Samaj Teal,
he last season was over at Presbyterian and was really
the main guy for Presbyterian that was able to pop
it from three part range. He has decided that he

is going to be going to Indiana State.

Speaker 3 (30:28):
Not out about it.

Speaker 1 (30:29):
Indiana State going to be looking quite a bit different
this upcoming season, but for TiAl, quite a rise for him.
He began his career over at D two Winston Salem.
Last season over at Presbyterian thirteen and a half points,
shot forty one a half percent for three partrange. Not
a bad facilitator as well. He's able to give the
team about two an halphasis per contest. Probably not going
to be required to do a whole boatload of that,
but he's got a pretty well rounded game for a

Presbyterian team that, keep in mind out open up the season.
Last year they were able to knock olf Vanderbilt. I
do think that this is going to be a pretty
solid get in the system and for Indiana State trying
to make the most out of everything that they've got.
They've got Aaron Gray returning to the fold. They bring
in a big man and Marcus Hastings, who last season
is over at Central Florida. But I look at til
and he's probably one of the best pickups that they've
got thus far. He's gonna be a little bit of

a rag tag bunch for Indiana State, and I'm very
curious to see what sort of a style they are
going to be running, because that's a little bit tvd
ellent Omdedu. He was playing this last season over at
Morgan State. He has decided that he is going to
be adding to the Missouri Valley Conference as well. He's
going to be adding to Missouri State. Quonzo Martin there
for the second time. And for Quonzo Martin, I always
thought he was a relatively solid coach, whether he was

at Missouri, whether he was at cal Missouri State the
first time around as well. But that said, I do
take a look at the strads for Portal Hall right now.
He's bringing in two guys from the MIACH and Imdeu
align with Wesley Oba. I mean, both of these guys
were okay rebounders out there in the MIAC, but not
a lot of size there. I do like the pickup
of Dez White. It was a nice three point shore
over at Austin p but there's a lot of work
to do for the same and I do think that

them in the Missouri Valley Conference. It's gonna be a
little bit rough in season number one, So they've got
a little bit of patience because I do think that
they are going to be needing it for this upcoming season.
I was talking about Flora and Lank and the fact
that they lose a guy to the transfer portal. Well,
they pick up Kai Kai Tandy, and I do think
that this is going to be big for them. Kai
Kay Tandy this last season was over at Jacksonville State
and he had to be the man. He was pretty

much taking all their shots, and I think that he
was the only guy in the roster that gave them
double figures. Logged seventeen point eight points per contest, not
a guy that passed it very much, but shot thirty
nine percent from three part range. He was a part
of the Xavier system and is a former top Winner
recruit from the class of twenty nineteen. And for Flora
and Lank, they did need to be able to bring
in that explosive score break. Losing John L. Davis, losing

all the guys like Vlad Goldin and all those guys.
I do think that they needed something like this, and
this is a nice pickup for them. And they have
been very active here over the last few days. They've
got guys that at their respective schools where they will
be double figure scores and Loveland Walker along A J.
Stanton McCrae coming in as well. I do think that
you're going to see a little bit more defense from
the team Walker along Stanton McCray over at Eastern Kentucky

and Stanford respectively. We're able to do a nice job
at Jenning re turnovers for Jacksonville State that was one
of the better mid major defenses out there in college basketball.
So I really like what they've been able to do
here in the post Dusty may era, florien Land probably
going to take a little bit of stetback on offense,
but on defense they should be a little bit better.
A Ticky Ali, a Dickie, one of the more fun
names to say in all of college basketball, has decided

that he is going to be going to New Mexico.
For New Mexico losing the likes of Nelly Junior Joseph J. T. Topp,
and they did need to be able to fill some
holes down low and for a Ticky Ali. At Ticky
He's always been a relatively solid rebounder, not a guy
that necessarily had demonstrative numbers over at EYU. He was
just lost in the shuffle of all the guys that
they had there. But instead he's a relatively solid big

man that's able to give you like three or four
rebounds per game. And I like the class that New
Mexico has had. Now they do also lose Jamal Mashburn Junior,
but they're bringing in Phillip braz mccayn hopefully I said
that correctly, the foreign gentleman from Arizona who's had quite
a bit of upside and has quite a few good
notes around him. And then John tone Jay, the six
foot five just do it all shooter from Colorado stated

from two seasons ago just could not get out there
on the floor. This last year over at Missouri, I
think that he's going to be able to take some
strides forward. So I take a look at what New
Mexico has one and so far has been a job
all done by them, And how about a job all
done to be able to bring this man into the fold.
As you've got Philip Russell heading on over to VCU.
We talked about this a little bit with our good
friend in Nick Lawrenson, he last season over at UT

Arlington was able to log about fourteen a half points
per contest. Was one of those two times transfers, so
he did have to miss the first center or so
games of the season. But you may recall what he
was at Southeastern Missouri State. He was able to lead
them to the NCAA Tournament two seasons ago. For Russell,
that's been a long and winding road for him. This
is going to be school number four for him. But
for Russell was able to shoot about thirty eight percent

from three points. Turnovers can be a little bit of
an issue for him, but I do think that he's
going to be able to help elevate this program because
he could tell that when he was on the floor
versus when he was off the floor. For UT Arlington,
the defense was significantly better able to facilitate with about
four an emphasis per contest as well. VCU has done
a nice job in the transfer portal. And as we
were alluding to with our good friend and Nick, I

mean this entire Atlantic ten has been able to have
a very nice offseason thus far. So I do like
that pickup, and I do like this pickup for New
Orleans and are certainly going to need to get some
good go to scoring as they last season we're very
much a one man man had about twenty points per contest.
He seas to go from one of the top scores
in all of college basketball and Jordan Johnson. They're gonna

need to replace that, and they're bringing in James White,
who was over at UAB this last season. Now, I
don't think that James White is going to be going
out there and it's going to be putting up twenty
plus points per contest. That said, being able to bring
in something like this, I do think it is very
good for the program for mister Whitewill. W's over at UAB,
just got lost in the shuffle a little bit, but
began his career over at Ole Miss. And when he

was at Ole Miss he actually saw some starts. During
the twenty twenty one twenty two campaign, he was able
to give the team about four points two boards per contest.
He's got some relatively okay size at six o' five,
is going to need to elevate a three point has
been just a career about twenty two percent three point
shooter by high upside guy. I do think that for
New Orleans this is going to be a relatively solid
pickup for them. And I do think that this is

going to be a relatively solid pickup as well as yet.
Monier Hima, he was playing this last season over at Syracuse,
began his career over at Dukane, and I was always
wondering why in next Syracuse picked him up. He's a
seven footer that has a lot of upside. It just
felt like Syracuse was not a home for him. Now
I think that he's at a level where he's going
to be able to see some nice playing time. He

has decided that he is going to be going to
Howard has always been a team that has been relatively
rough in terms of their defense. But you take a
look at this Howard program, they just time and time
again do a relatively solid job bringing in nice transfers.
They're no longer going to have set downs in the fold.
He decided that he is not going to be back
for his twentieth year of college basketball. But for Howard,
that was one thing that they were really liking a

little bit on the glass. They've already got Antonio Choll
who was over at rug Curs This last season that
should be able to help them elevate on the defensive
side of things. They do it all guard at Endwark
Gill last season over at Lasale was able to give
you like ten points, three boards, three assists. I really
like what Howard is building. They needed just a little
bit more beef down low. He's going to be able
to bring the beef and I do like that move.
And I was talking about cal s Fullerton the way

that they've utilized you two guys to be able to elevate.
I was mentioning Max Jones, Well, how about this rise
for Max Jones. Just a few seasons ago he was
playing at Division two Tampa Bay. He has not decided
that he is going to be going to Kansas State,
and for Kansas State, I do have to have a
feeling that this is just a little bit more of
a depth piece for them. They've already been able to
bring in Brandon Housen, who's a nice three point shooter
for them, C J. Jones along Doug McDaniel. But now

you add in there Max Jones, who's a six foot four,
do it all sort of player. Fifteen points. He's able
to give you about four to five rebounds per game,
a thirty eight percent three point shooter. I don't think
that he's going to be a starter for Kansas State,
but I do think that he can be a little
bit of what like Latrell right Sell was this last
season over at Alabama. Guy that's able to give you
a few points, is able coming off the bench, is
able to pop hi from three point range. So I

do think that this is going to be a nice
pickup for them, And this is a nice pick up
for Clemson. I know that I'm talking on social media
about how that Bo Swinny in the football side of
things does not really pick up a lot of transfers
for Clemson. Well, Brian brunn All on the basketball side things,
he certainly is picking up transfers. And Christian Reeves, who
this last season was over at Duke, he has decided

that he is going to be heading on over to Clemson.
For Reeves a relatively tony guy coming out of high school.
He was not like one of those feature recruits of
Duke or anything like that. But at seven foot one
big man, he's going to be able to help out
clumpson a little bit downlaw As Clemson, they're going to
be losing quite a few pieces from what they had
a season ago when they were able to make that
Elite eight run. You tell that Clemson did want to

prioritize a little bit of rebounding, especially with the fact
that Jack Clark is now full he should be able
to fill those minutes. I do think that he's going
to be able to do a night job, being able
to fill that role, and hopefully we can fill the
role of being able to make you some money this
upcoming season, as that is our goal. We're looking at
things every single day in preparation for what should be
the best college basketball season ever. If you do like

Fearing from this time podcast, go seeps. You're able to
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you're in tune and if you have a question comment
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have one or two ways we have far listen. First
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is very much appreciated. From there, you are able to
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the five star review. Big things. Once again to Nick
Lawrence and who does a tremendous job over at mid
Major Mannez for joining me in the last segment. Coming
at you guys every single day on this podcast, regular
SEPs and off you and so I'll be back if
you want to get them up.

Speaker 3 (39:37):
Thank you.
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