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May 11, 2024 45 mins

Greg explains the impact conference realignment has had on how to handicap home court advantage, talks to Mid Major Matt Josephs o FTN Network about shopping for futures this time of year, how crucial year two at a school is for coaches, & the Atlantic 10’s offseason & Greg recaps Friday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:20-The impact conference realignment has had on handicapping home court

13:27-Interview with Mid Major Matt Josephs

39:23-Recap of Friday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
A more more money Moo. Welcome to Lovely Moss Daggas
for Coach Coacheats, which my self Creaking Expeters and now
part of the recent family of podcasts. We'll be on
Excellent podcast z Joined to me in second number two,
we are going to be joined by one of our
good friends, Matt Josephs. They gave a major mat He's
going to be joining to me to take a look
at what we've all gotten this offseason. He's going to
be sharing with us some of the coaching moves that
he's liked and some of the coaches that have been

able to do a good job in the transfer portal.
We're also going to be talking about how he's playing
the futures market right now. If you are to play
the futures market, what you do, Slash do not want
to look at what would qualify is something that he
would look at as a dable number in terms of
the futures market right now, and what you would want
to be trying to avoid, and just the importance of
shopping around for the best number in the futures market landscape.

Because you take a look at the futures market, you're
able to find much more volatility there than you are
on a game line one a game line is like
a half a point off. You're finding value there. Meanwhile,
in the futures market, you can very easily find a
team as it's like thirty to one at one shop,
be forty to one at the next shot. So we're
gonna be talking about that and so much more. And
then in the final segment, can you give you guys

a recap as all the news and notes that we
saw in college basketball on Friday. If you do have
a question comment segment idea, what have you for this podcast?
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one is my Twitter slide checks timeline at gun and
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If you rate this podcast five starts, it is very
much appreciated them. From there, you're able fire on whatever

you'd like to hear on this podcast via that five
star review. Biggest thing that we did see on Friday,
and please send them those Twitter side tecks questions because
they do base My first segment typically around that is
we are getting more conferencerial in what linement. Now, this
is not for this upcoming season. Missouri State is still
going to be out there in the Missouri Valley Conference
and tell the start of the twenty twenty five to
twenty six season. Same goes for Grand Canyon and Seattle.

But those two programs, Grand Canyon Seattle, they're heading on
over to the WCC during in the twenty twenty five
to twenty six season. You've got Missouri State heading on
over to Conference USA, And it's gonna be really interesting
to see what happens in scoupcoming season with all three
of those programs that they are going to be departing.
Because what I've gathered is typically there's not a lot
that does happen with regards to like a handicapping perspective.

The one thing I have noticed is that some of
these lower slash mid major conferences are very very petty
and they try to like bar these teams from their
conference tournament. We saw that with the CAA and James
Madison a few seasons ago. I know that the Rise
in League was doing everything humanly possible to sick it
to U I see, but we really didn't see that
out there on the court. If there was anything, it
was perhaps Washington State trying to sicket to the Pac

twelve and the fact that they got left out of
a little bit of everything. We saw them have a
nice year both on football and basketball. So good on
Washington State there. That was nice to be able to see.
But it is gonna be very interesting to just take
a look at realignment, and I'll be talking a lot
about how to gauge seams in terms of home court advantage.
Tomorrow We're gonna have Justin Perry on the show. We're
gonna be diving in on that front. But I do

think that that is a big giant wrinkle that we're
gonna be dealing with all throughout the college basketball season.

Speaker 2 (03:03):

Speaker 1 (03:03):
With these expanded conferences, you're gonna have more and more travel,
and for a school like Seattle out there in the WCC,
the travel is actually gonna be less for them in
two seasons than it is right now. So I think
that they're gonna be able to make a little bit
of a seamless jump over there. For a school like
Missouri State heading on over to Conference USA might be
a little bit more difficult for them as Conference USA
a little bit more spread out. When you have to

head from Missouri State over to Florida National's campus, which
is out there in the great state of Florida. That's
a little bit more travel than what they're dealing with
right now. I'm still heading to like Nashville, Tennessee for
their games against Belmont. But so the EDIT travel is
something that you do want to be taking note of,
and that's really gonna be big for this upcoming season because,
as we know, the big shifts in conference read alignment,
they are coming with the likes of UCLA USC heading

on over to the Big Ten, which means that you're
gonna have like Wisconsin heading the California. You're gonna have
the California schools having to travel three time zones to
play Rutgers. And I do think that just eliminating that
Boiler play number of three points for home court advantage
is very big. I'm gonna touch upon that much more
tomorrow with our good friend Justin Perry, but I think
that that's something that you're gonna need to be very

mindful of. And I do think that now in the
same age of college basketball and handicapping, you're gonna need
to have a sliding scale for how much you award
for these home court advantages and how much you award
for travel as well, because I mean, it goes beyond
the crowd. Even if you have a school that doesn't
necessarily back the gills in terms of fans of ward,
which most fans out there are good, And I'm not

gonna slander any sort of a college in terms of
not packing their stands or anything like that. But even
if you're going to a half empty arena, if you're
traveling from like the state of New York and you
have to go all the way down to the state
of California, that's gonna take a whole flat out of you.
That's gonna be a body clock game. Granted, I know
that in a lot of these circumstances and conferences in

general are gonna normalize this. You're gonna get two games
on sort of like a long road trip. Like if
you have Wisconsin hanging on over to California, they're gonna
play against both the USC and UCLA. Would make no
sense for them to only play one game, and perhaps
you award a little bit less home court advantage for
that game. Number two rather than game number one. I
personally think that it's relative, and I do think that

anyone that has traveled for business knows that just your
body clock in general, it doesn't really adapt after like
twenty four to forty eight hours. You need to be
spending a little bit more time out there to really
get used to those changes. But I do think that
this is going to be something so critical to take
a look at this college basketball season and realignment. It's
just going to be a part of our lives in general,
and a part of our lives here on this podcast

is getting on great guests, and we've got a very
good one in mid major Matt akm Met Josephs. It's
certainly going to be talking a little bit about the
online ten. We're going to be taking a look at
some of these coaching hires that he likes, and just
how he's playing the futures market right now in recommendations.
If you're looking to play a bed on college basketball
futures right now, that's up next right here on coasco
Soups with myself Greig GPS Peterson now a part of

recent family podcast Love You Las Vegas, But go to
guest see myself that I keeps Peterson now part of
the VSA Family podcasts, and it is always great to
be joined by this fan as Matt Josephs.

Speaker 2 (06:14):
You might have know him better as mid major.

Speaker 1 (06:16):
Matt does an excellent job on so many fronts for
those looking for some daily sweats right now. He does
a great job on the MLB front taking a look
at a wide variety of different props. On top of that,
his name has been major Matt, so you know that
this guy is iled into the great game of college
basketball that we all know and love, from the power
conferences all the way down to the load slash mid majors.
You're cutch him on FTN Network, ESPN Radio, on in Richmond,

and on Twitter slash x at mid major Matt altogether. Matt,
Always pleasure, my friend, Thank you.

Speaker 3 (06:44):
No problem, Always a pleasure to be on, Always a
pleasure to have you aboard Matt, And I did mention
it you do a nice radio show out there in
es in Richmond for ESPN, And I want to get
your thoughts on what we've all seen in the Atlantic
TENN this offseason, because over.

Speaker 2 (06:58):
The last few days we've seen a team like.

Speaker 1 (07:00):
A Richmond be able to pick up George Washington the third,
which is going to lead to some very interesting battles
When Richmond takes on the George Washington Revolutionaries, that'll be hilarious,
to say the least. But they've been a very interesting
team VCU over the last few days, they pick up
Philip Russell and in a day and age where Nil
is really Raymond King and we're talking about all these
teams out there, like the SEC, the Big Twelve picking

up a lot of pieces. I feel like the eight
tenants really held their own and just across the conference.
I've been very impressed by what they've been able to
do just across the board this offseason.

Speaker 4 (07:30):
Yeah, and it's funny because stay on my show, I
was kind of going over everything because there's been a
lot of comings and goings for VCU and Richmond in
this area. I think VCU has done okay the best
they can. You know, losing a guy like Toby Lewall
to Virginia Tech is top he stays in state. Losing
Max Shulga to Villanova, a guy going from playing with
his coach was at you know, Utah State with and

now he's at Villanova.

Speaker 5 (07:52):
You know, it's it's interesting to see him do that.

Speaker 4 (07:54):
Tyler Burton went from Richmond to Villanova, and other than
getting nil money, it's not like he helped his NBA
draft stocks. We'll see if Max can improve. But VCU
getting a Philip Russell, who I'm very familiar with from watching,
you know, whack basketball, and getting a Jack Clark who
has tournament experience and a ten experience from his time

Speaker 5 (08:11):
I think VC has done okay.

Speaker 4 (08:13):
I think Richmond with the last two pickups they've made,
between today's pickup of the Yukon transfer and then with
George Washington, it's one of those things where you just
kind of hope the coach trusts his evaluation and kind
of see something in the kid that the statistics don't have.
I like Jonathan Beegle from Albany. He can rebound. You know,
Richmond's problem in the past has been rebounding. They get
these centers who are more apt to pass the ball

than rebound. Jonathan Biegle does a lot of rebounding. Getting
this Coovich from Dartmouth, I think that's gonna be really
interesting too. I think Richmond with you know, maybe the
last scholarship if they choose to use it, maybe getting
one more guard to kind of help things out a
little bit.

Speaker 5 (08:47):
I think Richmond's done pretty well as well, yeap.

Speaker 1 (08:50):
But I do think that they've been able to do
a relatively solid job. And you mentioned it with Richmond,
they're bringing in a wide variety of guys. You've got
some guys that they're able to do a nice job
at the low slide level, being able to put up
some big numbers, and then you've got some guys that
come over from the Power Conference level where they were
riding the bench a little bit more. And I always
think that that's such an interesting dynamic because it's a

place where a lot of these schools are. They'll bring
in a few guys that maybe they were like a
top one fifty, top two hundred recruit, just couldn't get
out there on the floor, and then they all sad
in there, guys that they were able to tear it up,
but it was at very much a.

Speaker 2 (09:23):
Lower level of basketball.

Speaker 1 (09:25):
How do you take a look at that dynamic because
I always do think that it's really interesting to be
able to compare because I feel like just on both fronts,
whether you're bringing in that guy that was proven but
at a lower level, or that guy that is unproven
but came in with a lot of fight coming in
out of high school. There's plenty of hits and misses
on both sides of it.

Speaker 4 (09:42):
Yeah, I think you have to trust the coach and
I think you have to really evaluate the coach in
this situation, because if the coach has been able to
take guys that have not done a lot in other
places and all of a sudden turn them in the stars,
I think you give them the benefit of the doubt.
For George Washington or the Yukon transferred to Richmond. So
I think Chris Mooney has done a good job. He
did a good job last year with the team that
certainly wasn't expected to do as well. We'll see what

happens with how these kids integrate into his system. But
when judging these transfers who don't have the statistics, you
more so judge the guy who's recruiting them and how
much they've had success when it comes to this sort
of situation.

Speaker 2 (10:14):
Yeah, but I do think that that is such a
big part of it.

Speaker 1 (10:16):
As showing me on the show, we do have mattressed
as aka in Major Matt joining me right here on soups.
And I'm glad that you do mention that with coaches,
because something I've been talking about throughout the week is
just identifying some of these coaches that you do slash
you do not trust like I absolutely love what Indiana
has brought in, and I think that they're going to
be a whole lot better this coming year than they
were last year. That said, I still have a little

bit of in trepidation with regards to Coach Woodson.

Speaker 2 (10:42):
That system.

Speaker 1 (10:43):
I want to see it a little bit more before
I can believe it. Meanwhile, if I take a look
at a school life, for example, you see your Vine,
a school that doesn't bring in a lot of transfers,
but yearn in, year out, they run that great system,
I'm a little bit more willing to be trusting there.
We're a few coaches that just come to mind for
you that either you don't trust much like myself with
mister Mike Woodson, or someone that you do trust much

like I do with the ucrvining system, Mark Schmidt and
that Saint Bonaventuer. You always are wondering, like when he
may leave and if he ever does leave. I think
Mark Schmidt's done a tremendous job at Saint Bonaventure. You know,
I also like what Mark Byington did at JMU, and
I think he's going to do some good things at Vanderbilt.
You know, I think that being able to bring over
some JMU kids with him, I mean, Vanderbilt's done tremendous work.
And as we do this, I just read a story

about how Vanderbilt is offering a hefty NIL package to
a J.

Speaker 5 (11:30):
Hoggart of Michigan State.

Speaker 4 (11:31):
So I think that, you know, you can kind of
overcome bad coaching if you have an NIL package that's
going to attract the kid. I almost feel like, unfortunately,
we're in a day and age where if you give
the kid the money, he'll play for almost anybody. So
you can overcome bad coaching if you're willing to pay somebody.
Vanderbilt has improved in coaching and clearly has improved in NIL,
so I think that's something to watch out going forward.

Speaker 1 (11:52):
I do think that that is so big to be
able to take a look at it, and I do
think that with Mark Byington, he's going to be able
to have some success with Vanderbilt as well, because I
take a look at the challenges that Vanderbilt has faced,
and I don't even necessarily think that Jerry Stackhouse and
and those who came before him, Michael brce Drew necessarily
did the world's worst job. But I look at that
Vanderbilt program, goes all the way back to Garius Garland.

Speaker 2 (12:14):
It just felt like you're in a year out. They
just had injuries, like, for lack of.

Speaker 1 (12:17):
A better term, it's just a stinkment program over the
last few years. And I think that that's the biggest
thing for them.

Speaker 2 (12:23):
I'm not sure.

Speaker 1 (12:23):
You take a look at that Vanderbilt program, and I
tell you right now is someone that used to work
for the official flagship station for Vanderbilt coming out of college.
It is a school that does stick quite a few
resources into basketball, and no doubt about a baseball as well.
But I look at that Vanderbilt program and I think
the biggest thing for them is just flat out health
above all else.

Speaker 4 (12:42):
Yeah, and you look at like in twenty twenty three
when they had problems with Liam Robbins in terms of
injuries and some of these other guys in terms of injuries,
and it's funny because you mentioned the names, and you
mentioned some of the players, and there's talent at Vanderbilt.
You get a Scottie Pippen, you get a Liam Robbins,
you get a Miles Study and a Trey Thomas and
things like that.

Speaker 5 (13:00):
These are good kids that go there.

Speaker 4 (13:02):
It's just as you said, like you know, they've got
to stay healthy and they've got to be able to
stay in the court. And you know Mark Byington will
do whatever he can to try and keep his kids healthy.
It's all about developing depth and keeping your good players
on the court.

Speaker 1 (13:13):
They're going to need to do that, and sometimes it's
a little bit out of the coaches control as well.
Like I was mentioning with Drew along with Jerry Sackhouse,
I do feel like they were a little bit of
the victims of just a little bit of bad luck.
And hopefully Mark Buyington gets a little bit of a
better fat of showing me on the show. We do
a Matt Joseph Say game, mid Major mant joining me
on Coast to Coast Soups and I speaking of the SEC,
we did see it last season in South Carolina going

from Dead State Atliance in the Conference. They were not
competitive at all to being able to rise up being
a team that made the NCAA tournament. And I'm not
sure you take a look at this day in agent
college basketball, but I do think that it is easier,
as long as we're on the topic of the SEC,
for a team like Missouri that won as many games
out there in the SEC as the two of us
to be able to rise up very quickly, especially with
the coach like a Dennis Gates, who very much is

invested in the transfer portal very much is bringing in
a lot of guys to revamp this roster rather than
what it has been in past years. I do think
that as a result, it puts a little bit of
more pressure on someone like Denis Skates as well. But
I do think that in the same and age, these
seems that maybe we looked at as big giant fades
the previous season, they could turn things around so much
more quickly than they could have even say, five years ago.

Speaker 4 (14:19):
Yeah, anytime you can see a duke player transfer from
Duke to Missouri, I mean that tells you something, you know,
we're seeing it. Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's not like it's
a bad person at all and Mark Mitchell. Mark Mitchell
is going to do a lot of good things at Missouri.
And then you get at Tony Perkins. I think he's
going to do some good things. And the kid from
Northern Kentucky who's really good as well. You know, you
look at also like a conference like the AAC where
I think I saw almost fifty percent of the starters

have transferred. So you could be a team towards the
bottom if you get the right players and you go
and you work hard and make them learn your system
and everything like, you could go from the bottom towards
the top. I look at like a Temple who's done
decently in the transfer portal. Granted they lost a lot
of players, but to be able to get a lot
of these Philly kids who go elsewhere and then this
they want to come home. You could see a Temple

who was down towards the bottom move up a little
bit because you got a Jamal Mashburn junior. You got
a Jamil Brown and Elijah Gray from Fordham. So these
conferences are seeing so many kids just go and transfer out.
That's the opportunity to kind of reshuffle the standings a
little bit.

Speaker 1 (15:16):
And I'm very glad that you do mention Temple because
they've got a coach at Adam Fisher that's going to
be in year number two and it just feels like
he's got more of his guys than in general. He
came over from Penn Say, where he was one of
the architects of that offensive line, MIKEH. Shrewsbury, and it
did feel like last year there were a few misfit
pieces with them. I like what they've been able to
hear in the offseason. You mentioned Jamal Mashburn junior and

the other guys that are going to be coming into
the program. And how do you take a look at
a coachking Adam Fisher going into year two, Because for
year number one, even in this day and age of
the transfer portal, I still do think that's relatively difficult
for coach. You have success, and I do think that
maybe we lay a little bit too much at the
feet for these coaches in year number one. But I
think at this day and age, year number two is

really that critical year because now you've got a coach
like Adam Fisher who now has a lot of the
guys that he wants in his program.

Speaker 4 (16:05):
Well, it's funny because in the past you would go
and you would grade these guys off of the freshmen,
and you know, you almost are finding some sleeper freshmen
still available because everybody's in the transfer portal. And when
you talk about getting your guys that situation, I'll go
to Miama Mater with the second year guy d Autry.
I mean, you know what he's been able to do
in terms of the transfer portal. Now there hasn't been
any freshman yet. There's already two very good freshmen that

were in place in terms of Donnie Freeman and Elijah Moore.
But like, yeah, we're kind of grading people on year
two in terms of bringing their guys quote unquote by
which transfer portal guys are coming in.

Speaker 5 (16:38):
So it's certainly changed.

Speaker 4 (16:39):
And you know, ten years ago, it used to be
year two you brought more of your freshmen in, you
brought more of these maybe a couple juco players, And
nowadays it's you got to bring in the right transfer
portal guys and hope they stay for your third year.

Speaker 2 (16:50):
Yep, I think that it is so critical.

Speaker 1 (16:52):
I do think that we are seeing a little bit
of a changing of the guard on that front as well,
and we have been certainly seeing a changing of the
guard with reguards to some of these times teams as well,
because we have seen a lot of coaching iyers that
have been made this offseason, and in terms of some
of the coaching iyers that you've just been able to
take a look at, we now are able to gather, well,
a lot of these guys are bringing it in the
transfer portal. Obviously there's going to be a lot more

moves made in the coming days and coming weeks, but
that sat out of the coaching moves that we've seen
this past offseason. What are some of the ones that
stand out to you, whether they be to the positive
or the negative.

Speaker 4 (17:23):
Well, I mean, I like what Jamu's done. I like
what Preston Spradland's done. I had him on my radio
show and I like what he has said so far,
and you know, getting some of the kids that he's gotten,
and being able to keep Exavier Brown. It's funny because
I think you look at JMU and there was a
Max exodus, but I mean I think it was getting
to keep Exavier Brown and being able to add the
pieces that he did. I think Lindsay from Texas A

and m is going to be a really good player
for him. I like what Preston Spradland system is doing.
And of course there was so much worry about Kentucky
and so much worry about Calipari leaving.

Speaker 5 (17:51):
I know they get a lot of the focus.

Speaker 4 (17:52):
But Mark Pope has done a tremendous job, and Mark
Pope's been able to bring some really good players into
the fold, and I think that Kentucky may actually benefit
from the fact that they're going to have somebody who
runs plays on offense and somebody who stresses defense. Obviously,
the March lack of success for Mark Pope will come
into focus come March time, but during the regular season,
I think Kentucky will be more ready for the postseason

than they were during the regular season when it was
just like, well, are we going to play defense today?

Speaker 5 (18:17):

Speaker 2 (18:17):
Or no?

Speaker 5 (18:17):
Oh we're not going to play defense.

Speaker 4 (18:19):
Okay, I guess we're gonna have to win the game
one hundred and two to ninety six. Oh, we're going
to play defense. Let's win the game like seventy six
to sixty. So I think having a better regular season
coach may help them in March. And I think that
Kentucky's done a tremendous job adding to their roster.

Speaker 1 (18:32):
They certainly have, and it's a almost opposite of what
we saw a season go as season ago he had
all those stars center freshmen, but at the same time
he really didn't have a lot of experience. The main
guy that they brought in by the transfer portal with
Trey Mitchell, which that just felt completely into their lap
with every favor that happened at West Virginia. Fortunately for
good friends of Mountaineers, a little bit less of multibus

off season this year rather than a season ago, but
certainly going to be something to take a look at
their as we do have Matt Joseph better now and
has been major Matt joining me on cost cost soups
and Matt, I know that you're not the world's biggest
futures player, but I know that you dabble in that
a little bit. And I do want to get your
thoughts here because I do think that with college basketball
over the last few seasons, it's become much harder to

be able to play futures this time of the year,
just because with the transfer portal there was over two
thousand players that entered into it, and who knows, maybe
when it's all sudden done, it reopens and we might
be able to see even more. But how do you
play the futures market and do you entertain any futures
right now or is that something that you'll wait on
a little bit longer.

Speaker 4 (19:31):
Now in the same age, once the Calipari a thing
came through, or even when it started being rumored, maybe
you look at an Arkansas future. Even though Calipari has
not had success in March, maybe he changes slightly and
focuses more on the college basketball aspect instead of you know,
getting guys ready for the pros. So there was probably
some value with Arkansas. I mean, look, this feels like
one of those years where Gonzaga is going to be

in the mix. And you know, when Gonzaga has the
focus for the most part, they've had some success.

Speaker 5 (19:57):
Sometimes they've fallen short.

Speaker 4 (19:58):
But with what kenzag has been able to do in
the transfer portal, Caleb Battle is going to be so
good as potentially the six man off the bench for
the Zags. I mean, they're going to have no problem
with scoring. It's going to be the defensive side of
things and you know, keeping guys out of foul trouble.
So I think the Gonzaga part is rather interesting as well.
Iowa States having a good offseason, and this is where
we've talked about in all of our podcasts. No matter

what sport that we do, you've got to have multiple outs.
You to have multiple books because you're going to get
some books where maybe they're twenty five to one and
the other ones they're thirty to one and another one's
twenty two to one. So by having multiple opportunities, if
you decide to tie up your money until April, which
is what you're doing, tying up your money until April,
you want to at least make sure you're getting the
best price, so that way, you do have to have

multiple options.

Speaker 5 (20:41):
Michigan's fifty to one.

Speaker 4 (20:42):
If you believe what Dusty May has done this offseason,
you can get Michigan at fifty to one. You know,
as we get closer to the season, some of these
numbers are going to disappear, so you almost have to
project who you think is going to get some of
these better transfers and then try and jump in on
that team if you're going to tie up your money
that long.

Speaker 2 (20:58):
Yep, I'm right there with you as well.

Speaker 1 (21:00):
And I do think that when it comes to markets
that aren't a full game side, full game total, you
are able to shop the line a little bit more
because to your point about the futures market, it's not
one of these cases where it's gonna be like, oh,
one book has like thirty to one, the other book
has like thirty one to one or something like that.
You're able to find much bigger differentials in terms of
something like the futures market right now, rather than say

a full game side and a full game total line.
I do think that it's all the more critical to
be shopping around for the best number when it comes
to the futures market rather than a full game line,
because even though it is very valuable to get that
half a point on a full game number, if you're
able to hit one these futures, the difference between like
a thirty to one to forty to one, as you're
pointing out, it's massive.

Speaker 4 (21:43):
And it's funny because even the favorites are ten to one,
eleven to one, twelve to one, you know, even there
like usually I don't like taking the favorites, but the
favorites are being ten to one.

Speaker 5 (21:51):
That's still a pretty good price.

Speaker 4 (21:53):
I don't know necessarily if it's worth tying up your
money for eleven months, but if you really like Kansas,
or if you really like Duker Yukon, like you won't
get this number very long unless they struggle during the
regular season. So a Yukon being eleven to one with
some of the additions they've made this offseason, that's a
really good price, because as we get closer to the
start of the season, I'm pretty sure it won't be

eleven to one absolutely.

Speaker 1 (22:15):
And A if you do think that a team like
Michigan stay today season ago, which obviously they didn't win
the title, but if you think that they're going to
have a rough time in like the Champions Classic or
something like that.

Speaker 2 (22:24):
You'll probably wait.

Speaker 1 (22:25):
If you think that they're just going to be able
to go through their non conference late like a bulldozer
like we've been seeing over the last few years with Yukon,
you want to dive in right away as well. So
always a big dynamic aspect of that, And I know
that you met are doing an absolutely tremendous job on
so many fronts taking a look at the great game
of baseball. Day in the day out right now. You
do amazing work with regards to college basketball front and

so much more so. Love the good people at home. No,
it's all on tap for you and now people can
fall along un so speeded other platforms.

Speaker 4 (22:51):
Yeah, mid major Matt on Twitter and most of my
baseball stuff is all player props and things like that.
First fives, first three is trying to find these markets
where you can find an edge. Right now now we're
doing pretty well over the last month or so. And
then also kind of getting ready for college football. You know,
now that all the spring football has done, there's some
little transfers here and there. College football, I would say
is my favorite sport to handicap, right up there with

college basketball. So we're getting ready for that season ahead
ACC media days in a couple of months, so that's
going to be fun. But yes, at mid major Matt
on Twitter, anything that you guys need, I'm here to
help because we all have the same goal.

Speaker 5 (23:22):
We all want to beat the books.

Speaker 1 (23:23):
Absolutely, we do all want to beat the books. And
that edication of Matt is second to none. He does
such an amazing job on so many different fronts, and
every single time he joins the show, one such good insight.
So big thanks to Matt Joseph say Gay mid Major
Mat for joining me right here on coast Coe Soups
and coming next. We've seen quite a bit of movement
in college basketball for the last week for ours also
you guys, we've got up that next. Every right good

love me Las Vegas, but with myself Greig EEPs Peers
and now part of the decent family of podcasts. It
is always a pleasure to be joined by one of
our good friends in Matt Josephs. They came in Major Matt,
they going to look at this great game of college
basketball that we all know and love. Every single time
he joins me, I feel like we get just a
little bit smarter. So big thanks to him for john
to me and last segment. Now it is that time

of the podcast they give you a recap of the
news announce that we saw in college basketball over last
twenty four hours. We did see Jalen Selstein, who was
playing over at Call.

Speaker 2 (24:22):
This last season.

Speaker 1 (24:23):
He has decided that he is going to be going
to Baylor, certainly not going to be a guy that
for Baylor is going to be like when they're super
duper starters or anything like that, but just adds to
what has been a tremendous offseason for them. Keep in mind,
about a month or so ago, we were wondering whether
or not Scott Drew was going to be back at
Baylor or if he was going to be coaching Kentucky.
Obviously they retain him. They bring a Notcha ad Omir,

the double double machine from Miami. They bring to Jeremy Roach,
who he was just lost in the shuffle a little
bit at Duke with all the superstars that they have,
but he shot north of forty four percent from three,
double figure score and for sealesteen he's a six pot
seven due a little bit of everything, sort of guy,
a and a half point points, a little bit over
three boards, shot forty four percent from the outside. This
Baylor team last season was one of the best three

point shooting teams in all of college basketball. He is
going to be tremendous once again this season. So I
think that that is going to be absolutely massive for
them moving forward. And I absolutely love this pickup for them.
I do like this pickup as well as you've got Moleik.
Hopefully I'm saying this last name correctly a the go
on he was this last season playing over at Murray State.

He was a six ft ten big man that was
able to supply about three and a half points three
boards per contest over at Murray Steed, he's decided that
he's going to be going to UMass Now. For U MASS,
I do think that this is a case where they
are going to be a little bit diminished this season.
As Frank Martin over his first two seasons at UMass
did a really nice job of being able to hit
the transfer portal, he now loses back across a lot

Josh Cohen, and he's looking to do everything really possible
to be able to replenish in terms of his low
post presidence. This is the latest pickup for him as
we have seen him over the last shall we say,
forty eight seventy two hours or so, really just trying
feverishly to pick up every single big man that's still
available in the transfer portal. As you can tell that
they got a little bit of late start on things.

I don't know if there was a little bit of
a surprise as to someone entering into the transfer portal
late or something like that, but for you, Mass, they
better get going because Daniel Rivera, he also comes in
from Brian He's a six to six, a little bit
of a do it all player. And that's about it
that you've had for UMass as far. So Frank Martin
really needs to pick it up. They needed a little
bit of something and now they've got a little bit

of size. So yay, verily there. But I said a
lot of work to be done right now for Frank
Martin and company if they want to be able to
continue to be contenders out there in the Atlantic ten.
You've got us Telos ree Mglue hopefully I said that correctly.

Speaker 2 (26:42):
He was playing over at.

Speaker 1 (26:43):
Yukon these last few seasons and he has decided that
he is going to be heading on over to Richmond. Obviously,
it was not a guy that saw meaningful minutes when
it was over at Yukon. Gentleman from Greece that over
his career he shot forty five and a half percent
from three point range in his very small sample side,
this has been a tremendous three point shooter. A little
bit of untapped potential here. I'm going to be very

intrigued to see how he's going to be utilized at Richmond.
It's going to be interesting to see if the very
very small sample size was due to it well being
a small sample size, or if it's a little bit
of a sign of things to come for him. As
when he was being recruited. I know that there wasn't
a whole lot of shall we say, upside with him
according to the two four to seven Sports, I think
that he was a walk on over at Yukon. But

we've noticed a lot of these guys are walk ons
at very very good programs. When they get their opportunity,
they're really able to shine. So it's going to be
interested to see what happens on that front. You've got
old McNee state. They are not done in the transfer portal,
as Jerome Brewer is going to be coming over for them.
He was logging this last season over at Texas A
and M Commerce out there in the Southland, about fourteen

points four and a half boards a block and after
contest at six foot nine, it's not a guy that's
really going to pop it from three, but does have
a little bit of versatility. And you just take a
look at what McNeese has been able to do here
in the transfer portal. And it is nothing short of remarkable.
I think that it was really nice that they got
Joe Charles, the top rebounder from Louisiana into the fold.
They've got Brandon Murray, who was a double figure scorer

two seasons ago over at Georgetown. He's coming in. He
also add to the fold a guy in Kaddier Copeland
who is six foot six. He's got some good versatility,
comes in from Syracuse. Since here Parker when he was
out there on the floor, was a top scorer at
Saint List. You just go down the list. I do
believe that they are going to be getting Christian Schulmate
back for another season as well. This is pretty much

a triple a version of an SEC program at this point.
It is absolutely remarkable what Will Wade has been able
to do and that is going to be a big
time gift for them. And this is a nice get
for Duke. Duke has not brought in a ton of
guys y the transfer portal, but you can tell that
they are very much getting with the times and utilizing
the transfer portal much more than they did in the past.
And signed James. He's going to be coming in for them.

I think that This is going to be a really
nice git, six foot five guy that had some nice
highlight reel dunks. He joins a class of Malik Brown
who's coming in from Syracuse. Mason gillis nice sharpshooter from
over I Purdue, and I do think that he could
be a guy that fills quite a few different holes.
It's a Duke team that once again has one of
the best recruiting classes that includes Cooper Flyke headlining it.
That should be able to help out in for sign James.

I could easily see him being more than a sixth man,
a little bit more of a gadget player. But when
he was actual laying this last year, did a little
bit of everything. A steal and a half, two and halfhsis,
five and a half boards, fourteen points per contest, and
did shoot about thirty eight percent from three point range.
So I do think that that's a really good get
for Duke and he's going to be able to help
them out in quite a few fronts. For Washington, they're

looking to be able to up their game out there
in the back court and they're bringing in Lewis cot Wright.
Two seasons ago, he was playing over a quid it
back and get a nicer. Last year on Rhode Island,
he was able to put up about ten points four boards,
three and halfphsis per contest. Has been a little bit
of ayer miss three point shooter throughout his career. But
I do think that this is a solid gift for
Danny Sprinkle over there at Washington, which he's going to

be facing a little bit of an uphill battle in
year number one. It's a program that's heading on over
to the Big ten, so lots of challenges to be
faced there. But I do think that Danny Sprinkle is
doing a relatively solid job of just being able to
get guys that he can rely upon it guys that
you know are going to be able to provide a
little bit of a higher floor as well. Like I
do think that Cole Wright is going to be able
to lend some inherent value to this program. He's bringing

in something like a DJ turned it Up Davis, who
he has quite a bit familiarity out West begin his
career at UC Irvine. Was a nice score over at
Butler this last season. Chris Conway six point nine, little
bit of a combo player from Oakland. He comes in
now if you take a look at the entirety of
the Big ten, is Washington going to be some sort
of a contender this upcoming season. No, But at the
same time, if you're able to get cot Wright going
a little bit more from three point range, if he's

able to be a guy that doesn't turn the ball over,
he could be a nice asset for this team. So
I did like that move. I also am a fan
of what we're seeing in terms of this move as
well as you've got Darren Sarin, he has decided that
he's going to be going from Ucrvine and he's going
to be committing to Stanford. Didn't put up massive numbers
about ten and a half points, three and a half
boards per contest, But that said, he was part of

a UC Irvine program that they always value defense, they
always value toughness. You never I have that one superstar
guy over at UC Irvine. So everything ten points per
game at uc Aravine. While it's not the equivalence of
averaging like eighteen at some other program or anything like that,
it is a circumstance where if you're looking on a
sliding scale, it's much more than ten points in a
lost spots and he was more of a six man

this past season, shout about thirty five percent from three points.
Do I think that Stanford is going to be utilizing
him for like thirty plus minutes per contest? No, I
think that this is a little bit more of a
circumstance where they bring sarn along a little bit slowly
this year and then hopefully he's going to be able
to say for multiple years, you extract a little bit
more out of him moving forward, as right now he
a lot of the Ozaia sellers are really the main

two guys that are coming over for Stanford. We shall
see what Stanford is going to be able to do
moving forward, as it is very clear that it appears
as though we are not going to be getting any
of the Washington See guys to be able to follow
Kyle Smith really on over from that program. But except
for Stanford, I do think that this is a program
that is going to be able to start to build
a little bit of an identity, and their identity going
to be much more on the defensive side of things

moving forward. Jalen Bedford, he is going to be going
on over to UNLV. He was playing this last season
over at Oral Roberts and defense is going to need
a little bit of work, but he was able to
shoot thirty seven percent for three part range fourteen and
a half points six at boards per contest. And it's
been interesting to take a look at UNLV in the
young Krueger era. For mister Krueger, he really hit the

transfer portal very hard to seasons ago. This season has
been a little bit more quiet on the front of
the transfer portalized he's going to be bringing in Bedford.
He gets in Jayden Hadley, he was a relatively okay
shooter while he's over at to Paul Jase Whiting was
really lost in the shuffle over at Boyzy State, but
someone who I think could be able to do a
solid job as a little bit of a point guard
for the CNLV team to have to wonder a little

bit about what they're going to be able to get
down low. Last year they had the Boone brothers. I
don't think that both of those guys are going to
be back for this upcoming season. I might be mistaken
on that, but for UNLV, they've been a little bit
silent here in the portal, so we'll see if they're
going to be bringing in a little bit more size
to be able to help them out. You've got Jelani
Hamilton was over at Iowa State this last season, red
shirted this last year. He has decided that he is

going to be adding on over to Georgia Sada and
this is a little bit more of an upside get
for Georgia SAD As. Like I said with Hamilton, he
just was unable to get out there on the floor
this past season, but came in with quite a bit
of promise. He's six foot five and just from everything
that I gathered from him and watching tape because I
thought he was going to be seeing some minutes this
past season, He's someone that is able to guard multiple positions.

He's able to pop it from three part range. I
know that two four to seven Sports didn't have him
the most highly rated guy in the world, but he
is from the state of Georgia. He was the number
eleven rated prospect from the state of Georgia from two
four to seven Sports for that class of twenty twenty three.
Relatively saw get for a Georgia State team that they
were able to build a little bit of something last year.
They did a nice job, but be able to take

care of the ball. Jonas Hayes, he was a good
assistant over at Xavier. You may recall he was elevated
to their head coach for that NAT run when they
were able to win that title a few seasons ago.
So I do think that he's building something solid over there.
Randy Brady, he's looking to build something solid as well.
He was playing over at Chattanooga this last season. He
has decided that he's going to be heading to South Alabama.

Not a guy that's going to be stretching the floor
and is going to be necessarily popping a ton of three.
So he did you forty percent on the threes that
he did take. He was taking about a three and
a half per contest this last year over at Chattanooga.
But a very good rebounder at six point five, he's
able to give you about five boards per contest. Was
able to throw in there about three and a half
points per game. For South Alabama, this is something that
they so badly need in my opinion. As for South

Alabama last season, they didn't necessarily have a lot of depth.
This is a program that very much does prioritize just versatility,
in general, they have very much lived and died by
the transfer portal. Last season they died by it because
they just were unable to bring in a lot of guys.
But for South Alabama, I do think that out there
in the Sun Belt, they're going to be able to
build themselves up a little bit more. This is just
for second pick up Barry Dunning. He's also going to

be coming in after he spent last season over at UAB,
So we shall see if they're going to be able
to land a little bit more because they do lose
guys like Marcus Millinder in company, so they've got a
lot to be able to restock. But this is a
step the right direction for Them's without a doubt, is
going to be a step in the right direction for
Kenisia says, you've got Paul mcmill in the fourth he
was playing this last season over at Central Michigan. On's

the have a log about eight and a half points
per contest. Guy that needs to work on just being
a little bit more well rounded in general. But he
has decided that he's going to be going to Canisius.
With Canisius, they lose Trey Dinkins, who was one of
their top scorers from a season goo that was relatively
rough for them. But I do think that bringing in
someone like Ay McMillan is going to be able to
help them out moving forward. And for McMillan, I do
think that there's a lot of just brought upside with him.

He began his career over at NJT, so he's used
to the northeast part of the country. Just has been
a career twenty seve percent, three point shio. You need
him to be a little bit better than that. But
that said, was able to up his scoring a little
bit this past season. Guy that on the defensive side
things proved to be a little bit better this past
season for a Central Michigan team that there was rising
way half way decent on the defensive side things. So

we shall see what's going to be happening with them
moving forward. But I do think that that's a solid pickup.
I'd with Sam. He was over at Iepui this season
and needs decided that he's going to be going to Tewson.
I think that this is more of a depth pickup
than anything else.

Speaker 2 (36:05):
For Sam.

Speaker 1 (36:06):
He was averaging about six a half points, just under
three and a half rebounds per game, and he was
like a top three rebounder for Iupui. It's just a
case where someone f i Apui had to get numbers.
For Tewson, they always do a solid job on the
defensive side of things. Sam was able to shoot a
little bit over sixty percent from the floor. But if
Tewson is relying upon Obduus Sam for massive minutes, I

think that they're going to be in a little bit
of a world of hurt. And this is a Tewson
team that they do lose quite a bit just in
terms of graduation from a season ago, and this is
their first pickup in the transfer portal. It's not a
bunch that has really been overly active here in the
transfer portal. So we shall see if that is going
to be changing moving forward. And for Minnesota, they're starting
to get more and more active in the transfer portal.

They lose Elijah Hawkins, who was one of the top
leaders in assists per game last season, and now they're
bringing in Lucile Patterson, who I do think is going
to be able to fit the system quite well. He
was a starter over at Charlotte this last season. That
log and a half points, two and a half assist,
shot about thirty five percent from three point range, and
you saw what Minnesota was able to do with the
guy in Elijah Hawkins, who he had his big time

turnover issues a season ago, was able to really dial
it back. Patterson, he really didn't have those turnover issues
while he was over at Charlotte. Charlotte was a team
that did a nice job of be able to take
care of the ball. I do think that even though
he comes in from a program in Charlotte that did
play a little bit of a slower tempo basketball, and
he's going to be able to go in right away
and he's going to be able to have some success
for Minnesota. They do lose quite a bit from the

season ago, but Ben Johnson is one of those coaches
I have a little bit of faith to be able
to do more with less on. So I do think
that he's going to be able to do a nice
job with this batch of guys, and I do think
that Patterson is going to be able to find his
role there. Ernest Ross he has decided that he is
going to be going from NCC and he's going to
the meat meat broad Runners of ut Arlington and when
it comes to Ernest Ross slid limited minutes. He was

only able to be out there on the floor for
fourteen games this last season, was dealing with a little
bit of injury. Three and a half points, two and
a half rebounds per contests. But he's heading over to
utsa team that has not a really nice job. We'll
be able to both themselves up here in the offseason.
Tayron Joseph was that top scorer over at Southern Marcus
Millander is a nice, well rounding guy from South Alabama,
a little bit smaller, but he's able to do all
at the ball, primo Emir Spears. He was very much

a demonstrative scorer while he was over at Ducine along
with Georgetown, just could never find his footing over at
Florida State. Has always been a little bit of chucker.
Has never really been north of a thirty two percent
three point shooter. But for UTSA, with losing the likes
of Carlton Ling Garden Company, they did need to add
a little bit of size. They're going to be doing
that with this pickup, and I do think that this
is going to be a good one for a guy

and Ernest Ross that when he was fully healthy a
few seasons ago, was able to be a little bit
more of a contributor. I do think that he can
be a bit of a rim protector. Not a guy
that's going to give you like multiple blocks per contests
or anything like that. But you go back to what
he was doing during the two thousand and twenty two
to twenty three season, was giving you closer to about
a block per contest in about eleven a half minutes
per contest. So I think that that's going to be

rock solid and about a man going back to where
he came Mooses. He say, long and winding road for him,
began his career at Memphis where he was like a
very highly toudy guy. I believe that he was someone
that reclassified then went on over to Oklahoma State last
year was at ole Miss. Has always been a good
shot blocker, has never logged fewer than one point four
blocks per contest. But he's coming back to Memphis, and

Memphis needs him because their defense has been all over
the place last few seasons, and he needs Memphis because
his offensive game has just never really been great. He's
never averaged more than some point two points per game.
He's a guy that, despite the fact that he's a
really good shot blocker, has only logged more than four
rebounds per game in one of his seasons at the
college level. So that's been a little bit intriguing. But

for Memphis, they're bringing in a lot of nice pieces. Again,
the question becomes how much he had trust in Penny Hardaway,
And right now trust in Penny Hardaway is very, very low,
and I think that even the biggest of the biggest
stands of Memphis can understand why. But you just take
a look at the that they're going to be bringing.
Antreique Smith from SMU. He's a six point nine little

bit of a versatile guy. Bj Haggerty was putting up
durn near twenty points per contest over at Tulsa. Tyra'se Hunter.
He's a guy that I think could be able to
do a really nice job but be able to due
out the ball. Dame Dangel he was over at Illinois.
He was a nice mixer and chape bricker that's able
to do a nice job in the boards. Kobe Rodgers,
he might be red shirting this year, but I know
that he's coming over from Wichita, say you just look

at that transfer hall and it's very solid. Again, what
is Penny Hardaway going to be doing with it? Though
it was looking like Tyree Ianacho was going to be
heading on over to Wyoming. Last year was at North
Dakota and he was limited because he was a two
time transfer. Began his career over at North Dakota. He
then decided that he was going to transfer to James
mass and went back to North Dakota and he was
misterdo it all while he was at North Dakota. This

past year fourteen a half points for assists, five rebounds,
seal and afric contests and also a league performer, he
has decided that he's going to be re entering into
the transfer portal. And this has just been a nightmare
for mister Jeff Linder and Wyoming ever since they made
the NCAA Tournament and lost that game to Indiana. Whatever
has been able to go wrong has went wrong. The

injuries one hundred Maldonado a few seasons ago, that was
absolutely costly, losing Grahame K for a season, then obviously
losing him now in the transfer portal to Gonzaga. That's
been an issue and for Wyoming. They just don't have
a big hole because they were very much banking on
Tyree Anacho being that guy for this team. So they're
very interesting to see where Wyoming goes from here, as

they do still have a few guys they're going to
be coming into the program. To ke Tanamo, he was
a double figure score over at Denver at six for nine.
He's able to pop the three. I do like the
upside of Uteamanachi Williams. He was over at Portland he
had six point ten. He's able to let it fly
from three pints as well. But now they've got absolutely
no guard play whatsoever coming in for a team that
needs some guird play to come in, so a little

bit less and tremendous on that front. So we're going
to be seeing what happens there. And you got Brandon
Newman who's going to be following his old coach see
blots on over two Oklahoma State. He was playing this
last season over at Western Kentucky, began his career at
Purdue and was just a rock solid player in general.

Speaker 2 (42:07):
For Newman.

Speaker 1 (42:07):
He was actually when the team stop rebounders, which hopefully
Steve Ltz is able to do a little bit of
a better job on the boards with this Oklahoma State team,
but ten points five and a half boards about one
half asus a little bit over a seal Per contest
as well for a Western Kentucky team that played on
one of the most up tempo styles in all of college basketball.
So he's got that familiarity with the program that is
very much going to be helpful for this team. And

from three point range last season shot about thirty three
percent from three. That's about what he shot throughout the
entire day of his career. But I do like what
Lots is doing over at Oklahoma State. I know that
there were some people that were questioning the hire a
little bit when it happened, but I think that this
guy is gonna win at Oklahoma State. I think it's
going to take him a year or two. He's bringing
over another guy that he's familiar with from Conference USA
in Artario Dean. He was one of the top just

guys in terms of steals in all of college basketball.
He seas Ago, Marcilius Avery, he was over at Central
Florida this last year in Devo Davis. I thought that
this was an under the radar get getting him from Arkansas.
So I like what Oklahoma State is putting together. I
think that this is a very big piece to the puzzle,
and I do think that there's gonna be a few,
shall we say, struggles to begin the season, but on
all I do like what is being built here. And

then Brandon Gardner, who was over at USC. He was
a four star guy that was rated number one oh
seven in the recruiting class of twenty twenty three by
on three Sports. He has decided that he's going to
be adding on over to Arizona State. He really was
unable to get out there on the floor this last season,
so a little bit of untapped potential year guy that
sayings right in the neighborhood of about six foot eight

or so. I think that he only played in like
one game or something like that. But I mean, he's
a little bit of an upside guy. He's not gonna
be someone that, in my opinion, is gonna be able
to pop the three. Though I've seen a little bit
of limited tape on him, I'm not gonna lie. I
felt like he was a little bit more of a
back to the basket guy. But for Arizona State, it's
gonna be really interesting to see what they're gonna be
able to put together as they do lose quite a
few pieces in the portal line for Arizona State, they

just flat out have lost their way as Danny Hurley
has made able to ascend in the coaching ranks. Bobby Hurley,
who I mean, at the beginning of his Arizona Saint tenure,
was full of a lot of explosive guards, some really
good offense, and not a lot of defense. Arizona Saints
since then has actually become a halfway decent defense and
it's gotten absolutely nothing on the offensive side of things.
They do bring in bj Freeman, who is a very tall,

ball dominant guy over at UW Milwaukee, we'll see if
that's going to be able to restore the roar a
little bit for them. And but sheer Jahatt was a
forty plus percent three point shooter over at ball State.
But certainly going to be interesting to see what we
get on that front moving forward and what we are
committed to on this podcast making you money this upcoming
college basketball season and doing everything possible to unearth as
many edges as humanly possible as if you do like

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these into the timeline the other ways find an Apple
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is very much appreciate them. From there, you're able fire
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once you get them off.

Speaker 2 (45:17):
Thank you so much for getting in
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