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May 13, 2024 37 mins

Greg gives his reaction to Sundance Wicks accepting the Wyoming job & what it means for both UW Green Bay & Wyoming, talks to Connor Hope of Heat Check CBB about the new look WCC, west coast basketball landscape, how good Gonzaga can be this season & Greg recaps Sunday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:02-Reaction to Sundance Wicks accepting the Wyoming job

10:40-Interview with Connor Hope

36:25-Recap of Sunday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
They formerly welcome to Love Me Las Vegas for Gus
Becuz heeps with myself, Greg Oops Peterson now part of
the Visa Family Podcast. We've got a tremendous podcast for you.
First things first, hopefully everyone at a tremendous Mother's Day
out there, and we've got ourselves a tremendous podcast. Today
is Connor Hope. He does such great work over a
dchech CBB. He's gonna be joining me in the second segment,

we're gonna be chatting with him about what we've all
seen from Gonzaga this offseason. Now they've really lost nobody
to the transfer portal, they're bringing in some rocks, alid pieces.
We're gonna be talking about the lay of the land
out there in the whack because as we know, realignment
is coming to that conference. You've got a little bit
of an affiliation between Washington State, Oregon State and that
conference the next two seasons, so all things are gonna

be looking there. And some of the teams said have
slash have not made great moves here in the offseason,
just some of the coaches in general that he does
trust in moving forward. In the final segment, we're gonna
give you guys, a recap of the news and notes
that we saw in college basketball on Sunday. And here
in this first segment, I'm gonna be talking about what
we all saw on the front of Sundance Wicks and
them going to Wyoming, what it all means for both Wyoming,

UW Green Bay and just the landscape of college basketball.
And if you do have a question comment segment idea
what I have you for this podcast? You do have
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If you rate this podcast right starts, it is very

much appreciated. From there, you're able to fire on whatever
you'd like to hear on this podcast via that five
star review. And it's going to be really interesting to
see what happens with the no players entering into the
transfer portal rule that we saw the deadline came and
went a few weeks ago, but as we know, there's
always a few late changes that happened towards the back
half of the offseason, and we're currently finding that with

UW Green Bay and for poor UW Green Bay. By
the way, second time they have been in a coaching
search in mid May in the last five years. The
first one was self inflicted. They should have never gotten
literate rid of linked. Darner and Ealth continue to say
that it was just a little bit mind numbing to me.
But this time they found a really nice coach in
Sunday in Twicks. Things were finally getting back online for them.

You have to feel like there might be a guy
or two on UW Green Bay, guys the urge to
transfer out that probably won't be able to now. If
you're looking on the front of UW Green Bay, some
of the early candidates that ever merged are pretty much
a lot of the Wisconsin assists. I know that Joe
Kravinoff is someone that's being talked to, and I grew
up in the Great state of Wisconsin. I'm a guy
from Ampleton, so I grew up less than an hour

away from UW Green Bay, so I'm a little bit
connected to the situation. I'm very intrigued to see if
they're going to be considering the guy from my alma mater,
Matt Lewis, who in his first year at uw Osh
Gosh as an interim coach, actually won the D three
national championship. They've got that in their neck of the woods.
The WIIC is one of the best D three conferences

in all of college basketball. So I am very very
interested to see where they go in terms of the
just coaching front here. But it is going to be
a little bit shake up there. And what we've gathered
as well with regards to the Sundance Wick situation is
that guys said already entered in the transfer portal and
maybe committed to like Wyoming. We saw that Tyree Ianacho,

he's now reopened up his recruitment. He is able to
go back in and consider other schools. Meanwhile, it seems
like if you had not entered in the transfer portal,
your sol Sorry without luck, but I do think that
that's something that might be challenged here in the offseason.
I think that this is actually a really good hire
for Wyoming. Prior to him going over to uw Green Bay,
Sundance Wicks was an assistant under Jeff Linder. Linder, as

we know, has decided that he's going to becoming a
part of the Texas Tech coaching staff, so he decided
to both there. And it's going to be really interesting
to see what happens moving forward as well, because for
EW Green Bay, I have to wonder if they're going
to try to hire on another D one coach, though
I don't know if they have enough splash slash cachet
to be able to do so at this point. I
don't know if there's going to be a lot of
coaches being like, yeah, it's been may I'm right now

at insert low majors. Well here, I'll go to W
Green Bay and UW Green Bay a little bit of
insider information. They're not selling out the world's greatest amount
of money for their coaching hires, which I don't think
I'm revealing trade secrets here, but that said, that's certainly
something to be taking a look at. But this is
a big time shake up. Like I said, I think

that this is a good move for Wyoming given the circumstances.
But now it causes the coaching carousel to perhaps move
a little bit more as well. If YOUW Green Bay
can land another D one coach, it'll be in full force.
If not well a little bit less so, and it
could be the case where eighty three University a team
with a top light assistant like crabing Off, they do

lose them. So gonna be interesting to see what happens
moving forward there and some of the implications of it.
But coming up next, we did our interview with Connor
Hope prior to the news of Sunday in twix heading
on over to Wyoming, So we're gonna be talking a
lot of WCC, We're gonna be talking a lot of
Gonzaga and much more with Connor on the book side
here on Coach because with myself Creaked Computers.

Speaker 2 (04:58):
And now come up, talk.

Speaker 1 (05:08):
Come back because because he's with myself. Greigie Speederson now
part of the Visa Family podcast and it's always great
to be joined by this man as Connor up. He
does a tremendous job over at Heat Check CBB. He
is one of the main men over on the Heat
Check CBB Hangout that is their show slash podcast that
they do takeing a look at all things college basketball.
I know that he Riley Davis along Brian Roff, I'll

do a great job on that front. He is a
business operations leader over at eat Chech CBB and does
a great job with all of his written work over
there as well, and you're able to find him on Twitter,
side checks at Hoops Hope CBB altogether and Connor, great
to get you a board.

Speaker 2 (05:42):
Thank you, Yeah, thanks for having me. It's always a
good time to be on.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
It is always great to have you aboard, Connor, And
it's always great to be able to talk about Gonzaga
when they're at their fullest. And I know you're a
Gonzaga Loum, and I've yet to talk to you about this,
but I have to think that you're pretty excited for
this upcoming season with being one of the very few
teams out there that I don't believe that they lost
anyone to the transfer portal, and if they did, it
was probably someone of that else every like two points

per game or something like that. But for Gonzega, they're
going to be running it back with so many guys
like Graham, Meka and company coming back. But I do
take a look at all the additions that they bring in,
and I think it's big that they bring back Kleef Battle.
But I want to get your thoughts here. I think
one of the biggest things for them is just having
a healthy seal Ventres as well that that pretty much
counts as a transfer pickup in a way as well,

because he did miss all last season and was expected
to have a big role last season prior to going
down with an injury.

Speaker 2 (06:34):
In this day and age at the transfer portal, anytime
you can run it back, it feels like a win.
As you mentioned, Gonzaga lost, they only lost three players
to the transfer portal, one of them being walk on
in kolbe Brooks and then the other two being Luka Krinovich,
who spent a lot of last season Hurt felt like
he kept trying to push his way into the rotation

a little bit, maybe that like eight minute mark per game,
but couldn't stay on the floor, and Pavel Stosich, who
didn't play much last year. Both of them entered the
transfer portal. Outside of that, they returned everyone in their rotation,
including Jin Sukyo, who I felt like was a possibility
that he might not even return to college basketball. He

seemed like a prime candidate to go back overseas and
play professionally and try that route. He stayed. As you mentioned,
they added Khalif Battle, Michael Lajai, Steele Venters coming off
the injury. Those are three players for Gonzaga who would
start on most teams in the country. Getting all three
of those and giving Mark Few really kind of three

different options with how he wants to fill out that
three man role on this team. And Zaga was a
winner before you account for the two transfer ads they
made this offseason. When you add in Michael Lajaii, when
you add in Khalif Battle, this is a team that
I think is probably going to open the season in
like the three to six range in the AP Poll,

should be in that range for most of the year.

Speaker 1 (08:03):
Yep, I do agree with you there. I really love
what Gonzaga has been able to do here in the
offseason and bringing in Michael Ajai, who is just so
good from three point range, a part of that Pepperdine
team that obviously underrun a little bit of an overhaul
with no longer having Lorenzo Romar at the helm, and
I saw Javon Porter decide to both the program as well.
That is going to be interesting to take a look

at it. How about if we do dive in a
little bit more on the conference Gonzaga plays, and because
that is one of the biggest knocks on Gonzaga year
in a year out, they always say, oh, Gonzaga is
playing nobody. And though they will not have Seattle and
Greg Canyon in the fold, un tell the sort of
the twenty twenty five to twenty six season. As we know,
there's an agreement with Washington State, we're gonna state those
last two teams in the Pac twelve and a little

bit of an affiliation for the next few years. How
big do you think that is going to be for Gonzaga,
Because I think that's a little bit unjust the criticism
that they take within the conference, But now I do
feel like people are probably going to be eating their
words a little bit more. With a team like a
Washington State coming in, I feel like they honestly do
a nice job of filling that void left by BYU
from a season ago.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
Washington State coming in, at least just for the next
two years, it does a really good job of lifting
up the level of that conference over the next two years,
bridging the gap between now and when a team like
Grand Canyon joins the conference. They're gonna take a step back. Obviously,
Kyle Smith jumped ship as soon as the PAC twelve

blew up, wound up at Stanford, which is a really
good hire for the Cardinal. They lose a lot of players,
but I do think that again, they're still going to
be in the next year, probably a top four or
five team in this conference minimum that's the floor for
Washington State. They're gonna make that top five really good
when you count for San Francisco, when you count for

Santa Clara and Saint Mary's and then Oregon State not
really doing much for me as far as an addition
to the conference, but getting a permanent addition in Canyon
is huge, and I know people are going to go
back and forth. I tweeted this out earlier. The fact
that Grand Canyon joined the WCC is really good for
the conference. It's really good financially and recruiting wise for

Grand Canyon, and we've seen coach Drew say as much.
But the fact that a likelihood that Grand Canyon's student
section doesn't wind up in March Madness after next year,
and the hit that that likelihood takes because they have
to compete with a Gonzaga and the Saint Mary's in
a conference that likely gets two three if they're lucky

bids in the NCAA Tournament. It's a little bit sad
because having the Havocs in the NCAA Tournament the last
two years has been great. The fact that you potentially
lose that moving forward, it's going to be sad for
that event. But Grand Canyon is instantly in my mind
the third best team in this conference. We saw them
bait Saint Mary's, so like, this is a team I

think that has the athleticism, has the skill, has a
coach in Coach Drew that can compete with Saint Mary's
in Gonzaga year in and year out. They're the team
to me that is the BYU replacement because Washington State
again is only the next two years.

Speaker 1 (11:11):
And maybe I'm making a little bit too much of
this as conor Ope, who does amazing work over at
Eachech CBB is showing me right here on coast to
coast hoops. But I think what the WCC is going
for them, and also the Mountain West as well, because
the Mountain West that says out there in the Pacific
time zone along the Mountain times zone. But I do
think that what these two conferences have going for them
as well as now with USC, with UCLA being in

the big ten, as we know Stafford going to the ACC,
all these big time California schools, You're gonna have to
travel all across the country. You're gonna have to travel
in some cases two thousand plus miles to be able
to play games, to be able to stay out there
for the West Coast, to be able to have friends
and family, be able to get to your games a
little bit more consicily. I think that that's actually going
to be a very big thing for both of these conferences.

And I could see both the WCC I'm Mountain West
being almost us in a little bit of a wave
beneficiaries due to all the realignment that we've seen over
the past twenty four months.

Speaker 2 (12:05):
Yeah, I think there's a really strong possibility that once
the payouts from the PAC twelve Bowl and tournament share.

Speaker 1 (12:15):
And there's a lot of money coming their way.

Speaker 2 (12:18):
Once they get that money, they own the rights to
the PAC twelve and all of that IP and trademarks
and stuff like that, I think we will see a
new version of the PAC twelve emerge or Pack West
or whatever they want to call it. It's going to
be Washington State and Oregon State. They're going to invite
the best of the Mountain West that hasn't or won't

jump ship to the Big Twelve. They're going to invite
the best of the other teams out west, whether that
be a Gonzaga or a Saint Mary's or both, and
they're going to build maybe not on the level of
the top six conferences, but it's going to be a
conference that is going to clearly be at the same level,
if not better than the A ten and the American

and might even make its way into you might consider
it a new power sick or the Pac twelve remains
that sixth team. So I don't know if I want
to say that beneficiaries. But as far as TV time goes,
when you have a UCLA and the USC traveling to
the Midwest, or the Arizona and Colorado and Utah schools

traveling to the Midwest, the two schools in the Bay
Area traveling all the way to the Atlantic Coast, there's
going to be a lot of open TV time later
in the evening that I think the WCC and the
Mountain West, Mountain West, it's both football and basketball I
think they can fill that void. Maybe if they don't
join forces, maybe each of those conferences can navigate a

bigger TV deal in the absence of the PAC twelve
after Dark.

Speaker 1 (13:45):
And you're speaking to an audience that is looking for
that time to be filled as well, because you're speaking
to an audience that will consistently wager on Hawaii games
because it's the last game on and you're looking for
that break even special slash. You're looking for that cherry
on top at the end of the night as well.
So trust me, there will be a lot of people
that will be very much willing to tune into those

games and with less competition for that TV time. Yes, absolutely,
I think that that's a good point that you bring up.
And in terms of the teams that are currently out
there in the WCC, as we've obviously already judged upon,
con Sega number two team over the last few seasons
has been Saint Mary's, but I feel like it's been
a little bit of a rough offseason for them. As
we know Saint Mary's, this is on a team that's

going to go out there, hit the portal and try
to do it like the Eric Musselman style or anything
like that. But I did feel like losing ad to
Mahani to Yukon, which I felt like that was just
such a good fit for Yukon and a really good
gift for them. But I do feel like for Saint
Mary's it's gonna be interesting to see what we get
out of them for this upcoming season because we have
seen them take losses in the past. We have seen
them just in general, like I was alluding to, not

bring in those tough like guys in the transfer portal
and still be Okay, what is your overall look on
this bunch, because I think that the Mahani loss is
a big one. But in a day and age where
transfers become the norm, Randy Bennet has really been very
successful without having to utilize a portal too much.

Speaker 2 (15:05):
Yeah, it's interesting because you lose aid In Mahaney. Obviously,
the first Domino to fall was losing Joshua Jefferson. But
in between those, Marshall Ois is back. He's the WCC
Player of the Year. Mitchell Saxon decided to use his
extra year so he's back. So those are two big
names back for Saint Mary's. They add Browskis from Arizona

in the transfer portal. He I think has the ability
to be the Duke's replacement or Jefferson replacement, depending on
where Randy Bennett decides to play him, but he has
the potential to be just a sharpshooter from the perimeter.
They add Lee and Campbell, who decided he was going
to open up his recruitment again out of high school.

He's not the same caliber recruit that Zion Sensley was
who infamously now reopened his recruitment. Is having issues or
was having issues getting his is national letter of intent
voided by Saint Mary's or released from his national letter
of intent from by Saint Mary's. They've got two good
point guards coming in too, So I think the backcourt

still looks like it's going to be really good. The
front court is gonna be big. They're gonna have a
couple of shooters in that front court. But you're right.
I mean, if they had returned Mahaney, if they had
returned Jefferson, this is a team we're talking about top fifteen,
top twenty, and now I think it's just one of
those teams that is going to be really solidly in
the tournament mix, but won't be quite as explosive offensively

as they were last year. And last year they weren't
really explosive, but they could get the job done on offense.
And I think losing Mahaney, losing Jefferson, losing Alex Ducas,
you lose a lot of that, and you're relying on
a lot of young players, young unproven players to step
up in a big way alongside Marshalonis and Saxon to
kind of fill those gaps. Yep.

Speaker 1 (16:52):
And that is a system of which chemistry is so
big as well. So it's going to be fascinating to
see what happens with Saint Mary's. But that's a coach,
Andy Bennett, that I'm always willing to very much have
trust in, even when the roster looks a little bit
more unproven. He's a guy that I default to, and
I just said, you know what, Randy Bennett, He's going
to be able to figure it out. I do want
to just ask you about that as well. We're a
few coaches because I think that Randy Bennett, I think

that's fair to say you'd probably put on that list
of guys that you feel I can be able to
figure it out. We're a few others though, that you
look at around college basketball. Maybe they're not bringing in
the world's biggest transfers. Maybe they look like maybe they've
lost a separate too with regards to the roster, But
you're just willing to stick faith in them because time
and time again they've been able to get.

Speaker 2 (17:33):
The job done. It's tough because a lot of the
teams that I would consider losers in the transfer portal, like,
they also lost a lot because their coach is left right,
so you have to take that into account. I think
we haven't seen the end of what Yukon's going to do.
I was joking around earlier with the guys at heat check, like,
at what point do we just put yukon number one?
Because I trust early that much to put together a

team that's going to be really good. But look, I mean,
I know a lot of show that Duke is a
loser in the transfer portal. I think that's a little
bit unfair. I think a lot of the players that
left left because they knew that there was so much
talent coming in in this freshman class, that they left
because they felt like they were going to get recruited

over the exception of Jeremy Roach. I don't think Jeremy
Roach would have been out of the starting lineup regardless
of who came in. But you know, I think I
trust Duke, at least from the talent perspective, to kind
of get it together. I'm still not sold entirely on
Shaheen Holloway at Seaton Hall, but I do think that
I trust him enough where it's not a complete blow up.

But we're still gonna have to see. There's a lot
of the good. The good coaches that I trust did
really well in the portal this year. The coaches I
trust to figure it out, the coaches I trust to
turn it around. You know a Mick Cronin or you
know an Eric Musselman jumping to USC like those two
teams were atrocious last year compared to their standards, but
I think that those two brought in enough pieces where

I really do trust them to turn things around. Obviously,
Arkansas two brought in a lot of pieces once Caliperry
got there. So I don't know if there's any team
out there that lost a lot that I trust to
turn it around. But I do think that there are
a lot of teams that did poorly last year that
I think are going to have really big bounce back
seasons this year, mainly because I trust their coaches and

I trust what their coaches brought.

Speaker 1 (19:24):
In absolutely, And let's expand upon that a little bit more.
As Connor Rope he does an absolutely amazing workover at
EACHECHCBB is John mian Cosco soops, because I do think
that in the same age, it's much easier to go
from like word slash bottom of the conference all the
way up into I'm not going to call it first.
I think that that is a little bit of stretching
a lot of cases. But be like a South Carolina

was a sas ago like two years ago, when Iowa
State went from winning two total games in that COVID
twenty twenty twenty one season and winning two games in
the NCAA tournament, that's much more a possibility in the
same age. And I want to give your thoughts on
some of these teams you feel like I have done
well because when you were talking about that, what was
lingering in my mind, and especially when you were alluding

to Duke, was a team like the Missouri bringing in
a guy like a Mark Mitchell where I don't know
if Missouri is going to be able to rise up
and be like a top twenty five team or anything
like that, but certainly I don't think that they're going
winless in the SEC. I think that they're going to
be able to rise up. We're a few teams that
you do take a look at in specific that you
take a look at you and say, yeah, I think that
there's going to be some strides forward taking from them
from a CCBL.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
It's tough, right because a lot of these big conferences
outside of the SEC, right, a lot of these big
conferences are changing so much. There's some morey about USC
and their ability to compete in the big ten. I
don't really buy into that. I think you look at
what they brought in in the transfer portal, and these
are players that aren't traditional Eric Musselman transfer ads. Eric

Musselman has become famous, at least at Arkansas of bringing
in a lot of players that were on losing programs
that wanted to prove their worth and turning them into
winners by the end of the season. This time around,
he brought in a lot of guys who were on
teams that had winning records last year, but are like

a Bryce Pope or a Matt Noling, who were on
teams with any records, know how to win. We're the
top player on that team and are now going to
the Big Ten to try improve it. And I might
be in the minority. I like what USC has put together,
and considering some of these teams like in Iowa, like
a Minnesota, like a Wisconsin, have lost so much this offseason,

I think USC is a strong candidate to finish in
the top eight in the Big Ten, which I know
is not saying a lot, but that's that's a tournament team.
I like what Eric Musselman's done, and I like what
UCLA has added. I actually like USC more than UCLA
with what they've added. But you add a sky Clark
and a Dom Harris, You're ceiling goes instantly up. The

floor might be a pretty low, but you're ceiling in
that backcourt instantly skyrockets because those two players, when they're
at their best, are really good. The issue with them
is consistency. So teams moving to the Big Ten, I
like basically everyone outside of Washington. That's a discussion for
another time. But UCLA, Oregon USCI really like those teams

Colorado and Arizona I think will compete in the Big Twelve.
But you're right. If there's a team that I'm expecting
to like show their improvement from last year to this year,
it probably is Missouri because I think that's not going
to happen again. They didn't just add Mark Mitchell though,
they also added Tony Perkins, Jacob Cruz, like, they added
some good players in that backcourt that I think are

gonna help lift the level of this Missouri team where
it can compete in the middle of the conference. But
for me, that team that you're talking about, where they're like,
we went from bad to great, and I think Arkansas
can win the SEC, that's the team for me that
if you're at the end of the year going this
team turned it around tremendously, it's Arkansas. But that's gonna

happen when you have the best recruiter in the country
come to your head coach. Yep, no question about it.

Speaker 1 (23:05):
And I'm so glad that you mentioned Wisconsin, who I
actually did like the fact that they brought in John Tonejay.
I think that he's going to be very good at Wisconsin.
But I had people, and I'm some from the state
of Wisconsin getting all hyped up over Xavier amos Alon
camera hunter, and I was saying, you might want to
pump the brace here a little bit on that as
Wisconsin very much running a system that I don't think

is necessarily the world's greatest here in the day and
age of twenty twenty four. But the system getting you
on this podcast, Connor, that's always a very good one.
As you do a tremendous job over at he Chech's CBB.
I know you're doing tremendous work looking at all these
transfer ads, taking a look at what we're going to
be getting for the twenty twenty four to twenty five season,
and I know you do just so many things over

there at he Chech CBB. So let the good people
don't know it's all on ten for you and how
people can fall along on social med and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (23:53):
I've got an article coming out early next week. I'm
going to be talking about how well I think each
of the former PAC twelve teams are going to do
in their respective conferences over the next two to three years,
like how well they're set up for the immediate future,
still working on a lot of stuff with regards to
the Big West and some other things that should be
coming out in the next couple of weeks. So you
can follow me on Twitter at Hoops Hope CBB. You

can check my stuff out at heat CHECKCBB dot com.
My appearances on Sleepers Media are going to be few
and far between, but I would still encourage everyone to
go to that channel. Greg and Carter do an amazing job.
They've had Riley and Brian, who are my colleagues over
at heat check on quite a bit so far this offseason,
So go check them out, check heat check CBB out,

and stay tuned for some of these articles I have
coming out in the next couple of weeks.

Speaker 1 (24:40):
It's gonna be a lot of fun to see what
we all get with conference reial alignment. As man, this
is just a new day and age in college basketball
in general. But as something's change, somethings stay the same,
like Connor doing a great job of breaking it all down.
Big thanks for Gottter for joining me ONCAS because it's
now part of the VS Family podcasts and coming next,
let's give me as a recap as all the news

I knows that we saw to college basketball the last
twenty four hours. Come right here, mommy Las Vegas for
because he's with myself. Greig EAPs Peterson now part of
the Meson Family and podcasts. It is always pleasure to
be joined by Connor Hope. He does absolutely tremendous workover

at each XCBB taking a look at this great game
that we all know love of college basketball, and his
insights truly are second and none when it comes to
taking a look at everything out there in the WCC
and the West Coast. So big thanks to him for
joining me in the last segment. Now it is that
time the podcast I give you a recap of the
news and once that we saw in college basketball for
the last twenty four hours. We already touched upon the

UW Green Bay situation with them losing Sunday. It's wick,
so we aren't going to rehash over that as that
was the biggest thing that did happen on Sunday. But
we saw quite a bit of player movement as well,
even though it was mother's say, you had some nice
recruitment and some nice commitments like Joseph Yusufu. He had
his greatest amount of success when he was playing over
at Drake a few seasons ago. He has decided that

he is going to reunite with his old coach and
Darren Devrees over at West Virginia. Good get for West Virginia.
They needed a little bit more on that backcourt in
my opinion. For Joseph Yasufu. When he last played over
for mister Derees at Drake during the twenty twenty twenty
one season, he was a nice double figure score. I
believe that that season he was a little bit of
a part time starter coming off the bench in a

lot of those games, but was having about thirteen points
per contest, shot thirty eight nine percent from three. Then
decided to go to Kansas, could not get minutes there.
Over at Washington State only played six games before he
got injured. So this is going to be a very
solid get for West Virginia my opinion, I do think
that might be a little bit rough for West Virginia
season number one. They bring the yell Noy guys in
Sincere Harris Ammanni Hansberry, they should be able to help

out quite a bit. And obviously Tucker Derees, he is
an instant gift for this seam. Edwardo Andre is someone
I always liked over at President State, but him down
low in the Big twelve is going to be an issue.
But Javon Small should be able to come up big
as well. Going to be a really really interesting West
Virginia team and one that I do think is going
to be improved on defense. Now, this is a really
good gift for U TOW Milwaukee, and and you have

to give credit where credit is due to what Bart
Lundy has been able to do with the Panthers. Themous folks.
Four and half assists, ten and a half points per
contest last season over at Louisiana was a top flight
starter in the Sunbelt and he had north of five
assists per contests two seasons ago. He has decided that
he is going to EDW Milwaukee. This is a really
really big gift for a Milwaukee team that they lose

BJ Freeman. He was there to do it all sort
of score from a season goo and it was pretty
much BJ Freeman being of operate and everyone else was
pretty much trying to do everything possible to be able
to support him. But now UW Milwaukee has that go
to guy once again, and they've done a solid job.
We'll be able to bring in some guys here in
the offseason. Aj McKee was a nice score over at
Queens and see that used to play under Lundy Danielo Joanananovic.

He's a six foot eight big man that's coming in
from Louisville. John Love, he's coming over from Young sun State.
I look at this move for you'll b Milwaukee. It
certainly makes them, in my opinion, one of the better
teams out there in the Rise and leg very very
good gift for them. Absolutely love what they're doing down there.
He saw Churchill ABIs he was playing at Paul this
last season, six point nine big man that was able

to register about four points at a block perk contest,
and he towards the back half of the season was
able to heat up a little bit. He has decided
that he's going to be going to Wake Forest. Wake
Forest has been very good on the transfer front of
being able to take guys that maybe aren't necessarily the
most household of names. Maybe you're not thinking, oh, this
guy's great, Like Austin car a few seasons ago, he
was like the number three score for Delaware goes to

Wake Forest and now he's heading on over to Kentucky.
So they do a nice job. I'll be able to
pick them. That said, I just wonder where the minutes
are going to be from. They already bring in Oma Blue,
a former top twenty five recruit of Iowa safe. They
brought in Tyler Johnson a little bit earlier in the
weekend as well. You say he saw a point guard
over at Louisville this past season. And they also bring
in Trayvon Spillers, who was a nice big man over

at Apple Aft in State. So I think that ABIs
might be a little bit lost in the shuffle and
for Wake for us, they don't necessarily play the world's
deepest rotation either. You notice that Steve Forbes, he runs
a pretty type ship over there, so it's gonna be
interesting to see what sort of minutes that he does get.
But a guy with a little bit of upside, and
we'll see if he's able versus season, this is big
for Saint Louis. Saint Louis, say, get a few of

those Indiana State guys with Josh shirts coming over, most
notably our good friend Kareem abdul Jabbar and Robbie Avola.
Now they're bringing Kobe Johnson, who is a rock solid
player over at West Virginia. Never a dominant scorer, but
I remember he had won the better assistant turner race
hears in all of college basketball a few seasons ago,
was able to log this past year six points a
little bit over to assists per contest. Really like what

Saint Louis is building for this upcoming season. I don't
know if Josh Shurts is going to be able to
quite run the exact same style they added Indiana State,
but it should be pretty similar. And even when he
went to Indiana Cate many years ago, people were wondering,
oh is he going to be able to play as
up tempo as he did while he was over at
Lincoln Oriole because he was going to a Missouri Valley
conference that was full of a bunch of low and

slow teams. He did so, and he did so to
a lot of success, And for Saint Louis, it's been
a very successful offseason in my opinion, for them obviously
bringing a pair of guys from Indiana State with Robbie Alvlola,
a lot of Isaiah Isaiah Swope. You get back Gibson
Jimmerson as well. You're bringing a J. Casey from Miami.
This is looking very good. And then kaluu Aga, who

was able at the Boords. He comes in from Brown.
This has been very very good for them. Mo Otum
he was one of the few guys for Pacific that
was able to do anything whatsoever. Logged about eating a
half points four an emphasis per contest last season. Not
a guy that's really going to light it up from three.
But he has decided that he is going to be
going to Pepperdine. Going to be really interesting to see
what Pepperdine does this upcoming season. For Pacific, they're pretty

much building themselves up from the absolute round level floor.
But that said, for Pepperdine, they did lose a lot
in the off season. You saw them have to go
through a little bit of a coaching change as well
as Ed Schilling. He has taken over the program after
he was over at Grand Canyon as an assistant for them.
So it's going to be very very fascinating to see
what he's going to be able to do with this

crop of guys. And I do think that he's probably
gonna be looking to help this team out a little
bit more defensively. I think that there's going to be
just for lack of a better term, a little bit
more flow and a little bit more of an emphasis
on doing little things with Pepperdine. And I do think
that mootum It's going to be a good guy for that.
He was able to do out the ball relatively well.
He got other guys involved as well. He saw Jalio

White decide to go from Temple and he's heading on
over to lasal This has been probably the biggest win
on the transfer front Ford frandom Fie. I know that
he've tried out the Drama Brothers a few seasons ago
from Saint Peter's the Old Peacocks. But White last season
was relatively solid over at Temple. We give our o
Delane Kiffin goobbs. He was able to put up about
ten points per contest, relatively sawid at being able to

nab rebounds. At about six foot six, he was able
to give the team five and a half rebounds per game.
Not a guy that's going to be going into takeover
mode and is going to be able to pop it
from three point range overly. Well. But that said, I
do take a look at this pickup for a bunch
that they lose a lot from the backcourt from he
season ago. I really felt like edwar gild could have
been a guy with a little bit of upside and
see it was very well rounded, and I think that

he can fill that role relatively well with being able
to just give you defense from multiple standpoints. At six
foot six, six foot seven, relatively good size. Again, three
point shooting is going to be very much in question
for La Sale, but I feel like that's a relatively
solid pickup. Malachai Brown has decided that he is going
to be going to Georgia State. Relatively good move for
Georgia State. They over thelast few offseasons, I picked up

a lot of guys that were sort of cast offs
at bigger schools, and I do think that this could
be one that gus out relatively well for him. He
only saw about eighteen games last season, but you take
a look at battle Kai Brown and his upside and
what you've all got coming in for Georgia State, and
it's very impressive. Justin Archer was an eight plus rebound
per game guy over at Radford a few seasons ago.
You're bringing Cecar Edwards, who began his career a Zavier

just has ever really been able to find his footing.
Nick McMillan, he was a five plus rebounder, got game
guy over at you and c Asheville as well. And
for Malchai Brown when he was coming out of high school,
was a little bit of a highly touted guy out
of Brooklyn. Has always been a little bit skinnier, So
he's probably gonna need to add a little bit of
muscle to be able to play out there in the Sunbelt.

But on all, I do like this pickup, and I
do think that there's quite a bit of upside there.
You got Ashen Hardaway. He has decided that he is
not going to be sticking with Penny Hardaway. He has
decided that he is going to be going to Saint Mary's.
And for Ashen Hardaway didn't see a lot of minutes.
He's a six point eight freshman that logged about two
and a half points per contest this last season over
at Memphis. Very very interesting. As I mean, I've been

very critical of Penny Hardaway and his coaching, and not
even Ashen Hardaway wants to be able to stick it
out over there. I think that part of it is
obviously the minutes. But I think it's going to be
a really interesting fit for Saint Mary's as well because
with Ashen Hardaway, he was the coaches son last season,
and as we know, with the coaches son, you're either
the best player on the team or the worst player
on the team. It's very rare where you have a

coaches somewhere it's like, okay, Like we've seen that with
the McCaffrey's over at Iowa. They're not the best players
in the world, but they're not the worst players. Typically
it's wonder or the other. If you're the coaches said,
you're either amazing or you're a walk on. That's getting
like five minutes a year. And I'm not even kidding
on that. But Faraway did shoot thirty three percent from
three part inch and with the losses that Saint Mary's

has taken this offseason, we were talking about that with
our good friend in con Rope, this is going to
be a relative We saw a pickup for them. He
also saw Darius Ford and make his decision. He was
playing the last two seasons over at TCU just truly
could not get out there on the floor at all.
He's a little bit under size for the big twelve
at five foot ten. He has decided that he is
going to be going to Alabama A and M. And

for Alabama A and M, well, they just need to
get anything going that they possibly can, and I do
think that this is going to be a relatively good
step in the right direction for them. For forty was
not one of these guys that was necessarily super highly
touted or anything like that. He was more of a
walk on for TCU that'xcept for Alabama A and M.
It's been a rough life few seasons for them out

there in the back court. They had a little bit
of three point shooting about two seasons ago, but this
was one of the worst teams in all of college
basketball in terms of their offensive efficiency the last few seasons.
And I do think that they're going to be presented
with a little bit of upside and the SWAG in
general has been able to do a little bit of
better job. I'll be able to find guys in the
transfer Portal. Texas Southern has always been one of the
more supreme teams in the conference of being able to

find guys and be able to get guys that maybe
were cast offs at more of the power conference level,
much like we are finding with mister Ford. But for
Alabama A and M, they step in the right direction.
This is the second guy that they landed as Quincy McGriff,
who comes over from Seasun is the other of them
you saw Sincere Malone was playing over at Eastern Illinois
this last season, he has decided that he is going

to be going Nichols, and I do think that this
is going to be a solid gate for Nichols. Malone
was a part of AA defense. I was very good
at being able to generate turnovers. Saying no, Nichols has
had a few coaching changes over the last few seasons,
this is still a bunch that I feel like they're
built a little bit more on being able to generate
truovers from alone. Last season, his scoring numbers were down
from what they were two seasons ago. As a true

freshman was able to log about some points. He had
five rebounds and two steals per contest. This past season,
he was finding himself in a little bit more of
a reserve role. Saw steals per game go from two
to one's points per game go down to four. I
think that Nichols might be able to provide exactly what
he needs to be able to be successful once again,
and him being able to generate turnovers the way that
he does. I do think that this is going to

be a very good fit for them, and hopefully this
podcast is a good fit for you making money. We
are committed to trying to make the twenty twenty four
to twenty five season as best as it can be,
as we can never rest with three hundred and sixty
two now three hundred sixty three D one teams with
merciers coming up to the D one level to be
able to do to the cipher. And if you do

like fearing from this fine podcast, good seats. Able to
subscribe wherever Year Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Sitter
and tune in. If you have a question, come, I's
think one idea what I do for this podcast. You
have one of two ways to be a for those
in first one is my Twitter slash ck Simlin and
AJDA underscore one keep a mind larders GM. They mean
it does not matter, so as per usual, please send
us into the timeline. Other way, he's finding an Apple
podcast review. If you rate this podcast, vice stars. It

is very much appreciating them from there. You're able, fire
and whatever you'd like. You're on this podcast via the
five star review Big Things once again to counter Ropo
of E Chuck c to be, we're joining me in
last segment. Coming at you guys every single day on
this podcast, and I'll be back to Pete once to
them off. Thank you so much for getting a
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