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May 14, 2024 41 mins

Greg reacts to Washington landing Great Osobor at a record price, talks to Blake Lovell of Southeastern 14 about the moves made by SEC teams in recent weeks and what Sunny Wicks going to Wyoming means for both UW Green Bay & Wyoming & Greg recaps Monday's college basketball coaching and player movement

Podcast Highlights

3:40-Washington landing Great Osobor at a great price

16:01-Interview with Blake Lovell

35:38-Recap of Monday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
They were a baby. We welcome to Lovely Las Vegas.
Because Guss with myself CRAIGIEGS Peterson now part the Beacon
Family Podcast. We've got an excellent podcast for you as
joining me in segment number two, you're going to be
joined by Blake Level. It does absolutely amazing work over
at Southeastern fourteen. We're gonna be chatting with him about
what we've all seen the last few weeks in the SEC.
Certainly we're going to be ending upon the fact that

we've got an opening over at UW Green Bay as well.
He's actually joined me quite a bit for the Arizon
League conference previews, so don't let the Southeastern fourteen name
fool you. He does a great job on the Horizon
League front end. We're gonna be talking about what could
be happening with Wyoming UW. Green Bay, because we did
notice that on Monday, Noah Waterman it was over at BYU.

He had thirty days apparently to enter in the transfer
portal after Mark POPEO officially left, and that's something I
did not know about when the portal closed on May first,
that we've got sort of that thirty day transitional period.
So we're gonna be talking about that. We're going to
talk about the teams out there in the SEC and
some of the moves that they've been making as South
Carolina over the last week or two since we last both,

they've been able to make some nice moves. So we're
gonna be chatting on that front. And we are going
to be talking about the law of supply and demand
right now in college basketball. I'll be touching upon that
a little bit in segment number one, after we saw
the record nil deal that was given out to great Osabor.
That was very, very great for mister Osabor, the amount
of money that he was able to get as he
is going to be getting paid apparently about two million

dollars by our good friends over there at Washington. And
if you do have a question, comment, sig of an idea,
whatever you for this podcast, you do have one of
two ways to be a fur those in. First one
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If you rate this podcast five starts, it is very
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like here on this podcast via that five star review.
And let's first things first, and like I said, we'll
hit upon this with Blake in segment number two as well,
talk about the fact that mister Osabor has become a
two million dollar man, which apparently is the highest record
amount of nil that we've ever seen for a player.
I would not down if all the players have been
pade more. I know it's shocking that I'm going to

make that sort of an allegation, but I'm going to
do so. But that said, I mean, it's just one
of these cases where you tell that it's becoming the
desperate hour for a lot of these schools that they
have yet to lure in some of these big time
prospects as great Osabor. I don't think anyone added him
as the number one transfer on the list. And even
Danny Sprinkle, who he was his coach over at Utah State,

he was his coach over at Montana State, I don't
think that he had him graded out at that as well.
And you have to fear maybe a little bit of
a one year wonder sort of situation with him as well.
Because prior to this last season where he was an
incredible starter for Utah State, seventeen and a half points,
nine boards, three assists, Really the whole bag of chips
and everything like that stands three point shitting. He really
doesn't take a lot of threes sans d. I mean,

he's been a very rock solid player, but prior to that,
he wasn't even a starter for Montana, say two seasons ago. Like,
I do think that when it comes to your hierarchy
of top prospects, Gradosbor being the highest one paid that
is a little bit confusing. But the reason why he's
getting paid so much right now is that a lot
of guys signed very very early, and the guys that
are in the transfer portal as of right now that

are not signed, a lot of the top flight guys,
they're going through the NBA draft process, and that's something
where we're in wait and see mode. There are a
few guys that didn't enter into the portal, like a Marxiers,
where he's either going to be going back to Alabama
or he's going to be staying in the NBA draft,
And I do think that that's certainly something to be
taking a look at that said, it's just one of
these cases where this is what college basketball has become.

These teams with the bags upon bags of nil that
they're looking to give to someone, you know what, They're
going to try to buy up some of these starters
because there's just very few guys left on the market
that can start in the Big Ten, that can start
out there in say the ACC something like that. Now,
there are plenty of role players are so they're they're
not gonna be receiving two million dollars. But that's said,

that might be a case where you could be seeing
something these guys get overpaid as well. But I do
think that this is going to be a sign of
things to come. I think that a lot of players
are going to be noticing this and being like, hey,
why did I decide to go to insert school here
in very early April? If I just hold out, I'm
gonna get a little bit more money. And we did
see that a little bit last year as well. For

lack of a better term, Washington they were the team that
stepped up. They paid Paul Mukayhe who turned out to
be okay, Like he gave you a few assists, he
gave you a few points for a team that did
not make the NCAA tournament. Certainly, I think the tutelage
of Danny Sprinkle is a little bit better than the
tutelage that you had washing him before with mister Hopkins
in company. But that said, it's going to be really

interesting to see how this transforms college basketball because the
deadline to get into the transfer portal was made first
unless if your coach was run off apparently, which literally
I just found that out today and I cover college
basketball every single day out of the year, and that's
how much things have changed. So trust me, I'm sure
that I'm speaking to a lot of people. I did
not realize that as well. But that said, I just
do take a look at the situation in college basketball.

I think that decisions are going to be coming later
and later. I do think that that's going to lead
to an even more rambunctious and an even more fun
back half of the offseason as well. And you do
have to wonder what that's going to mean for the
encore product, because, as we know, typically when these guys
wait a little bit longer in the process. I think
that OsO Bora is going to be fine he's a
big man. He's signing in mid May. This is not

like it's some sort of the last second decision. I
was mentioning Paul McKay last year. He was a guard
that was coming in the fold and what late July,
early August. That's where the chemistry is a little bit
of an issue. And it's much more of an issue
for guards rather than forwards as well. I mean, while
being a forward, you still have to learn the offense
that are everything like that. There's fewer intricacies than trying

to be like a point guard coming in in late August,
early September something like that. But I do think that
it's a sign of things that come. And I know
there are some that they like it. There are some
that they don't like it. Biggest saying that I can
tell you that when it comes to a handicapping process,
you can't hold it for a guy. You can't hold
it against a guy. You can't be like, oh, two
million dollar guy, he has to be good or man,

this guy got two million dollars, let's hold it against them. No,
nothing like that. And I personally, just on a little
bit of a personal note, if these guys are getting
paid two million dollars. Good for great os more like,
and it's a free market. Pay the guys whatever you
want to. I know that there are many traditionalists that
they're against nil and certainly I do think that there
needs to be some more regulation with it. I'm all

four guys getting paid. At the same time, you can
tell that it's still very very raw right now. There
still needs to be some fine tuning with the process.
I don't think that anyone's going to call it perfect.
But that said, let the guys get their money, and
at the same time, let's try to make sure that
things are, shall we say, a little bit more standardized.
Let's make sure that things are a little bit more

on a scale to where the actual top guys are
getting paid as well. So I do think that there's
a lot to take away from there, But we're going
to talk a little bit more about that with Wake level.
But we do have to talk about what we're seeing
with regards to the Wyoming situation with them on hiring
sun Dance Wicks. We're gonna be taking these teams in
the SEC and the moves that they've made over the
last few weeks, so a nice wider ranging chat with

Blake Level of Southeast and fourteen. It's up an x
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R e G Remember break and WELTI Las Vegas, Becose
Cusses with myself, Greg Gave Speeders and now part of
the Visa Family podcast. It is always great to be

joined by this man is Blake Lovell. He does an
absolutely tremendous job over at Southeast and fourteen taking a
look at this great game that we all know and love.
As we know, there has been a lot of movement
here in the offseason, Blake has been on top of
it all and certainly while he does an amazing job
over in the SEC portion of the country, he does
a great job taking a look at all three hundred
and sixty two D one teams here well. Follow on

Twitter slash x at the Blake level. Last day its
spelled l O V E LL altogether and Blake always
a pleasure my friend.

Speaker 2 (09:47):
Thank you always appreciate it. Greg, thanks for having me on.

Speaker 1 (09:50):
Blake. It is always great to get you aboard, and
it is always great that when it comes to the
college basketball off season, it feels like the news never
ends because out there in your neck the woods, as
we know, Mark Pope took that job over at Kentucky
and we saw something very interesting because we all knew
that the transfer portal was closing on May first, but
I don't think a lot of people knew that if

a coach gets fired, gets run off, what have you?
You got thirty days afterwards be able to enter into
the transfer portal. We saw with that with Noah Waterman,
and that leads me to believe that we saw some
fireworks remaining in this college basketball off season. I'm not
sure you've been taking all that, but certainly with what
we've seen with youw Green Bay now losing their coach
in Sundance Wicks, I do feel like as we see

some of these more ripple effects in terms of the
off season, you could see like a big giant wave
being able to develop from some of these ripples.

Speaker 2 (10:40):
Yeah, based on that, like you said, there's still lots
of movement that can take place, just depending on you know,
like you mentioned, if a coach goes here, goes there,
and as one guy takes one job, that means another
job opens, and you know, the domino effect just continues
from there. But it is one where I feel like
each year we kind of talk about, all right, maybe
this is the year where it's like, all right, this
is the month. You know, next month is where things

start to slow down, but you feel like it just
never slows down. And especially like you said, that thirty
day situation, and you look at you know, coaches that
are still moving, players are still moving, and that just
gives you the opportunity to keep turning over these rosters,
even though right now there's not as much of that
movement as there was, you know, several weeks ago. But
we know that there are teams when you look up

that still have you know, spots to fill and that's
going to continue to mean player movement here there. So yeah,
this is, as we know, great, you know, the new
world of college basketball, and it's really hard to know,
I think until probably you get into mid to late June,
exactly what you're gonna get when you look at all
these teams.

Speaker 1 (11:38):
Yeah, there is a lot that is currently in limbo
as of right now, and I do think that it's
going to be really interesting to dive into. And the
big question becomes does UW Green Bay Hieroni current D
one coach, because I feel like if they decide, you
know what, we're gonna go down to the D two ranks.
We're gonna hire on and assist and you know what,
no harm, no foe. But I do think that in
terms of peraps a little bit of a time, no

effect happening. It all lies at the feet of UW.
Green Bay, who we've done the horizonally conference preview together
many times. We both know that UW. Green Bay was
really struggling. Felt like they had really found some stability
with Sundance Wicks and losing him after twelve months, that's
just a massive loss ended up itself.

Speaker 2 (12:17):
Yeah, it is. And I know we talked about him whenever,
you know, he took that job. We said, hey, it's
not to turn things around for this program that has
really struggled, as we knew in recent years, and things
were nowhere near where they wanted to be. But we
felt like, you know, there was an opportunity when you
you know Sundance Wicks's background and you kind of understood
the approach that he was taking in this job, that

there was a chance for success. And eighteen wins is
an absolute success on the fact that that was fifteen
more than the previous Yeah, I mean, like you said,
now he moved Wyoming, which makes a lot of sense.
He's from there, and I think you will, you know,
have a lot of success there. Of course, Jeff Linder
went to Texas Tech, the top assistant there. But I
think you look at like you said, now you try
to figure out what is green do, because hey, you

felt like you finally that big step forward as a program.
You finally kind of got back to where you know,
it felt like the program needed to be it didn't.
You know, that was not a program that you're used
to seeing on them of the league for several years
like they were. But now it's like, all right, we
only got to make sure we make the right move
to keep us, you know, in that top four, top
five of this Horizon League, and we'll see who they hire.

But I think it's a great addition for Wyoming just because,
like we said, I think in the preview this past season,
it just feels like he's a coach that the Rise
has all the tools, and we saw that play out
in a thirty two games slate where they won eighteen
at a play they had just not won many games.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
Yeah, it certainly was big for UW. Green Bay to
just be able to get a little bit of success
moving forward and now where they go from here. I'm
personally calling for a guy from miyom About or unw
oshkosh is Matt Lewis, the guy that won a D
three national title game as an interim coach at the
time a few seasons ago. I feel like that could
be a relatively good move because Blake Buffalo does tremendous

workover at Southeastern fourteen. He's trying to be radire on
cos Co seeps and Blake, certainly we are seeing a
lot of movement out there in the SEC. As we
know Kentucky, they are not done in the transfer portal.
But it has been interesting to take a look at
some of these teams and maybe they started out the
gates a little bit slowly, but it does feel like
they're starting to just find themselves at little bit more

and it feels like they've been a little bit late
to the party, but they're getting it going quite a
bit right now. I take a look at what South
Carolina has done over the last few weeks, I certainly
like what they've been able to do because that's a
program that really did build itself up in the transfer
portal over the last few seasons. Was a little bit
surprised that they were slow going, but being able to
get Nick Pringle late in the process, being able to

get you Mari Thomas, who it looked like was going
to VCU. I think that these are textbook perfect fits.
And I look at the overall off season that the
SEC has had, and I don't know if I put
them necessarily as the number one conference in terms of
pickups that they've gotten, But if they're not number one,
they can't be too far off in my opinion.

Speaker 2 (14:52):
Yeah, I mean, there's obviously been a lot of significant additions,
you know, like you said, you've got some of the SEC,
the SEC ones, Nick Pringle going from Alabama and South
Carolina coming off of playing a pretty significant role I
think in the final fourteen. So that's Carolina who lost
some of those older guys. And then you certainly have
the teams out there like Tennessee that have to replace,
you know, all league type players. Although you know Auburn

didn't have to do that Brooms coming back, we don't
know if Alabama's gonna have to do that with Sears
and such. Kentucky's obviously gonna have to do it with
Antonio Reeves but I think you look at teams like
Tennessee and see how they Floyd, and certainly they've had some,
you know, pretty good pickups. I think in terms of
looking at especially on the defensive side, I don't think it's
gonna be any doubt defensively what Tennessee's gonna be able
to do next season. And then you just look at
Vanderbilt was gonna have to rebuild the entire roster. Same

with Arkansas, same with Kentucky. I think Georgia's I don't
know that, you know, just having the addition of a
Tyler Lawrence and some other guys that they've added makes
them into a level A tournament team. But that's a
big addition, right some over from Vanderbilt, A lot of
people were interested, I think in Tyron Lawrence given Weddy's
accomplast couple of seasons. So I thought that was a
good pickup. And of course, you know we talked about Alabama,

about Auburn, teams like that that have just continued. I
think the retool the rosters and just look top ten,
top fifteen teams like all of that five team right now. Yeah,
as you look down the board, see how some of
these teams that were struggling a little bit, especially in Missouri,
you know, going over last year, and I think this
is a roster where they're going to take a significant

step forward and be what I think could very well
be an NCUBA tournament team next year. And then you
look at some of these other teams, right Texas, A
and M just kind of stay in the course. They
got a lot of guys coming back from last year,
but they're going to add some guys that that makes
a well Feral Pain obviously, Phelps and so forth. I
think it's been interesting to see how these SEC teams
have kind of read, but in some sense it's also

been just to have you know, guys like Jeni Broome
coming and all that. And we'll see with Mark Sears.
But yeah, it's been a wild off season. But I
think you've got a lot of, you know, still teams
that feel like they've got a great chance to make
the NCAA tournament next year. And maybe that hits double
digits for the SEC now that they're adding Texas and Oklahoma.

Speaker 1 (16:55):
Yeah. Absolutely, And I'm so glad that you do bring
up Oklahoma because I feel like they've been a team
as a little bit out of sight, out of mind
here in the off season, just because they aren't necessarily
the sexy team as coming over to the SEC, Texas
has been stealing a lot of that shine. They've got
a little bit of the bigger brand name when it
comes to the basketball side of things. But you take
a look at the backcourt that they're bringing in. Duke

Miles comes over from High Point, Kobe Elvis, he enters building,
he's out leaving the building for Oklahoma bringing bryceon Goodeye,
who is one of the better sharp shooters at the
main major level as well. And for Oklahoma, I do
have a little bit of fear that they're not gonna
have a ton down low. They do lose quite a
few of those pieces that were more of their forwards
from season ago. Losing John Hewley I think is big.
But in terms of the backcourt itself for Oklahoma, I

think that they've got to figure it out. If for
Porter Mooser, I think that that's gonna be very interesting
to see how his style really translates over to the SEC,
because we recall good he was over at Loyal Chicago,
but as we know, the SEC just plays so much
differently than when he had his success over in the NVC.

Speaker 2 (17:55):
Yeah, I think that is going to be interesting. And
we know too. It's just and not to say that
the Big Twelve is not as of a league, but
we always talk about just kind of the physicality in
the SEC and how you kind of have to adapt
sometimes to how games are called in the SEC. And
that has nothing to do with necessarily teams in particular.
It's just we've always talked about it, Greg. It's a
league where, boy, it is played at the rim quite
a bit. There are a lot of you know, opportunities

for physicality and the pain and free throws and all that,
and it is an adjustment because it's a league that
is not necessarily you know, priorities play on the perimeter,
even though you have some teams that can shoot it.
But we've always kind of mentioned that end of the
season stat where the SEC is usually on that twenty
four to lower ranked out of thirty two conferences or
whatever like. They's usually that for terms of three point percentage.

So I'm curious to see how Oklahoma adapts to that.
Texas too, although I think clearly right now Texas has
a better roster. I think Texas has better success right away.
I mean to me, they look like a you know
five team probably heading into next season when rostered that
Rodney Terry has there. But yeah, I'm curious for these
new editions you mentioned, you know, Kobe Elvis, seeing you know,
what Duke Miles does, and just seeing how you know

they're able to again compare to what we see with
some of these top tier SEC teams. I think right now,
you know if you had to put together and this
would be a way, way too early because we don't
know what rosters are going to look like officially, except
for maybe a couple in the SEC. Right now, I
think A and MS done, Bandy's done, but there's a
lot of others, maybe anyone I think almost there, So
we don't know full rosters just yet. I think Oklahoma

would probably be a team you're going to finish in
the bottom half of the SEC. I'm just curious though,
to see how that backcourt comes together. We'll see what
they get out of the front court. But it really
is all about how do they adapt to the league
like this that they played in the Big twelve. And
I don't have a lot of concerns about the team.
It's the Big twelve. It's not like they're coming from
a mid major conference, but there are adjustments when you're

coming over and playing way games are played and sometimes
officiated in the SEC.

Speaker 1 (19:46):
No question about it. It is so intriguing and I
do think that the officiating itself from conference and conference
could be a big thing to pick up on. As
joining me on the show, we do have Blake Buffalo
does tremendous work o right, Southeastern fourteen join to me
right here ONCAS because do you want to get your
thoughts on this as well? Because most of these SEC teams,
maybe there's a few teams that are looking to pick
up a piece or two, but as I was alluding to,

most of these teams have done a rock solid job
here in the transfer portal. It sound like you've got
a bunch of teams that are looking to pick up
three plus guys. But as we saw on Monday with
Great Osport getting that big nil deal with Washington, there
are a lot of teams that are very desperate to
being able to pick up these transfers. And for one,
when it comes to teams that maybe still have a

little bit of work in the transfer portal, just how
bad is shape do you think that they're in because
just judging by the way that Washington went after Great
oas of Wor, I do think that if you're a
team that is still looking for a few guys, you're
really just falling behind in general. And too, do you
think that there might be more guys that wait along
the way in the transfer portal process they wait a
little bit longer in the offseason than they did this offseason,

just seeing what Great Oats support got, because it feels
like in the wall of supplying demand there is not
so much supply right now, and there's a lot of
demand for these guys as they could start at the
Bower Conference level.

Speaker 2 (21:01):
Yeah, all about leverage, right, Greg. It's all about leverage
and how you can use that to your advantage. And
like you said, look someone like like Greg olsenbor, I mean,
it's hey, why not you know at your disposal of
being kind of a big fish that is out there
in and I think now you again, you look at
the numbers that he's going to be getting just to
play basketball next week, because that's where we are now.
And so yeah, I think you a great point, Like

I think you will see some of those situations where
you know, and that's where too. Like there were some
guys early in the property we're thinking, okay, he's definitely
going there, even went as far as thence he's going there.
But then what happens, you know, a couple of days,
a week later, someone comes in and hey, it's like,
you know, I don't think he's just changing because of
the location, because clearly there was a better you know,
offer out there and nil situation and all that. So

since I know that's you know, not something that probably
coach want love these days. But but I think coaches
know the state of the game is and if they've
decided to say, understand, this just comes with the territory.
And so I do think I have more guys that
are able to wait and try to figured cly what
that market is going to look like for them, not
just in the short term right away. You know, once

everybody knows as soon as you put your name in
the transfer portal, never get contacted more than you will
as soon as you know that you're in there. But
you let it play out. You kind of all right,
you know, what kind of deals with what is going
to be my best opportunity, And like it I said,
it is about leverage and seeing how you can use
that to either return to your previous school, be you know,

the right situation, or you see what else is out
there and you compare that and play one off the other.
And I'm like, man, we're talking about college basketball, Greg,
but that's where we are. Like, this is just the
nature of nil and how things work these days.

Speaker 1 (22:39):
Yeah, it's just so interesting. It feels like it's becoming
a little bit of a stock market for these guys
as well. And the longer they wait, their stock goes
up and up and up even further because there's just
not a lot of guys that can start at the
Power Conference level. They're out there right now, and there's
a lot of teams that can utilize them help. So
even though it's very tempting to take those offers right away,

gread O support was very very smart to let it
play out and probably made himself several hundred thousand dollars
by doing so. And it always feels like we at
the Jackpob when you get when we get you on
this show bike, you do an amazing job. Our rights
out to East and fourteen you all twelve months of
the year do an amazing job take a look at
the sport that we all know and love, so love
the good people at him know it's all on tap
for you and how people can follow on on social

media to other platforms.

Speaker 2 (23:22):
Yeah, we appreciate it. Greg, thanks for having me always
and yeah you can find all my sec stuff fourteen
on YouTube. You're still doing pretty much day TC basketball
stuff in the off season, looking at all these transfer
roster editions and all that and yeah everything else calling
me on Twitter slash x at the Blake bubble.

Speaker 1 (23:37):
And Blake does an amazing job taking a look at
this great game that we all know in love of
college basketball, and every single time he joins the show
one such good insight. So Big takes a Blake for
Joon Miancas because it's now part of the Recent Family
Podcasts and coming next this is that time of the
podcast and give a round up of the news and
notes that we saw ain't college basketball on Monday. Everybody

can will me Las Vegas for Gus because he's with myself.
Greig E. Speederson now part of the Reason Family and Podcasts.
Was great to be joined by Blake Lovely. He does
an absolutely tremendous job over at Southeast FN fourteen taking
a look at this great game of college basketball that
we all know and love. We always get a little
bit smarter when he's a board, and he's certainly delivered
a lot of insight on many many different topics today.
So big things of like for joining me. In the

last segment, not is that time of the podcast, I
give you a recap as to all the news and
us that we saw in college basketball over the last
twenty four hours. We didn't get a ton outside of
the Great OSA Board news and I really ran through
that in segment number one. I mean, it's a good
move for Washington State. At the same time, should he
have been probably the guy that got the most amount
of NL Probably not. But that said, I'm not going

to hold that against Great Osa bar. If you're able
to get that money, go get that money. I say
that to everyone in life, as long as they weren't
coming a crime. If someone's willing to pay you, absolutely
take the money that they were willing to pay you.
But that said Terry Miller Junior, he was over at
Attack this last year, six point eight big man that
was really just stuck behind the likes of Daniel Pachow
and company. He averaged about three points to and alfter

rebounds per game. He's heading on over to Portland State.
For Portland State, they are also bringing in Shane Noell.
He was over at U and LV this last season.
Six with six a little bit of a combo guard
that's able to pop in from three part range for
Portland State. Can't say that I necessarily have the world's
highest expectations for them. They've been playing a wide range
of different styles. It just feels like they have not
been able to find their identity. But in terms of Miller,

he's going to a team that was really rough on
the glass last season. He should be able to see
a lot of immediate minutes. I do think that he's
going to be able to put up some relatively solid numbers.
That said, I just don't necessarily have the most rosio
of outlooks for Portland State. And Miller not a guy
that was really popping a lot of threes last season.
So Portland State, they're getting active in the transfer portal.
I don't think that they are done quite yet, and

I don't think that this team is going to be
done by any stretch of imagination, but this is a
step in the right direction. Andy okafor he last season
was playing over at California. He has decided that he
is going to be going to Washington, say from Washington st.
No doubt, a gutted team from a season ago with
them losing their coach. They bringing David Riley, who I
think is doing a relatively solid job. They're taking swings

on guys that maybe they were at the Power Conference level,
but not necessarily seeing the minutes that they had desired.
Frandy Oka, for you, was just injured throughout much of
the year last year. During the twenty twenty two twenty
three campaign as freshman over at cal he was aftering
about three and a half points, two and a half
rebounds per game. He's a six point nine big body
that just couldn't get out there on the floor this
past season. Not a guy that's going to be letting

it fly from three parts or anything like that, but
someone that should be able to do a relatively solid
job download to be able to help out this Washington
State team, which obviously is going to be looking new
and improved. No longer do you have the likes of
a Miles Rice in the fold for this team. But
that said, I do think that Riley is doing the
best with what he's been given in terms of a hand.
As we know Washington State, they're going to be playing

in the WCC this upcoming year with Riley. He's brought
in with Lawan Watts was a solid six and six
combo player that was able to pop a few threes
over at easterwa Washing and same goes for Ethan Price
over at six foot eight. You bring in Richard Varvas
who comes over from Quinnipiac wasn't necessarily a Ryan buncious
guy there. I think that's going to be a little

bit of an offseason for Washington State, if I'm being
completely honest here. But had said, I do think that
it's going to be a case where Washington State is
going to be well coached, They're going to lose their games,
but at the same time, in the WCC they've got
much more of a shot than if they were still
in the Pac twelve. I was mentioning it at the top.
I was a little bit unaware of what was going
to be happening with UW, Green Bay and Wyoming with
the coaching sort of carousel going on, and David Douglas Junior.

He has decided that he is going to be entering
into the transfer portal. Now, these guys over at UDOW
Green Bay and Wyoming half thirty days to enter in
the portal. David Douglas Junior, he last season shot about
thirty seven percent from three part inch at UW Green
Bay and a half points per game. Part of the
UW Green Bay team that they were really out there,
featuring their main guy in Noah Reynolds, who was everything

about twenty points per contest. Everyone else was able to
do a nice job providing good defense. Pop up from
three Douglas has had about six foot five and he's
able to shoot those three. So I do think that
there's going to be a team out there that is
going to be very interested in his services. And I
would not be surprised if there are a few guys
from UW Green Bay that you decide that they're going
to be heading to Wyoming. Jimmy Odicoom he was over

at San Diego this last season. He had six foot nine,
was able to relog about five and a half points
review bounds per contest. He has decided that he is
going to be going to Rice. Now. With Rice, I
do think that there's quite a bit of upside. They
decided to part ways with the current coaching regime. They
decided that, hey, you know what, if you SMU do
not want a pretty rock solid coach and Rob Lan

here that one twenty games last season, we will take
him off your hands. And I do think that he's
going to be able to elevate this team. That said,
I'm not sure how much he's going to be able
to deliver in the American Conference right away. This is
a little bit of a step up in competition in
my opinion. You just take a look at the hall
that you've gotten for Rice as far in the offseason.
It's not been bad, it's not been amazing. Trey Bornou

was an ACELLBO figure scorer out there in the Big
South Conference. Trey Patterson is a former top to winner
recruit that was over at Villanova but playing very springly
from them. Jalen Smith, he has decided that he is
going to be following his former coach over from SMU
of Long Denver, England. With England, he really didn't see
a lot of minutes. But that said, with Rice, they're
starting to build a little bit of depth and that's

a good sign moving forward for them. This is a
solid sign moving forward for Detroit. They have landed or
landed Lovejoy along with legend Geeter. Who are going to
look to Geeter? Done for Lovejoy? He was really one
of the top three scores for the Steve tyee Cuff
was having twenty plus points per contest. And then you
have Lovejoy, who was out of the full towards beginning
part of the season. He was able to give the
team about ten points one point three seals per contest.

And these were two of the lone guys that gave
you out morsel of defense last year. That was just
a bad team in general in terms of trying to
give you any start of defense whatsoever. That said, when
it comes to Detroit, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, do they need
all the help that they can get. As for a
legend Geeter, he was able to give you about four boards,
five and hours points per game. He'd thrown there and

assist an after game and shot forty two percent for
three from was I think they attempted like five to
threes all sea so long. But that's said for Lovejoy,
not a guy that's gonna light it up from three
point range only he shot about twenty percent from the outside.
But two guys that should be able to add a
little bit of great, little bit of boxy for a
Detroit team. That man, they just seem to be able
to get anything going whatsoever. At this point, you've got

Sardi k no Gaga hopefully has said that correctly. I'm
sure that he did not. He was over at Poisey
State this last season. He has decided that he is
going to be going on over to Seaton All.

Speaker 2 (30:31):

Speaker 1 (30:32):
I don't think that we're going to be seeing a
whole boatload of minutes or anything like that. He has
decided that he's going to be ending from Seaton All
after he began his career at Poisey State. He's heading
back out west. He's going to be heading on over
to San Jose State. San Jose State needs all the
depth that they can get because he sees a go
You can tell that they were just relying way too
much on their starting five and nothing else. And they

had a relatively good starting five, but you notice that
when they add out of the fold any of these
guys as like Trey Anderson, missed a few games Drama Dionge,
who was their main big man. When he was out
of the fall, they just had absolutely nothing whatsoever. And
Tim Miles is a very brilliant coach. He actually got
this same to twenty wins two seasons ago. That was
thanks to having Omari more in the full. But I

do think that bringing in Naga, hopefully once again I
said that correctly, I do think that they're going to
be able to elevate a little bit more moving forward
down low as when San Jose State was really rolling
two seasons ago, they were able to do a tremendous
job on the glass. He didn't see a lot of
minutes over at Seat and all for Naganda got along
with at Poise State. But he's got a little bit
of rob upside. He's able to pop a few threes

as well. So I actually do think that this is
a good move for San Jose State, a little bit
of untapped potential, was a little bit highly touted coming
out of high school. And they're also bringing in Tool
muriel A seven, two big men from Oregon State, and
Donovan Yapp. So it's very clear Santase State has been
looking to bring in size, and they've been able to
do a solid job of doing so. For Wichita State,
they're going to be looking back to the Metro Atlantic.

I remember a few seasons ago they brought in Kobe Rodgers,
who became their top scorer. Not sure if Washington is
going to be falling in those footsteps, but he goes
from Saint Peter's to Wichita State. As part of that
Saint Peter's program, Washington was very versatile at six foot six,
bogged about sixteen points six out boards, a little bit
over a seal per contest. Not a guy that is
necessarily going to light it up from three point range,
So there's a little bit of an asteris theah. But

for Washington, he's going to be able to elevate the
level of defense and that has been something that I'd
been very interested in for this Wichita State team because
they are now under the tutelage of Paul Mills, who
was able to have a lot of success or vi
Or Roberts, as we remember, a program that did not
necessarily play the world's greatest amount of defense. And for Washington,
he did shoot a ballot thirty one percent from three
point and two seas ago. But with all that versatility,

the way that he's able to guard multiple positions, I
do think that that is going to be a nice
pickup for them moving forward. And I do think that
this guy is going to be able to be a
nice fit for North Dakota State. You've got Luke Kasabuke.
He was beginning his career over at Kansas State. Last
season he was at Illinois State. At Illinois State, it's
just done a bad job of finding fits for their program,
Like it just feels like they have been rudderless and

stuck in the mud over the last few seasons. But
for Kazubuque last SEASV was logging about four points per contest.
He had six foot five, has been a career about
thirty one thirty two percent, three point shooter. He's heading
on over to North Dakota State. For North Dakota State.
Has not necessarily been a rambunctious offseason for them, but
it's a North Dakota State program that they did a
really nice job of lighting it up from three part range.
I feel like this is a guy that's gonna be

able to fit their system. They bring in Mason Miller
as well from Indiana s Brandan Watkins was a double
figure scorer of VMI size is gonna be a little
bit of an issue for North Dakota State. But within
that conference, it's not a conference in which they're gonna
be staring out a whole bunch of big men or
anything like that. So I do think that this is
gonna be a relatively good fit for them. Bronnie James,
he's gonna be saying in the NBA Draft. This really
doesn't mean much to us because he didn't do a

like wide at USC. You wish him absolutely nothing but
the best. Bronnie James does not deserve any strays or
anything like that. For being the son of someone that
is very, very famous, you don't deserve to have that
put against you. He might be able to utilize his
father's name to be able to get picked way higher
than he should, and I will put that out there,
but I can go on Bronnie James if he's able
to do that. But he has decided that he is

going to be saying in the NBA draft. Last year
was logging about five points per contest at USC. I
assumed that he was as good as gone, and he
is indeed as good as gone. So you wish him
absolutely nothing but the best, and we don't need to
talk about him anymore on this podcast. Donovan Williams, he
has decided that he is going to be heading on
over to Western Michigan. And for Donovan Williams has been
just a little bit of a long and winding road

for him. For this is going to be a program
number three for him. He was beginning his career over
at Oklahoma State and why was at Oklahoma State just
was unable to get out there on the floor with
rob due to injuries. Last the seasons was a starter
over at Pacific and he put up okay numbers nine
and a half points, four and a half boards. He's
never been really a great three point shure and you
do have to wonder if those numbers were due to

his talent and he was just surrounded by a whole
bunch of shlubs that couldn't do anything, or if it's
a case where well someone had to put up numbers
and you know what, there you go. But he decided
that he's going to be going to Western Michigan in
a Western Michigan program that just has really been stuck
the last few seasons in general, Michelle, see what we're
going to be able to get out of them is
this is literally the first transfer they have landed, so

they're in a little bit of rough spot there. And
I was alluding to this in segment number one, but
I'll go through a little bit more of these specifics
with Noah Waterman. To sign to enter into the transfer portal,
he had thirty days to be able to enter since
Mark Pope had taken that job over at Kentucky declared
pretty much on date number thirty. He began his career
over at Detroit. I think he was in the Metro
Atlantic as well. This guy has been college basketball for

quite a while. Van Wilder two point zero but at
six foot eleven last season at BYU nine and a
half points, five and a half boards, shot thirty seven
percent from three point range. I'm talking about these guys
being able to get some bag in terms of nil.
This is certainly a guy that I do think is
going to be offered by a lot of different programs
because there's not a lot of great players that are
still remaining out there in the transfer portal, and he's

on the better and more versatile ones out there. So
I do think that he's going to be landing a
little bit of a nice offer there. I was mentioning
it in but Char Muriel, he has decided that he
is going to be going to San Jose State as
well as what we are going to be getting out
of Negaye, who I was mentioning a little bit before. Again,
I just have no idea how to pronounce that name.
But that's lots of size added for Xan Jose State.

On Monday, you also saw Mercer's point guard Anthony Bernard
decided that he is going to be going to Canisius
for Canesious losing trade Dinkins in the offseason was relatively
rough and for Bernard just since see a lot of
playing time In general this past season, he was able
to average about two and a half points per contest.
But I do think that with Canesius just need to
bring in someone. This is going to be someone that

they're going to be relying on moving forward. At five
foot ten, he really doesn't have the versatility to be
too much of a shooting guard, and his overall outside
shooting that's going to be in question. He's not going
to be quite what train Dinkins was that said, I
do think that he can be a little bit of
facilitator for the seam and we've noticed in the metron
Lank there have been a lot of good facilitators that
have come through and for Canicious, they just need to
get on the board in turns of some transfers. As

the only other guy that's really coming in to help
out with this bad court as Paul McMillan, the fourth
who comes over from Central Michigan. And he's another guy
that is, honest say, the world's greatest three point shooter,
Jamar Franklin. He was able to put up some relatively
solid numbers over r at Georgia Southern this last year
six half points on thirty six percent three point shooting.
He has decided that he is going to be going
from Georgia Southern over to Jacksonville State. And this is
a solid good for Jacksonville State. Jacksonville State has been

able to do a relatively solid job on the last
they've really been not able to find good shooters in general.
This is a guy that's going to be able to
elevate that badcourt and for Jacksonville State, I absolutely love
the coach that they've got as you know that Ray
Harper is going to be running a really good system.
In general, Harper always does a good job of being
able to get less out of more. Now they're able
to get just a little bit more shooting. In general,

he's along with Corey Cotton, I'll really be going to
guys that have decided to commit to the program. They
don't utilize a ton of transfers. They do a solid
job of be able to build and develop throughout their program.
So we shall see if they are going to be
able to take that approach moving forward. And this guy
is going to be taking the approach of going up
a little bit of a level as writer transfer Corey
McKeith and who had himself a nice year last year,

a little bit of a young guy that shot thirty
five percent for three eight points four boards three in
emphasis steel Per contest. Didn't do one thing great, but
he did a lot of things solid. I think he
could take over that and Mark gild role for La Sale.
He has decided that he is going to be going
to the Explorers and the Explorer as well. They're exploring
a little bit of prosperity here in the transfer portal
over the last few days it was slow going for them,

but now they land McKeith into again. He doesn't do
one thing great, but I think that his game is
going to transfer right away. They bring in Julia White,
six foot seven gentlemen that comes over from Temple. Not
a great three point shooter, but is able at the boards.
He's able to guard multiple positions. I think that he's
going to be able to be a good fit for
the team. And they get back to Sean Shepherd, a
six foot five, little bit of a combo player for
a team that just wasn't able to pull in rebounds

last season, he was one of their better rebounders and
this I think is going to be big for same us.
And say they bring in Josiah Hammonds. He was on
the top scores or rank cardin at Ward last season,
and for Hammon's I think that he entered the transfer
portal because cardin Word has actually landed some really nice
transfer pieces. These schools with money out there in the
cutline are doing really well. They brought in Jalen Anderson

and Devin Bailey from Ball State. They also brought in
a gentleman by the name of Mitas Machas from Central Florida,
like these are guys. I never thought of Carter where
we're gonna land, So I guess Hammonds was like, I
might be out of the fold here. Shot thirty six
percent from three on volume. He took north of two
hundred twenty five threes last season, twelve and a half
points one point two assists. For contest, you could be

looking at a little bit of a Jack Golki two
point zero with the way that he pops rees, and
sam us a state could use it because sam Y's
a state. Last season there three point shooting that was
so good during that twenty twenty two to twenty three
campaign just wasn't there. They obviously had a little bit
of a changing of the guard with losing their coach
over to New Mexico State. But I do think that
this is a relatively nice gift for them, and I

do think that moving forward he's going to be able
to help this program out. And also we did see
meir Panome hopefully I said that correctly. He was a
former two lane guard. He has decided that he is
going to be going to North Dakota, and I do
I think that this is going to be a fascinating
pickup for North Dakota because I believe that his brother
actually had played for North Dakota a little bit before.

For Pennome, he just was unable to get out there
on the floor, and I was correct. But to panom,
he played there from twenty nineteen to twenty two. He
was a relatively solid player at North Dakota stave back
when he was there. It was a little bit of
a three point shooting especialist, shot a career thirty seven
percent from three point and Gen for my year, just
was unable to get out there on the floor. For Tulane,
wasn't necessarily the most highly touted guy, but comes in

from Anchorage, Alaska. He should be a little bit more
at home out there in North Dakota rather than he
was out there in Tulane in the great state of Louisiana.
But guy with a little bit of upside. If he's
able to channel what his brother was able to do,
I do think that he's going to be able to
provide some nice contributions to be able to help this
program out moving forward, and hopefully we can help out
your program of making money here at Costco Seeps. We're

all about trying to get you said for what is
going to be the most tremendous college basketball season ever.
And if you do like cheering from the sign podcast
costcos SEPs you subscribe Reever Year Podcast, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify,
sit you're e June and if you have a question
comments segment, I'd be able to have you for this podcast.
You have one of two ways bo for those in
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these into the timeline. You know the rays Fine and
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and whatever you'd like. You're on this podcast via the
five star review of Big Things for Blake Flovo, who
does tremendous work over at Southeast and fourteen. You joined
me in the last segment coming at you guys every
single day. You're out the year on this podcast, regular
season and off season, so I'll be back to what
you want to get them out. Thank you so much

for ginning it
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