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May 16, 2024 46 mins

Greg talks about the impact big time NBA Draft decisions will have this offseason, talks to Ryan McIntyre of the Sports Gambling Podcast Network about the great offseason the Big XII has had, moves made by West Virginia this offseason, & the challenges awaits Doug Gottlieb with balancing being a coach & radio host & Greg recaps Wednesday's college basketball coaching and player movement

Podcast Highlights

3:28-The impact of NBA Draft decisions

14:45-Interview with Ryan McIntyre

36:06-Recap of Wednesday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
More welcome to love with Las Vegas because because he's
with myself. Greig game Speederson now part of the Decent
Family podcast. We've gotten excellent podcast for you as joining
me in segment number two, we are going to be
chatting with Ryan McIntyre. He does absolutely excellent work over
at the Sports Family podcast. That work. He knows a
little bit more about coaching than myself. He was on
the coaching staff of South Carolina back when they made

the Final four. I know that he was part of
the West Virginia coaching staff for a few seasons as well.
So we have to get his thoughts on the whole
situation with the UW Green Bay hiring on Doug Gottlieb
and how that's gonna work, and if he thinks it's
gonna be a big giant flopper Rooney, if he thinks
that it might be a little bit successful as well.
On top of that, West Virginia has been making some
moves over the last few days. We're going to be

talking about some of the transfers that they've added. We're
going to be taking a look really at the landscape
of the Big twelve and what has all been added
there in the last few days, and if we've got time,
we'll talk a little bit about some of these guys
that are in the NBA draft and are sort of
on the order line, as I do think that those
decisions are going to be some of the most impactful
this offseason, especially with a let's call it what it is,
very weak NBA draft this season. And in the final segment,

I'm gonna give you a round up of the news
and unce that we saw in college basketball over the
last twenty four hours. And if you do have a
question comment segment idea, what have you for this podcast?
You have one of two ways wel fire those sent.
First one is my Twitter slashack simeline at you and
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is very much appreciated. From there, you're abel fire and
whatever you'd liked here on this podcast via that five
star review and with the UW Green Bay hiring on
Doug Gottlieb. The one thing that I did is it's
not the coaching care selas they didn't take away again
today for really any other job. They didn't take away
and assistant or anything like that. So not a lot
of ripple effects there. But that said, when it comes
to college basketball right now, the biggest topic and the

biggest thing that is TBD is he's NBA draft decisions,
and I do think that we might be seeing more
of these guys singing in the NBA Draft because of
something that I was discussing a little bit before. It
does feel like it's a very weak NBA draft because
I go to NBA Draft on net and obviously these
guys could be off with some of their projections as well.

But you look at some of the guys that you're
fighting in the first round of the draft, and it
does make you just sit there and think, Man, these
guys weren't necessarily the most rambunctious of college basketball players.
You've got a lot of international flair that's currently on
the board as well, and you have to figure that
some of these guys that might be a little bit
more borderline, like I've been talking about Mark Sears. I

think Alex Caravan should be as good as gone, but
apparently he's got a little bit of a decision to
be made as well. I know that Coleman Hawkins is
certainly out there. This goes on and on. I do
think that this is a year that you stick in
the NBA draft, Like I'm on NBA Draft on net
Kishan George, who is over at Miami's right now the
subteenth overall pick. And it's so disrespective mister George. But
I mean one way, were you're talking about Miami being like, oh,

thank goodness, you've got Keishaw George. Now they're gonna be
able to elevate. It really weren't saying that. And there
are a lot of times where some of these guys,
they don't necessarily put up numbers at the college level,
they go up to the NBA level and you know what,
they're going to do something amazing. But in how many
years would a guy like at Jacoby Walter be projected
in the lottery? I don't think necessarily too many. Again,

no respect here to Jacoby Walter, but I will disrespect
the fact that you just don't have a very strong
class in general. I know that there's a little bit
of buzzer on Tobby Jones, whether or not he's gonna
be saying in the draft or not. So I do
think that for a lot of these guys, you want
to be probably striking while the iron it's hot this year,
because I'm sure that what a lot of these guys
are in the NBA Draft right now are doing is

they're also turning it forward to twenty twenty five seeing that, oh,
you've got the likes of Cooper flagging Company that are
going to be coming out in the twenty twenty five
NBA Draft, And yeah, that's something that you very much
do want to be taking a look at because at
twenty twenty five class, I do think that it's going
to be significantly better than the one that you've got
for the season. Jailen Wells certainly has been a guy

that's been rising up draft boards. That is going to
be very interesting to see. And additionally, on top of that,
it does become a little bit more of a Worsipece
situation because we did see the great Osa bar two
million dollars signing. And if you're someone like a Jalen
Wells Coleman Hawkins, do you see that and you think, man,
I'm gonna be able to get a really nice bag here.
But at the same time, if you're able to elevate

in the NBA Draft, and it doesn't feel like it's
gonna take a ton to be able to elevate in
this year's NBA draft, do you stick it out as well?
So I do think that these NBA draft decisions are
going to be more interesting than ever before, and for
these young guys, they're gonna have more to way than
ever before, and I do think that they've got more
good options than we've really ever seen as well. And
that's what you want as well, just for human beings

in general. I don't care what profession you work in.
You want guys to be in a situation where if
you pick one side or the other, one might be
a little bit better, but either way, you're gonna be
ending up in a relatively good spot. You always want that,
just for human beings in general, and I do think
that we have that with this year's guys that are
deciding whether or not they're to be staying in the
NBA Draft, And hopefully we're putting you in a good situation.

With all for insights here on this podcast, as we
do our best to get on great guests like the
man that is going to be joining me next. He
was a part of that South Carolina coaching staff, a
lot of plas Virginia. Ryan mctyre, he does great workover
at the Sportscampling podcast Network. We're going to talk about that,
Doug gott Leebphire, We're going to be talking about West Virginia,
the Big twelve in general, and so much more next
right here on beccause he's with myself, Craigiexpeterson. Now apart

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code g R e g ever rag your Moby Laws Vegas.
We're just gussing with Nolt Greig's speers and now part
of the Visa Family Podcast. It is always great to
be joined by. This man is Ryan McIntyre. He does
a great job over at the Sports Family podcast Network.
Theyaking a look at all things college sports. His main
beat is on the College Experience, where he, along with

Kobe Dant to a tremendous job take a look at
the great game of college basketball. But Neilson does a
great job on college football. College baseball is reaching a
fever pitch as well. And for those that just love
West Virginia, he is one of the hosts of the
Ryan and Rush Show, talking about all things West Virginia,
all that's going down in that wonderful state. And to
be able to follow Ryan on Twitter slash cks as

that money line underscore Max felt m ac alt together
and Ryan is always a pleasured my friend. Thank you
appreciate it.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
Greg, always a pleasure to hop on here and talk
college with you.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
Man. That is always a pleasure to have you aboard
and Ryan for things. First, because we are going to
talk about West Virginia. I like what they've done this offseason.
Had said, we have to talk about what is really
taken college basketball by a storm over the last forty
eight to seventy two hours. We've got Doug Gottlieb, who
is a part of the media much like the two
of us. He is going to be continuing his nationally
syndicated show over at Fox Sports, and he is going

to be the head coach over at UW Green Bay.
Do you want to get your thoughts because the one
thing I will give UW. Green Bay credit for is that,
out of all the candidates, I think that the ceiling
of Doc Gottlieb is the highest. I also look at
this and I think that it's more than likely than
not to fail, and I think the floor is far
worse than any of the other candidates as well.

Speaker 2 (08:51):
Yeah, Greg, I agree with you. I know it's an
outside the box, and some of these programs want to
make the home run sexy, splashy higher. But I honestly
thought the hire was a jo in terms of keeping
him in that Fox role, that three hours a day.
I mean, I don't think people realize that this is
not just your nine to five job. Show up to
practice at three o'clock, show up to the game at

seven o'clock and roll out the balls and play. I mean,
it's your livelihood. And I think it's a disservice to
that athletic department, to your players, to your coaches that
you're designating three plus hours a day to your radio show.
I know every coach has their own radio show that's
an hour two a week. This is fifteen hours at minimal.
And you and I know both know as well. You
got to prepare for your show. You can't just show

up to your show each time and wing it as well.
So I just don't see how it's possible. I think
it's the old saying, if you try to master everything,
you master none.

Speaker 1 (09:42):
Yeah, I'm right there with you, and I do think
that it would be different if he were doing like
a one hour podcast a day where he could do
it from his hotel room or something like that. That's
something that can work. We've seen guys like Draymond Green
be able to balance both. I don't think that's saying
that you can't have any media whatsoever. You just allude
to it. Most of these coaches with a local affiliate
in their area, they'll have like an hour or two

show a week, and a lot of that is just saying, oh,
little Jimmy look good. In practice, they're pretty much giving
a win one to the Kipper speech to their home
fan base, which that's perfectly fine. It's much different when
you've got a national radio show because part of it
is the logistics of that as well. When he has
to go to like the state of Indiana, finding a
studio which he's able to do his show from. There's

a lot of logistics as you know, that goes into
media like this that you wouldn't have to do if
it was like a one hour podcast from your hotel
room or something like that.

Speaker 2 (10:34):
Completely right on both fronts. You don't just show up
to a show and be able to talk for three hours.
You got to prepare for the topics to watch the gate.
I mean when he's going to the season. I don't
know how he's going to be able to prepare for
the NBA segments when he's trying to watch film on
their upcoming opponents, watch his team's practice film, deal with
nil issues, deal with academic issues. There's so much things

that you're in charge of as a head coach. I
don't see how it's physically mentally possible, even if he
was never sleeping, to pull this off, unless, of course,
he just doesn't really care. And I don't think Gottliebzek
kind of guy. I'm not saying that, but I don't
see how Green Bay as a university and athletic department
signed off on this deal.

Speaker 1 (11:13):
Yeah, I'm right there with you, And like I said,
if everything goes exactly to plan, everything can pan out.
The upside here is better than any other candidate. But
I mean the odds of success I think are very
very slim. And as I was referring to as well,
the floor is much much lower as well, and I
think that would be very very unlikely to see this

be able to succeed. As Ryan mctyer, who does great
workover at the Sports Gampling podcast overcas is joining me
right here on Coast goets Hey, Hire, I think is
much more likely to succeed. That'd be the one that
West Virginia made this offseason. As we know, it couldn't
have been much more tumultuous than we had for West
Virginia last offseason, unless if you would have fired on
some sort of a national radio show hosts to take
over the program, which they did not do that. But

Van Sire said Hire on Darren de Breeze that I
take a look at the moves that made this offseason,
I really do like them. I think they might be
a little bit undersized, but I thought that edwardo Andre
was one of the more shall we say, underappreciated big
bet in all of college basketball. You tell that when
he was on the floor versus off the floor with
Fresno State, that he was able to make an impact.

And I'm not sure if you looked at this Bus
Virginia off season, but I think a move like a josephysufu,
while it's not going to capture live attention, with the
track record and the success that he's had under Darren DeVries,
they've made a lot of shall we say, sneaky moves
that I think are gonna pay dividends long term.

Speaker 2 (12:31):
I'm a big fan of what they've done so far
in this offseason. Got a bunch of guys that are
between six four and six eight, so they're able to
switch stuff defensively in the Big twelve outside of Eduardo Andre,
who will be the rim protector. And you mentioned it,
it always felt like Fresno, let you coming back. Be
like that team is better than what the record displays
because they looked the part. And Andre was one of

those guys. I love, Yesfu he checks poke boxes. He
played for Theresa Drake, so he knows this coach that
he's coming to play for again. And he also so
playing in the Big twelve and one national championship with Kansas.
I like what they've done as well in the portal
where yes, they've gotten older guys like his Sun Tucker, Debrez,
Tobya Kanni from Illinois Chicago and then at Wardo Andre,
but then I also like that he's been able to

get some guys that have multiple years to the portal
that have come from over at high major programs, with
Javon Small from Oklahoma State and then the two Illinois
kids that followed Chester Frazer and Sincere Herrits and Amani Hansbury.

Speaker 1 (13:25):
Yeah, I think that this has been really well done
by West Virgie. I just look around the Big Twelve event.
I think that there have been a lot of great
moves being made. I think that it's hard for anyone
to top with Baylor and Kansas have done here in
the offseason. Just with Baylor, even though it's not a
high volume amount of guys, you're bringing Jeremy Roach, You're
bringing no Chad Omeier, and that's just a really unbeatable duo.

I thought that that was tremendous. With Kansas, as we know,
they've done a great job of revamping as well. Looking
guys like a Zeke Mayo, I think is really the
way to go. And I look at those two teams
and I stare at two of the top teams in
all of college basketball. Maybe not one to two that
be going a little bit far since you console exists
in the ether and really like what gonzeg is on
here on the off season as well. But that said,

I look at those two programs and I think that
they've really done a good job of just beefing up
this offseason.

Speaker 2 (14:11):
Especially Kansas because they knew exactly what they needed. They
struggled to make shots, they struggle with their death. Well
what did they do? They added exactly shooting in depth
with the trio on the primeter of aj Sore, Ryland
Griffin and Zmail and then Baylor Baylor kind of it
seems like it's going after the Yukon model that has
been very successful for Yukon with back to back national championships.

You keep your core intact, then you add a piece
or two where you're supplementing through the portal and not
just relying on it. With Jeremy Roach and North Chadamir,
who both have played in the Final four in.

Speaker 1 (14:41):
Different programs, absolutely that experience I think is going to
be so big. And with Jeremy Roach, he's a guy
that has already played in the Final four. He's a
guy that has been a part of a winning program.
And as we know, Baylor hes there. They have been
a winning program here in recent years as well. But
I do think that there is one program out there
in the big calve that is a little bit overlooked
and it's sort of one of those teams that's hiding

and playing sight and that'd be the team that won
the conference last season in Houston, because the big question
with Uston last year was can they go from the
American and be able to have that success translate to
the Big twelve. Obviously that's a big Yes. They had
a few losses, more than they would typically have in
the American. That's very much to be expected, though, But
how do you take a look at Houston coming into
the season as well, because they haven't made a whole

bunch of big giants, splashy moves. But I did like
the fact that Mike Lususan is coming into the program.
And for Houston, this has been a program that has
never really relied too much on transfers. They're not going
to be once again this year, but they just have
such a strong program of being able build these guys
up over time and really not losing guys to the portal.

Speaker 2 (15:43):
I think it speaks to what they've built with Kelvin Sampson.
And sometimes the best acquisitions in the Portal are the
ones you don't have to make. When you bring back
eight out of your top ten guys like LJ. Cry
or guys like Alik Williswan Roberts and Emmanuel Sharpen. Those
guys contributed to winning the Big Twelve in their inaugural
season and going to the Sweet sixteen, and heck, we

all think probably they would have went a little bit farther.
Jamal shed doesn't come down, so he's the only one
that they really they're really gonna miss. But I mean,
I like that they bring in a guy that's played
in the Big Twelve as well with size at the
point guard position, and Milos who's on. I think the
other team to kind of expand on the Big Twelve
was the other team that's flying under the radar. They
were in the Big Twelve title. Right there behind Houston

is Iowa State. What they've been able to do keep
their backcourt attack and then add a couple pieces in
the front court to get a little more versatile on
the defensive end and a little more athletics. So I
think of just seeing those two programs the way that
they're able to defend, know what exactly what their identity
is and stick to it even in the portal era.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
Yeah, I think that that has been very good for Houston.
They just have such a strong base in general. Kelvin Samson,
one of the best coaches in all of college basketball,
so lots of respect for what they've been able to do.
As joined me on the show, we do have Ryan
McIntyre does absolutely amazing work over at the Sports Gamling
podcast network. He is showing to be right here on
coastco Soups, and I think that we be both in agreement. Yere,

maybe there's one or two teams in the Big twelve
that could use another starter or two in the transfer portal,
But buying large Hayes in the barn for a lot
of these Big twelve teams says maybe like a role
player or two. But as we know, there are some
programs out there that they're still looking to fill out
a roster and it's starting to become a little bit
of desperation more from these scenes. And I think what
happened with great Osa bor is a big example of that. Now,

Great Osa Bora, I think that we both agree. Barry
Rocks Alid big Man had a nice year last year
over at Utah. See the fact that he on record
is right now the highest paid player in college basketball
history in the NIL era, though I'm sure that there's
been another guy that's been paid a little bit behind
the scenes a bit more that are good friend Asa Bor.
That's a discussion for a different podcast on a different day,

but that's that on record. He is the highest paid man,
and I do think that that shows just how desperate
teams are in terms of what's left on the board
to be able to fill a roster. I'm not sure
where you stand on this, but some of these teams
that are looking for a guy or two out there
in the portal, it feels like there's great urgency for
them to be able to bring them in. I do
think that a lot of players moving forward are going

to use the Osi Bor example and actually wait a
little bit longer to make their decision because in the
law of supply of demand right now, the demand is
very very high for these guys in the sply isn't
so high.

Speaker 2 (18:20):
I was just getting ready to say that you stole
right from me to supply and demand. It's kind of
like everything else in life. But yeah, I mean you
kind of look at a guy like Coleman Hawkins, for example,
coming back where he went in the NBA drafts. He
could come back to school. Maybe he's looking at and going, man,
somebody needs a six or ten guy that can stretch
the floor to fend multiple positions. He's won to Illinois,

helped that program get to a second weekend. Maybe he's like, hey,
I could come back and make multiple millions a year
just because multiple programs need a guy like that. And
happy for great Osa Bar like you said, but really
his head scratching just in this era that he is
the highest paid player in college basketball because watching Utah
State loved his game. Never had that on my a

dingo car that he would be making two million dollars
next year.

Speaker 1 (19:06):
Yeah no, And I mean you give him credit. This
is a guy that two years ago he was a
reserve for Montana State and rusty. I'm not hating got
great osa War. If someone's gonna give you the money
you taken in a congratulations or a good friend, great
Osi War, I will never ever get mad at someone
for getting paid, like you're worth what someone else is
willing to pay you. So good on him for being
able to get that money. Where I think you look

at it, It's like if you're no ched Omere, you'll
probably feel a little bit slighter because I'm pretty sure
he's not getting two million dollars. So that's sort of
where I come down there and who are a few
of those teams that you look at right now and
they might be one of those teams that is starting
to get into the desperation mode and you feel like
they just haven't done it up in the offseason and
they really need to pluck one these last guys order

to fill out that roster.

Speaker 2 (19:50):
I'm kind of looking at Arizona. I know they're still
wading on the Caleb Love. It sounds like Kleb Love
will come back, but I think that they just kind
of were decimated with the portal a little bit, losing Bob,
losing Ballow. I think they need I need another impact
guy to as they transition into the Big twelve from
the Pac twelve, another team that kind of looking at
what they've done. I think Illinois has done a good amount,

but I think that they probably need another high impact guy,
maybe a guy like Coleman Hawks, maybe he comes back
to Illinois, but I think they just need another veteran
to help live up to expectations now where it is
get to the second weekend of the tournament, as they've
really elevated that program. But I think everybody else said
it seems like everybody says they need a big. I

think that's kind of why Great Ospar was able to
parlay that into a two million dollar option. Is just
the supply and demand it kind of you can nitpick
every single roster that kind of needs a big that
can protect the rim in this day and age.

Speaker 1 (20:45):
Yep, absolutely, I do think that that is going to
be very crucial moving forward. And what else I think
is going to be very crucial is looking at a
lot of these NBA draft decisions as well, because I
really think that this is where the meat of the
off season is. Right now, as we know the Tombinen
is going on, there are quite a few guys that
I feel like are gonna be big time movers and shakers,
like the biggest one night. I take a look at

his Mark Sears because either he's going back to Alabama
or he's going to be entering into the NBA Draft.
But I look at that move and if he returns
to Alabama, they're pretty bona fide at minimum top eight team,
if not a top five team in my opinion. If
he doesn't come back, they're so a good shape. Like
it's all like Alabama's going to be towards the bottom
of the SEC or anything like that. But I feel
like he would be crucial to Alabama. But what are

a few other decisions that you're taking a look at,
because I think, just with how weak this year's draft is,
there's a lot more fifty to fifty guys than we'd expect.
And if I'm someone on the border, I'm probably saying
in the draft because I think your prospects of being
able to rise up this board are much better than
those of being able to rise up the twenty twenty
five board.

Speaker 2 (21:47):
The two MC names kind of already talked about with
Sears and Hawkins. The other guys kind of looking at
Jackson Robinson, does he go from BYU followers coach to Kentucky?
And Mark Pope? David Jones is kind of fifty to
fiftieth sounds from Memphis? Does he come back and play
for Penny Hardaway? Hunter souths well from Wait. Those are
just some of the names. There's still a couple guys

that will have decisions. It sounds like more and more
are staying in the draft, like you said, because it's
a weaker draft class, and I think we still do
as much as the money is nice. At the college level.
These guys' ultimate dreams are to play in the NBA,
so chasing that dream still does have a value to
these guys that are in the NBA draft.

Speaker 1 (22:25):
Oh there's no doubt about it. And we chase our
dreams here on this podcast. And a man that lives
a dream day in and day out, the Ryan you
do absolutely amazing work over at the Sports Gambling Podcast Networks.
You do such a good job, Tay. You got a look
at this great games. Let the good people to them
know it's all on tap for you and how people
are able to fall on on social media and to
other platforms.

Speaker 2 (22:43):
Yeah, you guys can find me at Moneyline Underscore Mac.
We're covering college tups year round just like Greg, and
go check out the Big Twelve experience. We talked about
half the league tonight because it's such a great league
and adding four new teams, it's gonna be even better
next year. And then the Ryan and Rush Show for
Ust Virginia sports fans out there are going to be
a big football and basketball season. And thank you once
again Greg for having me on and looking forward to

coming back.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
Absolutely. Ryan does an absolutely amazing job taking a look
at this great game that we all know in love
of college basketball. He has spent time in this wonderful game,
so he's able to lend some great insight as he
was a part of that South Carolina team that made
the Final four many years ago, was a part of
that West Virginia coaching staff a few years ago as well,
So great to be able to get his insights today.
A big thanks for Ryan for joining me ONCA because
he's now part of the Vson Family podcast and coming next,

I had some nice news and notes in college basketball
on Wednesday. We'll give you guys a little bit of
a rob upout.

Speaker 3 (23:33):
That I'm a regular love you Las Vegas forss with myself.

Speaker 1 (23:45):
Greg Games Peters and now brought the Veson Family Podcast.
Always great to be joined by Ryan McIntyre. He does
such good work over at the Sportscamling podcast network. As
I alluded to in the back half of that conversation,
he was part of that South Carolina coaching staff that
went to the Final four many years ago, did some
great workout in West Virginia for many years as well,
and every single time he joins his podcast he lents

such good insights. So a big thanks to Ryan for
joining me in last segment. Now it is that time
the podcast they give you the news and notes that
we saw in college basketball over the last twenty four hours.
Biggest thing that we saw in the transfer portal was
Tarzarian White decigned to go from UNC Wilmington over to TCU,
and I think that he fits TCU relatively well, though
I'd like to see him play a little bit more defense.

With UNC Wilmington, it was a little bit of a
touch and go defense this past season. But this guy
was absolutely tremendous as a six with six do it
all player. Shot thirty nine percent from three, nineteen point
eight points, nearly seven boards in assists and a half
per game while he was over at UNC Wilmington this
last season. And we've already seen a guy from the
Coastal Conference go on over and have success over at TCU.

Jami or Nelson Junior did it last season, so there's
clearly a blueprint for success there with Tarzarian White was
a part of one of the more efficient mid major
offenses in all of college basketball, and that's been a
little bit of a shift for TCU. TCU is still
going to play some tough defense. But you tell that
they did shift a few more of their guns over
to the offensive side this past season. They did play

a little bit more up tempo, and this is a
good gift for a TCU program that they made a
few moves here in the offseason. But you can tell
that this was not necessarily a typical transfer hall for
TCU and Jamie Dixon. Now they're bringing in Frankie Collins
who is over at Arizona State. He'll be a little
bit more of that primary ball handler. And No Reynolds
is another guy that's going to be coming in from
the mid major ranks. He's going to be able to

help out this team. I love, by the way, the
addition of CJ. Walker, someone who began his career over
at Oregon, a former top seventy five recruit. Now you
bring in towards Aian White now for TCU, a team
that loses quite a bit from last season, they have
done a great job in the portal that was that
missing piece for them, and I feel like it's a
very very good one. We all said a very good
day on Wednesday. How about Bryant. They're bringing in a

former top winner recruit in Jakai Robinson. He was over
at Miami and last seasons just can see a whole
lot of minutes out there on the floor, and this
is a lot of what Brian has done. Brian has
been able to do a nice job of bringing in
these guys that were like former top one, fifty, top
one under Cruise, things of that nature. As a matter
of fact, Earl Timberlake I believe began his career guy

at Miami along with Memphis before going to Briant. He
was able to put up some big numbers as well.
So the Miami to Brian pipeline actually is a little
bit less dead than I think a lot of people
would expect. But this is a really good gift for
them at six point five. I don't think he's gonna
be like throwing out the ball or anything like that.
But they were able to retain Earl Timberlake, a lot
of Raphae open Zone who was considering perhaps going into

the transfer portal they're going to be back. They bring
in Barry Evans from Saint Bonaventure, So you tell that
they needed just a little bit more oomph to be
able to help out here. They were able to get that,
and on top of that, they're going to be bringing
in a nicest system from all but in Ryan Daily,
if Ryan Daly sounds a little bit familiar, and this
is the coaching staff that, shall we say for Briant
is in a little bit of transition. As Phil Martelli junior,

he was the interim coach. He now has the full
time gig after he saw what happened with Jared Grosso
last season. But for Ryan Daily, I always called him
the Daily Show because he was so good back in
the day a few seas ago and he was playing
over at Delaware along with Saint Joe's. Was just an
absolute bucket getter in all four years of his college
basketball career, put up sixteen plus points per contest, very

wovers in Northeastern Conference basketball. I think that this is
very significant. So a very good day for Bryant on Wednesday.
It was also a pretty rock solid day if you're
a fan of Iowa seed Trey Ray. He was really
one of the few guys for manhatt who had a
nice season last year as a true freshman. He was
on the All Metro Atlantic Freshman team. He was able
to put up eleven and a half points, eight boards,

a little bit over a block, a steal and a
half per contest. He is going to be going on
over to Iowa now. For Trey Or, he's not necessarily
the world's strongest offensive player, but he was only a
freshman last season. And if I was looking to go
a little bit more defense oriented, which I don't know
if that is going to be the case or not,
I would be all for it because if they could
play a morsel of defense. I'm not saying that they

need to be the like Steele curtain back of the
day or anything like that. I'm saying if they could
play a morsel of defense, you'd be looking at a
little bit of something here with Iowa. And certainly with Iowa,
they are very invested in what we're going to be
seeing in the NBA Draft and the combine over the
next few weeks as well as they've got some big
decisions they're gonna be made on that front as well.
But that said, for the Seiowa team, it's going to

be very interesting to see how they're gonna be looking
for this upcoming season because the Big Ten in general
just has not been overly active in the transfer portal.
I think that's saying that these teams have done a big,
giant nothing burger. As he also did see Indiana make
another little bit of a shrewd move on Wednesday as
well as they're going to be bringing in Langdon Hetton.
He was playing this last season over in the Atlantic

Sun over at Pellerman with and he was able to
put up about ten and a half points per contest.
Was a relatively solid shootor someone who had six foot
ten is able to let a fly from three point range.
That said, if you're relying upon Langing and Hatton to
be elevating the program, I don't know what to tell you.
But we're at Indiana bringing in Umar Bollo Ken and Carlisle, Miles,
Rice Luke Goodie. That's certainly a lot more firepower than

we're gonna be finding in terms of mister Henton. But
as I was alluding to the Big ten, just in general,
it's been sitting on their hands a little bit. I
like the pick up of john Tonjay for Wisconsin, but
for Iowa right now they bring in Trey Orion drewth
all Well I thought was a good transfer. He comes
in for Morehead State, a guy that's able to do
a nice sheell doing out the ball. He's a relatively
sawid three point shooter. That's a good fit for Iowa.
But we haven't seen a lot happening in terms of

this conference, so it's gonna be very interesting to see
how they're going to be operating moving forward, how our
good friends in Delaware is going to be operating moving forward.
It's going to be interesting as well, say bring in
Trent Milton. Milton was able to shoot forty three percent
from three part in this past season over at Delaware.
He put up about six points to assist per contest.
He can be a little bit more of a facilitator
if needed. He's a relatively good shooter. I think that

there's a little bit of Rob's idea And for Delaware,
I feel like this team has been able to do
a relatively solid job here in the offseason as well.
They had to retool when they lost Jamia Nelson Junior
a few seasons ago, and they have brought in John Camden,
someone who was over at Virginia Tech was able to
see some okay minutes. Not guy that's really going to
light it up from three, but someone who I do like,
and they were able to do a nice job on
the defensive side of things as well. They bring a

Teyron Allen. He was a part of that Wagner program
that just year in and year at Wagner is a
machine with regards to the way that they play defense.
They represented the NEC in the NCAA tournament. At six
foot four was able to give you ten and a
half points five board shot forty four percent from three parts.
So where it sounds like they made one hundred million
billion moves here in the offseason, but they've made the
right moves. In my opinion, I do think that that

is going to be nice for them moving forward. For
North Dakota State, they're going to be bringing in Patrick Bath.
He was over at Drake the past few seasons, and
for Patrick Bath, you have to think that the expectations
are going to be relatively low for him as he
has red shirted all these years. And for North Dakota State,
you do have to wonder when they bring in that
splash piece and what they're just going to be able

to do moving forward. As I do think that David
Richmond is doing everything that he can over there for
the Bison, but we have seen them slip a little
bit in the Summit League hierarchy. For lack of a
better term, they've had a little bit of a tough
time being able to land guys in the transfer portal.
They've done a nice job and be able to develop
guys like Jakari why Bowden, Schunberg, guys like this, but
they've been losing a lot of guys like a Grant

Nelson to the transfer portal, and thus far this offseason
they've tried to bring in a few guys. If Bath
can actually stay out there on the floor and be
able to contribute, you might be looking at a little
bit of something, But that's a little bit sight unseen.
They bring in Lucas Bouque, I think you'd be a
relatively solid shutter coming in from Illinois State. But you
also bring in Mason Miller, he was over at Indiana State.
A lot of Brendan Watkins that should be able to

elevate the back court a little bit. But for Northakota
State right now, they're relying upon Bath to really do
a nice job down low in a summing lake where
let's call what it is rebounding is honestly at the
world's biggest premium, But do saw some questions with this
program moving forward. A program that has really been able
to do a nice job in the transfer portal has
been linded Wood Inis Fortell. Hopefully I said that correctly.

He has decided that he is going to linden Wood.
After he was at the Division two level this past
season he was logging about seventeen and a half points
per contest. I know that he was over at the
junior college level a few seasons ago as well. With Lindenwood,
all of a sudden, they are starting to land some
guys that should be able to help them out moving forward.
As they are currently in that just very very set

holding pattern to where you have to wait four years
before you're eligible for the NCAA tournament, which is stupid.
That should not be a thing as of right now.
But he was playing over at Christian Brothers University and
before that Saint Louis Community College, so a guy that
was more in that Missouri area, especially when he was
over at Saint Louis Community College a few seasons ago.
I do think that this is going to be a
rock solid fit for them, And additionally, this is a

lindon Wood team that they are now going to have
some nice go to guys that are going to be
able to put them all in the bucket. They were
really lacking that last few seasons. And now for lindon Wood,
you've got a little bit of explosiveness, bringing in Reggie Bass,
who was a really nice scorer over at Central Michigan
a few seasons ago. Mark Keith Browning was a good
facilitator over at UW Milwaukee. We had in there a
guy that was able to log seventy plus points per

contest at the Division two level. Now, all of a sudden,
you're starting to stare at something and you're starting to
look at it. Lindenwood team that's out there in an OVC.
Let's call what it is. It's one of the lesser
programs and one of the lesser conferences in all of
college basketball. I do think that they're going to be
able build a little bit of something there. Derek Butler,
he's going to be looking to build something over at

Bowling Green. He has decided that he's going to be
heading over there. And this is big for Todd Simon,
who I'm a big believer of. I thought that he
did such a good job over at souther Utah for
Bowling Green, they were pretty rock solid on defense. Last year,
they were a solid team on the glass. They just
had absolutely no shooting whatsoever. Derek Butler last year he
was able to shoot forty two percent for three. He
was attempting about four to threees per contest, sen and

a half points, four and a half boards. He's going
to be able to do a nice job of helping
elevate this Boyling Green team. And I do think that
they could be a team that in a MAC that
has been let's call what it is down the last
few seasons. I do think the boy Green is able
to build themselves up and I think that Todd Simon
is one of the more underappreciated coaches in all of
college basketball. With boy and Green, they also are going
to be bringing in Wellgoon's exact day junior. He comes

in as a six and six combo player from Utah.
Brayln Green is a little bit of an upside guy
that comes in from Arizona. They also bring in yusaf Kiyat.
He was over at Michigan a lot of passover guys
that they didn't get a lot of opportunity. But they
came in to their power conferences with a lot of
aspirations and now you're bringing a guy with provement production.
I think that this is going to work out quite

well for Bowying Green Emanuel in Suntae, he was playing
over at Charlton State this last year six a half
points a little bit over his seoper contest, he was
able to put up about six half rebounds bering he
was a whack aff freshman. He has decided that he's
going to be going to Gonzaga. Now it's very clear
what Gonzaga is going to do because Gonzaga does not
need to really add all like a lot of transfers.
I think that they had one roster spot remaining. This

is clearly going to be a developmental guy. And if
you're seeing in Sante getting critical minutes, it's probably meaning
that Gonzaga a whole bunch of injuries and things are
just going completely demosh. I think that gonzagas but for
pensity to be a top five team this season. Gatinst
Steele ventros off of injury. That's essentially a pickup. Kaylee
Battle was a bucket geter when he was over at Temple,
a lot of Arkansas Mi l Jay Shot darn Year

fifty percent from three part inch in this very conference
when he was over at Pepperdine last season. They're gonna
be maintaining a lot of the guys not named Anton
Watson from season ago, like Grahemy Kay and company. This
is gonna be a Gonzaga team that's gonna be rock solid.
This is nothing more than trying to prepare for the
future and with Gonzaga, if they're able to keep Insane
in the program for a few years, I do think
that he can be a big cog for them moving forward.

And Khalil Combs, he was playing over at Wyoming this
last season. As we know then you go through a
little bit of coaching change. He is going to be
becoming a Drake Bulldog. He's gonna be Jenny cam Ben
Wayu who was over at Wyoming this last season as well.
And this isn't really the world's biggest pickup for Drake.
I'm gonna call it what it is. Garverage two and
a half points for contests a season ago. This was

not someone that was revered as like some sort of
five star prospect or anything like that. It's not like
he went completely unrecruited or anything like that. That said,
I know that he was a guy that didn't even
get like a three star grade from two far seven Sports.
So I think that this was just a little bit
more of a guy that saw the writing on the
wall that there was going to be a coaching change

left ship and he got a drag team that's gonna
be looking to build themselves up after they lose to
re Squared over the offseason as well. So both of
these guys are in a little bit of transition and
hopefully it's going to be working out well for both
of them. You've got Dwan Odom who he actually followed
his coach over from Xavier over to Georgia State in
Jonas Hayes after they had actually won the NIT title.

If he seas Ago over at Xavier, he's out of
side that he's going to be becoming the main guy
for Tulsa. And this is just absolutely critical for Eric
Comicole because with Eric Comicole, he built a little bit
of something got Tulsa this last season, they were a
complete fate. As you may recall two seasons ago, it
was just unearthly bad for them. They finally got back
above five hundred last season, but they lose p Jay Haggerty,

who was putting up twenty one plus points per contest
a season ago. Kobe Williams. It's just flat out all
out of eligibility. So there are two main double figure
scorers from a season ago, not the full I believe
that they've lost year Garcia as well. So being able
to bring into wan Otum this is just massive, and
you have to figure that he is going to be
running the show. A former top winner recruit that last
season why he was over at Georgia State, a relatively

solid program out there in the sun Belty, he was
able to put up about twelve points, shot forty three
percent from three point ange show caution he had never
shot really above like twenty percent from three point range
throughout the entirety of his career. But that said, he's
able to do a little bit of everything. Five boards,
four and half assis again, I think we're gonna see
a little bit of regression from that shooting, and you know,
you attempted at about a half a three per game.

But a guy that's going to be able to get
others involved in the offense now the question becomes who's
going to be able to help him out, because Juan Otum,
he probably can't find himself in a situation where a
bad shot for him is better than a good shot
for other guys. That would lead to just a disaster
even out there in the American Conference. And for Tulsa
thus far, they've been pretty active in the transfer portal,
bringing in Braiden Carrington. He's a relatively rocksild guy from Minnesota.

I know that they're bringing in a few guys from
the junior college class as well. Could use a few
other guys to be able to help fortify things and
certainly a little bit more down low for them as well.
But this without question is a step in the right
direction for them. You've got a transferring Kaid Honecker. He's
playing over at Southern Illinois this past season, he has
decided that he is going to be going to Ablin Christian.
For Ablin Christian, they do lose a few guys from

the offseason and Avelin Christian has always just been lackluster
on the glass. Even this past season. I believe that
they were back outside the top three hunder with reguards
to their overall rebound rate. Now, is Hornicker going to
be coming in and it's going to be giving you
like a double double or anything like that. No, And
with Ablin Christian, this is a team that is going
to be playing a whole bunch of different guys. They

play quite a bit more up tempo. They rely very
much on being able to generate turnovers, but being able
to get in a seven footer that's able to hit
the boards like this. I think that is going to
be a net positive for them. And then with Georgia State,
though they are losing dwan Otum, they did get a
nice pickup from Northern Illinois, so a lot of guys
from the state of Illinois were transferring. On Wednesday, they're
bringing in Zreek Nutter, who I still remember. He was

over at Saint Peter's beginning his career was a nice
standout at the junior college level line. He was just
a do it all sort of player last year over
at Northern Illinois at six foot seven, not afraid to
get his nose Irti's gonna be able to give you
about five and a half to six rebounds per game.
I do think that he's actually a really good replacement,
by the way, for duan Otam, who duan Otum he
stood right around about six foot five, nutters more around

about six foot seven, did a nice job being able
to give the team and the neighbor at about fifteen
or so points per contest. Now did deal with a
few injuries last season. It limited him to just twenty
two games. But that said, this is someone that he
is able to do a nice job impacting the game
in so many different ways. So much like duan Otum
throughout his career has ever been the world's greatest three
point shooter, shot about twenty seven percent from three point ine.

But I do think that that's actually a really good
replacement for dwan Otam. So you have a nice little
win on the recruit in front for Tulsa and Georgia State.
Who does lose our good friend and mister dawan Odum,
they're able to do a nice job, will be able
to replace that Ernest Ross. He was supposed to be
going to utsa meet me for the Roadrunners. He is
going to be withdrawing from the transfer portal and he's

heading back to NC State. NC State has an se
Downe the world's greatest job in my opinion, the transfer
portal and as we know, they're going to be losing
a lot of guys. I think that TJ. Burns is
now out of eligibility as well. For Ross last season
three and a half points and a half rebounds per game,
but really was just riddled with injuries over the last
few seasons. The guy with a little bit of upside,
he is going to be returning to NC State, So

a little bit of plot twists there, and a loss
for UTSA who really in this offseason has been able
to do a nice job being able to bring in
some nice talent in Frenz State thus far. The guys
that they are bringing in Brandon Hartley, Headfield, the want
Mikey James for Louisville. I do you have your question
marks there? You have to wonder if they just got
numbers in a system that was really really stinky in general,
or those guys are the real deal. Huntley Halfield the

former top UNER recruit. But for NC State need to
get a little bit more download getting Ross back and Fold.
I do think it's going to be very helpful for them,
just like this is going to be helpful for Virginia.
Daydae Amos. He was playing over at Kansas State this
last season a parts time starter that as a freshman
he was able to put up about five points to
assist for contest. He's going to be hanging on over
to Virginia. And you dealt with Kansas State bringing in

Doug McDaniel, there probably weren't gonna be a whole like
a lot of minutes for our good friend and mister
Amos and in deciety the head elsewhere, and I think
that this is actually going to be a very good
fit for Virginia. Amos came in as a top one
recruit according to all the major just recruiting platforms, shot
about thirty three percent for three this last season. Feels
like he's going to fit in really well in a

little bit of a just slower system in general. And
Kansas State played some relatively solid defense last year. For
Kansas State, they just couldn't edit water if they fill
out of the boat from three point until season long.
The defense actually really did a nice job, will be
able to keep them in games. And for Virginia, the
question becomes, are they going to let TJ Power the
top thirty recruit that comes in from Duke really be
able to take things over a little bit more, likes

on the defensive side things and be able to sell
it a little bit more for offense or Tony Bennet
going to continue to try to fit square pegs into
a round holes. But for Virginia, they've actually brought in
some relatively solid pieces. I was mentioning mister Power that
by far as Vegas of them, I think that this
is a relatively nice pickup that they get here on Wednesday.
And then on top of that, they also bring in

Jalen Whorley, who he never did anything particularly great at
Florida State, but he's the guy that had sorted that
Swiss Army knife that just does a whole little bit
of everything. So gonna be very interesting to see how
they function moving forward. And then in terms of smaller
guys on the move, we did see Ciccu Calay. He
was playing over at Evansville this past season. Began his

career over at Acron. Never really had overly much fanfare,
but has a nice body at six foot ten. Actually
did see a few starts for Evansville two seasons ago.
He's gonna be heading on over to Eastern Illinois coming
off of a season where he only logged about two
points three rebounds per game. When he was at Evansville
two seasons ago, when he was getting those starts, he
was aftering more like four boards per contest. Gonna be

a guy that does a relatively solid job around the rim,
being able to protect. And I do think that this
is big for an Eastern Illinois team that has been
getting just completely cooked on glass. Did find their identity
out there in the OVC last year and being able
to generate a bunch of turnovers. Kala certainly not going
to be one of those guys but that super active
of hands. But I do like that Eastern Alllois is
bringing him in. Malik o Foyer, he's a point guard

from UMKC. Is really the low other transfer that they're
bringing in. So certainly they're not doing the world's greatest
job of keeping up with the Joneses right now in
the OVC, But the fact that they're able to get
something like this on the board that should be able
to help them out just a little bit down low.
I think that that is going to be very helpful
for them. Manuel Okpomo, he was playing this last season
over at Temple actually began his career over at wake Forest.

He decided that he is going to be going to
New Hampshire. With Peter Philipowski being out out of the
fold for them, he was their top rebounder for a
season ago, they very much did have to find a
little bit of a replacement in for Oomo. He was
someone that was relatively highly out of coming out of
high school, A nice three star recruit. He's actually from
the country of Nigeria before he entered on over to
Okill Academy, who has been able to produce a lot

of good NBA players. Not a guy that's going to
be stepping out there popping a bunch of threes or
anything like that, but something that should be able to
help out down low for a New Hampshire team that
they did a nice job and be able to hang
their head on defense this past season. I do think
that that's going to be a relatively solid fit for them.
I do think that he's going to be able to
help them out really on the defensive side of things
moving forward as well. And I think that this is
going to be a little bit helpful as well. As

we did see Lewis Hutchinson, who was over at Charleston
Southern this last season, transfer on over to Grambling. Grambling
has been one of your better teams out there in
the Slack last sew seasons. Then it's a Grambling team
that very much does prioritize defense. It has been a
Grambling bunch has been really lacklesser in terms of being
able to pop it and hit it from three part range.
For Hutchinson last season, he shot about thirty and a

half percent from three part range and to begin his
career over at the Rhode Island saw limited minutes last
year over at Charleston Southern just because he was dealing
with injuries. In the eight games at which he was
actually able to partake in, he is able to log
about five points per contest. Not a guy that's going
to be really able to do one thing amazing. He's
six foot seven, so he's a little bit of a
Swiss army knife guy, and I do think that he's

going to be an interesting ad for them and that
he's going to be able to most likely be able
to guard multiple positions. He's a little bit more of
a combo player in general, So I do think that
this is going to be a relatively good fit for grambling,
and hopefully this is a great fit for helping you
make some money right here on coast goes Seeps. I'm
with you every single day trying to unearth as many
edges assumingly possible. And if you do like hearing from

this fine podcast here, please subscribe. Whatever your podcasts, Apple Podcasts,
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Podcast I work for joining me in my segment. I'm
with you guys every single day on this podcast, so
I'll be back to you once to get tomorrow. Thank
you so much for your getting in
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