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May 17, 2024 41 mins

Greg talks about why the role late transfers will have on a power conference team can be very telling about their outlook, talks to Nick Lorensen of Mid Major Madness about the great offseason the Atlantic Sun has had, teams with sneaky good offseason, & UW Green Bay hiring Doug Gottlieb, & Greg recaps Thursday's college basketball coaching and player movement

Podcast Highlights

3:10-Gauging expectations with the role late incoming transfers will play

13:37-Interview with Nick Lorensen

36:52-Recap of Thursday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Hey, we're gonna love Las Vegas. We're guessis with myself, Gregibs.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Peterson now part of the Decent Family Podcasts. We've got
a great podcast for you as joining me in second
number two, we're gonna have on one of our good
friends as Nick Lawrence, and he does an amazing job
over at mid Major Madness. He is gonna be joining me.
We're gonna be taking a look at what we've all
got in the last few weeks in college basketball with
the big deal for Graados of Boor. We just can't

stop talking about the fact that UW. Green Bay hired
on Doug Godlee. But it's still something that very much
is a question mark to many of us, and we're
gonna be diving a little bit into that topic as well.
We're else gonna be talking a little bit about what
we've seen in the Atlantic Sun here in the offseason
as our good friend Nick. He is a part of
the Queen's NDC coaching staff, so certainly we're gonna get
some load to mid major chatter there. And then in

the final segment, gonna give you guys a recap as
to all the news and notes that we saw in
college basketball on Thursday. If you do have a question,
comment segment idea, what have you for this podcast? He
have one or two bays for those in first one
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you rate this podcast five starts, it is very much
appreciated from there hereble fire and whatever you'd like to
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employ you please to send in those questions because oftentimes,
based segment number one around it, when you guys don't
send in questions, I have to get creative, and I
haven't gotten like any Twitter slash x questions in about
thirty five days, so I've had to come up with

a lot of creative topics. I don't know if this
is what you want to hear or not, So help
a guy out here that said. Something that I find
to be very striking right now is the guys are
coming off the board in terms of transfer portal. Let's
call it what it is, a lot of the better
players have been picked over. I was talking about this
the last few days in terms of the law of
supply and demand really helping out grade Osibor and the

record amount of money that he was able to get.
And I think that's very telling where these programs are
right now when you take a look at the guys
going to be coming in via the transfer portal and
what sort of rule that they have, Like for example,
Ansley oh Mohnor, he was very solid over at Fairley
Dickinson this past year, put up sixteen and a half points,
shot thirty nine and a half percent from three five
rebounds per game. He's going to be heading on over

to Kentucky. Congratulations amisster al Mohnor on being able to
go from Pairley Dickinson over to Kentucky. And I think
that how Kentucky uses them is very much how you
have to be taking a look at that program. If
they're utilizing him as a guy that is going to
be coming in off the bench and he's going to
be playing a few straight minutes here and there, maybe
is a little bit of a gadget guy something like that,

that's probably an indication that Kentucky is going to be
in for a relatively good year. If Ansley o mohnor
is becoming your go to guy, and if Ansley o'monor
is a guy that you're gonna need to be relying
upon the bail you out of games, Kentucky is probably
in a world of hurt as of right now. I
think that those are the things that you do want
to be taking a look at, as we are probably
going to see a influx of guys go into the

transfer portal slash be in the transfer port already since
they owner had to declare by May first, but you
should see more talented guys out there once the NBA
draft decisions are made. And I do think that it's
going to be really interesting to take a look at
some of these draft decisions as well. He's alluding to
it on the podcast last few days, Because, on one hand,
a guy that might be a little bit borderlying like
a Mark Speers, Coleman Hawkins, they're able to rise up

this twenty twenty four board much more easily than they
will in twenty twenty five, just because the draft class
is so weak. But at the same time, seeing great
Osabor getting two million dollars that might lure them back
as well. But I do think that it is going
to be very very interesting to see what we get
on that front. And again, how these guys are utilized.
And I'm not even talking about a guy like a Core,

a Core like he's going to be going on over
to Kansas State. He was rock solid this last year
over at sami Am for sixteen points, shot north of
fifty five percent from the floor, was able to give
you darn near two blocks per contest. He's able to
pop it from three point range. That's a guy that
if Kansas State is throwing him out there for quite
a few minutes, that makes a lot of sense. I
think that a corp O Corps was one the better

guys so remaining in the transfer portal. I think that
Kansas State has done a pretty rock solid job bringing
in a guy like that. That's something to where it's like, yeah,
if they're utilizing him for some good quality minutes, I
think that you're just fine. Meanwhile, if you're utilizing like
Julian Rish Shwayne, if he were to go somewhere else
other than you and lv AS, he was a guy

that decided on a Thursday that he would be going
to UNLV after he played just eight games this past
season due to injury. If he's becoming your go to
guy for insert power conference team here, that's an issue.
Here's a better example actually about Burke Shabbar Hopefully I
said that correctly, the gentleman from LEI. He was a
part time starter for them last year, started twenty two
of thirty two games, average about seven and a half

points five rebounds per game at six foot eight. Like,
Notre Dame does a really good job of plucking out
guys are able to fit their system. Michael Shrewsbury, I
have all the respect in the world for him. That said,
if our good friend and mister Burke is becoming a
go to guy for Notre Dame, Notre Dame is probably
not having a good years. That's coming off the bench
for about like ten minutes five bowls give me a

little bit of energy. Notre Dame probably in good shape.
So I do think that that is something very much
worth looking at, and We're going to be doing a
lot of that here in the off season, and I'll
be doing a lot of that when it comes to
the final segment when I do round up all the
dudes and notes in college basketball as well, So be
on the lookout for that, and be on the lookout
next for a great chat with our good friend Nick
Laurence and I have to talk about UW. Green Bay.

We we're all seeing out there in the Atlantic sun
and so much more right here on Consco seats with myself,
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Speaker 3 (07:21):
G R E G.

Speaker 2 (07:25):
Remember back here, let me Las Vegas.

Speaker 3 (07:26):
We're good.

Speaker 2 (07:27):
Good seats with myself. Greig E. Speederson now part of
the Vson Family podcast. Always great to be joined by
this guest, says Nick. Lauren said he does absolutely tremendous
workover at mid major madness to taking a look at
this great game that we all know and love. I
know that he's doing an absolutely amazing job as a
man on the coaching staff of Queens nd C is
they are looking to build themselves up. They're looking to
be able to make some noise out there in the

Atlantic Sun this season. You're able to follow on Twitter
slash x at the letter and Laurenson It's last savespelt
lo O R E N S E N word sports
altogether and Nick, it's always pleasure by friend, Thank you,
thank you.

Speaker 4 (08:01):
Greg. It's always a pleasure to hop on here. I mean,
we'll talk about it a little bit. I didn't expect
some of the craziest news of the college basketball season
be happening in mid May. But that's what makes the
sport awesome. In what makes these last couple of years
of college basketball really awesome is no matter what month
of the year it is in the offseason, craziness is

always going to ensue. We've seen that over the last
couple of years. It's a blast to cover it every
single day.

Speaker 2 (08:26):
Absolutely, And what has been enthralling College Basshall this week
is what we've seen with Wyoming and UW Green Bay.
Wyoming loses Jeff Linder to being an assistant over at
Texas Tech, which you see a few of these moves
every single year you think that the coaching carousel has done,
a coach gets hired away as an assistant. We saw
that with Nichols last year, and Wyoming decided to hire

on Sun Dance Wicks. That's a rough situation to be
in for YOUW. Green Bay, and that was a very
very good hire given the situation for Wyoming, I thought
that they did a great job on that front. And
then for UW. Green Bay figure it out right, there's
a lot of good the three coaches out there in
the WIEC that is one of the best D three
just conferences in all of college basketball. A lot of

assistants over at like Wisconsin, Marquette, what have you. And
then they go off the board and they go with
Doug Gottlieb, who apparently has interviewed for quite a few
coaching jobs, and he is now the coach over at
UW Green Bay and will be maintaining his national radio show.
I want to get your thoughts here, because honestly, I
do think that with Doug Gottlieb, he knows basketball. He's

not like some sort of dummy. He had a good
college career. But the thing that I find to be
so troubling is that he is keeping his national radio show,
and he's gonna need to balance a national radio show
along with being a head coach over at UW Green Bay.
Those are two jobs that require north of forty hours
a week, and I just don't know if there's enough
hours in the day to be relatively good at either

of them, let alone both at the same time.

Speaker 4 (09:57):
Yeah, I mean, just everything about these three guys are interesting,
you know, starting with coach Linder. I mean, Linder did
an amazing job, but you know, coming out of COVID.
They made the NCAA Tournament. They were an at large team.
They struggled in the first four, but they were not
a large team. They had a really good team. Had
Graham I ka come back to next year, but he
got hurt in the preseason, so we did end up playing.

It's been a really tough last couple of seasons for
him family wise, So I understand the move. Going to
be an associate head coach or assistant or whatever. He's
going to be at Texas Tech, so we can kind
of get a little bit of that weight off his shoulders.
It seemed like he needed to.

Speaker 3 (10:33):
Get out of Laramie, which I don't blame him, so
you mentioned it.

Speaker 4 (10:36):
We saw Nicol State with Austin Klanch He's going to
be the UTSA head coach this year. He went to
Alabama for one year and then he ended up getting
a pretty good job. Wyoming is a good job, though.
I just think Linder himself kind of wanted to get
it out of the light, settled down a little bit,
so I understand that for him. Then when it comes
to Wyoming they bring in Sonny Wicks. You know, that's

obviously his dream job. He's a Wyoming you know, he
was an assistant there for quite a while. He was
an assistant for that team that made en Tournament.

Speaker 3 (11:05):
I love that. I really do like the hire. I
think he's an amazing coach.

Speaker 4 (11:08):
And we saw this year with Green Bay they finished
towards the top of the Horizon League. There was an
awesome enthusiasm. He'd always talk about bringing your own juice.

Speaker 3 (11:15):
But I thought maybe they'd hire within because they.

Speaker 4 (11:18):
Already had their roster pretty much set up, a really
good roster filled of transfer pieces. So now Sonny Wicks
is gonna have to re recruit those guys. But if
there's a coach in the country that I have confidence
really to re recruit those guys, it would be Sonny Wicks.
Because that juice that he brings, that energy he brings
is really on a different level. You know, a lot

of people will say that they have it, and they'll
to show you that on the surface, but he almost
goes over the top. And over the top could be
really good because it really really shows that he means
it and he brings that juice and energy every day.
But when it comes down to Green Bay, like you mentioned,
you know, there's a whole bunch of awesome.

Speaker 3 (12:00):
On D one coaches over there.

Speaker 4 (12:01):
I know there were some people in Wisconsin staff who
were interviewing for jobs this past offseason across the country.
There was someone that even got offered the job at
Southern Illinois and they go with Doug Gottlieb. You know Gottlieb,
like you mentioned, he's been trying to get a job
for a long time. His dad was a head coach.
He was a finalist that actually last year, Gottlieb for
that Green Bay job. I believe Sonny was probably the

only one to be picked over him. But I think
it's really interesting, especially with the forty hours a week,
like you mentioned it is. It's a college basketball coaching
is a selfless job, and you spend a crap ton
of hours on that, and then you're gonna do a
national radio show to add on to that in the
middle of the day, you know, I know, you know, Greg,
you grind on this stuff and you do it all

night long, and it's not easy to just put together
a couple like some notes and just go out there.
And I listened to his show on Tuesday night when
it was announced that he was going to be the
head coach at Green Bay. It was interesting because he
went on there and he didn't talk about basketball. He
instantly talked about going to Packers' training camp, about going

on the broadcasts of a Brewers game with his buddy
Brian Anderson, about going to Summerfest and watching a concert.

Speaker 3 (13:15):
It's interesting.

Speaker 4 (13:16):
It's good for people to have different hobbies, But when
you have a hobby that's so in the limelight, it's
not like he's gonna be at home and he's doing
a podcast or whatever. He can do his podcast on
his free time. It doesn't really matter when you schedule
and record that. He's set every day from three to five,
which a lot of the time at like Queen's High

academic institution, the only time we could really practice during
the school year.

Speaker 3 (13:43):
Was during those times.

Speaker 4 (13:44):
So it's gonna be really interesting to see how they
fit in everything with this schedule. I was going to
be able to, you know, set up his radio show.
I was gonna be able to recruit. How he's gonna
be able to coach basketball. How much is he going
to talk about Green Bay basketball on the radio. I
think that could be a upside to all this. It
would be great advertisement. First program. You know, he's talking

about Horizon League and Green Bay basketball all the time
on the national radio show.

Speaker 3 (14:10):
But like another thing.

Speaker 4 (14:11):
People reach out to me, they're like, you know, Nick,
I think this could be really bad. I think that
it could get int the kids' heads they really care.
I don't think the kids care. You know, if you're
going to Green Bay and you're playing for Doug Gottlieb,
you know what you're getting into. You know that he's
on a national radio show. You know he's been doing
it for years. You know he's gonna talk. I just think,

you know, it's really interesting. I think he should have
had some legitimate basketball assistant coaching, maybe experience.

Speaker 3 (14:39):
I know that he coached them international events before. But
I think.

Speaker 4 (14:43):
They'll it'll be interesting. It will be interesting. I really
don't know what to make of it. I don't know
if they'll be really good. I feel more confident in
saying that it'll probably be more of a flop then
it will be a hit.

Speaker 3 (14:59):
It's not like on standards.

Speaker 4 (15:01):
You know, where Dion played at a high level, and
Dion at least coached a little bit. Now, maybe it
wasn't the highest level when he coached at before he
coached at Jackson State, but at least he did some coaching.
Gottlieb said he did some AAU coaching. You know, you
can only take that with a grain of salt. AAU coaching.
Sometimes you coach his AAU teams and the players just

coach themselves In all, I mean, it's just really really
interesting going on for a long time about this. If
I had to make a prediction at this point, it's
going to be a tough couple of years for Green Bay.
I think there's more downsides than there are upsides, and
there were a lot of really good play people in
that playing field. They just made a choice really quick.
I hope the best are Gottlieb, but I mean, I

don't know what to make of it, to completely honest.

Speaker 2 (15:47):
Yeah, I feel like my guy over at uw Ashcosh
Matt Lewis, who has an interim coach, won the D
three national title game. With everything that was swirling around
COVID a few years ago, he needed to get a
little bit more of a look for this job myself,
and I think that the overall upside is higher with
scottlie than any of the other candidates that said, I

think more than likely than not it's gonna flop.

Speaker 3 (16:13):
And the floor is much lower than any of these.

Speaker 2 (16:15):
Other candidates as well, and I think we're much more
likely to see the floor rather than the ceiling. But
we'll always reach the ceiling when we have on this man,
as Nick Lauren City does great workover at mad Major Mannis,
he's got me right here on Casco Soup said. But
if we talk a little bit about what we've been
seeing out there in the Atlantic sun here in the
off season, as I know you guys over at Queens

have brought in a few interesting guys this year. Man
is someone that decided to go to Queens over the
last few days.

Speaker 3 (16:42):
Six FO four guard from McNeice. I like that pickup.

Speaker 2 (16:45):
I always say the same correct incorrectly, so I apologize
Leo Codniero. He's coming over from Fresno State. I know
that he had a little bit of triumph over there
in the Mountain West Conference as well. And I take
a look at your program and certainly it it does
feel like you guys are getting some nice versatility. You're
also bringing in the big man from UMass at six

to ten to be able to help out on glass
and what has been really the approach for you guys
over there at Queen's here in the offseason, because the
one thing that I thought stood out to you guys
over at Queens is that last year you were sort
of missing that guy like Gavin Rains from two years
ago that was really good on the glass. And bringing
in the size that you've had in the transfer portal
line in the recruiting class, I think is going to

be very beneficial. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (17:28):
I mean, something we really talked about a lot this
offseason is getting big man that can shoot, you know,
no seer man. First of all, it comes over from
McNeese State.

Speaker 3 (17:36):
He just committed. He's more of a three three four
two three four.

Speaker 4 (17:40):
He showed a lot of upside at the JUCO level
a couple of years ago.

Speaker 3 (17:44):
Didn't get that many minutes at McNee State.

Speaker 4 (17:47):
But we'll Wade told our guys, you know, they were
just so deep and obviously we saw that as they
ran through the South and last season. So he should
come over. He should play a nice role. You have
lio Cole Mario. You mentioned he won a title. If
you remember a couple of years ago they won the
Basketball Classic rest in piece the Basketball Classic at Fresno

State with Fresno State against Coastal Carolina. But he's played
with pros before. He's played with pros before. He's a
big man who could do a whole bunch of stuff.
He has, Justin Hudson said, an amazing attitude about himself.
He really lifts up the gym and he does a
great job, and he's that experience we need in that
front court. So I really like that pickup. Swre Mayhew

at UMass. There's a lot unknown about him. He's nepsack kid.
He played up there and he committed to U Mass
and before the season he didn't play because he has
some family issues. But our guys, including b J McLaurin,
who's going to go play overseas, they worked out with
him and they said it's a no brainer. We got
to get this guy. One of the best big men

they've played against. So that really means a lot in
the league with say and Isaiah Cozart and other you
know pro big man. So I think that's a high,
high upside pick there. He's only a freshman. He's only
a freshman, so that's gonna be awesome with him.

Speaker 3 (19:07):
We bring in.

Speaker 4 (19:08):
Yoav Berman from Israel who played pro and Israel, and
he played some preseason games with his pro team against
NBA competition.

Speaker 3 (19:18):
He scored six points against the Nets. And he's only nineteen.

Speaker 4 (19:21):
He's having a couple of visa issues right now, but
we got to give him the America and that'll be
really nice. Called car comes over from East Mississippi Community College.
But the goal with us always in the offseason is shooters.
You know, in the front core. We have Malcolm Wilson
coming back, who's the seventh footer and all he really
does his rebound, put the ball back in the basket.
Bryce Cash is a little bit more undersize, but he's

playing at the power forward position and he can do
a lot. The main goal of this offseason is to
get a big that can shoot, and I feel like
we got a couple of those with Leo and Sawyer.

Speaker 3 (19:54):
But there's so much upside with a player like.

Speaker 4 (19:57):
Yo Av and a player like Nasir man Or you
have Man where he has a family pedigree, his brother
plays for the Hornets, and you have Berman played against
the NBA competition, scored against NBA competition in the preseason. Shooters,
big men that can shoot, I think that Queens could
be really good this year. Just continue to take steps
upwards so after these next two years are done and

they can make Dancy double a tournament, they make dance
double a tournament when they have the chance.

Speaker 3 (20:24):
And that stupid transitioning rules.

Speaker 2 (20:26):
Over yeah, which I think is one of the worst
rules in all of sports. Like, I mean, we shouldn't
be making any detriment to these teams that go from
the D two and the D two to three level
to the Division one level. If you're able to have
the triumph of being able to make the NCAA tournament
like Bellerman should have had a few seasons ago, your
reward that is shown to be on the show we
got Nick Lauren Cindy does tremendous work over maybe major

Mann to say, you get a look at things right
here on soups in when it comes to in my
extent as whole, it's going to be a little bit
of an interesting outlook because you know as well as
I do, Kennisauth State they move on to the conference
and they have been one of the top teams in
the Atlantic Sun over the last two seasons, and just
how have you take it a look at things conference
ride throughout the offseason. Because they call it what it is,
the Atlantic Sun. There's not the NIO collectives that you're

gonna find in terms of a lot of these high
mid majors and a lot of these Power five conferences.
But has been interesting to look at the way that
a lot of these teams in this conference have been
able to scour, as you were alluding to with Queens
nd C, a few international guys the junior college market,
and we've seen Florida Golf Coast and then there's some
really nice players like Jevin Munyiz and guys like that.

Speaker 4 (21:31):
Yeah, I mean Florida Golph Coast really killed it. You know,
I'd be sending players every day. They got a lot
of the players that I really wanted, and they have
more than an I owe money, so they're able to
pick up those guys you mentioned Jeff Munyez. I thought
he was probably the most important player to that Delaware
State team that really had a strong year this year,
understand waterman, and he did a great job. They have

him coming in. They also have Michael Duax coming in
from Northern Iowa who had a really strong freshman year
a couple of years ago, but didn't play as much
this year. I really liked that for them. Xavian MacLean
comes over from Columbia. He's a North Carolina guy. I
really wanted him to go there. He's high academic. He
wanted to go to a place that I could really
have a role, and I feel like you'll have that

at FGCU. Another team that was really impressed with that
doesn't have all that much money is Stats and you
know Sessan's coming off NCAA tournament appearance.

Speaker 3 (22:20):
They have a little bit of that clout.

Speaker 4 (22:21):
They have a Bromo Konco coming in from Wake Forest, UCLA.
He was a four star recruit. He was on NBA
draft boards a couple of years ago. What I was
told from them is he really liked what they were
doing there and he wanted to join. So I feel
like that's an amazing high upside pick. They have Jordan
Wood coming over from Tulane. He was at Howard before that,
an all league guy in the MIAC can shoot the

lights out of the ball. Love that Makay Ellison. He's
averaging mayor thirty points per game at a junior college
up in Flint, Michigan. I feel like he's potentially the
highest upside player in the league. He could be putting
up points at a large number, like we saw with
this Stetson team this year, Blase Sagna coming over from Minnesota, Crookson,

they got Louis Tucker coming in. Stefano Alesso is another
international guy. You're gonna see a lot of international guys
in this league that could have a huge impact. They
really like his upside there. But we have a team
like Kennesau State who leaves the league. We have West
Georgia coming in. I don't know much about West Georgia
to be honest at this point. Heading into this next season,

you have a team like Jacksonville who has a little
bit more money North Florida. They're getting their shooters like usual,
lips them getting some interesting players. It's gonna be wide
open once again. But you know, a lot of people
are really missleeping on Stetson. It's gonna be really interesting
to see how the preseason poll comes through this league,
because I think it's a whole bunch of unknown. But
if I had to pick a number one and then

a number two at this point, hey, maybe even the
number one. I'm not even gonna pick a number two
because I don't know FGCU. You know, they've had high
hopes the last couple of years and they really haven't
lived up to it, so that's a little bit difficult.
But I feel like Stetson is gonna be the number one.
Probably won't be the number one in the preseason poll,
but the way that I look at it, you know,
with their history last season and with the way they're

rising up in the awesome additions they've had in the
transfer portal, I would probably pick stets the number one,
and I don't know if that's a popular pick.

Speaker 3 (24:16):
I wouldn't be shocked.

Speaker 4 (24:17):
If we see FCCU or EKU on many people's number
ones heading into this next season.

Speaker 2 (24:23):
Yep, it is going to be a fun conference to
look at it. And as you allude to with Sets
and they do lose a few guys like Jalen Blackman
in company, but that program has really been able to
build themselves up under Donnie Jones, who I remember it
felt like he got a little bit of a short
trip when he was over there at Central Florida. I
thought he was doing a relatively solid job. Has gotten
a really second lease on life over there at Stetson

and has really been able to build up that program.
And a man that has built up a nice platform,
and a man that is doing great work out there
in the sport that we all know and love. That'd
be you, Nick, You do an incredible job day You'll
look at all three in sixty two soon to be
three are in sixty three D one teams with Mary
joining the fold.

Speaker 3 (25:01):
So love to get people at home.

Speaker 2 (25:02):
No, it's all tough for you and how people can
fall along on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 4 (25:06):
Yeah, I'll just be following along with the transfer portal
and the couple news we have come. We still have
an open at coaching job at You and me as
sixty seven this offseason, but you can follow along at
end Lords and Sports on Twitter and at mid under
Dash Madness.

Speaker 2 (25:21):
Absolutely and Nick does such a great job taking a
look at this great game of college basketball, so big
thanks him for joining me right here on Coast Goose
Seems now part of the VSA Family podcasts and coming
in next It is that time in the podcast they
gave you recap.

Speaker 3 (25:33):
Of the new sent once we.

Speaker 2 (25:34):
Saw in college basketball for the pasts Light four.

Speaker 1 (25:36):
Hours and we're baculum love you Las Vegas.

Speaker 2 (25:45):
But that's because seems with myself Greg Eepspeederson now part
of the Vson family and podcasts, is always great to
be able to get our good friend Nick Lawrence and
a board. He does absolutely tremendous work over at mid
major Madness taking a look at this great game that
we all know in love of college basketball. Every single
time he joins me, he lends such good insights and
did so once again today. So a big thanks to
mister Nick for joining me in the last segment. Nowadays

that time in the podcast to give you a roundup
of the news and notes that we saw in college
basketball over last twenty four hours. Pacific is a team
that I think is still going to be in for
a very rough year. They've got just a heap to
try to rebuild from, but Ed Schilling is doing an
okay job. I'll be able to bring in some talent
and I do think that perhaps they might be a
little bit ahead of schedule this season after being one

of the biggest faces at all of college basketball throughout
the last three seasons. Says now they land a gentleman
from Minnesota to be able to pull down the fort
moving forward. Six foot eight Chris Keeness, Hopefully I said
that correctly, gentleman from Lithuania. He has decided that he
is going to be going from Minnesota over to Pacific.
Just didn't see any playing time whatsoever this past season,
played five games. I believe that he has played a

little bit of professional basketball slash on a lot of
those traveling like FOBA teams over there in Lithuania. That's
not a guy that I necessarily have my expectations for.
At six foot eight, he's able to off the three.
We're gonna see what is going to be happening moving forward,
But at the very least for a Pacific they're filling
out a roster that's much more competent than it was
a season ago. Bringing in the seven footer and Jazz
Gardner from Nevad. I thought was nice. They bring in

Peter pre Coovich, Hopefully you said that correctly from Florida Nationally,
he was able to see some nice minutes. We've seen
actually a little bit of international flair with Pacific Law
and f Lamar Washington, the shooting guard from Texas, tex So.
Some nice moves being made there. I was talking about
a core a core in segment number one going to
Kansas State. I thought that that was a solid move.
And also Anteley al Mohner hanging out over to Kentucky.

I think he could be a nice gadget guy. Again.
If Kentucky is like utilizing him in there starting five
and he's a feature guy, Pucky probably not in for
the World's Greatest season. Meanwhile, he's being utilized off the
bench as a nice little check guy, someone that's able
to give you some minutes when you get into a
little bit of fellow trouble. They're probably in good shape.
Cam Ferris, he has decided that he is going to

be going to Briant and you're in in Europe. Brian
always does a good job in the transfer portal. As
we know, Jared Rosso no longer in the foldest. Phil
Martelli Junior took over from mid season after he had
just a bevy of different issues for our good friend
of mister Gross. So that said, he helps out a
Bryant team that I feel like they've been able to
do an okay job here in the transfer portal. They
were able to maintain Rafaelpin zone a long thoral Timberlake.

Those were the biggest wins. But Shakai Robinson decided about
forty eight or so hours ago he was going to
be comitting to the program. A former top winner guy
and for Cam Ferris, he's a guy that's been sort
of hiding in plain sight. When he was at Robert
Morris to begin his career, he was a really good
three point shooter. As a matter of fact, as a
freshman shot forty six percent for three part range, as
a sophomore shot forty percent for three. In this past

year at Maris, he did shoot forty percent for three
first career about thirty eight percent. Had a little bit
of a drop off during the twenty twenty two twenty
three season, but he's outplayed in a Maris program that
they very much valued defense. When it was at Robert Morris,
they were playing a little bit more up tempo. He's
able to play in a variety of different ways, should
be able to lend a little bit of defense for
this Brian team. I really like this pickup and I

think that that is going to be one of impact
moving forward for them. I do think that this is
a pretty impactful transfer as well as Brant While they
do pick up Cam Ferriss. They do lose Tyler brells
Forward as he has decided that he is going to
be going to more ont State, no question about it,
and more at State in a bit of transition after
they lose their coach. They lose Mark Freeman in the
off season, so this is going to be a little

bit of a new look team. That said, for brells Ford,
I do think that he's going to be able to
come in be able to make a nice immediate impact
as more at State. Just with the way that they
have been managing the off season, it does feel like
they're going to be sticking with their roots, being a
little bit more of a defense oriented team. For brells
Ford began his career actually over at George Washington before
heading on over to Brian day Us. They started this
season was on a Brian team that very much did

prioritize defense much more of this season rather than in
past years. But they did play significantly more up Temple
than I expect more at State to play, but was
able to log about seven points per contest, shot about
thirty three percent for three, which is on par with
he's been able to shoot overall throughout his career, as
they will give you about a steal per contest as well.
Four is right around about six foot four, six foot five.
I think that he's going to be able to go

to Morehead State. I think that he's going to be
a very nice fit with his program in general. Ie
for more at State, the question becomes where are you
going to be able to go from here down low
as well? Because with more at Safe they've got a
really rich tradition of being able to do a nice
job holding down the fourth down low. Heck, you're able
to go back to the G and I broom days
in terms of the way that they've been able to
dominate download in the Ohio Valley Conference. Not sure if

I necessarily see that so much. For more at State,
they probably haven't move too to be made to be
able to fortify things a little bit more down low,
but they've done a nice job being able to revamp
this backcourts. Stephen Klay is a guy that comes in
from U I see six months off, a little bit
of a combo player. Kenny White has some nice familiarity
with the OVC. So so far, some pretty good move
being made by more at State. You saw Jeremy Humana.

He was over at Rhode Island this last season. He
has decided that he is going to be heading on
over to Mississippi State. I believe that he was going
to be going to high Point before. He's been sort
of flip flopping a little bit. And for for me,
he was as a freshman last season at six foot
eleven walking about five and a half points per contest

three and a half boards. Didn't necessarily see the world's
greatest about of minutes. But this is again something that
speaks to you with regards to Mississippi State. If Fomena
is a guy that's going to be able to come
in there be a little bit of an energy guy
give you about ten minutes five follows per contest, you're
probably gonna get shape. If Mississippi State is having this
guy give you like thirty plus minutes as they do

lose quite a bit from a season ago. Totally Smith
is out of eligibility after one hundred million million years.
I'm pretty sure that DJ Jefferies is out of eligibility
as well, like he has to be out of eligibility.
That guy's been in college basketball for forever. But except
for Mississippi State, they've been a little bit silent here
in the transfer portal in terms of bringing in big men.
They've been prioritizing a little bit more of the backcourd

bringing in Kanye Cleary, was the top scorer of at
Penn State before he decided to leave the program. They
do bring in Michael Nwoko, who was over at Miami
just sort of was stuck in the shadow of no
Chad Omir, But they've been very much prioritizing bringing in
a little bit more on the back court. Though. They
do have Kashawn Murphy, who was toying with the idea
of the transfer portal coming back as well. For Mississippi State,

I think that's going to be power for the course
for them once again. Probably going to be once again
very very good on defense, all Christians teams are. But
I do think that in terms of giving it something
in terms of three point shitting what have you, probably
is going to be leaving a little bit of something
to be desired there. Jackson Skipper, he was playing this
last season over at Vermont. He has decided that he
is going to be going to Oral Roberts. For Oral

Roberts he just haven't had a lot of wins here
in the offseason, and for Skipper was only able to
get out there on the floor for Vermont for eleven
games this last season. I do think that there's going
to be a little bit of upside here for mister Skipper.
He was able to shoot fifty five percent from three
part range in the limited amount of minutes that he played,
and he's an Oklahoma guy. Oral Roberts is based out
there in and around the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, So

I do think that this is going to be a
relatively solid fit there. Just feel like this Role Roberts
team is missing a little bit of something. When they
were really a peak form a few seasons ago under
Paul Mills, they were playing relatively up tempo. They were
a team that shot the three very well, and I
do think the Skipper can be able to give them
a little bit in terms of three point shitty. But
you could tell that under Russell Springman this last season
they were trying to run something that was very similar,

but they didn't have necessarily the tempo to be able
to run it. They need to be able to bring
in a strong point guard. In my opinion because when
they were really firing all cylinders, they had a guy
by the name of Max Aspis, perhaps you've heard of him.
He was pretty darn good for them, and without having
that strong point guard just really as went down the tubes.
And I don't know who or Roberts has brought in
that can necessarily be their guy, though they have brought

in quite a bit of talent. Sim l Agke who
comes in from Rice. I think that he's going to
be able to help the seam out a little bit.
Carlos Rosario is able to help out down Loy, They
get back Isaac McBride who was toying with the idea
of the transfer portal. No real point guards just yet though,
so you do have a few question marks on that front.
You do have a few question marks when it comes
to this program as well. But they were able to

answer some of those questions, as you did see Julian
with Shwayne decided to go to un LV for U
and LV. They've been a little bit more silent here
in the transfer portal than they have been in past years.
I know that Kevin Krueger in his first season, he
was really hitting the transfer portal hard and heavy, and
if for Shwayne is able to maintain some health, I
do think that you've got a nice upside guy. Problem
is he just hasn't been able to stay out there

on the floor. Played just eight games eight season ago.
This is pretty much going to be season number six
from he was over with the Dollons in San Francisco
for quite a bit of time. Best year is when
he was able to log eight points per conscious and
shout about thirty six percent for three and THRENNA screers
shot about thirty six percent for three. When he was
at Florida, saw very sparing amount of minutes. He only
played eight games due to injury, shot forty percent for
three when he was out there on the floor. But

for you, alb, if they get a clean built health
for him, he can really elevate their offense. That is
a big giant if though. But for Mississippi State, they
also got another win in the transfer portal. I was
talking about it more of an ancillary move that they
made about a minute.

Speaker 3 (34:48):
Or two ago.

Speaker 2 (34:49):
How about them being able to get Riley kogle in.
That's another guy that was playing over at Florida this
past season. He had a little bit of an underachieving
season in my opinion, I know that a lot of
pro scouts liked him coming into the season, probably heard
his stock a little bit after he was an All
SEC freshman two seasons ago was able to log about
nine points three and a half boards, a little bit
of a seal per contest. For Mississippi State, they need

to get a little bit more on the offensive side
of things, and if Google can just develop that three
point shot a little bit more, and I feel like
we're able to say that about a lot of guys
from Mississippi State, that is gonna be big. As he
shot as a freshman from three parts for Florida about
thirty seven a half percent from three is a six
and five, do it all sort of player. He's very
good on the defensive side of things. Would like to
see him rebound a table bit more, but I know

that Christians is probably gonna be able to instill that
in him. But him going on over to Mississippi State,
that is a very nice ad for them, and it's
been a nice shall we say, forty eight or so
hours for Mississippi State in general. You have Cameron Barnes
decided that he is going to be going from Mole
Miss and he's going to be going to Illinois State.
He was a red shirt freshman this past season, was
unable to get out there on the floor. But this

is a nice little by low Sell high sort of situation.
As for Barnes, according to two four to seven Sports,
when he was coming out of high he wasn't like
some sort of five star guy or anything like that,
but a top twenty five prospect in the great State
of Texas, a three star guy that is probably not
going to be going out there necessarily laying the world
on fire from three from everything that I'm seeing, but
gonna be a little bit mistaken there as he spent

a year red shirtings, so perhaps he was trying to
be able to up his game a little bit on
that front. That said, this is going to be a
relative We saw a pickup for any S team that
has just been a lot of transition last few seasons,
and but it's been really liking for them, and I
just don't think that they have it here finding that
go to guy. They have really lacked that over the
last few seasons. And Illinois Steed, you just need to
get a bucket kidder. So that's something to take a

look at. This is a big one. As you saw
Bryce Johnson decide that he is going to be going
back to Sacred Art. And sometimes the best gits are
the ones that you've already got on your roster. Bryce
Johnson has been very good for Sacred over the last
few seasons. Now for mister Johnson, very very unfortunate. He
was just unable to be healthy this past season. He

was playing over at North Eastern. He just did a big,
giant nothing burger for Northeastern this past season, two points
per contest for a Northeastern team that wasn't even any good.
Like I have a tremendous expect I have tremendous respect
for what Bill Cohen has done in the past. But
this last decade, Bill Cohen has really fallen off. I
have no idea what's happening with that program. Because for
Johnson when it was last at Sacred Art during the

two thousand and twenty two to twenty three season, was
a dominator out there in the NEC ten points, eight
and a half boards. He was able to do a
lot about two assists a steal per contest, did a
little bit of everything, shot thirty two and a half
percent from three part range as a six to six,
a little bit of a doing it all guy, and
a Northeastern team that just contains some myer and mediocrity.
He couldn't find a spot for him. I think that

that says a little bit more about Northeastern than it
does on Bryce Johnson and him coming back to Sacred
a team that really just hasn't done a twenty year
in the transfer portal in the NAC Your nil collectors,
no doubt about it, shock shock, surprize price. They are
quite filling out two million dollars for a great oaths
of board as of right now. But for Sacred Art,
very very good gift for them, and one that I

felt like was very much much needed. As they also
are going to be bringing in Griffin Baruk. I believe
that he was playing over at Hufstra this past season.
You also have Cameron Sheffield. He's going to be heading
on over to Duke. This is much of what I
was talking about in segment number one. If Cameron Sheffield
is coming in, perhaps is a little bit of a
microwave scorer shot thirty percent for three part range over

at Rice during the twenty and twenty two to twenty
three season, miss all of last year due to injury.
If you're utilizing him as a gadget guy, if you're
utilizing him a little bit towards the end of the bench,
probably a good thing for Duke. If Cameron Sheffield is
seeing meaningful minutes and they were relying upon Cameron Sheffield
to bail them out, suddenly as went horribly wrong over
at Duke, and one of these seems like a Duke.

I've got like one or two roster spots or many.
They're just looking for competent guys to be able to
fill it out. I feel like that's much of what
happened with mister Sheffield, and hopefully Sheffield is getting a
little bit of an eye all out of it. You
always want to see these guys be able to prosper.
That said, I think that fair is fair when I
say mister Sheffield and saying about low in a minutes
reduked something as went wrong there, Michael, and I always

get this last name incorrect. Emma RAJB hopefully has said
that correctly. He was playing over at Houston Christian this
last season. Six p't seven do an all sort of
player and the only guy in Usteron Christian that was
willing to grab a rebound for them actually began his
career at non D one McMurray College eleven and a
half points, eight and a half boards a block per contest.

He has decided that he is going to be taking
his salts from USA Christian and he is going to
be heading on over to Wright State. Right State needs
a little bit more defense, and not to say that
Emma raj Bay is necessarily going to be able to
instill that He's Houston Christian was one of the worst
defensive teams in all of college basketball. But for Wright State,
they did a relatively solid job being able to glass
down low with the likes of AJ Brown and company,

and with Braun moving on and moving in the transfer portal,
they did need to bring in a little bit of
a replacement. I feel like if Wright State does want
to elevate, they're going to need to play a little
bit more defense, and I do feel like Wright State
has taken strides to be able to go in the
right direction. They also got Jack Dombia, who's going to
be coming in from Norfolk State. Norfolk State typically a
relatively solid job of being able to guard the perimeter.

So I would like to see a little bit more
from this Right State team, considering they are going to
be losing guys like Tanner holding a company from a
season GOO. But for Right State, I do think that
that's a solid pickup. And we did see for UW.
Green Bay in terms of their coaching staff, they are
going to be maintaining much of the coaching staff that
they were expected to have this past season. As Jordan McCabe,
you may remember him as a standout over at also

UNLV and West Virginia. He is a guy from the
great state of Wisconsin. I believe that he played at Kakana, Wisconsin,
which that's mere miles away from where I grew up.
He is going to be saying on the coaching staff,
he's probably gonna do a whole like a lot of
better job of coaching, and he's probably gonna care aholic
a lot more than Doug Gottlieb. He is going to
be saying on the coaching staff, So you W. Green Bay,
look at what you've got inside. If things do go

horribly wrong here, which I do expect them to, and
we were alluding to that in segment number two with
our guests as a big thing to Nick Lawrenson are
joining me in last segment. He does great work over
at mid madjre Mandnus. If you do like if you're
in front of the side podcast because because hems, you're
able to subscribe wherever your podcast Apple Podcasts, Google, by Spotify,
sit your right, doun it if you have a question
comment segment idea what I have you for this podcast?
You do have one of two ways weel for those

in first one is my Twitter slash x sieline at
Juna R forty one keep in mind learns the other
thing he does i'matter sized, prett usual. Please send the
end of the timeline. Other ways find an Apple podcast review.
If you rate those podcast five stars, it is very
much appreciate it. From there, hearble Frier and whatever you'd like.
You're on this podcast the five review. I'm coming ask
you guys every single day on this podcast, so coming
back with you want to get him out. Thank you
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