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May 18, 2024 38 mins

Greg talks about why the teams with the most travel in a new conference might be the ones that struggle the most this season,, talks to Curtis Rogers of 710 Seattle Sports about the challenges facing the Pac-12 teams going to the Big Ten, Great Osabor’s great pay day,, & UW Green Bay hiring Doug Gottlieb, & Greg recaps Friday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:35-Why the teams that travel the most might struggle the most

13:15-Interview with Curtis Rogers

35:57-Recap of Friday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
If one believe, welcome him on the Las Vegas but
with myself Craigie Peterson. Now for the Beats of Family podcast,
maybe on excellent podcast where you as doing, I mean
segment number two, we are going to be joined by
one of our good friends, Curtis Rogers. He does absolutely
amazing workover at subten Seattle Sports, and we're gonna be
chatting with him about just what we've seen over the
last few days. In general. He is out there in

the great state of Washington, so no doubt we have
to talk about the fact that great Osupport got the
money that he did. We're Washington is going to be
going from here and I did this interview before we
did see Tyree Ianajo go to Washington, but we're gonna
be getting a little bit of insight there. We also
have to dive in on what to expect to have
you to b Green Bay. I wish I could just
stop talking about this topic, but it's just absolutely ridiculous

what we are going to be seeing over there at
UW Green Bay. A full time radio show was over
at Fox Sports Radio. Is now the head coach of
a college basketball team. I never thought I would see
the day, but we're going to be diving in on
that and so much more, and then in the final segment,
we're going to be taking a look at just all
the news and uts of college basketball from Friday, and

something else we're going to be talking about with Curtis
is what to expect out of these teams that were
formerly of the Pac twelve and what to expect from
them in the Big Ten and the teams with the
easiest and the hardest adjustments as well. And if you
do like peering from this fine podcast seems able to
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I employ you please send in those Twitter slides tacks questions.
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starts it, it's very much appreciate it. From there, are
able fire in whatever you'd like to here on this
podcast via that five star review in It is going

to be really fascinating to see what we are going
to be getting from these teams that are in transition,
because I do think that something big that we are
going to be talking about with Curtis just alluded to
it how we expect these Pac twelve teams to adjust,
and it's an adjustment period on all fronts for these
Pac twelve teams. They're going to be having to go
to the Central and Eastern time zones, and I do
think that's going to be a little bit more rough

on them, just because when you do have these teams
like Wisconsin, when you've got a school like even to
utilize the ACC, example North Carolina having to play against Stanford,
it's more like one sometimes two trips a year for
these teams. Meanwhile, for a school like USC, other than
when they're playing against UCLA one of those other schools

out there in the Pacific time zone, they're going to
be having to go out to the Eastern and Central
time zones pretty much half of their weeks out of
the college basketball season. I do think that the travel
is very much something to take a look at. I've
been talking about it much of the offseason. But I
think that that's the biggest adjustment that we're going to make,
and let's call it what it is. A little bit
of this is going to be throwing out there's something

in terms of a number that we think is going
to be rock solid, and we're going to need adjust
from there. That's what all handicapping is. You think that
you've got a rock solid number and then you see
results that lead you to believe otherwise, or it is
rock solid. If it is, well, you keep on going
with it. You try to see if there's going to
be something that you need to do in order to
adjust in order to stay ahead of the curve, because

if you're not evolving, that is not a good thing,
and you don't want to have things dry up on you.
But at the same time, I do think that this
is going to be really the biggest thing to take
a look at for this upcoming college basketball season, just
with how many conferences are going to be looking a
little bit different. And that's going to be the case
the next few seasons in general, we're not going to
be seeing as many of the bigger conferences. They're going

to be in transition. But our good front, Curtis Rodgers. Unfortunately,
we're not going to be able to get to it
in this chat with him. But he's out there in Seattle.
As we know, Seattle, you have want Grand Canyon. They're
going to be heading on over to the WCC. How
does that affect them? Perhaps the positive because as we know,
the WHACK has been one of the most spreadout conferences
in all of college basketball. If you got a team
like Seattle having you had to Utvo Grand Valley ahead

Steve f Awes and things like that, being able to
stay more in the state of California and being able
to stay out there in the Pacific slash Mountain time
zone and Arizona they're just their own time zone. That's
actually a little bit of an advantage for them. So
the travel I respect is always so big. But whether
this man is at home, whether he's on the road,
whether he's in a neutral site, he's always winning. Curtis Rogers,

he does great workover at seven Tenths Seattle Sports. He's
going to be joined me next, going to be talking
about those transitionary pac twelve teams, going to be talking
about great osibor Doug Godly, Penny to U tow Green
Bay and so much more right here on Goups with
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the last bang Gouds with myself, Gret you S. Peterson
now part of the Visa Family podcast and it is
great to be driven by this man is Curtis Rodgers.
It does absolutely tremendous workover at seven ten Seattle Sports,
they can look at so many things. He is doing
an amazing job this year looking at baseball. He is
the Seattle Mariners pre and postgame host. But on top
of that, whether it be the Seattle Crack and the

Seattle Seahawks, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Washington Huskies, you name it, he
does it. If it's out there in the Pacific Northwest,
he's doing an amazing job being break it all down
and is an absolutely tremendous college basketball mind. The year
will find on Twitter slash x along with Instagram at
a kid from Kent all together and Curtis always pleasure,
my friend, Thank you, Greg.

Speaker 2 (07:10):
Always happy to join you here talking college basketball. I
know that it's May, but there have been plenty of
headlines that have come our way over the last couple
of weeks, especially ones that are very hot topic out
here in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the coaching carousel
getting fired up over the last couple of weeks when
we thought it had slowed down. No, no, no, there
was some news to be made on that front as well.

Speaker 1 (07:32):
How about if we start there, because with the hire
that was made, it effectively stop the coaching carousels just
because nobody else I think would have hired this guy on.
As Doug Gottlie becomes the head coach over at UW
Green Bay, was it attached Jenny College. As a matter
of fact, the only attachment he has is a Fox
Sports radio where he will still be doing his national

show as he coaches the UW Green Bay Phoenix. Want
to get your overall thoughts here, because it's not uncommon
for a coach I have like a local one hour
a week radio show or something like that talking about oh,
whereas team is that. Essentially it's a one hour win
one for the Gippers beach to their fan base. It's
typically not three hours of talking about hot topics in

terms of football things like that. And with this requiring
a studio, trying to find one of those out there
like the middle of Indiana might not be the easiest
task in the world.

Speaker 2 (08:25):
I'm looking at the horizon League. I mean, where are
you going to find a studio in Fort Wayne when
you play IPFW at Northern Kentucky, Wright State, Youngstown State.
I mean, these are not exactly hotbeds for you know,
for sports talk radio around this country. Not to diminish
the sports talk radio that exists in those great cities,

but yeah, Doug Gottlieb to continue to do his national
radio show while also being the head coach. It's like,
how hard are you really, you know, working at either
one of those things, Because you and I know how
much effort goes into putting on, you know, just a
three or four hour daily radio show. It's not just
the hours that you're on the air, but you're also

you know, doing hours of prep beforehand. You're also doing
stuff after the show in order to get ready for
the next day. That in itself is a full time job.
I can't imagine him having enough time to recruit for
this job. I get that the Horizon League, you're not
recruiting maybe the best of the best in terms of
college basketball talent out there, but I just do not

see a world in which this ends with cutting down
the nets, winning the Horizon League, going onto the NCAA
tournament year in the year out. If Gottley wants to
actually climb the coaching ladder, I respect him for starting
out in a spot like Milwaukee in the Horizon League.
We're not talking to, you know, a Power five program,
what have you. But if I'm a school that sees

maybe some success out of Milwaukee over the next couple
of years, and I'm interested in Doug Gottlie as a
potential hire, I'm having some serious conversation about him continuing
his radio show if I want to hire this guy
as my full time head coach, because just having that
around does not make I think for a winning environment.

If you heard his introductory press conference, I mean, this
is a guy that does not sound like he's here
for having a good time, with some pretty interesting comments
about that job. I just don't see how it's gonna
work well for him. I applaud Wisconsin Milwaukee for the
headline grabbing higher because you got to do something like that.
I thought, you know, Sundance Wicks was a really good

head coach for them, you know. Unfortunate to see him go,
but that's what happens when the carousel gets turned on.
Here in the month of May, Jeff Linder leaving Wyoming
for Texas Tech. Yeah, Doug GOTTLIEB. I just don't see
how it ends well for either side. But if you're Milwaukee,
you got to kind of make that move just to
kind of tell people like, hey, we exist, like we're
not an afterthought.

Speaker 1 (10:53):
Hey. I did think it might be good news for
Milwaukee because they'll get to face off against unw Green
Bay twice a year. And for the Phoenix, I just
don't know how this is going to be going for them.
If there is one thing I will say, the upside
with Doug gottlie if I think, is higher than anyone
else that they could have had. But the floor is
much lower, and you are much much much more likely
to get the floor rather than the ceiling if you

are the old Phoenix. It's joining me on the show.
We do have Curtis Rogers. He's as a tremendous workover
at some ten Seattle sports, joining me radire on Coast
to Cos Soups and certainly you tow Green Bay hiring
on Doug Gottie that has been capturing everyone's attention. But
in your neck of the woods, we saw something very
startling on Monday as well with a record deal for
Great Osuport. Now, I think that there have been college

players in the past I went underreported that made a
little bit more money than Great Osa Bor. But it's
a different conversation for a different day. But what was
your reaction when you heard this, because I don't think
that was the most startling thing that Great os boor
followed Danny Sprinkle on over to Washington. But you can
tell that schools that have yet to make necessarily all
of their requisite moves through the upcoming season, Teams that

have a starting rotation spot or two to be filled,
they obviously are feeling the pressure of being able to
fill that spot, and they're willing to show out all
the money that they've got in order to be competitors
this upcoming season.

Speaker 2 (12:11):
Yeah, I think in Washington's case, they're going to have
to overpay in order to get solid talents like Great Osabor,
Mountain West player of the Year last year. Bringing him
over this is the third stop now that him and
Danny Sprinkle have been together for We talked to Danny
Sprinkle about a month or so ago, was shortly after
he had gotten hired by Washington, and just kind of like, yeah,

we're ready to play that portal game. And that's exactly
what they've done since Sprinkle has landed here in Seattle,
haven't lost much guys from the Mike Hopkins era. Bring
in Great Osibor and then also keeping zoom Diallo around,
which was a huge task for Danny Sprinkle once he
got on to campus here because zoom Diallo a huge

local recruit, kind of on that fringe five star high
four star rating. I know, I think he dropped out
a little bit to twenty four seven Sports, But yeah,
Washington is going to have to overpay for top transfer
portal talent, and that's exactly what Great Osibor was, especially
at this portion of the portal where it's just kind
of a few guys left making their decisions. I think

Osibor is a limited player. He's not somebody that's going
to be able to, you know, take you out near
the three point line. In fact, he made just a
couple of threes last year for Utah State, a very
small three point shooting percentage, but very good around the
rim for sure, I mean, average nearly eighteen points a game,
nine boards, A great post presence to have and in
college basketball. It's not like it how it is in

the NBA, where you're asking, you know, your seven foot
center or in great Osibors case, six foot eight center
for where you're not asking them to shoot too many
threes these days, you're asking them to be kind of
those traditional post presences. And I think that's what he
can be for this Danny Sprinkle team. And I imagine
the familiarity between Osibor and Sprinkle is going to work
wonders because you know, they've been together for a long

time and multiple stops. Getting back to the two million
dollar price tag, I'm not shocked that we're seeing those
kinds of figures thrown around. The most stunning thing is
how just a couple of years ago players weren't getting
this kind of money at all, and now it kind
of speaks to, oh, man, this could have been theirs
years and years ago. If this had simply been the case.
I think the sticker shock and a lot of these

nil deals is going to kind of go away soon.
But yeah, that two million dollar figure, especially from a
program like Washington, which historically in the Pac twelve they
were kind of a middle to maybe bottom half program historically.
Now they go to the Big Ten, where I feel
like the competition is going to ramp up a lot
for them over the next couple of years. You kind
of have to make moves like this if you want

to get eyes on your program.

Speaker 1 (14:42):
And it's just so interesting to look at as well,
because you mentioned at the just rise and prices. We
were outraged a few years ago when DeAndre Ayton was
getting one hundred thousand dollars from Arizona. So it's as
early went up and DeAndre eighton. I would put him
in a little bit more regard than Great Osa Bora
as well. So, man, it has been so interesting to
look out that front, and I do want to that point.

Speaker 2 (15:05):
Tony Bland is back. He's going to be an assistant
coach for Washington. So it's funny how just a couple
of years after that, you see how things have just
kind of you know, cooler heads have prevailed, and guys
who are wrapped up in that last FBI investigation they're
back in college basketball now.

Speaker 1 (15:21):
Yeah, if it certainly is interesting. This is a new
day and age of college basketball. But one thing that
stays the same, the great insight of our good friend
Curtis Rogers, he is going to be right here on
soep's been Curtis. It is going to be interesting to
look at that new look Big Ten because, as we know,
Washington is going to be coming over there, USC is
going to be going over there Ucla as well. How

do you think it is going to go for these
pack both teams that are entering into the Big Ten,
Because I do feel like everyone just across the board
is going to be in a lot of transition because
those teams like Wisconsin, Rutgers, Minnesota that have to travel
to the West coast, they're going to face a whole
bunch of challenges. But at the same time, you've also
got all these West those teams that half of the
year they're going to be spending time in the Central

and Eastern time zones, and I'm sure that's going to
be very strange for them.

Speaker 2 (16:07):
Yeah, it's going to be just a weird, weird adjustment
for every single one of these programs that is moving
over to the Big Ten. You look at UCLA and USC,
I think they're going to have probably the easiest adjustment,
especially because they have the fertile la recruiting ground that
they are in and talent wins out. Talent always wins out.

I would hope though, that the kids that are going
to those schools are okay with the amount of travel
that they're going to be doing to the Central time
zone and the Eastern time zone, because all of a sudden,
now UCLA and Rutgers are in the same conference, UCLA
and Maryland are in the same conference. UCLA and Penn
State are in the same conference. That's a lot of
mileage that these schools are going to have over the

course of the next few years. I think UCLA is
done a really really good job in the transfer portal,
which is something that they had not really taken advantage
of under mccronin especially over the last couple of years.
But adding Kobe Johnson, Sky Clark, Eric Daily Junior, I
think those are going to be some really big helps
for them. I like what USC did in hiring Eric Musselman.
I think that is a step up from Andy Enfield.

I think they improved in that area. I think Indy
Enfield leaving for SMU may have been a blessing in
disguise for the Trojans, especially because kind of the circus
that was surrounding this year's team obviously with Bronnie James
being there and then Bronnie not quite living up to
the hype that surrounded his presence on campus. I think
Eric Musselman is going to have that USC program putting

a lot more consistently differently than what Andy Enfield was.
Enfield had some really competitive teams, but it felt like
those teams were a lot more limited than what Musselman
was able to accomplish at Arkansas. And as for Washington,
I think they are going to have the toughest climb.
Their facilities just aren't up to speed with what the
Big Ten has to offer. Oregon's going to be an

interesting one to watch, especially because of Dana Altman's history
in the Midwest. He knows that recruiting ground, He knows
just what goes on over there. I know it's been
over a decade since he went to Eugene, but I
can't imagine that he has thrown away those contacts that
he had when he was at Creton for all those years.
So if I'm ranking in terms of the difficulty of
the transition, I'm gonna say Washington has the toughest transition,

and then probably Oregon after them, and then I'll go
usc in the UCLA round it out in terms of
difficulty adjusting to the Big ten.

Speaker 1 (18:27):
Yeah, And to your point, Mick Cronin having coached in
Cincinnati for so many years and UCLA in general cooking
a lot of teams that are out there in the Midwest,
in the northeast part of the country. I know that
they play Marquette Union year out. That should be able
to help them out a little bit moving forward. And
then obviously getting in the musbus who is coaching over
there at Arkansas certainly not the same as a Big ten,

but that's man that has been all around the block
and he knows how it goes in the Central time zone.
As Curtis Rogers, he is trying to be right here
Oncas Soups and that's been an interesting offseason thus far.
No doubt we have talked him. Pass Up says about Gonzaga,
they picked up another gentleman from Alvin Christian that I
feel like was a little bit more of a death
piece and insurance piece. But all in all, we know

that they have had an absolutely tremendous season here in
the off season with everyone that they've been able to
keep her on. But We're a few teams, whether they're
in the western part of the country, whether they're in
the eastern part of the country, could just be whatever
you'd like that you take a look at what they've
done this offseason and you're very impressed by what they've
been able to do.

Speaker 2 (19:25):
Yeah, well, I mean, how about Indiana getting two very
veteran pieces in the transfer portal. Umar Balo, who comes
over has played big minutes for Arizona and Gonzaga over
the course of his career. And then you've also got
Miles Rice, one of the stories of the year in
college basketball last year, leading that Washington State team to
the NCAA Tournament. He was Freshman of the Year in

the Pac twelve. He now joins that Indiana ball club.
I know Mike Woodson's under a lot of pressure, especially
considering the year that he had, really kind of the
years that he has had. I think Indiana is a
team that needed a jolt, and as we know, bringing
in these veteran guys in the transfer portal, they are
going to I think be a quicker fix, a band aid,

as it were, than waiting around for a freshman or
a sophomore to develop in a more linear role. These
two guys, you know, have had tons of production already
in their college basketball careers. Ballow is kind of your
classic college basketball big and that you need him to
take up space down in the middle. He is a
little limited offensively. I wouldn't ask him to do anything

outside about eight feet from the rim. And also free
throw shooting has been his biggest hang up. It was
a big reason why they struggled in conference plays that
teams were, you know, getting him in foul trouble or
teams were just kind of hacking him and forcing him
to shoot free throw. So that's something that Indiana fans
are going to have to deal with. And Miles Rice too,
He's a little limited outside the three point arc. If

he can get a consistent jump shot going for him.
He's a big, slasher type guard. He's really fun to watch,
really fast, but he needs to kind of develop a
jump shot if he wants to take his game to
the next level. But I still think that even with
their limitations, I think Indiana did a really good job
in landing both of those guys who can be difference
making players on their very best nights.

Speaker 1 (21:10):
Yeah, and I think that the teams in general that
we're able to land some of these Washington State transfers.
Andre IGMASI going on over to Colorado. Hey, if Jalen
Wells decides to go back to school, as his NBA
draft stock has been rising very fast, he's got one
of the more interesting NBA draft decisions. Those are all
teams that I think are winners, just like we're winners
when we get you a ward, Curtis, because you do

an amazing job take a look at this great game
of basketball that we all know and love. But additionally,
I know that you're doing an amazing job when it
comes to taking a look at baseball, when it comes
to taking a look at football, and so much more
so love to get people at home. It's all on
that for you. And now people can fall on on
social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (21:48):
Yeah, we've got a lot going on. Hecky, college basketball
this time of year, normally under normal circumstances, is quiet,
but plenty of stuff going on in the transfer portal
with all three of the Power five schools around here,
kintagga U dub Washington State. You know with Seattle, you
how about Seattle you getting bumped up to the Dwest
Coast Conference too. We didn't talk about that. That was

big news them and Grand Canyon joined the WCC in
twenty twenty five. Shout out to that program. Shout out
to Chris Vickior, a lot of momentum for them going forward.
We have plenty of reaction to that over the last week.
And check it out at Seattlesports dot com and make
sure you're following on Twitter at a kid from Kent.

Speaker 1 (22:24):
Curtis does such great work taking a look at this
great game all twelve months of the year. Every single
time he joins the show. One's such good insight. So
big thanks for Curtis for joining me on GOSE. He's
now part of the VSA Family podcast w Bexit is
that time of the podcast. I give you a recap
of the news, announce that we saw dog basketball the
last week for hours. Ye now beg your love Las

Vegas with us. Good SUPs with myself, Gregnate Speterson now
part of the Vson family and podcast. Always great to
be able to get Curtis Rogers aboard. He does such
great work over had some ten Seattle Sports to get
a look at this great game that we all know
love of college basketball. Every single time he joins me,
he went such good insights and he sure zech did
so once again today. So big thanks to Curtis for

joining me in last segment. Now it is that time
the podcast they give you a recap of the new
s announce that we saw in college basketball on Friday.
I thought that this was a critical ad and I
think that this is a tremendous ad. Dylan Mitchell. It
was over at Texas this last season. He decided that
he is going to be staying out there in the
Big twelve and he is on to Cincinnati. And this
is a big pickup for the Bearcats because they had
been rather silent in the transfer portal thus far, and

the identity of Cincinnati last year was having as he's
Ben Dango be able to do a nice job on
the boards. They weren't able to get a lot of
Jamile Reynolds, but up until this point they brought in
Connor Rickman, who was real. So we saw the Bradley
and then our intend page. He's a big band from
usc that was really just stuck in the shadow of
a little bit of everyone. But for Cincinnati, it was

very clear that they need to add a little bit
of size. They needed to add a big man to
be able to just maintain that style of play that
they had eight season go. And this is a team
that has really been able to bear down on defense
since Wasmeller has been able to come into the fold.
And now they've got that guy. And for Cincinnati, I
do think that you're gonna probably have a few struggles
moving forward. They bring back a lot from a season ago.

They bring back the guys like Assimius Lucatius who had
good versatility. Gisel James was able to see some nice
minutes towards the back half of the season last year
as well. They don't quite have the size that they
did that season ago with Mendango and company. But on
all I thought that this was a very big time
move for them, and I thought that that was of
great importance. This was one of those guys that was
committed to Wyoming and has a side now that he

is going to be joining Danny's brinkover at Washington. Tyree Ianacho.
I do not believe that he got two million dollars,
but he's going to be heading on over to Washington.
Very versatile player last season over right North Dakota fourteen
and a half points five boards for assists. Not a
guy that's gonna light it up from three part range,
but a guy that is capable of popping it from
three part range. A good, just solid guy. I think

it's going to be fitting the Danny Sprinkle style. Now,
I do think that Washington is going to be in
for a little bit of our off COVID in the
Big ten. And the only reason why I didn't ask
Curtis Rodgers about this one is that we did not
know that mister Ianacho was committing to Washington at the
time of interview. But for Washington, they've done a nice
job to be able to tool a little bit. Obviously
great ospore. That is the greatest ad for them. I
should you take a look at this backcourt, though I

do have a few question marks with it. DJ Davis
was a nice score, while or Uc Irvine was a
nice score over at Butler this last season. But Lewis
co Wright coming in from Rhode Island, you do have
some question marks there. Now, Ianacho, I do think he's
going to be taking the load off of a little
bit of everyone just because he doesn't do one thing great,
but he does everything relatively solid. Again, only shout about

thirty and a half percent from three part range last
few seasons. But I said, he's able to facilitate, He's
able to give you a few rebounds, He's able to
do a nice job of just leading this team in
so many different ways. So I do think that that
is a very big pickup for them, and I think
that this is a pretty solid pickup as well as
we did see Lemoyne be able to pick up Zach
tech And who last season was over at Siena. Sienna

was just an absolute sinking ship. I mean, that was
rough to say the least, but Zach Dekin was one
of the few guys that was able to give you
a relatively good amount of games for Sienna. He was
out there for twenty three games, nine points, three assists.
He wasn't expected to have a big role for Ciena
after he was pretty much glued to the bench as freshman,
but was able to step in, did a nice show
to be able to facilitate, did have a few turnovers,

but keep in mind CNA had absolutely nothing around him
last season like that was one of the most dismal
programs in all of college basketball. Now he goes to
a program in Lamoine that they're looking to build something
up and out there in the NEC, and year number one,
the Dolphins were a relatively nice surprise. They don't necessarily
have a lot of size, but they've got versatility, so
you're gonna need teching to hit the boards a little

bit more. But I like what they've done here in
the PORTLD. They bring in Trevor Rowe, who's a six
point eight big man who comes in for Bradford he
was a little bit glued to the bench. But they
also bring in Will Amika, who he was playing over
at Albany a few seasons ago. For Amika, he was
not able to really give you a whole lot of production.
But that said, he's a little bit of an upside guy.
I do think that he's going to be able to
come in there, and I do think that he's going

to be able to make a bit of an impact
as well, after he just spent a few injury redled
seasons over at Albany. So I do think that out
there in the NEC, the Elphins, they are starting to
be able to find their sea legs. And I thought
that that was a nice pickup for them. Ali abdu Diba,
he was one of the main guys over at Ablin
Christian this last season. He was able to log fifteen
and a half points to a will to put in

their four and a half rebounds. Began his career over
at Chicago State. He's going to be adding to SIU
Southern Illinois the old sulukis as he actually began his
career over at Chicago State. So he's got a lot
of familiarity with the area with Aldi Abdude, but just
was unable to stay healthy in that one year they
spent over at Chicago State. But someone that shot thirty
five percent for three point range, very versatile guy. Someone

was able to give you some nice steals, some nice turnovers.
Now for Southern Oninois, do you have to have your
question mark? Says I like the previous coaching regime that
they had and decided to move on despite the fact
that they won twenty games a season ago. I think
that this is going to be a very very interesting
team to be able to gage, to say the least,
because over the last few seasons, Southern Illinois has been

very much a one mile man, whether that be Marcus
Somaz completely taking takes over. A few seasons ago or
last year you saw it was just running all through
Xavier Brown. But I like quite a few of the
pickups that they've been able to have. Davion Sykes is
going to be coming into the program. I think that
that is going to be nice for them. Jarreed Hensley
is someone that they have for right now been able
to hold on to, so I think that that is

going to be big moving forward. And Scott and Aggy,
we saw him have quite a bit of success over
at Right State. Over at Right State played a lot
more up Temple and played a whole lot less defense
than Southern Illinois used to. So I think that this
is going to be a very intriguing team out there
in a Missouri Valley conference that though it's a little
bit more up Temple than it was a few seasons ago,
still a lot of defense oriented teams out there as well.

Though we have been seeing quite a bit of shift,
especially with Alexa Murray State and Felmon entering into the
fold as well. Jamie Bergen he has decided that he
is good to be going to Fairfield as last season
he was over at Drexel wasn't some guy that was
necessarily lagging the world on fire or anything like that.
But I do think that he's going to be able
to come in. I do think that he's going to
be able to do a solid job of just being

able to fill a roll for this team. For virgin
he was a part of a bunch in Drexel that
played some amazing defense that actually began his career over
at Ora. Roberts has only been about a career thirty
or so percent three point shooter, and while he was
at Drexel, his best year was during the twenty twenty
two twenty three campaign. He was able to walk about
six half points per contest. I envisioned him being a
little bit more of a facilitator. At six foot two,

he's not honcessarily the strongest shooter in the world, and
I do think that that is a pretty big need
as of right now for Fairfield with all that they've
lost here in the transfer portal. Losing Jasper Floyd, I
thought was very crucial for them. But Fairfield they were
able to do a nice job moving on from Jay
Young very very immediately, just weeks before the start of
the season last year. That entire coaching staff was able

to do the best in a bad situation, and they've
really hit the portal hard as they're bringing in Dion
Perry double figure score for loyal Maryland, a guy that
is able to facilitate James Johnson as someone that is
going to be sticking with the program as well. They
bringing Kyle Jenkins six and seven, do it all sort
of player that comes in from Blafayette. So really like
the moves that have been made here and I do

like this move as well as we've got Damn Lewis
heading out over to Miami of Ohio. Damn Lewis when
he was over at Eastern Illinois during the twenty twenty
one twenty two season, but all qualifying players shooting north
of fifty two percent from three pinte this past year
took a little bit of a fall off, shot right
around about thirty eight percent from three part range, logged

about seven points per contest. He's a one trick pony.
He really doesn't do anything other than shoot threes. But
at six to five, he's got relatively good size for
Miami of Ohio. It's been a little bit tough going,
which I have coe he just has never really been
a good coach. I was never really bullish on when
he was over at Xavier. He just has not done
the world's great shots in my opinion over at Miami
of Ohio either. But for Miami of Ohio, I actually

really do like this pickup for them. It's a mac
comference and just in general has been very very much down.
So I do think that they're gonna be able to
make a little bit of noise if some of these
pieces are able to work out. They bring in Peter Soonter,
a nice suble figure scorer from bell over Men Campcraft.
He was under the tutelage of mister Seal many years
ago over at Xavier, just wasn't seeing a lot of minutes.
He's coming in there as well. So Miami Ohio has

done a nice job just being able to bring in
a wide bevy of guys. Now the question becomes finding
a little bit more of an identity. Oklahoma State they're
gonna be looking to find their identity. But I really
think that our good friend in mister Lutz has done
a great job in the transfer portal. As for Oklahoma State,
they're bringing Khalil Brantley. He last season was over able
to sale a little bit of a doing all guy,

six foot four one guard that's not afraid to get
his nose already five and a half boards for SIS
one a half seals fifteen points per game. Now, the
one thing that he's not gonna do is really lighted
up from three point range. That said, for Oklahoma State,
they've done a nice job. I'll be able to check
those boxes. And for Oklahoma State, I do think that
they're going to be able to bring at teams the
kitchen sink. I do think that they're going to be
able to bring a lot of different looks. In generalized,

they bring in a Terryo Dean. He was one of
the top players in terms of being able to generate
turnovers a season goo over at Florida National. And for
Oklahoma State, I think that they're going to be one
of those rare Power Conference seams. Guys actually gonna go
out there, They're going to try to generate seals. They've
got abdu Ousman, who is the main big man over
at North Texas a few seasons ago. Brandon Newman. He
knows the style of mister Steve Lutz. He's coming over

from Western Kentucky along with him Devo Davis. He was
the only guy that was trying to facilitate for Arkansas
a season ago, and now you bring in a guy
in Khalio Brantley as well. Three point shooting might not
necessarily be the forte of this team, especially with bran
Lee as I was alluding to shooting only about thirty
two and a half percent for three points last season
for his career, more around about thirty one point eight percent.
But I'll know, du like with Oklahoma State, is building.

I think that this team is going to be as
tough as nails when it comes to the defensive side
of things. Ty Johnson he has decided that he is
not going to be transferring and he is going to
be returning to UC Davis. This is absolutely madisive for
them because for UC Davis, this was very much a
team that was top heavy last season, as had ty Davis,
who is tremendous Elijah Pepper. He was able to chip

in their twenty plus points per contest. And for Pepper, well,
he just frankly is out of eligibility. But being able
to get Johnson back in the fold, I think that
this is just so big for UC Davis team that,
let's call it what it is. They haven't hit the
transfer portal, brought in one hundred million billion guys or
anything like that. But for Johnson last season, he was
the main facilitator three and a half assists per contest
and okay but not amazing three point shooter shot about

thirty two percent from three part engine. You and Elijah
Pepper were really your main forms of defense for a U.
SEE Davis team that was a top eighty team with
the guards points allowed on a per possession basis, they
were able to combine for about three and a half
steals per contests as well, So very good active hands
there for U. C. Davis. Do have to wonder if
they're just going to be getting a little bit more
active here in the transfer portal. They have not brought

in anyone other than Nels Cooper who's coming in for Pepperdine.
But all in all, for UC Davis, they are going
to be able to maintain some camaraderie from a season ago,
and I think that is a very good thing and
something that should not be overlooked moving forward. For Juan
Sebastian Gorristo, he was playing over at Portlandlands last season
part time starter that logged about eight and a half
points to a half assist, shot thirty five or zero

percent from three part range very much was willing to
put it up from three par range. He has decided
that he is going to be heading on over to
ball State has been a down back in recent years,
but I think that gory Sito he's going to be
able to do a nice job, be able to fit
in this ball State program. For ball State, it's going
to be very interesting to see where they go moving
forward as well, because they were a team that two
seasons ago they had Peyton sparks. Sell Low is able

to figuratively and literally be able to give them quite
a few sparks that made them when the better low
post teams out there in the back. When they lost
him a season ago, they were able to do a
nice job in terms of their three point shooting. But
now they do lose a lot of those solid three
point shooters from the season goo, so ringing in Goriso
that's going to be helping out on that front. But
after this, get the sense of ball State probably going

to be looking at another piece or two. They get
Peyton Sparks back to the fold, so they're going to
be back to happy there. Bringing in Joey Hart was
at Kentucky last season. Obviously not necessarily one be more
shall we say, guys with fanfare over at Kentucky, but
he was over at Kentucky a season ago, so I'll
say making some solid moves. Would like to see them
perhaps pick up one more piece for the backcourt. But Corristo,

he is able to check that box'll be able to
pop in from three part range. So that is going
to be big. And it is very clear that it
looks like our good friend and mister DJ turned it up.
Burns he is going to be indeed done over at
Young Sound State, and that's a little bit of a
rough one for them, as you've got a lot of
guys that are gonna have NBA draft decisions, and obviously
with Burns, it's not gonna be a case where he's

going to be pondering whether or not he's going to
be going to the NBA Draft, but most likely overseas,
perhaps the G League, something of that nature. Thirteen points,
eleven boards this past season over at Young Sound State
and a very rock solid player. He's going to be
able to make a lot of money when he does
go professional. So he wish him absolutely nothing about the best,
but tough for a young Sound State program that is
going through a coaching change and just a lot of

transition in general. And then you may recall I was
talking yesterday about when it comes to some of these
later recruits and some of these guys that enter into
the portal lade and are going to be going to
a different school, you can tell a lot about where
a team is at based on how many minutes they play.
I feel like Auburn is in this boat. What Jehem
Hudson who is alver at seme this last year five

and a half points straight and a half rebounds per
game when he was at Georgia State a few seasons
ago with more of a seven rebound per game guy,
but he has landed at Auburn and with the likes
of G and I Broom in company seemingly coming back,
you have to figure that Hudson is nothing more than
an insurance policy. If he's seeing meaningful minutes and if
he is seeing a lot of shall we say, crunch

shine playing time, then Auburn is probably in a little
bit of bad spot. If this is something to be
able to fill at the roster, that is pretty much
what you'd expect there. But to think that that was
very interesting a lot of these teams getting down having
that final roster spot or two to be able to
fill out. Do you think that that's the case here
and what is the case on this podcast? Soeop says,
trying to get you set for what is going to
be an amazing two thousand and in twenty four to

twenty five season. And if you do like hearing from
this time podcast because Gouz hoops, you're able to subscribe
whatever your podcast, Apple Podcasts, Google, Blay, Spotify, citran tune
and if you have a question comment segment I Doe
what have you for this podcast? You have one of
two ways. We have brothers in first one is my
Twitter slas checks simeline at you and underscorty one keep
in mind letters Zmnamy does on advercised per usual, please
do send these into the timeline. And the other way

is fign an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast,
fight starts, it is very much appreciated. From there, you're
able fire and whatever you'd like to hear on this
podcast via that five star review. And big thanks once
again to Curtis Rogers who does great work over at
SEB ten Seattle Sports. And we actually used to work
together back in the day in Portland. And I just
get this as I am signing up, so we'll pass

it along to you. Caprien Hide. He was a little
bit of a wretchard last year over at Portland. He
is going to be heading on over to VMI VM.
I certainly struggled down low six ft eleven, big man,
so that is going to be able to help them
out a little bit. Just like Curtis time and time again.
He is a man that worked with me in Portland.
He helps me out time and time again on this podcast.
So big thanks soon for joining me in list. So I'm

gonna I'm with you guys every single day on this podcast,
whether that be the regular season or the offseason. All
three and sixties and says this year, and I'll thank
you want to get them out and thank you so
much for gnning in
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