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May 2, 2024 43 mins

Greg explains why to not assume the transfer portal is closed, talks to Brendan Marks of The Athletic about the early winners of the transfer portal season, the offseasons of Duke & North Carolina, & what to expect from the new teams entering the ACC, & Greg recaps Wednesday's college basketball coaching and player movement

Podcast Highlights

3:16-Why to not assume the transfer portal is closed

11:24-Interview with Brendan Marks

37:00-Recap of Wednesday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
If we're welcome him on the Las Vegas for gust
catching with myself, Craigate Speers and now part of the
East and Family podcasts and we've gone excellent podcast where
you joining me? In segment number two, Brandon Merks, who
does absolutely tremendous workover at the Athletic We're gonna be
chatting with him a little bit about ACNC realignment, what
we have seen out of the main beats that he covers,

the North Carolina Tari Hills along the two Blue Devils,
what's all been happening with them this offseason, what's happening
with regards to the transfer portal as I record this
just now closing and my thoughts about that and segment
number one, and then we're also going to be chatting
with him just about in general teams that he felt
like have done a good job this far in the

transfer portal. In the final segment, going to get you
guys a recap of all the nudes and notes that
we saw in college basketball on Wednesday. And if you
do have a question, comment, take about a day whatever
for this podcast. You have one of two ways feel
hard listen. First one is my Twitter slash x timeline
at you and unders forty one. Keep in mind literacy
they mean does that matter? So as per usual, please
to send these into the timeline. Other ways find an

Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast five starts,
it is very much appreciating them. From there, you're able
fire in whatever you'd like to here on this podcast
by that five star review. And I did not get
in any Twitter slash xt questions, and please do fire
those in because typically I base segment number one around them.
So it very much does help me out with regards
to that. But that said, in terms of what we're

all getting in college basketball right now is the fact
that the transfer portal it has now closed. But I
would say don't bank on this being a certainty. And
the reason why is we remember the NCAA's stance on
those two time transfer servian seas ago. Yeah, the West
Virginia law soon and guess what, the NCAA loss that battle.

We have been seeing the NC DOUBLEA since nil really
became available, just lose time and time and time again.
We have seen politicians really on both sides of the aisle,
come out against the NC DOUBLEA. And it's not good
to say the least what has been happening. They have
become the Washington generals when it comes to all these
things that have gone to court, because I mean, let's

face it, we're gonna have probably at some point late
in the offseason perhaps a coach like undergo like some
sort of a health thing I'm not even gonna throw
out there, like a Lake Canning or anything like that.
Like we see it every single year where a coach
has something pop up they have to go to like
an interrim coach or something like that. Player X says,
you know what, I don't want to play for this
interim coach. I want to enter in the transfer portal.

NCAA is gonna sell them no, and then the player
is gonna take it to court and probably gonna win.
Like I'm gonna call it what it is. So I
think that most players are actually going to respect the rule.
And I do think that moving forward, we're gonna get
much much less activity than we did a season ago
where you had these guys like, for example, Paul Mukahe
last year, Keyantae Johnson a few years ago. List goes

on and on that are out there in like August
September just sitting there in the transfer portal. I think
that we're gonna have much less of that, and I
don't think that we're gonna have a guy like Nikwan
Tomlin be able to transfer in season to another school.
And I do think that, like I said, a lot
of players are going to be like, Okay, the portal
deadline is made first, I am not gonna challenge it.
I think that most guys are going to respect the rule,

especially early on. I don't think that this is gonna
be something where it's gonna turn to like May third
and you're gonna be seeing some guy challenges ruling. But
I do think that at some point there's gonna be
someone that becomes a straw. They challenge the NCAA's ruling
and the nc double A, well, they are gonna get
just completely plowed when it comes to court. So I
do think that you want to be mindful of that,

and we always want to be mindful of great guests
on this podcast, Brandon Marks has won them. He's gonna
be joining me next. We're gonna be looking at Duke
North Carolina in the a SEC and so much more.

Speaker 2 (03:44):
Right here on Cocos Suits with myself Gregate Speter said,
now apart for the News, family might.

Speaker 3 (03:56):
Be Las Vegas for scaud Suits with myself.

Speaker 1 (03:58):
Stregnatespeters now to be some family podcast. It is always
great to be drum by this man as Brendan Marks.
He does great work over at the athletic taking a
look at this great game that we all know in love.
He's based out there in the great state of North
Carolina where his main beat are two of the biggest
blue buds in the sport North Carolina along with Duke.
But he really does a great job taking a look
at everything out there in acc country, does a tremendous

job be able to dive in on the sport that
we all know in love, especially with an offseason where
there's been no shortage of headlines. You're able to fall
him on Twitter slash x at his first and last
name Brandon Marks, but there's an R in between the
first and last name, so Brendan r. Marks altogether. And
Brendan always great to get you a board.

Speaker 3 (04:36):
Thank you absolutely, thanks so much for having me. Like
you said, we've got a lot to talk about.

Speaker 4 (04:40):
Yes, we certainly do.

Speaker 1 (04:41):
Brendan and Brandon when it comes to this offseason, It
certainly has been an interesting one, but I think it's
been big for both Duke and North Carolina's that they
do have a few returning parts from this past season.
Now with Duke, they do lose Jeremy Roach to Baylor,
and that's going to be a little bit of an issue.
And from Auto bay Cot, we all felt like this
guy was van wild. They're of college basketball, he even
said North Carolina for a very very long time. But

just staying with those two teams, how do you take
a look at their off seasons as far because there's
no question about it, I think that both of these
teams are going to be eating the portal a little bit,
and both of these teams are most likely going to
be finding themselves in a little bit of intrigue with
regards the month of May into early June as well
with a lot of these NBA draft decisions as well.

Speaker 4 (05:21):

Speaker 5 (05:21):
Absolutely, you know, start with Duke and obviously losing the
bulk of a roster from last year that made the
Elite eight, and Camp was in twenty minutes of making
John Shires first four. You mentioned Jeremy Roach is probably
the biggest defector of that group. You know, he's a
four time starter, four season long starter, a two time captain.
He's gonna have a really interesting legacy of Duke when
all of a sudden done, just because he was basically
the guy who bridged the Mixoszewski and John Shire eras,

but is obviously off to Baylor. I'd expect him to
have great success there. And so Duke's only got two
guys coming back essentially, you know, They've got Tyreee Proctor back,
They've got Caleb Foster back in the back court, and
then around those guys, it's a lot of new faces.
So John Shire will welcome in the number one recruiting
class in the country led by Cooper Flag and com
On mal Walk to top five recruits. And then so
far Duke has been active in the portal. You know,

you go out and you get two guys who are
not necessarily stars, but certainly Phil roles in. Mason Gillis
from Perdue was the Big ten six man of the
Year last year, and then Malik Brown from Syracuse, who
was an All acc level defender. I believe he was
the first player in like twenty years of college basketball
to have a five y five stat line. So five points,
five rebounds, five blocks, five steals, five assists in the
same game, which is pretty cool. But those guys are

certainly more bit players than they are necessarily stars like
and like you mentioned Greg, Obviously, Duke has still got
some work left to do in the portal.

Speaker 4 (06:34):

Speaker 1 (06:34):
Absolutely, And it is going to be interesting to see
what North Carolina is going to be doing moving forward
because they picked up a guy a few days ago,
Kate Tyson.

Speaker 4 (06:41):
Who I really feel like fits the system.

Speaker 1 (06:44):
He was over at Bellmine and he's got a little
bit familiarity with the ACC as well, because for those
that remember Hunter Tyson, he's off that family tree as
well and has a similar game to mister Tyson who
went in the NBA Draft in twenty twenty three. Some
only six foot seven, is a pretty good three point
shooter guy that's ables to space the floor. Grindon was
part of about my team. I've left a little bit

of something to be desired on defense. But how do
you take a look at him for the North Carolina team?
Because I think that if he's like your number one option,
North Carolina might be in a little bit of trouble.
But if he's like a number three, number four option,
a guy that's able to score on the wing. I
think that that's a perfect fit for North Carolina exactly.

Speaker 5 (07:19):
He is going to come in. He's essentially going to
play the same role that Cormack Ryan played for North
Carolina last year. And like you said, he'll be that
third option, that fourth option. And again, you know, the
name of the game with Kate Tyson is three point shooting.
He made forty six and a half percent last year
from three eighty five and a half percent from the
free throw line. He's made, you know, basically forty four
and a half percent of his threes throughout his college
career so far.

Speaker 3 (07:39):
So this guy is a sharp shooter for sure.

Speaker 4 (07:41):
You know.

Speaker 5 (07:42):
The interesting thing, like you mentioned it, he's a little
bit longer. He's six seven to two oh five, so
he's not quite as big as his brother Hunter, who
I believe went in the first round, if not close
in the top of the second a couple of years ago.
But what he does, he's not just necessarily a shooter
when opponents closed out too strong, he can get inside,
he can drive, he can.

Speaker 3 (07:58):
Score the rim. A little bit done, a little bit
of ball.

Speaker 5 (08:00):
Handling, not a Ton, so he'll be a secondary option
there beside R. J. Davis, who's obviously the big name
back for North Carolina. But there are certainly minutes and
roles that needs to be filled for North Carolina. You're
losing Armando Baycott, You're losing Cormack, Ryan Harrison, Ingram's off
to the NBA Draft. That is multiple starters that Hubert
Davis is having to replace. And kay Tyson was one
of the Tar Hills first priorities in the portal. And

again there's more to come, but it's good just to.

Speaker 3 (08:23):
Get that one locked down.

Speaker 1 (08:24):
Yep, you got to see one go through the hoop
because I take a look at the May first deadline
in terms of these transfer size this podcast uploads. The
deadline is going to have come and gone, and how
much do you think that that's going to cause these
seems after work a little bit more quickly here in
the off season as well, because it was looking like
graduate transfers we're gonna be able to pop into the
portal at any time, but that got moved up about

a week or two ago, and I do think that
as a result, if you're snoozing this offseason, you're losing
for lack of a better.

Speaker 3 (08:51):
Term, Oh my god, you are.

Speaker 5 (08:52):
And to be honest with you, every coach who I
have spoken to, you know, really basically since the season ended,
and even when the season was still ongoing. I mean
NC State staff. I mean I was on the NC
State beat at the Final four, and you know, their
staff as recruiting players while they were at the Final four,
I mean before they even left to go to Phoenix.
In between having just made the Final four, having won
the Lydai game versus Duke, and then going out to

the Final four, they were hosting transfer portal visits that week, even.

Speaker 3 (09:18):
Before their season was officially over.

Speaker 5 (09:19):
So if you didn't have that sort of head start
on things, you are already very very far behind. Most
of the top names on the board have already gone off. Obviously,
there are still a couple There are still a couple
more who are going to come available just as that
deadline finally hits finality. But for North Carolina and for Duke,
they both have gotten those.

Speaker 3 (09:35):
First guys they needed to get.

Speaker 5 (09:37):
You know, they have continued to round out the roster.
North Carolina especially still really needs a big man. Duke
could certainly use another big could probably use another reserve
guard behind the two returners. Both of them still have
work to do. But again, just like you said, Greg,
I mean especially with not having the leeway of the
graduate portal entries like you had last year, which was
a mess. You had guys going into portal in August

that was a disaster for ross or disaster for coaches.
But not having that now you know everybody who's going
to possibly available, you have to go out.

Speaker 3 (10:06):
You reset your board right now.

Speaker 5 (10:08):
And then you go at it with everything you've got
because those guys are gonna start flying off.

Speaker 4 (10:12):
Yep, they certainly are going to.

Speaker 1 (10:13):
And I think that's so big that in my opinion,
Duke has been able to change a little bit with
the times, especially with John Shuire taking over as their
coach has joining me on the show. We do have
Brian Marks, who does such good workover at the Athletic
joining me on Coast Coach soups. Because I still remember
when Coach K was over at Duke. He always did
a tremendous job back in his day and age. But
as we know with Coach K, he was one of

those guys that very very very rarely dove into the
transfer portal, like it was shocking news when he picked
out Seth Curry many years ago because he was acting
like less than one transfer every two years when he
was over at Duke. We've already seen Duke as we're
recording this lockdown two guys. It could be even more
when this podcast is up, as Malie Brown, very good
defender from Syracuse, is coming in. Mason Gillis, sharp six

foot six shooter from Purdue is coming in as well.
How big has have been that Duke has been able
to sort of keep up with the times but at
the same time not become like what Eric Musselman has
been over at Arkansas slash USC and try to get
like twenty guys in the portal, which I always say,
like that goes a little bit overboard, but at the
same time recognize that, Okay, we need to utilize a
portal to be able to fill some of these guests

without it becoming an.

Speaker 5 (11:18):
End all be all right, And I think that's the
big thing is you don't want to go overboard. You know,
you don't want to be rebuilding an entire team every
year if you can avoid it, out of the portal.

Speaker 3 (11:27):
Again, unless your name is Eric Musselman, in which case
that seems to be st proclivity.

Speaker 5 (11:30):
But here's the thing, Like Duke is in a situation
where they are always going to have especially now that
John cal Perry is no longer at Kentucky. We'll see
what that means for high school recruiting in the next
couple of cycles. But Duke is always going to be
able to get those elite high school recruits, and this
year's no different. They've got Cooper Fly coming in. He's
a number one player in the country, is the projected
number one pick in twenty twenty five NBA Draft would absolutely,

by far and away go number one in this year's
drafts if he were eligible.

Speaker 3 (11:56):
They've also got a guy come on, mall walk.

Speaker 4 (11:58):
You know.

Speaker 5 (11:58):
I've had scouts tell me that those two are going
to be the most heavily scouted college teammate duo since
Joel Unbid and Andrew Wiggins back at Kansas in twenty fourteen.
So like that is always going to be sort of
the standard for high school recruiting at Duke. But what
John Shire is doing in the portal is he's kind
of reset the deck a little bit. He had obviously
a very star studed class last year that came in

was number two in the country. You know, Jared McCain
was the crown jewel of that. He's off to the NBA.
And by clearing some of those guys out, what you
see is now John Shire can go in and he
can immediately add talent that compliments the elite high school
class he has coming in. You know, you only get
one year to build around a guy like Cooper Flag,
and so by going and getting a gillis by going

and getting Brown, two guys who are not necessarily every
game starters, two guys who you know, neither of them
may end up scoring in double digits, you're averaging in
double digits. But what they do is they really compliment
what he wants to build, which is an elite defensive team,
one predicator on shooting around Cooper Flag. And so I
think this season is going to be a sign of
more to come from John Shot Over the next couple

of seasons. He is going to continue to bring in
those elite high schoolers. But he's also showing this offseason
that he's willing to use the portal. He understands you
have to use the portal, and so far I think
he's done a good job of using it to supplement.

Speaker 3 (13:12):
The elite talent he already has coming in.

Speaker 4 (13:14):

Speaker 1 (13:14):
Absolutely, And I think that they have done such a
great job here in the transfer portal, And I do
think that it's going to be really interesting to see
how both Duke and North Carolina are going to be
able to maneuver with the portal.

Speaker 4 (13:24):
Especially now that the ACC is going to be looking
a little bit different this year.

Speaker 1 (13:28):
Brandon, I'm sure that you're going to be taking some
trips that you weren't expecting to take, for like ACC competition,
because like playing an ACC game out in Palo Alto
is something that I'd never envisioned to be a possibility.
But here we are in twenty twenty four and that
is on the rise. And just how are the teams
that are left over from the ACC from a season
ago going about these teams like SMU, like Stanford that

are going to be entering into the ACC because it's
a new dawn and a new day in college sports,
and I think that's going to be intriguing to see
if the newcomers up a little bit more rbit advantage
or if the star warts teams in this conference too.

Speaker 3 (14:03):
Yeah, it's fascinating.

Speaker 5 (14:04):
All It's great for my frequent flyer, Miles Greg, I'll
tell you that, you know, it's awesome.

Speaker 3 (14:08):
For the miles and the points.

Speaker 4 (14:09):
You know.

Speaker 3 (14:09):
I saw something the other day.

Speaker 5 (14:10):
Where Stanford has already got the a CEC logo on
its courts, and like things like that are just going
to naturally take some time to get used to. But
I really do think that, you know, especially given that
the ACC is still in a little bit of a
state of flux. Obviously, these three schools are coming in
it's going to be their first year full membership in
the league, but we don't know in two or three
years is this still going to be what the membership
of the AEC looks like. And so I think this

scheduling model that we're going to see this next year,
which is heavily predicated on two things. One, those West
Coast teams and SMU when they are playing the traditional
ACC schools that we've thought of for you the last
ten or fifteen years or so, when they're playing those schools,
they're going to be playing multiple on one road trip
just to try and create some semblance of like the
travel logistics making sense with all of this, and then

the vice versa is also going to be true. So
you know, when a school goes to play at Stanford.

Speaker 3 (14:58):
They're going to play at col two. You know there's
going to be a lot of pairing like that.

Speaker 5 (15:02):
So you know, just have a one off where somebody's
flying from Miami to Palo Alta for one basketball game.
It doesn't really make a lot of sense. And like,
we're gonna have to get past that. We're gonna have
to get past the geography. We're gonna have to do
the same thing with a Big Ten, the Big twelve.
You know, those are giant geographic conferences now too. But
I do think that especially early on, you know, the
advantage goes to those already in the ACC teams, the

ones who have been through it before, the ones who
understand the differing styles of play.

Speaker 3 (15:28):
I will say, I like what Cal, I like what
Mark Madson's done at Cal.

Speaker 5 (15:31):
They just brought in Andre sto Jakovic, who was a
you know, top fifty recruit last year. You know, I
think he's a really interesting piece. North Carolina and Kentucky
were both interested in him out.

Speaker 4 (15:39):
Of the portal.

Speaker 5 (15:40):
I'm not saying these teams are not gonna be able
to compete, but certainly, I think the teams that have
been through it, that understand each other, the teams who understand, Okay,
this is what you know, playing Virginia's.

Speaker 3 (15:48):
Pack line looks like.

Speaker 5 (15:49):
This is what playing against North Carolina secondary break looks like.
This is what playing NC State's press look like. This
is what Miami's small ball looks like. The teams who
already know those sorts of styles and have a head
start on the scouting, I think, just naturally they're going
to be an advantage. But it'll be interesting to see
if that changes over the years to come, especially with
the membership still somewhat in flux.

Speaker 1 (16:07):
Yeah, been with the membership as well. The one that
is the most random, the one that is going to
be the trickiest in terms of the logistics, is SMU. I'm,
for lack of a better term, they were able to
utilize the money because you've got a lot of really
rich boosters over there at SMU.

Speaker 4 (16:22):
I actually have a.

Speaker 1 (16:23):
Former professor from uw Oshkosha went down to SMU, and
it's just hard to believe how much different it is
down there. But they have utilized that money to be
able to bring in A and nfield. If you look
at their transfer portal all, it has been nothing short
of tremendous for this SMU team as well. And how
tricky do you think they're going to be in the
ACC Because they are that one sort of island school

out there in the great state of Texas. And now
I I'm bringing in Kevin Boopy Miller from wake Forest,
carry Oquendo from Moregan. This is looking like a legitimate
team that could be able to make some noise.

Speaker 4 (16:54):

Speaker 5 (16:54):
Absolutely, They've brought in some really interesting pieces and again endfields.
You know, a coach with proven NCAA tournament experience. I
don't know that the fit out in Los Angeles. I
mean I was briefly out there last season and kind
of felt like a mausoleum in the Galen Center. So
I think it was probably in everybody's best interest for
him to go and get a fresh start as well. Listen,
SMU has talent. I think roblenire it's kind of wild
to me that you know he was let go. I

think Roblin Neer is a really good coach and I'm
glad he's landed. But the fact that they have been
able to sort of force their way into the ACC,
force their way into being you know, a high major
you know, athletics program.

Speaker 3 (17:26):
Is pretty wild to me. I will say this, of
all of those.

Speaker 5 (17:28):
New teams that we're talking about, of SMU, of Stanford,
and of cal Well, I like the pieces that cal has.
I'm going with SMU to be that first, you know,
to be the best of those three, at least in
this first season. Like you said, Booby Miller has experienced
in the ACC, You've got other high major pieces who
had already been there, and the Enfield's got a proven
track record. There are plenty and plenty of resources there.
I don't know that SMU is totally done yet with

their roster building as of this recording. So they are
as fascinating to me, probably as anybody in the league,
just because you don't really.

Speaker 3 (17:56):
Know what to expect.

Speaker 5 (17:57):
But I'm cautiously optimistic just because I do like the
pieces both from a personnel and staff standpoint, that they've
added so far.

Speaker 1 (18:02):
Oh, no question about it. I think that they are
going to be very good out there in the ACC
as bright as marks of the athletic has joining me
right here on Costcosup said, do you want to keep
this one a little bit open ended because we've seen
a lot of moves here in the transfer portal line.
I think that some us having a nice offseason. I'm
not going to put them quite on the level of
Kansas or anything like that, but you know what you're bringing,
Kevin Booby Miller, You're doing a good job. But it's

there a team or two that you look at in
terms of the off season. They can be out there
in the a SEC North Carolina, it could be just
anyone out there in the nation that you take a
look at what they've done this offseason and maybe you
feel like they've won a little bit under the radar
and you really like the pieces, and you feel like
they deserve a little bit more love than what they've
been getting over the last week or two.

Speaker 5 (18:41):
Yeah, you know, I don't know if I would say
necessarily underrated, but I just cannot say how much I
love Bill self is always going to do what he's
gonna do. But my god, is Kansas stack next year?
I mean, my god, are they going to be good?
Ryland Griffin is one of my favorite players available in
the portal. I just think he's terrific, you know, it's
like a three and D guy, super reliable. During the
CAA tournament he evolved into this awesome wing. Obviously they

get aj Store from Wisconsin. He's somebody who can beat
you one on one, had some monster games for the Badgers.
Zeke Mayo's another guy you know, can score from multiple
different levels. Like obviously you're bringing back Hunter Dicts, and
you bring back to Onan Harris, you bring back kJ Adams,
like that is an absolute glut of talent, and so
I really like what Kansas has done.

Speaker 3 (19:21):
I would also say if there is somebody going under.

Speaker 5 (19:23):
The radar who I don't know that we're talking quite
enough about yet, And this is my acc showing through,
but I really like how Pat Kelsey has attached, you know,
has approached the transfer portal in his first off season
at Louis. I mean, aside from the fact that he
has just brought an energy that has been lacking there
the last couple of years. You go out, you get
Terrence Edwards, Junior Sun Belt Player of the Year, you know,
was one of the best players in the entire league.

For James Madison last year was key to them having
a record setting season. You know, he brings in two
players from Charleston Rain Smith James Scott. You know he's
not going to be able to play next year. He's
going to be red shirting. But Ali Khalifa from BYU
is another favorite of mine to watch, sort of a
playmaking you know, hub of offense as a one of those.

Speaker 3 (20:00):
Like college yokic like players. So I really like what
pack Kelsey has done.

Speaker 5 (20:04):
And again, like I don't think it's inconceivable Louisville, even
for all of the pieces they lost in a Brandon
Hutley Hatfield, Mike James go to n C State, a
couple of other guys transfer out. I think Louisville's a
team that could go from kind of laughingstock to like
fringe haa tournament in one offseason, which again is a
testament to Packkelsei. It's a testament to what Louisville cannon
should be. But it's good to see somebody back in

there who seems to know what they're doing with that job.

Speaker 4 (20:27):
Yeah, it absolutely is.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
And I'm so glad you Mattrick Kansas because are they
under the radar? No, But I to your point, my goodness,
if you tell me that Kansas is going to be
going into the year as a preseason number one. I'm
gonna have absolutely no qualms with that. I always I
am a Rick Flair mentality guy. In order to be
the man, you gotta beat the man. So I do
de fault a little bit to Yukon. But man, that
Kansas team is going to be incredible. Yukon is going

to be incredible. Then bringing in Ada Mahiney.

Speaker 4 (20:52):
That's big.

Speaker 1 (20:53):
But my goodness, gracious, you are looking at it juggernaut
out there, and a juggernaut when it comes.

Speaker 4 (20:58):
To great insight is you, Brendan.

Speaker 1 (20:59):
You do such a great job over there at the
athletic You do an amazing job looking at Duke North Carolina,
the ACC as.

Speaker 4 (21:05):
A whole, and so much more. So.

Speaker 1 (21:06):
Love to get people at home know it's all on
to for you and how people are able fall along
on social media and all the platforms.

Speaker 5 (21:11):
Yeah, absolutely, well, I appreciate all the kind words, Greg,
and you know, I like you like everybody else in
the college basketball space. Right now, we're all over the portal,
you know, We're all over who's coming, who's going.

Speaker 3 (21:21):
We're all over the draft. Obviously, the Combine's coming up,
so we.

Speaker 5 (21:24):
Should know a lot more about where, not just the
rosters of Duke in North Carolina, but every roster stands
really in the next month or so.

Speaker 3 (21:30):
So I'll be tracking all of that.

Speaker 5 (21:31):
I'll be trying to get to know some of these
new players, some of these new stabs, trying to go
and you know, see what's going on at places like Louisville,
just so we can get a fresh idea heading into
the summer. But all my stuff is on Twitter, on
ex at Brendan our Marx, and then again all my
stories are at the Athletic. If you don't have a subscription,
highly recommend you check us out. I think we've got
the most comprehensive sports writing staff in the country.

Speaker 1 (21:51):
Absolutely, and Brandon does an amazing job taking a look
at this great game that we all know. In love
of college basketball all twelve months of the year. So
big thanks to Brandon for joining me right here on
Susy part of the Vson Family podcasts coming in next
Another wild day in college basketball on Wednesday, So give you.

Speaker 4 (22:09):
Guys a little bit of a recap of that.

Speaker 1 (22:17):
I'm a rank here, love me Las Vegas. We're come
to seats with myself taking speers and now part of
the Vson family and podcasts. It is always great to
be joined by Brandon Marks, who does such a great
job over at the Athletic A couple of that, I
know that he's doing an absolutely amazing job taking a
look at this great game of college basketball and so
many different fronts. Every single time he joins me when
such great insights, so big, thanks again for joining me

in last segment. Now is that time of the podcast
that I give you a recap of all the news
that notes that we saw in college basketball on Wednesday.
We're certainly going to be hitting a lot of these transfers,
but how about if we lead off with a guy
that's coming back, Because we're all making a lot of
these transfer moves and everything like that. But I do
think that some of the returning guys can be big.
And Michael O'Connell was such a big reason why NC

State had the run that they did in the ACC
and the NCAA tournament. You take a look at what
he was able to do in the conference tournament and
the NCAA Tournament. Those ten games in total, he shot
north of fifty percent from three nine and a half
points per contest while doing out about three point eight
assists per game, a little bit over a seal per contest,
and really just elevated his play. He was very pedestrian

prior to that run. If you take a look at
the first we're gonna call it like twenty eight twenty
nine games of the season, he was eerving more like
four and a half points per contest, was doing a
nice job facilitating, but was not really taking hold of
the offense. He decided that he is going to be
going back to NC State, so we do like to
see that, and and it's just refreshing to see in
general where we've got an a and age that as

I refreshed verbal commits. As of right now, we've got
in the transfer portal two thousand and seven guys, so
we did reach a mark of two thousand in terms
of guys entering into the transfer portal. It is refreshing
to see some of these guys staying on campus. So
I do find that to be very nice. Kullay, he
has decided that he is going to be heading on
over to Minnesota. He's going to be part of the

state with the smallest drinks in the Union. As for
Oda cull A want Long and Winding Road was a
double figure score a few seasons ago over at Pittsburgh,
and he was at New Mexico this past year. He
had to really be a do it all sort of guy.
Ten and a half points, six a half boards, three
assists per contest. There just really was not a lot there.
His past year over at New Mexico. Spent a little
bit of time at seeing All where he really just

wasn't effective, wasn't able to get out there on the
floor too much. We shall see what he's going to
be able to do at Minnesota, because now with Minnesota
losing Elijah Hawkins in the transfer portal, it was one
of the top facilitators in all of college basketball, that's
relatively rough for them. But that said, I do think
that he's going to be able to do a relatively
solid job here with Minnesota. And he's a capable three
point youter career about thirty two percent three point heyter

at six.

Speaker 4 (24:48):
O five million.

Speaker 1 (24:49):
Nice skill sets, So we shall see what happens here.
You've got Kentucky starting to be able to bring in
some guys. They bring in Kirk Kriesa from West Virginia
and for Creed say, he just did not find a
good fit this last year when he was over at
West Virginia. West Virginia is a little bit of a
slower program. He needs to be playing much more uptempoint.
I think that he's going to fit very well in

this Mark Pope style. He's a guy that's able to
shoot it well from three part range. He shot at
West Virginia this last year forty two and a half
percent from three part range, logged eleven a half points,
four point seven assist per game. Now he's a walking turnover.
He had three turnovers per contest. Mark Pope is going
to need to dial that in. But also coming along
with him.

Speaker 4 (25:26):
Is Kobe Brea.

Speaker 1 (25:27):
Kobe Brea, he was absolutely tremendous this last season over
at Dayton when the better sharpshooters that you were able
to find in all of college basketball. And that is
going to be a big help for Kirk reaes It
because a bad possession for him at West Virginia this
last year was better than a good possession for someone else.
And with Brea, he was a able log eleven points
and shot forty nine point eight percent for three parrange
just last season out there in the Langton I don't

think that he's going to quite duplicate forty nine point
eight percent three point shooting. I think that would be
a little bit far fetched. But that said, that is
going to be a big help to him. We were
talking about Minnesota landing f Otakala, for the reason why
they might have added him is that Cam Chrissy is
now in the transfer portal as well. It's going to
be interesting to see what happens here moving forward because
I think that he's currently in the NBA draft process

as well. He's going to be one of those guys
that has a decision to make. And I mean the
Chrissie's in general have been able to find a way
to be able to get to the NBA and for
camp he last year had a solid year eleven and
a half points per contest, but he wasn't like some
sort of a top one underd recruit or anything like that.
Shot thirty nine percent from three point range. I'm wondering
what his NBA prospects are. I'm not necessarily the world's

biggest mock draft guy or anything like that, so I
do think that he's going to be ending up transferring elsewhere.
But that said, it is a circumstance where we shall
see what is going to be happening on that front.
We know what is going to be happening on this front,
as you've got vn Allen Lubin also entering into the
transfer portal. Van Allen Lubin was pretty much a six
man about two seasons ago over at Notre Dame and

this last season he was dealing with a little bit
of injury. While he was over at vander Belt, he
was a solid player twelve and a half points, six
half boards, a former top winner recruit at six foot
eight for his career as shot in the neighbor at
about twenty percent for three shot thirty three percent this
last season, so was able to elevate his game a
little bit with that regard. But we shall see what
is going to be happening there. He becomes a relatively

hot name out there in the transfer portal. This is
going to be a relatively hot name out there in
the transfer portal as well, as we had quite a
few entries just at the last minute and generalize, you
saw Jahem Hudson be able to enter in there. He
was playing over at SMU this last season, and he's
been a guy that has had a little bit of
a long and winding road. I do think that a
lot of these mid major schools who are going to

be reaching out and contacting him. He this last year
over at SMU was able to log about five and
a half points, three and a half rebounds per game,
really had his best go But when he was at
Georgia Southern during the twenty twenty two twenty three campaign,
was logging ten points seven boards, was giving you a
block a steal per contest. Guy that's capable of popping three.
Hees at about six foot seven, So I do like
his overall skills set going to be very interesting to

see what teams are going to be taking a look
at him. Now, if I were to recap every single
guy that entered into the transfer portal yesterday, we would
be here for a very long time. Like he saw
Jack Brown, who was over at Fairfield and did absolutely
nothing for them, enter into the transfer portal. So we're
just going to be hitting the highlights, and this is
certainly a highlight. Chris Ledlam he decided that he is
going to be entering into the transfer portal after Chris

Field ledlam last season. He was pretty rock solid over
at Saint John's. You could tell that he had a
little bit of a tough time adjusting from a little
bit more of a primary role over at Harvard. When
he was at Harvard for his last year the twenty
twenty two twenty three campaign, logged eighteen a half points,
eight and a half boards, one point eight steal a block
per contest, capable of popping threes, but his career about
thirty percent three point zero at six to six. Have

to figure that there's going to be a whole bunch
of teams that are going to be knocking at his door.
They're going to be interested in him, and I do
think that there's also going to be a lot of
teams that are going to be in on PJ.

Speaker 4 (28:49):

Speaker 1 (28:50):
Hayes last season was playing over at San Diego and
for the old Terrairods this last season, was able to
do a pretty rock solid job for them. It was
a team that was just completely allergic to defense, but
so he came in. He gave the team about ten
and a half points per contest. Actually came over I
believe from the non D one level over at Black
Hills State College. That is also where we saw the
big time elevator from Colorado State, Joel Scott come from

as well. So you have to wonder if he's going
to try to reunite with his old college teammate. But
that said, shot about forty percent from three point in
good offensive player. Leaves a little bit of something to
be desired on the defensive front, but on all a
guy that I think a lot of teams are going
to be very interested in the transfer portal. I think
that there's going to be a lot of teams interested
in a pair of other interesting gentlemen as well as

Latrell Reid. He last season was playing over at Saint Peter's.
He is out in the transfer portal as well. With
Latrell Reid, he just does a little bit of everything.
He doesn't necessarily do one thing great. He's not going
to go out there and he's not going to completely
light the world on fire or anything. But that said,
you need him to grab a few rebounds, he's going
to be able to do.

Speaker 4 (29:52):

Speaker 1 (29:52):
He was able to dole out north of three and
a half asis per contest this past season. He's not an
amazing three point shore, but he's a competence as he
was able to shoot about thirty four percent from three
point range walgged about a steal to go along with
four n emphasis per game. So I think that there's
gonna be a lot of teams interested in him. And
then Trevon Brazil, who last season was over at Arkansas.
If he could say healthy, there's something to be at here.

Six foot nine gentlemen that popped it from three part
range at about a thirty five and a half percent clip,
has good size, good strength, eight and a half points,
six rebounds per game.

Speaker 4 (30:23):
He was just part of an.

Speaker 1 (30:24):
Arkansas team that was just joined was just completely a
hair brain and insane. So he's not in the transfer
portal and we shall see what his prospects are going
to be moving forward. And we now know the prospects
of this gentleman as two lanes. Jordan Wood head on
over to Stetson, and this is a nice gift for
Stetson as they lose quite a few guys like Jalen Blackman.

Opening gets Star say these guys being out the full
at earths, but bringing over a guy like a Jordan Wood.
That's a big time win for them and sets and
has been able to do a solid job that's far
here in the transfer portal. Last year at Tulane just
was really not able to get out there on the
floor too much. He had quite a bit more success
when he was playing over for the Bison of Howard
and his last season over at Howard during the twenty

twenty two twenty three campaign, was able to log about
eight and a half points nearly four boards per contest,
shot thirty seven percent from three part range as a
six point nine little bit of a combo guy. Sets it,
as we know, not necessarily the world's greatest defense.

Speaker 4 (31:16):
When he was at.

Speaker 1 (31:16):
Howard and over at Tulane for that matter, they weren't
necessarily playing the world's greatest defense. But I think that
this is going to be a very good fit for
this program. So do I have to like to see
that now? This one I do question a little bit
to Jai Bailey. You decide that he is going to
be going from Richmond and he's going to be going
to LSU Like no fault of Bailey. I mean, if
he's able to get into LSU, good for him. But

that said, with Tajai Bailey solid player last year over
at Richmond, he was more of a tenth man, a
guy that came in off the bench. Though he was
able to log about ten points per contest, shot thirty
two percent from three part range. I really have to
wonder how lls he was going to utilize him. This
can't be anything more than a depth piece, being that
he's already a senior. I don't know really what the

plan is. If they're banking on him playing a lot
of minutes, I think that it's going to be a really,
really long year for LSU. Like for Bailey, he in
his first three years on campus at Richmond never averaged
more than three points per game. So you have to
wonder if this is a little bit of a flash
in the pan as well. So have some question marks
right now. Is what's going on with a LSU team
that has not been able to last few seasons.

Speaker 4 (32:23):

Speaker 1 (32:23):
Godfrey, he was playing this last year over at Clemson.
He's going to be heading to Georgia and under the radar.
Mike White has actually done a really good job of
being able to operate in the transfer portal. He knows
that he can't necessarily bring in these like superstar guys.

Speaker 4 (32:36):
Or anything like that.

Speaker 1 (32:37):
But he's doing really the best of what he's got,
and he's been able to do an okay job on
the recruiting trail. He's building up a Georgia team that
it feels like he's getting a little bit better on defense.
He looked himself in the mirror and said, you know what,
Georgia needs a little bit more rebounding. So you're bringing
a guy like an RJ. Godfrey. They bring it Justin Abson,
who was a really good shot locker over at Applant

and State. They bring in essentially the back quart of St.
Mary's into Sean Montgomery, Dakotol a few which I think
those guys are going to struggle out there in the SEC,
But you know what, if they can bring in another
guard too, I think that you're looking at an okay
team out there in the SEC. I'm not saying they're
an NCAA tournament team. I'm not saying anything amazing is happening.
But considering what Tom Crean did this program a few

seasons ago, things seem to be going in the right direction.
He saw Dade Hall last season was playing over at
Son cold.

Speaker 4 (33:25):
Steven F.

Speaker 1 (33:25):
Austin was their top score two seasons ago. Last year
was just deal with injury in general. He decided that
he's going to be going over to Santase State, as
I was like to call it Sane Josie State and
for Dayda Hall when he was out there on the
floor of this last year, was able to log about
ten and a half points five rebounds per game. Is
able to really do a nice job, but be able
to generate turnovers as well, and San Jose State needs that.
San Jose State the last few seasons has played at

a slow style where they have played no defense whatsoever.
I have not been able to generate turnovers and with
mj Amy their top scorer from last season on the fold,
they need add something. And I think the biggest thaying
for ten Miles, and I think the Miles as an
absolutely tremendous job. But it seems if I had absolutely no
death whatsoever the last few seasons, they just need to
bring in guys Like I wish I could put it

any other way, but they need guys whether they're going
to the nai Leubble, whether they are gonna be scoring
some junior college guys. I do think that bringing in
data Hall this is a very nice gift for them.
He's able to be a nice primary scorer for them.

Speaker 4 (34:22):
But San Jose.

Speaker 1 (34:23):
State just needs bodies and they just need to be
able to get away from the like pretty much four
and a half man rotation that they've been running a
few the last few seasons, and right now for Santase State,
this is the lone guy other than Donovan Yapp that
they brought into the transfer portal, So hopefully they're going
to be bringing in a little bit of something more.
Justin Thomas. He last season was playing over at utsa

meet meet for the road Runners. He's heading on over
to Florida State. This is another one those classic cases.
I was talking about this with Bailey over at LSU.
If Florida State is banking on Justin Thomas for a
lot of minutes, man, this is not gonna be necessarily
the world's mo tremendous sort of go with it for them,
considering Justin Thomas played literally as many minutes as myself

eight season ago.

Speaker 4 (35:07):
He was playing at UW.

Speaker 1 (35:08):
Milwaukee during the twenty twenty two to twenty three season,
and he was fine for UW Milwaukee shot forty three
percent for three, but only attempted like two threes per game,
seven a half points, four and a half boards, three assists,
and to go down to the junior college level. If
Florida State is looking to build up like that ten
man rotation like they once had, great, If they aren't,
and if they're actually banking on him for a lot

of minutes while they are in a world of hurt,
and the same goes for this one as well. They
weren't done bringing in the mid major guys. Boston Old
two last year was bro to by Solid It's Out Dakota.
He was able to give the team twelve and a
half points, four and a half boards, three assists, shot
thirty nine percent for three. He's also heading to Florida
State again. If he's a guy that's coming off the
bench giving you ten to twelve minutes a little bit

of a microwave score, great, a guy that began his
career over at Utah. If they are looking at him
for legitimate minutes, this team is just absolutely screwed. So
you shall be seeing what Florida State is going to
be doing moving forward. And I think that this might
have been a little bit of panic in my opinion
for Florida State as well, and I would not doubt
if we're starting to see more and more of these
moves just happen because with the transfer portal being close

as of May first, now everyone that's out there on
the board is needing to be pretty much taken off
the board. And right now for Florida State, they're transfer
portal all Is Holt Thomas and Jerry Dang who comes
over from Hampton and didn't really do a whole a
c lot at Hampton, so right now it's been not
so great for them, to say the least. We did
see a pair of Chicago State Kaison Matt Bewley and

Ryan Buley, the Bewley brothers that were five star recruits.
They're out there in the transfer portal as well, crying
shame that they could not get out there. Like Chicago
State was really able to elevate this past season, but
these guys, they could have really transformed that program, they
were not able to get out there on the floor.
We just don't know what they're going to be able
to bring to the table at the college level as

of right now. I've seen a little bit of their
tape and it was relatively impressive. Well, I did see
out of them is a jury's out sort of situation,
so we shall see what is going to be happening there.
You got Jaron Pierre Junior. He was playing this last
season over at Grambling, was able to log about ten
and a half points per contest values at which to state,
was not really able to get out there on the
floor of this past year, he has decided that he

is going to be entering the transfer portal, and I
do think that there's going to be quite a few
guys they're going to be on on him. It was
very unfortunate that Pierre was unable to really get out
there and was unable to elevate in terms of the
program over at Grambling. But that said, this is a
guy that's able to knock down quite a few threes.
He's able to be a nice little bit of a
difference banker. And when we were able to last get
a glimpse of him as he also began his career

over at Southern miss was doing a nice job of
being able to be just sort of that stretch guard.
He's someone that's able to be about six foot five,
not necessarily going to be too much of a facilitator.
But that said, I do think that there's going to
be quite a bit of upside with whoever is going
to be deciding to take a little bit of a
shot on him. It is clear that Perdue Fort Wayne
is going to be taking a shot on this guys
Chandler Cutthrow. He has decided that he is going to

be going from the meat Meat road Runners and he
is going to be heading on over to Purdue Fort Wayne.
For Purdue Fort Wayne, the biggest thing that this team
needed to address was a rebounding as they were able
to do a night job on offense. They cleaned up
the turnovers, They've got some good three point shooting, they
need someone to hit the glass. And I do think
that this is going to be able to help out
with us. Cut through all this last season over at
UTSA uptempo styles, so he's very used to running it

and gunning it. He had about five points, four and
a half rebounds per game Stable pop three shot him
out of thirty three percent clip this last season. I
think that this is actually a really good fit for them,
not guy that put up like outlantish numbers or anything
like that. But I do like that fit in for
West Virginia. They traded in Kirk Reason and said they're
gonna have Javan Small running the show for them, And
I really like this get for West Virginia. Javan Small

came up big last season for Oklahoma State. He's able
to give them fifteen points, about four and a half
boards for assists per contest. When he was over at
East Carolina, he was able to do it all. And
I think that he and Tucker deve Reez are going
to play really well off of one another's at Tucker
Devrez doesn't necessarily need to play that point guard spot
or anything like that, because at the ball in his
hands a ton at drake. This will allow him to

be able to play off the ball a little bit more.
And I mean for Javon Small in the Big Twelve
last year, he shot thirty seven half percent from three
part range. He's capable of giving you a stealer two
per game as well. I think that this is a
really good fit for mister Defrees. You were wondering when
they were going to be able to get that next
garden they have gotten in, so I do think that
this is going to be very very solid as well,

and then a very very late in the transfer portal.
And I wouldn't doubt as of the time of recording
that I'm missing a few and I might have a
little bit of cleanup on some of these guys that
filed before the deadline to be able to enter into
the transfer portal. Five a few to clean up tomorrow.
But Shy owed him he was able to put up
about eight and a half points per contest to an
half asis at Howard this last season had his best
year two years ago, when he was able to log

about eleven points per game when the team made the
NCAA Tournament as the sixteen seed. He is not out
there in the transfer portal as well, and he saw
August Mahoney also enter into the transfer portal as well.

Speaker 4 (39:59):
This is just coming.

Speaker 1 (40:00):
I'm recording this right in the neighborhood about ten forty
five pm Pacific time. But for Mahoney, you have to
figure that there's going to be a lot of interest
for this Mahoney as he was able to log ten
and a half points for contests last year and each
of the last two years at Yale shot at least
forty five point three percent from three point range. Like
there are some things that translate from the mid major

level up to the power conference level, there are some
things that are not a forty five percent three point
shooter like this. I do think that there is going
to be a whole lot of guys are going to
be interested in him, and I do think that there's
going to be a team that is going to be very,
very fortunate that they were able to bring him into
the program. And then you saw Miles Jay you last
season was playing over at Chattanooga. He's going to be
going to You see your vine so Za Zap for

the a Eaters, and you see your vine doesn't utilize
the transfer portal too much. When they do, they seem
to hit every single time. With Jay, he actually began
his career over there in the great state of California,
played for a lot of prep schools out there. He
blogged this last year for Chattanooga as a part time
starter seven a half points, right around about two assists
per contest. He's not a guy that says gonna elevate

you from three point range. He needs to have the
ball in his hands a little bit. But as we
saw Pierre Cockrell the team as an eye for finding
these guys are able to do a nice job of
just being able to elevate the program in general. So
I do think that that's gonna be big. And he
saw Khalifa Siko he was playing over at Utah State
this last season, just really couldn't get out there on
the floor. He's going to be going to sam Houston State.
This is going to be a solid gate for sam

Houston State. He's a guy with a little bit of versatility.
He's got some size, he's able to step outside, and
he is able to knock down a few shots as well.
I think that he's going to be a good yet
for sam use To State moving forward. And he do
like this get for Southern Miss. D'Antoni Gordon, he last
season was playing over at Little Rock and he has
decided that he's going to be heading on over to
Southern Miss. For Southern Miss, it was very clearly that

the Andre Cabello experiment, it's not necessarily the world's greatest
for them, but we never will truly know how that
turned out because he's got so badly injured.

Speaker 4 (41:54):
But that's that.

Speaker 1 (41:55):
For D'Antoni Gordon, he has my pass around like a
basket of brad six. I think that he began his
career junior college level play a year at Wichita State
play in the last few over at Little Rock, but
was very much a nice difference maker for Little Rock
this last year. Shot thirty four and a half percent
from three part range, right around about five boards eleven
and a half points per game. He stands in the
neighborhood about six foot seven. This is exactly what so

other miss was lacking as easy to go. So I
do think that he's going to be able to bring
some oof and we're looking to bring you some move
every single day on this podcast. We're looking to make
the two thousand and twenty four to twenty five season
the best ever.

Speaker 4 (42:27):
And if you do like.

Speaker 1 (42:28):
Hearing from the time podcast Ghost Ghost soups euroupe to
subscribe wherever your podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Sitter
and June And if you have a question comment segment
idea what I have you for this podcast? You do
have one of Dway's we have far those in first
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at this podcast VI starts, it is very much appreciated.
From there here able fire and whatever you'd like here
on this podcast via the five star review. Big thanks
once again to Brandon Marks, who does great workover at
the Affnakey joined me in last segment. Coming at you
guys every single day regular season and off season podcast.
Oh that's quickly? What's getting up? Thank you so much
for donning again.
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