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May 3, 2024 38 mins

Greg explains why the biggest player moves often are returning plays, talks to Blake Lovell of Southeastern 14 about the past few weeks from Kentucky and Arkansas, the SEC teams portal hauls thus far, what to expect from the new teams entering the SEC, & Greg recaps Thursday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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2:50-Why the biggest player moves are often returning players

10:49-Interview with Blake Lovell

24:24-Recap of Thursday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
The Warmer Funny Lo. Welcome to Bumby Boss Vegas for
us because he was with myself Craig Eats Peterson now
part of the Theson family and podcasts, We've got an
excellent podcast for you as joining me in segment number two,
we're gonna have Blake Globball aboard. He does absolutely tremendous
workover at Southeast and fourteen and he's gonna be joining
me chatting about what we've all seen here in the
SEC in the offseason. There's been no shortage of intrigue

with Arkansas Kentucky those two schools. But on top of that,
what Alabama's been able to do, I've been a stan
of what Ole miss has been able to do as well.
So we're gonna be chatting with him about that and
if he truly believes that the transfer portal has closed,
as we've seen a few names trickle in that apparently
entered into the transfer portal late, so we're gonna share
those up in the final segment and take a look

at all the news and notes and player movement that
we did see in college basketball on Thursday. That'll be
happening in the final segment, and if you do, I
have a question comment TEG good idea. What I have
you for this podcast? You do have one of two
ways feel far those in. First one is my Twitter
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I'm entercise per usual. Please we send these into the timeline.
The other ways sign an Apple podcast review. If you

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From there, you're able to fire in whatever you'd like
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And I did not get in any Twitter SA text
questions today, and please do fire those in because I
do basically the first segment typically around it. We've been
seeing a lot of this happening in college basketball last
few days, and I do think that with the portal closing,
it's putting an emphasis on it guys that they have

to decide whether or not they're actually going to be
returning to their school. Now the ball is very much
in their court because for these guys that they don't
know whether or not they're going to be returning or not,
they can no longer enter into the transfer portal as
of right now, Like I said, I do think that
there's probably gonna be some sort of a lawsuit, and
I'm sure sure that some kid is going to get
his way and get into the transfer portal. But that said,

these kids, as of right now, they have to decide,
all right, do I want to return to school or
do I want to go pro. You had that with
Ryan Kulkbrenner. You had that also with Grant Nelson over
at Alabama and for Kulkbrenner over at Creighton, and both
these guys decide to return. And these are the things
that you want to be looking for as of right now,
in my opinion, because while it doesn't make as much
news when a guy decides a return to school as

opposed to, oh, when we picked up guy X who
is averaging sixteen points per game at insert funny duddy
school here, these are the things that I think are
oh so important. And honestly, I take a look at
a guy returning that average like ten points per game.
Oftentimes I think that that's even bigger than bringing in
a guy that might have averaged like fourteen points per
game at another school, especially if you've not had a

coaching change or anything like that. They're familiar with the system.
These are the big things to be taking a look
at as of right now. Certainly the NBA draft decisions,
we're going to be seeing those really come to the
forefront more towards the very early summer months. I believe
that the combine is towards the back half of May,
so we're going to be getting a little bit more
familiarity with these guys there. And most of the guys

that are sort of on the borderline, they've already entered
in the transfer portal, but there are some guys that
they did not, And it's all going to be about,
all right, do I return to school? Like in the
case So if someone like a Mark Sears, for example,
I think that that's a good example, as he was
over at Alabama as well, does he decide, all right,
I'm going to be going back to school or saying
in the NBA draft. These are the big decisions to

be taking a look at right now, and I think
that these are the biggest decisions of impact. You saw
plenty of big names out there in the transfer portal,
but those guys Areturning treat them like gold, just like
I treat all my guests like gold. On this podcast
because we've been fortunate enough to have quite a few
good ones, and Blake lovel Is won the best out
there at Southeastern fourteen taking a look at this great
game that we all know love and we're going to
be taking a look at that fine conference next right

here on Coach Goodsey's with myself, Gange Speeds.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
And not apart for the US said they're not ever
read here, Love you Las Vegas.

Speaker 1 (03:46):
We're good. Good seasons with myself, Craigie's Peterson now part
of the Visa Family Podcast.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
It is always great to be joined by this man
as Blake level.

Speaker 1 (03:53):
He does such a tremendous job taking a look at
this great game that we all know in love over
there at Southeastern fourteen. As we've had a lot of
whooply here in the off season with the SEC, and
we've got some newcomers coming in as well with Texas Oklahoma,
I know that he's doing a great job scouring the
front of those teams taking a look at all the
craziness that we have been seeing out in the SEC

and just really nationwide in college basketball. Y're able to
follow Blake on Twitter slideshacks at the Blake level last
tame it spelled l O v e ll and Blake.
It's always great to get you a board.

Speaker 3 (04:24):
Thank you, Yeah, thanks as always, jumping on, Greg.

Speaker 1 (04:26):
Thank you for joining me, Blake, And first things first,
before we dive in on some of the player movement
that we have been seeing, I want to get your
thoughts on. Since we last spoke, it became official that
graduate transfers had to enter at the same time as
normal transfers had to be in by May first. So
by the time this is up, people are going to
be knowing that now nobody else can enter in the

transfer Portland.

Speaker 2 (04:48):
What sort of impact do.

Speaker 1 (04:49):
You think that this has on the off season, because
just from my vantage point, it does, in my opinion,
plays a little bit more emphasis on these coaches getting
their work in a little bit earlier, getting their roster
said a bit earlier than in past seasons, because last
few years we've seen a few teams hold on until
like July August to get in some of those final
few pieces, and I don't think that teams are gonna

have that luxury anymore.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
Yeah, I don't think so either, Greg, And I think
coaches probably don't mind this very much because what we
said from the beginning, and especially the way it's kind
of become, I think, you know, they'd love to know
what their roster is going to look like much earlier
rather than later. And I think this is certainly something
that you know, would give them an opportunity to do that, because,
like you said, I can remember back, you know, over
the past couple of seasons, we're talking about some of
these guys that are still out there July and August,

and we're like, oh, yeah, we forgot that they still
have this spot to fill or that spot to fill,
and so yeah, I think this is kind of a
situation now where you look at it and like you mentioned,
it kind of is now one where you feel like
you have a much better idea of what your team
will look like, at least from you know, the majority
of it. I would think by this time now moving forward,
and again we've seen a lot of that movement for

new coaches in different spots really just kind of go
after it and make all these different moves, which obviously,
you know, if you're looking at the SEC teams, of course,
Kentucky and Arkansas had to rebuild entire rosters and go
out and get guys now knowing that this is kind
of the time, and I think this is one where
things get a lot more interesting. But as always, it's
like rosters are just constantly moving, and at least now

maybe coaches have a little bit better idea of where
things stand versus whereas before it felt like we had
guys that were transferring two days before the season started.

Speaker 1 (06:23):
So yeah, absolutely, it's becoming almost college basketball speed dating
with trying to bring.

Speaker 2 (06:28):
Some of these guys in.

Speaker 1 (06:29):
So I do think that it's going to be really
interesting to see what we get there. And what we're
seeing in terms of Kentucky is things are starting to
come to the forefront with regards to this roster, and
we saw a massive move on Wednesday with Kirk Crisa
coming on over to Kentucky, which I flat out just
do think that this is going to be a better
fit for them rather than what Kirk Crisa had at

West Virginia last year. He just felt like he was
a little bit of a fish out of water with
everything that happened with West Virginia, and well, well that
is because West Virginia, my goodness, gracious, that was just
a completed utter collect any of last season.

Speaker 2 (07:01):
But what do you make out of the roster that
right now we have.

Speaker 1 (07:03):
For Kentucky because they're bringing in Andrew Carrho want to
talk about a rise, He was like the fourth best
player on Delaware a few seasons ago, otego Away, Kobe Brea,
Guys like this, a lot of Tomorrow Williams. And for Kentucky,
I don't know if these pieces necessarily all necessarily fit together,
but certainly they brightened a lot of talent in a
short amount of time.

Speaker 3 (07:22):
Yeah, Kentucky fans will definitely look at this and say,
what is this team I'm looking at? Because these guys
are old and we know sometimes that's kind of been
the knock on teams during the John Caliparier was that
they shouldn't have enough older guys year after year. And
you know, we kind of even said it last year.
If they only had two guys they can rely on
that we're older. And now you could basically start an
entire starting lineup for Kentucky that would all be either

seniors or grat transfers. And so I think that's probably
you know, the one thing that certainly stands out Mark
Pope has gone out and definitely loaded up there to
kind of mix it with a couple of the freshman guys,
and of course, like you said, you got Away coming
in and Brandon Garrison and guys like that. But I
think when you just look at it from that standpoint
and getting a know, just an absolute winner and Lamhon
Butler is a nice thing to have, Like you said,

get increased in there. It feels like a better fit
than what he had last season. Kobe Brand know a
lot of people very high on what he's going to
be able.

Speaker 2 (08:11):
To do for this team.

Speaker 3 (08:11):
You mentioned kind of Andrew Carr's a cent Amari Williams.
These are all guys who have really just again you
kind of see the sin of their careers, and I
think Butler is probably the guy that sort of holds
everything together right now. Not saying he's going to go
out and score twenty points a game, but to me,
he is exactly that kind of guy that Mark Pope
wanted to be able to go out and get a
guy who won as many games as he did at
San Diego State. Being able to play on a team

like that play such a big role, and I think
he's kind of your guy that you're looking at now
as you see how they're building this roster, I'm very
curious to see kind of how the roles unfold. But
it feels like, you know, especially when you look at
kind of the older backcourt they're going to have with
those guys in particular, this is one where, like we said,
we knew that Mark Pope would have to rebuild this
thing from scratch, and he's trying to do that. And

I think, again, given what's out there, give him credit.
He's going the older route, and I think that's something
that will be very welcome from Kentucky fans who just
felt like that has been one of the missing pieces
that they've had in recent years.

Speaker 1 (09:07):
Now, all we need is for him to bring seth
talents out of retirement for his ninth season of college basketball,
which unfortunate to see him stepping away, but certainly it
is a new look Kentucky team, and I do think
that it's one of that is going to be very
intriguing out there in the SEC. As Blake Leblo does
such great workover at Southeast from fourteen is going to
be right here on coast Coast soops because I do

think that the style that Mark coach was coaching up
over at BYU. Is one that is going to be
able to translate to the SEC, it seems more relatively
said on the boards, even though they wouldn't have that
one like Dominator that'd be like seven feet tall, that
would have like muscles upon muscles or anything like that.
But that said, they've got competent rebounders. Now they've got
a guyan kirkry so that I'm pretty sure that you'd

agree with me. When he is on, he is on,
what he is off he is off, but can certainly
be a dynamic guy. But I take a look at
this roster and I think that there's going to be
a lot of inconsistency with Kentucky. I think that there's
going to be games where they lose that they have
no business losing. I think that there are going to
be games where they sync up on a lot of
people they pull off upsets. But I do think that
this is just a roster that in general is going

to play well in the SEC.

Speaker 3 (10:12):
Yeah, I agree with you. I mean again, I think
the experience is definitely going to help with these guys.
And I don't know that you know the expectations should
be Final four or anything like that right away. But
you know, I do think this is clearly a team that,
again he's building to kind of play around the style
that he wants to play, and we kind of saw
some of those common themes like you mentioned whenever he
was at PYU, and I think you'll see this team

play up tempo, you know, we know kind of the
three point shooting element and all those things that he
really wants to push. Definitely a team I think, you know,
from a rebounding standpoint, you look at kind of the
guys they brought in, and I think it's always interesting
too because you're trying to compare this team to what
else you see in the SEC, And to be honest
with you, Greg, I think this is kind of a
as I'm looking at it now. Again, there's a lot
probably still moves to be made, but I think there's

a pretty clear cut top group of the SEC. And
I don't know that that group is made be as
big as it was last year right now, because you know,
there's a couple of teams out there I think that
are still trying to fill some of those spots, you know,
whether it's seeing how Tennessee compares to last year of
South Carolina, you know, teams like that that were near
the top, and now I'm just curious to see how

this Kentucky roster shapes up to those whenever you get
to that point with all that, so it's just really
just seeing how does Kentucky continue to fill their roster
Arkansas teams like that, because it's just like there's still
a long way to go for some of these teams.

Speaker 1 (11:27):
Yep, there certainly is a long ways to go for
some of these teams, and it is going to be
interesting to see what we get on that front. But
I still feel like one of the biggest things that
we saw this past week or so in terms of
the SEC is not necessary a guy that was switching schools,
but a guy that is, saying Grant Nelson decide that
he is going to be utilizing that extra year over
at Alabama. And I think that this is just absolutely

massive for Alabama. As we know, they did lose a
few guys like they did lose Ryland Griffin over the
last week or so, which that was a big time
get by the way, I mean, you're breaking in Ryland
Griffin that said one, I just take a look at
this Alabama team. I like what they've been able to
do thus far this offseason because even though they haven't
like brought in bulk transfers or anything like that, being
able to bring in some of their own being able

to keep some of those guys on campus is big.

Speaker 2 (12:13):
And then we're going to have the shall we say.

Speaker 1 (12:15):
Iron bull on the hardwood, have a little bit of
a renewed effect with Aiden Hollaway coming in as well
as they retooled that backward. Meanwhile, they're able to maintain
that big man. I think that that's just massive for Alabama.

Speaker 3 (12:27):
Yeah, it is, for sure. I think right now, you know,
I probably wouldn't hesitate to put Alabama in that top
spot in the SEC, not just because they were the
last team standing in the final four, but like you said,
you get a Nelson coming back, you see all.

Speaker 2 (12:38):
The guys that they're going to be pairing them with.

Speaker 3 (12:40):
You know, obviously there are still a couple of unknowns
out there right now that seem to be closer to
maybe knowns. So I think once maybe a couple of
those moves are made, then you're going to see, you know,
maybe Alabama stock continue to rise even more. And so Yeah,
I look at this Alabama team and I just feel
like they have exactly what we always say that they
note the teams need, They just they need someone those

guys at the guard position that are older. You have
some guys who have just played a lot of games,
and I think that's what's really important. And you think
about just the importance you know, of combining a Grant
Nelson who came in did we did last year, think about,
you know, some of.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
Those guys who played such a.

Speaker 3 (13:14):
Big role bringing in guys like a Chris Youngblood, Houston
Malette to all those different guys, and I think, yeah,
like you said, Holloway's get all the potential in the world.
See how he kind of fares now in this Alabama
offensive style versus maybe what he thought he could be
an Alburn's offensive style. And so yeah, I think right now,
to me, Alabama is the front runner in the SEC.
They're like, again, you look at what Alburn's done, some

other teams like that. But yeah, I think Alabama has
the highest ceiling right now of any of those teams.

Speaker 2 (13:41):
I do think that they have the highest ceiling.

Speaker 1 (13:43):
But I know that you talked about this team a
lot last year just the overall consistency, and I think
that that's going to be back for them once again.
How about what Tennessee has done is I feel like
they've gotten some really nice fits. Felix uPAR is that
just textbook defense oriented player that's going to be a
little block shots that's going to be so good down
low because you lose the likes of Tobya walk in company,
He's going to be a perfect fit there. And they

take a look at Egor Milichi, Whew, He's not going
to be the scorer that Dalton Connect was or anything
like that. But a guy that's six h ten that's
abled pop threes. I think the Tennessee with the three
guys that they brought in, these two a lot of
Charles Stone Dubar who comes in from Hofstra, they haven't
necessarily brought in that one guy that's going to elevate
the team and is going to be what Dalton Connect
was last year. But I think that they've gotten good

fits for a team that once again is going to
be able to be just that rock solid team, though
they might not have that alpha dog scorer un like
a season to go.

Speaker 3 (14:33):
Yeah, that's my worry for this Tennessee team right now
is looking at this and saying, obviously there's no Dalton Connect,
and you know, certainly that's gonna make you rethink some things. Offensively,
I think defensively they could be fantastic, there's no question
about it. But this could still be one of those
teams that probably, you know, maybe could go back a
little bit to where some of those frustrations we had

before dlphin that got there. They're gon go out and
stop people, But man, I worry sometimes, you know, what's
that offense of consistency going to look like? And I think,
at least just for right now, that's a fair question
to figure out exactly what that will look like in
the postdal and Connect era. But that's not say that
you know, at Jordan Gainey can't take a step forward.
We saw him play a very important role for that
Tennessee team last year and I think, you know, he

clearly can be someone who can score. I don't know
if he's going to score at the level of a
dult And Connect, but you know, look at someone like
Darln Stone new Bar coming in, so they've got some
good options. I think in terms of feeling some of
that void offensively, but you know that is still going
to be the one thing. And like I said a
minute ago, I think you just come sort of give
Rick Barnes the benefit of the doubt. I probably still
put him behind you know, a team like Alabama right now,

maybe a team or two elsewhere. But the fact is,
when you look at kind of the roster that they built,
there's really no reason to believe Tennessee is just going
to dramatically drop off without connect and without you know,
just Siah Jordan James and guys like that who played
a big role in this team. Of course, Tobyo Waka
jonas a do those guys transferred. So it's a new
look Tennessee team. And I think just seeing how the

chemistry comes together with a team like that is always
kind of the most fascinating question for me.

Speaker 1 (16:02):
Yep, it is going to be so interesting to take
a look at what we're going to be getting out
of them. And there's a lot of questions with a
lot of teams, and we should be getting more and
more answers as things do go along. As Blake Level
does such great workover at Southeast and fourteen, he's showing
me right here on Cosco Soups in like, there has
been no shorge of.

Speaker 2 (16:19):
Moves here made in the last few weeks.

Speaker 1 (16:20):
There has been a lot of intrigue with so many
of these rosters as it's finally coming together for a
lot of these teams and do want to open it up.

Speaker 2 (16:27):
It can be an SEC team.

Speaker 1 (16:29):
It can be a team that was maybe thinking about
going to the SEC hasn't gone there quite yet. You
could just pick any team out of the three hundred
and sixty two out there in all of college of basketball.
What's a few teams or just one or two teams
in general that you take a look at what they've
done the last few weeks and you just really like
some of the moves that they've made. It can be
under the radar, it can be mainstream. You pick your choice.

But I said, just is there a few teams that
you look at and you just like what they've done
last few weeks.

Speaker 3 (16:56):
Look, I mean, we did talk a lot about Kentucky
and you know, I will keep it in the SEC
here because we were talking about this morning and I'm like,
it's so bizarre that I'm having this conversation right now
about jonas Ad playing for John cali Perry at Arkansas,
Like it's just one of those things where it's like
you're connecting all these different dots. You're like, wait a second.
Last year Cal was coaching Kentucky, ad was, you know,

one of the top players on Tennessee. Now all these
elements are in Arkansas, and I think Arkansas is the
team that Now I look at what he's building there
and obviously you're going to have, you know, a group
of freshmen coming in. We've already seen some of those
guys come in. Boogie Flann I thought was a big
addition just from a freshman standpoint, But when you see
what he's putting around the freshman a do John L.

Davis from FAU who I think was just a you know,
probably the biggest pickup for Arkansas. Not to knock a
do or anything, but I think Davis just what he's
going to bring at the guard position outstanding. The fascination
with what happens with the big Z. Now in year
two under John cali Perry, he also fascinations Greg of
playing jonas a do a big Z together that looked
like I think Arkansas and we have to still see

because they have quite a few spots left available. But
would I be shocked if a month from now we're
going back at this and saying, well, maybe Arkansas is
a team to beat the SEC because Cals all of
a sudden just made all these moves and here they are, right,
and so I think when you look at it, you know,
the pecking order in the SEC. We talked about some
of these teams, but I feel like Arkansas is one
they've gotten. I think what they need to at least

as a starting point to feel really good about being
able to succeed in you're one under Cal. Of course
we'll have a conversation about the tournament and all that stuff,
but I think that what he's done so far to
get some guys like this, you know, there's some other
guys that are certainly feeling pretty good about at this point,
that is one that I would I would definitely look
at and feel pretty good about if I'm an Arkansas
fan and looking ahead and thinking, all right, maybe this

is a great opportunity to be able to, you know,
really make some moves here and see what they can
do in Cal's first season.

Speaker 1 (18:50):
Yep, you bring in two seven footers that were in
the SEC last season. You're bringing a guy and John L.
Davis who was a top scorer over at Florida Atlantic.
And say what you will about Atlantic last year, John L. Davis,
he was really the guy that carried the load for
them he season ago. He is, in my opinion, fully
capable of being a top flight scorer out there in
the SEC. He brings with them all those top fifty

recruits from Kentucky, so right there with you. It has
been a great off season for him. And I know
that's gonna be a great offseason for you guys over
at Southeastern fourteen because I know you're hard at work
looking at all these moves that we are seeing right now.
It just never ends, my friend. We always have something
to talk about in college basketball. You do a great
job of keeping your finger on the pulse of it all.

So love to get people at home. No, it's all
on that for you and how people can fall on
on social media the other platforms.

Speaker 2 (19:37):
You always appreciate it.

Speaker 1 (19:38):

Speaker 3 (19:38):
You can find all of our stuff it's easy basketball
related over to Southeast or fourteen on YouTube and yeah,
all the other college basketball stuff. Find me on Twitter,
slash x at the Blake level.

Speaker 1 (19:47):
And Blake does such an incredible job take a look
at this great game that we all know and love
all twelve months of the year, and every single time
he joins the show he always lends such great insights.
So big thanks Blake for joining MEONKA because Soup's now
part of the Vsent Family podcast. Coming next another Rambustion,
Stay Up college Basketball, a lot of player movement, will
give you a.

Speaker 2 (20:04):
Recap up at nights.

Speaker 1 (20:11):
Ever regular love Me Las Vegas, look us with myself GREGEP.
Speederson now part of the Vison family of podcasts. Always
great to be able to get Blake level aboard. There
has been no shortage of intrigue with those SEC schools
here in the Transfer Portal, all that they have been
doing here in the offseason, and Blake, he does such
a great job taking a look at this great game
that we all know in love. So a big thanks

to Blake for joining. The last segment now itays that
time the podcast they give you a recap of all
the news and notes that we saw in college basketball
over the last twenty four hours. This one was a
late add to the Transfer Portal. Pretty much at the
buzzer accur occur he was playing this last season over
at Stanford six foot nine, versatile piece at shot forty
three and a half or tent for three and all

so Con team members sixteen points six sports per contest.
He was pretty much the last man to get into
the transfer port He is going to be a very
big ad. You have to figure that there's going to
be so many teams at the Division one level there
are going to be interested in his services. He's able
to generate some steals, He's able to do just a
little bit of everything. In general, I think that he
is going to be very much sought after. So it's

going to be very interesting to see what the market
is going to be on him, but I do think
that it is going to be quite quite warm on him.
Disabledast he saw Travis Roberts, he was playing over at
Jacksonville State this last season. He has decided that he
is going to be heading out over to Maris's. Has
said the transfer portal it is currently closed, but I
will not be surprised if under some tom foolery reasons

it gets reopened. But I said, as of right now,
it's closed. And for Travis Roberts, he has closed the
door on looking at going elsewhere. As for Maris, they're
getting someone that has a little bit of versatility throughout
his career for Roberts, he's been able to shoot about
thirty six percent from three part range, was able to
log about three and a half points per contest the
last two seasons over at Jacksonville State, a team that's
very much defense oriented, wasn't necessarily playing it up and

down style. At six for six, I do think that
he's going to be able to fit just what Maris
is looking to do. Maris is a little bit more
of a defense oriented team that they don't bring in
necessarily the biggest hole in the transfer portal as of
right now, but I do think that they're starting to
build a little bit of something here with Maris. You
tell that they were able to ascend a little bit
more in this past season, and this is really their
first head in the transfer portal, So we shall see

if they're going to be able to get a little
bit more moving forward, but certainly going to be very
interested to see what happens there. We've also got josh
Udujay who decided to enter into the transfer portal at
the last hour, as well as we've got a few
guys I do need to clean up from the day on.
I believe it was Wednesday went the transfer portal closed.
But with Oudou Jay he was playing this last season
over at Utah State. He was able to log about

eight and a half points per contest this last year
over at Utah State. Made the leap from Coast Carolina
to Utah State quite well. Now, three point shooting, it's
not necessary. It's Fortene only shot about twenty seven percent
from three point ins just past season, but it's got
a little bit versatility at six foot five. It's going
to be very interesting to see his sort of prospects.
And then we've got Jordan Lathan who entered into the
transfer portal late but he's out of eligibility. He was

able to be a nice solid score over at more
At State. It's going to be very interesting to see
if he's able to make any waves in general because
he's currently suing the NCAA for another year of eligibility
and as these COVID years come going, and that's going
to become probably a little bit more of a theme
as well. And I have no take with regards of
the lass system. I went to school for radio, TV film,

so I know absolutely nothing about it, but I said,
it's going to be interesting to see what happens. I
think that that's about the most fair take that I
can give you there, and I'm able to give you
a take about High Point basketball in the fact that
they look to be back baby to Marion Williams.

Speaker 2 (23:37):
He last season was over at Texas Tech.

Speaker 1 (23:39):
Just an injury red olds season in general, and he
was really able to tear it up in the Big
South when he was at Garter Web during the twenty
twenty one twenty two campaign. His last season over there,
shot about thirty nine and a half per cent from
three fourteen and a half points two and a half
assists per contest. He is heading back on over to
the Big South. He is going to be playing for
high Point, and high Point has really done a nice
job here in the off season. I know that they're nil.

Collective is relatively big, but these guys, contrary to popular belief,
they're not just going into the highest holar mon, well,
some of these guys are. Some of these guys actually
like the fit in for my point, I mean, what's
not to love about this fit right now? Chase Johnson,
a former forty percent three point shooter at Florida Golf Coast.
Bobby Pettiford, who began his career at Kansas Nice facilitator
of at Eastern Carolina. You now bring in Texas, Texas

to Marie and Williams. They've got Jeremy Fulfana, six foot
eleven center coming in from Rhode Island. This team looks
to be stacked out there in the Big South, so
good on them. Good for them to commit those resources
of basketball love to see that. So they are getting
all the better in the transfer portal, and I think
that it's going to be very interesting to see what
we get on this team moving forward as well. As

You've got Dylan Anderson, who has decided that he is
going to be heading on over to Poise State. Poise
State loses quite a few pieces in the offseason. They're
no longer going to have Chabooza Ogbo. But Dylan Anderson
is a former four star guy. I believe that he
might have been like a State Player of the Year
or something like that as well. But that said, for
Anderson just ended up getting lued to the bench over

at Arizona. He's a former Top Winner recruit that is
actually mister basketball I believe from the great State of Arizona.
Did not play this last season, but at seven feet tall,
he's able to stretch a floor a little bit. He's
able to give you some good versatility. I think the
Poise State is going to find a way to be
able to utilize him very well. And unless if I
missed something, I think that they should be getting Tyson

Dagan Art back of the fold. If they can find
a way to be able to play those guys off
of one another, You're really looking at something for a
Boise State team that they always do a relatively saw
a job on defense as well, So I do think
that that's a relatively sawid gift for them. Ramel Lloyd junior,
he was playing over at Nebraska this last season, didn't
necessarily get the world's most about the minutes he decided
that he's going to be going to Long Beach Shape.

Long Beach Shape. They lose Dan Monson, but they picked
up an NCAA tournament berth along the way, and I
do think that this is going to be an interesting
team as they were built around Lacina and Abacar Trerore
this last season. Grandard a popular belief because they have
the same lass, same They were not brothers. They actually
grew up on like the same island out there in Africa,
and yet somehow some white they were brother is zor related.

So I thought that that was interesting. But I'd say
for our good friends over there with long beach shape,
they've done a nice job and be able to add
some nice pieces, and I think that they're going to
be an interesting team out there in a big West
where I do think the UC Santa Barbara is going
to be able to come back to the forefront. But
Lloyd was a guy that could not play last season,
but he had a top two fifty grade according to
a lot of those recruiting websites. Derek Michael Xaviero comes

in from Grand Canyon. He's got some upside in Devinisku.
It's a former top soenty five recruit.

Speaker 2 (26:35):
That one. He's helfy.

Speaker 1 (26:36):
I think that he could be an elevator out there
in the Big West. So clearly they're going guard centric.
They're going a little bit smaller, and I do think
that that is going to be paying subdividends for them.
This is also going to be paying subdividends. Bringing in
a guy like Wayne McKinney the third. He has decided
that he's going to be going to San Diego State.
I think that he's essentially going to be the replacement
for Lamont Butler headed on over to Kentucky over the

last few days, and for McKinley the third, certainly not
a guy that played a lot of defense. If you
were playing in the San Diego Just program in general,
you weren't playing a lot of defense. Which makes it
very interesting because you're right now if San Diego State,
you see San Diego and you've also got the San
Diego Torrero's three D one schools all in the same city.
So he's not gonna have to move very far. But

except for McKinney, this last year, shout about thirteen a half
points per contest, shot about thirty four percent from distance,
was able to generate a little bit over a seal
per contest. Gonna be interesting to see how he fits in.
As for San Diego State, it just feels like they've
really lost in this offseason. They haven't really brought in
a whole bunch of shall we say, impact guys, They've
lost quite a few guys to the transfer portal over
the last twenty four months or so, but Brian Dutcher

always finds a way to be able to figure it out.
He's one of those coaches when I ask our guests,
who do you give the benefit of the dout to?
With our good friend and mister Dutcher, he is one
of those guys I certainly do give the benefit of
it out to. You also saw Kiwakita decide entering the
transfer portal as well. He was another one of those
guys that entered at the very last second eight half
points five and a half boards run about a blockber

contest as well. He's someone that I think could be
very interesting and he's someone that I think has a
little bit of upside as well. So I'm gonna be
taking a look at that, and I do think that
over Lions him, they're gonna be getting a relatively sawid get.
Just like this is a very good gift for Tulane.
Michael Eely, if he could stay healthy, I think that
he's going to be a difference maker for a two
lane team that they just need depth from. Last year,
Tulane was playing at a top twenty to eight in

terms of total possessions per game, and yet they were
playing with a six a half man rotation. They got tired.
It felt like at the end of games it's like
shot shock, surprise, surprise. I wonder why. But for Ely,
he was just dealing with so many injuries last season.
But when he was out there, he was good for
Siena thirteen and a half points, five and a half boards,
not only about twenty six percent for three parte. But
again I pin a lot of that on the injuries

that he went through. As a freshman, he shot more
around thirty four percent from three part range. And I
do think that he's gonna be able to fit the
two lane style. He was playing a little bit more
up tempo two seasons ago with Sienna. Last year they
couldn't play with any temple whatsoever because everyone on.

Speaker 2 (28:58):
Siena was hurt.

Speaker 1 (28:59):
So it's really hard to really evaluate him fairly because
of everything that happened this past season. But that said,
I do think that he's going to be able to
go into that two lane program. He's a guy that's
able to play some shall we say, stretchabowl basketball. He's
able to guard multiple positions, and I do think that
he's going to be offering them some night's promise. I
think that this is going to be big for Oregon
as well.

Speaker 2 (29:18):

Speaker 1 (29:18):
Bomba he is going to be entering into the program.
And Dana Oltman was one of the original pioneers of
the transfer portal. Now in recent years it felt like
the game was passing him by a little bit in
terms of the guys that he was bringing in. I
think that Phil Knight might be helping him out just
a little bit here. But you know what, for Oregon,
they've done a nice job here in the transfer portal.
They do lose carry O Quando and after about five

hundred million billion years, they're no longer going to have
Jermain and Queezar, but they bring back Jackson Shell said,
and on top of that, they've got a nice backcourt
to build around him. Raheem Moss is a nice sable
figure score from Toledo.

Speaker 2 (29:51):

Speaker 1 (29:51):
Bomb is the guy that's just able to go out
there and he's able to get your buckets ten points
per game over at blowing over this last year, shot
thirty seven percent from three and he's very familiar with
the West Coast, so he began his career over at
Washington State, so he has some familiary there. He's probably
not going to be playing against washing At State with
conference ray alignment, but that said, he's able to give
you a few rebounds per game. I think that he's
going to be able to go in there and he's

going to be able to fit this system very well.
And he also Brandon Angel who is going to be
coming in. He was playing over at Stanford this last season,
so that's going to be big for them. This is
going to be a big gift for George Mason as well,
because they hit gold last year when they brought in
Keyshawn Hall from UNLV and I don't know if this
guy is going to be able to replace that production.
But they bring in Zach Anderson, who last year was
over at Florida Golf Coast. While he was over at

Dunk City at six foot seven, shot in the neighbor
at about forty six percent from three thirteen points five
boards pair of assists per contests. He's not necessarily the
most fit guy in the world at a little bit
north of two hundred pounds, but he's got really good versatility.
He does a nice job, but just being able to
hold at the ball a little bit. He wasn't necessarily
a guy that could go guard multiple positions or anything
like that. At Florida Golf Coast, that team was just

miserable at earning the three point arc. I don't pin
any of that on Zach Anderson though, But guy that's
able to stretch floor the guy that I think in
going to George Mason be able to fit that system.

Speaker 2 (31:03):
In general, I do like this move.

Speaker 1 (31:05):
And how about this John Tone Jay. He has decided
that he is gonna be heading on over to Wisconsin.
John Tone Jay spent I think like three days over
there at New Mexico. Finally Wisconsin gets a guy that
I've a little bit bullish on because up until this point,
Wisconsin fans we're trying to get behind. Oh boy, We're
bringing in Xavier Amos from Northern Illinois and stuff like that,

and I'm just like, eh, I don't know about this.
This is a guy that I like John Toonjay two
years ago when he was fully healthy over at Colorado,
save fourteen and a half points, shot thirty nine percent
from three point range. He's stretchful enough to be able
to guard multiple positions at right around six foot five.
This is exactly what Wisconsin needed. I'm still a little
bit barish on them coming into the year. But for

all of you Wisconsin fans that are giving me grief
for being down on this team, for bringing in a
dude from central Arkansas that didn't play last year and
a guy from north they're Illinois. This is what they needed.
This is what they've got. So thank goodness, gracious, and
hopefully you can guard the three point line because that
killed Wisconsin last year. And well, they're gonna need to
change that defensive philosophy a little bit because it has

really been failing them. That said, this philosophy has been
succeeding for Eric Musselman up until last year, bringing in
one hundred million billion transfers. And I think that this
is transferred number ten for them. As Desmond Clawede, who
last season was playing over at Xavier, he's going from
the x Men and he's becoming a Trojan. He last
season was really able to carry the mail for Xavier
sixteen and a half points, four and a half boards, reassists.

Not a guy that's gonna stretch the floor and shoot threes.
He shot about twenty four percent from three partrache. But
now us he is bringing in those big bomber guys.
Last seventy two hours, they're bringing Terrence Williams. He was
a nice rebounder over at Michigan, just launched in a
system that was not great, to say the least. Saint
Thomas was one of the most versatile players in all
of college basketball in Northern Colorado. Now you're bringing in

has been clawed a lot, Chabuso agbo. Now you're starting
to get the When they were ringing in guys like
for shan Ag Matt Noling, these guys from the mid
major level, I was thinking, oh, okay, pieces, but I
don't know how they compete with the talent that they're
going to be seeing at the big ten level. Now
I'm starting to see it a little bit more. Now
I have absolutely no idea what they're going to be
running whatsoever is this is just sort of a hodge

podge of guys, it feels like as of right now.

Speaker 2 (33:22):
But I do like to get so certainly, I.

Speaker 1 (33:24):
Do think that USC has been able to do a
good job over the last few hours bringing in some
of these guys that I do think they're going to
be able to elevate this program moving forward, and they
are certainly taking substrides in the right direction. And we
also did see Daveon Bailey beyond the Move. He last
season was very good over at ballse twelve and a
half points, shot about forty two and a half percent
from three part range. And he's heading on over to

Incarnate Word. An Incarnate Word program that has been said, sorry,
what have you for many many years out there in
the cell phone. This is the biggest git that they
have gotten in a very very long time.

Speaker 3 (33:57):

Speaker 1 (33:57):
How Incarnate Word is going to be able to utilize
that's a little bit of a question, Marcus. The best
way to put this program over the last few seasons
has been disjointed. You have absolutely no idea what they're running.
You have no idea what the philosophy is, and who
knows who's actually going to be coming.

Speaker 2 (34:12):
Back for them.

Speaker 1 (34:12):
But for Incarnate Word, they're on the board with some
relatively nice transfers. They also bring in Jalen Anderson, he
was playing this last year over at ball State. They
bring in Mattinius Mulcucus. Hopefully I said that correctly. Six
and seven, little bit of a combo player from Central Florida,
but in terms of Vanders and the guy that he's
going to be playing alongside with. He began his career
at loyal Omama sixteen points, four and a half boards,

four and a half. It says, all of a sudden,
you've got yourself a really nice backward and all of
a sudden the selfland. There must be an infusion of
money that must be coming into that conference right now,
because you've got McNeice doing all that they are doing
right now. Now you've got Incarnate Word actually bringing in
Guyslevich we've never ever seen before, so many good on them.

They're putting some resources into basketball. So that's nice to see.
And for Isaiah Hawthorne, nice to see him lying on
his feet, a guy that I always felt like should
have gotten a little bit more run over aed San Francisco.

Speaker 2 (35:04):
His best year came two years ago.

Speaker 1 (35:05):
He was able to log about six a half points
here and there, and it's the three rebounds per contest
out a guy that's really gonna pop it from three
overly much. But on the small amount of threes that
he took two seasons ago, shot thirty nine percent from
three points. He just decided that he's going to be
going to Northern Colorado. And for Northern Colorado, they lose
Saint Thomas in the offseason, but we've seen it with
Northern Colorado. They turn these guys that sort of have

a very similar frame to Isaiah Hawthorne. He stands right
around about six foot seven something around that range. He's
got a nice athletic frame. He might actually be six
foot eight, and they turn him into just like Saint
Thomas's last year, just like Dalton connect a few seasons ago.
These guys that they just become, go to scores, they
do a little bit of everything, and I do think

that this is going to be a move that is
very much going to be paying dividends for them. I
think that they're going to be trying the same thing
with him. Now. Do I think that he's going to
be the same as Saint Thomas and Dalton Connects. I
think that that would be lofty expectations, But I do
think that Isaiah Hawthorne, He's going to be able to
do a solid job coming into this program right away
and doing a nice job. I'll be able to help
out this team and we have seen now new Cornell

coach John jock Kes really sure up his coaching staff.
He has decided that he is going to be bringing
in Mike Brannon, the former head coach over at American
as one of their main assistants. Jalen Hayes is now
going to be an assistant for them as well. That
according to Jeff Goodman, so we've got that a little
bit more shirt up as Baylor, they do lose Bill Peterson,
great name. He's decided that he's going to be coming
the top assistant over at Denver as well. You wish

him absolutely nothing about the best. And then Jalen Crocker Jones,
he was the OVC Rookie of the Year this last
year over at Little Rock. He's decided that he's going
to be going to Colrad of State. Colrad State hasn't
made a lot of moves, but you can tell that
because they're losing Isaiah Stevens from this past season that
they're going to be going in a little bit of
a different direction. It feels like they're going to be
going a bit more defense oriented. They already brought Ethan Morton,

who was over at Purdue into the fold and for
Crocker Jones, he last season has a six foot eight
ersatle piece over at Little Rock. Didn't shoot it well
from three, you only shout about twenty and a half
percent for distance, but nine points, five and a half boards.
He's able guard multiple positions. Gave you a darn near
a block per contest with Colorado State. I absolutely love
what Nico Medven is doing. And Nico Medven has shown

that as a coach he's willing to change his philosophy
and he's willing to change his style based on the
talent that he has around him. Obviously, this year he's
probably not gonna have as much shooting talent as he's
had in past year, so feels like he's going a
little bit more defense oriented. Brought in Keyshawn Williams who
was over at Northern Illinois and was a nice go
to score guy that's able to handle the ball in
his own right as well. So love what Colorado State

is doing, and hopefully you love what we're doing here
on this podcast, Goods, Goodsoops. We're looking at college basketball
every single day to prepare you for what should be
the best college basketball season ever. And if you do
like preteering from this time podcast Gouts scoots ooops. You're
seed subscribe wherever your podcast, Apple Podcasts, Google Playing, Spotify,
sit your in tune and if you have a question
comment take a good idea.

Speaker 2 (37:51):
What I have you for this podcast?

Speaker 1 (37:52):
You have one of two ways, mel far those in
first one is my Twitter slash checks simeline at you
and at underscoredy one. Keep in mind learnsim they mean
the sign matters, so as per usual, please send these
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is very much appreciate it. From there, you're able fire
and whatever you'd like. You're on this podcast via that
five star review. And big thanks once again to Like
the Bubble Southeast from fourteen for Jeremy last.

Speaker 2 (38:12):
Segment from back to you guys.

Speaker 1 (38:13):
Every single day on this podcast, regular season and off season,
and I'm actually you once to get them out. Thank you,
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