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May 4, 2024 37 mins

Greg talks about the impact of NBA Draft decisions, talks to Colby Dant of the Sports Gambling Podcast Network about if the transfer portal is closed for good, the impact returning player announcements of the past week, & early transfer portal winners & Greg recaps Friday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:14-The Impact of NBA Draft decisions

10:52-Interview with Colby Dant

31:51-Recap of Friday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
A warmer Relievo.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
Welcome to Move the Moss Vegas Forcus Gussy with myself Greggs.
Peterson now part of the Decent Family Podcast. We've got
an excellent podcast for you as joining me. In segment
number two, you're gonna have on one of our good friends,
go Be Dante of the Sports Family Podcasts Network. We're
gonna ask him if he actually thinks that the transfer
portal is closed down. I believe that the answer is no,
because we actually saw more players enter into the transfer

portal after May first, So that has been very interesting
to say the least. But that so we'll be diving
in on that topic. We're gonna be taking a look
at so the teams in general that he's looking at
and it's feeling a little bit bullish about them, feeling
a little bit perish about them. Just talking about these
guys that are actually coming back as well and just
how impactful that is. And in the final segment, it's
gonna get you guys a little bit of around the

pass to the news and notes that we're seeing in
college basketball. What we all got on Friday. If you
do have a question comment segment IDEA, what I have
you for this podcast. You do have one of twoad's.
We have far thos in first one is my Twitter
slash xs timeline at you under forty one. Keep in
mind little maybe he does not matter size per usual.
Please send these into the timeline and the other way.
He's find an Apple podcast review. If you rate this
podcast fight stars, it is very much appreciated. From there,

you are able to fire in whatever you'd like to
hear on this podcast via that five star review. I
always want those Twitter slash asks questions. Makes it a
little bit more difficult without them. But I do want
to alert you guys that we did get the NBA
combine invites that came out on Friday, and by the way,
the fact that John L. Davis to not get a
draft combine invite. I'm not necessarily one of these guys

that's gonna be overreacting or anything like that. But if
you're saying that he's not like a top seventy five,
a top eighty pro prospect, what are we doing here
like some of the schlubs. I'm sorry, but Brownie James
is getting a combine invite over our good friend and
John L. Davis. That does not seem to be very
very great, to say the least. I'm taking a look

at the list right now, and I do think that
when it comes to like a Jamior Watkins, for example,
he's a little bit of a borderline guy, I would
certainly give it to John Oldavis before him. You've got
guys from the G League. Iignight that got in over
him as well, so and me that was a little
bit wrongdoing. I'm sure that they could have made the
room to be able to have him in. But now

it is getting to be that time of year where
these combine invites. They are very big. For one and two,
you do want to be taking a look at just
some of these guys with big time NBA draft decisions
as well. And it's something that I've talked about on
the podcast a little bit. One of the trickiest things
to do for these teams is to try to balance
bringing in guys into the transfer portal and holding off
and waiting for some of these guys that are going

through the NBA draft process, like a Mark Sears for example,
he in my opinion, is very much a borderline guy.
Watch as I do this, he probably has already decided
that he's going to be saying in the NBA draft.
That's how quickly news goes. But that said, you've got
a lot of big time decisions that are going to
be made by a lot of these show we say,
more fringe guys over the next few weeks. Like we know,

some of these guys are as good as gone, like
a Kyle Philipowski. I believe that PJ. Hall said that
he is not going to be coming back to Clemson.
Then I might be mistaken on that. Certainly you're not
going to be getting like Donov clinging back to the
fold or anything like that. But I mean, these are
some big time decisions they're going to be made over
the next few weeks and whether or not guys going
to be coming back that could be very much make

or break for some of these teams, and it's very
much going to be affecting how they do go about things.
Like Michael Lejay who decided that he was going to
be transferring on over to Gonzaga. He got a combine invite.
That's something that you do want to be taking a
look at, because Gonzaga really didn't lose anyone via the
transfer portal. They brought in a few guys, but they're
really banking on Michael Leja coming back to school being

a part of that program to be able to elevate them.
So that is something to be mindful of these next
few weeks, and I'll certainly be keeping my finger on
the pulse of it. I really don't do a lot
of NBA draft itself, like props or anything like that,
but I do keep my mind on this because I
do think that it's going to be very impactful in
terms of what we're going to be getting roster wise
and what else is impactful. Getting on great guests and

one of our good friends, Kobe dan he's one of
the best in the business. He's gonna be joining me
and we're gonna be talking about some of these winners
and the drinks were born on so much right here
on tuscass myself said, Now Ambout six a podcast every
Rank Lovey Las Vegas for Gus Gussie with myself, Greg

Gabs Peterson now part of the Vson family of podcasts.
Always great to be joined by this man, as Kobe
Dante does absolutely tremendous workover at the Sports Gambling podcast Network.
Take a look at this great game that we all
know love of college basketball. I know that he joins
me weekly on the Greg Peterson experience as well on
Vson And I always say this as well for those
that are looking for some spots this time of year.

If there is a football league on the face of
planet Earth, Kobe is breaking it down, whether it be
the UFL, it used to be the XFL, the Canadian
Football League is starting up, if they started up some
football league out in ZIMBABWEI I'm sure that you would
have Picks an analysis on all those games as well.
He does a great job on that front. All three
hundred and sixty five typically days of the year. This

year three are in sixty six with the leap year,
does a great job daily taking a look at this
great game of college basketball as well. And you have
both follow my Twitter slash sicks at the Kobe d
altogether and Kobe always pleasure my friend.

Speaker 1 (05:08):
Thank you, thanks for having me man.

Speaker 3 (05:09):
And when the college basketball season goes dry in college football,
which are like my main two passions, you gotta jump into,
you know, whatever you can find football or basketball wise,
So go to Zimbabwe, check out some Zimbabwi and football.
I hope that's a word, but I'm glad to be
here man. And obviously college basketball we used to have
quiet off seasons and it is not at all a

quiet off season.

Speaker 2 (05:31):
It has not been a quiet off season at all,
And just over the last few hours, as we do this,
he transfer portal clothes up. But I have a sneaking
suspicion that we might not be done. I can foresee
a situation where a coach gets camed during the summer,
like we saw the Bob Huggins situation last year. Hopefully
we don't get anything like that, but as we know
health conditions, things like this always pop up to where

you get like a midsummer coaching change or something like that.
There might be a sequntal kid that wants to go.
Do you think that we're truly done with regards to
transfer portal or do you think that we could see
what we saw with things like the two time transfer
rule last year where NCAA tries them for something and
is unable.

Speaker 3 (06:11):
To Yeah, the NCAA is powerless at this point. They
had a long time to prepare for this, and unfortunately
they didn't prepare and now you get stuck with this.

Speaker 1 (06:18):
And I mean you saw it.

Speaker 3 (06:20):
I cover college football for SGPN and also I cover
you know, regular the FBS college football, the Power five
and everything as well as the Group of Five, but
also I cover the FCS college football experience and Hampton's coach.
They parted ways with their coach, which is very late
in the year to do so in the football calendar years,
and we saw it with Georgia State's head coach in
the FBS, even for South Carolina as a tight ends coach,

he just up and left, was done with players getting stolen.
So I would suspect that it probably is not done
on the coaching front. You know, I think some of
these coaches are exhausted. I would still push back on
some of the people that say, how can you coach? Well,
you get to make a lot of money, you know,
you get to make a lot of money. Yeah, you
gotta work a little harder than you did five ten
years ago. But yeah, I would suspect it'll be some
type of change with you know, the three hundred and

sixty some teams we got out there, and that'll probably
open up with their regulation. You know, players can transfer
once that happens. Also when it opens back up in August,
I would expect, you know, the season doesn't starts on
November fourth, so I would expect still some transfers going
in in the August window as well.

Speaker 2 (07:21):
Yeah, if I'm hopeful that we don't see anything quite
like we saw last year, where I remember Nikwon Tomlin
started out the year on Kansas States roster literally mid
season was able to play for Memphis. Then we're starting
to get into like a like NFL MLB trade deadline
sort of situation, and I think that that might be
going a little bit too far, but certainly I do
think that that is going to be very fascinating to

take a look at. But what else is fascinating to
take a look at is that we've actually got some
guys that are returning to college basketball, and over the
last few days, some pivotal big men for their respective
schools decide to go back. Ryan Koch Brennery is going
to be back to Fold for the Great and Blue Jays.
That I think is just absolutely massive. I'm because with
Great they just had absolutely no doubt whatsoever. And then

for Alabama, Grant Nelson him being able to come back
for them. I think that these are two of the
biggest moves in the offseason, and they're gonna get lost
a little bit with all these teams making these splash
moves in the transfer poral bringing in these guys that
average fifteen plus points per game. But I look at
those two moves and I think that they're almost as
big as any transfer that you're going to see this offseason. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (08:24):
No, add into it with the North Carolina guys with
Withers and Davis and yes, you know, there's I think
a few that came back and then Hunter Dickinson and
you get all that going on, and that does factoring
because we thought they might have been gone. I don't
understand why you would go, but basketball is more of
a global game where you might be able to get
better money abroad if you can't make it to the NBA.
It's close, but we saw, you know, the NFL Draft

was the other day. Sam Hartman didn't get picked. Former
Wake Forest and Notre Dame quarterback and he made over
a million dollars last year at Notre Dames.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
It's suspected it's a private.

Speaker 3 (08:54):
School, so we don't know one hundred percent, but that
was the rumor because he was basically on the market
for the high bitter and Notre Dame came through and
that's what he was asking. We think he made over
a million dollars and now he's making, you know, as
an undrafted free agent two hundred grand. So you could
really see the college game. And the same goes with
college basketball. That's why I'm surprised some of the people

that want to risk it. To me, I would still
maximize my college money and get better each year before
taking a shot playing pro.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
But that's me. But it is changing.

Speaker 3 (09:24):
The sport is changing, and I think the college basketball
does benefit with the NIL. Ten years ago, these guys
would have been in the NBA or abroad or something
like that. So to see the college game get kind
of stronger because of it as a benefit to all
of us.

Speaker 2 (09:35):
And I think that's been big in terms of allowing
these guys who developed for four years, these guys that
if they're a lottery picks, they're still going to the
NBA after one year. Let's call it what it is.
Cooper Flag is probably not going to be some sort
of a four or five year guy at Duke or
anything like that. But at the same time, guy number
like forty five in the recruiting class. These are the

guys that have been able to be kept around in
college basketball, whereas your point five seven years ago, that
wasn't the case.

Speaker 1 (10:03):
Yeah, and I think it's better for the game.

Speaker 3 (10:05):
You know, a lot of people talk trash about the
college basketball game with the transfer portal and players getting
paid the nil and I personally think, you know, as
someone that's been a huge fan of the sport for
you know, thirty some years, I actually think this is
probably the strongest the actual sport has been at least
since the nineties. I think that's good for the product
and good for TV ratings moving forward and value in

college basketball.

Speaker 2 (10:27):
Yep, I certainly do think so. As well as joining
me on the show, we do have Kobe Dante does
tremendous workover It's the sports gambling podcast that work, and
he's joining to be right here on Soups. And it
has been very interesting to see what we've all got
in the last few days in college basketball. We have
seen some big time transfers and but I think it
has been interesting. Is those schools out there in the SEC.
You've got a profile picture of the old Arkansas coach

to mister Bobby Petrido who got into the motorcycle accident.
But now on the basketball front, you've got Arkansas has
been able to bring in some very nice players over
the last few days, as John cal Perry was able
to re recruit a lot of those like top fifty
freshmen that we're supposed to be coming in. But now
he's been able to bring in some tangible transfers to
be able to go along with it with John L.
Davis coming into the folds. And then on the flip

side for Kentucky, Kirk Krisa going over there, I think
is just such a better fit than he had over
at West Virginia last year. And I don't know how
you view everything that's happened with Arkansas and Kentucky this offseason,
but I think that this could be one of those
very rare win win situations for all.

Speaker 1 (11:27):
Yeah, no, I would agree.

Speaker 3 (11:28):
I mean, when cal Pari left and obviously it was
high drama, but at the same time, I think Arkansas
fans think he's better than Eric Musselman, so they're happy.
I think Kentucky fans are delighted not to pay him
thirty four million dollars or whatever that number was. I
think some are weary of Mark Pope, but it doesn't
matter if it doesn't work out. You know, first he's
one of your own, and if it doesn't work out,

you don't have to pay him the thirty four million
dollars that you owed Calipari.

Speaker 1 (11:52):
So I do think it's a win, and I think
Mark Pope's a good basketball coach.

Speaker 3 (11:55):
And to see what he's done in the portal really
quickly going out just getting you know, whether it's Kirk Kreshia,
the kids from Oklahoma away and Garrison from Oklahoma State,
Lamont Butler coming in from San Diego State, I don't
know what's up with the Aztecs, anil collect other best
players are gone, but also getting the kid from Drexela,
Mauri Williams and Bray the guard from Dayton.

Speaker 1 (12:16):
They have been making a ton of moves.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
Obviously they had to because with the coaching change, seemed
like everyone for Kentucky either went.

Speaker 1 (12:22):
Pro or hit the portal. But I've been encouraged to.

Speaker 3 (12:26):
Think that, you know, Mark Pope has brought in some
some guys, and I think sometimes it's not you know,
the sexy hire that gets it done. It's the one
that you think maybe it won't work out. I can
remember Clemson or I know I keep making football on
now comparisons, but Dabo Sweeney wasn't one that people were
excited about.

Speaker 1 (12:41):
He obviously won national championships.

Speaker 3 (12:43):
I think in basketball you could find those two, you know,
like basketball, I can remember a time where West Virginia
hired John Beeline and they didn't think it was a
good hire. How about the SEC in general, I mean
Alabama's done a great job too. I know you touched
on Arkansas Bama considering I know they lost a few guys,
but at the same time time, I think they've done
a great job in the portal bringing in talent as

I feel like nat Oates has kind of become the
Musselman junior of bringing in guys.

Speaker 1 (13:08):
Getting Aiden Holloway.

Speaker 3 (13:09):
From Auburn, I do kind of have an issue with
your rival school a player leaving to go to the
other rival, But at the same time, getting him you
gotta and stealing him from Auburn is such a huge move.

Speaker 2 (13:21):
Yeah, that is absolutely massive, and that is going to
add all the more intrigue to the old Iron Bowl
out there on the hardwood. As I do think that
that is going to be a lot of fun to
take a look at at even more bad blood, So
that is something very interesting to take a look at.
To say, last as Goobe Dad, who it's a tremendous
workover at the Sports Gaming Podcast Hour. He's joining me

right here on Casco Soup said. I do think that
it is interesting because we talk about Arkansas, the fact
that they had Er Musselman go on over to USC,
what he's done thus far this offseason over at USC,
because a lot of the moves that they've made have
been a little bit underwhelming, but I feel like they've
really gotten the ball rolling over the last few days.
Bring in Desmond Claude, who he was a part of
his Xavier team that wasn't the same as they were

two seasons ago, but he was the primary guy was
able to give them right around about seventeen or so
points per game. I think that that was absolutely massive
for them. And then a little bit earlier in the
week as well, they did a nice job of just
being able to add a lot of pieces to be
able to help out with that backcourt as well. Being
able to bring in Josh Wacone I think is something
that is big for the team as well as Terrence
Williams to be able to help out down low and

just how do you take a look at this USC
team One that if I am counting correctly, I believe
that they have brought it in down ted transfers, which
has very much Eric Multiman's style. But I do think
that for USC it was a little underwhelming what we
saw with some of the guys like Rashaan ag and company.
But I really do feel like the moves that they
made in the last few days with Claude and Williams.

Speaker 3 (14:44):
Are massive, definitely, and I love the ogboat get from
Boise as well. But yeah, Clawne, I think was one
that I didn't see that move coming, to tell you
the truth. But if you believe in that Northern Colorado
program where you saw Dalton connect there at Tennessee, then
Saint Thomas coming in to us could be big. I
kind of expected Muscleman to do this because we've known
him even before the portal was super crazy when he

was at Nevada. I feel like he would still maximize it.
You gotta be excited if you're a USC basketball fan.
I know last year there was a ton of hype.
I can remember doing my r PAC twelve preview and
thinking USC would be a you know, second or third
competing for.

Speaker 1 (15:19):
A PAC twelve championship. They weren't. They were terrible.

Speaker 3 (15:21):
Actually, to be able to lose first, you lose a
coach to SMU of all places, was a bit shocking.
I think if you're a Trojan fan, but then you
land Muscleman, you know he's gonna win. It's just you know,
how fast can he win? And in this day and
age where you can bring in pretty much a brand
new roster, there's signs of USC being really good as
they enter Big ten play coming very soon. So I

wasn't surprised though, if that makes sense, Like, I don't
feel like I was surprised, but I am curious to
see how this travel affects the Pack twelve schools as
they prepare for new life in the Big ten.

Speaker 2 (15:51):
YEP, not at all surprised that he's been trying to
utilize the transfer portal to the fullest. I was a
little bit surprised that he was bringing in a lot
of mid major guys to start with, but Terrence Williams
landing Desmond Claude, that certainly has them on the right
path in my opinion, and we have been seeing a
lot of big names coming off the board. I know
that we were texting a little bit back and forth,
just like this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy

coming off the board, and just over what we've seen
over the last like two or so weeks, we're a
few big time transfers or just schools in general that
have done a good job landing a few transfers that
have really been catching your eye. Because it's been a
lot to take a look at last few weeks. I
just want to see if there's any in particular that
are really ones that you have a little bit of
a gold star around well.

Speaker 1 (16:33):
I was interested to see.

Speaker 3 (16:35):
I mean, one that comes to mind is Michigan. I thought, Michigan.
I expected this once again, brand new coach Juan Howard,
Era Dunn, but they've been pretty active in the portal.
I guess I expected this one too, But getting Vlad
Golden from FAU was predictable. But some of the other
guys I thought, getting Trey Donaldson from Auburn and Brady
Gale from Ohio, state of all places. Once again, back
to our other conversation, but Danny Wolfe, who we saw

obviously had played well in March. This past of March
coming into that's been one that I've kind of like
been paying attention to that I thought maybe have has
been better than I thought it would be for year one,
I guess in a way though, I kind of thought
they might get John L.

Speaker 1 (17:10):
Davis too, but that clearly didn't work.

Speaker 3 (17:12):
But how about you know, one that has really jumped
to me is McNeese in the mid major front getting
Sincere Parker, who I think is a stud from Saint
Louis to transfer in, and then Brandon Murray who was
once at LSU with Will Wade. You know strong offer
will Wade there. I think McNee is like you can
cash them winning their conference right now. They're just so
much more talented than any other team in the Southland

right now.

Speaker 2 (17:34):
Yeah, there's no question about it. This mcnees's program has
been able to bring in a whole lot of talent.
And I was calling them pretty much a like trip
a version of an SEC team as of right now
because you mentioned the fact that they're going to be
bringing inst the seer Parker, that was the guy that
was very highly touted. Brandon Murray is a former top
one er prospect Joe Charles was a top rebounder over

at Louisiana. Brian Selbungay, he comes over from Arizona State,
but years ago over I Toltally was logging like a
nap for some rebound spreame. Oh, by the way, they
don't lose everyone from last year as well, So my goodness, gracious,
I think that they are in for a tremendous year,
and I know that we're always in for a tremendous
show when you're a Bora Krobe because you do such
a great job evaluating this game that we all know

in love of college basketball. You are hard at work
seeing what we're all getting this offseason. So love the
good people on them. You know it's all on to
that for you and how people get foll along on
social media and other platforms.

Speaker 3 (18:26):
Yeah, I'm on Twitter, the coolby Dia and part of
the Sports Gambling podcast and the Sports gLing podcast network.
I cover the College Basketball Experience podcast that's me and
Ryan McIntyre.

Speaker 1 (18:35):
Check out that podcast and check out all the other work.

Speaker 3 (18:37):
I'm deep into college football and the FCS college football
experience as well as the college football experience. We preview
all one hundred and thirty four FBS teams with an
hour long episode all off season. Yeah, we got a
bunch of other stuff going to Obviously you touched on
spring football. I still cover the UFL with the UFL
Gambling Podcast and the CFL Gambling Podcast. So a lot
of work, a lot of fun, and I look forward

to all of it. So thanks for having me on
the show, Greg again, please it can check us out.

Speaker 2 (19:01):
Absolutely. Kobe does a great job all twelve months of
the year to ging a look at this wonderful sport
that we all know and love. I know that he
is hard at work trying to make us all a
bit more knowledgeable going into the twenty twenty four to
twenty five season, and every single time he joins that show,
this show always lends those great insights. So big thanks
to Kobe for joining me on Seeds now part of
the Vsent Family podcasts and coming in next this that

time the podcast they give you a recap of vat
so know so we saw he talks basketball the last
Pey for hours ever d good love you, Las Vegas,
but that's good. Seats with myself, Greg eb Speeders and
now part of the Vson Family Podcast. It is always
pleasure to be joined by Kobe Dan two does such

great workover at the Sports Gampling podcast network. They get
a look at this great game of basketball that we
all know and love. Every single time he joins the show,
lends such good insights, so big thanks him for joining me.
And last segment, now it is that time the podcast
they give you a recap of all the news. And
we saw in college basketball on Friday, things a little
bit slower during the weekends typically than the weekdays. And

I do think that with the transfer portal and air
quotes here closing over the last forty eight or sours,
that we're probably gonna see a little bit of shortisfaction
year these next few days, and then it's probably gonna
really start to eat up towards like Monday and Tuesday
of next week. But we did see a nice get
for Norfolk State. Brian Moore Junior is going to be
looking to give them more. For Norfolk State, they've been
won the better star warts schools out there in the

MIAC over the last few seasons. And for Norfolk State,
they didn't need a replacement to their top score in
Jamari Thomas and I do think that more junior could
be that guy. Last season, he was not a great
three point shitter at all. You only shot about twenty
percent from distance, but he was able to give the
team about nine points per contest. A relatively solid defender
that comes from the great state of New York, and
I do think that he's gonna be able to go

in right away, be able to elevate the team out
there in the back court. He actually began his career
at the junior college level, so it's gonna be very
interesting to see what ends up happening there. He saw
it either Ridgin Gold. He was last season playing over
at Texas A and m just really wasn't able to
get out there on the floor too much. He has
decided that he is going to be heading on over
to Tulane. Tulane has been very active here over the

last We're going to call it about seventy two hours
with ring Gold. I think that that's the way that
you pronounced the last same just wasn't able to get
out there. But he's someone from the great state of Louisiana,
former top three in or recruit that I do think
that he is going to be able to fit this
two lane system, and for Tulane, they need a little
bit more rebounding. Bringing in someone with a six foot
eight frame that's able to run the floor. I think
that that's going to be big for them, as they

do have to replace much of their starting five from
last season, And for Tulane, I think the goal for
them should be just adding a little bit more depth.
They bring in Michael Elee, someone who I think is
going to be able to fit the system relatively well.
Caleb Banks them a little bit jeries out on him
from Indiana, but he certainly has a nice skill set.
Going to be interesting to see what Tulane couples up
because they have been one of the more up tempo
teams in all of college basketball over the last few seasons,

and it does feel like they've got a blend that
would lead to them being perhaps maybe a little bit
more mid tempo if they're able to utilize all these
guys there full So I'm very interested to see what
happens there, as Mariy Jordan is also going to be
joining him over at Tulane. As for Mariy Jordan, he
redshered at Georgia last year and He was ranked by
I know field of sixty eight in the top winner,
and I know that other places had a more around

the top one fifty or so. So this is going
to be an interesting ad for them. A guy that
I do think is going to be able to provide
a little bit more upsided. He's another guy that is
able to stretch a floor. Was standing right around about
six foot eight or so. Not necessary a guy with
like a rock solid frame or anything like that, but
I do think that he's going to be able to
go in and I do think that he's going to
be able to elevate this program as well. So very

interested to see what we're going to be getting there.
Julius Rowlands. He last season was playing over at Kent State.
He has decided that he is going to be going
to Western Illinois. And for Western Illinois, they do lose
a lot of their tough light guys to download from
the season goo that led to them being one of
the better defensive teams at all of college basketball. Rollins,
you have to figure it's going to be able to
see some minutes. He should be able to help them
out from the outside as well. Western Illinois, while they

were a very rock solid defense the season. Goo they
were also a team that they had a tough time
being able strated from three points, and he shot about
thirty eight percent for three while being at six and
six a little bit of a combo player, he was
able to put up about three point seven points per contest.
He saw some relative we saw a minute, So gonna
be fascinating to see what happens, Sarah. You had more
guys entering into the transfer portal as well as these

three guys, Blake Jones of Montana, Sterling Guests, and Chapman
a Lot Isaiah Gross. They all decide that they were
going to be entering in the transfer portal. None of
these three guys are really impact guys, but it does
feel like the NCAA they weren't necessarily two steadfast with
that rule of you had to enter by May first.
Because now we're sitting here, I'm recording this late in

the night May third, you're gonna be hearing this May fourth,
and there's still guys entering in the transfer portal. Darren
Prescott from Compensate also did so, but Gerald Drumgool he
entered before May first, and he decided that he is
good to be heading on over to George Washington, our
nation's first president. So he's going to be back in
the A ten this season after he season ago was
very solid over a where he put up fourteen points

per contest, shot thirty seven percent for three parrange, two
and a half of sis per game. Began his career
over at Pittsburgh, so he's got a lot of familiarity
with the northeast part of the country and this is
going to be a good gift for our George Washington
team that had a nice start to the year. Last year.
You tell that things broke down tremendously for them, and
I was talking about Tulane them needing to add some depth.
George Washington is certainly in that boat as well as

for George Washington. Whenever one of their starters went down,
it was just a big bundle of chaos, and I
feel like George Washington has some good job. We'll be
able to address that in the offseason. Tray Moss double
figure score from William and Mary's coming in Sean Hanson,
someone who's six point nine is able to pop three.
He comes in from Cornell and Rafael Castro didn't see
a ton of minutes over at Providence, but he's able

to be a nice big man for the team. So
I do think that that is going to be able
to help them out, and then this is going to
be a help for San Francisco. San Francisco last year
was very good on the boards, but they only had
one guy on the roster, and I was able to
give them a double digital amount of rebounds. I'd be
jot the mobo. But now they're bringing Carl than Linguard,
a guy that I really like, a trusom footer. Last
season was over at utsa meet me for the road Runners.

He was shooting about thirty one thirty two percent for
three nine and a half points, six boards, block and
a half per contest. He should be able to elevat
the San Francisco team down low. One that was able
to do a nice job even with having a little
bit of a shortage of just overall dominant rebounders on
the roster. So I think that that is going to
be a nice skit for them. Kenny Poto, he's got
a nice skill set. He's six foot ten, someone that

is not going to go out there and necessarily pop
a bunch of threes, but can play along the perimeter,
is able to guard multiple guys. He has decided that
he is going to be heading on over to U
see Santa Barbara. And for you see Santa Barbara, it
was just a calamity. Last season. They tried out yandre
Are down low and while you put up some relatively
good individual numbers on the offensive side of things, it
certainly wasn't what they were hoping for. On the defensive

end of things. You had aj Mitchell be one of
the more skill the guys at the mid major level,
just not be able to get things going despite the
fact that he was putting up good individual numbers. And
now for U See Santa Barbara, they're looking to turn
it over with Swinson the main point guard over at
setson coming in and now Kenny Poto, someone who's six
foot ten that again, he's not going to like top
a bunch of threes, but he's able to give you

some rebounds, He's able to give you a block. He's
just a little bit of mister everywhere. He's going to
be able to make an impact there. Duke Miles, He's
going to be able to make an impact. He's heading
on over from high Point and he's going to be
going to Oklahoma, and we've seen Oklahoma have quite a
bit of success bringing in these mid major guys. We
saw it with Javon mccollumy seas ago. Now they're going
to be bringing in Jayden Jones to go alongside of
Duke Miles and Kobe Elvis. He's entering the building from

Dayton as well. And for Duke Miles, he's a very
just well rounded guard in general. He was able to
do a nice job of being one of the four
generals over there. For a high Point, he was their
top scorer with about seventeen and a half points per contest,
shot about thirty six percent from three three and a
half facis per game. And he played his first few
seasons over at Troy as well, and he was a
fourteen point per game guy over at Troy. If you
need him to facilitate a little bit more, he's willing

to do so. If you need him to be a
little bit more of an outside shooter, he's willing to
do so as well. So good versatility there and I
think that that is going to be a very nights
pick up for them and for Radford. Last year, you
could tell that their level of defense was just way
down from where it has been in past years, and
I think that this is going to be able to
help them restore that roar a little bit. As Chance Davis,
he was playing at Maryland Eastern Tour, he has decided

that he is going to be adding on over to Radford.
Davis was a part of that Maryland Eastern Shore team
two years ago that was one of the best at
being able to generate turnovers in all of college basketball.
And this past year on Maryland Eastern Tour part time starter,
he was able to give you about six half points
per contest, spent about a career thirty two percent three
point shooter. But he's just good at being able to
get in passing lanees' say, able to generate about a
steal per contest. I think that he's going to be

able to do a good job in the system, and
I think that that's exactly what Radford needs. As for Radford,
they just clearly were taking a little bit of step
down in terms of their defense, and for Sewn Stewart,
he's going to be looking to take a little bit
of a step up in terms of minutes that he's
seeing as he was over at Duke last season and
he was a part of a very very good freshman
class for Duke. But he has decided that he's going
to be adding on over to Ohio State after He's

a top twenty recruit that last year only saw right
around about two and a half point three boards on
eight or some minutes per contest. He's someone that is
not going to go out there and necessarily pop threes.
But Ohio State had a big time opening with zed
Key leaving the program. You got to figure that he's
going to be able to fill that role. And now
you've got a whole bunch of size with the team.
They bring him a parish six with six scabbol player

that's able pop threes, that has familiarity with the Midwest,
having began his career over at Oakland. Michie Johnson is
a nice go to scorer from South Carolina. Then obviously
Aaron Bradshaw, some footer that's able pop threes. You gonna
have Stuart be a little bit more of that rim
protector bradshawby a little bit more of that stretch big
man that is going to be big for them and
for Villanova. I was getting a little bit nervous about

this roster as they weren't really making a lot of
splash pieces. While bringing in Tyler Perkins might be good
two years from now, I wasn't sure about this year.
They bringing Max Schulga, and I would not doubt if
a lot of what Villanova runs is going to be
running through Mac Shulga. Last season, VI was over at
VCU and he was really the main constant for VCUA
season to go after. He was able to do a

nice job with just being able to give them points,
he was able to be a dominator on the defensive
side of things as well. For Sholga, he was able
to log for the team about fourteen points, four and
a half boards, three and a half. It says not
the most amazing three points here in the world, but
you know that this guy is going to be able
to do a solid job. I'll be able to pop
it from three part range as well. Really just checks
all the boxes in general. I take a look at

this pickup and I think that it is absolutely massive
for Villanova. And then he saw Elijah Gray, he was
over a Fordham last season. He decided that he is
going to be going to Temple. We give our od
Delane Kiffing Owel's there, But for mister Gray, I do
think that he's probably gonna be a guy that's going
to be probably more of a reserve. He's probably not
gonna be someone that sees a whole bunch of minutes
or anything like that. For a Temple team that's been

able to do a really nice job, I'll be able
to beat things up in the offseason as well. As
last year for Temple, you can tell that Adam Fisher,
he just didn't necessarily have his guys that he was
wanting in the system after he had taken that coaching job.
He was a part of Penn State and what they
were able to run or Micah Shrewsbury two seasons ago.
But now with Temple they bringing Gray. Last year was
able to give the team about eight and a half
points per contests, three and a half boards. At six

foot eight, He's able to pop threes, but didn't necessarily
pop them tremendously. He was a little bit more of
a shall we say, level up defensive player, a god
that was able to do a solid job on that front.
But he's coming in a long fling Greer who does
a nice job. W'll be able toll out the balls,
able to give you a little bit of everything. Guy
that's just flat out of Chucker and Jamal Mashburn junior
Jamio Brown who was playing under Adam Fisher a few

seasons ago over at Penn State.

Speaker 1 (30:23):
So do like that ad. I like this Ad as well.

Speaker 2 (30:26):
Jason Nelson, who was over at VCU this last year,
he decided that he's getting transfer to Young Sound State.
Spent two years in the inlining ten And for Jason Nelson,
he was a solid score at Richmond his freshman year
with about nine to ten points per contest. Over at VCU,
you could tell that he was sort of in the
shadow of guys like Max Shilgun Company. He saw a
few starts, it just felt like it wasn't necessarily the
system for him. I do want to see if he

becomes a little bit more of a facilitator, as he's
ever really given out more than about two and a
half or so assists per contests, and I do think
that that's probably the best role for him. But Young
Sound State has been able to do a nice job
befitting the transfer portal over the last few seasons, and
with Youngstown State going to be a little bit of
a news style, they no longer Jerry Calhoun in the fold,
but he's going to be teaming up. We see him
Jandal who was a nice go to score over at Canisius,

Nico Giletti who is a do it all six with
six just energizer, bunny sort of player over at say
Cared as well. So I'm very excited for what they're
building over there, and I do think that they are
getting a good couple of players right now. We also
saw Devin Barnes make his decision. He is going to
be adding on over from Tarlton State and he's going
to be adding on over to UTEP. This is a
nice gift for a UTEP program that under Joe Golden,

they are a munchet. They're looking to generate a bunch
of turnovers. As we know at Tarlton State that's always
been a little bit of an m for them as well,
and for Barnes, he's been a little bit of an
intermiss three point shooter throughout his career. So it's going
to be very fascinating to see what is going to
be happening there. But for Devin Bartins last year thirteen
points per contest. He was able to shoot from three
partings more in that pocket about forty percent for three

and that's going to be big for this UTEP team
because they just haven't had a lot of that, and
he was able to generate about one point three seals
per contest as well. So I think that this is
a textbook perfect fit for them. And this is going
to be an absolutely big fit for the Lions of Lindenwood,
who they've had a rough time of it since they've
come up to the D one level. But Mark Keith Browning,
he was over at Milwaukee last season, he has decided

that he is going to be heading on over to
linden Wood, and this is going to be a very,
very big one for them, just because with linden Wood
they haven't necessarily had much other than Keenan Cole last
year gave you about eighteen points per contest in terms
of just go to guys, and I don't think that
Browning is going to go in there and just dominate
the OVC. But he's going to be going from a
situation where he was a nice player over at U

to B Milwaukee put up eight and a half points,
three and a half boards, two and halfphasis was a
little bit of a do it all guy, was limited
to just eleven games last season. Season before over at
U to B Milwaukee was more of a nine and
a half point per game guy that was shooting about
thirty six percent from three points through and there about
two and a half asis per game. But him on
that roster that just elevates them. And I do think
that he could be finding himself in a situation where

a lot of times a patch shot for him is
going to be a better than a good shot for
a lot out of his teammates. And let's call it
what it is. This is not a case where Lindenwood
has necessarily been bringing in a whole bunch of five
star guys. They haven't brought in a whole bunch of
transfers or anything like that. But being able to get
a guy like Browning that is a big giant win
for Lindenwood. A team that needed to go to guy,
they got one, and also landing a nice prospect. I'm

not going to consider him quite the level of a
go to guy, but Georgia, they're going to be bringing
in Tyron Lawrence, and I liked what he was able
to do over at Vanderbilt. This last season for Tyron Lawrence,
he put up some very solid numbers with about fourteen
points five boards, someone that was very willing to be
able to get in there and was able to mix
it up with the Bigs. Only shot about twenty seven
percent from three parint inches past season, after he shot

closer to thirty six percent from three pint inch two
seasons ago, but was when he had a little bit
of help around him. Really able to elevate this Vanderbilt team,
and he should be able to really maximize now that
he's at Georgia because that Vanderbilt teammate season ago, which
was just all sorts of banged up. He had a
bunch of misfit pieces. It was just a mess to
sable lease. And now for Georgia, I feel like they've

done a very good job with regards to their hall.
They're bringing in R. J. Godfrey to be able to
help out on decent fence. Justin Abson, he shows up
what was really eluding them last season, rebounding and just
being strong on the glass. Tyan Lawrence is able to
do a little bit of everything. I do have my
question marks with the cool lofew Deshaun Montgomery coming over
from Mount Saint Mary's. But at the very least, if
you're going to go mid major guards, you're going with

two guys that played with one another, so the chemistry
and the camaraderie is already going to be there. So
I do think that some solid moves were made there.
And how about this for a solid move. Pash Alexander
won the leading scorers on Butler has always been good
at being able to generate turnover. See lacks three point shooting,
so Dayton might not be quite that three point shooting
team that they were a season go. But he's heading

on over to Dayton and this is going to be
a very big impact. Yet he goes over into the
Nlantic ten and again I don't know if he's necessarily
going to be able to help this Sea amount in
terms of their three point shooting. And they lose the
likes of Kobe breat Kobe Elvison company, So I think
that this is going to be a different looking team
than we saw a season goal. But Pash Alexander, it
is just a different level of guard than what you

typically see in the online ten with them having z
Key being a nice round protector down low that's able
to give you a whole bunch of rebounds as well.
I do think that Dayton is putting themselves in very
good footing, so that is a tremendous ad for them.
And then we did see late in the night on
Friday as well, Matt Cross a part of that dueo
of he and Josh Cohen. Josh Cohen decided that he
was going to be playing for USC, so you know what,

in the enfield he used to be at USC, he
brings in Matt Cross to SMUs. For Matt Cross, he
seeds to go over at UMass fifteen points, eight and
a half boards, three assists, someone who got right around
about six foot nine or so, has been able to
pop threes throughout his career. Began his career over at Miami,
and I think that this is going to be a
very nice gift for an SMU team that has done
a masterful job, will be able to work the Portald.

They certainly have their resources out there at SMU. But
you know what, he was able to shoot about thirty
three percent for three last season and Honestly, he's more
of a career about thirty three thirty four percent three
point shooters, so I think that he's going to be
able to build off of that a little bit. For SMU,
I did like they needed just a little bit more
size and stretchability down low to really be a complete team.
And this is going to very much fit the Andy

Enfield style of my opinion, and now they've got it
as they were able to bring in that go to
guy Kevin Boop Miller. You've got an outside force and
Karrio Okuendo and now they've got you on Trey Ora
as well. It's very much an offensive mind to big Man.
This is a very complete team and hopefully we are
running a very complete podcast right here on cost Go
seeps Out part of the Visa family of podcasts. If
you do like pre hearing from this fine podcast, you're

able to subscribe whatever your podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify,
cit tran tune and if you have a question comment
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are able fire on whatever you'd like to hear on
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the Sports Gambling podcast Network. You joined me and last segment,
I'm coming at you guys every single day on this podcast,
regular season and off season, which teams. I'll be back
with the once again tomorrow. Thank you so much for
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