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May 5, 2024 40 mins

Greg talks about how football success is trickling to impact college basketball, talks to Rocco Miller of about if the transfer portal is closed for good, the impact returning player announcements of the past week, & early transfer portal winners & Greg recaps Saturday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:17-How football success is trickling to impact college basketball

10:35-Interview with Rocco Miller

38:53-Recap of Saturday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
A Mormon from me Lo love to love me Las
Vegas because because he's with myself. Taggie Speederson now part
of the Decent Family Podcasts. We've done excellent podcast for
you as we are going to be joined in segment
number two by the Bracketeer himself, Rocko Miller. He does
such a great job taking a look at this tremendous
game of college basketball, and for those that know about
what happens in college basketball behind the scenes, I know

that he does a lot to hop out these teams
with regards to scheduling their non conference lates as well.
So we're gonna be diving in a little bit on
that front. We're also going to be addressing the fact
that it does feel like college basketball and college football
is a little bit more interjoined with who you've been
seeing in the advent of the nil era. We're gonna
be diving in on some of these teams have been
able to do a nice job in the transfer portal,

some of these teams that might be leaving a little
bit of something to be desired as well. And if
me and him both think that the transfer portal is
actually closed, and I will give you a little bit
of a spoiler, both of us do not think that
it's officially closed, as we've seen guys actually be able
to listen their name after May first, and he's gonna
share a little bit more of why we might be
seeing a few more names that come as well, So

we're gonna be diving in on that in segment number two.
In the final segment, we did see quite a bit
of player movement on Saturday. We're gonna give you guys
a recap of that. And then if you do have
a question comment segment idea what I have you for
this podcast? You have one of two ways feel far
those in first one is my Twitter slash ecks timeline
at you and at under forty one and keep in
mind learns them they mean does on manners, So as
prett usual, please send these into the timeline. O the

way to find an Apple podcast review. If you rate
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have much in segment number one to not get in
a whole like a lot of Twitter slash TXs questions,
So please do fire those in to help a guy
out over here. But that said, I do think that
it is very important to know that now it does

feel like a little bit more of these sports are
a bit more inner joined, just because we have been
seeing the advent of these just super conferences. I know
that we've been talking about it for so many years,
but I think that we're like, pretty much all these
power conferences are going to be having sixteen plus teams
this season. You've got the Big Ten that is all
across the nation and every single time zone in the
continental forty eight states. And I do think that it

is very important to be keeping up with alright, which
schools have football money that they're going to be allocating
a little bit more to college basketball, because I do
remember working out in Nashville, Tennessee, when I had just
gotten out of college. In the twenty sixteen year. That
was the year that you may recall Vanderbilt they made
the first four and they were just one of three
teams to be able to make the NCAA Tournament from

the SEC. But the SEC has gotten all that money
from football, they decide, you know what, let's take some
of this football money. Let's allocate it to basketball, and
all of a sudden you've been able to see the
rise there. So I do think that that's something that
you want to be mindful of. And certainly the nil
the bag that these teams have it is playing quite
a bit of an impact as to what we're getting
this offseason. I don't want to call it an NDLB

all because you do have guys like a Robbie Avola.
I don't think that there's any question that you turned
on a little bit of money to be able to
play with his old coach in Josh Shirts over at
Saint Louis. It's not always about the money with these guys.
Some of these guys they will not take a cent
less than the absolute accent they're willing to be able
to get on the open market. But there are some
guys that are going to take a little bit lesser,

some guys that they actually do want to find a
program that suits them well. But it's a case by
case basis there. But I do think that it is
something to be very much keeping up with and something
to have in the back of your mind. And we're
going to talk a little bit more about that with
Roco Miller and what we've all been seeing here in
the transfer portal over the last few weeks. That's on
the flip side.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
Here, Acco's good Suits with myself, Gregie Peters, sit out Talk,
Family Talk, We're.

Speaker 1 (03:45):
Bad loss Vegans, We're gous to good Seas with myself,
Gregot's Peterson now part of the Decent family and podcasts.
It is always great to be drawn by this fan
as Rocke Miller. It does an amazing job taking a
look at this great game that we all know in
love of college basketball is over there at bracketeered or
taking a look at everything that we're going to be
getting for the twenty twenty four to twenty five season.
He's scouring through the transfer portal and he's also helping

out these teams with scheduling, which this is a prime
time of year for these teams, trying to lock down
those big time non conference games that we're going to
be seeing in November slash December, and setting up those
fun non conference tournaments that we're going to be seeing
as well. To be able to follow Roco on Twitter
slash cks that is a Roco Miller's first and last
name and then the number eight altogether and Rocco always
pleasure my friend.

Speaker 3 (04:28):
Thank you, Thank you Greg. How have you been you
staying up to speed on everything? Are you more baseball?
At this point?

Speaker 1 (04:34):
We are doing our best to be able to stay
up to speed with everything. But even if you spent
all twenty four hours of the day looking at the
transfer portal, I feel like that'd be a little bit
difficult because the transfer poral was supposed to have flows
on May first, but we've seen a couple of late
entries come into there as well. It feels like it
was something that was more of like a guideline rather

than a rule in I just want to get your
thoughts here, because I do think that there might have
been a situation where the paperwork takes like forty eight
hours to come through or something like that. But I
was thinking when I heard the NCAA say, oh, everyone
needs to be in by May first, I was thinking
that this is probably written in sand just because we
know that they haven't been able to enforce anything the

last few years.

Speaker 3 (05:16):
Well exactly, And I think that's where I've been. I
think my line of thinking has been similar to yours.
I've heard a few different explanations of the quote unquote rule.
I guess there was something along the lines of if
you send a text message or some sort of evidence
as kind of that being the minimum form of intentions
to enter the portal anytime before midnight on May the first,

heating into May the second, they would honor it. And
that can lead to all sorts of you know, if
you wanted to pull something off, you probably could, in
my opinion, if it's that light of security or there's
really not much of a formality to it. We're not
even saying an email, we're saying text, and from that
it could be a DM, it could be a million
ways of communication these days.

Speaker 4 (05:58):
You got to take it with a grain of salt.

Speaker 3 (06:00):
I would hope ninety percent at least is done, hopefully
more than ninety five. I think a lot of the
players that intended to enter the portal and took halls
to maybe go earn more nil at other places things
like that treated it seriously in almost ninety five percent
of cases from what I can tell. So I do
think at least as far as who's in the portal today,

I think it's somewhat accurate. I don't think we'll get
a ton of more surprises, but at the same time,
nothing surprises me anymore because, like you said, there is
no real actual enforcement if somebody wanted to come up
with an elaborate story to get out of their current school.

Speaker 1 (06:35):
Yeah, I mean, it's just so hilarious. It's like they
backdated a text to like April thirtieth that they said
to their seventeenth cousaid that they were thinking about aftering
in the transfer portal.

Speaker 4 (06:46):
Well, what it's flide.

Speaker 1 (06:47):
So yeah, this is exactly very very murky to say,
Well you said, it's going to be interesting, like you said,
though hopefully at the very least it does encourage a
lot of guys to get their stuff in the portal
and to just try to be in there. In general, Sideway,
we don't have a whole bunch of foodblog when it
comes to like September guys trying to transfer like two
weeks before the season or anything like that. But with

that said, we do have ourselves just a lot of
headlines that have been happening in general, and we've got
as of right now, twenty twenty three players in the
transfer portal, by the way, But that said, just taking
a look at what we've gotten the last few weeks.
Who are a few programs that you evaluate you've just
been impressed with in general? Because I think some of
the obvious ones are the SEC schools like Arkansas. What

they've been able to put together. Kansas, I think is
going to be an absolute jugger, not this season. But
are there a few teams that you just take a
look at and you say, man, they're having a really
nice offseason. Why aren't we talking about them a little
bit more?

Speaker 4 (07:42):

Speaker 3 (07:42):
Maybe, Like I was just talking actually with folks in
the American Conference. It's the league I work with pretty closely,
not only with most of the individual teams, but also
the league itself on how to consistently get multiple bids
each year.

Speaker 4 (07:56):
Don't fall into the one big league trap.

Speaker 3 (07:58):
These schools, especially Headline by Memphis, have the bigger budgets
than but most other leagues that are non power leagues,
and just looking at what UAD has done once.

Speaker 4 (08:08):
Again, just really impresses me.

Speaker 3 (08:11):
Getting a Tyron Moore who's going to enter his grad
everybody averaged seventeen a game at Georgia Southern sun Belt
is a very solid league, and if you can score
at that level, he'll be a great player in the
American In my opinion, they're going to bring back Vazquez
and the axl's the big star coming back, of course,
and they've added a nice piece with Bradley as Auiro
from Saint Louis and Greg Gordon coming in from Iona.

Speaker 4 (08:32):
I think that those are great.

Speaker 3 (08:33):
Depth pieces to add with likely for returning starters, and
then they keep just adding on. Of course, Andy Kennedy
and his staff are experts at the Master and the
JUCO recruiting scene, and they've brought in Jabori McGee from
there is a big time South Plains player. They've got
some insurance policies in place even if guys go down,
and I think they could end up winning the league
this next year in the regular season.

Speaker 4 (08:54):
This year, of course, took down the American Conference tournament.
I think UAV is.

Speaker 3 (08:58):
Certainly a team to watch out for at the top,
and then Memphis being their main competition. Memphis just they're
playing at a different level than the rest of the league.

Speaker 4 (09:07):
But with getting PJ.

Speaker 3 (09:08):
Haggerty from Tulsa, I mean, he's just a big time potential.

Speaker 4 (09:12):
We already averaged over twenty one game at Tulsa.

Speaker 3 (09:15):
Won't be required to do as much at Memphis, but man,
he was only a red field freshman that could take
the league by storm again next year.

Speaker 4 (09:22):
But with the big you know, blue and white on
his chest. Colby Rodgers.

Speaker 3 (09:26):
Nice player, old player, played a lot of basketball at
Wichita State.

Speaker 4 (09:30):
That's a guy that knows the league now.

Speaker 3 (09:31):
And then you combine that with the big name of
Tyreek Hunter, and you added Dane Danger and Tomlin and
David Jones are potentially back as well.

Speaker 4 (09:40):
I mean, Memphis could be absolutely loaded.

Speaker 3 (09:42):
And what I'm more curious about is North Texas and
Richards State themselves have actually started to do a nice
job in the portal. Another team that's caught my eye
is Temple, of course, bringing in Jamal Mashburn junior and
of course getting Lynn Greer from Saint Joe's sneaky good
work by Temple this cycle so far. I'm that they
found the resources to at least get those two headliners.

I think the Americans fascinating the Florida Atlanta's got a
great staff, but they need a bunch of dudes still.
So that's the team I've got my eye on to
see what they can build. They have a great nil
program down at FAU, so I think they've got the
goods to take advantage of the rest of the portal.

Speaker 4 (10:16):
I'm just curious what they're going to build with that.

Speaker 1 (10:17):
It is going to be interesting to see FAU trying
to turn the page a little bit, because with Dusty May,
we've seen him be able to acquire a lot of
talent over at Michigan as rocke Miller, who does tremendous
work over at Brackeer dot Org is joining me on
Coast to Coast Soups. And what I thought was so
big for Dusty May as well, is that about a
week or so ago he was able to bring in
Vladislaft Golden to be able to help out with him

over at Michigan. And I thought that that was so
big because I just take a look at these coaches
taking a new job, and I feel like, if you
don't have any of those guys at your previous stuff,
it does put you a little bit behind the eight ball.
So I look at Dustin May bringing in Vladisloft Golden,
I take a look at what we've been seeing with
Pat Kelcey over at Louisville bringing in those Charleston guys.
I think that that's so big for them. And I

know you out there in the America know all too
all about what South Florida did with those Kennesas state
guys a season gone. These are teams that I do
put in a little bit of a higher esteem moving forward.

Speaker 3 (11:09):
I agree with that, yeah, And I think what you know,
Dusty made it a great job of when he got
to Michigan is assembling that coaching staff. Getting a Mike
Poynton who kind of got a raw yell at Oklahoma State.

Speaker 4 (11:20):
In my opinion.

Speaker 3 (11:21):
You know, of course getting that one year on probation
really killed them, and he was always there doing things
to the best of his ability. I thought he was
a really good coach the whole time he was there.
And I believe in coach Poynton as an associate head coach.
I think that's a home run higher.

Speaker 5 (11:35):
He also brings in Kyle Church, his right hand man
from FAU, so they've got that camaraderie and chemistry on
the bench to make in game decisions together. I think
Boyton will help a lot with the recruiting trail, and
he already has. And then I also think Pulse I
brought in a keen Midston, who goes back to previous
FAU before the Glory days, and he's been working at
the University of Georgia, so he kind of knows the

power of fixing at the highest level and did a
great job recruiting at Georgia himself.

Speaker 4 (12:01):
And what they've done with that is not only right
in Blad Golden.

Speaker 3 (12:04):
As you mentioned, but they got Danny Woolf from Yale,
a big time pro prospect, plays them a little bit
more outside than inside for his size, but Golden can
compliment him well, and I think they can play them.

Speaker 4 (12:14):
Together, which is really exciting. I think for Wolverine fans.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
You look at Crey Donaldson coming in from Mauburn, Yale
junior coming in, and Ruben Jones.

Speaker 4 (12:22):
From North Texas. I mean, they've got a lot of
veteran pieces. This is a roster that is ready to
succeed from day one, you know. Like you said, Pat
Kelsey just seems like that was the perfect guy to hire.

Speaker 3 (12:33):
I don't know how they did it financially, because I
think he's actually making less money I.

Speaker 4 (12:37):
Think Kenny Payne did. But whatever leftover money there was,
maybe there was an agreement.

Speaker 3 (12:42):
There is definitely going towards the nil because they have
been getting guys left and right almost on a daily
basis for a while there, so I feel like their.

Speaker 4 (12:50):
Roster's almost done at this point. Just across the board.

Speaker 3 (12:53):
The other thing that's impressed me almost as much as
these individual the coaches moving to new places and building
teams all to fly, or you know, kind of what
Truleie Donovan says.

Speaker 4 (13:03):
Sometimes the best gets are the ones you already got.

Speaker 3 (13:06):
And so you look at teams like Gonzaga, Santa Clara,
Brown University, Winthrop all coming out in the last twenty
four hours and saying we're running it back, and they've
pretty much got everybody back at those four places. And
I will not be surprised if those four are in
serious contention for the NCAA Tournament, because.

Speaker 4 (13:22):
There'll be four of the few teams out there that
can say.

Speaker 1 (13:24):
That, Yeah, absolutely. And I look at Alabama or bringing
back Grant Nelson as well, and I thought that that
was big for them. And I look what Alabama has
done this offseason as well with them bringing in Aiden Hallway,
which that's going to make the Old Iron Bowl out
there on the hardwood a little bit more interesting as well.
And I think that that's just so big for them too,
bringing back a big man and Grant Nelson, which I

think that you'd agree with me. It's very difficult to
find that ideal big ban in that Alabama system. And
though Grant Nelson wasn't the top scorer for that team
a season ago, I thought that breaking him back was essential.

Speaker 4 (13:57):
Yeah. Absolutely, and he was.

Speaker 3 (13:58):
I mean, he was basically the hero to beat North
Carolina in a Sweet sixteen game that I covered in
LA and man.

Speaker 4 (14:04):
I think his confidence after that night went through the roof.
Going into next year, He's.

Speaker 3 (14:09):
Got kind of all American level written all over him,
in my opinion, are certainly all conference.

Speaker 4 (14:15):
And then you look at the fact that they bring
back Latrell Rightzell.

Speaker 3 (14:18):
Even though he got injured there in the tournament that
was unfortunate. He did get to play a little bit
in the final four. We'll see what Jaron Stevenson decides
to do. I know he was an early NBA draft Infrey,
but man, the sky's the limit for that kid.

Speaker 4 (14:30):
He can shoot the absolute lights out.

Speaker 3 (14:31):
They also brought in Chris Youngblood over from South Florida,
who I've loved forever. He played at KENNESAF for three
four years, then did the South Florida thing.

Speaker 4 (14:40):
Somehow still has this COVID year to use next year.

Speaker 3 (14:42):
Alabama takes advantage of that, and he's a really clutch guy.
And then you look at Aiden Cherrell, who's a big
time freshman prospect. But I'll tell you as a WCC guy,
them getting Houston Molett and all of the experience he
has and confidence he has, I think he's going to
flourish in Alabama's and I actually think Mallett will beat
out Charrell for that starting spot.

Speaker 4 (15:03):

Speaker 1 (15:04):
I think that Houston Mallette is going to be terrific
as well. And he was on a Pepperdine team where
a bad possession for him was better than a good
possession for so many of his other teammates as well.
And I always say that those are interesting guys to
take a look at as well. These teams that they
were a little bit more down trotten, but at the
same time they had a star guy like Houston Malette
you were mentioning over at Pepperdine. I think that Jordan

Pope what he's going to be able to provide moving forward,
I think that that's going to be very interesting as well,
with him transferring on over to the Big twelve. How
do you always take a look at those guys, because
I feel like there's always two schools of thought, one
being that someone on a team has to get stats,
and then another one where a guy actually gets a
little bit diminished, because, like I was mentioning with Houston Mallett,

I do feel like he was one of those guys
where a bad possession for him was better than a
good possession for so many of his other of his
other teammates, and that did hurt his efficiency a little bit.

Speaker 4 (15:56):
Totally. Yeah, I know.

Speaker 3 (15:58):
Over at Texas, you know, of course they joined the
SEC actually this year, so samely we were just talking
about with Alabama, we'll get to see Jordan Pope take
on Houston Malette at least one night, maybe two nights.

Speaker 4 (16:08):
Texas, they went kind of the mid major route.

Speaker 3 (16:11):
Besides Tremon Mark, you know, Tremon Mark obviously probably the
headliner coming straight over from Arkansas, a guy who knows
the league has succeeded in the league. And then Jason K.
Kent and the Julian Larry Sycamore combo man. That was
kind of a heist there by Rodney Terry and the
Longhorns to take those guys away from.

Speaker 4 (16:27):
Everybody may have penciled them in as Saint Louis candidates
to go.

Speaker 3 (16:30):
Over there with Josh Shurtz and Prema Abdul Jabbar Bobbi
a villa. They end up, you know, of course, getting
offered more and taking the money as they should to
play for Texas. I could not be more impressed in
a player than I am in Jordan Pope, as you mentioned.
I mean, he's got tremendous skill, tremendous talent, great shooter,
good decision maker. They've got such a good roster down

at Texas. No matter kind of what you think of
Rodney Terry as a successful coach or not, I think
that it's a tournament team kind of even if you
let the players run the team. He got so much
there with kid Shedwick back, and they bring in a
couple of blue chip freshmen on top of all that.
It's super impressive.

Speaker 4 (17:05):
But they need it.

Speaker 3 (17:06):
They need it because the SEC going to sixteen teams.
They come in with Oklahoma, who is possibly going to bring.

Speaker 4 (17:12):
In Kadari Richmond. He's visiting as we speak.

Speaker 3 (17:15):
You know, they just signed Duke Miles as well today
from High Point nex As in Oklahoma doing everything they
got to do to be at least relevant in the SEC.

Speaker 4 (17:22):
It really is kind of given that vibe that like not.

Speaker 3 (17:24):
Only in football, Big Ten and SEC are the power too,
but it's kind of going that way now in hoops
because if you follow the money, that's where the big
money's going for all the talent.

Speaker 1 (17:33):
Yeah, it certainly is. The'se nil collectives are really taking
over in college basketball as of right now, and there
are still some guys that they aren't chasing the money
like robbi Avl I believe that you could have gotten
so much more money at other places rather than Saint Louis,
but him sicking with Josh Shurtz I thought was essential
for him. But it certainly is a case where we
are seeing that, but no doubt about it. We are

seeing these teams that are so good out there on
the grid aroon as well, looking no further than Alabama
and what Natoates has been talking talking about that has
translated to the hardwood as well, and how much do
you want to take a look at that right now
moving forward as well, because it does feel like it
really has been a little bit of emerging together because
typically we think of football and basketball as being two
completely separate entities, and certainly we have not seen like

Kentucky football be able to catch up with Kentucky basketball
and Gonzaga well we all know that Gonzag is not
gonna be like some sort of a football power or
anything like that. But that said, I do feel like
the two major sports they sort of have been a
little bit interjoined in terms of like Houston they were
able to rise up a little bit more. With football,
we've seen a resurgence with that basketball program. We certainly
have been seeing that with like Alabama their football titles.

That has led to more money for basketball. And do
you think that that's something to be on the lookout for,
and even to a little bit of a lesser term.
I do think that some many successful basketball teams could
be able to help out the football programs as well.

Speaker 3 (18:50):
I think it goes back to, you know, six seven
years ago when the SEC really made the switch to
commit to being a top basketball league.

Speaker 4 (18:57):
You know, for years they were still a saw league
about fifth six.

Speaker 3 (19:01):
He always had Kentucky LSU is usually good, you know,
Arkansas's always always cared a lot, always wanted to be good,
but there wasn't enough depth and not enough commitment as
soon as you started seeing moves like natoates to Alabama.
Bruce Pearl's been at Auburn for a while, but that
was when really Auburn made the investment. Arkansas's now at
a point ever since hiring Muss and of course transitioning

to John Calipari.

Speaker 4 (19:24):
Now their resources are through the roof and.

Speaker 3 (19:27):
Il If that changed the course of history for any
one school, I'd say Arkansas might be the leader. If
you look at what they do in baseball every year,
you know they have a strong women's programs across the board,
and I'm sure football will be back at some point soon.
It's really kind of crazy how much they get into
it out there. It makes a difference. Every place is
still a little bit different, but I think the entire

SEC for the most part, for both football and men's basketball,
are very invested. Maybe you could argue Vanderbilt, but I
do think Vanderbilt had a strong hire in Mark Byington,
and he built a good staff in my and so
Vanderbilt should be back competing in no time.

Speaker 4 (20:03):
I think that's what it comes down to you.

Speaker 3 (20:04):
Biggest clue you can go off of besides trying to
figure out nil, which can be a brain teaser, is
just look at the coaching hires. You and I and
people that love college basketball enough, we know who the
best coaches are. If certain coaches are all going to
a certain league where an opening goes, you know, for example,
if a Big ten job opens, a lot of people
had the opinion where Danny Sprinkle could have gone a
lot of places. This year, I think Washington going to

the Big Ten made all the difference in the world
for him to feel good about going there. He could
have gone a bunch of places. And I think that's
the same now if an SEC job opens. I think
Calipari knew if he was ever going to leave Kentucky
he wanted to stay in the league at a place
that cared, and he basically got the second best.

Speaker 4 (20:42):
Option behind Kentucky in that department.

Speaker 3 (20:44):
You know the way things are today, So not to
give you too long of a winded answer there, but
I think that's the nature.

Speaker 4 (20:49):
Of the sport.

Speaker 3 (20:50):
Follow the money and you know, eventually I intership see
what happens with the Big twelve because the Big twelve's
been on top, but I think a couple of reasons
are for that. One. They used to just have ten
teams and at the bottom. You know, some years you
wouldn't even have a team outside of the top one hundred.
If your bottom team is never below one hundred, you're
going to have the strongest league by the numbers. But
now they're going big, so they're gonna have sixteen teams

this next year. When you have a league that big,
some of the teams, for one reason or another, are not.

Speaker 4 (21:17):
Going to have a good year.

Speaker 3 (21:18):
You're probably gonna have two or three, if not more,
outside of the top one hundred. Eventually, that could drag
the Big Twelve below these two leagues sooner than later.
And you still have Kansas, you still have Arizona, you
still have Baylor, and you still have Houston. Those are
gonna be your four bedrocks, and you really need your
other schools below those four to stay up with them
and take some bites out of those apples to keep

the league on top. I think the Big twelve has
got the biggest challenge here going forward.

Speaker 1 (21:42):
No doubt about it. I do think that that is
going to be a big challenge but you know what
we have been seeing just a changing landscape in college basketball.
It is so interesting to take a look at Rocco.
I know you're on top of it all. You're going
to be helping out these teams with your guard sera
schedules for the offseason as well, and I know you're
very hard at work, even though it is May where
apparently we always sleep, but I know you're not at

sleep with regards to college bass sponsor right now. So
love to get people out them know what's all on
dep for you and now people are you about fall
on on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 4 (22:12):
Well, yeah, great, great point, Thank you.

Speaker 3 (22:14):
So the portal closing technically quote unquote with Eric quotations
over here, that.

Speaker 4 (22:19):
To me thinks I am going to have a very
busy weekend.

Speaker 3 (22:21):
We're you know, we're recording this in the middle of
a weekend here, but this weekend, I think a lot
of different staffs are going to breathe for one second
and realize, oh crap, We've still got to schedule seven
or eight more games, and then I'll leave it probably
their first phone call, which I.

Speaker 4 (22:36):
Love being in that seat.

Speaker 3 (22:37):
I think I'll be helping a lot of teams here
this weekend as the portal starts to calm down slowly.

Speaker 4 (22:43):
Ideally, if you.

Speaker 3 (22:44):
Had a place like Gonzaga or Brown or Santa Clair
or Winthrop, for example, you can breathe easy. The run
it back tweets have already have been delivered. Let's not
regret those later. Let's get the schedule done, and then
from there there's still a lot of tournaments that need
to get filled, and there's a lot of different opportunities
to go play great teams. The cool thing about the

portal process from my seat is we're slowly starting to
see who's going to be really good, who's going to
be we think pretty good, who's maybe risky, who's not
going to be good? And those are all the discussions
we have behind the scenes that I consult teams on,
and then we try to put the best games together
possible for the next season. I am glad a lot
of teams will wait that gives us more information, and

more information the better.

Speaker 4 (23:26):
But you can follow me at Twitter.

Speaker 3 (23:28):
Tons of schedule updates almost daily now at rocke Miller
eight And as I mentioned last time I was on
the show, Bracketeer dot org is my website.

Speaker 4 (23:35):
Behind the scenes.

Speaker 3 (23:36):
Right now we're building out conference scheduled pages which will
make it really easy to track all these schedules in
one place. Expect that by no later than June first,
we got about a few more weeks of hard work
rolling up the sleeves to get those ready to go
for the public and excited to share and excited to
keep things moving.

Speaker 1 (23:51):
Yep, I am excited as well as Roco. I know
that he has guessed up ready to go for what
is going to be a tremendous college basketball season. He's
doing everything in really possible to make at the best
ever and it's always great to be able to get
his wealth of knowledge on this podcast. So big thanks
Rocco for joding Miancoscaz Seeds now part of the Decent
Family and podcasts and coming in next even though it
does a weekend, we've seen a lot of movement in

college basketball. Give you a recap of last twenty four
hours in college basketball.

Speaker 6 (24:16):
Next comer back, we'll be Las Vegas for Gus because
seats with myself Greig ex Peterson now part of the
Decent Family podcasts.

Speaker 1 (24:30):
It is always great to be joined by Rocco Miller.
He does absolutely amazing workover I practiceer dot org taking
a look at this great game that we all know
in love of college basketball. I know that he's very
much looking at what we're all getting here in this offseason,
doing a great job taking notes and helping out all
these teams in terms of their non conference schedules to
put themselves in as great a position as seemingly possible,

to try to make a nice run at the NCAA Tournament,
and to try to be able to rise up just
in this great game that we all know. So big
thanks to him for joining me in the last segment.
Now it is that time the podcast I give you
roundup as to all the news that notes that we
saw in college basketball over the last twenty four hours.
If you're looking for just a textbook perfect fit, Jalen
Worley going on over from Florida State to Virginia, it

just feels like it's perfect. He's a six 't seven
guy that really doesn't do anything great. He put up
last year for Florida State seven and a half points,
two and a half boards, three assis per game. Not
a guy that's going to be dominant on offense, not
a bad defender, he's able guard multiple positions. This is
exactly what you're looking for if you're in Virginia.

Speaker 3 (25:36):

Speaker 1 (25:36):
I don't know if the Virginia style here in two
thousand and twenty four to twenty five is necessarily the
one that you want to be really investing too much into.
But Jalen Worley, he certainly does run it very very well,
and I do think that he's going to be able
to fit exactly what Tony Bennett is looking for. Again,
I've got my question marks with the system and Jalen

Worley's fourteen percent three point shooting from a seas go,
but I said he's certainly going to be a fit
for this program. Jalen Jackson Posey, he last season was
over at New Mexico State, began his career over at
Stone Cold steven f Awston, where last year he was
able to shoot for New Mexico State about thirty eight
percent from three parts. Two seasons ago, over at steven
Net Fawton he was shooting more around about forty five
percent from three point range, and guy that over last

two seasons has average right round about seven points per
contest at both of those souths. He has decided that
he is going to Texas Southern, and that is big
out there in the Swack. This wack just typically doesn't
have a lot of jump shooting in general. You're in
a year out. If you take a look at the
three point shooting numbers when it comes to highest and
lowest conferences, the SWACK is towards the bottom. In Texas Southern,
it has really eluded them the last few years. Just

the overall three point shooting. Be able to add a
guy like this, I think is just absolutely massive for them.
They've got him at Omar kuz SERIARC hopefully I said
that correctly. Coming in from Nichols. You gotta expect that
Texas Southern is not going to be done as they've
always done a relatively solid job in the transfer portal.
So I take a look at them, I think that
that's relatively good at and we shall see if there's

going to be more to come, but as of right now,
doing a pretty rock solid job in the transfer portal.
Davion Sikes, he was over at Texas State this last season.
He has decided that he is going to be going
to Southern Illinois, a pretty solid gift for Southern Illinois,
a program that in general has been very much invested
on the defensive side of things. Even with the coaching change,
I do think that this is so going to be
a bunch at is going to be looking to be

a little bit more defense oriented, and I think that
he's going to be able to fit the system very well.
He was able to log about eleven points seven boards
per contest, and he's got a relatively good frame that's
going to play well in the Missouri Valley. He's right
around six with six. He's able to have some versatility.
Not a guy that's going to be looking at pop three.
He's he's a career and I'm not even kidding here,
four point three percent three point shooter, So you know

we're not going to be banking on that versatility. But
he is a guy that's able to generate a Steeler two.
He is someone that's able to guard multiple positions. I
think that, once again, if you're looking at the fit itself,
I think that this is a very good one and
I do think that he's going to be able to
come in make a very nice impact for this program.
You've got Elijah Jones, who last season was one of
the main rebounders for her at UW. Green Bay. He's

going to be committing the College of Charleston. This is
a nice gift for Chris Mack, who really has done
a tremendous job here at Charleston of being able to
build something up in a hurry. And I thought that
Chris Mack got a little bit of a radio when
he was over at Louisville. There were a lot of
things that well weren't necessarily in the control of mister
mac And he's been able to use the name Andy
Cachet that he was able to build up over the

last few seasons, and he has been able to do
a nice job of being able to bring in a
nice transfer hall over at College of Charleston. He brings
in Darren Boyd, a very nice sharp three point shooter,
Anti Brazovich. It looks like it's going to be coming
back from last year's team he had and a guy
like an Elijah Jones, who he certainly is not going
to be like some sort of a main starter or
anything like that, but I think that he's going to

come in be a little bit of a gadget guy
for this team. Eight points right around about six a
half boards. Actually did shoot fifty three and a half
percent from three part range. So if you're looking at versatility,
he's able to show it. He was only attempting about
a three per game and it was actually a standout
player at the junior college level when he was at
John A. Logan a few seasons ago. But oh no,
I take a look at this pickup. It's a really

nice one for a college at Charleston. They're gonna have
a lot of depth. I do think that if Chris
Mack wants to be able to keep some consistency with
what we were seeing in the Pat Kelsey era, he
actually has the bodies to be able to do so.
And you should be able to get some very good
jump shooting on this team as well. So I absolutely
love what they are building over there and what is
being built over at V and my well, it's something
and that's more than what we've been able to say

the last few seasons. Ever since you saw Daniel take
the coaching job over at Chandan. New guys they're going
to be bringing in t J. Johnson. TJ. Johnson this
last year was playing over at lipscumb and had Lipscomb
he just had a tough time in general of being
able to get out there on the floor. Should be
a nice, relatively solid ad for the seam, something that
should be able to pop a few threes out there
in the back court, and I do think that he's

going to be able to come in right away, be
able to give the scene just a little bit of
pop and a little bit of, shall we say, a boost,
something that they badly need, and hopefully a little bit
more defense as well. For VMI, they were just absolutely
dreadful on that side of things a season ago as well,
but Marque's hurting him. Betting on over to Indiana State
should be able to fortify them a little bit. Indiana
State clearly is not going to be the same team

that we saw under Josh Shirts over the last few seasons,
but they are looking for a little bit of versatility
with Harding. I do think that he's going to be
able to help this team out on the overall low
post front. He was able to for Central Michigan last
year walk about ten points five boards per contest. He's
capable of shooting threes right around about six foot ten,
but only shot about twenty percent from the outside still

should do a solid job of being able to impact
this team on the glass. Certainly not going to be
quite like our good friend mister Robbie Avola was, but
at the same time, he's going to be able to
make a little bit of an impact out there. In
the Missouri Valley Conference. He saw Roosevelt Wheeler he was
last year playing over at VCU. He decided that he's
going to be going to ETSU East Tennessee State and

going to be interesting to see what we're going to
be able to get out of mister Wheeler moving forward.
As I know that coming out of high school, he
is a relatively toted guy. He is spent to the
beginning part of his career at Louisville a top one
in prospect and just could never really get anything going
at either Louisville or VCU. He is glued to the
bench this year average less than a point per contest.
Came in with a lot of promise of upside at

six foot ten, someone that's really not going to be
going out their spacing the floor or anything like that.
But ETSU was really able to remake themselves a little
bit last season. They became a little bit more of
a low post team that was able to do a
solid job on the glass out there in a SoCon
where you really don't have a lot of big men.
Etsu has been looking at zag while everyone else is
digging in the SoCon. The SoCon has very much been

based around three point shooting based on some just good offenses.
Etsu looking to go a little bit more of the
defensive route, and I do think that it could be
able to work out for them. Etsu certainly still has
some work to do in the transfer port though, as
they need to bring in a few more pieces to
be able to show up that backcourt, as it was
quite a bit shaky a season ago for Etsu. As
of right now, the only other guy that they brought

in was Kurt Lewis, who was a very good junior
college guy a few seasons go, but and it said,
has yet to really prove it at the D one level.
We did see Jefferson de la Cruz Monegro hopefully I
said that correctly. He was playing this last season over
at Western Michigan and he decided that he is going
to be going to val Paraiso. A val Paraiso program
that they just have not necessarily done the World's greatest show,

but be able to build talent. And for val Paraiso,
ever since they moved to the Missouri Valley Conference, it's
just been a downward spiral for them. Like they were
really good in the Rise and like a few seasons ago,
ever since they made the move, it's been rough for them.
And I take a look at their transfer hall as
of right now, just really doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.
You've got Loam cool a Baal. You wasn't even great

at Holy Cross, Devin Ellis, he was an okay guard
at Maryland Easter Chore. Isaiah Shaw was a part of
Grand Canyon, but it's not like he necessarily made waves
over at Grand Canyon. And now, you know, bringing in
over the gentleman with pretty much five names and mister
Jefferson Monegro and I could think that he's going to
be able to come in and he's going to be
able to give you a little bit of production. Last

year over at Western Michigan he logged up nine points
three as sisper contest. But is he on the level
of a guard out there in the Missouri Valley Conference.
I don't think so. I think that you're sharing at
another relatively rough and sad year for them. Addially, we
did see a pair of guys that decided that they
were going to be going back to where they came.
As you had Nate Santos decide that he is going

to be withdrawing from the transfer portal and he's actually
going to be returning to Dayton next year. This is
a big pickup for Dayton. He's going to be playing
alongside z Key down low. You have to wonder if
what Dayton has been able to do over last we're
gonna call it forty eight to seventy two or so
hours had a little bit of an impact on this
because Dayton has actually had a really nice helt in
the transfer portal. They were able to bring in Posh

Alexander as well. And for mister Nate Santos, who was
a nice double figure score, someone that sayings right in
the neighbor about six foot six, six foot seven, and
him being able to pop threes at a nice clip
that is so massive for this team, as he shot
last year forty two percent from three points. Having that
stretch ability, because bringing against said Key's going to be
a little bit more of a back to the basket
guy Pash Alexander certainly is not a guy that's gonna

be lighting it up for three point range. That is
just tremendous for them. We did see our Jay Melendez,
he was playing this last season over at Georgia. He
decided that he's gonna be going to Mississippi State, and
I actually do think that this is a relatively solid
fit for him. He's never really been the world's greatest
offensive player. He always just feels a little bit out
of sorts because he gets listed by a lot of

sites as a guard. He's six foot seven. Last year
at Georgia was fine nine and a half points four
boards per contest, shoots about thirty one percent for three
shoots it relatively well from the free throw line. But
he's really neither here nor there guy. It feels like
he just sort of is someone that does everything okay,
doesn't really do one thing great. And I think that
Mississippi State is honestly like a perfect fit for him.

So that's gonna be interesting to dive in on, but
I do think that that's a relatively solid fit for them.
And then another guy that is gonna be going back
to school, how about Bent Lutken. He was in the
transfer portal, but he has decided that he is going
to be a return to UCOR. This is very good
for ucr Vine. Lutken last season not a primary score
or anything like that. Nine points, four and a half
boards at some feet tall, He's capable of shooting threes

and a serious shot about twenty two percent from the outside.
Has never really shot above like thirty or so percent
from three part range. That said, just at versatility alone
is very big for a Ucervine team that has hit
the portal a little bit more than they have in
past years. Bringing Miles Shafe from Chattanooga, bringing Kyle Evans
from Colorado State, that's going to be able for the five.

This team even further and once again should be a
top team out there in the Big West. I do
think that this man is going to be able to
translate from the Mountain West Conference. I think that he's
going to be heading on over to the southern part
of the country very well. Kellen Boylin, he last season
was playing over at air Force and he was able
to really be a nice impact guy. Seven points, five boards,
multiple assists per contests at six to six he's able

to let a fly at about a forty two percent
clip from three part range. He has decided that he's
going to be going to Lipscomb, and I think that
this is a great gift for them. Lipscumb needed a
little bit of work on the glass and very frankly,
they need to work on the defense. And for mister Boyle,
and he was a part of an Air Force team that,
let's call what it is, the defense wasn't necessarily amazing
for them, But with Lipscumb, this team was a high

octane three point shooting bunch. Bringing in someone that can
help them out with on the boards and still be
able to maintain that three point shooting I think is
just absolutely paramount in terms of the style that they play.
And I think that this is a great git for
a bunch that they're already bringing in. Josie Boom Boom
Powell from within the conference he was playing over at
Jacksonville last season. Charlie Williams is someone at six foot
ten not going to space the floor quite as much

as Callum boiling, But I do like what they've been
able to do thus far, so I do think that
that's going to be big for them. With Florida Atlantic.
I know that we were talking about this with RockA Miller,
them trying to be able to bring in some big
time talent a mere d up. He was part of
the NBA Academy of Africa. He has decided that he
is going to be going to Florida Atlantic. He's someone
that stands right in the neighborhood of about six foot six.

Apparently he's got like a wingspan of seven foot three.
He was able to put up some big numbers seventeen
to eighteen points for contests out there at the Academy,
So he's going to be an interesting little bit of
a high upside guy. I can't say that I've seen
like a whole bunch of tape on him and that
he's going to be the Bes's or anything like that.
But when you're six foot six with a seven foot
three wingspand you're able to pop it from three point

range like I have seen tape on him be able
to do, I do think that that makes things all
the more intriguing out there. And this is going to
make things very intriguing as well. The fact that Ryan
Praithrough Junior, he was over at acron this last season,
he has decided that he's going to be going to
Robert Morris. We've seen Robert Morris have a few swings
and misses in the transfer portal. I think that this
one could be able to work out a little bit

better for them as for a pay through junior. He
just was unable to get out there on the floor
last season for an acron bunch that they had a
lot of guys said in general they had a little
bit of a tough time just being able to get
those minutes that they were looking for, only about two
points per contest. He was one of those guys that
just could not find a lot of footing with regards
to his high school academy as well. So he's someone
that has been moving around and around and around. But

at six and five, he's able to guard multiple positions.
He's able to pop it from three pint range. She
didn't really get a chance to be able to show
that off too much, but I do think that he's
going to be able to come into a situation like
this and he's going to be able to make a
little bit of an impact. So I'm very curious to
see what's gonna be happening on that front, you've got
Ozaiah Sellers. He last season was playing over at USC.
He goes to another former Packs twelve school, though now

he's going to be playing in the ACC and he's
going to be playing for Stanford. This last season with
Oziah Sellers, he was one of the few guys that
I felt like, honestly was giving you a good effort
for USC, one of their guys that wasn't necessarily like
a top one or recruit coming out of high school
or anything like that, but he made himself into a
nice player. Five and a half points per contest, shot
in the neighbor about forty three percent from three part range.

He saw a few starts when they were dealing with
injuries to like some boogiey Ellison company, and towards the
back part of the season, Sellers became a big part
of this USC team. Towards the beginning part of the season,
he was a little bit more of an afterthought because
when you've got Boogieyellis and Isaiah Colier, you're probably not
looking to too many other guards. And towards the back
half of the season and that production did wane a
little bit as well. But if you look at things

from pretty much January thirteenth on. That's in the meat
of conference play. You shot forty five and a half
percent from three par range of five and a half
points per contest. Now, once again, it sound like he
took one hundred million billion threes or anything like that
in his I believe seventeen total games, took a little
bit over twenty threes in that time span. But someone
I was able to dial it up from distance some
of that you'd be able to give Stanford that nice,

big giant boost. And I think that he's going to
be able to fit this Kyle Smith's system quite well.
As he does stand right in the neighborhood about six
foot four, six foot five. I do think that he's
going to be relatively versatile. And it's one of the
few guys that I noticed that over at USC is
playing a little bit of defense. So that is very heartening.
And it is always heartening to note that we've got
news every single day in college basketball, and I'm with

you every step of the way during this offseason. If
you do like hearing from this fine podcast, god Seeps,
you're able to subscribe whatever your podcasts, Apple podcasts, Google play, Spotify,
Citri in tune, and if you have a question comment,
take a day whatever you be for this podcast. You
have one of two ways vo far those in. First
on is my Twitter slash ex timeline at you and
at underscore ey one keep in mind the museum maybe
he does on matter. So as for usual, please to
send these into the timeline and the other ways find

an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast five service,
it is very much appreciated. From there, you're able to
fire in whatever you'd like to here on this podcast
that five star review. Big thanks once again Rockemiller over
at bracteteer dot org for joining me in the last segment.
I'm with you guys every single day on this podcast
regular season and out season, so I'll be back with
you once gain tomorrow. Thank you so much for getting
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