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May 6, 2024 35 mins

Greg talks about why to look at quality & not quantity of a team’s transfer pickups, talks to Sean Paul of the Field of 68 about if the, the major transfers that committed on Sunday & outlook for Gonzaga, Alabama, & Baylor & Greg recaps Sunday's college basketball coaching and player movement

Podcast Highlights

3:10-Why to look at quality & not quantity of a program’s transfers

10:53-Interview with Sean Paul

37:02-Recap of Sunday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
If former really low.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
Welcome to Lovely Las Vegas for Gus Gus oops with
myself Greig GEPs Peterson now part of the Beatson Family podcast.
We've gotten excellent podcast where you as We're gonna be
joined in Segna number two by Sean Paul. He does
an absolutely tremendous job. They're gonna look at this great
game that we all know in love of college basketball.
We've got to get his thods as to what was
an absolutely rambunctious day of college basketball on Sunday. A

lot of big names getting moved. We're gonna be talking
about note Chad Omere. We're gonna be talking as well
about Gonzaga, the fact that they get k leave Battle.
I have to certainly dive in on what we're getting
over at Alabama with cliff On Marui and just a
few teams that in the shuffle of all this, they've
also done some nice moves and they're maybe getting a
little bit overlooked because of the just wave of big

time guys that we saw come off the board on Sunday.
So we'll be chatting about Sean with that in segment
number two, and then in the final segment, I'm gonna
give you guys a little bit of around up as
all the news and notes that we saw college basketball
on Sunday. If you do have a question comment segment
idea what I have you for this podcast? You do
have one of two ways bo for those in. First
one is my Twitter slash tacks timeline. As you get an

under forty one, keep in mind lyrisium Amy does on
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If you rate this podcast five starts, it is very
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makes these first segments all the better. But what we
did see in college basketball on Sundays, as I was
alluding to a lot of big names coming off the board,
and what I think is just so important to be
doing in college basketball right now is taking a look
at We're gonna be talking about this with our good
friend Sean. And segment number two, quality over quantity in
terms of transfers, because it's nice when a team is

out there in the news and they're picking up like
all of these different guys and everything like that, what
you do want is the right guys. Though, Like for Baylor,
you felt like they could use a little bit more
of a post Presidence, a guy that would really be
able to fit that system. No, Chadwomir absolutely perfect for them.
With Alabama, my biggest complain about them is that a

season ago they were lacking a little bit on defense.
They could have done a better job on the defensive
glass being able to pull in those rebounds. Cliff Armerrui
absolutely perfect for that. And then you did see Gonzaga
a team that could have just use a little bit
more assurance with Steele Ventris coming off of injury in Jersey,
nice go to score. How about bringing in a guy

that knows all about scoring and k leaf battles. So
I take a look at these moves, they are absolutely
textbook perfect fits. These are guys that are going to
schools that haven't picked up one hundred million billion guys
in the transfer portal. Alabama is always relatively active with
regards to transfer portal, but it's not like they're bringing
in like thirty seven guys or anything. In this offseason,
they've only brought in a few guys, and they've brought in,

my opinion, the right guys. Gonzaga is not a team
that necessarly hits the transfer portal too much. They've done
a tremendous job with all of their ads for Baylor,
Jeremy Roach, notcheded Omir. What more do you need? So
I always think that that's very important, and it's always
important that we always get a great quality guest on
this podcast, and Sean Paul he certainly fits the billity.
He joins me next right here on Seeps with Myself,

Got Gibs Petersen now a park the Veson Family Podcast
cover Rediculum movie Las Vegas, but DOCU see with myself
Greig Games Peterson now part of the VS and Family podcast,
And it is always great to be joined by this

man as Champal. He does an absolutely tremendous job taking
a look at this great game that we all know
and love of college basketball. I know that he is
hard at work preparing for what is going to be
a tremendous twenty twenty four to twenty five season. He's
over there at the field of sixty eight doing a
great job on that front. Also at Action Network, trying
to make you guys some money with the greats college
basketball and so much more. Here will follo him on

Twitter slash cks and his first and last name Sean
Paul and then seed be altogether Sean spelt sca and
and Sean always great to get you board.

Speaker 1 (04:04):
Thank you absolutely thanks for having me Greg. Some great
news dropping just shortly before we started recording. So I mean,
I think the transfer portal was looking out for us
for once.

Speaker 2 (04:14):
Ye have the transfer portal, it never truly stops in
my opinion. And literally, like thirty minutes before we jumped
on to do this podcast, you saw no Chad omir
Go from Miami and he's hunting on over to Baylor.
And just want to get your initial thoughts because we
knew that Jeremy Roach was gonna be a good get
for Baylor. But I just take a look at this

ad for this Bears paunchat it just feels like they're
gonna be as well rounded as we've really ever seen them.

Speaker 1 (04:41):
I mean, for me, this is just one thing that
goes to show and obviously Gonzaga we could talk about
them later as well. This is a quantity over quality
over quantity type thing. You have some schools that are
adding seven eight nine transfers, but there are a bunch
of solid players who won't amount to what Nord Chad
Omir and Jeremy Roach will combine to be for Baylor.
You have a guy that's going to be the point

guard for this team in Jeremy Roach, who was outstanding
last year for Duke. Obviously, some of what Jared McCain
did overshadowed how good a Roach was, but he really
had a career year from an efficiency standpoint forty six
percent from the field. Omeir is one of the more
consistent big men in college basketball, posting consistent double doubles.
And you look at the way he kind of transformed

Miami when he went over there two years ago. He
helped him get to a Final Four. And so I
think having those two guys will go a long way
for Baylor. Then you have blanks in Love, you have
bj Edgecomb, the five star recruit. You have Jayden Nunn.
You have a lot of pieces on this Baylor team,
a lot of guards, and obviously the best Baylor teams
under Scott Drew have been really guard heavy.

Speaker 2 (05:42):
Yep, it certainly has been in I do think that
we are sharing at ay Baylor team that is gonna
have a big year. And I'm so glad that you
mentioned the quality over quantity, and I think that that's
what eludes a lot of these teams because when you
do have a new coach that takes over, like we
saw with USC with Eric Mussel, and he has to
bring in quantity at that point, when you've got someone

that is moving around, Yeah, certainly you're gonna need to
overhaul the team a little bit. But how important do
you think that it is that we see a lot
of these teams that they're year and a year out
consistent only bringing in like two or three transfers, Because
I think that that truly is the way to go,
rather than trying to get like seven or eight transfers.
You maybe use like two or three of the guys
and the other five guys are pretty much doing nothing

on the bet.

Speaker 1 (06:26):
I mean, that's part of what's so important about retaining pieces. Right,
you have Langston Love coming back, you have Jaden Nunn
coming back, who's a transfer two years ago at this point.
The thing for me about that though, is when you
have guys that you add with multiple years of eligibility,
I think that goes a long way because you look
at wake Forest some of the guys they've had. Obviously,

Boopy Miller transferring doesn't help the cause, but Alandis Williams,
Jake Laravia obviously, I don't think anybody saw him being
a first round pick once he transferred there at first.
But Alandis Williams that was a one year guy. Tyree
Appleby that was a one year guy. So Steve Forbes
is going for those one year guys and hoping to
make the tournament and still hasn't happened. So if you're
able to get multi year guys that can stick around
for a little bit, I think he learned his lesson

a little bit with Sallus, who could come back via
doesn't Assidus stay in the NBA draft. I think getting
those multi year guys like Jaden Nunn, who is a
really big piece for Baylor last year, helps you get
to where you want to be long term because pieces
are going to get better still, like none will continue
getting better in his last season to college basketball. You
got him with two years of eligibility. It's not the
old days where you have to sit out a year

if you're not a grad transfer and whatnot. I think overall,
adding those pieces in multiple years is a really underrated
piece of the portal.

Speaker 2 (07:36):
Yeah, it certainly is. And I feel like one of
the masters of that as well is Gonzagas Sean Paula
does tremendous workover at the Field of sixty eight. Couple
with that Action network, he is going to be right
here on soups. And I take a look at k
Lee's battle going on over to Gonzaga, and this is tremendous.
And for Gonzaga they lose pretty much nobody to the

transfer portal. They're going to be losing a guy or
two that's going to be going pro. But how do
you take a look at this Gonzaga team that now
they're gonna have Steele Beners, who's gonna be coming back
in the fold. We're gonna have another year of mister
Ryan Nemar, who he was able to find his bank
swords back out of the season. Now you've got a
guy in battle that he could just fly out shoot.

Speaker 1 (08:14):
Not only can he flat out shoot, he absolutely lives
at the free throw line. You look At some of
those games, he had lighton sec play where he scored
forty two points, thirty six points, and thirty four points.
In a three game stretch, he shot seventeen free throws,
eighteen free throws and fourteen free throws. He missed four
total free throws in that span. He loves using his

size at six foot five, one hundred and eighty five
pounds to get to the free throw line and drive physically.
He's going to be a really good player for this
Gonzaga team. And I think he's likely to come off
the bench, which is perfect for him because he could
lead that bench unit, be a score and in some
lineups he could obviously start. But Mark Few always does
good when he has a lot of guard scoring options,

and last year's team didn't have that. You were always
a bit short on the bench guard while last year
because they just didn't get that Aaron Cook type of
player that's going to be a solid bench piece. But
once steele Bener's on the wing went down before the
season started, they were doomed because they were going to
have to play Ryan Nemhard and Nolan Hickman forty minutes
a game, and Nemhar is not a very good shooter.

Dusty Strumer didn't shoot it well. So that team last
year just didn't have very much shooting. They went big
later in the season with Ben Gregg starting with Anton
Watson who's gone, and Graham e K and that seemed
to work a little bit. But now they're going to
get back to their roots where they're going to be
playing Michael Ljaii and he's a really good player from
Pepperdine who can really score test in the NBA waters
but I guess he's probably back, but he's an NBA

level talent. And you have nem Hard, you have Steele
Venters who can shoot it, you have Stromer, you have
Nolan Hickman who had a really solid season shooting over
forty percent from three. I think the real key for
this Gonzaga team is seeing what you can actually get
out of Graham e K because it felt like at
times he was a superstar in WCC play. When some
of those bigger games, it felt like he kind of disappeared,

like he scored eighteen points ten rebounds against Purdue and
the Sweet six team, but didn't really feel like he
scored eighteen points. It didn't feel like that to me,
he was extremely dominant in conference play, but he was
pretty mediocre and non conference play. So I'm curious to
see how he fares against better competition in his second
year as a Bulldog. We'll see. I think he could
be a really good player though, and he'll really benefit

from more floor spacing and more shooters around him. I
think in Zag is a top five to seven team
next season.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
Yeah, I'm right there with you. I'm very bollsh on
this Gonzaga team. Man, how big was it that last season?
I felt like Conzag was getting better as the season
went along because the big could play with Gonzaga usually
is it's like, Oh, they played nobody in non conference play,
but we saw them go on the road Kentucky granted
a little bit of a down Kentucky team last year,
they got the job done there, and you can tell

that from when they were playing those games in November
last December. It just looked like a different team towards
the end of the year.

Speaker 1 (10:52):
That's been a misconception that's just drove me nuts over
the last couple of years. And the people that don't
pay attention to college basketball enough to where they're like, oh,
Gonzaga plays nobody. Yeah, and WCC play largely, they don't
play that many people, but people like you and I
who like we pay attention through the non conference, we
know that Gonzaga plays teams every single season like it's

not a new thing. They've done this year in a
year round, Mark few makes a point of playing tough
teams in the non conference to get ready for the
Ncublea Tournament because he knows they're usually gonna have a
good time in the in the conference play portion of
the schedule. But a couple of years ago they played
Duke in Alabama and Texas Tech like they're loading up
every single year. But I think the biggest thing is

continuing to play those tough teams. Are gonna do it
again this year and it really will prepare them for
the Ncublea Tournament. Because they played Purdue last year in
the Maui Invitational, they played Purdue in the NCUBA Tournament.
They lost both those games play double digits. But to
get that experience against a team that is they played
both teams that were in the national title game last year,
like they played teams every year and next year is

going to be no exception. They should be right up
there contending for another national title. And I think their
tough non conference schedule is a big piece of why
they're good year in and year out. But the fact
that they got better last year. We're so used to
seeing Gonzaga be dominant top five from the start of
the season to the end of the season. I think
it was good to see a team progressed throughout the
year because we're just used to seeing them be so

good from the start to finish.

Speaker 2 (12:17):
Yeah, with John Zaga, it certainly was interesting to watch
them last year as you tell that towards the non
conference portion of the schedule, in the beginning part of
the season, they were a team that was in a
little bit of transition, but really found their very sorts
back out of the season. I'm very excited to see
what they're gonna be able to do this season, as
I'm excited to see what Alabama does this year as well,

because the biggest complaint that I had for Alabama last
year was in you know what, there wasn't necessarily a
ton of defense, and now they bring in so many
cliff On Marui from Rutgers, who I'll admit I've got
a few trepidations with just thinking that he's going to
go in there and dominant just because he is from
a little bit of a solar system. He's gonna need
to acclimate to that over Alabama. But it feels like

Alabama has become, you know, ah Zark with two of everything,
and if they get Mark Sears back the fold, you're
certainly looking at a juggered out of my opinion in
the SEC.

Speaker 1 (13:07):
I think Cliff o'marooy knows what he is at this point.
That's why he shows a school like Alabama because they're
not going to ask him to shoot the basketball necessarily.
That's what Alabama's offense does. But you look at what
Charles Bettiaco did a couple of years ago. He was
a shop blocker. He was going to catch lobs, he
was going to get offensive rebounds. Cliff o'maru is not
a very good offensive player. He never has been, probably

never will be. That's just not what he does. But
he's athletic, he's physical, he can finish, he can finish
off lobs. He does all the little things that Alabama
didn't have last season. They resorted to playing Grant Nelson
at the five, and obviously that's a mismatch on the
offensive end, but teams will be looking to attack him
on the defensive end every single time, and teams did.
But now you have a lot more lineup combinations. They

added a ton of pieces from the portal, like a
Chris Youngblood, a Houston Mallett, two dudes with size that
can shoot it. The traditional guys you would expect Natos
to add, but they added some other pieces like Omarui.
And you can go with a lot of different ways here.
Like I said, if Sears is back, you can play
young Blood at the two in some lineups Jared Stevenson.
If he's back, you can play him, Nelson and Omarui together.

That would be you're just a jumbo lineup. But Mark
Sears makes everything easier because of the way he'll benefit
from the screen set from Cliff Omarui. He'll toss some lobs,
He'll be able to play with play on two feet
inside like always, He'll have more room to drive, and
if he misses a layup, you have Omarui right there
to pick up the slack. So I think he's a
huge addition. He knows what his role is going to

be in this offense. And I think he picked the
absolute best spot for him because Rutgers needed him to
score a little bit last year and that offense was bad.
They didn't have enough pieces around him. Now, he's not
going to ever be in a situation where he has
to shoot a three or shoot him mid range shot.
If he does it, he'll probably get bench like. There's
no situation where he needs to be shooting the basketball.
So he picked a great spot for.

Speaker 2 (14:52):
Him, absolutely. And how much you like serve that combination
of he along Pan Nelson because I always do think
that it's interesting when you've got two big like that,
where you've got one in cliff On Berruview, he's not
going to be stepping out in shooting threes or anything
like that. Well you've got a guy in Grant Nelson
that if you really need him to put the ball
on the floor, if you need him to be able
to step outside, he's able to do so. Because it's

becoming more and more common, certainly in the NBA. If
you look at a combination like Carl Anthony Twins or
Ruby Gobert, for example, I feel like this is a
college version of that.

Speaker 1 (15:21):
That was a great comp by you. I was trying
to think of the NBA comp here and that that's
honestly the one I think to a lesser extent Evan
Mobley and Jared Allen with the Cavs. Mobley's not the
shooter necessarily that Nelson could be. But Nelson needs to
shoot it better. That's kind of what it comes down
to for me. He's a career twenty nine percent shooter
from three. His career best is thirty five as a

fresh muaner. Really low volume at North Dakota State. But
like his skills allow him to be able to take
shots from downtown and hit him. But I think it
comes down to taking better shots from three. He's a
great driver, we saw that last year. He's really good
at the foul line two eighty one percent. I don't
see why he can't be a good shooter, but he
just hasn't done it. And he's good free throw shooting
would lend you to believe that he could be a

good shooter. But if he's able to shoot the ball
from three, I think that would just make this Alabama
team entirely different because teams are going to give him
that shot from downtown because they know how tough he
is as a driver, he's athletic, he's tough, he does
all those things well, but he just hasn't shot it well.
Average eleven points per game this year, came up big
against North Carolina in the tournament. They need him to
shoot it well this year for this lineup to work

the way I think it can, and I think he'll
be a better shooter this year.

Speaker 2 (16:27):
Yep, I think so as well. And I think that
there's just so much upside when it comes to that
combination as well. And man, if you could give Mark
Sears back in the fold for Alabama, certainly staring at
something there as we've got John Paul does tremendous work
over at the field of sixty eighties showing to be
on costco soups. And certainly we saw some just whales
of guys going on over to new schools on Sunday.

But as we know, the transfer portal is very hot heavy.
When you got two thousand players in the transfer portal,
there's really never a shortage of news that's going on.
And among the teams are a little bit more under
the radar, is there are a few that you take
a look at in terms of moves that we've seen,
and this can be as far back as like the
last two or so weeks that you take a look at,
whether it be one player, whether it be multiple players

going to a school, you feel like you're a little
bit more bullish on them, and you feel like it's
one a little bit under the radar.

Speaker 1 (17:15):
Yeah, one that's made a couple moves in the last
few weeks, and they made another one on Sunday that
kind of caught my eyes. Murray State. They added Kyra
and Lindsay from Georgia begin his career at Texas Tech.
He's a pretty highly tattered recruit, probably going to place
a lot of four for them. But they also added
Terrence Harcom from app State and can really shoot the
ball from outside. And Kylon Milton from Pine Bluff who's

a really good scorer, six foot four, drives, can shoot
a mid range shot, can shoot at three, does a
little bit of everything. Then you have Nick Ellington back,
you have Jacobe wood back. I think this Murray State
team this is a year that Steve prom finally gets
it back to what it should be at Murray State.
I think he's a good coach. He's obviously done it
there before the Valley's going to be down this year.
Murray State has a really good chance to strike and

really contend in the Valley this year.

Speaker 2 (17:59):
Yeah, really like what we're going to be getting in
the Missouri Valley Conference this season, and it's going to
be very interesting to take a look at them. And
I think that there's a few other teams of intrigue
that are going to be very interesting as well in
terms of just what we're going to be getting on
the mid major front. Because I know that Florida Atlantic,
they have been very rambunctious over the last seventy two
or so hours. They've been trying to bring in a

whole bunch of guys. As we know, John ol' davis
no longer going to be in the fold for this team.
But how do you take a look at a team
like an FAU who brings in a mirror hopefully I
say this last name correctly on Kudop who he comes
in as an eighteen year old he was part of
like that NBA academy, because we haven't seen a whole
bunch of these guys come in, But I think that
he's an intriguing prospect. With that regard, I do think

that it's gonna be big if he's able boom for
that NBA Academy sort of service.

Speaker 1 (18:45):
In general, Yeah, some of the NBA Academy guys have
been pretty impressive. That Benedict Matheren wasn't not positive If
he was, I think he was. Yeah, I think he
was a lot of those guys that were part of
the NBA Academy, like they they're obviously really talented and
getting a chance to play at this level. I think
that's a big time get six six foot six, two
hundred pounds, like an ideal size for a scoring wing

with athleticism. I think that's the kind of guy that
you need to get a younger guy. And obviously nowadays
some of these dudes are going to fall under the
radar because teams are so focused on recruiting the portal
that they're probably not looking at an eighteen year old
NBA Academy guy. But credit to FAU for getting him
in there, along with some veterans like AJ Statt, McCrae
from Samford, Leland Walker from EKU, Caleb Glenn from Tulane,

like they've been really focused or Caleb Glenn from Louisville,
but they've been really focused on getting some guys in there.
They still have a lot more room to work because
they lost everybody, but starting where they are right now,
it's been pretty solid.

Speaker 2 (19:41):
But has been pretty solid, and there's gonna be a
lot of rosters under construction, to say the least. Some
are going to do a better job of others of
being able to reload. But a man that is always
loaded and is doing an amazing job taking a look
at this great game that we all know in love,
that'd be Sean. I know that you are just spending
so much time taking a look at what all getting
in the transfer portal, doing an incredible job of keeping

us all straight on that front and seeing on top
of it. Also let the good people at home know
it's all on to that for you. And now people
can fall on on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 1 (20:11):
Yeah, you can follow me on Twitter at Sean Paul
CBB for all the college basketball continued and the occasional
baseball tweet. Been real happy about how the Wan Soto
when now surging Aaron Judge duo is doing for my
beloved Yankees. And you'll be seeing some MLB Action betting
articles as well for.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
Me absolutely, that's gonna be a lot of fun as
that race between the Orioles and the Yankees is going
to be tremendous out there in the Al East.

Speaker 1 (20:34):
And got to get a couple of Holpen arms. Gotta
get a few more, but Clay Holmes has been locked down,
So I.

Speaker 2 (20:39):
Must say Yankee is currently number one in terms of
bullpenny are out there in the big leagues they play
would do a very good job.

Speaker 1 (20:44):
Solid, but I mean a lot of that's because of
Clay home sixteen and a third scoreless, Like you got
to get a couple more arms in there.

Speaker 2 (20:51):
Yeah, certainly they d Caleb Ferguson to get a little
bit more online. He's been a bit jakey since coming
over from the Li Dodgers. But at the very least
they're not throwing out there alec Menona. That was not
great on Sunday. But what's always great is getting Sean
Paul in the show. Is he does a tremendous job
taking a look at this great game of basketball. So
big thanks to him for joining me in the last segment.
Now it is that time the podcast coming up next,
I give you a recap of a day that didn't

see a photo moves on Sunday, but saw some very
very big book. We'll give you guys around him a
back every raybout me Las Vegas, but usecus he with
myself Greg Egs Peterson now part of the Vson Family
and podcasts. It is always great to be joined by

Sean Paulo does such an amazing job taking a look
at this great game of basketball that we all know
in love. Was nice a year that he's going to
be doing some baseball articles as well, this time of
year when you don't get the sweats on the hardwood,
I myself part taking quite a bit of baseball with
the podcast. I'm sure that some of you guys subscribe
to the Baseball Betting Show, so always do appreciate Sean

coming on. A big thanks to him for joining me
in the last segment. Nowadays that time the podcast, I
give you a wound up as all the news and
notes that we saw in college basketball on Sunday, and
we saw some big giant moves once again, not necessarily
one hundred million million moves or anything like that, but
when you've got no chad Omir coming off the board
at like ten o'clock, pm Eastern time. You know that

it's a Rambunks just say, this is just so massive
for Baylor in my opinion, guy that was able to
put up seventeen points ten boards per contest over at
Miami is a very capable shot blocker and this year
shot in the mid thirties from three point range as well.
That's a nice wrinkle that he was able to add
into his game. This is a massive ad for a
Baylor team that has always been relatively solid at being

able to hit the defensive glass. Sometimes on the offensive glass,
they leave a little bit of something to be desired. Omir,
he's able to do a little bit of everything down low,
and he had Evesmiths Caacs a Goo do a really
nice job for Baylor. Now you bring in someoney no
Chad Omir, I think is absolutely going to be able
to own the paint. You've got someone like a Jeremy
Roach at Stable pop it from three in Right now,

those are the only two transfers are being brought in
by Baylor. But what more do you need if you're
Baylor as of right now other than Jeremy Roach, Alonzo
jad Omir along with that recruiting class that they're bringing
in just an absolutely spectacular move. And speaking of big
men on the move, how about the fact that you've
got Cliff A. Mrui heading on over from Ruggers to Alabama.
Cliffal Mrui is not going to be some guy that's

going to be putting up like twenty plus points per
game or anything like that. And like I did say
with Sean, if I do have one trepidation with this,
it is the fact that he got a guy in
Amarui who he is coming from a little bit of
a lower tempo style. So I do think that the
cardio that might be a little bit of something that
you do want to be taking note of. But he
last year at ten and a half points, eight and

a half boards, very nearly three blocks per contest. He's
going to be able to elevate this Alabama team on defense.
And that was a lone knock that had on Alabama
one of the most efficient offensive teams in all of
college basketball eight season ago. Last season though that you
just weren't able to get a lot on the defensive
end of things. Now you've got that guy that's going
to be able to lock it down. Guy that's gonna

be able to do a good job on the defensive front.
This is absolutely big for them and I feel like
it was the missing piece for Alabama and they're able
to bring that in. And now for Gonzaga, you've got
a nice scoring k Leaf Battle coming in. He was
playing over at Arkansas this last year. He was able
to put up about fifteen points per contest. And if
you recall Simon Temple, we give her out to La
and Kiff and Goelos. Two seasons ago he was given

the team about eighteen points, shot thirty five percent from
three points. Not someone that's gonna be like doling out
the ball or anything like that. But with Gonzaga bringing
Ryan Nemar back in the fold, with having the man
of steel Steele Venters coming off of injury from a
season goo Michael Lejay was about a fifty percent three
point shooter over at Pepperdine. This is a locked and
loaded team that's going to be one of the best

offenses in all of college basketball. And again for Gonzaga
not bringing in a lot of guys, but they're bringing
in the right guys. You're bringing in Michael Jay, you're
bringing k Leaf Battle. With them bringing back darn near
everyone of significance from a season goal. What more do
you really there are going to be losing Anton Watson. Yeah,
that's gonna be hurting them a little bit. But a

Jay is a guy with at six to seven size
and I do think it's going to be able to
do a good job holding down the fort for this bunch.
So I really like those three big time move that
we did see on Sunday, and in terms of what
we did see on Sunday, certainly anything else that just
hailes in comparison. But I said, you did see a
few other guys that were on the move that should
be able to make a little bit of an impact.

A mirror Nesbit. He last season was playing over at Hampton.
He decided that he is going to be going to
son Hill and hey, stone Hill finally bringing in some guys.
It's been a little bit of an uphill battle for
stone Hill after they were at the D two level
just a few seasons ago. They've been trying to make
the adjustment to D one hasn't necessarily gone their way
thus far. But for son No now they are bringing

in a guy to mere Nesbit too. He was playing
alongside I believe his brother in Jordan Nesbit. Over at Hampton.
They bringing Josh Morgan, somebody who was able to put
up eplus points for contest over at In current word,
Alex Bates really didn't see a lot of playing time
while he was over at Iona, but someone that he
should be able to come in. He should be able
to command some in some minutes. And when it comes
to Nesbit, he last season was a guy that was

a little bit more just willing to pop it from
three point and shout. About thirty nine and a half
percent from the outside for Hampton, was about a four
point per game score the last two seasons. Did see
a few starts a few seasons ago and last year
he was dealing with a little bit of an injury
but was able to generate a seal per contest. He
should be able to elevate this Sono team on the
offensive side of things. Defense still probably going to be

a little bit of a work in progress for the team,
but all no, I do like what I'm seeing there.
And then for Niagara, they are going to be bringing
in Zion Russell, who was playing this last season over
at Northern Illinois, and just a case where this Niagara program,
they always do a good job, will be able to
dial up exactly what they need in the guard spot.
Greg Paulis has done an amazing job and he last
year really took on the identity of having his teams

just really pop it from three point range and left
a little bit of something to be desired on the
defensive side of things. It does feel like he's looking
to bring in some relatively well rounded guys for Russell.
He was just a little bit to the bench for
Northern Illinois. He did see thirteen starts of season ago,
but he was really the lone guy for Northern Illinois
that was a little bit more of a defensive stopper.
Everyone else was a little bit more of offensive pieces.

I feel like you could use a little bit more
facilitation out of him. But Donald, I do take a
look at this move, and I do think that it's
a big one, and I think that this is a
nice move for Murray State. How about bringing in Kyron Lindsay.
He was playing over at Texas. Tex really just did
not see a lot of playing time for them this
last season. He was only able to see the floor
of nine total games. But he decided that he is

going to be heading on over to Murray State and
for Murray Seat, they're getting a relatively versatile piece, and
they are bringing in someone that was pretty highly touted
when he was coming out of high school. When he
was being rated by two four to seven sports in
the recruiting class. If I believe it was twenty and
twenty two, might have been twenty twenty three, he was
ready at number one oh eight by them. Someone who

stands right in that neighborhood of about like six foot
eight or so. He's able to pop a few threes.
I feel like Steve Frome is going to be able
to bring him in the system. He's going to be
able to do a relatively solid job with him. So
I think that this is a really nice get. Max
egg bunk Polo just hasn't been able to find himself.
Two seasons ago was over at Wyoming that was clearly
a bed for a man. When he was over at

USC for egg Bunk Polo, once again, hopefully I'm saying
that correctly, he was a big time, nice, solid score
for them. Now he's going to be looking to really
be able to elevate at Montana SA where he should
be one of the main feature guys. His best year
game during the twenty twenty one twenty two season over
at USC he was a part time starter. He was
able to log about seven a half points three and
a half boards. Has never really been a great three

point shooter for his career. He shoots about twenty seven
percent from the outside as a six point eight little
bit of a combo player, but a former top seventy
five recruit that last year over at Utah State only
part Ticke in ten games was able to give the
team about five and a half points four boards. Was
able to generate a seal per game as well. So
he's a very versatile guy that's able to really fill
a wide variety of shall we say, different holes. So

I think that that's going to be big for a
Montana SAE team that is in a little bit of
transition after we saw them lose Sandy Sprinkle two off
seasons ago. He saw Melachai Nadur he was last season
playing over at Brown and he has decided that he
is going to be heading on over to William and Mary.
For William and Mary, they've done a great job this offseason.
They do bring in Dannerl who is the coach over
at Cornell. He is clearly looking to be able to

utilize those Ivy League connections to bring in some of
these guys, as he's already got a few guys from
Cornell that are coming over with them, and Keller Boothby
really being the main of them. He was a very
good three point shooter. On top of that, I know
that he's bringing it. Jack Scott from Princeton. Now you're
bringing the doer, someone who he wasn't necessarily the world's
biggest impact player while he was over at Brown this

last season, mainly because when you have the size that
you do with these guys like Nona a wusu Anana
in company, that does leave you a little bit in
the dust. But they put up four points three boards
is a thirty five and a half percent three point
shooter at six foot eight, and that's what we should
really be looking for for William and Mary. A lot
of versatility. Guys are able to stretch of floor. They
are not going to be shy of taking a whole

bunch of threes. Saying I do think that is going
to be a massive gift for them. And this is
big as well. It looked like Jamari Thomas was going
to be heading on over to VCU. He was playing
this last season over at Norfolk State. He was averaging
seventeen points for assists, two steals per contest, shot in
the high thirties from three point range. He has flipped.
He is now heading on over to South Carolina. And

this is just so impactful for them, because for South Carolina,
the loser top scorer from season ago Imichi Johnson Lamont
Paris has been very much hitting the transfer portal very
very hard and heavy last few offseasons. And you know
it says South Carolina wasn't bringing in a lot of guys,
and tell this, they're bringing in Nick Pringle. That's any
nice impact guy. Jordan Butler didn't see a lot of
minutes over at Missouri, but at six foot ten with

some upside, I like those two guys. Now you bring
in someone that is able to really take hold someone
I was able to pop it from three point range.
Be that main guy that is going to be able
to help out in the backcourt. I really like this
move for them, and I like this move as well.
Tyron Cook, he was playing this last season over at VMI,
he has decided that he is going to be heading
on over to Indiana State. Now in the un State,

it's not going to be looking the same as they
did a few seasons ago. This is not going to
be a bunch is going to be having any any
Kareem Abdul Jabbars or anything like that. But that's up
for Cooke. Last season at VMI, a team that really
played no defense whatsoever. Let's call it what it is.
Twelve and a half points, genemphasis. He was able to
go in there make an immediate impact for VMI and

it just felt like he was able to find his
bearings and he was able to get more and more
comfortable as the season went along. Again, he's going to
need to get better on the defensive side of the things,
there is absolutely no denying that. But for mister Cookie,
he was able to have double figures in each had
the last four games a season going. If he date
it back to really the middle of December is when
he was able to get things rolling. He had a
twenty point game against Radford. That's when things were able

to take off for him. As in the final twenty
two games of the campaign, he did a relatively solid
job of thirteen half points per contest, shot thirty three
percent from three part range. He's worked on his free
throw shooting just a little bit, but I do like
his upside and I do think that this is going
to be impactful for Robert Morris. They've been lacking a
little bit on the glass in the last few seasons,
but now they bring in Ismail Putt, who should be

able to hop out on that front. Puett was playing
at Arkansas Pine Bluff. He's a six to seven, a
little bit of the do it all sort of player
that had seven and a half points seven a half
boards per contest last year. He shot one hundred percent
from three part range, which obviously is because he didn't
take a lot of threes. But for Robert Morris, they
needed a little bit more down low. Now they're getting it,
and this bunch they needed a little bit more just

in terms of their overall defense. And Grant Newell, I
think that he's going to be able to provide that.
Last season he was playing over at California with about
five and a half points, three and a half rebounds
per game. At for North Texas, it is very difficult
to find guys to be able to fit the system.
But I do think that this is going to be
a relatively good fit for them, and I do like
what North Texas has been able to do here in
the offseason. They have been very not so shy in

the transfer portal, to say the least. They bring in
Brock Feiss, a six foot ten gentleman that was just
glued to the bench over at Creighton eight right. He's
someone that did not play a super up tempo style
at Drake, but as a good defender, was able to
give Craig a double figure amount of points per game.
You're now bringing in Jonathan Massy, a six to six
two All player from Longwood. Latrell Jossel was able to
generate a whole bunch of turnovers over at Stephen F.

Austin and Jasper Floyd was one of the most versatile
players in the Metro Atlantic. Being able to bring in
Grant Newell to be able to help out with that,
I think that North Texas has on a very night
shop of retooling here in the offseason. I really do
like what they've been able to do, and I do
like what UTSA is doing bringing in Marcus Millander. He
was playing this last season over at South Alabama. It
was a rough year for South Alabama as a whole,

but Millander was able to step up nine points three
and halfsis shot forty four from three point in a freshman,
not a guy that's going to have the world's greatest
amount of size. That's going to be hurting him a
little bit out there and at the American but still
at five foot eleven, he was still able to be
a very consistent scorer. Was able to do a night
shop popping it from three parts. So I do like

that move, and I do like this move as well.
You got u key Reek. He was over at u
B Milwaukee this last season. He decided that he is
going to be becoming a stag. He is heading on
over to Fairfield. And for Reich, he was just lost
in the shuffle a little bit as everyone was playing
second fiddle a season to go to mister BJ Turner
up Freeman over at that university. But that said, someone

who was just really not able to see a whole
lot of minutes was unable to truly get out there
on the floor. But I do think that he's going
to be able to come in make a little bit
of an impact six and six gentlemen that was at
the We Are United prep out there in Missouri. He's
got some upside. I do think that him blanding at
Fairfield that's a good gift for them. And it's always
great to be able to get you aboard on this podcast.

Right here on Go seeps, we're looking at all that
we're getting in this great game. And if you'd like
hearing from this fine podcast, cause go stoops. You're able
to subscribe whatever your podcast, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify,
Sittery in tune and if you have a question, comments,
take an idea, what have you for this podcast? You
have one of two waysbo for those in first one
is my Twitter slashack sideline at Jena under forty one.
Keep in mind I'm naming as on matters, so as

per usual, please send these into the timeline. Oh the way,
he's finding an Apple podcast review. If you rate this
podcast five service, it is very much appreciated them. From there,
you're able to fire and whatever you'd like, you're on
this podcast. I the five star VU Big Things once
again to Schanpaul does tremendous workover at the Field of
sixty eight and Action Network we joined me in the
Liance segment. Coming at the Act every single day on
this podcast, The Great If, Actually What's going about?

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