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May 7, 2024 39 mins

Greg explains the value in identifying coaches that build their system around their players & not force players to fit theirs, talks to Ethan Bock of The Portal Report about why there might be more players in the transfer portal this offseason that might return to the same school they were at last season & look at the big transfer moves of the past few days & Greg recaps Monday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:23-The value in identifying coaches that build their system around their players

13:26-Interview with Ethan Bock

39:40-Recap of Monday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Orler fridly Low, Welcome to Love the Boss Vegas for
Gus cutshoots with myself, Greig Eats Peterson. Now for the
Beast and Family of podcasts. We've gone excellent podcast for you.
You know what I mean. It's segment number two. You're
gonna have Ethan back of the Portal report to board.
He does an absolutely tremendous job. Take it a look
at this great game that we all know in love
of college basketball, and we're gonna be chatting with him
about some of the big impact pieces that we've seen

move over the last few days, what Baylor has been
able to do in terms of bringing in no Chad
Omere certainly going to be taking a look on the
front of his main stopping grounds in West Virginia. They
get in Javon Small, it's gonna come up big for them.
We're gonna be taking a look at some of the
teams that he feels are a little bit under the radar.
And the fact that it does appear with Mark Armstrong,
who did not enter into the transfer portal just to

sign to Fogo his eligibility at Villanova, that it does appear,
so the transfer portal is actually closed for good. So
that's something that is very good and we're gonna be
chatting about that with our good friend and Ethan. And
segment number two and the final segment gonna give you
guys a recap as to all the news and us
we saw in college basketball on Monday. And if you
do have a question, comment segment idea what I have
be for this podcast. You have one of two ways

we have farth listen. First one is my Twitter slash
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Please he send these into the timeline al the way
he signed an Apple podcast review. If you're at the
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do help me out and send in those Twitter slash
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But something that I did observe from college basketball that'll
dive in a little bit more on to be able
to begin the show is we are noticing that there
are some coaches that have some interesting moves and it's
going to be interesting to gauge if they're going to
be willing to change your style or if they're going
to be trying to fit a square peg into a
round hole. And by this I mean we saw a

nice pickup from Virginia over the last twenty four hours.
TJ Power, a former top twenty five recruit. He was
over at Duke, didn't necess to see a lot of minutes.
He's heading on over to Virginia. Absolutely massive for them.
A Virginia team. They were embarrassed on national TV to
be two end the season against Colorado State. That was
one of the most plorable displays of offense that we've
seen in modern days in the NCAA tournament. Now the

question becomes with Tony Bennett. Is he going to be
willing to give just a little bit on that pack
line system. He doesn't need to change it entirely. He
doesn't need to be in a circumstance where he needs
to curtail everything around TJ. Power. But is he going
to be willing to let him cook a little bit?
Or is TJ Power going to be in the way
of guys that they enter into Virginia. They have a

little bit of a different style and they're just not
able to fit. That is a big question, and I
do think that that's something to take a look at
here in the offseason. Like Brad Underwood had some very
interesting tactics against Yukon in the NCAA Tournament that did
not work out. That said, one thing that I really
do like about Brad Underwood is that it always feels
like at Illinois, he builds his program around his players.

He doesn't hasually have one set style. Like when you
had Kofi Koburn in the fold, they were playing a
little bit more slowly, they were playing through the post.
When Kofi Koburn left, they went a little bit more
up tempo. They shot a few more threes. That's what
I like when I see coaches being able to do that,
recognizing that, okay, we can play a little bit of
a different style. Like Jim Mayheim for a hundred million
million years at Syracuse, he knew exactly what style that

they were gonna play. Unless if they weaseled their way
in as a double digit seed in the NCAA Tournament,
they did absolutely nothing whatsoever. And that's just because it's
own defense. He's caught teams off guard for some reason.
But you tell that there were a lot of guys
that they weren't utilized to their max potential because he
was trying to fit square pegs into round holes and
the game just ended up passing them by Jersey back

half of it after they made that final four run
against Virginia. So I do think that this is something
to be keeping in mind taking a look at some
of these coaches, that hey, if they've got a little
bit of adaptability, like I feel like I'm seeing that
with Colorado State right now, a little bit of an
upgrade there. If a coach is stuck in their waist,
maybe a little bit of a downgrade. And I'll be
touching upon that a little bit more here on this
podcast and in coming days. But coming next, we have

to talk about what we've seen over the few days
with their good friend Ethan Bach of the Portal Report,
and also get a little bit of around the Pass
and what we're seeing with West Virginia's Well. That's up
next are to Uncles, Good Seats with myself, Gregie Dispaters
and now apart everybody can love you, Las Vegas becames

good Seeps with myself, greg Gaps Peterson now part of
the Visa Family podcasts and it is always great to
be joined by this man is Ethan Bach. It does
an amazing job taking a look at this great game
of college basketball over at the Portal Report, and they
have been very, very busy this offseason with doroth of
two thousand guys entering into the transfer portal. I know
that Neil said does a great job on the West
Virginia Beat with West Virginia Sports Now where they're covering

a little bit of everything from college basketball the way
through football, baseball, you name it, they do it. And
Ethan is able to be followed on Twitter slash x
at his first and last name, Ethan Bach with an
underscore after that and Ethan always a pleasure, my friend.
Thank you, Thank you Greg, Thank you Ethan and Ethan.
It has been a wild last few weeks in the
transfer portal line. We saw a few guys enter late

in like May second, May third, but it seems to
have died down and we did see Mark Armstrong, who
I thought it was very curious that he decided to
enter into the NBA Draft, did not enter in the
transfer portal line. He just decided to ride with the
decision of going pro, because I feel like had he
entered into the transfer portal, he might have actually just
decided to go back to school. But how much do

you think that the NCAA is enforcing the portal cutoff
date because I think to this point right now, it
actually is a case where it's actually closed. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (05:38):
I think this is the first offseason that we've experienced
it being so short and even almost hyped up. Oddly,
it felt like last year when it was sixty days,
it didn't really intertwine perfectly with the NBA guys. It's
it's still had its window around mid May, and I
felt like this year people were just more excited for

the portal to actually close. I don't know if it's
a fan burnout, coaches burnout probably has something to do
with that, but I think this year it's been a
lot easier for those NBA guys to basically just invest
in themselves. And I think it's smart. It's smart for
the guy like Coleman Hawkins to enter the portal just
in case something happens, something just at the combine or

just getting advice just doesn't work well, he just decides
back to come to college. Either at Illinois or a
different school. And even for guys like Jordan Dangle Chris
Ledlam looking for waivers, I think it was smart for
them to enter the portal as well, just to hear
some ideas out for their last years of college basketball.
So this year is the first year where it actually
intertwined perfectly. It's definitely leverage for the players, absolutely.

Speaker 1 (06:45):
And I do want to get your thoughts on this
as well, because we did see a record amount of guys,
over two thousand guys enter into the transfer portal. Do
you think that we might see more guys than ever
before decide to enter into the transfer portal but then
just return to where they came, Because we've already noticed
this with quite a few guys deciding, you know what,
I'm just going to go back to the school where
I was before, just decide to leave the transfer portal

and not go elsewhere. And I do feel like there
are a lot of guys that they just, for lack
of a better term, entered into the transfer portal just
to check their options if absolutely nothing else.

Speaker 2 (07:17):
I think this is a year where a lot of
kids are lost. I'm not sure exactly what it is.
I think it's just a mixture. If you've still have
the COVID seniors still have the last year, that just
mixed with everything that happened in the coaching carousel. Obviously,
the NCAA letting multi time transfers enter without needing a waiver,
I think that's also playing a factor in it. Still,

you have some of these NBA guys that are entering
just test the waters. So there's a lot of factors
that have resulted in two thousand guys entering. Is it
good for the game? I can't say confidently it is,
and I think the transfer portal eventually can get figured out,
get coaches out of this burnt out stage. Like I

said earlier, I think this is definitely an offseason where
coaches are really hitting just that exhaustion of retooling a
half a roster every single season at the best. So
this offseason is just interesting in general. I think I
think a lot of guys are entering just to enter.
I think you're going to see guys return to their
schools more frequently than you have in the previous portal cycles.

At the same time, it's hard for me to say
that these guys are entering for the right reasons.

Speaker 1 (08:26):
Yep, it is going to be really interesting to see
what we get with a lot of these decisions moving forward.
As we've seen quite a few interesting guys come off
the board here in the last few days. Has joined
me on the show. We got Ethan Bach, who does
amazing work over at the Portal Report joined me right
here on Costco. Soup said, out of all the moves
that we've seen over the past few days, I think
that this one is the most impactful. Note ched Omir,

guy that was able to put up a double double
last year at Miami, big part of their final four
run two seasons ago, him going on over to Baylor,
and I feel like Baylor has just played the transfer
portal perfect. They've only brought into two guys. But when
those two guys are notched Omir, Jeremy Roach, you know what,
you've had yourself a nice haul and how much do
you just take a look at. I was talking about

this on the show yesterday, the quality over quantity sort
of element of the transfer portal, because I think that
that's where teams get it right in In terms of Baylor,
you don't need to get six guys in in my opinion,
if you just get two really really good ones like
we saw with them, and I very much applaud their efforts.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
Yeah, I think Baylor's one of the only teams in
the country that are in the situation of they're able
to do quality over quantity. They did this last year,
the same thing with ray J Dennis and their transfer class.
Bailer's not a team that's going to get six seven
transfer editions from the portal. Something Scott dre and his
staff do really well, and it's something that they're allowed
to do. I think there's a lot of teams in

the country, how'd to say, majority, that have really no
choice and they have to go get five six guys
at the minimum each offseason. So it is cool to
see Baylor able to do that. Between Omir and Roach,
that's right there on the transfer classes in the country. Now,
some of the databases and some of the computers will
tell you that because they only got two guys, it
does also play a factor in getting quantity. So it's

something Baylor is able to do. They do this. It
seems like now during the portal era they do this
every off season. It's just another reload. They will be
at the top of the Big twelve again, either it's
top four, top five, doesn't matter that the Leaks stacked
at the top, so they'll be right in the mix
next year.

Speaker 1 (10:26):
I do think that they're going to be able to
moving forward, just continue to be that consistent program that
is towards the top of the Big twelve. And certainly
West Virginia's looking to get back there as well. And
I know that in your neck of the woods, it
has been a very eventful last few days. We've seen
quite a few guys going over to West Virginia. Javon
Small I thought was a tremendous pickup by the way

guy that did a little bit of everything over at
East Carolina did so last year over to Oklahoma Stafe
and then under the radar. The numbers aren't necessari eye popping,
but at erdo Andre you can tell that when he
was on the court versus off the court, for Presidents say,
was able to make a him. What are your thoughts
on what West Virginia was able to do over the
last few days, because it was a little bit slow
going for Darren Derees and the portal, but I felt

like bringing in Small and Andre the last few days
were very good pickups and they very much do fit
his system.

Speaker 2 (11:13):
I think the last two weeks the biggest things for
Derees and his staff check off where they needed a
big and they needed a number two option for Tucker Derees,
and they did both of those. Edwardo Andre's numbers don't
pop out, but he's six to eleven big. I'm not
sure if West Virginia is thinking about adding another near
seven footer, but if they don't, they definitely could start
Andre and almost kind of have that system like Derez

did a Drake just four guards with a six ten
six eleven big last year did with Brody so Andrea's build.
It fits their system. My only question is is he
going to be able to fit in the Big twelve
and start in a Big twelve and play in the
Big twelve. I'm not sure, but adding Javon Small was
really pivotal for West Virginia, adding in a fifteen point

per game score from the Big twelve. Param with Tucker Derees,
they'll boast need the ball. This offseason, Tucker Derez has
pretty much been at loan in an Island or on
an island at West Virginia has added a lot of
young guys that have three four years They're going to
take some developings. If Darren de Reiz is going to
go and win now mode with Tucker Derees for his

senior season, you got to add quality guys and Javon
Small is easily a number two for Tucker reliable threat.

Speaker 1 (12:23):
Yep. This has been an absolutely massive last few weeks
for West Virginia and I do like the moves that
they've been able to make and joining me on the show.
We do have Ethan Baki does tremendous workover at the
portal report jo Enemy right here on cost soups, and
I do think that it's very interesting to take a
look at the GID that we had for Alabama a
few days ago as well, because I'm a big proponent
of always looking at fit with regards to some of

these transfers. And there's no doubt about it, one of
the bigger, better big men in all of college basketball
does commit to Alabama. As you get Cliff armer Rui
coming in from Markers, and I want to get your
thoughts as to how he is going to be able
to fit in at Alabama because I think the biggest
question Mark I with the move is how's he get
to go from a Rutgers program that's called what it is,
offensively challenge, very very slow to an Alabama team that

really is all gas, no breaks on the offensive side
of things and a team that plays superduper up tepo.

Speaker 2 (13:14):
Yeah, it's a really good point the cliff going from
Rutgers to Alabama, which wasn't surprising at the time, but
I think we all know for when he entered the
portal there was a certain team out there that was
targeting him. They weren't able to get him. But this
is what the beauty of the transfer portal is. It's
a double edged sword. Though you can definitely find high
quality players in the transfer portal. And if you're Natoates

coming off this Final four run at Alabama, this offseason
was very important. It was important to have Mark Sears,
especially at point guard Parrim with somebody down low at
the five that can get you ten points a game.
Going from a slow paced Rutgers team that specializes especially
on defense, and you go over to a Natoats team

that is going to try to score ninety points on
you a game. I'm interested to see how Cliff's numbers
are going to improve if they do he joins a
better team, he joins a very talent team, does he
go down the ladder as in terms of options at
the top, or does he actually get more touches because
he's playing for a more fast paced team.

Speaker 1 (14:20):
YEP. I do think that it's going to be so
interesting to see how they're going to be able to
decipher that. And it certainly is going to be a
little bit of a new look for an Alabama team
that when they were at their fullest two years ago,
you may recall they were actually a very good defensive
team as well. So it's been a little bit touch
and go, to say the least, for Alabama over the
last two seasons. And I know we were talking about
this quantity quality over quantity, and I feel like this

team has been able to do it as well. Want
to get your thoughts on Gonzega, the fact that they
bring in k Leaf Battle and they have not brought
in a lot of guys in the transfer portld though
I do feel like bringing in Steele Ventris could almost
be considered one because he didn't play at all last season.
Now they're going to get it. But Kaylee Battle comes in,
Michael j comes in, is going through the NBA draft process,

and I feel like Gonzaga once again looks like they're
gonna be one of the teams to beat in all
of college basketball. I absolutely love the way that they've
been able to maneuver this offseason.

Speaker 2 (15:14):
It's a similar case from last year with Gonzaga, and
they're another team like Baylor that's just been able to
get quality over quantity. Last offseason, Zaga got em Hart
and Graham i Ke and they had Steel Venters as well.
But like you said, that's a good point. Steve Venters
might as well be an addition for this offseason between

I mean, with Michael Jai exploring the NBA option, it
seems like he's just going to get advice and come
back and play at Gonzaga and Khalif Battle, it's it's
another like almost a combo wing. I like calling Battle
a combo wing. He's right there where he can play
the two or to three. It's another year where Gonzaga
is reloading coming off of this past season. I want

to see them actually take that step right back up.
So like the one, one seed, two seed line, it'd
be nice to see them get that consistency again. It
seems like it's been a little bit of time now
since we've seen Gonzaga really dominate college basketball.

Speaker 1 (16:11):
Yeah, it certainly has been ever since that title game
that they played against Baylor a few seasons ago, in
my opinion, And I do think that it is something
that you bring up that is so interesting because we
do have a lot of guys in the NBA draft
process right now. When a guy decides entering the NBA Draft,
but like we saw with Michael Jai, I know that
you doe so earlier, but he's reopened up his recruitment

and something like a Jordan Ivy Curry, for example, When
these guys announced where they're going to transfer to and
they're in the NBA Draft, do you think that too
many of these guys have any shot at all of
entering into the NBA Draft Because I'm just under the
assumption when these guys are both in the NBA Draft
and in the transfer portal and they pick where they're
going to transfer to, I just assume that they're going
to go to that school.

Speaker 2 (16:53):
That's the easiest way of thinking about it. If a
transfer is exploring multiple options between the NBA Draft and
the portal, and then they end up picking a team
they're likely going to play in college basketball that next season.
If Coleman Hawkins decided tomorrow to commit to a new school,
I would assume that he is not even going to
entertain the NBA Draft. But the fact that he's putting

his name in both transfer portal and the NBA Draft
and he's not really doing too much with his recruitment,
at least publicly that we know of the fact that
he's not going to be visiting schools committing and he's
actually going to be focused on the NBA Draft. That's
more of a sign, I think, than committing to a
school while you're exploring professional options. But I don't blame

any of these guys for doing it. This draft class
is weak, possibly historically week and next year's supposed to
be really good. So if you're a college basketball player
this spring considering declaring for the draft, this would be
the perfect year to do it. This class is not
supposed to be good, while next year is is supposed
to be headlined by a lot of talent. So take

it now while you have it. Just go and get
the advice there's nothing hurting you from weighing your options.
You're able to withdraw your name and keep your eligibility,
so why not use it?

Speaker 1 (18:12):
Yeah? Absolutely, And I do think that it is always
something that I take a look at. I'm thinking, yeah,
I don't think he's going to be saying in the
NBA draft one a guy enters into the transfer portal
and picks the school, much like we've seen with a
few of these guys as Ethan Bach, who does amazing
work over at the portal apart showing me right here
on costco soups. And is there a team or two
that you take a look at that maybe is not

begetting a lot of attention over the last few weeks,
but you just like what they've done over the last
few weeks in the portal.

Speaker 2 (18:38):
Overall, I really like what Texas Tech has done with
Grant McCastle and going in the year too. Getting a
guy like Federico Ferderrico from pitt He's obviously defensive minded,
he's not going to do much for you on offense,
but getting a guy like Fetti to get rebounds, get blocks.
He's got that big twelve body at six eleven, so
he's he's gonna fit in fine. And then getting a

dish man like Elijah Hawkins. I mean, he's fourth in
the entire country in the sists so from Minnesota, so
that's another good pickup. And then Kevin Overton from Drake.
He was a freshman average eleven points in the Missouri Valley.
He's got three years, so great. Mccasleon has done a
perfect job at like we've talked about plugging and playing
even better, Grant mccasons also getting guys that either have

three years of eligibility, one year of eligibility, two years
of eligibility. It's all over the place, but that's a
good thing. You need guys that have multiple years of eligibility.
But at the same time, you also need experience when
you're in the Big twelve. So I think Grant mccastlean's
bounced it out perfect with his class yep.

Speaker 1 (19:35):
I think that he's done an amazing job out there
as well. And the Big twelve looks like it is
going to be very, very hotly competitive this season, and
I know that Ethan, you're going to be able to
take a look at it at all. You do an
amazing job over at the port Report. You do great
work over at West Virginia Sports Now as well, So
love the good people at home. Know it's all on
tap for you. And now people are able to fall

on on social media and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (19:57):
Yep, so you can follow me at Ethan Bach on
score on Twitter or x Now it's commitment season. We're
done with the transfer portal entries and I think everybody
is excited about that. And you can also find my
work with the West Virginia b at WV sportsnow dot com.

Speaker 1 (20:12):
Absolutely, and it's going to be very interesting to see
what we all get the next few weeks and for
that matter, next few months with regards to all of
those commitments. And I know that we're going to be
seeing probably a lot of flip flopping as well, but
Matt said that's part of the fun of it all,
and with Ethan, he does an amazing job of keeping
us all straight with it. So big thanks to Ethan
for joining me on because because he's now part of

the Vson Family podcast and coming back it's that time
of the podcast, I give you a recap of all
the news and us we saw thank college basketball Monday
and we're rank here love me Las Vegas for Guscus
Heaps with myself, Greg EPs Peterson now part of the
Vson Family and podcast. It was great to be able

to get Ethan back aboard. I know that he's doing
absolutely amazing work over at the portal taking a look
at this great game of college basketball that we all
know and love. We're seeing one hundred billion moving pieces
at this point, and yet he's doing such a good
job of keeping us straight with all of it. So
big thanks Tom for joining me in last segment. Now
it is that time the podcast they give you a
little bit of a recap as all the news and

us we saw in college basketball over the last twenty
four hours. We saw Virginia be able to step up
quite a bit. A former top twenty five recruit and
TJ Powers he has decided that he is going to
be becoming a Virginia Cavalier. Just did not see a
lot of time in general out there on the floor
last season over at Duke. But he's got familiarity in
terms of the conference. He's got a lot of upside

as well as someone that stands right in the neighbor
about six foot nine, He's able to pop it from
three point range, shout about thirty five and a half
percent from the outside a season ago. I think that
this is a tremendous gift for Virginia, And the question
becomes with Virginia, are they going to be willing to
adapt their style a little bit more. Let TJ power
can be a little bit of a liability on defense,
be able to just absolutely elevate this team on offense,

or is it going to continue to be a circumstance
like we've seen the last few seasons where we're gonna
have our good friend Tony Bennett, who's a absolute coaching legend,
there's no question about it, but his style has passed
him by a little bit too much. And is he
going to continue to try to fit square pegs in
the round holes? That has a question. And then well,
I's just Sounders who was playing over at San Diego

State this last season. He decided that he's going to
go to Virginia as well, and this is a textbook
fit for Virginia. With Saunders not a guy that really
ripped it up on offense. I will say John ninety
six percent of the free line, but six a half
points right around three and a half rebounds per game.
If you're asking me if I think he's going to
make too much of an impact whatsoever at the ACC level,
I'm inclined to tell you no. But at the same time,

I do think that this is someone that can be
able to come in off the bench, be able to
give you just a little bit of something. So I
do think that's going to be interesting to see what
we get on this front end, on the front of
what we're going to be able to get out of
Will Lutts over at Oklahoma State right now, things are
going pretty good for him. As bringing into Vante Devo Davis,
who last season was over at Arkansas. He was a

tough facilitator for Arkansas a season oo. Granted there was
not a lot of facilitating whatsoever happening at Arkansas. His
two assists for contests were towards the top of the team.
He was really a guy that did a little bit
of everything. Six points, three and a half rebounds. They
lose Javon Small from a season one. I think that
this is a nice pack cup. Now with Davis, you're
not going to be having him going to flamethrow the

move from three point range a career about twenty nine
and a half percent three point shooter, and for that matter,
not a guy that's necessarily dominant on the offensive end.
But he did see during the twenty twenty two to
twenty three season when he needed to he was able
to log about eleven or so points per contest. But
I do think that four World lots a guy that
runs a defensive style that is very much predicated on turnovers.
In terms of just having active hands, you have to

be very good on this front. I do think that
Davis is really going to be a nice fit for
that system. In general, I think that he's going to
be able to go into Oklahoma State be able to
make a nice impact for a bunch up. Has been
able to do an okay job in the transfer portal.
They bringing to Terryo Dean, one of the best at
being able to generate turnovers from a season ago. They're
also bringing him or Shelley as Avery. He was a
part of the Central Flower team that was very dominant

on the defensive side things as well. So I like
that move. This one is a little bit sunning. We
were hearing that Long Island ak Lu had a lot
of nio fronts. That's the reason why they got Gerald Gillion,
who was the head coach over at Chicago State. Now
he's the associate head coach and he's the second eye
as paid coach in the NEC to hot Rod Stricklin,
who's head coach over at LU. They land Malachai Davis

in the transfer portal. Not that Malichi Davis was necessarily
lighting the world on fire when he was over at
Arizona State, only saw action in seven games, but I mean,
this is a guy that was relatively highly touted coming
out of his junior college ranks. He was over at
Tallahasse Community College, was one of the best players in
last year's JUCO crop, just was unable to really find

a fit over at Arizona State. This is a really
nice gift for them, and it's an LU program that
they should be able to ascend up the NEC State.
They were a relative disappointment this past season, but I
take a look at the pieces that they're bringing in,
it's clear that they're putting as many resources as humanly
possible into college basketball, and I do think that bringing
in Dreld Gillion that could be a little bit of

a missing piece for them and for lu this is
a relatively nice gift for them, and you have to
have that feeling that they are not done quite yet.
He saw Damien Mayo junior, he was playing over at
Missouri State. This last season. He decided that he is
going to be going to Southern Illinois, so he's going
to be staying out there in the Missouri Valley Conference
and he goes from a school with the name of
Missouri and he's going to be going to a different program.

For Southern Illinois, I do think that we're going to
be seeing them take a little bit of a shall
we say, downtick this season. But for Damien Mayo, I
do think that he's going to be able to fill
a nice role for this team about five points shout,
about thirty three percent from three point range, a little
bit more of a defense first guy from a defense
oriented program, and was a starter that was a little
bit more in the background these last two seasons over

Missouri State. I think they should go to a Southern
Illinois team that last season they were just very dominated
by what Xavier Brown was able to bring to the table.
They're going to be a little bit more well rounded
this year, and I think that he's going to be
a big part of it. Chauncey Jenkins. He last season
was part of an Old Dominion team that really wasn't
playing any defense whatsoever, But when he was out there
on the floor, he was able to do a tremendous
job of being able to elevate in general sixteen points

per contest. Began his career over at Wichita State. He
has decided that he's going to be going to seton
Hall and this is just another win for Shahim Holloway
on the transfer portal front. Not a guy that's gonna
light you up from three part range or anything like that,
but we saw when he was over at Wichita State
he was able to do a relatively solid job on
the defensive side of things. He's someone that says right
around about six foot three six foot four, and he

just fits his style and that he does a little
bit of everything. He'll give you some rebounds when you
need him too. I think that he's going to be
playing very well off of Scotty Middleton, someone who they
bring in from Ohio State. They're also bringing in Prince
Eli Jabie. Hopefully I said that correctly. Who comes in
from Boston College. I just feel like all these pieces
right now are fitting for Seaton all and I think
that that is a tremendous skip for them, as I

think that this one is as well. We Maximus Edwards,
he was out there in the Atlantic ten. He's going
to be staying in the NLINT ten. He's going to
be heading on over to Ducaine. And we certainly have
been seeing over the last few seasons more and more
interconference transfers, as I think it's to be something that
we just didn't see a lot of just a few
years ago in college basketball. But for Maximus Edwards, he
was going to the maximum. He was the rookie of

the Year in the conference during the twenty twenty two
to twenty three campaign this past year, twelve and a
half points, six half boards for a George Washington program
that they just really didn't have any death whatsoever. That
was a big issue for him, so he had to
play as many minutes as umingly possible. In his two
years at George Washington was logging about thirty one minutes
per game. So now he should be able to see

a little bit more of an ease up on that career.
About thirty five and a half percent three point shooter.
He's able to give you some boards, He's able to
do a nice job, but also generating about a stealer
two per game as well. So I absolutely love this
git for Ducaine team that now that they've got Keith
stambrought out of the fold, who goes into retirement, it's
going to be a little bit of a new look team,
and I do think that they're going to be a
little bit deeper than they were a season ago as well.

And for Minnesota, they're looking to turn the page as well,
and they're gonna be looking for a little bit of
versatility out of Trey Edmonds. He has decided that he's
gonna be going from Utsa meet me for the road
Runners and he's gonna be going to Minnesota. Now, I'm
gonna call what it is. If they are relying upon
Trey Edmunds to be playing big minutes for them, this
Minnesota team is gonna be doomed out there in the
Big Ten. Last season over at UTSA, he gave me

a seven points, six boards. Not a guy that's necessarily
gonna pop it from three. He was a starter out
there in the American But they have to feel like
this is nothing more than a depth piece for Minnesota team.
Then let's call what it is. They lose quite a
bit of the transfer portal. I know that they lose
Elijah Hawkins, who is just so good at being a facilitate,
and the two guys that they brought in Brendan Rigsby

along Femi Odicuali before then these are guys that should
be seeing some startermans. He even Frank Mitchell who comes
in from Kenesia, six foot eight gentleman that was able
to register a double double. You have to feel like
these are the guys that are really gonna be elevating
the program. But that said, it is nice to be
able to add a little bit of depth and that
is certainly going to be able to help them out
as well. And then I was mentioning LU and the
fact that they've been bringing in some transfers. Now they

lose one. Nikola Dappa. He was playing over at LU
this last season, seven footer that just really didn't get
out there on the floor too much, six points five
and a half boards. He just really didn't fit that
up tempo system. He's going to be going to Colorado
Sate in but I'm noticing with kylrav State is that
now that Isaiah Stevens is out of the fold, it
does feel like they are going to be going a

little bit more defense oriented. They were a team that
very much was hitting the gas with regards to their
offensive game last few seasons. But Nico Medvett, he's someone
that is very much willing to zig when he loses
pieces and he's willing to really curtail his system to
what he's got around him. He brings in Jalen Kirker Johnson,
who was the rookie of the Year out there in
the Atlantic Sun with little rock Bowen Bourne is a

little bit of a chucker, but not as a guy
that's very demonstrative in terms of three point shooting. Ethan
Morton was a very good defender and a bit more
pass first guy at Purdue. Does feel like Colorad State's
going a little bit more defense, and I do like
it for them. You've also got JJ Taylor. He was
playing over at Memphis. He has decided that he is
going to be going to Central Florida. To have my
question marks here, it does feel like there's a lot

of guys that either go from Memphis to Central Florida
and vice versa. But he said, for JJ Taylor just
was unable to really find his rhythm over at Memphis.
And we do find this with quite a few guys
that are over at Memphis. We're gonna call it what
it is. But for JJ Taylor season, Goo just was
unable to really see a whole lot of minutes. But
it was a former top one in a prospect. I
know that he was playing over at Kenwood Academy. At

six foot eight, I think that he's got a little
bit of versatility to him, and he's gonna need to
because he's a little bit more slighter of frame. He's
not one of those guys that's going to be like
a dominator down low or anything like that. But I
do take a look at him going on over to
Central Florida, and I do think that he could be
a nice asset for them. Landon blocker, he was playing
this last season over at Kansas. He has decided that
he is going to be going to DePaul and for blocker,

he didn't necessarily do a great job of being able
to get chop blocks. But that said, a former top
one in recruit of Arkansas it's all some relatively solid
and it starts beginning part of the season. Felt like
he felt a little bit out of favor with Eric
Musselman and company towards the back half of it, and
you do have to wonder what his role is going
to be. At six foot two. You have to figure
that he's going to need to facilitate a little bit more,
as he didn't do a lot of that while he

was over at Arkansas this last season. Is not necessarily
the strongest shooter in the world. Shot sixty three percent
the free line, shot about twelve percent from three part range,
which part of that is the small sample size. I
think that he's better than a twelve percent three point shooter.
But for DePaul, I still do feel like this team
is going to get ruled out there in the Big East.
Like you're bringing guys like a Troy de Miko from

Southern Illinois, Jacob Meyer from Coast to Carolina, Connor right
from Drake. These are not big East to caliber guys.
I'm gonna call what it is and landon Blocker. I
think is going to be one of your better cards,
but he really can't shoot it from three part range.
Is to Paul better than what they were last offseason.
Oh absolutely are relutely, but you have only one place

to go and that's up. And the same goes for Georgetown,
though they're losing quite a few pieces. Rolling Brumba he
was playing for them season eight points right around about
two and halfsis per contest. A former top one fifty recruit.
He has decided that he's going to be going to Tulane,
and I do think that that's going to fit his
system very well. He was supposed to play at Texas
a few seasons ago. It was just unable to get
out there on the floor in general for Texas, and

Tulane is very much a run it and gun it
up tempo team. With Rumba, if they can make them
into their main facilitator, he's an OK three point shooter,
not a great three point shooter, but an OK three
point shooter. But if they can have them be that
guy that's everything like ten points stowing out like five
assists per game, I think that that would be good
for him. And they bringing someone in Caleb Banks, who

was over at Indiana six 't seven, little bit of
a combo guy. I couldn't really find his footing Michael Elee,
who is a go to score for Sienna but was
on a Siena team that just was frankly awful lant season.
It's going to be very interesting to see how they
play all these pieces. And for Tulane, I think that
they're learning that they need a little bit more depth
than then what they had a season goal. But this
is a solid pickup for them, and this is a
solid pickup for Illinois as well. This is not a transfer,

but rather this is a man and that they call
the Other big Z as you've got Toaslav e Vasich
hopefully has said that correctly. That is the brother of
the Other big Z that began his career over at
Kentucky and it's going to Arkansas. He's seven foot one,
He's got a very similar skill set to his brother
in the Other Big Z. He has decided that he

is going to be going to Illinois. This is figuratively
and literally a big gift for them. As Coleman Hawkins,
we don't know what he's going to be doing moving forward.
We were talking about that with our good friend in
Ethan Bachen Segment number two. But for Illinois, even though
they haven't necessarily brought in just like one hundred million
million guys here in the offseason. They've done a nice
job of bringing in some call out of the guys.
You're bringing Kyln Boswell, who's the guy that's going to

be able to take over that point guard spot that
lead shall we say score role from Tarren Shannon from
the few seasons ago. Benhumrickis was a very nice score
author in Evansville for the Purple Ass. Jake Davis is
someone I think is going to be sitting the bench,
but Kerry Booth was a go to guy over at
Notre Dame. That's they a wile to give you some boards.
And now you've just got a little bit of a unicorn.
You're in the brother of Big Z. So I think

that that is going to be very nice for them.
And yes, I will just continue to call him the
brother a Big Z because I don't want to screw
up the name. But in terms of the impact transfers
for Monday, I think that this was the biggest of them.
Dave On Smith, he was tremendous when it came to
the nit I believe that Indian it was everything like
eighteen points seven boards six assists. He had at the
very minimum two triple doubles out there. Indian it overall

for the season last year thirteen and a half points,
six half boards, seven assists per contest. He's heading on
over to Saint John's and this is a nice, nice
git for slick Rick Patino, as he was really the
piece I was missing from the season goof. You could
tell that with Saint John's they could have maybe won
a little bit further if they could have had just
a little bit of stronger play out there in the
back courd. Not that they necessarily had terrible guards or

anything like that, but it took them a little bit
of time to be able to find their footing end
with Rick Patino, he's not necessarily looking for a whole
bunch of transfers. He's looking for guys that fit the system. Though.
Aaron Scott is someone that's able to score and it's
able to play solid b He comes in from North Texas.
Vincent Iwuchuku is a seven footer that you have to
figure that he's going to be a little bit more
of a back to the basket guy. And now you're
bringing that guy in Davion Smith that is able to

impact the offensive end of things. He's able to generate
a turnover or two, he's able to really take hold
of the offense. I think that this is just a
tremendous skid. And for Davion Smith, he didn't even start
out the year as a main starter. That was really worse. Sure,
but if you take a look at what he did
from January fourteenth on, that's what he had that triple
double against Stanfords the last twenty one games of the season,

fifteen points, eight assists, seven boards, a little bit over
a steel per contest while shooting forty percent from three
point range. I mean, he is just a sleeping giant
and plane view and he's going to be able to
go to Saint Johns in my opinion, under the tutelage
of mister Rick Patino, I think that he's going to
absolutely tear it up. And then for Arkansas, they're utilizing
that Kentucky pipeline. As you got a dude Thierro who's

going to be going on over to Arkansas. Big Z
is also joining him with that end. For Thierro, he
was able to have some nice production towards the beginning
part of this The Seas and he got a little
bit banged up and that hurt him a little bit.
But for Thierro, he's won the more shall we say
less thought of guys over at Kentucky this last year
seven points five boards. He's really developed into something and
hopefully John cal Perry takes notes that you don't necessarily

need to bring in a whole bunch of top twenty
five guys, You just need to be able to coach
him up, and coach him up well. In Thierro has
been one of his better projects as far he was
able to give Arkansas about a block per contest. He
should be able to up a little bit on the
defensive side of things. I like this gift for them,
and you see, Santa Barbara, they're trying to do what
they did last year. Last year they brought in a
former top fifty recruit in Yandre Ori to be able

to dominate things down low. Now they bring in a
top one fifty recruit from a season ago and Colin
Smith to be able to aid in this charge. Colin
Smith last season played only seven games while he was
over at Vanderbilt, but when he was out there on
the floor two seasons ago, for Vanderbilt. He was a
relatively nice producer for them. He was able to give
the team like four and a half points, two and
a half rebounds per contest, a part time starter that

was able to shoot about thirty seven a half percent
from three orange unlike Trey Or he's able to shoot
from three point range, unlike him from the seas ago
at six foot eight, I think that he's got a
really nice just skill set in general. I think that
he's going to be able to do a solid job
fitting the SEC Santa Barbara Bunch, and I do think
that for Santa Barbara, they're gonna be able to avoid
the shall we say, disappointments that we saw from any
season ago. John Camden, he last season was playing over

at Virginia Tech. He has decided that he is going
to be going to Delaware, and I do think that
this is a celigate for Delaware. Delaware has always been
able to do a pretty rock solid job. I'll be
able to find some nice pieces out there in the
transfer portal line for Camden. He's a little bit of
an afterthought over at Virginia Tech. He began his career
actually in Memphis. By the way, but shot forty percent
from three point engine is very very small sample size

this past year for his career is more around about
a thirty two percent three point shooter to give you
guys a little bit more of a sample size. But
him going on over to Delaware, I think that he
fits that system relatively well. It's a Delaware program that
has taken a lot of guys that started out at
the Power Conference level, but they didn't necessarily see the
minutes that they were desiring, and they've been able to
turn them into nice pieces. And I do think that
that is going to be the case here. And with

regards to what we're all seeing in terms of some
of these NBA draft decisions, we did see one that
was made on Monday, and this one was relatively shocking.
We were talking about this a little bit with Ethan Bach,
but Mark Armstrong he decided that he's gonna forego his
eligibility at Villanova and he's going to go into the
NBA Draft. Does this affect Villanova a little bit? Yes,
as I certainly thought that he was going to be

back in the fold as he declared for the NBA Draft,
but not the transfer portal, which I'm thinking that he
is regretting that as of right now, because I mean,
for Mark Armstrong, he wasn't horrible this last season, but
he's a career twenty six half percent three point shooter
when six foot two was going out like two point
four assists per contest, but up eight and a half

points per game. A former top seventy five recruit, but
guy that really wasn't developing too much in that Villanova system.
Mark Armstrong, I don't know what league he's gonna be
playing in. I wish him well, but I just don't
know what his pro prospects are. And for Villanova, I
don't think that this is too much of a loss
for them. But hopefully we are going to be winning
all twenty twenty four to twenty five season long on

the college basketball front and making a ton of money.
That's the goal of this podcast. Coast Goes Soups And
if you do like you're from this fine podcast, you're
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Coming at you guys every single day throughout the College
Grass Wall season night we come back to you. One's
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