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May 8, 2024 35 mins

Greg talks to Tristan Freeman of Busting Brackets about about the outlook of the Big East & Atlantic 10 & look at the big time player moves of impact from the past week & Greg recaps Tuesday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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9:54-Interview with Tristan Freeman

31:59-Recap of Tuesday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Former pretty welcome to one be Mons Vegas for Chrissieks with
myself Craig ex Peterson, now part of the Vison Family Podcasts.
We've got an excellent podcast for us. We're gonna be
joining in segment number two by one of our good friends,
Christan Freeman. He does absolutely amazing work over at Bustin Bracketts.
We're gonna be just really recapping what we've seen in
the last few days in terms of the transfer portal,

some of these big moves, and we're gonna be taking
a look at what we might be able to get
out of Saint John's moving forward, as well as they
get a big, big ad on Tuesday as Kadari Richmond.
He's gonna be joining Javon Smith who comes in from Utah.
They're going to be making a nice two headed monster
over there at Saint John's. We're gonna be taking a
little bit of a look at the NLAN ten as

well as we've seen quite a few big moves that
have been happening in that conference as well, including the
Duke and Dukes. He is based out there Tristanes in
the city of Pennsylvania. He's got his finger on the
pulse AYE to everything that's happening over there, so we're
gonna be chatting about that. And segment number two in
the final segment, gonna get you guys a little bit
of a recap, has all the news and notes that
we saw in college basketball on Tuesday. And if you

ever do I have a question comments segment idea, what
I have you for this podcast, because I could really
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not get any any Twitter slash taks questions, So let
me know what you want me to help you guys
prepare for in the off sea And because we're starting
to get to that point too where we might be
able to take a look at some of these conference previews.
Typically I'm going to be able to start these up

in very late May slash early June. Last year I
was able to do super duper late May, it might
be a little bit more difficult. I always go from
the load of mid majors over to the high majors
because when it comes to the bigger power conference teams
typically they do have a few more moving parts. So
that's why I do it in that order. And plus
you always just want to build a little bit more
excitement in general. But that's what's all on to have

for us, So please do fire in those questions. But
we have seen a lot of big time moves over
the last few days in college basketball. We're gonna be
chatting with Tristan about so many of them. What we
can expect perhaps out of Baylor moving forward, We're going
to take a little bit of a look at the
Big East as well. What can we expect out of
that conference as well? With everything that Saint John's has
done and so much more that's up next. Right here
on go go sexs with myself taking computers and now

a part decently not got ever love me Las Vegas.
We come scot Sooops with myself gregs Peeterson Now for
the Visa Family podcasts, and it is always pleasure to
be joined by this man, trist Freeman. He does absolutely
tremendous workover at bustin Brackets, It's fans, It's college basketball page,

taking a look at this great game that we all
know and love. I know that for those that get
the Field of sixty eights Daily newsletter. He makes a
few contributions over there. Are good friends with Greg and Carter.
He does a few pieces of work over there with
Sleepers Media and Swell and hear bo fall on Twitter,
slash x at hoops on three to five one. As
it is Treson Freeman joining me and Tristan always pleasured

by friend thank you, Yeah, thank you. Have you, Greg,
appreciate it, appreciate you, Tristan and Tristan. Over last, we're
gonna call it forty eight to seventy two hours in
college basketball, the man that has taken centers stage is
slick Rick Beatino. Not only does he get Davon Smith,
who absolutely tore it up out there in the n
for Utah, but now he's got on the way Kadari Richmond,

and want to get your thoughts as to how the
who are going to play with one another, because both
of these guys were relatively good facilitators. But I take
a look at both of these guys that have some
size as guards, but at the same time are able
to guard multiple positions, and I do think that it
allow of Saint John's to really play that ideal form
of basketball that Rick Patino was preads hoping for a

little bit more of this past season.

Speaker 2 (04:19):
First and foremost, going from the mid major transfers from
last year's roster, it ultimately didn't work out. The guys
who are proven at the high major level was more
important than anything. You know that Kadori Richmond and Davian
Smith can play at this level that's an upgrade self,
and both guys are shot creators for both themselves and others.
And I think Richmond is capable playing off the ball

if Smiff wants to handle it and vice versa. And
we've seen play examples where teams can have two capable
ball handlers and work out well. Concerning that they both
have legit size, now work out for them on the
defensive end as well. So while it will be interesting
to see how these guys are is not as shooters,
I think if nothing else, you're gonna see the support

and Cask get plenty more opportunities because now they got
two guys that can create.

Speaker 1 (05:06):
Yeah. Absolutely, And I think that it is so big
that you've got the facilitation of those two guys that
I think the biggest question I do have is where
might some of the outside shooting come from for the
Saint John's scene, Because I take a look at both
of these guys and they're not necessarily the world's strongest
three point shooters, especially Kadari Richmond, who I recognized two
years ago as a solid three point shooter, this past

year not so much. Is that a little bit of
a concern that you have for Saint John's because that's
really the one one that I'm right now seeing.

Speaker 2 (05:33):
Yeah, I mean, that's the concern quite frankly a lot
of teams that a lot of these guys who are
in the portal don't have the greatest reputation as peer
as peer shooters. The good news is you could make
that case for Craig and after Land and you know
Pop Isaac's how good a shooter is he coming over
to Texas Tech and other teams as well in the
Big East, so it won't just be them having that problem.

But ultimately I think they can get production in the
front court and if they have the score and wins
like Gardja Glis and Brady deunlap back and shoot the
ball as well. Yeah, I don't think it's gonna be
a big issue because you have two guys that can
create shots for others. If that happens, then it won't
matter as much what those two can do, but it
could make things easier for the post of defenses if

those guys aren't good enough threat some deep yeap.

Speaker 1 (06:20):
It certainly is going to be something to watch out
for for Saint John's. But man, there's no question about it.
The big East looking like it is having a tremendous
The Big East is right now having a tremendous offseason.
It's just for Freeman, who does amazing workover at Bustin
Bracketts joining me right here on Costa Co Soups and
out there in the Big East. We've seen the big
moves that Saint John's says they will make, and that's

going to be massive for them. We know that Yukon
has done a nice job. Would be a reload here
in the transfer Portland. On top of that, they've been
able to Lincoln some top winner recruits over the last
few weeks. But how do you take a look at
some of the rest of the conference, because, as we know,
the Big East famously only got three teams into the
NCAA Tournament. But I look up what some of these
middle of the road teams have done, like Xavier really

comes to mid with bringing Marcus Foster, John Hugh Lee,
guys like this, I think that they've had a rock
solid off season. I just looked up to bottom at
the Big East. Really, sans Villanovo, I feel like they've
got a little bit of retooling to do. I feel
like darniar all these Seves sans bark At as well
as since markt just is not at the transfer portal
at all. I feel like all these Seaves have done

a nice job of really just scouring the transfer portal line,
maybe not bringing in bull transfers, but bringing in a
lot of the right transfers for their respective program.

Speaker 2 (07:33):
So obviously at the top, you know, Yukon bringing in
Mahaney and Terrace Reid, And maybe we're given the roster
currently too much credit, but when you win two national titles,
they're going to earn the benefited doubt, I will say,
you know, Providence has done well adding some transfers, although
it will be interesting to see Sondiko, who's one of
the bigger centers in the country, how he'll fare out

on a defensive end. But some of these teams have
added solid But you look at you know, Butler not
adding much after losing key players. Georgetown, you know, get
Malik Mack from Harvard, but not really much else from them.
You mentioned Villanova who's lost more than they gain, Seaton
Hall who obviously lost their top six players. We'll see

how sen Halloway works out with them. I do think
the conference may have taken a step back collectively. I'm
not sure, you know, outside of De Paul, who can't
go anywhere right up in Xavier, I'm not sure which
rosters have definitely gotten better. But I also say that
I don't know if there's gonna be any true awful
teams as there has been, although again, you know, Georgetown

Villanova got to get going otherwise there're gonna be two
notable brands who don't have an NCAA tourmy calib.

Speaker 1 (08:47):
Roster, no doubt about it. I do think that Creighton
is going to be an interesting team as well, because
Creyton is never a bunch that they bring in like
a massive amount of guys in the transfer portal. But
being able to bring in Pops Isaac's I thought was
absolutely massive for them, especially with some losses that they're
taking in the offseason. But I honestly think the biggest
acquisition for them was not necessary a guy that they

picked up, but the fact that they've got Ryan Kulkbrenner
in the fold. And how do you take a look
at this Creighton team because for the last few years,
Crayton has had a really good starting five, but they
haven't necessarily had a lot of death. Then the one
thing that I'm hoping for with Crayton is that they
could bring in like one or two more guys in
the transfer Pearl, not necessarily to be like double figure
scores or anything like that, but to just give to

seem a little bit more depth than what they've had
in past years, and.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
Speaking the teams that may not have gotten better. Obviously,
getting one of your star trio back in Kulkbrenner, who's
the multi time Biggiest defensive player a year, is huge.
I do think Pop Isaacs is a downgrade from Alexander
because he's just simply less efficient. I think second year
Steve Nashler, because he had a great second half of
the year. I think he's someone that can look like

he did in the previous year Utah State, and that's
going to be key. Jami Neil is another guy who
was largely inefficient as a starter at Arizona State. Maybe
with us better support and cast till play wealth. But
you know, the three point shot is going to be
a big key because right now only Ashworth has shown
that he can be a capable shooter. Assuming because they're
bringing back all for the power forwards that's going to

be another committee by minutes there. But you do would
hope that one of them could break out, maybe Mason Miller,
maybe the former top forty prospect Isaac Trout can have
a big year. But it's going to come down to
maybe a Caulkburner can average twenty and eight for them
while still being a league defender, and then just hoping
that Isaac Sneil can just be more efficient than they've

shown so far.

Speaker 1 (10:39):
Yep, I think that that is going to be big
for them. Man's showed me on the show. We do
have christ Van Freeman, who does trevendous workover at Bust
and Brackets showing me on soups and Chris and I
know that you do a nice job covering all things
out there in the Pittsburgh area. And while the Pittsburgh
Panthers certainly have been able to make some moves this
last season, I would argue that the team that has
been the most active in your neck of the woods
has been the Duk Duke's. We saw them in the

last forty eight or so hours bringing Maximus Edwards, nice
doble figure scorer at George Rohinton, who was almost a
mid major version of Creighton without the wins, and that
they had a really nice starting five and not a
whole lot else So he's used to very much playing
a lot of minutes. But I take a look at
the guys that they're bringing in to Shaun Corbett, the
lead rebounder over at Chicago State, Alex Williams, a little

bit of a do it all guy over at Furman,
and though Ducane is gonna look quite a bit different
with their side with Keith Danbrogg leaving the fold, I
look at this Ducane team and I really love the
off season that they've put together in the portal.

Speaker 2 (11:35):
Yeah, I think it's interesting because when New Coaster Joyce,
you know, put up his meme with with the lebron handclap,
people thought Briani was going to be war of.

Speaker 1 (11:43):
The first commit.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
So far he hasn't. There's actually a good chance that
he'll stay in the draft. But he's brought in a
ton of death and they already had six rotation players
coming back, so it looks like they're gonna run another
ten to eleven man rotation, and yet three of the
guys averagely thirteen at the previous stops. And you mentioned
Corbette and Edwards, guys who are definitely cable playing at
the eight ten level. They have a young core who's

going to get more experience and Yakam Net Shoss and
David Dixon. I think Dukine has a really good case
to make that they're gonna be one of the deepest
teams in the A ten next year. And while they
may not necessarily have a clear store on paper, who
knows that that will merge. But they brought in some
size good scoring, you know, because they are quietly the
second worst offensive team in the league. It was just

the defense that carried them in the tournament. But that's
not going to be an issue because so far, of
the five D one transfers they added, they've combined the
average around sixty five points. Including Trey Dinkins that started
guard from Kenisius. He averaged sixteen in a game as well.
There's a lot to like from this Ducaine team, and
I think they've used the momentum from the tournament run

the parlayed into a really good offseason so far.

Speaker 1 (12:54):
Yeah, they have really been able to do a good
job in the off season. I do think that the
entire Langton is to be a tad bit interesting because
Dayton they lose quite a few pieces from the offseason,
but I feel like they've done a good job of
being able to recoup as best as humanly possible. Like
when you lose a guy like a Duran Homes, that's
not easy, but Pasha Alexander is not a guy that
you typically find going to the NLA ten. Same goes

for Zach Key and then obviously bringing back Nate Santos
that's big for them. VCU has brought in some nice pieces,
so I do like what they've been able to do
in the portal as well. Loyal Chicago, they don't necessarily
bring in a lot of shall we say, flash, but
at the same time, I like some of the moves
that they've made. And just what has been your overall
outlook on the NLAN ten this offseason, because I think
that there have been a lot of teams in this

conference that maybe a team like Dayton hasn't gotten better,
but at the same time, there would be a lot
of propensity for them to be way worse, And the
fact that they've gotten the guys that they have has
left me quite impressed.

Speaker 2 (13:50):
Yeah, Well, so many players that entered the portal. The
A tem was going to get it spair share of guys,
either those who came down a level or those who
wanted to move up from the lower rank. So the
A ten getting you know, good players, isn't it a
big surprise. I think the question is going to be
how many of these rosters are going to be top
one hundred caliber. And you feel optimistic about teams like

Lawyer Dayton BCU is always going to be in the mix.
Ideally they get another big man. We'll see about Dukine.
I think it's been a good offseason forty eight ten.
I do think that you still wonder about some of
the bottom teams like LaSalle and four of them, whether
or not they've done enough, because ultimately don't have some
teams at the top. But the key is just to
avoid the bottom teams that will ultimately bring them all down.

And then you know, scheduling and non conference performance as
for another time, But overall, you can't be too mad
with what the A ten teams have done because I
think outside maybe three, the rest of them have at
least had you know, optimistic signings so far.

Speaker 1 (14:49):
Yep, I agree with you. I think that there has
been some good moves made out there in the l
A Ten and certainly where you're at it, Dukane, they've
been able to do a nice job as well. And
just over the last we're gonna called seventy two hours
in college basketball, we've seen a lot of big ticket moves.
With Baylor being able to get no Chad omer in
that is absolutely massive for them. I take a look
at abdu Thierro going on over to Arkansas. That is

going to be very nice for John cal Perry. You're
able to go on and on down the list. Certainly
Gonzaga getting better with Kaylee Battle, But just in terms
of a few moves that are a little bit under
the radar, are there a few teams that you've identified
over the last few weeks that maybe they're getting lost
in the shuffle with everything that we've seen from the
likes of Baylor, even for less of a better term, Virginia,

what have you that you feel like they've made some
good moves and they're not getting the respect that they deserve.

Speaker 2 (15:37):
I always State did all of its work in the
first couple of weeks getting three quality court guys to
replace theirs, So you know, they have a top five
roster as is, and they don't really have to do much.
I think that's something that flies under the radar because
Baylor at Houston and Kansas is going to get most
of the attention, but right now there's a top four
in the Big Ten. I think Memphis is quiet had

a good offseason. They brought it in basically a bunch
of former All Stars from the AAC, which I think
is gonna annoy fans in the other league are getting
likes the PJ. Haggerdy and Tyreek Smith come from SMU.

Speaker 1 (16:13):

Speaker 2 (16:13):
They have a roster that may not look like a
clearcut top twenty five team, but I think it might
be one that's gonna be better equip to play in
the AAC because I just think last year's group either
felt like they were too big for the league or
just weren't motivated to play against the likes the Tulsa
and Rice, which is why they took so many unexpected losses.

That should change this time around. I think that would
be the reason why they get back into the NCAA tournaments.

Speaker 1 (16:39):
Yeah, but I think that that is gonna be big
for them. You can't be missing the NCAA Tournament and
back to back years, and I do think that they're
gonna be looking a little bit more rocks olid this season,
certainly with all the big moves that we are seeing,
with all the guys that are selling throughing the transfer portal.
It is a very hot and heavy time of year,
this same of year, Trisan, I know that you're doing
a great job with it all over there at the

Field of sixty eight with regards to their daily newsletter
and on top of that all of your great work
kep us in brackets. So let the good people to
them know it's all on to that for you and
how people are able to fall on on social media
and to the platform.

Speaker 2 (17:10):
Yeah, you can followed me at HOOPSNT three to five
to one for the latest college basketball news. And you know,
transfer portal start and wind down already because of the deadline,
and now we're just gonna be focusing on the NBA
Draft decision because there's still a few key ones that
are waiting on now have a big impact on next season.

Speaker 1 (17:28):
Oh, no question about the Mark Sears decision, I think
is going to be big. Coleman Hawkins is someone that
you do want to be taking a look at and
I do feel like there's a few more pivotal decisions
this year than Lions, because it's got what it is.
Anyone that's looking at the NBA draft for this year,
it's very, very weak and being able to skyrocket off
the board. It's gonna take a little bit less this
year than it has in past years. But every single

year it takes a lot of moxie. It takes a
lot of dedication to keep up with it all twelve
months of the year, and Tristan he certainly shows that
every single offseason and always runs great insights when he's
on this podcast. So big thanks Tristan for joining me
on part of the Vson Family podcasts and coming in
next is that time the podcast they give you a
recap all of all the dudes centers we saw in
college basketball on Tuesday. Remember rag here love me Las

Vegas for Seeps with myself Gregis Peterson Now for the
Vson Family and podcasts. Always great to be able to
get Tristan Freeman aboard. He does absolutely amazing workover at
Bus and Brackets along with the Field of sixty eight
taking a look at this tremendous game of basketball that
we all know and love. Every single time he joins
the show, I know that he does absolutely an amazing
job of being able to lend his insights. Well we're

all seeing in this great game that we all know
and love. So big thanks to them for joining me
in the last segment. Now it is that time the
podcast they give you a recap all of all the
news and once we saw in college basketball over the
last twenty four hours. Biggest piece we were talking about
it with Tristan the fact that you now have a
two headed monster with dave On Smith along Katari rich
over there at Saint John's and for Richmond, the one

thing they really didn't do this last year was pop threes.
He shot less than thirty percent from three point range.
But that said, you say high impact guy. Some of
that Saints right around about six foot five, six foot
six or so and was able to be a nice
at chet suffer within the Big East. He was able
to log fifteen and a half points some boards, five assists.
I mean, this guy has been around the block and

all Big East performer. Him being able to come into
the fold for Saint John's I think is absolutely massive
for them and for Saint John's. They've went a little
bit less with the shall we say, quantity of transfers.
They still brought in quite a few guys here in
the offseason, but nowhere near what it was last offseason.
But being able to bring in Richmond a lot, Davion Smith,

Aaron Scott is going to be a nice defender, and
Vincent Iwuchuku a true seven footer. I'm just absolutely mess
of what they've been able to do. Hear in the offseason,
and Saint John's looking very much locked and loaded out
there in the Big East. Former Vanderbilt big man Carter Lang,
he has decided that he is going to be going
to Virginia and and he fits the system. Carter Lang
really didn't do anything for you last season, but I

need someone that can be a relatively solid big man.
I think that he's going to be able to give
you a little bit of versatility as well. But that said,
for Carter Lang, I just don't know what the expectations are.
He wasn't able to really get minutes at Vanderbilt this
past season, as he gave you about three and a
half rebounds per game. Not a guy that's going to
be really stretching for for you too much. He shot

and made as many threes as myself. So I guess
they're going to be bringing him in to play a
little bit more defense, which is OCMO of Virginia. You
hope that with them bringing in TJ. Power, they let
him cook a little bit more and they just have
more assigned roles rather than positionless basketball. And if they
can just allow TJ. Power to be that primary score,
I think that they should be able to elevate a

little bit. But that said, I shall see what's going
to be happening with Virginia later on here in the offseason.
Quincy Clark, he was over at Jacksonville State this last season.
He has decided that he is going to be going
to U Mass Lowell, So he's going to be getting Lowell.
And for Clark, I like his overall game. Not a
guy that is going to be like a super duper
impact guy for you Mass Lowell. But Matt said the

season ago he was able to put up eight points,
three boards, three assists. Has never been a great three
point shooter, and U mass Lil typically is not a
team that's going to be going Bomb's way. From three partings,
or anything like that, but should be able to help
out a U mass little team that really has been
able to do a solid job with their defense in
terms of mid major defenses in all of college basketball
last few seasons, they have been won the best out there.
So I do think that he's going to be able

to fit this system. I think that he's going to
be able to just give them a little bit more
versatility than they've had in past years as well. So
I really do like that pickup for them. Aj Neial,
he was playing over at Chicago State this last year.
He is going to be following his coach, Gerald Gillian.
He is going to be heading on over to LU.
You have to figure that we're probably going to be
seeing a little bit more of this moving forward. I
believe that Brent Davis decided that he was going to

be doing the exact same as well. And for aj Neial,
he was a former top two fifty recruit again his
career over at Long Beach State. Could never really find
his footing there and he wasn't like some sort of
a massive contributor over at Chicago State. His past year.
He was able to log about five points per game,
about a thirty or so percent three point shooter, but
relatively saw it on the defensive side of things. He's

got some nice size of versatility. I do think that
he's going to be able to come in there do
a solid job of knowing the system. I do think
that Gerald Gillion is going to have his fingerprints all
over this program because Rod Strickland is still the head coach,
he's actually the associate coach. But the way that they've
been able to bring in the Chicago State transfers, certainly
it's going to be a little bit of across of
the two programs, and I do think that it's going

to work out very well for them. And then see
that it's called what it is, not necessarily the strongest
comforts out there in the world. Bryce Eaton, he's probably
going to be eating good this season out there in
the Metro Atlantic. Guess he is going from Central Michigan
and he is going to be going to the Saint
Peter's Peacock. Saint Peter's has lost quite a bit here
in the transfer portal for Eaton was unable to get

out there on the floor of this past season for
Central Michigan, but said someone that was relatively highly touted.
He was able to be a guy that a lot
of teams had a little bit more on their radar.
You got to figure that he's going to be playing
more of a primary facilitation role just with what he
did at Edison Academy out there in the great state
of Michigan. Was not necessary guy that popped it a
lot from three part inch, but is a guy that's

able to facilitate, is able to be a relatively solid defender,
and that, as we know, something in Saint Peter's always
looks at. So gonna be interesting to see what sort
of minutes he's going to be able to get this
season with a Saint Peter seem that they're in need
of a little bit, shall we say, of a revamp
in the backcourt with what they've lost here in the
transfer portal in the off season. This is a move
that I really do like more sec he last season

was playing over at Away. He's a true some footer
that's not gonna go out there and score a lot
of points and miss quite a bit of the season
due to injury. Only played in nineteen games. He blogged
four points, three boards, and a block per game, but
had said, he's heading out over to Fresco State. With
Fresdo State losing Eduardo onre A three thousand, they needed
a little bit more of a replacement there. They're able
to get a relatively good win in my opinion, in

more sect, someone who is a big body guy that's
going to be able to go in there and it's
going to be able to do a solid job of
just being able to defend the pain. Again, not a
guy that's going to be going out there popping threes
or anything like that. But I do like this pickup
for Presdent State. They should be able to off their
defense after they were one of the worst team defensively
in all of college basketball season ago, and it's a
newd on in a new day for them. He saw

Ryan Maybury. He was in the MAC last season. He
was playing for Miami of Ohio. He has decided that
he is going to be transferring out over to Quinnipiac.
So it's a pretty solid day out there for the
Metro Atlantic and he goes from the MAC to the MAC.
After Maybury last season, he was able to log about
some points per contest, shot thirty six percent for three
point inch as he's six point five guy that is
able to stretch a floor. Would like to see him

a little bit better than logging about one point seven
rebounds per game, But that said, as a freshman, he
was able to give the team about eight and a
half points per contest. Went from being a starter in
the Travis Steeles system as a freshman to being a
little bit lower on the totem pole more of a
sixth man this past season going to be interesting to
see how quinn Apia is going to be able to
utilize him as quidity Piac did lose quite a bit

of that big time backcourt from a season ago. They
run out of guys that we're really utilizing their COVID
year last year as well, so they are going to
be looking a little bit new look. And it's a
Quidipiac team that has been a little bit silent on
the transfer per front thus far. But being able to
bring in Mabrey, you have to feel like they were
able to see one go down and that should be
able to help them out moving forward. And I do
expect a lot more move to be made here in

the coming weeks. I do like the moves that this
team is making the Long Beach Shade didn't like the
move of Dan Munson, I will say that, but past that,
they've been able to do his solid job with what
they've been able to get. And for Long Beach Shade,
they are bringing in TJ. Wainwright. TJ. Wainwright a season
ago he was playing over at Robert Morrison. This guy
is able to give you quite a bit on offense
and it's going to be interesting to see how he's

gonna be able to fit in this system. As for
Long Beach Shade, they've done a really nice job of
bringing in some talent. Devin Eskew, a former top seventy
five recruit that began his career over at Kentucky. He's
going to be coming into the fold for this team
now what you could be able to get out of him,
because he has been injured last few seasons as a
little bit of a question mark, but swinging for the fences,
that's something that I am always a little bit of

a fan of. They're bringing in a swallow guy in
Derek Michael Xaviero, who was relatively solid over at Grand Canyon.
Romel Lloyd Junior didn't necessarily a ton of minutes when
it was over at Nebraska. But he's a guy that
is a six ' six, a little bit of a
do it all sort of guy that I think is
going to be able to help this seam out. They
needed a little bit more of a proven score. After
Long Beach State a season ago was won the lesser

three point shooting teams in all of college basketball. Not
that TJ. Wainwright is going to be giving you like
forty five plus percent three point shooting or anything like that,
but season ago, I Robert Morris shot about thirty three
and a half percent from three point inch ten points
per contest. I think that he can be a little
bit better than this. And he is a kid that
actually attended high school a little bit earlier on in
the state of California, so it has a little bit

of familiarity there. I'm telling you about Quinnipiec the fact
that they lost some guys Rahard's varvs. Hopefully I said
that correctly. He has decided that he is going to
be going to Washington State. Now, I don't think that
this is going to be some sort of a move
that is going to be really elevating Washington State. I
think that this is more of a deph piece rather
than anything else. As far VARs a season goal. As
a six and seven little bit of a combo player,

you gave you a boud eight points three rebounds per
contest at six ft seven, he's able to pop the three.
That said, if you're expecting him to be doing great
things at Washington State, I'd be very very surprised to
be able to do so. As for Washington State, they've
really been going the mid major route here in the offseason.
You could tell that the new coach of mister Riley
is bringing in Ethan Price dain Eric Shrup, pair of

guys that he coached on over at Eastern Washington. They
also have Juan Watson. I believe that this is the
first guy that Washington State that isn't from Eastern Washington.
So David Riley needed to see one go through the bucket.
He did. But again, if you're expecting him to play
a whole bunch of minutes, I would say that's probably
not going to result in Washington State having a whole
lot of success this season. I do think that this

move is going to be relatively successful though, as we
did see Anthony del Rosso decide that he is going
to be going to Arizona, and Arizona is utilizing Campbell
pipeline in past years as well. I do think that
this is going to be a big one for them. Now.
Is del Rosso going to be putting up the same
numbers that he did out there in the Ghost of Conference? No,

But for del Rosso, he was one of the most
versatile players in all of college basketball this past season.
At six foot six, led the team in darn near
everything nineteen and a half points, six half boards. He's
a defender that is able to do a very solid
job on that side of the ball as well as
he was able to generate a seial and a half
per game, shot about thirty eight percent from three partrache.
I absolutely love this move for Arizona, and again I

was mentioning the fact that they brought in guys from
Campbell in the past. While Cedric Henderson wasn't able to
duplicate the same numbers that he had at Campbell, he
went from Campbell to Arizona, was a part time starter,
was able to give the team eight points, shot forty
percent from three part range. So there's clearly a little
bit of a blooprint here as to what we might
see from del Rosso, and I think that this is
absolutely tremendous for them. I think that this is going

to be a slid gift for UMass as well as
Daniel Rivera last season was playing over at Bryant and
he has decided that he is going to be heading
on over to UMAs for the old min and men,
you've got to expect him to be a relatively nice
impact player. As they lose Josh Cohen, they lose mister
Matt Cross, and for Frank Martin. Over the last few seasons,
he has been very active in the transfer portal hasn't

been quite as active here in this offseason, so you
have to figure that this is going to be picking
up for a very six foot six not a guy
that's really going to be a popping The three only
shot about eleven percent from three pointe this past season,
but thirteen and a half points, eight and a half boards,
two and halfsis a part of a bunch in Bryant
that was actually a very good mid major defense as well.
So I do like that move for them, and I

like this move for James Madison. Obviously, this is not
going to be the same system that they played under
Mark Byington. But that said, they bring in Bryce Lindsay,
who was playing over at Texas A and M this
last season. I used the term playing very loosely as
he played eight games this past season, But an IMG
Academy kid, a guy that was on a lot of
radars in terms of a recruiting sort of stand point.

Do you think that he's going to be a little
bit more of a shooter rather than a facilitator. But
for James Madison, they're looking to have just a little
bit more stretchability. They're looking to be able to elevate
that backward. And for James Madison, they lose a lot
of their pieces from a season ago. This is a
good place to be able to start. Lindsay, guy that
I think by osmosis so playing for Texas A and
M going to be able to elevate a little bit
more in terms of the defense. Kat Rami, he last

season was playing over at DePaul, and you know it's
bad when you have a guy going from DePaul to
ut Rio Grand Valley and he decided that that's where
he's going to be heading. End Ramy honestly was okay
for the Paul this last season shot thirty six aftercent
for three seven points per contest. Ut Rio Grand Value.
You can tell that they're trying to stick a few
more resources into college basketball as it's been a really

miserable run for them, and that's a program that actually
has some pockets, so I can keep that in mind.
But that's that for ut Rio Grand Valley. They're rough
on offense, they're rough on defense. They've been really trying
to find their footing in general after they had their
coach die a few years ago, so that has been very,
very difficult on this program. They had to move on
from Matt Figure during the offseason as well, So for

this ut Rerogram Valley team, it's just all about trying
to build some upper momentum. They haven't necessarily been too
active in the transfer portal quite yet, but they brought
in a few other guys that should be able to
help him out as well as Clift. Davis coming in
from Northwestern State should be able to help elevate this
program as well. And you've got a son, Abdullah Keem,
who decided to enter into the transfer portal after being
really one of their top scores from a season ago.

Decide to come back as well, so that was a
little bit of a win for them, and this is
a win for Southern Illinois. As Tyler Bay he was
playing over at Missouri State this last season, he has
decided that he's going to Southern Illinois. And I think
that this is the second player to go to Southern
Illinois from Missouri State. I could be mistaken there, but
Southern Illinois they have been hot and heavy trying to
be able to hit the transfer portal line. I do

think that this is going to be a relatively solid
move for them because, for one, he's got a nice
familiarity already with the Missouri Valley Conference, so he knows
what this conference is all about. Southern Illinois probably to
be playing a little bit of a different system, and
I am correct Damion Mayo, he also is going to
be coming in from Missouri State. And this has been
a nice recruiting haul for them. They bring it Jared Hensley,
he is going to be coming back after he had

tested the waters. They got Davon Sikes, who was a
relatively solid big man over at Texas State this last season,
so is very clear that so they're Illinois, even though
they made a coaching move in the offseason. They're still
going to be going very much defense oriented for bay
Land season. At six foot eight, didn't see a ton
of minutes over at Missouri State two and a half
points two boards, was relatively limited and the moves that

he could make. But that said, I do think that
he's going to be able to come in and do
a solid job for this program. And then Primo Spears,
he was a very good go to score a few
seasons ago at a variety of different stops. At Georgetown
he was able to absolutely light it up with sixteen
points per contest. He was a nice score over at
Duquine as well. Very much a volume scorer. He for

his career shot about twenty nine percent from three partrange.
But meet meat for the road or unders say lose
Jordan Ivy Curry and now they bring in a guy
in Primo Speers that was putting up double figures for
Florida State. Last season had a little bit of a
rough go of it because he was one of those
two time transfers that was denied a waiver at the
beginning part of the season, so he was limited to
just twenty four games. But this is a relatively good

get for a UTSA team that they are looking to
be able to do this make some inroads when it
comes to the American as it was a rough just
start to their American Conference tenure in general. And for UTSA,
they've done a nice job in terms of their transfer portal.
Hall Tayran Joseph was the top scorer over at Southern
this past season. They're bringing the guy and Paul Lewis
I was glued to the bench over at Vanderbilt, but

I think that he's going to be able to make
an impact. Marcus Millander, he was a nice go to
guy over at South Alabama's freshman he was able to
make some nice contributions as well. So I like this.
And then you saw myro Little. He's going to be
trying to come up big over at Utah. He has
decided that that's where he's going to be transferring to.
And for Miro Little, I think that he's going to
be able to really be able to elevate this program.

As for Utah, they had a lot of guys that
were utilizing like their fifth year this past season, and
he's a former top fifty recruit. This is someone that
at six foot four, is going to be able to
give this team a little bit of spacing, should be
able to pop it well from three part range as well.
You tell it's probably gonna be looking for a little
bit more size moving forward. But I do think that
this is a solid gift for them, and we're looking

to be more than solid here on this podcast Ghost
co Soops. We're looking to do everything humanly possible to
be able to make you guys some money for this
upcoming twenty and twenty four to twenty five season. And
if you do like fearing from this Fige podcast, Coast
cost soups. You're able to subscribe wherever your podcast Apple Podcasts,
Google by Spotify sits your in tune it. If you
have a question, comment segment idea what I have before
this podcast, you have one of two ways weel for

those in first one is my Twitter slash ex simeline
at you one UNDERD and forty one. Keep in mind
lard ZM they mean does that matter, So as per usual,
please just send these into the timeline O the ways
sign an Apple podcast review. If you're rate this podcast,
I starts it is very much appreciated. From there, you're
able fire in whatever you'd like to hear on this
podcast via that five star review, and big thanks to
Tristan Freeman. He does amazing work over at Bosts and Brackets.
He joined me in the last segment. Coming at you

guys every single on this podcast, regular season and off season.
Maybe I'll be back with you once you tomorrow. Thank
you so much for doing it. H
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