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May 9, 2024 43 mins

Greg explains why it's important to have in mind coaches that you do/do not trust, talks to handicapper Rob Donaldson about the importance of teas to have an identity and chemistry & the teams with the best offseason thus far & Greg recaps Wednesday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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2:51-The importance of having coaches in mind that you do/do not trust

11:04-Interview with Rob Donaldson

34:33-Recap of Wednesday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Hey Warmer for the all.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
Welcome to love be Las Vegas for Seeds with myself
Craig Speederson, now part of the Eats and Family podcasts.
We've got an excellent podcast for you as joining me
in segment number two, we're gonna be having Rob Donaldson aboard.
He does great work with the show The Robs best
best show over on YouTube dot com slash Rob Donaldson.
We're gonna be chatting with him about some of the
teams that he likes, the moves that they've been able

to make here in the transfer portal this offseason. We're
else gonna be chatting with him about what he makes
out of Saint John's creating a few of the Big
East teams, some of the moves that they've been able
to make, and we're gonna have a discussion around this.
Coaches said, you can trust in some of these coaches said,
even though they might not be getting in the transfer
portal hall that you are necessarily banking on that you're

able to take a look at it and say, Okay,
this is a coach that's able to do a little
bit more with less. And I'll talk about that a
little bit here in the open as well. Then in
the final segment, we're gonna take a look at all
the news and notes that we saw in college basketball
on Wednesday with quite a bit of a player movement.
And if you do a question comment segment idea, what
I have you for this podcast to have fun of
twoays wel for those in first one is my Twitter
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Keep it mind the museum they mean us. I'm atter
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other ways, find an Apple podcast review. If you rate
this PODCASTI starts it is very much appreciating them. From there,
you're able fire in whatever you'd like to here on
this podcast via that five star review. And we're going
to be talking about this a lot with Rob Donalds
and the fact that some of these coaches are going
to be able to get really good recruiting all us

on paper and they're gonna fall short this season. Then
there are other coaches that they always just seem to
do a little bit more with less, and much of
this is going to be a little bit more by feel.
As for a lot of these teams, it's just one
of those cases where sometimes it does a pan out
for them, Like up until last year, Eric Musselman had
a great track record of success and was always getting
the job done with a whole bunch of transfers. This

past year it came up snake eyes fro him. So,
I mean, there's no one tried and true way of
being able to go about things, and there's always going
to be swings and missus when it comes to predicting
what we're going to be able to out of some
of these teams. But just looking back in the past
and being like, okay, for UC your vine, for example,
a program that hasn't necessarily brought in one hundred million
billion transfers here in a euro Typically they're a team

that doesn't bring in a lot of transfers, even though
they don't bring it a ton. The fact that they've
got a rock solid system, the fact that they're able
to find guys that are able to fit that system,
whether they be transfers, whether they be freshman, what have you.
That's something that you do want to be taking a
look at, and you want to take a look at
the school, like I need to bring them up. But Memphis,
like Benny Ardaway, has done less with more you're in

and year out. That's something that you do want to
take a look at it, and you do have to, shall
we say, lower expectations a little bit for some of
those programs, like a class that I absolutely love what
they brought in Indiana, I need to see it to
believe it. For Mike Woodson, and hopefully if you're an
Indiana fan, I would think that I'm not too off
base there. Like if you look at the transfer hall

that Indiana's brought in, it's one of the best in
all of college basketball. There's absolutely no debating it. You're
bringing Umarbalo. That is just an absolutely tremendous gift for them.
They were able to do a nice job and be
able to share things up really in all of months
as well, because the biggest thing that was eluding them
was the three point shooting. The goody coming over from Illinois,
he's going to be able to help out with that.

Miles Rice helps out with the fact that they didn't
necessarily have the world's greatest facilitator in Canon Carlisle when
he was on he was on for Stanford last season.
And on top of that, they've got a pretty darn
good freshman class that's coming in as well. But once again,
with our good friend and Mike Woodson, we have seen
him do a little bit less with more in recent years.

I need to see it to believe it from him. Meanwhile,
you take a look at a school like Bowling Green,
for example, Bowling Green as a coach and Todd Simon
that I really do trust him from his days at
UNLV when he was the interim coach, from his days
at Southern Utah. He just always seems to be able
to get the most out of his players. I like
what he's male build up. Finally was able to land

a transfer on Wednesday that I'll be recapping in the
final segment. But even though he has land and a
whole bunch of transfers to this point, I'm willing to
trust in him a little bit more so. I do
think that that's something very important to do. And just
looking at these teams on paper. Yes, you can get
all hyped up about Indiana and everything that they have
out there, and it's not to say that Indiana is
gonna stay by any starting of the imagination. It is

to say though, that before I could be all in
on Indiana making this big run, need to see some
results in the non conference portion of the season, and
maybe I'm not gonna give them the same benefit of
the doubt as say Bill's self. Because let's call what
it is. You put Bill self and Mike Woodson up
against each other. I'm gonna take Bill self as my
coach every single time. Sorry to say it, but that

is certainly the case. But I do think that that
is very important to be doing this time of year,
and it's always important for us to have great guests
on this show. Rob Donaldson is certainly one of them.
We're gonna chat with him next right here on because
go seeps with myself that you Speter said now a
part decently if ever regular love you Las Vegas with myself.

Greigkeeps Peterson now part of the Vison Family podcasts, and
it is always great to be joined by this man
as Rob Donaldson. He does great work with the show
Slash podcast Rob's Best Bet show over on YouTube dot com.
Slash Rob Donaldson does an amazing job taking a look
on so many different fronts, whether that be baseball, college basketball, football,
you name it, he does it. You're able to follow
on Twitter slide tracks at rob df altogether, and Rob,

it is always a pleasure, my friend.

Speaker 1 (05:29):
Thank you, yeah, thank you for having me on. And
it certainly is the wild West right now. I feel
like that's been thrown out a lot in terms of
just describing this time period in college basketball, but man,
it's the absolute truth. I don't even know where half
these players are at right now or and if they've signed,
and if they've already decommitted and gone elsewhere. It's just

a crazy time in the sport.

Speaker 2 (05:50):
Yeah, it certainly is. And just how do you go
about trying to acquire information in the off season? First
things first, because we've got twenty twenty five guys in
the transfer portal, and it feels like every day it's like, man,
that guy was in the transfer portal and he's now
off the board to where, Like I mean, it's just
been absolutely wild to take a look at.

Speaker 1 (06:12):
It's impossible to really have an identity anymore in the
sport in terms of the player dynamic and the faces
that you expect to see lining up us alongside each other.
Because you know, if you have money and you can
potentially leverage you know, your free agency, essentially, you might
as well do it year after year after year until
you just can't do it anymore. It definitely is just

a really crazy period. And right now we're I'm just
kind of letting the dust settle. And there are some
certainly some teams that are kind of the eye popping
teams that have acquired the most talent in my opinion,
but certainly we just kind of have to watch all
this play out so that we know what picture we're
actually looking at.

Speaker 2 (06:48):
Yep, absolutely, And how about if we look at a
team that over the last forty eight hours and he
will pick up a lot of talent, and that'd be
Saint John's with Saint John's, say Louis Pash Alexandro by
the way, Dayton getting a very you go get with
Posh Alexander, that said, Davon Smith heading on over from
Utah where he was putting up triple doubles hanging to
Saint John's and bringing Knari Richmond. How do you look

at both guys going into that system, because both of
these guys certainly do command quite a bit of the ball,
but I do feel like these could be complimentary pieces.
And there's a guy that I know is gonna be
able to figure it out it's Rick Patino.

Speaker 1 (07:21):
Absolutely, and I do think Davon Smith in particular is
a really great glue piece because we just kind of
saw it last year at Utah. You know, at certain
times he was the guy when there were some injuries
piling up for that team, but he was also the
six man for quite a bit of the season as well,
and he really was the guy that came off the
bench gave you good minutes on both sides of the floor. Again,

I think a guy like Rick Patino, to your point,
is gonna be able to find a way to utilize
that to the best of his abilities. And even Canari Richmond,
you know, a true scorer and a guy who can
play defense as well. I think you're getting a lot
of combination talent there at your two guard spots. And
I really do think, honestly, that's what Saint John's was
missing last year.

Speaker 2 (08:01):
Yeah, I think so as well. And this does just
feel like a team that Rick Battino has a little
bit more within general in terms of the style that
he's looking to run as well. Like I take a
look at him also getting visited with Cuku dol Loo
seven foot one, big man that as we know he's
out with a lot off the cordon also are breaking
in Aaron Scott, and this just feels like it's really
good to support the way that Saint John's wants to

play because this is a little bit of a defense
oriented team typically under Rick Patino in terms of the styles,
and now I feel like he has all those elements.

Speaker 1 (08:31):
And that was kind of the issue with Saint John's
last year is they never really had a groove or
an identity that they settled into. It was one game
they were playing one style and then the next game
they were playing a different style. I mean, I remember,
you know, their their game against Yukon late in the
season where they were scoring or getting scored on by
ninety but also kind of scoring with them, and then

there were some games where it felt like Saint John's
going to make a bucket. So it was just definitely
a polarizing season for them in a very volatile and
as they kind of get his guys in the building,
I think it's going to be a little bit of
a leveling off period, and that's really what you want
as a Saint John's fan.

Speaker 2 (09:08):
Yeap, It certainly is what you want as Rob Donaldson.
He does great work with the show Slash podcast, Rob's
Best Bet Show. He's showing me right here on Costco
Soups and without question, one of the most rambunctious teams
this offseason has been Kansas. But with Kansas it feels
like it's going to be a team that's going to
be towards the top of so many different polls. Rightfully,
so you bringing a guy like a Zeke Mayo, I

absolutely love what he brings to the table, but maybe
I'm just a little bit more bearish on them now
that it does feel like there might be a little
bit of issue with Riley Kugle being able to get
in for one and two. I'm not sure what you
made out of the AJ Store get but I look
at a guy who's on team number eight in eight
years if you date it back to high school, and
those are some of the guys that give me a
little bit of pause.

Speaker 1 (09:51):
I do think something to a point of you know,
teams that are really building up heavy through the transfer portal,
and even if you're counting Hunter Dickinson as a transfer
guy to this roster, yeah he has one year under
his belt here, but at the same time, you know
it was kind of a multuous year in a very
underachieving year. So how does that kind of play out
in the locker room? And when you're looking at the

total package that Kansas springs to the table, You're bringing
in a lot of ball dominant guards and guys who
want the ball to score it. How does that kind
of mesh from a personality standpoint, Because as we know Greg,
whether it's the NBA, whether it's the NFL, whether it's
Major League Baseball, or whether it's college basketball, if you
get a lot of talented guys in a room, it

doesn't always translate to wins. And that's just something that
we're gonna find out very very fast on whether or
not these guys mesh or whether or not. It's just
every single time down the floor, another guy's getting basically
the hero ball role and just trying to run iso
ball into the bucket.

Speaker 2 (10:47):
And without question, I think that Kansas is certainly still
going to be at rock solid your team this year.
You're gonna have right when Griffin coming into the fold
as well, and I believe that they get to want
Harris back as well. So this is still and be
one of those top teams out there in the Big
twelve and one of those top teams really nationwide. But
to have a little bit more pause there, but also

an element to take a look at as well as
always the Bill self element because he's always the guy
that give a benefit of the doubt too. We were
talking about Rick Patino, Saint John's. Those are always coaches
that you put an ice team you know that they're
gonna be able to figure it out. We are a
few coaches for you that you just take a look
at and you say, all right, maybe the pieces might
be a little bit janky, maybe I've got some question

marks with the roster, but I'm just gonna be willing
to bank in on this coach.

Speaker 1 (11:33):
Yeah, I look at creating at McDermott, and I look
at that roster that you know, through this Wild West
transfer portal era, you know, they've had our Kaluma transfer
out and they've had some guys from time to time
transfer out of the program. But for the most part,
over this two to three year period of where the
transfer portal has been so prevalent, they've retained guys and
brought guys into the program and have built guys up.

And to me, that says a lot about the program
that he's running and the program that he's always is run,
And now that the transfer portal is a factor in
college basketball, they're actually using it to their benefit to
bring in talent guys like Steven Ashworth last year and
Pop Isaacs this year. And I think Pop Isaacs isn't
a fantastic get even Baylor Shireman who came over from

South Dakota State. They've used this portal for their success
and they really haven't lost a whole lot in terms
of transfers out. I look at Creighton and I always
expect them to be consistent, and I think they have
even the chance to do more than that this next season.

Speaker 2 (12:30):
And I do think that Creighton is such an interesting
team because I want to touch upon the issue of
depth that's joined to be on the show. We do
have Rob Donaldson who does great workover with you. Robs
has special over on YouTube dot com site s Rob Donaldson,
trying to be right here on soup said that is
the one knock that I do have on Creyton, because
I fully agree with you. I love the job that
McDermott has done over at Creighton. I absolutely love the

starting five for the scene. But my biggest knock on
them the last few years has been death. Like, I
take a look at them right now, and I love
the fact that they bring in Pops Isaacs, but I
feel like they could use another guy or two side way.
They have a four to five seven manter rotation. How
do you take a look at this in college basketball?
Because when it comes down to it, certainly you're starting
five much more in the game of college basketball is

much more meaningful than a dar near or any other sport.
But I do think that some of these teams need
a little bit more depth. And I look at Creighton
and if they could just get that more depth, I
feel like this could be a team that can go
from being very very good to primes being able to
bust through and finally make that Final four.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
Absolutely, And I think what kind of shows up with
every single team that finds success in the tournament is
you've got to be able to be prepared to face
different styles and different heights and different body types round
by round when you are facing elimination. And one thing
that Creighton does falter on to your point is over
the past couple of years, Ryan Kalprenner has missed some time,

and winning misses time, that team loses an identity and
they just kind of look like, all right, we're running
a massive small ball lineup and we're just gonna hope
that we outscore you. Well. To your point, you need
some guys on the back end there that if you
do have some injuries, they can step in and at
least play maybe just a different style of ball or
a complimentary style of ball where it's not just the

focal point being that down low spot and having that
be the consistent because we've seen it that whether it's Creton,
you know, whether it's Florida, whether it's whoever else you
point to some of these talented teams that maybe lack
a little bit of depth. When guys go down, it
can derail season. And that's definitely no spot you want
to be in.

Speaker 2 (14:34):
Yep, we have seen that happen a little bit too
much in college basketball. That's why you do put into
a little bit more esteem what Alabama has been able
to do as well. And for Alabama this offseason, thank
goodness gracious, it looks like the defense is going to
be a little bit better than it was a season ago.
Fully recognize that they made a Final four run last season,
and they could be all the more fearsome this year.
I want to get your thoughts on them, just because

with the Alabama I do feel like they were a
little bit fortunate to be able to have the run
that they did a Sea Go, but they've done a
nice job in my opinion, of bringing it Houston Mallett
along with Aiden Hallway. But I look at flipthal Marui
and I think it's gonna be really interesting to see
what they do with him because he was in a
slower tempo system over there at Rutgers. Obviously, he's not

a guy that's going to be spreading the flour popping threes.
But I do think that if he's used properly with
Alabama and if he's able to get down the Temple
of Alabama, this is going to be massive for them
and just give them a little bit of a different element.

Speaker 1 (15:28):
It feels like Alabama kind of broke the seal on
Natos last season, where there was this talk around Natos
that even when you're kind of looking at his Buffalo teams,
they kind of tapped out or maybe underachieved in the
final game before the elimination well, Alabama went out swinging
all the way through last season, and when you look
at the squad that they have still and the guys

that they were able to retain and build through the
portal last year. To your point, Mark Seer, complimentary piece
and just a guy who you can reliably put in
the three or four and feel good about. Now you're
going now and replacing Byron Pringo with Clifford and Mourier,
and I think that's an absolutely great get. And then
you're also looking at Chris Youngblood. People don't really forget,
I guess when you're talking about kennessas State in that

run that well, the potential run that they almost had
when they almost kind of knocked off Xavier in round
one and very entertaining fashion. But Chris young Blood is
a very good player. He played at South Florida last year,
really was the star of that team. And I really
do think that they're kind of meshing together a really
great squad and really only upgrading.

Speaker 2 (16:29):
YEP. I love what Alabama has made to do the
soft season. I think that it's going to be big
for them moving forward. The fact that they did address
a little bit more down low and getting back Grant
Nelson is big as well, as Rob Donald said, who
does great work with the Robs Beast. Best show is
showing to be right here on Cosco Seep saying I
had something else to take a look at as well,
Because while we're all getting wrapped up in the transfer portal,

while we're all taking a look at all of these
big moves, how big do you think that it is
when you do see some of these guys returning to school,
Because I oftentimes do think that some of these guys
are training. Like I was mentioning Grant Nelson a little
bit before for Alabama, I look at something like that
as actually being bigger than a big time transfer because
as long as there was no coaching change, knowing the

system already, I think is huge in this same and
age of college basketball.

Speaker 1 (17:15):
Absolutely, and it's the only time you can or last
one of the last seasons you can really pull it
off with the COVID year still being extended for this
one final season next year, guys are able to be
retained even with this crazy transfer portal stuff that's going
on because the teams that they transfer to have money
to keep them to stay, and they have that extra
year of eligibility. And you know, I kind of mentioned

the Florida Gators earlier, but Walter Clayton, Zion Poland those
are two gits that they got last offseason, and those
are guys that are gonna be able to make a
massive difference. It is a huge thing when you can
kind of retain that talent that you brought in, because
we're living in a time where every single season, if
you look at Ole Miss right now, their entire roster

is going to look different than it was two years
ago as opposed to last here as well, it's just
a whole clean slate for some of these programs.

Speaker 2 (18:03):
Oh yeah, Eric Musselman over at US see look no
further there at a roster that is going to be
completely new and is going to be completely revamped from
a season to go. And just in terms of some
of the rosters that you've been able to gather here
this offseason, are there a few that in general they
pop out to you, whether it is guys that are returning,
whether it is guys that they've been able to bring

in via the transfer portal, who in your opinion, just
has had a good offseason in general.

Speaker 1 (18:27):
Well, you know, if you're talking about the most improved teams.
I'm looking at the teams that made some drastic changes
and brought in legitimate talent, And you got to look
at Louisville, right. I mean, Louisville has been kind of
the mockery the last few years because they've been the
bottom of the barrel in terms of all the power
conferences or high major basketball, if you want to call
it that. But at the same time, Louisville still is,

you know, a blue blood, a traditional blue blood that's
willing to spend money. They went out and got a
great coach lin the off season in Pat Kelcey. And
when you look at the lineup that they've accumulated, I
think they've only retained one or two guys from the
previous roster last season, So we're talking about a whole
clean slate, and they brought in a lot of veterans
and a lot of guys who have been glue guys

like a Chuckie Hepburn, Ryan Smith, Terrence Edwards, Ali Khalifa.
I mean, these are big time names and big time
talents that weren't necessarily the only guy on their previous squad.
So I think there's gonna be a great meshing point
there and at the very least they're gonna be competitive
in their ACC games.

Speaker 2 (19:28):
But I do like what Louisville was able to do
as well, because there's a few guys that are going
to be following Pat Kelsey on over from Charleston. And
these are the teams I do put in the highest
of a steam that have a first year coach, the
ones like a Saint Louis, for example, being able to
have some of the Indiana State guys, including Robbie Alvlola,
followed Josh shirts on over from Indiana State to Saint Louis.

Is that something that you look for as well, because
I know that there are a few teams that you
highlighted last year that seem to fit that mold.

Speaker 1 (19:57):
Yeah. You know a team that I really liked how
the A Sun last year was Austin p because they
were bringing over Northwestern State, and you know, they did
make after a little bit of COVID Colt stretch to
start their season, they ended up kind of rallying and
making the A Sun Championship game and we're nearly there
to you know, clinch of birth an automatic bid to
the NCAA Tournament as well. And you know, I looked

at South Florida last year, who inherited knessas state, and
they had one of the best seasons in South Florida
basketball history over the past decade. And you know, I'm
looking at a team this year well to a point,
because it was supposed to play out like this and hasn't.
But you look at the Michigan Wolverines, right, and they
were supposed to add a number of those Florida Atlantic guys,
but because of academic eligibility or you know whatever else

fill out behind the scenes, they really only have lad Golden.
So I do see the attempt there from the guys
wanting to follow, you know, over to Michigan from FAU.
But at the same time, I look at Michigan and
what they've been able to accumulate the portal, and I
think that kind of movement and that kind of interest
to want to join that what they're building there does
speak a lot to kind of what they might be

able to accomplish this next season.

Speaker 2 (21:02):
Absolutely, I do think that we've got a lot to
take a look at this college basketball off season. There's
going to be a ton of NBA draft decisions that
are going to be coming in the next few weeks.
I know that there are still some guys that have
to decide whether or not they're going to use that
ex for COVID year or not. So there's a lot
to decideer and Rob, I know you're hard at worketting
prepared for what is going to be a tremendous twenty

twenty four to twenty five campaign. And I know you
do a great work on so many fronts. So love
to get people at home. No, it's all on tough
for you and how people can follow on on social
media to other platforms well.

Speaker 1 (21:33):
As always, Greg, I love coming on and talking college
ball with you, whether that's you know mob or whether
it's college basketball, it's always a good time I'm in
And for those who want to follow my bets or
interact with me on a daily basis, you can do
so on Twitter, slash x at rob DFB and also
on my YouTube channel just my name Rob Donaldson. And
as always, Greg really appreciate me on.

Speaker 2 (21:55):
Rob does an amazing job taking a look at this
great game that we all know in love of college
bass one every single time he joins me won such
good insights. So thank thanks for Rob for joining to
me on cost Coops. Stop are the VSA Bailey Podcasts
and let me mex It is that time the podcast
they give you a recap of the news counts that
we saw in college basketball on Wednesday. I'm a regular,

Love me Las Vegas for cost Oops with myself, Greg
Eaves Peters and now for the Vson Family podcast. It
is always great to be joined by Rob Donaldson. He
does an amazing job taking a look at this great
game that we all know love of college basketball. Every
single time he joins me run such great insights. And
it has been a tremendous off season and I know
that he's doing a great job of taking a look

at it all. So big thanks Rob for joining me
in last segment. Now it is that time the podcast
they give you recap of the news and ounce that
we saw in college basketball for last twenty four hours.
One coaching note is that Tyler Eulis. You may recall
that he was one of the main point guards for
Kentucky back in the day. He was a part of
the Kentucky coaching staff over the last two seasons. He
is going to be following John Caliperry on over to Arkansas.

I think that this is nice for Arkansas for one,
and for Tyler Eulis. I think at some point we're
going to be seeing him be a head coach, and
a good head coach at that. So we're starting to
see a little bit of a rise there. We all
recall Kim English was a fast riser in the coaching ranks.
He's currently the head coach over at Providence. I think
that we could be seeing something very similar with Tyler Eulis.
So I thought that that was a little bit of

an interesting note. And we have to be taking note
that this is not a team in the South, but
they're pretty much a Triple A SEC team at this point.
McNeese another good gift for them as they're going to
be bringing in here Copeland. Copeland last season while he
was over at Syracuse was logging about nine and a
half points, four and a half rebounds per game. And
I'm for McNeice. They're becoming like Noah's Ark. They've got

darn near two of everything, and his offseason has been
rambunctious for them. Joe Charles, he was one the best
big men out there, and the Sun Belty was over
at Louisiana, double figure score. That was it. Well, give
you some plus rebounds per game. You bringing Brandon Murray,
a former top Winner recruit that was a double figure
score at Georgetown two seasons ago. Since here Parker when
he was out there on the floor, he was the

Saint louis top scorer. Set Bryan Settle abung you two
seasons ago. He had seven plus rebounds while it was
over at Tulsa. I mean, this is just an incredible
haul for McNeese and they're gonna absolutely dominate the Selflin
this is coming year, so that was a very big
one for them. We also did see a relatively solid
transfer on this front as well, as we did see

Jordan Ivy Curry. He was supposed to be going to
Virginia Tech reopened his recruitment and he has decided that
he is going to be going to Central Florida. And
this is massive for Central Florida. Is what they were
really missing last year was a little bit of pop
from three point range. And Jordan Ivy Curry might not
be as good defensively as the guys that they've had
in past years, but for Ivy Curry, he off the

bench was averaging seventeen points per game last year for
Meat Meat, the UTSA road Runners shot thirty eight a
half percent from three part range, five boards three. It says,
this guy is absolutely going to be a game changer
out there in the back corn for Central Florida. Now
Central Florida gonna be once again taking a little bit
of a setback on defense because they were one the
better defensive teams in all of college basketball last season.

Had a tough time taking care of the ball. But
Fridy Curry, even when he was over at UTSA, they
really didn't turn the ball over like a lot. Typically
when they lost, it was just because they completed our
lack of defense. But you've got Keshawn Hall is going
to be rock solid down low. I like the fact
that they were also able to bring in Javonte Taylor.
He was a guy that was a little bit lost
in the shuffle he was over at Memphis and Mikey Williams.

It's a little bit untapped potential there for him. I
think that this is a very good gift for them.
And how about usc Not only are they bringing in transfers,
but a top fifty prospect in Trent Perry, he was
over there, he decommitted from them, and now he's going
to be going on over to UCLA. This is big
for a UCLA program that they decided to hit to
transfer portal much more this offseason. I was critical of

them last offseason for not hitting the transfer portal. I
feel just fighting that. We all saw what happened with
UCLA this past season. But Matt said, bringing in a
guy like this to be able to elevate a backcourt
that you could tell that they need a little bit more.
I guess he called facilitation. They're bringing in. Dominic Harris
was a nice lable figure score over at Loyal Marrimount,
but mostly what they brought in his big men, slash

more forwards, Eric Daily, William Kyle who's coming over from
South Dakota. They do a nice job on the glass,
but really outside of sky Clark, which I do think
that that's a little bit of a role that Ice
coming in from Louisville, they needed a little bit more
in that backcourt. They get that piece in the back court,
so it's good to be very massive for them moving forward.
And this I thought was a relatively good piece as

well as we are seeing Cam Fletcher decided that he's
going to be going to Xavier. And for Cam Fletcher,
he was just dealing with injury last year. He was
limited to seventeen games, but when he was out there
on the floor, you tell that he was able to
make a relatively nice impact for Florida State over the
last few seasons. Began his career as a top seventy
five recruit over at Kentucky and his most impactful year
was during the twenty two twenty three season cut rout

due to injury. But what's averaging about eleven points, seven
and a half boards, a little bit over a sealed
per contest, and just another weapon for Xavier. And for Xavier,
we were talking about it a little bit earlier with
our good friend Rob Donaldson. One of the biggest gets
for them is the fact that Zach Fremantle is going
to be back in the fold. That's pretty much a
pickup in and of itself after he miss all of
last season. But we've also got Ryan Conwell's coming over

from Indiana State. Six before gentlemen, that's able to shoot
forty plus percent from three. John Yugley had six foot nine,
is able to light it up from three. Lacine Treorri
was a double double machine over at Long Beach Shade
this last season. Just a really good offseason thus far
for this bunch. And this is a bunch that is
just looking for anything to go their way whatsoever in
Pacific and they take another loss on Wednesdays. Cam Denson,

he was playing for them this past season. He decided
that he is going to be going on over to
Long Beach Shade and for Long Beach Shade, even though
I don't necessarily agree with what happened to mister dan Monson.
They've had themselves a very nice offseason. They've been landing
a lot of guys over the last year. Wear they
bring in a top seventy five recruit and Devin Eskew
from many many years ago to be able to run
the point. Cam Denson is someone that has experienced being

a relatively solid score or the Pacific Tigers in general,
or just I completed ut our mess last season, so
I can forgive some shall we say, suspect play from
a season goo. But for Dentson, he was able to
log about eight and a half points per contest, gave
the team four and a half rebounds. He's a six
to seven little bit of a combo player that was
a relatively highly touted junior college guy from a few

seasons ago. Was a starter for them last season. He
should be able to help elevate Long Beach State. So
I do like that move. And how about this man
staying out there in the state of Utah, Keviakita. He
was playing over at Utah this last season. He decided
that he's going to be heading on over to BYU.
And it's going to be really interesting to see what
happens with BYU because while so many teams decided that
they were going to be landing on some of these

like mid major coaches to be able to elevate, they
take the associate head coach from I believe it was
the Okase Thunder if I'm not mistaken. And now he's
going to be looking to really put his impro on
the system and on this program with Keita. Last season
he was very rock solid for Utah and half points
five and a half boards block per contests, A true
six to seven big man. This is not a guy

that's going to be going out there popping three's. Obviously,
has quite a bit of familiarity with the area. So
I do take a look at this move. I do
think that is one that is going to be helping
out Yu moving forward in the system itself that they're
going to be running, that is still a little bit
of a question mark. As for Utah, they also lost
Wilgins junior exete. Hopefully I said that correctly. This is

a little bit of a hair brain name. But that said,
with will Youwns, he has decided that he is going
to be going on over to Bowling Green and Bloyne
Green has been a little bit silent hear in the
transfer portal process and really the Mack in general. It's
fallen down in terms of the pecking order of college
basketball conferences in my opinion last few years. I hate
to say it, but I do think that it does
need to be said. But that said, I do think

that this is going to be a solid move for
a Bowling Green program that now they're bringing Braylan Green
as well. He was over Arizona State guy that didn't
see a lot of minutes but has some upside Yusaf
Kayet he was a six point nine big man in
Michigan again was not able to see a lot of minutes,
but he's got some upside. So it is very clear
that Bowying Green has the type. These guys that were
relatively highly touted, they were at power conferences and they

just didn't get a lot of runs. And Wiggins junior exante,
he was able to average for Utah this past season
about three and a half points per contest, shot thirty
four percent from three point Shana guy that's really going
to be going out the ball or anything like that,
but someone that I do think has a little bit
of upside. And Boy and Green, if they hit on
these guys, they're gonna get big. If they with they're
gonna WHI quite significantly. So I do think that seeing

how things turnout is going to be one of intrigue.
But I take a look at the coach itself and
Todd Simon, and he's got a long track record of success.
That's a guy then we're going to be willing to trust.
Will Amika. He was playing over at Albany this last season,
just one able to get out there on the floor,
average point in alf per contest. He's going to be
going on over to Lemoyes, who was really an upstart
last season. Lamoine. They brought in a lot of these

unharrowded guys. Like the best player that they brought in
from a season ago is Kanye was Kayem Cleary. He
wasn't playing a whole lot at ball State. He instantly
went to the NEC became a nice impact guy. So
this is clearly a program that has an eye for talent.
You have to wonder what they're seeing in mister Amiko,
who average only about a point a half for contest,
but they got a track record of success. This is

just the second transfer that they bring in. Trevor Rowe,
guy that was glued to the bench over at Ryeford,
is going to be joining him as well. So clearly
the team is trying to make some inrows. We shall
see what's going to be happening there. But that's a
little bit of an interesting at Desmond White, he was
playing over at Austin p this past season. He's going
to Missouri State. For Missouri State, they're running back with
Kwonzo Martin after he many many years ago had quite

a bit of success there and it's going to be
interesting to see what White is going to be able
to bring to the table. As he was seeing some
minutes towards the back half the season for Awestin p
they did have the full Damerian Sharp towards the back
half of the season, and Sharp was a guy that
was just doing it all for the seam. But bringing
in someone like it has been White, I do think
it's going to be a step in the right direction
for them. As you know him a little bit better

as Dez White from his as while it was over
at Austin p and last season for the Old Governators,
he was able to put up eight points per contest,
was a decent three point shooter, not an amazing one
shot about thirty three percent for three. But again from
Jefferson City, Missouri, I think that he's going to be
able to fit the system quite well. And for Kwanso Martin,
it's all about just trying to be able to get
momentum going. We saw that he was able to actually

have a few nice years while he was over at
cal back in the day as well. So this is
clearly man that knows how to be able to coach.
He's brought it out a trio of transfers. Des White
Alt with Wesley Oba, who is a nice big man
over at Delaware State and Vincent Brady. But you have
to wonder if this is a team as ready to
compete out there in the Missouri Valley Conference. They clearly
still have some work to do Florida Gulph Coast. They're

bringing in Rory Stewart to be able to do a
little bit of work down low. They lose Zach Anderson
from the season Goo, a scaled big man that was
able to do a nice show with bio puppet from
three part range. But I do like this move for them.
He was a little bit loue to the bench while
he was over at Rhode Island, but Rhode Island was
just a mess in general. He saw many more minutes
two years ago rather than last season two years ago.

What's putting up about two and a half points per contest. He,
much like Zach Anderson, who they lose, is able to
pop the three. He was attempting about a three and
a half per contest as a six foot eight, little
bit of a combo guy. I do think that this
is going to be a relatively solid ad for them,
and I do think that he's going to be able
to give them a little bit of punch moving forward.
As well Jazz Gardner. He's going to be looking to
get a little bit Jazzy. I was mentioning that Pacific

they just need any sort of a win that they
can get. They have not been active here in the
transfer portal for Pacific. This is just a down drawn
program in general. Bringing in a guy in Jazz Gardner,
who's a seven footer that was playing this past season
over in the VAT as big for them. Gardner is
able to pop some three didn't get a lot of
opportunity to be able to do se this past season.

But I take a look at bringing in a guy
like a Jazz Gardner, who he was talented enough to
play in the Missouri Valley Conference. You can tell that
if he was able to stick it with the program
three or four years, he was to be able to
get a few minutes. But they're banking on Dave Smart
being able to turn things around. For Dave Smart, I
thought that this was a very tremendous higher for them.
They identified what he was able to do as an

assistant over at Texas Tech, and he actually was the
head coach over at Carlton in Canada for quite a
while as well. So he's got a lot of familiarity
as a head coach at a little bit of a
lower level. We saw season bringing a D two coach
a season ago have a lot of success there as
they were able to do a tremendous job going that route.
So for Pacific, it's going to be a long and

winding road, but being able to land someone like a
Jazz Gardner, that is a step in the right direction
for them. Ross Candilio, he is someone that comes over
from the state of Wisconsin just could knock get out
there on the floor whatsoever. He has decided that he
is going to be going out over to lipscumb I
think that he said his last name incorrectly the first
time around, so I do apologize that about that. Kendalino,

he was just once again a guy that for Wisconsin
was not able to just give you a whole flot.
But if you take a look at his recruitment, he
was someone that I know that there were quite a
few people that were a little bit lukewarm on him.
I think he was a bit more of a walk
on guy for Wisconsin. He's able to stretch the floor
a little bit six ft five, He's got relatively good size,
and for Lipscomb, they lose so much of their scoring

from eight season ago, guys that were able to pop
it from three and Kendalino, I think is going to
be able to fill that void for them. So I
think that that's going to be a relatively sawid pickup.
This is what he saw a pickup for President State
as well. It's a friend of State program that it's
been really, really rough for them the last few seasons,
and I don't think that they did the world's greatest
job with their coaching process as well. But that said,
they're going to be bringing in Elijah Price, who this

last season he was playing over at Drake. And for Price,
I do think that he can come in right away
and he's going to be able to see a lot
more minutes than he was able to at Drake. This
last season he had red shirt and he's a six
foot nine guy that is from Long Beach, California. Was
a guy that was more of a three star guy.
He's not someone that was like a top winner recruiter
or anything like that, but there was a little bit

of promise. He's able to pace out the floor a
little bit. So I take a look at this kid,
and I do think that it's going to be a
pretty solid one for them. He saw Trent Noah reopen
his recruitment after it was looking like he was going
to be going to South Carolina, and in said he's
going to be going to Kentucky. For Trent Noah, he's
a guy that was on a lot of radars. It's
like a top two to fifty recruit, not one of

those guys I was like in the top twenty five
or anything like that. But a good win for Kentucky
on the recruiting trail. They're going to be able to
bring in someone that they're going to be able to
mold into that system. So I do think that this
is going to be something to take a look at
moving forward, and that does provide a little bit of
much needed depth for them as well. Elijah Wuban, he
was playing this last season over at Saint Francis. He

has decided that he is going to be going to Ducane.
And for Woban, he was pretty much the only guy
that was able to give the team north foreign alf
rebounds per game this last season, and I do think
that he's going to be able to come in right
away be able to give this seam just a little
bit of something on the glass. He was pretty much
a true freshman over at Saint Francis of Pennsylvania. This
is not a guy that's going to be coming in
date number one and it's going to be some sort

of a just lighted up starter. But he's able to
be a nice er improtector. Was able to lend a
block and a half for contest. At six foot eight,
he might be a little bit more undersized for the
numbers that he was able to put up while he
was over at Saint Francis U Pennsylvania this last season,
but they're not going to need him to be going
out there and being a dominator. Ducaine has brought in
a really nice class in general. Jashaun Corbett. He was

one of the main rebounders over at Chicago State this
last season. Trey Dinkins is a nice go to score
from Canisius. Maximus Edwards was able to do a little
bit of everything in the Atlantic ten for George Washington
this last season. So do love what they've been able
to do, and I do think that this is going
to be just another nice piece of depth for them.
You've got Jordan Burks, who was playing over at Kentucky
this last season, he has decided that he is going

to be going to Georgetown, and for Georgetown, it's spent
a little bit of a rough goal of it for
them in the transfer portal. I thought that at Cooley
was going to be able to bring in a few
other guys they get in Mike A. Peeview. I really
do like him Leak Mac when he was fully healthy,
as he was dealing with a little bit of a
bout of mono. When he was over at Harvard this
last season, he was able to do a solid job
as well. But this is a little bit of a

swing for the fences, take a flyer on a guy
sort of move. As for Burke, just was really unable
to get out there on the floor in general for
Kentucky this last season. But for Burke's someone that was
relatively highly touted coming out of high school out there
in the state of Alabama. At six foot nine, he's
got the ability to be able to pop a few threes.
If Georgetown can get him just molded into that system,

if they're able to just find a way to be
able to untap that potential. I think that they're going
to be really staring at something big for them, and
you've got a kil Watson. He was playing over at
Arizona State this last season. He decided that he is
going to go to UMass and this is big for
U Mass as they were a little bit slow on
the gates in the transfer portal, and typically Frank Martin
is one of those guys that's very aggressive in the portal.

For Watson, he was able to log for Arizona State
this last year only about two points per contest. Someone
who had six foot nine as the ability to be
able to stretch a floor a little bit more never
really did a lot of that. But for U Mass
it's very clear what they're looking to do this offseason.
They're looking to die on guys with a little bit
of untapped potential after they've lost their big men from
a season ago. They had Josh Cohen. They also had

in their program Matt Cross just doing absolutely sensational work.
But for Watson, two four to seven Sports rate him
out as a top one fifty recruit and he is
a guy from the great state of New Jersey, is
able to guard multiple positions. I think that he's going
to be able to fit the system relatively well and
after it was a little bit rough going for them
to start with UMass starting to be able to put

together a little bit of doubt and put together just
a roster in general, Ryan Matumbo, some foot two big
man from Georgetown, just could never live up to that potential.
You have to wonder how much of that is his
father's name really just weighing on him a little bit.
He has decided that he is going to be going
to Georgia Tech and it's going to be really interesting
to see what we get from Georgia Tech this next season.

As the team did a nice job on the offensive glass,
on the defensive glass, they had a little bit of
an issue. And he's going to be joining luc O'Brian Downlow,
who was a relatively solid big man from Colorado. They
also bring in jv On McCollum and is very clear
that the and Sodlemayer knows what he's able to get
out of his guards, he's able to untap a little
bit of that potential. That said, for George Tech, you

can tell that this is a roster that they just
need a little bit more. With Ryan Mttumbo, he's a
very raw player. This is someone that if he's able
to pan out, it's going to be a very nice
goop for them. If he doesn't, well, they're left in
a boat without a battle. So it's going to be
very interesting to see what happens on that front. He
had Darrell Colbert, he was playing over at Kansas State

this last season, decided that he is going to be
going to SMU, and this is just another win on
the recruiting front for SMU. A former top one UNDERD
recruit that was actually playing his high school basketball out
there in the Great State of Texas, just couldn't really
find his footing With Kansas State. He was able to
start in thirteen games, but he was one of those
like classic game men that is out there for the
tip and not much else two and a half points

a block per contest. I do think that he's going
to be able to fit the Andy Enfield system. When
Andy Enfield was over at USC, he always had a
bunch of big men that did a nice job of
just being able to guard the rim in us. When
in the Enfield was at USC, that was consistently year
and in year out one of the top defensive teams
in terms of opponents two point shooting percent, they led
up a little bit more from distance. But I did

think that he can be a nice er IMP protector.
I think that he's gonna have himself a nice role
with an SMU team that's gotten in some very nice transfer.
Scarry Oquendo was a solid scorer over at Oregon that
really worked on a three point game this past season
at Cross is someone that's a little bit more events
offensively than Colbert, So these two guys can play off
of one another. Kevin Boopy Miller is a guy that's
really able to take over the game as well. So

I do like this move for them, and I absolutely
love this move for Louisiana Tech. They are going to
beginning Daniel Bacco back in the fold to be able
to dominate things down low. Now they've got a forward
that's able to be a little bit more versatile and
is able to pop some shots as they bring in
William Jeffries. He was playing this last season over at Pittsburgh,
and when Jeffries was over at Pittsburgh, he was able

to do a nice job but be able to space
out the floor. Didn't see a lot of minutes this
past year only was able to log about a point
and a half two rebounds per game, but at six and seven,
he's able to let it fly from three parts best
year game. Early during the twenty twenty one twenty two campaign,
he is logging about three and a half points three
and a half rebounds per game. As dealt with some
medical issues, I had to miss the entirety of the
twenty twenty two to twenty three campaign, and he does

need to work on that jumped out a little bit.
He has popped quite a few threes throughout a screer
and he's only shot at about a twenty percent clip so,
and that's a little bit concerning. They're going to need
to get a little bit more there. But absolutely love
this move for the Louisianntech. Gives them a little bit
more versatility in general, and I do think that they're
on the upswing and we're open to make your bank
will be up on this upswing this college basketball season.
I'm with you guys every single day preparing for what

is going to be a tremendous twenty twenty four to
twenty five campaign and try to make you guys as
much money as humanly possible. And if you do like
hearing from this fine podcast, gozops you're able to subscribe
reever your podcast Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, sixer and tune.
And if you have a question comment segment idea what
have you for this podcast? You have one of two
ways be out fur those in first one is why
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in mind leteracum, they mean it doesn't not matter, so

as very usual, please just send these into the online
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If you rate this podcast five stars, it is very
much appreciated. From there, the arable fire and whatever you'd
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and I'll be coming at you guys every single day
on this podcast. Big thanks once again to Rob Donaldson
who does great work with the Robinson the rest of
that show for Jarny and lasting and I'll be back
to if you want to get him off. Thank you
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