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April 29, 2024 49 mins

Talkin' Jake Looked into the current state of the AL and NL East divisions to figure out what we've learned with April coming to a close. They also talk about the fun weekend with NFL Draft as well as NBA & NHL Playoffs!


0:00 Intro

2:25 Yankees are Good!

7:15 Rest of the AL East

19:00 Braves are Disgusting

21:50 NFL Daft & Caleb Williams

25:20 Daniels

27:45 Patriots Drafted Drake Maye

29:15 Baffling Michael Penix Jr. Pick by Atlanta

36:30 JJ McCarthy

37:55 Bo Nix

43:20 Final Bears Thoughts

44:50 Knicks & NBA Playoffs Have Been AWESOME

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello and welcome to Wake and shake myself BBD. As
we are talking, I mean we're still in the sports apocalypse.
Baseball world is rolling. The NFL Draft took over this weekend.
My goodness, seven hundred thousand people in Detroit. I don't
even know if there are that many people in Detroit.

NBA playoffs BBD's Jalen Brunson turned some heads. Hockey is rolling.
We'll talk about all of it a little bit. We
will start out with baseball because that's why most of
you are here and fun weekend. You know, like every
weekend you get some sweeps and some different things around

the league. Won't just went to go in the talking
baseball sheet already cleared, already out whoa Dalton has moved
on to next week? Jover, I want to talk some easts,
AL and NL, because honestly, we've been talking a lot
of centrals. Guard Dogs got off to a hot start

and the other teams look solid. The Twins have saved
their season by winning seven straight. Good on them. As
you guys know, I was on a big how deep
of a hole did you dig? It's time to hit
the panic button?

Speaker 2 (01:14):
They did.

Speaker 1 (01:15):
They won seven straight. AL West I don't feel like
I can speak confidently about yet. I gave the Mariners
a lot of love on Talking Baseball for their pitching.
I did end it with I want to see this
next week because they are hosting the Braves we'll talk
about in a second, and then their road trip at

Houston at Minnesota. So yes, the Mariners are fifteen and
thirteen and on top of the division and they're pitching
lights out sixteen straight starts of two runs or less
with the best bullpen ern whip. That's a really strong formula.
I want to see their next week and a half.

I'm they have survived. Their offense hasn't gone at all
again at this point of the season. You could spin
that as a good thing or a bad thing, because
I do think they have some good ballplayers that are
going to go through. But they're also they're a bad
week and a half from being under five hundred again.
So Texas kind of feels like Texas, although they haven't

gotten rolling the whole West. I don't know. I can't
start really planting flags in the sand in the Al East.
Our Yankees are rolling. How about that they faced Milwaukee
and we went from pure panic on Monday night, or
excuse me, Friday night, if you don't know the Yankees.

They were heading towards extra innings. Their bullpen was thin.
Clay Holmes looked great in a ten pitch outing, and
it was like, okay, well we're going extra innings. You know,
Clay's probably got a couple more bullets in there.

Speaker 2 (02:54):
They did not.

Speaker 1 (02:55):
They went to Michael Tonkin, who just joined the team
cut from the Mets twice and isn't there another team too?
Did he go to the Twins for a couple.

Speaker 3 (03:04):
Of games, Twins for a game, back to the Mets.

Speaker 1 (03:08):
So Mets Twins, Mets for Michael Tonkin this year. But
by the way, hey shout out to Michael Tonkin, a
guy that played baseball with trev It seemed like he
was on the way outs. He went to Japan, went
to Mexico in the Independent leagues, ended up throwing a
ton of games eighty innings for the Atlanta Braves the

twenty twenty three Atlanta Braves in forty five appearances. So
all this talk about pitching and multiple innings and you know,
saving bullpens, guys like Michael Tonkin, if you can get
that kind of performance out of them and get a
couple innings out of them. That's kind of the future
of bullpens. Anyways, big guy throwing some funk up there.

But he is thirty four. He's never been the highest
leverage of reliever. And the Yankees they put him out
in extras trying to save the game. Literally like hadn't
met Jose Travino yet, definitely hadn't thrown to him. First
pitch off the glove, so runner goes from second to

third and then he gives up a hit. He ends
up getting out of that inning, comes back out for
the second. Yankees lose that game. There's a couple other
arms in their bullpen ready to go, and they did
not go to him, and it was kind of like,
what are we doing here? This is some weird Yankees.
Let's win a game today. And the defense was that

Clay Holmes has been pitching a lot, you know boone
Reference appearances, which you know he did make an appearance
in that game. It was whatever, he left Yankee fans
very uncomfortable. What did the Yankees go out and do
the next two days they scored fifteen runs, And to
score fifteen runs, that means everyone in the offense has
to go. Vulpi clicked back into gear. Soto has been

one of the best hitters in baseball. Aaron Judge had
not been great. He kicks in the gear. Rizzo had
not been great. He's been going nuts. Four homers in
six games. Verdugo fantastic, Glabor Torres looks like he's finding
his way out of a slump. And on the other

side of that, they got really good starts from Carlos Rodin,
who's now put together a full first month. My long
winded Yankee talk as the Yankees are about to play
Baltimore for four games, will be at one of them
exciting Wednesday. If you're in Baltimore, come pants Kevin. You'll

know which one he is the look on his face.
I have really good news for Yankee fans. Oh, the
Yankees are gonna be good this year. There they are.
The Yankees had one of their worst years in franchise history,
and they won eighty two games last year. Is that
the number? Yep, the Yankees look good this year. They're

starting pitching era fourth nice, their relief pitching era fourth.
That's pretty good. On base percentage, third ops fifth, run six,
so you could make an argument that the Yankees have
top five pitching, top five hitting. That's pretty good. The

Yankees are good. They added one Soto. This is some
obnoxious Yankee stuff. But and I knock some wood and
try not to jinx things. But this Yankee season can
only get so much off track. Fangrafts has them as
eighty nine percent to make the playoffs. I'll be honest

with expanded wild card, it feels a little low. The
Yankees have a good ball club. I think they're gonna
win a chunk of games this year. You know how
I feel about the Baltimore Orioles. Currently game back of them,
they're seventeen to ten. They did lose series to Oakland
this weekend. It also could have been three wins if
Craig Kimbrel was a little more locked down. I'm an

Orioles guy. I think they're going to I still have
them as the favorite over the Yankees to win the division.
I just think they're built a little better for the
regular season. We'll see on that. I'm open to being wrong,
but it's hard for me to envision a world where
the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees don't make
the playoffs. And I think that might sound obvious to you,

but I don't know, that's not how baseball works. Like,
talk to Houston fans right now, talk to Cardinals fans
from last year. The rest of the Al East, the
Boston Red Sox have been playing a decent brand of baseball.
They took down the Cubbies, who've been playing really well
this year, off to one of their better starts in
like team history. You kind of forget how bad of

a franchise the Cubs like were for a while.

Speaker 3 (08:00):
It's just like historically historically very bad, like it isn't
uh you know, just you know the one hundred eight
years of that winning one, like they were awful in
the time between very few competitive rosters.

Speaker 1 (08:13):
Curse of the Billy Go look that one up. The
Red Sox are sixteen and thirteen. They're playing decent ball. Uh,
they're still pitching, Tanner Houk. I mean, you want to
talk things that can change a season outlook, Uh, they're
still first in starting pitching era. It's almost May top

ten in runs top ten and Bullpenny ra tenth in both.
But the fact is the Red Sox are getting some
pitching and the statement was always will the Red Sox
get some pitching they are? What does it mean? I
don't know. Fangrafts has them as thirty percent to make
the playoffs. That's not bad. I think Red Sox fans

would have taken that a month in. This is where
things get interesting. The Blue Jays are fourteen and fifteen.
They just dropped two out of three to the Dodgers.
A lot of teams are gonna do that. Dalton var
Show having a nice year for them. That's he's kind
of a swing piece for them. Outside of him and

Justin Turner, no one's kind of going off. And again,
we're still at a point in the season where you
could spin that either way. You know, if Bobashev and
Vlad Guerrero put up you know one dot Ops's in May,
which they could. They both have the talent too. Again,

you could spin that as an optimistic thing. Right now,
they don't have something to hang their hat on. Team
Ops twenty third, that's not good. Starting Pitcherra sixteen, middle
of the pack, Kevin Gossman has kind of kicked back
into gear. That's massive for them. At the same time,

Bassett's been knocked around a little bit. I still like
their starting pitching and I think their bullpen can put
it together. But so far this year, bullpen era twenty third,
whip nineteenth, So they need something to go for them.
And then with both of those teams I just mentioned,

think about can you picture the Blue Jays having a
better regular season than the Orioles Not from here. I mean,
don't get me wrong, It's baseball. I get it. I'm
one of the most baseballly optimistic people. If something clicks
or injuries happen, it's baseball. It's what's part of the

beauty in it. For me, For the Blue Jays to
have a better year of the Orioles or Yankees, something
would have to go crazy wrong. I think for the
other teams, which maybe that does happen. You can kind
of say the same for the Red Side. Maybe they
got something in the water this year. I've seen that
franchise turn it on. I don't know. Again, the Orioles

are built for like a mini dynasty. The Yankees have
put a lot of chips on the table for this
year and things are currently paying off. So that's how
we feel. And that's before you get to the Tampa
Bay Rays. In the Rays. Before this season, we did
their team profile and projection, and one of my thoughts was,

I can't even picture the Rays having a bad year, Like,
what does that look like in Tampa? They're over undercoming
into the season was eighty four and a half in
a full season. They haven't had less than that since
twenty seventeen. This version of the Rays full seasons ninety wins,

ninety six, one hundred and eighty six, ninety nine, the
Rays seem like they kind of figured out a code
for baseball. We can tap into almost any pitcher, and
we're gonna play these position players to their strength, whether
they're platoon, whether they're just great defensively, and we're gonna

squeeze the most out of them. They are currently thirteen
and sixteen. The player leading the Rays in war is.

Speaker 2 (12:27):
Ben Rurtvett.

Speaker 1 (12:29):
Might have to get our socials team on that one
Yankee legend, the Tampa Bay Rays, And again, is your
glass half full or is your glass half empty? Because
they are basically a bottom ten offensive team. Twenty second
in ops nineteenth and runs okay, starting pitching right in

the middle, fifteenth in the RA sixteenth and whip sure
it actually for all the injuries, they still have to
starting pitching. Eflyn Savali, Lttel, Pepio, Tyler, Alexander now jumps
in the rotation. That's for what the Rays are normally
tapping into. That's that's not bad. Their bullpen has been

buns twenty seventh in ERA, twenty fifth in whip. So
the Red Sox currently having a surge or a you know,
potential for a fun summer. At least competitive. They're a
competitive team. The Blue Jays, let's find out. There's a

ton of talent on that roster. It's tough to picture
them being like worse than five hundred. The Tampa Bay Rays.
They need their bullpen to go. They need Randy and
Yondi to go. Their season stats give you some ugly
numbers here. Uh Yandy Diez who won the batting title

last year two thirty two, two ninety three of five
ninety six ops yepes uh Randy a rose Arena the
best to ever do it? One fifty two, two twenty six,
four eighty three. The announcers were saying, he got too

beefy this offseason. We've seen that affect players. I don't
think it should affect Randy Rose Arena this much like
I said, they're their best offensive players so far have
been Richie Pelacios and Ben Rhurtfad. So you could spin
this a lot of ways with the Rays right like,
this could be, Hey, Randy and YONDI are gonna go

Curtis Mead, who's a top prospect for them. He's been awful,
Like does his light bulb come on? You know? Are
they gonna get lou or low back? And usually the
Rays can tap into bullpen and right now they're just not.
So maybe that's coming. Jason Adam is having a good year.
If someone else clicks behind him, that can help a

bullpen fall into place quickly. They've laid out a tough
road for themselves. They've laid out a really tough road
for themselves that I wonder if calling up Junior Camonaro
is on the table. I dreamt this on talking baseball
right now. Playoff percentages, the Boston Red Sox are currently

the low man at thirty percent, which again I would
have said Red Sox fans would have been very interested in.
The Blue Jays and the Rays are both at thirty
eight percent. So I don't know this raised team that
we do a lot of again, raise gone Rays, They're
gonna get us. They haven't been doing that this year,

and ever since they're April from last year, they haven't
been as dominant. So with the Ale East kind of stacked,
the Yankees look really good. The Orioles look really good.
The socks these other four ALE teams kind of needed
the socks to be bad and they are not. Socks

are good, socks are solid socks. If you're the Blue Jays,
who we talked about them with Foolish Baseball, who I
believe will be here next episode, uh you know he
throughout last year, this could be the downfall of the Jays.
Not ready to go there. They're a couple. They're a
week away from feeling good about their team. The Rays.

I'm never gonna count the Rays out. I mean, not
to the credit of Houston, but in a regular season
we've seen the Rays go I'm just saying, what does
that even mean? Are these teams going to be fighting
for third place? Am I being in New York Yankees
drama Queen because I'm too excited about this team? Maybe
I think they look really good. I think the Orioles
are nasty that in the AL East, that bottom part,

You're gonna have a really disappointed franchise unless the socks
really fall off, because this year wasn't supposed to be
the year. But even then, I'm talking about four AL
East teams trying to make the playoffs when the AL
Central is pretty good this year, some good teams in
the standings. You know, there's gonna be two good teams
in the West. However that sorts out. I don't know.

That bottom of the AL East is getting pretty funky,
and it is one of those times that I do
miss when there is a little more division play. It
really doesn't feel like you play your division a lot anymore.
I was an am a balanced schedule guy. I still
want to find a way to play the division more
because the series feel too spread out. Man.

Speaker 3 (17:56):
Yeah, yeah, Yankees have.

Speaker 2 (17:59):
Made to move.

Speaker 1 (18:00):
Yankees transaction.

Speaker 3 (18:03):
Alex Verdugo placed on the paternity list, So congratulations Alex,
and Carlos Narvaez called from Triple A.

Speaker 1 (18:12):
Take that Ben Roart Vett, Wow, the perfect replacement right.

Speaker 2 (18:18):
Well now, Taylor Trempell makes sense?

Speaker 1 (18:23):
How about that? Dan Hey, happy for Alex Verdugo. Obviously
he just got really hot for the Yanks. So yeah,
I guess Trent Grisham.

Speaker 2 (18:32):
Taylor Tris might get the play.

Speaker 1 (18:35):
Yeah, that'll be interesting. Would like to have him for
a big Oriole series coming up. I'm excited to see
those two teams face off. Orioles should be pretty feisty
after they just got the business from the A's a
little bit uh and the Yanks look good, so interested
to see them get tested. The other thing is on
East Coast bias. Jake is here. Uh did this on

Talking Baseball. It's just a reminder the Braves are disgusting.
Nineteen and seven, they the worst three hitters in their
lineup have been Austin Riley, Matt Olson, and Ronaldcunya Jr.

So that's insane. That's insane, But it just goes to
show you how good the rest of the team has been.
Darneau as the backup catcher has been killing it. Marcelo Zuna,
man I, I've been trying to find the right way
to say this because you don't want to come off
wrong because Ozuna is like bad guy right like he's

on the list.

Speaker 2 (19:42):
A couple couple instances, there's.

Speaker 1 (19:44):
A DUI, do what you want with that, and then
there was there's an assault, which I do think it
came out details about Yeah, I think it wasn't the
original story.

Speaker 2 (19:55):
I don't know right for us.

Speaker 1 (19:58):
But the fact there's that whole body of evidence nobody
really wants Ozuna from the Braves anymore, or at least
being a fan unless you're in Atlanta. I wish that
wasn't because he is becoming the thick dh just so
beautifully thirty one RBI. He has been crazy. Azzi Albi's

is back for them off the aisle. Yeah, it was.
It was just one of those crazy realizations this morning
that the Braves are off to this start. They are
three scariest guys in their lineup have not gone yet,
and they do have a fun little West coast trip.
They're going in to face that Seattle Mariner's pitching staff

that has been electric and then they face the Dodgers.
So fun West Coast trip for the Braves. If you
are a betting person, if you want to pair up
the Braves and Dodgers to win the division, and he
lands it like minus two thirty, which isn't great odds,
but if you can find that with another bet you like,

you can win some Caeso. There so little Jaki insider there.
But yeah, my coming into this morning, I was excited
to hype the Phillies because I was like, damn, they
swept the Padres. They might be coming for the Braves
ass this year. When I looked at the stats, it's like, Okay,
so Boem is going nuts. The Phillies pitching is going
nuts for the Braves. I mean, they are getting a

lot of great performances, but the three guys you might expect,
they haven't even gone yet. So just reminder of how
much of a wagon the Braves are and how messy
the American League, American League East is gonna get this year.
That was a little bit of the baseball. This weekend

was awesome for sports. I even found myself late night
was I watching Edmonton. I don't know, I think Edmonton
and the Kings were playing late last night. Good game
one nothing. Let's do a little NFL draft because this
was a historic one. There was the six quarterbacks taken

in the first twelve picks, Caleb Williams, Jalen Daniels, Drake
May they all go kind of chalk chalk chalk, the
fun game you want to play with this my guy Riscillo.
It's one of his favorite games to play is that
quarterbacks hit first round quarterbacks hit at a less than
fifty percent clip, and that's giving some guys liberty on

the hit rate. So if you're a Caleb Jaden Drake
May guy, that would basically mean that you're gonna say
Michael Pennox, Junior, JJ McCarthy and Bo Nicks are going
to be bad, And honestly, it's probably only gonna be
two out of this class are good. So with Caleb

Williams being kind of a camp miss quarterback, and I've
told you guys, I'm not selling my stock, but I
want to be loading up on Caleb Williams and I'm
ready to be completely wrong on this. I was talking
to Justin Pennock and Bobby Skinner as they did a
ton of NFL draft stuff this weekend. If you haven't
checked out jam football or even talking Giants because they

were locked into the draft this weekend, I want Caleb
Williams to become my favorite athlete ever. What Justin Pennock say?
He said, there's a chance that Caleb Williams is a
bad bitch. Mmm, Like he just owns this whole thing.
Like he comes in, he's basically Mahomes two point zero.
He's a gen Z stud. He's the first like good

Chicago Bears quarterback ever, and he's just that guy. He'll
cry after a game, He'll whoop your ass. He could
become think about this, Caleb Williams could become like the
most beloved athlete in the United States or Mahomes ass.
Mahomes is doing all this in Kansas City, Like Caleb Williams.

If he's that guy, which pretty much every smart, smart
football person thinks he is, is going to be a
star of stars. I'm holding back a little bit and
I told you guys this, and it's a little bit lame.
And it's more so just playing the percentages of quarterback
that I don't know. I want to see how it looks.

He did take a step back last year. His team
was a lot worse. Maybe I shouldn't be knocking him
for that at all, And just becoming a pro is
tough sometimes. So you know, if he's if the Bears
get out to a five and seven start and he's
playing up and down football, which again could very easily

happen to the Chicago Bears and a rookie quarterback. I
want to see how he deals with that and how
does the team react to him. Again, I'm not fading
Caleb Williams. I hope he becomes a star of Star
of Stars. But like I've told you before, I'm not
loading up on the stock. I am on Jaden Daniels.

And it's just dumb. Like if you give me one
of the six, and I guess if you put odds
next to them, because Caleb would be the safest, Jayden
would be the second safest. I'm just about him, like
he he seems like he's everything. Man. He played the
best quarterback play this year. Like that's what all the
scouts will tell you. He was the best quarterback this year.

But what Caleb did in previous years. He's been a
locked up number one pick for a while. Now. I
know the Commanders. When you talk about curse franchises, they're
up on that list a little bit. Man. His his
comp from Matt Miller at ESPN is Lamar Jackson. I

don't think he's as athletic. He has a really fun
running style. It's got a little homes to it, like
when you see those mahomes clips and you're like, wait,
mahomes quick, how did nobody touch him? Like Jaden Daniels
has that and it's really fun to watch. And he's
just a little He's slippery. He's a slippery runner, got
that like nimbleness to him, which as a rook you

know that that can be huge. That can save your days,
that can be a great safety outlet for them. I
don't know about the whole commander set up, you know,
new ownership, new new head coach. I'm just in on
Jaden Daniels. I think he's gonna be that guy. And hey,
maybe this is a historic draft class. Maybe we'll look

back in a few years and say four of these
guys hit, which again that doesn't happen a lot or ever. Really,
what's the Eli Philip Rivers, Big Ben Like that's those
drafts are famous, Lway and Marino eighty three. We're talking
about two basically two famous drafts over forty years. So

maybe this is it. Drake May to the Pats, no clue,
no clue. There's my expert analysis. The Patriots situation right
now feels bad. I know they drafted a couple wide receivers,
but like I don't know that people are saying that

the bear situation looks like a historically good place to
land with the three wide receivers, including Odoonsa in the
first round the Patriots. I can't tell if my New
York blinders are kicked in, but that franchise has felt

off since Brady left. Sorry Bill, he's gone too now,
Like no Brady, no Bill, whoever you like more in
that party, they're gone. And it seems like Craft is
a little more involved, which is a classic like old
owner who's been successful, like Craft gets credit, but it's

very much like Brady. I think is sixty percent, Belichick
is forty percent, depending how you want to move those percentages,
and then the line at the end is like, and
you know what, Craft's a good owner. I guess we'll
find out, and maybe it's more tied to Drake May
and their new head coach, but I don't know. Again,

when you're playing the QB percentages games, if this was
a pie chart of who's going to be successful, I
don't know a lot of people that are hammering the
Drake May as their like favorite of the kind of
nuts with the three pick you'd like to think, you know,
we saw what CJ. Stroud did last year as the
second QB off the board, and Bryce Young, I mean,

wasn't as much as of a lock as any of
these guys. I don't think maybe over Drake May. I
think if d May and Bryce Young went toe to toe,
I think people would lean Bryce Young. And he had
one of the worst rookie years ever. So again it's
a lot of situation and where he land. But speaking

a situation and where he land a historic pick. Michael
Pennix junior to Atlanta. Everyone was wondering if he was
going to go in the first round, is he going
to go in the second round? He goes eighth overall,
he is the fourth quarterback off the board. It seemed
like everyone was falling in love with McCarthy. I'll get

to him in a second. Atlanta drafts Penix and it's
just pure shock. They signed Kirk Cousins this offseason, four
year deal, ton of money, like one hundred and eighty
mil or something.

Speaker 2 (29:47):
UB numbers the first two years like fully guaranteed.

Speaker 1 (29:50):
QB numbers are getting to a special place and good.
I mean they're really good at what they do.

Speaker 2 (29:55):
At a certain they're worth it.

Speaker 1 (29:57):
Why not a state of shock for Falcons fans and
football fans that just had them, you know, either taking
alignment and helping Kirk out, or get another skill player
or bulk up the defense. They take Michael Pennix Junior,
who I do love. Everyone keeps saying he's the best

football thrower in this draft, which is funny that I
don't know. That's QB four to six depending where you
had him ranked, and last year the best thrower of
the football with CJ.

Speaker 2 (30:29):

Speaker 1 (30:30):
So hey, maybe they've got it figured out. The Devil's
advocate of can this pick be good? I've heard people
like Mick Shay say this is ballsy obviously, and again
that's still the optimistic way to list it, because if
this does payoff in two or three years, if we're

talking about Michael Pennix as a quality starting quarterback, the
Falcons would look like geniuses. They would bring in Kirk
Cousins and they'd probably get, you know, quality years out
of him. We'll see what that looks like. He is
coming off injury, he's up there in age. You have
a built in insurance pology. Aaron Rodgers went down Week

one and their season was over. So I don't know,
like crazier things have happened in football. Let's say Pennix
is the guy, which I love Penix during our college
football times. I told you how much I retweeted my
own tweet this weekend that someone was gonna take him
in the first round because he was so good, like
they would light it up. Washington football games were must watch.

Speaker 3 (31:37):
And like just an anything you hear about who the
kind of guy he is, like perfectly.

Speaker 2 (31:44):
NFL team loves that for their quarterback.

Speaker 1 (31:46):
If you if you didn't know about his previous injuries
and I don't want to say failure at India Indiana,
but it's mostly related to injuries and age is always
a little bit of a factor here. And he is
the older QB, which makes this a little more a
little better fodder because if they had drafted, like the

whole thing when Sam Darnold got drafted, I think he
was like twenty one still or something stupid, like if
that was happening, I think more people would be on
the like I like this. They're trying to set something
up like.

Speaker 2 (32:19):
This will see learn while you're young.

Speaker 1 (32:21):
Pennix turns twenty four in a week, so if he's
gonna sit for two years now, you're talking twenty six
if it's three twenty seven, Like, I don't know. It
just starts to get into a crazy area with quarterbacks.
And one of the theories that I've also heard about playing quarterback,
which maybe this is kind of dumb, but when you
just get out of the rhythm with it and you're
not playing, it gets really hard. Like look at Deshaun Watson, like,

did he just get bad at football? Is all the
other stuff in his head? I don't know. I don't
want to. I'm not the guy to analyze him on
any of that. The Devil's Advocate positive spin was if
the Falcons got this right, they just set up their
franchise for a long time and they'll look like geniuses.

The other side of it, which I do think is
the right side, is, man, you just went out and
got Kirk Cousins. You're a franchise that always hasn't hasn't
been respected in recent years, I mean going back to
the twenty eight to three and what you guys have
been rolling out at QB the past couple of years.

I don't know, man, I just hope you're not looking
back and saying, what would what would our offense look
like with Roma Dunza who was the next pick. The
other thing that's lying over their heads is a lot
of people liked McCarthy better. Some people like bo Nicks better.
So if those guys grabbed a better quarterback later than

you and maybe a slightly more of a project, I
don't know, man, I bet Kirk really would have liked
to have alignment or a wide receiver or the d
ND or whatever it is, and they didn't get that.
And basically, if any of those guys hit, which some
of them will, and Michael Pennix isn't like a star

quarterback in a couple of years, it's just egg on
the face of Atlanta. So it's an unfortunate standard. But
it's like he kind of has to be so good
for it to be like, Okay, this was right. Like
even if he's just like fine, I don't know if
they'll I don't know if they'll be getting praised for

the idea there, right, And I it's the two things
that were flying around this weekend. I saw Orlavsky the
next day. He's like, I slept on it, which probably
was code for they want him to take the other
side on first take, Maybe I'm wrong, Dan, you're a
proud Connecticut guy like myself, ready to talk about it,

But you know they were point. You know, Jordan Love
sat behind Rogers. Look how good he's been. Patrick Holmes
sat behind Alex Smith for a year. Blah blah blah. Hey,
maybe maybe that school of thought is back and it's
the Falcons are geniuses. I don't know, And I'm a
Penix guy. And either way, I think the value at
eight kind of isn't it if.

Speaker 3 (35:22):
They were eighteen and it's like, well, he's you know,
he fell this far. He's specifically a guy who people
didn't know if he'd be first round for sure anyway,
So that's probably a bad example. But if we're talking
McCarthy or something and later and all that, and then
the whole thing is is bizarre. I know, the night

of I think they're GM and decision makers that we're
talking about, like, well, we don't plan to be this
high in the draft again anytime soon.

Speaker 2 (35:54):
Which right nobody does.

Speaker 3 (35:57):
And if that's what you're thinking about, getting a town
Ellen like that, sure, But then the flip side is like,
well then you could have gotten your.

Speaker 2 (36:05):
Pick of any defensive player.

Speaker 3 (36:07):
You could have gotten the best X y Z in
the in the draft and had helped this year.

Speaker 1 (36:13):
As a team. Ever said we plan on being high
in the draft next year.

Speaker 2 (36:16):
I think when they say it they get yelled at.

Speaker 1 (36:18):
You're not supposed to say that. Hey, if he's great,
they're geniuses. The percent chances on that are kind of low,
but maybe they are. Uh jj, McCarthy was a stock.
I was selling a little bit. My point is kind
of the opposite. Everyone has their QB theories. No one's

really great at it. For me, on that Michigan offense,
I don't want to say he was the weak spot
on the field, but they almost tried to not use him.
I'm I love where he landed. For people that have
been listening to this show for a while, hey, thank
you subscribe all that stuff. You guys are the best.

You guys remember a couple of years ago, I said, shoot,
I think I have to learn the Vikings head coaches
name because he was tall, handsome and he was coaching
the Vikings really well. Kevin O'Connell. I believe in him
as a head coach. They have justin Jefferson, A couple
other assets on offense. If you remember, he made Josh
Dobbs pretty good, made Josh Dobbs pretty good for a

couple of weeks. There a couple other qbs who have
put together days for him. I think Nick mullins the
situation matters so much justin Jefferson feels like a guy
that even if you're a mediocre quarterback, like you can
pencil in a fifty percent completion percentage. That guy's a

sick puppy that I love where he landed, Which leads
me to my last one. O Nicks goes to my
broncos I was being kind of snotty around the office.
I don't know. I'm not the biggest oh Nicks believer.
I've heard a couple interviews, I've obviously watched him play

a chunk. I hope I'm wrong. Like when you're putting
these six qbs in the mix, I, if you had
to again do three three yeses and two no's, my
three yeses would be Caleb Jaden and JJ McCarthy. Which again,

it's kind of it's like the fair way to break
this down. You can't just sit here and tell me
all six are going to be good. Sean Payton. Nobody
believes in Sean Payton more than Sean Payton. And he
thinks that he can turn this guy into Drew Brees.
And maybe he's right, and maybe we'll be sitting here

saying Sean Payton is a genius in a couple months.
I'm a little scared of his surroundings in Denver. I'm
a little scared that Sean Payton does bel even Sean
Payton a little too much. I will say this, bo
Nick's completion percentage set the NCAA season single season record

seventy seven point four percent. He gets the ball out quickly.
That's what Sean Payton likes to do. It's part of
why Drew Brees was really good. But as we've done
this chicken in the egg with qbs and coaches, coaches
get a chunk of the credit, but normally a lot
of it is because the quarterback's pretty good. I think
Drew Brees was pretty damn good. Might have played during

the wrong era because everyone points it, Brady, you know,
even Rogers gets more love than Drew Brees. But what
Drew Brees did year in year out is like arguably
top five quarterback. Stuff. We can save that for a
rainy day, No, thank you for right now. Hey, if

Sean Payton is that guy and they nailed it, god
is he gonna peacock so hard and I'll love it
looking for or some good Broncos QB play and some
good Broncos football. Hopefully he's the guy you need. A
QB in the AFC West would have been really tough
to go this year if they didn't have a quarterback.

So I guess in a way content wise, to watch
my Broncos, I'll be a little more excited. But yeah,
a historic quarterback draft. We as America and football are
most attracted to the QB. So a few teams out
there that had great drafts. I love what the Eagles do.

It just feels like they're the value team and they
got a couple of cornerbacks that were incredible value. Ricky
Piersoll from Florida Circle that one for San Francisco. He
was one of the most popular guys during the post
draft process and he goes to the San Francisco forty
nine ers like have you not seen what they've done

with Debo and a Yuk McCaffrey and Kittle, like Pierce
all Man I no reason to not believe in that.
Uh And yeah, my my draft parting shots because mel
Kiper did his grades. And a reminder, mel Kuiper's the
best if he wasn't if he wasn't doing NFL draft stuff,

what would mel Kuiper be doing? Comment below whatever you
think the guess is because I don't know.

Speaker 3 (41:31):

Speaker 1 (41:32):
Like I said, I liked what the Eagles did. I
think they're really good at value. They traded so much
as the most trade since two thousand. I need some
NFL draft trade rules because the trading's actually becoming like
nauseating to watch tracking on your phone or just watching live.

Speaker 2 (41:50):
It's a lot uh, a.

Speaker 1 (41:52):
Sneaky one that I haven't heard a lot of people
talk about. The Steelers. They went lineman lineman Roman Wilson,
who was the wide receiver from Michigan that just like
got open. All three of those feel very Pittsburgh. They
drafted another lineman later too, That feels like a Pittsburgh draft.

I love team identity. The waken Jake Baker's community has
heard me literally become a team identity guy while it's happening.
I liked Washington because I'm all in on Jaden Daniels
and circle ben sonnat He's if you remember him, he's
out of k State. Were an ugly number, but he

has all the tight end qualities. But he was just
wearing like a fullbacks number that you're like, that doesn't
look right in on that? Is there anything I'm out on? No,
Chiefs took the wide receiver worthy out of Texas that
can fly. Let's see how fun that gets. That could
be one of those why did we let those guys
get that player picks? But again it's also the situation.

He was a guy that I think a lot of
people would be looking at him being like, I don't know,
oh speed only, although he does a little more than that.
But the fact that he lands with Mahomes, like, what
do you think Mahomes is going to tap into if
that kid is anything? The draft is one of my
favorite things ever and my final asterisk I want to

put out there. The Chicago Bears. I know it's not
fair because they used their picks from this year to
get Montes sweat keenan Allen. There is a chance. Let's
say they were wrong. Let's say Caleb's not the guy
that their draft of Caleb Odoonz and then their next
two picks are a tackle from Yale which no shots

fired at Yale but not known for its powerhouse O
line factory. And then they took a punter out of Iowa, which, hey,
Iowa punted the ball a damn lot. That kid knows
what he's doing. There is a chance that you could
look back at the Bears and this was the football

guys were like, you know, is Pace their GM a
genius or has he gotten lucky? There's a chance that
draft class could look straight up the bizarre. Obviously it
all rides on Caleb. But if Caleb's not the guy,
and like Odoonsay's good, not great.

Speaker 2 (44:20):
He's just like a quality wide out.

Speaker 1 (44:22):
And then it's a third round tackle and a punter,
I don't know, that's not fair. Montes sweat came over.
He already looks great. It's one of those things on
paper could end up looking funny in a few years.

Speaker 2 (44:33):
This will be a weird looking graphic.

Speaker 3 (44:34):
If Caleb's not good, Odonsay's just alright, and you only
had to have ai many picks and you used one
on a punter.

Speaker 2 (44:44):
On a year you're short on picks.

Speaker 1 (44:46):
Fourth round m bebes. I think to close off the
New York Grangers are.

Speaker 2 (44:51):
The best team ever.

Speaker 1 (44:54):
In the New York Nicks, Jalen Brunson has his playoff
moment game. He was awesome. The signature shot from that
one is him going right across the lane working Embiid
for all twenty four seconds of the shot clock ball
bounces on the rim a couple times and drops.

Speaker 2 (45:16):

Speaker 1 (45:16):
Is a nightmare in multiple ways. He is losing a
lot of fans, and Bronson's the exact opposite. I mean,
he feels like he's breaking the game a little bit
with how like speed him up, slow him down, the
little movements that gets him free just enough. Nicks will
have a chance to clinch it in the garden. That's

gonna be exciting if.

Speaker 2 (45:40):
They pull it off.

Speaker 3 (45:41):
I believe that'd be the first playoff series they've clinched
at home since nineteen ninety nine.

Speaker 2 (45:48):
My brother was not alive.

Speaker 1 (45:52):
The Knicks history. We don't have time for that right now.
The Suns are straight up out of the playoffs, swept
by the Tea Wolves. Anthony Edwards is climbing my all
time favorite athletes every day. It's been said before and
it's this isn't to be clickbait. We won't clip this,
so it's it's not. He's got a little MJ in

him man, And I think some actual physical comparisons have
been made. But the way he plays, in the intensity
and the anger to sweep the Suns, I don't know.
The t Wolves. NBA teams need to take their lumps.
The te Wolves are about to play the Denver Nuggets,
and that is gonna be must watch late night. I'm

probably gonna be losing some sleep over it games and
I can't wait. I cannot wait. The size of the Timberwolves.
They're matched up right. I think it's believe, So if
I got that wrong, I would be atrocious. Everyone kind
of doubted the Tea Wolves. Go Bear kind of became

hated just from his jazz days being French and then
the COVID times.

Speaker 2 (47:04):
He invented COVID so.

Speaker 1 (47:07):
Karl Anthony Towns. Everyone was like, he's good, but he's
not that good. Right to see them go up against
the Nuggies, that's that's gonna be a real treat. The
Bucks are falling apart in front of our eyes, the
Bucks and the Suns. Man Giannis Damon Middleton, the Sun's

KD Booker and deal looks like it's a wrap on that.
I know the Bucks are banged up and.

Speaker 3 (47:35):
They haven't had Giannis at all, and since I think
they lost the Liward for the last game.

Speaker 1 (47:42):
They switching coaches midseason and it was Doc and everyone
was tough on that Milwaukee. Both of those teams are
gonna have an interesting offseason coming up. Hey, maybe Milwaukee
salvage is it? They're down three to one, doesn't seem
like it though, and the Sons are out. Sons are out,
MAVs is tied up at two apiece, and you hear

the excitement in my voice that feels like a Game
seven is coming. And manned the characters on the court
that'll be in those deciding games, James Harden, you've already
drawn up your opinions on him, Paul George playoff p
He's actually redeemed that a little bit recently. But what

those guys are playing for, we'll see if Kawhi gets
back in the mix. And then on the other side
of the court, Kyrie and Luca. I think Luca has
another level to him, which is very rude, because he
is a top three player in the league right now.
I do think there's more in there that I kind
of there's a little bit of me that's rooting for

the first round upset just because I think that would
help get him to the next level. And sometimes that's
how life works.

Speaker 2 (48:52):
A little bit.

Speaker 1 (48:55):
Thundergo for the sweep. Oh Nuggets have to beat the
Lakers tonight m three to one. So maybe I got
maybe I got ahead of my skis there, and I
don't know. We're still in the sports apocalypse. Every night
you can put on the TV. If you don't watch hockey,
go watch playoff hockey game. You'll enjoy it. It's a

good time. The basketball has been great, the baseball has
been great. You have been great. I think we have
a special up coming for the Wednesday up maybe some
foolish and maybe some jolly. Make sure you guys are
subscribed and waken. Jake is a production of Dan Patrick Productions,
John Boy Media, and Workhouse Media. We will see you

guys Wednesday.
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