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April 3, 2024 57 mins

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0:00 Intro

3:10 Gerrit Cole for Clicks

4:00 Last Year's List

9:55 Pitchers that Just Missed

12:15 Pitchers on the List

18:20 Biggest Regrets & Most Difficult Placements

24:05 Aaron Judge vs. Ronald Acuna

27:25 Mookie Betts is a Shortstop

30:30 Who is the Best Hitter in Baseball?

34:15 Center Fielders

38:30 Bobby Witt Jr. vs. Gunnar Henderson

43:45 Who Could Rise the Most This Year?

49:50 Who Will Fall Off the List Next Year?

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to waken Jake with myself, David Mendelssohn
and Bailey foolish or foolish Bailey or Bailey I forget
if we can share your last name Bailey F. But
he's an A on the report card and we are
going to go through the foolish fifty always hot in

the street topic. Bailey, and welcome back to baseball season. Man,
how you doing.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
I'm doing well. Yeah, I did share my last name
with you all. It is out there. You said Bailey F.
But in fact, you know, share a last name with
a with a once famous brave turn Dodgers. From now on,
you can refer to me as Bailey Hayward.

Speaker 1 (00:41):
Yes, Hayward Bay It's a It's actually a full football
baseball connection. Man, I'm excited to yuck with you. We
got through the long and cold offseason and now baseball
is actually back in boy, Bailey, you should see all
these Yankee fans marching around our office. It is delightful.

Speaker 2 (01:03):
They're walking with their heads held high.

Speaker 1 (01:05):
I'm sure it's insane. I mean, the contrast between the
second half of last season to the first six days
of this season is just unreal and it's stupid how
much it controls our emotions. Well, I guess you as
a Braves fan in your heart of hearts, I don't know,
same old story. We'll see you in October.

Speaker 2 (01:27):
Yeah, it's it's pretty easy to be a Bravece fan
right now. The team plays great, and you say, well,
that's why I expect it to happen, and we'll just
see what happens in October because they will be there.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
God, it's not a bad life, Bailey. Let's get into
your foolish fifty list. I did something that I don't
normally do. I re listened to our episode from last
year because I wanted to see, you know, some some
of the hot takes and cold takes. Yeah, no, man,

it was honest, it was pretty good. I think I
asked you, and it's a question I'll ask you again.
I was like, who are who are two guys from
your list who you think won't be on the list
next year or just a kind of a brutal question.
But you said Jeff McNeil, who is not on the list,

and then you did say Luis Robert, which, hey, that
was coin flippy at the time. And we walked ourselves
through that one I had again, I should have made
Socials clip it, but I was like, hey, you know,
we talked Ronald Acunya a little bit, and I was like,
that's a good sprinkle for MVP, so I should just
post that on my Instagram and follow me for more

hot tips. And then I was trying to think there
was a I was. I was infatuated with Dansby last
year just because it's like, wait, this guy is just
making an argument for like annual best shortstop, but for
some reason he doesn't feel that way. So I was
happy to see him sneak on your list for this year.

And would you like to comment on putting Garrett Cole
at fifty for clicks or no?

Speaker 2 (03:07):
Yeah, I mean it's you know, it's I made it
sort of abundantly clear in the video. It was about
just looking at the value he could put up on
the field this year. So you know, he's gonna miss
those first two months of the season. We know that.
I think there's pessimism he could miss more than that.
But I put him at fifty for the clicks, and
I'll be very transparent about that.

Speaker 1 (03:29):
Hey man, sometimes that works, and I hope, I hope
that he can live up to that. If he does
come back in like a month or so, there's a chance. Yeah. Man,
the injuries are crazy. And I was going through the
list of guys who were on the list last year

that were not on the list this year, and it's
littered with just injured guys, which makes a ton of sense.
I mean, justin Verlander. Sure McClanahan, Sandy de Grom, like,
you know, to put those guys on your top twenty
twenty four list, that would It's a foolish task if

you will. Man, I guess the guys that fell off
the list, Springer and McNeil, I want to say, those
are kind of similar boats. I was pretty I was
sad where George Springer's numbers landed last year, and that
doesn't that obviously doesn't mean he can't bounce back. But
when you're doing the top fifty, as you noted in
your video, there's only room for fifty. Yeah, compliments to

you on that, let's see. I I was a little surprised,
and again this is for me. Last year, I did
the activity of top ten in the worst which we
decided to get extra silly with on our end because
it hit a point of just like, okay, what are
we doing here? This year? I did the tier list
with Jolly Olive, who I did pass on your happy

great message and it's now become a nice thing between
you two.

Speaker 2 (05:01):
That's good. What what would the equivalent be for me?
Like silly softball or something?

Speaker 1 (05:06):
Yeah, well, i'll uh you know what, I will pitch
it to Jolly that he gets the first punch back,
and I have decided, Uh, I think I need to
get you too on one episode this year and just
have it out. I don't even know what you guys
could have it out on just being well thought out.
Maybe so I'm I'm gonna figure that out in that

episode will end with me being the worst person pitching
you guys ideas for videos that you should do, and
you guys just duel on them. Maybe we'll do it
as like a mock exercise. You each get a hundred
bucks and I'll make you bid on bid on my
who wants the Nick Martini video?

Speaker 2 (05:47):
Are you? Are you inventing? Like around the Horn?

Speaker 1 (05:51):
I think I think whoa, hey, we don't. I would
never say that, but make sure you guys tune in
and we're gonna give out points so I don't know.
I'm excited. I think myself, being a not thought out
person bring together two of baseball's best video essay men

in the world. I don't know, I'm gonna figure something
out there. But back to this, I guess it's it
was surprising seeing like a guy like Xander Bogart's who
not on the list, which again I you know, with
one good year he could easily be back, even real
Mudo seeing where his season ending numbers ended up. And

that was another fun convo we had last year. And
this is where my big brother will kick in when
you do this was Bailey belief because last year you
had Adley below JT. And I kind of hit you
with like, I think you probably want Adley over JT,
and you were kind of like I do, But he's
JT real Mudo, So I don't know. I guess. Of

the names that fell off the list, Correa is another one.
My goodness, I think he was. Was he ninth last year?
And I'm getting this is the band aid part. This
is let's get all those bad memories out of the way.
It did drive home to me how crazy this year
is for Carlos Carrea's like outlook, because man, if he

has another lacklusterly year with all the injuries and stuff
like that, but if he has a great one hundred
and thirty plus Gold Glove year, it's like, wait, he
is back in the top twenty of players, and it's
it's the fun part of baseball. So I guess, of
those of those older veteran guys that kind of dropped out,
which which one stung the most for you?

Speaker 2 (07:43):
It was definitely Xander and Brandon Neimo, okay, because I
felt like they both had seasons that were in the
range of top fifty value. But the tricky thing is
with this list is you kind of have to balance
the floor with the ups and so I look at
you know, let's look at you know, forty nine, forty
eight right there. You know, those are two guys who

just barely got on the list, And Guerrera and Aronado
we know season to season those guys have insane upside.
We know those guys can be MVP finalists, you know.
And so when when you look at someone like Bogart's
or Nemo, who's more consistent, but maybe the ceiling isn't
as high, that's tough to bounce out. Because you know
there's a good possibility at the end of the year

they will finish a top fifty player by war. But
you know you have players who you know could win
MVP awards, And I don't want to be the guy
that leaves off an MVP winner entirely on a top
fifty list, because that's going to make it look really bad.

Speaker 1 (08:39):
Yeah, okay, I I respect that. I respect that because
you're right, that's as as someone who posted a picture
of themselves on the internet wearing a half Yankees half
d Backs jersey yesterday and just dealing with the ridiculous
internet guff that comes with that. Yeah, man, I I
can I respect that play. At the end of the

if you've got you know, if Laddie goes nuts this year,
you know Bogart's best is what like Wowsander was incredible
this year. He actually finished seventh in the MVP. Laddie's
best he could like win the damn thing. So I
respect that thought process.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
Okay, nice, no disagreement so far, mutual ground. I'm just,
you know, a real silver tongue. I'll talk my way
out of anything.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
Please please stop calling yourself a silver tongue. Let's pitching.
How many starting pitchers ended up making the top fifty
Strider's you're one Burns Wheeler, We've got Logan Webb, Max Freed,
Pablo Lopez, George Kirby, Zach Gallen, and Garrett. At the end,

I guess who is the first pitcher off the list?
Or maybe the two that were hurting you? And then
I want to try to sort through these because, like
I told you last year, the pictures from me, I
that's I struggle the most with that.

Speaker 2 (10:05):
Well, I think one of the things you struggle with
is how many pictures do you even put on a
list like this? Because I think I have about twelve
on there. Someone could make the exact same list and
maybe put five or six of them, you know, because
think of how many and we talked about this already,
how many frontline guys are missing due to injury one
way or another. You'dn't even mention Brandon Woodruff. That's another
guy who's probably not gonna pitch it all this year, who

was on the fifty last year. And so the way
I kind of came after it was Okay, well, if
all those guys are gone, doesn't that just mean the
guys who can still throw one hundred and eighty or
two hundred innings, become more valuable in a way, you know,
because there's that just means that's fewer and fewer guys
who can handle that ace workload. Now, as far as
like who was left off the list picture wise, next

up was definitely one hundred percent Louis Castillo, And you know,
I kind of went back on back and forth on
should I just put Castillo in the fifty spot because
six months of Castilla is probably more valuable than four
and a half months of coal, no disrespect to coal.
And then and then the next one would have been
Yoshinobu Yamamoto. You know, that's and that's one of those where,

like we discussed earlier, could come back and hurt because
he has that Zion upside. I ultimately didn't go with
Yamamoto because I feel like the Dodgers a gonna be
really careful with his workload this year. They have him
on a what is it, twelve thirteen year deal, so
there's no need to rush. He's only twenty five, and
so he's gonna probably pitch out of a six man

rotation a lot throughout the season and that's going to
kind of limit his upside to some degree. But yeah,
it was definitely Castillo and Yamamoto on the outside looking
in as far as pitching talent.

Speaker 1 (11:43):
Should have gone Yamamoto. Man, then you get the international
click right off the bat. You know, New York versus Japan.
The rivalry continues.

Speaker 2 (11:52):
What rivalry?

Speaker 1 (11:55):
Although I did hear, I've never been into them. I
heard the new King Kong Godzilla movies electric I can.

Speaker 2 (12:04):
I can talk about Godzilla for a good long time.
So we'll save that for another day.

Speaker 1 (12:08):
That's on the back end. I want to so the
pitchers that did make the list, Strider is so he
was an interesting combo last year. He's an interesting combo
this year because I I kind of need to see
the like nail season out of him, and we all
know it's coming. But I think someone laughed, I said,

and I forget if I was being mean or just
being silly, but I said, sometimes he gets a bad
case of it, gets rocked, like it just feels like
his bad day happens, and it's six earned runs where
maybe Logan Web just doesn't really have those that seeing.
I guess when I looked at the top three of Wheeler,
Burns and Stryder. I think if I think, if I

really wanted to go to war with you, I think
I'd put Burns ahead of Strider just because I have
I just feel like what I'm gonna to get over
one sixty two is a little more stable. But again,
arguing against Strider is ridiculous because he probably will strike
out high three bills this year.

Speaker 2 (13:11):
Yeah, I you know, I think what people are waiting
for regards to Striders this season, like Burns had in
twenty twenty one, right, Yeah, with regards to Strider, I
just I think you kind of hit the nail on
the head when you said you know that the big
season is coming. You know that the season with the
an er that's probably in like the low twos, is

on its way. He had a three point eight six
ERA last year. There are a lot of pitchers with
a better ra than that on this list. But you know,
there's the things that Spencer Strider does correlates to a
lower eras in the future, like striking out thirty seven
percent of the batters you face, which no one else does.
So yeah, we just know eventually he's gonna make it

happen and I think there's a lot of excitement with
Strider with regards to the third pitch, the curve ball,
because that is something he had it has been lacking.
I think we saw, particularly in the playoff series versus
the Phillies, they were honed in on the slider because
they knew that was that was that was the only
breaking option they had to worry about. His fastball is
absolutely unhittable. It is absolutely ridiculous, but the slider at

times is not as impressive and if you can, you know,
get yourself into a favorable count, like that was the
pitch that people were hammering. So yeah, I mean, I'm
picking striders and that's just you know, looking towards the future. Right.
Maybe that's you know, some of the same logic that
you could apply to why I should have put Adley
ahead of j t Ramudo because maybe he's not the
best yet, but he's clearly going to be.

Speaker 1 (14:37):
It's common and I guess this one's just funny for
me because again we would you know, our our Trevor
Pluff connection to the Big League has the the original
Harvard West like boys were were his guys Free Giolito
Flaherity Flarity. Hey, good first start Detroit, big place to pitch,

Go go knock him, knock him out. Jack Gilaedo gets
the kind of friendly have a good year in two
years and you're gonna get a big boy contract. He
gets TJ Max Freed throughout the whole thing. Like Gilito
was kind of a sish for the White Sox when
they were gonna make their World series run. Jack Flaherty

was a sish for Saint Louis. Is their young guy
Max Freed. It feels like, I don't know, it feels
like a Girl Next Storm movie where it's like, wait,
you've been here the whole time, And like you said
in the video, I think with anyone with sixty plus
starts in the past four years or whatever, he does

he have the best era, which.

Speaker 2 (15:44):
Yes he does. I mean that that disqualifies Verlander, who's
got him beat a little bit in some of those
run prevention stats if you lower the start threshold to
like fifty, But as far as guys who have actually
like been around and pitching in all those seasons, no
one has been better in terms of run prevention than Free,
which kind of makes him the anti Strider in a way.
Because Strider is all about perceived future run prevention. Fred

already does it. He's done it in the past. That
he does, he just doesn't allow a lot of runs.

Speaker 1 (16:11):
And you know, this is where again I become old school.
There's an old Italian man Uels at Baseball TV summer
in the city. I'm all about run prevention, Like that's
for me, that's the big one.

Speaker 2 (16:26):
Well, yeah, it's I mean, I don't want to interrupt,
but it is the most important thing. Like we totally agree.
What you have to do as a pitcher is you
don't let the other team score runs, and that's how
you win. It's just a question of, Okay, what do
I think is more indicative of future run prevention? Run
provision twenty twenty four. Is it going to be past
run prevention? Oh, this guy had a good era last year,

so obviously he's gonna have a good era this year.
Or is it something else? Is it your strikeout right
in your walk creat for example?

Speaker 1 (16:53):
Yeah, yeah, I'm enough about the pictures, man, I'm I'm
I'm kind of over them again. It's the Trevor Ploof effect.

Speaker 2 (17:02):

Speaker 1 (17:02):
He started pointing out how needy pitchers are and you're like, damn, wait,
they they kind of are personal catchers. Let's get to
the rest of the fifty and mostly the hitters. And
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Speaker 2 (18:05):
All right, Bailey, let me let me come in a little.

Speaker 1 (18:08):
I'll come in a little more wide the story Ellie method, Uh,
I guess looking at this list now a couple of
days removed one, is there any instant remorse five games
into the season? Is there someone that you look at
this list and you're like, son, I damn it? And
then I guess, going before that, when you were on

the list, who was the guy that gave you the
most hell on where to place them?

Speaker 2 (18:34):
Yeah? I mean there could be you know, Freed and
Nola had bad first starts. They were actually facing each other,
and so it's like, oh, boy, like is Luis Castillo
is just better than both those guys? And I got
that wrong. Yeah. And then as far as who I
had the most trouble placing, actually had a lot of
trouble with Luis Robert Jr. Okay, because he was someone

like I nailed it last year, Jake, Like I absolutely
how many people would have put him on a top
fifty list, you know a year ago to day almost nobody,
So I crushed it. And then he has the season
that we were all hoping he could have. It's like
I think it's I think he had like thirty hot,
thirty eight home runs and twenty stolen bases and goal
Glove defense or Golove Colbert defense and center. And I

only moved him up from forty eight to thirty eight
because I was nervous about some under the hood stuff,
you know, including the strikeout rate, and I have, you know,
Michael Harris the second who's noo to the list ahead
of him, so that I kind of had some trouble
with because it's like, yes, you did exactly what I
knew you could do and what we all thought you

could do, and yet maybe I don't love the way
you did it. So that that was definitely a really
difficult thing for me, was ranking him. I had some
trouble with Bregman. He's kind of ended up around this
thirty spot. But he's just mister consistent, you know. But
it's really tough to sort of rake him among the

third basement, Like I have him just ahead of Devers
right there, and I think there's a lot of people
who could argue that either way.

Speaker 1 (20:11):
Bragman was one that jumped out for me. I huh,
I don't know, I guess, I guess for me it's
finding the uh, like it's now twenty twenty four. Bragman's
twenty nineteen season that's just massive, forty one homers while

leading the league in walks one hundred nineteen walks to
eighty three strikeouts, one dotted second in the MVP. Like
it's it's an insane season. And his twenty eighteen leading
into that was crazy that. I mean that that list
would have you know, the twenty twenty list would have
had Breggy top ten probably And this is your fourth list, right.

Speaker 2 (20:56):
That sounds right to me. I mean, I'm the guy
who makes the list, but four sounds right.

Speaker 1 (21:00):
I think so. But uh, I guess for me, if
I go from twenty twenty on, which it's twenty twenty four,
like that's in baseball terms, there's guys careers that that
pass in that time period. Alex Bregman has been two
sixty three sixty and eight hundred ops, which is a
one twenty three ops plus. He still plays a very

high caliber defense. I don't think he's never gotten the
Gold Glove. But it's it's third base that's there's a
lot of guys that that earn that that I don't know.
I guess he was one that jumped out for me
that he's in a contract year, and I'm always rooting
for players in contract years, and like you said, the consistency,
I value that as well. But I was definitely looking

at him like I don't know if he can climb
back up the list, And when you're looking at a
lot of these names, that concerns me because it you know,
even if I go through the forties right now, like
Pete Alonzo, as you mentioned, he got hit in the hand,
it changed his whole season. Pe Alonzo could put up
a fifty burger this year. He almost did last year

in a down season. You know, you've mentioned your your
qualms with Nolan Aaronato a year in year out, and
we know what his high end is capable of that. Yeah,
I guess for Bregman, I had a head tilt cause
it's just like it could very well stay there and
Alex Bregman could be thirty again. Uh, but if he
has a hiccup, it's gonna be tough to argue about

him going back up the ladder.

Speaker 2 (22:32):
Right, I mean, who is to say the value over
the last few years between Alex Bregman and Xander Bogarts
is really all that different, right, you know, And once
at thirty and one's done on this list. So that's
that's one that I look at, and then I do
I also want to point out and these are like
more fairly obvious hard to rank. Uh obviously trout no
TOWNI obviously that's that is tough and I don't want

to skip ahead. But then another one. Honestly, Matt Olsen
oh Kelsen was a tough one for me because when
I was running the numbers, I have fully convinced myself
he was a top ten player and he ends up
at twelve here because I think, just I don't know,
some of these players ahead him have more name brand value,
they have like a longer history at that elite level.

But I mean, Matt Olson has been insane two of
the last three seasons, you know, and he just kind
of had a good one in between good ish.

Speaker 1 (23:23):
Yeah. I mean, you're you're talking to a Matt Olson hiver,
and you know, when you put him in him and
Freddy's numbers next to each other, they can get very similar.
But again, you're starting to get to a special part
of the list, and that's another place where you deserve
compliments from last year. And I again, I don't want

to go full Tony Robbinson you and say he believe
Bailey be you. You were on the Corey Seeger hell
Bent train last year and then he was yeah yeah
he he ends up fourth on this list. Yeah, I
guess all right, you jumped to the you jumped to

the meat and potatoes there, and I like it. Aaron
Judge number one playing to the fan. No, no, I
I think that's right right as and this is I
guess the caveat is again this is for twenty twenty four,
so show hey who probably would be the guy giving

him the most run for that if he was pitching
this year, he probably gets the nod because it's show Hey. Yeah.
I guess between him and Ronald Acuna Junior who Judge
he has another banged up year. Again, I'm a little
too close to the situation where I do feel like
they are. I don't want to say fluky because maybe

I don't know in my head Judge is an injury
prone Maybe that's some Yankee denial, but even in his
limited action, he was on a home run a American
League home run a record pace last year so I
guess for him and Ronald Lacuna Junior, when when you're
really drawn straws at the end of the day, is
it is it the value between home runs? Is it

the value between just Judge's best is better? Or how
did you do that well?

Speaker 2 (25:17):
Judges? So far, what we've seen, Judge's best is better.
The season that Judge had in twenty twenty two is
better than the season Akunya had in twenty twenty three.
Akunya is sexy from like a power speed, you know,
scenario like this is something we'd never seen. But you know,
Judge was you know, getting on base more and he

was slugging a lot more, and I think this was
really key for me. The defensive gap between Acunian Judge
is greater than people think, and it is going to
make up for, you know, the gap in base stealing
as far as I'm concerned, because Judge is capable of
playing like a league averagi ish center field, which is

extremely valuable, and Akunya really since he's come back from
the injury, has been a negative and right field he
looks like in terms of his athleticism, there's no reason
why he can't be a plus right fielder. I think
it's it's a sort of a lack of confidence after
the ACL tear. He tore his ACL around the warning
track when he slipped, and he just seems really like

sheepish moving back towards the wall in any sort of scenario.
He's not taking those risks. He still got a great arm.
But so if both these guys are fully healthy, like,
there is a pretty significant gap between a negative right
fielder and like an average centerfielder in Major League Baseball.
And and I think Judge overall higher offensive upside. The
pace he was on last year, he had a higher

barrel rate than he did in twenty twenty two when
he broke the AL home run record, And that's that's
a stat that's you know, really important for projecting like
any sort of like future performance. So that's ultimately why
I went with Judge at number one. It's it's the
gap in d defensive value and the fact that I
think Judge still possesses this higher offensive upside because acune

offensively has not had a season you know, like Judge
did in twenty twenty two.

Speaker 1 (27:12):
Yeah, I mean again, I'm not going to counter back
too much on the big fella. He's when he's right,
It's it's just kind of unreal shortstop Mookie Betts Man,
is he just breaking everything? Like I you know, I
know we've both played a lot of out of the
park baseball and he's ended up at second base and
it's like, yes, computer, this is fun. Now it's way

too real. And he's playing shortstop for the Los Angeles
like a super team.

Speaker 2 (27:39):
What is this? It's so weird And the more I
even look at it, I'm just like, these guys have
been trying to trade for Willia Damas for like three
or four years now, and he's still not there. And
then they come into spring training and they're saying, hey,
Gavin lux is our shortstop and Mookie bets is our
second basement. And I think even then we're all kind
of like tugging our shorts, like really, like, is that

is that? Is that your plan? I mean, Gavin Loox
hasn't played in a year. He is at no point
proven that he's an MLB capable shortstop. And then halfway
through spring training they're like, you know what, just flip
flop them. We'll just flip flop them. We'll put MOOKI
Bets at shortstop. I don't know if Mooki Bets is gonna,
you know, play a shortstop that grades out particularly well

according to the to the defensive metrics. He didn't really
even do that at second base last year, Like if
he was just trying to accrue the most war it's
probably still in right field where he's like all world,
all time great.

Speaker 1 (28:36):

Speaker 2 (28:36):
But yeah, it's it's like I think the average, like
baseball fans needs to understand that, Like there's a defensive
spectrum and certain positions are easier and harder than others.
And you know, so the easier positions might be like
first base or corner outfield, and the tougher positions might be,
you know, anything up the middle like catcher, short stop,

second base, center. When you are past the age of thirty,
you don't move up the defensive spectrum. You don't play
a more difficult position. That never happens, like like Mookie Bets.
You know, he's supposed to move from right field to
DH when he gets older, you know what I mean,
He's not supposed to move from right field to shortstop.

You know, he's supposed to do the inverts. He's supposed
to do what Tatist died where he struggled at shortstop
and then won a Platinum glove, And right, this isn't
supposed to happen. It's it's and it's like and then
what's tricky is I have him right next to Corey
Seeger right there, who, like you knows, is a shortstop,
has a history of growing up and playing shortstop and
has always been a shortstop. And it's like, Okay, I

have to think of Mookie Bets as a shortstop now
and rank him accordingly, but like, what does that even mean?

Speaker 1 (29:50):
I I did an episode of Waken Jake where I
basically walked all over myself because I was like, I'm
rooting for Mookie Bets, but he's also like breaking, he's
breaking the game. Yeah, this isn't supposed to happen. And yeah,
him and him and Corey Seeger back to back. I
mean that's I. I was literally I was losing my

mind one day because if Mookie Betts has if he
has an average defensive season and he hits like Mookie Betts,
like there's an argument he's one of the best shortstops
of all time, Like, right, I don't I don't know man,
I almost want to spin out of it because it
starts to make me a little dizzy. Can I ask
you a dumb question if you don't mind.

Speaker 2 (30:33):
I mean you've asked me plenty already, so continue.

Speaker 1 (30:35):
Already in it? Who's the best hitter in baseball? You
mentioned you know, position, and you know Mookie's gonna have
an interesting argument if he has an average shortstop season.
I guess who's the best hitter in baseball? No questions asked.

Speaker 2 (30:52):
I I think it's your on Alpariz On a rate basis,
I think he is the best. His past two seasons
have been absolutely monstrous, and I think with Alvarez, like
there's just no weakness to what he does there. He
You know, hitting is this constant seesaw between contact quantity

and contact quality. So a hitter, you know, comes into
a season and says, you know, oh, Bellinger, good example
last year, right Bellinger said, you know what, I'm gonna
choke up on the bat with two strikes. I'm not
going to strike out as much. And you know what's
what's gonna happen. My average exit velocity is going to
go down, and my barrel rate's not going to be
that impressive, but I'm gonna have a good offensive season
because I want more contact quantity. With Yuron Alvarez, he

never seems to make any sacrifice. Like this is the
power numbers he's able to put up are are in
the range of Judge. But the difference is Judge is
going to strike out, you know, between twenty five and
thirty percent of the time, and Gordon's gonna keep his
strike out right under twenty you know. Like so it's
just and he's younger, and so you know, like the

umber with jord On is he's always kind of beat up.
He hasn't He's he's never had six hundred play appearances
in a season like that is you know, he's come
really close, but he's never had six hundred plate appearances
in the season. But like just on a rate basis,
like at bat for a bat, I do think Jordon
is the best in the game. Uh. He is remarkable,
I I said in the Fullish fifty video. It reminds

me of David Ortiz because Ortiz was able to like
if you look at David Ortiz's base bar friend's page,
you're like, oh, big power hitter. DH probably struck out
a lot right, No, no, he did it like it's
it's absolutely insane.

Speaker 1 (32:35):
Big poppy man. He uh, he was. He was really
fun to watch it. There was a lot of heartbreaking moments,
but him and Manny Man it was it was like
it was cool and it sucked. It's like these are
this is one of the best lefty righty combos ever.
And that's uh, that's probably why all these goddamn Yankee

fans are marching around the office like an episode of
Arthur or something, because because the Soto Judge back to back,
it's it feels special and Judge hasn't even gone yet,
which which that's crazy.

Speaker 2 (33:09):
What episode of Arthur was there marching around?

Speaker 1 (33:12):
You know, It's tough to say, but I just picture
them doing like a high handed.

Speaker 2 (33:17):
Bop that's in the title SEC is that in the
He's walking down the street, but it's just him.

Speaker 1 (33:23):
You know. I'm trying to think because I never watched it,
but maybe.

Speaker 2 (33:27):
Like I listen, I've watched a lot of Arthur in
my heyday.

Speaker 1 (33:30):
If you know, it feels like it was a big
you know what I think it was when there was
snow days and my mom still had to go to work.
I would go over to our neighbor's house. Who it
was a girl like three grades below me, which was
the and we were the age when like you didn't
talk to a girl three grades below you, and it

was like there her grandparents, and I think just it
was kind of like Arthur was on and like nobody
drew their weapons. It was like everyone's okay with this,
Like even the grand parents were like, this is kind
of fine.

Speaker 2 (34:02):
Right, Yeah, it's it's public television. It has to be good.

Speaker 1 (34:06):
So I think that's where I was consuming Arthur. Again.
We'll circle back on that later. Let's see, Uh, I
guess one of the questions I want to ask you,
and you mentioned Luis Robert junior centerfield. I did tierless
with Happy Grape, and centerfield was the one that got

I don't want to say I think centerfield got the
ugliest for me because I was too chicken to hit
the button. I'm too I'm too nervous to anoint Julio.
I looking at his first half numbers from two seasons.
I know I shouldn't care about that, but I do.

And then I question, like, if Luis Robert was on
a better team, how would I view him? And yet
I do think playing in games that matter matters. And
then there's Michael Harris too. Again, he's doing the Arthur
dance all the way to an incredible season himself. So, uh,

I guess Julio like does deserve to be ahead of
those guys, but it's almost like he doesn't yet.

Speaker 2 (35:19):
Yeah, I see what you're saying. You know, when I
when I look at Julio and what he's done these
first two seasons, it to me it just comes back
to the to the defense, and look, Harris and Louise
Robert play extremely high level defense, but so does Julio,
Like he is on par with those guys. And I
think that sort of defied expectations because you know, when

he was coming through the system and like he was
getting all big and muscular, and he was you know,
we were like, Okay, this is gonna be a great
power hitter. We knew that, and but we figured, oh,
maybe he'll bulk up too much and he'll just be
like a really good corner. And it's like, no, he
is like legitimately one of the best defensive centerfielder and
he steals a lot of basses. Yeah, I mean as

far as placing Julio. I like where I've gone him,
but I think a lot of people would argue for
him higher, like in a top ten spot. I think
a lot of people would argue for him ahead of
Mike Trout. But yeah, I the thing with Julio is
he did, offensively take a little bit of a step
back last year, and and that's why people like people
laughed that Julio was like frustrated with his sophomore season

because he was like a six war player because again,
he steals bases and plays insanely good defense and center.
But it's like, yeah, he did step back a little bit,
and really a lot of his production came in like
a three week span offensively, So you know, I know
you guys over there like to say, you what do

you your butter knife? It is that what you do
over there?

Speaker 1 (36:50):

Speaker 2 (36:51):
Okay, so yeah, if you could butter knife it to
make him look really good or maybe you know, more
on par with these guys like Harrison Luis Robert. But
I think the thing with with Julio is, yeah, he's
had he just had like back to back six war seasons.
It's the first two years of his career, and he's
like twenty three. Now, you know, so that's that's nobody
does that. I mean, do you know who does that
when they first come up into the league at a

very young age.

Speaker 1 (37:12):
Like drout right right, Willie Mays? Yeah, Yeah, No, I
I get all of it with Julio, and I think
I've laid out like he's my I think we we
did some dark horse type type bets and like Julio,
it's not even a dark horse or like your honest
got picked. We did. We did like, hey, if this

honest to god, you know, who do you think will
be family dogs? Life is on the line versus if
we were doing like the clickbait local radio show. And
you know, I think I said, al life on the line.
Julio is my safest bet, just because if the full
year happens, I think it's a no brainer. And I
think Judge and Sodo are just kind of gonna elbow

each other out of the way. I do believe in that,
and I forget who my clickbait one was, but yeah,
I don't know. So, like the same time I'm arguing
against him that he should still be in the bucket
with Harris and Robert. He also should clickbait was ADLEI
clickbait was Adley, which again I don't know, depending which

local radio station I'm on. Let's see there was another. Oh,
I want to talk Bobby Witt Junior with you and
Gunner Henderson. Gunner Henderson comes in at twenty eight. Bobby
Witt comes in at eighteen. I have been Gunner Henderson

has been an internal crisis for me for about two
weeks now, just because it's like I've given this speech
I think three full times now, so I'll keep it
high and tight to you. Adley Rushman, I know everything
about him, the Oregon State tackle on McCaffrey. He loves.
I think you should leave his opening day at home Plate.

Whoa you know, Adley's like MLB's guy. They promoted the
hell out of him. All in on ADLEYE. Jackson Holliday
MLB Guys Part two. I know his father, I know
he's engaged. I know he's slept in a batting cage.
I've got. I have nothing on Gunner Henderson except he
won Rookie of the Year. He got better as the

year went on. And I think if we're going if
we're going strictly like war in numbers. I think he
outdid Bobby whit last year, or at least it's close
that I'm wondering. I'm wondering the gap between you you
have between those two.

Speaker 2 (39:43):
I don't think he out did Bobby with I think
the separator there, and it's it's tough to base your
expectations off this because I think about Bobby Wit Junior
is he went from I think negative eight to plus
ten at shortstop between his rookie and sophomore year, and
and Gunner was I think probably more like a league
averages shortstop. And also you know, plenty of time at

third base in there, although he'll play more shortstop this year,
so that's a difference. And then the base stealing as well,
like Bobby Witch Junior still forty nine, I don't know
how many Gunners still off the top of my head,
maybe in the teams ten yeah, ten, so and Gunner
is a really good base runner by the way, it's
just not the base stealing. But yeah, that's that's sort

of a separator for me. And so yeah, I would
say I would say Bobby Witch Junior had had a
better year, but it's more of a question of Okay,
if Bobby Witch Junior was a plus ten shortstop last year.
Does that mean he's gonna that's what he is now?
Or you know, are relying on singles season sample size
for advanced defensive metrics a really bad idea, And maybe

now he's just an average defensive shortstop, in which case
I would strongly consider dropping him, you know, below the
likes of Gunner Henderson, because this is with the expectation
that he is very much a plus defensive shortstop who
is gonna steal you know, close to fifty bags and
hit you know, thirty, maybe even forty home runs. We'll see.
But yeah, that's so I view them as separate tiers.

But I think it comes down to what the advanced
defensive metrics say, because there's no reason why at the
end of the season, you know, these things are so finicky.
Maybe they'll say Gunner is a better defensive shortstop than
Bobby with Junior, in which case you flip flop them.

Speaker 1 (41:25):
Right, And I guess that's where I was going off
b Warwich. Again, I don't I don't live I don't
live by that, but I think Gunner was a was
he a six point two last year? And Bobby was
I think he was like a four to eight or something,
which again I don't, I don't live by that, but
it is. It's just funny putting those two names down
on paper because I think you're right, like with what
Bobby can do with his speed. And again, this is

where Gunner's bizarre to me, because like what you said
about his defense, like, yeah, I don't know he's Gunner
Henders it like I've just I've never said that about
other prospects who have won Rookie of the Year in
our eyes, like the best team in the American League
last year, and it's like he's just he's over hyped
by the prospect before him, in the prospect after him,

and I'm guessing I think he's a Southern boy that
probably doesn't want to do the interviews that Adley's about
and currently Jackson Holliday's doing that. I don't know. I'm
my wheels are spinning on him because I I don't.
You just don't see that. You don't see a top
prospect Rookie of the Year performs got better and yet

like I don't, there's just like a droll energy around it. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (42:37):
The other thing is with Gunner like it's not particularly
exciting to watch. He's just kind of good at everything.
You know, like if you were an out, you'd be like,
you'd give him just like a sixty across the board
at everything, and that makes you a phenomenal player, you know,
or like a fifty five. And then at the end
of the year you go look at it and you're like, well,
he racked up a lot of war but what's the

standout feature of his game? You know that it's not
he's just everything he plays. There's not an answer to
that question. Yeah, he's a good player, is what it is.

Speaker 1 (43:10):
That was. That was the minor minor league scouting report
on a young glabor trres and just like he's good.
It's like, oh, okay, great at and they're just like, oh,
good ballplayer. Perfect.

Speaker 2 (43:23):
Yeah, like, well he can hit the ball, but he
can also hit it hard and then the ball goes
into his glove and he throws it and that all
looks fine.

Speaker 1 (43:31):
Like I gotta get into scouting because it seems like
if that works, all right, let's uh, let's let's start
to wind it down. I guess if now looking at
the list, who do you have as a potential like
big riser. I was gonna say cracks the top ten
some of those names, it just feels impossible. I guess

who on this list are you looking at that they
could be a huge And maybe it doesn't have to
be a top ten, Like maybe you're drinking the Bobashett
stock and you think he could go from forty four
to fourteen. I guess who do you see as the
big potential risers on this list.

Speaker 2 (44:11):
Here's what we'll do. I'll pick one from each column there, sure,
so we'll start with the far right column, which are
the higher ranked guys. Austin Riley can move into a
top ten spot like he I he would kind of
be my honest to god pick an MVP for the
National League. Choice either him or like Harper. Those are
kind of the guys who I'm like, yeah, it'll probably

be one of those guys that wins MVP in the
National League. He's been playing at a consistent level these
past three years, but there is that feeling deep down
that there could be another level unlocked. And if that's
the case, now, now all of a sudden, he's up
there with Freddie Freeman, you know, around five second column,
guy who could jump up quite a bit. I'm gonna
go ooh, this is a good one. You know what

I'm gonna say, it's fairly obviously. I'll Satatis right because
I think everyone knows there's MVP upside there. He's one
of the more popular MVP picks. I'm sort of in
nineteen kind of playing the weight and see game. That's
about where I had him last year. Anyways, I'm like,
I I believe it's possible, but I'm not, you know, like,
I'm not necessarily ranking him as if I think, you know,

he's going to win an MVP Award at nineteen there
and then uh, let's see far left call him there,
who could move up quite a bit. You know what
I'm gonna say, out of all of these guys, this
is an interesting one. I mean, Vladdie seems like the
most obvious answer, but I'm gonna flip it on sit
a little bit. I'm gonna say a doolies, I.

Speaker 1 (45:35):
Thought you might say that. I like the I liked
how excited you got when you talked about him in
the in your video.

Speaker 2 (45:41):
I'm so excited I was, because you know, if you'd
asked me a year ago, how I feel about a
doolies like I would have observed, you know, Oh, he
cut his strikeout right a little there between twenty twenty
one and twenty twenty two, and he's still playing really
good defense in the outfield, and everything's looking nice and sustainable.
And then to see him, you know, make that next

step between twenty twenty two and twenty twenty three was awesome.
It was so awesome. He's still playing plus defense out
there in the outfield, and the chase rate is way down,
so now he's you know, rocking a double digit walk rate.
And what's so fun about this guy is he's basically
come from nowhere to be a like an everyday player

in Major League baseball. He's he's like, what thirty or
thirty one now, but he's only been an everyday player
in Major League baseball for three years now. So compared
to you know, the average player his age, you know,
who's probably been around for much longer, it's easier to
project him to continue to improve because of, you know,
he's still kind of new at this and he's and

what all he's done is get better every year that
he's played. So if he continues to build up that track, record. Yeah,
he could really launch himself in a conversation of being
one of the top outfielders period. So yeah, and I'm
just a big fan of his game. He's just so
fun to watch. Like Seeger and Simeon, we know why
they brought those guys in. They are professionals. They show

up every day, they play hard, but they're not particularly
animated or expressive, and so it's like like, yes, they
are the engine, but like Adoles is like the heart
and soul of that team, like emotionally, and that's that's
what I really enjoy about him.

Speaker 1 (47:21):
Three homers in four games early on this season. I'm
sure if I want to get a tweet with some
likes off, I could go back and add his playoff
games to that, and Adolice probably has. He probably has
like ten homers in his last ten games or something.
Maybe I will fire that off. Yeah, I guess, you know,
pitchers are kind of illegal. I'm all in on George Kirby.

He just something about him feels it feels different. Just
it's coming in the zone and I don't really care
what you do with it. I think that's impressive. And yeah,
I don't know, I guess I circled that Gunner, Henderson, Corbyn,
Carroll area because something about them, something about them isn't flashy.

But if they get better, I mean, their numbers are
start to get in silly spots. Especially you know, I
know cor Corbyn's now filling in at center field, but
I guess for him it's like if his numbers take
a boost, And for Gunner it becomes a shortstop argument
of like if he does that at shortstop another year

or a little bit better. You know, that's Corey Seeger light,
which I think, who just can I think Trev compared
them on Talking Baseball and I was like, ooh, that's
that's interesting.

Speaker 2 (48:39):
Yeah. I mean it's probably more upside defensively and on
the bays pass than Seeger.

Speaker 1 (48:43):
You know, just tough to tough to compare to anyone
that you know, Corey Seeger is now a top three
hitter in the game. For me, that to to put
that on any prospect who has a season with an
OPS in the eight hundreds, you just you don't want
to do that. And you know, I maybe this is

just my Yankees coming out. Who I could argue this
the other way. Raphael Devers, Dude, he's just better than
how his last year finished. That, Like, I don't there's
gonna be the raffie top three MVP year is going
to happen at some point, and I don't know if
it's this year or next or whatever, but one year

we're just gonna look down and be like, oh, yeah,
he one dotted.

Speaker 2 (49:30):
One thing I will say in my defense with Devers
is like he had a worse year in twenty twenty
three than he did in twenty twenty two, and I
basically ranked him the exact same because I was like, yeah,
but I don't think that's who you are.

Speaker 1 (49:42):
Yeah, I mean, the Sox season fell apart, and it's
just like that guy can hit a lot. Last question,
who will be off the list next year?

Speaker 2 (49:52):
BE mean, yeah, it could be.

Speaker 1 (49:57):
Ooh, you know.

Speaker 2 (49:59):
I one guy who I have left off one year
and got a lot of flak for it was Boba Schett.
Like I just I'm a little like I'm a lot
of people think I'm like a Blue Jays hater because
I have come on this program and expressed doubts about
the blue Jays that were immediately proven to be correct.

Speaker 1 (50:15):
That's because you're not a Blue Jays teenage fan. If
you're if you're not a Blue Jays teenage fan, you
are a Blue Jays hater.

Speaker 2 (50:25):
Yeah, well it's you know, and it's like, you know,
if you're you know, if you're not a Blue Jays
fan when you're a teenager, you know, you have no heart.
And if you're not a Blue Jays hater when you're
almost thirty, you have no brain. Yeah you know. Yeah,
but no, he's like, I just want to see him
do something different. You know, he's been kind of doing
the same thing. I would love to see him do

something different or else. It's just going to be like
it's upside argument, right, Like if this guy is just
gonna be the forty fifth best player in baseball every year, like,
what's the okay when it gets down to those spots
in the forties, maybe I want to try a guy
who I think might win MVP out of nowhere, you know. Yeah,
so it's the same argument there, you know, who's one
guy who I think Like it's it's easy to eye

the old guys, Like people are probably licking their chops, like, hey,
Paul gold Schmid, like this is it. Hope you enjoyed it.
I'm not so sure, I believe. I believe in Goldie.
I think the process has been pretty good these last
few years, so I would not be surprised if he
moves up the list if anything. But yeah, I thinking
Bo could drop off and then I'm sure some of
these pictures will. I'm sure between Freed, Nola, and Gallon,

like one of these guys is gonna stumble and not
and have a not so great year, and then maybe
some of those other pictures we talked about come back
and they're you know, contenders for the list. But yeah,
that's that's what I'm eyeing.

Speaker 1 (51:38):
Yeah, the other one, this one's just rude and it's
a little bit organization in age in their baseball card.
But like, at some point YONDI Diaz has to stop
being incredible. I don't know. I could be very wrong,
and maybe he's just gonna ride this out, but the
fact that he has become amazing is just mind blowing.

Speaker 2 (52:02):
If you look over the past two seasons, he's probably
like the sixth best hitter in baseball over the past
two season since.

Speaker 1 (52:09):
Dude, he let's see I just since twenty twenty. I
mean he's a one thirty eight oh ps plus, which yeah,
last year, one fifty nine my.

Speaker 2 (52:21):
God, WRC plus since the start of twenty twenty two,
so two full years and almost a week. Yandi Diaz
is the seventh highest WRC plus Yeah, so like and
I mean, and all those guys ahead of them, I'm
sure are hovering around the top ten on this list.
It's just six to one show Hey, al Tuve, Betts, Freeman, Alvarez, Judge.

Speaker 1 (52:46):
Yeah, yeah that uh that tracks as the kids are saying, Bailey,
as always, I appreciate you, uh doing a list like
this is one of the things that makes sports beautiful
and one of the things that makes sorts sports stink
because it's like, oh, my god, like Seeger and Bets

this year. I don't know, ma'am. I don't know if
if Seger gives me one thirty games, if Bets can
play shortstop after the age of thirty. So I uh,
I know it's a big annual video for you, and
I'm glad it's uh partially became attached to this, So
thank you. Man. What what else you got coming up?

Speaker 2 (53:28):
Well, one thing I've got coming up is more appearances
on this show. Yeah, I think we I think people
will be happy to hear that that I will be Uh,
what do you want to call it? Semi regular? Yeah,
what we're shooting for a couple of month. Maybe I
think we're aiming for like two a month, two a month. Yeah,
when when I when you know, we we had some
very extensive, you know, contract negotiations. I held out. But

one thing you did offered to me a few months
ago when I was riffing on I guess I don't
even know why this was necessarily news now that I
think about it, but people we're talking about how the
McAfee show, the Pat McAfee Show, pays Aaron Rodgers for appearances.
And then you know, I came at you like price
of the Bailey just went up because I didn't know
you could get paid for that. You made me an offer,

and you offered me I could get one weekend visitation
with BBD, or you could give me a pass that
makes me the third we got ice member, and I
said yes, not realizing I had to choose between those
two things because obviously you offered them both. I mean,
that's a no brainer for me. So I want you
to know I've made my decision. I'm gonna take BBD

because I think if I play my cards right, I
can still convince people that I'm zo.

Speaker 1 (54:41):
Oh. Just do that, okay, and that can become your
leverage to get into we got ice with Jack and
like you can drive Zoe's price way down.

Speaker 2 (54:53):
Yeah, I know, because it's a supply and demand thing
that people probably only demand one Zoe. But what if
I supply a second.

Speaker 1 (55:00):
And I mean you get BBD. That's you know, that's
essentially a conjugal visit. So I think I think you
made the right selling.

Speaker 2 (55:09):
Uh hope you like this wood paneling BBD.

Speaker 1 (55:13):
Hello, I'm excited. Man, it's gonna be It's gonna be
a fun season. I cannot wait uh to uh get
you and Jolly olive against each other somehow, and in
a way, you guys are doing something baseball's deserved and
needed for a long time. Uh, and you're both really

nice guys. So I just want to I need to
make we either need to make you guys like best
fucking friends and that's baseball's future, or you guys just
need to hate each other. I don't want to live
in a middle area.

Speaker 2 (55:49):
I want I want us to be the next Skipp
and Shannon. You know, like that's ride high for a while.
Uh huh yeah, and then at the end of it,
I want to be interviewing Kat Williams, so we know
which one I am.

Speaker 1 (56:01):
Okay, all right, you've you've laid it out, Bailey. I'll
send the people over to Foolish Baseball and Foolish Bailey.
That's right, Okanks, And I think I'll do one last
taster thing. I think I saw a tweet I liked
from you, and I did want to compliment it. Oh god,

I just clicked. I clicked on Foolish Gamers. What account
is that?

Speaker 2 (56:26):
That? That's like a very popular gaming YouTuber with kids,
and I didn't know it existed, but he's like ten
times more popular than me. If you could get him
on this show, you'd probably offer him BBD and we
got Ice simul daneously.

Speaker 1 (56:40):
I wanted to, ah, you know, sometimes we're we have
the group setting up here that you know. I think
when someone else hits a milestone Jolly gets one hundred
k subscribers, we all give him collaps. I wanted to
give you your flowers you were able to tweet out
six hours ago. Babe, wake up. It's Louis Varland bumpde

and get a thousand likes on that tweet. That's a
special place, man, it's nice. Congrats to you and Louie.

Speaker 2 (57:09):
That's engagement right there.

Speaker 1 (57:12):
Bailey, thank you. We'll be seeing you again soon and
go baseball.

Speaker 2 (57:17):
Go baseball.

Speaker 1 (57:18):
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