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April 1, 2024 50 mins


0:00 Baseball is Back

2:25 Yankees & Juan Soto are SO GOOD

20:20 The Extremes are the Extremes

27:10 Offense is SO In

35:15 Fascinated by Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh

44:40 Mets are a Disaster

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome back to waken Jake. Happy baseball to
all of you that celebrate. I hope you enjoyed the
weekend of baseball back with your favorite team. I hope
you enjoyed the sports world, I mean march madness in
full tilt. Shout out to the the women will be
balling tonight. It's literally I'm not gonna start with the

sports as scripted because I sometimes I find myself in
a dark hole thinking about that. Hey, have you been
out of the women's college basketball game for a while?
Kaylen Clark? Who she is? Her or him? I don't.
I don't know if they've adopted that she's the chosen one.

They're playing LSU Angel Reese, like their whole team. Awesome.
My Yukon women love them, you know they're Yukon. They're
playing USC who they have one of the best players
in the country. I didn't expect to do any of that,
but check it out because the men's basketball was really
good this weekend too. But we are talking baseball out

the start opening weekend instant reaction, My brain was kind
of here. And then Dave Schonfield, who have we ever
met him or anything?

Speaker 2 (01:17):
Who are I think, so, who are you? Dave? Reach
out guy in my town and grew up with a
similar name. Not it's not him, because the guy I'm
thinking of as the father of somebody I know.

Speaker 1 (01:27):
But I'm messaging pass and right now, who is Dave Shonfield.
I read his stuff because he came out with It's baseball.
It's a long season. Your past weekend can be erased instantly.
You go on and win this next series. You reel
off a week of wins and you're the New York Mets,

and it can all change. I don't know if they're
the perfect team to do because I don't think it's
all going to change there. He didn't eight things we
learned from this weekend. I'm making my own adaptation. I'm
doing kind of the five stories from the opening weekend
of baseball that shook things up where I will compliment Dave. Oh,

I'm finding out who you are right now. It's where
I wanted to start, and it's where I was gonna
start no matter what, because it is the New York Yankees.
And if you don't want to hear it, I'm sorry,
but you're about to because we did an hour and
a half on talking Yanks, we opened up talking Baseball
with it, and we're doing Waking Jake too, because something
special happened this weekend. The new look New York Yankees

went into Houston. They swept them for four games. The
Houston Astros that have been the Yankees' nightmare for the
past seven years now minute made where there's a lot
of bad memories. The Yankees went in, they came back
the first three games, coming off of a year of
anemic offense. So that's the you know, if you're checking

boxes along the way with me. Last year, the Yankees
offense was atrocious. When you were looking at stats. The
only teams that were worse were the Oakland A's were
the Guardians last year.

Speaker 2 (03:13):
The Tigers' offense last year, the stat page was awful.

Speaker 1 (03:19):
I mean, the Yankees offense was atrocious. Whenever they'd go
down in games, it just felt like it was over
a two run lead, felt everything felt double. A three
run lead on the Yankees last year felt like a
six run lead, two and four, one and two, there's
your bath pod. So to come out and kind of
slay the dragon on that in Houston. So that was

the first box we checked unbelievable one Soto. You have
seen us being dramatic on the internet about it, because
my god, you try not to be over reactionary in baseball.

There's one hundred and sixty two games, but it's the
opening weekend. It's our first taste of the new ice
cream flavor. It's fantastic or again, tragic if you're the Mets.
A little backhand whoops. Juan Soto is awesome. I can't
wait to watch it over one sixty two. It's something

that when we talked about free agency and how it's landed,
this is the reason, and it's part of the reason
why Talking Yanks became successful off the rip, which has
led into this whole company. Every player is different, Every
guy has their own quirks, mannerisms, personality, and Juan Soto, again,

this is a four and oh Yankee weekend, so you're
gonna hear some ridiculousness. It felt like the best at
bats I have ever seen. And and maybe that's dramatic,
and maybe I won't be saying that. Maybe there'll be
Awaken Jake episode in July where I'm like, okay, you know,
with the New York Yankees, who are some of the

We've gotten to see a rod and this is this
is where I want to scope it down to Yankees
and in a non knocking the Yankees ways, when you
watch your team, you watch them every day. So if
you're a throwback Orioles fan and you watch Cal Ripken
every day, you'd be like, wn, cal Ripken, I haven't

seen I haven't seen guys play like that because you
saw Cal Ripken play every day. What's another team? Uh,
the Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutcheon. I don't know. You probably
seen you watched him? Did he win two MVPs there?

Speaker 2 (05:49):
I think just the one win?

Speaker 1 (05:51):
But I mean you got to see something pretty special
day in day out, and he's a guy with an
awesome personality and a guy that had all five tools.
Like you know, whatever team you follow, you've watched a
special player and they have more heart strings with you Yankees,
We've been lucky enough to see a ton of sick players, man.

I mean, Jeter, Rod Bernie a lot of heart strings there,
Tino Robinson, Cano Hall of Fame level baseball players, Aaron
Judge just broke the home run record.

Speaker 2 (06:26):
Watch a very special season, and.

Speaker 1 (06:29):
Maybe that's where Yankee fans get to update from Jeff Passing.
He's a dude who's he writes a ton and has
been here for twenty years. Okay, in shout out Dave,
Dave shown field. Uh. And maybe that's what makes this

feel even better is that Aaron Judge. We watched him
break the home run record. The team fell apart around him,
but he was incredible. I remember, and I talked about
it on here. I talked about it wherever I could,
the feeling, and I was glad Judge talked about it.

After the season he hit a double. There's a standing
ovation before is a bat. I think he was at
fifty nine home runs and he hit a double, and
there weren't booze in the stands, but there was that
negative murmur like when this is ah ah, it was unbelievable.

I've never seen a double met with that response, like
I can't even imagine no, because I was just gonna
say someone going for the cycle. But if someone going
for the cycle hits a double, I don't know, you're
kind of it. You're kind of daydreaming for a second.
Aaron Judge, who has incredible plate discipline. Uh, you know,

a really good on base percentage broke the home run
record in front of our eyes. We soo did this
past weekend. I don't want to say it was more impressive,
Saron Judge broke the American League home run record. Sorry, Barry.

The picture in baseball for years has been in control
of the driver's seat, and every now and then you
see a batter take over and it's like, oh, shoot,
watch this, Like this picture doesn't have anything for this
hitter right now, this hitter is in control. It's a
pretty rare feeling in baseball. Every one Soto at bat

felt that way. So if you're someone who was a
Nationals fan, you're hearing all this and you might be
laughing to yourself. Maybe you're laughing because there's another shoe
that's gonna drop, Like maybe maybe parts of this season
one soda is gonna lose focus. He's definitely gonna slump.

Every baseball ever, every baseball player ever has slumped. I
don't know. I don't know what the other side looks like,
but I know what this side looks like. And especially
in a contract year playing for the Pinstripes, which if
you think it doesn't matter, I don't know if I've

shared this before because I didn't want to blow up
his spot, but he got a new contract. I don't know.
I'm interested to see. Because I talk so much, I
forget what I say. I went to a famous wedding
this summer flex Cole Tucker, Vanessa. Congrats to them still
and I, you know, told you guys a little bit.

Me and Chris Archer brote out hard to the point
Jess was like, hey, you kind of have to cut
it out. Jack Flaherty's there. Me and Jackie kind of
opposite personalities, but man, we had a good time. We
had a blast my first time at Tyler Glass. Now
Chris Rose rotation. You know, we'd message a lit litle bit.

He's good friends with Cole, so we'd besked about Tyler before.
We have a nice time. We're talking a lot of baseball.
And again during the wedding, it was a phone free ceremony,
and this was Tyler Glass now was supposed to be
traded like Prime Time, which kind of stunk. But again

he's the person that couldn't care less about it. And
the Yankees got brought up, and I think I got
in a passionate speech, maybe even a little extra passionate
with some tequila about Louis Castillo and Frankie Mantas that
not even that the Yankees deserve to get Louis Castillo

because they got out bid and the Reds wanted Noelvie Marte.
Fast forward that the Seattle Mariners got Louis Castillo. That
was it. The Yankee side of things that was also
a little crazy was if they traded for Luis Castillo,
he's gonna have to shave his head or get a
hair cut, which again that comes the beard policy. I'm

half into. It's the Yankees. You're showing up for work,
shave your beard, son, get out there, guys. Hair. I
don't know, like that's it starts coming up against like
a racial barrier of like Louis Castillo's got this awesome hair,
you're gonna make him cut it? And I don't know
where do you start drawing lines in twenty twenty four,

twenty twenty two at the time, Uh and Glass, Now
this is the part that I don't think I've shared
before because I think everyone started looking at him because
they were like, yo, Tyler Glass, now you're on the
trade block.

Speaker 2 (11:47):
You could be treated sometimes you have beautiful.

Speaker 1 (11:49):
Hair, and he kind of looked at everyone and I
was I was glad because this feeling still very much
resonates for me, and it's Yankee and if you don't
like it, I'm sorry. Tyler Glass now looked at everyone
at the table and he goes, if I get traded
to the Yankees, I'm cutting my hair or the Yankees.

That's the whole point, people. So if you don't like him, good,
you're not supposed to like the Yankees. Those were some
of our texts in our in our Talking Yanks group
chat this week and was like, oh, man, guys are
gonna hate the Yankees this year. Bro. They posted all
their watches after the game. Uh you know Stroman's uh

a not not well received guy. If he's not on
your team. Fordugo can rub some feathers. The way Soto plays, man,
it's the most confident thing I've ever seen a hitter
do on a baseball field while being natural, like not
trying to be douchey.

Speaker 2 (12:51):
It doesn't feel like he's a choosing to do something extra.

Speaker 1 (12:54):
He's just like, hey, man, I'm in this a bat
with you. Let's dance. It's all you guys in a
Game of Thrones kick. So some of you might get this,
but it's like it's Aria learning from her dance partner
in season one, like hey, we're here, Like let's kind
of let's boogy a little bit, let's groove. I think

the Yankees are gonna be hated this year, and I
that's a good thing for Yankee fans, because if the
Yankees are hated, that means they're good. Juan Soto's already comed.
You know, he basically dropped his they don't boo the
bad players lines. He expects booze because he's that good.
The other thing is Judge barely participated this series offensively.

Same with Glaber Torres, who those two were the only
offense last year. Some hero ball efforts from his Walda Cabrera.
You're not sure how much that's gonna continue, but looked nice.
Nice to see for a series because he didn't have
a lot of those last year. Verdugo looked fine. Rizzo's
back and he didn't go go nuts. But man, the

New York Yankees had a swagger to them. Incredible at
bats up and down the lineup, a little small ball,
some power fulpy looked incredible and be interesting to see
if he's in the lineup tonight. He had a bad
case of the the Mexicos, which I will say to

him and whoever else on the Yankees get sick. I
had that Montezuma's Revenge. I don't. I think it's traditionally
called that one of the worst twenty four hours of
my life. Who I didn't have insurance at the time.
I thought about going to like a hotel in Mexico.
I don't know. The dark thoughts started spinning really hard,

and then right around the twenty four hour mark, I
was I started getting better.

Speaker 2 (14:52):
There was a light.

Speaker 1 (14:53):
If I didn't get better at that point, I was
going to a hospital. Enough about the poops. The New
York Yankees are the story from the opening weekend of Baseball.
I think on Talking Baseball we used to get nervous
about it, like, hey, we have a Talking Yanks show,
So if you're hunting out Yankees on YouTube podcast, you're
already getting that, which means you're a fan of another team,

so you half hate the Yankees, so you don't want
to hunt it out.

Speaker 2 (15:19):
On our end, we've gotten to scratch our age as
far as like the baseline have we gotten to talk
about this somewhere.

Speaker 1 (15:25):
The story from baseball opening weekend was the Yankees look good.
Juan Soto looks incredible, the trickle down effect to the
team and at bats. If Anthony Volpi is the prospect
he was supposed to be, and everyone was saying that
already his at bats look better, the Yankees have a
real lineup. The Yankees have a real lineup. And I've

done this speech on here go through any Yankee team
that was good, their strength was their lineup. It's silly
when we do Yankee team drafts and Yankee all time drafts.
When you start doing the pitching staff, it's Whitey Ford,

it's Andy Pettitt, who like, don't get me wrong, I
love Andy Pettitt. He was a Horsey pitch forever. But
when you're doing like pantheons of all time pitchers.

Speaker 2 (16:17):
Like Andy Pettitt is like the the all time, like
number two pitcher.

Speaker 1 (16:22):
He's not in the Hall of Fame.

Speaker 2 (16:23):
Yeah, like he's the and there's not a lot of
essential like that's your second best guy, which a lot
of years he was Yankees in the World Series, but
like a few times with him, But Whitey Ford Gator Gidrey,
like these pictures pitched?

Speaker 1 (16:41):
When did?

Speaker 2 (16:41):
When was Rod Ron Gidory's last season. I know he
had some injury stuff, so we retired kind of young.
But the early eighties, I want to say.

Speaker 1 (16:52):
So he he, he fought for a little bit. He pitched.
He was thirty seven nineteen eighty eight. Ron Gidrey never
pitched MLB game since I've been alive. And if you
get confused by my young, beautiful face, he hasn't pitched
a game since Jimmy's been alive either. So Bloom roasted
both ways. The Yankees, the Bronx, Bombers, the short porch,

really good lefties, really good on base. That's one of
the secrets of the Yankees dynasty, Like they were kind
of sneaky into on base before it was sexy, although
Oakland took all the credit for that. But they also
had crazy power and crazy players and a bunch of
borderline Hall of famers, if not borderline Hall of famers,
with one of the best shortstops and the best closer ever.

And they're playing with a little bit of swagger. And
to see Rodin perform enough that he can build off
of it. Marcus Stroman six innings, no earn runs, like
he's an MLB guy out right. That was good and
the bullpen didn't give up a run, which when you
look at that bullpen on paper, especially around the league,

there's not a ton of flash to it, or guys
you might know, like Johnny Lewiaaca has been doing it
for a while now and Clay Holmes has been the Yankees'
closer for a little bit. But you know, even those
guys aren't like going back to the Yankee bullpen. That's
Britain Ottavino.

Speaker 2 (18:25):
There's years of like visibly stacked bullpens and this isn't
the name value isn't there.

Speaker 1 (18:32):
But the whole team seemed like they were playing with
a little bit of conviction that we haven't seen the
Yankees play with in a little bit. So we are excited.
People around the leagues are excited. And Juan Soto, man,
he's twenty five years old. He's twenty five years old.
He's younger than Yankees rookie catcher Austin Wells, whoever.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
All we're here, and we were shouting out pitchers like
even Nester's bad start, he rallied and gave length and
finished strong and retired. The last X number out of
whatever was almost everything was positive.

Speaker 1 (19:17):
The Yanks looked good. Uh. And if we're being honest
business wise for MLB the league, like when the Yankees
are the Yankees, it's just good for baseball. And the
Yankees look like they're gonna be the Yankees. So that
was the number one in the article. Shout out Dave Schoenfield,
it was the number one. Here is the number one

to lead talking baseball story talking Yanks when a buck
thirty seven. Sometimes I question how dumb we can be,
because there's times at John Boy Media where we do
some dumb stuff. Just the facts of it, I don't know.
With the Yankees were pretty good on the pulse, no one,

no one's holding back, no one's holding back. The Yanks
looked really good. And let's see what that means over
the season. Because that Al east Man. I'll get to
some of that in a second. Uh. My number two storyline. Uh,

I adapted some from from Dave here, but I made
this my If it's there, I said, the extremes are
the extremes, the Dodgers and the Braves. There's nothing that
can slow those teams down. The Dodgers just stole the
win out of from the Cardinals because they wanted to,
because there was enough baseball left. They were down four nothing,

I think going into the sixth and they were just like,
you know, I think the I think the Cardinals had
used a decent amount of their pen over the weekend
and just the the thick I guess that's the thick
part of their lineup. The lineup that you're gonna tell
your grandkids about, Mookie sho Hey and Freddie Freeman. Yeah,

that's silly. No, what else is silly? Like? The next
tier is Will Smith, Max Munsey and taoscar Hernandez who
went off this weekend. When you get past that, it's
James Outman or Chris Taylor's or Hayward or Lux like
you already know. And that's why I wanted to label
at the extremes or the extremes. But like them and

the Braves, the Phillies stole a game from Atlanta, and
that's how they're gonna lose games this year. I was
really questioning things coming into the season because I was
looking at last year's team profile and projections and the
New York Mets were the number two team again. Tough
episode for the Mets, but the Mets ended up bombing

last year, and like the d Backs won the World Series,
they were like the twentieth ranked team. The Texas Rangers
were around there two and it was like, oh damn,
how about that. There was another top team from last
year that ate it? Well, the Yankees. They were up there, Yankees, Mets.
I want to say there was a Cardinals.

Speaker 2 (22:13):
Cardinals were up there.

Speaker 1 (22:14):
Cardinals. I guess in hindsight, the Mets are always the Mets,
and that's that's just untouchable. The Cardinals in the Central Division.
I mean, the Cardinals just had a year from hell.
The Yankees. It's funny looking back at the questions we
had about last year's team that just didn't get answered.

The cream of the crop. The Braves are too big
to fail. Kellnick had a great weekend. He's their nine
hole hitter. They're pitching has crazy depth and talent. Uh,
the Dodgers are in the same boat. I think those
are the only two teams I truly had as the

too big to fail And the other reason why I
labeled this I labeled this category the extremes are the extremes.
White Sox, A's and Rockies. I mean that just nothing,
just nothing, man tough. It's crazy that the White Sox

should be even lumped with those other franchises when a
couple of years ago, the White Sox we would have
argued are too big to fail. The other direction with
how good they're pitching and their lineup looked like it
was going to be the Rockies are joke. I had
a I had a couple conversations about the Rockies this weekend.

I kind of can't believe what they're doing as a
baseball franchise. There's no strategy with their team, Like, look
at the Rockies and tell me what they what they're
supposed to do well? What are the Rockies supposed to
do well?

Speaker 2 (23:59):
What exactly would you say you do successfully? Quickly?

Speaker 1 (24:04):
They maybe defense? I don't think so. Who's running on
that team? Rogers, Rogers, Joe's was making fun of the
way Rogers runs and if you've seen Joe's run, Maybe
defense like Doyle Tovar, McMahon, Rogers, Nolan Jones.

Speaker 2 (24:27):
Okay, they can they can pick it a little bit
that their defense won't lose you the game.

Speaker 1 (24:33):
I know, pitching's tough there but how how have they
not hired like whoever runs the Rays bullpen.

Speaker 2 (24:42):
Like there's there's somebody smart enough to figure it out
in the world than they haven't.

Speaker 1 (24:46):
The other team plays a course too, And I know
while I'm saying this, I've been a course field defender
and are on the Rocky side because it is tough
when they go on road trips and it looks like
pitches move more. But we also have new technology that
it feels like we can be training for that and
and getting better. I don't know, the Rockies are directionless.

When have the Rockies had When have the Rockies been on?
Like No, every year they come out with like best
farm systems. I've never seen the Rockies on that.

Speaker 2 (25:19):
Never I'm not maybe like going back to like when
Tula was coming up, like he was a big process.

Speaker 1 (25:27):
Is there a time when Tulo and Aeronauto were both prospects?
And and and by the way, is that the only
time the Rockies have ever had success? Like how is
this team never fully invested in the farm or how
have they never paid more for free? There's just no
direction So that's my one of my annual Rocky rants.
White Sox are down bad right now. I do think

they're have kind of like a rebuild plan, that.

Speaker 2 (25:51):
The direction is there, it's built. It's one of the
uglier rosters to just read through, particularly on the pitching end.

Speaker 1 (26:00):
And then Oakland, I mean they you guys know what's
on there. So I think just seeing seeing those again
after doing a year of analyzing what's on paper, and
this team looks good and oh they added this Dodgers
braves too big to fail. You probably already knew that
the other teams are too bad to fail. Houston. I

know it's one weekend against the Yanks, and I'm not
gonna do this whole thing, but I don't know. I'm
just leaving. I'm leaving the door cracked because when we
did that episode with Jolly, I think I'm talking baseball,
all of us were doing like, could Houston's pitching be

not as good this year? And it's one series and
the Yankees had to come back in every game and frankly,
the starters did well. But I don't know, man, I
don't know. This Houston team had had a different scent
to it to start the season. I'm not going there yet.

And then I don't want to say everyone else is
in the middle. And that actually might be one of
my next talking points. No, my next talking point is
and I am taking assists from my guy Dave here. Uh,
you guys have heard me preach about this a lot.
Offense is so in. I kind of don't care if

you can pitch. I obviously care if you can pitch.
Let's strike that and reverse it. But hitting is so important,
especially in the regular season and maybe the postseason. Look
at your Texas Rangers. Look at what the Snakes did
in the postseason to get going. Look what the Phillies
have been doing in previous years. You know, Houston's had

a core of their lineup to go along with a
lot of pitching. To be fair, then the truth of
it is you're gonna need all of it. But hitting
so in. And I think I know it was. It
was opening weekend and my guy Dave shown fields well again,
have to meet it something. But offense was up over

the weekend from opening weekend last year to this year.
Batting average was up like five points. On base was
up seven points, which led to about a half a
run more per game. And I don't know, I've just
I've been saying this a lot. I feel like I've

said that too many times this episode. I think it's
just where baseball is at with where pitching is at
in the technology, and if you're a pitcher and you
can throw hard, we can find you a sinker that works.
We can probably find you another pitch that works. Like
we have the technology now that between bullpens we can

draw up what can work for a pitcher that like,
there's not a lot of teams. You go around baseball
and you're just like, WHOA, what's this pitching staff? A
lot of guys throw really hard that a lot of
pitchers can put it together for a day lineup wise,
a grindy lineup. I think that's my separator right now.

And that's part of the reason I'm so excited about
the Yankees, and everyone's excited about the Yankees. They're at
bats were so good. The Baltimore Orioles man are just relentless, relentless.
Every at bat, a guy is grinding and trying to
hit a double on you. Other lineups that stood out

for me, very interested in San Diego's lineup. Like I mentioned,
with the good teams, I mean the Braves and the Dodgers,
it's why I love the Cincinnati Reds, and it's why
I've been I've been passionate about it and banging the
table for them all off season. The Cincinnati Reds and
why I think they can join the party. And they've
been a little less respected than some of the other

good teams in baseball top to bottom. Man, Well, look
at what Will Benson has done. Look at what and
Carnassio Strand has done, jam Or Candelario, Jake Fraley who's
subbing in off their bench, Nick Martini, who's subbing in
off their bench, Spencer Steer, Ellie De la Cruz, Tyler Stevenson.
I know he hasn't hitten a little bit, but there

was a time when he was like baseball's young hitting catcher.

Speaker 2 (30:19):
He was like the catcher you'd start your franchise with
for a year and change there.

Speaker 1 (30:23):
And I know he's been banged up. He's also twenty seven,
so like it's been one week ind of baseball. I
think the ability, and this has happened over baseball, to
every inning, to grind out at bats, to not give
pitchers that breather, I just think that's massive. I don't
know if there's some pitchclock mixed in. I don't know

what it is, but having a lineup that every inning
is going out there and you're not. You're not looking
at the lineup and seeing okay, rookie who's an easy out,
catcher who's been and out, and player who's slumping. Like I,
I just think that cycle matters so much. It's why
the Yankee Weekend got hype. Go look at the Philadelphia

Phillies lineup. I mean what they are putting out their
day in, day out. Uh. I have strongly believed, and
I think it's starting to show more. You can kind
of find pitching to just stumble into hitting doesn't happen. Like,

think about who are some of the I bet I
can find MLB relievers right now that could come in
and give you an inning. Where's Shane Green? I feel
like he gets tapped into every MLB season.

Speaker 2 (31:38):
Yeah, there's like to a degree, pitching can be the
guys you need, guys with the ability, but you can
be coached and big brain a little bit, find the
matchups you like, find the guy who can't hit this
pitch fine, Like like you have to be a good hitter,
and I know there's the occasional platoon advantage and all
that and the occasional plug and play.

Speaker 1 (32:01):
I just think's happened on any given day with how
talented pitchers are. Let's look at the Angels who get
mocked at a lot. You know Patrick Sandoval, I know
he had a tough opening day, but that guy's a
really good major league pitching. Griff Canning, sure he could
give you a day at the office. Read debt meers.

Why not Chase Silsyth yep uh in their bullpen? Estevez
has been good. Uh, Soriano setting up, He's kind of
jumped on the scene. Matt Moore has been awesome the
past few years. Luis Garcia, he had a moment in
the postseason a couple of years ago. Adam Sindberg. Zumniga
is in the pen for them. Remember WBC. That guy

came out just chucking a bill. And that's like the
depth of the Angels bullpen. Uh. You know they've got
guys at triple A. I've seen Kenny Rosenberg, zach Plee Sak.
I know zach Plei Sak's falling out in the Baseball
Savant's ugly, but like that guy is just a triple
A floating pitcher now and on a given day, could
he give you five innings? Absolutely, getting guys up and

down the lineup that can grind out at bats and
give you a day. I just think that's become the
tougher thing to find, where it used to be finding
an ace in a rotation, but almost that's out. Being
an ace isn't an out. But you can find pitching
and guys that can throw hard. I think to find

guys that can give you a bats, I think that's tough.
A's triple A or excuse me, still on the Halos two.
Here's okay, this ended up being the perfect example. Here's
four guys in the Angels bullpen that if I told
you we're in the major league bullpen, you'd be like, oh, okay,

I yeah. Ben Joyce, one of the top top picks
out of Tennessee, throws one hundred sure. Ben Joyce currently
triple A. Jimmy hurget O front of the company. He's
been up and down kind of in that reliever cycle.
There's been times where he's been the setup man. There's
been times when he's had some tougher times at the office. Whatever,

Jimmy Hergant can get you an inning.

Speaker 2 (34:17):
There's fun easy.

Speaker 1 (34:18):
He's gotten a lot of innings. Hunter Strickland a John
Boy media favorite, He's pitched a lot of baseball. Amir
Garrett in the Triple A Angels pen So this is
the kind of pitching depth that I'm talking about. I'm
sure Amir Garrett could go out and have a great month.

Find him some lefty lanes. You're telling me he couldn't
give you ten games, eleven innings and a one point
four ERA, like he's done that, and he can do
that to find you a seventh hole hitter that can
give you an eight hundred ops not as easy. And
that's where I've been banging the drum on this offense thing,

and I think it matters, and that's where I want
to take it into again, kind of another category. My
fourth point, I didn't label this well. I labeled it
intrigued peaking. It's just a really bad way to label it.

But I guess here's here's what I know. And this
might confuse people. Seattle, Toronto, Tampa, Philly, Texas. These teams
are good, but I know who they are. Like Philly,

they kind of have a sneaky, crazy resume going right now. Toronto,
still Toronto. They're gonna pitch a little bit. There's gonna
be days where their dudes go off offensively. Tampa's Tampa.
I mean, that's the easiest thing to label ever. The
Seattle Mariners, I think there's gonna be days where they

got special pitching. I think there's days there guys go
There's gonna be days when they get enough offense. Like you,
we kind of know what they are. The intrigue peaking
teams that I wrote down. I wrote down Boston. They
danced with Seattle this weekend. They've got a funky looking

team going right now. But think about the speech I
just gave. The question with Boston is can they pitch enough? Uh?
And they've got a couple guys that can pitch enough. Uh, Bayyo.
Everyone's waiting for the next step. Very cutter Crawford sneaky

was was good last year. Uh, Paveta. The stuff has
always been there. So if is that light bulb gonna
go on? Whitlock and Halk are two talented pitchers. Most
people's questions about them are can they hold up as
a starter throughout a season? The bullpen looks thin on

paper in Boston. But it goes back to the whole
speech I just gave about hitting, and they've got guys
in their lineup. If Tyler O'Neill goes off, which he
did this opening weekend, they're gonna get offense. Between dever
Story Yoshida Duran. I don't know exactly what it's gonna

look like. The other thing that Boston kind of turned
some heads with this weekend, and this is where I
do need to give mister Schoenfield the assist. Outfield defense.
The Red Sox World Series team famously had some of
the best outfield defense ever Mookie Betts, gold Glove Benny
and Jackie Bradley Junior, who we just found out in

an article was coaching up Soto's defense, So watch out
for that. Rafaela in the outfield covers a ton of ground.
He kicked Jared Durant, who is really good defensive center
fielder to left field, and that has Tyler O'Neil, who
also played a lot of center field to right field.

So the Red Sox they're gonna get offense. I'm not
exactly sure how it's gonna sort out, but I like
the amount of pieces they have. They're gonna get offense,
They're gonna get some pitching to what level, I don't know,
and they've got some outfield defense. So okay, like we

have a team identity, we have something we're doing. What
does it mean in the Al East? I don't know.
But this is a team that, in the rudest trying
not to be rude, but being honest, people didn't care
about their offseason so much because the Red Sox can't

be better than the Orioles, the Yankees, the Rays, and
the Blue Jays. Can they be better than one of
those teams? Yeah? Can they be better than two of
those teams? Maybe it's baseball. So the Red Sox, they
survived the Mariners. They're getting a West Coast trip kind
of out of the way. If you want to view

it as that, they're about to play three in Oakland,
handle your business, and you got a winning West Coast
road trip to start the season. I'm not drinking the
kool aid for what the Socks are doing, but they
turned some heads a little bit.

Speaker 2 (39:41):
And I know their fans are very excited about Andrew Bailey,
the new pitching coach, and they think something's that's like
a tangible thing that's changed to think how everybody did
their springs and all that. So they're incredibly encouraged by
the pitching top to bottom from that opening series.

Speaker 1 (40:00):
And then the other two teams I wrote down and
maybe I could have just put Central and Big Letters,
but Detroit and Cleveland. Detroit became a sexy pick before
the season to try to sneak up on the Al Central.
Is that their talent is it kind of what i've
They're pitching is half set. It's how much can they

get from their lineup? And they have two young guys
along with some other bodies that have a chance to click.
You know, Kerry Carpenter doesn't turn a lot of heads
on the big league or just the general fan level,
but if he plays to what he did last year
or gets better. They called up Colt Keith before the season.

If that Tigers lineup can put enough together, they can
be a ball club. Jack Flaherty shove this weekend our
guy guy, And I don't know, I've kind of been
a fade, the fade of the sexy team before the
season because it feels like one of those things that
the offseason just starts getting in your head that you
just start saying and stuff and hoping the Tigers had

some steam. They're gonna pitch enough, it's can they hit enough?
And that's still a question for me. But the other team,
the Cleveland guard Dogs, hit a little bit this weekend
they played Oakland, so I'm not gonna do anything with that,
but again, I've liked their pitching. Uh and Cookie Carrasco
did make the team, which is hilarious and we knew

it was gonna happen. But yeah, for them, it's how
much offense are they gonna get? And Kwan Jimenez went off.
They got some big, big swings from other people. It
does currently list Florial as they're starting DH.

Speaker 2 (41:40):
Yes, I was just about to say, you sees d
looks like two of the last three games and it
is Estemon Florial.

Speaker 1 (41:49):
I mean that's wild. I kinda I kind of need
to tell Jimmy that on camera. So yeah, that just
tucked myself down from Cleveland. But I there's intrigue in
both Central DIVI I could have put Pittsburgh on this
list if you go, if you listen to our team
profile and projection on Pittsburgh. I was dead set on
taking the under and then I kind of looked through

their lineup and I was like, wait a second. The
Pirates have a lot of things that can click.

Speaker 2 (42:16):
Sneaky complete lineup.

Speaker 1 (42:18):
Like, hey, you give me a one to one pick
at catcher hitting seventh, Henry Davis. I don't know what
are we saying about him. At the end of the year,
Rowdy Teles got the contract from them. He had a
big homer of the weekend. He's put together full MLB seasons.

Speaker 2 (42:33):
If Hedo's one of those, that lineup is very interesting.

Speaker 1 (42:38):
Old McCutcheon has just gotten on base the past couple years.
Jack Swinsky can hit, he Brian Hayes. I've had Pittsburgh
Pirates fans telling me how good he is. The weird
thing is I've been agreeing with them. They just want
me to put him as the S tier third baseman,
which he's not. I hope he's competing for it.

Speaker 2 (42:57):
If he does what he did last year for a
full year this year, we'll talk.

Speaker 1 (43:05):
Give me a full season, see it.

Speaker 2 (43:07):
I am excited about him.

Speaker 1 (43:09):
Joe's raking, Brian Reynolds, O'Neil Cruz like that's I was
pretty dead set on taking their under and I took
their over on the team profile and direction, because I
think they can get enough out of the lineup. I
was originally scared by their pitching, but now they're pitching
Jared Jones, a kid gave them a good outing. Mitch
Keller's Mitch Keller. I think he's a pretty good twenty

eight year old arm kind of peeking. Is he a one?
Is he a three? I don't know, but he's gonna
give you a good MLB outings Martin Perez, that guy's
pitched in the show for a while. I can he
can drop seven shut on you. He can also get
knocked around some days.

Speaker 2 (43:49):
Eat some innings.

Speaker 1 (43:50):
At least if these pirates hang around and they call
up a Paul Skeens Quinn Priests a young pitcher for them,
I don't know. I don't know. The intrigue level got
turned up on a couple teams and it's the first weekend,
And what does intrigue mean? Because again, I want to
say it complementary to the other teams that I kind

of know the Blue Jays sauce, I kind of know
the Rays sauce, kind of know what Seattle is. And
you know, three of those five teams will be good
in the playoffs. Two might get bumped out and are
they gonna get bumped out by a Detroit? Are they
gonna get bumped out by a Pittsburgh. It's early, but

that's what I saw my last one, and Dave Schonfield
had this too. Mets are just a disaster class. It's
gonna get ugly over there right opening weekend. You shouldn't overreact.

And the Brewers have always had high and pitching, so
to start the season, they saw Freddy Peralta. They you know,
Abner Uribere. Brewers are supposed to be solid this year.
They're always kind of solid. The Mets are always kind
of not. This year is not supposed to be a
winning year for them. McNeil's getting some hate right out

of the gate. Ryan Alonso contract year, Sevy Who's you know,
he's our guy. We love, we love who Seve is.
His pitching has been kind of tough. I hope I
can look back and say it's an opening weekend over reaction.

This Mets team didn't have real goals going into this season.
A reminder, they traded away Sureser Verlander four prospects. Otherwise
those guys could be on this team this year, and
I don't know, Man, for me, that was just a
head turn of like, wait them, because I've been saying

that in a positive way. I've been like, you know,
the Mets might be punchy this year. They don't have
real you know, maybe they'll play spoiler and hey, Jadie
Martinez is supposed to be on this team, and could
that be good for their lineup? I'm Mets out, man.
What I saw this weekend, it was just kind of

an ugly reminder. And maybe I'm just being a rude
ass Yankee fan that saw something he liked this weekend,
but I'm so turned off by the Mets and seeing
it in Dave Shoenfield's article that kind of drove that
home for me too. So there's a lot of action
from around the league this weekend. Long story short, it's

three or four games. Your team could wash that immediately.
And I said this on Talking Baseball, but I've been
laughing pretty good at like opening day stats. I think
Tyler O'Neill's homered in five straight opening days, so that's
that's something. Alex Korra was zero to five on opening
Day and now he's won and six. I think It's

just so funny that the second day of the season
counts just as much, but nobody cares.

Speaker 2 (47:17):
Opening Day has.

Speaker 1 (47:18):
A we keep we keep Opening day stats, but nobody
keeps second day stats.

Speaker 2 (47:25):
Nobody, nobody keeps just like you know June sixteenth stats.

Speaker 1 (47:31):
They are each one game a day apart usually, and
one has stats for it forever, and one you will
never hear about.

Speaker 2 (47:42):
Quickly googleable stats. Judge has a hit in all eight
opening days he's played.

Speaker 1 (47:49):
Look at that.

Speaker 2 (47:50):
That was when I stumbled into this weekend.

Speaker 1 (47:54):
I think we may have a fun guess this week.
Before I do that, I'll just tell you and you know,
if you need me to dig up for seats again.
The Yukon men are going to win the national title.
And I've been trying to tell you this now. When
the brackets came out. I'd placed my original bet on

DraftKings January second, and I think I told the good
people here they are maybe the most dominant college basketball
team of all time. Other people are saying this. I
saw it click early Stefan Castle, Who's probably going to
be the highest draft pick from this team. They were
the best team in the country before the light bulb

went off for him, and they're just they're just They
went on a thirty to er run in the Elite eight,
thirty to nothing in an Elite eight game. And I
know I was complimenting the women because I think tonight
is going to be an all time night for women's basketball.

Whatever you're doing, I beg of you on Saturday to
watch the NC State Perdue game because you just have
a dream big man matchup. DJ Burns on NC State
is one of the widest college basketball players you've ever seen. Again,

I tried to bring your attention. I made BBD look
him up after they won the ACC Tournament. You got
a live reaction on air. He is probably six '
nine to three, blah blah blah, thick knows it, loves it.
He has fun when he plays, and he's so skilled,

and he's gonna be going up against seven to four
Zach Edy, who kind of plays the opposite way stoic
mean uh and just seven to four of that pew.
Those two are going to be matched up for forty minutes.
I don't know how it ends. It's probably Perdue and
they're a little bit foul merchants because Eatie's just a

different sized human being. He gets fouled a lot, and yeah,
whoever wins that game gets to lose to Yukon in
the championship. So college basketball having a moment. I like
that for them, but the big winner this weekend baseball.

Hope you guys enjoyed it again. Think we got a
fun guest coming for the midweek and make sure you subscribe.
Thank you guys.
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