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May 22, 2024 32 mins

Talkin' Jake takes a look around baseball and has noticed that almost every NL team is very much still alive. Jake's also excited for the final weeks of the NBA Playoffs

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0:00 Intro
2:45 Royals & Guardians Deserve Respect
6:05 Paul Skenes Gives the Pirates Juice
9:30 NL Wildcard Standings
16:15 Celtics vs. Pacers Game 1 was TIGHT
24:40 Mavericks vs. Timberwolves Should be AWESOME

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello and welcome awaken Jake, myself, Jake Story, Ellie, Big Baby,
David on the ones and twos. We are talking some
ball today. I want to do a little round the
league clean up talk. I've talked about the perks of
the wildcard. I think I'm going to talk about some
of the bad stuff with the wildcard, with some of
the teams that might surprise you how much in the

mix they currently are. And then the Basketball playoffs awesome
game last night Celtics Pacers, we'll talk about that, and
then because I think everyone kind of knows where that
series is going, unfortunately, especially after what happened the Dallas
Mavericks Timberwolf series, I'm I guess my expectation is really

high with two young superstars on that level dueling it
out for who is next? Who's him? Hey, if you're
listening on podcast app, thank you. I know we picked
up a lot of friends from the Dan Patrick Show.
Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel as well.
Sometimes we post shorts on there in some different videos,
or the podcast is on there as well too. So

let's do some ball. Quick Mariners fans living rent free
in my head tweeted out welcome to Hell after Loan
Soto had an RBI double in the first inning. Yankees
blue Game one, the Mariners one, Game two. That good
on Seattle, Love you Seattle, always will twenty seven and

twenty two. They are the only team above five hundred
in the AL West, a division we kind of thought
would be I guess you can't say stacked again because
we thought Oakland would be laughable and the Angels lost Otani.
So if two of the teams in your division have
a chance to be real bad, I don't think that
you're gonna say it's stacked. But we assume the top

of the division was gonna be pretty darn good. And
right now, the Texas has not clicked this year, and
I was a little surprised to see them drop under
five hundred. They're twenty four and twenty five as we
record this, two and eight in their last ten. Whoa,
Houston Astros are twenty two and twenty eight. Every time

it looks like they're kind of digging their way out
of the hole. They they kind of, don't. They drop
two tough ones to the Angels in a three game set,
So yeah, I mean they they swept the Athletics. They
were on a six game winner, six game win streak.
They won a series against the Brewers. It was kind
of like, it's happening. It's happening. It's not yet losing

a series at home to the Angels, but they're about
to add Anaheim. I think the bigger thing I want
to drive home. Kansas City Royals deserve some more respect.
Maybe the Guardians do. I feel like the Guardians have
been getting the respect. Both of these teams are now
on six game win streaks. Hello, Al Central. What people

kind of thought was gonna be a Twins runaway or
maybe one team steps up. The Kansas City Royals and
the Guardians both look great. Both have really good run differentials.
Like some people really live by that. Uh. For me,
it's a stat. I think it's a good way to
show dominance. But I don't know, i'd really I wish

there was a way that you could kind of butter
knife out the two worst and the two best, because
sometimes that can skew it.

Speaker 2 (03:27):
Or like after six, like that's a cap on it
for that day you.

Speaker 1 (03:32):
Have won eighteen to one win.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
That's it's a stat. I don't know when I'm allowed
to start taking it seriously too, like how many games?

Speaker 1 (03:41):
Yeah, but hey, the Cleveland Guardians have the same record
as the New York Yankees. Good for you, Guardians.

Speaker 3 (03:49):

Speaker 1 (03:49):
The Kansas City Royals are a game and a half
back of both those teams. CO look at Seth Lugo's stats.
We did a Talk in Baseball episode today where he
he has an argument for one of the best signings
of this offseason, our most valuable signings of this offseason.
They have a lot of guys throwing the ball well.
Each of these teams are playing really well in their

last ten Royals have a little bit of young juice
in their lineup, same with the Guards that I'm interested
to see the next step with the Minnesota Twins, who
are twenty six and twenty three, they're not passing the
sniff test for me. The Tigers zero run differential, twenty
three and twenty six. Those two teams are going to

be interesting to see how strong is that division this year.
Twins sneaky, have a decent track record, and they're missing
some bodies. Like let's get royce Lewis back, see what
that looks like. He's kind of supposed to be the
guy on that team, so we could see some different
notes of this Minnesota twin season that they saved by
playing the White Sox and having one win streak. I

guess that's why they're not passing the sniff test for
me Al East. I don't think my thoughts have changed
on any of those teams in the National League. The
Nats that were being pesky, they have a two and
eight in their last ten, they are now twenty one
and twenty seven. And how about the New York Mets,
also with a two and eight in their last ten

that they are now twenty one and twenty eight. You know,
there was a there was a couple of weeks there
where the Mets got hot and JD. Martinez was gonna
come back, and some guys were performing, and we were wondering,
you know, with the expanded wildcard, how much are these
Mets gonna mix it up? Their owner kind of set
on Twitter X that they're going to trade. So I

don't know. I guess if you had any Mets hopes
this year, they are now. I mean, they're closer to
the Marlins than the Braves the NL Central I think
I said this last episode, one of the three trailing
teams is gonna click. Pittsburgh Pirates. They have a little
bit of juice by adding Paul Skeins. They can pitch.

Can they hit enough? On Talking Baseball, I call them
the Lion, the Witch, and the wardrobe a just because
that's a phrase they get stuck in my head. That's
just fun to say. People like that book and movie.
The Witch would be the Cincinnati Reds, who have Elie
Dala cruzs going nuts. They have a lot of injuries.
Someone tweeted at me this morning They've lost five players

to hit by pitches. That sucks and affects your season.
Another thing, not a lot of people buying redstock right now.
Their run differential is minus five, which compared to the
other teams in their neighborhood is pretty good. Like, let
me see minus five. I don't know who's a team

I can compare them to Diamondbacks. No Texas Rangers like
Seattle Mariners are twenty seven and twenty two plus five currently.
So again, run differential is what it is. But the
Reds have a minus five run differential. Part of that
reason they are one in eleven and one run games.

That's something that can kill a season, as the San
Diego Padres, and it's something that year and year seems
out of control. At the same time, I think if
something's out of control, that means it could click back
in a gear. You win a couple one run games,
something good happens. Maybe you get a couple guys healthy.
They are twenty and twenty eight. We saw them have
a long win streak last year with expanded playoffs. Get

to that in a second. The Lions, I guess Pittsburgh
and the Lion which in the wardrobe think that one
was kind of the worst one. It didn't really make sense,
I guess, so you could say, you know, Skeens and
Jared Jones are their young Lions a stretch. I'm kind
of not into it. The wardrobe saying those Cardinals, I
love this because you got Goldschmid Aeronatto, Sonny Gray, like

you know, oh, these guys' names and Jerseys wardrobe. Will
they ever go? They have a horrible run differential. They
are minus forty three. That puts them in really bad territory.
That's worse than the Angels, not as bad as the Rockies.
Oh my god, Saint Louis. There's some people in the

office that are believing. I'm not gonna believe in them
until I start seeing them win more games. They're on
a three game winner and eating two in their last ten.
I also think that correlates with only Ali Marmal getting ejected.
We like to believe in dumb things in sports. Maybe
that maybe that did something for the lads, Maybe that
brought them together. One of those teams is gonna win

enough games to be around five hundred, and why is
that important? NL West. My opinions kind of haven't changed Padres, Diamondbacks, Giants,
although they're close to five hundred, so this next part
is applicable to them. The Saint Louis Cardinals who have
been disappointing for a year and a half. Without looking, David, unless.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
You are looking, I have standings in front of me.

Speaker 1 (09:11):
Do you have the wild card standing? No, how far
out of the wildcard do you think the Saint Louis
Cardinals are as of today?

Speaker 2 (09:19):
I did see what the record is. You can do
some loose math, but I would guess they're within five.

Speaker 1 (09:27):
They are one game back. Oh. The Saint Louis Cardinals
that have were fully disappointing last year. I felt disappointing
this year. Are one game back in the wildcard. Your
current NL wildcard is the Braves, who are winning a
lot of games and still haven kicked in a gear.
The Chicago Cubs, who are twenty seven to twenty two.
It feels like what the Cubs wanted to be is

kind of happening. Currently it's the San Diego Padres at
twenty five and twenty six. If the playoffs started today,
I'm not gonna do that game. It's may a losing
team would be in the National League playoffs. So again,
something's gonna click. The Padres feel good, they like what
they're doing. But the Arizona Diamondbacks, who it feels like

everything's been going wrong. There were people were looking at
the Diamondbacks roster for potential players to trade. They're currently
a game out of the wildcard. San Francisco Giants lol,
Same Pirates, Cardinals. So that group of teams that has
felt disappointing this year, it's currently a game out of
the wildcard. Someone will step up, you'd like to think

San Diego, you know, even the Cincinnati Reds, who have
been the third worst team in the National League. Marlin's
Rockies Reds. They are three and a half out of
the wildcard. So could the NL be lining up for
a scary situation where it's like, oh God, we're gonna

have a bad team in the playoffs. Maybe we've some
of that. The Diamondbacks were kind of supposed to be
that team last year. They went to the World Series
with eighty four wins. They dominated the Dodgers, they took
down the Phillies. Again, there's some different sides of baseball there,
like you can appreciate the longevity of a season and

getting a chance and getting in the dance, or you
know that can kind of suck. That's where my guy,
Jimmy the John Boy, and I do partially agree with him. Man,
we need to incentivize it a little better for the
good teams, Like if you're the Phillies who are currently
putting together a massive season thirty five and fourteen plus

eighty three, same as the Dodgers, I don't know. We
kind of need to find a way to reward those
teams a little more. I don't know if it's more
of a bye or if we need to make the
Division Series seven games. The fact we haven't done that
yet blows my mind, you want more playoff games feels
like an easy win both ways. Pay the players a

little more cheese for playoff games. MLB will make a
ton more money off of playoff games. Feels like a layup.
But we are in We're in a little bit of
dangerous waters because as I'm excited for all of baseball
that these teams remain in the mix and people are
leaving their TVs on and being vested in baseball for

longer into the season, there's something to rewarding teams for that.
Mediocrity is a bad thing. So I was pretty shocked
when I open up the wild card standings to basically
see a group of disappointing National League teams that are
a night away from being in the playoffs if they

started tomorrow. So I'm interested to see every time I
look at the standings that NL Central, I feel like
one of those teams is gonna pop. I have known
idea which one I was on the Reds before the season.
The fact it's still May and they've had a lot
of injuries, it makes me want to buy into them.
But it's also tough to buy into a twenty and

twenty eight team.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
My god, that that is kind of the the point
on here that like same in the AL, like Houston
twenty two and twenty eight. Well, that's we're starting to
get to the difference there where it's like that's just
hard to fully believe in quite yet, right. I know,
by games back they aren't far off.

Speaker 1 (13:30):
But technically the Reds have shown me nothing. They've shown
me there. They have injuries, and they lose close games,
which compared to these other teams, is a decent blind resume.
Like if they can get guys back, win those close games,
you'll feel differently about that team. Pittsburgh calling up Skiings,
that's just cool and that could be a different dynamic

and a very winnable game every fifth day. And the Cardinals,
we've been waiting for the names on those jerseys to
go off. That one of those teams is gonna happen
and they'll probably be a wildcard team this year, because God,
I just feel like the NL West is gonna beat
up on each other, the NL West, Padres, d Backs, Giants.

I don't know. I don't know how those teams separate
themselves from each other. I think baseball is rooting for
the Padres for a lot of the transactions they've made.
Oh yeah, I thought that was a funny little check
in where the al Again, it's so early. The Twins
are the last final card team at twenty six and
twenty three right now, but you know that could lead
to a ninety win team, Which that's kind of the

goal in theory if you can have these expanded playoffs
with the three division champs and then you have three
wildcard teams that win ninety games, Like, yeah, that's what
you should be rewarded for, even eighty eight, Like that's
that's it. You can be a decent ball club. And
now what else is really? Dumb? Games? How different is

that from eighty one even ninety one? Like you win
ninety one regular season games? Were like, you're a good team.
So the difference between I don't know, two games a
month makes you a strong team?

Speaker 2 (15:21):
Like how different really is a ninety one win team
from an eighty five win team? And that's one game
a month. But the vibe feels very different as far
as how you described that season.

Speaker 1 (15:33):
It's the beauty of it. I obviously love it, and
I'm yanking chains a little bit, but it is funny
when you start to look at it through different scopes
a little bit. That was just a quick, little around
the league thing. I didn't think there was a big
topic up there. We've got a fun We got a
fun episode coming next week with Bailey. Get ready for that.
We actually just recorded it because Bailey was in the office.

Speaker 2 (15:55):

Speaker 1 (15:57):
We did one one year Wonders team draft, so make
sure you come back and check that out this week.
The other thing that you have been probably checking out
if you are a sports loser like myself, the NBA
playoffs are in the sweet spot and it started with
Celtz Pacers last night. I will tell you what what happened.

I went to the Yankees game flex Actually, our sales
team was entertaining clients, so I was kind of I
was a dancing monkey a little bit, which is my
strength in life. Yankees lose whatever, get out of the game,
walk outside. There is three minutes left in the fourth

quarter and the Indiana Pacers are up. I go, wow,
you have my attention. I'm interested. So I watched the
down the stretch of that game. If you haven't seen
an incredible shot made by Jalen Brown with six seconds left,
a three point shot while they were down three was

the highlight that was everywhere. It's it's a crazy make.
It's an NBA level make. People are debating if you
should foul or not. We don't debate that so much
when people miss the shot, but when they make it,
I don't know, there's a pretty good argument to follow there, uh,
making Jalen Brown shoot three free throws with the game

on the line. Interested Lebron tweeted that he always wants
to foul when you're up three, because that happens in
this league. Pacers had a bad turnover At one point,
their win percentage was eighty eight percent and they lose
this game. The six seed Pacers that everyone was kind

of down on because they ended up beating a weak
Knicks team. They had him, They had him in Game one.
It was one fifteen to one ten with a buck
four three left, one fifteen, one twelve. Good on the
Celtics for fighting back. They win it in overtime. Oh

Beebs has it on the YouTube screen there. He just
showed the make and the Boston crowd going nuts. You know,
poppies there, all the guys. My reaction to this is
when I saw this, I said, ooh, these little grindy

Pacers like Haliburton, you know is good Siakam, it's won
a title. Uh. And they're very deep, and if you
go around the NBA right now, the depth is just
shocking for a league that seems to have so much
talent from all over the world. This was Boston's bench

last night. Uh, Sam Hauser nine minutes over two And
I know Sam Houser's had a solid year, but Luke
Cornett thirteen minutes. I'm fine with Luke Cornett and then
Peyton Pritchard for twenty three minutes, so I know it's postseason.
The bench gets smaller. They're missing Porzingis, who's reportedly supposed

to be back for a round Game four. That makes
their team a one step deeper, and it say it's
Horford legs. It's like massively important for this team, but
it won't be massively important for this series. My reaction
was when I saw the Pacers looked like they were
going to win, I said I was going to bet

Celtics in seven because the Celtics were going to win
this series. But it felt like coming into the series,
it felt like Celtics in six. For me, it felt
like the Celtics always lose a game in the series,
which they probably get killed for more than they should.
The Pacers, it felt like they were gonna win a game.

Their offense is very pretty at time when they are deep,
so quick math there. That would be a six game
series if they won game one. I think they were
gonna take it seven. I have now flip flopped on
myself because, as you guys have heard me talk on
this program, I like Rick Carlisle, go look at his
coaching history. I wickied walked through it one day. Kind

of wasn't pretty. It was a little choppy me reading
Rick Carlisle's Wikipedia. Hmm, that just shouldn't be happening. I
think the Celts that game is going to be their
wake up call. I think they win in five. Now.
The other thing that I was disappointed in that I
haven't seen much talk about. The Pacers had the ball

with six seconds left. They had a timeout, so they
bring the ball up the court. Six seconds I feel
like is the perfect dangerous time where you can run
a play. If you get that clean look, take it.
If not, the defense is going to be such desperation
mode that either a pump fake or a play continued

play like you can get two looks at it. Halliburton
gets it wide open, I mean at half court, so whatever,
but he basically just dribbles across defender to defender and
takes an ugly contested shot that I was pretty disappointing
the Pacers in that moment, A team that offensively has

earned a lot of respect around the league. A coach
that I read his Wikipedia the other day, and that
is what they came up with to steal a game
one at home or in Boston, so that that hurt me.
I think the other thing that has to be noted
if you guys are wondering if I have biases, I do.

I saw an article today that was like, should sports
media people have their bias or their fandom be known?
And it's so funny for us, that's not not even
a question because that's how we've like built this, Like
I think we should openly discuss that. I am a
Yankees fan, and that's okay. If you get into sports media,

that means you love sports so much, which means you
probably loved a team so much. Why would you get
rid of that? I mean, I understand there's something to
being neutral, but I think you can say you're biased.

Speaker 2 (22:26):
You can have a team you like, want good things for,
and still be able to view things objectively.

Speaker 1 (22:31):
I think that can lead to an even better conversation.
If it's like I like the Yankees. I think Player
A looks incredible. Do you guys agree? Because I am
looking through a not clear lens. I am a Yankees fan.
I had a couple drinks. I mentioned we were entertaining clients.

It turns out I'm still not a Boston guy. When
they took that game to overtime, I was a little sad,
which that's bizarre. I thought that was something that was
out of me a little bit. And with age, believe me,
it does get less and less ridiculous. And if you're
watching on YouTube, you're saying, with age, dude, you look
like you're twenty one years old, thirty four, And yeah,

it turns out I'm not a Boston guy. I'm a
New York guy. When Brown hit that shot, I was
like sad, which is awesome. That's why we watch sports.
It's to like feel that stuff. So if you ever
hear me talking about Boston and you think it's not fair,
I'd love to open up the conversation even more because
there's a chance I am being biased.

Speaker 2 (23:42):
I'll say this.

Speaker 1 (23:43):
I think they are currently your well Vegas money. They
are the NBA favorites to win the title this year.
I think the Nuggets were the biggest thing lurking in
their way. Whoever comes out of the West is going
to be very good, and let's talk about that. But
the Celtics have playoff experience. They're gonna be healthy ish

depending on Porzingis.

Speaker 2 (24:05):
He's like, he's expected to be back.

Speaker 1 (24:08):
He's gonna be back. What shape is he in? You know?
Like Ogiannanobe came back for Game seven, right, he was
not ready to play. So let's see what that looks like,
because that changes the Celtics dynamic in a pretty special way.
Especially who comes out the Dallas Mavericks against the Tea

Wolves oh Man eight thirty tonight. That is beautiful. As
a East Coast old, I've talked about a little bit
how much I love it. Luca versus and both of
these teams and rosters have just rounded into form. The
Dallas Mavericks are playing great defense. They have Luca and Kyrie. PJ.

Washington has been fantastic for them. Derek Jones Junior had
a couple of really big games for them down the stretch.
They've got Live and Gaffer that they can rotate it
as big. Sometimes Green or Hardaway have days they have
like their playoff. Everything is figured out, like Luca, when
we need a guy, you gotta be the guy. Kyrie,

there's times when you have to be the guy. Everyone
else has their role. PJ and Derek. If you're open,
hit your open shots. Big guys be big. Let's run
it and they are and it's fun. Minnesota. I mean
they have aunt who is with Luka Doncicic, you know,

actually him. I think those two have a little more
claim to the throne than Tatum. Tatum's sex appeal has
gone down a little bit, almost because the team is good,
which is a little unfair. I admit that Ant is
the guy. Karl Anthony Towns is the guy on offense
when they need him. Jada, McDaniels and Gobert are the

guys on defense when the matchup needs them. Conley is
like a player coach out there. Nas Reed is their
bench energy. Alexander Walker is there, go bother this guy
for a little bit. Uh slow Mo, Kyle Anderson. They
have their playoff formula pretty tight right now, and it's

you wonder is it gonna come down to the stars
or the role players? We saw OKC get eliminated, Shay
gave a good fight. They were a little just a
little thin and like Giddy didn't fit in the series
that they're They're gonna rearrange their paces pieces and be back.
But the Nuggets final game talked about it h Nicola

and Murray like they both balled out, but they got
no help from Porter or Gordon. So are we gonna
see something like that in this series? Are we gonna
see Ant get his and not get help from Cat
or Jade McDaniels or whoever else it is on the
offensive end? Are we going to see Luca and Kyrie
be able to do what they do? But when you

look back at those box scores, PJ. Washington went nuts.
PJ Washington went nuts for a little bit. Derek Jones
Junior in that final game went nutty and was hitting
his shots a career. I think it's career thirty one
percent three point shooter. The game. Inside the game of basketball,
This is where I listen to other people's opinions because

I'm not as deep. I was listening to Tim Legler
on Rosillo a little bit, so I am regurgitating this.
The Luca part is really fun. They said loud Doort
is basically the worst matchup for him. Doncic talked about
that lou Doort is strong, Luca is crazy strong that

they're thinking the Timberwolves length won't really bother him. I'm
really excited to see how the chess pieces move. Like,
if you're Minnesota, think about your options. Jada McDaniels, This
lanky defender ruined a couple of Jamal Murray's Knights. Do
you put him on Kyrie and just shut that down?
Do you give him a shot at Luca and see
what he can do? You know, if there's a way,

do you put Edwards on Kyrie and try to do that? Like,
I'm interested to see how they do it. If there's
a way that they can get Luca off the three
point line and get help from Towns or Gobar. I
think there's a nice formula in there while they cut

off PJ, or like do you put do you put
McDaniels on you put him on PJ and just be like, Hey,
you're gonna be out like those big games that you had. PJ. Washington,
that ain't happening. I don't know. I'm interested to see.
I'm hoping it's a seven game series. I'm hoping that

we have a definitive. You know, is Anthony Edwards, that
guy is Luca that guy? I mean this MAVs team.
Kyrie was written off by the league. He wrote back
Gino and then like the other guys, when you actually
look at them, you know we're talking PJ. Washington and

Charlotte again. Charlotte has been a basketball disaster for a
little bit, but he wasn't beloved. People didn't know where
his next steps were. Derek Jones Junior has kind of
been a nice three and D athlete vagabond for a
couple of years. But I mean those guys, you know,
they rotate in the Bigs, the t Wolves. I mean,

Cat I think is getting the offensive respect he deserves.
Go Bet has gotten the defensive respect he deserves. Daniels
kind of both at times, but more so defense and
Conley his stock actually got a little bit of boost
because I think he only been to the conference finals
once and they got swept. So what he's doing at
this a just the crafty point guard is actually kind

of incredible. So I'm whoever comes out the Celts will
be favored. I would think, Sorry, Indy, that's tough. I
think if you're the Celtics, you would rather see Dallas.
I think if Minnesota wins this series and Ant is there,
everyone's comparing him to Jordan, and we don't do that, Like,

we don't compare guys to Jordan. You just don't.

Speaker 2 (30:31):
The only guy we've been like rightfully allowed to and
I wasn't in the conversation when exactly it started was Cochdb.
I don't know, I don't know when that became just
cool to do. Was that immediate?

Speaker 3 (30:45):
I don't know, Yeah, I mean it was well, no,
I mean he high school, high school Kobe, you know,
took a second a click in the league once it
started clicking, and he was emulating, yes, like literally copy,
not trying to be anyways, But otherwise we don't do that,
like Lebron gets compared to mj not the way they play.

Speaker 2 (31:09):
We're ant. People are like, this looks kind of like
what Michael Jordan looked like that.

Speaker 1 (31:14):
Yeah, if they if the Tea Wolves get there, ant
is looking like that, and you have to deal with
their size and their defensive wings and length. You know,
even Simmons and Risillo we're kind of alluding to you.
You just don't want to deal with that over the
idea of maybe Luca being just next level and like

what are what are his comparisons going to be? Because
you know, is it we're Lucas comparisons like Lebron that
can shoot, but not as athletic like he doesn't. Luca's
kind of his own deal. Yeah, it's as joker that
can shoot and dribble like I don't know, Like he

plays his own way, which is cool, and he is
a massive human being that sometimes you forget that the
way he plays.

Speaker 2 (32:05):

Speaker 1 (32:05):
But I think if you're the Celts, you'd if you
see Dallas on the other side, you're thinking it's ring season,
where if you see Minnesota you're still there. But I
think there's a little more. If they do what they do,
they can beat you. And we saw them take down
the Nuggets, which the Nuggets were looking for a chunk
of this season, like they were just gonna run it back,

and they took them down. So a lot of the
round ball today, but It's a good time of year
to be watching the round ball man. Uh So, if
you haven't been, go check that out. Also, I think
my New York Rangers are on tonight. We're still a
little bit in the sports apocalypse. Yeah, so make sure
you're checking it out and thank you for checking it

out with us. You got anything else?

Speaker 2 (32:48):
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